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March-April 2019

FAITH and GRIND Basketball School


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March-April 2019

4 Faith & Grind Basketball School Coach Mike Buffalo delivers instruction for basketball and for life 12 2019 Big Apple Bonspiel New York’s Ardsley Curling Club, rich in history, hosts the Big Apple Bonspiel curling tournament 20 2nd Annual MSG Ring Masters Championships USA Boxing Metro hosts NYC’s premier amateur boxing tournament at sites throughout the NY metropolitan region with finals at Madison Square Garden 26 MSM Goes Six Rounds with Ring Masters Champion, Sabrina Slattery 106 pound senior open female champion from NYC Cops & Kids 30 NYCD Boldest Football NYC Department of Correction Football Season Opens 32 Westchester Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Nothing will stand in their way

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Train Like a Champion. Train with a Champion. MetroSports Magazine’s former Athlete of the Month and cover of our May-June 2015 issue, Keisher “Fire” McLeod, a former NY Golden Gloves Champion, current NYS Flyweight Champion and current WIBA World Flyweight Champion can now be your personal boxing trainer at the world famous Gleason’s Gym.

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FAITH and GRIND Basketball School

Training for Basketball and for Life


he U.S. Anti-Doping agency reported that coaches of youth sports programs rank as the most positive influence on young people and, in many respects, places them above parents, teachers and religious leaders in influencing their social development. Recognizing that the impact coaches have, both during and long after the coaching relationship has finished, and in aspects of life outside of sports, Dr. Michael W. Austin writing in the November 1, 2017 issue of Psychology Today, notes that coaches “have a moral responsibility to have a positive impact on their players” and that to do so, a coach “must be a person of character, moral courage, respect and integrity.” This seems to be precisely the premise behind Coach Mike Buffalo’s basketball development program aptly named, “Faith and Grind”. The premise behind his program, as explained to MetroSports Magazine by coach Buffalo, is that “on the basketball court, we must have Faith in our team mates, our coaches’ strategies, and more importantly Faith in ourselves. In addition to such Faith, we must Grind, or work hard to improve our overall basketball development to become victorious in on the court”. Extending the impact of his training philosophy beyond the basketball court he goes on to say that, “I want the youth to know that Faith & Grind doesn’t only apply to basketball or any other sport; it extends to academics as well. In order for you to be a great student, you must first believe that you can become one and then put forth the effort in doing so.” We first met coach Buffalo at the Westchester County Center where he is a frequent guest having been a close friend of one of the team members during the 2016-17 sea4 | March-April 2019

son and where he developed a relationship with the team’s general manager and former New York Knicks great, Allan Houston. Houston, who runs his own faith-based youth development program, FISLL, has provided both inspiration and guidance to coach Buffalo. FISLL, ‘Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership and Legacy, is a youth leadership development league operated under the umbrella of the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation. “I met Allan Houston about three years ago

Above: Coach Mike Buffalo at Irvington’s Scenic Hudson Park. Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

through a friend of mine, Doron Lamb, who formerly played for the Westchester Knicks during the 20162017 season. I remember introducing myself to Houston and as the season went along, we’d gotten more familiar with one another. Houston agreed to take time out of his busy schedule during the summer of 2017 by guest speaking at the Faith & Grind Basketball School. It was a phenomenal event which the kids & I really enjoyed having a New York Knicks legend give back and share insight on what Faith & Grind means to him, and how it propelled his 12 year NBA career. This was a huge confidence booster MetroSports Magazine | 5

booster because I was just starting out with the program and to have a guy of that stature speak at a function that I put together felt surreal. Houston was also one of my favorite NBA players during the early 2000s.”

Above: Coach Mike Buffalo with NY Knicks Allan Houston

Not one to overlook New York’s other professional basketball team, coach Buffalo has also built a relationship with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. “My ties to the Brooklyn Nets are, I was hired in the summer of 2018 as a “Youth Basketball Academy Clinician” where we give back to the various communities in Brooklyn by hosting free basketball clinics and camps throughout the year. I enjoy being a part of the Brooklyn Nets organization and connecting with the children of Brooklyn.” Since his commitment to guiding young people seems so sincere to us, we asked coach Buffalo if there was time when he knew that dedicating his professional career to helping young people develop their basketball skills was the right 6 | March-April 2019

way forward for him. “During my senior year at York College in Nebraska, there was a kid by the name of Morgan Conner who saved my life. I fell out of love from the game of basketball because of the constant disappointments that I had to endure throughout my career. In despite of all that; Conner still looked up to me as a role model. That admiration reignited my love for the game and from that point on, I knew I had a special connection to the youth.” Faith and Grind Basketball School currently operates at locations throughout Westchester County, including health clubs, public parks, and private homes, and on most days of the week. “I do this to try my best to accommodate everyone and keep it as local as possible. Some of the locations include, The Westchester Gym in Elmsford, Clark Academy High School in Dobbs Ferry, Greenville Elementary School in Scarsdale, and the Rippowam Cisqua School in Bedford. The majority of the kids apart of the Faith & Grind program are from Irvington, Chappaqua, Valhalla, & Scarsdale. I’ll be looking to connect with more local communities within Westchester as time goes along. These sessions are open to anyone who registers through the Faith & Grind website.”

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Participation in the Faith and Grind Basketball School has been growing so quickly that Coach Buffalo has taken on an assistant, another coach Buffalo. “I recently hired Coach Doug Buffalo who happens to be my older brother. I owe a lot of my success to him because he’s been there every step of the way. He constantly feeds me positivity to help me grow as a person and gives me advice on how to uplift the Faith & Grind program. Also, I used to train with him as a kid so he has experience teaching youth basketball. Over the next 5 years, I see Faith & Grind growing tremendously by expanding and influencing kids in different fields of life. In addition, I would like to travel to different places across the world and continue spreading a positive message that anything is possible with just believing in 2 words: FAITH & GRIND.”

8 | March-April 2019

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Well-known to many, the New York metropolitan region plays host to a number of professional sports teams and venues including Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium) and Mets (Citi Field), the NBA’s New York Knicks (Madison Square Garden) and Nets (Barclay’s Center), the WNBA’s New York Liberty (Westchester County Center), Major League Soccer’s New York City Football Club (Yankee Stadium) and Red Bulls (Red Bull Stadium), numerous NCAA Division I athletic teams, the international Formula E New York City Grand Prix (Red Hook Brooklyn), and the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets (Met Life Stadium) to name a few. Perhaps less well-known but certainly of great importance are a number of organizations and venues that host both recreational sports for area residents as well as national and international competitions. One such organization is the Ardsley Curling Club, hosting lessons, recreational participation, and international competitions in the Olympic sport of curling. Above and facing page: Ardsley’s Yushi Yang leading Team Yang to a 2nd place finish

10 | March-April 2019

On the long weekend of March 21-24, the Ardsley Curling club hosted the 2rd annual Big Apple Bonspiel bringing together 24 teams of competitive curlers from as far away as Ontario, Canada and Orlando, Florida. Separated into three divisions, “A”, “B” and “C”, the field was winnowed down over the course Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s tournament play to just six teams competing in Sunday’s Championship games.

In the premier “A” division, the host team from the Ardsley Curling Club fell to the team from Cambridge, Ontario Canada, Team Stewart or, in curling parlance, Stewart Rink. Putting up a game effort for Ardsley were Yushi Yang, Jamey Gilardi, Misty Zhou and Vinay Goenka. Taking home the tournament trophy for Canada were Peter Stewart, John Vibert, Kira Moor and Jordan Hobbs. Winning the “B” division, or 2nd Event, was Team Bushwood comprising players from both the host Ardsley Curling Club and the Long Island Curling Club including Matthew Scheiner, Nicole Zahour, Rob Roberts and Dafna Stempel. Coming up short against Team Bushwood to take second place honors was Team Miller from Connecticut’s Nutmeg Curling Club. Along with Jack Miller were team mates Kraig Steffen, Ryan Heide and Stephen Dulski. In the premier “A” division, the host team from the Ardsley Curling Club fell to the team from Cambridge, Ontario Canada, Team Stewart or, in curling parlance, Stewart Rink. Putting up a game effort for Ardsley were Yushi Yang, Jamey Gilardi, Misty Zhou and Vinay Goenka. Taking home the tournament trophy for Canada were Peter Stewart, John Vibert, Kira Moor and Jordan Hobbs.

Welcomed onto the ice by a lone bagpiper, the 24 curlers, representing teams from Westchester County and Long Island (Ardsley, Bushwood), New York City (Brooklyn), Connecticut (Nutmeg), North Carolina and Florida (Charlando) and Ontario Canada (Galt) gathered for some championship play.

Winning the “B” division, or 2nd Event, was Team Bushwood comprising players from both the host Ardsley Curling Club and the Long Island Curling Club including Matthew Scheiner, Nicole Zahour, Rob Roberts and Dafna Stempel. Coming up short against Team Bushwood to take second place honors was Team Miller from Connecticut’s Nutmeg Curling Club. Along with Jack Miller were team mates Kraig Steffen, Ryan Heide and Stephen Dulski.

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Billed as the only curling club in New York City, Team Nigrosh from the Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club finished second in the “C” division behind Team Charlando with players from the Charlotte and Orlando Curling Clubs. Heading up the Brooklyn Lakeside team was Hilary Nigrosh with Liz Johnson, Erika Omundson and Zach Aragosa. The members of Team Charlando included Kristen Conrad, Bill Morrison, Laura Miller and Ari Warsager. Earlier on Sunday, the “D” event was won by Team Bridge Workers from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, (Matthew Pring, Paul Gibson, Dan Pearson, Kevin Brady) defeating The Namesake Rookies from Westchester’s Saint Andrews Curling Club (Jacob Platt, Nathan O’Reilly, Jonathan Leung, Meg Ocampo).

Summing up their first trip to the Big Apple Bonspiel, the Champions from Canada told MetroSports Magazine that, “The hospitality of the Ardsley Curling Club, and its members, has been second to none. That is saying a lot for a group that comes from a country where curling is a big deal. These people know how to run an event. They keep your stomachs full, your thirst quenched, and the curling is alright too!“ Ardsley Curling Club president, Joseph Sablow, added that, “You can always judge the success of a Bonspiel by what the participants take away. The Big Apple Bonspiel was a successful. Everyone enjoyed a weekend of friendly competition.”

Above: Kristin Conrad of Team Charlando, C Division Champions. Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

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Above: Bonspiel Champions, Team Stewart of the Ontario Galth Curling Club, Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

They renewed old friendships and made many new ones. Good friends, good food, good competition, what more could you ask for. It’s everything that the sport of Curling is all about.” Team Stewart’s John Vibert said of the Ardsley Curling Club and the Bog Apple Bonspiel that, “the club itself has a nice homey feel, and we’ll definitely be back to play in the Big Apple Bonspiel again.”

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Curling, one of the oldest team sports in the world, dates back to 16th century Scotland, making its first arrival in the United States in 1832 and in the New York Metro region by 1885. Men’s curling had previously appeared as an Olympic sport in 1924 but was discontinued until its reappearance as a demonstration sport in 1932. It was on February 4th and 5th, 1932, the third Olympic Winter Games held in Lake Placid, New York, that the sport of curling appeared as a demonstration sport along with women’s speed skating and sled dog racing. The editors of MetroSports Magazine have selected 1932 as the banner year to recognize for the sport in our region. According to the History of the Ardsley Curling Club as compiled by Joseph P. Ringland, the Ardsley Curling Club traces its history back to that same year, 1932, and specifically December 6th. Curling was added back as a regular Olympic sport in 1998.

Granted that the curling had been taking place at the St. Andrews Club since 1858, at the New York Caledonian Curling Club since 1855 and the Yonkers Curling Club since 1895, but we still see 1932 as a special year, given that one of the original 1932 Olympic curling competitors, playing third positon on the New York State team, was none other than George B. Ogden, one of the Ardsley Curling Club’s original members in 1932. Ogden was not a local Westchester County resident but rather hailed from the upstate town of Utica, New York, where he was president of the American Emblem Company. A graduate of Hamilton College, Ogden was an accomplished curler and his business frequently brought him to New York City. It was during these trips to the New York Metro region that Ogden would visit the Ardsley Curling Club.

Above: Hilary Nigrosh of Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

14 | March-April 2019

Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

Above: Ardsely Curling Club president, Joe Sablow, delivering the stone. Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg Below Right: Keeping score and announcing the action from the comfort of the warm room.

The history of the Ardsley Curling Club, as exquisitely detailed in Ringland’s text (reference in footnote), is linked to another one of the nation’s, and Westchester’s, oldest and most historic sports organizations, the St. Andrews Golf Club in Hastingson-Hudson, NY. The St. Andrew’s Golf Club allowed members of the future Ardsley Curling Club to use a frozen pond on the property for play on Tuesdays of each week before ultimately taking up residence in an indoor rink in Ardsley. The Ardsley Curling Club is now home to its two historic predecessors, the New York Caledonian Curling Club and the St. Andrews Curling Club. MetroSports Magazine | 15

16 | March-April 2019

Ardsley Curling Club’s Misty Zhou delivering the stone in the Championship Round of the 2019 Big Apple Bonspiel

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Above: Vermont’s Woodstock Curling Club in action, Bob Holt delivering the stone.

2019 Big Apple Bonspiel Champions 1st Event - Team Stewart, Ontario, Canada 2nd Event - Team Bushwood C.C. Ardsley NY 3rd Event - Team Charlando, Charlotte Curling,Charlotte NC; Orlando Curling Club, Orlando, FL 4th Event - Team Bridge Workers, Bucks County Curling Club, Bucks County, PA

Above: Team Stewart from Ontario, Canada with the Big Apple trophy

18 | March-April 2019

Above Left and Right: Preparing the ice in preparation for the competition.

Above and Below: What better way to keep the beer (above) and sandwiches (below) on ice.

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2nd Annual MSG Ring Masters Championships New York Metro Area’s Premier Amateur his year’s “Ring Masters Championships – Road to the GarTden” was a 61 day, 522 mile journey that went through 18 stops

at 14 different boxing venues stretched across the New York Metropolitan region. The journey started at the Amazura Night Club in Jamaica Queens on February 7 and ended on March 30th at Hempstead Boxing before setting off on the last leg of the journey, a 26.9 mile trek from Hempstead to Madison Square Garden.

Now in its second year, the Ring Masters Championships –Road to the Garden has become the New York Metropolitan region’s premier amateur boxing event. Culminating in the Seniors Finals at the Hulu Theater of the “World’s Most Famous Arena” on Friday, April 19th, 52 boxers from across the New York metropolitan region gathered at the entry on 31st Street and 8th Avenue along with their trainers, ring-side physicians, media, and officials from USA Boxing to get set for the event’s 6:00pm scheduled start time.

20 | March-April 2019

Photo: Anthony Quintano under the Creative Commons License

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Sanctioned by USA Boxing and organized by USA Boxing Metro, the Championships are open to all boxers, from ages 8 through 40, registered with USA Boxing. The USA Boxing Metropolitan Association, better known as USA Boxing Metro, is one of the 58 Local Boxing Committees (LBC) of USA Boxing, the official body overseeing amateur and Olympic boxing in the United States. USA Boxing Metro is comprised of 54 boxing clubs throughout New York City and the surrounding counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and Sullivan. Currently presiding over the Metropolitan LBC is world champion boxer and New York City elementary school teacher at P.S. 183, Sonya Lamonakis. Fighting under the alias, The Scholar, this 5’7” heavyweight fighting out of the world famous Gleason’s Gym has compiled a 10-2-3 record and is currently ranked second in

U.S. and number three in world according to the most recent BoxRec rankings. She has held the IBO World Female Heavyweight Title and the New York State Female Heavyweight Title. Winners of the annual Ring masters Championships not only earn bragging rights and a beautiful gold ring, but qualify for a place in the National Golden Gloves Tournament (Open Class participants age 19-40) or the National Junior Olympics (participants age 8-18). The 52 boxers participating in the MSG Ring Masters Championships finals at the Garden hailed from 25 different boxing gyms with Champs Boxing Gym, Church Street Boxing Club, Gleason’s Athletic Club, Mendez Boxing, New York City Cops and Kids Boxing Club and Underground Boxing Gym all having at least

Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg Above: Hayotjon Aslonov of Underground Boxing Gym (Red) lands against Sam Twaiti of Gleason’s Athletic Club (Blue) Facing Page: Olivia Blechschmidt of Church Street Boxing (Blue) looking intense against Meagan Owen (Red) of International Boxing and Fitness

22 | March-April 2019

Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

The club sending the most boxers to the championship round was New York City Cops and Kids, fielding eight boxers with four of them being crowned champions. “We are very proud of all of our Boxer’s who entered the Ring Masters Tournament, they all represented us well, both inside the ring and outside the ring”, Russo told MetroSports Magazine. “It was a fantastic tournament coordinated professionally by a dedicated, hard-working team that put together a World Class Qualifying Tournament” he went on to say. Of the eight NYC Cops and Kids boxers competing, Christian Cangelosi, John Leonardo and Gerardo Vasquez have aspirations to turn pro. Bruce Carrington, Nisa Rodriguez and Pryce Taylor will be attempting to qualify for the 2020 USA Olympic boxing team which is also the hope of Sabrina Slattery. Other Olympic hopefuls from NYC Cops and Kids who did not compete in the finals include Christina Cruz and Alex Chaparro who has already qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials. Also looking to turn pro are NYC Cops and Kids boxers Henry

Clare and Anthony DeMonte. NYC Cops and Kids has a long history of producing top-notch fighters, many of whom have gone on to professional boxing careers. Founded over 30 years ago by then rookie New York City Police Officer Pat Russo, working out of Brooklyn’s 72nd precinct, NYC Cops and Kids was established to help New York’s inner city kids avoid the temptations of the streets, boost their self-confidence, and teach them life skills. That they learn to box and advance in the sport is just an added benefit.

MetroSports Magazine | 23

Above:Ray Quadrado, member of the USA Boxing Metro Board of Directors Right Top:Christian Cangelosi of NYC Cops & Kids (Blue) vs Kalief Lindo of Church St Boxing Right Middle: Bruce Carrington of NYC Cops & Kids (Blue) vs Raymond Quadrado of Brother hood Boxing Club (Red) Right Bottom: Pryce Taylor of NYC Cops & Kids (Blue) vs Jonathan Velasquez of FDNY Bravest Boxing (Red Below: USA Boxing Metro president Sonya Lamonikas

24 | March-April 2019

Above:Dean of the USA Boxing referee squad, Frankie Martinez Left Top:Jennifer Lopez of Mendez Boxing (Red) vs Sarah Thomas of D Lion Boxing (Blue) Left Middle: Iman Elizabeth James of Gleason’s (Blue) vs Jessica Capurso of Finest Fitness Left Bottom: NYC Cops and Kids’ Pat Russo looking on as Bruce Carrington (Blue) goes to work Below: Ringside Official and 2 time Golden Gloves Champion, Cara Castronouvea It’s not just the physical aspect of boxing, it’s the whole fighter mentality that has been ingrained in me through the years as a competitive athlete. One of the hardest things you’ll ever do is to box to get into the ring and to face off with somebody whose whole goal is to knock you out, to hurt you, and to be able to fight back. Cara Castronouvea

MetroSports Goes Six Rounds with Sabrina Slattery MSG Ring Masters 105 Pound Senior Open Female Champion What a difference a year makes. In her first appearance at the inaugural 2018 MSG Ring Masters Championships, then 24 year old Sabrina Slattery experienced the bitter taste of defeat at the hands of ???. Putting that behind her, Sabrina went back to gym and, after succesfully climbing her way back through the qualifying events of USA Boxing Metro’s ‘Road to the Garden’, earned a spot as the first bout of the April 19, 2019 2nd annual Ring Masters Championships. MetroSports Magazine ?? Round 1. [MSM] So, how does it feel to be a USA Metro Boxing, Ring Masters Champion? [Sabrina] It’s funny. Whenever I’ve had these big crazy goals in life, I’d daydream about accomplishing them and think to myself, “Omg if I make this happen, I am going to cry like a lil baby!!” Then, when they happen, I never cry! (probably ‘cause my dreams & goals are exhausting and take all of my energy lol). I keep having to remind myself that its okay to keep posting about winning and to get a little cocky about it and to really just live in the moment and be proud that I made one of my craziest, hardest life goals come true! Three years ago I was just in a fitness boxing class not even thinking of fighting and before that I couldn’t even run 2-3 blocks without getting winded. I came to MSG this year and beat a girl who was boxing for years before I even owned a pair of gloves. It really showed me that even though you hear it everywhere, real hard work and determination can truly make any dream come true. Extra emphasis on the real hard work.

26 | March-April 2019

Round 2. [MSM] After your loss last year, you posted some thoughts seeming to indicate that you were questioning your love of, and commitment to boxing. Was that the case? If so, how did you persevere to train and prepare for capturing a championship this year? [Sabrina] It was hard because I was giving boxing seriously everything I had and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was training for long hours every day and pushing myself to my max all the time. I sacrificed good careers and was putting everything into something that wasn’t showing me what I wanted. When I started training for fighting almost 3 years ago, I really knew nothing about the sport, I never watched it, I didn’t know a single thing lol I just knew I loved learning about it and practicing it. So I was really starting from nothing. I went into my first Golden Gloves training less than 6 months and I feel like a lot of people I knew forgot that (as well as myself, I’m so hard on myself I easily forgot how much I did accomplish that year even if I missed my big goals) Last year, I started getting a lot of anxiety about my training because I knew in my heart there was something wrong/missing with my regimen and that I needed better guidance, I felt super stuck

and like I was spending all this time doing what I knew or assumed was best for training but, it didn’t feel right. A lot of the opponents I was losing to didn’t feel like better fighters to me it just seemed like they had better training and coaching so I was having all these panic attacks in the gym, feeling like I wasn’t doing enough or getting any better and it was bad. After my loss at Nationals last year against a girl I beat earlier in the year to qualify for it, I decided it was time for me to switch gyms and coaches (even though I still have mad love and respect for my old gym) and that’s when Sosa really stepped in with his brothers and the entire team at NYC Cops & Kids. They had amazing patience with me and fixed a lot of my spazzyness and bad habits. They worked hard on all of the basics with me and my intuition just knew that what they were showing me was what I was missing all along. All of my anxiety disappeared. They gave me hope in my dream again. They helped me see what potential I always knew I could have. They made me confident and gave me trust in my training and my original love of the sport doubled if not, tripled. My dream is alive and punchin’ with them! I’ve been a better, happier person inside and outside of the ring ever since.

MetroSports Magazine | 27

Round 3. [MSM] Please give us your thoughts on the how NYC Cops and Kids has helped guide your growth as a boxer, an athlete, and a person? [Sabrina] I was a fighter and brawler before NYC Cops and Kids but, not a boxer and they made me a real boxer. All of the boxing technique I had no confidence in that others blamed on me and my bad habits and that I really struggled with changed almost instantly with them. Of course, we still have tons of work to do... the constant work is one of my favorite parts of boxing but, I’m convinced everyone there is a boxing magician lol. Like I said earlier, Sosa and Cops & Kids gave me trust in my training and that is so, so important. The physical part of training is easy for me, I ran two NYC marathons I got stamina...the hardest part for me was the mental. Ever since I stepped foot in Cops & Kids I have grown sooo much mentally, I’ve gained wisdom in the sport I love and that same wisdom has made my life outside of the ring 10x better as well. The energy at that gym is like no other too. No one is there thinking who they are or showing off like other gyms, everyone is so polite and knowledgeable and it’s really an amazing program they have going on there. I can’t wait til I’m a rich pro boxer and can give back to them!

Round 4. [MSM] Please use this opportunity to give a shout to anyone from NYC Cops and Kids or USA Boxing Metro you’d like to thank? [Sabrina] #SOSACREWFORLIFE. Coach (Aureliano) Sosa and his brother Al really spent so much time with me going over basics and footwork and I cannot thank them both enough. They both figured out ways to have things that previously made no sense to me make sense and I can’t wait to see what I look like at my next fight because of them. Coach Benny! Who stepped in with open arms and helped me win my ring!!! Coach Benny works on things with me that make me feel like an Olympian which is a pretty great feeling to 28 | March-April 2019

have training! Tito works pads like no one else! Also shout out to Ray and Sonya for everything they do for us, I can always count on Ray at regionals and nationals and it means a lot!!

Round 5. [MSM] What’s next for Sabrina Slattery? In boxing? Acting? Or Life? [Sabrina] Boxing makes me the happiest, boxing has given me the wildest and craziest dreams I could have ever imagined so, its boxing over everything for me. I don’t really have any passion for acting I just take on random acting jobs sometimes because they pay well and they feed you good on set lol! Before boxing, I was working in the fashion industry but, the long hours that the industry requires wouldn’t have worked with boxing so I went with what I truly enjoyed doing more and put all of my focus into boxing. I can’t help but, take risks and follow my heart in life. I work events and promotions freelance and schedule all of my work around my training and fights. My main goal in life is to make Team USA and eventually the Olympic team.

Round 6. [MSM] Anything else? [Sabrina] I fight underweight for 106 lbs I usually weigh in at 101 or 102 if I’m lucky (I eat a lot don’t tell me to eat til you know me and see my meals!! haha) and I truly wish they brought back some of the lower weight classes. There are a lot of feisty, tiny girls out there who I think are pushed away from the sport because they are not as crazy as me to fight underweight.

New York Boldest Football 2019 Season Gets Underway

MetroSports Magazine’s Clark Thompson has been following the season of the New York Boldest football team comprised of members of the New York City Department of Correction. In prior issues of MetrsoSports Magazine, we have featured members of the Boldest Hockey and Boxing teams as well. New York’s Boldest Football team was established in 1996 to “promote pride, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and professionalism to the members of service in the New York City Department of Correction...and to compete at an athletic level parallel to that of the New York City Police, Fire and Sanitation Football teams.”

30 | March-April 2019

MetroSports Magazine | 31

12th Annual Westchester Whe April 16th, 2019. The Westchester County Center was in need of some serious basketball. The Westchester Knicks season had ended with the team securing a first-place conference standing. The New York Liberty had not yet begun their 2019 season. The high school Slam Dunk basketball tournament was in the past and the Frankie Williams Memorial Classic still a month away. What to do with the hardwood court of the Westchester County Center? That problem was solved on the evening of April 16th as a group of very dedicated and talented athletes took to floor for the 12th Annual Westchester Wheelchair Basketball Tournament hosted by Cerebral Palsy of Westchester (CPW).

32 | March-April 2019

eelchair Basketball Tournament

Teams Pictured Here: Cerebral Palsy of Westchester Barrier Breakers Westchester School for Special Children Wildcats New York Rolling Fury