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13 APRIL 2017

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Furniture, Lighting & Accessories AVAILABLE NOW

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Shop two of our latest arrivals, Thomas Sabo in Accessories and Bruno Premi in Women’s Shoes instore now. Shop online at City Mall, Christchurch PHONE (03) 379 7400 OPEN 7 DAYS

4 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Previously United Travel

Explore Africa safari style The Cape, Kruger & Victoria Falls Sophisticated Cape Town, a thrilling safari, and the mighty Victoria Falls.


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per person for 10 Days / 9 Nights

Best of East Africa Stunning safaris in the Masai Mara, visiting savannahs, exploring the vast plains of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and more!

7 974

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per person for 13 Days / 12 Nights

*TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. These are tailor-made journeys with local English speaking guides. Prices are based on the lowest season, on a minimum of 2 passengers travelling, and are subject to change due to currency fluctuations. Surcharges apply over peak periods. Flights from New Zealand are not included. Flights from Cape Town > Kruger > Victoria Falls are an additional cost on the Cape, Kruger & Victoria Falls tour.

960 Ferry Road 03 384 2700

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13 APRIL 2017


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13 APRIL 2017 VOL 20 ISSUE 7


bridal issue





Hailing from the Love Spell Collection, this breathtaking Rue de Seine gown transforms brides into goddesses. Rue de Seine designs beautiful, chic wedding gowns and bridal dresses for the modern bride. Visit

INTERNAL COVER The bridesmaid has never looked more beautiful than in a Blak dress. Custom dresses can be arranged by contacting The service ensures bridesmaids find the perfect dress to suit, in a range of fabrics and hues.

Summer is all about relaxing. Right up ‘til the moment you break your glasses. 6 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Isn’t it time you freed yourself from the burden of relying on glasses or contact lenses and opened your eyes to a simpler way of looking at things? Call us today for a FREE ASSESSMENT

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SINCE 1997

TAKING OFF! By Céline Gibson

CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS are soon to launch their first in a trilogy of Roger Hall plays for 2017.


irected by Ray Williamson, Taking Off is a play about four women, who, for various personal reasons, find themselves heading overseas on their big OE at a somewhat late stage of their lives. Frankie scores second division Lotto and wants to escape from her dreary husband; Ruth, a hardworking, supportive farmer’s wife, leaves her husband after she discovers he is having an affair; Jean is made redundant after twenty years of diligent service in the corporate world; and Noline longs to do the trip that she and her husband had planned before he became terminally ill. “It’s essentially a play of monologues,” explains CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS Director Craig Hutchison, “where our

four characters reveal their thoughts and feelings about their travel experiences to loved ones back home via selfies, phone calls, emails, and within a budding novel.” In August, CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS will stage Middle Aged Spread. Written in 1977, Craig intends to keep it in that decade. “It will be true 70s - the colours, the hair, the music…the flares!” In December, the final play in the Roger Hall Trilogy will be Spreading Out. Written as the sequel to Middle Aged Spread, audiences get to meet up with their favourite characters all over again, only this time, they’re forty years older. Taking Off, April 20 – 29, The Performing Arts Centre, Heaton Normal Intermediate School. For tickets visit

ph 365 8582 christchurch



Metropol April 13, 2017 7

Publisher Metros Publishing Group Ltd Managing Director Trevor Laplanche

Kate Pierson


Advertising: Tracey Prince


KateWeek Pierson ith Canterbury Fashion next week, and our latest cover a fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, I've been thinking quite a lot about the subject. Generating billions of dollars per annum in New Zealand, fashion is the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' on their toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider ourselves a 'work in progress' rather perplexed. All of this 'threads and kicks' talk has inspired some nostalgic and rather cringeinducing memories for me as I reflect on my style – or rather unstylish Time is a tricky master. It has this mysterious way of evolution. It would be difficult to determine which of the styles I donned as a kid disappearing innineties front of your eyesthe when forpas it of the eighties and eras deserves 'mostyou’re heinous'begging fashion faux to title.slow down, and likewise, when you’d like it to race ahead, it seems to become very uncooperative, at snail’s pace. My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized,moving wideleg jeans, and tie-dye leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping with my his issue perfect As we wove allday of its Mum and woreistoa the pointexample. of its extinction. Thattogether was a sad in beautiful our elements, the hours blurred quickly into days which blurred into weeks, household. before we knew it, leather we hadheels arrived at my the friend end. Although I have I also and can'tthen, forget the pink, patent that and I wore on never been married (always a bridesmaid never a bride – perhaps I was thethese girls' nights out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (no longer the case inspiration forstarted the blockbuster Dresses?) I have felt the my whirlwind ects days) in fact at around hit the27 age of six when I begged parentseff for my of thepair wedding own of 'clipday. clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. Despite the fact the wedding party is often up at the crack of dawn, toasting I think I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20 with champagne ahead of a day that carries on well into the night – and often white, pointed heels with bows on. the next day – the day whips by in the blink of an eye. The interesting thing about a lot of the styles we have banished to the back of I have whispered into the ear of many a special friend as she prepares to walk our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue when style down the aisle, “Savour every moment”. And it’s true. From the ‘I dos’ to the royalists decide to give them a second wind. first dance, every formality is unforgettable. We feel today’s issue is too. Ultimately, is an extremely personaland thing, but I believe one The entirefashion team has worked withsubjective, passion, creativity dedication to create of the best parts about donning something feel really of,We is the an inspiring read with exciting finds that will you romance your proud senses. hope confidence Despite somewhat of a Tomboy these days, time stands injection. still for you as youbeing get lost in discovering all it has to off er. I know I also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. “Veni Vidi Amavi” – I came. I saw. I loved. I hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of your own sartorial sins with friends and family.



Kate Pierson

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LIVING THE ARTISTIC DREAM Kyla ‘K’ is an inspirational person. In demand as an illustrator and graphic artist, Kyla embraces positivity and challenges conventional working boundaries.


f it’s art and makes people happy; if it injects some fun and provokes thought, she’ll say ‘yes’ to your project. Walls and signs around New Zealand, designs on T-shirts and shop fronts – these could well have been done by Kyla Kuzniarski. Her illustrations are often light-hearted, purposefully naive or humorous, but that’s not to say she takes them lightly. “I’m serious about doing top-quality work; so much so that I am fast collecting a graveyard of art that the world will never see. I love to perfect my art and designs before letting a client view them,” Kyla says. She is quickly becoming a known name around town – and further afield. Kyla

particularly loves executing her murals on café, retail or office walls. Her largest illustration project to date (a massive 7 x 2.5 metres) appears at The Allotment in Roydvale Ave. Kyla also penned the wall illustrations at Argo, a particularly cool co-working beachy space in New Brighton’s Marine Parade, and is currently working on other exciting, large artwork for the inner city. “I receive commissions of whole walls down to pieces of dinner-plate size, and I work with all sorts of materials and mediums. I do personalised artwork for anyone, from a kitchen installation company, to branding a kids’ party company,” Kyla says. “Doing art and design for a living is bliss!”

Quality Indoor Outdoor Furniture made with natural and synthetic wicker

33 Birchdale Place, Ohoka, Canterbury Shop online: 10 April 13, 2017 Metropol

SOCIAL SCENE Jim Hudson addressing the Haggis


Cast of ‘Encore!’ Production

A CENTENARY TO REMEMBER On Saturday 18 March, St Andrew’s College held a Gala Dinner in honour of its 100 year anniversary.

Julie Raateland, Thomas Moore Chris Kerry, Andrew Wyllie, Rachael Wyllie, Angie Kerry, Yvette Cullen Gavin Leighton, Christine Leighton (Rector), Alex Leighton

Back: Tanya Moore,Tim Oughton, Barry Maister, Gavin Leighton, Nigel Fairbairn, Jay Scanlon, Jacqueline Stevens Front: Garry Moore, Christine Leighton, Heather Oughton, Chris Fairbairn

Jacqui Anderson, Kelsey Williams, Clare Wilkinson, Kate Baker Guests joined the highly regarded school for the premier event at Horncastle Arena - a night of glamour and sophistication with spectacular entertainment, food and wine. Check Facebook for more from this event.

“When you list with me you’ll be at the top of my list”

“After meeting Cindy Lee Sinclair at an open home, I knew that she was the right agent to sell our home. Cindy impressed me with her kind, friendly and professional manner. She has been an absolute “gem” to deal with. Her prompt communication, was always appreciated. Her presentation was of a very high standard and her easy going nature and genuine interest in you was the right mix to deal with all. Cindy Lee has been outstanding in all aspects of selling our home and I now regard her as a friend. Her passion is evident, she is warm, caring and a desire to achieve for you is why I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling.” Angela Bleechmore

Metropol April 13, 2017 11



ou’ve been hiding under a rock if the name Nadia Lim hasn’t entered your orbit over the last several years. A loyalist to ‘nude food’ and a refreshingly down-to-earth self-made success story, Nadia’s career trajectory is the distilled essence of living the dream.

12 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Metropol talks to the MasterChef as her new book Dinnertime Goodness launches about My Food Bag, motherhood and making a difference to the relationship Kiwis have with food. When you entered the second series of MasterChef New Zealand, could you have ever anticipated what lay in store? At age 12, my dream was to write my own cookbook, and have a cooking show on TV. I thought I’d get there one day, but it happened much sooner than I expected! Was a culinary career an early aspiration for you? I knew when I was 12 years old I wanted to be a chef. I’ve always loved cooking, eating and creating recipes from very young. And I was in LOVE with Jamie Oliver (I dreamed of marrying him one day), and came top of Food Tech class throughout high school, so I always knew I’d end up working in something to do with food and cooking. You are a self-proclaimed ‘Nude Cook’ – what does this mean for you? The idea of ‘Nude Food’ started when I was just 12 years old, and I came up with the idea of writing a cookbook and starring in my own cooking show called ‘Food in the Nude’. I wasn’t planning on cooking naked, but rather wanted to showcase how delicious natural food – that wasn’t dressed

up in packages and additives – could be. Fast forward the clock almost two decades later and I stand by my nude food philosophy – eat real food that comes from the ground, sea and sky, and less from the factories. Everything I do is underpinned by this philosophy. You welcomed a beautiful little boy not so long ago, how do you juggle motherhood with what is obviously a very busy professional agenda? I don’t think there’s any special secret, other than that I’m lucky to have a very supportive family who help out a lot, and also I love what I do – my work and life are very intertwined (Bodhi has been to his fair share of meetings with me already!) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Without giving away any secrets, are there any initiatives you have coming up that you can share? Well, there is a new cookbook that has JUST been released, like literally last week! It’s called Dinnertime Goodness and is a collection of top rated My Food Bag recipes, all of which are quick and easy to make. And just around the corner, My food Bag has some exciting news for anyone who is wanting to lose weight….but I have to keep mum on that one for now, so you’ll just have to wait and see! How do you think New Zealand chefs and the culinary scene in general is perceived on the world stage? New Zealand is known for having some of the very best produce in the world, so I think our chefs are known for an ability to hero that produce in their dishes without making it too complicated - exactly the kind of cooking I love. We also have the ability to take inspiration from a lot of different places, which is great for our creativity - we’re not restricted by our isolation. What have been some of the main challenges as you have progressed on this journey? And how have you sought to overcome these challenges? Becoming comfortable in front of crowds and the camera you have no idea how shy I used to be! It was torture being in front of a camera for the first year or so before I got used to it (they’re not actually that scary anymore!). The early days of My Food Bag were interesting, getting people to try an unknown concept and brand. Luckily we had a great product and team, and word of mouth really helped people find out about us. What advice would you give to other aspiring artisans and creatives? Practise, practise, practise. Taste, taste, taste.

Nadia’s new book Dinnertime Goodness launched last week.

Do you have a favourite motto that you live or work by? “As long as you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.” - Dr Seuss

Mike Pero Real Estate Cashmere

Westmorland, Hoon Hay and Hillmorton Call now for a no obligation FREE appraisal | 0508 CASHMERE | 03 423 9862

Samantha Coe 027 635 8463

Alan Ray 021 038 8397

Shady Attia 021 021 69996

Lindsay Welch 0508 539 832

Marilyn Welch 0800 539 832

Nienke Podmore 021 067 8568

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

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SOCIAL SCENE John McFadden, Jim Davis

Zara Roberts, Juliet Sullivan, Sandra McCann

FROM GRAPES TO GREAT ESTATES On Friday 10 March, one of the top female consultants for Harcourts Worldwide (2014-2016), Mary Turnbull, was the guest speaker at an Inspirational Women event.

Anna McKenzie, Renee Walker, Shar SutherlandTodd

Mere Hancock, Cherie Duane

Mary Turnbull, John McFadden, Deb Harvey

Mary Turnbull, Lynette McFadden Elise Schwass, Angela Boyle, Wendy McLay

Held at the stunning Hinton’s Vineyard Function Centre, guests enjoyed a glass of bubbles and a delicious afternoon tea with the opportunity to network. Photos by Jane Wyles - for copies email:

Check Facebook for more from this event.


family portraits


conferences events homes & gardens

Jane Wyles Photography 027 245 245 8193 027

Dance the night away with a live band, delicious food, spot prizes, and an amazing charity auction.

14 April 13, 2017 Metropol


LOSE YOUR MIND Described as one of the most incisive, original, comic and humane artists around, British artist David Shrigley came to town on 11 March to open the David Shrigley: Lose Your Mind exhibition at Toi Moroki Centre of Contemporary Arts (CoCA). With the support of Lane Neave, the event is being presented by David Shrigley in partnership with the British Council.

By Celine Gibson


hrigley works in a variety of media, from his darkly satirical cartoons and hand-rendered slogans to his large-scale installations, photography, sculpture, animation and music. His works have been described as playful, provocative, a little bit unsettling and challenging. In September 2016, Shrigley’s bronze sculpture Really Good was unveiled in Trafalgar Square for the Fourth Plinth Commission. He was a Turner Prize nominee in 2013, following his major mid-career retrospective Brain Activity at the Hayward Gallery, London. The David Shrigley: Lose Your Mind exhibition runs through to 28 May, allowing gallery visitors plenty of time to explore and assimilate the breadth of his craft. Amongst drawing, sculpture, animated film and talks with the artist himself, key works include Ostrich, 2009, in which a taxidermied bird loses its head; Beginning, Middle and End, 2009, which consists of a giant, continuous

clay sausage that is rolled out and arranged in the gallery; and Cheers, 2007, a pair of waders filled with expanding foam. The touring exhibition began in Guadalajara, followed by Santiago then Seoul, and ends – most wonderfully – in our Ōtautahi, Christchurch! Visit to view David’s work.


Metropol April 13, 2017 15

For big (or small) fans of the much-loved Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan range of decorative paints, the new Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack has just launched.


ith everything needed to create a small project, such as a chair or bedside table, this nifty project or gift pack includes two small project pots of Chalk Paint (100ml) in colours of your own choice; 1 tin of Clear Soft Wax (125ml); 1 tin of Dark Soft Wax (125ml), and a small pure bristle Annie Sloan brush. The packs cost from $145 RRP and are available exclusively from Annie Sloan stockists. For further information visit Metropol is thrilled to have one Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan set to give away. Valued at $145 RRP, the set comes courtesy of the brand and stockist Cosi Fan Tutte on Garlands Road in Christchurch. If you are interested in attending a Beginners Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Workshop on Saturday 6 May from 9 am – 12, or an Advanced Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Workshop on Saturday 22 April or Saturday 20 May from 9 am - 1pm, contact Cosi Fan Tutte for more details on 021 247 2466.

To enter the draw to win simply head to (or scan our QR code with your smart phone), put in your details and tick the competitions you want to be in to win. Entries close on Monday 24 April and the winners will be notified on Tuesday 25 April.

Simon Williams

N E W S TAG E COMPLETE Chatswood Retirement Village has been purpose-built to provide the full continuum of care and offers the choices of assisted living in architecturally designed apartments and care suites. The care suites allow you to stay in one room for life through your care cycle. Each spacious apartment includes open plan living, kitchen, ensuite, laundry facilities a private patio with garden views and 24hr nurse call.



Located in the heart of St Martins/Opawa our boutique village has 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available, newly completed April 2017.

6 0 HAW F O R D R D, O PAWA 16 April 13, 2017 Metropol

PHONE 332 7323


Call Kyla on 03 3327323 extension 4 for more information, or to view these beautiful units.

SOCIAL SCENE Phill and Jen Thomas

A HAPPENING HIGH TEA On Saturday 4 March, Happening Bar & Kitchen treated esteemed guests to a new tea taste sensation.


Emani, Champika, Wasantha, Radeeshan (BugZ)

Fandi, Justin, Adelaide, Radeeshan (BugZ), Scott (Head Chef)

Wasantha, Radeeshan (BugZ)

Jan Shackleton, David Shackleton

Introducing its brand new range of High Teas and specialty tea varieties from the iconic Dilmah, the culinary genius was justly proud to add to its already impressive offering. Photos by Emma Dyer - for copies email:

Check Facebook for more from this event.

Metropol April 13, 2017 17

CONSIDERATION CONQUERS Taking the trouble to truly listen, understand, and effectively analyse a property sets Milena Bartlett of Harcourts apart.


ach property has its unique features and will appeal to certain groups of buyers. Therefore I like to offer bespoke marketing and insist on using effective channels that bring results. “I consider everything in a home sale from the optimal photos and accompanying words, to the timing of open homes and the right staging company to match the style of the house,” says Milena. “It’s about delivering value, trust, and integrity every step of the way.” Milena’s client testimonials talk of her professionalism, her thorough approach and great communication skills. “Because I run my open homes myself I have an opportunity to meet each buyer in person. This allows me to connect with people, glean the right feedback that I report to

my vendors and help purchasers remove obstacles in the buying process. “I do not subscribe to the notion that if someone loves the property they will just buy it. Some buyers need a higher level of guidance and assistance before making an offer or attending an auction. Milena often receives stellar feedback about her personal sales style. Amanda Smith writes, “Milena recently sold a small lifestyle block for me using the auction process… I could not fault her professionalism. I appreciated her readiness to consider my input and opinions. She clearly has a lot of experience in sales… and will work hard for the best result possible.” Contact Milena at or phone 027 917 5191

Rooms Available

Beautifully appointed with award winning gardens located right beside the heart of the Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, restaurants, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries and facility tours welcome, please telephone 3555888 for an appointment.

18 April 13, 2017 Metropol




BLUSH BLOOMS By Kate Pierson


Winter may be on its way, but the cooler temperatures don’t have to dictate a departure away from the hues that introduce some spring into our step.


n the last Metropol (30 March) we dedicated an entire two pages to celebrating rose quartz in the home. Its equally attractive sibling ‘blush’ is the object of our affection for wardrobe additions in this issue, which we are showcasing in tandem with its aesthetic soulmate, blooms. From blazers to bling, there is an emphasis on both for the coming seasons. Bloom inspired fabrics or embroidery have taken on an almost bohemian, gypsy-esque feel adorning handbags and coats as a feature or an accent. Some statement pieces are even channeling vibes evocative of Frida Kahlo’s folk-influenced garments. If you’re concerned blush and blooms may be too feminine, you can always toughen up the look with, where appropriate, chucks, Keds or combat boots, or opt for a smoky eye or leather jacket.



䴀攀最愀渀 匀愀氀洀漀渀


娀愀欀攀琀 ☀ 倀氀漀瘀攀爀

伀戀椀 䌀栀漀挀漀氀愀琀 Metropol April 13, 2017 19

F RELAX AND REVITALISE IN STYLE TAD Design brings together fashion, hair and beauty services, in a relaxing, nurturing environment.

ounders Tracey and Daniel – hence the name – created the business with a calm and magical oasis in mind. “It’s about nurturing and loving your outside, to experience love, peace and tranquillity on the inside,” says Tracey, who loves to see people happy and feeling good. Located in Pegasus Town, the new concept store opened in December last year. The special Tranquillity Day Shop offers a chance to be pampered in body, mind and spirit by the experienced and friendly team. Along with providing a complete range of hair services from the talented hair stylists, including highquality hair extensions, the qualified beauty therapists offer a full selection of treatments, from facials and waxing, to manicures and massage. TAD fashion includes beautiful clothing


20 April 13, 2017 Metropol

from Untouched World/Merino Mink - Fine Merino Luxury Possum Fur, as well as from Australian label Ministry of Style, and the popular Black Orchid Denim – premium quality jeans, well-known to be the perfect fit. The store is open seven days a week, providing the opportunity to honour yourself by taking a break. “In these stress-filled times, you deserve to take the chance to relax in a calm, peaceful and nurturing atmosphere,” Tracey says. “So many people crave this, but never achieve it. Leave your stress at the door and let us pamper you.” Follow TAD on Facebook and phone 0800 823 337 to make a booking.





that dreams are made of By Kate Pierson


Even the wet, wet weather of late can’t rain on our sartorial parade. Like the saying goes (well, kind of), ‘If you can’t beat the Weather Gods then join ‘em’. And join them we are!


e’ve pulled together some of the coziest perks that the colder temperatures have to offer and as you’ll see, they are the fluff that dreams are made of. A tad outrageous with a generous dose of eclectic, these statement wardrobe pieces and accessories are not for the faint hearted. A conservative approach is best when introducing loud and proud colour or fabric into your look, so opt for one rather than all if you dare to dip your toe into the fur frenzy.


The medical edge to beauty

Non-invasive lifting and tightening of the face




FDA APPROVED BOtulinum TOXin Dermal Fillers IPL - Facial Rejuvenation Micro - Hydrabrasion Skin Stamping Ulthera Face Tightening Lip Enhancing

Call now to view the collections Ph: 03 261 2158 E: Or visit the boutique Fridays, 9am - 4pm 55 Keetly Place, Ohoka 7692 (just across from the Ohoka markets)

All injectables performed by Doctor Brigid Lee


Metropol April 13, 2017 21

Making your nails look fabulous!



 Articial Nails  Shellac Nails Manicure  Deluxe Spa Pedicure P. 03 366 9860 555 Colombo St. Shop 19, South City Centre

A visit to Wonder Nails in Colombo Street is a magical mix of pampering, creativity, and technical excellence.

Find us on facebook


or the past four years, this nail and spa salon has been drawing loyal local clientele. Tourists are also often directed to the salon on the Colombo end of South City, as it is central and known for

quality. Wonder Nails’ owner, Joyce Zhang, encourages people to make bookings, as the salon’s popularity, particularly at the party end of each week, has been soaring. “We don’t like to turn clients away or ask them to come back later, so making a booking means nail and spa treatments are done when it suits them,” Joyce says. Group bookings are ideal. Bridal parties come in to enjoy their pampering simultaneously, which is a great idea for both fun and continuity of nail looks. Joyce says she insists on a high level of staff training, ensuring technical expertise and friendly professionalism. As for trends in nail art, Joyce sees these come and go, according to celebrities and the pictures they’re posting. Currently, she’s seeing a swing toward long, thin, almondshaped nails. Gel and acrylic treatments in nude tones are always in vogue. Also, the marbled nail effect is on the rise. Visitors to the salon’s Facebook page can trawl the nail-art looks they might want to request. Happy customers have written here about the ease with which their desired looks have been granted. Visit

22 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Mark Graham, Colette Cleary, Kylie Winter-Nicholas

THE ULTIMATE STYLE HAVEN Lone Wolf is not just a hair salon. Combining hair, clothing and coffee, the contemporary store offers a three-in-one experience for both women and men.


ocated in Papanui, it’s a place for customers to be pampered by one of the experienced hair stylists, relax with a coffee, and browse the exclusive selection of urban street clothing. Originally from Timaru, owner Kylie Winter says the concept began a few years ago from a business she shares with her mother. “We own a hair salon that had a fashion store

next to it, and removed the walls between them so that customers could experience both services at the same time. People loved it, so I decided to bring the same idea to Christchurch.” Fashion brands at Lone Wolf include Ministry of Style, Honey and Beau, Few & Far Collective, and St Goliath. “We also stock American clothing label Rebel 8, which is a popular brand for the guys and isn’t available anywhere else in Christchurch,” Kylie says. The expert team includes award-winning stylist Mark, who also offers a barbering service, as well as executive stylist Collette who is also great with fashion. The salon regularly offers amazing colour package deals, with a cut, colour, toner and Olaplex treatment for just $150. “We are also all trained baristas, and use Atomic Coffee,” Kylie says. L’Oréal salon products and GHDs are also available for purchase at the store. Follow Lone Wolf on Facebook to keep a look-out for their hair package deals, or phone 354 4994.


7 Day FREE Pass! Valid until 10 May (conditions apply) TRAIN TO BE FIT, HEALTHY & HAPPY

450 Tuam St, Christchurch • Ph. 389 9892 •


First consultation

HAIR COFFEE CLOTHING 485 Papanui Rd (Bellvue Ave) P. 03 354 4994

Straight teeth. No braces.

Merivale I Cashmere I Ashburton 0800 Orthodontix (0800 678 463) Phone 03 337 3373 Metropol April 13, 2017 23

For all your vintage favourites. Madam Butterfly’s Vintage Style Boutique 477 Ferry Road, Woolston Ph. 0274 594 052

Belts can be custom made to your requirements. Made in NZ. Buy online: or call: 027 221 4066

Elfin Jacket, 100% wool, $429.00. Proudly NZ made. This gorgeous jacket can be buttoned closed at the neck or left open to expose the pretty lining. The hood is perfect for warmth this winter. Bettie Monroe. The Colombo Ph. 03 366 4214

Do you have a wedding to go to? Smith & Boston have dresses and jackets all year round for special occasions. Come and visit us at our Prebbleton Boutique. Smith & Boston. Shop 6, 573 Springs Road, Prebbleton. Ph. 03 349 5646

Laura Bellariva Made in Italy. Robin Pierre, Merivale Mall. 189 Papanui Rd Ph. 03 355 5747

Handmade Man Scrubs. Indulge your man with one of our blissful exfoliating scrubs. Each scrub is locally made from 100% natural, fair-trade goodness. Metropol readers receive 10% off using code BLISS10 (T&Cs apply). Miss Bliss Nails & Beauty Ltd 03 981 1136 / 0275 765 761 24 April 13, 2017 Metropol

A fresh new drop of sass & bide has arrived at Lynn Woods from their W17 Speakeasy collection. Shop in-store and online now. Lynn Woods 149 Victoria St. Ph. 03 377 9476

Travelling to the Tropics these school holidays? Jets Sensory Swimsuit, The Fitting Room 207 Fendalton Road Ph. 03 351 9244


As we say goodbye to the summer sun, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of new modalities specifically designed to strengthen and rehydrate the skin, and repair existing damage, improving texture, and reducing fine lines.


ow settled in fabulous new premises in Merivale, Dr Philip Frost at Face Value Cosmetic Medical Clinic is delighted to be able to extend his suite of services to include these new technologies. “With a Senior Registered Nurse working alongside me, we can now offer further skin repair and rejuvenation treatments,” he says. These services include collagen induction therapies, such as Dermapen Medical Needling and Medical Hydration Therapies. “We are particularly impressed with the results we are seeing with the new V2 Beauty Booster.” The V2 skin booster is a fabulous advancement in aesthetics, rejuvenating dry, dull skin affected

by lines and wrinkles. The result is a glowing complexion, naturally hydrating the skin from within. The booster utilises a new delivery device, the injector gun, to stimulate the skin to produce more of its own collagen, the skin’s underlying youthful ‘cushion.’ It is a more comfortable and accurate way of placing filler into the skin. “We use Hyaluronic Acid along with a patented formula of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, resulting in hydrated, nourished, more youthful glowing skin.” A series of three treatments, three weeks apart, has fabulous cumulative, long-lasting effects, although skin is visibly rejuvenated after the first. Initial consultations are obligationfree. Visit

APRIL SPECIAL Spend over $25 - receive a $10 voucher Spend over $80 - receive a $25 voucher *Conditions apply

Phone 384 1743 4/2 Soleares Ave, Mt Pleasant

For a more balanced and fulfilled life We offer support with Chiropractic Naturopathy Massage Therapy Acupuncture Life Coaching Nutritional Advice

City Ph. 03 379 3370 462 Tuam Street, Christchurch

Rolleston Ph. 03 347 4799 7/92 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Metropol April 13, 2017 25




Luxury Mother’s Day Facial A beautiful age-repair facial, intensively moisturising and delivering active ingredients to firm and simulate collagen synthesis. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Hurry, only 10 facials available! H&B Hair Art & Beauty 96 Cranford Street St Albans 03 381 8939

5. The Cosmetic Clinic This 9 step microdermabrasion will slough away your dull, flakey skin – leaving you looking fresh & revitalised! $149 for a single treatment or $387 for 3 The Cosmetic Clinic, Westfield Riccarton Mall (near divine cakes). 03 265 0660



Ooo la la Oil Skin Body Scrub This luxurious blend of natural ingredients will nourish and hydrate your skin, preventing moisture loss and aiding in the reduction of scarring.

Believe You Can 8 Week Challenge A brand new cutting edge weight management system that simplifies and teaches habits for leading a healthy lifestyle. Visit our website for more information. 022 1861 232


ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream Clinically proven*, this oxygenating night cream helps with your skin’s natural regeneration process. Wake up with a firmer-looking, radiant complexion whilst helping delay the signs of premature ageing. Purchase from

26 April 13, 2017 Metropol

LOVE LIFE LOVE LONDON Unique designs by British designer William Morris. Fashion eyewear for fashionable people. Richard Suckling Optometrists Barrington Mall 03 332 1730


Kiwi Superfoods Limited Health conscious? Check this out! Kiwi Superfoods Blackcurrant Skin Extract is full of anthocyanins and vitamin C. Like us on Facebook to go in the draw for some free giveaways. f: kiwi superfoods limited email:


H&B – Hair Art & Beauty offer a truly divine wedding experience for you and your party, and can take care of all of your hair and beauty needs. The highly-trained team of stylists and beauticians are here to help you achieve a flawless makeup look tailored perfectly to you.

H&B - Hair Art & Beauty have a full day spa for your bridal party to book in all those essential treatments leading up to the day, such as spray tans, manicures, pedicures, and more. The team encourage you to talk to one of their beauticians who will be able to tell you what treatments will leave you positively glowing. Their gift to you is a 15 percent discount off all beauty treatments for you and your party to enjoy! Another popular option for brides-to-be is the Great Lengths Hair Extensions! Great Lengths are the crème de la crème of hair extensions made from high quality human hair, manufactured in Italy. Great Lengths Hair Extensions come in various thicknesses of natural hair strands, which can be attached to fine hair in a practically invisible way, adding the volume or length you’ve always dreamed of. Extensions can be coloured and cut to seamlessly blend into your natural hair; the team suggests popping in for a consultation a few months before the big day. Follow the salon/spa expansion and all the current offers on Facebook @hbhairart!




IVY&Lace WINTER 2017

151 COLOMBO ST PH 332 1238

Transform Clinic has cutting edge and high-end technology. We can offer our clients effective, noninvasive services that offer you faster results. Make a time for a consult to see what we can do for you.

Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm Metropol April 13, 2017 27



A‘FLARE’ FASHION By Kate Pierson


Fashionistas made a beeline for them circa spring 2015. Fast forward to 2017 and the flared sleeve is still a firm fixture on ‘front row’ tribes.

arrying a number of monikers, including bell and lantern sleeves, this exaggerated silhouette will steal hearts this autumn and coming winter with new collections playing favourites with the aesthetic. The perfect companion to tailored trousers or high waist skirt, the flared sleeve is most beautiful on a minimalist style top with a pared back neckline. Contrasting fabrics or colours from the elbow down can introduce a dynamic look to the style, but equally, colour blocking with a top and bottom can be striking too. Wearing a cut off denim jacket with billowing cuffs is a favourite look for us, as is a dramatically flared shirt paired with cut-off, frayed jeans. The best part about this look is that it doesn’t discriminate – regardless of age; there is an interpretation of this trend that suits everyone.

Shop in the heart of the city Love Love Love


555 COLOMBO STREET, CHRISTCHURCH, PH 03 962 8800 28 April 13, 2017 Metropol




Practised for thousands of years, authentic Chinese medicine has been building its own successful history in Christchurch at TCM Chinese Medical Centre, since 1996.

ver 200 doctors in the city have opened their minds to the benefits, and are sending patients to us – especially if they are unable to help them further,” says owner Thomas Lin. With 28 years’ qualified experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, he works alongside Shone Guo and LiBing Zhang, both with Master’s degrees in the field. At $40 for the first consultation, reducing thereafter, Thomas believes affordable healthcare is vital. “We always look at the whole body, and prescribe treatments to regulate and balance its meridian energy.” TCM can assist with issues such as seasonal flu, colds and hay fever and improving the immune system, through to sports injuries. Varied modalities including acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and reflexology are offered, and colonics are a professional speciality. “Many doctors refer patients to our clinic when they are unable to find anything specific from scans or colonoscopies,” Thomas says. From the abundant herbal dispensary, treatments are made to precise individual requirements. Thomas says most of the medicinal plants come from China’s rural farms and mountains, with very high quality control. “Our medicine is often ground and made into convenient tea bags - so it’s light, pleasant and easy to assimilate and very effective in this form.” TCM Chinese Medical Centre, 285 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton has ample parking and conveniently opens Monday to Friday 8.30am-7pm and SaturdaySunday 9am-5.30pm. Appointments are advisable. Visit or phone 343 1668.

We look at the bigger picture to try and find the cause of your condition... Est. 1996

We are specialists in: Acupuncture and Moxibustion Chinese natural herbs Deep tissue acupressure & Manipulation, Cupping We are Celebrating our 20th Anniversary Now! 50% OFF Consultation fee for 5 years registered client Free consultation for 15 years registered client We provide home visit service. We are ACC treatment providers Open 7 days: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 7:00pm All normal consultation fee $40 Sat & Sun 9:00am - 5:30pm Ph. 03-3431668 or 0800 826285 285 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton


family portraits weddings conferences events homes & gardens

Jane Wyles Wyles Photography Photography Jane 027 245 8193 Metropol April 13, 2017 29

Want that perfect smile? professional teeth whitening is for you!



Lynn Woods, Larissa & Andrew Hamilton (Owners of Corcovado)


Paul Williams, Michelle Anderson, Mark O’Loughlin

On Tuesday 21 March, Corcovado provided a beautiful backdrop for Lynn Woods 2017 Fashion Show.

Gabrielle Herrick, Victoria Gibbons Gill Lee, Julia March



Style lovers were spoilt for choice with a stunning range of fashion featuring some of New Zealand’s most iconic high fashion brands. Guests were treated to boutique wine label Jules Taylor and delicious canapes.




Jane Sheriff, Lynn Woods, Loryn Kazianas


Adrienne Puskas, Sandra Pascoe

Bookings essential

limited offer

Phone. 339 7374

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography for copies email:

Check Facebook for more from this event.

Meet the Team ACC ACCRegistered Accredited

Opening Special


CHEEKY BROWNS Cheeky Browns Hairdressing

phone: 332 2205 236a Centaurus Road, Christchurch. 30 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Opening Special

50% OFF

Initial exam

(limited time)

Initial Dr Maryexam Patterson, (limited time)Taunk and team Dr Pryianka are now at a bright new clinic empowering your body to have no restrictions or pain.

Empowering your

390 Memorial Ave, Christchurch body to have no restrictions or pain Call us now P.Helping 03 357 9222 with: M. 021 560 870 Neck or- 7.30pm back pain 7.30am Mon - Fri Headaches Tingling in arms & legs Fatigue or stress

Simply spend $100 or more at any of the participating stores in a single transaction on one day, and bring your receipt to the Centre Management office and we will give you a $10 Barrington gift voucher. Promotion runs from the 10 – 23 April.

treet, Christchurch 8024 • arrington S Ph. 03 3 256 B 32 4221

Simply shop at any of the following retailers:



Win A $250 Voucher

Like us on Facebook! Metropol April 13, 2017 31

Fast and Effective treatment to combat varicose veins. Make 2017 your year! Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

Reasons for Varicose Vein Treatment... • Leg Pain • To halt progressive vein problems • Embarassment • To prevent future complications

Level 1, Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Rd, Christchurch

Phone 365 4502

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI


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University of Canterbury researchers at the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research, Professor Maggie-Lee Huckabee (left) and Esther Guiu Hernandez, demonstrate the innovative BiSSkiT skill training software.

A POWERFUL CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM University of Canterbury (UC) researchers at the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research are at the forefront of innovation, recently pioneering a new treatment for people with swallowing impairments.


to biological systems, and can include elements of electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, chemistry and biology. This approach is central to the Rose Centre’s clinical research programme. The Biofeedback in Strength and Skill Training (BiSSkiT) software-driven treatment protocol was developed through a collaboration between clinical researchers and medical bioengineers; including Professor Huckabee and Esther Guiu Hernandez at the Rose Centre, and Associate Professor Paul Gaynor and Adjunct Professor Richard Jones, in UC’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Rather than focusing on strengthening, the innovative skill training protocol in the BiSSkiT software takes a different approach. “With BiSSkiT, a small device that measures the electrical activity of muscles involved in swallowing, displays that information through the software as a waveform on a computer screen. When patients see what is happening, they can then improve precision in motor control of swallowing by using the waveform to hit a randomly placed ‘target’ on the computer screen.” Research at the Rose Centre suggests very positive outcomes following two weeks of skill training in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Further research is underway, which supports the research education of four UC PhD students. The end of 2016 marked a major step in development of the software, thanks in part to UC’s global connections. Considered a Class 1 medical device, the software has recently received CE mark approval, so is now approved for sale to the European market for clinical use. Further approvals have been granted for sales in New Zealand and in the coming year, approvals will be sought for Australasian and North American markets, potentially helping thousands of people with swallowing disorders. “This development offers people with swallowing disorders a completely new opportunity to improve their quality of life,” Professor Huckabee says. Metropol April 13, 2017 33

A more youthful appearance When it comes to dentures, Christchurch people have access to world leading techniques and oral aesthetics right on their doorstep.


t his Montreal Street studio Lovebite, internationally renowned dental technician Richard Greenlees creates beautiful bespoke dentures with small nuances in the fabrication, colour and shape and even slight imperfections to create a uniquely individual smile. Not only do Lovebite teeth look real, the whole structure and shape of the patient’s face is transformed with Richard’s top-of-the-line dentures – something he calls his signature ‘denture lift’. “With appropriate facial support, the facial tissues are brought back into the correct position, the lips are reformed, and beauty is restored,” he says. It is the interior architecture of a Lovebite denture that helps to create a more youthful appearance by recovering the face and skeletal shape that can be lost after years of wearing old dentures. As the smile is transformed,

so are the patient’s confidence and the way they feel about themselves. Richard’s vast experience includes 15 years running his own clinic in the prestigious Harley Street, London, where he treated people from all walks of life, from barrow boys to the rich and famous, politicians, actors and musicians. His techniques are recognised as world leading amongst his international peers, and he is regularly asked to lecture and run courses worldwide. In addition to dentures, Richard also carries out crown and bridge, veneer and implant work, in conjunction with like-minded dental surgeons who complement his creative and aesthetic work. There is nothing more satisfying for Richard than to see his patients leave the Lovebite studio with their selfconfidence and identity restored, as well as their smile.


CHRONOLOGISTE The nest hair ritual ever created by Kérastase

Shine. Softness. Bounce. Lustre

Phone 332 0838

Corner Colombo and Tennyson Sts, Beckenham

BE IN TO WIN an Omron HEM7130 Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor.

Get your Blood Pressure checked*, swipe your Living Rewards card and you’re in to WIN. Visit for full terms and conditions. Offer valid till 21/05/17. *Cost may apply to Blood Pressure check. See in-store for details.

Pharmacy Northlands

34 April 13, 2017 Metropol

WEDDING Inspirations


Metropol April 13, 2017 35

A Reception Venue (with attitude)

Looking for something different? Sixty6 On Peterborough has what you are looking for! • CATERING FOR 80-230 PEOPLE • MENUS START FROM $50PP • CENTRAL CITY SPACE • 40SQM DANCE FLOOR & STAGE • PHOTOBOOTH • INHOUSE BESPOKE THEMING PACKAGES



(03) 3712445



Corner of Peterborough & Durham Streets - All Ages VENUE

36 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Credit: Fat Cat Photography



he distilled essence of a perfect host, Sixty6 on Peterborough is a special wedding and function event space. As a multipurpose reception environment, the generous venue happily rises to different design challenges. “We can offer a blank canvas for parties looking for something a bit different,” Event Production & Creative Specialist Charlotte Van Der Wielen comments. Offering bookings for group sizes of 80 plus, Sixty6 on Peterborough can accommodate 250 people seated for dinner and 400 for a cocktail event. The cherry on top is certainly the cuisine on offer, which is led by a member of the most recent medal winning Culinary Olympic team, Richard Hingston. “We have a full range of wine, beer and spirits and can provide this full bar, along with things like soft drink or mocktail stations. It is important that we can bring our guests’ vision to life and we work hard to create what they want,” Charlotte confirms. Banqueting & Events Manager Sandra Hintz adds, “We can prepare extensive packages and quotes which covers providing service staff, tables and chairs and all of the sundries like tablecloths, napkins and cutlery. We can also arrange a DJ or band and we have a dance floor that fits with 200 seated guests.” A triple threat, Charlotte, Sandra and Venue Manager Emma Patterson - who expertly leads on set up and event execution, along with a talented front of house team - are absolutely committed to delivering a very happy and thoughtful experience for guests. Situated in an ideal central location on the corner of Peterborough and Durham Streets, Sixty6 on Peterborough operates separately from its parent company, Christchurch Casino, meaning that guests of any age can attend functions.

The perfect fit Just as betrothed couples have sought out their ideal match, Polished Diamonds is an expert at helping its clients to find the perfect fit for their engagement, wedding and future rings.


olished Diamonds’ custom-made rings provide a beautiful opportunity for synergy with future pieces. “We measure the depth, width and profile of the engagement ring to produce a perfect set,” owner Dan Joines says. “Because we draw a CAD model of the wedding ring, we can use this in a year or two for an anniversary ring to sit on the other side for 1 or 5 year anniversaries, baby arrivals and ‘any excuse’ rings.” Polished Diamonds can set diamonds or leave it plain for a classic look. A stylish selection of men’s wedding rings include titanium, zircon, gold and platinum. “We offer a discount if both wedding rings are purchased and they come with our famous lifetime guarantee!” A lifetime of happiness just became that little bit easier thanks to Polished Diamonds.


WE CAN Wedding Rings Custom Fit, the perfect match Lifetime Guarantee Factory Direct Price, save $$ Engagement Remodelling, Repair, Valuations

30 New Regent Street Freecall 0800-233-299

Metropol April 13, 2017 37

Whether you’re preparing for a big event, looking for a new style, or simply recreating your favourite look, the team of experts at corkin + friends will make sure you always walk away feeling fabulous.

Ph. 371 9297 + 830 Colombo St 38 April 13, 2017 Metropol




The bridal gown is said to be the focus of attention on a wedding day. Every bride wants to be unforgettable, and Brides of Merivale can help bring that about for every client.


ur signature style is modern contemporary – sleek, elegant and refined,” says Lisa Dermott, owner of Brides of Merivale. This unique bridal boutique exclusively stocks leading international brands such as Watters, Wendy Makin Couture, and Ready to Wear and French Collection, along with limited boutique collections by Caleche and Jessica Bridal. “Our range is distinctive and our sample gowns allow brides to try on a variety of styles until they find one they like. It may not be absolutely perfect, so that’s where we add our couturier magic by personalising a gown to the bride’s taste. This can be adding a strap or an embellished belt, changing a neckline, adding a sleeve, or even making the

gown in a different fabric or colour. “Our brides get a custom-designed look from a ready-made product. Our consultants take brides through the entire process, even fitting and adjusting a gown within our workroom located on site.” Brides of Merivale caters for all size ranges in store, and also has an extensive range of accessories to complement gowns. “The best advice I can give to brides is start looking for a gown at least 6-8 months before the wedding date and be open to the consultant’s expertise. This helps to ensure a bride’s gown experience is enjoyable and successful.” The boutique is located at 226 Barrington Street and is open by appointment only. Phone (03) 337 0226 and visit

As unique as you. Ph. 03 337 0226 By appointment only

Metropol April 13, 2017 39


EXEMPLARY SERVICE The George, Christchurch’s 5 Star luxury boutique hotel, has a reputation for style, elegance and exemplary service.


ocated opposite Hagley Park and the Avon River, The George’s central location, beautifully appointed facilities and tranquil surroundings make it a sought after wedding and honeymoon venue. The perfect backdrop for the ceremony, reception, photography and Wedding night. The George’s wedding facilities include Parkview, overlooking the Avon River, which can accommodate 90 guests for a seated dinner or sumptuous buffet, or 160 for a cocktail themed event. The Residence, newly refurbished, is an adjoining heritage Villa with beautiful lawns and gardens, ideal for the ceremony and gracious, intimate dining for up to 18 guests. Top chefs from The George provide various menu options and a world class wine selection which can be adapted to the needs of our clients. Couples are encouraged to contact Yolanda, the hotel’s Wedding Coordinator at the hotel to discuss the many options available to them. To look, to book or simply enquire, phone 03 371 0255, email and visit

WEDDINGS AT THE GEORGE The Luxury Boutique Hotel on the Park

made with love

Floral creations

Flowers or herbs have been used in weddings since the beginning of time as a way of showing love and good wishes to everyone. The team at Ilam Florist in Waimairi Road takes immense pleasure in adding its creative magic to this tradition.


wner Jane Earl says, “We can create special wedding flower packages for wedding parties covering the range of flowers they want for their ceremony and reception – everything from bouquets or posies, corsages and buttonholes, to pew and table decorations and even garden archways.” Ilam Florist offers free consultation on wedding flower needs and specifically tailors its floral works of art to each customer’s budget and requirements. “We like to learn about our customers and do our utmost to reflect their personalities in our floral designs. “We all have a great deal of experience and knowledge and keep up to date with changing tastes and styles. This all takes time so it’s very important for couples to think about their flowers early on.” Visit Ilam Florist’s Facebook page to see photos of recent weddings.


SECURE YOUR DATE MENTION THIS ADVERT & RECEIVE Two free natural sprays for the mothers of the bride & groom!

A day you’ll never forget 50 Park Terrace P 03 371 0255 E

40 April 13, 2017 Metropol


ULTRA-FEMININE FASHION Fashion and bridal designer Ingrid Brook, designs and tailor-makes exquisite couture fashion, from her charming seaside Redcliffs retail boutique.

Walking in you are greeted with a friendly ‘hello’. The racks are full of colourful fabrics, offering a selection of different style choices. Multi award-winning designer, Ingrid creates a range of bridal couture, eveningwear, motherof-the-bride garments and couture fashion. One-off pieces on display in her showroom can be made in the client’s perfect sizing and measurements, with variations to truly individualise. Ingrid works with only exclusive eye-catching fabrics, assuring brides and mothers-of-the-bride look beautiful.

With her diversity in bridal tailoring, she can design for a garden, church or tropical beach wedding. This ranges from her ultra-feminine, sexy and demure Rosa dress in silk bridal mesh with vintage Guipure lace and a tiered silk skirt, to elegant silk goldthread dresses, flirty fiftiesstyle numbers and boned bodice, full-skirt gowns in rosettes and sparkles. A floaty chiffon-cape or lacy cap-sleeved jacket can also complement a simpler style dress. Roz Wilmott-Dalton’s designer hats and head-pieces are on display - the original one offs can be made to match any outfit. From cloche felt hats to pearlised beaded headpieces, they are perfect for weddings or a glamourous evening. The locally designed FC jewellery was also chosen for its stunning range that transforms any outfit. Most importantly, Ingrid works closely with each of her clients to create their entire unique style. Visit Ingrid at 95 Main Road, Redcliffs. Phone 03 384 3987 or 021 330 600.,

EXQUISITE COUTURE FASHION Multi award winning designer Designer & Maker of Haute Couture wedding gowns Couture evening dresses Mother of the bride /groom Couture fashion, daywear NEW SEASONS STYLES, INSTORE

Exclusive stockist of Roz Willmott-Dalton Hats FC boutique jewellery


Wed-Fri 11am-5.30pm Saturday 11-3pm appointments welcome Metropol April 13, 2017 41



Ta k e a d v a n t a g e o f o u r personal shopping service with individual fittings, styling tips and expert advice.


U nti l en ds 30th Apr i l 2017. I nc lud es M ad e to M easure. Full p r ice d i te ms o n l y. N o t in conjunc t ion wit h any ot her offer.

42 April 13, 2017 Metropol

SAY I DO Getting it right for your wedding day is easy with Joe Black. We’ll have you looking sharp with our range of impeccably tailored suits, premium shirting, luxe silk ties and pocket squares.

Shop online at City Mall, Christchurch PHONE (03) 379 7400 OPEN 7 DAYS

Metropol April 13, 2017 43



MEN Dressing to suit personality, body type and occasion comes easily for some. For others, the decision making process is more challenging. In either case, Ballantynes’ Menswear rises to the occasion.


ynonymous with sophistication, effortless charm and excellent fit, the menswear selection caters for all occasions, with the perfect ranges on offer for wedding season. Convenience centric, Ballantynes’ Menswear is committed to making the shopping experience easy. From its stunning showcase of arrivals - easy to peruse thanks to lifesized mannequins and well-organised

44 April 13, 2017 Metropol

tables - through to the dedicated team, customers will appreciate the seamless service and friendly environment. On staff, a team of true experts, with years of experience between them, holds an impressive knowledge of each and every brand. Enthusiastic, inspired and educated, the staff members are happy to find garments that meet a specific brief, or willingly and passionately dress

gentlemen from top to toe. From fundamental capsule wardrobe pieces right through to special occasion outfits. The collections never fail to delight even the most style savvy buyer. For a taste of what lies in store at the Ballantynes’ Menswear section based on the ground floor – with a compelling selection also available in The Contemporary Lounge – visit


unique wedding

New Zealand wedding destinations do not come any more exciting than Heritage Hanmer Springs.


ere you can transform your day into something truly spectacular, with mountain views and landscaped gardens to provide an amazing backdrop for your ceremony. The romantic Heritage Hanmer Springs is a landmark venue, completely restored to complement an alpine village experience for guests. And although you are just 90 minutes from the heart of Christchurch, you’re a world away from the ordinary, in a stunning alpine retreat that will enthral you and your guests. Heritage Hanmer Springs can arrange all the details for your special day – from tailor made menus to beverage and staffing needs. Plus there’s a range of venue options available. There is a fabulous ballroom complete with open fireplace, or during the summer, enjoy a stylish and unforgettable lawn wedding in the picturesque gazebo. Walk amongst beautiful gardens. Make a weekend of your special day with your guests accommodated on site. The property offers a range of rooms along with more private villas located around the property’s lake. This gives guests the opportunity to enjoy all Hanmer Springs has to offer. If your wedding demands elegance, a spectacular location, and personalised service, choose Heritage Hanmer Springs for a wedding destination like no other.

Your perfect wedding destination

For more information or bookings phone (03) 315 0065 or email:



Create a

day to remember

For wedding day memories you will treasure forever, celebrate your special day somewhere special.


he 100-yearold Heritage Christchurch building in the centre of Christchurch City is the ideal base for your wedding day. Stay the night before the wedding with your bridesmaids in the three-bedroom suite. Relax with Heritage Christchurch and use the heated indoor pool and spa, have a pre-wedding drink in the local bar, and in the morning, breakfast in the restaurant. Then use the suite to prepare for your special day, using the spacious suite’s living area for makeup and hair and a small get together with family. Being one of the few heritage-listed buildings in the heart of Christchurch, the “Old Government Building” now Heritage Christchurch, is a destination venue for wedding photos. Its period architecture, large open spaces and stunning backdrops make your wedding day photo memorable. Join the many brides who have used the grandeur of the red carpet staircase and stain glass windows to showcase that special wedding dress and family photos before leaving to go to your ceremony. At the end of your day Heritage Christchurch will be happy to welcome the newly married couple for your wedding night in one of the one-bedroom suites. Heritage Christchurch will ensure you are ready and relaxed for your important day to help you create everlasting memories.

Your perfect wedding destination

For more information or bookings phone (03) 983 4897 or email:


Metropol April 13, 2017 45


Prepare for your

special day

in elegance & luxury 110 Papanui Road, Merivale | 365 3630 | 46 April 13, 2017 Metropol



ith seven luxurious double suites, each with its own private bathroom, a relaxation lounge and elegant bridal suite, Champs-Elysées Day Spa is Christchurch’s premier destination for wedding packages and luxury spa parties. Wedding Packages and Spa Parties may be tailored to suit your personality and budget, and come with the option of enjoying a glass of French bubbly and/or light refreshments. What could be better than precious time with close friends, relaxing and unwinding in a tranquil environment while bonding and sharing a pampering experience together? Located in one of Merivale’s most stunning historic buildings, Champs-Elysées Day Spa is unrivalled in its reputation for professionalism, highly qualified and experienced therapists, combined with a culture of exceptional customer care and attention to detail. Famous for decadent pampering, Champs-Elysées Day Spa can also assist in all areas of beauty therapy, including eyelash extensions, shellac nails, spray tanning and waxing, with a professional makeup artist on hand. To prepare for your wedding day in elegance, sophistication and style, call the wedding coordinator at Champs-Elysées Day Spa. Please phone (03) 365 3630 or visit

The bridal glow Loving the skin we are in becomes even more of a focus in the lead up to the Big Day. Here are some of the ‘must haves’ for your beauty box so you can achieve that ever-envied bridal glow. Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Pick Me Up Hand Cream: a hand cream formulated with soothing aloe vera to minimise irritation and sweet almond oil for beautifully smooth, hydrated hands. Its vitamin rich, fast absorbing formula makes it nourishing for hands and nails without leaving a greasy residue. Best of all, it’s made right here in New Zealand with love. Tan-Luxe: working in synergy with your existing body and skincare regime, it dials up your skin’s luminosity. Packed full of skin boosting ingredients including raspberry seed oil, aloe vera, Vitamins B, C and E, alongside unique, naturally derived tanning actives, the Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops will be your moisturiser’s new best friend! With no streaks, no clogged pores and no dryness just a couple of drops is enough.

Atzen In-Shape Cellulite Away: a powerful moisturising lotion that targets, reduces and prevents cellulite, fighting that dreaded orange-peel effect. Using a targeted blend of powerful natural plant extracts, vitamins and patented high-tech ingredients, it works to release trapped fats, waste and toxins, and stimulate healthy circulation. Free of petrochemicals and nano-particles, this concoction combines organic ingredients and vitamins including avocado oil, aloe leaf juice powder, jojoba seed oil, rosemary leaf oil and Vitamin E with safe, high-tech ingredients that work. Metropol April 13, 2017 47

A romantic stay for your dream day at Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square Choosing all of the details for your wedding day is never easy but with a selection of three Novotel Wedding Stay Packages, we can ensure your day is as relaxing and memorable as possible. Wedding Stay Packages can include: • Early check-in from 11am • Valet car parking • VIP welcome and concierge service • A bottle of Champagne on ice awaiting your arrival • Pre-wedding canapés • Rose petal guest room turndown service • Restaurant or room service breakfast for two • Late check-out 2pm For more information, please contact our team: Email. or telephone direct on 03 372 2119 Packages are subject to availability.

48 April 13, 2017 Metropol



he central city hotel’s General Manager, Jonathan Dean, and Reservations Manager Cassandra Orcsik have devised three deals for wedding party stays. No matter the ceremony’s venue, there’s something undeniably wonderful about wedding prep time, plus the wedding night, on the top floor of a hotel right beside the Square. Novotel has wedding suites with balconies which boast 270-degree panoramic views (unparalleled except maybe from a helicopter). “When putting together these celebratory accommodation offers, we focused on everything about

the all-important wedding details - before and after being taken care of,” Jonathan says. A bride can have a sumptuous room all staged and decorated for bridal party preparation time here, complete with pre-wedding sustenance and sparkling wine at the balcony table. Insta-enviable pre-wedding photos can have a stunning Southern Alps or Port Hills backdrop. Novotel staff members set their sights on making each wedding bespoke, with extras masterminded, including timing. There’s early arrival at the wedding suite, with vanities set up for make-up artistry. Anything can be arranged, from the aforementioned photography on balconies or the gorgeous hotel staircase, to audiovisuals, to limousine departures. The bride and groom are royalty. During the wedding, hotel staff swing into action, totally refreshing the room. The couple later arrive to an ambient rose-petal-strewn entrance-way, for their wedding night. The different packages include plenty of choice, with a side of relaxation. Check-out is midday.

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hen you can’t get a good burger in your neighbourhood what do you do? Set up your own burger business of course. At least that’s what the trio behind The Burger Joint did. Having tried to find the perfect location in their coastal community of New Brighton, the three decided to look for a mobile option and that’s when they found Poppy, the 1961 Starliner Caravan. The Burger Joint is a family business owned and operated by Matt and Sam Kubiak and Sam’s partner, Caroline Riley. They serve delicious gourmet burgers with a focus on the best fresh ingredients, including top quality meat from Peter Timbs and sustainable packaging. They are what they say, “real food, real local” and they offer a great service to their local community. Trading is in New Brighton Mall on Thursdays, from 6-8pm, at the South New Brighton Surf Club Friday, and Saturday nights from 6pm, and at the New Brighton Market on Saturday mornings. The Burger Joint is outrageously good – from the friendly banter to the last bite. One thing’s for sure, they will happily attend your special event, including weddings, 21sts, corporate events and more.

Available for private hire for your wedding, special event, corporate do or even just a photo shoot! ph: 022 419 0603 50 April 13, 2017 Metropol


Exquisite fashion from


With an exclusive range of designer dresses and accessories, the expert team at Park Avenue Fashions can dress you from top to toe.



rom dresses, jewellery and shoes, to hats, fascinators and bags, the carefully hand-picked collection offers excellent variety. Owner Sonia Caird, who took over the business from her mother six years ago, strives to ensure your outfit will be one-of-a-kind. “I stock only one or two of the same outfit and try and get them in different colours, so that you never show up to an occasion wearing the same thing as someone else,” she says. Catering for sizes 6 to 24, the majority of the beautiful range is sourced from Melbourne. “Many women love a sleeve, so for mother-of-the-bride or groom outfits, I try to source as many dresses as I can with sleeves, or that come with

a jacket. And if not I will find a bolero or wrap to match.” The store has a gorgeous range of labels sourced from Spain. The extensive array also includes ball gowns, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns, for ages 17 to 100. “I dressed a lady for her 100th birthday once, that was pretty special.” Some hats and fascinators can also be tailor-made to perfectly complement the outfit. “If a customer brings in material they want matched we can send it away to our milliner and get the hat made to match. We usually need about three weeks to get this done. “We provide a unique, personalised service and we really know our stock. I enjoy helping people find a complete look that they love, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction when they leave looking like a million dollars.” Located on 363 Lincoln Road and open six days a week, phone 03 374 5858.

Metropol April 13, 2017 51

WEDDINGInspirations Image by Andy Brown Photography



LUXURY STYLE The luxurious collection at Corso Merivale is a treasure trove of lifestyle homewares and exclusive gifts sourced from around the world.

a fine romance

One of Canterbury’s most romantic and charming wedding venues reopened this summer after some years closed following the Canterbury earthquakes in 2011.


ona Vale Homestead is set within five hectares of manicured gardens with the Avon River meandering through it, and with its beautifully restored heritage features and décor, the gracious venue is once again proving popular. “The beautiful gardens have lent inspiration for the décor, featuring creams and greens, sumptuous wallpapers and fabrics and comfortable but stylish furnishings,” says the Homestead’s Special Occasions Designer Sharon Pierce. During the summer months the river punt is back in the water giving the stunningly memorable photo opportunity of a grand entrance by the bride arriving by punt. With ample off-street parking and central city proximity, this appealing oasis in the city is set to once again be the brightest jewel in Christchurch’s wedding venue crown. Visit 40 Mona Vale Road, Fendalton and


he iconic destination store has been established for some 30 years and is home to a selection of notable brands and quality design pieces, providing enduring style for any home. Corso’s wedding gift registry service makes it easy to select a wish list, and the store offers a friendly, welcoming space to find that special gift – along with complimentary gift wrapping and exceptional customer service, says owner Jackie Kirwan-Green. “A gift from Corso Merivale is always well received.” The carefully curated products include traditional gifts for weddings such as glassware, silver frames, ceramics, linens and of course gift vouchers. Notable brands such as Missoni Home, Seletti, Baobab and the cult Australian fashion label Bassike sit alongside unique furniture, mirrors, cushions and throws. This stylish shop in the heart of Merivale never fails to exceed the expectations of the discerning.


Aikmans Road, Merivale. Phone 355 4228 52 April 13, 2017 Metropol


O An enchanting& elegant experience Enticing with its enchanting surroundings and exquisite flavours, The Happening Bar and Kitchen is central Christchurch’s most delectable new experience.

wner Radeeshan Munasinghe (BugZ) describes its unique elegance as a nod to The Great Gatbsy. From black-velvet Italian wallpaper, trimmings of gold and intimate booths to sultry lighting, it is relaxed, convivial sophistication, where live music serenades on Friday and Saturday evenings. At lunchtime, a luxurious high tea can be reserved. Three tiers of lavish savoury and sweet enticements, from salmon roulade to macaroons and profiteroles, all for $48, is an elegant occasion for two to four diners. Its beguiling treasure, however, is the tea - 53 blends to be exact. Hailing from Ceylon, the land of tea, BugZ presents a premium experience to convert any coffee drinker. With his highly respected Swiss hospitality entrepreneurship degree and experience, he creates an educational journey around the aromatic and therapeutic Basilur, Mlesna and Dilmah blends, superbly matched to the temperature, season, mood and time of day. Sumptuously surprising, the dinner menu is flexible and affordable. The gold-framed open kitchen portrays Chef Scott Buckler’s culinary creativity – with even Glenfiddich whisky in his signature sauce. Diners can also book an exciting $50 three-course meal for six or more people. It’s the most romantic place to propose in, hold engagement parties, before and after wedding gatherings, magical weddings, celebratory high-teas, lunches or dinners, and Asneeta’s beautiful designer cakes can be pre-ordered. Fabulous functions for up to 85 guests have become a very happening thing here. The Happening Bar and Kitchen opens 11.30am-2.30pm, and 5.30pm until late – Tuesday to Saturday, 165 Gloucester Street. Visit or Facebook.

THE HAPPENING BAR AND KITCHEN Classy restaurant with a European influenced menu, locally sourced wines and award winning craft beers and live music performances. Centrally located just a few doors away from Isaac Theatre Royal.

165 Gloucester Street, Christchurch Find out more at or call us at 03 261 9114 Metropol April 13, 2017 53


An iconic

Christchurch venue WEDDING CROWN Chateau on the Park, a DoubleTree by Hilton, is an iconic Christchurch venue, the perfect location for the wedding of your dreams.

Every engagement is unique – a life-defining moment between two people that becomes a story for the ages.


estled amongst five acres of beautiful gardens, it is the ideal venue to celebrate the most romantic day of your lives. Immortalised in your photos and memories, the lush greenery of the gardens will provide an exquisite backdrop on your big day. Wedded with picturesque gardens and venue is exemplary service and professional staff members who are committed to making your dream day a reality. From the first meeting to the first dance, the dedicated, experienced team will provide a highly personalised service, taking care of every detail from ceremony to reception. Chateau on the Park, a DoubleTree by Hilton, offers the ideal setting for intimate wedding groups in the charming Camelot Room, which opens out onto a private courtyard garden, poolside area and Village Green. The Medieval inspired Great Hall is ideal for larger celebrations.


ennett Crafted Jewels revels in the prospect of creating stunning engagement and wedding rings for men and women that play an extraordinary part in these romantic stories. From the outset, brides-and-grooms-to-be can meet with the innovative team to bring their dreams to life with either the exquisite designs already available, or in a bespoke creation. Kennett Crafted Jewels is particularly excited to introduce the recently launched Black Zirconium Wedding Band Collection for men. Visually striking and chic, the benefits are multitudinous – unlike tungsten rings, Black Zirconium doesn’t shatter and is much lighter, yet more durable, and can be customized to incorporate rose, white and yellow-gold detail for an added touch of sophistication. Kennett Crafted Jewels specialises in the creation of your perfect ring at a price you choose. To discuss your options in a private and luxe location, visit 462 Colombo Street.

Where history and experience meets finely crafted perfection

Tie the knot & kick up your heels Nestled amongst five acres of beautiful roses and vibrant greenery, Chateau on the Park, a DoubleTree by Hilton is the ideal backdrop for your big day. With packages starting from just $2,000, our dedicated wedding coordinator will take care of every detail from ceremony to reception to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.

189 Deans Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011 T 03 348 8999 E:

54 April 13, 2017 Metropol



Wedding wardrobe etiquette Not many of us want to admit it, but when the wedding invite arrives in the post, vanity kicks in and our mind immediately starts trying to solve the sartorial challenge that lies ahead – what to wear?


By Kate Pierson

ependent on a number of factors, a wedding occasion can be friend or foe to our inner fashionista, with the dress code, location, weather and theme (if applicable) having a bearing on what direction our aesthetic takes. There are a number of ‘cardinal sins’

one can commit when it comes to wedding attire, but only one is absolute – don’t upstage the bride. In the spirit of the occasion, we’ve dreamed up two distinct but equally dashing looks – say hello to elegantly easygoing versus edgy.

Elegantly easygoing


A dreamy hybrid between convenience and class, this ensemble is the perfect fit for a wedding that is dressy yet down-to-earth. Think backyard, barn or even beach – the feminine silhouette of this sophisticated frock pairs beautifully with statement shoes (note they are flat!) It’s perfectly acceptable to wear flats at a wedding where you’re not expected to prescribe to a cocktail attire brief.

Jumpsuits with a kitten heel have always been synonymous with sexy sophistication and for a sleek deviation away from the status quo – a dress/heel combo – the jumpsuit fits the bill. Accessorise with a statement watch, cuff or clutch for a touch of glamour.











Metropol April 13, 2017 55


Romancing the senses Fleur’s Designer Cakes always look too beautiful to eat but, as she’s a passionate baker, guests at events are eager to savour a slice.


ll-occasion cakes are made, but weddings are Fleur Vaughan’s speciality, as are her beautiful realistic roses, as well as virtually any theme or design - artistic flexibility is her forte. Fleur’s craft began four years ago, quickly blossoming into a home business that makes any recipe, from sticky date and caramel to red velvet, and even a five-layered magnificently decorated masterpiece with different flavours for each. Examples showcased on Fleur’s Designer Cakes website certainly impressed BNZ who commissioned her to make a stunning blue marbleeffect celebration cake for its BNZ Centre opening. “I usually meet with clients first, who give me a description or photo, then I get an idea of their personalities and what they really want.” She’ll draft an ‘artist’s impression’ before creation and can also produce a great cupcake bridal shower or high tea. Visit

56 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Stylish catering on wheels


e it the dawn of a new day or a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, it’s impossible to overstate the beauty of having a great caffeine pick-meup on hand along with delicious catering. It is for this reason The Bay Mobile Café has captured so many hearts. A fun, fuss-free and convenience centric concept, the adventurous café loves to provide delicious refreshments. Its variety of hot and cold drinks along with its light catering options are a culinary joy for prewedding activities, bridal or baby showers and everyday events. Phone Brenda for further consultation.

Capturing memorable moments


he philosophy that a picture says a thousand words is readily embraced by the dynamic wedding duo behind J&L Weddings, Jemima Benge and Lee Malzard. Talented story-tellers and experts with natural light, the pair lives and breathes their photographic passion, finding great joy in capturing the special moments in our lives. Bringing a unique and powerful blend of talents together – traditional and lifestyle photography techniques – Lee and Jemima possess a rare gift, capturing the true essence and soul of relationships. Contact J&L Weddings today about your special day.

memorable style


Celebrate in

At The Vineyard @Rossendale they live and breathe weddings. What’s more, they simply love being part of a couple’s special day and making each marriage celebration unique and individual.


he environment of The Vineyard @Rossendale contributes its magic to a dream occasion. Set amongst exquisite mature gardens on the Old Tapu Road, and with the backdrop of a working vineyard, there can be few more picturesque locations for a wedding. The Vineyard @Rossendale is available for weddings throughout the year; each season visually memorable in its own way. Not only is the setting splendid, but so is the food produced onsite by the venue’s team of chefs. Whether it is a cocktail reception, a buffet meal or a seated function, the team will listen to your special ideas and then use their knowledge and experience to “make it happen”. Couples are invited to speak with Events Manager Graham Jones to discuss their wedding ideas. Phone (03) 322 7780 or Metropoladvert 135 x 90 v1 01042015.pdf 1 1/04/2015 9:30:35 a.m. email


Private Functions


The unity of two people in marriage is one of the oldest and most beautiful commitments of our time. Brides, grooms, their friends and their family have a number of time-honoured traditions as part of this – an important one is the exchange of heirloom pieces.


ight at the heart of these beautiful keepsakes is Talbot Silver, a stunning supplier of classic and contemporary jewellery. Based in Geraldine and also operating online, the extensive range offered by the family run boutique business is designed for those passionate about timeless design and craftsmanship. From crystal pendants on fine chains paired with crystal bracelets and earrings set in stirling silver, right through to fine, chunky or braided pearls with options including chocolate colours and silver, crystal and rose gold accents, the options are boundless. These artisan pieces, along with a range of other accessories like clutches, make the perfect gift for the bride, her bridesmaid, mother of the bride or mother-in-law. For the men, handsome cufflinks are on offer, as well as chic dog whistles which can be given as gifts and even engraved with a special message. Paua, green stone and bone carvings offer a unique touch. Explore the stunning range and discuss the bespoke options with the team at Talbot Silver.

Corporate Events

Uniquely Inspired Designer Jewellery View our 360° Tour

100 Old Tai Tapu Road, Halswell, Christchurch Phone 03 322 7780

P. 03 693-8008 M. 021 862 151 Metropol April 13, 2017 57


Where the magic begins


Romantic Bramble Grove’s affordable weddings are stress-free and very memorable - thanks to warm hospitality from wedding coordinator extraordinaire Steph Guy, her husband Scott, and parents Anne and Vern, who have run their dream family business for three years.

nchanting, rambling gardens set a beautiful scene for the service, bridal walk, exploring and mingling. The glorious Garden Pavilion filters the sunlight and twinkles with fairylights by night. “It’s your day, done your way,” is Steph’s motto - she generously gives that little extra. “I really look after guests and make them feel a million dollars.” A flat fee of $2,800 engages her professional assistance for the wedding, the venue, all staff, and many invaluable trimmings – and it’s fully BYO for food and drink. There’s room for 120 to party with a large, separate dance floor, but it’s also an equally intimate setting for 30. Bramble Grove borders the Kaiapoi Cam River and golf course at 19 Old North Road Kaiapoi. Visit


MATRIMONIAL BACKDROP From October 2017, Larcomb Vineyard will be given a new lease of life!


ith quality wedding venues in short supply in Christchurch, a newlook elegant historical vineyard setting may be perfect for your big day. Tom Lawson and the team from G&T Catering and Events are currently preparing Larcomb for the next wedding season, and the future. Fifteen minutes from Christchurch sits a large, 250 seat barn with high ceilings, exposed wooden beams and room for a dance floor, or a smaller, more intimate barn setting with an open fireplace and room for about 80 guests. Carefully manicured gardens are ideal for the ceremony and photos. Larcomb can also assist with every aspect of wedding planning. The venue hire includes tables and chairs, linen, cutlery, glassware and crockery. Tom can also help with any other feature such as a DJ, cake, florist, photographer and more. The talented catering team offers tailored menus to suit. Contact Tom on 022 425 8628.

Larcomb Vineyard Beautiful wedding venue with capacity from 50-200 people just 15 minutes from Christchurch.

Under NEW management from October 2017, with a completely new fresh lease of life. Larcomb Vineyard offers couples an amazing Wedding day that they will cherish & remember forever. Bramble Grove offers the total stress free package for a beautiful wedding • • • • •

Mention this ad when booking and Receive $500 OFF your Venue Hire. Only valid until 30 May 2017.

On-site Wedding Coordinator Fully BYO for food and drinks Friendly, experienced owner operators An acre and a half of beautiful gardens Romantic Reception Pavilion

Why would you go anywhere else… Phone 0800 TO GET WED 0800 86 438 939 58 April 13, 2017 Metropol Ph. 022 425 8628

couples for life UNIFYING

“I’m an old romantic at heart and I love weddings,” says Angela Tarrant. “That’s why I knew becoming a Marriage Celebrant would give me real pleasure and satisfaction.”


eing a mother and having had a career in nursing, Angela has real empathy with the couples she meets. Her life experiences have given her the ability to listen to what her clients want, and to offer understanding and support. “I have a passion for creative writing, and am able to provide personalised wedding ceremonies for my couples, ensuring their needs and requirements are met for their special day.” Angela says creating and delivering ceremonies and being involved with people pledging their commitment to each other always leaves her on a real high on completion of her work. Angela trained with The Celebrant School (NZ) last year. This training enhanced her ability as a celebrant, and opened up her work to a wide range of different ceremonies. For your life celebration, contact Angela Tarrant –


Romance in a rural paradise By Kate Pierson

As you enter the sprawling green grounds of San Dona Lodge in Ohoka and approach the stunning bed and breakfast set amongst an olive grove, a feeling of tranquility is immediately impressed upon you.


ike the treasured guests before me, I am welcomed at the front door by the down to earth and smiling owner, Clare. She is the distilled essence of the perfect host – highly experienced in hospitality and hosting yet humble; attentive yet respectful of guests’ privacy; efficient yet relaxed. At her cosy but spacious estate, Clare has enjoyed looking after many a guest – from international and local tourists right through to full bridal parties. The latter always enjoys the venue’s close proximity to in-demand ceremonial locations like Millwood Gardens and Rosemount Estate; the convenience of having major townships, including Rangiora and Kaiapoi nearby; the stunning grounds – a magical backdrop for whimsical photos; and multi-faceted accommodation that includes living and sleeping areas, as well as a purpose-built, self-contained modern cottage for pre-wedding preparations. San Dona Lodge is the obvious choice for special events – from weekends to Valentines Day, anniversaries and dreamy weddings. Call the lovely host Clare today to discuss your needs.

San Dona Lodge

A superb location to celebrate any occasion

Officiating at your unique event, in the way you want. Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant, Lady of Ceremonies for Anniversaries, Special Birthdays, Blessings and Jubilations.

Providing spacious & relaxing accommodation. Set amongst an olive grove in a secluded and welcoming private section. Three executive king rooms Free WI-FI Continental breakfast included Additional private cottage

Phone 021 177 6291

100 Siena Place, Ohoka, North Christchurch Ph 03 313 3639 Metropol April 13, 2017 59



DIY WEDDINGS By Kate Pierson

DIY weddings shed any ‘low-budget’ stigma a long time ago, and have been readily embraced by today’s modern day Romeos & Juliets.

colourful contrast to a polished, overly-manufactured approach, DIY weddings advocate for an eclectic aesthetic. From flower centrepieces grown and assembled by the hands of the bride and groom-to-be - or their nearest and dearest - through to hand-made party favors, the key elements are all made with love. Generously offered by the likes of Pinterest and Instagram, these elements provide the perfect approach to achieving a bohemian or shabby chic wedding style. DIY ideas can be curated and brought to life in a way that sincerely reflects your personality, harnessing your creativity in an unforgettable fashion. We’ve put together a list of DIY style accents for your special occasion, if you’d like to achieve the desired look but are time bankrupt - your wedding guests will be none the wiser! However, if time is on your side, and you’d like to experiment, perhaps try baking up a storm to create your own sweet-treats table, or create personalised candles as a beautiful parting gift for guests.



HUNTER CANDLES 60 April 13, 2017 Metropol




TREAT FOR WEDDINGS It’s a New Zealand institution, and has been since 1964, and now, Mr Whippy is playing a delicious role at our most special occasions.


rom family BBQs, birthday parties and corporate promotions right through to weddings, the sweet treat is delighting event guests with its iconic charm. The quintessentially Kiwi red and cream vans add an eclectic and entertaining dimension to occasions that call for a point of difference. Relaxing and refreshing, the Mr Whippy offering is extensive giving guests the opportunity to create their own bespoke creation. As weddings have increasingly diversified, with more couples embracing a less formal approach to their special occasion, mobile treats like Mr Whippy have continued to soar in popularity, offering a novel and liberating approach to desserts and entertainment in between the ceremony and the reception. For more information or to make a booking visit


At Salon Parlour, brides to be are truly beautified from top to toe.


he whole bridal party can be beautified in this stunning new salon, before and on the big day. From hens pamper parties to the wedding morning, it’s the perfect parlour to enjoy getting ready in - with nibbles and champagne and everything from professional wedding makeup, spray tans and nails to the most beautiful hair. Between them, the staff have 55 years’ experience and recommend a consultation, six months ahead ideally, to work out an individual regime for a bride’s best accessory - glowing, luminous, skin and gorgeous hair. The salon’s Image Cosmeceuticals range provides results driven clinical couture like the hyaluronic facial enhancers – a real hydration boost, or Vital C’s burst of anti-oxidants. When you’re immaculately presented, you’ll feel and look more confident, especially for photographs, and can enjoy every memorable moment. Visit Salon Parlour, Cranford/Westminster Street corner, or Facebook. Phone 355 1108.

Bridal Packages FROM

Add the nonpareils to your wedding day for your guests to enjoy with a Mr Whippy creation. A novel way to entertain your guests at your wedding. Also available for Events, Birthday Parties, School Galas, Corporate Functions.

Tel: Shayne Campbell - (03) 312 6154 or 021 381 165 Email: Mr Whippy Christchurch • Franchise of the year 2016-2017


Call today for Free Consultation

Phone. 03 355 1108 Cnr Cranford Street and Westminster Street, St Albans Email. Metropol April 13, 2017 61



WHERE FUNCTION MEETS STYLE A couple’s wedding day is arguably the holy grail of any possible event. The true definition of a celebration, each and every detail comes together to create memories that will last a lifetime.


ehind the glitz and glamour of the day itself, are key essentials fundamental to its success. Few would know this better than Dakins Group, a true specialist in the sanitation industry. In a stroke of irony, Dakins has taken the concept of sanitation and made it into something extremely stylish – an impressive feat! Offering everything from single unit portaloos to luxury facilities, guests can enjoy posh practicalities. The business is justly proud to be the owner of the South Island’s largest selection of 20-foot and 40-foot portable toilet and bathroom blocks, cementing its place as the region’s foremost supplier to large scale events. The pride and joy of the fleet is a stateof-the-art New Zealand-built deluxe men’s and women’s bathroom block called the ‘Sheraton’ with contemporary vanity areas, full-length mirrors, hand lotion and even hair

straighteners for that special touch. “Throughout any event all our facilities are monitored by service technicians charged with keeping everything in pristine condition. We know that every event is judged on the quality of its portable toilet facilities,” owners Diane Dakin and Jay Ritchie say. Able to take an event’s sanitation needs from conception through to creation, the highly ambitious and skilled Dakins team members offer impressive expertise. They can take care of the small details from the necessary planning and implementation right through to staffing. Services are now available in Wanaka and Queenstown. To discuss facilities for your event, contact the Dakin Group on 384 9100 or 0800 325 467, or email

IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS... with the best Restroom Trailer in Australasia Weddings – talk to us about your plans Corporate, VIP Hospitality, Private Functions Concerts and Sporting Events

P. 0800 325 467 62 April 13, 2017 Metropol



Where romance comes alive If you want to visualise wedding day perfection, the Quality Hotel Elms holds the key to your heart.

The perfect tan for

your perfect day


he ‘one stop shop’ in wedding venues boasts beautifully manicured gardens, which, in tandem with a brand new, purpose-built reception area with seating for up to 120 guests, takes wedding dreams and makes them a reality. Guests can enjoy a decadent range of wine and cuisine with superb service. Catering to all budgets and requirements, the dedicated team is committed to offering easy and straightforward packages that meet unique budgets and requirements. At the end of a stunning day, the added convenience of 96 superior quality accommodation rooms, gives guests special treatment at the end of an already memorable day. For further information about how the Quality Hotel Elms can work with you on your special day, visit

he ideal accessory for your wedding gown is the flawless skin inside it. With over 922 spray tans a week, Sun Kissed Tan are experts when it comes to providing great tans using their very own range of tanning products, B. Gorgeous. To make sure your tan is perfect for your big day, every SKT client receives an in-depth consultation with satisfaction guaranteed, ensuring the correct tan is used for your exact skin type. They also offer wedding trials, available at 50 percent discount, and when you book their specialist bridal tan, receive free sticky feet, a G-string and hair cap. As an added bonus, mention this editorial when you book your wedding party and mother of the bride is FREE. Visit for more information and to book your tan at two handy locations - 213a Waimairi Road in Ilam, or corner of Westminster and Cranford Streets in St Albans.

WEDDINGS Our simple packages give you more choice for your wedding day.

QUALITY HOTEL ELMS P. 0800 10 99 10 E.

Metropol April 13, 2017 63


A CULINARY SHOW-STOPPER When it comes to wedding etiquette, there’s a general rule of thumb that you don’t upstage the special couple.


uite simply, the Charcoal Relief Unit (C:R:U) can’t help it. With its irresistible charm and outstanding cuisine, this legendary Jonny Schwass culinary concept is a natural show-stopper. With couples in their droves selecting this innovative, bespoke BBQ experience, it’s clear they actually love having their cuisine take front and centre stage. And it’s not hard to see why. “We craft a unique menu for every occasion – we don’t have set menus because we’re very much focused on offering a unique experience,” Jonny says. With an impressive focus on all natural cooking using wood and charcoal, the C:R:U positions itself as something that will ‘wow’ guests. “In the same way we run our restaurants, everything we do with C:R:U is organic - all the food comes from the same farmers and growers.” Tantamount to ‘food theatre’, weddings looking for an extraordinary point of difference and a highly organised, dedicated team have met their match. “We can go anywhere – from the reception to the after functions – we are a one stop shop for people, from set up right through to clean up.” For more information visit

Create your

dream day

Nestled in the Heathcote Valley, Ferrymead Events Centre is surrounded by the stunning Port Hills and located in the scenic Ferrymead Heritage Park just 15 minutes away from the city.


pecialising in weddings with a budget of $10,000.00 or under, the events centre offers two unique wedding packages to choose from the Gold Package including all the finer details, or the “DIY” (do it yourself) style approach aimed at the hands-on couple who can tailor the day to suit their style. Exclusive hire of the venue includes a spacious outdoor marquee, gazebo for the ceremony and two garden courtyards with a capacity for up to 120 guests seated. A slightly less formal arrangement with grazing stations throughout the venue can host up to 180. Overnight parking is included. Catering, beverage selection, decorations and entertainment are customised to suit your budget and style. Whatever your vision for the day might be, the Ferrymead Events Centre event planner will work with you to create a memorable experience for all to share.

WEDDINGS - FESTIVALS - SPECIAL OCCASIONS The C:R:U is ready and able to offer a memorable, unique and most importantly delicious focal point to your next event. Each and every menu is customised to your specific event.

Making magic happen and specializing in weddings of $10k and under.

Ph 022 4366 571 South Island Based

50 Ferrymead Park Drive Phone: 03 376 5350 64 April 13, 2017 Metropol

sweetest secret THE

Weddings should be like Sweet Revenge’s motto...‘a little bit of naughty but a whole lot of yum!’ This is a boutique bakery that’s passionate about food looking great and tasting exceptional.


he business is three years old and one of the best kept secrets in Christchurch. Owner Paula Profitt bends over backwards to satisfy her clients, she offers the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for wedding preparations; delicious hot and cold canapés, wedding favours, sweet treats, and special occasion cakes all with a multitude of delicious choices. “Everything is handmade on site and we use only the best fresh ingredients we can find, sourced from New Zealand where possible. Because we are small and very flexible, we are not limited to the menu and happy to make anything that our clients desire,” Paula adds. So, if you are looking for an amazing creation look no further!


The journey of a lifetime There is no feeling quite like pulling up to the venue where you will exchange ‘I do’s’ with the one you love, your partner in life.


t is also the first opportunity to set a beautiful tone for the celebrations ahead. Executive Limousines is synonymous with luxury travel, helping bridal parties to make an unforgettable entrance. A stunning selection of late model American Lincoln Towncar Limousines will sweep even the most discerning bride and groom off their feet, creating a feeling of glamour and opulence for the dream wedding. Relaxing ambient music, subdued fibre optic lighting and a delicious glass of bubbles await for bridal parties that want to prolong the decadence of the day. Guests are treated like royalty – even the red carpet is rolled out at each destination. Traditional wedding packages are available, and the lovely team is also willing to accommodate bespoke requests. Visit for more information.

Metropol April 13, 2017 65

whale time A



By Céline Gib

The Great Hall of the Arts Centre is about to host the greatest expeditionary show, ever! The hunt is on for the most fearsome of whales - Moby Dick.


o-director of Moby Dick, Holly Chappell, describes the atmosphere of their show as cheeky. “One moment the actors are whales of the deep - spouting at the surface the next they are the ocean itself as they row around in makeshift boats.” Holly and her partner Tom Eason are the vibrant couple behind Two Productions. This show marks their first since returning home to Christchurch and taking up residency at the Arts Centre in early 2017. With the aid of props, the Great Hall will transform from a town to a church, then to a mighty whaling ship. This original production features puppetry, live music and four clowns. Holly explains why the clowns journey to track down the whale might resonate with many Christchurch people. “It’s about four clowns trying to wrestle with how to tell such an epic story – mirroring how many in Christchurch are wrestling with the massive task of rebuilding…We want to take that wrestle and deal with it in a way that is fun, raucous and epic.” Holly says Moby Dick is for all ages, and is the perfect story to launch their relationship with the Christchurch public. The cast features Tom Eason, Rutene Spooner, Bianca Seinafo, Ana Scotney and Laura Hasson. Buy tickets at


66 April 13, 2017 Metropol



A SCENIC EXPEDITION Dunedin Railways is the operator of the famous Taieri Gorge Railway and carries over 80,000 passengers a year. It is now 30 years since its first tourist train, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dunedin.


he Otago Excursion Train Trust had been running public excursions on the Otago Central Railway since 1978, but began to recognise the potential of the area to tourists. In 1987, the company became known as Taieri Gorge Railway, and the first four hour trip ran, becoming a regular feature in Dunedin. Since then, the Taieri Gorge Railway has carried hundreds of thousands of passengers through the spectacular Taieri Gorge. By 2014, the company had acquired one of the remaining Silver Fern Railcars, and the company changed its name to Dunedin Railways to better reflect the trips now on offer which, not only ran through the Taieri Gorge, but also along the particularly scenic stretch of coast north of Dunedin, known as the Seasider.

In 2015, Dunedin Railway ran its first ever rail tour out of Dunedin – a five night, six day tour from Dunedin to Greymouth, and because of its success, a second trip in 2016. Both tours were sold out.

THE SECOND TOUR IS DEPARTING CHRISTCHURCH ON 23 OCTOBER BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN. Not wanting to limit such a treat to Dunedin residents, Dunedin Railways looked further afield and organised a tour out of Christchurch – six nights and seven days, taking in the Southern delights with stopovers in Dunedin, a trip through the Taieri Gorge and a trip out on the celebrated Otago Peninsula, followed by travel to Invercargill, with a trip to Stewart Island. The first tour is departing on 4 May and has already sold out, and the second tour is departing Christchurch on 23 October - bookings are now open.


Dunedin Railways presents a seven day guided rail excursion departing Christchurch taking in Dunedin, Otago Peninsula, Taieri Gorge Railway, Invercargill, Rakiura-Stewart Island and Oamaru. For the itinerary, bookings and more information: Phone 03-477-4449 or Email Metropol April 13, 2017 67

RAISING SELF-ASSURED SWIMMERS “I t’s important to us to be able to provide a facility that can help improve the health and wellbeing of residents – not only of Christchurch, but from as far afield as Hororata and Darfield.” Canterbury Swim School is based at the Waitaha Aquatic Centre and provides top-quality and affordable swimming lessons with highly trained and skilled coaches. “Our tutors are specialists who can work with students of all ages and abilities – from as young as six months to older people learning to swim for the first time, or who want to become more proficient.” “The school has been recognised as a Gold Status Quality Swim School by Swimming New Zealand. That’s the highest standard possible and we’re very proud of our reputation.” Canterbury Swim School is currently taking enrolments for Term 2 lessons. Jenny emphasises how important it is for children to learn to swim. As an island nation, we are surrounded by water and many of our recreational activities are water-based. “Being able to swim ensures that adults and children can safely be part of fun in the water. Learning to swim is a “life-saving” skill, but once you have that skill you can take part in and enjoy so many other water-based sports, such as surfing, wakeboarding, and snorkelling.” Canterbury Swim School is located at 25 Charente Way, Yaldhurst – just off Buchanans Road. Phone (03) 260 2220. Visit the website for details of swimming lessons and other activities.

Canterbury Swim School has just turned five and is now a well-established facility in the western Christchurch area. “We’re committed to the local community,” says director Jenny Jones.


Baldwin Street, Dunedin





Christchurch’s most creative & fun night out!



Celebrate your BRIDE! make memories & celebrate with friends and family • no painting experience needed • licensed bar in studio • join a public session or have a private event just for your group • heaps of FUN!

8 Walker Street Central Christchurch Mon-Sun 9am-6pm

68 April 13, 2017 Metropol

136 Ilam Road, Christchurch paintnsipnz



Derek Doddington was born in Barnet, London, “At the end of the Northern Line,” he quips before reeling off his impressive acting CV which included two appearances at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

lthough Derek still treads the boards when tempted enough, it’s obvious that directing has his heart. “I love it. It’s all about creating, isn’t it?” Derek is the Founder and Director of Top Dog Theatre, one of many amateur theatrical companies in Christchurch. When asked why our theatres are doing so well, Derek is quick to supply the answer. “Because there’s a mutual support amongst us. You can’t underestimate the importance of building relationships with other theatres. Whether it be borrowing costumes or lending sound equipment, we’re there for each other.” Derek’s belief in cooperation between theatres is so strong that his current project is muscling up financial and marketing backing for 2 Graves, a play written by Paul Sellar, and soon to be staged at LAF (Lyttelton Arts Factory). This one-

man play tells the story of a man seeking revenge against those who destroyed his father’s chance of taking out the 1978 World Professional Darts Championship. Tom Trevella, a much in demand Court Theatre and LAF actor, plays our vengeful hero Jack. Tom recently wowed Christchurch audiences, and more than proved his prowess in theatre, when he played both the loathsome Mr Bumble and the tender-hearted Mr Brownlow in LAF’s brutally brilliant Oliver Twist. 2 Graves, 18– 29 April, LAF Lyttelton. For tickets visit






“Powerful... beautiful... holds us spellbound” THE SUNDAY EXPRESS ****

18th - 29th April


Tickets: Metropol April 13, 2017 69



WONDERFUL CAUSE By Nicholas Henare

R The Ronald McDonald House South Island was the recipient of the funds raised at last year’s Annual Canterbury Law Society Dinner where Tony Mounce Mortgages was the major sponsor for the dinner and raised $10,000.

onald McDonald House South Island provides free accommodation and support for families who must travel to Christchurch or Invercargill for their child’s medical treatment. The organisation removes the stress of everyday life so families can focus on what matters most – their child. Tony Mounce invited me to the Whisky Appreciation Evening with All Blacks Andy Ellis and Wyatt Crockett and we went through a good range of whisky starting with a 24 year old, 46 percent AnCnoc from Knock, Speyside and a 15 year old, 46 percent Springbank from Cambelltown – home to one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. It had a lovely smokey blend.

Alastair Stuart Campbell from Whisky Galore was great at explaining each whisky, and giving good references to why things are the way they are with taste and style. Not many of us can forget why a whisky has “Good legs”. We then moved on to a very peaty number, the 46 percent Kilchoman Machir Bay from Rockside Farm, Islay - about six times the PPM (parts per million) to most other whiskies. We then tasted the 21 year old, 48 percent GlenDronach Parliament from Highland and a Cragganmore bottled by Adelphi. Ronald McDonald House South Island Event and Partnership Manager, Robyn Medlicott, says it is fantastic to have such generous local support. “Our organisation relies on community support to ensure we can keep our doors open 24/7 for families. Supporters like Whiskey Galore, Tony Mounce, and of course Andy Ellis and Wyatt Crockett ensure we can support so many families, and have a little fun along the way.” Kudos to everyone who attended; great whisky shared with great people for a great cause! If you haven’t experienced an appreciation night, it’s well worth finding out about the next one coming up at Whisky Galore.

The Secret Garden

Welcome to Christchurch’s best kept secret... our sheltered, garden oasis at Dux Dine Share a Platter-for-Two, with a bottle or two of a crisp Pinot Gris or light Rose and make an afternoon of it. We will even provide the sunscreen and sun hats (plenty of parking, and free WiFi for your data addiction).

28 Riccarton Road, Christchurch, 03 348 1436 70 April 13, 2017 Metropol



When you see a deal that’s “too good to be true,” the temptation is to pass it by. However, occasionally you come across a good deal that really is true!

t Cranford Ale House, steak meals are $16.50. On Tuesdays it’s $16.50 for two steak meals! “That’s absolutely true,” says owner Andrew Norton. Andrew, who has a long, successful career in the hospitality industry, took over the former Robbie’s about a year ago. He has made a lot of changes, including updating the tired décor and sprucing up the rose garden, creating a lovely outdoor dining area. There is a new management team, a new Chef, and a new menu. It’s a great local. “Monday nights are quiz nights, and on Wednesdays kids eat for free with adults,” Andrew says. There are several big screen TVs that carry all the best sporting events, including Super Rugby and, of course, the mighty All Blacks. There is also a line-up of gaming machines. An exciting addition to the new look ale house is a function facility. With flexible menu options to suit your occasion, the function room is cosy and ideal for wedding receptions, board and club meetings, reunions or any other gathering you may have in mind. At the Northlands end of Cranford Street, Cranford Ale House has plenty of off-street parking, a charming, relaxing atmosphere, and great food.

A favourite with locals for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere and fresh seasonal dishes. Just 5 minutes from Christchurch Airport. Open 7 days for Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch. Mon - Fri: 7.30am - 4pm Sat & Sun: 9am - 4pm 155 Roydvale Avenue ph: +64 3 357 9499

Metropol April 13, 2017 71


In k tchen

It’s Easter morning and you’ve got a freshly toasted Hot Cross Bun with butter to go with your cuppa. Our flavoursome buns are packed full of fruit and baked fresh to order, so call today!

Sweet Revenge

Summer Love™ from Melton Estate How occasions become celebrations... Summer Love™ Sparkling Riesling Available at Melton Estate and selected outlets. Buy online at Ph. 347 4968 Weedons Ross Road, West Melton.

High tea @ home Treat someone special birthdays, anniversarys, special days. We’ll do the food…you do the rest place your order now

Halswell Bakery & Café 346 Halswell Rd Open 7 days Ph. 322-4600

Ph:03 3528815

Sandy Mac’s Dressings Whatever the season, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, my Dressings will transform everyday food into something special. Salad, vegetables, mint/lamb, garlic/steak , ginger lime coriander/seafood, basil/pasta, just to name a few ideas . 7 Dressings available Ohoka and Amberley farmers market M. 021 043 1706

Marzipan - the perfect treat for long evenings either for yourself or as a gift. We stock some of the finest Marzipan all year round.

Café Berlin

9c Normans Road, Strowan. Ph. 03 355 0932 Open Tuesday to Saturday. Like us on Facebook

Where eating healthy is a pleasure Where eating healthy is a pleasure Our Sushi is fresh every day and Our Sushi is fresh every day and is only the finest in Japanese fare! is only the finest in Japanese fare!

Sushi Lane Sushi Lane

290a Main North Rd, Redwood 290a Main North Rd, Redwood Ph. 354 4699 Ph. 354 4699

It’s All Greek To Me

NEW! My Main Course makes nutritious, homemade meals quick and easy. Premium meat in a sauce ready to go, just add the pasta, rice or salad. Available in all supermarkets

72 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Authentic Greek food prepared It’s All Greek To Me with love, passion and flairprepared you can taste. Authentic Greek food with love, or takeaway passionDine andinflair you can taste. 7 Shakespeare Road, Waltham Dine in or takeaway (Opposite Hollands Suzuki.) 7 Shakespeare Road, Waltham Ph. (03) 968 4852 (Opposite Hollands Suzuki.) Mon-Wed 10.30am-7pm Thurs-Fri Ph. (03) 968 4852 10.30am-8pm (closed 3pm-4pm daily) Mon-Wed 10.30am-7pm Thurs-Fri 10.30am-8pm (closed 3pm-4pm daily)

“Think Global – Drink Local” Three Boys Brewery Premium Craft Beer Supplying Christchurch’s best bars and restaurants with the finest beer since a long time! Look for us locally in bottles and on tap, or direct from the brewery door at 592 Ferry Road. Ph. 03 940-5621


In k tchen Fillosophy is New Zealand’s largest dedicated craft beer fillery. With 36 ever changing taps there, is something for all tastes. Come and check us out or download our free app to see what we have in store. You can contact us for info about doing a tasting at your next event or function. Find us at 398 Ferry Road.

Award Winning Ham Makers of NZ

slow-smoked ‘Gourmet Hams’ Order NOW for All your special occasions

Ph.03 3895791

Cashmere Cuisine

Ph.(03) 03 3326071 - 18 Colombo Street

Piccolo Ristorante Italiano

Come find our piece of retro heaven at Ruelle Eatery, wholesome food, beautiful organic espresso and serving delicious Three Llamas Coffee.

Ruelle Eatery

Cnr Oram Ave & Rodney Street New Brighton Ph. 03 3822598

Enjoy fine Ataahua Wine with good food and great company! Available at Pukeko Junction Regional Winestore, Vino Fino, Ballantynes and online at

168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Sat 8.30am-3pm Ph. (03) 357 4516 027 469 0206

Italian Food We Are

Boysenberry and Dark Chocolate New York Baked Cheesecakes

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious Scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie!! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too

MRS DENTON’S Fine. Food. Fast Takeaway Cafe, Delicatessen

8 Somerfield street Christchurch ph 3379424 Reservations required.

Appetite Catering

Maria’s bakery

Offers a delightful blend of Kiwi and Brazilian food. They also offer catering for all events. Find them at 619 Ferry Rd, located inside the Mobil. Mon-Fri 6am-5pm and Sat-Sun 7am-2pm Ph. 021 0811 6772

Fresh, Delicious, Innovative Menu Gluten Free Dairy Free Paleo Vegan Free Delivery Finger Food, Canape, Antipasto & Salads Private & Corporate Catering (027) 727 4401

Metropol April 13, 2017 73


In k tchen

A Bakery treasure trove at the bottom of the hill NEW Chicken Caprese

An easy location for you to pop in and stock up on our bakery products. Delicious hand made cakes, Danish pastries, pies, sausage rolls and Underground Coffee. Catering also available. Una Bakery 73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph: 337 8214.

After something a little different? Chicken breast, basil, sundried tomatoes, mozzerella and spring onion wrapped in pastry. Simply cook for 20min @ 180Oc.

Elite Meats

Bush inn centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimari Rd P. 348 5043 Open 7 Days Spoil yourself with our own special blend “New City” Coffee,house roasted to ensure a fresh, delicious cup. Delicious English and European Cuisine with healthy options for Brunch, Lunch, Breakfast, Afternoon Tea. Open Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm. Sat - Sun & public holidays 8am - 5pm

Cafe Metro

Cranford Street Merivale Ph. (03) 356 1835

Old-fashioned High Tea Finger sandwiches, savouries, Devonshire scones and your favourite cream cakes to treat yourself or delight some friends. Espresso Coffee and full tea selection included for $21.50 per person. Bookings essential.

Little Sister Cafe

7 Days, 670 Main South Road, Templeton Ph. (03) 349 7337

Spoil yourself with our own special blend “New City” Coffee, house roasted to ensure a fresh, delicious cup. Delicious English and European Cuisine with healthy options for Brunch, Lunch, Breakfast, Afternoon Tea. Open Mon-Fri 7.00am-5.00pm Sat- Sun & public holidays 8am-5pm

Cafe Metro

Wigram Brewing Company

74 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Try our local cellar door for all your wines to be sharing – enjoying – sipping, Celebrate autumn with our 2015 Pinot Noir, cellar door specials on now, we need the space for this year’s vintage. Call in for complimentary tastings. OPEN 7 DAYS

Cranford Street Merivale Ph. 356 1835

Ten taps of premium beer now available at the Wigram Craft Beer Fillery. Try out Tap Tasters 4 Pack fresh from the tank. Mon-Thu 8.30-5 Fri 8.30-6 Sat 11-4pm Brewery & Sales, 57 Sonter Road Wigram Christchurch Ph. 03 343-4493 email:

Straight 8 Estate

2321 Main South Road, Burnham Ph 03 347 6878 or 0274361005 Cheers James and Mary


Tewnion Truffiére: growers of the Périgord Black Truffle

“The Black Diamond of the Truffle World” Tewnion Truffiére was established in 1996 by Wayne and Alison Tewnion on the Old West Coast Road, Christchurch. Suppliers of Premium Truffles to Fine Dining Restaurants - Wineries - Food Lovers throughout New Zealand. Perigord Black Truffles are available from May to September. 202 Old West Coast Road, RD6 Christchurch 7676. Phone : 027604 0004


As an ambassador for Harrington’s Breweries I have the privilege of getting to try most of its delightful brews.

stablished 25 years ago, Harrington’s has gone from strength to strength as the craft beer market has grown. Back in the day, grabbing a few riggers of Nga Here Gold guaranteed a great night with the lads. As beer culture has grown, so has our penchant for trying different styles of beer in different situations with the introduction of Indian and American Pale Ales (IPA and APA), Pilsners and Lager. In the last year, we’ve seen Harrington’s move out of retail and focus on what it is good at, brewing great beer. The brand has also tied in with the team at Super Liquor. I asked Enterprises Director Harjit Singh what his thoughts were on the Harrington’s brand. “They have a great beer and it’s great tasting. Being a small brewery they can try an area and control their products better.” I say to Harjit that craft beer has come a long way and I am curious about his views on how consumers are reacting to Harrington’s product? “Yes, 15 percent of the market is craft beer now, the demand has been getting stronger and Harrington’s has its 15 percent share. They have three or four strong beers doing very well.” Harrington’s is a family business and those

core values sit well with the Super Liquor family too. Family looks after family. Having access to some great beers, the best thing to do is share them with friends. I gave my mate, Aaron Boyce, a Wobbly Boot Porter. “A nice smooth malt that transformed into a delicate aftertaste with a warm finish.” That’s a bit flash Aaron! You could have said it’s just ‘a bloody good beer’. Isn’t that the point of good beer though - sharing it with friends and enjoying the moment? So, here’s to you Harrington’s Breweries, and another 25 years of bloody good beer.

Visit Your nearest Super Liquor for all your Harringtons Craft Beers & Brotherhood Ciders to enjoy with your Special Occasions or Email for info regarding your nearest stockists


Metropol April 13, 2017 75


t Cafe Kudos, nearly all food is homemade and prepared fresh each day. Breakfast is available from 7am to 12pm. From muesli, to the Kudos Big Breakfast, there is always a wide selection of choices to start your day right. Mushroom risotto, an open chicken sandwich, Angel Bay beef burger and lamb salad are just some of what’s available at lunchtime. A wide variety of wine and beer is available too. Need catering? Cafe Kudos can help. While offering a selection of delicious meals and starters, the generous café also offers cheeseboards and the finest selection of platters. It also hires out its venue for private functions at night and on the weekends too. A café is not the first place you think of for a boardroom. Well, Cafe Kudos has just that. The professional board room is located on the first floor above the café, with seating for up to 16 guests in leather bound air conditioned comfort. The Kudos Boardroom also features a set menu with five different dining options for morning/ afternoon tea and lunch. The boardroom is available to hire by the hour, for a half/full day or any period that suits. Plus, apply for Cafe Kudos’ VIP membership card and receive 10 percent off every purchase every time you visit. The same discount is also available to SuperGold Card Holders. For more information visit the website or contact 338 1801.

NEW LOOK • NEW MENU • NEW EXPERIENCE 24 A Main North Road Papanui, Christchurch Phone 03 3527011 •

76 April 13, 2017 Metropol

FOOD MADE AND SERVED WITH LOVE Found a short walk from Memorial Ave at 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside, is Mrs Denton’s. Owned and managed by Delwyn Lanauze, Mrs Denton’s is much more than your average neighbourhood delicatessen.


cones, cinnamon swirls and other savoury sweeties are homemade fresh each day. Delicious deli options, including lasagne, scalloped potato, tortilla stacks and salad, means you are well and truly spoilt for choice. A major drawcard is the extensive range of chutneys, horseradish and relishes. Flavours including cherry, beetroot and raspberry fruit are sure to tempt those taste buds. Plus, the introduction of black doris plum to the selection is sure to generate a following. It is also worth mentioning that to tie in with the Easter season, Mrs Denton’s will have a sumptuous selection of hot cross buns available as well. Mrs Denton’s also sell Lieber Pies. Made by Austrian chef, Franz Lieber based in Fairlie, there are six different flavours of hand-filled Lieber pies to choose from. Pie

fillings like salmon and bacon, pork belly with crackle and kumara and cream cheese are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Kangaroo, cheese and blueberry pies, a Delwyn specialty, are also available. Also lining the walls of Mrs Denton’s is a selection of artwork for sale, painted by none other than Delwyn herself. So, if you are after a feel-good atmosphere with quality and unique eats, drinks and service, Mrs Denton’s is for you. Open hours are 7am – 3pm on weekdays and 8.30am – 3pm on Saturdays. Phone 357 4516.

R E S TA U R A N T & B A R A MULTI-AWARD WINNING MICROBREWERY set in the heart of the busy Riccarton suburb. All of our Eagle beers are vegetarian and vegan friendly. No added preservatives or flavourings. All premium and crafted with passion. Look for us at your local store and bar, or visit us for takeaway crafts.

During his 2013 official visit to New Zealand we were privileged to be honoured by the Prime Minister of Thailand as the Thai Select PREMIUM in recognition of our authenticity.

Sukhu Tiger the newest party venue in town! FRIDAY/ SATURDAY Resident DJ 9pm -1am Join us for KARAOKE anytime

Takeaway and delivery available Function room & Karaoke room available 55 RICCARTON ROAD


03 341 1163 • 1 Riccarton Rd Metropol April 13, 2017 77

Winning hearts with

GREAT CUISINE Our regulars keep coming back for our coffee so we must be doing something right!” Kal, the owner of Crisp Café in Fendalton Village, gives a chuckle as she confesses that she loves the coffee at her cafe as well.


B RICCARTON 85 Riccarton Road 03-3416608 RICCARTON@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ FERRYMEAD 2 Waterman Place Ferrymead P. 348 5644 FERRYMEAD@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ


ut it’s not only the coffee that keeps Crisp Café continuously humming with customers from the time it opens at 7.30 in the morning – the food and the service win favourable comments as well. “We have dishes on the menu that are extremely popular and we dare not replace them for fear of disappointing people. Our creamy mushrooms on the brunch menu, and the seafood chowder and the American club sandwich on the lunch menu, have many devotees who never order anything else.” Crisp Cafe’s philosophy is to give customers what they want, and more and more of those customers are seeking gluten-




w or ks

A great place to soak up the sun over a long lunch or linger over dinner in our homely restaurant. Relaxed or casual with separate bar, restaurant and large outdoor area. Fully Licensed A la Carte. Open Monday-Thursday 11am-12am. Friday & Saturday 11am-1am. Sunday 11am to 10pm

69 Centaurus Road, Cashmere. (03) 337 2227 78 April 13, 2017 Metropol

free food. “I’ve been quite surprised at how many people now ask for gluten-free. But our aim is to please and give the best possible service. So we now have a whole shelf in our cabinet of gluten-free items – from potato cakes and rice cakes to frittata and corn fritters. “Half of the slices we make are gluten-free and we bake gluten-free cookies as well. We can also provide gluten-free versions of the hot items on our menu and all of our food is cooked or baked fresh every day on site. ” Try the Crisp Cafe experience for yourself at 376 Ilam Road Fendalton. They are on Facebook.

If you aren’t a Wine Connoisseur, you soon will be...

Memorable Boutique Wine Tours in your own back yard Our executive VIP Waipara trip provides professional wine visits with exclusive tasting. Creating special memories for all our guests. Your host Cashias Gumbo is a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommelier, WSET London Wine judge, Wine critic & hospitality professional.

Connoisseurs of Vivace coffee and delicious food Love Coco!

Nick Lange - Proprietor

Join us for an unforgettable Wine Experience Now! /waipara-wine-tours

400 Barbadoes St, Montreux Building

Ph.020 4106 8403


Located at 295 Blenheim Road, Dose Diner has been at the forefront of modern Christchurch cuisine since its inception four years ago.



lose to Westfield Mall and with plenty of parking, it’s easy to see why Dose Diner has become so popular. Step inside and you are greeted with a high class atmosphere, coupled with warm and friendly staff. As far as food and drink goes, you are spoilt for choice. Dishes like their infamous Big Dose Breakfast, karaage fried chicken, burgers and lamb tortilla have proven very popular, coupled with a selection of hot and cold drinks. Milkshakes and smoothies have also been a big hit.

Now though, a new chapter is just beginning for Manager Andy Shiau and his team. “After four years in business, we are expanding our popular menu with a variety of pizza and dessert options,” Shiau says. Six different flavours will be on offer to begin with. These will include salmon avocado, braised lamb, dessert and Japanese okonomiyaki pizza. Gluten free options will be included as well. There is also good news for night owls. Dose will be open until late from Wednesday to Sunday, which should give many the chance to indulge in the divine delicacies of the diner after work hours. For more information visit or call 03 343 1999. Instagram #dose_diner

Enjoy the FAB coffee & food combination

at Pegasus Town! Ph. 03 920 4036 Cnr Pegasus Boulevard & Pegasus Main Street Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 4.00pm Fri 8.30am - 9pm (Evening Dining) Sat-Sun 9am - 4.00pm

����n���� ����ono�������� Cafe Restaurant Bar

New kid on the block, just opposite the casino. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner. Come in and dine with us. Full menu available on


Tue-Sun 10am-10pm Mon 10am-4pm 71 Victoria Street, Christchurch Phone: 03 377 8944

For dine-in or takeaway lunches

We are fully Licensed Restaurant Wide range of Menu Selec�on with reasonable prices We deliver CURRY NIGHT Tue & Wed From 4:30-7pm for $15 EVERYDAY DINNER DEAL Two People for only $37

ten27 COFFEE




GET TOGETHER AT TEN27 We can cater for groups, large or small. Book your next function at ten27 1027 Ferry Road

Ph: 03 595 2428

Metropol April 13, 2017 79


fter 10 years in business, Seven Café has gained a sterling reputation for quality food and beverage, and quality customer service. With capacity to fit 50 people indoors and a further 30 in the outdoor area, there is no shortage of space. A comprehensive lunch and breakfast menu is sure to satisfy everyone. Every snack, both sweet and savoury, is homemade fresh each day. Juices, smoothies and assorted soft drinks will keep you cool, and wine and beer are also available. Between 7.30am and 9.30am Monday to Friday, there are special deals on eggs on toast and a muffin with a regular drink. A very popular option with customers is the now infamous Seven Café High Tea. Available from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, Seven Café pulls out all the stops to give you the full High Tea experience. Served with vintage trios, you are treated to club sandwiches, mini quiche, mini slice, lemon tart and sweet or savoury scones. Gluten free options are also available as well as a glass of bubbles for $6.50. Due to popularity, be sure to book in advance. Seven Café is also available for hire. Either book in a group during the day – the outdoor marquee is available to be booked for groups of 15-30 during the trading hours, or hire out the venue in the evening for a private function. Visit or to book your High Tea or function, email

AN AWARD-WINNING TASTE SENSATION Along with an extraordinary menu and a welcoming atmosphere, the function rooms and entertainment lounge at Thai Chef’s Restaurant make it the ideal venue for all occasions.

80 April 13, 2017 Metropol


he beautiful, spacious restaurant features traditional Thai décor throughout the main dining room and bar area, separate function rooms, and the Sukhu Tiger entertainment lounge area. The enclosed lounge has a pool table and accommodates group functions and hosts karaoke nights – the perfect spot for special events, such as birthdays and hens’ nights. “We also have an excellent banquet menu to suit large group reservations,” says manager Ronnie Guevarra. “And our own covered, secure car park behind the restaurant makes parking easy and safe for our customers.” Thai Chef’s has just introduced a DJ session


every Friday and Saturday night, from 9pm to 1am. Karaoke is also available until 2am on the weekends, with 15,000 songs available in a range of different languages. With humble beginnings operating from a food caravan over 16 years ago, Thai Chef’s founder Chang now has a franchise in six locations. The Christchurch restaurant on Riccarton Road is the first in the South Island, with plans for more. The extensive, award-winning menu is full of authentic Thai dishes, with a strong focus on flavour. Customers can choose varying degrees of hotness for each dish – from ‘not too spicy’, to ‘bloody hot’ – and the dishes are created using fresh local produce, combined with main ingredients imported from Thailand. Takeaway and delivery options are also available, as well as vegan and gluten-free. Visit or phone 341 1163.


Upper Riccarton Location


Image (x1 only)




Image (x1 only)




Have you tried Filipino food? Bob’s represents the unique flavours and genuine hospitality of The Philippines. We strive to make our guests feel the true experience of a Filipino home. Bring your friends and family to Bob’s. Mabuhay! (Welcome!)

Happy Hour: Tuesday-Saturday 4-6pm All Beer and House Wine $5 Available for Functions. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Open 7 Days Tues-Sat 8am-10pm Sun-Mon 8am-3pm

Our dumplings are fresh and hand made daily. (not frozen). Come and try our classic mouth watering meat or vegetarian dumplings. For another divine culinary experience, try our kiwi-inspired flavours of cheesy meat savoury dumplings or sweet rich chocolate dumplings served with ice cream.

Dining in and take away


Opening hours: Sun-Wed 9:00am-8:00pm Thurs-Sat 9:00am-9:00pm

Shop 7, Peerswick Mall 388 Riccarton Rd, Upper Ricarton

7 Normans Road Srowan, Christchurch

027 789 3456

(03) 355 5299


Tai Tapu





Image (x1 only) TAI TAPU HOTEL & FUNCTION CENTRE • Al a carte restaurant open 7 days • Full menu runs from 12pm through to around 8pm last seating for evening. • Extensive menu with shared plates/starters, platters, mains and House made desserts • Great wine selection • Sheltered courtyard and large grassed outdoor area for dining or wines & platters

Barrington Mall Spreydon, Christchurch (03) 337 3322


West Melton

Image (x1 only) LIFE’S A BEACH... AT OCEAN CAFÉ & BAR SCARBOROUGH Open Daily @ 8am for Breakfast & Lunch Open late on $5 Friday...

ARTISANAL BREADS AND PASTERIES French Bakery where everything is homemade and prepared using traditional French methods. Indoor/outdoor seating. Burtons coffee. Free wifi. Open Tuesday to Friday 7am-4pm. Saturday 8am-3pm.

700 Old Tai Tapu Road Tai Tapu

147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner

736 Weedons Ross Road West Melton

(03) 329 6819

(03) 326 7923

(03) 421 6559

www.wix .com/taitapuhotel/tai-tapu-hotel

Metropol April 13, 2017 81





St Albans

You’ll be so impressed with Castle Rock you won’t be able to compare us to others. A fun, quirky cafe with great atmosphere and stunning views. Cyclist and dog friendly café. Real food made with love from locally sourced produce. Dietary requirements catered for. Fully Licensed.


Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only) NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU...




Quiz Night


Two 4 One Steak night

WEDNESDAY Kids Dine For Free THURSDAY “Shout Ya Mate” & Free BBQ SAT & SUN

Roast of the Day and a Drink for $20.

Delivering an artful and seductive mix of glamour and an amazing authentic Thai Menu, that will delight your taste buds. Our food is always fresh and cooked to perfection using Thai spices and recipes. Taditional. modern and seasonal dishes. Exotic food in Exotic surroundings.

21 Mary Muller Drive, Heathcote, off Chapmans, off Port Hills Rd.

305 Cranford Street Christchurch

73 Victoria Street Christchurch

(03) 384 5263

(03) 355 0218

(03) 365 5494






Image (x1 only)


TREVINOS RESTAURANT & BAR YOUR PERFECT FUNCTION VENUE! Nestled in the heart of Christchurch, sits an astounding restaurant with irresistible and fine tasting food, accompanied by an unmatched atmosphere. Oysters now available. Open Easter weekend and NO surcharge.

Cnr Riccarton Road and Monavale Ave (03) 343 5378

82 April 13, 2017 Metropol


City Centre

Image (x1 only) STUNNING VIEW, EXQUISITE FOOD Only a short 1 hour drive from Christchurch, the Methven Resort Hotel is the perfect choice for your wedding. With accommodation in the Mt Hutt Village, plus our onsite chef offers a special wedding menu with a wide range of flavours to suit all of your guests. • 3 heated outside spas • 25 metre outdoor swimming pool - seasonal • Accommodation 47 ensuite rooms • Bar • Conference room can hold 300 people

RELAX AT THERAPY CAFÉ WITH TANTALISING FOOD FOR YOU SOUL Indulge yourself in some fantastic food and coffee therapy while overlooking the Avon River and Oxford Terrace. Or - if you can’t stay, take me away- grab a coffee on the go! Enjoy the taste of their ever popular French toasted banana bread or Smoked Salmon with poached egg and avocado. FREE WIFI FOR CUSTOMERS

51 Main Street Methven

Cnr Hereford Street & Oxford Tce

0800 22 44 40

(03) 943 6657

Join us on facebook



Shirley / RangioraLocation

Northwood Location


Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only)


IN LOVE WITH OUR INDIAN FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS! Authentic cuisine with a real taste of India. Lunch from $8.99 Monday to Saturday. Dishes like our red garlic chicken are a must try! We give a birthday meal free for parties over 4 people NEW menu from 8th of November. Introducing new starters, mains & soups

CELEBRATE AT CAESARS Famous for its Home Style Kiwi and Mediteranean cuisine with attention to Flavour. Kids Play area and Menus. Ideal for celebrations and functions. Try our New Winter Menu. $20 Mediterranean Meals Thursdays* Check our website for promotions & Flash Fri deals. Weekend Breakfast from 9am. Open Daily: Lunch 11-4pm. Dinner from 4pm


THE EARLYBIRD CATCHES THE BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER DEAL! Book the first table for breakfast, lunch or dinner at participating Christchurch eateries and you’ll get 50% OFF the FOOD BILL for 2 to 4 DINERS! Choose from 47 fantastic Christchurch restaurants and cafes. Use promo code METROPOL to get $5 FREE CREDIT!* Book now at

75 Victoria St Rangiora

opposite liquorland (03) 310 6900

114 Marshland Rd Shirley (03) 423 9932

*Promo code can only be used on new sign ups. $5 free credit to be used towards booking fee. Booking fee is normally $10 per reservation. Credit must be used within 30 days of signing up.

(03) 323 5420 CITY

Northwood Supa Centre 548 Main North Road

(No Boarder)






Image (x1 only) LUNCH FOR THE FOOD LOVER Lunch at The Monday Room is either a quick bite or a three course affair. With entrees, mains and dessert served from 10:30am-3pm, the restaurant offers a relaxed and professional space to enjoy our delicious fare. Check out our menu online at www. Open: Mon-Fri: Lunch from 10:30am-3pm Sat-Sun: Brunch from 9am-3pm Dinner from 5:30pm 7 days.

To book phone 03 377-5262 or email:


BE TRANSPORTED TO THE STREETS OF GUANGZHOU Authentic Cantonese Cuisine in the Heart of the City. Mention Metropol and receive Free Dumplings with your meal. (1 per person).

30 Victoria St Christchurch (03) 372 8892

INTRODUCING CAFE VIVO Drop in for a refreshing coffee and cake. Small or large groups welcome for breakfast, brunch or lunch – pre-order to save time. Spend $15 and get 15% Discount Bring in Metropol to recieve this discount Hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4pm Saturday 8am to 4pm. Sunday 8.30am to 4pm

333 Harewood Road Bishopdale, Christchurch (03) 360 0996 Metropol April 13, 2017 83






For our opening hours over Easter and Anzac see our website. Opening Hours: Monday: 7.30am to 4.30pm. Tuesday to Friday: 7.30am til late. Saturday & Sunday: 11am til late. 65 Jack Hinton Drive Addington Raceway

STELLAR INVITES YOU TO TASTE OUR TALENTED CHEF’S NEW 2017 MENU A taste of fine Asian cuisine blended with classic European fare. Stellar offers a large variety of menus to cater for different special occasions. From a selection of finger food to a selection of A la Carte st menus. Free function hire, for your Office Shout, Wedding, Birthday Party or Ladies Night.

Level 1, 235 Riccarton Road E.

(03) 339 7915

(03) 345 6888 for reservations

(No Boarder) Location

New Brighton Location

Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only)





Waimairi/North Beach

Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only)

NEW MENU! Our new new dishes for Autumn are now available! With options including Eggs Benedict, Venison Medallions, Seafood Bouillabaisse and new grill options, you will be spoilt for choice.




BEACH CAFE $10 Lunches Mon - Friday. Changes daily Beef Bourguignon with Polenta Fries & Garden Greens. Great with the Hermit Ram Pinot Noir. All our house wine is hand chosen from our wonderful Waipara. Cafe is available for Private Functions. Hours: open 7 days: 9am to 4pm.

16a Beach Road, Waimairi Beach Fully Licensed (03) 382 8599 Central City


We invite you to embark on a culinary journey of the Indian Subcontinent and explore the many regional styles of cooking that India has to offer. Our cuisine is based on the most popular dishes of five Southern states in India and a few dishes of Northern. Discover the hidden flavours and aromas for yourself and match them with our specially created wine list for the perfect compliment to your meal.

Exotic South American food ,music and entertainment at the Boteco Cafe & Restaurant. Dine from our Authentic South American/ Mediterranean Menu and Jive the night away to our live in-house music.

Reopened Under New Management

217 Marine Parade New Brighton, Christchurch

(03) 355 5932

(03) 388 0898

237e Kilmore Street Central Christchurch BY0

Public Dining or Private Dining room options available Happy to customise our menu to accommodate special occasions or dietary requirements. Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, Lunch 11.30am to 2.00pm Dinner 5.30pm - Late

142 Papanui Road Merivale Christchurch 8014

84 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Hours: Tues-Sun 11am-late

(03) 377 3833



Location Riccarton/Middleton

Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only)



Upper Riccarton




Amazing authentic Thai food will also turn you into a Green Chilli Thai restaurant advocate.

On site Cooks, chefs and bakers who love new flavours and adapting old fashioned favorites Cabinet food and catering (on or off premises) Private upstairs meeting room available with a full repertoire of office technology. Let us cater for your meetings. Mon-Thurs 7am to 4pm, Fri 7am-6.30pm. Now available Saturday and Sunday for private bookings or functions.

We take bookings for high tea functions. Ideal for birthdays, baby showers, hens parties & special anniversaries, available from 2.30 pm. Or hire out the cafe in the evening for a private function. Contact us now to book or Enquire at Sunday Special - KIDS EAT FREE (T&C apply) Early Bird Special 7.30am - 9.30am Mon- Fri Eggs on toast $7 or regular coffee & muffin $7 Mon-Fri 7.30-4.30pm Sat-Sun 8.30-4.30pm

235 Annex Road Middleton

Cnr Riccarton Road and Hansons Lane Christchurch

Special lunch for $10

Home delivery, Takeaway available, BYO, Vegetarian friendly.

Green Chilli THAI RESTAURANT 1/596 Ferry Road Woolston, Christchurch (03) 384 1145 (030 381 2855 (03) 384 9993




Fully Licensed, Wi-Fi, Great Parking (03) 338 1801





Image (x1 only)


(03) 348 1886



Indian Pearl Restaurant offers affordable family dining and takeaways with a home based ethnic menu. Come and enjoy our great family environment and meet our amazing staff, or have your meal home delivered. Open 7days and fully licensed

Centrally located on the corner of Madras & Armagh streets, this brand new café is a perfect place to sit back and enjoy delicious food and great coffee while watching the world go by. Check out the menu online. Buy ONE coffee – Get one FREE on presentation of this advert Discover this cosy spot today!

Our mission is to deliver a truly inspiring dining experience that will stimulate the senses; of aroma, taste and touch that is pleasing to the eye, and leave guests with a sense of satisfaction! Food that has balance, colour, flavour and texture.

352 Colombo Street Sydenham, Christchurch

282 Madras Street Christchurch

141 Hackthorne Road Cashmere

(03) 379 1863

(03) 377 3777

(03) 332 9816 Metropol April 13, 2017 85




Metropol’s sharing the musical vibes – they’re yours for the taking. Christchurch’s boldest and brightest, right here, every month.

13 April The Piano: Tresoli – Piano Trio D4 Pop-up Venue: Jack Ansett is All Grown Up Blue Smoke: Jon Toogood – Solo & Acoustic

15 April Darkroom: Tat from Tit Horncastle Arena: Cyndi Lauper & Blondie Becks Southern Alehouse: Wired


0800 4 A JUKEBOX 0800 425 853

20 April Blue Smoke: Josh Pyke

21 April Trevinos: Eddie Simon The Twisted Hop: Stomping Nick Jackman Flat White Café & Bar: Shelley Wright The Gym: The Black Rider

28 April Trevinos: X Files Darkroom: The Family of Strangers Tour

30 April Blue Smoke: The All Day Breakfast Stringband (Canada) NZ Tour

2 May La Vida Centre: Operatunity Presents: Glenn Miller and The Andrew Sisters

3 May Blue Smoke: The Animals (UK)

4 May Bootleg BBQ: Beats by Bingo

5 May Mexico: Cinco de Mayo: Margarita Masterclass

22 April Pegasus Arms Restaurant & Bar: Nasty Women – Show 2 Embankment Tavern: 71 Drift, 31c and Hooligans Trevinos: Flat City Brotherhood

27 April Darkroom: Oscar Dowling – Free and Easy Album Release Tour

Christchurch’s greatest little Irish Pub Open 7 Days until 3am

Karaoke, Dancing Quiz night PADDY’S DAY SUNDAY We have the best live local music acts for three nights, every weekend. Irish rebel and rock bands and the odd blues gig Great pub food such as...

27 April Dave Dobyn coming to Christchurch: He’s a national music icon, hero-worshipped for a voice that is a Kiwi institution in its own right. More decorated that any other Kiwi artist – with 29 Music Awards and 3 Silver Scrolls – Dave Dobyn is the musical powerhouse getting ready to charm the country yet again with a nationwide tour A Slice of Heaven. He’ll land in Christchurch on Thursday 27 April for a highly anticipated performance at the Isaac Theatre Royal. For tickets go to Ticketek.

86 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Craicing Steak Special


84B Riccarton Rd 03 343 4657



WORLDLY WINE Love wine? Gumbo Wine Merchants can definitely help. Based in Christchurch, Gumbo Wine Merchants was founded by Cashias Gumbo.

riginally from Zimbabwe, he moved to South Africa and studied at the Cape Town Wine Academy, WSET London and the Court of Master Sommeliers before moving to Christchurch. “If you told me years ago that at this time I would be running a wine distribution company under my own name, I would have asked you to immediately go see a shrink,” Cashias quips. The selection of wines is nothing short of astonishing. Great quality reds, whites and selected spirits from countries like South Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina and Chile, among others, ensure you are never deprived of choice. Household names like Kanonkop, Sadie Family and Meerlust Estate are on the list. New Zealand is also well represented with names like Silver Wing, Falcon Ridge, Esses Wines, and Unison from Hawkes Bay. All wines are available via Gumbo Wine Merchants online store Whether you are a devoted connoisseur of the grape, or someone just after a good bottle to enjoy with friends, Cashias is your man. “I do everything myself, from sales to administration and deliveries. I’m just so passionate about wine and I hope to share my passion with others.” Gumbo Wine Merchants also invites you to come along for wine tasting tours through the heart of the Waipara Valley. You will be granted VIP access and tasting with its partners, and possibly granted a sneak peak of upcoming wines. For more information or to book your winery tour with Cashias, email or call 021 158 7662. Based at 145 Northcote Road, Northcote.

AN ICONIC CULINARY INSTITUTION One of the oldest venues in Kaiapoi is turning 16! Tucked away in a corner block of Williams Street, the Three Cows Kaiapoi is a wee gem of a place and a favourite with many locals. Rustic décor with retro booth seats and country music in the background gives it a warm vibe and inviting atmosphere.


n celebration of its 16th anniversary there will be brunch specials starting from only $10 - decadent creations with an even better price tag that also cater for the vegetarian and gluten free folk! Match it with a mean cup of Vivace coffee. Each meal is stylishly presented, tasting better than it looks. The quirky menu and delicious

concoctions are guaranteed to make you smile and your mouth water. Have a pint of Guinness on tap and pair it with the succulent slow braised lamb shanks, or a customer favourite – the melt in your mouth pork belly! With a large seating capacity of 110, Three Cows also caters for all walks of life and private functions at no additional cost with set menus suited to your budget. Open all day, pop in anytime and grab a bite to eat. This venue is usually buzzing so it pays to ring up and secure a spot. If it’s full, do not fret as there is another branch in Christchurch City, located at 71 Victoria Street, just opposite the casino. Three Cows Café, Bar and Restaurant is at 194c Williams Street, Kaiapoi. Open seven days a week from 11am until late. Phone 03 327 5009 or visit Metropol April 13, 2017 87



MODE By Kate Pierson

Alas, winter will soon be upon as. But don’t despair, the chillier temperatures pave the way for luxe décor that is equal parts chic and cosy. There are some definite perks when it comes to heading into hibernation mode!




(03) 384 3965 @corcovadostore 88 April 13, 2017 Metropol


Recycle your gems: extended time indoors provides the perfect opportunity to give existing vintage furniture or salvaged pieces a new lease on life. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of working your magic on these pieces – if DIY has always been a ‘no go’ zone for you, consult a blog or tutorial online and take it in baby steps.



Layer up: winter is the perfect excuse to go a bit wild with purchasing layers – accents like pillows, throws or rugs are ideal for two key reasons – comfort and a new look for your space.

A spark of joy: candles have transformative potential, with their function in a space more than just adding ambient light. Introduce a cosy feel to your hibernation areas with candles that make a statement.



Metropol April 13, 2017 89




edium density housing in New Zealand has been defined by the Ministry for the Environment as ‘comprehensive developments, including four or more dwellings with an average density of less than 350 metres square per unit. It can include stand-alone dwellings, semi-attached, terraced housing or apartments, within a building of four storeys or less’. With the quarter acre Kiwi dream no

90 April 13, 2017 Metropol

longer viable within most of our cities, we need to reconsider our housing stock. Where once McMansions dominated the housing sector, the need is now arising for a more compact living environment. However, we must take care to not produce ‘zero calorie’ homes where we have simply shrunk the home we understand. We need to ask ourselves deeper questions regarding what we require from a living environment, and

be prepared to look beyond our four walls to see what amenity the wider area can deliver, then conceive a new housing typology. Earlier this month, I presented at the Medium Density Housing Summit in Auckland. Run by the Architectural Designers New Zealand professional body, it was designed to provide inspiration and information around the challenges faced when it comes to successfully embracing

However, we must take care to not produce ‘zero calorie’ homes where we have simply shrunk the home we understand. this ‘new’ way of living. Essentially, this is about equipping the design profession with the skills and confidence to overcome medium density housing solutions. A recent media article indicated that terraced houses in Christchurch were struggling to sell, and suggested that medium-density housing won’t work in our city. The areas mentioned are a case of which came first: the chicken or the egg. In these instances, there has been a push

to create a medium-density environment where the amenities do not yet exist. The rise of these sub-divisions grew from a variety of reasons, however, they have created communities of people who are still attached to other areas of Christchurch. They have to travel to work, to school, to socialise and even to shop; they are professionally, socially and emotionally engaged with other parts of the city. These examples are simply just

houses close together. In a successful medium-density environment, the adjacent amenity will support those that live there. In Christchurch, our most successful examples of this style of living are found within the four Avenues, with pockets in the immediate outlying suburbs. For my business partner, fellow architect Craig South, medium-density housing is something he is particularly passionate about and skilled in. Crafting buildings that are designed to accommodate it all: rental, first home, co-operative living and shared resources; all without a compromise on quality or design. Medium-density is not something to fear, or even to shy away from. We are no longer building houses of the 80s where commercialism took us into bigger homes, but are instead building for the future. While it is not how our parents, or even grandparents lived, it is about building for the next generation. Looking back to consider the best way forward risks losing innovation. It is about embracing the playground on our doorstep and reshaping what we believe our homes need to be.

HELPLINE 0800 100 442 Proud to support Casa Constructions


16 Magdala Place, Christchurch Metropol April 13, 2017 91


Homewares product seen on a recent Terra Viva buying trip to Auckland was probably the best for several years, and one of the strong trends was the richness of tone in the colours.

CUSTOM-MADE CREATIONS For the past 10 years, Design 5 has been crafting custom-made seating for high-end retailers and designers across the country. The uniquely talented team design and build upholstered furniture from a factory space in the old Kaiapoi Mill.


ot necessarily a predominance of dark, light, or bright colours, but all with a depth, particularly in the greens, pinks, and aqua, which are all easy to use with existing colour schemes. ‘Greenery’ is the Pantone colour of the year. “Greenery provides us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the physical beauty of the natural world,” owner Peter Worsp explains. Recent strong geometric forms have retreated with most of the new lines coming from the classic design school which never dates, but with a good contemporary twist. “Terra Viva product orders are always made with an eye to product that will fit in with customers’ existing interior décor.”


ur work is mainly commercially-based, and the majority of our projects are for cafés, bars and restaurants, such as creating full booth seating,” says owner Simon Griffiths, who has 23 years in the industry, and founded Design 5 in 2007. “Our point of difference is providing custom-made products, rather than making products for retail.” The upmarket upholstery company can also design and build domestic furniture, tailored to a customers’ specific requirements – from couches and chairs, to dining suites and headboards. “We can also recreate items from photographs, if you’ve seen something you like but want a more personalised version.” Follow Design 5 on Facebook or phone 327 9263 for enquiries.

unbeatable bulbs 144 varieties incl daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, bluebells, anemones, ranunculas etc

92 April 13, 2017 Metropol


Hand forged Sterling Silver ring with Rose Quartz by Copper Kowhai. $95. Pay It Forward Design Store.

Beautiful and functional pottery from West Melton Pottery.


Additional to the eclectic collection of gifts at Token in Avonhead Mall, there’s New Zealand-made jewellery for every occasion and whim, especially to dazzle on wedding days.

O S’well drink bottles at Industria. Gorgeous new vases from token.

‘Thomas’ the Hare exclusive to us from Frith in the UK available from Art & Frame.

Design 5 Upholstery for all your upholstering requirements.

wner Eliza Rattray only buys in what she loves and the beguiling jewellery cabinets reflect her respect for fabulous, but affordable, local designers. Stella and Gemma is a favourite brand, the designer frequents New York for the latest ever-changing inspirations which now includes the sophisticated Black label in sterling silver or gold veil. Scandinavian-inspired Stilen has edgy everyday pieces through to the sophistication of showpiece necklaces to grace a Mother of the Bride. Christchurch-based handmade Rainey Designs continue to bring out new pieces, and Lindi Kingi extends her famous bracelet range to include chokers and necklaces. For the naughty but nice amongst us, sophisticated Australian Damselfly jewellery and candles push the boundaries with surprisingly sassy inscriptions. Unique and classy gifts aside, Token also have chocolatecovered scorpions to take to the hen party!

NEW Designer co-op store of locally handcrafted goods

49 Nancy Ave, Mairehau 9:30am - 4pm — MON-FRI & 11am - 3pm — SAT the creative

heart of your community

winter range in store now

Pay it Forward is a Neighbourhood Trust community project supported by the CCC Endowment Fund and Rātā Foundation Social Enterprise Fund. Profits are returned to the community.


Avonhead Mall Cnr Withells & Merrin St Ph. 03 358 3663

Recover and make your furniture NEW again! Designed and Made in NZ




943 4932

Commercial Upholstery  Reupholstery  Domestic Upholstery Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 | C. 027 494 6706

Metropol April 13, 2017 93

Beautiful winter warmers Get cosy at The Ivy in Sumner. With winter on its way and its early harbingers already being felt, The Ivy is well-prepared.


his delightful and beautifully presented giftware and homewares store embraces a beautiful range of woollen and cashmere clothing, scarves and blankets. Their range of Elk woollen knitwear designed in Melbourne is wearable and distinctive. There are wooden beads in striking colours to complement and enhance the jumpers. From Birdie Clothing, also from Australia, The Ivy has classic cashmere jerseys in soft hues. We need a warm atmosphere in our homes over winter and The Ivy has just what is needed to wrap up in on a winter’s evening. Exquisite blankets and throws from Klippan of Sweden, made from New Zealand lambswool, come in a variety of colours – from neutral to vibrant - and in different patterns to suit individual tastes and decor. Visit The Ivy at 55 Nayland Street, Sumner. Phone (03) 326 6481. They are on Facebook.

The Ivy

Lovely French leather armchair available from Twine Antiques.

Stella + Gemma scarves at Industria

Beautiful Elk winter range available at The Ivy.


MOKO I Gold leaf and oil painting, 760 x 760mm by Susan Ferguson. Available at Windsor Gallery

Kandle Co Gift Boxes. Includes 1 ceramic burner, 8 assorted melts and 2 tealights $45.

The Influencer Velvet Ankle Boot available for preorder on our website. $229 with complimentary protector spray. Available at Mirror Mirror Boutique .


Beautiful homewares flowers inspiring gifts & creations

Open 7 Days 10-5pm

55 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch Ph. 03 326 6481 E.

Retro Vintage Antiques Treasures Open Thursday - Sunday 9.00am - 400pm

The Mill, 1473 Main North Rd Waikuku Ph. 03 3122 152

Open Tues-Fri 11-4 + Sat and Sun 10-4 127 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere P: 332 1331 E:


Picture Framing Specialists Knock Knock Shoes Patent Leather/Suede $215 in nude or black

complimentary Protector Spray


386 St Asaph St, Phone 366 0724 94 April 13, 2017 Metropol



943 4932

Knock Knock Shoes Patent Leather/Suede $215

Dalton Ankle Boot Floral Velvet $279 complimentary Protector Spray

Shop 5 The Village Shopping Centre, 24 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs Ph. (03) 315 5044

Regent 600 x 900 Coffee Table, $234. Available from Kenneally Timber Products. Always handy in the kitchen. Available from French Blue.

Handmade Polish Pottery, a collector’s delight in store now at The Gift Box.

New seasons stock of Pashminas in store now at The Homestyle Collective.

Extra large wooden kitset Birds Stanley lunchboxes and percolator Fantails and Kiwis $115. Height of available at The Flock bird 32cm. Made in NZ. Available at Simply NZ Store Airport and BNZ.



he striking new BNZ Centre in Cashel Street is a fitting location for the new Simply NZ store. The centre has eye-catching architectural features and the Simply NZ store has equally beautiful merchandise on display. Think New Zealand art works, ceramics, jewellery, homewares and souvenirs, as well as wonderfully luxurious merino mink garments. These items will appeal not only to overseas visitors, but to local Christchurch people too who can take the opportunity to see how the centre of their city is changing. Simply NZ also has two stores at Christchurch Airport for the benefit of the travelling public – both international and domestic. Simply NZ is on Level 1, while NZ The Gift is on the ground floor, near the check in counters. The Simply NZ stores are 100 percent New Zealand owned and operated and take pride in the standard of their service and products. They offer overseas visitors a post-home tax free service and also complimentary gift-wrapping. See their website for details of their products.



french blue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545

Original by Jackie Nicholls


HOMEWARE GIFTWARE JEWELLERY Phone (03) 337 2337, Shop 42, Barrington 256 Barrington Street, Christchurch 8024 Shop online

Shop 7, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd Ph. 389 9242 Metropol April 13, 2017 95

Natural beauty in your kitchen!

GFRC Concrete Benchtops are light weight, customizable and competitive pricing. Give the team at Flash a call and design the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

03 595 2079

Christchurch 148 Victoria St, Christchurch 8013 | T +64 3 929 0013 Auckland 547a Parnell Road, Parnell 1052 | T +64 9 358 3771 Arrowtown 18 Buckingham St, Arrowtown 9302 | T +64 3 442 0128 Email |


BOSE® New Wireless Home Entertainment System Best-in-class sound for your entertainment Lifestyle Series


Wireless Link Adapter

UNITYCONSTRUCTION.CO.NZ 96 April 13, 2017 Metropol

timeless luxury Cavit&Co create timeless homes of luxurious comfort from the world’s leading designers. In a perpetual quest for finding the very best, Debbie Cavit visits international design fairs bi-annually to ensure Cavit&Co presents its clients with an extensive range of furniture, lighting, floor rugs and accessories. Exclusivity of the brands represented including Baker, McGuire, Frette, Bolier, Lalique, Kelly Wearstler, Ralph Lauren Home and Baxter; is the key to ensuring that client’s selections will result in a home with a sense of international flair matched with individual style. Debbie considers keeping abreast of design trends, selecting the very best from the world stage and assisting clients to find the perfect pieces for their home a pleasure and a privilege. A home that is really well considered and beautifully furnished gives endless pleasure in return.

Internationally acclaimed Kelly Wearstler offers modern American design at its best. Kelly adds sophisticated detailing using bronze as accents on her pieces. Her quirky design sense and bold approach to texture and colour makes each piece unique. This is an eclectic collection for those who appreciate classic, modern design with an element of surprise.

Iconic American design is the benchmark for this internationally recognised brand. With a wide range of collections from the sheer sophistication of a New York penthouse to the rustic charm of a country estate, Ralph Lauren Home lends itself to mixing and matching from different design genres to create a home as individual as you are. Sublime comfort is the only way to describe Verellen sofas and armchairs. Verellen use the finest Belgian linens and eight way hand-tied springs encased in solid wood bases to ensure a sofa that will retain its comfort, support and good looks for years to come. Verellen sofas just beg to be sat on.

The AERIN lighting collection, designed by Estee Lauder’s granddaughter Aerin Lauder, is inspired by old world glamour with a distinctly modern point of view. A diverse and versatile collection that creates a beautiful ambience in homes ranging from modern to classic. Baxter Italian furniture leads the world in design innovation enhanced by its use of only the finest, full thickness, vat-dyed steer hides. Baxter continues to lead the world with its design edge created by designers of the highest calibre, including internationally acclaimed Paola Navone.

Auckland 547a Parnell Road, Parnell 1052 | T +64 9 358 3771 | Christchurch 148 Victoria St, Christchurch 8013 | T +64 3 929 0013 Arrowtown 18 Buckingham St, Arrowtown 9302 | T +64 3 442 0128 | Email | Metropol April 13, 2017 97

F Fatima Varela, Georgina Hopman


White Room Interiors provides both a full interior design service and a beautiful collection of quality, timeless products to enhance the home.

White Room Interiors

ounder Georgina Hopman opened the boutique store in St Albans a year ago, catering to many satisfied clients. The range includes New Zealand made and imported furniture, European fabrics and wallpapers, French Country homewares, as well as an assortment of carefully chosen items – from European linen and Durance home fragrance, to mirrors, artificial flowers and Lyttelton Lights candles. Georgina has a background in interior design, as well as home renovation and styling. She also employs interior designer, Fatima Varela. The store has been beautifully set up like a home, providing shoppers with ideas and inspiration to find something special – whether for themselves or a gift. “It’s a space that makes people feel good and customers often say, ‘I want to move in here!’” The store’s interior design service includes free measure and quotes on wallpapers, drapes, blinds, upholstery and cushions. “We can also source particular items for you and customers can take samples home,” Georgina says. “We can cater to your specific needs and even if it’s just for one room, help you choose the colour, paint and textiles to tie in a complete look. I love a timeless, harmonious look that can be easily changed with the season, creating a restful and inviting space to relax at the end of a long day.” Located on 922 Colombo Street, corner Bealey Ave, phone the team on 366 1656 or visit


For all your Interior Design Services - FREE Measure & Quote on Drapes & Blinds

RECOVER YOUR LOVED FURNITURE No job too big or small

Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909

Cnr Colombo St & Bealey Ave. Ph. 3661 656

Aquapel infused lightweight concrete flooring super hydrophobic, with steel mesh reinforcing waterproof when cut easy handling, cost effective all weather installation 0800 50 70 40

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NE P. 371 7500


K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9

Claudio Gotsch ©

Fins © Jean Marie Ghislain,


ur fascination with the great outdoors, from the depths of the oceans to the peaks of the highest mountains, and all that roams and lives in these untamed environments, has provided the inspiration for a number of artists. From the modern monochrome original photography of Hector Rose ( featuring elegant zebras, elephants and lions to the raw deep sea diving photography of Jean-Marie Ghislain (, the adventure-hungry shutterbugs in our midst are bringing us eye to eye with our wilder counterparts. Black and white prints in charcoal or pencil are also particularly striking, especially when captured in a minimalist style black or white frame. Take a walk on the wild side this winter and explore the possibilities.


WILD SIDE By Kate Pierson

We’ve all got the potential for a wild streak somewhere inside us – the wildlife centric artworks hitting the abode scene are helping our homes find their wild side too.

Specialists in Fencing & Decking

Andrews of Canterbury Ph. 027 899 3556




295 Blenheim Rd | Phone 348 3285 |












G | Ph: 03 384 7125 | 238 Annex Rd

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ACCOUNTABILITY IN ACTION “On time and on budget” is, for Steve Brownie owner of Priority Projects, not just a tag line, as it is for some; it’s a mission.


n nearly ten years of project management, it’s mission accomplished. “The key to that is being honest and realistic upfront,” he says. Steve has a successful history in the building industry and in project management. He now heads Priority Projects, a commercial fit-out, design and build, and construction project management company. It is a close-knit team of experienced project managers who take their role very seriously, and very personally. “We involve our clients as much as possible through the whole process,” says Project Manager Donna Gillatt. Communicating the details is important, she says, which ensures every project “achieves the result our clients expect”.

A great example of just that is Donna’s work on 246 High Street. It was a commercial building severely damaged in the earthquakes and subsequently demolished. Priority Projects was referred to the owners, and the rebuild process began. Donna’s clients wanted the new building to accommodate both retail and office space, similar to the function of the pre-earthquake building. They wanted it as earthquake proof as possible. After the design and consent phase, construction on the three story, 700 square metre building began in March 2016, with an intended twelve month build. Twelve months later, the office space is occupied, and the retail space is ready to be fitted out and leased - on time and on budget. “It’s been a privilege to work with such great clients,” Donna says. Contact Steve at 027 4888 305 or at

Home staging. Putting the finishing touches to any home. Contact us today to discuss your next project

JAYNE MORGAN 021882379

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project management

Design, Build, Fit-outs & Construction Feasibility studies Concept to completion Canterbury owned and operate p: (03) 379 9015

m: 0274 888 305


DON’T MISS THIS YEAR’S EXEMPLAR HOMES’ TOURS For one month this May, people will be able to step inside beautiful homes that are among the greenest in New Zealand; homes that have low or no power bills, collect and reuse water and use solar energy to power the house and the owners’ cars.

he free Exemplar Homes Tour, organised by SUPERHOME movement in partnership with Christchurch City Council, will allow people to experience first-hand delightful, extraordinary living environments and feel the warmth, comfort and superior air quality of a selection of homes built to showcase beautiful, sustainable, high performance design by participants in the SUPERHOME movement. One of the homes on display in this year’s tour is the Riccarton SUPERHOME designed by Bob Burnett Architecture and built by Dan Saunders Construction, utilising off-site construction with True Panels air tight SIPs (structural insulated panels) and Xlam panels. Currently nearing completion, this home is the next advancement from the first 10 Homestar demonstration home that was on display last year ( It has been facetiously nicknamed the “11 star”. The structure went from slab down to roof on in two and a half days using offsite Passive House building methodologies. During the Exemplar Homes Tour you will be able to speak to the designers, or builders and suppliers, about the special designs and features, and learn about how to get your own SUPERHOME that you will love coming home to. For more info on what constitutes a SUPERHOME, visit

Explore…Connect…Imagine... a better place to live

0800 002 674

love coming home

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By Allison O’Neill


Young self employed builders are not unusual, but being just 27 and having a mega portfolio of testimonials, like James Brownie, is.


e started Brownie Homes at age 22, and now has a team of seven. He seems to turn clients into raving fans – the testimonials are so impressive it is blindingly obvious you are dealing with builders who excel with the knowhow and watertight project management skills required to succeed in this industry. The team has just completed a renovation on Dyers Pass Road. Using the original structure of the home, they staged a mega makeover, taking it from an old style 70s abode to one that looks brand new. New joinery, new cladding, re-rendering over previous brick and double glazing were part of the process, as was adding a bathroom and a new driveway with more space to park and turnaround. The property is now on the market and the vendor no doubt agrees with clients

that say, “The team are young and energetic as well as being excellent tradesmen. The site is always left clean and tidy; they take pride in their work. They are trustworthy, well mannered and friendly. James has a very clear focus - delivering results. Our project was delivered on time, on budget.” Professionals like James Brownie make wide sweeping complaints about millennials seem absolutely absurd. Hard workers, with high standards and deep client dedication are out there. For some, the knowledge comes naturally with the passion, and this is neither about age nor a lifetime’s industry experience. “James knows what will work and what looks right. He recommended changes to our plans and we ended up with a better result.” No wonder they are up for a Master Builder Award.

• New Builds · Renovations · Earthquake Repairs · Landscaping · Commercial Buildings

Brownie Homes is serious about delivering QUALITY homes & services at COMPETITIVE prices.

Get serious, get building with Brownie Homes.

Phone 0508 276 964


SALE ON 20-40%





57a McSaveneys Road, Marshland Growers of quality perennials and shrubs 102 April 13, 2017 Metropol

PH/FAX: 385 4675




Using the WRX chassis, the Subaru Levorg steps up to the plate as the WRX for the person who needs the extra room.



ure it still ticks the high performance box, but it’s also brilliant on space to fit the toys. I can only imagine how good it would be to take it up the Mount Hutt access road for a ski day. The Subaru Levorg AWD 8 speed 197 kW, 350 Nm 2L is price pointed at $56,000 RRP. And it fits the bill. I picked my accountant up for lunch across town at Red Bowl Chinese, and by the time we got there he was advising me that I should make an investment in a radar detector. Unfortunately, some models just lend themselves a little to dropping the foot. This is one such car. With a racing steering wheel, you feel like you could join the Peel Forest circuit anytime. One must show restraint. Interior trims were refined and subtle too.

My boys are hitting teenage years, so the USB chargers in the back and powering devices ticked the boxes to make it a “family car”. That’s a bit of a loose term these days, as I have a friend who calls his Porsche GT3 that to justify the purchase. But yes, you could use this as a family car, although it’s far more fun to have as an adventuring wagon, boasting power and luxury when visiting an out of way lodge somewhere down south. In closing, the suspension was great. It was a little harsh on the road, nonetheless a fun experience. If I owned one permanently, the radar detector would be a must.


$49500 2016 Harley 750cc street $8088 2016 Harley Davidson fxst 1000km $24888 2016 Indian Dark Horse 1800cc $23888 2014 Victory Hammer 8ball $16588 2011 Triumph T100 Bonnie $8788 2007 Harley Davidson duece $14888 1998 Harley sportster 1200 $7288 1995 Harley Davidson 1200 $6588 FINANCE /INSURANCE with good credit 2000 Mil34c Helicopter $185,000 + GST

Open Wed, Fri & Sat Viewing by appointment

Ph: 027 438 6934

TradeMe name: cesna

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t’s a zippy little number with lots of pick-up as soon as you put your foot down. There are two versions and I got the up-spec model with the manual coming in at $36,990.

The team from Holden let me have the new Holden Astra ($38,490) 1.6 litre turbo RS-V, 147 kW, 300 Nm, 6 speed for a few days.














• Reverse Camera • Apple Carplay™2 & Android Auto™2 integration through SYNC®33 • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) • Active City Safe • Satellite Navigation


• Reverse Camera • Apple Carplay™2 & Android SPECIAL PRICE Auto™2 integration through SYNC®33 • Reverse Camera • 17” Alloy2 Wheels & Android • Apple Carplay™ • Satellite Navigation through Auto™1 2 integration +ORC • Daytime Running Lights



• Reverse Camera • Apple Carplay™2 & Android Auto™2 integration through SYNC®33 • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) • Active City Safe • Satellite Navigation






SYNC®33 • Blind Spot Information WE HAVE A FIELDAYS DEAL THAT’S PERFECT FOR YOU! System (BLIS) 1 WE HAVE A FIELDAYS DEAL THAT’S PERFECT FOR YOU! +ORC • Active City Safe !UTODAY. OY ROF TCEFREP S’TAHT LATEST ED DRIVE SYADTODAY. LEIF A EVAH EW TEST DRIVE TEST DRIVE TODAY. WE HAVE A FIELDAYS DEAL THAT’S PERFECT FOR YOU! • Satellite Navigation pricing is recommended pricing only and available until 30 June 2017 or while stocks 1. The lastspecial at participating pricing is recommended Ford Dealerships. pricing Priceonly excludes and available on road costs, until 30 options June 2017 or while stocks last at participating Ford Dealerships. Price excludes on road costs, options • Price Reverse Camera on road cos es. Not available in conjunction with any1.other special offers. 2. Apple™ and Appleand accessories. are trademarks Not available of Apple in conjunction Inc., registered withonly any in the other U.S. special and other offers. countries. 2. Apple™ and Apple Carplay™ are trademarks Inc., registered in the U.S. and other The special pricing isCarplay™ recommended pricing and available until 30 June 2017oforApple while stocks last at countries. participating Ford Dealerships. excludes droid Auto™ and Google Maps™Anywhere are registered trademarks of Google Inc. 3. For phone Android™, and media Android player Auto™ compatibility, and Googleplease Maps™visit registered trademarks of Google Inc. 3. For phone and media player compatibility, please visit Ford 2 • Reverse Camera &U.S. Android • registered Apple Carplay™ and accessories. Not available in conjunction with any other special offers. 2. Apple™ and Apple Carplay™ are trademarks of Apple Inc., in the and o ESCAPE TREND FWD aremaC esreveRAnywhere • SPECIAL PRICE 2 Auto™2 integration through Anywhere Ford Ford T R O P S S U C O F & Android • Apple Carplay™ Reverse Camera Android™, AndroiddiAuto™ and Google Maps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc. 3. For phone and media player compatibility, please visit 2 ® 3 ESCAPE TREND FWD ™ y a l p r a C e l p p A • o r d n A & 2 3 SYNC SPECIAL PRICE • Auto™ 123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | integration through 2 & Android Apple®Carplay™ ECIRP LAICEPS hguorhtDRIVE noitargetTODAY. ni 2™otuA 3 TEST SYNC • Blind Spot Information SPECIAL PRICE 3 ® through Auto™32 integration 3 CNYS ® 3 Information System (BLIS) • Blind 3 SYNCSpot slwhile eehW yollAlast ”7at 1 participating • 1 ricing is recommended pricing only and available until 30 June 2017 or stocks Ford Dealerships. Price excludes on road costs, options System (BLIS) +ORC • Active City Safe • Blind Spot Information es. Not available in conjunction with any other special offers. 2. Apple™ noitagand ivaApple N etilCarplay™ letaS • are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. +ORC1 • Active Safe• Satellite Navigation SystemCity (BLIS) 123 Road | SAMPLEVILLE droid Auto™ and Google Maps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc. 3. For phone and media1Sample player compatibility, please visit | P 01 234 5678 | C R O + sthgiL gninnuR emityaD • +ORC1 • Satellite Navigation Active City Safe Anywhere Ford • Satellite Navigation +ORC




1. The special pricing is recommended pricing only and available until 30 June 2017 or while stocks last at participating Ford Dealerships. Price excludes on road costs, options and accessories. Not available in conjunction with any other special offers. 2. Apple™ and Apple Carplay™ are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android™, Android Auto™ and Google Maps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc. 3. For phone and media player compatibility, please visit

123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 |

37 92 37 37


$ $ $

Anywhere Ford

$990 990 TEST 990 DRIVE TODA

1. The special pricing is recommended pricing only and available until 30 June 2017 or while stocks last 123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | and accessories. Not available in conjunction TEST DRIVE TODAY. with any other special offers. 2. Apple™ and Apple Carp TEST DRIVE TODAY. .YADOT EVof IRDGoogle TSET Android™, Android Auto™ and Google Maps™ are registered trademarks Inc. 3. For phone a DRIVE 1. The special pricing is recommended pricing onlyTEST and available until 30 TODAY. June 2017 or while stocks last at participating Ford Dealerships. Price excludes on road costs, options

1. The special pricing is recommended pricing only availablewith untilany 30 June or while stocks last at participating Ford Dealerships. Price excludes onInc., road costs, options and accessories. Not available in and conjunction other2017 special offers. 2. Apple™ and Apple Carplay™ are trademarks of Apple registered in the U.S. and other countries. snotrademarks itpo ,stsoc dof aoApple r no sedulcregistered xe ecirP .spinihthe srelU.S. aeDand droFother gnitacountries. picitrap ta tsal skcots elihw ro 7102 enuJ 03 litnu elbaliava dna ylno gnicirp dednemmocer si g and accessories.Android™, Not available in conjunction with any other special 2. Apple™ and Apple Carplay™ Android Auto™ and Google Maps™ areoffers. registered trademarks of Google Inc.are 3. For phone andDealerships. mediaInc., player compatibility, please visit 1. The special pricingAuto™ is recommended available until 30 June 2017 orInc. while stocks lastand at .separticipating irtnuoplayer c rehtoFord dna .S.U eht niplease dePrice retsvisit igexcludes er , .cnI elpon pAroad fo skcosts, rameoptions dart era ™yalpraC elppA dna ™elppA .2 .sreffo laiceps rehto yna htiw noitcnujnoc ni elbaliava t Android™, Android and Googlepricing Maps™only areand registered trademarks of Google 3. For phone media compatibility, and accessories. Not available in conjunction with any other special offers. 2. Apple™ and Apple Carplay™ are trademarks Inc., and .cnys/ zn.oof c.dApple rof.w w w tregistered isiv esaelpin ,ytthe ilibU.S. itapm ocother reyalpcountries. aidem dna enohp roF .3 .cnI elgooG fo skramedart deretsiger era ™spaM elgooG dna ™otuA Android™, Android Auto™ and Google Maps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc. 3. For phone and media player compatibility, please visit

AvonAnywhere City Ford ForddroGo F erehwynA Further

Anywhere Ford Anywhere Ford 123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | Anywhere 123 Sample Road |Ford SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 |

Cnr Main South Rd and Epsom Rd,znSockburn | hwyna | 8765 432 10 P | ELLIVELPMAS | daoR elpmaS 321 .oc.drofere 123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | CHRISTCHURCH | 03 348 4129 or 0800 655 551

123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234

Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | 03 313 7059 |

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TION By Nicholas Henare

Apple iPlay is always a big one for me as it synchs with my iPhone 6 perfectly and I can use Siri to connect to the big wide world. I found the steering wheel controls were good for navigating between music and phone and the connectivity while driving was a technology win. The lane keep assist was a little strong. As we all know, Christchurch lanes don’t play entirely by the rules and the savvy, law-abiding vehicle would want to stay on track meaning indicating while manoeuvring through obstacles to avoid being pulled a certain direction. Rain sensing wipers came in handy though as summer has well and truly left us, sigh. Safety gets a huge thumb’s up with six airbags for side impact and front passenger too. The advanced park assist is there for those that need it but I never did. The long and short of its dimensions is that it’s small enough to be an easy drive but large enough to cater to the family as well. Interior wise, leather seats with nice trim were comfortable and an attractive addition. All in all there is a great price point on this model meaning bang for buck.

Metropol April 13, 2017 105

PURE ELEGANCE A stunning collection of

Where can one see the beauty of a rare Porsche 993 or 964? Perhaps a 1992 Porsche 911 ‘964’ Turbo, which is the least produced of the 911 turbo generation? Well, Christchurch European is now lucky enough to have one on site!


NOW $69,995

ith its distinctive whale tale, iconic lines and air-cooled turbo engine, there’s no question, this would be a drive to remember. Perhaps one of the four Lamborghinis may take your fancy? Oh, that 2013 Aventador LP 700-4 is a feast for the eyes. Or maybe it’s the classic look of the 1990 Ferrari 348 TS Targa that sparks your wheels? Really? $89,995 for a Ferrari!? Wherever your affections lie, certainly the level of selection at Christchurch European is unique. It’s hard to believe we have this on our own doorstep here in Christchurch, let alone in New Zealand.

NOW $44,995

2006 Bentley Flying Spur 6.0 W12 Sedan

2014 Mercedes Benz A250 AMG Sportline

Over 300k new! 4 Door supercar with Premium Leather, Soft Close Doors, Heated/Cooled Seats, Push Button Start, Air Suspension, Glass Sunroof, 4Motion 4WD, Woodgrain detailing, Factory Alloys, 561 Bhp W12 Twin Turbo performance, Multiple Airbags, ABS/ESP, Cruise Control etc. A car fit for a king and very hard to get!

Only 24,000kms and smart in Grey Metallic!, Full Leather AMG Sportline with Electric/Heated Seats, 155 KW 2.0 Turbo performance, Red Seatbelts, 7G Gearbox, Side Assist, CD/Stereo/AUX/ NZ Navigation/Bluetooth Phone and Music streaming, Harmon Kardon sound upgrade, LED Running Lights. Very funky and modern model!.

2014 Jaguar F Type 3.0 V6 Supercharged Coupe

2011 BMW M3 4.0 V8 DCT Sedan

Latest model only 8,000 kms, Grey Metallic with Grey Leather/Velour, Heated/Electric Seats, 8 Speed Quickshift, Rare Heated Steering wheel option fitted, Cruise Control, Reverse Camera, Dual Sports Exhausts which sound stunning!, Touch Screen Bluetooth Phone CD/AUX/ Stereo/Bluetooth Streaming, Grade 4.5/5 as new car. Save $30-40k on list new!

Facelift model with Auto Stop/Start, Paddleshift, Dual Exhausts, Carbon Roof and Wing-mirrors/Lip spoilers, 19 inch Black Bayern Sports Alloys, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, BMW I Drive CD/Stereo/Bluetooth Phone/NZ Navi, European Plates, Full Electrics etc. A very good looking performance sedan in White!..

NOW $99,995

106 April 13, 2017 Metropol

NOW $59,995

Yes, the core business is European and who doesn’t love Audi, Range Rover, BMW, Porsche and Jaguar, but actually, the true essence of the business lies in the rarity and pure luxury of the driving artworks that can be seen and purchased on site. With the flavour of an automotive exhibition, everywhere you look there is a feast for the eyes. With more than 200 vehicles in stock, the diverse European range caters to all types of discerning buyer. There’s a European car for everyone at the site based in the accessible locale of 511 Blenheim Road. New stock arrives all the time, available for purchase on site and online at Christchurch European, the name says it all; elegant and stylish vehicles in Christchurch. Set your goals on something special and drive the dream you’ve always wanted.

NOW $89,995 2015 Land Rover Discovery 4 SE 3.0 SDV6

Diesel 8 Speed, Latest shape with revised DISCOVERY bonnet badging, Hard to get and striking in Loire Blue Metallic, Full Leather, Heated Seats, 7 Seats, Touch Screen CD/Stereo/AUX/ Bluetooth Streaming, NZ Navigation, Paddleshift, 8 Speed Gearbox with Rotary Shifter, Full Electrics etc. Very popular luxury 7 Seater!

2014 Mercedes Benz E400 AMG Sportline Convertible 3.0 Bi-Turbo generating 245 KW!, AMG Sport Line with 19 inch Bi Colour AMG Sports Alloys, Full AMG Leather, Heated Seats, Red Seatbelts, LED Lighting, Airscarf, AMG Sports Steering Wheel, Collision Warning Assist, Command CD/Stereo/Bluetooth/Phone/Navigation, 7G Gearbox, Full Electrics etc. Smart saving on new pricing!.

NOW $79,995

Moncks Bay 149 Main Road Absolute Waterfront A stunning bespoke waterfront property. A unique NZ experience with the bonus of a deep water frontage and your own slipway. Features include: - Custom designed kitchen featuring European fittings and appliances - Sumptuous underfloor heated natural stone bathrooms - Striking Boyd Chamberlin designed garage - Manicured garden featuring ambient lighting and a calming water feature This might be one of your last chances to secure a prime waterfront position and property. Act now or live with regret. HD Video Tour:

3 A 2 E 2 F 2 I

Auction 10.30am, Sunday 23 April 2017 - On site (Unless sold prior) Alex Fort 027 421 6016 (03) 929 0272 Shaun Creek 022 0344 769 (03) 929 0272 LICENSED (REAA 2008) Metropol April 13, 2017 107

Foodie France with Chelsea Winter.

Pop the cork for a sparkling encounter with Paris, a foodie frenzy of delicious cuisine, stunning Loire Valley, a healthy helping of Bordeaux, medieval cities, bustling village markets, Roman footprints left on the French landscape centuries ago, Burgundy’s gastronomic talents….








share twin. Departs 25 August 2017. One departure only.

Single Supplement additional $1840pp

• Return economy class airfares from Auckland with Cathay Pacific • 1 night stopover and sightseeing Hong Kong • 15 day custom-made Trafalgar itinerary staying in hand-picked 4 star hotels in twin-bedded rooms with private facilities • Cooking Experience in Paris, local specialists in Paris (day 2), Arcachon, Pont du Gard, Carcassonne, Arles & Lyon • Buffet breakfast daily and 2 Regional lunches • 9 three course dinners in local restaurants and hotels including 2 special Be My Guest dinners

The best holidays are created together. HOT.CO.NZ BARRINGTON 331 7182 I FERRYMEAD 376 4022 I HIGH ST LANES 339 3440 I HORNBY 344 3070 I MERIVALE 355 2200 NORTHLANDS 352 4578 I ON VICTORIA 365 7687 I RANGIORA 313 0288 I RICCARTON 341 3900 I SHIRLEY 385 0710 UPPER RICCARTON 343 0869 CONDITIONS: Valid for new bookings only from 25 March 2017 until sold out • Ticket taxes and surcharges are included in the advertised prices and are valid as at 25 March 2017 • A non-refundable deposit of $1000pp is required upon booking confirmation and full payment is due no later than 60 days prior to departure • Flights are based on economy class flying on Cathay Pacific AKL-HKG-PAR–HKG-AKL • Flight and routing restrictions apply • Advertised packages are per person share twin and include accommodation as specified • Limited number of singles available at advertised price • Departure is guaranteed subject to a minimum of 25 passengers • Min/max stays apply • Packages are based on consecutive night stays as specified • Prices are per person in NZ dollars based on payment by cash or cheque • Airfares are non-refundable, non-transferable and name changes are not permitted • Domestic flights are an additional cost • Cancellation Fees apply: 60+ days prior to departure $1000pp non-refundable, within 25-60 days 25% non-refundable, 8-21 days 30% non-refundable • 1-7 days 50% non-refundable • day of departure 100% non-refundable • Amendment fees apply • For full details please ask your House of Travel consultant

108 April 13, 2017 Metropol

Metropol - 13th April 2017  
Metropol - 13th April 2017