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A Collision of Vowels By Céline Gibson

Auckland artist, designer and typographer Catherine Griffiths has a fascination for letters - vowels in particular.


atherine doesn’t think of vowels solely in their visual form; for her, sound is just as important. Catherine refers to them as ‘Soundscapes’, which possibly explains why the giant glass panel confirmed for the entranceway to the new administration block - Te Kei - at Ara Institute of Canterbury is to be called Collidescape. “Because of Catherine’s long association with Ian Athfield Architects, she was a natural choice for us. Ara is extremely fortunate to have this work as part of our art collection,” says Julie Humby, Art Curator at Ara. Julie leafs through a folder containing images of vector dot patterns. “This is the design Catherine has created for us. The process is done in ceramic ink that’s

18 October 20, 2016 Metropol

printed on the interior of the glazing.” Though a scaled down model of the final result, it makes a sizeable impression! “With night lighting, imagine how different it will look from day - that was very much a consideration when Catherine was designing this work.” Julie expounds on the function of the Te Kei building. “It will bring together the Executive team, Human Resources, Finance, Workforce Development, Marketing Services and the Project Management Office, which are currently in a number of buildings across the Madras Street campus. This will then enable the Rakaia Centre to be refurbished as a student hub.” Te Kei construction has commenced with completion estimated mid 2017.

Still image projected (music video, ‘Norman Bates’, Landscape) with autoportrait against studio door, collage: CG, 2013

Metropol - 20 October 2016  
Metropol - 20 October 2016