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and rather an important part of identity, the team works closely and collaboratively with its clients, delivering impressive services. The proud stockist of Fibreplex + Excellium the salon rightly extols the many virtues of these products. A revolutionary product to protect hair from damage during chemical treatments, Fibreplex’s slogan is “Lighten! Lift! Colour! Without compromise” and it does just that. A Schwarzkopf professional’s brand product, it offers hair incredible protection from breakage during lightening, lifting or colouring. Moreover, it sets colourists free from the fear of compromising hair quality during the chemical process. The cutting-edge 3-step Bond Enforcing System consists of N°1 Bond Booster, which actively protects the hair from damage during the colouration process; N°2 Bond Sealer, which effectively seals the outer surface for long-lasting strength, suppleness and shine; and N°3 Bond Maintainer, which works a dream maintaining

The team works closely and collaboratively with its clients, delivering impressive services.

Hair has long been treated as one of the most important accessories; a way for us to freely express ourselves, to build and exude confidence.


alon ZBD is right at the heart of curating a bespoke aesthetic for each of its clients. With the knowledge and understanding that hair is in fact more than just an accessory

the significantly improved hair quality while protecting against new mechanical damage at home. Excellium has equal potency and potential as it enriches the hair in the sheer luxury of the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Excellium Q10 collection. This innovation is formulated to smooth and perfect coarse, colour-treated hair. Powerfully infused with Q10+ and rich Omega 3, this restructuring blend works to promote keratin reproduction while successfully keeping the hair and scalp in optimum condition with essential lipids. Visit or phone 379 5782 today to speak to the dedicated ZBD Salon team about what would work best for you.

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Metropol - 20 October 2016