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Homemade Bresaola – Villas Style riginating from the Lombardy region of the Italian Alps, Bresaola is a delicious air-dried, cured meat, generally made with topside or other premium leg meat. The process of curing and drying Bresaola is simple to try at home make sure your beef cut is trimmed well. You will need: Butcher’s string, Muslin/ cheesecloth, freezer bags.


For those scratching their heads at the title – specifically, the word ‘turmeric’ – you’re not alone. We’ve only just cottoned onto this new trend ourselves.


t seems turmeric is giving coffee a run for its money and has taken over as ‘the’ fashionable beverage for the coming season. Turmeric lattes are winning affection all over the culinary show. So what, exactly, is this popular spice? Well, it’s more than just a pretty face, its earned street cred’ as one of the most powerful herbs on the planet, rubbing shoulders with the likes of garlic, ginseng, ginger and cinnamon. It is considered equivalent to many pharmaceutical medications and is revered for its anti-inflammatory effects as well as being a strong antioxidant. Try it yourself – go in search of a turmeric latte and ride the healthy wave.

• 500g – 1kg piece of topside beef, eye round or loin piece • 1 cup red wine • 100g coarse sea salt • 100g sugar • 20g fresh or dried rosemary, chopped • 5g black peppercorns • 2.5g curing salt per kilo of meat (ask your local butcher)

Method Ensure that your meat is well trimmed of all fat and sinew Weigh the meat (essential for knowing when your bresaola is ready) Put meat in freezer bag and add red wine. Remove air, seal and refrigerate overnight Combine all cure ingredients, crush and grind in mortar & pestle. Remove refrigerated meat from bag, pat dry and add half of the cure mixture to the dry meat in a clean freezer bag. Press out air and seal. Turn meat once a day. After one week, empty any liquid from bag, add the second half of cure mixture, reseal and refrigerate for one more week. Turn meat daily. Now you are ready to wrap and hang your meat – head to The Villas Facebook page for the next steps to create your own delicious bresaola. In the meantime, experience The Villas lunch and dinner version.

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Metropol - 20 October 2016