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Metropol September 22, 2016 1

LOOKING TO BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME? Whyte Construction have comprehensive packages designed for you.

The experienced team at Whyte Construction is synonymous with high quality workmanship.

We offer the complete package - the support of architects, designers, structural engineers and geotechnical specialists to assist with your project. From alterations to earthquake repairs or residential rebuilds, we’re committed to you.

2 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Whether you’re building an architectural home or undertaking a residential repair, our master build team ensures we deliver to your timeframe and budget. The commitment to you is to provide continuity from the start of your project through to completion.


Your vision, our skill, your dream home. Call us today 0800 33 33 60

You’re protected by the 10 year fully comprehensive guarantee (covering workmanship, building products and completion of your contract). This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re protected.



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National Multi Award Winning Magazine




Spring is here in all its infinite beauty. From delicate blooms and seasonal food to days spent exploring the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, it’s the time of the year when we can emerge from hibernation to enjoy a generous social calendar.



ph 355 6065


290 Papanui Rd, Merivale


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Kate Pierson


EDITOR’S Kate Pierson PERSPECTIVE EDITOR’S Kate Pierson PERSPECTIVE EDITOR’S Kate Pierson PERSPECTIVE KateEDITOR’S Pierson ith Canterbury FashionPERSPECTIVE Week next week, and our latest cover a


fashionable nodFashion to whatWeek we can expect show, a I've ith Canterbury next week,from and this our year's latest cover been thinking quite a lot about the subject. fashionable nod to what we can thislatest year'scover show,aI've ith Canterbury Fashion Week nextexpect week, from and our Generating billions ofa dollars per annum in New Zealand, fashion is been thinking quite lotwe about subject. fashionable nod to what can the expect from this year's show, I've the untameable beast at billions the heart of consumer culture. chameleonfashion like Generating of dollars per in The New ith Canterbury Fashion Week next week, and ourZealand, latest cover a is been thinking quite a lot about theannum subject. nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' on their the untameable beast atbillions the to heart of we consumer culture. The chameleon likeI'veis fashionable nod what can from thisZealand, year's show, Generating of dollars perexpect annum in New fashion toes, and leaves the rest of usloyalists who consider ourselves a 'work innot' progress' nature of the industry keeps to 'what's hot and what's on their been thinking quite a lot about the subject. the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like rather perplexed. toes, leaves thethe rest of us who consider 'work in progress' Generating billions of dollars perourselves annum inayou’re New Zealand, Ifnature youand switch on Goggle Box these days, more than is of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' onfashion their All of this 'threads and kicks' talk has inspired some nostalgic and rather cringerather perplexed. the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like toes, and leaves rest ofausshow who consider aadvertisement 'work in progress' likely to memories comethe across – on or my at ourselves least– an inducing for me as talk I reflect style or rather unstylish - cringeAll of this 'threads and kicks' has inspired some nostalgic and rather nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' on their rather perplexed. promoting a show – withtoa determine ‘life swap’ theme. evolution. It would be difficult ofor the styles I donned as a kid inducing memories for me astalk I reflect on mywhich style unstylish toes, the rest of us who consider ourselves arather 'work and in progress' All of and this leaves 'threads and kicks' has inspired some– nostalgic rather- cringeof the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas evolution. It would be to determine which styles I donned rather perplexed. inducing memories forindifficult me as Iprogrammes reflect on mytend styleto–of orthe rather - as a kid he protagonists these play into aunstylish fairly predictable title. of the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux All of narrative: this 'threads and kicks' facing talk has inspired some nostalgic rather cringeevolution. It would becouples difficult to determine which of the stylesand I donned aspas from the seven year itch wanting find out ifa kid My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, wideleg jeans,to and tie-dye title. inducing memories for me as I reflect on my style – or rather unstylish of thethe eighties and nineties erason deserves theside, 'most heinous' fashion faux pas grass really is greener the other to overwrought mums/wives leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as doeswideleg a denimjeans, 'cowgirl' My obsession withtheir unflattering andstyled tie-dye evolution. would be difficult tofabrics; determine the styles I donned asadopts a kid title. wanting to Itescape own brood only oversized, to fiwhich nd theof family that temporarily dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping with my leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled of the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas them during a with ‘wife unflattering swap’ is more demanding thanwideleg their own. My obsession fabrics; oversized, jeans, and tie-dye Mum and worein tosequins, the point of itsI extinction. That was a sad day in our my dress covered picked up shopping title. Life swaps the bread and butter of reality television producers and a leggings withare slouch sockswhich spring to mind assecond-hand does a denim 'cowgirl' with styled household. Mum and wore to the point of its extinction. That was a sad day in our My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, wideleg jeans, and tie-dye popular source of comic relief for a voyeuristic society. More than this, they dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping with my Ihousehold. also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my friend and I wore on leggings slouch spring to mind asThat does a denim 'cowgirl' styled personify awore number ofsocks age-old including, ‘you don’t you’ve got Mum andwith to the point of adages its extinction. was a sadknow day inwhat our girls' nights out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (nofriend longer theI wore case these I also can't forget the pink, patent leather that my and on dress covered in sequins, which I picked upheels second-hand shopping with my ‘til it’s gone’. household. days) in fact out. started at around the age six when I begged my parents forthese my girls' nights withofheeled shoes longer case Living inwore aforget turbo-charged environment –heels from endless streams ofthe to a and toMy thepreoccupation pointpatent of its extinction. That was a(no sad day in our IMum also can't the pink, leather that my friend and Iemails wore on own pair of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. symphony ofout. beeping, car engines – it’slonger easy take the small days)nights in fact started atringing aroundand therevving age of six when I begged my to parents for my household. girls' My preoccupation with heeled shoes (no the case these Iown think I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was thetook loveme of to these $20 joys inpair life for granted. of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they buy them. Idays) also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my friend and I wore on in fact started at around the age of six when I begged my parents for my white, pointed heels with bows on.problems’ often joke ‘first world and putwas our road rage or overI We think I probably insisted on sleeping inheeled them such love ofto these $20 girls' nights out. about My preoccupation with shoes (nothe longer the case these own pair of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me buy them. The interesting thing about a lot of the we styles we banished to the of reactions down to ‘relativity’, but really, arewhen thehave guardians of our ownback white, pointed heels with bows on. days) in fact started at around the age of six I begged my parents for I think I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20my our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue when style emotions, and with self-discipline and practice, it becomes possible to manage The pair interesting thing about a lot of remember the styles we have banished toto the back of own of 'clip clops'. I still vividly when they took me buy them. white, pointed heels with bows on. royalists decide to give a second wind. how we to ‘molehill’ that have the potential to of become minds/wardrobes isthem that they back in vogue style Iour think I respond probably insisted onasituations sleeping them such was the love these $20of The interesting thing about lot offind theinthemselves styles we have banished towhen the back Ultimately, fashion an them extremely subjective, thing, but I believe one mountains. royalists decide to is give a on. second wind. personal white, pointed heels with bows our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue when style On of today’s issue, we have ayou brilliant story proud about of, theispower of of thepage besttwelve parts about donning something feel really the one Ultimately, fashion is an extremely subjective, personal thing, butto I the believe The interesting thing about a alot of the wind. styles we have banished back of royalists decide to give them second meditation and the journey towards mindfulness. Meditation meansdays, different confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these I know I of the bestfashion parts about donning you feel really proud is the our minds/wardrobes is extremely that theysomething find themselves back in vogue style Ultimately, is an subjective, personal thing, but when Iof, believe one things to diff erent people - for some itme may involve the more traditional practice, also love the feeling that comes over when wearing a beautiful garment. confidence injection. Despite somewhat a Tomboy theseof,days, I know I royalists decide toabout give them abeing second wind.youof of the best donning something really proud is the whereas for parts others, achieving aofpeaceful state of feel mind involves walking dog Ialso hope reading through some the not-so-fashionable hallmarks ofgarment. mytheir youth love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful Ultimately, fashion is an extremely subjective, personal thing, but I believe one I confidence injection. Despite being somewhat aright Tomboy these days, I know or listening to music that relaxes them. There is of no or wrong. provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of I hope reading through some ofover the not-so-fashionable of the best parts about something youwearing feel really proud of,of ismy theyouth also love the feeling thatdonning comes me when ahallmarks beautiful Heading into my thirties, what my stress, and I amgarment. slowly your own some sartorial sinsconversation withI know friends andtriggers family. provides great starters this weekend as you share some of confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these days, Iyouth know I hope reading of the it, not-so-fashionable of my identifying whatthrough I can dosome to combat reminding myself hallmarks almost daily, that I am I your own sartorial sins with friends and family. also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. provides some great starters thisand weekend as you share some of profoundly wealthy – Iconversation am loved, I am healthy, I have freedom of expression


Kate Pierson Kate Pierson Kate Pierson some beautiful stories. After all, it’s the little things in life! Kate Pierson

I hope reading through some of theand not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth your own sartorial sins with friends family. and association. provides great conversation as you some of Perhapssome today’s perspective maystarters promptthis youweekend to consider whatshare you are grateful your ownyour sartorial sins with friends and family. for. Enjoy ‘Metropol meditation’ at least – delve into this issue and get lost in

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Previously United Travel

LA Thrill, Fiji Chill


4 Nights Los Angeles + 4 Nights Fiji from $ *



4 Nights Anaheim 4 Nights ‘Double Tree’ by Hilton Fiji (includes breakfast daily) Return airport transfers per person twin share, return flights ex CHCH

for every new booking#

Couples Getaway Hilton Beach Resort & Spa 7 nights from




Return airport transfers per person twin share, return flights ex CHCH

Intercontinental Fiji Resort 7 nights from




Full breakfast daily Return airport transfers FJD200 resort credit per room

per person twin share, return flights ex CHCH

YOU Travel Tower Junction

3/4 Troup Drive, Addington 03 341 8965

YOU Travel Ferrymead

960 Ferry Road 03 384 2700

*LA Thrill, Fiji Chill: Pricing is based on low season and travel blockouts 18-20 November 2016, 24-28 November 2016, 24 December 2016 - 2 January 2017. The 4 night combinations may vary depending on month of travel due to airline schedules changing. ^Couples Getaway: Sale until 30 September or until sold out. Travel to 31 March 2017. Blockouts apply. Subject to hotel availability. Prices are based on cash or cheque. # $100 voucher will apply to any new bookings made for a minimum of 2 people or more and must include air and land content to a minimum spend of $3,000. This promotion applies to bookings from 20/8/16 - 30/9/16.

Metropol September 22, 2016 5

Flightdream By Kate Pierson

6 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Joyce Campbell Ryukyu I 2003/2011. Fujiflex crystal archive photograph. Courtesy of the artist and Two Rooms, Auckland

The ocean is a law unto itself - mysterious, powerful, seemingly infinite and always untamable. It is also the subject of a Joyce Campbell exhibition showing at the Christchurch Art Gallery now (27 August – 20 November 2016).


oyce Campbell’s immersive video work – Flightdream - is a bold and explorative journey, making the seemingly impossible, possible. It takes viewers into the ocean’s fathomless depths, exploring processes of creation and annihilation. Flightdream materialised when Joyce Campbell produced her Marianas photographs—images of sculptural forms dissolving in light-filled liquid— and US science fiction writer Mark von Schlegell was inspired to create a short story in response. His story featured a

nameless protagonist descending into the depths of the ocean. A decade later Campbell made Flightdream, an immersive 25 minute video in response to von Schlegell’s story. In July 2016, von Schlegell wrote another story inspired by Campbell’s video. Flightdream is accompanied in this exhibition by five of Campbell’s related Marianas photographs, 17 tiny silver sculptures, and the two short stories. The video soundtrack is by Peter Kolovos. Visit the Christchurch Art Gallery to experience it yourself.

Joyce Campbell Marineris 2003/2011. Fujiflex crystal archive photograph. Courtesy of the artist and Two Rooms, Auckland Joyce Campbell Enceladus I 2003/2011 Fujiflex crystal archive photograph. Courtesy of the artist and Two Rooms, Auckland

Metropol September 22, 2016 7


Hone Kouka (Play Writer and Director), Ross Gumbley (Artistic Director)

Naomi & Alex van den Broek Alex Richards, Maddison Morrell

A CULTURAL CELEBRATION On Friday 12 August, the beloved Court Theatre held a gala to celebrate the opening of Waiora: Te U Kai Po - The Homeland.

Keren Oertley Ryan, Hone Kouka, Jo Bunce, Rachel Sears

Ngareta Sims, Leigh James

Sahara & Maria Manihera, Bernard & Bex Tamati

Lauren Ball, Kath Prins

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email




03 982 8280 73 Roydvale Ave, Christchurch For enquiries contact Nola Lamb 8 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Making your retirement move is even more accommodating, with a choice of two sought-after locations in Christchurch. The Russley Village, is set within 8 acres of award-winning gardens, creating the benchmark for quality over the past 5 years. Enquire now about the Sefton Apartments, this building will also contain the indoor swimming pool complex. Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds with an extensive range of facilities including restaurant, cafĂŠ, garden lounge, cinema, library and hair salon. The village offers a range of care and extra support services delivered to your apartment. We currently have a beautiful selection of studio, one and two bedroom apartments available.

03 351 2679 123 Fendalton Rd, Christchurch For enquiries contact Nola Lamb

SHOWROOM: 293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137 75 Kingsley St. Sydenham Christchurch Ph.03 366 7199 Metropol September 22, 2016 9


ALL STAR Collaboration

Hautu Peace People of


As a society, we have the potential to be so much greater than the sum of our parts – particularly when it comes to philanthropy.

By Hans Petrovic

Hautu - Pete in Prison

A recent screening of Kathleen Gallagher’s Hautu Peace People WWII at the Hollywood Cinema, Sumner, has brought attention to a little knownaspect of New Zealand’s changing attitudes towards conflict and world peace.



dapted from a play Kathleen wrote back in 2002, the intensely dramatic film tells the story of two New Zealand conscientious objectors who were confined, from 1939 to 1946, in the rugged Hautu detention camp, below the southern tip of Lake Taupo. During WWII, more than 800 conscientious objectors were sent to such camps around this country. Hautu was one of the toughest. The two men imprisoned were Pete Bawn, a Methodist Christian pacifist, and Tim Flanagan, a West Coast Irish Catholic. We also see their womenfolk in Christchurch and on the West Coast battling on without them. Since then, New Zealand has become much stronger in its antiwar and anti-nuclear attitudes. Kathleen admits, however, that peace is not her only driving force. “Healing of people and healing of the environment are both important,” she says. This can be seen on her Website, Her work in this field includes the writing, production and directing of several environmental documentaries, including Sky Whisperers Ranginui, Water Whisperers Tangaroa and Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku, with beautifully presented messages about protecting Planet Earth. Kathleen first became aware of WWII conscientious objectors while interviewing them in 2000 for a radio peace project. This then led to her writing the play, Hautu, which was first performed in the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral in March 2002. The film version of Hautu Peace People WWII is available to communities on request. DVDs of the film will be sent to 250 New Zealand secondary schools. It will be submitted for screening at International Film Festivals.


his is beautifully exemplified by the work of Aviva, a local Canterbury-based family violence agency (formerly known as Christchurch Women’s Refuge) and its partnership with Jane Daniels Design and Innovative Travel. On Thursday 6 October, the three community centric organisations are coming together to host the Aviva Fashion Fundraiser. The evening will showcase a fashion show, travel tips for women, wise words from Dame Malvina Major and an auction. The event will take place at the Transitional Cathedral, 5.30pm-8.30pm. For tickets and further information visit

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

We will travel to locations throughout the South Island to -Ansel Adams suit you

Beverley Studios (027) 4311-850 OR (03) 313 - 2465 10 September 22, 2016 Metropol

In the

people game The technological evolution of the transport and logistics industry is nothing short of impressive.

Shane Fendall


successful player in the South Island industry for 25 years, Charter Transport is a leader in the field and a master of innovation. Longstanding employee, Shane Fendall, has a passion for the work involved, and says the entire business revolves around the great people at Charter who provide an exceptional service. “It’s at our very core. We are personable, and have the expertise and ability to make big things happen.” “Our fleet is comprehensive, which means we can undertake almost any cartage requirement from palletised product to 30 metre long oversize loads. We have worked hard to ensure we have the right equipment across the board and can cater to specialised jobs including loads that are overdimensional or project based.” This flexibility and accommodation extends to the business’ lead time for jobs. “If a customer rings up needing a job done urgently, we don’t say ‘no’. We look at the possibilities straight away and flex as we can to meet the needs of that customer. Our in-house

container/warehousing programmes and tracking system provide customers complete transparency when we are completing jobs.” Having been with the business since he first started out driving trucks, Shane has moved into a role where his day to day core function is dealing with customers face to face, working out challenges, finding innovative solutions and improving efficiencies. From time to time you can still catch Shane behind the wheel of a truck; ensuring customers are getting the personal touch they deserve. “I love seeing our trucks out there on the road - to me, that means we are doing a successful job.” Synonymous with trust and integrity and with a significant focus on cultivating a family-friendly environment for hard working staff, Charter Transport holds the interests of its staff and its loyal customers repeat and referral - in the highest regard. For further information visit or contact Shane Fendall - Business Development 021 94 96 99 /

It’s at our very core. We are personable, and have the expertise and ability to make big things happen.” Shane Fendall


Rooms Available

P. 03 341 1114 M. 021 949 699 E. 15 Wigram Close, Sockburn, Christchurch

"Out of Min Kim


Min Kim

Beautifully appointed with award winning gardens located right beside the heart of the Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, restaurants, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries and facility tours welcome, please telephone 3555888 for an appointment.

Metropol September 22, 2016 11

Minding our minds By Céline Gibson

It is widely accepted that living in the 21st century can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Technology has brought great benefits to mankind, but our increasing dependency on it has backfired somewhat in that we have forgotten how to switch off our too wired, too busy minds.

Our Buddhist teacher is Kelsang Pawo, a personable Kiwi monk, who practices Kadampa Buddhism – a special tradition of Mahayana Buddhism.


t the St Albans Community Centre on a Thursday night, however, weary minds can expect the pampering of their lives. Our Buddhist teacher is Kelsang Pawo, a personable Kiwi monk, who practices Kadampa Buddhism – a special tradition of Mahayana Buddhism founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso that is derived from Buddhist scholars Atisha and Je Tsongkhapa. Kelsang Pawo invites us to join him in meditation. We listen to our breathing and the clock’s comforting tick before succumbing to a deeper silence. Some unbelievable twenty-five minutes later, he gently brings us back to the world then

reads passages from books on Sutra and Tantra teachings. He discusses the pertinence of these words in this hectic 21st century. The final meditation is to imagine our mind as a clear blue sky in which thoughts are clouds to be slowly dispersed until faded from view. Despite the sporadic sounds of traffic and human interaction from outside, it’s intriguing how little effect they have on a mind concentrated on achieving inner quiet. There are Kadampa Buddhist Meditation classes offered in many Christchurch suburbs now - not before time. If any minds’ need TLC, it’s ours! Email

Key benefits from Kadampa Buddhism: Managing unpleasant feelings, depression or unhappiness

Experiencing a voyage of exploration that helps with mental clarity

12 September 22, 2016 Metropol

1. 2.




Spiritual realisation – this is about achieving liberation from suffering

Solving life problems in the moment thanks to a peaceful mind

Confronting and overcoming anger, jealousy and ignorance


If the prospect of perusing the sartorial prowess of Nom D, Taylor Boutique, Raw Nova, Rodd and Gunn and Deval all in one night is enough to make your style pulse race, then this year’s Style Fusion event is made with you in mind. aising funds for Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue, the soiree will be held at Rydges Latimer Christchurch on Wednesday 5 October at 7pm. Ticket holders will enjoy two hours of nibbles, tipples and designer fashion, all in aid of a deserving cause. The Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust completes approximately 850 missions per annum - a mixture of medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, search and rescue and general outdoor incidents. It is a lifesaving service which is only partly funded through government. Each mission costs $8625. For 2016, the Style Fusion team has selected Air Rescue as its charity of choice and it is almost bursting at the seams with only a few tables left. A ‘Dare Devils After Party’ (ticketed separately) will be held at the Bloody Mary’s bar after the event and will feature the fabulous local band Assembly Required. Daring items such as sky diving, a Jet Pack experience, and Ruapuna racing will be up for grabs through an auction. To ensure your place at the event, email

Visit or call Colin 0274322364

No one understands the value of a family home better than a family. It pays to shop around to compare all your options. Call us today.

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Ray White Merivale 174a Papanui Road (03) 929 0272 • 0272 28 28 46 Metropol September 22, 2016 13

A slice of



Built in 1899, Mona Vale Homestead - a historic property - is firmly cemented in Cantabrians’ hearts and Continental, the family owned and operated event catering business, has been the caterer on site since 1978.


he distilled essence of a gracious, elegant host, Mona Vale Homestead has been progressively returning to its former glory following earthquake repairs and strengthening, and is due to reopen in late November. Bookings are now being taken for pre-Christmas celebrations. With stunning looks, charming personality and engaging atmosphere, Mona Vale is set to impress again with its multi-faceted backdrop. From the beautiful Magnolia Suite capable of seating 110 for a wedding reception or breakfast, through

to the Iris Lawn - the perfect backdrop for a garden party and a marquee - the Homestead combines nostalgic charm and contemporary facilities. Wedding ceremonies will again return to a lush setting under the oak tree, punting will return to the picturesque River Avon for that special arrival, and garden games to entertain guests between ceremony and reception will see croquet and giant jenga taking front and centre stage. Visitors can enjoy decadent high teas, which Mona Vale holds in partnership with

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

Dilmah Tea. A cosmetic make-over across the premises has imbued the interior décor with even more elegance, with thoughtful and traditional yet sophisticated attention to detail right down to cushions, plush silk and wool rugs and stunning wing-backed chairs. Being mindful of Mona Vale’s status in Canterbury’s history, the Homestead retains its familiar and much-loved characteristics. Corporate groups, among other guests, will enjoy a stylish, reinvented menu created by the dedicated cuisine team, with the seamless service that Continental is renowned for across Canterbury. For your next special occasion, business event or long lunch with friends, contact Continental on 03 311 8220 or email

STYLE FUSION fashion show Rydges Latimer Christchurch

5th October 2016

Ann Woods Managing Director

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Doors open 7pm Includes 2 hours of drinks & nibbles Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460

$99pp tables of 10 available AFTER Raising funds for Charity

We are an experienced and professional team.

14 September 22, 2016 Metropol

$99pp email


m SOCIAL SCENE THE CANTABRIANS BALL On Saturday 13 August, the annual Koru Care Christchurch Charity Auction lit up the Garden City’s social scene.

Gina Russell, Matt Marshall (Koru Care) Vicki & Phil Metaxas

Nick Henare, Julian Laplanche, Paul Thompson

Patria Laplanche, Wendy Cook

Denise Robertson, Charlotte, Tracey Prince

Taryne Fleck, Katrina Gillis

Tim Bennet, Cindy-Lee Sinclair

Andrew Leckie, Cindy Smythe, Lisa & John Stewart (Air NZ) Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email

JETMASTER QUADRO: Another string to man’s bow. Time was, the barbie was the extent of man’s outdoor culinary skills. Now he can add chowders, grills, pot roasts and pizzas. The welcoming re is the fabled Jetmaster. The potjie pot, grill, hot plate and swing- $ out pizza oven make it the Quadro.

Just add hungry people.

4596 .00

See the Jetmaster Quadro in the yuge* display of outdoor res at Simply Heat’s outdoor showroom.

Bri sumng o me n r!

includes potjie, grill, hot plate, pizza oven and 2.4m ue. Installation extra.

P:03 365 3685 Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Sat 9am to 1pm

*The Donald’s pronunciation of “huge”


Metropol September 22, 2016 15


Wick-ed Adventure

Just as the smallest spark has the potential to grow into a powerful flame, a budding business idea has the ability to grow beyond the proprietor’s wildest dreams with the right elements in place.

Laura Frankenschmidt, owner of Lyttelton Lights and an inspiring creative, is familiar with both scenarios as her candle brand shines brighter and brighter still. Laura talks to Metropol about how she found her unique glow. What inspired the concept for Lyttelton Lights? I have always had a passion for candles and fragrances. I decided to research the making process, ingredients and materials and spent a lot of time experimenting and developing my own recipes. I ended up with quite a bit of product - most of it I gave away to friends and family. I took the left over stock down to the Lyttelton Market and sold it all that morning. I wanted to have a product that was unique in design, of the best possible quality and one that would offer a point of difference. How has the brand evolved? I had a clear vision of how I wanted the Lyttelton Lights brand to look and feel, but I didn’t have the funds needed to establish it straight away. It was clear that I needed to create revenue in order to re-invest into what was to become the Lyttelton Lights brand known today. A three year journey later and I am immensely proud of the company and brand it has turned into. I started by selling vintage glassware candles at local markets and turned over just enough to invest into a bunch of small jars with white lids. For the next two and a half years and with the support of my husband Andreas we spent every Saturday at

16 September 22, 2016 Metropol

the market, attended countless events and most importantly listened to customers, which enabled me to build the brand. In August last year I was finally able to invest into the new jars that we have today. With word of mouth being our most effective marketing tool, it was this year that I could move the business into its own custom fitted premises, extend our product range, and design our new boxes. How do you forge relationships with stockists? I strongly believe in personal contact and building genuine business relationships. I started by identifying stores that would suit the brand, and that I liked myself. Establishing and maintaining a network of positive business partners has been one of the most crucial aspects in the success of Lyttelton Lights and something I personally really enjoy. We know how much work goes into a business and appreciate how each of our stockists has their own story, hence it is paramount for us to maintain good communication and to ensure that our clients feel valued. We personally deliver to our local clients, allowing us to keep in touch and discuss any needs they may have.

What is the most memorable moment for you in the business journey? I remember talking to a lady at the market one day asking her how she was doing. She stopped for a moment and and then told me that she actually didn’t have a good day. Sharing a tear and taken by her own reaction she said ‘thank you’ and turned away. It was such a genuine response that I decided to follow her and gift her a candle hoping it would brighten up her day. She gave me a hug and I still remember her words to this day, ‘You have no idea what you have just done for me’. Nothing more had to be said as we parted ways. Knowing that my product and actions made a difference to her day was the most memorable experience for me. Creating products that bring people pleasure and joy is what drives me. It’s an amazing thought knowing that our candles are being enjoyed in so many homes around the country. What have been some of the toughest challenges for you and how have you overcome these? Developing the business from home with limited funds and experience has definitely been one of the toughest challenges. We didn’t really have a home for the last two and a half years. The spare bedroom turned into storage, the kitchen became our production line, and at Christmas last year we sold our couch in order to create more space to keep up with demand. Meanwhile we relied on one income in order to re-invest all profits into business growth. We had to take significant risks and had to develop strong negotiation skills to overcome hurdles such as minimum order quantities, product development, production processes and equipment upgrades. Now, in our third year, we faced our toughest challenge yet. We managed

to extend our range to create more diversity while introducing our very own packaging and also moved into our new custom premises. I never lose sight of my goals, and looking back at how far I have come is what gives me the fuel to overcome those challenges. This is part of business and steep learning, but it is also one of the most satisfying feelings knowing that I have built something from scratch. What sets Lyttelton Lights apart from others? Our design, brand and products are unique to anything on the market. That is because they truly reflect my personality and creativity. We do not compromise on quality ingredients and our prices genuinely and realistically reflect the work and quality while offering premium luxury. We pride ourselves on creating every single candle by hand, right here in Christchurch. We have a huge emphasis on continuously reviewing and developing new products to provide diversity and cater for every taste. We are committed to ensuring that the finishing touches complete our customer’s expectations and create an experience that lasts.

What are your goals for the future? We already have some very exciting future products in the pipeline. We will extend our selection of candles and will also offer unique products that will accompany them perfectly. We are well underway to grow as a

Creating products that bring people pleasure and joy is what drives me. It’s an amazing thought knowing that our candles are being enjoyed in so many homes around the country. brand nationwide and will have a strong emphasis on quality assurance and building relationships. I am full of ideas that I am planning to introduce in the future. What is the philosophy you work and live by? A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.

Lyttelton Lights Candles are available in a delicious range of fragrances.

Tariq Kundan Brand & Territory Owner 0800 700 111 • 027 440 1908 356F Main North Road, Christchurch Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

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Caroline Rigby & Josje Leyton

Natalie Irvine, Laura Mackay, Ella Fitzgerald

Robyn Moir & Warric Hitge

A DELICIOUS MILESTONE On Friday 19 August, hospitality hot spot Civil and Naval Bar in Lyttelton – London Street’s standout tapas bar - celebrated its third birthday. Amanda, Jess, Nicole

Anna Partridge & Lizzy Sutcliffe

Claudia Johns & Laura Prensell

Anna, Jack, Jack & Tom Photos by Aimee Cane Photography - for copies email

Do you struggle to get in and out of the bath?

Get in and out with our electric bath lift !

We sell all bathroom equipment

113 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 3460 or 0800 666 222

18 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Giulio Sturla (Roots Restaurant) & Louis Dyer (Civil & Naval)


Ōtautahi Beautiful By Céline Gibson

The Annual 2016 Season will feature six key components:

1. 2. 3. 4.

The SCAPE Public Art Walkway

Re:ACTIVATE – An exhibition of emerging artists’ and students’ works

Presence – An exhibition of concentrated, outdoor works curated by Heather Galbraith

SCAPE Education – targeting primary and intermediate pupils in art making activities

SCAPE Speaker Series – combining public programmes, artists’ talks and screenings



SCAPE events – including the opening weekend of youth, family and children oriented events, all free

Here’s something to ponder – that man standing solitary in the Ōtākaro River – the cast iron sculpture known as STAY; have you ever wondered how he got there in the first place? Who brought that about?


eet Deborah McCormick, the dynamic director behind SCAPE Public Art. Chatting to Deborah, you get the feeling that Christchurch’s public artworks – both legacy and temporary - are in safe hands. “My skills are in taking an idea, understanding its capacity, gauging audience response then building the interest, bringing aboard partners, collaborators, investors - meshing it together so that the project is delivered as seamlessly as possible.” Deborah and her dedicated team are overseeing the transition of the former SCAPE Christchurch Biennial model to an annual six week season, starting 1 October through to 12 November, in which new works will be launched and current major public artworks will be showcased.

On behalf of Christchurch, “Thank you, Deborah McCormick!” Visit and email Metropol September 22, 2016 19


Anna Johnstone, Brent Melville, Tracey Chambers

Stuart Wright-Stow, Lisa Ashfield, Richard Polson

Amanda Dick, Michaela Blacklock, Sarah Carrick-Leslie

CHAMPION CANTERBURY BUSINESS AWARDS On Wednesday 10 August, the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce finalist function announcement took place at The Chamber with a corporate cocktail evening and speeches.

Michael Gorman, Lydia Stoddart

Cam Murchison, Jeremy Speight, Neil Cameron

Mike Gray, Sally Cogle

Amanda Cropp, Scott Noakes

Darren Burden, Neil Cox, Jane Brydon, Michael Campbell

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email

20 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Anna Johnstone, Tracey Chambers


with the same conviction it has always possessed. Composed when Felix Mendelssohn was 17, its precocious wit has resonated throughout the ages. Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24, is equally compelling as orchestra goes head to head with piano. The tragic narrative is no less riveting. Piano virtuoso Ronald Brautigam – one of Holland’s most prolific musicians - brings the emotive music to life. Journey from the tragic to the sublime with Beethoven’s glorious Symphony No. 7.

MUSIC TO OUR EARS It’s music to our ears - in more ways than one - to discover a series of classic music performances that will delight the senses in the Garden City this Spring. We’re in tune with the most anticipated shows and have put together a list of those striking a beautiful chord. Christopher’s Classics The Piano 20 October The early music group, Affetto, celebrates the use of puns and ‘double entendre’ in its latest programme for Christopher’s Classics. A Play On Words will hit all the right notes as it pays homage to two of the most popular genres in 17th century music – dramatic music for the stage, and the use of puns in both vocal music and titles for instrumental pieces. Music doesn’t always have to be pretty, as Bess of Bedlam illustrates. Likewise, Drunken Dialogue needs no explanation, but offerings by Byrd, Dowland, Purcell and

others include moments of lyrical beauty as well as humour. Of special interest is Exultation (Lady Macbeth), written for Affetto by Hamilton composer, Janet Jennings. Mozart & Beethoven New Zealand Symphony Orchectra, Isaac Theatre Royal 27 October In this closing programme of the Masterworks series; Edo de Waart showcases the emotional power and technical prowess of the NZSO. The sparkling overture from A Midsummer Night’s Dream will romance the senses

The Last Night of the Proms Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Isaac Theatre Royal 4-5 November, 2016 The CSO’s Last Night of the Proms promises a showcase of the A to Z of classics featuring many of the musical powerhouses throughout the years such as Handel, Mozart and Tchaikovsky with the concert culminating in those most British of all British musical traditions, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory. Proms Maestro, Brian Law, leads the orchestra, choir and soloists through a witty evening of great classics and audience fun. With Union Jack flags at the ready let the pomp and circumstance begin! Mass in Time of War St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Manchester Street 16 October, 2016 Two musical masterpieces written in response to the threat of war will be presented by the CBS Choir. The issues confronted are still as poignant and topical today as they were when first composed. Moreover, the humanity, wit, and realistic optimism of their creator seem more relevant than ever CBS soloists are Stephanie Waterhouse, Louisa Pilkington, Michelle De Boer, Wally Enright, David O’Beirne and Ken Joblin. Natalia Lomeiko will lead the orchestra, and the musical director is Don Whelan.




Phone: 03 374 9790 149 Gloucester Street, Christchurch (Next door to the Isaac Theatre Royal)

e: Metropol September 22, 2016 21


Sally Smith, Chris Bonniface, Liz Adkin

Grant Bonniface, Tim Adkin, Spencer Smith

Hannah Buutveld (Artikel Design), Dilon De Silva (General Manager of Fino Hotel & Suites)

A CULINARY SOIREE On Friday 15 July, the grand opening of Figue Restaurant took place at Fino Hotel & Suites. Figue is the place for celebrating life together. Robyn McArthur, Anton Wilkie, Lucy Powell

Gordon Bennett, Michael Lightbourne

Brad Watts, Robyn McArthur, Clare Hector-Taylor, Kevin Gough, Caroline Blanchfield

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email




Fawzi Haimor C ONDUCTOR Anne Akiko Meyers VIOLIN ST E V E R E IC H

Three Movements M AS O N BAT E S

Violin Concerto DVOR AK

Symphony No. 9 in E minor, ‘From the New World’


22 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Metropol September 22, 2016 23

a Meals Available All Day Restaurant Booking Essential


of fine food

Ph. 03 325 2408

A great atmosphere and menus to please all palates is what makes The Famous Grouse Hotel infamous.

Ethical Homewares Online

the leather couches or bar stools to enjoy bar menu temptations or homemade deli-style offerings from the cabinets.

A great atmosphere and menus to please all palates. It’s the real home-away-from-home feeling that also tempts a daytime visit for the $6 coffee-and-homemade-muffin deal. To wet your whistle, there are thirst quenchers from Irish stouts to ciders and well-chosen wines from the best regions. Unless you decide to stay the night, a courtesy coach operates nightly. The expansive courtyard’s marquee is perfect for functions, and Saturday night’s live music transforms the casual atmosphere into the lively local that Lincoln can be proud of. The Famous Grouse Hotel is open 8am until late every day at 2 Gerald Street, Lincoln. Phone 325 2408 or visit

Diana Adams - Mt Cook

Meaningful & Enduring

“We have big meals and reasonable prices - there’s food for Africa,” says owner Craig Bradford. “You’ll never starve at the Grouse.” He appreciates everyone’s different, so the food choice is deliciously diverse - hence the ‘Build Your Own Breakfast’. Starting with eggs, bacon and toast for $6, diners can add their favourites, such as mushrooms or hash browns, for $3 each. The blackboard presents a roast of the day, fish of the day, soup of the day and an exciting chef’s special. New to the a la carte menu is the tournedos rossini – beef fillet wrapped with bacon and finished with chicken-liver pate and marsala sauce. A velvety mousse dessert is the chef’s everchanging creation. The light meal menu is still in grouse-style portions and children dine like little kings from their own menu. Reservations are recommended for the relaxing restaurant overlooking the courtyard. Alternatively, there’s room on

Grand Opening Specials

Builders Ho ter us as



e Year f th eo

Registere dM

22nd – 28th September


C a n t e b u ry r

design & build for life

81 Edwards Street, Lincoln Phone: 03 260 0333

3 Gerald St Lincoln Ph. 03 325 7400 24 September 22, 2016 Metropol


Gift Box

A must see on your next visit to Lincoln

19 Gerald Street, Lincoln OPEN 7 DAYS Shop 5, 346 Halswell Road,Halswell Ph. 03 322 1368


A Whiter Shade Of Pale By Majka Kaiser

White is crisp, timeless, and especially refreshing as we pack away our darker hues and roll out the welcome mat for Spring.


Kowtow Cloudless Shirt

hite isn’t just for brides, unless you are a guest at a wedding. On any other occasion, however, a white dress or a shirt and skirt ensemble can look amazingly chic. Wearing the pale palette from head to toe can look incredibly elegant, but does take some confidence to pull it off. Try adding a hint of colour with the fashion world’s continued love affair with the pale blush loafer or brogue. As with basic black, classic white, cream and oatmeal can be paired with any colour under the sun. For the natural boho look, opt for handcrafted ceramic or wooden jewellery and a hand tooled leather shoulder bag or an undyed natural leather tote that has a slightly pinky hue. For optimal elegance, marry whites and creams with polished gold or muted brass accents. For the boardroom, it pays to opt for fabrics that are sturdier and hold their shape. Go for materials like crepe or heavy cotton drill, rather than linen that tends to crinkle easily. Tailored jackets paired with pants in white or ivory look stunning with a bright pop of a colour underneath and teamed with matching shoes for balance. Ivory, cream, and oatmeal are all beautiful natural takes on the classic white for a softer approach. Experiment with different textures to give your outfit added interest, but be wary of mixing too many different textures. Add depth to a predominantly white outfit by layering separates. Try layering a cropped jacket over a tunic with ankle boots or a long lightweight coat over a pair of cream jeans. Mixing and matching different hues from the pale palette of creams and whites can also add depth. As whites are highly susceptible to stains, make sure you apply perfume before you dress and makeup afterwards. Always match your underwear to your skin tone and reserve the lacy, patterned and white delicates for more colourful or darker coloured outfits.

Metropol September 22, 2016 25


uests will enjoy a DJ’d catwalk show along with cocktails and nibbles. For those wanting to end the week with a VIP experience, upgraded tickets are for grabs with exclusive access to the Fashion Week Lounge. An exclusive music performance, premium drinks and nibbles in a smaller, intimate setting represent the perfect opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life. To boot, premium reserved

An exclusive music performance, premium drinks and nibbles in a smaller, intimate setting represent the perfect opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life.


SARTORIAL INDULGENCE Ballantynes Fashion Week 2016 is bound to set hearts aflutter. With the latest and hottest spring and summer trends on offer across a seven day showcase of fashion (29 September – 5 October), the inspirational experience finishes in style with the Wrap Party.


03 356 1511 56 Holmwood Rd Merivale Find us on facebook

26 September 22, 2016 Metropol

seating for the catwalk show means being up close to the action as well as leaving on high note with a premium goodie bag. Entrance for this event is via 663 Colombo Street (Contemporary Lounge) with doors opening 6pm for a 6.30pm start for the show. RSVP at or phone 0800 656 400. Further information about the week’s festivities can be sought through this link. Thursday 29 September will mark the official launch of the fashion week with bubbles, canapes and a catwalk show celebrating the occasion. Saturday 1 October will offer the chance to venture into the Contemporary Lounge and see some of New Zealand’s emerging talents of the art and fashion world. Sunday 2 October is about wears and beers, pegged as a day for the blokes before mums and bubs get treated to ‘the finishing touches’ the following day. The accessories department will help join the dots between makeup, hair, accessories, shoes and lingerie.



SHARP With 25 years’ experience in the industry, Conrad Fitz-Gerald decided early on that barbering was much more up his alley than styling fancy dos.

“ “T

he year I spent in London in the mid 90’s really sparked my love for barbering,” Conrad confesses, “which basically paid me to talk about sport all day”. In December 2014, Conrad established his barbershop in Cathedral Junction and has transformed the space into a comfortable man cave. Plastered with David Bowie memorabilia he’s collected over 30 years, Conrad’s extensive vinyl collection can be heard playing on the turntable while he shoots the breeze with his clients. Another key theme is Britten paraphernalia that is on display and available for purchase. “I don’t ride motorbikes myself, but I’m a big fan of motorsports,” Conrad says. So when the

opportunity arose to strengthen ties between Cathedral Junction and the motorsports brand, he jumped at the chance. Being at the heart of the rebuild, Conrad’s clientele runs the gamut from crane drivers to lawyers and everyone in between, including tourists and even the elite NASA team who were in town earlier in the year. “I may well be the only barber in Christchurch with NASA security clearance,” Conrad quips. With no-nonsense cuts and a hot shave at just $30 you can’t go wrong. Appointments are generally not needed, but if you’re tight on time you can always call ahead to see if there’s a gap and Conrad promises to accommodate customers where he can.

Conrad’s extensive vinyl collection can be heard playing on the turntable while he shoots the breeze with his clients.

Metropol September 22, 2016 27

MAKING FACES Medical And Cosmetic Micropigmentation Specialist

PICTURE PERFECT Christchurch based beauty clinic Making Faces specialises in semi-permanent makeup, a worldwide trend that is swiftly gaining traction here in New Zealand.



Experts in semi permanent makeup, the natural eyebrow eyeliner and lip enhancement specialists. 4/36 Settlers Cresant, Ferrymead Ph. 03 974 1600 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am -9am, Sat 9am-5pm


Kabella Baby spring is here! Fun prints, bright, cheery colours and beautiful clothes Sizes 8-22+

Shop 2, Parkside Plaza. Opposite The Tavern Harewood, 333 Harewood Rd Bishopdale Kaye: 0274352056

28 September 22, 2016 Metropol



ecently travelling to Berlin, Making Faces owner, Pip McGregor and technician Tammy Brosnahan participated in the World Micropigmentation Conference and were among the world’s elite to win a design award. “It was a real honour,” McGregor recalls. “Not only to be acknowledged amongst the world’s most renowned technicians, but to confirm that in New Zealand we are not merely keeping up with the rest of the world, but we are actually excelling in this progressive industry.” For this top team producing world-class work, beauty and dermal therapy is a passion for every technician at Making Faces, and one that requires the utmost fastidiousness to the point of obsession. McGregor’s rigorous training combined with her thirst for keeping abreast of the fast-paced developments within industry, assures her clients they are receiving the highest quality treatment. Sadly there are too many incidents of women receiving substandard treatment at the hands of inexperienced technicians, a serious problem that was addressed at the conference. “Unfortunately it’s something we see all too often,” McGregor explains. With cheap specials, unqualified technicians, or newly trained technicians using sub- standard equipment, McGregor emphasises just how critical it is to have confidence and not be afraid to ask to see a technician’s portfolio and qualifications. “This is a craft that takes years to perfect. Done with an expert hand the results are miraculous, but poorly executed it can be a potential nightmare to correct,” McGregor warns.

A DESIGNER DESTINATION Fashion has entered a new realm – one where style seekers are rightly purchasing with conscience. Untouched World - a UNESCO recognised sustainable business - is at the forefront of sartorial innovation, having created an enterprise that lives and breathes an environmentally and socially conscious ethos that resonates with brand loyalists.


ith 97% of its range produced in New Zealand, the philosophy of Untouched World is commendable and is reflected yet again in its stunning new Spring/Summer 16-17 Collection now in store. “One of the perks of us being a New Zealand brand means that our garments are tailored to the New Zealand lifestyle, to suit our climate and the way we like to live,” Marketing Co-ordinator Vanessa Campbell confirms. “Our collections are designed to be easy care and multi-task effortlessly, and this season is no exception. Most pieces can happily go from the office to the beach or a barbecue. We have an exquisite range of fine summer knits in beautiful punchy colours. They’re perfect at this time of year to bring some uplifting summer colour

into your wardrobe, while still offering some warmth as the weather swings between cool and warm.” Luxe linen meets a cosy knit to create an in-demand hybrid fabric and the addition of Summer mountainsilk dresses, gooey Merino modal tops and organic cotton dresses and tees means a generous offering for the taking. “On a smaller scale, we’ve launched an Untouched World capsule for kids, with mini versions of three of our favourite adult styles in fun colours the kids love.” With the lovely, style savvy Lee Ann managing the flagship store at Roydvale Avenue and the new-look café serving up new dishes, tasty cabinet treats and some fresh herb tea blends and decadent hot chocolates, the senses are forever being spoiled at Untouched World.

“Our collections are designed to be easy care and multi-task effortlessly, and this season is no exception.” Vanessa Campbell, Marketing

Life Pharmacy Northlands

Shop 84, Northlands Mall, Papanui Phone 352-7805

Limited edition WOW 6 piece gift FREE when you purchase two full size Dermalogica products Offer expires 9 October 2016 *CONDITIONS APPLY

You’re a    


luxury pamper package just $199

Invigorating body polish Back, neck & shoulder massage enhanced with hot stones Glorious warmed body mask  Luxurious facial Soothing head & scalp massage


Please allow 105 minutes

10 Webb Street, Merivale │ phone: 365 3630 │ │ Mention Metropol and receive an extra little luxury gift... because You’re a Star and you deserve it! Metropol September 22, 2016 29



Go Natural Natural hair brushes are more expensive, but are the best blending tools for the smoothest and most professional look. Synthetic brushes are more likely to shed and may not distribute makeup as evenly. Natural brushes are softer and will last a lot longer. Buying good quality brushes is an investment, so it pays to get the right ones.


eautiful makeup starts with the right tools. While professional makeup artists have an extensive array of different brushes to work with, you don’t need as many as you think in your own collection. The six essentials are: foundation/ concealer, blush, powder, contour, crease, blending and angle.

30 September 22, 2016 Metropol


Know your face To determine the shape, size and bristle length you need, it helps to know your skin type and how your face is structured. For example, your brush size really needs to match your face size when you’re applying blush. Use a brush with a width that complements your face shape — if you have a wider face, use a wider brush.


Keep it clean To look after your investment, be sure to keep the brushes clean. Once a week, run the brush heads under lukewarm water. Use either facial cleanser or a gentle baby shampoo to lather up the brush tips, swirling the formula in the palm of your hand. Rinse under running water and repeat the cleanse process until the water runs clear. Reshape the bristles and lay flat on a cloth to dry, preferably in the sun – it can take a few hours.


Cutting edge fashion boutique JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) heralds in the new season with a delicious cherry picked selection of stylish separates that are guaranteed to bring your wardrobe right up to date.


ey colours to add to your wardrobe this season are zesty lemon, eye-popping cobalt, Russian red, and striking emerald green. More subdued hues in an earthy palette comprise a glorious sea foam, sand, and taupe which all team with the classic black and white separates. For casual weekends a simple cotton V-neck cardigan has given JNBY’s signature a shake up on the traditional front with the addition of asymmetrical blocks of colour in white, barely there grey and a twist of lemon. Sweat pants have never looked this elegant from JNBY’s Reformed Sportswear collection - too good to wear to the gym, team these pants with a loose T-shirt cinched at the waist. Dress them up with a pair of open-toe heels.

My personal stand-out favourite of JNBY’s spring/ summer collection is a gorgeous ruched skirt that comes in either a stunning fire engine red or a crisp white. Made using polyester crepe de chine, it also has belt loops to accessorise accordingly. Worn with a simple T-shirt tucked in at the waist with heels and a jacket for the office or with strappy sandals for the weekends, this little number is sure to be a number one go-to item in your new spring wardrobe.


allaboutyou the science of skincare

162 Clarence St | Riccarton | Ph: 348 3949 30 Rossmore Tce | Cashmere | Ph: 3327017 Metropol September 22, 2016 31

Did you know?

New Zealand has one of the highest bowel cancer rates in the world.

CHRISTCHURCH COLORECTAL Prof Frank Frizelle Assoc Prof Tim Eglinton Mr Richard Tapper

Mr John Frye Mr Chris Wakeman

A thriving, world-class medical research scene is a key way to keep our youngest and brightest minds in Canterbury | PH: 968 3140 Based at the Specialist Centre Level 2, 21 Caledonian Road, (on Southern Cross Campus)

Talking to Fertility Associates was the best call I ever made.

17,000 babies born so far Newly refurbished Christchurch Clinic with: NZ's leading specialists Private & publicly funded services Full range of fertility treatments

For a free nurse consultation or to book an appointment visit or call


FERTILITY a better understanding associates I


32 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Smart Your contribution matters. Visit to donate today.


Beat Bowel Cancer – have a Colonoscopy

Foundation grants

$660,000 to medical research in Canterbury

The Canterbury Medical Research Foundation (CMRF) has announced it will be providing more than $660,000 in research grants from its 2016 major funding round.

S “Our support provides invaluable opportunities for early-career researchers to launch into medical research with funding that allows them to stay in Canterbury.”

Dr Maggie Lee Huckabee

even projects were chosen from 11 applicants, spanning medical research in the laboratory to clinical applications at the coalface of care, including using vitamin C in treating sepsis and using exercise as a component of cancer treatment. “The standard of applications in this round was very high,” says Kate Russell, CMRF Chief Executive. “Our support provides invaluable opportunities for earlycareer researchers to launch into medical research with funding that allows them to stay in Canterbury. The last thing we want is for these bright minds to leave the city through a lack of opportunity here.” The Foundation runs a number of grant rounds each year, but its “Emerging Researcher” round is the largest. Founded in 1960 by the late Sir Don Beaven, the Foundation has funded more than $24 million in medical research in the city since inception. With Government funding for medical research limited, many researchers look to regional foundations such as CMRF to give them the leg up they need to get the attention of larger funders. Amongst this year’s grant recipients is Doctor Kristin Lamvik from the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research. The Foundation was instrumental in setting up the centre, using a large bequest targeted at stroke research, left to the Foundation in 2013. The ongoing support of the Foundation is valuable support for the centre, which now sees patients from all over New Zealand and overseas. Rose Centre Director, Doctor Maggie Lee Huckabee, says the support of the Foundation is vital. “It’s about people – they not only fund research, but they fund people to do research.” Later this year, the Foundation will hold its annual Wine and Art Auction, now in its 23rd year and already sold out. This year’s recipient is Doctor Julia Rucklidge from the

University of Canterbury, who is running ground-breaking research on the use of micronutrient supplementation to assist those with mental health issues, including children with ADHD. “People want to see that their donations make a difference at a local level, helping researchers who are making an impact on local communities,” Doctor Rucklidge says. The Foundation also heavily supports the work of its subsidiary, The New Zealand Brain Research Institute (NZBRI) where leading-edge Parkinson’s research is undertaken, with a longitudinal study now in its eighth year. The Institute is one of a consortium of institutions and universities which form the “Brain CoRE” (Centre of Research Excellence) concentrating their efforts on dementia and the ageing brain. As an independent institute, the NZBRI relies heavily on local community support for its work and the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation provides NZBRI with baseline operational funding and support. For more information on the CMRF visit For more information on the NZ Brain Research Institute visit

Dr Julia Rucklidge Metropol September 22, 2016 33


Stylist to the stars and globally resonant style powerhouse Rachel Zoe once said, “What you wear is your opportunity to tell the world who you are without having to speak”.


er wise words represent both philosophy and practice for New Zealand’s own curator of timeless wardrobes – personal stylist, Tracy Ilton. The fundamental and inspiring difference between the two stylists is that Tracy’s highly respected service doesn’t discriminate on the basis of status. She willingly and enthusiastically works with women from all walks of life. “My consultation service is non-judgemental. My overarching objective is to increase the confidence of women and I treat every client as the unique person they are so together we can establish their own personal brand.” Tracy’s thorough and bespoke process starts with an initial consultation where she collaborates with clients to determine what aesthetic they best relate to. “For example, I show them different images so we can understand at the outset whether their style is elegant, bohemian or quirky, whether they favour sexy or androgynous,

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts Combining 40 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the nest quality, natural looking dentures

masculine or feminine. From here we are in a great position to do a wardrobe refresh.” Tracy understands the direct correlation between great self-confidence and flourishing careers, relationships and happiness. “Confidence isn’t just about fashion – it’s about finding ways to express your authentic self. “I always focus on my clients’ attributes and highlight these. When you focus on what’s positive, everything else disappears. I’d never compare clients to fruit like ‘apple’ or ‘pear’ shapes and I don’t focus on colour swatches. Everybody deserves to feel beautiful and having a healthy body image is essential.” Having worked locally through private consults, as a special public speaker and on magazine campaigns, as well as in Melbourne supporting training programmes, Tracy’s best practice is swiftly gaining traction. For further information visit

Helping you get your Spine to work optimally and keeping it that way

4 REASONS TO SEE US We help you with: • • • •

Better Balance Increased Flexibility Improve Movement Restore function to the nervous system

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

*Complimentary check ups ACC Registered

Dr Mary Patterson

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale 34 September 22, 2016 Metropol

390 Memorial Ave, Christchurch Ph: 03 357 9222 M: 021 560 870 Mon - Fri 7.30am - 7.30pm Complimentary Spinal Check 50% OFF initial exam (limited time)

POLISHED TO PERFECTION Complete your outfit and present a polished package to the world with immaculate nails.


ight in the heart of Merivale (opposite the mall) E Nails is a bustling nail salon brimming with youthful energy with its finger on the pulse of what’s hot in fashion. E Nails’ Manager and nail technician, Catee Wang, is excited to offer clients two different relaxing foot spa scents, rose and milk, for their next pedicure alongside a new brand of gel nails that is kinder on nails and makes them stronger too. Using plant extracts instead of toxic chemicals there are no nasty odours or harmful side affects. With a hundred colours to choose from these new gel nails last up to two weeks or even longer with an additional layer of strengthening gel. Industry leader in nail colour, OPI, has just introduced a range of new colours to its already abundant collection providing the opportunity to try something different every time. While plain nail colours are still the most popular choice amongst loyal clientele, Catee says she and the other nail technicians love getting creative with colour and pattern. “Sometimes our clients will show us pictures of nail art they find on Pintrest, which we then recreate for them. There’s a lot of fun to be had and we love experimenting with new designs,” Catee says. Keep your nails in tiptop condition with regular maintenance on all gels and acrylic nails, as well as simple French polishes, manicures and pedicures at E Nails.

Be nice to your nails Brighten up your Mother’s Nails

Day! Gorgeous colours! Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Open 7 days

Sheila Larsen Helping you make and find solutions

Confidential & Trustworthy Support

Registered Psychotherapist and Counsellor R.P.N., Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy M.N.Z.A.P

Phone: 03 338 6433

Metropol September 22, 2016 35

Dress like a million for less Nestled amongst the collectable curiosities within the Twine Antique Store and beautiful cowhides at the Brick Mill in Waikuku is a carefully hand picked selection of gorgeous pre-loved designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the original price tag.


A carefully hand picked selection of gorgeous pre-loved designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the original price tag.



ew Zealand’s hottest designers such as Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Helen Cherry, Trelise Cooper and Juliet Hogan pepper the racks. These labels complement stylish separates and stunning dresses from global fashion brands like Kate Spade New York, Camilla & Marc, Maison Scotch, and of course Louis Vuitton, whose fashion empire inspired the name of the store. With a great selection of footwear, accessories and leather jackets from the likes of Caroline Moore, Paula Ryan, Sass & Bide, and Devàl as well as a fine range of jeans from leading brands G-Star, Mavi, True Religion, Paige Denim, LTB, and Citizens of Humanity, visitors are sure to find something to suit their taste

Take a step away from life’s demands to reconnect to the mind & body

and budget. Collecting top notch pieces from up and down the country, Louis Who offers a pick up service within the Christchurch’s central city and surrounding areas. With a 50 percent return on all clothing sold on behalf of clients, it’s a great incentive to refresh wardrobes. In anticipation of Cup Day, Louis Who is hosting a special styling evening on Thursday 6 October with Style TV’s Louise Heller and Seventh and Figg’s headwear creator, Suz Meares. Secure your seat by calling Lisa on 021 804 425. Open 9am-4pm Thursday through Sunday; keep up to date with the latest arrivals at louiswhoclothing.







Contact Brooke: P: 021 131 9745 E:

Offering yoga suitable for beginners through to international leves

Monday’s 7.30pm - 8.30pm More options to come in coming weeks

LO U I S W H O ? Designer Preloved Clothing

The Mill, Waikuku 1473 Main North Rd

Tailoring And Clothing Alteration Experts

A perfect fit looks amazing!

sacs Tailoring

Now in Merivale #xp›ħ



Made to measure Weddings Drycleaning Altera�ons �or both Men & Women

44 Clyde Rd, Riccarton Ph. 343 5438,

See website for all services available! 36 September 22, 2016 Metropol

176a Papanui Road - Merivale

Whatever way you wear it, the wrap dress will serve you well time and time again.

IT’S A WRAP By Majka Kaiser

From the First Lady to the Duchess of Cambridge, the ‘wrap’ remains the dress de rigueur since it first made fashion history in the seventies.

Kate Sylvester Melba Wrap Dresses


classic that never dates and flatters every figure, the wrap is a wardrobe staple. Enjoying such longevity due to its versatility, it can be styled in a myriad of ways and dressed up or down with different shoes and accessories depending on what the occasion calls for. Flattering to the female form, the wrap dress celebrates a woman’s best calling cards by accentuating the bust and hips and minimising the waist, thereby creating the ultimate feminine hourglass silhouette.

SOEUR CONCEPT STORE The perfect destination...

Whatever way you wear it, the wrap dress will serve you well time and time again. Going casual is easy with a wrap dress. Team it with a pair of preppy loafers, brogues or pretty ballet flats for a daytime cafe date, or slip on over your bikini, don a widebrimmed sun hat and throw on some flip flops for a day at the beach. Look to linen, jersey, or a polyester mix for that cool and casual style that’s both comfortable and chic. To achieve elegance after dark, dress up your ensemble with a pair of killer heels, a sassy clutch and jewellery to accent your décolletage. Embrace a luxurious silk bohemian kimono-style wrap dress featured in Kate Sylvester’s spring collection. It can either be worn on its own or layered over tailored slim line pants and heels. Whatever way you wear it, the wrap dress will serve you well time and time again.

Discover a hidden treasure of clothes, art & gifts 188 Papanui Rd, Merivale P. 355 9794 Metropol September 22, 2016 37

For a high class cut and style.

Cathedral Junction Barbers Shop 8, Cathedral Junction Worcester St, Christchurch Ph. 377 2634

‘Adding the edge’ Claire Blouse $269.90 Available from


The Colombo Mall 363 Colombo Street, Sydenham Ph. 03 366 1200 Issue Clothing Company is the work style solution for busy women. We deliver a fresh, on-trend capsule wardrobe every season. Browse and shop at Merrell Delta Leisure Canvas Shopper (rrp $99) Featuring a large, zippered main compartment with an inner zipper pocket, this canvas shopper will take you from the mall to the beach in style. Check it out at our flagship store. Merrell Riccarton, upstairs, Level 2 Westfield Mall, Riccarton Ph. 343 6736,

Let’s Get Outside Queenstown

11 The Mall, Queenstown, Ph. 409 2010

Ask at your salon for GELAVISH Available now at

Nailx Beauty Supplies 0800 262 459 38 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Luxe new linen arrivals now in store and online… Untouched World™ Flagship Store and Café: 155 Roydvale Avenue, Ph: 357 9399 Untouched World™ Re:START Store: N13/96 Oxford Tce, Ph: 365 9533

Our focus is on handcrafted clothing using the finest natural materials. With truly styling, and a following overseas for the past 22 years...we are excited to have the very first New Zealand flagship store open in Merivale, Christchurch.

JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) 205c Papanui Road, Merivale Ph. 355 4012 Opens 6 days

a local

gastronomic delight There is something refreshingly honest and authentic about your local pub – but only when it’s done exceptionally well.


ortunately for Rangiora and wider Canterbury, The John Roy has its genuine cuisine and hospitality down to a fine art. It’s no accident that this family-friendly restaurant has worked its way into the hearts of loyal patrons. From fresh local market fish and ribeye steak to braised lamb shank, chicken and bacon salad and tapas like Spanish tortillas, flash fried prawns, and clams with sherry and ham, the menu is extensive and caters to dietary requirements. “We make everything from scratch on our premises,” co-owner Susan Secker says. “All of our pies are made by us, and we source local and fresh produce for our meals including our vegetables and meat. Because it is whitebait season, we are serving whitebait patties right now. We try to do as much as we can to support the local area.” From birthdays, family dinners and business meetings to big music nights including the recently

held Feelers concert – a huge coup by anyone’s measure – The John Roy is a proud all-rounder. “We recently renovated our space from front to back. We wanted the restaurant to reflect the great food we serve including brunch, tapas and a night menu. “As the end of the year approaches, we are receiving bookings for girls’ nights outs, Christmas functions and family get togethers. We can do anything within a budget – from plated dinners to finger foods and carveries.” Families can rest assured their little ones are very welcome at The John Roy with highchairs available, kids activity packs, and even a children’s menu. “Our children’s menu for 6 to 10 year olds includes an icecream sundae and for littlies from the ages of 1 to 5 we offer a $1 menu which increases by $1 for every year of their age. Visit The John Roy at 37 High Street. Gold card holders are entitled to 20% off all meals.

We source local and fresh produce for our meals including our vegetables and meat.” Co-owner Susan Secker







Based on 3 Oct 2017 departure Highlights: Tokyo, Hakone, Mt Fuji, Matsumoto, Takayama, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka

helloworld Rangiora

99 High Street

03 310 6288

T&Cs: *Conditions apply. Prices are per person (pp), NZD, twin share and include port charges. Prices are correct as at 7 September 2016, but may fluctuate due to changes in availability, surcharges, fees, taxes or exchange rates. Prices are based on RJTJAG12: 3 October 2017. The RJTJAG12 price is inclusive of the $200 pp early payment discount. EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT: Offer applicable only if tour is paid in full 10 months prior to departure date of tour. An initial non-refundable deposit of $2,000 pp must be paid within seven days of making the booking. Dependent on the departure date of tour booked, a second non-refundable deposit of $1,000 may also be due by the 31 October 2016. A saving of $200 pp is applicable when booking a Japan 2017 holiday of up to 17 days in length. NO EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT: A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 pp is due within seven days of booking. A second non-refundable deposit of $1,000 pp is due by 31 October 2016. If airfares increase and/or changes in ticketing requirements occur, the second deposit may be required earlier. Final payment is due 100 days prior to departure. Offers may be withdrawn at any time, are strictly limited and are available on new bookings only. Offers cannot be combined with any other offer, unless specified. Australian Pacific Touring Pty Ltd ABN 44 004 684 619. ATAS accreditation #A10825.

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A boutique Specialists in natural fibres, fair trade & NZ made

Marmalade Clothing is Oxford’s only clothing boutique and is steadily becoming ‘famous’ across Canterbury for its specialism in natural fibres and support of fair trade and New Zealand made.

T Stockists of Men’s & Women’s Clothing & Accessories /marmaladeclothingNZ

49A Main Street, Oxford Tel: 03 312 3382

his stunning retailer has been open for three years this October. “We try to offer a unique range of conscience fashion essentials - there is no other business in the region offering such a sustainable selection of clothing, jewellery and accessories all under one roof,” Owner Jessica Fearnley-Campbell explains. Spring ushers in vivid and energetic colours such as ‘fiesta’, ‘melon’, ‘buttercup’, aqua and ‘snorkel blue’, all of which transport wearers to a happier, sunnier place. Fabrics feature ditsy floral prints, and there will be plenty of lightweight chambray denim and on trend broderie anglaise too as fashionistas head into summer. Expect pretty culottes, jumpsuits, the popular relaxed viscose trousers and new organic cotton knitwear from favourite Nomads Clothing. Meanwhile Braintree Clothing continues to amaze with its stunning collection of bamboo socks and underwear. “We have a new collection of scarves available from NZ charity Freeset, and lots of fun bright accessories for the run up to Christmas from Trade Aid NZ.” What else makes Marmalade special? This spring the store will become the only Southern hemisphere stockist of UK best practice brands ‘Weird Fish’ and ‘Lily & Me’. Weird Fish offers fresh, casual lifestyle clothing, perfect for New Zealanders who like to enjoy the outdoors at the weekend, while the Lily & Me garments feature a fabulous range of bold unique prints. Visit 49a Main Street, Oxford to explore the pretty possibilities.

Now in Kaiapoi

Opposite McDonalds 99 Williams St.

Phone for delivery or pick up 0800 113 113 or 03 3773113 See CLICK on LOCATIONS link for maps of delivery areas Open Mon-Wed 4pm to 9pm Thurs, Fri & Sat 4pm to 9.30pm Sun 4pm to 9pm 40 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Professional Customised Designs Available

UPSTAIRS at 5 Good St Rangiora

PH. 03 310 6669

Private message us through our facebook page!

A generous dose of

RETAIL THERAPY It’s par for the ‘racecourse’ to want to radiate elegance during Cup Week.


he annual horse racing events provide highly anticipated opportunities to ‘dress to the nines’ and experiment with what’s in vogue. Fortunately for fashionistas, there is a particularly chic destination in Rangiora’s quaint High Street that has its finger well and truly on the sartorial pulse – The Accessory Shoppe. Highly regarded for its discerning selection, all of the essential hallmarks of cup day can be discovered here. From fascinators, fashion hats and dresses through to evening bags, hosiery and lingerie, the stunning selection is characterised by sophistication and functional beauty. Well known lingerie brands including Fayreform, Affinity, Triumph, Berlei and Bendon are on offer with a private and personal service enabling women to purchase with confidence thanks to the expertise of qualified fitters. A unique retailer, The Accessory Shoppe presents a boutique environment with supportive, industry leading experts who love to help their loyal customers find an outfit that reflects their style, complements their figure, and will ensure they stand out from the crowd. Created with every day and special occasions in mind, The Accessory Shoppe serves up a generous dose of retail therapy. Visit the gorgeous shop at 144 High Street.

Picadilly range from Canada

Health+Fitness Supplements

CLOTHING APPAREL SPORTS & HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS 8-10 High Street, Rangiora P: 021 499 490

Online orders:


NEW All aspects of hair cutting Experienced stylists No appointment necessary Reasonable prices 112 High St, Rangiora (Old Robbies building)

NEW EXCITING MENU Cassels & Sons Cra� beers & Local Waipara Wines, Gourmet Pizzas Garden Conservatory & available for Private �unc�ons

Open 7 days – 10am �ll late Ph 03 314 8030 150 Ashworths Road, SH 1, Amberley Metropol September 22, 2016 41


Once you’ve honed in on the particulars of your bridal gown, the next step is deciding on bridesmaid’s dresses. We’ve compiled a top tips lists for the key considerations you need to factor into your planning.


Research The first step in ‘Operation Bridesmaids’ begins with research. The internet is a great place to browse the myriad of aweinspiring wedding blogs. Style Me Pretty has an image vault filled with hundreds of gorgeous images to get ideas fizzing and New Zealand’s very own Magnolia Rouge has a gallery where you can search by keyword. Cost These days it seems commonplace for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses, so as the bride it pays to be considerate of your friends’ budgets and lifestyles when making your choice. Think about how your choices on style and colour affect whether they can wear the outfit more than once. Timeframe Bear in mind that if even if you’re ordering a style that is ‘off the rack’ it can often take up to three months for orders to arrive and a further four to six



Metropoladvert 135 x 45 v1 15042015.pdf 1 15/04/2015 9:32:16 a.m.

By Majka Kaiser

Weddings Private Functions Corporate Events

View our 360° Tour 100 Old Tai Tapu Road, Halswell, Christchurch Phone 03 322 7780

42 September 22, 2016 Metropol

weeks for any alterations to be completed. Six months is a good buffer. Fit Experience has shown that unless you are having dresses specifically made to order for each woman, ordering a size larger than usual is best as it’s much easier to alter a bigger dress rather than ending up with a dress that’s too small and then having to reorder. Style Unless all your friends have a similar body shape, it would be wise to opt for different styles to suit different figures and unite them with the same colour and fabric. Keep this in mind in your preliminary search. Colour If your wedding theme is already set, then look at complementary or contrasting colours for your bridesmaids. Choose a colour that will suit the skin tones of each woman and don’t be afraid to consider pattern.




TIMELESS BEAUTY Age today is all about attitude, not the number of candles on the cake.


for Hair and Beauty at Merivale knows this and offers a very popular Golden Girls Club and the team is continually looking for new ways for all its clients to look and feel their best. Creating looks to inspire individual clients along with offering brilliant ideas, techniques and products is the focus. The team knows that maturing clients have specific hair needs and has recently introduced some brilliant new Silver Line products specifically to tackle these needs. Silver Line gives you glossy, tamed, volumised hair and absolutely flattering colour if you choose to retain your grey colour. It is important to have a style that suits your hair, face shape and most importantly, lifestyle. If you choose to let the greys come in naturally, your haircut needs to create shape and make a statement. There are lots of ways to add colour and minimise re-growth, such as foils with highlights and low lights. Perms don’t need to be taboo! A good perm or style support can add manageability and volume to hair. Clients love having hair and beauty therapy all under one roof. Whether it’s for a relaxing facial, pedicure or an eyebrow tidy up, you will walk away looking and feeling fabulous from head to toe. Find the welcoming team upstairs in Merivale Mall or online at

lifetime The commitment of a

While a proposal has the ability to incite indescribable elation and euphoria, it is the engagement ring that personifies the expression of love and the commitment of a lifetime.


olished Diamonds, architect and creator of diamond dreams, takes great pride and privilege in designing and manufacturing engagement and wedding rings defined by exquisite craftsmanship and featuring GIA certified, ethically mined and U.N approved conflict free diamonds. State-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) produces flawless jewellery models prior to production ensuring a perfect result. A harmonious marriage between affordability and breathtaking quality along with a personalised service online or at the plush boutique parlour on stunning New Regent Street give Polished Diamonds its platinum reputation. Owner, Dan Joines, and his talented team are justly proud to offer 25,000 diamonds and 300 designs, managing a truly bespoke service and jewellery that defies the imagination and stands the test of time.

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HANMER’S HERITAGE By Melinda Collins

Many know of Hanmer Springs by the natural hot springs that have remained a feature since the township wrapped around their natural formation 70 km south-east of the Lewis Pass.


Inviting you to a warm & welcoming restaurant in the heart of Hanmer Springs invite you for a traditional family dining experience. Come & try our NEW Breakfast menu Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Open Daily from 9 am - 9 pm 03 3157631, 2 Jacks Pass Rd, Hanmer Springs


ut the quaint rural location has a colourful history, dating back to its discovery in the 1800s. Although known to travelling Maori who used the thermal springs as a stop-over, the first European to see the springs in 1859 was William Jones who noticed steam rising from the ground near a walking track. The Hanmer Plains Reserve of 2,500 acres was surveyed and, in 1881, the Lyttelton Times stated that the government ministers “were not averse to laying out a township at the Hot Springs in the Hanmer Plains”, with the first bathing facilities opening just two years later. The Hanmer Thermal Sanatorium was later built, with visitors encouraged to ‘take the cure’ by bathing, inhaling hot steam and drinking water from the springs. While the original sanatorium burnt down in 1914, Queen Mary Hospital was built on the site for wounded soldiers and shell-shock cases. The springs’ complex that opened in 1978 is now a major tourist attraction, with 10 thermal pools and other facilities.

Buying or Selling? Contact Harley Today!

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Hanmer Springs Adventure is now the proud stockists of

Femme de la Mer Swimwear Ph.03 315 7233 44 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Your Hanmer Springs Property Specialist

Harley Manion

B.Com Economics & Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Ph/txt: 021 149 8050 Email:

Almost forty years later, the springs – and the resulting township itself – have lost none of their appeal.



SARTORIAL SELECTION Designer fashion and swimwear has become as big a drawcard for Hanmer as the hot pools and fresh alpine air.


lice Stielow’s two stores with nearly three decades of local history - Lifestyles and Fashionworks - sees returning customers make a beeline for the latest ranges. Go from shop to pool and save swimwear shopping for Lifestyles, where experienced staff assist with the best choices for your body-type, before you get to the fitting rooms. “Swimwear should fit firmly and you might need to go up or down a size with different brands,” Alice says. Bond-Eye’s Nip Tuck range offers flattering structure, as does Seafolly and Moontide’s range of cup sizes. There’s Piha, Sunseeker, Speedo, America’s quality eye-catching Jantzen, JETS and aptly named Togs - from a now global kiwi-born designer. Men and children are also catered for at pool time. Lifestyles’ urban wear ranges include Billabong, Ketz-ke, Stussy, Tigerlily, RVCA, Elements, All About Eve, Levis, VonZipper and cool Wodan shoes. There’s even designer underwear – an often forgotten essential by holidaymakers. Fashionworks is all about beautiful women’s clothing, footwear, jewellery, and menswear, where the experts offer suggestions for a fabulous fit, especially in pants. The chosen designer ranges include Wish, NoaNoa, CooperStreet, Seduce, Zafina, longwearing Staple+Cloth, and Augustine with its sister companies youthful Charlo and Stella Royal for curvier figures. Alice notices the fashion gap has narrowed. “It’s not about age or size, you can wear what you want if it’s styled well and fits perfectly.” She also meets the modern online shopper’s expectations with stylish competitively priced products. Visit Fashionworks at The Courtyard, Conical Hill Road and phone 03 315 7120. Lifestyles is located at Alpine Pacific Centre, Conical Hill Road. Phone 03 315 7126. Visit, or Facebook.


and feel the difference...

Up to Hanmer Springs


* Conditions apply

The Pied Piper of Hanmer

Join the Hanmer Bakery gourmet pie fans and head on down to our fabulous bakery located in the heart of Hanmer Open from early morning until late afternoon 7 days a week, 6am - 4pm. Shop 6, Village Shopping Mall Hanmer Springs 7334 Phone: 03 315 7714 Email:

Ph. 0800 587 873 Metropol September 22, 2016 45

children have chosen what they wanted to wear each year, this in itself is a reminder of that favourite T-shirt and cap. “Milestones are key times to have photos taken,” says Catherine, with her portraits a mix of classic black and white, and colour, dependent on the client’s preference. Milestones can be a celebration of that

Catherine has always been drawn to photographing people.


first year of life, or the important birthdays at age 16, 18, 21 and 30 years, and every decade after. It’s about capturing the family gatherings, when all the generations are present, so that afterwards you avoid the realisation that no one took a decent photo of everyone together. “If you have an important event coming

We can all take a quick shot on our phone but there is an inherent skill in capturing a true moment.


t is the familiar expression on the face of a toddler, the way a child holds their body as they grow, and that gaptoothed grin. It is those moments that you want to remember – the ones that you see every day and then forget just as quickly. Catherine Smith from Lasting Expressions Photography has always been drawn to photographing people. Over the past decade she has taken yearly portraits of families, photos of the whole family and children as they have grown from babies to toddlers and pre-teens.

46 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Displayed in the family home the portraits tell the story of their lives to date. They have been taken in a range of locations across the years, from the family farm and backyard to the Botanic Gardens and Halswell Quarry, and at Burnside Park in the spare hour before the boys head onto the sports field. As they grew, the

up, even if it isn’t until next year, give me a call and we can talk over some options,” Catherine says. For more information, including package deals, visit, on Facebook, ‘Lasting Expressions Photography by Catherine Smith’, or give Catherine a call on 022 324 5092.


it’s only today, with the growing interest in the medicinal properties of our foods, that science has begun to validate folklore. Though the association between diet and cancer prevention is still not definitive, recent evidence suggests diet may actually modify the risk of many cancers, including gastric, colorectal, breast, prostate and lung cancers. Although isolating specific compounds to test their efficiency has been unsuccessful, there is a correlation - intake of dietary fibre and high consumption of fruit, vegetables and fish are all associated with

Food ianse Medic

More and more are turning to food to prevent disease and promote good health.

By Melinda Collins

Laughter has always been the best medicine in the proverbial sense, however, according to the latest science – and perhaps the oldest wisdom – when it comes to preventative medicines, food is actually one of the best on the market.


ood plays many roles – it fuels the body, pleases the palate and satisfies the soul. Yet today, more and more are turning to food to prevent disease and promote good health. Whether it’s cutting out egg yolks to lower cholesterol, loading

up on high-fibre cereals to reduce cancer risk, or drinking low-fat milk to stave off osteoporosis, we’re increasingly looking to food as a means of preventing disease. Ancient civilisations have long been aware of food’s influence on health, but

reduced risk of a number of cancers. Foods rich in antioxidants such as green tea and garlic are known to lower the occurrence of cancer, as they directly attack free radicals, which are amongst cancer’s leading causes. Carotenoids, such as papaya, tomatoes or spinach, along with fruits rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E are also linked to a lower risk of lung cancer, while the lycopenes that are naturally found in tomatoes are known to reduce the risk for prostate cancer. Even if you’re not looking to prevent a specific ailment, a healthy diet is still the closest we have to a panacea, with research conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research discovering that approximately one third of all cancers can be prevented through regular physical activity combined with a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight.



This distinctive centrally located restaurant & bar provides an inviting atmosphere in which to while away some time.



48 WORCESTER BLVD / PHONE 03 365 0533 Metropol September 22, 2016 47

THE SECRET’S OUT ON ST ASAPH In an era where, seemingly, we have ‘seen it all’, originality can be hard to come by.

It is with a great deal of anticipation, therefore, that Christchurch welcomes a true culinary pioneer – Bessie. Located at 178 St Asaph Street, it is difficult to pinpoint what gives the restaurant its superlative quality. Rather, it is a confluence of factors, from the cuisine and service, to the unparalleled ambience. When the space was purchased by the owners of Bessie, Cook Brothers Bars – also owners of 12 other successful spots around New Zealand including Engineers & Merchants, Freeman & Grey and Velvet Burger - their conviction was that the space deserved something special. It deserved a deviation from the norm; a premium restaurant that ventured boldly into the extraordinary. And thus, Bessie was born. Channelling a cross-section of desirable post-codes - from New York to London - the décor pairs exposed brick walls with brass framed leather seats draped in reindeer fur and pendant lighting. At the heart of the restaurant sits a large, glass-walled dry-aging room that serves

48 September 22, 2016 Metropol

as feature and function. Chief Executive James Arnott explains, “We really felt Christchurch was missing a premium dining experience that was more vibrant, fun and cheerful and designed for special occasions.” Bessie also doesn’t shy away from a challenge – its focus on meats comes with a generous side of adventure. “We identified that secondary cuts have great potential, but they are not the kind of meat that can just be thrown onto a BBQ. It takes great care, skill and time to make them into something special. Our charcoal oven means we can experiment further with the flavours we produce.” The experimentation is palpable in the menu too with staples and spontaneous additions stimulating the element of surprise. From dry-aged rib eye, merino lamb shoulder and wagyu cross-cut skirt steak, through to lamb collar and beef intercostals. Palate pleasing entrees take the form of market oysters, octopus, pork jowl croquettes, chicken liver parfait, and

“We really felt christchurch was missing a premium dining experience that was more vibrant, fun and cheerful and designed for special occasions.” Chief Executive James Arnott

Marlborough King Salmon to name just a few. A generous wine collection including 120 options and a cellar list has been selected by an aspiring sommelier – the perfect complement to a menu created by Chris Scott, formerly the Head Chef at the famed Rata Restaurant. “Chris developed our menu and has been working with us for the last three months in the lead up to opening to ensure everything was perfect.” Experience Bessie for yourself.



No.4 Bar & Restaurant’s classy, cool and charismatic vibe makes it the perfect venue for Cup and Show week in November.


t’s also not long until the silly season, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about planning Christmas functions. Deals are available for a Cup Day champagne lunch, as well as breakfast and bus packages. For $19pp, punters can make the journey to Addington Raceway from No. 4 at 10.45am, returning at 6pm, and enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles, wine, or beer (breakfast additional). The business has the flexibility to cater for all styles and types of events, for up to 60 people. Whether you want a set menu, a la carte or finger food, private bar access, music or a plasma TV, an outdoor or indoor event, No.4 can accommodate. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the popular gastropub offers a beautiful range of dishes, from breakfast, brunch and light meals, to dinner and drinks. On the platters menu, the ‘No.4

Plank’ is a delicious choice for groups to share, consisting of chicken wings, calamari, duck parfait, smoked salmon, ham, salami, cheddar, pickles, dumplings, dips and bread – garlic ciabatta with basil pesto and mozzarella, and roast pumpkin flatbread with feta and mint are a taste sensation. Along with the No.4 Plank, one of the set menu options serves up main meals of seasonally inspired fish, Char Siu BBQ pork salad, Spanish lamb shoulder with potatoes, chorizo, and romesco sauce and mushroom, bocconcini and sage risotto. Dessert is steamed chocolate Black Doris plum pudding with clotted cream, and the chef’s cheesecake. For reservations, phone No.4 on 355 3720. For function enquiries, contact Kate at

Deals are available for a Cup Day champagne lunch, as well as breakfast and bus packages.

get your free entry forms today! Ristorante, Pizzeria & Bar

Now serving brunch


0 0 0 , 5 58

From 10am Saturday & Sunday.. Because it’s that good!


win $100 every day to Play. n w ra d r e n Plus 1 win g & $50 Free $50 Dinin

lub or visit e Players C For details se hu www.christc APPLY NDITIONS


NOW TO 2016 16 OCT R20 VENUE

150 Colombo (Beside the Police Station) 03 331 6674 or 027 537 1208

Metropol September 22, 2016 49

Specialising in tasty, healthy treats

POWERING THE BODY Let us brew your perfect coffee using Switch beans. Choose from cow, or four dairy free milk options. Quality banter guaranteed!!

Text through your order 027 663 3139 Mon-Fri 6:30am-3pm Sat 8am-2pm 100 Bealey Ave Parking around back.

Dangerously good coffee for the true connoisseur to enjoy with the finest of deli food Available for functions & catering services

Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-Late Sat & Sun 8.30am-3.30pm

Ph: 962 9629 112 Wrights Rd Addington Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Tapa’s Menu

After Angie Scott went gluten-free, she and her husband Mike set out to provide more options for people with dietary restrictions.


fter searching for two years, they came across the opportunity to purchase Pure Café Bealey, now Whole Café, in the shipping container on the corner of Bealey Ave and Durham Steet. The couple took over the business in April. “It’s wonderful being able to offer people more of a variety, with a range of delicious, balanced food that is beneficial to your body and soul,” says Angie. Sourced from a range of Canterbury suppliers, the scrumptious menu at Whole Café is aimed at health conscious diners and includes an extensive selection of gluten-free and dairy-free options, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. No refined sugar is used and an ingredients list is available for each product, so diners know exactly what they’re eating. “Our staff members are phenomenal, and all of them have at least one dietary requirement, so we truly believe in our products.” Coffees and smoothies are made with a choice of rice, almond, soy, coconut, or cow’s milk. “The smoothies are amazing – the most popular is our ‘Power Smoothie’ and we are introducing pineapple and berry smoothies for Spring.” Every item on the menu is designed to be ‘takeaway’, so customers can easily grab a meal or drink on-thego. “Sustainability is really important to us as well, so all of our coffee and smoothie cups, as well as cutlery, are biodegradable. We encourage people to bring their own cups and we also have ‘Keep Cups’ available for purchase with a free coffee, and 50c off every coffee after that.”

It’s wonderful being able to offer people more of a variety, with a range of delicious, balanced food that is beneficial to your body and soul.” Owner, Angie


Dine in or Takeaway



Gold Award Winner

Online • Delivered or Click & Collect • FitCafé

* Wheelchair access * Takeaways

* Private rooms BYO wine & fully licenced * OPEN 7 DAYS 5PM TILL LATE Lunch : Wed to Sun 12pm-3pm

PH.(03) 355 6229 13/14 CARLTON COURTS, 4 PAPANUI RD 50 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Gourmet health food for busy people, delivered to your door. Designed by Nutritionists, prepared & cooked by our health food specialist Chefs, using local, free range, organic, wholefoods. Simply reheat & eat!

Fitfood Eat Fit. Live Well.



376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421


oday, takeout assumes many different forms. There are now services putting a whole new spin on takeout, combining delivery and home cooking. They send you all the ingredients you need, plus step-by-step instructions, so that you can make fresh, chef-designed gourmet meals

While the latest takeaway options may cut down time, these days they may even trim the waistline.

Takeaways with a healthy twist By Melinda Collins

Takeaway was once a nutritional no-no, but it seems convenience is getting healthier with a wide range of healthy takeaway options now available.

at home in less time than it would take to do it on your own. Or you can even try the same model but without the prep – chilled food arrives at your door ready to throw straight in the oven. The latest trend: virtual restaurants that are designed for takeaways, offering fresh meals already cooked and dropped at your front door, ready to eat. Locally there are numerous options to purchase healthy yet convenient takeaway meals from classic roast dinners through to nutritionist planned menus for the more diet conscious, prepared and cooked by health food specialist chefs, with all the nutritional information supplied so you can stick to your health goals. While the latest takeaway options may cut down time, these days they may even trim the waistline. Takeaways can actually help your diet by not having the excess ingredients of home cooking. Even grocery delivery is healthier. Purchasing online prevents impulse buys that occur when you’re cruising the aisles of the local store after a busy day at the office, with their clever marketing psychology telling your subconscious that you simply need that box of chocolates.

Metropol September 22, 2016 51


In k tchen

Let me cook for you and help make the occasion truly special and something well worth remembering. Special birthdays, weddings, corporate, dinners and finger food.

Enjoy the Good Oil A new South Island grown extra virgin rapeseed oil. Now in local supermarkets. Naturally cold pressed and deliciously golden. Balanced and versatile for everyday use.

Food Merchant

Contact Ph. 021 925 277

“Spring” has arrived and so have our much anticipated Tohu Awatere Valley Pinot Gris 2016 and Tohu Nelson Pinot Rosé 2016!

Weddings - Parties - Anything

Everyone’s catering needs are different, let Catering Belle customise a menu to suit you and your occasion.

Catering Belle

Specialists in location catering. Ring Food Service: 021 4 BELLE

52 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Love Making Cakes? Everything you need to create fabulous cakes including expert advice. 10 % OFF your purchase with this advertisement.

Canterbury Cake Supplies

32 New Regent Street, Christchurch Ph.03 365 3264

Quality is key, whether bridal or birthday, corporate or casual. Taste, style and presentation is my specialty. Let my imagination be used for your celebrations. Bespoke designs detailed by your wishes at great prices! Contact Fleur on 027 233 2277

Spring is back, so we are whipping out the baby back! Check out these amazing St Louis Style Baby Back Ribs at Peter Timbs Meats, with great recommended flavours, and experience the butcher’s difference. PETER TIMBS MEATS LTD. 70 Edgeware Road, Ph (03) 366 1780 Farrington Ave Bishopdale, Ph (03) 359 5729

Cuisine served with


‘Gusto’ derives from Latin attitude and enthusiasm and Italian taste and flavour. Both are certainly evident at Gusto Restaurant, Bar & Cafe based in the convenient locale of Roydvale Avenue.


esigned and project managed by the extremely experienced operator and owner, Jonny Botherway, Gusto certainly takes great pride in offering an elegant environment where visitors of every age can enjoy quality cuisine and first-class service. Against a décor backdrop that boasts a chic industrial and polished vibe, Gusto’s dedicated and detail orientated team is busy preparing and serving up “a great selection – from cabinet food to a full a la carte lunch and dinner menu, which includes pizzas, risotto and salads through to quality steaks,” Jonny explains. “We have great coffee and cabinet food from 8am, an a la carte lunch from 11.30am and dinner from 5.30pm. There is a large, dedicated bar area for drinks and bar snacks for all occasions.”

Highly respected and experienced sommelier, Kate Hide, has also ensured that the fine wine list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the viticultural scene as well as selecting a great range of craft beers and non-alcoholic options. Certainly a social environment, Gusto has achieved a harmonious balance between creating a buzz and an intimate setting. With a state-of-the-art commercial acoustic ceiling, it’s easy to enjoy being part of the social scene at Gusto without having to compete with the noise. Also open for brunch Saturday and Sunday, Gusto is already enjoying a full house most days and preparing to welcome new regulars as the warmer weather arrives. Bookings are highly recommended as Gusto is already fully booked at times. Phone 03 420 0111.

A décor backdrop that boasts a chic industrial and polished vibe.

Sovereign supreme of fabulous food and ambience Whether its full a la carte dining for breakfast, lunch & dinner or fabulous cabinet food all made on the premises. Separate space available for family or group bookings. Great coffee, premium beers, and a quality wine list at very reasonable prices.

ur Get out yo uds b e st ta r e Summ



R SUMMEU N our ME b CHING La LAUN ! Weekend

Open 7 days for Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mon – Fri. 8am till late Sat – Sun. 9am till late 416 Williams Street (opp Kaiapoi Golf Club) P: 03 260 1618 •

Metropol September 22, 2016 53

m SOCIAL SCENE DEGUSTATION DELIGHT On Thursday 4 August esteemed Beef + Lamb Ambassador, Chef Reon Hobson, took guests on a culinary journey at Pescatore in the form of a five course degustation.

Thomas Kilma, Lauren Gibson, Shane Gravatt

Lynette & John McFadden, Belinda Thomas, Parlos van Aalst

Lisa Moloney, Pippa Hawkins (Beef & Lamb), Denise Robertson

Jane Dewe, Phillipa Diver

Malcolm, Lisette & Darryn Knight

Scott Kennedy (Nero Restaurant), Reon Hobson (Head Chef) NZ Beef & Lamb Ambassadors

Lindsay Stephens, Brooke Whiting

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email



Indulge yourself and someone special with High Tea at The George.


Savour the delights of freshly cut club sandwiches, savouries and sweet treats.

ddi: 943 8555 e : p o l o b a r @ h o t e l m o n t re a l . c o . n z w : h o t e l m o n t re a l . c o . n z

Plus a fine selection of teas and an exquisite champagne!


54 September 22, 2016 Metropol

50 Park Terrace P: 371 0255 BROOK SERENE

A RICH HISTORY Every great tavern has its story – where it came from and what it has become.


n this respect, Bishop Brothers Public House is no different. Named after pioneering brothers, Robert, James and William Bishop, the new look public house brings great food and a welcoming atmosphere to the historic area of Bishopdale. The menu is the work of chef Kathryn Ahu, and a fresh take on some of the traditional favourites. Fish and chips offer herb crumbed fish, although the team will break out the batter on request. Tasty salads, pizza and pasta join flavours from the ocean, the land, and hot off the grill, and Chef’s specials of lamb backstrap and chargrilled eye fillet. Take a seat in the courtyard to enjoy a late weekend breakfast, or work your way through the

tasting platter with a drink or two in the afternoon sun. Big screen TV’s both indoors and out make it a great spot to watch a game. Join in the upcoming Cup Day celebrations, in Bishop Brothers style, starting with a full English breakfast with bubbles or beer, an in-house best dressed man and woman competition, and a return bus trip for just $30 per ticket. Find Bishop Brothers Public House at 119 Farrington Avenue and call 359 2930 to make a reservation or talk over your Christmas or birthday function. Visit and on Facebook for upcoming events, drinks appreciation evenings, and to find out more about the new social club.

The new look public house brings great food and a welcoming atmosphere to the historic area of Bishopdale.

With dedicated kitchen and bar teams creating freshly prepared & seasonal menus


for your enjoyment

With 3 set menus to choose from, CLINK is the perfect place for your Christmas work function 03 359 2930 119 Farrington Avenue, Bishopdale

Dinner 7 nights • Weekend brunch

29 Wakefield Ave, Sumner

P. 326 5353


Metropol September 22, 2016 55

Food is good

A modern and contemporary feel has been introduced, with furnishings a hybrid of classic and industrial. The diverse yet cohesive nature of this aesthetic emulates the menu itself. From tantalising light bites to inventive main courses, the offering is made up of spontaneous options including

‘Fig’ is an acronym for ‘food is good’, it’s a delicious ingredient, and the name of one of Christchurch’s chicest culinary hot-spots.


ig Restaurant and Bar, based in the award-winning Quality Hotel Elms, has only just made an appearance on the hospitality scene, but is already making a compelling impression. To extol its many virtues would require more than the current space permits, but even at a glance, it’s easy to see what gives Fig its distinguishing qualities. A seamless indoor and outdoor flow

accommodates an intimate dining experience or an al fresco style ambience for the warmer days, while a multi-lingual and award winning team ensures a carefree occasion. “Open, expansive windows look out onto lush gardens. Our beautiful courtyard area will be basking in sunlight and dotted with stunning water features,” Hotel Manager Chris McLaughlin says.

A modern and contemporary feel has been introduced, with furnishings a hybrid of classic and industrial. ‘soup of the moment’ and ‘curry of the day’ through to reinvented staples like vegan lasagne, beef cheek soft shell tacos and smoked blue swimmer crab salad. Imagination and inspiration comes in the form of organic chicken Milanese, venison pink pepper carpaccio and sage brioche burgers to name a few. “Wherever possible we do our best to source locally. We have a classically trained and very passionate chef from Germany and a food and beverage manager with a strong, five-star restaurant background. Together our team will bring something extra special to the restaurant.” Visit Fig Restaurant and Bar, 456 Papanui Road.

R E S TA U R A N T & B A R

now open it’s not just what you eat, but what brings people together.

56 September 22, 2016 Metropol

international bistro cuisine. ‘grill’ and seasonal produce. contemporary vibe. lunch & dinner 7 days. private function room. Fig garden.

456 Papanui Road Christchurch 03 352 4903

Duck confit

Caffeinated cooking By Melinda Collins

That morning coffee and muffin may soon be a thing of the past. But before you gasp in horror at the very thought of missing your coffee fix, don’t, because it’s actually got a whole lot better.


biophysicist from Brandeis University in Massachusetts has just invented coffee flour, so you can introduce some buzz into your baking. Daniel Perlman made the discovery, which involves par-baking green or raw coffee beans before grinding them into finely milled flour. Just four grams – or half a tablespoon – of this caffeinated creation contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The flour contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid (CGA) which is typically lost through the high temperatures of the traditional roasting process. In fact, with some scientists believing it’s the CGA in coffee that makes you live longer, with the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease, liver disease and type 2 diabetes, you could even argue that it’s beneficial to your health to break your fast with a caffeinated muffin… or three.


uck confit is considered one of the finest French dishes. Traditionally, it’s made with the whole duck, slow cooked in fat then put through a hot oven to bring out that delicious golden colour. The confit is prepared using a method of preserving, where liberal amounts of salt and herbs are rubbed into the duck meat and left for up to 36 hrs to develop the flavour with the salt acting as a preservative. The Villas serve its version with a truffled mash, baby carrots and Portobello mushrooms in a rich pan jus. Enjoy it sitting next to the restaurant’s gas fire, or try it at home.

Ingredients • 25g of sea salt • 2 sprigs of thyme, picked • 4 duck legs, 200g each • 1l duck fat, melted (or vegetable oil at a push).

Method 1. Mix together the salt and thyme leaves and rub into the duck legs. Salt-curing the meat acts as a preservative. Cover and leave to cure in the fridge for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight. 2. Preheat the oven to 120˚C. 3. Rinse the salt cure from the duck and dry the legs thoroughly. 4. Place the legs in an oven proof dish deep enough to contain

the meat and cover with the rendered fat. 5. Cover the dish with foil and place in the oven to cook for three hours or until the meat comes easily away from the bone. 6. Leave to cool in the fat. 7. Remove the legs from the fat and pat dry with kitchen roll before pan-frying to crisp up the skin or pulling the meat from the bone in delicious slivers to be used in fillings.

Brunch, Lunch & Dinner Christmas at The Villas on Montreal St. We are your # 1 venue for functions and parties this season. Book your group today. • 290/292 Montreal St • • 03 365 6066 •

Metropol September 22, 2016 57


eight designs made in collaboration with Dutch collage artist, Arthur Slenk. Created from old handwritten orchestral sheet music from 1872 – 1941, state-of-the-art image scanning techniques capture the depth of the paper clippings with convincing authenticity, and what makes these wallpapers even more unique is there is no repeat. For some inspired ideas for where to introduce texture and pattern on surfaces around the home, why not spruce up your home office desk, coffee table or personalise your fridge door with some fun, frivolous prints? Kitchen islands can look a million dollars wrapped in adhesive papers that emulate opulent marble at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Get crafty and refresh tired shelving units or a chest of drawers with quirky patterned wallpaper. For flights of fancy, inject a little playfulness into your staircase by carefully applying wallpaper to the risers. A helpful hint from the DIY Kings and Queens, who have learnt the hard way, be sure to

PAPER &INK By Majka Kaiser

Printing has come a long way since the ancient printing press. Technology is paving the way for higher quality and more authentic textures to be reproduced on a grand scale to decorate our homes.

There’s nothing wrong with striving for more, but it’s also important to make the most of what you’ve got.

NLXL ‘Remixed’ Wallpaper from Paper Room


utch wallpaper artists NLXL have produced several collections that mimic natural materials like aged brick, elegant marble, rustic scrap wood, industrial concrete, decorative tin tiles, and vintage ephemera. My personal favourite is ‘Remixed’, a collection comprising

58 September 22, 2016 Metropol

measure each stair riser individually as they can differ from one to another. If you’ve always longed for a room with a view, then location need not matter when wallpaper murals depicting luscious forests or rugged mountain peaks can cover entire walls. If you’re stuck for inspiration let your fingers do the walking and visit UK based Murals Wallpaper ( for a diverse selection of wall covering on an epic scale. Transport yourself to the Californian sun and surf from the comfort of your armchair or enjoy a bubble bath amidst the misty rainforests of Murai. This daring approach takes the term ‘feature wall’ to a whole new level.

Metropol September 22, 2016 59

A HERB HAVEN By Angela Waller

Even those not blessed with green fingers or who have little space to work with can enjoy the convenience of their own home herb garden.

When you start to see new growth, you can use your home grown herbs for cooking – just snip and sprinkle!


sunny window is a must – most herbs originate from the Mediterranean, so they need at least five hours of sunlight per day to thrive. Oregano, chives, mint, rosemary, basil and thyme are popular choices, so pick a few of your favourites to begin – home cooks will love having fresh herbs right at their fingertips. While you can start your herbs from seed if you wish, it’s easier and quicker to buy starter plants from your local farmers’ market. Use pretty pots to plant your delicious herbs, or paint them to match your décor – just make sure they are deep enough to ensure proper root development and have holes for drainage. You can even plant an array of different herbs in one large container. Use quality potting mix and leave an inch of space at the top to make room for watering. Fertilise once a month and treat your precious herb garden with tender, loving care – but don’t risk rotting by killing them with kindness and watering too often. When you start to see new growth, you can use your home grown herbs for cooking – just snip and sprinkle!

Available from

60 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Spring in your real estate step “I’m so looking forward to my first spring season in real estate” - Manny McIvor of Harcourts can barely restrain her bubbling enthusiasm as she contemplates the enjoyment she will get out of employing her professional skills to help vendors sell their homes profitably over the next few months.


t’s really important though for sellers to make sure their properties stand out on the market at this time.” Manny is referring to the fact that spring is a popular period for people to sell their houses. Gardens are at their best and warmer weather raises everyone’s spirits. “With so many properties available now, vendors need to put particular effort into their place so it is the one that buyers notice. Because it

is the first aspect a buyer sees, tidying and sprucing up the exterior of a property will create a really favourable initial impression.” “Inside make sure that windows and mirrors sparkle, open windows to let in fresh air and light, and be sure to have a vase of fresh flowers. That all adds brightness and an extra bit of pop and pizazz to a house.” Manny adds that decluttering a house is vital. “Buyers want to be able to see themselves in a space and not be overwhelmed by the personality of the current owners.” Right now Harcourts has a real incentive for potential vendors. If you list your property exclusively with Harcourts in Canterbury between now and 30 November, you will go in the draw to win a trip for two to one of seven international destinations - Fiji, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Sydney. Call Manny on 021 388 924 if you would like more details about this exciting promotion.

With so many properties available now, vendors need to put particular effort into their place so it is the one that buyers notice.” Manny McIvor

Are you or someone you know considering buying or selling property? I would love to help! I am committed to outstanding service and a professional experience. Call me today for a free appraisal or no obligation chat. Energy, Efficiency & Excellence

03 322 1197 M: 021 388 924


Shop 7, The Tannery 3 Garlands Rd Ph. 389 9242


Manny McIvor Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008

Energy, Efficiency & Excellence

Metropol September 22, 2016 61

  


Bob, Mike, Jarrod, Jeff, Amanda, Tanya, Alex, Johnnie

For homeowners who have been newly cash settled, there are many options to think over before deciding what direction to take. Bowers Builders can help you get started, based on expertise that comes with years of taking on work that others have placed in the ‘too hard’ basket.


ou need to get the repairs done and get it done right,” says Amanda, with completed repair work essential in making the homes safe in case of further events. “One of the first steps is to get an engineering and geotechnical report completed, if required, and from there we can help you with the best approach.” Bowers Builders is a renovation and house levelling specialist, with Johnnie visiting each premise to prepare a detailed plan of the home including all floor levels. Combined with engineering and geotechnical reports, a plan of action and a quote is then detailed. Many of the business’ clients are working through

the lengthy process of repairing homes that they treasure – a historic cottage in Sumner overlooking the sea and a character villa in St Martins. For these homeowners it is a simple case of wanting their homes and surroundings restored to what they once were. Spot Bowers Builders around town in orange high vis shirts - a new look uniform and a new look team, as the team welcomes two licensed builders, a hammer hand, an apprentice and a full time resident painter aboard. Contact Johnnie and Amanda at Bowers Builders on 027 248 0220 or visit for more information.




Renovate with family owned Bowers Builders

We also do • Foundations • Renovations • Earthquake Repairs • New Homes Call us NOW

Mobile: 027 2480 220 Phone: 03 343 3816

62 September 22, 2016 Metropol


Brooke, Karen, MIchelle

Porcelain timber effect tiles combine the best of both worlds – lovely, natural designs in a durable, hard-wearing tile. The wood effect designs are printed onto porcelain tile, with 3D grain lines, says Exquisite Tiles owner, Karen Joyce. “You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and real wood – it even has the same texture.”


he timber effect tiles are just one of the many stylish options available from the company’s extensive range – from mosaic and metallic, to neutrals and featured prints. “The designs are getting more creative and interesting than ever.” The family-owned business has a team of qualified, knowledgeable staff, who are true tile experts. Not only does the business know tiles inside out, it is also a professional installer. “We are all highly experienced in the industry,” says Karen, who established the business seven years ago. “We noticed a real need for tile specialist suppliers who are also installers, as the two go hand in hand. We provide these services to the

highest of standards, and also pride ourselves on our great customer service.” Porcelain tiles are non-porous, UV resistant and scratch resistant, making them ideal for wet areas, families and homes with pets. The comprehensive range of tile designs from New Zealand and all over the world is available to view at the Exquisite Tiles showroom on Blenheim Road. Customers can discuss tiling or other flooring options in the studio area with the Exquisite Tiles’ consultants, as well as the store’s own interior designer. Exquisite Tiles is located at 295 Blenheim Road. Phone 348 3285 or email

The familyowned business has a team of qualified, knowledgeable staff, who are true tile experts.

295 Blenheim Rd | Phone 348 3285 Metropol September 22, 2016 63

Experience the Gaggenau difference.

Experience the difference at Kitchen Things Moorhouse, located at: 218 Moorhouse Avenue, Sydenham, Christchurch. Phone 03 366 0053 64 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Introducing the Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven with two fantastic new features, sous-vide cooking and a fully automatic cleaning programme. And the new Gaggenau Vacuuming Drawer for quick and convenient sealing of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit, not just for sous-vide cooking but also for marinating and extended storage.


ith New Zealanders travelling regularly, reading designer magazines and shopping online, and with many families choosing to live in New Zealand, our customer base is constantly looking to the brands they know from their international experiences,” says Mark Jones, Executive Chairman of Jones Family Business, parent company of Kitchen Things. “Gaggenau is truly a step above everything else available – Gaggenau clients will not accept anything less than Gaggenau.” After identifying the opportunity to introduce the world of European cooking appliances to New Zealand in the 1980s, the family business initially secured Bosch and Smeg brands – and the journey began.

“A step above everything else available.” Jones Family Business Executive Chairman Mark Jones

Gaggenau, one of the most luxurious brands available in New Zealand, is becoming a well-known product of choice for the discerning clients of Kitchen Things.

“With an exclusive retail distribution agreement, the goal with Kitchen Things was to bring the world’s best brands under one roof, to work with the designer community, and sell, deliver, install and service, for the lifetime of the appliances.” In early 2015, the company met with Europe’s largest manufacturer of home appliances, in order to meet growing customer demand in New Zealand. Gaggenau is now available at key Kitchen Things stores throughout the country. “We are extremely proud that Kitchen Things has been chosen to represent these brands in New Zealand,” Jones says. For more information, visit

Metropol September 22, 2016 65

66 September 22, 2016 Metropol


A wide selection of fireplaces is on display at the showroom.

Well-established company Real Fires has been delivering the luxury of ambience to homes for the past 18 years, with its comprehensive range of high-end open gas fires.


ased in Auckland, Ali Bond runs the tight-knit family business. Combining cutting edge fireplace design and the latest technology, the team works closely with designers and architects to produce the stunning New Zealand-made product. The fires are described as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of gas fires, says Brent, the company’s national sales manager. “They produce a really strong, radiant heat. The ambience is huge and our fires are renowned for their brilliant flame picture – there is nothing else on the market that comes even close.” A wide selection of fireplaces is on display at the Real Fires showroom, so customers can select a design and size to complement their décor. Brent, who was

a leading architectural photographer for 21 years before he joined Real Fires, says the fires create a welcoming focal point of the home. “It feels so good to stand in front of and people just gravitate to it. The construction industry also loves our fireplaces. They are reliable, look amazing, and our customers love them in their homes – it’s an inspirational product.” The longstanding, dedicated staff members are all very passionate about the brand and some team members have been with the company for almost as long as it’s been running. Real Fires are backed by the longest warranty for a gas fire in Australasia. Phone 09 444 7331 or visit for more information.


peace of mind with the experts Asbestos removal and testing. Methamphetamine testing and property decontamination. Renovations, Earthquake Opt Outs and Repairs.


0800 813 813 Metropol September 22, 2016 67

Beautiful Bespoke Mirrors


394 Colombo St, Sydenham

Ph. 03 377 0223

...always something stylish at

- your choice naturally

Stunning selection of fabrics CONNIE 021 2302153 FRANCIS 021 2081110 E: W: 68 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Outside the square solutions Buddhist temple in Riccarton making a large American oak display unit for the temple’s gallery, as well as creating and installing solid oak fins on the interior of the building’s windows. “This was a very interesting and striking design feature that certainly made us put on our thinking caps.” Making sculptor Nell Dawson’s vision a reality was also out of the ordinary – this involved draped timber lecterns, credence tables and flower stands for the Bishop Selwyn Chapel at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland. “Neil wanted the pieces to look as if they had a built-in table cloth as it were. We had to mitre the timber so that it dropped down like a cloth from the edges of the table tops.”

“No piece of timber is the same. The colours are different; the grains are different. That’s the joy of working with a natural product.”


or over 25 years, 17 of those in his own company, Murray Hewitt, master joiner, has worked with timbers of all kinds and varieties. “Oak and walnut, rosewood and mahogany give me particular pleasure. After all this time in the industry I still have the passion to create beautiful products from solid timber.” And the range of products that emerges from Murray Hewitt Joinery’s large workshop is broad. Wander through the premises and you may see Murray and his team of skilled and experienced craftsmen working on exterior timber doors and windows, or perhaps stairs and hand rails, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, kitchen cabinetry or entertainment

units. “Each member of our team is able to follow a project through from its initial concept to completion and installation, so they take real pride in what they do and ensure a quality product every time.” Back in 1998 when Murray and his wife Julie established Murray Hewitt Joinery Ltd, it was only them and their right hand man Steve. Now there are seven joiners or cabinetmakers, all offering clients their expert advice, personal service and, above all, a “can-do” attitude. “We enjoy challenges and have earned a reputation for thinking outside the square to find solutions and to make design ideas work in reality.” Recently Murray Hewitt Joinery worked on the restoration of the earthquake-damaged

After all this time in the industry I still have the passion to create beautiful products from solid timber.” Owner Murray Hewitt Creativity such as this, combined with technical skill, is the reason behind Murray Hewitt Joinery’s success and why the business still works with many of the clients it had when the team first started. “We specialise in all types of joinery from residential to commercial. There is nothing we enjoy more than undertaking a whole house – from the front door, to the interior doors, the laundry and the kitchen and everything in between, including one-off items of bespoke furniture such as bedside cabinets and entertainment units. We truly believe there is no need for our customers to go anywhere else.” Murray Hewitt Joinery is located at 25a Lunns Road. Phone 343 0360 or email See the extensive joinery portfolio on

Metropol September 22, 2016 69



As a Cantabrian, it’s hard to know how to react to the blistering news released this month that the average house price in Auckland has exceeded one million dollars. ‘Average’ and ‘one million’ are terms that probably shouldn’t be in the same sentence when considering property in a country as small as ours. It puts us as a nation behind Monaco, London and New York for affordability, but well ahead of our Australian counterparts, to name a few. The actual property snapshot (QV House Price Index released on 6 September 2016) reported that the average value in New Zealand is now $612,527, the average value in Christchurch is $492,766 and the average Auckland house value is $1,013,632. Despite being a property professional, this last fact still requires a deep breath. Numerous elements appear to be driving this scenario, including low supply and high demand, strong immigration into our largest city and a heated desire for investment property. So, for what it’s worth, here is my biased take on matters.

First Homes

Trading Up or Down

If you live in Auckland you may as well pack your bags now or hope that your beloved parents will decide to help you. Buying in Auckland will require you to keep your expectations in check (hard for millennials), try to win Lotto or accept saddling yourself with debt that will require equal amounts of sacrifice and strategy to pay off.

A constant in real estate, both of these actions are easier – if not as profitable – when undertaken in Christchurch.

If you reside in Christchurch, consider yourself lucky and look to affordable suburbs such as Bishopdale, Redwood, Northcote, Somerfield, Spreydon and Richmond. But, let’s face it, the property average for just about every suburb in our entire city sits below that of Auckland. Get on, make a purchase, do your best to debt service, and you should be handsomely rewarded in years to come. Rent vs. Purchase Currently rents in the Garden City are softening. You can stay renting but I’m in the ‘buy’ camp, believing if you’re going to contribute to someone’s mortgage it may as well be your own.

List with Harcourts in Canterbury and you could . . . ING 7 AMAZTIONS A DESTIN S TO 7 TRIP N! BE WO


In Auckland, trading down has become a silver lining for those selling as they pocket the gains their ownership and location have provided. But despite these gains, Aucklanders have said they fear for their children when they attempt to get on the property ladder … and who wouldn’t? The Halo Effect This delightful term relates to the corresponding increase in value and popularity of areas outside Auckland. Hamilton and Tauranga sit firmly in this camp and have seen strong increases in sales as people take funds from Auckland in their search for better value. In Christchurch, after some incredible years of regeneration, we appear to be a more stable if not more affordable city and I’m entirely grateful that this stillbeautiful place is where I call home.








Contact your local Harcourts gold consultant today!

Visit our website for Terms and Conditions. Harcourts Group. Ltd REAA 2008 PAPANUI 352 6166 International & Migrant Division (+64) 3 662 9811 REDWOOD 352 0352 • PARKLANDS 383 0406 NEW BRIGHTON 382 0043 GOLD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 352 6454 GOLD REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008 A MEMBER OF THE HARCOURTS GROUP

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CONTEMPORARY CAPABILITY The company brings a modern approach to design and construction.

With a focus on contemporary design, Baylis Exclusive Homes places significant emphasis on ensuring quality craftsmanship and bringing construction in-line with 21st century concepts.


pecialising in new builds, in the $450,000 to $1.2 million niche of the market, the company brings a modern approach to design and construction. Providing excellent project management, owner Adam Baylis says the company prides itself on saving clients’ time and money. “By personally managing the project from design to handover, we can be sure it’s well managed and controlled at every stage.

“With our wealth of knowledge and experience in new home builds, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before – which is why our costs and timeframe are kept down.” The business has gone from strength to strength since it was established as a crossover from Adam’s rebuild business two years ago, and referrals are a big part of the workflow. “Our main point of difference is our personalised approach and client focus – you are dealing directly

with us from the beginning to end. “You can expect the best service, professionalism and quality craftsmanship when dealing with us. We are passionate about this industry and dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations.” The company is a member of Master Builders and offers a new home build guarantee. For more information, view the gallery for new home ideas on, or call Adam on 021 0831 7456


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Oriental Furniture

Discover an expanding private collection of Chinese classical furniture. Each exquisite piece tells a beautiful story. Available for your selection.

NEVARA 348 BROOKSIDE RD, ROLLESTON, CHRISTCHURCH PH: 022 358 1690 Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.30pm. Weekends by appointment. A good idea to call first. All major credit cards accepted



399 Barrington Street Barrington Christchurch 03 338 0155

Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Install Tiles...... Choose MO TILES Where our commitment is to bring you the best!

72 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Contact: Adam Edwards m: 027 838 6077 e: Office/Showroom: 42 Sherborne Street, St Albans, Christchurch Open: Mon to Fri 9am-4pm Closed Public Holidays Show Home: Prebbleton 2 Carpenter Drive, Woodlands Prebbleton Open: Wed to Sun 12pm-4pm Closed Public Holidays

Whether choosing from one of our plans, or creating something a little different, discover the easiest way to get the home you want. Call A1 homes or visit our website to start building your home today.

Flexible Innovation “We have a proven formula and approach and we know what works for our customers.” Johnny Fyall, Manager The new house at 2 Carpenter Drive, The Woodlands, Prebbleton sits strongly and strikingly on its corner section. Clad in silver linea board with onyx-honed feature bricks, this is A1Homes’ latest showhome in Christchurch and it clearly tells the story of the quality you can expect if you build with this housing company.


nd quality does not have to come with a high price tag. “People demand quality and for their money, they get it in an A1Home,” says Johnny Fyall, Manager of A1Homes Christchurch. “The price of an A1Home is a key reason that our company has been successful. This showhome provides a tactile guide to the high quality of materials and build we use as standard.” The showhome is deceptively spacious and belies its 199.6 square metre size. With two living areas opening out to a large Kwila deck and enclosed courtyard, as well as four bedrooms, there is plenty of room for family activities or for private time. The interior design by Andrea Robertson with its crisp turquoise, white and neutral furnishings echoes the Resene grey and white paint colours of the walls and ceilings to create an entirely pleasing ambience. Throughout the house are design features and detailing that really raise this home above the norm. The A1Homes brand was established in the Christchurch region in 2003 and is looking forward to many more years here. “There has been lots of media coverage lately about issues with building

companies, but people can be assured that we are here for the long haul. We have a proven formula and approach and we know what works for our customers.” Should customers choose to build with A1Homes, the company handles the full build. “We believe building a new home should be one of the most rewarding experiences of anyone’s life. So when we are given charge of the build, we walk our customers through the journey, step by step, so they are aware of every part of their build, every part of the way, from the concept plans through to completion. “Once a customer finds a preferred building site, we advise them to visit our nearest A1Homes’ showhome, such as this one at Prebbleton, to see just how much we can offer them for their budget.” Although A1Homes offers more than 60 architect-designed plans, there is the flexibility to mould these plans to meet specific requirements and the Prebbleton house is an example of this. Alternatively, the team can start from scratch or use a client’s design. A1Homes is also known for offering kitset houses where customers purchase all the materials they’ll need to construct a house and they contract the builders and subcontractors themselves. “Lots of our customers like to run the build themselves. That way they can save themselves thousands of dollars.” For more information on A1 Homes go to or call Johnny Fyall on 021 313 559.

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traditional navy blue and French blue shades. I wanted to create something that had an enduring quality and a store which was unique, inspiring, contemporary and traditional at the same time.” Crediting loyalty to her own style, forging great relationships with customers and other creators, and maintaining the integrity of the store’s concept and merchandise as three of the key ingredients for the business’ longevity, Catherine has earned a commendable reputation that precedes her.

“My years of living in London and travels in Europe had given me a penchant for beautiful stores and interior design.“

From concept to

Successful Creation A great enterprise, no matter how resilient, never comes to fruition without sheer determination and a willingness to innovate and evolve as your loyal customers do.


oday’s professionals page is dedicated to a very special and iconic Christchurch business, celebrating 15 years of business defined by creativity and dedication – French Blue on Normans Road. Of the business’ journey, Owner Catherine comments, “My years of living in London and travels in Europe had given me a penchant for beautiful stores and interior design. I really wanted to emulate the French style and create an inspiring store in my own way. I have always had a passion for all things blue (as my family and friends will attest!) “The discovery and use of the indigo dye has always held a fascination and I can’t resist

“I enjoy the camaraderie among my customers – we do have some delightful conversations in my small café! I get great pleasure from helping a customer select a gift, particularly when they are seeking a lovely piece of jewellery or special item for their home. Being awarded “Top Shop” in my first year was both an accolade and a great lead in to retail.” A loyalist to Christchurch, Catherine says she never considered a relocation following the earthquakes. “Mainly because I felt very lucky that my shop premises (an 1880’s wooden villa – from historical records “Roper’s General Store” in 1932) only suffered cosmetic damage and I was able to continue to trade through that period. “I also thought it was important to continue as a sort of support hub for my customers – gathering to chat in such a time of turmoil and stress. If the shop building had not survived, I’m sure I would have boxed on, re-grouped and started again.” Despite having no prior retail experience, Catherine’s success is true testament to what is possible when you pursue and realise a passion. “When I opened the store, I had no experience in retail – I had no idea of quantities and if customers would like my stock. Years on, I know my customers and I have a ‘feel’ for what to order.” Explore French Blue at 9A Normans Road.


To Showcase your business on our professionals page CONTACT: Jeanne Henderson 03 343 3669 74 September 22, 2016 Metropol

Evoking all the opulence of Marie Antoinette, the heavily ornate collection is handcrafted from solid beech.

TIMELESS CLASSICS Specialising in quality, handcrafted pieces for the home, Heyday Furniture offers Cantabrians popular styles inspired by Europe’s rich heritage and America’s fresh approach to classic living, at affordable prices.


lthough new to the local market, Heyday Furniture imports exclusive luxury furniture collections from respected furniture makers with over 20 years’ experience. A fresh shipment of Heyday’s prized French Palace collection has just arrived.

Evoking all the opulence of Marie Antoinette, the heavily ornate collection is all handcrafted from solid beech with hand carved decorative embellishments and finished with cream and gold or silver accents. The Seattle Collection is made with solid

mahogany and aged leather upholstery as an ode to old world charm. Majestic bed frames with buttoned leather bedheads, elegant upholstered dressing screens and towering hand carved mahogany display cabinets are just some of the highlights from this range. For a more contemporary classic style of furniture with clean lines the Relax Collection is inspired by luxury American style apartment living, a relaxed aesthetic, which suits modern New Zealand families, says the company’s retail manager, Xuejing Jing. “There are less embellishments and more clean lines that many New Zealanders favour for their homes,” Jing says. Open everyday from 10am - 6pm pop in to view the full range or peruse a selection at

& accessories

For the very best in

fine furniture

SHOWROOM Unit 4, 46 Acheron Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch P: 03 348 8808

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Conveniently located at 500 Colombo Street in Sydenham, with accessible parking out front and away from any congestion, is the eclectic treasure trove known as Impulse Imports.

Flamingo cushions available from at Joe Jandals HQ. Stilen fine necklaces $50 each. Available from Majuba Gallery



veritable collection of handcrafted wares and furniture for an abode that seeks to inspire, Impulse Imports showcases rare, tangible creativity found in off the beaten track locations around the globe. Having found a generous compromise between quality and cost-effectiveness, this speciality importer and retailer specialises in rattan, cane, teak and other solid and recycled timber furniture. With many of the pieces available exclusively, one can easily find eye-catching furniture with finesse that will have a transformative impact on spaces that need a pick-me-up. With new shipments arriving all the time, diverse furniture including dining tables, sideboards, bookcases and dressers; giftware; artwork; mirrors and stunning decorative accents spoil visitors with choice. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, so visit Impulse Imports for your daily dose of interior design inspiration and enjoy the benefits of a relocation sale. All stock must go.



The perfect gift ‘Mr & Mrs coffee cups’ Now available at Coco Gifts.



Royce McGlashen

‘Cormorants Coast’ original painting by Clare Reilly from ‘Coast’, her latest exhibition of 40 years of exhibiting! At Little River Gallery.


Up to 50% off Starts 24th September Limited time only (some exclusions apply)

Unique home decor & handcrafted furniture

Ceramics 500 Colombo Street - Ph: 365 1664

Suzani cushions &49.99, recycled teak bench seat $750.00. Available from Y Nots.

Quality Rattan furniture available at Impulse Imports.

15 –Conical 26 OCTOBER 2016 Hill Road, Hanmer Springs

P/F: 03 315 5053

2239 Main South Rd, SH1, Burnham Christchurch Ph. 03 347 6190 Open Tues - Sunday from 10am

1 – 26 OCTOBER 2016

1 – 26 OCTOBER 2016 1 – 26 OCTOBER 2016

Clare Reilly Clare Reilly Clare Reilly Coast

Coast L I T T L E R I V E R GCoast A L L E RY

L I TL TI TLTEL ERRI IVVEE RR GGAAL LLELRY E RY w w w. l i t t l e r i v e r g a l l e r y. c o m

Main ww w.Road, l i t t l Little e r i vRiver, e r g03 a l325 l e r 1944 y. c o m

Clare Reilly

wMain w.Original l Road, i t t l eNZ r iArt v River, e> rpainting, ga esculpture, r y. c o jewellery m QualitywUnique Little 03l l325 1944

Main Road, Little River, 03 325 1944

Quality Unique Original NZ Art > painting, sculpture, jewellery

Quality Unique Original NZ Art > painting, sculpture, jewellery Coast 76 September 22, 2016 Metropol

L I T T L E R I V E R G A L L E RY w w w. l i t t l e r i v e r g a l l e r y. c o m

w w

Blue Clamori pendant made in Italy. Available from French Blue.

Handcrafted inspiration

Gifts and flowers for any special occasion, available from Bourbon Rose.

New Summer 2016/17 Outdoor Lounger Set Available from: The Crowded House Furniture Company Ltd

Pug-nacious friends at Terra Viva

With a focus on natural, organic materials and sustainability, The Flock is a treasure trove of high quality gifts, art and furniture, sourced from local and international artists, designers and craftspeople.


ur products are primarily New Zealand handcrafted, and anything that is imported must be certified Fairtrade,” says owner Melody Leveridge, who has a strong background in the retail industry. “Each item is carefully selected and a lot of it you won’t find anywhere else – my aim is to support and promote local design talent.”

“Each item is carefully selected and a lot of it you won’t find anywhere else.”Owner Melody Leveridge

Cloud Dishes $15.00 each available from Pay it Forward

Native NZ wall plaques at Terra Viva

Located at The Tannery, the design boutique and online store offers an extensive variety of authentic and innovative goods, including clothing, jewellery, handbags, skincare, shoes, homeware and furniture, as well as the city’s largest collection of 100% certified fair trade organic cotton clothing brand, Kowtow. Contact Melody and her team at The Flock on 389 9242 or visit

let there be light Designer co-op store of locally handcrafted goods

49 Nancy Ave, Mairehau 9:30am - 4pm — MON-FRI & 11am - 3pm — SAT the creative

heart of your community

Pay it Forward is a Neighbourhood Trust community project supported by the CCC Endowment Fund and Rātā Foundation Social Enterprise Fund. Profits are returned to the community.

new table lamps just arrived in styles to suit all decors


bourbonROSE the wedding specialist Metropol September 22, 2016 77

An enduring design that stands the test of time O’Neil Architecture specialises in and focuses on high quality residential design that is elegant, inspired and, more importantly, timeless.


ach of its projects exemplifies the team’s skill in creating legacy homes that stand the test of time. Case in point is a functional, modern home positioned perfectly on the established and traditional Strowan Road. With mature planting and the intentional ageing of the exterior cedar cladding, this six going on seven year old family home still looks and feels fresh and

contemporary, as if it has only just been built. Careful consideration was given to ensure the proportions of the design were beautifully balanced and complemented the streetscape, opting for clean lines, and a stacked, layered form. The exterior materials and textures used are found in many of the existing homes along the street. In fact, the exact

cedar weatherboard profile is used in a neighbouring villa to further strengthen the context. No expensive materials were used to create this L shaped home. Clever design features and simple honest product selection were paramount. Energy efficiency is integral to any good design- this passive solar house is super insulated and the stunning polished concrete floors contain


78 September 22, 2016 Metropol

a hydronic heating system, which keeps the interior of the house a pleasant and consistent 22 degrees. The main open plan living area and separate lounge is located in the more central wing of the structure, with the longer elongated wing framing the garden, and housing three double bedrooms and a bathroom. The luxurious master suite is located upstairs with an expansive walk through wardrobe and ensuite. The open structure of the home makes the most of the site, as does the landscaping and interiors. The layout maximises privacy and outdoor


Clever design features and simple honest product selection were paramount. living opportunities to the north, with an enviable indoor/outdoor flow. The interior is bathed in natural light, yet feels atmospheric and moody with the inclusion of the industrial chic black shutters, and soft sheer drapes. The palette is neutral with a striking contrast of deep inky influences that create drama and intrigue. The use of textures and eclectic accessories imbues the home with a cohesive vibe

and the finishes are strong and natural – emphasising quality rather than trends. With O’Neil Architecture, you can be sure that a great deal of time and attention is focused into the initial design phase, ensuring the layout, futureproofing, context and aesthetics are thoroughly considered. Investing in a good design will not only save you money, but precious time and stress down the track. Visit



P: 021 859 640



03 421 8460 W: E:

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22 39

Metropol September 22, 2016 81

Inner city stunner

3/284 Manchester Street


Ataahua, Banks Peninsula

476 McQueens Valley Road

Deadline Sale

A truly wonderful 33ha lifestyle property

4pm, Thurs 6 Oct 2016 (unless sold prior)

about 30km from the centre of Christchurch. The homestead has been tastefully modernised and refurbished and is set in beautiful gardens on an elevated

View by appointment

Lake Ellesmere. A self-contained cottage is adjacent, there are good sheds, 18ha

Evan Marshall

of well-maintained forestry, and clean

M 027 221 0910

grazing land. Adjacent 3.4ha available.

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This brand new quality three-bedroom townhouse boasts a master bedroom with ensuite and a separate bathroom, spacious open plan living, an internal access garage, an outdoor courtyard perfect for entertaining and the comfort of a warm cosy home with a heat pump and double glazing. Located in Christchurch City Centre, this impressive new build offers the convenience of central city living. Wonderfully Designed by Bespoke Architecture, due for completion on the 31st October. Deadline treaty - All offers presented Monday 26th September, unless sold prior.

Ben Turner M 027 530 1400 B 03 375 4700

site with views down the valley and over


Bev Johnson

Licensed REAA 2008

E P 03 382 0043 M 027 643 9393 New Brighton

Listing #: NB3173

Waimairi Beach 1a Aston Drive

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I 3 K

Poised For Enjoyment Positioned To Perfection She’s a pearl on the inside, a paradise on the out and the aesthetics are superb. Pristine open plan living which flows to the alfresco entertaining area, ocean views from the lounge and balcony, multiple indoor and outdoor living areas, 4 large bedrooms - 1 master with en-suite and built in robe. This fully double glazed home which bask’s all day in sun includes x2 heatpumps, a landscaped garden and easy care lawn. If you are one who loves to be close to everything; the best Beach Cafe, golf course, Bottle Lake Forest, parks, schools, surf life saving clubs, and most of all the quiet northern end of the beach, then this home will suit you down to the ground. The Beachside Boys are proud to be selling this house, but not as proud as you will be when you call this place home.

Auction 9 October 2016 onsite, 1pm (unless sold prior) Alex Fort The Beachside Boys 027 421 6016 (03) 929 0272 Shaun Creek The Beachside Boys 022 0344 769 (03) 929 0272 LICENSED (REAA 2008)

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Spring Clearance




HOMEWARES STOREWIDE “Sale starts: 22 Sept – Ends: 30 Sept. T’s & C’s Apply – see instore for details”

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Metropol - 22 September 2016  
Metropol - 22 September 2016