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Adventure Time

What does 19 months, 755 hand-illustrated pages and 236 litres of coffee add up to? One Grand ‘AddVenture’ that has culminated in a 200 page physical and digital book.

“This is not the end of a journey, but just the beginning of what we hope will be many AddVentures to come,” Felicity says.

12 October 20, 2016 Metropol


elicity Jane Powell, RE: Director of RE: Edit Publishing previously published nine different books for customers ranging from New York exchange students to Silicon Valley CEOs. In March 2015 she pitched an ambitious and eclectic idea at the Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee & Jam. It was called “Rebuild This City” - an interactive activity guide to Christchurch, designed to help residents and visitors creatively connect to Christchurch as it transitioned towards its new normal. Felicity spent nearly two years working towards making that book a reality, and now RE: Edit Publishing is thrilled to release AddVenture Christchurch tomorrow - the 21 October 2016 at XCHC. The launch is a celebration open to the patriots of Christchurch. “This is not the end of a journey, but just the beginning of what we hope will be many ‘AddVentures’ to come,” Felicity says. The launch provides an opportunity for a series of firsts – the first edition of course, but also the first opportunity to RE: Edit the book for its first large print run (what does this involve? coloured pens, post-its, and a healthy dose of humour!) The team involved will share their experiences from day dot onwards – specifically, what it’s been like starting an independent publishing company. During the evening, a few of the key figures in RE: Edit and AddVenture’s development - members of the community who made this project possible from day one – will take the stage to share their words of wisdom. What do you need to bring with you? Imagination, inspiration, your smartphone and your tablet if you’re interested in testing out the first beta version of AddVenture Christchurch in digital form. The event starts at 6pm and ends, at the latest, at 8pm. An exhibition of AddVenture materials and the RE:Edit portfolio will be available to experience, reedit, and re-discover all week until the 28 October. This will be a family-friendly occasion so feel free to bring along mini-adventurers, too.

Metropol - 20 October 2016  
Metropol - 20 October 2016