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September-October 2016

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September - October 2016

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Action Photography by Clark Thompson

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Train Like a Champion. Train with a Champion. MetroSports Magazine’s former Athlete of the Month and cover of our May-June 2015 issue, Keisher “Fire” McLeod, a former NY Golden Gloves Champion, current NYS Flyweight Champion and current WIBA World Flyweight Champion can now be your personal boxing trainer at the world famous Gleason’s Gym.

2 | September - October 2016

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Randall’s Island, NYC

Home of the 2016 NYC TC/USA Nationals


ew York City’s Randall’s Island is not only the site for Triple Crown Sports’ NYC Baseball Experience and the Northeast Nationals Fastpitch Softball Tournament, but it is also a well-known NY Metro area mecca for sports of all types. Randall’s Island has served as the home for New York’s first professional soccer team, the NY Cosmos on which international soccer star, Pele, played. In 1936 in front of an audience that included President Franklin Roosevelt, Jesse Owens qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team with a victory in the 100 meter dash at the Randall’s Island Olympic Trials and went on to win 4 Olympic Gold Medals at the 1936 Berlin games. Jesse’s victory was reenacted in 2004 by U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin to celebrate the opening of the island’s Icahn Stadium and recapture a bit of Randall’s Island history. On May 31, 2008, six time Olympic Gold Medalist, Usain Bolt, set a new world record for the 100 meter dash, also in Icahn Stadium. The history of Randall’s Island in NYC dates back to 1637 when Dutch Governor Wouter van Twillin purchased it from the Lenni Lenape tribe of Native Americans. Since that time, the island has been used for a number of purposes including a Civil War veteran’s rest home, burial ground, a juvenile delinquent detention center and various medi-

cal facilities. In 1933, by act of the New York State legislature, Randall’s Island was designated a recreational facility. New York City Parks Commissioner and builder Robert Moses oversaw the construction of playground, ball fields, and a sports stadium, originally known as Triborough Stadium and then as Downing Stadium and which was replaced in 2002 with the modern Icahn Stadium. The lights used at Icahn Stadium to light the field were taken from the old Ebbets Field, the former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers prior to their move to L.A. Back in the days when baseball was a segregated sport and before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, the Black Yankees of base-

4 | September - October 2016

ball’s old Negro League played their 1938 season in Triborough Stadium on Randall’s Island although most of their home games were played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Also calling Triborough Stadium their home field were one of New York’s earliest professional football teams, the New York Yankees of the old AFL. Triborough Stadium was renamed Downing Stadium in 1955 and, in 2002, was torn down to be replaced by Icahn Stadium in 2004 and which is still in use on Randall’s Island today. The Triple Crown Sports NYC baseball and softball tournaments continue the historic sports legacy on Randall’s Island.

Photo: Warren Rosenberg

2016 TC/USA Nationals Fastpitch Softball Championship

More than 800 athletes on 73 teams from across the country along with their coaches, parents, fans and college scouts descended upon NYC’s Randall’s Island this summer to compete in the 2016 TC/USA Nationals fastpitch softball tournament organized and sanctioned by Colorado’s Triple Crown Sports. Inaugurated in 2012 in New York City, the TC/USA Nationals rotates through venues across the country with NYC appearing on the schedule in 2012 and 2016, interestingly coinciding with the Summer Olympic Games. In other years, Nevada and Georgia have hosted the tournament. The Championship games in this year’s tournament were broadcast on ESPN3 television.

For the TC/USA Nationals, TCS takes the top 100 teams listed on the NCR and gives an automatic berth to a program’s 18 Gold, 16U and 14U teams, along with the top five regionally ranked teams from 13 regions around the country. Invites are not passed down if a team chooses not come. Instead, TCS fills all open spots with at-large selections. Four of the nation’s top ten 18 Open teams participated including the #3 ranked Firecrackers from Huntington Beach, CA. Eight local teams also competed; the Gators, Outlaws Elite and Cheetahs from NJ, Long Island’s Team Xteme, Sudden Impact and Team Long Island, the Bronx Diamond Dolls, and Westchester’s Empire State Huskies MetroSports Magazine | 5

MSM Goes 1 on 1

with Carolina Elite Coach Shaun Gleason MSM: How do you feel participating in the TC/USA Nationals in NYC helped the girls develop as a team or as individuals? Coach Gleason: Anytime you can put your team up against some of the best teams/organizations in the country your team is going to get better win or lose. The same goes for each individual player. TC year after year always gets some of the best teams in the nation to participate in their nationals; therefore, we jumped at the chance to play. MSM: Was the NYC location of the tournament a draw or was participation in this tournament, regardless of location, the decisive reason? Coach Gleason: Playing in TC USA/Nationals no matter what location is normally good enough for me to take my team due to the high caliber of teams they get to participate. But this year being it was being held in NYC my parents jumped at the opportunity to go play there so they could turn it into an exciting vacation as well. Almost 90% of my parents and players on the team has never been to NYC and thought it would be a great place to vacation and play high end ball. MSM: How did you find the level of competition relative to other tournaments you may have competed? Coach Gleason:I felt the competition in NYC l was pretty comparable to the level we had faced all year, but the big difference being that we now were able to play top competition from all over the country and not just teams in the southeast region. Anytime you get to play against organizations such as Firecrackers and Texas Bombers you know your team has to bring their A game. MSM: Aside from playing softball, what was the most exciting part of your visit to NYC? Coach Gleason: Being I am originally from the Long Island area I would have to say having my kids Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles come watch my kids play was amazing. Eating true NYC pizza and Italian food. Coach Ross Turpin :“Going to the 911 Memorial and Museum was the most exciting things to do while in NYC. We had a lot of fun doing other things as well but if we had to choose 1 thing it was visiting the 911 Memorial. “ 6 | September - October 2016

MetroSports Magazine | 7

Patriotism on Display any of the teams competing in the TC/USA MNationals in NYC honored our fallen military heroes with patriotic uniforms, most notable among them were the Pennsylvania Chaos and the Texas Bombers.

We asked Chaos Coach Joe Spina about the choice of uniforms worn by the team. “We have been wearing our Fallen Hero Jerseys for a couple years now and what we do is pick soldiers that are from our area and make the kids look up and learn about each Fallen Hero. Our girls could tell you where that soldier is from and how that soldier died at the very least. Having our girls understand why we do this to honor brave men and women who made the most extreme sacrifices is extremely important to me. We constantly get veterans coming up to us and thanking us for honoring these brave men and women and we are humbled to be able to turn it around and thank them for their service.�

8 | September - October 2016

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Colorado’s Triple Crown Sports All Stars 10 | September - October 2016

New York City’s Own Bronx Diamond Dolls MetroSports Magazine | 11

2016 TC/USA Nationals - Final Bracket Standings 1st and 2nd Place 14 Open Platinum Champions Platinum 2nd Place Gold Champions Gold 2nd Place

Firecrackers DFW Carolina Elite - Gleason Texas Blaze – Thompson Mizuno Storm - Nelson

Belton, TX Blufton, SC Buckholts, TX Litchfield Park, AZ

16 Open 16 Open Champions 16 Open 2nd Place

Louisville Stunners Firecrackers – Lutterloh

Frankfort, KY Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

18 Open Diamond Champions Diamond 2nd Place Platinum Champions Platinum 2nd Place Gold Champions Gold 2nd Place Silver Champions Silver 2nd Place Bronze Champions Bronze 2nd Place

Rock 18 Gold – Waye Louisville Lady Sluggers Texas Blaze Gold – Slimp Louisville Lady Sluggers Conklin Raiders N.J. Cheetahs Premier Firecrackers HTX Gold Finesse – Dreher Texas Impact Gold – Jackson TC All Stars 18A

Holland, PA Louisville, KY Round Rock, TX Louisville, KY Conklin, NY Millstone, NJ Huntington Beach, CA Commerce Township, MI Spring, TX Greeley, CO

Visit for more TC/USA Nationals Tournament photos

12 | September - October 2016

Above: Team Georgia, Suwanee GA

Above: Wichita Mustangs, Colwin, KS

Above: Louisiana Voodoo, River Ridge, LA and Texas Bombers HTX, Conroe, TX MetroSports Magazine | 13

Neppa Gallery League Summer Basketball New York’s 4th Largest City Puts on a 1st Class Tournament


rom the waterside courts City is still the Mecca. When you tell Hoops in the Sun, Entertainers of Orchard Beach in the Bronx someone, ‘I played streetball of the Basketball Classic, Dyckman Tourto the inner-city asphalt of Man- world, there may be better players, nament, Lower East Side Express, hattan’s Dyckman Park, Rucker better games, and better pure bas- Tri-State Classic and Pro City Park, and West 4th Street courts, ketball. But New York City is still the Championship. New York City has long been at Mecca. When you tell someone, ‘I The tournament began on June the center of a unique form of played streetball in New York City,’ 20 with 24 teams organized in three American basketball known sim- they’ll immediately know it tough- division, the Rising Stars, High ply as “Streetball”. ened you up. Only the strong survive, School Boys Showcase, and Prime New York City streetball is and that saying is no more evident Time Divisions. Teams played characterized by fast-paced pick- than on the courts of New York.” through an elimination process up games featuring a range of Well, NYC no longer holds the leading two teams in each Division ability levels and experience and monopoly on New York Streetball to the Championship Finals on Auoften pitting talented neighbor- and that was clearly on display at gust 19th. hood kids, high school stand- this year’s inaugural edition of the Contested on a court at the Yonouts, D-I college kers Nepperhan We’ve been in some tough tournaments: Hoops In The Sun, Gun Hill athletes, and an Community CenLeague, etc., and this league was right up there with them. occasional current ter at 342 WarKurtis London, Coach or retired pro in burton Avenue, Next Level Athletics 14U - 2016 Rising Stars Champions a sharp-elbowed, and surrounded charge-the-basket game. Neppa Gallery League’s Summer by the artwork of NYC photogPerhaps best stated by for- Tournament. In player talent level, rapher and artist G.L. Wood and mer pro player Tyson Hartnett fan enthusiasm, MC and DJ enter- his Wolf Eyes Studio and curated in a September 2014 Huffington tainment and pure inner city grit, by author, videographer and artist Post article, “In different areas the Neppa Gallery Tournament Dawud Knuckes, the tournament’s of pure basketball. But New York ranks right up there with NYC’s tag line is “Basketball Meets Art”.

14 | September - October 2016

MetroSports Magazine | 15

Dawud Knuckles is a well-known presence in the hip-hop recording industry helping to get Ruff Ryders record label launched. Not to be outdone by the Entertainers Basketball Classic’s A-list celebrities, Neppa Gallery League Commissioner missioner Robert Richardson supported by Nepperhan Community Center’s Executive Director Dr. Jim Bostic, has secured the participation of local Yonkers comedian Tray Dowdy, Yonkers-born rap artist Jadakiss, and five time NBA all-Star Chauncey Billups to lend the presence to the League and Tournament. According to League Commissioner Richardson, “Dr. Jim Bostic brought Midnight Basketball to Yonkers over 20 years ago and it was an immediate success. I had the great fortune of participating in that league throughout my entire childhood. The baton was passed to Kevin Cooper who did an excellent job running the league in the midst of tough times in the City of Yonkers. I was given the reins last year and instead of attempting to recreate the wheel, I took the great pieces that helped to mold me as a child and melded them with a number of things I’ve learned along the way. The Neppa Gallery’s mission is to foster a sense of belief in the youth of today by teaching them that all they need to shape the future they desire is innately within them. “ Instrumental in helping the League get started were Yonkers City Councilman Christopher Johnson, Councilwoman Corazon Pineda Issac and Yonkers citizen and founder of the national Stop and Shake initiative encouraging

16 | September - October 2016

positive interactions between citizens and police officers. Councilman Johnson has gone to bat for the Neppa Gallery League. “These three young community servants have shown such awesome support for the Neppa Gallery League” says League Commissioner Richardson. It’s no surprise that the Nepperhan Community Center under Dr. Bostic’s leadership has invested in creating this inspirational basketball themed Gallery and in supporting the League and Tournament as a way to engage Yonkers’ youth. Dr. Bostic, a product of the Yonkers Public School System, a basketball standout at Gorton High School and New Mexico State University and a power forward for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. He has been inducted into both the Yonkers and Westchester County Sports Hall of Fame, has coached basketball on the high school and college levels, and serves his community thorough his ministry with the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. When asked about the League’s motto of, “Where Basketball Meets Art”, Commissioner Richardson told us that, “ We want the youth to understand that they themselves are art. From the way they play to the way they think and interact, it’s all an art form. Once our youth begin to see each other and themselves as beautiful works of art that deserve to be uplifted and marveled at then they will begin to respect each other in that manner.”

MetroSports Magazine | 17

Neppa Gallery League Primetime Division

Team 1. Yonkers Bulls 2. Team 914 3. Scoop Street* 4. BBG 5. Team Crute 6. Westside Cobras 7. Team Nike 8. A.E.L. DC Allstars

Coach London Reyes Alan “Boom” Benjamin Jermaine Henderson Jeff DeLoatch Gary Peterkin Rich Thompson Terry Smith Llyod Cornish

League MVP Jamal Webb, Scoop Street Coach of the year London Reyes, Yonkers Bulls Championship Game MVP Khnemu Draughn, Scoop Street

Showcase Division


1. BBG 2. Metro Kings* 3. Scoop Street 4. Westside Cobras 5. First 48 6. Running Rebels 7. BX Heavy Hitters 8. The Hawks 9. Team Success

Coach Jeff DeLoatch Keith Leaf Johnson Derrick Felder Rich Thompson Morris Crute Jahil Owens Barbie Pope Tim White Michael Mckeithen

League MVP Leviticus Jones, BBG Coach of the year Jahil Owens, Running Rebels Championship Game MVP Glen Anderson, Metro Kings

18 October 2016 26 | September July-August- 2015

Rising Stars Division

Team 1. Running Rebels 2. Warburton Warriors 3. Next Level Athletics* 4. Rich Allstars 5. Team Dowdy 6. First 48 7. GBK

Coach Jahil Owens Korey Butler Kurtis London Richard Newton Tray Dowdy Josh Battle Christopher Cleckley

League MVP Zachary Dempster, Running Rebels Coach of the year Kurtis London, Next Level Athletics Championship Game MVP Vidrew McQueen, Next Level Athletics

MetroSports Magazine | 19

Elimination round action at the 2016 Neppa Gallery League Summer Tournament

20 | September - October 2016

Above: Showcase Division Champion Metro Kings with Dr. Jim Bostic and Coach Johnson Below: Primetime Division Champion Scoop Street with Dr. Bostic and Commissioner Robert Richardson

MetroSports Magazine | 21



MetroSports Magazine conducted a One-on-One interview with Kurtis London, Coach of the 2016 Neppa Gallery League 14U Rising Stars Division Champion Next Level Athletics MSM: How would you rate the level of competition in the tournament? Coach London: I do want to say first and foremost it was an honor to be apart of the Neppa Gallery movement and the league itself was very competitive. I rate the competition as a 9 on a scale of 1-10. There was some good talent with good teamwork from all the teams. MSM: How does the team feel about their performance and their win? Coach London: Myself and the team felt like our performance was very good and we all appreciate the opportunity to play, but mostly, are satisfied with our victory in the League. MSM: Has the team played in any other tournaments such as EBC, HIT, Dyckman, etc and, if so, how did this experience compare? Coach London: Myself and the team have grown over the past 5 years as I have had the privilege to coach most of my young men since 4th grade. We have been in some tough tournaments: Hoops in the Sun, Gun Hill league, etc., but this league was right up there with the experience. Again myself, the 14 and under Rising Stars Champions, “Next Level Athletics” team, and our entire Next Level Organization just want to thank Coach Robert “Man” Richardson and the Neppa Gallery League for having us be a part of their establishment. And hopefully we’ll continue to be for more years to come.

22 | September - October 2016



MetroSports Magazine conducted a One-on-One interview with Vito Salizar one of the Primetime Division players in the 2016 Neppa Gallery League tournament. Neppa Gallery had this to say about Vito and two of his Primetime colleagues. “There were only three reasons we brought the “unlimited” division to Neppagallery League this summer, Wealthyboy Vado, Darnell Get Buckets Glover and Víto Salizár.”

MSM: What can you tell us about your basketball background? Vito: As far as my basketball background, that kind of came later in life. I was always a football star, a two-way star on offense and defense playing quarter back and safety. I made the transition once I realized that I would be better off doing basketball because it was an all year sport. After high school, things weren’t working out how I planned it in football. I got a call from a Division I junior college down in Texas and I took my talents to Southern Christian College and I played there real well for a year but then returned home for personal reasons and attended Bronx Community College where I had a standout year. MSM: How would you compare the Neppa Gallery League and this summer’s Tournament to other tournaments in the Metro region? Vito: As far as summer leagues, I’ve played in Dyckman before. As far as first year tournaments go, Neppa Gallery was a strong tournament. Commissioner Richardson went out and worked hard to get it done for us. I’ve played a lot of places in front of a lot of people and there were great vibes here. It was a great tournament and its only going to get better.

MetroSports Magazine | 23

Above: Showcase Champion Metro Kings with a pre-game pep talk from Coach Johnson

Above: Scoop Street (orange) vs Yonkers Bulls (black) in Primetime Championship Game 24 | September - October 2016

MetroSports Magazine | 25

Bicycle Motocross

Falcon BMX, Meriden CT Photo: Clark Thompson

MetroSports Magazine was on hand to cover the August 20 BMX races, sanctioned by the American Bicycle Association also known as USA-BMX since its merger in 2011 with the National Bicycle League. The event was held at the Falcon BMX track in Meridan, CT, one of four BMX facilities in Connecticut along with T.R.A.C.K. in Trumbull, Foothills BMX in Torrington and Bethel Supercross BMX in Bethel. New York State hosts eleven BMX racing tracks. 26 | September - October 2016

BMX, short for Bicycle MotoCross developed in the California as an outgrowth of motorcycle Motocross racing and was introduced as an Olympic sport at the 2008 summer games in Beijing. Participants is BMX events range from the very young, 2 and 3 year olds, to senior citizens, include both genders competing in the same events and, as with the August 20th Falcon event, typically draw several members from the same family.

Photo: Clark Thompson

MetroSports Magazine | 35

August 20th BMX Race Results District / 3 / Balance / Bike 1. Liam Williams 2. Cheyenne Orlandi District / 26-30 / Cruiser 1. Race Greenwalt 2. Peyton Pulaski 3. Maddy Philbrick Jayden Santiago District / 10 / Intermediate 1. Vincent Orlandi 2. Mary Sloan 3. Sophia Machnik Jayden DeHostos District / 12 / Intermediate 1. Kyle McDonnell 2. Nickolas Cernak 3. Jake Nichols Cameron Cofer District / 14 / Intermediate 1. Adin Philbrick 2. Kole Thurston 3. Kirsten McDonnell District / 9 / Expert 1. Cole Melillo 2. Will Ross 3. Benjamin Machnik District /17-18 / Expert 1. Scott Thomson 2. Justin Boissonneault 3. Christopher Therriault 28 | September - October 2016

Photo: Clark Thompson

Capturing 1st place in the 3-year old division was Liam Williams, beating out seasoned competitor Cheyenne Orlandi, a veteran of last year’s 2-year old division. Brother Vincent Orlandi fared somewhat better edging out 8-year old Mary Sloan, Foothills BMX Rider of the Week for June 8th, in the District / 10 / Intermediate division. Another brother and sister team, Kyle and Kirsten McDonnell, finished first and third, respectively, in the District /12 / Intermediate and District / 14 / Intermediate divisions. For an insiders look at BMX, check out Kirsten’s book, ‘BMX Racing’ published this July and available at

Photo: Clark Thompson Photo: Clark Thompson

Photo: Clark Thompson

MetroSports Magazine | 29

Sports Photo Tip Sponsored by Hunts Photo & Video

30 | September - October 2016

Sports Photo Tip of the Month Photographing Baseball & Softball


ere are some pointers for capturing great action shots on the baseball/softball field. There are basically four ideal shooting positions that allow you to cover most of the game action and which work well using a single camera and lens combination. Most of your time would be well-spent only at positions A and B. You will only occasionally need to reposition yourself at C for pitcher shots. The ideal lens for these positions to be the 70-200 f/2.8. Position A, behind the first base coach, is the single, most ideal position where I spent most of my time. Shooting from this position allows you to shoot straight down the baseline at home plate to capture right-handed batters as they stand at the plate. A great still capture of each player as he or she stands to bat with, full concentration on the pitcher, is easy to get. You’ll also be able to get some good pictures of the batter swinging and, occasionally the luck shot of the ball flying off the bat. Whether the batter gets a hit or a walk, you’ll also be able to get an action shot of the player coming straight at you, in a trot or full run, as they move to take first base. Occasionally, you’ll want to move to position B to get the left-handed batters straight on. . Position A allows you to catch close-up action at first base using the 70mm end of your lens. As you watch the game action you’ll pick up quickly if the first base coach has his/her runners take large leads and steal second base with some regularity. If so, be ready for some great action in the pick-off play. Position A puts you

in the ideal place to capture the runner sliding back into first in a cloud of dust, the first base player poised to make the tag and the pitcher watching the action and, more often than not, throwing the ball. Finally, from Position A and using the long end of your lens, you’re also well-positioned to get the play at second base. To get some great action photos of the pitchers, you’ll need to occasionally move to position C .Position C looks challenging because you’ll have to shoot through the fencing of the backstop. Actually, this is not at all difficult. If you place your lens right up to fence, centered on one of the small fence openings, have your aperture wide open and your focal length zoomed out, the fence wiring will be thrown so far out of focus that it will simply appear as a slightly dark shadow around the frame of your image. A natural vignette. You get wonderful facial expressions and, frequently, the ball in flight as it moves towards the plate. Shooting in burst mode will get you a nice sequence of images, one of which is sure to have the “money shot.

MetroSports Magazine | 31

The Coaches Corner

Improve Your Breathing

Just breathe. The most basics of human actions, breathing is one of the first and last things the human body does in its life span. Practically an automated function, one never really has to think about breathing; it just gets done. However, when exercising and engaging in physical activity, the first thing that often gets overlooked is the breathing. Often times many people feel as if they tire out too quickly or cannot exert as much energy as they like. The result is a sub-par experience in which the individual hasn’t efficiently maximized their energy output. The solution: Better breathing. Let’s take the time to sit back and look at breathing and see how it can be used to maximize performance. The most common mistake with breathing is breathing from the chest. Many people do this, and is often overlooked because it goes unnoticed until serious exertion such as prolonged running or weightlifting kicks in. Then, the breaths become shallow and quick, which leads to hyperventilating. This is usually coupled with mouth-breathing, and while ok under normal circumstances, can lead to ineffective breathing when introduced to serious exertion. The combination of mouth breathing and breathing from the chest often lead to the huffing-and-puffing we see when someone is fatigued; as if they’re fighting for every breath. How does one combat this? Quite simply, by doing the exact opposite. It’s called Diaphragmatic Breathing (DB for short). In short, DB refers to breathing from the diaphragm. According to Geoff Neupert, an accredited contributor to Men’s Health Magazine, DB are the slow, deep breathes that fill your belly, causing it to expand and contrast with each breath. DB “… balances out your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, allowing your body to function more optimally.”. Furthermore, a study published in The U.S National Library of Medicine examined the effects of DB on athletes and their physical activities. 32 | September - October 2016

Thomas Chin

The results “…demonstrate that relaxation induced by diaphragmatic breathing increases the antioxidant defense status in athletes after exhaustive exercise…”. Moreover, DB has been found to lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels, increase the secretion of growth hormone, improve mental clarity and focus, and help facilitate weight loss. So are you tired of huffing and puffing? This simple and easy fix will have you being a better breather in no time! The key takeaways are to 1: Keep the mouth shut and breathe through the nose and 2: Breathe through the diaphragm, not the chest. Watch the stomach rise! Practice these techniques and see yourself taking your healthy lifestyle to the next level in no time!

MetroSports Athlete of the Month Vito Salizar MetroSports Magazine has selected Vito Salizar, a member of the Yonkers Bulls basketball team and former collegiate basketball standout at Southern Christian College and at Bronx Community College. Vito’s selection as Athlete of the Month for September 2016 was based upon his athleticism and scoring performance at the Neppa Gallery League’s summer tournament.

MetroSports Athlete of the Month Dr. Jim Bostic MetroSports Magazine is honored to celebrate Dr. Jim Bostic, Yonkers native, Gorton High School graduate, New Mexico State University standout and NBA Detroit Pistons power forward as our Athlete of the Month for October 2016. As Executive Director of the Yonkers Nepperhan Community Center and respected member of the clergy, Dr. Bostic was instrumental in supporting Commissioner Robert Richardson in launching the Neppa Gallery League summer basketball tournament.


MetroSports Magazine | 33

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