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PRECIOUS THINGS Southern Cross Hospitals was established in 1979 to provide healthcare for families by offering high quality surgical care, at an affordable price. Today, patient satisfaction surveys tell us we’re performing above our peers. Our patients rate us amongst Australasia’s best. You may ask, how can we be less expensive than others but still deliver industry leading high quality care? Well, we’re different. We’re a not-for-profit private hospital network. When we have a financial surplus at the end of the year, we invest it in new medical technology, in developing our people, or on innovation that will directly improve our patients’ health and safety. It’s not there for things like fast cars or quick profits. No, not at our place. Here, it’s people that are precious.

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takes the stage

National Multi Award Winning Magazine

FRONT COVER Evita takes front and centre stage at the Isaac Theatre Royal (15 September - 1 October). • Model: Emily Burns • Photography: Danielle Colvin • Hair & Makeup: Sarah Greenwood Buchanan • Artistic Supervision: Di Brodie

6 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Kate Pierson


EDITOR’S Kate Pierson PERSPECTIVE EDITOR’S Kate Pierson PERSPECTIVE EDITOR’S Kate Pierson PERSPECTIVE EDITOR’S ith Canterbury FashionPERSPECTIVE Week next week, and our latest cover a

fashionable nodFashion to whatWeek we can expect show, a I've ith Canterbury next week,from and this our year's latest cover Kate Pierson been thinking quite a lot about the subject. fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, ith Canterbury Fashion Week next week, and our latest cover aI've Generating billions ofa dollars per annum in New Zealand, fashion is been thinking quite lotwe about subject. fashionable nod to what can the expect from this year's show, I've the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. chameleon likea is Generating billions of dollars per in The New Zealand, fashion ith Canterbury Fashion Week next week, and our latest cover been thinking quite a lot about theannum subject. nature of thefashionable industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' on their the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon likeI'veis nod to what we can thisZealand, year's show, Generating billions of dollars perexpect annumfrom in New fashion toes, and leaves the rest ofquite usloyalists who consider ourselves a 'work innot' progress' nature of the industry keeps to 'what's hot and what's on their been thinking a lot about the subject. the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like rather perplexed. toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider 'work in progress' Generating billions of dollars perourselves annum inaNew Zealand, nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' onfashion their is All of this 'threads andat kicks' talk has inspired some nostalgic and ratherlike cringerather perplexed. the untameable beast the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider ourselves a 'work in progress' inducing memories forkeeps me asloyalists I reflect on'what's my style – and or rather unstylish - cringeAll of this 'threads and kicks' talk has inspired some nostalgic and rather nature of the industry to hot what's not' on their rather perplexed. evolution. It would be difficult determine ofor the styles as a kid inducing memories for me astalk Ito reflect on mywhich style unstylish toes, the rest of us who consider ourselves arather 'work inI donned progress' All of and this leaves 'threads and kicks' has inspired some– nostalgic and rather- cringeof the perplexed. eighties and nineties eras the 'mostofheinous' fashion faux as pas evolution. It would be todeserves determine styles I donned a kid rather inducing memories for difficult me as I reflect on my which style – orthe rather unstylish know I’m defi nitely not alone when I say that spring is my favourite season. title. of of thethis eighties andand nineties the 'most heinous' fashion fauxcringeAll 'threads kicks'eras talk has inspired some and rather evolution. It would be difficult to deserves determine which ofnostalgic the styles I donned aspas a kid Sure there is the warmer the on heathier looking social calendars My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, wideleg jeans, and tie-dye title. inducing memories for meweather, as I reflect my – or rather unstylish - pas of the eighties and nineties eras deserves thestyle 'most heinous' fashion faux and the sense (perceived orspring actual) everyone around me feels more leggings with slouch socks tothat mind as doeswideleg a denim 'cowgirl' styled My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, jeans, and tie-dye evolution. It would be difficult to determine which of the styles I donned as a kid title. positive. dress covered in sequins, which Ideserves picked up second-hand shopping with my leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled of the eighties and nineties eras the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, jeans, and tie-dye Obvious factors spring more of wideleg a feeling than Mum and worein toaside, the point of represents itsI extinction. That was a sad day anything in our dress covered sequins, which picked up second-hand shopping with my title. leggings with slouch socks as does a start denim styled else. It is the time of the yearspring where to wemind progressively to'cowgirl' look forward household. Mum and wore the point of its extinction. That wideleg was a sad dayand in our My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, jeans, tie-dye dress into sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping with my and cancovered also benefi t from hindsight, considering the highs and lows from the Ihousehold. also can't forget thesocks pink, patent leather heels thata my friend and I wore on leggings with slouch spring to mind as does denim 'cowgirl' styled Mum andmonths wore toand the what point learning of its extinction. That was a sad day in our preceding we can apply for the future. I personally girls' out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (nofriend longer thewith case these I alsonights can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my and I wore on dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping my household. feel a renewed sense of optimism. days) in fact started at around the age of six when I begged my parents for my girls' nights out.toMy preoccupation with heeled shoes (no longer the caseon these and wore the point of its extinction. That was a sad day in our IMum also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my friend and I wore For many of us, warmer weather is synonymous with the three ‘H’s’ own pair of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. days) in fact started at around the age of six when I begged my parents for my household. girls' nights out. My heeledtrio. shoes (no longer theicting case these health, happiness andpreoccupation holidays - suchwith a striking Studies are confl think I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20 own pair of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. I also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my friend and I wore on around whether or notatthe sunshine really makeI begged us happier, whether days) in fact started around the age ofdoes six when my or parents for my white, pointed heels with bows on. with I think I of probably insisted onvividly sleeping them such was the love ofto these $20 girls' nights out. My preoccupation heeled shoes (no longer the case these for some our instinctive reaction isinto feel when happier when weme have the them. own pair ofus, 'clip clops'. I still remember they took buy The interesting thing about a lot of the styles we have banished to the back of white, pointed heels with bows on. days) in fact started at around the age of six when I begged my parents for summer as ourinsisted daily companion. I think Isun probably on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20my our minds/wardrobes isI that they find themselves back incontent vogue when style The interesting thing about a lot of the styles we have banished to the back of own pair of 'clip clops'. still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. Happiness is a beautiful concept, but to my mind, being is white, pointed heels with bows on. royalists decide toinsisted giveisthem a second wind. our minds/wardrobes that they find themselves back in vogue when style IThe think I probably on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20 paramount. To me, contentment represents a sense of balance, peace and interesting thing about a lot of the styles we have banished to the back of Ultimately, fashion an them extremely subjective, but one royalists decide to is give a on. second wind. acceptance that life, while itbows may not always be personal what we thing, hoped, is when aI believe privilege white, pointed heels with our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue style of the best parts about donning something you feel really proud of, is the and a interesting blessing. Ultimately, fashion is about anthem extremely personal thing, butto I the believe The thing a alot of subjective, the wind. styles we have banished backone of royalists decide to give second confidence injection. Despite being somewhat offeel aback Tomboy thesewhen days, I know I Although have an almost clichéd statusyou about them, mottos like of the bestthey parts about donning something really proud is the our minds/wardrobes is extremely that they find themselves in vogue style Ultimately, fashion is an subjective, personal thing, but Iof, believe one ‘Carpe Diem’ ‘don’t ever give up’ for a reason. These expressions also love theand feeling that comes overexist me when wearing a beautiful garment. confidence injection. Despite somewhat a Tomboy these I know I royalists decide to give them abeing second wind. of the best parts about donning something youof feel really proud of,days, is the have taken on new meaning forof me on my journey through life, sometimes Ialso hope reading through some the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. Ultimately, fashion is an extremely subjective, personal thing, but I believe one I confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these days, I know they resonate more powerfully than others, but fundamentally they are provides some great conversation starters this weekend asproud you share some of I hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth of the best parts about donning something you feel really of, is the also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. correct. your own some sartorial sins with friends and family. provides great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of I confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these days, I know I hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth In the spirit of spring and living life to the full, Metropol inbeautiful partnership with your own sartorial sins with friends and family. also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a garment. provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of Showbiz has two double passes to give away to the closing night of Evita, 1 I hope reading through some of theand not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth your own sartorial sins with friends family. October. Entries close on Monday 19 September and winners will be notified provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of Tuesday 20 September. Enter here: your own sartorial sins with friends and family.



Kate Pierson Kate Pierson Kate Pierson Kate Pierson

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Metropol September 8, 2016 7


By Hans Petrovic

It’s still not official, but the ever-increasing number of Asian restaurants, cafes and food stores in the Church Corner Mall area, in Upper Riccarton, is now attracting such a large number of people from all over Christchurch that it is seen by many people as Christchurch’s first Chinatown.


Upper Riccarton, is seen by many people as Christchurch’s first Chinatown.

8 September 8, 2016 Metropol

he number of shops with an Asian touch to them continues to increase. Don Yee, who is president of the Christchurch Gunadong Association and a sales consultant with Harcourts in Ilam, definitely believes Chinatown is taking shape at Church Corner. Since the earthquakes, Christchurch City Council and the mayor, Lianne Dalziel, have expressed interest in establishing a Chinatown somewhere in the centre of the city, because this would attract more customers and tourists to that area. Some Chinese business people and Don have been approached by city officials who indicated their desire for a Chinatown in the central city. “The council is trying to bring the city back to life,” Don says. “The question is where would you put Chinatown? I believe it would be easier and handier in Upper Riccarton because everything is already here. The shops are well-established, with no need for development. “It will attract a lot of people, not only Chinese, and a variety of businesses, not only food. There are tea rooms, hairdressers, travel and education facilities.” The Asian people represented there are certainly not all Chinese. There are also Vietnamese, Malaysians, Japanese and Korean businesses. Recently, the Church Corner Book Exchange became a Filipino café. “About 70 per cent of the Asian people in Christchurch live in the north-west area, including Fendalton, Bishopdale,

Wigram and Upper Riccarton. They include Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese but the Chinese are the biggest community in numbers there,” Don says. Although Don was born in Hong Kong, and has been in Christchurch for 36 years, his grandfather came to New Zealand before World War 2, making Don the third generation in his family here. The first Chinese came to New Zealand during the gold-mining days in the 1800s. The next wave arrived in the 1930s; followed by Taiwanese, Malaysian and Hong Kong Chinese in the 1990s. The most recent wave, from 2000 onwards, included many from mainland China, as well as lots of students. Typical of the Chinese people with businesses in Upper Riccarton is Jie Tao Ng, who first opened her China Town Market as a small store in the Church Corner Mall in 1998, selling Chinese vegetables and imported food. There are now five Asian food markets in the area. “In 1998, there were not many Asians here. Then, more came, including students, and we became busier,” Jie says. In 2000, she opened the Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant, which is well-known for its yum cha and dim sims. “At first, it was all Asians and then Kiwis also started coming. Because the Chinese students often come late at night, we are open to 2am, and sometimes late, while on Sundays we close at midnight.” Jie also believes that Church Corner has a great potential for turning into Christchurch’s Chinatown, although she would not hesitate in opening a business in the central city if Chinatown ended up there.

SHOWROOM: 293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137 75 Kingsley St. Sydenham Christchurch Ph.03 366 7199 Metropol September 8, 2016 9


Ann-Marie and Matt Russel

Dougal Boyd, Jeremy Parish (GM), Mike Fitzgerald

Maddy and Olivia Irvine

CELEBRATING LOCAL POTENTIAL On Wednesday 27 July, Irvine Flooring provided the backdrop for the Inspire Foundation Grantees Award Ceremony. The amazing event featuring keynote Speaker Gilbert Enoka, All Blacks Manager & Mental Skills Coach, acknowledged the business as a founding member that shares its vision of innovation and striving for growth and success.

Lyndal Irvine, Wendy Burton (Inspire)

Peter Greene, Chris Beban

Leann Harlen, Sue BloomďŹ eld

Rosemary and Greg Young (Archibalds)

Photos by Wendy Cook Photography - for copies email



10 September 8, 2016 Metropol

visit phone 03 352 2640

realised their writing styles and sense of humour complemented each other. A collaborative approach to their award winning play saw each write a couple of


“ “Collaboration is all about trust,” says Céline Gibson, one half of a successful Canterbury writing duo who took top place at an international event last month.

A successful collaboration By Rachel Smith

i The


tephanie Frewen, together with Céline, are winners of the Feature Screenplay award for their collaborative screenplay Unit 9 at the Moondance International Film Competition 2016, in Colorado. The Moondance International Film Festival has showcased hundreds of award winning indie films over the past 16 years, and is widely recognised as the American version of the Cannes film festival. It was while co-hosting the radio show Writers’ Block that Céline and Stephanie

Celine Gibson scenes before passing it over to the other - a process which worked very well for them both and allowed the play to grow in directions that neither had anticipated. “It was fun to write,” Céline says. “It is a darkly comic story set in New Zealand, but transcends culture in that it could be anyone’s story.” Both have a strong background in writing and performance: Stephanie was one of the first NASDA graduates and has been an actor and director in New Zealand and abroad. She is also a tutor for the School for Young Writers, while Céline has been a semi-finalist and finalist at Moondance three times, had her stage play Stitched Up premiered by CAS’n’OVA Productions in Christchurch last year, and has another screenplay currently in production negotiations.

17 Sep to 22 Oct 2016

r e k a e r t S i BY GREGORY COOPER

Christchurch Central,

An un-BARE-ably funny comedy from the writer of MAMIL and That Bloody Woman


24 & 26 Cranmer Square



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Georgian Grandeur

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Phone 963 0870 or visit

Classic style can survive, with this superb residence in Cranmer Square being living proof of that. Offering majesty and dignity that most homes can’t even come close to, this extensively renovated home of huge proportions will absolutely satisfy those seeking that perfectly balanced mix of English tradition and European modernism. Set across three levels, the interior has been recently restored, creating an executive manor house, capturing natural sunlight and park views perfectly. High ceiling living rooms and a colossal open planned kitchen creates an easy-going atmosphere. View: By appointment only ID: #MVE4925

Cindy-Lee Sinclair M 0274 888 616 T 03 355 6677 E 175 Papanui Road, Merivale

Metropol September 8, 2016 11

In the business of being

Awesome It’s not an easy job being awesome all the time, but the Ministry of Awesome has it down to a fine art. An activator and incubator for ideas and people with great potential, the organisation is fronted by Chief Awesome Officer Lauren Bliss Merritt who talks to Metropol about inspiration, innovation and what it means to be truly awesome.

What does the Ministry of Awesome do? Ministry of Awesome is the starting point for early stage ideas. We connect and activate people with early stage ideas to increase their confidence and ability to start an entrepreneurship journey. We run public events and workshop series, an innovative start-up mentorship programme, manage two co-working spaces and support a variety of events and projects in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Christchurch and the South Island. Tell us about its inception and evolution Ministry of Awesome was born out of the earthquakes, at a time when many businesses, events, festivals, projects, etc. had ceased to exist or operate. At the same time, there were people with great ideas who wanted to contribute to their city so the founders gathered together to activate their networks, break down barriers and cut through the red tape to enable people to contribute to their city.

What have been some of the most significant milestones for MoA? This week (at the time of interview) is our 177th Coffee and Jam event. We run a weekly, free and public event all about entrepreneurship and city building, but it is really owned and driven by the community (which is a measure of success for us!) In 2015 we partnered with Unreasonable Institute in the USA to deliver a 5-day hyperaccelerator programme to develop early stage social impact ventures. This was an incredible experience to partner with a well-respected international accelerator as well as a turning point that showed us the real need early stage entrepreneurs have. This relates to a lack of formal support and education around developing their ideas. Creating the Innovation Ecosystem Map allowing people to have access to all the tools and




resources available to them to take their idea to the next stage Watching the success of ideas we have supported along the way go from strength to strength; ideas include: XCHC, Little Yellow Bird, Scroll Magazine, Our Daily Waste, Bennetto Drinking Chocolate, Mtech Games, HerstoryNZ, ShareACamper.


Where does the organisation find its inspiration? You know when you see ordinary people create some mind-blowing solution to a problem many people face? Or you hear of someone giving their life long dream a go, maybe failing a few times and giving it another go? The creators of the new and the disruptors - those are the people we get to work with and those are the people that inspire us. Every day we meet with one new early stage entrepreneur looking to test their idea, to see if it will work and if entrepreneurship is for them; they are

We’ve got your next step sorted.

Take the next step with one of Hagley’s tertiary pathway programmes or specialist courses. From Pre-Engineering and Sports Leadership to Cuisine, Fashion, Pre-Health and Animation, Hagley has a range of courses designed to pathway you to tertiary study or help you gain real skills for work. Visit our website today for more information on your study options for 2017!

Senior College Open Night | September 15, 5:30pm-7:30pm | (03) 379 3090 12 September 8, 2016 Metropol

really brave and willing to learn and give it a go. What led you to this role and what do you value most about the opportunity? I happened upon the role as Chief Awesome Officer by chance and knew the job was for me. I knew nothing about start-ups or how to create a financially sustainable business but I was ridiculously excited by the chance to learn and test it out. My background is in social services - mainly non-profit management with young people with disabilities and refugees - so working with entrepreneurs was a new thing. But really, at the end of the day, it is the same - people wanting to live a life they love and create something meaningful. I am really lucky to work for an organisation that values learning, testing and prototyping and failing and creating as you go because that could sum up my role! I have had the incredible opportunity to grow my leadership, financial and entrepreneurial skills whilst creating an organisation that sets out to do just that. Where do you see Christchurch’s creativity taking the city? If we continue to place the city’s future in the hands of the community, we’re going to see a vibrant, activated and thriving city where anything is possible and people are fully able and encouraged to contribute - whether it’s a new food venture or urban gardens through to financial literacy software and VR technology to rehabilitate people with spinal cord injuries. Every flavour of entrepreneurship and innovation contributes to the make-up of an amazing city. We have such an opportunity to really recreate the city into a city where anything is possible, where people can test their ideas and see where their puzzle piece fits into the picture. Over the past five years, it has been shown that this is

possible; that with a bit of support, confidence and skills, ordinary people do extraordinary things. Who are the key strategic partners? Our longtime supporters are Rata Foundation and Christchurch City Council who have helped us grow and adapt as our city has grown and adapted. We work with Canterbury

outside investors and commercial enterprises will seek to capitalise on this growth opportunity with their interests rather than the city’s or community’s in mind. We are already seeing this happen and a big enough influx could have huge impacts on the transitional community’s ability to continue creating the culture, projects and products that support the community to rebuild the city their way.

Ministry of Awesome was born out of the earthquakes, at a time when many businesses, events, festivals, projects, etc. had ceased to exist or operate.

Development Corporation to support early stage ventures. We love working with and supporting the likes of Namaste Foundation, Start-Up Weekend, TEDxChristchurch, Singularity University, Green House, Unreasonable Institute, University initiatives and so many more to create an active pathway for people to develop their ideas. Do you perceive any challenges ahead? My only fear is that building upon the transitional community’s success,

What would you consider to be the most important qualities to have in a role like yours? The ability to keep two conversations going at once. At all times, my mind has to be on the day-to-day operations whilst keeping the vision for the organisation alive. To balance this when working on detailed projects with staff to having conversations with potential funders, you have to be able to speak from reality whilst still keeping the dream alive. Oh and flexibility and patience, flexibility and patience, on repeat!

Metropol September 8, 2016 13

Dad’s Army By Céline Gibson

The boys are back! Yes, the stalwart men from Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard will be marching into town 29 September until 8 October.


ebecca Wakelin, from CAS’n’OVA Productions, is co-directing this play and is thoroughly enjoying the process. “It’s the right show for me - the perfect fit!” Rebecca and co-director Craig Hutchison are thrilled with their cast. “We wanted to replicate the Dad’s Army TV series,” Craig explains, “and were looking for a cast that came as close in looks, speech and mannerisms to the original cast as possible – incredibly, we have just that. We’re very lucky!” This play comprises three actual episodes from the TV series with the final part specifically written for stage by Dad’s Army writers Jimmy Perry and David Croft. Craig thinks it may be one

of the largest casts of a non-musical production in Christchurch, if not New Zealand, which, as both he and Rebecca readily admit, “makes it a big undertaking, but great challenge!” Ninety percent of the uniforms come from the wardrobe department of Christ’s College. “They’re genuine World War II uniforms which we are grateful to Christ’s College for loaning to us. Authenticity is so important,” Craig says. Rebecca nods her agreement with a keen look in her eye. “I can’t wait for our first dress rehearsal – it will be amazing!” So sound the siren, they’re on their way…”Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run…..” Visit and

Home demonstration? No problem!

113 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 3460 or 0800 666 222

14 September 8, 2016 Metropol

We were looking for a cast that came as close in looks, speech and mannerisms to the original cast as possible” Co-director Craig Hutchison

m SOCIAL SCENE Steve Hansen

Shereen & Harjit Singh

Pam Anderson, Tammy McEntyre

PHILANTHROPY FOR ST JOHNS On Thursday 28 July, New Zealand rugby union coach and former rugby union player Steve Hansen spoke at a charity fundraising evening for St John. The event, which involved a live auction, saw more than $60,000 raised for the new St Johns Ambulance Hub in Christchurch.

Dave Thomas (S Claire Johnso .I. General Manager), Han n, Steve Han sen, Brendan nah McLeod, Ward

Chris Beavon, Murray Traill, Andrew Grace, Tim Bennet

Nienka Podmore, Mike Pero

Jane O’Connor, Justin Wallace, Emma Wipou

Jo Chiles, Terry McDonald

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email




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Metropol September 8, 2016 15

Pow-wow Bow-wow


By Celine Gibson

In a small, quiet corner of the Papanui Library on a Thursday afternoon something rather unusual is happening. A child is reading a book - to a dog!


16 September 8, 2016 Metropol

ut this is no ordinary dog, this is Noddy. He’s a handsome white boxer who has been trained and tested for health, safety and temperament explains his handler Jim. Reading to Dogs began in a library in Salt Lake City in Utah in 1999 as a trial project to ascertain whether a child’s reading improved if they had a furry friend to read to. It was a phenomenal success which soon spread globally. Papanui and South Libraries were the first to provide Reading to Dogs in New Zealand – thanks to Christchurch City Libraries event co-ordinator Kathryn Hartley and the hugely supportive people at Animal Control. Currently there are six dogs visiting

three Christchurch libraries – all are beloved pets of Animal Control officers. Jim leads Noddy into the screened off area, settles him on the carpet then leaves dog and child to their reading session. Beth, who oversees the Papanui programme, says the difference the dogs have made has been amazing. “I’ve seen children’s confidence grow in their reading; they look forward to reading, which is the best outcome.” Through a chink in the screen, Noddy can be seen yawning and re-settling himself for a doze, while a contented child reads him a favourite story for fifteen magical minutes. It’s a beautiful sight. For more info:

An unshakeable connection A wide-ranging exhibition of innovative contemporary art created around Christchurch during the past three years is now on exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA).


he first in a two-part series, the Contemporary Christchurch exhibition takes many forms, ranging from paintings to sculpture, costumes and some photos of other work around the city. The basic intention of the show is to examine and celebrate the artists’ strong connections to Christchurch and surrounding area, as the city rebuilds and develops a new post-quake identity. “People in Christchurch have a strong connection with their city. This exhibition really looks at how artwork developed in this city is connected to the locality, and the strong roots that are formed by a place,” says the director and principal curator of CoCA, Paula Orrell. The free exhibition includes work by Nina Oberg Humphries, Steve Carr, Emma

Fitts, Scott Flanagan, Jackie Greenbank, Rob Hood, Ana Iti, James Oram, Louise Palmer, Pauline Rhodes, Tim Veling, Tjalling de Vries and Daegan Wells. The panel who put the exhibition together was made up of Paula Orrell; the director of the Physics Room, Jamie Hanton; head of the Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury; artist and curator, Nathan Pohio; and senior curator of the Christchurch Art Gallery, Dr Lara Strongman. There will also be a lively accompanying programme for young people of music, dance, theatre, design and architecture. The modernist CoCA building, at 66 Gloucester Street, reopened last February after $4 million of repairs, strengthening and refurbishing.

Lilia, 2015 by Nina Oberg Humphries

People in Christchurch have a strong connection with their city. This exhibition really looks at how artwork developed in this city is connected to the locality. CoCA Director Paula Orrell

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m SOCIAL SCENE Breda & Kirk Williams

Richard Adamson, Chris Smith, Sarah Townsend, Murray Taylor

A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE On Wednesday 27 July, K M Surgical celebrated its official opening at Avenue Health, 202 Bealey Avenue. Designed as a centre of excellence, the facility has a focus on skin medicine, skin cancer surgery and cosmetic medicine and surgery. This will be a facility with specialist expertise across a wide field. ywood,

Julia He Donald, n Key Ken Mc oh inister J Prime M

Helen Shiach, Richard Chisholm Annette Jordan

Sherie Jenkins, Krystal Armstrong, Alicia Bulley

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography for copies email Kerry Gerken, Lauren van der Vliet, Robyn Spinks

Adele Harrison, Sarah Cook, Kirsty Ewart, Lesley Taylor

Prime Minister John Ke


Tracy Fenton, Shirley Mactaggart, Tom Middleburg, Emma Trowbridge

If you are considering buying or selling property anywhere in Christchurch please get in touch with me today!

Tickets $20 waged,$17 unwaged

To book: Ph. 03 355 8874 or online 18 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Passion for Excellence Professional Approach Integrity

0 0 0 , 0 5 2lunches for Kiwi Kids

As a first world country where we drive roads that are free of extensive waste, we attend schools that protect our right to freedom of expression and we enjoy a generous and inclusive cultural landscape, it is almost inconceivable that thousands of our children are going hungry on a daily basis.


lmost 18 months ago, a social enterprise, aptly titled Eat My Lunch, launched with the aim of alleviating this nationwide issue. Its objective? To create social change through something as routine as eating lunch. The innovative ‘Buy One Give One’ model provides affordable, wholesome lunches, made fresh daily and delivered directly to workplaces and schools. For every purchase of a commercial lunch, Eat My Lunch delivers a free lunch to a child who would otherwise go hungry. “What sets us apart is the fact we have a sustainable and self-funding business model, which everyone can participate in. Buy One, Give One is intrinsically linked,” says Eat My Lunch founder Lisa King. “We have people from all walks

of life come to our headquarters at 6.30am every morning to help make the Give lunches. I think it’s signaled to us that people just care about what we’re doing and our purpose.” There is no question that the initiative is making a fundamental and profound impact but King concedes the organisation is only scratching the surface of the 29% of Kiwi kids living in poverty. “Eat My Lunch has made a large impact in a short amount of time with 250,000 lunches gifted. But every day we get a call from another school wanting our lunches,” King says. Currently delivering lunches to hungry kids in 35 low decile schools in Auckland and Hamilton, Eat My lunch opens for business in Wellington in October. Christchurch also needs to be on this list and further information can be sought from

all “We have people from our walks of life come to m headquarters at 6.30a every morning to help s.” make the Give lunche

322 Manchester Street 03 355 2628

Coming soon to Frobisher

Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Espressory, 7am - 4pm

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m SOCIAL SCENE Geri Kerr, Kintilla du Boucher-Ryan, Ani Connolly

Deborah Curd, Fiona Oloi, Liz Thompson



r (Organ

Taylo ch, Kelly l Murdo

On Tuesday 19 July, Property Council New Zealand hosted an ‘Entrepreneurs Lunch’ at the Rydges Latimer Hotel. Two high profile speakers including Brown Bread founder, Jo Blair, and serial entrepreneur and Ethique founder, Brianne West, delighted the audience with their inspirational stories. Courtney Doig, Annabelle Bramwell


Helen Ronald, Nicky MacFadgen-Rhodes

Sarah Ryan, Nicki Carter

Rebecca Gregg, Joanna Hollander, Courtney Winsloe

Linda Lodetti, Kristen Neri, Cindy Chantreux

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email




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Money Matters There are few people that you can say genuinely love their work. Kim Laurenson is one of these, thriving on the challenge of helping her clients negotiate the financial landscape of lending at Q Mortgages. With a background in both real estate and banking, Kim is in a unique position to offer sound advice when it comes to the best scenario for her clients.


give my clients the tools to work through the process and take control,” Kim says. “I like to think outside of the box and give them some different options.” As a Mortgage Adviser, Kim offers a range of services to enable her clients to best manage their money, and has a relationship with all money lenders including banks and second tier lenders. Recent months have brought a number of changes, particularly in terms of lending for those who are looking to purchase as first home buyers and property investors. Working within each banks specific lending criteria, Kim can help with anything

from sourcing a new loan, to capitalising on an existing property, or for those who wish to re-finance with another lender. All of these services are provided at no cost to her clients. Alongside Richard Clark and James Dean at Q Mortgages, Kim offers flexibility and clarity in both her approach, and working around her clients busy schedules, to make the entire process as simple as possible. Give Kim a call on 027 222 1044 or 390 0480. Find Q Mortgages home at 5 New Regent Street or visit the team at and on Facebook.

“I give my clients the tools to work through the process and take control.”

Spring is upon us, Time to have a clean out and relook at your lending? • Want lower interest rates? • Want to understand your lending? • Want to take control of your Money? Give me a call, we can make a plan today and save you some money! Contact Kim today: 027 222 1044 | | 5 New Regent St, Christchurch 8011 Metropol September 8, 2016 21

m SOCIAL SCENE Penny Reid, Karl Margevka

Heather & Gregg Cayford, Pete Stuart

Amiria Kiddle & Juan Pablo Perez

MID-WINTER MAGIC Mid-winter magic was alive and well at Frobisher on Thursday 4 August. The team and its extended network enjoyed mulled wine and beautiful music thanks to The Christchurch Pops Choir! Ruth Hope & Betiana Caceres

Jane Watt, Ruth Jardine, Sue Bealing, Jade Bentham

rch Pop’s



Phil & Lynda O’Donnell

Mark Hamilton, Katrina & Bob Muir, Lucy Wilkie

Photos by Aimee Cane Photography - for copies email

Money is comple� and emo�onal� o�en a sounding board is needed and in many cases the “financial dynamic” can be outsourced to me as your financial personal trainer.

22 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Keeping it Simple Selling or buying a home is no small event. Shady Attia, Award Winning Licensed Salesperson from Mike Pero Cashmere, shares his tips for the coming season and why no two work days are ever the same.


You have been working in the local real estate industry for over four years now – what drew you to real estate in the first place and what keeps you there? I have the daily opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life – and that’s a real privilege to have. Early on I identified my own personal strengths to plan and succeed in the goals I set – I apply the same philosophy and dedication to my clients. I am lucky enough to work with a great team at Mike Pero.


If someone is thinking of buying or selling what advice would you give them? Ensure you engage a good, honest agent. I am Shady by name but not by nature - I offer reliable and accurate

advice based on facts and information to help both buyers and sellers make the best possible decisions. If you’re thinking of going on the market, you can get an instant free copy of my seller’s guidebook by texting “Mikepero” to 268.


And what can we expect from the local market over the coming months? Heading into the Spring season we expect to see increased movement in comparison to this time last year. There is a continuous strong demand for good quality homes within popular school zones.

Give Shady a call on 021 021 69996, email, drop into Mike Pero at 8 Cashmere Road, and view the latest listings on and on Facebook ‘Shady Attia’.

Shady Attia | Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

Change your view A better outlook, improved lifestyle or just more room for the family – make change happen at Wilfield. Stages 1 and 2 available now, many with titles, from 1,000m2 to a spacious 5,000m2 . Or for a great range of residential sections throughout Canterbury call or email one of the team on 03 741 1340, or visit our website.

Sales and info office at the Wilfield subdivision on Weedons Ross Rd. OPEN Sundays and Wednesdays 1-3pm. Or by appointment at 145 Papanui Road, Christchurch. Monday - Friday.

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9-13 OCTOBER 2016

Abby Bu�on BEJM Fashion Beverley Riverina Denyse Saunders Resortwear GEOJ House of Allure Ingrid Brook Jo Kidd Children’s Bou��ue Key Black Michelle Millard Miriam Eisenhart Pre�y Things Rosie Posie Sophia Lee Lingerie Vanita Miller Vivacious Viva la Moda Willmo� Dalton Design Yassimin Taylor PLUS: Debu�ng the Glamour Girls Living Dolls Pla�num Collec�on




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ARTWORKS LANDSCAPE LTD Canterbury Emerging Designer 2016 SKINWORKS BEAUTY CLINIC Canterbury on Trend Collec�on 2016 ICONIC RESTAURANT CLUB BAR Canterbury Plus Size Collec�on 2016 ENZOHAIR HEALTH Canterbury Crea�ve Designer 2016 DR ROBERT BEULINK Canterbury Couture Designer 2016 H & B HAIR ART & BEAUTY Canterbury Cocktail Collec�on 2016 SPARKLEWHITE TEETH Canterbury Race Wear Collec�on 2016 LATITUDE MAGAZINE Canterbury Fashion Retailer 2016 YVETTE WEAVER MAKEUP ARTIST Canterbury Fashion Designer 2016 BEAU JOIE FRENCH CHAMPAGNE FACE of Canterbury Fashion Week 2017

Canterbury Fashion Week supports



SEEINGRED Set pulses racing this spring with daring splashes of blood red, scarlet fever and zesty tangerine.


Cooper Loose Sleeve Tea and Cooper He’s Skirting With Me Skirt / Simon James Design Hawk Chair / Deadly Ponies Mr Leopard Bag / Clinique Pop Colour in Ruby / Miss Sophie Flatout Loafer from Shoe Connection //

嘀椀攀眀 琀栀攀 猀瀀爀椀渀最  挀漀氀氀攀挀琀椀漀渀猀 漀渀氀椀渀攀⸀⸀⸀⸀  氀漀漀欀戀漀漀欀猀Ⰰ 椀搀攀愀猀Ⰰ  猀栀漀瀀瀀椀渀最⸀⸀⸀⸀  漀爀 琀爀礀 琀栀攀 爀愀渀最攀 椀渀 猀琀漀爀攀

relise Cooper celebrates this season’s statement colour with a stunning red cotton sleeveless button down shirt that pairs perfectly with an abstract floral patterned skirt reminiscent of Lichtenstein’s comic strip artworks. Also in the Cooper summer collection, Trelise gives a nod to seventies bohemian charm with an exquisitely tactile devoré floral patterned kimono featuring a scarlet tasseled hem and cuffs. Ruby’s Spring incarnation of red plays out in a psychedelic poppy floral print that comes in a range of styles - from a sultry off-the-shoulder floor length gown to a plucky shirt dress, while Ruby’s sub-brand Liam boasts a sleek mid-length maxi swing dress whose simple lines take a backseat to the bold solid scarlet. Voluminous and romantic, Ingrid Starnes’ Lady Slipper silk day dress in glorious eye-popping tangerine will add that muchneeded pop of colour to Spring wardrobes. With a wide shoulder, it balances out

By Majka Kaiser

wider hips. Cinching in at the waist with an elegant tie, it falls just below the knee. Another take on tangerine this season is Karen Walker’s crepe de chine Crossover dress that also ties at the waist with a waterfall of angular layers that falls just above the knee in the front and dips longer at the back. While there are plenty of beautiful blend-into-the-background neutrals from Ricochet this coming season, tall poppies will jump at the chance to stand out from the crowd with a couple of elegant to-theknee dresses and drapey tops and tees in ruby red. For those who like to punctuate pattern with contrasting colours, Ricochet has a gorgeous red and navy leaf print in flowing dresses and floaty tops. For those a little too shy to go all out and don red from head to toe, add a pop of this season’s accent hue with a handbag, a carefully selected piece of jewellery, a belt, a pair of shiny red shoes, or a stain of Russian red on the lips. Take a leaf out of Kate Sylvester’s look book for the season, and add a touch of the risqué to an otherwise demure outfit with a slash of blood red across the neck with a silk scarf or a poppy coloured pout.

昀愀猀栀椀漀渀簀猀椀稀攀猀 ㄀㐀⬀

圀圀圀⸀娀䔀䈀刀䄀一伀⸀䌀伀⸀一娀  ㄀㘀㤀 嘀椀挀琀漀爀椀愀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 䌀栀爀椀猀琀挀栀甀爀挀栀  吀  ㌀ ㌀㔀㔀 㠀㠀㈀   䄀氀猀漀 䄀甀挀欀氀愀渀搀Ⰰ 䠀愀洀椀氀琀漀渀Ⰰ 圀攀氀氀椀渀最琀漀渀      稀攀戀爀愀渀漀⸀挀漀⸀渀稀 Metropol September 8, 2016 25

Handcrafted & designed leather goods, made in NZ. ‘The Seeker’ has a front pocket for keys or other small items, the flap is closed with a secure turn lock clasp. Handlaced. Buy online:

Welcome Spring in Pastels ‘Cleo Blake’ Sizes 8-14 E-J

The Fitting Room

207 Fendalton Rd Ph. 03 351 9244 or call: 027 221 4066

Our beautiful clothes are designed and made in Christchurch by women for women. New stock arrives monthly.

Smith & Boston

Shop 6, 573 Springs Road, Prebbleton. Ph. 03 3495 646

Are you ready for Summer?! Coming soon to Lynn Woods. New season Trelise Cooper, Age of Lace Dress.

Lynn Woods

149 Victoria St Ph.377 9476

26 September 8, 2016 Metropol

‘Vitti Love’ available in navy and silver. Luxury styling, realistic prices.

Robin Pierre

Merivale Mall 185 Papanui Rd Ph. 355 5747

The Moonflower Wrap dress in Plum For sunny afternoons and long nights in the pale moonlight... This Auguste the label wrap dress is figure hugging in all the right places. Capped sleeves with a frill hemline to add a vintage feel. This dress is an exclusive moonlight print and is selling fast $239 Shop online now


Luxurious World-Class Pampering Specialist Thai day spa, Lotus at Siam, embodies indulgence and luxury.

“ The luxuriously appointed, private and relaxing couple’s therapy rooms (two with double spa baths) provide a blissful reprieve from all of the challenges life can bring.


et in Cashmere’s award-winning Swan Lake Gardens, amongst the tranquil and peaceful surroundings of large trees; sweeping lawns; a freshwater lake and majestic swans, Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa offers a world-class, holistic, rejuvenating spa experience. Highly qualified Thai therapists have a combined experience in excess of 55 years between them, so you can relax knowing you are in expert hands. When your mind, body and soul are craving a decadent, soothing experience after a long, tiring day, Lotus at Siam provides a beautiful backdrop. The luxuriously appointed, private and relaxing couple’s therapy rooms (two with double spa baths) provide a blissful reprieve from all of the challenges life can bring. There is a package to suit everyone – from a Couple’s Hot Stone Massage or Elemis Body Scrub and Massage through to the wonderful Restore the Romance package. Enjoy a divine and relaxing spa bath together followed by a soothing 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage. This is a beautiful and serene opportunity to create memories with the one you love. World class pampering takes the form of couples’ pampering packages; men’s and

women’s facials; massage therapies; pregnancy massage; reflexology; body scrubs, and hot stone massage – all set in the tranquil, award-winning Swan Lake Gardens in Cashmere. We all love to buy gifts that are unique and

indulgent for our loved ones. So how about a gift voucher for one of Lotus at Siam’s decadent treatments? Gift vouchers can be purchased online or at the spa, and to make it easier, the spa offers the convenience of electronic gift vouchers sent to your email if you’re rushed for time! Lotus at Siam is open from 9am until late, seven days a week. Visit to find out more about the exquisite treatments, or call today on 980 5400 and treat yourself and your loved ones to the ultimate in world-class, holistic pampering.

Treat yourself or your loved one to world-class pampering in Cashmere GIVE A GIFT VOUCHER ~ P 980 5400 ~ ~ 9 Ernlea Terrace,Cashmere ~ Metropol September 8, 2016 27

“ Smile with confidence For beautiful teeth and a natural smile, denture after-care products are an essential part of the process.


entures Plus offers the premium Caldent denture cleaner to keep your smile looking good by removing all stains and build-up, and also special denture baths and brushes. “Caldent is the best on the market,” says Ryan Carlton, clinical dental technician at Dentures Plus. “Our brushes have double-sided bristles and larger handles, which is particularly good for people who have arthritis or trouble gripping. Our denture baths are available in a range of different sizes. We use the latest products and technology, as well as continuous training to keep up with new developments and techniques.” Ryan, who has 18 years of experience in the industry, says the company’s main

Purchase your denture cleaning and care products directly from our website www.denturesplus

396 Innes Road, St Albans Christchurch Phone: 385 5517

28 September 8, 2016 Metropol

We use the latest products and technology, as well as continuous training to keep up with new developments and techniques.” Ryan Carlton, dental technician

focus is on dentures that appear natural. “We want our client’s smile to look like nice teeth rather than dentures. We take the time to ensure they are happy – it’s about what the clients wants, not what we want.” Although Christmas seems far away, if you need dentures, now is an ideal time, he says. “It takes four to five appointments to fit the dentures, and the patient may need several adjustments over a few weeks afterwards for them to settle. To be ready in time for the Christmas season, now is a good time to start thinking about dentures.” For more information and to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, call the friendly and experienced team on 385 5517.

The History of Hemlines:

The long & the short of it By Majka Kaiser

We have the se freedom to choo e w w lo or how high r ou on g in nd go depe or , re gu fi r ou d, moo the occasion.

We’ve come a long way since 1915 when hemlines rose several inches off the ground and it was considered progressive.


s many women entered the workforce to replace men at war, shorter skirts were a matter of practicality and they continued to rise after WWII as Victorian-era prudishness began to loosen its grip. In 1927, with greater independence and higher standing in society, women’s hemlines seemed to mirror their rise in status when they had reached just below the knee. However, in an attempt to rebel against what came before, fashion designers began to lower hemlines once again, which incensed women who exclaimed that a return to longer hemlines was ‘an insidious attempt to lure women back into slavery’. Throughout the 1930s, hemlines remained above the ankle for daytime and only fell to the floor for evening occasions. Due

to efforts to conserve resources during WWII, the US government dictated that skirt lengths ought to be no longer than 17 inches above the floor. Following the war, however, Parisian designer Christian Dior was instrumental in dictating the rise and fall of the hemline each season, which was slavishly emulated by rival designers. By the 1960s, the baby boomers were in their teens and enjoyed greater liberties and economic freedom than the generation before. In rebellion against their parents’ preferences exemplified by Parisian haute couture, street fashion in London became more influential on designers of the day and led the way for shorter and shorter skirts. Fast forward to the present day and anything goes. We have the freedom to choose how high or low we go depending on our mood, our figure, or the occasion.

Twenty Seven Names

The Power of Sound

Non-invasive lifting and tightening of the face FDA APPROVED



BOtulinum TOXin Dermal Fillers The Liquid Face Lift IPL - Facial Rejuvenation Micro - Hydrabrasion Skin Stamping Ulthera Face Tightening The Vampire Facial Scarless Mole Removal Lip Enhancing

All injectables performed by Doctor Brigid Lee

80 Wairakei Road Fendalton

Tel: 03 351 3241 Metropol September 8, 2016 29



OPTOMETRIST Comprehensive Vision Exams

Vision led learning

Contact lenses Inspired frames Durable lenses Sunglasses Rx sunglasses Behavioural vision therapy for reading & learning Optometrist: Leesa Stuart 32 Gerald St 41 Shelley St Rolleston Lincoln ph 325 7267 ph 347 1667 Vision plays a major role in reading, spelling, writing, copying board work, and digital device viewing.

Efficient visual learning is built on seeing clearly to gather information.


hildren focus and direct their eyes to gain meaning from reading,” says Lincoln Eye optometrist, Leesa Stuart. “However, many students struggle with increased effort to view digital devices as part of learning in the classroom, as it requires high accuracy eye movements and sustained focus.” Efficient visual learning is built on seeing clearly to gather information, while co-ordinating the eyes, body and head movements. For children who avoid reading, have poor comprehension, or a short attention span, a vision examination directed at vision integration (alongside sight

and eye health) is recommended. Lincoln and Rolleston Eye Optometrists work with the Australian College of Behavioural Optometrist Guidelines for vision care. For children, this means extending care from using dynamic digital glasses and lenses, to binocular vision services and vision integration programs, tailored to the individual. The friendly, knowledgeable staff enjoy providing vision services and would like to remind parents there is assistance for children’s vision exams and glasses available to Community Services Card holders. To view useful links on vision and learning, visit

50% OFF



Rebook your next appointment and go in the draw for a wonderful welcome to



204 Papanui Rd, Merivale

P.355 4734 30 September 8, 2016 Metropol


By Kate Pierson

Le Specs Self-Portrait Edition One

Stylish sunglasses with form and function wouldn’t go astray at any time of the year.


he glare-factor in New Zealand provides a legitimate excuse for one if not two (okay, a whole bunch) of spiffy specs to shield our eyes from the sun. We’ve spied a number of visual treats that will ensure your peepers stay in perfect health while also prettying up your aesthetic for the Spring and Summer. Purchasing the best frames for your face comes down to knowing what type of face shape you have. An oval face shape means you can pull of almost any style whereas a beautiful rounder face that benefits from more youthful features will wear rectangular shapes well. Thinner

frames add length to the face. Heart shaped faces have enviable high cheekbones and suit frames wider than the forehead. For those with a square facial silhouette, you’ve got the goods when it comes to angles! These angles are softened with round and oval shapes. A popular look for the coming seasons is the cat eye – channeling a movie star-esque vibe. Very Audrey Hepburn. These frames best complement oval, square and heart shape faces. Eye up this season’s possibilities and experiment with what accentuates your best assets.

Purchasing the best frames for your face comes down to knowing what type of face shape you have.


Further reductions off winter stock!

151 COLOMBO ST PH 332 1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm Metropol September 8, 2016 31

Sculpt Your Look By Majka Kaiser

Contouring and highlighting is an art, but with the right tools and skills you too can achieve the sculpted visage of the most envied supermodels.


eginning with the basics and having the right tools is just as important as perfecting the technique. Arm yourself with the appropriate shade of matte bronzer or use two foundation tones; one that is two shades darker than your overall colour for shading and one that is two shades lighter for highlighting. Brushes are a girl’s best friend when it comes to successful makeup application, so opt for an angled brush for optimal control and precision and a large fluffy brush for blending. Once you have the right tools in hand take a good look at your facial structure to see where you can create more depth. For rounder face shapes create a sharper jawline

32 September 8, 2016 Metropol

by shading along the jaw, and for those with a narrow face shade along the top of the hairline and around the chin to minimise length. For defined cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and apply shade above and below the hollow area and blend. For a slimmer nose, apply shading in two lines on either side of the bridge starting from the brows and ending above the tip, then blend outwards. Highlighting is just the finishing touch so use sparingly. Allow your best assets to shine by dabbing liquid highlighter on cheekbones, brow bones, the tip and bridge of the nose and chin. Combat the furrow of frown lines by highlighting between the eyebrows.


MAKE A STATEMENT It’s easy to get caught up in the chaotic push and pull of the fashion and beauty industry, oscillating between different looks, and never knowing where you belong.


he truth is though - your best look is always going to be one that you feel is the most authentic reflection of you. While the temptation might be to gravitate towards the latest look promulgated by some very clever sartorial propaganda, your wardrobe, makeup bag, and bank account will all thank you for sticking to what you know works for you. There are too many considerations to factor into this space, but some of the key ingredients to making a statement involves understanding what colours you suit most, what clothing best complements your figure, and how you can best accentuate the assets you’ve been blessed with – from top to toe. We don’t want to preach hard and fast rules, but if you feel like you’re not dressing for yourself, two easy to implement steps involve getting your colours done and engaging a stylist. Sure, the upfront cost might sting a little, but the long-term cost saving benefits put the investment into perspective. Certainly the age old adage, ‘if in doubt toss it out’ is appropriate when you’re considering a revamp. Spring is the perfect time for the clean out that’s been playing on your mind all Winter!

Your best look is always going to be is one that you feel tic the most authen reflection of you.

Metropol September 8, 2016 33

WATCHIT IT By Kate Pierson

I’ve always held a special place in my heart for a beautiful watch. Sounds material, but it comes from a sentimental place.

Offering you solutions for Varicose Veins Fast and Effective treatment Reasons for Varicose Vein Treatment... • Leg Pain • To halt progressive vein problems • Embarassment • To prevent future complications

16 St Asaph St, Christchurch

Phone 365 4502 Southern Cross Affiliated Provider


Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI


studio job industrial collection Aikmans Road, Merivale 34 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Phone 355 4228

tradition that has transcended generations in our family is for a watch to be gifted on the tenth birthday. My Dad also recently fulfilled a life-long dream of owning a Patek Philippe timepiece. The tagline of this globally renowed brand is, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe; you merely look after it for the next generation”. Heirloom status aside, sometimes we’re just in the mood for a practical pleasure that has looks, form and function. As a new season dawns calling for an accessory revamp (or at least that’s how we justify our own purchases), we’ve tracked down some arm candy that we think might tickle your fancy. The best advice we can offer when it comes to selecting a watch is to ensure you buy something that works with your lifestyle - if it’s going to be an all-occasion watch, you’ll need something durable and not too delicate. If you want to play sport in it, then a fashion watch won’t meet your needs. Dress watches tend to be more classic and will stand the test of time in terms of looks. When you’re selecting your next watch, remember that it’s not a race against time and always feel free to ask for alternatives when shopping around.



Simply spend $100 or more on one day in a single transaction, write your name, email address and phone number on the back of your receipt and place it in an entry box to be in to win. Promotion runs 5th – 25th September. Entry boxes are located at main entrances. Winner will be notified on 26th September and has until 28th September to confirm dates and times for flights and accommodation.

Prizes are not transferrable or refundable. Accommodation is one night at the Mercure Hotel.



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Metropol September 8, 2016 35

The art of Forgiveness By Majka Kaiser

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison; it hurts no one but us.


ike any emotion, anger can be measured on a spectrum, ranging from mild irritation to full-blown rage. Unattended, anger can fester and become a toxic resentment that can be carried for days, months, even years. Such deep resentment can lead to all kinds of mental and physical illness. Just as a tiny spark will eventually become a raging inferno, so too will our anger if we fail to recognise it and make a concerted effort to extinguish it. Often we are taught that anger is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ so we suppress it instead of finding healthy ways to express it and lack the tools to know how to manage and overcome it. Another helpful tool to overcoming this powerful and destructive emotion is to understand the cause

gold we buy

of our anger. It’s important to recognise that anger is a secondary emotion that acts to protect us from the underlying painful feelings of unresolved sadness, hurt, fear and grief. Often our grief is so deeply buried that anger has become an automatic response and happens so quickly that we are not even aware of these painful feelings that lie beneath. Addressing these raw emotions can be confronting, but with a little courage, willingness, and gentleness, and with the help of a trusted professional we can begin to navigate our way out of bondage from our past and find freedom to live in the here and now with serenity and acceptance.


Addressing these raw emotions can be confronting, but with a little courage, we can begin to navigate our way out.

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WESTENDE JEWELLERS 421 Colombo Street, Sydenham Telephone 03 366 5475

36 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Shop 26, The Tannery

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A new medical ultrasound practice specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology • Musculoskeletal (ACC scans) • Vascular (Carotid, DVT, arterial) • Small parts (testes, thyroid, lumps, foreign body localisation) • General ultrasound

53 Caulfield Ave, Halswell, Christchurch 8025 Phone 03 595 2256 Email

DO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW SUFFER FROM PAINFUL KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS? If so you maybe eligible to take part in a trial to test the painkilling effect of the medication nortriptyline

What would be involved for eligible participants? · Clinical assessments · Study medication (nortriptyline or placebo)

· Reimbursement for travel may be available.

Who is running the study?

· Researchers based at University of Otago, Christchurch

Funding: H ealth Research Council of New Zealand


Nortriptyline In Knee Arthritis

For further information, or if you are interested in taking part in this study please contact: T: 03 364 3645 E:

W: Department of General Practice University of Otago, Christchurch 38 September 8, 2016 Metropol


The lure of an overseas cosmetic experience teamed up with a tropical holiday can be tempting, but with the perceived benefits, can also come risks and unexpected expense.

For any new client interested in cosmetic procedures, the first step is a consultation with KM Surgical staff to talk over what results they would like to see.


M Surgical is a specialist medical and surgical skin practice directed by Doctor Ken Macdonald, a leading Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon, now located in brand new premises at Avenue Health on Bealey Avenue. “We offer a degree of safety and a certainty in the results of the procedures we specialise in,” Doctor Macdonald says. “Our purpose built facility is designed to ensure a high quality day stay surgery experience.” For any new client interested in cosmetic procedures, the first step is a consultation with KM Surgical staff to talk over what results they would like to see. Doctor Macdonald sees this as a crucial step in a positive experience, allowing clients to discuss what procedures may be the best fit, as well as what results can be realistically achieved. “For procedures such as face and eye lifts we use advanced local anaesthetic techniques, with tumescent anaesthesia to suffuse the whole face, and the option of adding light sedation,” Doctor Macdonald says. “We have a focus on quick recovery and natural looking results and have the AqueCool™ system to reduce swelling and

discomfort.” “We can take our time,” Doctor Macdonald says, with three designated theatres allowing KM Surgical to manage their own time and also offer their services at very competitive rates. Doctor Macdonald has particular personal expertise in the tumescent liposuction technique, which together with ultrasonic (Vaser™) liposuction, is the preferred technique for fat removal and body contouring for all parts of the body including tummy, hips, ankles, buttocks, arms, thighs and neck. Again this can be accomplished under light sedation as a local anaesthetic procedure with quick recovery and no surgical scarring. KM Surgical also offers comprehensive skin laser treatments for burns, birthmarks and photoageing, and fully equipped operating theatres for skin cancer and other skin surgeries, as well as a range of cosmetic procedures. Visit KM Surgical at Avenue Health at 202 Bealey Avenue, at or give them a call on 377 1010, to see what KM Surgical can do for you.

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A small group of boys troop down the corridor to wash their hands. They are laughing and chatting, as kids do, about the fun of spelling out words in shaving foam, before heading out the door for some physical fun at the playground.


The school is aimed at transitioning students back into mainstream schooling when they are ready.

t is a typical learning scene at the Seabrook McKenzie Centre, a charitable trust which has a 30 year history of providing services to children and adults with Specialist Learning Disabilities (SLD). “We offer much more than education – we focus on the whole child. Our aim is to give our students the confidence, skills and motivation to set them up for life,” says Anne Stercq, Clinical Director. The centre provides a wide range of services, for those with the likes of dyslexia and dyspraxia, including assessment, one-on-one tutoring, counselling and occupational therapy, in addition to specialised courses for teachers, and advocacy and support for families and children. All services are provided by their team of qualified and specifically trained psychologists,

occupational therapists, and SLD teachers. They work with over 600 new clients each year, and offer subsidised fees for low income families in order to create equal opportunities for every child. The Jean Seabrook Memorial School was opened by the trust in 2005, catering to primary school children who will benefit from full time assistance. The school is small, 24 students with a 1:6 teacher to student ratio, and is aimed at transitioning students back into mainstream schooling when they are ready. For more information, or to make a worthwhile donation, contact Seabrook McKenzie Centre on 03 281 8397 or visit and their Givealittle page at

Baby books

Milestone cards, prints & hangers

HAZY PRINTS STUDIO 40 September 8, 2016 Metropol


Recreation Revitalised

By Melinda Collins

“ There’s a ferocious determination evident in the rebuild of our famed city; a fierce tenacity which has ensured that when Mother Nature pushes us down, we push her right back.


ecreational services was one of the hardest hit sectors in the local economy, resulting from physical damage to premises and decreased demand linked to a reduced tourist population.

While we may have lost brief control over the recreational offering in our famed city, in true Cantabrian form, we have again taken charge and now our sport and recreational facilities are back bigger and better than ever before with the opening –

and expected openings – of some exciting new facilities. The Wharenui Recreation Centre Stadium opened recently on the corner of Matipo and Elizabeth Streets in Riccarton, after being closed for more than five years. The stadium was used for basketball, exercise classes, badminton and martial arts. It has been repaired and strengthened to 100 percent of the New Building Standard (NBS). Earlier this year the $23m Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre re-opened, with the library and community centre featuring a 5000 square metre outdoor area, playground, pool, BBQ area, café and plaza space. The initial concept design for the QEII

Our sport and recreational facilities are back bigger and better than ever before. Recreation and Sports Centre has been released by Warren and Mahoney, after the previous facility was irreparably damaged in the 2011 earthquakes and demolished. The next phase is for three design-build contractors to produce a final design and cost, which is expected to be released in October 2016. The Metro Sports Facility is also scheduled to open in 2020. Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” and for Christchurch that is the redevelopment of our recreational facilities.

Metropol September 8, 2016 41

m SOCIAL SCENE Emer McKay, Clare McAleese

AN ARTISTIC CELEBRATION On Saturday 13 August, the everpopular Paint ‘n’ Sip studio in Christchurch celebrated its second birthday. The innovative business enables people of all artistic capabilities to express themselves and plays the perfect host for all special occasions.

Karl Kinninns, Steve Kinn

Cathie Parkes

, Toni Williams Andy Barbati, Tara Martin

Clare O’Kane, Lesley-Ann McDonald

Candice Taylor, Hannah Flasher

Alastair Gray, Asher Dorward

Pearl Thirkill, Gayle Millner, Andrea Sullivan

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email

Ti higchltearms4s2e01s6 H NpaIG panu





EQUIPMENT, COACHING & RECOVERY SPECIALISTS Unit 9 / 501 Wairekei Road, Christchurch. Phone 595 2324 / sportingedge501

@ sportingedgech

42 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Come down & enjoy the fune! phon To enrol, please 2 0701 35 : our office on


art yoga TO

e of courses on See our full rang ch i.s nu pa

BARING IT ALL It depends on who you’re talking to but nudity can represent vulnerability, or, conversely, empowerment. It’s a bit of both in the case of The Court’s upcoming and highly anticipated The Streaker.


The play promises to unapologetically and refreshingly push boundaries with bold and brave themes.

hybrid of comedy and chaos, The Streaker is the new comedy by Gregory Cooper, directed by Mark Hadlow. The play promises to unapologetically and refreshingly push boundaries with bold and brave themes. Mark Wright plays Ron Hewlett, a middle-aged man whose life starts to spiral mercilessly out of control when he loses his call centre job and finds himself facing foreclosure on his home. When Ron hears a radio station is offering a million dollars to anyone who successfully streaks at the Super Rugby final he’s dismissive of the prospect of baring it all; but as financial and familial pressure mounts, Ron toys with the idea of how far he’s willing to go. A familiar face from Oddfellows TV commercials, decades of television work (from the Billy T James Show to the recent reboot of Terry Tio) and numerous theatrical productions around the country; The Streaker is Wright’s debut production at The Court. While Hadlow acknowledges that a play titled The Streaker has certain expectations, “the play isn’t just about streaking. There are deeper issues, which are pretty reflective of our society… Ron is a vulnerable man at

a mid-life crisis point in his life, and it needs a pretty special actor to capture the ‘man down on his luck’ style that Mark is giving him.” The Streaker’s cast includes Vanessa Wells as Ron’s wife, Linda; Chelsea McEwan-Millar as his daughter, Eva; Lynn Waldergrave and Associate of The Court Theatre Geoffrey Heath as Ron’s live-in parents, Bill and Llana; and Jared Corbin as Ron’s friend Murray, who somewhat overlyenthusiastically encourages Ron to streak. The play also includes “radio” segments featuring well-known radio personalities Simon Barnett, Gary McCormick, Lana Searle and Jason Gunn. “I called in a few favours,” Hadlow says. With eight separate productions of his work staged around New Zealand and Australia in the past twelve months and another production of The Streaker scheduled at Centrepoint theatre later this year, Cooper is streaking ahead as one of New Zealand’s most prolific playwrights. The Streaker debuts at The Court Theatre on 17 September and runs until 22 October. Audiences with issues around nudity are advised to avert their eyes or simply grin and ‘bare’ it.

Metropol September 8, 2016 43

GO WITH THE FLOW Are you curious about yoga practice? Flow Hot Yoga in Riccarton is offering ‘The Architecture of (Our) Breath and Bones’ workshop in October.


he workshop is specifically geared towards understanding the use of breath to support structural and movement processes, including the flowon effects to deeper levels. Informative and interactive, key postures will be explored to enable all movement expression to be informed by attention and intention. As an expression of life, contemporary yoga guides a student into a process of self-observation, reflection, inquiry and self-knowing. Tutors will share their knowledge of breath awareness and delve into the art and science of yoga practice,

relevant and responsive to daily life. The workshop is open to all students wishing to deepen their yoga practice or holding a yoga class as a teacher. It can also contribute to yoga teacher training hours if desired. Classes are facilitated by the kind, nourishing and highly experienced guest tutors, Karla Brodie and Vincent Bolletta. The Architecture of (Our) Breath and Bones runs 1-2 October from 1pm-5.30pm, for $280. Flow Hot Yoga is located at 25 Mandeville Street, Riccarton. Phone 348 8889 or email

ART AFTER SCHOOL ages 8 - 12

PAINT ‘N’ SIP STUDIO® book in the little artists for some FUN & ART after school! - starts next term for 6 weeks -small groups, limited seats open -available 3:30pm - 5pm Tues-Thurs -bookings essential through website locations in Christchurch & Queenstown


#paintnsipnz 44 September 8, 2016 Metropol

From 12-15 October, the Isaac Theatre Royal will provide an ethereal backdrop for a spine-tingling theatrical sensation. SWEENEY TODD COMBINES A DARK, MELODRAMATIC TALE WITH HUMOUR AND WONDERFUL MUSIC.


‘killer cast’ will light up the stage in the masterpiece Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, which promises to dazzle audiences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with its otherworldly charm. Sweeney Todd is a co-production between New Zealand Opera and Victorian Opera. Director Stuart Maunder has described the urban myth as “deliciously scary, dark, sinister…and thrilling.” He says, “In Sweeney Todd, Sondheim combines a dark, melodramatic tale with humour and wonderful music. Audiences are in for a world-class production with this very strong company led by one of New Zealand’s most successful singers Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Australian soprano Antoinette Halloran, who is revelatory in the role of Mrs Lovatt. “We’ve drawn on the best Kiwi singers

based here and around the world for this company, including Phillip Rhodes and Amelia Berry who reprise their roles from the Melbourne season, and newcomer Joel Granger who returns home for his first professional role in New Zealand, following a busy year in Australian theatre and television. “We’re thrilled to have James Benjamin Rodgers and Andrew Glover taking time out of their international careers to return home for this season, as well as New Zealandbased opera stalwart Robert Tucker and the magnificent Helen Medlyn who joins in the pivotal role of the Beggar Woman.” With the ensemble hailing from the Freemasons New Zealand Opera Chorus, audiences will delight in a sensory adventure. For further information and tickets visit

Metropol September 8, 2016 45

A step back

the demon barber of Fleet Street

IN TIME By Melinda Collins



Stephen Sondheim Hugh Wheeler From an adaption by

Christopher Bond


Harold Prince

While many of our pioneering Kiwis have been known to found innovative enterprises from the back shed, few can lay claim to conducting experiments in the small, cold basement of the local college.

Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia). All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.



A Reverse

Take your seat

Isaac Theatre Royal Gold

12 - 15 October

46 September 8, 2016 Metropol

0800 842 538


nd, in fact, only one can lay claim to discovering what the inside of an atom looks like, finding out about radioactivity, discovering and naming alpha and beta particles, and changing one element into another. Yet that’s precisely what the moustached man on the $100 note did and now the historic site in Christchurch’s Arts Centre where Ernest Rutherford started his scientific career is open to the public for the first time since the Canterbury earthquakes. Rutherford’s namesake – the Rutherford’s Den – has been completely transformed post-quake and now enables visitors to experience hands-on digital displays as they learn about the famous New Zealand scientist and his peers. Step inside an exhibition that illustrates what atoms are, or use your own movements to learn about renewable energy sources. There’s even a projection of Lord Rutherford in the space where he conducted his research on radio waves that includes original voice recordings. Rutherford was a pioneer of his time so it’s only fitting that cutting-edge technology is being used to tell his story, Arts Centre CEO André Lovatt says. “So much of what Rutherford discovered led to the technology we enjoy today and we want visitors to learn about this in fun and exciting ways. We want it to be a place where people of all backgrounds are inspired to believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness.”

Showbiz Christchurch will finish an astonishing 2016 hat-trick of mega musicals with the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice masterwork, Evita



his year’s feast started with Mamma Mia! followed by Hairspray, with both attracting rave reviews and full houses. The trio is completed with the musical epic, Evita. Recorded in 1976 as a two-disc Rock Opera concept album, Evita was a huge success. The famous anthem ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ went to No. 1 around the world, and the stage show opened

to full houses and major awards. The Showbiz Evita season features a trio of stars. Emily Burns, as Eva Peron, has already performed Mary Poppins in two separate productions this year, and wowed audiences as Sophie Sheridan in the Showbiz season of Mamma Mia! Roy Snow, as Juan Peron, is a star of TV, film and stage, and is well known for his appearances in commercials as the face of TSB. As Che, the revolutionary narrator, Jack Fraser will electrify the stage with his stunning rock tenor voice. This production of Evita will capture all the grandeur and majesty from the giants of the modern musical, Andrew Lloyd

Photography by Danielle Colvin

This production will capture all the grandeur and majesty from the giants of the modern musical.

Webber and Tim Rice – it promises to be an unmissable theatrical experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. Make sure you see Evita - winner of 6 NY Drama Desk Awards, 2 Olivier Awards, and 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Evita, showing 15 September – 1 October at the Isaac Theatre Royal. Evening shows 7.30pm. Matinees 4 pm Sunday. 0800TICKETEK






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By Céline Gibson

Music reverberates from within the Mohoao Room at Te Hāpua Halswell Community Centre; it’s Justin Bieber on the sound system, and the students of JOLT’S ‘MOVE’ class are having the time of their lives.

“We want our students’ voices to be heard because their voices are amazing, but more than that, they deserve to be heard.”

48 September 8, 2016 Metropol


his is a dance class like no other because the majority of the participants are disabled – or, as the extraordinary and humble Wolfgang Stange describes his students differently abled; but more about Wolfgang later. Newcomers are welcomed to the group by way of a singing chant; each person in the circle is named and sung to – a singularly pleasing experience! And then it’s back to the business of why we are here – we are here to MOVE. Chairs are pushed back and everybody is dancing to Ashley Hess reminding us that ‘It’s All About the Bass’ and to be proud of who we are, no matter our physical assembly; an empowering message to all in the room, whether they are on their own two legs or being spun about in joyous whirls in their wheelchairs. Later, remnants of organza are passed about and we float them over our partners’ heads; we give organza massages. The gentle pulling of organza through fingers is greeted with wondrous, rapt expressions. Lyn Cotton, the exuberant and energetic teacher of MOVE explains that her journey began in London, 1995 when she was a student at The Amici Dance Theatre Company under the tutelage of Wolfgang Stange. “I was watching an improvisation that blew me away; within the first five minutes I knew that this was where I was meant to be.” Lyn goes on to say that Wolfgang “was the most astounding man who taught me so much about this work and why we do it”. By the time Lyn was ready to return to New Zealand, she had a definite goal in mind. “I was going to provide a class – one small class!” In 2001, with support from Christchurch City Council under their KiwiAble programme, and

with its main funding from I.H.C. and added funding from the Rata Foundation, JOLT was born. Two years later, Renee Ryan came aboard, and in 2007 it was registered as a Charitable Trust. JOLT’S ‘MOVE’ class was formed in 2012 in response to Lyn’s observation that there were no pathways for people with disabilities to find their own creative voice in the tutoring of dance. It was also impossible to ignore the growing demand from interested community groups like Hillmorton, Waitaha School and the Chris Ruth Centre. Lyn saw MOVE as a springboard for students to utilise their training and become teachers in the community, instructing dance at day providers and schools. “People with disabilities have as much potential as people without disabilities. Their difference is their strength; our students express this in their movement – their own interpretation of how they see themselves.” Currently they have seven trainees ready to become tutors. An exemplar result for these committed women. Renee shares her hopes for JOLT’S future. “I would like to see us secure financially - have our teachers teaching out of our own space, and bring a greater awareness to the wider community of the fantastic abilities our people have.” She ponders this a bit longer then adds “Really, it’s all about equality.” As Lyn and Renee greet students arriving for the next JOLT ‘MOVE’ class, their passion for their work is evident. “We want our students’ voices to be heard because their voices are amazing, but more than that, they deserve to be heard.” Email for more information.


The rise of

ARTISANAL BREADS The cuisine trends have come and gone, but the humble loaf of bread remains. The story goes that bread was invented by accident some 30,000 years ago, but it remains in some form in almost every country throughout the world. It’s so good that everything that came after it is merely the ‘best thing since sliced bread’.


he first man-made bread was unleavened, or contained no yeast. Today, we still eat certain types of unleavened bread, such as naan, matzah and chapati. While the science behind it may have been somewhat advanced for our hunter gatherer forebears, at some point it was discovered that when bread was left out in the open, spores of naturally forming yeast would infiltrate the grains, making it ‘rise’. Sourdough – a product of those

naturally occurring yeasts — is a notoriously finicky process as the trademark ‘sour’ flavour is sometimes hard to achieve, as is getting the perfect loaf consistency. A time consuming process, it is one of the more expensive of the artisanal breads, however, unlike the neat rectangles of factory made breads, the longer fermentation times create a chewiness and defined flavour that make it exceptionally popular. What’s more, there is growing

evidence to suggest that for people suffering from gluten sensitivity, proper sourdough bread may be more digestible than our factory loaves. Leavened bread and the use of commercial yeasts in bread-making began sometime around four thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, giving rise to an increasing range of breads. While we’re all familiar with the likes of bagels, brioche, ciabatta, flatbreads, focaccia and pretzels, it’s the process with which they are made that is the latest culinary trend. Our increasing hunger for ‘proper’ breads is seeing our bakeries, restaurants and now even our supermarkets, fill up with ‘artisanal’ breads. Small batches, quality ingredients and a return to the fundamentals of the age-old bread making traditions, set artisanal breads apart from their pre-packaged, preservative-laden commercial siblings. So why not give some new artisanal breads a go? They are, after all, the best thing since sliced bread.



2014 & 2015

breakfast lunch dinner


Life’s too short for mediocrity… Fresh seafood and vegetarian dishes that are created to be perfectly balanced, using the highest quality, locally caught seafood and seasonal produce PH 03 348 1436 28 RICCARTON ROAD, (Hagley Park end)

From 7am Mon-Friday, From 9am Sat & Sun

Whether you are after your morning espresso at the breakfast bar, a lunch in our sun drenched verandah, a platter in the verdant courtyard, or a glass of wine or beer in our peaceful lounge bar. We’ll be here, ready to welcome you to experience hospitality as it should be

Look forward to seeing you

Richard Sinke

Metropol September 8, 2016 49

FOR WORK AND PLAY A change of scene can be just what is needed for a little workplace inspiration. Stellar Restaurant provides the ideal escape from the work environment, with its private function room designed for everything from early breakfast meetings, to full or part day workshops or an informal catch up over coffee.


he spacious function area seats 50, and comes fully equipped with AV equipment, a private sound system and whiteboard, with catering ranging from sandwiches and muffins, to a selection of three course set menus, and

50 September 8, 2016 Metropol

everything in between. The area works just as well for celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas parties and wedding receptions - complimentary function hire is included with all catered events. Clever design allows Stellar to

accommodate almost any dining experience. Walk up the stairs and you are in the bar and cocktail area. Discrete interior design creates a space for casual parties such as a girl’s night out or office shout, with easy access to the bar. Quiet corners look out across the city, for an intimate dinner or a baby shower with Stellar’s high tea special at only $27.50 for two. For larger functions, there is the option of seated dining for 80-100, or the entire space for 150 people. “You can choose from a formal seated menu, small plates to share, or canapés,” Jennifer says. She is happy to talk over what will work best for each event, working within your budget and specific dietary requirements, and can even set the party scene with decorations on request. Stellar has recently added to the ambience of the dining experience with live music. Head this way on Friday and Saturday nights to listen to chilled out country and jazz sounds – the perfect accompaniment to an after work drink or à la carte dining. Visit Stellar at 235 Riccarton Road, with easy access parking at the rear and elevator to the restaurant. Phone 345 6888 to make a booking, or visit for more information, and on Facebook.


The secret

ingredients When invited to explore the state-of-the-art technology that resides at the 2.5 year old Harrington’s Breweries’ site, you’re right to expect something special.


his ‘specialness’ is attributable to its people and of course, its iconic product. There is a decidedly unique recipe in this business’ mix – and we’re not just talking about the great beer brews, because they speak for themselves. We’re referring to Harrington’s recipe for success that seems to become more potent by the year. Harrington’s is a success story that has transcended three generations. There is a tangible and playful chemistry between founder John, wife Val, their son Carl and his wife Trudy - now at the helm, and Carl’s boys Mason and Quinn. Their dynamism is palpable and has given Harrington’s a name and a reputation that will stand the test of time. Together they have set in motion a transformative overhaul that has not only streamlined and centralised the production cycle and robust team of 20, but also revolutionised the way Harrington’s does business. “We have introduced a fully

automatic bottling line, which will give us a lot of confidence in pursuing export opportunities and in meeting local demand,” Carl confirms. “A full pallet of empty bottles will come in and leave as a full pallet of full bottles with the machinery able to recognise and abandon sub-par product like bottles not completely full.” The “Rolls-Royce” technology, which will officially come to life on 12 September, is from technological Italian powerhouses Gai, Ape and I.F.I.N.D through agent Viniquip. “This system, in tandem with outsourcing our logistics to Toll, moving out of retail, and a consolidation of the business means we can focus on what we do well - brewing and bottling great beer.” Celebrating 25 years in 2016, coinciding with the 75th birthday of John, Harrington’s is quintessentially Kiwi – from its number eight wire mentality to its patriotic commitment to city and industry. Watch this space.

Carl & Mason

A success story that has transcended three generations.

Celebrate 25 years of Harrington’s! We have taken our popular Rogue Hop NZ Pilsner and pumped it up by 25%. An abundance of extra hops really brings those gooseberry flavours to party in a 25% stronger beer. This is a special limited release, enjoy before the candles go out. 6 TENAHAUN PLACE, WIGRAM, CHRISTCHURCH

Metropol September 8, 2016 51



If your taste buds have been longing for an unforgettable Asian adventure then the destination you’re looking for is Maxine’s Palace.



elatively new to the hospitality scene – established in 2015 – Maxine’s Palace has already made its way into the hearts of Cantonese cuisine connoisseurs. Based in the buzzing locale of Addington, Lincoln Road, Maxine’s Palace is a ‘go to’ for those looking for an authentic experience in a relaxed atmosphere. From corporate client events to memorable wedding receptions and all of the social occasions in between, Maxine’s Palace is defined by flexibility. The dining room can seat up to 130 at one time including two private dining areas for up to 25 people. Private functions have the luxury of a specially designed menu or choosing

from an extensive selection of predesigned meals. Imagine all of the hallmarks of Chinese cuisine – Peking duck, pan fried dumplings, sweet and sour pork, beef with ginger and spring onions, black pepper lamb ribs hotplate, steamed garlic prawns and green beans with teriyaki pork – to name just a few. The generous offering has something for everyone! With Maxine Wang at the helm with her impressive experience in the food and beverage industry, guests benefit from the entire team’s positive ‘aim to please’ attitude. Experience Maxine’s Palace for yourself at 283 Lincoln Road.

Modern Thai, authentic flavors, cafe by day dining in the evening. locally roasted coffee beans

24 New Regent Street | Christchurch | Ph: 03-377 4627 | 10am til late - 7 days

52 September 8, 2016 Metropol

culinary A unique


A delicious secret has emerged amongst the tranquil setting of Ferrymead Golf Park.


ith its rural ambience, removed from city bustle but close to town, The Still Rock Restaurant and Bar opened in April with a new name, new concept and new owner Luke Piper at the helm. “We cater for everyone who likes great food - from steel caps to suit and ties,” he says. “Still Rock is best described as an upmarket contemporary pub with great food, coffee, wine, beer and cocktails - a balance of comfortable style, offering an a la carte menu with a twist.” The aim is to deliver quality food and wine with a constantly changing menu, flexibility, and some meals offered as either entrées or mains. Kathy Casey, a well-seasoned chef

who had a stint in Cambodia, relishes in creating from scratch. The word has already spread about her superb seafood chowder, jam-packed with ocean delicacies. A real winner is the seafood platter laden with king tiger prawns, scallops, mussels, clams and white fish poached in wine. The juicy burgers, pizzas and Wednesday night’s $15 steaks are also a winner. A fine finish is the mulled wine poached pears, laced with Crème Anglaise. Luke has extensive experience catering for functions so Still Rock is the ultimate venue for team building, work functions and celebrations from 21sts to 80ths. The ample outdoor areas and courtyard

The word has already spread about superb seafood chowder, jam-packed with ocean delicacies.

includes a spacious marquee with mini golf and other activities at your doorstep. Exciting future developments will ensure it won’t remain a secret for long! Visit Still Rock Restaurant and Bar at 68 Ferrymead Park Drive (inside the gates at Ferrymead Golf), Facebook or Phone 384 0522.

Metropol September 8, 2016 53

Mount Pleasant/Redcliffs

DINING AND TAKE AWAY AT CHILLI FLAKES INDIAN RESTAURANT... with real authentic full flavours. 10% New menu with plenty of Discount Off Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian Takeaways Food, Dairy Free, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Curries, & Dinning Conditions Gluten Free Naan available. apply

2 Soleares Ave Mount Pleasant Christchurch Phone: (03) 384 1309


SPECTATORS 7 DAY BAR & BISTRO A real crowd pleaser

Sharing a car park with AMI Stadium and Horncastle Arena, Spectators is where sports supporters warm up and cool down, and the place for pre and post show diners to get the complete performance. Spectators has free parking at the door and opens out onto the Lindauer Lawn – the perfect beer garden spot.

Opening Hours: Monday – 7.30am til 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday – 7.30am til late Saturday & Sunday – 11am til late 65 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington Raceway

Phone: (03) 339 7915 54 September 8, 2016 Metropol




Beef and lamb winning award, Lamb Rump served with gratin potato with red wine, rosemary and balsamic jus Figue Restaurant and Bar Breakfast available until 12 Noon Daily Mediterranean style dinner menu from award winning chef. 7 days 6.30am - Late


Ground floor – Fino Hotel

87 Kilmore St Christchurch enquiries:


Phone: 03 550 0501 or 0800 476691 Licensed



Amazing authentic Thai food will also turn you into into a Green Chilli Thai restaurant advocate. BIG OFFER WEDNESDAY SPECIAL! 3-course banquet deal! Only $22PP

Home Delivery, Takeaway available, BYO, Vegetarian Friendly

Green Chilli THAI RESTAURANT 1/59b Ferry Road Woolston, Christchurch Phone: 03 384 1145 or 03 381 2855 Metropol September 8, 2016 55


KUM PUN THAI RESTAURANT GLAMOUR Delivering an artful and seductive mix of glamour and an amazing authentic Thai menu Exotic food in Exotic surroundings

73 Victoria Street Christchurch Ph.365-5494 Phone: (03) 365 5494

56 September 8, 2016 Metropol





Lifes A Beach... Enjoy a casual dining experience, while watching the surfers, SuPs, seagulls and swimmers.

Open daily for Breakfast & Lunch

Open late for Friday night Tapas

147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner Ph. 03 326 7923 Fully Licensed

We asked & you voted! The Dish of the Month in The Grand Café this September is The Grilled Akaroa Salmon as voted by you on our Facebook page! For the month of September you can enjoy this delicious Akaroa Salmon encrusted in couscous & served with roast kumara, beetroot & orange salad with a herb aioli & crispy capers for only $20! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to vote for October’s Dish of the Month & you could win! R20 venue.

30 Victoria Street, Christchurch Phone: (03) 372 8892


Shirley / Rangiora

CAFE KUDOS Acclaimed Christchurch wide - delicious breakfasts and lunches from only $16 On site Cooks, chefs and bakers who love new flavours and adapting old fashioned favorites Cabinet food and catering. Grab a confidential table and delicious food and do business. Breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon teas. On and off premises catering - Fully Licensed, Wi Ii and great parking. FOOD HOMEMADE ON THE PREMISES Mon - Thur 7am-4pm Fri 7am-6:30pm Saturday 8:30 to 2:30pm � 235 Annex Road Middleton


Phone (03) 338 1801


A great place to soak up the sun over a long lunch or linger over dinner in our homely restaurant. Relaxed or casual with separate bar, restaurant and large outdoor area. Fully Licensed - A la Carte

Phone (03) 337 2227


75 Victoria St Rangiora

114 Marshland Rd Shirley

opposite liquorland (03) 310 6900

(03) 423 9932

b ri Ck

� W O

r k

BEACH CAFE Take your taste buds on a beachside stroll. Feel the sand between your toes and then just walk over the road to our beach café to taste our new summer menu, and supreme coffee. Boasting a great kids menu, play area and even your dog is welcome in the courtyard. Available for Private Functions.

Open Monday - Thursday 11am to 12am, Friday & Saturday 11am - 1am and Sunday 11am to 1 Opm


Authentic cuisine with a real taste of India. Lunch from $8.99 Monday to Saturday. Dishes like our red garlic chicken are a must try! We give a birthday meal free for parties over 4 people All Xmas bookings are available now.

Waimairi/North Beach


69 Centaurus Road Cashmere





Beach Café 16a Beach Road, Waimairi Beach Hours: Open 7 Days: 9am - 4pm

Phone: 03 382 8599


Metropol September 8, 2016 57

The urban eatery and bar off ers a relaxed lounge atmosphere to enjoy delicious fare. Mish Mash – a combination of global cuisines, cooking styles and cultures, using only the freshest, locally-sourced produce to create a range of delectable dishes.

L a

ocated in the heart of the city, the urban eatery and bar offers a relaxed lounge atmosphere to enjoy the delicious fare, along with an impressive selection of craft cocktails, fine wine, and boutique beer. The Mish Mash menu consists of small and large sharing plates, such as the croquettes with wasabi aioli, the lamb shoulder with slow cooked jus, melt-in-your-mouth braised pork, and the ever-popular honey bacon carrots. The extensive variety also includes a number of delicious vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairyfree options. Owner Raj Arora, who has a

delicious concoction

Eat in genuine Italian family style with genuine Italian food made by our genuine Italian owner Try the exciting new additions to our menu including Schiacciata (skiah-CHA-tah) – a delicious Italian pizza alternative. (A hand stretched Tuscan flatbread loaded with


being the most delicious café in the World…

toppings & packed with taste)

You can dine either from our a-la-carte menu or the Italian Family way with shared Platters and Serves down the middle of the table

strong background in the industry, opened the business in October 2015. He says the sharing plates offer a unique dining experience, along with the music. “We play ‘old school’ hip hop and RnB from the 80s and 90s era, with a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. This music tends to attract a more mature crowd, which is what we are aiming for – they really enjoy it.” Mish Mash seats about 80 people for dinner and can cater for up to 150 for a range of functions and events. Located on the corner of Manchester and St Asaph Streets, phone 968 4607, or visit

Thai Cuisine now available every evening 5pm-9pm Dine-In or Takeaway

Whether you are visiting our café for breakfast, lunch or a snack from our food cabinet, you will be impressed. We also have a fantastic kids menu including Eggs Benedict Private functions for 20-30 people and outside catering available

Now BYO 5

(Wine Only)

53 Caulfield Avenue, Longhurst, Halswell Ph. 03 261 9043 58 September 8, 2016 Metropol

High flying celebrations Flash back 25 years and you would have seen neatly uniformed Air Force officers walking in the door.


wo years of careful renovation and refurbishment has transformed the former RNZAF Officers Mess into the new look Wigram Base. The art deco flavour remains, touches of the past in the original joinery and feature fireplaces and ceilings, and in the relaxed feel of the Harvard Bar & Café. The Harvard Bar & Café is open daily from lunch through to dinner and after work drinks, serving up classic Kiwi gastropub fare with a focus on local and seasonal produce. The new outdoor area has a louvre tech ceiling and open fire to keep it cosy in the winter, and adds to the outdoor seated area when opened up to the sunshine.

Dance the night away on the original parquet floor of the ballroom, hold a private dinner in the Billiard Room, a fully catered work conference in the Anteroom, or an outdoor wedding in the garden and St Marks Chapel. Wigram Base offers versatility and style within its spaces, with a full range of catering including shared plates, canapés, three course dinner or buffet. Visit to view the range of packages and menu options for weddings, events and conferences. Phone 341 5910, or visit at 14 Henry Wigram Drive. Check out Facebook for upcoming events such as the Whisky Tasting and Oktoberfest.



Metropol September 8, 2016 59

HOME OF QUITE, PROBABLY CHRISTCHURCH S BEST EGGS BENEDICT (LONELY PLANET) Dose Cafe is a friendly, vibrant breakfast, brunch & lunch cafe

TUAM ST chuch hospital Close to Christ BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND COFFEE 77 TUAM STREET PH 03 943 2112 OPEN MON - FRI 7.30AM-4PM SAT 8.30AM-3PM

A GENEROUS DOSE OF DELICIOUS FARE Dose’s food, coffee, style, space and service have produced two great cafés with the x-factor.


lenheim Road’s Dose Diner was opened three years ago by Andy Shiau and Winnie He to complement their established Dose Café in Tuam Street. Decked out with relaxing modern industrialstyle flare, Dose Diner’s walls are embellished by graffiti artist Jacob Yikes – reflecting the city’s emerging eclectic scene. Spacious rustic tables can be joined together for large Christmas and birthday functions. Downtown’s Dose Café offers a more intimate atmosphere and upstairs seating. Andy says, “There are two things I love about coming to work. First, it’s the aroma of baking bread, and then, the smell of coffee.” With everything made in-house, the homemade bread is a star. Oven-warm Brioche infused with spinach, bacon and walnuts is mouthwatering as are the ciabatta, croissants and mini fruit loaves. The popular caffeine hit on offer hales from Lyttelton Coffee Co beans. Even the largest takeaway cup provides a satisfyingly strong dose. All-day breakfasts include French toast brioche with raspberry and mascarpone, streaky bacon, vanilla-bean custard, maple syrup and berry compote, or The Big Dose breakfast with house-made hash browns. Lunch tempts with fresh cabinet fare or menu specialties like the Japanese chicken burger.



Menu Online • Delivered or Click & Collect • FitCafé

RICCARTON 85 Riccarton Road 03-3416608 RICCARTON@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ FERRYMEAD 2 Waterman Place Ferrymead P. 348 5644 FERRYMEAD@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ

WWW.TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ 60 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Gourmet health food for busy people, delivered to your door. Designed by Nutritionists, prepared & cooked by our health food specialist Chefs, using local, free range, organic, wholefoods. Simply reheat & eat!

Fitfood Eat Fit. Live Well.


Andy says it’s important to remain humble and focus on looking after and giving back to his customers. Ongoing training and weekly staff meetings find opportunities to create an even better experience – if that’s possible at these delicious diners. Dose Diner can be discovered at 295 Blenheim Road (5 minutes from Westfield Mall) and is open seven days. Phone 343 1999. Dose Café is at 77 Tuam Street and is open Monday to Saturday. Phone 943 2112. Follow Dose on Instagram and Facebook or visit


NEW GEM ON THE BLOCK With swanky industrial chic designs and lighting and a welcoming emerald-green door, Three Cows on Victoria Street is the new kid on the block and set to impress.


he retro outdoor area’s gas fire glows from the street. Retractable louvre roofs lead indoors to soft leather booth seating, adjustable bar stools and a genuine cow hide-lined bar. The balance of classic and modern creates contemporary class. Like the décor, the food is western with a slight twist. Don’t expect your average burgers and chips - each meal is stylishly presented and tastes as good as it looks! Decadent creations have an even better price tag. Brunch specials start from $10, like the 3Cows Benny (eggs Benedict but better!) with homemade bread and a choice of salmon or bacon. Try the popular seafood chowder - hot, creamy and chock full of goodies. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options, affordable homemade cabinet food, and the team makes a mean coffee with Vivace roasted beans. By 5pm the Three Cows transforms into an intimate dining space with dimmed lights and soft background music. Dinners are even more exciting, like salmon fillet drenched with creamy tarragon and vermouth sauce crowned with grilled scallops with a watercress apple salad, or succulent twice-roasted pork belly marinated in herbs and 5 spice – a mouth-filling flavour explosion. With prompt, friendly service, a large wine selection, spirits, and cocktails it’s a must to visit - a sure local favourite. Three Cows Café, Bar and Restaurant, 71 Victoria Street (opposite the Casino) caters for everyone as well as hosting private functions. Open Monday 10am until 4pm and Tuesday to Sunday 10am until late. Phone 377 8944 or visit

Connoisseurs of Vivace coffee and delicious food Love Coco!

Cafe Restaurant Bar

Nick Lange - Proprietor New kid on the block, just opposite the casino. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner. Come in and dine with us. Full menu available on

we’ll see you FoR dinneR

ten27 coFFee

Ph: 03 595 2428



1027 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

400 Barbadoes St, Montreux Building

Ph.020 4106 8403


Tue-Sun 10am-10pm Mon 10am-4pm 71 Victoria Street, Christchurch Phone: 03 377 8944

Metropol September 8, 2016 61

Christchurch’s greatest little Irish Pub Open 7 Days until 3am

Karaoke, Dancing Quiz night PADDY’S DAY SUNDAY We have the best live local music acts for three nights, every weekend. Irish rebel and rock bands and the odd blues gig Great pub food such as...

Craicing Steak Special


Metropol’s sharing the musical vibes – they’re yours for the taking. Christchurch’s boldest and brightest, right here, every month.

8 September

The Craig Irish Bar – Andy Page, PM The Fitz Bar & Eatery – Open Mic Night, 8pm

9 September

The Craic Irish Bar - Shameless Few, PM Dux Central - Wilton, 5pm Dux Central - Big Rig, 9.30pm Trevinos - Carpe Diem, PM

10 September

Dux Central - H and Burke, 2pm Dux Central - Emerson, 9.30pm Becks Southern Alehouse – Level 6, 9pm

11 September 84B Riccarton Rd 03 343 4657

• Over 200 Comp Grab your • Everything from girlfriends, fashion, busine Mist a mum or 24th & 25th SEPTEMBER•• Moisture Style Mystic Ha daughters ARENA and HORNCASTLE • Acacia Beauty B come have a • Goodie Bags CHRISTCHURCH • Taste Zone great day out!

10AM - 5PM DOOR SALES $10• Craft Zone CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE • Springfree NZ J

You deserve a girl’s d

Grab your girlfriends, mum or daughters and come have a great day out!

Dux Central - Sunday Jazz Sessions, 2pm Blue Smoke – Lindon Puffin, 4pm

Over 200 companies involved Goodie Bags

15 September | 06 354 0498

The Craic Irish Bar - Eddie Simon, PM

16 September

The Craic Irish Bar - Fat Stallion, PM Dux Central - Emerson, 5pm Trevinos – Flat City Brotherhood, PM

17 September

The Craic Irish Bar - Unhinged, PM Dux Central - First Birthday Mini Beer Fest and Jägermeister party, 1pm

22 September

The Craic Irish Bar – Andy Page, PM

23 September

The Craic Irish Bar – Shameless Few, PM Trevinos – Loud Shirt with SouthField, PM The Twisted Hop – Stomping Nick Jackman, 7.30pm

24 September

The Craic Irish Bar – Cracktones, PM Dux Central – Kitchen Collective, 2pm

25 September

Dux Central – Sunday Jazz Sessions, 2pm Blue Smoke – Brendan Gregg, 4pm

29 September

The Craic Irish Bar – Eddie Simon, PM

30 September

Dux Central – Emerson, 5pm Trevinos – Redcliffs Duo, PM

7 October

Trevinos – X Files, PM The Twisted Hop – King Tubbs, 7.30pm

62 September 8, 2016 Metropol

10AM – 5PMDOOR SALES $10CHILDR 06 354 0498


In k tchen Piccolo Ristorante Italiano

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious Scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie!! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too

MRS DENTON’S Fine. Food. Fast Takeaway Cafe, Delicatessen

168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Sat 8.30am-3pm Ph. (03) 357 4516 027 469 0206

8 Somerfield street Christchurch ph 3379424 Reservations required.

Italian Food We Are

Jen’s new Goan Masala Spice Blend – sprinkle on roasts, fish or vegetables, spice up soups or sauces. Her pickles and chutneys are fantastic on cheese and with antipasto.

Jen’s Cozinha

ph 021 350 277 email For stockists visit

THE SHILLING CLUB Ataahua Wine A family business with menus tailored to each individual client, G&T Catering and Events can look after your next function.

G&T Catering and Events P. 022 425 8628

Let’s create with Santa Rosa’s new sliced and shredded roast chicken. Discover just how easy good food can be with this deliciously versatile product. It’s today’s way to enjoy chicken.Available in the freezer at your local supermarket.

“The perfect wine for the first hint of spring is Ataahua Pinot Rosé! Serve chilled with a smoked salmon salad. Available from Pukeko Junction Regional Winestore or online or ph 021 222 2354

Fair trade coffee, seasonal menu & hospitable staff for your lunch time dining and functions. Nestled in the heart of the University of Canterbury, open to students, staff and the public. University Drive, Ilam Ph: 03 364 3303

A Bakery treasure trove at the bottom of the hill

Box Cafe

An easy location for you to pop in and stock up on our bakery products. Delicious hand made cakes, Danish pastries, pies, sausage rolls and Underground Coffee. Catering also available. Una Bakery 73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph: 337 8214.

What’s inside “The Box”? The lid’s off! Come and see what’s inside. Great space, great coffee, great food and exceptional service 1/10 Acheron Drive Ph. 348 6829

Metropol September 8, 2016 63


In k tchen

BUNRUNNERS Brimming with beautiful, fresh healthy food, made onsite. Fully organic coffees, made with local organic milk and coffee beans grown in Peru. 17 varieties of pies, 3 gorgeous salads, Including a Vegetarian selection We only use free range eggs 87c Fitzgerald Avenue Ph. 374 2260

Fresh to Wigram – fresh baked – fresh served for either take away or dine in. Atomic Coffee Home made Pies Excellent Service

Coffee Cube

We tick all the right boxes 5 Avenger Crescent, Wigram Ph 021 028 48466 text orders welcome!

Where eating healthy is a pleasure Our Sushi is fresh every day and is only the finest in Japanese fare!

Sushi Lane

290a Main North Rd, Redwood Ph. 354 4699

Straight 8 Estate Try our local cellar door for all your wines to be sharing – enjoying – sipping. Start Spring off with our classic Cabernet Franc Rose crafted from our oldest vines planted in the early 1980’s. Call in for complimentary tastings Venue for Hire Little Sister is the perfect place for your next social event. From parties through to fully catered dinners we would love to tailor something very special to suit your needs.

Little Sister Cafe

OPEN 7 DAYS 2321 Main South Road Burnham Ph 03 347 6878 or 0274361005 Cheers James and Mary

Open 7 Days, 670 Main South Road, Templeton Ph. (03) 349 7337

Spoil yourself with our own special blend “New City” Coffee, house roasted to ensure a fresh, delicious cup. Delicious English and European Cuisine with healthy options for Brunch, Lunch, Breakfast, Afternoon Tea. Open Mon-Fri 7.00am-5.00pm Sat- Sun & public holidays 8am-5pm

Cafe Metro

Cranford Street Merivale Ph. 356 1835


“Catering to Order” Quality meat you can trust. Looking for a tasty treat? Try our Pure South aged beef ribeye & sirloin fillet rump. Come in, discover our printable recipes.

Elite Meats

Bush inn centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimari Rd P. 348 5043 Open 7 Days

64 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Cognac Ferrand has close relationships with the best distilleries in the Caribbean, selling them casks that had once contained it's cognac. Ask for Plantation Rum at your local liquor outlet. Ph 0800 893 457

Work shouts, parties, picnics or just because! Club sandwiches, savouries, filled rolls, slices, cream cakes, birthday cakes & much more

HALSWELL BAKERY & CAFÉ 346 Halswell Rd Open 7 days Ph. 322-4600


In k tchen

Main Divide Meats Delicious South Island sourced Wild Venison used by NZ's top chefs and now available for you to experience this quality in the comfort of your own home with the ease of home delivery. Wholesale available. To order, phone (03) 348 2573 or email: Transform your dishes into gourmet masterpieces. Divine flavoured sea salt for enthusiastic foodies.

Spoil someone special today with one of our treats, like this wickedly decedent Whittaker’s

Natural NZ organic Marlborough Flaky Seasalt base flavoured with fresh, local, organic ingredients. Distinct flavours such as Orange Fennel, Red Wine, Lavender and many more. Hand made with care and passion. Come along and “meet Michelle - the salt lady”. Fridays at Ohoka Farmers Market and Saturdays at Christchurch Farmers Market Riccarton House. SAVEUR DE SEL - FLAVOURED SEA SALT

SPRING IN THE GARDENS Tapas Selection Specials Lunch $25 Dinner $35 September only Minimum 2pp - Available 7 days (not in conjunction with discount cards)

Curators House Restaurant

Botanic Gardens. 7 Rolleston Ave Ph. (03) 379 2252

Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries, made fresh to order from quality NZ ingredients. Check out our menu online or tell us what your favourite flavour is

Celebrate spring with macarons. Gluten free, our macarons make the perfect gift or sweet treat.

J’aime les macarons

The Colombo, 363 Colombo Street, Christchurch Ph.(03) 366 9108


4 different flavours - $20 each. Find us at Riccarton Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

Cashmere Cuisine

Ph.(03) 03 3326071 - 18 Colombo Street

and we’ll create a masterpiece just for you! Call today – your taste buds will thank you for it!

Sweet Revenge

Ph:03 3528815

Wigram Brewing Company

“Tapping into Christchurch” Wigram produces multi-award winning beers for beer lovers. Look for us at your local bottle store, bar or supermarket. Brewery & Sales 34 Sonter Road Wigram Christchurch 03 343-4493 email:

Metropol September 8, 2016 65



LOVE Edited excerpt by Majka Kaiser

the opportunities rather than the problems. So instead of lamenting the fact that you can’t warm yourself by your defunct fireplace, why not fill it with flowers and candles and congratulate yourself on your creativity and resourcefulness? There’s nothing wrong with striving for more, but it’s also important to make the most of what you’ve got. In this disposable age, where the lifespan of furniture is getting shorter

There’s nothing wrong with striving for more, but it’s also important to make the most of what you’ve got.

This edited excerpt from Life Unstyled by Emily Henson and photography by Debi Treloar is published by Ryland Peters & Small and distributed by Bookreps NZ Ltd.

‘Work with what you’ve got’, ‘embrace imperfection’, ‘break the rules’, and ‘creativity before consumption’ are all meaningful mantras when creating a home filled with life and love.


oving your home, with all its lumps, bumps and unfinished jobs, is celebrated in a new book by interior stylist and blogger, Emily Henson. Illustrating the myriad of interesting ways homeowners favour creativity over perfection, Life Unstyled is packed with visual gems and helpful hints that will give you the permission

66 September 8, 2016 Metropol

you need to feel good about the way we really live, not how we wish to be perceived by the rest of the world. While many of us have a long list of reasons why our home isn’t perfect, there are plenty of creative solutions to overcome various challenges. Often it just comes down to attitude - we need to train ourselves to see

and shorter, anything we can save from the landfill is a bonus. Whether it’s for the sake of our planet, or for the pleasure of making something new from something old, being creative before you consume is a worthy pursuit. “Creativity before consumption is about reinvention and customization.” With some imagination you can find ways to revive tired, unloved pieces and put your own stamp on your home. Break the rules and challenge the way that things are done and ask yourself if you can come up with something better. Create a home that’s right for you regardless of what tradition dictates. Defy convention and make your home stand out from the rest. It takes guts to dismiss the traditional ways of doing things, but if you can’t please yourself in your own home, where can you?

exotic crafts For an exotic collection of unique, handcrafted homeware and giftware, the beautiful art and crafts at Jacaranda Imports are sourced directly from Africa.


ombining a love for art, travelling, and 50 years of experience in the textile and furniture industries, Tom Dunlop runs Jacaranda with his wife, Truc Ha Dunlop. “We specialise in authentic, handcrafted African products as we wanted to provide people with a wider selection to choose from and something a bit different to the current market,” she says. Tom is also a member of a conservation charity, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and has even adopted a baby elephant. “We are passionate about protecting the African wildlife and habitat, as well as supporting the local tribespeople. A lot of our handcrafted items are created by the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Northern Tanzania.” Along with bronze and wooden hand carvings,

Jacaranda also has hand-woven raffia handbags and hats made from sisal, African drums, stone solitaire sets, garden sculptures, plus a wide selection of paintings and original oils by world-renowned artists, Heidi Lange and Joseph Muchina Mwangi. “We collaborate directly with African artisans, whom we have close working relationships with, to bring this unique range to Christchurch and southern New Zealand,” Tom says. “I do really enjoy the artistic involvement of this business and also the chance to support the conservation efforts in Africa.” Truc Ha, a successful and GIA qualified jewellery designer, also sells her popular African-inspired sterling silver and gemstone range at the showroom. Jacaranda Imports Ltd is located at 15 Byron Street, Sydenham. Phone 379 5421.

We collaborate directly with African artisans, whom we have close working relationships with, to bring this unique range to Christchurch and southern New Zealand.” Owner Tom Dunlop

A little bit of Africa... Showcasing stunning artwork & sculptures by African artists. Joseph Mwangi is an internationally acclaimed artist specialising in oil based African wild life scenes. We have just received 40 oil paintings completed over the past 8 years.

Showroom open: 15 Byron street, Sydenham Mon-Fri:11am- 4:30pm P. 03 379 5421

Metropol September 8, 2016 67

Listone Giordano Civita 1695


Wooden Floors contact Metro Floor today

Call 379 9109

Bronze Winner, Renovation $250,000 - $500,000 Canterbury

03 965 32 02


For cost effective, durable solutions...

...and see the difference! AFTER


Enquire now about our Decorative Concrete Overlays

Interior Exterior Vertical 68 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Visit our South Island Display Centre 9 Innes Rd, Merivale. Ph.(03) 595 2079

Christchurch 148 Victoria St, Christchurch 8013 | T +64 3 929 0013 Auckland 547a Parnell Road, Parnell 1052 | T +64 9 358 3771 Arrowtown 18 Buckingham St, Arrowtown 9302 | T +64 3 442 0128 Email |

A JOB WELL DONE “Anybody can build a house but it is the little things along the way that people remember,” says Unity Construction founder Richard Keown.


t is the tidy work site with off-cuts of rimu stacked in a client’s wood pile, the quality of the finish, and the professional approach and manner from every member of the Unity team that clients remark on. Unity Construction brings these small but crucial elements to every job it completes. Richard is involved with each client from the outset - to source land on request, work through the design and build process with them, or construct their home from pre-existing plans, as well as personally visiting work sites a couple of times each week. A Project Manager is assigned to each build, with clear lines of communication maintained through the use of BuilderTREND. The software programme provides complete transparency on the building process, including all financial aspects and any variations that may arise. “Our clients can login any time via our website and check on the progress of the build, the budget to date and view site photographs,” Richard says. “We know building can seem daunting, so we work hard to make it all as simple and clear as possible throughout the entire process.” A recently completed new build in Pegasus saw Unity Construction working with a client to make best use of a section he had purchased some time ago. An architect and landscaper were engaged on the client’s behalf, with the four bedroom

two bathroom family home a great example of the business highly detailed builds. This year has also seen Unity Construction enter the Canterbury Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition for the very first time, receiving a Bronze Award for the renovation of a weatherboard bungalow in St Martins. The renovations were complex – the house was re-piled, and extensive building work completed while maintaining

We know building can seem daunting, so we work hard to make it all as simple and clear as possible throughout the entire process.” original features such as wooden joinery and a sun seat in the living spaces. The award recognised the team’s commitment to building excellence – for renovated homes 65% of points were allocated for workmanship and 35% for the retention of character integration and future proofing. Only homes that reached the minimum grade of 1500 out of the 2000 allocated marks received a Bronze award. With the St Martins renovation long completed, you would not expect to see a Unity Construction vehicle on the street. Take a drive and you will see this is not the case. The quality of their work combined with the ease of the process means that they are working on a further two properties on the same street. It is this word-of-mouth referral which gives the

best indication of a job well done. For more information give Unity Construction a call on 03 965 3202. Visit or on Facebook.

Richard Keown and Andy O’Kane of Unity Construction reviewing plans on a new home build.

Unity Construction won bronze at the 2016 Registered Master Builders Awards in the renovation of $250,000 -$500,000 section.

Metropol September 8, 2016 69

I’M A T By Kate Pierson


Teapots – yes, they’re synonymous with Alice in Wonderland, nursery rhymes and ladies of leisure. What’s not to love?


n the spirit of our social calendars starting to look healthier and more than one impending occasion calling for some delicious new culinary ware, we’ve put together a collection of some of the most stylish arrivals on the teapot scene. Enjoy your next cup with a generous side of sophistication.



Norm Kettle Teapot: Eastern Zen philosophy meets Scandinavian design in the Kettle Teapot. Guaranteeing a perfectly brewed cup every time, this teapot will instantly become part of your daily tea drinking ritual. The tea egg is placed in the centre of the pot while the tea is steeping. When the brewing has finished, raise the egg by pulling its silicone string.

70 September 8, 2016 Metropol


TEAPOT Norm Thermo Cups: The Thermo Cup was customdesigned for the Danish restaurant Hรถst, located in central Copenhagen. There it is used for serving steaming soups, frozen desserts, delicious infusions and the richest of hot cocoa. An insulating double wall keeps all beverages piping hot. At the same time, you avoid burning your fingers when holding the cup!

Norm Kettle Teapot & Norm Thermo Cups. From

Metropol September 8, 2016 71

The business’ modus operandi is to help its clients make their architectural dream a reality.

A PERSONAL TOUCH It would be a fair observation to make that in any business it’s rare for clients to experience the added benefit of the owner’s strategic vision, passion and expertise. This is what makes Newline Builders so special, differentiating it from its competitors.


ommitted to the mantra ‘We build quality, not quantity’, the business’ modus operandi is to help its clients make their architectural dream a reality. Owner and operator Matt Graham takes pride in being a hands-on manager, leading a small but dedicated team on projects

defined by innovation and lateral thinking. “Having a small, tight knit team that can be trusted is important to me,” Matt confirms. “We pride ourselves on being exceptionally organised and offer short lead-in times for commencing a build project.”

Offering the full package from the design stage through to the final landscaping, Matt says building was always in his DNA. “I remember being a young fella and watching my Grandad building a sleep out. I sat back and observed the entire process and my passion developed from there.” Having recently completed another successful build exemplifying the talents of the team, Newline Builders’ portfolio continues to grow. “This was a very interesting project where we were creating living quarters at both ends of the house. This meant building two kitchens, two living areas and ensuites. This was a five month build, which is commensurate with the length of our other projects.” For further information about what Newline Builders can offer, visit or phone 027 545 6991.

Just Arrived The latest luxury linen ware by

Ph. 3661 656 Crn Colombo St & Bealey Ave

Ph 027 545 6991

We can start your new home of tomorrow – today. 72 September 8, 2016 Metropol

A new lease on life It takes incredible skill and experience to give a weathered and worn home a new lease on life. The aptly named, Innovate Renovate, is in the business of doing just this.


ne of its most recent wins involved challenges of epic proportions. Working on a Brookside Terrace located property, project manager Adrian Bradley and the wider team had a 4/5 bedroom home desperately in need of a makeover to modernise and safe proof its features.

“The interesting twist to this project was that the clients were based in Invercargill the whole time,” Adrian explains. “Almost all of the property was dated as it was built in the mid-eighties. Although it had only sustained minor earthquake damage, lots of areas needed sorting out.” With hallmarks of the eighties

throughout the house - think buttery yellow walls that had started to grow mold due to the absence of extraction systems, old fashioned vanities, toilets and showers that had become severely dilapidated, heat damaged and stressed walls, dated and damaged flooring and antiquated carpets and curtains – the property was lacking in any contemporary soul. “On top of all the interior work, the exterior was very dirty and the gardens completely overgrown. We had to use a pre-paint cleaner and water pressure on the exterior which made the façade look brand new. “The client needed the most economic upgrade possible including the kitchen. When it came to the kitchen we worked with Adrian from Dream Doors on an appliance package so everything matched. “We replaced all the curtains and carpets, installed new crystal lighting, and used one fresh paint colour throughout the house. We modernised the existing fireplace, and installed beautiful new toilets and baths, contemporary fittings and vanity units.” In addition, the air conditioning unit got a service, the veranda was secured, new concrete poured under the carport, and the gardens tamed. In short, the team at Innovate Renovate worked a miracle! To find out more information about the business’ varied skills, visit

Metropol September 8, 2016 73


Dark and light - classic white paired with darker tones brings a contemporary contrast to bathroom spaces.


f you are looking to smarten up your existing bathroom, or finding the right pieces for a new build, Edward Gibbon on Cranford Street has the latest in bathroom styles and features. For the month of September, it is offering great Spring prices, with 20-30% savings on selected Englefield products. Englefield is a well-known name when it comes to bathrooms, producing quality products for more than 30 years. The brand’s studio glide showers are great for smaller bathrooms and ensuites, with options of square, round and alcove designs. Valencia vanities come as single drawer wall hung, or double drawers in both wall hung and freestanding in shades of scorched oak, salty elm and classic white. For baths, choose from drop-in or freestanding, with freestanding baths

an excellent and cost effective option for larger bathroom spaces. New for Englefield is its electronic bidet seat – this can be retro-fitted to a variety of toilets. The toilet has two seating options, one with a heated seat and air drying function. Both are sensor activated and are controlled by an easy to use, built in control panel. Talk to the experienced team at Edward Gibbon for advice on what will work best for your home, at 293 Cranford Street, St Albans open six days a week. Retail opens from 8am to 5pm, and trade from 7.30am, Monday to Friday, with both open on Saturday 8am to 4pm. Head office, housing group and trade operate from 75 Kingsley Street premises in Sydenham.

Talk to the experienced team for advice on what will work best for your home.


Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909 P. 371 7500


Considering Renovating?

74 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Book your appointment today.

K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9

UP or a challenge

A new build on the hills, complex repairs and renovations to ‘as is, where is’ homes, relocating a house from one side of the city to the other, internal fit outs, and commercial repairs – don’t ever let it be said that the building industry is without variety.


ames Brownie and the team at Brownie Homes thrive on the challenge that each build represents, with a focus on renovations and repairs to hillside properties and architectural new builds. They are currently working on a new build in Huntsbury Hill, designed by Henry French from Greenstone Architectural Design Company. The 200 square metre two storey home has a number of distinctive features, including exterior cladding formed from three separate layers of vertical iron, horizontal slats and finally vertical macrocarpa. Full height windows overlook the city and sea, with mechanical ventilation via a

commercial heating and cooling unit in the roof space, thermally broken windows and underfloor heating, adding to the detailed interior. The team’s earthquake repair work has seen them working on a wide variety of ‘as is, where is’ properties, again predominantly on hillside locations. The team has the experience needed to work through any issues which may arise in such situations, completing repairs alongside renovations and additions, in collaboration with both engineers and architects. For more information contact James on 0508 BROWNIE or Visit and on Facebook.

James and the team thrive on the challenge that each build represents

• New Builds · Renovations · Earthquake Repairs · Landscaping · Commercial Buildings Experienced builders combined with advanced up to date training and knowledge means Brownie Homes can deliver all your building needs. Brownie Homes is serious about delivering QUALITY homes & services at COMPETITIVE prices.

Get serious, get building with Brownie Homes.

Phone 0508 276 964



OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Sat & Sun 10:00am-4:00pm

View our range at or call us on (03) 384 3965 corcovadostore

@corcovadostore Metropol September 8, 2016 75

Activating the edges Cymon Allfrey

Be it through restoration of the old, repurposing of the existing, or the building of new, the development around Victoria Square is breathing new life into this much loved space. Architect Cymon Allfrey explains.


s you all know, I am a passionate advocator for the Town Hall restoration. Viewing photos of the work being completed inspired my thinking about that area of Christchurch and the extensive development being undertaken, and about to start. The grid layout of our inner city streets is an important aspect of our history and one that we need to retain and embrace. As a combined area, it is the largest open space we have in the city and it is potted with pockets of spaces that boast longterm heritage value. Spaces that we need to protect and enhance, such as Victoria Square.

The concept of gathering dates back beyond colonization and if we put aside the absence of cultural sensitivity of our forebears in the colonizing of our cityscape, it is possible to see and understand the cultural importance of places built on this ideal. Conceived as a market place, Victoria Square pays homage to this while still remaining an active space today. There are very few locations that have continued to be occupied in the same way for quite as long. It is a place where people meet, interact and can occupy. Architecturally, Victoria Square and the surrounds can be viewed as a cornerstone

Metro Decorating Ltd

Trade qualified Family Owned

Experienced Trustworthy Architectural Heritage Small /Medium Commercial

First Impressions Matter Ph. 03 3551 554 I 021 784 095 I 021 446 636

76 September 8, 2016 Metropol

of our built environment. It has, I believe, the best examples of late modernist architecture in one cluster, while paying respect to our architectural history with the Magistrate Court: the oldest purpose built court building in Christchurch. While the Court has been added to and extended, it forms a cluster of buildings that offer insight into our architectural journey. And now we are seeing a new stage added to this, with the edges of Victoria Square responding to a post-quake Christchurch.

With the cluster of buildings surrounding the Square - each aligned with enjoyment and gathering this is a space to watch! Having purchased the Durham Street law courts, Science Alive! is set to adapt, re-purpose and re-strengthen the Court buildings, bringing a new energy to the area. Looking to preserve and protect the buildings on site, while repurposing them for long-term use, this development will see a sympathetic use of buildings set to enhance Victoria Square’s historical value of gathering. Further around the edge of the Square is the Convention Centre site, the future of which finally has some light at the end

of the tunnel. While this will be a more commercially sensible structure than earlier proposals, it will activate and enliven the south edge. Then there is The Piano. Located on Armagh Street, the performing arts venue and subsequent arts precinct, is evolving between buildings, closing the gaps of empty land as this area becomes more active. Running through the heart of Victoria Square, and our city, is the Avon River. Weaving its way through the city it has

Protecting your investment from mother nature

long held cultural significance. Drawing on its importance in this part of the city, Ōtākaro has made the move to create a premium public space. Located on the site of the historic Oxford on Avon public house, the Oxford on Avon Pavilion is designed to draw visitors in as they interact and pass through the Square. Having announced a pitch to occupy, it won’t be long until this corner is also alive once again. My only concern is that we didn’t embrace the opportunity to redevelop the Square itself. While work has been undertaken to restore the surfaces and built structures from the 1989 remodel, we had an opportunity to create; to draw on the grid of central city and the diagonals which interrupt it. While we have embraced the opportunity to activate the edges, I believe we have ignored its position as a gateway to the city. And its location within the grid. Yet regardless of this, Victoria Square will continue its journey as both a historical and cultural anchor of Christchurch. While it will take time, it is set to be turned from an open space of wasteland, into an active area enhanced by the buildings around it. With the cluster of buildings surrounding the Square - each aligned with enjoyment and gathering this is a space to watch!

& other less natural events.

Rockcote exterior facade systems combine the latest cavity technology to protect your structure from the extremes of the New Zealand climate, alongside our impact and crack resistant finishing systems that deal with other day to day knocks that your project may encounter and we have you covered. Call us to discuss your next project 0800 50 70 40 Metropol September 8, 2016 77

Practical Pleasures Finding cute and cuddly or classic and practical gifts is a pleasure at Baby Belle.




20-60% Off Storewide at Tile Max 280A Annex Road, Middleton, Christchurch Ph: 03 343 3893 E:

New arrival, Jill Main mitts,

New scarves arrival,and Jilljewellery. Main mitts, Available @ and Simplyjewellery. NZ Store. scarves Available @ Simply NZ Store.


wner of the gift shop for babies, toddlers and new mums, Deanne Dowding, loves well-designed natural products. There is organic baby skin-care, cotton and merino outfits and many things New Zealand made. Such quality items include the Merino Kids Go Go Bags, designed to help your baby sleep better, longer and safer. Merino fibre actively regulates temperature, protecting your baby from extremes because it keeps them warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot! Baby Belle now has limited edition ‘Sheep’ Go Go Bags - little ones can stay snuggled while being carried from cot to car seat. Choose from adorable outfits, booties, rugs, enchanting soft toys, keepsakes, nightlights, wooden toys, wall-art and name banners. Friendly staff help you decide from the endless surprising options that you may not find elsewhere. Baby Belle’s easy off-street parking is at the Cracroft shops, 150 Cashmere Road. Alternatively, choose gifts online, which can be delivered directly. Phone 338 3334 or visit or Facebook.

Celebrate that special occasion together with friends and family at Go Potty Ceramic Studio.

Summer sandals now available at token.

Lamington socks – NZ made merino knee high socks perfect for cold toes, available at BabyBelle.

Discover a store full of treasures at Twine.

Arriving in store for Summer

Gorgeous Albetta onesies in store now!

150 Cashmere Rd • P. 338 3334


Avonhead Mall Cnr Withells & Merrin St Ph. 03 358 3663









78 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Design 5 Upholstery for all upholstering needs.

Citta Design

Pale Pastels

By Majka Kaiser Punky B Wooden Jewellery available at Burwood Pharmacy.

Wide range of Lemax Christmas Houses Available at The Christmas Hut.

With signs of Spring already emerging there is a brand new colour palette to mirror the new season’s shades. Think barely-there blush hues of cherry blossom, buttery yellows of daffodils and velvety peachy tones.

I Italian divano letto (occasional bed) & hand made spring mattress with imported European fabric and springs. Available from Kuriosa.

Recycled Hand Painted Timber furniture available at Impulse Imports.


nject this season’s zest for pastel hues with home accessories that won’t break the bank like Citta Design’s range of throws, cushions, bed linen and pendant lamps from its 1950s Palm Beach inspired summer collection. Introduce pops of colour with buttercup yellow lampshades, dress up the sofa with lemon and blush velvet cushions, and snuggle up with a dusky pink quilted throw. Break up the colour by throwing in some pattern with bold screen printed geometrics. For cool cushions, throws and towels, look to the wares of Australian textile sister-in-law duo, Kate & Kate (available from that will add a new lease of life to every corner of your home.


500 Colombo Street - Ph: 365 1664

For exquisite homeware & jewellery...

11 Parnwell Street, Christchurch Ph 03 383 4814

Recover and make your furniture NEW again! Designed and Made in NZ

Commercial Upholstery  Reupholstery  Domestic Upholstery Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 | C. 027 494 6706

For Unique European Antiques & Home Decor

430 Springs Rd Prebbleton P. 020 4105 1179 Metropol September 8, 2016 79

are more than happy to take control of the project – however, we love to get you involved where possible, to ensure the final result reflects your needs and exceeds your expectations.” With an extensive portfolio of successful projects all over Canterbury, the team

“ Designing and implementing your new landscape should be an exciting, rewarding and enjoyable time says Katie of Billygoat Landscape Architecture.

Inspiring scope for landscapes


f done correctly, your garden can add as much as 15% to the value of your home – so it’s important to do it right.” Billygoat Landscape Architecture owners Katie Costain and Ben Freeman have many years of experience in the industry. The small but highly skilled team works with client requirements and involves them in the design process as much as they are comfortable with. “We


$2,997 SAVE $590

NOW $1,650 PH 366 1829 or 0800 662 769 (0800 0MC POWER) 100 GASSON ST, CHRISTCHURCH

IF DONE CORRECTLY, YOUR GARDEN CAN ADD AS MUCH AS 15% TO THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME – SO IT’S IMPORTANT TO DO IT RIGHT.” enjoys expressing its passion for landscape and design through its work. “We enjoy finding new ways to work with a property and add style in a unique and creative way. We love that every job is so different from the last and that we get to work with our clients to maximise their landscape and see their ideas become a reality.” Having an outdoor space to enjoy and immerse yourself in is something that is often taken for granted, Katie says. “We want to help your property come together through good landscape design – a house doesn’t become a home until it has a garden.” Contact the BGLA team on 0800 245 594 or at for your free, no obligation quote.

BGLA is a small, award winning, landscape architecture and design practice based in Christchurch. Specialising in residential garden design, we aim to create landscapes that are beautiful, affordable and user friendly: they are the everyday extraordinary.

For a free, no obligation quote, contact: 0800 billygoat (0800 245 594)

we’re serious about trees new season’s stock now instore.

85 varieties of deciduous ornamental trees 131 varieties of deciduous fruit trees, incl dwarf patios specialists in trees for city gardens

80 September 8, 2016 Metropol

A PERFECT PAIRING “We have pots from 4 centimetres up to 1.5 metres. And you will never get two that look the same.” Mark Leighs

Trees and pots – a perfect pairing of lush plantings and quality handmade pots for them to grow in. Potteryworld has perhaps the largest selection of pots in New Zealand, and certainly a huge array of pots of every size, shape and shade to work with all landscape designs.


wner Mark Leighs has recently returned from one of his regular buying trips to Vietnam, where he sources only quality pots in the latest in styles and glazes. “We have pots from 4 centimetres up to 1.5 metres,” Mark says. “And you will never get two that look the same.” New glazes include coral blue, the metallic tones of heavy metal and copper, graphite and old green, as well as the classic favourites of terracotta, Old Stone, and the worn sea look of Atlantis. New shapes and sizes have also been added – jars in forms of Siam, Roman and opium, egg planters and tall narrow

cigar planters, and extra-large temple jars reaching 1.45 metres in height, as well as a great range of lightweight fibreglass options. For those who can’t find the exact shape and colour combination they are after, Potteryworld can make individual orders with a 6-8 week turnaround, as well as transforming almost any pot into a water feature. Simply ask the experienced team of Mark, Pam and Chris for any advice. Visit Potteryworld at 489 Sawyers Arms Road, with a shared entry and carpark with The Little Big Tree Company. Phone 359 2244 or go to as well as visiting Facebook.

NEW Container has arrived! For the

BpoEt dSeaTl

Better be quick!

in town!

489 Sawyers Arms Rd

with The Little Big Tree Co.

Open 7 Days Ph. 359 2244 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Sat-Sun 10am to 4pm Metropol September 8, 2016 81

m SOCIAL SCENE Pat Akroyd & Friend

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS On Wednesday 3 August, The Homestyle Collective celebrated its new presence at shop 42, Barrington. The Homestyle Collective is all about being a little different and bringing together items that have personality and are full of inspiration.

Melissa & Matthew Holland

Emily Forbes

& Jane Griffen Jane & Peter Griffen

Tracey Taylor & Vicki Voice Photos by Aimee Cane - for copies email

Curtain  Roman Blind  Roller Blind  Track Call now for a FREE measure & quote

03 358 5805 0211256911

Address: Shop B, 45 Merrin Street, Avonhead, Christchurch

82 September 8, 2016 Metropol


Love for the Lamborghini By Nicholas Henare

What kind of car company only makes 20 cars that sell out immediately for millions of dollars? Lamborghini, of course!


wenty one-off, limited edition roadsters have sold at a starting price of €2 million plus tax. Boasting a V12, naturally aspirated engine with 770 hp, it’s the most powerful model built by Lamborghini.

Lamborghini’s rear-wheel steering, carbon fiber monocoque and body, and advanced aerodynamics are technological innovation at its finest. Touchscreen access infotainment is next level - internet, web radio, telemetry and Apple Car Play - but

seriously, when you have so much fun in a Lamborghini, who cares what the interactive system is like! A natural successor to its coupé counterpart, the Centenario Roadster is limited to 20 units worldwide and represents a true illustration of Lamborghini’s commitment to advance automotive design. Lamborghini unveiled its latest oneoff creation to fervent collectors and enthusiasts at Monterey Car Week in California. The Italian icon continues to honour the centenary of its dynamic founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, with this special commemorative series. Designers were given the freedom to create an open design that embodies the progressive qualities of Lamborghini’s visionary founder. This next level Roadster embodies a new design direction for Lamborghini accentuated by clean surfaces and superb reflections as ‘form follows function’ – true to Lamborghini’s core design DNA. Centenario’s silhouette features low overhangs in the front and rear creating a clean, sensuous, mono-body shape. These cars are for the aficionado in all motor vehicle lovers, but like a lot of quality items - Olives, Blue Cheese, Caviar - are an acquired taste and not for everybody. Over the years, Lamborghini has had a lot of ups and downs, I’ve covered them before. Rarity and power in this fine form naturally command an exceptional price. But having deep pockets doesn’t guarantee you one - it comes down to being given the big tick. Still, one can still appreciate the beauty, even if it is from a distance.

Home of the 5 year warranty and 3 year free servicing on all new Mazda passenger vehicles

Cnr Moorhouse Ave & Montreal St Ph 03 379 8180 Follow us on Facebook

Metropol September 8, 2016 83

A smooth operator By Nicholas Henare

I’ve become a bit of a raving fan of the Volkswagen.


t’s easy to go on about the quality aspects of each vehicle and the Golf TSi is no different. It’s one of the world’s top selling cars and there’s a reason for it. It’s accessible. With prices starting from $33,490, you get a lot of bang for buck. I’m used to driving the higher end, more powerful models but I didn’t feel out of place driving the Golf. It’s a smooth, on road drive with enough room for me to do my job and get the kids from A to B. I had the highline which is 110 Kw, a good car for around town. What I love about Volkswagen cars are the common denominators that exist between every model – the key characteristics that make every model a stand out. In the Volkswagen TSi, the interactive component is exceptional and I found

84 September 8, 2016 Metropol

myself not wanting to take it back after a day of exploring its features. Where to start? It turns on a dime; it’s efficient; it’s a smooth run and fun. Where the Polo GTI changed my perception of small car driving, the Golf solidified my feelings. If I bought it now, I’m still going to be happy with it in three years’ time. I spent lots of time behind older versions of the car and I understand why it’s got a fan base. Quality never gets old. Seven generations in and it’s still what it is – a dependable, smart little car, absolutely - and with 0-100 in 8.2 seconds, it’s got a good kick to it. I’d love to start rating this, but fact is, if you’re in the market for something special, you should try it yourself. I loved the experience.

Where the Polo GTI changed my perception of small car driving, the Golf solidified my feelings


Cheryl Dwyer, Jay Clarke (Business Manager)

John O’Donnell, Jarod Buchanan (Mercedes Benz Sales Manager)


Sue & George Carnoutsos

On Wednesday 20 July, esteemed guests and friends of Armstrong Prestige were invited along to Detroit Place to witness firsthand a true embodiment of the Mercedes Benz vision for the future. The all new E-Class is a revolutionary vehicle paving the way with its ground-breaking technology and superior refinement.

Michael & Lucy Glausiuss

Tim Bennet, Nick Carter, Lisa-Marie Richan, Chris Aynsley

Nick Henare, John Lodge, Jill & Tony Rothschild

Michael & Cheryl Dwyer

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email

One of NZ’s largest European vehicle selections 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 E Gear Spyder Now

2009 Aston Martin Vantage 4.7 V8 Coupe Now

2008 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Sedan

5.2 litre V10, Upgraded LP560-4 AWD model generating 412 KW/552 Bhp, Revised LP560 Styling, Part Leather sports seats, Heated/Electric Seats, 19 inch factory Grey Sports Alloys with Pirelli P Zero tyres fitted, Electric Soft-top roof, Factory CD/Stereo/SD/Reverse Camera etc. An amazing vehicle, rarely available at this price level!

Up-rated 4.7 V8 model, Only 40,000kms, Push Button Start, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Paddleshift Sport-shift, Climate Air, Factory CD/Stereo, ABS Brakes, Factory Sports Alloys, Remote Locking, Full Electrics etc. A great look in Black and the best sound on the market!

Very good looking car in White with optional Glass Sunroof and Black Package Sports alloys, 6.2 Litre V8 RWD performance, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Mercedes Benz CD/Stereo/Bluetooth Phone, AMG Sports Exhausts and booster Seats, Full Electrics etc. Grade 4.5/5 car. Hard to buy like this at this price range!

2011 Audi Q5 3.2 V6 FSI Quattro Off Road Package Now

2007 Mercedes Benz SL350 Facelift Roadster Now





2010 Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Facelift Now




Hard to get SL model!, Facelift model 3.5 Litre V6 engine with 7G gearbox, Revised Front Lights with side shark grills, Full Electric Hardtop fold-away roof, Full Leather, Electric/Heated/Memory Seats, Parking Sensors Front and Rear, Cruise Control, ABS Brakes, Full Electrics etc. Always sought after, be quick!

Only 60,000kms and hard to get in Ipanema Sand Metallic with Ivory Leather, Facelift model with revised Lights/Grill/Push Button Start and Bluetooth/NAV, Glass Sunroof, 22 inch Turbine Sports Alloys fitted, Surround Cameras, Full Electrics. This vehicle is low mileage and in superb condition!.

Over 150 more vehicles at

leb ra Ce

511 Blenheim Road / Ph 03 366 8328



Protective wheel flares, Full Red Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Glass Panoramic Sunroof, Push Button Start, Quattro 4WD, LED Lighting, Push Button Keyless start, Electric Tailgate, Audi MMI CD/Stereo with Bluetooth, Full Electrics etc. Rare and individual colour combination!





Metropol September 8, 2016 85

Its looks aren’t for everybody - but as far as driving, it was pretty damn good.

A sneak peek at the jeep

By Nicholas Henare

Recently I tried the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk – at $49,990 plus on road costs I was interested to see how much punch the vehicle had.


ts looks aren’t for everybody - but as far as driving, it was pretty damn good. It’s the 4x4 that makes it what it is. It’s got all the goods for having a bit of fun. I’m a City Boy but can see this would have its place for back country adventure. And while its target market isn’t me, that didn’t matter when I took it out for a spin the model still made an impact. Certainly the interior is very functional and the

interactive aspect was better than some of the luxury brands I’ve been in lately. So where does it sit in the context of the market? In the Jeep range it’s more affordable than the Wrangler and the Cherokee. In fact, it’s a great 4x4 option with a sturdy build. Various factory options are available - $3,000 for leather trim, $1,500 for a black roof, $2,500 for a MySky Open Air Roof System. In short, there’s

definitely plenty of scope for creating a look and feel that speaks to you. If I’m totally honest, I still felt like there was something missing for me with this one. Its sturdy look for a smaller car was a tad too much - I guess I’m a bit spoilt! There’s no question the performance was good, and I’d be reassured I could put the vehicle through its paces if I wanted something with good torque and a solid build to access a cool fishing spot. That said, I haven’t been fishing in years!

AUTOPLUS For all your VW, Audi and Skoda needs, come to the right people! 65 Disraeli Street, Christchurch P: 03 365 3733 E:

Talk to our new car sales team today and arrange a test drive!


86 September 8, 2016 Metropol


full workshop service & parts

AUTOPLUS is a complimentary monthly section within this Multi National Award Winning magazine with a Readership of



For Advertising Contact... Barry White p: (03) 343 3669

See our stunning NEW HOLDEN VEHICLE RANGE at our

NEW Central City Showrooms

Cnr Moorhouse Ave and Montreal St Christchurch. Phone 03 379 5500

“ Moto N Guzzi By Nicholas Henare

This month I thought I’d take a look at Moto Guzzi. From its factory based in Mandello del Lario on the edge of Lake Como in Italy, Moto Guzzi (Guzzi) has been continuously manufacturing motorcycles since 1921.

otable for its V8 engine racebikes of the 1950’s, in more recent times Guzzi has concentrated on producing a range of motorcycles utilising V-twin engines with the Vee formation set across the frame and the cylinders protruding from each side of the fuel tank giving bikes their unmistakable silhouette. The V7 is currently the baby of the bunch (if we dare call a 750cc motorcycle ‘small’) and cleverly mixes classic styling with modern motorcycle requirements such as traction control and ABS braking to create a very enjoyable “real world” motorcycling experience. With the trend for everything retro, Guzzi has recently added the V9 to


its range providing an enlarged engine capacity (out to 850cc) and neatly filling the gap from its V7 to its Griso 1200. At the top of Guzzi’s engine capacity ladder is the mighty 1400cc unit used to power their California, Audace and Eldorado models. The next new model from Guzzi is the amazing MGX-21. This bike must surely feature in the next “Batman” movie, with its amazing lines and use of advanced composite materials. The bike was recently unveiled at the 2016 Sturgis Rally and is expected to reach our shores around Xmas. For more information on any of the Moto Guzzi range pop into First European and have a chat to Andy or Stefan.

Metropol September 8, 2016 87

and that is how it has remained. Forty years later, you would be hard pressed to find any other vehicle brands on the premises. The team’s experience and knowledge in all areas of the three vehicle marques has earned it a solid reputation of integrity,





Many workshops these days state that they are specialist repairers of particular one-make vehicle marques, however, at the same time, promote that they repair all makes and models of vehicles.


true vehicle specialist deals exclusively with one or two select vehicle marques. For the past 40 years, one company has earned the right to call themselves true specialist repairers of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi vehicles. That company is Kevin Burt Ltd. Established in 1976, the company first began repairing only Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Due to customer demand, BMW and Audi were soon added to its repertoire

THE TEAM’S EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE IN ALL AREAS OF THE THREE VEHICLE MARQUES HAS EARNED IT A SOLID REPUTATION excellence and consistency of service and its reputation is second to none. Peers hold owner Kevin in high esteem due to his integrity and fairness. It’s what we do everyday and therefore we know what we are about,” Kevin says. “We can draw on our extensive knowledge gathered over many years to not only repair the complicated issues of the modern vehicles, but also carry out regular maintenance service to the vehicles following manufacturer guidelines. “That way, you know that your vehicle is in the best possible hands and we are alert to any issues that might arise. We also have rare knowledge and experience with the older vehicles that have now become classics and are much sort after by discerning owners.” Phone the team on 365 0531 and make a booking today with the original specialists.


EXPERIENCED professionals...

Owners Kevin and Maxine

The following services are available: Servicing – Lube and Tune Fuel Injection Auto-electrical Transmission Servicing Brake Servicing

WOF repairs Suspension repairs Engine Reconditioning Pre Purchase appraisal Latest diagnostic equipment Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Email:

324-328 St Asaph Street, Christchurch

88 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Ph 365 0531

Specialising in Volkswagen and Audi VAG Key Cutting & Coding available Modern, Clean Workshop

WOF & Full Mechanical Service & Repairs Authorised Warranty Repairer Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

400 Tuam Street Christchurch

Phone: 366 7755

Auction 17 September 2016

On - Site, unless sold prior.


Surf, Sun and SO REFINED Ever-Changing Views…

Merivale 17a Hawkesbury Ave There is a touch of Provence to this classic yet contemporary residence. A cleverly considered oor plan has created well -proportioned light lled living spaces combining a generous dining and family room, sophisticated formal lounge, and separate den. Both of these rooms feature French doors which open onto an elegant tiled outdoor entertaining area and easy-care garden brimming with beautiful camellias, fragrant roses and owering cherry trees. Three generous bedrooms are situated upstairs, including the spacious master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. All bedrooms open out through French doors onto north facing, sun-soaked wrought iron Juliette balconies. The home also features a sleek family bathroom with a therapeutic spa bath and separate shower, Internally accessed double garaging, plus generous forecourt for additional parking. Within easy walking distance of excellent schools, tree-lined parks and the vibrancy of the excellent restaurants, cafes and shops in Merivale Village, the location speaks for itself.

From that conversation and a simple brief, Stewart Ross, the architect friend, created a house that is one of his most admired and loved. The brief was to design a house that was compact, sturdy, simple but elegant that reflected the site’s beachside aspect. Every room had to have a view that reached out and touched the ocean, romanced with the sky and yet sat comfortably and gently within its green and lush hillside surroundings. Now, 37 years later this truly unique home will change ownership for the very first time. The design, style and layout of this home is so remarkable one would think it could have been designed and built just yesterday. Compact yet spacious, this sturdy home was built with great beams of Oregon, braced on the upper level with double thickness tongue and groove rimu flooring and stiffened with steel on the seaward side extension. There’s no doubt this home will still be standing tall and strong protecting and defending its new owners for many decades to come.

90 September 8, 2016 Metropol

DEADLINE SALE: 6pm Wednesday 14th September 2016 (unless sold prior) Peter Fitzhardinge Licensee Salesperson 027 222 5546 peter. Ofce Ph: 0800 RAYWHITE Amy McGeddie Licensee Salesperson 027 706 5549 Ofce Ph: 0800 RAYWHITE

Ray White Burnside Pip Nielsen Realty Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) 55 Blighs Rd, Strowan, Christchurch, NZ


Sumner 79 Clifton Terrace Thirty seven years ago one of the current owners met with his architect friend and said “I’ve found a beautiful pocket of land that has views down into Sumner Village and across to Scarborough. You can hear the roar of the surf and children’s laughter drifting up from the beach. You can see the sweep of Pegasus Bay and the snow covered Kaikoura Mountains. And if you’re worried about access, it even has the potential for double drive on access. Please come and have a look and see what you can build for me.”

OPEN HOMES (commencing Saturday 20th): Thursday 12:30-1:30pm; Saturday and Sunday 2:002:45pm (or viewing by appointment)

When arriving on the site, one’s first impression is of the large outdoor entertaining, relaxing and play area that is afforded by a Goom Landscape designed courtyard with an expansive hardwood deck that floats you towards the sea touched horizon. Lean on the glass balustrade and dream a little about living here. Then turn back and admire the elevated rear deck that enhances even further, the usefulness of this private and sheltered area. Amble back towards the house and note the garden room with ensuite and underfloor heating. Ideal to sit and read or to use as an office or sleep out for guests, for children or grandchildren. Enter the French doors into the lounge and be swamped with a feeling that this is where you could live for a long time to come. Despite the solid Tasmanian oak wooden floors, the silky oak and blonde timber built-in furniture and gas fire, one’s eyes are yet again, drawn out to sea. How can another lounge, a dining area and a kitchen ever compete with what is on show here? Stand behind the deep laminated timber bench and imagine you’re preparing a light lunch for friends with some softly chilled wine or a pale ale if you’re so inclined. Slide open the glass dining room doors that are protected by an infinity glass balustrade that vanishes against the distant Pacific Ocean. On the next half level up is a separate toilet next to a walled tiled white bathroom, shower, second toilet with double heated towel rails and tiled under floor heating. And guess what? Lean close




to the window and see Scarborough Beach with the skylight affording much natural light and a peek at the sky. One more half level up to the main bedroom with fitted out walk in wardrobe, simply stunning views of Pegasus Bay and an intimate view of Cave Rock. Fling open the French doors and be romanced on the intimate Juliette glass balustraded deck. On the same level to the east is another double bedroom with sea views, built in wardrobes and a cute cubby hole for storage or reading. One more half level up to yet another double bedroom with three walls of glass, privacy blinds and access to a fully lined and insulated attic that could be used for storage but should be reserved exclusively for children or grandchildren. When you turn to walk downstairs, you’ll marvel at how the architect was able to accurately imagine exactly where to place very piece of glass, every skylight and very window so that from every vantage point, the house is a designer platform from which to view one of the most spectacular but intimate views on offer in Christchurch Inspection times 08 Sep 2016 12.30pm - 1.15pm 11 Sep 2016 12.30pm - 1.15pm 15 Sep 2016 12.30pm - 1.15pm 17 Sep 2016 1.00pm - 1.30pm Marilyn Still 0272 298 769 Office Ph: (03) 3844 179 Prier Manson Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)



8 Cephas Close UPPER RICCARTON A delightful home surrounded by lush irrigated lawns, easy care landscaping, and mature trees to create a sunny, private, fully fenced oasis tucked away in a secluded Cul de Sac in Upper Riccarton. Adjacent to the Glebe Reserve, also with many protected trees. This outstanding home is designed for entertaining – the kitchen is a light filled, chef’s dream, comprising a stunning German made Poggenpohl kitchen, fully equipped with Gaggenau appliances, including steam oven, coffee machine, 2 warming drawers, main oven, 90cm Induction cooktop, Teppenyaki plate, range hood, and dishwasher. An integrated Liebherr fridge, and the added bonus of an under bench freezer that with a flick of a switch turns into a fridge or a wine cooler, plus 5 mm stainless bench top, completes the package. Large sliding windows bring the outside in, opening onto the terrace. There are 2 spacious living areas connected to the unique kitchen and dining space which both open onto the expansive tiled terrace via 2 sets of french doors. The 3 generous bedrooms have spacious wardrobes, the master with walk in robe and ensuite while a second family bathroom, and office/ nursery adjacent to the master bedroom, allows for a growing family. Carpet, paint, and drapes are all new, with LED lighting throughout. Fully insulated walls & ceiling. HRV ventilation system, aluminium double glazing, gas fire, heat pump, under floor heating in kitchen/dining/ensuite, fully tile with double vanities in the bathrooms. The property boasts 65m2 3 car garaging with toilet and great storage; room to park 4 additional cars. Walking distance to Villa Maria & Riccarton High schools, Bush Inn shopping centre.

Graeme & Donna Wills



Open Home Saturday 10th 2-3pm Sunday 11th 12:30-1:30pm Auction Time Sat, 24 Sep 2016-2:00pm Property ID: #3093848


Licensee/Director Westside Real Estate Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 P: 03 3480796 M: 027 4322613 E: Metropol September 8, 2016 91

Find new places, meet new faces. Discover the best of India with like-minded solo travellers.

Intriguing India Solo Group Tour 11 nights/12 days from



single room basis from Delhi to Udiapur Departs 05 May 2017


Includes: • Single deluxe accommodation, all full cooked breakfast, dinners and some lunches • All ground transfers in air-conditioned vehicle • Entrance fee and monument charges • Service of a English speaking tour guide at the time of sightseeing • Domestic airfare for Delhi – Varanasi sector • Train Tickets Varanasi – Agra • Services of Total Holiday Option Escort

HIGHLIGHTS: DELHI • VARANASI • AGRA • JAIPUR JODHPUR • RANAKPUR • UDAIPUR If you wish share a room with a friend the supplement cost is only $998. Departure is guaranteed subject to a minimum of 6 passengers travelling.

The best holidays are created together. HOT.CO.NZ Addington 339 3440 | Barrington 331 7182 | Ferrymead 376 4022 | Hornby 344 3070 | Merivale 355 2200 | Northlands 352 4578 On Victoria 365 7687 | Rangiora 313 0288 | Riccarton 341 3900 | Shirley 385 0710 | Upper Riccarton 343 0869 Conditions: Valid for new bookings from 08 August 2016 until sold out. Prices correct at 08 August 2016 and is based on a single basis. Companion supplement is $998. A non-refundable $300 deposit is due within 7 days of booking. Full payment due 60 days prior to departure. Subject to availability. Departure is guaranteed subject to a minimum of 6 passengers travelling. Offer can be withdrawn or amended at any time without notice. Amendment, cancellation and credit card fees apply. Additional restrictions may apply. Departure dates are available at a higher cost are: 28 Oct, 18 Nov, 16 Dec 2016, 17 Jan, 03 Feb, 10 Mar, 07 Apr 2017. Airfares are additional for details and full terms and conditions please ask your House of Travel consultant for details.

92 September 8, 2016 Metropol

Metropol - 8 September 2016  
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