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If you’re building or repairing your home...


hen you need your residential or commercial building or renovating project completed on time and budget, using trade qualified, high quality workmanship, and don’t know who to trust, well what we do is put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you to complete your project to the highest quality- guaranteed. We understand that every new residential building offers the unique opportunity to create a legacy and valuable asset for you and your family’s future. Having worked on a wide variety of design styles, the Whyte team offers you extensive first-hand experience and the highest quality of trade expertise (our team has over 500 years of combined experience), so you know you’re in the right hands. And we know how frustrating it can be to deal with poor quality shoddy workmanship, time delays, red tape, budget over-run being let down. Instead, when you choose Whyte Construction you’ll discover we will do everything possible to develop your project to ensure its true potential is maximised, with professional, hassle-free service that gives you the result you really want without any stress. Building high quality architecturally designed homes, alterations and renovations in the Christchurch and Canterbury region represents our core business. We can also accommodate all those special and unique features which distinguish your project from the norm (and have your friends, family and neighbours talking excitedly about the end result!). To find out more, simple call on 0800 333 360 or email to arrange a meeting to understanding the next step.

10 Great Reasons To Choose Whyte Construction Focus on QUALITY: our trade qualified team has over 500 years of combined experience in residential and commercial projects in New Zealand and around the world. Your project is in the right hands: we’re fully accredited and certified members of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand. That means we’re trade qualified and meet the highest industry standards. We respect your time is precious: we’ll be on time for both our appointments and completing your project. Stay on budget: our professional estimating systems cover all building costs so you know the true cost before you start. Don’t get caught out not knowing the true cost of your project. Stress-free service: a personal project manager will oversee your project and keep in touch every step of the way. A complete range of services means we can look after everything for you, with no hassles (as we’ve been doing for 19 years). We offer design and build services along with plan appraisal services, Whether for new homes. alterations and additions, or property maintenance and landscaping, you’ll find we can complete your project and exceed your expectations. We’re here when it suits you: we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required. We offer a guarantee for all our work Locally owned and operated All our work is compliant with NZ Building Codes.


Project: 307 Durham St, Christchurch Entrant: Whyte Construction Limited Category: Commercial and Civic

2 June 2, 2016 Metropol

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2 JUNE 2016 VOL 19 ISSUE 11

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HOME boudoir winter warmers




National Multi Award Winning Magazine







Winter is already winning hearts as it introduces functional beauty to the style scene. Practicality meets pleasure in the aesthetics for the season with an emphasis on texture and layers from top to toe. Think draping scarves, fitted fedoras and luscious leather.

w w w. o n e i l . c o . n z Metropol June 2, 2016 3

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Publisher Metros Publishing Group Ltd Managing Director Trevor Laplanche

Kate Pierson


Kate Pierson

Advertising: Tracey Prince

ith Canterbury Fashion Week next week, and our latest cover a fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, I've been thinking quite a lot about the subject. Generating billions of dollars per annum in New Zealand, fashion is the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like he race is with yourself” Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon 2016 nature of the industry keeps–loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' on their Towards the end of last year, donning a relaxed, holiday glow and in a state of toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider ourselves a 'work in progress' blissful ignorance, I signed up for the 2016 Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon. rather perplexed. It’s anyone’s guess what on at the time, but I was defi nitelycringeAll of this 'threads andearth kicks'I was talk thinking has inspired some nostalgic and rather disillusioned - imagining in the–lead up tounstylish the event- and then inducing memoriesmyself for mevigorously as I reflecttraining on my style or rather breezing through the 21.2 kilometres. evolution. It would be difficult to determine which of the styles I donned as a kid As the 13th May drew closer, the reality of the commitment I’d made dawned on me, and of the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas the butterflies started to fly with wild abandonment around my stomach. On the day, as title. the horn sounded to mark the start of my stream, I felt the adrenalin coursing through my My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, wideleg jeans, and tie-dye veins. leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled At the three kilometre mark, I hit the accelerator and resolved to run for as long as I could. dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand with my over I felt euphoric in the lead up to the halfway point. I had an inner shopping monologue running Mum and can wore the point ofgoing its extinction. was sadend!’, day in our wait to do and over – ‘you dotothis!’, ‘you’re to make That it right toathe ‘I can’t household. this again next year!’ can't forget the pink, heels that andaI far wore on It was Iaalso completely different storypatent at theleather 16 kilometre I’dfriend adopted more girls' nights out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (no longer the case negative attitude owing to legs that felt like they were full of concrete. I changedthese tact, days) fact started at hoping around that the age of six when I burst begged my parents for my running and in walking instead, I’d get a second of wind that would propel own pair 'clipline. clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. me towards theof finish think II probably insisted on Isleeping in ‘I’m them such completely was the lovedefeated of theseright $20 now!’ At oneI point was so exasperated cried out, feeling A woman a few stepsheels ahead of me turned white, pointed with bows on. around with a big smile and said, ‘Don’t forget, the race is interesting with yourself’. The thing about a lot of the styles we have banished to the back of Her words gave me a sense of buoyancy andthemselves drive. Whileback I could no longer run, and our minds/wardrobes is that they find in vogue when style hobbled up to and over finishing her wind. mantra worked its potent magic on my selfroyalists decide tothe give them a line, second doubt.Ultimately, Her sentiment is something I’ve thought a lotpersonal about since finishing the race as it fashion is an extremely subjective, thing, but I believe one has much broader relevance. of the best parts about donning something you feel really proud of, is the On theconfidence tougher days; when Despite you’re facing challenge of that seems impossible toI conquer; injection. beingasomewhat a Tomboy these days, know I or if friends and family are moving ahead in leaps and bounds while your progress also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. seems stagnant; remind yourself that the race is yours and yours alone. I hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth As we celebrate the arrival of winter in this issue, the fun challenge at hand is how to provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of live life to the fullest when hibernation mode becomes very attractive. We’ve included a your own sartorial sins with friends and family. number of winter warmers – from food to fashion – that we hope will spur you on. Carpe Diem is the motto this winter!

Editorial: Kate Pierson




Kate Pierson

Kate Pierson

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Philanthropy By Melinda Collins

Fun, fashion and frivolity are what we associate with most catwalk events, but for M-Factor Family Fashion Show last month, it was about so much more than that.


hile the Christchurch event showcased all the fashion highlights from the new season, and celebrity models, dancers and singers brought the entertainment factor to the runway, the jewel in this show’s glittering crown was that proceeds raised from the event go towards supporting families who need to call a Ronald McDonald House their home. Phil and Tash Murphy and their children – eight-year-old Pyper and five-year-old

Tasja – are one such family. After hitting her head when she fell from the trampoline in 2013, Tasja was rushed to the hospital for a CT scan where they discovered a massive brain tumour. “We were later told that if they hadn’t found it, within two to three months Tasja wouldn’t be with us today,” Tash says. The family was sent to Christchurch the next day and, after a day of blood tests, they were sent to Ronald McDonald House where they stayed for 196 nights. When she asked where to pay and was told it was free, Tash burst into tears. “From that moment on, even though our lives had been turned upside down, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about anything at all except my family.” Diagnosed with a rare brain tumour called ‘Choroids Plexus Papilloma’ that had spread to her spinal cord, Tasja had to have

“There were so many happy moments we had at the house even though we were living a nightmare and that is all thanks to Ronald McDonald house.” brain surgery twice before undergoing months of intensive chemotherapy. The family had to stay in Christchurch the whole time Tasja was in treatment, but she is now in remission and living life to the fullest. “There were so many happy moments we had at the house even though we were living a nightmare and that is all thanks to Ronald McDonald house,” Tash says. “It was not just a roof over our heads, it was our home.”

NIGHT CLASSES PAPANUI HIGH Te r m 3 2 0 1 6 Term 3 begins 1st August 2016

Huge range of classes from…

Art to Yoga

Come down and enjoy the fun! To enrol, please phone our ofce on:

352 0701

See our full range of courses on


“Land and Sky” Allan Crombie

Philip Beadle

11th-14th June

Brian McCracken

Don McAra

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A NIGHT OF NETWORKING On Friday 22 April, the re-owned Wigram Base Events Centre threw a beautiful cocktail party for people in the wedding industry as a way to introduce them to the stunning venue and to provide an environment for them to network. Decorators through to celebrants came together to enjoy a tipple and share inspirational ideas.

Ashleigh Fish, Laura Hitchon, Gael Chapman

Alison van Lent, Adrienne Smith, Lynn McKinney, Diane de Wagt

Vanessa Leeming, Jamie and Kade Prouting

Chris Williams

Mandy Caldwell, Jonny Knopp, Erica Austin

Emma Newman, Craig Forster, Kim Chan

Theresa Sinclair, Mark Sinclair, Julie Lassen, Phil Hunt

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

8 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Wendy Cunningham, Simon Henderson Metropol June 2, 2016 9


Sweet Treat a A fashionable institution in its own right, Quinns in Merivale, came alive on Thursday 19 May with elegant looks storming the catwalk.

Inspired by the elegance of designers including Oscar de la Renta, Jimmy Choo and Valentino.

10 June 2, 2016 Metropol


he unique and glamorous ‘Candy & Cuba’ clothing collection found its perfect match in Quinns and celebrated the start of its exclusive partnership with the store. Portfolio models, Bliss Hairdressing and Kristen Stewart School of Makeup each worked their creative magic to deliver a show designed to ‘sparkle and shine’. Boasting pops of candy floss pink and baby blue, feminine frills and delicate beading, garments in lace and silk wooed the crowd and won their affections. Romantic designs commanded attention for their innovation. Inspired by the elegance of designers including Oscar de la Renta, Jimmy Choo and Valentino, the ever-talented, Fiona Jackson, designs and manufacturers her exquisite garments in Dubai and the colours in her collection pay homage to the stunning Arabian Gulf. Jackson’s impressive background includes high profile event management including the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix and the United Arab

Emirates 40th birthday national celebrations. Jackson has also rubbed shoulders with royalty working closely with the Abu Dhabi royal family managing dozens of wedding celebrations and private events. With an emphasis on stylish and accessible pieces, the initial 21 piece Candy & Cuba collection offers beautiful dresses, impeccably tailored skirts, and shirts and tops that channel effortless sophistication. Visit Quinns to immerse yourself in the style experience.

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Shake it Off It was a flamboyant affair at Sumner School Hall on Saturday 7 May, as 20 ‘Strictly Sumner’ locals sauntered their way onto the stage to dance up a storm. It was the dynamic duo of Amy Barry and Nick Brown that ultimately stole the affection of the judges.


nspired by Strictly Ballroom and Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), the philanthropic event attracted a 500 strong crowd who were dazzled with the talent and charm of ten local couples giving their all for 10 different charities. With only 16 weeks to prepare and hit the stage, the couples – some old friends, others initially strangers – wowed with high-energy creations and complex dance moves as they shook their tailfeathers in spectacular fashion. Representing all aspects of the community from builders, doctors and surf instructors through to pharmacists and yoga teachers - the dancers delivered polished and entertaining routines. The renowned judges including former Bachelor and DWTS contestant, Crystal Chenery, and Lisa

Proudly supporting the Sumner community

with a big

Davies from TV1 News, were faced with a colourful challenge of crowning a winning pair. It was the dynamic duo of Amy Barry and Nick Brown that ultimately stole the affection of the judges. Barry and Brown burned up the dancefloor dancing for the Christchurch Coastal Pathway who hopes to put the money raised towards the creation of a boardwalk ramp for buggies and wheelchairs. “Winning was the icing on the cake of an amazing journey. Over the 16 weeks we worked so hard, and even though it was a competition, we were all there to support each other and just wanted each other to do well. This was well out of our comfort zone, but it became a story of self-discovery and strong friendships.”

“Sumner Rocked Again” Dr Sean Every at Southern Eye Specialists


Hiatt Chambers at St George’s Hospital 249 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch 8014. P: 03 355 6397 E: info@southern Tussock Lane Christchurch - NZ PHONE 384 - 384 7170 7170 Tussock Lane Ferrymead Ferrymead Christchurch Phone

Wyn Mossman Shane Summerfield Nigel Bratten Claire Heeran (hygienist) Wyn Mossman Shane Summerfield Nigel Bratten Claire Heeran (hygienist)

12 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Lights, Camera, Action

& Bikes

Bikes are making their blockbuster debut at the Hollywood Cinema in Sumner on Sunday 12 June as the second annual ‘Big Bike Film Night’ steals the show.


ollowing unprecedented demand for tickets and a sold-out Friday 10 June event, Curator and Event Director, Brett Cotter, committed to another screening on the Sunday. Best get on your bike though as tickets are selling faster than a Bradley Wiggins time trial! Showcasing a collection of short movies with action packed bike adventure, the evening is a bike lover’s idea of paradise with plenty of drama, humour and even a hint of romance thrown into the mix! “The Big Bike Film Night connects cycling fans through the art of imagery, storytelling and incredible filmmaking; yet you don’t have to be a cyclist to relate to these stories, there’s something here for everyone,” Cotter says.

The assortment of short films at the Big Bike Film Night includes the compelling stories of two of America’s finest road racers, Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney; Britain’s only Extreme Unicycling Display Team – the outrageous Voodoo Unicyclists; three times ‘Single Speed Jedi’, World Champion Australian Brett Bellchambers; the colourful female racing cyclist, Mianzi Rei from Germany, as well as the gripping story of Rob Jarman and his attempt on the UK downhill speed record. “This collection is a great reminder of why we love to ride our bikes. Stories that captivate us, stories that make us think, and most importantly of all stories that inspire us to get on a bike”. For more information on the Big Bike Film Night go to

Showcasing a collection of short movies with action packed bike adventure.

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Hannah Watkinson’s love for photography has inspired her to start up the only non-profit gallery for contemporary photography in New Zealand that does not sell its exhibits. One of its main goals is to help establish emerging photographers.

Credit: My Place ‘King Family’ by Bruce Connew


ocated in the entrance area to the new Scorpio Books shop, in the BNZ Centre at 120 Hereford Street, the ‘In Situ Photo Project’ opened on 19 March and has so far completed two exhibitions, with its third one, Herstory, now underway. A solo exhibition featuring the work of Chrissy Irvine, Herstory works on the principle that New Zealand women are unique and all have stories to tell. Hannah says today’s women continue to push the boundaries. They live in communities with a variety of role

THE REVOLUTIONARY CONCERTINA LOUVRE Discover Australasia’s first retractable opening roof louvre. Unique Slideaway Technology. Designed and manufactured right here in Christchurch by Johnson & Couzins. 0800 664 083

14 June 2, 2016 Metropol


models for young women, from engineers and firefighters to nurses and mothers. Chrissy’s photos are of 18 such women. The first exhibition, My Place, featured portraits of Cantabrians photographed in their favourite places - anywhere from a tree or a bookshop, to a bay, bathtub, or bar. They were first on display at the COCA gallery before the earthquakes and Hannah selected 23 works from the 68 originally exhibited. The second exhibition, On Site, began on 1 April and featured the work of two

Credit: Felicity Powe


emerging artists and three well-known photographers alongside each other. Their work was made in response to the social and cultural history embedded within our land. Shot in various regions across New Zealand that have gone through and continue to go through phases of significant transition, this exhibition questioned our understanding of place and memory.

the fact that as a student she exhibited as much as she could. “An artist’s work looks different in a gallery space. It is important for an emerging artist to exhibit, but there were not many places in Christchurch where they can do this,” she says. Hannah then heard that Scorpio Books was relocating back into the central city and that they wanted a gallery in the space next to them. She convinced Jo Hewitson,

“This city needs to be thinking about art and cultural spaces, and this is where the sponsors are helping us push the boundaries and making interesting new things possible.” Majoring in photography, Hannah graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury and is doing her Honours in Photography this year. The idea for the gallery came from

of Scorpio Books, that it was a good idea for In Situ Photo Project to be established there, and this was agreed to by the landlords, Nick and Sue Hunt of Lichfield Holdings.

Credit: My Place ‘Van den Broek’ by Tim Veling Of course, as a non-profit enterprise, it could not function without sponsorship, for which Hannah is grateful to the Christchurch City Council’s Transitional City Projects Fund; Lichfield Holdings; Andrew Barclay of Colliers International; Fuji Xerox; Greystone Wines; the Ilam School of Fine Arts; Photo & Video International and Karma Cola. “This city needs to be thinking about art and cultural spaces, and this is where the sponsors are helping us push the boundaries and making interesting new things possible,” Hannah says.

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An Entrepreneurial


Rob Henderson has entrepreneurialism and gumption in equal measure. The type of innovator who willingly leans into a challenge, he’s got a ubiquitous presence in Christchurch in the very best possible way.

You don’t need to wander far around the CBD to spot a tangible manifestation of Rob’s talent – from his Next Bike cycle infrastructure ( ‘Spark Bikes’ helping people get from A to B around the city, to his co-sharing workspaces, C Lab ( and Quad ( Metropol talks with Henderson about his entrepreneurial ride to date. How did you pioneer these two brand new concepts – the cycle infrastructure and the co-sharing workspace? In both scenarios an opportunity existed. I have this problem where I say ‘yes’ to everything and then work it out later! When you’re doing your own thing it can be really tough – sure you have lots of wins, but you also have the losses too. It can be tough when you don’t have someone to share that with when you’re starting out. If you look at graphs of entrepreneurship and what people experience, it’s like a rollercoaster as you’re upping and downing the whole way.

16 June 2, 2016 Metropol

How does the bikesharing work? The bikeshare project took three years to get to the launch date in August 2015. We’ve added a sixth station at the Bus Interchange as part of the two year pilot. Initially we crowdfunded the project and now we have Spark backing it. There have been 5,000 trips since we launched, which is really good. We’ve got a lot of locals using it to get to meetings across town and we are working with the University of Canterbury on data to help us put together a case for what this might look like in the long-term.

What does a co-sharing workspace mean for Christchurch? One of the things I didn’t realise is that when you start up a co-sharing workspace you end up with more than just people around you - you have a community. There is also great collaboration and you end up helping each other. For freelancers and aspiring creatives sometimes it’s just about getting out of the house and being a part of this workspace community to find that a problem shared is a problem halved. People find they are experiencing similar struggles and can share in each other successes. When we started C Lab (together with local IT company Trineo) it was an accessory to other things and it wasn’t about making a profit. For me it’s about watching people do well. The interesting thing has been around curating a community of people. A lot of people get in touch and want to work there.

What motivates you on a daily basis? I think a lot of the time people only see the success at face value without understanding all of the struggle behind it. I’m happy to say we had a lot of business and community support with the bikeshare project. I’m grateful for the public and political support and friends and family. Equally though, I’m spurred on by people saying ‘now’s not a good time to start a new idea’. I like to find a way to make it happen!

How do you manage the challenges and any potential naysayers when you’re an entrepreneur trying to break new ground? There is sometimes an element of that [naysayers], but there is no gain in focusing on people who aren’t keen to support or are negative about what you are doing. Although it can be generational at times, I do believe that people in Christchurch are more open to new ideas and excited about the future. What is your view on the future of Christchurch and its potential? This is a city of opportunity and there are opportunities now that wouldn’t have existed preearthquakes. I believe it’s about navigating old school and new school thinking and finding enthusiastic people and sticking with them. The struggle might be real, but that’s what it’s all about. It’s about trying something new. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Henderson is the founder of the first bikesharing infrastructure to grace Christchurch’s recreational scene, helping to put the city on the map. Christchurch is keeping quality company joining the ranks of major cultural capitals like London and Melbourne.

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Win these gorgeous products and you and your home will be glowing... To enter the draw to win simply head to (or scan our QR code with your smart phone), put in your details and tick the competitions you want to be in to win. Entries close on 13 June and the winners will be notified on 14 June.

Abbey Rose


etropol is excited to giveaway one Amber and Vanilla Abbey Rose Candle. The exquisite and ecofriendly Abbey Rose brand has released a luxurious home fragrance and soy candle collection made right here in New Zealand! From floral to spice, citrus to woody, each fragrance has been carefully blended using a diverse range of ingredients and scent pairings to deliver a perfect, long-lasting aroma. RRP $75

La Mav


etropol has two La Mav Organic BB Cremes to giveaway. The ultimate multitasker, La Mav Organic BB Cream moisturises, primes, colour-corrects, offers UV protection and acts as light foundation – ticking off 5 jobs with one high-end but affordable product. Containing healing aloe vera, nourishing Vitamin C and the renowned anti-ageing ingredient, rosehip oil, La Mav Organic BB Cream is 100 percent plant based, certified organic, and cruelty free. RRP $39.95

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS The premise of home staging is quite simple – to make potential buyers see themselves living comfortably in the home.

“There’s no escaping the raw power of first impressions, especially when it comes to selling your home,” says Denise Pheloung from Creative & Co.


ur memory is a fickle thing and is easily influenced by our emotions at the time. This comes to the fore when we are buying a home as we recall the way a house smelt, the light in a room, and how each space flowed into the next. Twenty-five years of interior design experience and an innate skill at making each home look its best, means Denise enjoys every day on the job. This can be anything from selecting fabric options for reupholstering, creating a complete interior

design package, or restyling a house for home staging. The premise of home staging is quite simple – to make potential buyers see themselves living comfortably in the home, resulting in a quick and stress-free sale, and an increased sale price. Working with a range of clients across Canterbury, Denise adds her touch to apartments and sprawling rural homes, houses which are lived in, or empty new builds. Homes are de-cluttered, living

spaces repositioned, accessories and furniture added, or she can set up every room of an empty house down to the final touches of linen and artwork. For customers who have had difficulty selling their homes, the results have been immediate. Contact Denise at Creative & Co to talk over personalised packages to work with your budget - call 021 223 7703, email, or visit for more information.

Rooms Available

Beautifully appointed with award winning gardens located right beside the heart of the Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, restaurants, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries and facility tours welcome, please telephone 3555888 for an appointment.

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HEARTBEAT By Melinda Collins

From a conservative, post-Victorian city to a bold and innovative urban hot spot, Christchurch has emerged as a city that packs a proverbial punch.


ur architecture, activities and now even our art are driving this exciting change and commanding attention, not just on a national level, but now an international one as burgeoning tourism numbers enable us to play host to an increasing number of high profile international acts. Christchurch is one of only two places in the Southern Hemisphere to host British international artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea. His films have been included in international film festivals such as Cannes, Toronto, and Sundance and he has recently been shortlisted for the Artes Mundi 7 prize. Arts Mundi is an internationally focused arts organisation that identifies, recognises and supports contemporary visual artists. It is best known for its biennial international prize and exhibition, which takes place in Cardiff. Now showing at Christchurch’s Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) Toi Moroki gallery, the cutting edge, three-screen video installation was described by international art magazine ‘Art

Review’ as a “stand out”. A 48-min long exploration of the sea’s integral role in the troubled histories of slavery and whaling, Vertigo Sea fuses archival material, readings from classical sources, and newly shot footage, to highlight the greed, horror, and cruelty of the whaling industry, which is juxtaposed against scenes of the many generations of migrants and refugees crossing the ocean for a better life. Bridget Reweti’s exhibition Tirohanga – showing alongside Vertigo Sea at CoCA – is tied specifically to the land of Aotearoa. It takes the narratives of Bridget’s Iwi at Tauranga Moana as a starting point to explore our understanding of the land and landscape. Her films challenge the idea of the wild; untamed; sublime landscape, as first told by the 18th century European migrants, offering an alternate perspective from Te Ao Māori through its quiet observation. The two installations are now showing for free at independent, not-for-profit gallery CoCA until 7 August 2016.


20 June 2, 2016 Metropol





On Friday 29 April, The Cashmere Club was brought to life with a women’s fundraising event for Reclaim Another Woman (RAW) Charitable Trust featuring an inspirational talk from Annah Stretton. The heart-warming, charitable trust helps women in need to rehabilitate their lives.

Gina Guthrie, Annah Stretton

Stacey McLean, Hannah Patten

Kate Webb, Gina Guthrie, Ina Pickering, Annah Stretton, Dana McLean

Michelle Sullivan, Emma Dyer

Paula Waldeck, Bronwyn Rhodes

Sharon Graham, Sheree Hayward, Rachel Deegan

Barb Miller, Ngaire Wilson, Sian Andrews

Sarah Foster, Mel Christie

Ivy and Kate Webb, Dana McLean, Tania Gallop

Patsy and Nicole Bass

Jackie Pye, Sue Rolston, Bridget Temporo

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Are you or someone you know considering buying or selling property? I would love to help! I am committed to outstanding service and a professional experience. Call me today for a free appraisal or no obligation chat. Energy, Efficiency & Excellence

03 322 1197 M: 021 388 924



Manny McIvor Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008

Energy, Efficiency & Excellence

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boudoir winter warmers

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b eautiful Striking a




ubbing shoulders with some equally grandiose identities including the Isaac Theatre Royal, the brand new Piano Centre for Music and the Arts - ‘The Piano’ - will stand in all its elegant and philanthropic glory in the new performing arts precinct. Four grand pianos will find a home in the beautiful space. Available for community and commercial rental, the start-of-the-art building will provide an ambience and acoustical magic like no other. The centre’s vision is to provide a place for performers – ranging from the professional through to aspiring. The leading-edge technologist working on these components is Rueben Bijl who says, “All of the technical components in the building are designed to be easy to use for a wide range of visitors. The concert hall has preconfigured lighting and

audio setups for typical concert scenarios so that an event can be run without requiring additional in-house staff.

THE START-OF -THE-ART BUILDING WILL PROVIDE AN AMBIENCE AND ACOUSTICAL MAGIC LIKE NO OTHER. “The building has full access control systems, which means that performers can easily hire a room, or use a space for a rehearsal for a short period of time and have certainty around the ability to access them while maintaining good security for The Piano. There is also Wifi throughout the building for visitors and teachers.” The grand concert hall, with seating for 340 and a stage capacity of 120 people or a 70 piece orchestra, stands to become

a backdrop for some of the greatest musical performances Christchurch has seen. The best part is that community groups will have access to a base rental rate of $450 – for the entire night. “The concert hall has been designed to control the temperature in half degree increments so that it can be raised or lowered without making an audible sound,” Reuben comments of the space. “This is configured alongside a concert booking so that the temperature will be just right when people arrive.” With 50 bookings already in place including the Writers Festival, Anna Coddington (Fly My Pretties), Indian Ink Theatre Company and New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Piano Centre Director Bronwyn Bijl says, “We are very, very proud of what we have achieved.”

Metropol June 2, 2016 23


SHOWBIZ! The winner of eight Tony awards and four Olivier Awards, including best musical, Hairspray is the wonderful musical about to wow Christchurch with its comedy and big hair.


airspray is the second of this year’s productions by Showbiz Christchurch following the sell-out success of Mamma Mia! “Hairspray is the musical with a heart as big as a beehive!” Manager of Showbiz Christchurch, Michael Bayly, says. “It take us back to the 1960s, to Baltimore USA, with music capturing a melting pot of American styles from Doo-Wop and Rock and Roll through to early Motown. Audiences should get set for a high energy and joyous feel-good musical ride that will have them reaching for a bumper can of ‘ultra-hold’ hairspray.” The story of Hairspray revolves around plump teenager, Tracy Turnblad, whose dream is to dance on The Corny Collins Show, a local Baltimore dance programme. When she wins a role on the show, Tracy becomes a celebrity overnight and meets a colourful array of characters. She also seeks to right the injustices of segregation on the TV show using the power of music and big hair. In 2007, Hairspray was released as a highly successful movie with a stellar cast including - most famously - John Travolta in an unforgettable performance as Edna Turnblad, Tracy’s overweight mother and agent. On December this year, Hairspray will be staged live on NBC television in the USA. “That just demonstrates

“It’s a theatrical experience not to be missed.” the ongoing popularity of this musical,” Michael says. “It’s a theatrical experience not to be missed.” Season dates are 8 to 18 June including evening performances at 7.30pm; Saturday matinees from 2pm on 11 and 18 June; a Sunday matinee at 4pm on 12 June. Visit



FUN, FANCY, PHILANTHROPY On Thursday 14 April, Mashina Lounge at the Christchurch Casino played glamourous host to the ‘Noir Et Blanc’ charity poker event. SPCA Animal Care Manager, Rebecca Dobson, was front and centre stage as she won the final hand of the tournament.

Jess Bigwood, Brooke Henderson, Laura Le-Comte

Kirsty Brown, Chris Mintern, Andrea McSweeney

Greg Cooper, Renee Jones, Frank Burgess

EPIC Entertainment

Rob Allsop, Ali Jones

Hamish Fryer, Justine Smith, Jeff Bigwood

Mike King, Stuart Anderson

David Lynch, Laura Wells Clare Wilkinson, Geoff Smith, Teresa Sime

Tom King, Donna Hughes, Darren Tait

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email: 24 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Vicki Denley, Don McKenzie



CELEBRATING SUSTAINABILITY On Wednesday 11 May, Enviro-Mark Solutions hosted an evening event to celebrate Ricoh New Zealand’s significant sustainability achievements including their ongoing carboNZero certification.

Craig Mennie, Ian Falconer

Greg Jones, Daniel van der Starre, Kathleen Hill, Duane Smithson, Richard Gordon

John Blanchet, Kieran Brewster Maureen McCloy, Nick Steel

Daniel van der Starre, Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck, Kathleen Hill, Duane Smithson

Stu McKenzie, Ceisha Poirot, Warren Riley

Duane Smithson, Richard Gordon

Rachel Teen, De Hawker, Bronwyn Cook

Paul Barrett, Neil Gilbert, Tony Sellin

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography

Metropol June 2, 2016 25


You order, we send, they’re happy... Fresh NZ grown flowers. Best value Christchurch florist, our creations are hand crafted, beautifully arranged and full of flowers.

Charmed Flowers

7 O’Shannessey Place, Addington and at Collective, The Colombo Ph. 348 8346. It’s cold, so take comfort in the latest luxe Untouched World™ AW16 knits for men and women, and make winter a whole lot warmer. Untouched World™ Flagship Store and Café: 155 Roydvale Avenue, Ph: 357 9399 Untouched World™ Re:START Store: N13/96 Oxford Tce, Ph: 365 9533

‘Bec & Bridge’ Angel Trail long sleeve dress $259 Available instore or online from

Raw Nova

The Tannery Ph. 389 8704

Pretty in Pink... 1960s Lace Dress, Plaid Wool Coat and Velvet Hat. Winter style at

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Decora Chant Waterproof boot. Colours Black, Brown sugar, Mocha RRP $349 Great for the sports fields or around town this waterproof boot is so comfortable and warm Inside zipper for easy off and on with a Faux fur collar. Merrell air cushion in heel absorbs shock and adds stability

26 June 2, 2016 Metropol


‘Adding the edge’

Repertoire Brigade Jacket $379.90 Available from Repertoire in The Colombo Mall 363 Colombo Street, Sydenham Ph. 366 1200

Random roll neck sweater styled with Random midi pleat skirt.

Fredrick Ashley

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Never show up in the same dress as someone else.

Park Avenue Fashions

363 Lincoln Road, Addington. Ph. 374 5858.




It was the iconic French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”


o how do we create this sense of personal style that is ours and ours alone? While I love fashion, I am certainly not its slave, and prize personal style above all else. But for the uninitiated, how do you create a style that is unique to you and you alone? One particular style icon who has only been recognised as such in her later years – 90-something, New Yorker Iris Apfel who said, “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess” - serves as an inspiration to generations of women of all ages. Teaming the most outrageous and eclectic pieces found at flea markets, chintzy bargain basement stores, and vintage boutiques, Iris is living proof that style is not a reflection of how much money you spend. It can be a joyous

amalgamation of handcrafted and mass produced and high-end and low-end cutting edge fashion, as well as secondhand treasures. “To have style, you have to know who you are, what you can carry, what you’re comfortable with, what you can afford, what makes you happy,” Iris says. Take a leaf out of Iris’ book, and combat the sea of sameness you find at high street shops and malls by digging deep into the treasure troves that only second hand shopping can give. Look out for that one-off, ‘diamond-in-therough’ piece that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Even if you love well-made designer clothing and can afford the high price tags, sometimes it’s the chunky wool poncho that looks like it was hand knitted by your grandmother, or the kitsch mid-century souvenir silk scarf from Milan you won’t find anywhere else that makes an outfit your own. These types of treasures are truly priceless and add oodles of character to an otherwise soulless ensemble. As Iris says, “The key to style is learning who you are...There’s no road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.” We couldn’t agree more.

Metropol June 2, 2016 27


Leather Looks By Kate Pierson

for winter

Credit: Witchery Woven Leather Gloves

We’ve been spoiled with a longer summer this year, but we can only stay in denial for so long about winter’s imminent arrival.


he positive news is that the chillier temperatures are beckoning for some new toasty wardrobe additions and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to tempt you with some timeless leather looks for winter. Faux or authentic leather is a practical addition to your wardrobe, and while the initial investment may seem a bit steep, fear not, it pays for itself in the long-term. Our philosophy with great style is that it is better to buy a quality garment that will stand the test of time than a ‘knock-off ’ you end up having to replace season after season. In our 5 May issue, we wrote about the value of having a ‘capsule wardrobe’ – a series of brilliant staples that will see you through a season with the potential to be re-fashioned (pun fully intended!) with accessories that revolutionise your look time and time again. Music to your ears, and your bank account, is that a great leather staple, in fact, trumps any and all of the constituent elements of a capsule wardrobe. Thanks to its material robustness and timeless appeal, leather has greater longevity,

28 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Credit: Moochi ‘Smart Pack’

Credit: Trelise Cooper ‘At the End of Your Leather Crop Drop and Roll’

Credit: Witchery ‘Stud Coin Purse’

meaning that if you purchase a classic piece, you will be able to depend on it as your ‘go to’ year after year. We’ve taken the liberty of sourcing some of the most desirable assets for your winter wardrobe for 2016, and years to come. We’d also like to share some top tips for how you can get the most mileage out of your purchase:


The great protector: Be sure to help your genuine leather achieve water resistant status. We have it on good authority that for leather jackets in particular, a silicone polymer or acrylic copolymer spray will preserve your jacket’s great looks. Bear in mind though that a water resistant coating will not waterproof it, so don’t let the jacket make its way into the washing basket. If you find your jacket does become damp, don’t despair – hang it up to dry in a room-temperature environment.

Credit: MYDEERFOX ‘Bucket’ Bag from Ruby Boutique

2. 3.

The most important condition: A great leather conditioner is handy to have in your possession when your leather needs a cosmetic pick-me-up. It can help prevent dryness and cracking, but go easy – too much oil can have a detrimental impact on the aesthetic and how the jacket ages. We want to hit the rewind button, not the fast-forward!

Credit: Kathryn Wilson ‘Beverly’

Take instruction: Let the manufacturer take charge when it comes to how you clean your purchase – they made it, so they know best. While it’s easy to become seduced by brands proffering the latest and greatest in remedies, your best bet is to take instruction and live and breathe by what’s on the label. If in doubt, speak with a drycleaner who will have the technical low-down on your leather.

DO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW SUFFER FROM PAINFUL KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS? If so you maybe eligible to take part in a trial to test the painkilling effect of the medication nortriptyline

What would be involved for eligible participants? · Clinical assessments · Study medication (nortriptyline or placebo)

· Reimbursement for travel may be available.

Who is running the study?

· Researchers based at University of Otago, Christchurch

Funding: H ealth Research Council of New Zealand


Nortriptyline In Knee Arthritis

For further information, or if you are interested in taking part in this study please contact: T: 03 364 3645 E:

W: Department of General Practice University of Otago, Christchurch Metropol June 2, 2016 29



A FASHIONABLE On Thursday 14 April, the esteemed and much-loved annual Lynn Wood Fashion show dazzled and charmed its guests. Offering delicious drinks and nibbles, a goodie bag and a showcase of all the latest fashion, the event generously committed a percentage of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Cure.

Kylie Crafts, Halena Hitchcock

Lynn Woods, Loryn Kazianis, Mannie McNamme, Janet Sharp

Hudson Irving, Lynn Woods

Alyssa Josephs, Danielle Whitham

Val Buiggs, Ally Jones, Amber Hamilton

Jane Allen, Anthea Prentice, Deb Vaughan

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

30 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Tania Behrns, Robyn Eathorne

Escape together for

Luxurious Pampering World-Class

Specialist Thai day spa, Lotus at Siam, represents the true definition of indulgence and luxury, bringing both to everything it does. THE WORLD CLASS SPA OFFERS THE ULTIMATE IN PAMPERING.


et in Cashmere’s award-winning Swan Lake Gardens, amongst the tranquil and peaceful surroundings of large trees; sweeping lawns; a freshwater lake and majestic swans, Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa offers a world-class, holistic, rejuvenating spa experience. Its highlyqualified Thai therapists have a combined experience in excess of 55 years between them, so you know you are in expert hands. If you are looking for a way to immerse yourself in a decadent, soothing experience after a long, tiring day, Lotus at Siam provides a beautiful backdrop. The luxuriously appointed, private and relaxing couple’s therapy rooms (two with double spa baths) provide a blissful reprieve from daily physical and emotional stresses. There is a package to suit everyone – from a Couple’s Hot Stone Massage or Elemis Body Scrub and Massage through to the wonderful Restore the Romance package. Imagine beginning with a divine and relaxing spa bath together followed by a soothing 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage. This is a beautiful and serene opportunity to share special and memorable time together. The world class spa offers the ultimate in pampering, including couples pampering packages; men’s and women’s facials; massage therapies; pregnancy massage; reflexology; body scrubs, and hot stone massage – all set in the tranquil, award-winning Swan Lake Gardens in Cashmere.

Are you stuck for the perfect gift for that special occasion coming up? How about a gift voucher for one of Lotus at Siam’s decadent treatments? Gift vouchers can be purchased online or at the spa, and to make it easier, the spa offers the convenience of electronic gift vouchers sent to your email if you’re rushed for time! Lotus at Siam is open from 9am until late, seven days a week. Visit to find out more about the exquisite treatments, or call today on 980 5400 and treat yourself and your loved ones to the ultimate in world-class, holistic pampering.

Metropol June 2, 2016 31

C O LO U R THEORY Colour Specialists Introducing

Jay O’Connell


Beauty Bar By Majka Kaiser

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H Free Invisalign consultation

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Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom made invisible aligners. No one will even know. Call today to make your appointment.


32 June 2, 2016 Metropol

ave fun experimenting with the three different shades and even try blending different combinations together for an explosive effect with MAC Future Mineralize Skinfinish. This little compact can create subtle nuances to covertly accentuate your features, or you can go all-out for a spectacular shimmer after dark. After using Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm for less than a week it has catapulted to the top of my skincare collection must-have list. With the consistency of solidified coconut oil it melts beautifully between your fingers and feels glorious to massage into your face to remove makeup and pollution. Unlike other cleansers that can leave your skin feeling parched, this purifying cleansing balm hydrates the skin like no other. Use at night followed by a rich night repair cream.

Finally a super lightweight moisturiser with a high sun protection of SPF50 has arrived! Ultra-light and non-greasy, Murad White Brilliance Luminous Shield absorbs quickly into your skin to lock in moisture and preserves your skin’s natural glow against the elements. It also has the added benefit of filling fine lines and wrinkles so your foundation can glide on smoothly, creating a seamless canvas. Create fullness and volume with Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder. With the coverage of a powder and the precision of a pencil, you get the best of both worlds. According to celebrity makeup artist, Kristie Streicher, paying more attention to your brows can accentuate your cheekbones, and ignoring them can highlight facial flaws like dark circles under the eyes!



INNOVATIVE FOOD, FASHION & DESIGN On Thursday 28 April, The Colombo delivered a sensory sensation with a night of food, fashion and design. With brand new looks storming the catwalk, delicious nibbles and tipples, and unique home ‘pods’, the event creatively pushed the innovation boundaries. Portfolio models on the catwalk

Kesley Davidson, Natasha Slight Jemma Roberts, Ashleigh Hazeldine, Hannah Turner, Ella Heselwood, Kazia Tini, Sumarie Eksteen

Ben Hoare, Sophie Doull

Bee Banks, Jana Hitge, Jordyn Boyd

Carmel Loveridge, Emma Yates, Amy Coster, Rebecca Williams

Donna Comber, Jackson and Lisa Humphery



Mandy Purcell, Emmaline Stott, Vicky Haddock


03 343 3669 027 925 9668

LO U I S W H O ? Designer Preloved Clothing

The Mill, Waikuku 1473 Main North Rd

Metropol June 2, 2016 33

Tick Tock

The skin clock By Kate Pierson

At the risk of attracting eye-rolls and scoffs of indignation, I do confess I’m starting to get jittery about face lines that are not a consequence of hastily applied foundation. WHAT FOLLOWED WAS ONE OF THE MOST BLISSFUL AND INDULGENT EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE.


’ve recently joined the thirties club, and while the contemporary philosophy is that ‘30 is the new 20’, I’d beg to differ when it comes to skin. I’m becoming increasingly aware that any bad habits I’ve yet to rid myself of – wearing makeup to bed or failing to nourish my skin with water, a balanced diet and great skincare – may come back to bite me in the not-too-distant future. With all of that in mind, I was beyond excited and intrigued to recently experience a truly divine in-clinic professional skin treatment with the luxurious and award-winning Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa. I was treated to an O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Series treatment – the Pomegranate Enzyme Peel, which is an ideal entry-level peel for all skin types, including sensitive skin like mine. Admittedly, having not even experienced a facial before (I know!),

Be nice to your nails Brighten up your Mother’s Nails

Day! Gorgeous colours! Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Open 7 days

34 June 2, 2016 Metropol

I was initially a bit confronted by the prospect of a ‘peel’, but the wonderful team immediately calmed my nerves with a thorough consultation beforehand. What followed was one of the most blissful and indulgent experiences of my life from the application of the innovative treatment right through to the head massage I received. The 45 minute treatment included a deep cleanse, exfoliation, customised peel and alginate mask (that sets almost like rubber), which left my face feeling like never before. Soft but supple, my skin gratefully responded to the tenderloving-care of the experience, which has created a believer out of me. As someone who often denies herself the simple joys in life, I’m so thrilled I took time to ‘just breathe’ and do something great for my skin at the time it needs it the most!

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts Combining 40 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the nest quality, natural looking dentures

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

*Complimentary check ups

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale


Something in to

While many businesses were re-evaluating five years ago, Sun Kissed Tan was just beginning. Its birthday party on 20 May was a true celebration of all those who have been a part of the journey to date, including, of course, its customers who were treated to a day of free spray tans.

New Look SKT Store

Old SKT Store


ur biggest achievement is building SKT from nothing,” owner Matt Docherty says. “That, and seeing our customers walk out the door filled with confidence.” Matt teamed up with wife Diana and business partner, Brent Lattimore, to open the original salon in Ilam - their first move into the beauty industry and owning their own business. The initial aim to cover the $100 weekly rent quickly grew with SKT’s success. In the following years, the team has opened salons in Auckland and the Gold Coast with a second in Christchurch. It has also developed its own tanning and beauty products named after Matt and Diana’s daughters - B.Gorgeous and Piper Organics. The busiest year to date for SKT was 2015 with a staggering 31,000 spray tans. The business grew by 350% over the last financial year, bringing its own management challenges as well as the opportunity to enter the Deloitte 2016 Fast 50. And the next five years? Picture SKT tanning salons across Australasia and the United States – the very best in spray tans worn worldwide. Visit for more information and to book your tan at two handy locations -213a Waimairi Road in Ilam, or on the corner of Westminster and Cranford Streets in St Albans. Metropol June 2, 2016 35

You can help medical research by participating in a clinical trial Clinical Trial: investigating alternate way of using current asthma medication for treatment of mild asthma. Do you have asthma? Are you 12 to 85 years old? Do you use an inhaler medication to relieve your asthma symptoms or do you use an inhaler to prevent asthma?

If you answered YES, you may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial, researching an alternate way of using a current asthma medication for the treatment of mild asthma? For more information register at our one of our CHRISTCHURCH sites (Riccarton or Beckenham) by visiting: 36 June 2, 2016 Metropol

At The

Forefront Medical Innovation of

No drug or vaccine can get to the market without going through a series of clinical trials. In Christchurch the Southern Clinical Trials Group Ltd (SCTG), co-owned by Doctor Simon Carson and Julia Mathieson, has been managing local clinical trials for many years. “CLINICAL TRIALS ARE A KEY RESEARCH TOOL FOR ADVANCING MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE AND PATIENT CARE.”


linical trials are a key research tool for advancing medical knowledge and patient care,” Doctor Carson explains. “Right now we are looking for volunteers to participate in trials for drugs to treat asthma and osteoarthritis.” Doctor Carson further details the symptoms and current treatments for asthma and osteoarthritis: “Asthma is a respiratory disease characterised by chronic inflammation and largely reversible obstruction of the airways, which vary over time. “The main aim of asthma management is to achieve and maintain asthma control. This is generally done in stepwise fashion. The first treatment step is using a short acting β2-agonist - commonly salbutamol (Ventolin, the ‘blue inhaler’) on an ‘as needed’ basis in response to symptoms. “If asthma is not controlled on this treatment alone, a controller medication is added - usually a low dose inhaled corticosteroid (e.g. Flixotide or Becotide) taken regularly. Adding a controller medication that addresses the underlying inflammation is important to improve asthma control and decrease the risk of severe asthma exacerbations in patients with mild asthma. “Despite the availability of these conventional treatment regimens, many patients with mild asthma are still uncontrolled and are at risk of severe exacerbations. For example, severe exacerbations in mild asthma patients represent 30–40% of all asthma exacerbations requiring emergency consultation. “Furthermore, some patients over-rely on their rapid-acting blue inhaler for symptomatic improvement. Overuse of rapid-acting β2-agonists often leads to delayed introduction of controller inhalers - even if these are prescribed, adherence to this treatment is often low. Combination inhalers can also be used. Symbicort is a fixed combination of the controller budesonide and the rapid and longacting reliever, formoterol. It can be used as a reliever

medication in an acute asthma setting. “Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis with disease of the knee and hip affecting about 3.8% of people. Among those over 60 years old, about 10% of males and 18% of females are affected. “OA is a type of joint disease that results from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. The most common symptoms are joint pain and stiffness. Initially, symptoms may occur only following exercise, but over time, can become constant. “Other symptoms may include joint swelling and decreased range of motion. Pain medications may include paracetamol – if this does not relieve symptoms, NSAIDs such as diclofenac may be used, but these medications are associated with greater side effects. Opioids are generally only recommended short term due to the risk of addiction. If pain interferes with normal life despite other treatments, joint replacement surgery may help.” If you are affected by either of these illnesses, you can find more detailed information about SCTG’s clinical trials at

Metropol June 2, 2016 37

By Melinda Collins

You might have seen Mak the Snowman out cruising the streets of Rangiora recently. He’s drumming up support for an exciting new ‘Winter Festival’ in the North Canterbury township planned for July. As for his name – ‘Why Mak?’ you ask... Well, ‘Waimak’ of course!


he Rangiora Winter Festival is the brainchild of Karl Horwarth - co-owner of the new café and bar, Fools of Desire, and Sarah Broughton - project manager for commercial fit out specialist, Project Group Ltd. Sarah was involved in the fit-out of the café, among others, in the new Conway Lane. The pair wanted to put on a celebration to introduce the new-look shopping centre, but plans developed into a larger scale Winter Festival with “small town character and flavour”. “We want people to have fun! We want to create something world famous in New Zealand and to put Rangiora and the region in general on the map,” Sarah says. “The area has grown considerably since the earthquakes and we are hoping to do something that recognises and celebrates that!” Although details are still being finalised, the festival is likely to be held the weekend following July school holidays from Friday 29 July to Saturday 30 July. “We will definitely have some amazing North Canterbury musical talent on show, local and regional foods, ice sculptures and even truckloads of real snow. We also have a wish list


Great selection of Wool & Knitting supplies for your Winter Projects

Also available a large selection of sewing accessories

Quilters Quarters

A treasure trove for the craftsperson

9 High St Rangiora Ph. (03) 313 6765 38 June 2, 2016 Metropol

with regards to outdoor movies, comedy acts, fireworks, and even an ice rink!” Sarah says support has been incredible, from big and small businesses, volunteers and local media, and even the Mayor. “We also have to give thanks to the Waimakariri District

“We want people to have fun! We want to create something world famous in New Zealand and to put Rangiora and the region in general on the map,” Council, Enterprise North Canterbury, Rangiora Promotions and Visit Waimakariri Events.” The pair hopes to make Rangiora Winter Festival an annual event. “Once we started talking to people, we were blown away by the desire for such an event and the amazing and talented businesses and people that we have in the region! “We are still looking for sponsorship, volunteers and help, so we would love to hear from people.” For more information on the Rangiora Winter Festival 2016, email Sarah Broughton at, or phone Karl Horwarth on 027 7777 412.

It’s a foodie & shoppers heaven

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SHOP EAT RELAX Enjoy an adventure shopping at our Emporium like Alladin’s cave then relax with a delicious BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR DINNER (Friday Nights)

ROUTE 72 CAFE BAR+ EMPORIUM 1697 Cust Road, Cust Ph: (03) 312 5595 OPEN TUE-SUN


The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury


Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209






Cassels & Sons Cra� beers & Local Waipara Wines, Gourmet Pizzas Garden Conservatory & available for Private �unc�ons

Open 7 days – 10am �ll late Ph 03 314 8030 150 Ashworths Road, SH 1, Amberley

North Canterbury’s thriving cultural scene knows how to take creative license to a whole new level.


s winter draws closer and the temptation to move into hibernation mode kicks in, resist the charm of your cosy abode. Get inspired with an adventure to one of the many quaint townships the Waimakariri District has to offer while taking full advantage of their infinitely generous artistic agendas. We’re big fans of Kaiapoi right now and if you’re a lover of beautiful paintings, visit Kaiapoi’s premium artspace – the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre. Part of the esteemed library, service centre and museum at 125 Raven Quay, the free gallery is hosting an exhibition with talented painters, Carol Moffat and Ruby Whitty, between 2 and

30 June. If the exhibition isn’t enough to satiate your cultural appetite, the beautiful architectural space – a brand new rebuild – will definitely inspire the senses. When you’ve finished admiring the art, enjoy a compelling showcase of arts, crafts, produce, plants and food at Kaiapoi’s Night Market. Another free community event held at Trousselot Park, Charles Street, the market runs from 5pm-8pm tonight and each week! So wrap up and head out into the crisp temperatures for some ethnically inspired food to warm the belly, and indulge in some hot chocolate and live music.

Now in Kaiapoi

Opposite McDonalds 99 Williams St.

Phone for delivery or pick up 0800 113 113 or 03 3773113 See CLICK on LOCATIONS link for maps of delivery areas Open Mon-Wed 4pm to 9pm Thurs, Fri & Sat 4pm to 9.30pm Sun 4pm to 9pm


Rose Multi



Blue Multi


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R A N G I O R A 162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444

Professional Customised Designs Available

UPSTAIRS at 5 Good St Rangiora

PH. 03 310 6669

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ngents ivim L orna RANGIORA FLORIST

29 Huntingdon Drive Arlington, Rangiora Ph 03 313 4292 Metropol June 2, 2016 39

Adventure Awaits Far from the hustle and bustle of the highway, there lies an intimate, peaceful world where picturesque rivers thread through majestic landscapes and into the very heart of quaint villages and historical cities.


iver cruising is one of the most unique ways to see the world, and Avalon Waterways has over a decade of experience in legendary river cruises. Avalon’s award winning fleet is the youngest on the European waterways with an average of just three years old. You’ll glide along the rivers on ships designed to maximise space, comfort, and views. An Avalon cruise experience also includes all the right things, but still leaves room for your own preferences. Everything you want is already included - from deluxe accommodation and shore excursions with local guides, to gourmet cuisine with regional wine and beer. All on-board lunches and dinners are available with complimentary tea, coffee, and Wi-Fi. For 2017, Avalon has a new “Active Discovery on the Danube” cruise designed to introduce you to the people and places

of Europe in the most active, engaged and fun ways imaginable. This nine day cruise between Linz and Budapest allows you to choose exciting daily excursions that range from a guided canoe tour and a jogging tour through Vienna, to watching

You’ll glide along the rivers on ships designed to maximise space, comfort, and views. a medieval knights’ tournament, guided hikes and much more! Starting from $5,536 per person twin share, this itinerary is just one of many that Avalon offers throughout Europe. For more information on Avalon and current specials, contact helloworld Rangiora on 03 310 6288 to speak with the experienced team.

Dine and relax at the Kaiapoi Club... Dine and watch the sports games as if you were there on large screen projector TV's ALL WELCOME o Restaurant & Bistr te tas ur yo fy tis sa to buds!

You can relax about getting home with our Club Shuttles BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Riverview Restaurant 113 Raven Quay Kaiapoi Ph: 03 327 7884 40 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Top Culinary Game At the

of the

While establishing and running a widely respected café is an achievement at any age, it’s hard not to give even greater kudos to the owner when she is still in her early twenties. Prioritising good quality food at affordable prices


he eponymous and very aptly named, Topp Stop, is the brainchild of local Hurunui resident, Zoe Topp. While still in her relative youth, Zoe has experience, foresight and determination that would rival those beyond her years; passionately working as the owner and operator of this ambitious café based in Amberley. “I’m a primary school teacher by trade and I was working weekends as well at Spoon Café (now Topp Stop) to save for my OE, when the opportunity emerged for me to buy it. I grabbed the bull by the horns and opened two weeks after settlement. My family has been my biggest support; I couldn’t have done it without them! My sister has owned her own cafe for eight years and taught me everything I know.” Conceptualising and leading a full rebranding exercise and major menu overhaul, Zoe has successfully achieved her goal of creating “a really

friendly and down to earth atmosphere”. Prioritising good quality food at affordable prices – from home made pies through to full meals; Topp Stop is evolving to always give better of itself. “We are proud to offer a full vegetarian menu, as well as full gluten free lunch and brunch menus.” Sourcing local meats and produce, Zoe and her team place an emphasis on fresh food, served with love. “We work hard to ensure our customers feel comfortable and enjoy our offering – all of our baking is done on-site, which can be quite labour intensive, but it is so worth it. I want to be the ‘top stop’ - literally!” Located right next to the Z Sevice Station in Amberley, Topp Stop continues to earn itself an impressive reputation amongst its local and visiting customers as well as major business clients including St John, Hurunui District Council and local Waipara wineries.

Metropol June 2, 2016 41

Outdoor Adventures By Melinda Collins

The wind flying through your hair as you spin around a metal bar, attached by nothing more than the bend in your knees.


he butterflies tickling the inside of your tummy as you lean your body away from the rope that holds the tyre you’re perched on while you zip from tree to tree on the flying fox. The holding-your-breath nerve wracking exhilaration as you cling to a rope and teeter one foot after the other across a rope bridge suspended above a gushing river. These experiences are becoming few and far between for our younger generation as our playgrounds transform into colourful modular plastic. But for Canterbury kids wanting a taste of adventure, all is not lost. In fact, if your kids are looking to get some blood pumping action, why not look into the multi-level aerial obstacle course that goes by the name of Adrenalin Forest? It’s a high

excitement, stomach-churning confidence builder at the north end of the city. Bexley’s Velocity Karts has a range of windpowered blokart landyachts and battery powered driftkarts for some three-wheeled fun. Or for an aquatic adventure, why not experience the shallow, twisting streams; turquoise water; and swaying broom of the mighty Waimakariri with Jet Thrills – a family friendly jet boating experience in Belfast? The outdoors is the best place for kids to practice and master physical skills; build up their immune systems; and practise problem solving skills. Outdoors children set challenges; assess risks; take responsibility; have adventures... and learn from them. Most importantly, what they learn in the outdoors can’t be taught.

Need help with speech? We offer the best evidence-based therapy & professional services

Portrait Specialist Capturing Precious Milestones of Life Ph. 022 3245092 42 June 2, 2016 Metropol

For Adults & Children No Referral Needed!

Canterbury Speech & Language Therapy Level 1 Longhurst Health, 53 Caulfield Ave, Halswell P: 03 595 0050 E: W: F:

Legendary in

Lincoln Fantastic food, drinks, community, history and lots of fun is what The Famous Grouse Hotel is renowned for. EVERYONE FROM SOCIAL GROUPS TO FAMILIES IS CATERED FOR.


wner, Craig Bradford, has never seen such a successful venue in his experience. After the 2010 quake necessitated a rebuild of the 1868 historic hot spot, the renewed atmosphere cemented a happy heart into Lincoln’s township. “We’re famous and we’re grouse,” he says. The main building is dubbed ‘The Mansion’, which joins ‘The Stables’ wing for dining. Plush comfort introduced through the rebuild melds with yesteryear appeal with stunning stonemasonry and classic creative décor and photos of Lincoln’s past. Striking wooden furniture, a pool table, gas fires, and TV screens create the courtyard. There is also a boardroom for hire. Monday is full with ‘Housie’ enthusiasts; Tuesday is club night, with a jackpot; Wednesday is ‘Open Mike Night’; and ‘Thirsty Thursday’ has happy hour priced drinks and prizes. Friday it’s ‘spin the wheel’ for bar deals and live music entertains on Saturday and also Sunday in summer. Bookings are essential for restaurant evening meals with well-priced dining created by three chefs and a baker. Daily specials are on offer as are bar meals, with cabinets of delectable deli food available too. “You will never go hungry,” Craig says.

Everyone from social groups to families is catered for, including ‘The Grouse Girls’ who’ve been meeting at the spot for decades. Craig provides courtesy buses for safe travels home. “Many also car pool from Christchurch for a memorable night,” Craig says. For those who want to stay and are finding it hard to leave, stylish hotel rooms upstairs provide a relaxing escape! Open 8am until late every day. Visit the Famous Grouse Hotel at 2 Gerald Street, Lincoln. Phone 325 2408 or go to

Snuggly Snoods

21 Luxury Motel Units in the

Heart of Lincoln

... the fashionable way to keep snuggly and warm this winter.

Meals Available All Day Restaurant Booking Essential

Ph. 03 325 2408

A must see on your next visit to Lincoln


Gift Box

19 Gerald Street, Lincoln OPEN 7 DAYS

6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620

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An ambient environment characterised by contentment, bliss and relaxation, Eden Restaurant represents a symbiotic marriage of contemporary cuisine and traditional service that is second to none.


t the helm, Sarah Anderson and husband, Chef Dave Anderson, are the distilled essence of talent and commitment. The former owners of Wither Hills Restaurant, Sarah and Dave were privileged to host Prince William and Princess Catherine, and today they approach every guest service with the same level of respect. “Hanmer is a great place to raise our children. We are also at the pinnacle of our careers and we wanted be independent,” Sarah says. With a robust and loyal team of four staff, Dave and Sarah are justly proud of being able to bring their unique food philosophy to life. “We make real food from scratch with love. We live by this. We make everything on site, from our sorbet to our sauces.”

just minutes away... Beautiful Forest Walks Mountain Bike Tracks Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools

Close by to these amazing amenities Hot Springs Motor Lodge is perfect venue for a Romantic weekend, Conference venue or relaxing hideaway.

Reservations Freephone 0800 315 000 35 Hanmer Springs Road Hanmer Springs 44 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Based in a beautiful villa with an art deco vibe and a 45 person seating capacity to keep the experience intimate, the Eden Restaurant has an obvious synergy with Hanmer. Open for beautiful, light lunches; afternoon grazing; platters; cheeses and desserts as well as an iconic high-tea from 12pm, Eden Restaurant has a full dinner menu available each evening from 5pm. “For us it is about the whole package and this also extends to picking the best wines around New Zealand – Marlborough, Waiheke and Central Otago.” Eden Restaurant has also introduced new technology. “This equipment helps us deliver the consistent quality we aspire to,” Dave says. “We also use ResDiary meaning our guests can book instantly online. This is the latest in reservation technology.” The pair plan to create an on-site garden to grow heritage vegetables including edible flowers. “We want to implement a garden to plate philosophy and it will be our own ‘Garden for Eden’,” Sarah says. Visit

Buying or Selling? Contact Harley Today! Your Hanmer Springs Property Specialist

Harley Manion

B.Com Economics & Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Ph/txt: 021 149 8050 Email:

Romancing THE SENSES

By Kate Pierson

A three course meal with all the bells and whistles has long been the status quo for wedding cuisine. But it seems a new era of wedding traditions is dawning and bringing with it some tantalising new twists. Lovebirds are lapping up the opportunity to push the culinary boundaries, and we’ve picked just a few of our favs.



n all their natural glory, brides and grooms are becoming increasingly fond of this down-to-earth aesthetic for their wedding cake. Naked cakes are generally unfrosted or partially frosted and feature very delicate and often bohemian detailing – delicious berries that offer a pop of colour and flavour, or clusters of wild flowers that create a bloomin’ beautiful look!



he idea of heaven for many, the ‘candy bar’ is a quirky and visually compelling addition to the wedding party and is most likely to upstage the bride on the day! Yet another alternative to the cake, or the perfect complement to one, the candy bar is almost like the romantic version of the ‘water cooler’. It’s a meeting place for guests and a great talking point.



ce, ice, baby! We’re besotted with one of the latest trends for weddings and parties – floral ice cubes. A beautiful statement and addition to a cocktail or mocktail, they are an economic and low maintenance way to introduce some eclectic detail into your wedding day.



he expression ‘good things come in small packages’ is very apt here. While many are opting to serve their wedding cake as dessert these days (if it’s a beautiful naked cake, no wonder!), there are still some who want to add a generous dose of imagination into the mix.

In the spirit of creative experimentation when it comes to the final course, we’ve become wedded to jar desserts – that’s right, desserts that come in jars. Fussfree but totally fabulous, these sweet treats are the perfect way to surprise and spoil even the most experienced epicure.

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Beautiful hair

Ladies, lead the way…

Have you heard about the ‘Golden Girls Club’ special rates for senior Gold Card Holders?

Diamonds are more than just a woman’s ‘best friend’.


n the context of an engagement, they symbolise a longlife commitment, and, at highly respected jeweller, Polished Diamonds, they represent a beautiful journey that starts with a concept and ends in a creation. Engagement rings, wedding rings, all-occasion jewellery. The stunning possibilities boast infinite potential. Utilising revolutionary technology – architectural CAD and 3D printing, Polished Diamonds owner, Dan Joines and his team, bring design dreams to life at a plush and intimate boutique on New Regent Street. While Polished Diamonds has a beautiful range of rings to peruse in-house, it is the bespoke service that truly satiates the imagination. Starting with a personal style assessment that can pinpoint your exact preferences, the process to create the ring of your dreams is methodical and magical in equal measure. Based in the cultural hotspot of Christchurch, Polished Diamonds proudly serves local clients, and lovers of quality, trusted jewellery from all over the world as far away as the United Kingdom and America. Offering an incredibly personalised and organised service online, or in person, at Polished Diamonds ladies can design their ideal ‘dream ring’ and let their man then take the lead to propose with the perfect ring when the time is right. Why go anywhere else? Polished Diamonds is perfection made possible. Visit


46 June 2, 2016 Metropol


gainst a beautiful backdrop, you will be pampered and well looked after at V for Hair and Beauty with a refreshments menu and great service. Many mature clients go to V for Hair and Beauty Merivale after being dissatisfied with their cuts and styles elsewhere. It is important to have a style that suits your hair, face shape and most importantly, lifestyle. If you choose to let the greys come in naturally, your haircut needs to create shape and make a statement. There are lots of ways to add colour and minimise re-growth, such as foils with highlights and low lights. Perms don’t need to be taboo! A good perm or style support can add manageability and volume to hair. Clients love having hair and beauty therapy all under one roof. Indulge in a relaxing facial, pedicure, or an eyebrow tidy up, and you’ll walk away looking and feeling fabulous from head to toe. With the ‘Golden Girls Club’, you will receive 20 percent off all beauty services. If you’re looking for a new hairdresser, or just a change in style, book in today for a free consultation. The friendly team of stylists have over 60 years’ combined experience and the maturity and expertise to look after senior clients. Find the team upstairs in Merivale Mall or online at

island TIME


By Majka Kaiser

There are plenty of good reasons for jetting off to the islands to tie the knot, but it pays to be aware of the downfalls too.


f you have a relatively small group of friends and family then an island wedding could be just the ticket. Before committing to any firm plans, it’s advisable to check first with the people closest to you to make sure they are willing and can afford to make the trip. After all, this could make all the difference to your wedding experience if those key people in your life aren’t there to share it with you. Once you have your key people on board, selling the idea to the rest of your guests shouldn’t be difficult. Flying in a few days before the big event gives everyone invited the opportunity to get to know each other before sitting down together on the day and gives guests the added bonus of enjoying an island holiday, not just a wedding.

Make it easy on yourself - organise details months in advance. Planning any wedding can cause many sleepless nights that can be compounded by the extra stresses a wedding away from home can present. Make it easy on yourself organise details months in advance and be prepared to hand over control to the wedding venue once you arrive so you can focus on enjoying your special day. Even though you may have high hopes of glorious, sundrenched wedding photos against a backdrop of infinite blue skies, never-ending golden sand, and sparkling coral reefs, be prepared for bad weather and consider alternative options in advance.

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DUCK, DUCK, Each year during duck hunting season, Cloudy Bay Wines collaborates with the best restaurants to bring the Pinot and Duck Tasting Trail to life.

By Nicholas Henare


his year the culinary action took place at Empire, 172 St Asaph Street – the perfect venue to host such an event. The experience really is something quite special with guests made up of food and beverage aficionados and the team from Cloudy Bay. Cloudy Bay Estate Director, Ian Morden, is very optimistic about the future of Pinot. Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2013 came to us in decanters with a great mix of Asian styled duck dishes to complement the wine. The service was second-to-none and Ian delivered the most vivacious picture of how this delicious nectar came to our lips, sharing the wisdom that when you buy a bottle of Pinot, you’re on a journey

to a great vineyard. Oh what a journey we took! Canapes included a homemade spiced duck wonton and spring rolls. These were followed by a confit duck leg, herb spätzle, and duck liver parfait with compressed pears, oranges, and cress. The acidity of a Pinot is sublime with the fatty game meat! Then came the glazed duck breast with blue cheese, cherries, and raspberries. Saikyo miso duck breast with candied kumara followed that, before the meal ended with spiced duck egg crème brulee. Empires chefs, Tadayuki Kuroiwa and Shaun Cassidy, provided a 10/10 experience. If you didn’t get to experience the Pinot Duck Trail this time around, book it in your diary for next year. In the

meantime, the Chefs at empire won’t let you down. A final reflection of the experience - at one point Ian asked us, “How does the person next to you see the wine? What have you all experienced together?” What I took from his questions was that even though we were strangers, we had all shared in something quite special as a group. The wine and food had brought us together as strangers, but we were leaving lunch as friends. The old whisky adage then sprang to my mind: “An average whisky can be exceptional amongst the right company”. In this case, exceptional food and a Cloudy Bay Pinot can make the most amazing time with total strangers. FIDDLESTICKSBAR.CO.NZ


This distinctive centrally located restaurant & bar provides an inviting atmosphere in which to while away some time.


4 MANSFIELD AVE, MERIVALE 48 June 2, 2016 Metropol

48 WORCESTER BLVD / PHONE 03 365 0533



Jagz café/restaurant and bar is located in the centre of the Sovereign Palms community and has become the hub of the area.


t’s an enticing place to stop for a coffee, drink or a meal – attractive on the exterior and even more inviting on the inside. Distinctive decor features are reminiscent of Kaiapoi’s past history, melded into a modern, welcoming and comfortable place to relax. This is a venue designed to appeal to everyone - from the very young to the not so young. It’s family-focused with special

treats for children – yummy ice creams and jars of lollies, as well as a safe children’s playground. It’s cleverly designed so there are grown-up spaces too. The Wool Bar has a range of premium tap beers, cider and some great wines. Then there is the separate Boardroom Restaurant for leisurely evening dining. The Boardroom can also be closed off and used for meetings during the day. Even in

the winter, the outdoor courtyard with its heated seats is a great place to chat over a coffee and a baked delight. Jagz of Sovereign Palms has a wide ranging menu including gourmet pizza to eat in or take away; stunning burgers; an a la carte menu that features seafood chowder; pork belly; and superb steak and lamb rump. Jagz’s chefs pride themselves on using the best local ingredients and producing everything fresh onsite, including wonderful desserts. You will find Jagz of Sovereign Palms at 416 Williams Street, Kaiapoi (opposite the golf course). It’s open seven days – Monday through Friday, 8am until late, and Saturday/Sunday, 9am until late. Phone 03 260 1618.

Metropol June 2, 2016 49



Food is an extremely important component of Japanese culture. The presentation of dishes is as important as the ingredients involved because Japanese chefs believe that a person should love what they see before they actually consume it.


t Tomi Japanese Restaurant in Edgeware Mall, not only is the food exquisitely presented, but great care has been taken by the owners to ensure that the restaurant itself is equally attractive and calm through the use of natural wood and beautiful tableware. The emphasis at Tomi Japanese is on authenticity. “Our chefs believe in creating food according to the season,” owners Joe Chang and Mayuko Tomita say. “Freshness is the key especially when it comes to fish

dishes for our daily specials.” Naturally, sashimi is extremely popular at the restaurant with the platters of king salmon, tuna, or other varieties of fish garnished with flowers and leaves - an absolute picture to behold. The teriyaki chicken; tender pork kakuni (pork belly slow cooked in sweet soy sauce); and the prawn tempura are popular too. But what about trying the newcomer to the menu – the sizzling Japanese toban hot plate of white fish, salmon, or lamb


BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, COFFEE, DRINKS & BAR SNACKS MONDAY - SUNDAY OPEN 6.30am UNTIL LATE ddi: 943 8555 e: p o l o b a r @ h o t e l m o n t re a l . c o . n z w : h o t e l m o n t re a l . c o . n z


50 June 2, 2016 Metropol

rack cooked at the table? “We also have a comprehensive wine list and a large range of sake - some exclusive to us. We really enjoy introducing our customers to sake and matching the varieties to the dishes they have selected.” Tomi Japanese Restaurant is located in the Edgeware Mall, 76 Edgeware Road, St Albans. Phone 377 8028. The restaurant is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday, 11.30am – 2pm and for dinner Tuesday – Sunday, 5.30pm until late.

Children’s Cup Cake Parties!

Are you planning a Special Occasion?

The China Cabinet

has an extensive range of quality vintage tableware for hire Phone (03) 3520 488 or 027 461 9333 Email:

Winter is Coming…. So stoke your hearth fire with these winter products. Our always popular Casseroles are a delicious, quick and easy meal, or our Half Seasoned Lamb Legs being this winter’s pick, with only a 30-40min cook time. Come on down and start your winter with Peter Timbs Meats.

Peter Timbs Meats Ltd.

70 Edgeware Road, Ph. 366 1780 Farrington Ave Bishopdale, Ph. 359 5729

Book your next birthday party at The Gingerbread House and let your children’s imagination go wild. Everything is provided and the best part is - we clean up the mess!. Contact us today for more details.

The Gingerbread House

3 Good Street, Rangiora 03 310 6805

Be seen with

The Winemaker’s Wife @ JAGZ Misceo Mama Hooch The Tea House Strange & Co

New Winter Menu Designed especially for the cooler months, the menu features hearty dishes and mouth-watering desserts using the best local produce and complemented by regional wines.

Don’t know where to go for that coffe catch up? Head over to delishimoes bakery 263 Greers road for a cake jar (flavour of your choice) and a small coffee/hot chocolate of your choice for only $10!!!

50 Bistro

Delishimoes Bakery

50 Park Terrace P: 371 0250 E:

263 Greers Road, Christchurch. Ph. 03 3597815

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She Universe Mandarin & Orange Chocolate

Sugar Free & Decadent Available at She Universe The Tannery, She Universe Governors Bay, Raewards Fresh, Ballantynes, Pikos, Harbour Co-op When you taste this chocolate you won’t believe its sugar free! It is so good!!!

Everyone’s catering needs are different, let Catering Belle customise a menu to suit you and your occasion.

Catering Belle

Specialists in location catering. Ring Food Service: 021 4 BELLE

Tohu Awatere Valley Marlborough Pinot Noir 2014 Complex layers of cherry, plum and bright floral aromas - the palate is richly concentrated with flavours of dark fruits, spice and integrated oak. Balanced with refined silky tannins, this elegant wine leads to a smooth and lingering finish. Treat yourself today!

Metropol June 2, 2016 51

From the Pen of the Tiger

Corianders Edgeware is a well-renowned local – in fact; it was my first Corianders experience four years ago. I have been a happy, regular customer ever since! In Edgeware Village shopping centre on the corner of Sherborne Street and Edgeware Road, it has a classic Corianders fit-out – beautifully decorated and laid out, with feature walls covered in eye-catching Bollywood posters. The sizzling platter is a must-have entrée, with deliciously spiced and seasoned chicken, lamb and fish cooked to perfection. It is a cracking start to the dining experience. The mains were excellent choices. The creamy Murg Akbari consisted of marinated boneless chicken in a delicious egg and butter vegetable sauce, and the richly flavoured lamb dish Meat Bhuna Masala was a real powerhouse of flavour. It was impossible to pick a favourite from the two - they both offered such a delightful range of flavour, texture and spice. My evening out was made one to remember fondly. The famous Corianders lunch is still an excellent must-do as well, particularly in the peaceful setting of Edgeware Village. Be sure to make time for a visit, and prepare to be truly impressed.

Alex Green

Canterbury Wine Awards On Wednesday 18 May, fine wine connoisseurs and infinitely gifted makers of some of the best drops in New Zealand came together to celebrate the 2016 Canterbury Wine Awards at the David Jackson Dinner.


ines of Canterbury co-ordinates the Canterbury Wine Awards, which are open to all wine grown in the Canterbury region. This year’s results saw nine Golds, 19 Silver and 34 Bronze medals with the Champion Trophy going to Waipara River Estate’s Late Harvest Noble Riesling 2013. Talented recipient, Michael Peters, said he was “absolutely delighted to take away the champion trophy… the wine came from the oldest vineyard in the Waipara Valley - a boutique family operation”.

THIS WAS ONE OF THE STRONGEST YEARS SO FAR AT THE COMPETITION. Of the calibre of entries, Chair of the judging panel, Jo Burzynska (Wine Educator and Wine Editor of Viva) says, “This was one of the strongest years so far at the competition with a really impressive line-up of entries in most categories and a number of names new to the top awards.

Champion Trophy winner, Michael Peters, receives his award.

“The Riesling class was again one of the highlights, and perhaps not surprisingly, yielded the champion wine of the show.” Jo was joined on the judging panel by Kirsten Creasy, Winemaker and Oenologist with Hill Laboratories, and local chef and restaurateur, Jonny Schwass (Mrs Hucks, Harlequin Public House). 52 June 2, 2016 Metropol



I By Melinda Collins

Photo: The Bagel Store

For months now our social media feeds have been filled with all the colours of the rainbow as clever connoisseurs add colour to everything from bagels to pizza and even coffee.


hile rainbow-filled grilled cheese sandwiches were first released at KALA Toast restaurant in Hong Kong, it didn’t take long for the craze to take off with LA restaurant Chomp Eatery unveiling its own version of the colourful creation. Fittingly known as the ‘Unicorn Melt’, Chomp’s delectable dish is made with White American and Provolone cheese with the final result served on toasted sourdough bread. Although it remains to be seen whether the new technicoloured treats will make it to our corner of the South Pacific, it doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to get colourful in your own kitchen – all you need is a spark of imagination and a whole heap of food colouring. Why not try rainbow meringues; rainbow brownies; rainbow doughnuts, or rainbow ice cream. If culinary creativity isn’t your forte, and you have some spare time, check out the video of Scot Rossillo — owner of the Bagel Store in Brooklyn — creating the rainbow bagel. It’s oddly satisfying.

t’s feijoa season and the fruit should be dropping in your garden by now if you’re lucky enough to have a tree or two. It’s so easy to waste this delicious fruit and this recipe is a great way to make fabulous chutney - scrumptious on a cracker with mature cheddar or your favourite blue. This recipe makes about 12 jars, but it is easily halved to make a smaller batch.

Ingredients • 3 kg feijoas • 1 kg red onions • 5 large sweet lemons • 8 large green chillies • 2 kg white sugar

• • • • • •

5 tsp sea salt 300 ml cider vinegar 1 cinnamon quill 6 green cardamom pods 6 black cardamom pods 2 tsp dried chilli flakes

Method Getting ready the night before 1. Top and tail the unpeeled feijoas and whiz them in batches in the food processor. You don’t want a complete puree, just a lumpy sludge 2. Do the same with the red onions and the whole lemons (cut the lemons into quarters and flick out the pips) 3. Remove the stems from the green chillies, cut them in half, and flick out the seeds 4. Put the prepared fruit, onions and chillies into a large bowl with the salt and vinegar and pour over the sugar. Cover the bowl and leave on the bench overnight.

Cooking the chutney 1. Preheat the oven to 356°F / 180°C. 2. Stir the mixture well, add the cinnamon, cardamoms and the chillies and pour it carefully into a roasting dish or two 3. Put it in the oven and cook for 2-3 hours. Stir with a wooden spoon every half hour or so. The chutney is cooked when the mixture is a reddish brown and most of the moisture has evaporated 4. Put it into clean jars, seal and leave for at least a week before eating. It will keep for at least a year in a cool, dark place.

Treat yourself to our decadent


Treat yourself to our decadent High Tea this Queen’s Birthday weekend & you could win a Royal Treatment pack valued at over $300 including beauty & shopping vouchers! Indulge in three tiers of delicacies handmade by our Pastry Team for only $20pp. R20 venue.

30 Victoria Street, Christchurch (03) 372 8892 Metropol June 2, 2016 53



the talk of the town...

AN AWARD WINNING EVENING On Wednesday 18 May, loyalists to beautiful wine, and the talent behind some of the best drops in New Zealand, came together to celebrate the annual Canterbury Wine Awards at the David Jackson Dinner at Mrs Hucks in Addington. Guests were treated to an eight course degustation menu created by the famed Jonny Schwass.



Winton Dalley (Hurunui Mayor), Jean Dalley

The Choice of

Not Available with Entertainment Voucher

Full Breakfast & Lunch Menu also available Open: Mon-Fri 6am-4pm Sat-Sun 8am-3pm 48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258

Fully Licensed

Vanessa and Brett Russell

Barry Knight (MC), Gill Walsh (organiser)

Gay and David Epstein

Gold Award Winner

Michael Peters, Maggie Raynor

Simon McGeorge, Olive Hill, Julian and Lynda Ball

John Alexander, James Shand



376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

Gourmet Wraps

Fresh, nutricious and a wide selection 54 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Lianne Dalziel (Mayor) Neil Pattinson

New Brighton Wine Club

Joelle Grace, Jason Ray

Photos by Wendy C Photography - for copies email:

Café Czech Cuisine The


If you wish to feast on the flavours of Eastern European travels, Café Prague is a culinary experience.


his comfortable, charming café removes you from the outside world. The authentic, homemade cuisine; paintings; photos; murals and music take you on a gastronomic adventure to Europe’s majestic old city. Filling Czech recipes take inspiration from surrounding countries so flavours are familiar but delectably different. Bramborak, a potato pancake, is crisped with garlic marjoram, salt and pepper – try it in the Bohemian breakfast, or as the star of a main dish. Hearty soup and sourdough bread, or specials like Svickova creamy beef, grace the richly flavoured changing menu that also includes fresh homemade cabinet fare and gluten-free options. The famous herbal liquor, Becherovka, founded in 1807 from a Czech spa town “is taken to increase the appetite before dinner and for digestion and getting merry afterwards!” owner Petra Laskova says. To enhance the theme, Petra often puts European sports on the big-screen.

Requests for favourite Northern Hemisphere games are welcomed. She also involves the community with corporate catering, functions and Czech nights. Match an international delicacy such as apple

Filling Czech recipes take inspiration from surrounding countries. strudel, or other homemade treats with local Vivace coffee - a heavenly combination. There’s also the 1847 Pilsner Urquell beer to quench your thirst. Happy hour with free snacks is from 3pm to 4pm and 3pm to 6pm Thursday to Saturday. “Cheers – or as we say in Prague, Na Zdravi.” Centrally located, Café Prague is open weekdays from 7.30am until 4pm, with late night dining Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a 9am opening in the weekends. Visit 359 Lincoln Road, Addington. Phone 339 2020, or visit

Every Night is Curry Night We do catering for all occasions

9 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead Ph. 384 2310 or 021 1685 160 E.

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deliciously good...

A huge menu of scrumptious mouth-watering delights & dangerously good coffee.

Available for functions & catering services

HOURS: Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-Late Sat & Sun 8.30am-3.30pm

112 Wrights Rd Addington Ph: 962 9629 Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Tapa’s Menu

Take the Jeepney Ride with Priceless Views... • Full Authen�c Filipino Cuisine Plus Kiwi Menu • Comedy and Band Saturday Nights • Open 7 Days 11am-late (Lunch and Dinner) • Karaoke Themed Fridays with MC • Mains Start from $11.95 23 Dublin Street, Lyttelton

Ph 03-328 9213

Metropol June 2, 2016 55



HOW TO WORK IT By Majka Kaiser

IMAGE CREDITS String Storage Systems

Mounds of paperwork emerging like molehills around your office floor? Mountains of files threatening to topple over at any second? Every available square centimetre of desk space covered to capacity?


f you find your home office situation has reached the point of calamity and is threatening your ability to actually get work done, fear not, the solution is close at hand. Working from home definitely has its advantages - you can take things at your own pace, stop for coffee breaks anytime you like, and organise your work around your lifestyle. But when your home life begins encroaching on your work life, and boundaries begin to blur, it’s time to address a few issues to get you back on track and see your productivity levels soar. De-cluttering and organising a longneglected space is the easiest task in

56 June 2, 2016 Metropol

the world to procrastinate over, so set a specific few hours aside to make a concerted effort, and you’ll accomplish much more within a focused time period. A messy office can seem like an insurmountable task, but it can be made much more manageable with some basic sorting. Start by clearing the clutter off your desk so only the bare essentials remain at arm’s length. Begin the sorting process with a couple of rubbish bags - one for paper and one for non-recyclables - and prepare to be ruthless with what you decide to keep and throw out. This should be a quick process, taking only a matter of seconds to decide

whether to keep or bin each piece of paper while sorting important papers into piles for filing later. Once you have sorted all paper and other materials into piles, it will be clear where you need to invest in extra shelving, drawers, and storage boxes. Once the arduous task of sorting and storing has been accomplished, spend some time making your home office into a space that is a pleasure to spend time in. Add a hanging plant and some fresh flowers on your desk to increase oxygen flow and visual appeal, and a scented candle to promote vitality or relaxation.



By Kate Pierson

From rustic to polished, the flooring options this season will make your heart pit-a-patter in anticipation of the possibilities.




hether you want to introduce some flooring changes in baby-steps, or go all out, there are some important considerations you need to factor into the renovation equation so your makeover stands the test of time. First and foremost, avoid cutting corners because your endeavour to save money in the short-term could wreak havoc on your bank account in the future. A strategic and sensible move is engaging an interior design consultant who can meet with you in your home to discuss the look and feel you want to achieve and how you can bring your vision to life within your set budget. Some flooring businesses have in-house consultants as well as quantity surveyors and project managers that can do all of the complex legwork. For winter and the seasons ahead, we’ve got a layered look on our radar – think a beautiful, textured


floor with a Moroccan inspired rug, or in-vogue cowhide. Ultimately, it’s not about chasing the trends though as they have a naturally ephemeral nature. Opt for what works – visually and functionally – for your home. Flooring that is timeless and classic is always a style win.


Wooden Floors contact Metro Floor today

Call 03 379 9109 Metropol June 2, 2016 57

BOUDOIR By Majka Kaiser


Hunker down for winter with these boudoir basics to keep you as ‘snug as a bug in a rug’.


ou can’t go past brushed cotton flannelette sheets to fight the winter chills, and layering up with throws, blankets, and quilts will not only add warmth, but make your bed look sensational too. Opt for the slightly ‘dishevelled’ look as opposed to the more ‘buttoned-up’, wrinkle-free look. Not to be confused with simply not making your bed at all, this messy look still radiates style without being a slave to perfection. To achieve the look, smooth out the sheets and straighten the pillows and duvet before adding the layers on top. Fold a quilt in half and throw over the bottom half of the bed, then add a textured blanket or throw loosely

Credit: ‘Lazy Days’ by PaperPlane

58 June 2, 2016 Metropol

folded over the top of the quilt. Finish the look by adding a few scattered cushions at different angles at the head of the bed. Electric blankets - especially the ones with the extra softness of fleecy wool - will encapsulate you in a cocoon of warmth, and investing in a top quality feather and down duvet will serve you well through the winter months. While feathers give decorative cushions form and durability, for all other bedding, it is more important to have a higher down to feather ratio for greater insulation. In addition to the basic four pillows (two standard and two European) two or three square or rectangular cushions look great placed in front for a full,

Credit: Elk Slippers

plump look while giving you the support you need for sitting up in bed while relaxing with a good book, or when enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed. A rug not only delineates a space, but also offers welcome warmth underfoot as you swing out of bed each morning. Swap out a rug for a sheepskin or reindeer hide on either side of the bed, or casually drape one across the corner of the bed to crank up the cosy vibe. While directional lighting is vital for things like reading, ambient lighting is essential when setting the scene for early nights under the covers. Create diffused, soft light with table lamps - preferably with dimmer switches - positioned on sideboards and bedside tables.

Credit: Citta Design Wool Cushion

Credit: Muuto Cosy Lamp Credit: Icelandic Sheepskin

Credit: Bonne Maison Socks

Credit: Muuto Restore Basket


SHOWROOM Unit 4, 46 Acheron Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch, P: 03 348 8808 SHOWROOM OPEN MON-FRI AND ALL WEEKEND

At Heyday Furniture and Things we search the globe for the very best in fine furniture and accessories, we make these exclusive ranges available at competitive prices to our valued customers in New Zealand

Metropol June 2, 2016 59

By Kate Pierson

Art has long been valued for its de-stressing qualities as a way to freely express ourselves and ‘let off some steam’.

Rustic angels and assorted patterned pots to decorate patios, entrance ways and gardens this winter from Querky Style and Roses at Cust.

Gifts and flowers for any special occasion, available from Bourbon Rose.


s we lead busier lives than ever before, it’s fair to say our ability to ‘just chill’ has waned with our attention wandering constantly between the technologies that seemingly govern our lives at times. The good news is that there has been a renaissance with one of our favourite past-times – colouring in. A hallmark of our youth, it is now the latest artistic fad. Judging by its increasing popularity, it will remain a firm ‘down time’ favourite for years to come. In a recent article published on CNN. com, the author extoled the many virtues of the trend. It stated, “Like meditation, colouring allows the brain to switch off other thoughts and focus.” To that end, have a look online or at Typo for some doodle books that you can transform into masterpieces of your very own. Better yet, opt for a book with perforated pages so you can create artwork for the walls of your home or office at the same time!

Cushion Covers $30.00 available at Joe Jandals HQ.

Morrissey bags and boots by Silent D Now available at Coco Gifts.

Calf hides available at Industria

‘Of Light’, an original painting by James Robinson from the exhibition ‘Painting for God’ also featuring Michael Springer, on at Little River Gallery from 11 June.


Phone or email your order now to secure your selection. email: View our website for a cataloque

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11 June - 6 July 2016 1771 Main Road, Cust Ph 03 310 2325

w w

Open Mon-Tue-Wed-Sun 10-4pm, Thur-Fri-Sat 9-5pm

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11 June - 6 July 2016




James Robinson James Robinson Michael Springer James Robinson

Michael Springer Michael Springer Robinson PAJames I NTI NG FOR GOD

PAINTING FOR GOD Michael PAINTIN GSpringer FOR GO D L I TLTIPA I V E R E RY TL TEILNER R I V E ELRY T I N G F OG RGAGALOLLD w wl w. l iltet lrei rvi veerrg c ocmo m er y. r y. L I TwTwLw. Ei t tR I V E gRaalllleG A L L E RY

03l l325 wMain w w.Road, l i t t lLittle e r i vRiver, erga e r y.1944 com

Main Road, Little River, 03 325 1944

03 1944 Original >Rpainting, L IQuality T TUnique L EMain RRoad, I NZ VLittleArtERiver, G325Asculpture, L L Ejewellery RY

w w w. l i t NZ t l e rArt i v e> r gpainting, a l l e r y. csculpture, om QualityQuality Unique Original jewellery Unique Original NZ Art > painting, sculpture, jewellery

Main Road, Little River, 03 325 1944

Quality Unique Original NZ Art > painting, sculpture, jewellery 60 June 2, 2016 Metropol

bourbonROSE the wedding specialist SHOP 3a THE COLOMBO, CHRISTCHURCH

943 4932

Hello, Geo-rgeous By Kate Pierson

Scullys Modern Apothecary collection in store and online at www.

“Snuggly” NZ wool blankets by Klippan, Sweden. Available from French Blue.

Natural pearls at Terra Viva

There’s an insatiable appetite for geometrics right now, and we must say, we’ve joined the fan club of this new décor phenomenon. Contemporary plates & mugs at Terra Viva

Natural pearls at Terra Viva

French Country throws $69.95. Available from et elle.

Fragrant candles from $15.95. Available from et elle.


french b lue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545


rom cushions to carpet, the geometric print serves a very compelling purpose – to dress up an otherwise minimalist space with a modern and polished aesthetic. From art deco designs (see our 19 May issue for inspiration) through to retro patterns, geometrics are a vogue choice if you want to flirt with a look that’s just a little bit outside the square. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you can opt for a monochrome geometric, or pick a pattern that channels all the colours of the rainbow for a powerful pop of colour. A key consideration is how you introduce the trend – patterns like geometrics are best used as accents rather than all over the & mugs and show so you don’t end up with Contemporary a look that isplates overbearing at Terra Viva uncomfortable to live with.

Gold Arrow Cushion $45

Up The Garden Path 5 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs. Ph (03) 315 7915

Metropol June 2, 2016 61

The Tribe Has

Spoken From a classic woven basket through to an American Indian inspired cushion or throw, the tribal trend is causing a very stylish scene right now.


hile there have been occasional whispers of this look being given the boot by the ‘powers that be’, the obvious and lingering global fascination with this visual ideology means we can happily put paid to the rumour-mill. Frankly, we’re thrilled about the fact. This is a look that has transformative potential. The eclectic style pays homage to fascinating geographies of today and yesteryear boasting hallmarks of stunning cultures ranging from India through to South America. Earthy tones, layers, textures and down to earth materials including wood and stone are all characteristics of the craze. If you’re a ‘baby steps’ with décor and design kind of person, then try

introducing very small features to see if you’re comfortable with the look and feel of what the tribal trend brings to your abode. Simple, but compelling touches, like an ethnic inspired mat for your bathroom, or a striking tribal print can make all the difference. Find treasures online or in vintage stores heaving with potential. Start a Pinterest board for inspiration and you’re bound to find ideas that resonate.

This is a look that has transformative potential.

SAVE TIME , SAVE MONEY and save your precious trees

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For best results use a professional arborist who knows what they are doing.

Ÿ Tree Trimming Ÿ Safe Removals Ÿ Tree reports Ÿ Thinning Ÿ Hedge and Shrub Trimming Ÿ Brush chipping Ÿ Height Reduc�on Ÿ Cable Bracing Ÿ Plan�ng Stump grinding Call 03 337 9776

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On Tuesday 26 April, guests of Metrofloor were treated to a decadent wine and cheese evening. They were able to see the exclusive new range of Listone Giordano wood and were joined by guest speaker, Carlo Mattioli, the Export Area Manager for the brand.

Geraldine Mangos, Maia Rewha

Melissa Rogers, Tim Dagg, Rebecca Gordon, Martin Henkes

Marcus Stufkens, Nicholas Thomson

Carlo Mattioli from Listone Giordano Wood

Ian Adamson, Blari Paterson

Maia Rewha, Simon Mangos, Cheryl Brownie

Bruce Banbury, Laura Whitemore

Melanie Bloom, Phil Mangos,

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol June 2, 2016 63


Powerfully fulfilling its ethos – sourcing and providing affordable luxury and modern classics in the name of living beautifully - Redcurrent is fiercely loyal to its patriotic customers. “We love to work incredibly hard to create a beautiful experience for our customers and source products from Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. We know the ‘Redcurrent woman’ doesn’t want to be

The home of functional beauty Serendipity plays a magical role in any brilliant business idea. But ultimately, what enables a concept to thrive and prosper, is inexorably linked to the people that live and breathe what they have created and the strategy they develop. Sourcing and providing affordable luxury and modern classics in the name of living beautifully.

64 June 2, 2016 Metropol


he serendipity and strategy that brought nationwide homeware and lifestyle icon, Redcurrent, to life are as unique as the business founders. Year after year, the brand’s effortless elegance captivates the imagination of countless New Zealanders across Aotearoa. Co-owner, Rebecca Kain, who represents the distilled essence of humility and generosity of spirit, recounts the humble beginnings of the brand. “My mother, Audrey McHardy (co-owner), and I were greatly influenced by my grandmothers – Kit Acland and Betty McHardy. After five children, mum - the mother, wife, gardener extraordinaire and home renovator - started out as a trader. She would buy things from Bali and India and sell them in her little shed behind our historic homestead in Havelock North. “This was in her early sixties and a lot of people started coming to buy things. Then she turned it into a permanent shop.” The first formal Redcurrent store found its stylish feet in Havelock North in 1999. Today there are twelve. “The naming was very fun. My sisters and I were drinking wine together. It was a month out from our opening and I knew I wanted something to do with the colour red. ‘Redcurrent’ was suggested and I knew it was perfect as it connotes the modernity of our offering.”

Above: Rebecca. Below: Natalie.

dictated to – about her home or her clothes. She is savvy. “Therefore, we accredit our shoppers with their own taste and work to provide homeware and lifestyle accessories that enable them to be surrounded by inspiration.” Channelling a Hampton-esque vibe in its newest store in Westfield Mall, Rebecca says the Redcurrent brand is undergoing a beautiful metamorphosis towards a more pared back aesthetic. “We want our stock to really pop.” Visit Redcurrent online at and get lost in the moment visiting the beautiful new addition in Westfield Mall, Riccarton.

interior designer YOUR DREAM

Perhaps your home needs some new life breathed into it, or there’s a trend you’re keen to incorporate but don’t know where to start.

1. By Kate Pierson


nterior design can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you have a very distinct vision, but don’t necessarily have the technical skills or a network of suppliers at your disposal. While it can feel like an investment surplus to requirement, engaging an experienced interior designer can actually help you save money in the long-run. Repeated faux pas on the home fashion front can create a headache of the financial kind. WHEN YOU’VE FOUND YOUR STYLE SAVIOUR, ESTABLISH YOUR OBJECTIVES. As our home represents our most intimate space, we naturally want someone who we can trust to help us visually express ourselves, without being overbearing. To that end, we’ve put together a ‘top tips’ list for how you can find your match made in style heaven.

Shop around: just as you wouldn’t invest a significant amount of money in a material asset for your home without appropriate investigation, when you hire the help of an interior designer, you want to do your homework. Don’t be shy – you’re entitled to ask for references, examples from their portfolio, references and, where feasible, a no-obligation meeting to find out what they can offer you.


Communication is crucial: When you’ve found your style saviour, establish your objectives at the outset - this ensures you are both protected. While you both need to allow room for managed and strategic digression along the way, a total deviation away from an agreed look and feel can wreak havoc on a good partnership.

Energy Efficient, Sustainable & Eco Friendly Homes. LIFE STYLE SPECIALISTS.


Don’t forgo the formalities: Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you have all your ducks in a row – from an agreed budget through to ensuring you have the right insurance cover (this needs to be assessed on a case by case basis). Once your project is underway, you can’t factor these things in retrospectively, so it’s important you’ve ticked all the technicality boxes before you start to beautify your abode.

Metropol June 2, 2016 65

By Kate Pierson

We’re shining the spotlight on retro in this issue, following on from our art deco desires in 19 May. It’s a style that never seems to have completely lost its trendy footing, although it’s definitely made more of an impact of late, and it’s not hard to see why.


hile the temptation has long been to introduce retro fashions to the kitchen (think tiles and vivacious patterns) retro accents in their diverse glory have been making their way into the hearts and homes of trendsetters the world over. The retro aesthetic has a very complementary personality with the ability to befriend your contemporary treasures, striking up a beautiful contrast between old and new. Ultimately, it’s a balancing act, letting both sides of the stylish divide shine without creating a look and feel that is confused rather than compelling. While there’s certainly an appetite for the bolder designs of the seventies and eighties era, there is an even greater

Have your house sparkling this Autumn

affection being shown for mid-20th century modern furniture that hails from the 1930s-1960s. Exploring the time periods that resonate best with you and the architecture and existing furnishings in your home is the first step in ‘going retro’. In this issue, Metropol features ambient lighting for your home (pgs 70-71), and in this spirit, we quite fancy the look of a retro, vintage spotlight in a living space. A beautiful statement piece in its own right, it also strikes a flattering pose when in the company of a stylish chair accompanied with a quirky cushion and rug underfoot. We’ve included an inspirational and aspirational visual for you to daydream about!

Fences that look amazing...

PLUS No more painting, cracking, warping or twisting! · Street Frontage · Privacy Fencing · Boundary Lines · Subdivisions


66 June 2, 2016 Metropol

P. 021 912 826 E.

The Building Blocks Architecture | Building | Insurance

Vincent Sanders, Director of Bespoke Architecture

The inner city – a vibrant city Whether it’s that perfect spot to sit and take in the bustle of the street while having a coffee; walking along the river’s edge; watching the wildlife; a few drinks with friends; eating at the latest restaurant; or a bit of shopping - the Christchurch city centre is where it’s at. It’s slowly turning into something exceptional for New Zealand.

on offer to us; opportunities that are too often overlooked in an ever expanding city as people push further out of town. I lament the loss of the city we once had,

This is a great time to take advantage of what the heart of Christchurch has to offer.


take time to walk into work most days and see so many possibilities in the small and large urban spaces we have

The metamorphosis of inner city living

An expression of you

By Kate Pierson, Editor and Christchurch resident


aving lived in London for two years and returned home to Christchurch earlier this year, the quantum shift in look and feel of the city I have always known has been surreal and exciting in equal measure. Come 2017, I will be looking to purchase my own piece of real estate paradise in the CBD. For me, a great living environment isn’t just about security, functionality

but I rejoice in the chance to be part of the rebirth of something much greater than the sum of its parts. The greatest cities in the world respond to their community’s needs while protecting their heritage with buildings that can grow and develop to meet the changing needs of the people. This is happening in Christchurch. This is a great time to take advantage of what the heart of Christchurch has to offer. Whether it’s a case of a little clever design work on an outdated home, or maximising your section to enhance the critical mass of people and buildings helping to push this great city forward; the central city is a brilliant place to be. P. 0800 23 77 65

Ross Collett, Director & Financial LifeSaver, Sorted for Life


hether you live in the inner city or in the country, where you choose to live is often the expression of your values and who you are, differentiating what makes your house your castle. I know we often measure our success and wealth by the accumulation of our assets, our home often being our most precious asset.

For me, a great living environment is about pride of place beyond the home

Taking time to consider your asset/risk profile can be a most valuable exercise.

and my abode serving its material purpose. It’s about pride of place beyond the home – from the surrounding streets through to businesses and homes around me. In 2011 following the 22 February earthquake, I attended a TEDx conference where disaster recovery experts from across the globe congregated to share their experiences. The resounding sentiment of the event was to treat this as an opportunity to redefine innovation, to be bold, and to be brave with the design of our new city. As a longstanding resident of our beautiful city, I watch the metamorphosis of this great place with a sense of pride and passion. I am a very grateful beneficiary of the talent in our midst.

So what is your most valuable asset? Your home? Your car? Your business? Your health? Your education? Your ability to earn an income? All these things are important and deserve to be called your assets. Sometimes during our life these things can fail us, leaving us vulnerable and at risk. Taking time to consider your asset/risk profile can be a most valuable exercise. Making sure a plan is in place that will provide for your needs when you can’t is something you will never regret. We love the difference we can make in people’s lives, especially at claim time. / P. 0800 688 4400

Metropol June 2, 2016 67


BEGINNINGS By Rachel Smith

When they first met on a Canterbury rugby field as 5-year-old’s, Calvin Cocks and Tim Forman had little idea that they would one day be founders of an award-winning construction company.


alvin and Tim bring a shared history and expertise to Takahe Construction. Pursuing similar careers in building, they completed their apprenticeships together before setting up their own building companies. Fast-forward nine years and the time was right to join forces, with each bringing their own unique skillset to Takahe Construction. “There is nothing mundane about our work,” Tim says. “The builders we employ are craftsmen.” Since their first entry back in 2012, their desire to be the best and build the best has been recognised by Registered Master Builders House of

Image credit Stephen Goodenough

the Year awards. This year’s entry, the complete rebuild of a home in Mt Pleasant, has high potential to be the same, with regional awards announced in late July. “It can be challenging to work with an existing, developed area,” Calvin says of the home which was rebuilt on the same foot print as its predecessor. The original design and position worked so well for the clients that they opted to retain the same layout. Working with architect, Pete Wynyard, from Archimetrix and Takahe Construction, the clients redesigned and modernised the

suppliers and installers of quality tiles

proudly supporting takahe

COUNTRY FLOORS are proud to be associated with

Takehe Construction supplying the tiling on Soleares Ave


Floor & Wall Tiles Residential & Commercial In-house Interior Designer

35 mandeville st riccarton, christchurch 68 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Ph. 348 1099

31 Mandeville St Riccarton

Phone 348 6919

THE NEW HOME HAS A FRESH LOOK AND FEEL. A pitched roof allows for more natural light and a feeling of space in areas such as the hallway and library nook.

Photographer credit Phillip Atkinson

home meeting the latest in building code requirements. The new home has a fresh look and feel. A pitched roof allows for more natural light and a feeling of space in areas such as the hallway and library nook. The original cathedral ceilings are accentuated by innovative LED strip lighting, and new wooden windows retain bullnose corners, but are now made from western red cedar and kwila. Cathedral glazing was added to the original verandah design with new landscaping and internal heating systems including solar hot water, as well as exterior stable doors at the client’s request. “The level of carpentry is perfect,” Tim says of the work of one of the best carpenter’s in the team. Takahe Construction works hard to establish a great relationship with the client and architect, preferring to work with architects who welcome innovative design and building techniques for contemporary homes. Repairs of earthquake damaged properties

in some of the city’s grandest homes combine interior design renovations and additions as per the client’s needs. The business also brings to the table product knowledge and expertise that only comes with decades of experience in the industry. It’s construction work across the city speaks for itself including a new build in Fendalton, which has sustainable building practice at its heart. The team is sensitive to the environment - from the collection and removal of all sawdust on site to the use of sustainable products. Takahe Construction is justly proud of its work on a number of architecturally designed commercial builds along Victoria Street too. “The level of detail is so fine,” Calvin says of their work. “It has to be perfect.” Contact Calvin 021 676 684 or Tim at Takahe Construction Ltd on 365 1150 or 021 825 243. Email, or for more information, visit

Metropol June 2, 2016 69


Shine a little

By Majka Kaiser

Using different types of lighting for each room in your home gives you control over ambience and functionality depending on your mood or task at hand.

70 June 2, 2016 Metropol


hile recessed ceiling lights are commonplace in most modern homes, they certainly shouldn’t be the sole source of light - especially if they are not equipped with a dimmer capability. With the main communal space in homes acting as multi-purpose environments, our lighting choices must reflect this. Kitchens have expanded to include casual and formal dining areas, as well as spilling over into open plan living and entertaining spaces. With that in mind, it’s

In living areas it makes sense to have an array of floor lamps, table lamps and hanging pendants. important to select different lighting to suit different applications. For spaces that are predominantly utilitarian, like kitchens and bathrooms, task lighting is a must. LED lighting strips integrated within cabinetry give appropriate functional lighting, while hanging pendants above a kitchen island or bathtub can be both functional and ambient. They’re also an opportunity to

stamp your style on the space. A singular, sculptural pendant or a cluster of pendants above a formal dining area, not only serves a functional purpose to illuminate the table, but visually draws the eye to the area as a focal point in an open plan space while creating a sense of drama. In living areas it makes sense to have an array of floor lamps, table lamps and

hanging pendants. Open book shelves that include sculptures, art work, family photos and other decorative objects will benefit from small lamps. Floor lamps are ideal sources of light when positioned next to a couch or a lounge chair for reading or hand crafts on a cold winter’s evening. Another room that requires both functional and ambient lighting is the bedroom. Hang pendants on either side of the bed and use wall lights or anglepoise lamps that can be easily manipulated to provide directional lighting if you want something suitable for reading. Table lamps on sideboards are ideal for casting a soft glow as you wind down for bed. For a guide on how many light sources to use in a space, I turn to one of my favourite and trusted international interior designers - India Mahdavi - who sheds some light on the technicalities to achieve the best outcome. For spaces measuring around 30m2, she suggests using seven light sources and five for a room of around 20m2. Mahdavi also advises using an odd number of lights for balance.

A family-owned business specialising in Renovations & House Levelling We also do Foundations Renovations Earthquake Repairs New Homes

Call us NOW Mobile: 027 2480 220 Phone: 03 343 3816

Let’s Celebrate

with our Autumn Decorating Special

Metropol June 2, 2016 71

72 June 2, 2016 Metropol





02 31

Metropol June 2, 2016 73

PRIVATE MEDITERRANEAN PARADISE 503 WEEDONS ROAD, ROLLESTON Proudly positioned on 4.34 ha this impressive home of grand proportions will take your breath away. Accommodation aplenty, there are 10 bedrooms on offer along with 7 bathrooms and 4 living areas, all spread across two separate wings of the home and a detached self-contained cottage. Outside the park-like grounds can only be described as simply sublime and brimming with desirable recreational features. Follow the picturesque winding walk-way and you’ll discover the solar heated lap pool, tennis court, berry orchard, three bay barn and two storey glamping hut to name but a few. This compelling and stately property presents a mouth-watering opportunity. We expect discerning purchasers will recognise the rarity of this opportunity and act accordingly. Don’t delay, contact Mike Goatley now for further information.




10 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms, 2 Car Spaces, 605 m2 Floor, 4.30ha Land

By Negotiation Listing # RX798012 Mike Goatley 0272 495 561


30 CANNON HILL CRESCENT, MT PLEASANT Only 8 days on the market and now Under Offer! This beautiful three bedroom home was hot property! There is strong demand for properties in this area. If you are considering a property change, please contact Mike to discuss how he can combine your plans and our service to deliver the result that you deserve




3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 2 Car Spaces, 170 m2 Floor, 1,444 m2 Land

By Negotiation Listing # RX797602 Mike Goatley 0272 495 561

74 June 2, 2016 Metropol

Metropol June 2, 2016 75

76 June 2, 2016 Metropol