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Jenny Kim, Graeme Milicich, Bonnie Johnstone

Megan Sharpe, Meagan Penney, Helen Gerrard

Ritchie Dimbleby, Kelly Fay

PERFECTING THE ART OF PEARLY WHITES On Friday 16 September Dentistry on Merivale enjoyed a ‘Great Dental Day Out’ at the iconic Christchurch Art Gallery. The Medical Insurance Society hosts the events which showcase a series of educational speakers. Bonnie Johnstone, Anthony & Rebecca Holland

Andrew Kelso, Pip Freeman

Ronald Sluiter, Andrea Hayford

Pip Anderson, Kristin Morton, Sarah Lovie

Chris Kennedy, John Morton, Tony Jackson

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email

Metropol October 20, 2016 23

Metropol - 20 October 2016  
Metropol - 20 October 2016