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MARCH 9, 2018


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Biotech researcher turned actress


MARCH 9, 2018

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FAMILY TIES After Rachelle Abbey got her start in theater, her family

was not far beyond—all became actively involved on and off stage.


Offering comprehensive OB/GYN care for women at every stage in life. Personalized just for you.

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Morgan Hill native Rachelle Abbey gets to live two fabulous lives: biotech researcher by day, performer by night BY WALLACE BAINE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALLEN

E MARCH 9, 2018

ach day, after working 9 to 5, Rachelle Abbey has to turn around and then work “9 to 5.”


Sure, it sounds like some exhausting and perverse “Groundhog Day” feedback loop, but it’s really nothing like that. It’s more like the glamorous double life of a secret superhero. Every morning, the Morgan Hill native reports for work

in Santa Clara as a researcher in the biotech field—and yes, her actual work hours are 9am to 5pm. Then, she sheds the white lab coat of her largely solitary day job and goes to rehearsals for her lead role in Foothill Musical Theatre’s upcoming production of 9 to 5: The Musical—we hear you singing the Dolly Parton title song already—opening March 1 at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. Abbey, 28, is lucky in that she gets to scratch two itches— her studious, introverted side

during the day and her flamboyant side as a performer during other times. “Sometimes it feels like I am leading a double life,” she said, during a break from her work testing tissue cultures at a company called Nanosyn. “I mean, I’m outgoing at work. I’m always the same person. But when I tell people at work that I perform, they’ll say, ‘No way! Really?’ Then, at the theater, it’s the same thing. I tell people I’m a research scientist, and they’re always like, ‘Whoa! No way.’” ➝ 6


Former Live Oak graduate Rachelle Abbey appears in ‘9 to 5: The Musical’ at Foothill Musical Theatre.

MARCH 9, 2018




LAB COATS & LIGHTS When Rachelle Abbey leaves her day job as a researcher, she heads to the theatre at night.

Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino






San Jose, CA to Laughlin, Nevada on the Banks of the Colorado River

MARCH 23 thru 26 Friday–Monday FOR RESERVATIONS


MARCH 9, 2018

*Prices are per person. Based on double occupancy. Single occupancy $50 additional charge. Includes roundtrip airfare, taxes, fees, ground transfers and hotel lodging at the Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino. Prices are subject to change, are not retroactive, and may not be available on certain departures or at time of booking due to limited space. Tickets are non-refundable. Must be 21 years of age or older. Change penalties apply. Scheduled air service provided by Sun Country Airlines.

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2/21/18 4:17 PM

With apologies to Robert Frost, sometimes you come to a fork in the road and you take both paths. Abbey tried that, as a college student back at UC Irvine when she attempted to fashion a double major in biology and drama. “But they wouldn’t let me do that.” So, she chose science. “I couldn’t see myself going to school for performing and not also having math and science somewhere along the way,” she said. “I’ve always loved school and learning. I couldn’t see myself not getting a well-rounded education.” That set the stage for the life she now leads a decade later: Biology as a career path and theater as a consuming side life. It’s a prudent life choice, but not necessarily an obvious one, particularly if you knew young Rachelle as a kid growing up in Morgan Hill. Back then, you might have thought that she was full-speed-ahead for a life as a performer. Her mother, Kathy Abbey, still tells the story of her singing the Rolling Stones’ great anthem of adolescent discontent “Satisfaction” in the cereal aisle of the local Safeway—as a 5-year-old. “I started singing in the car with my mom, and she started thinking,

‘Hey, you’re pretty good.’ I would do it all the time.” As a girl, Rachelle quickly absorbed the classic-rock musical diet of her parents’ generation—Stones, Beatles, Eagles, Styx. Only later, as a teen, did she take on formal voice lessons from a certified opera coach. All the while, the entire Abbey family was being lured into the theater. Kathy had been a performer and dancer years before, but once Rachelle expressed an interest in theater, Mom and Dad (Mitch Abbey) both got involved in local theater productions, making costumes or building sets. Rachelle’s younger sister Alex also got involved, and is still a dancer as an adult. “I think it really re-ignited my mother’s passion for theater, and she ended up going back to work.” Today, Kathy Abbey is the middle school and high school drama teacher at Oakwood School in Morgan Hill. A cousin, Jyovonne Montosa, also teaches the performing arts at Oakwood. Rachelle remembers her first show as Jack & the Beanstalk— she played Jill, Jack’s sister. She did a few shows as a kid in Morgan Hill. Otherwise, she performed with Children’s Musical Theater in San Jose from ages 12 to 17. ➝ 15









Join park staff at Coyote Lake Park and examine clues that animals leave behind. Participants are invited to use their detective skills and explore the natural wonders of Coyote Lake on a short hike. Be a wildlife detective, Saturday, March 10, 10-11am at Coyote Lake Park, 10840 Coyote Lake Road. Meet at the RV Campground Amphitheater. For reservations, call 408.842.7800. For more information, visit

Enjoy old timey bluegrass tunes at the Brookdale Bluegrass Festival. Blue Summit with AJ Lee, Jeff Baldwin with Harmony Grits and The Honeysuckle Possums will headline this festival of more than ten bluegrass and old timey acts. Guests will also enjoy camping, food vendors and self contained RV spaces. The Brookdale Bluegrass Festival will be held Friday-Sunday, March 9-11 at San Benito County Historical Park, 8300 Highway 25. For tickets and more information, visit

Check out the Kids Food Festival with the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Have a good time learning about healthy eating with delicious recipes, games and hands-on activities. Enjoy a balanced-plate scavenger hunt, whip up a fruit smoothie on the Blender Bike and nourish lives by preparing food kids for distribution. Have a deliciously good time Sunday, March 11, noon-4pm at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, 180 Woz Way, San Jose. For more information, visit

Join the Spirit of Salinas Irish Dancers in their St. Patrick’s Celebration Irish Dance Explosion. Enjoy a special guest appearance by the International Irish Class & Wee Feet Irish Class. This free event also features live singing by Four on the Floor. Enjoy the show Sunday, March 11, 2-4pm at Salinas Police Activities League, 100 Howard St, Salinas. For more information, visit

MARCH 9, 2018




Wonderful waste

Composting arrangements There are many different ways to compost. You can dump everything in a pile. You can create a composting ring with chicken wire or hardware cloth. You can also build composting boxes, create a keyhole garden that features a composting tube in its center, or you can invest in a composting barrel that is easy to spin. All of these methods work. You can also compost simply by burying a single day's worth of kitchen scraps somewhere in the backyard. The bottom line is this: composting can take up as much or as little space as you want. The important thing is to start composting!

Composting takes time

SPOILED SOIL Many hobby gardeners put off composting, thinking that it will smell bad or

attract pest, but by following a few simple rules any gardener can be a success.

Making space for composting in the garden

MARCH 9, 2018




he science behind composting is solid. Yard and kitchen waste are made of plants. In nature, plants decompose and return their nutrients to the soil. Other plants feed on those nutrients, growing stronger and healthier. As a bonus, adding compost to planting areas makes plants healthier, and healthy plants need less chemical interventions. Composting also reduces erosion, helps balance soil pH, feeds earthworms and other beneficial soil microorganisms, and it improves soil structure. This is especially helpful in counteracting our areas heavy clay soil.

Composting basics Many hobby gardeners put off composting, thinking that it will smell bad or attract pests. Others try once,

without learning the basics, and end up with a smelly, rotten mess, vowing never to try again. Please try again. The basic rules of composting are simple: 1. Chop plant materials into pieces that are no more than 1½” long. 2. Avoid adding manure, grease, ashes, or soil to the compost pile. 3. Mix equal volumes of nitrogen-rich “green” material and “brown” carbon-rich material. 4. Keep compost as moist as a wrung out sponge. 5. Turn the pile every few days to incorporate more oxygen. A healthy compost pile should smell earthy, not rotten. A rancid compost pile usually indicates a lack of oxygen and/or too much moisture. At the other end of the spectrum, insufficient water will halt the decomposition process altogether.

Composting does not happen overnight. Whether you use a barrel, an elaborate wooden box, or a simple pile on the ground, microorganisms and natural processes will cause the middle of the pile to heat up. Ideally, temperatures will remain between 120° to 150°F - you can use an oven thermometer to check. Too much heat may kill the microorganisms that break plant material down into usable compost. Each time you turn the compost pile, you add oxygen for those microorganisms. When rainy weather arrives, you may want to cover your compost pile with a tarp. The decomposition process will slow, over the winter, put your spring seedlings will get a nutrient boost from your aged compost, for free! Kate Russell is a UCCE Master Gardener in Santa Clara county. Learn more about garden pests at the South County Teaching and Demo Garden, at St. Louise Hospital, 9400 No Name Uno, in Gilroy. Classes are regularly offered to the public. Learn more at For more information, visit mgsantaclara. or call 408.282.3105 between 9:30am-12:30pm Monday through Friday.


John Underwood

RAMPING UP The cycling season is getting into gear, from El Granada to Amgen—it’s that time of year.

Spring fling swing Cycle Guy rides into the next season


fall’s Coyote Creek Cycling Classic had to be postponed, due to poor air quality issues stemming from the North Bay wildfires. The Boy Scouts had planned to reschedule the CCCC sometime this spring, but recently informed this writer that they now plan to just wait for the usual slot in October. Fear not, because (as previously mentioned), your spring cycling schedule will be swamped! And to finish on an even cooler note, were you aware that the California Bicycle Coalition is “...pursuing a bicycle-oriented special interest

license plate program for motor vehicles in California”? Stay tuned!

Save the Dates • 3/10–El Granada 200k– • 4/14–Tierra Bella–Gilroy– • 4/19-22–Sea Otter Classic– Monterey– • 4/22–Primavera Century–Fremont– • 4/28–Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic–Los Gatos– • 5/12–I Care Classic–Morgan Hill–

• 5/13-19–Amgen Tour of California–amgentourofcalifornia. com • 5/20–Strawberry Fields Forever–Aptos–strawberryfields. org • 5/25-28–Great Western Bike Rally–Paso Robles– Curt “Cycle Guy” Hentschke has pedaled over 58,000 miles of South Valley and San Benito County trails. Send your cycle celebrations Check for last minute changes before attending.

MARCH 9, 2018

pring is springing, the birds are singing, and bicycle bells are ringing! A Cycle Guy poem, just for you! Check out Save the Dates, for this is the time of year when the cycling season busts wide open! Did you hear? Stage 4 of this year’s Amgen Tour of California will be a time trial that starts and finishes in our very own Morgan Hill! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 16th, because you might just need to call in sick that day! Details in the months ahead. As you no doubt remember, last





MARCH 9, 2018

Explore the Coyote Valley region by bicycle and learn more about the history, wildlife, water and agricultural story of this area. This tour will visit the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve, follow a flat 21-mile loop south and then back north across the valley floor, travel on the Coyote Creek Trail, make a stop at Spina Farms and more. Bring a bike, helmet, sun protection, water and a bag lunch. Bike Coyote Valley Sunday, March 11, 9am-12:30pm at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve, 550 Palm Ave, Morgan Hill. For more information and tickets, visit


SANTA CLARA VALLEY SPRING PASSPORT Join the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley for an exciting month of wine tasting

wineries along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail. Enjoy Spring Passport 2018 through March 31. Purchase passports at Gilroy Welcome Center, 8155-6 Arroyo Circle, Building A, Gilroy or online at springpassport. For individual winery hours, days of operation and a list of partnering restaurants, visit

GILROY along the Santa Clara Valley WIne Trail during Spring Passport 2018. Throughout the month of March meet the talented winemakers and enjoy complimentary wine tasting, other surprises and special perks at the tasting rooms of more than 30

GARDENERS WORKSHOP Join Master Gardener Jean Cloutier at the Master Gardeners Workshop, “Warm Season Garden Vegetables�. Learn what types of fast-growing vegetables can be grown now and harvested, growing in small spaces and soil

preparation. Planting tips, pest management and control and plant nutrition will also be discussed. Learn about warm season garden vegetables Tuesday, March 13, 7-8pm at Gilroy Library, 350 W. Sixth St. For more information, visit BACH TO BLUES Enjoy regional talent at Bach to Blues 2018, the annual Gavilan College faculty concert with special guests. This fundraising concert showcases regional talent with performing artists including the winner of the Marian Filice Youth Piano Competition, Gavilan Performance Ensemble and guest artists. All proceeds benefit the Gavilan College Music Program. Bach to Blues 2018 will be held Saturday,


Support Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center at the fifth annual WERC Bowl-a-thon 2018. This Spring Baby Season fundraiser is open to bowlers of all ages and skill levels, participants don’t have to be great bowlers to win. Registration is required, teams must be a minimum of two members, prizes awarded for top three fund raisers. Join the FUNdraising bowling fun Sunday, March 18, 12:30-3pm at Morgan Hill Bowl, 650 Tennant Station, Morgan Hill. For information and registration, visit

March 17, 7pm at The Gavilan College Theater, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd, Gilroy. For more information, visit


TEEN JOURNALING Teens are invited to learn to expand their

WINEMAKER DINNER Head to Sycamore Creek Vineyards for its first annual Winemaker Dinner. Enjoy live country music by Ryan

South Valley Symphony and Maestro Anthony Quartuccio continue the Symphony’s 44th Season by celebrating young musicians at the youth concert, “NextGen 2018.” Navaroli Young Musicians Competition winner, Mai Matsumoto, will guest solo on violin and the Symphony will feature a Brass Choir with members of South Valley Symphony and honor students from local high schools. Experience this stunning program Saturday, March 10, 7pm at Gavilan College Theater, 5055 Santa Teresa, Gilroy. For tickets and information, visit

Scripps and a five course dinner including wine pairing. Seating is limited and reservations are required, guests must be 21 years or older to attend. Enjoy dinner Saturday, March 10, 6-10pm at Sycamore Creek Vineyards, 12775 Uvas Rd. For tickets and more information, visit

of their future. Proceeds will support programs and services to create positive changes in the community. Attend Helping Hands & Healing Hearts Friday, March 16, 11:15am-1:30pm at Morgan Hill Community & Cultural Center, 17000 Monterey Road. For information and tickets, visit

AWARDS LUNCHEON Join Community Solutions at the 15th Helping Hands & Healing Hearts Awards Luncheon. Community Solutions will honor a community leader dedicated to improving the lives of others and a former Community Solutions client who has triumphed over personal adversity and changed the course

LIVE MUSIC Check out Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained (NVNG) and Levi Jack at GVA Cafe. NVNG will be performing original music at their first show with new keyboardist Dave Rensin and Levi Jack will be bringing their original rock music to the stage. Bring family and friends for a good time Friday, March 16, 8:45-10pm at GVA Cafe Grinds Vines ➝ 13

MARCH 9, 2018

BLUE HOUSE Welcome the weekend with Blue House at Sinaloa Cafe. Enjoy the band’s close knit harmonies and unique folk acoustic and rock sound while having a margarita after a long work day. Join Blue House Friday, March 9, 6-9pm at Sinaloa Cafe, 17535 Monterey St. For more information, visit tinyurl. com/ybgcg2uw.

mindfulness practices through bullet journaling in the special workshop, Bullet Journaling for Teens. Learn how bullet journals can be simple and streamlined or elaborate works of art. Participants will be able to apply the layouts, spreads, journaling tools and customizable bullet journal structure to their daily lives, creative endeavors and wellness practices. Discover bullet journaling Saturday, March 10, 3-4pm at Morgan Hill Library, 660 West Main Ave. For more information, visit ydf3yj7t.




SIP & SCHOOL Sample wine from more than 30 local makers and enter for your chance to win some local wine.

Taste and learn Hop n Vine South Valley Festival & Market

MARCH 9, 2018



raft brews are all the rage, but there’s a long history of growing hops in the Santa Clara Valley. Learn something new about long-established traditions at “Hop ‘N Vine University,” or just come for a taste of the Valley, featuring more than 30 local wineries and breweries, along with light bites from local eateries. You might win some local wine at the Wine Pull in the Friends of the Wineries booth.

Wineries Alara Cellars, Aver Family Vineyards, Creekview Vineyards,

Fortino Winery, Guglielmo Winery, Jason Stephens Winery, La Vie Dansante Wines, Lion Ranch Vineyards & Winery, Medeiros Family Wines, Miramar Vineyards, Naumann Vineyards, Picchetti Winery, Roudon-Smith Winery, Sarah’s Vineyard, Solis Winery, Stefania Wine, Sunlit Oaks Winery, Tank House Winery, TASS Vineyards & Winery

Breweries Campbell Brewing Company, Clandestine Brewing, Golden State Brewery, Hapa’s Brewing Company, Hermitage Brewing Company, New World Ales, Santa


Clara Valley Brewing, South Bay Brewco, Strike Brewing Company, Umunhum Brewing.

Panel Discussion Rhone Varietals Rule: The signature wines of Santa Clara Valley. Winemaker John Aver. Participants will learn why the Rhone varietals thrive in the region. “Just like in France, where over the centuries, they have figured out which varietals do the best by geography, with the long successful history of growing Rhone varietals in the Santa Clara Valley we have proven that they do well here, too,” says winemaker John Aver.

correspondent Mary Orlin and Kim Engelhardt of Lions Ranch will discuss the history of Rhone varietals in the Santa Clara Valley and why they prosper here. Date: March 10, 2018 2:00 PM-7:00 PM (pouring ends at 6pm) Location: The Fairgrounds Santa Clara County | 344 Tully Rd., San Jose, California Admission: Advance tickets, $55; day of, $65


11 Reservations are required, please call 408.918.7779 to register. INDIVISIBLE MOVEMENT Join Indivisible South Valley, a grassroots effort aligned with the national Indivisible Movement, in working to protect the democracy and core values of society, with a focus on local communities. Indivisible South Valley meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Attend the next meeting on Wednesday, March 14, 7-8:30pm at Centennial Recreation Center, 171 W. Edmundson Ave. For more information, visit


Create, discover and learn at the second annual GPC Exploratorium. Enjoy hands-on activities and exploration for kids of all ages. Learn about computer coding, build toys, do science experiments, assemble care bags and make blankets for those in need and more. Hot dogs and snacks will be served at no cost. Enjoy this free community event Tuesday, March 13, 5:307:30pm at Gilroy Presbyterian Church, 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy. For more information and to RSVP, visit

Automobilia, 17400 Monterey Road, Suite B. For more information, visit


SCAVENGER HUNT Discover night phenomena with family and friends at the Youth Night Scavenger Hunt at Calero County Park. Participants will work through team activities designed to ignite curiosity in youth ages nine and above. Dress for cool weather, please note that rain will cancel the event. Hunt for fun at this free event Saturday, March 10, 7:15-8:45pm at Calero County Park, 23205 McKean Rd, San Jose. Meet near the park office.

COMEDY DINNER Head to Granada Theater for a St. Patrick’s Day full of laughter with comedian Michael Mancini. Guests will also enjoy a three-course dinner and dance to the music of Soul Kiss. Dress to impress with collared shirts and no ball caps, must be 21 or older to attend and tickets are non-refundable. Enjoy comedy, dinner and dancing Saturday, March 17, 6-10pm at Granada Theater, 17440 Monterey St, Morgan Hill. For information and tickets, visit PHOTO CHALLENGE Enjoy Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area’s variety of trail systems while participating in a photo challenge adventure. The HHSVRA photo challenge self-guided and focuses on categories including motorcycle/ATV, 4X4, mountain biking/hiking and equestrian riding. Be creative while taking pictures and

ANNUAL FUNDRAISER Join The Learning & Loving Education Center, the 2018 “Nonprofit of the Year,” for its 12th annual fundraiser, “The Valley of Heart’s Delight,” and go back in time to celebrate the rich history and abundance of Santa Clara Valley. Delight in music, dance, a silent auction and farm to table dining. Guests that bring two bottles of wine will receive a ticket good for a “Wine Heist” drawing during the event. Enjoy community spirit Saturday, April 14, 5-9pm at St. Catherine’s Parish Hall, 17400 Peak Ave, Morgan Hill. For more information, visit y78oa9ja. RECIPE SUBMISSIONS Amateur chefs are invited to submit their original recipes for The Gilroy Garlic Festival’s 40th annual Great Garlic Cook-Off amateur cooking competition. Eight finalists will be selected to compete on stage at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on Saturday, July 28, 2018 for the garlic crown and grand prize of $5,000. Each original recipe must include a minimum of six cloves of fresh garlic or three teaspoons of chopped or minced garlic. Submit original recipes for Great Garlic Cook-Off by May 1. For entry rules, visit VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY Registration is open for the Children’s Discovery Museum’s Summer of Service connecting kids grades 7-10. Select from five focus areas including community outreach, early childhood education, the environment, leadership development and more during six separate oneweek sessions. Sign up for one, two or all six weeks from June 25-August 3, Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm at CDM, 180 Woz Way, San Jose. To register, visit

MARCH 9, 2018

ZENTANGLE CLUB Tangle with Zentangle artists at the free Morgan Hill Tangle Club. Please bring your own supplies (pen, pencil, tortillon, paper tiles, sketchbook) and share ideas, get inspired and trade tips with other artists. All skill levels are welcome and the club is open to visitors; please note there will be no formal instruction given during club time. Tangle at the Tangle Club Monday, March 12, 6-8pm at

BookSmart, 1295 E. Dunne Ave, Suite 120, Morgan Hill. For more information, visit mybooksmart.

MUSICAL ROMP Join South Valley Civic Theater at its production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Based on the 1967 Academy Award winning film, Thoroughly Modern Millie is set in 1922 and takes audiences back to the height of the Jazz Age in New York City as young Millie Dillmount searches for a new life for herself. Enjoy this musical production through Saturday, Mar. 17, Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm, Sundays, 2:30pm at Morgan Hill Community Playhouse, 17090 Monterey Road. For tickets and information, visit

enjoying the outdoors. The first 100 participants to complete the challenge will receive a prize. Participate in the photo challenge through June 30 at Hollister Hills SVRA, 7800 Cienega Road, Hollister. For challenge rules and information, visit ydftyg94.


USATF Certified 10K Run v 5K Run|Stroller|Walk v Kids’ 2K v Senior 2K

David has resided in the Central Coast for most of his life assisting folks from Santa Barbara to Northern California, from the Monterey Peninsula to the Central Valley get into their dream homes. Experienced in helping first-time home buyers navigate the purchase of their first home and as a lender of choice Loan Officer for California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA). He can assist in securing additional funds available for your home purchase.

Sunday, March 25, 2018 Live Oak High School, Morgan Hill, CA v v v v v v

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Country setting - flat and fast on paved roads 2K events on high school track Chip timing with prizes for top finishers Medals for age group winners and Kids’ 2K Bonus baby-tees for stroller riders T-shirts and Jamba Juice smoothies

Featured Mortgage Loan Officer for South County DAVID HERNANDEZ Loan Consultant NMLS #251100 831-970-6402 Se Habla Español

REGISTER by March 15 for best discount v Discounted registration through March 24 v Family and group rates 18525 Sutter Blvd, #240, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Proceeds provide scholarships for women and girls

Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. NMLS ID#6606. Corporate Office is located at 14511 Myford Road, Suite 100, Tustin CA 92780. Phone (800) 450-2010. 02/2018

Located in Historic Downtown Gilroy

Crystal Patino, Sabrina Hernandez, Dr. Kinberly Antrim, Lesslie Bozzo and Sylvia Medina

Kinberly Antrim, DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry MARCH 9, 2018

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Thursdays: 7am-1pm Fridays: 7am-1pm Saturdays: 7am-1pm

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for an appointment

Open daily 8:00am for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Sunday Brunch 8am-1pm 7400 Monterey Street, Gilroy • (408) 842-3454



In college, she pretty much gave up theater while focusing on getting her degree in biology. But she did sing choir and also picked up swing dancing. Since graduation, however, she has put together a long list of on-stage credits throughout the South Bay, with roles in Hairspray, Dames at Sea, Cabaret, Catch Me If You Can, Peter Pan and many others. In Foothill’s “9 to 5,” Abbey—who now lives in Sunnyvale—tackles one of the musical’s three female leads, Judy Bernly—that’s the Jane Fonda role in the popular 1980 movie version. Of the trio of women working at the generic business called Consolidated Companies, Judy is the naif, a lifelong housewife who is pushed into the workforce when her husband runs off with his secretary. Judy acts as a kind of inverse of the old parable about the month of March—she comes in like a lamb, and out like a lion. Opening the play meek and uncertain, she ends up with one of the play’s signature songs when her husband comes crawling back after having been rejected by his mistress. The song? “Get Out and Stay Out.” Abbey said that playing Judy was so exhilarating every night because of her journey from insecure newbie to strong and confident woman. “I

have so many strong and independent women in my family, so I had a lot of role models to pull from.” The Live Oak High School grad (class of ’07) characterizes her singing abilities as “soprano with a belt,” borne of a classic-rock upbringing mixed with serious operatic training. There is little opportunity to exercise those skills at Nanosyn while testing drugs on cancer cells lines—other than perhaps a celebratory line from “We Are the Champions” after a successful experiment. But at night, when the lab materials are stored away, it’s showtime. “I do think my job and my passion for theater allow me to express different parts of myself. At work, I get to be more reserved and work independently most of the time. And for theater, I get to work with other amazing people and let my personality shine.”

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Foothill Music Theatre presents ‘9 to 5: The Musical’ with music and lyrics by Dolly Parton. Thursdays at 7:30pm; Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 2pm, through March 18 Lohman Theatre at Foothill College. Tickets are $12 to $32. Box office: 650.949.7360 or online at

singing as a child—taking formal singing lessons as a teen.

MARCH 9, 2018

BORN TO ROCK Influenced by classic rock, Rachelle Abbey began




HOME GARDEN Looking to buy a home and start a garden/ landscaping project, beautify and increase curb appeal or just update a room? Look for our annual Home & Garden section in the April 6 edition.

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J. Casalegno Concrete

20 Years Experience of Cleaning Homes •Deep Cleaning • Dependable • Excellent Referrals Covering Hollister & Gilroy


A+ rated BBB company 35+ years experience • Driveways • Patios • Walkways • Stamped Concrete 408.279.8036 Lic# 381833 Bonded & Insured

MARCH 9, 2018

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Mediterranean Style w/Lots of Amenities 2 1/2 YEARS NEW ~ 4Br/2.5Ba very clean w/lots of windows for natural light. Amazing kit open to family room. Spacious master suite. Dual pane windows & solar. Let this Beautiful Home be Yours! $649,000 Hollister (831) 245-0321

Open Sun Noon-4pm HILLTOP HOME ~ Custom 3Br/2.5Ba on 5 acres w/breathtaking views. Kit open to spacious great room w/FP & vaulted ceilings. Master w/FP & French doors to deck w/views. 550 Heatherwood Estates Drive, Hollister $875,000 Charlene King (831) 801-5464

Open Sun 1-4pm $798,888 GATED STONEGATE ~ Large 4Br/2.5Ba family home w/large living spaces. Glam kit w/granite, S/S, island & breakfast bar. 73 Saddle Court, Tres Pinos Hosted by Kim Bautista (831) 566-6926 Listed by Charlene King (831) 801-5464


     Mobile: (831) 566Ͳ6926

Bautista REALTOR®  DRE #02048560 

Kim Bautista was born and raised in San Benito County. Although she is new to Real Estate,  she is not new to the community. Kim is a firm believer in giving back to the community that you live in through volunteerism. She was the recipient of the Philanthropist of the Year Award in 2013  from the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce, she has been active with Relay  for Life and serves on many local boards involving our community. What she lacks in experience Kim more than makes up for in her enthusiasm and dedication. She truly listens to her clients’ needs and connects them with opportunities that best match those needs. Kim is honest and passionate about making a difference in the lives of and helping people. Her great customer service skills along with her attention to detail make her the perfect agent to work tirelessly on your behalf! 


Absolutely Exquisite Build Your Dream Home VIEWS & BEYOND ~ Only remaining ten acre lot in area of custom estate homes. Breathtaking views of city lights & valley. Water & electricity available at lot. This Can Be Your Shangri-La! $1,199,000 Gilroy (831) 245-0321

MARCH 9, 2018



5Br/4Ba Upgraded Eagle Ridge Home LIVE YOUR DREAM ~ Open floor plan w/ground floor bedroom & full bath. Loft area + office space. Amenities: community pool, tennis, clubhouse, playground & golf! Call for an Exclusive Showing! $789,000 Gilroy (831) 245-0321

Open Sat Noon-4pm Charlene King (831) 801-5464

Feel the stress fall away when you drive over the hill into Country Estates w/spectacular views as you enter your driveway of this 4Br/2.5Ba home. The gourmet kitchen offers an island, granite countertops, double ovens & an abundance of cabinets w/built-in desk. Don’t miss out on family time while cooking in the kitchen that’s adjacent to the spacious family room w/dramatic fireplace covered in stone from floor to vaulted ceiling. The owner’s suite is at the back of the home for privacy & away from the junior suite & other bedrooms. Upstairs there is an additional entertaining space in the large loft overlooking the family room. After your work day, plug in your electric car in the garage.

8952 Ironbark Street, Gilroy Offered for $1,225,888

We are an award winning company offering superior service in each of our five locations! 330 Tres Pinos Road, Suite D1, Hollister (831) 245Ͳ0321 1544 Constitution Blvd, Salinas (831) 800Ͳ7341 496 Pearl Street, Monterey (831) 648Ͳ7271 237 Mt. Hermon Road, Scotts Valley (831) 438Ͳ8400 13117 Highway 9, Boulder Creek (831) 338Ͳ2125 or 338Ͳ2184

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Succeed You’ll be working out of our Gilroy office. Send cover letter and resume to:

We’re hiring highly motivated and bright account executives to develop relationships with local merchants, understand their business goals and present cost-effective print, digital, social media and agency solutions.

Ladd Ranch By K. Hovnanian® Homes

K. Hovnanian's® Quick Move-In Collection offers the best pricing on new homes closing in 60-90 days!

Forest Spanish - Homesite 52

411 Cobalt Drive 1,974 sq ft • 3 beds 2 baths • 2-car garage $572,597** Available April!

K. Hovnanian® Homes' Ladd Ranch is conveniently located near schools and downtown Hollister, with easy access to the Bay Area. Homes in this intimate neighborhood focus on indoor/outdoor living in the perfect Hollister location. • Home designs up to 2,478 sq. ft. • Up to 4 bedrooms • Single-story home available • Open entertaining areas flowing to the backyard • Large homesites • Convenient spaces: drop zones, HovHubs, lofts and more! • Neighborhood park • From the mid $500s

Looking for a new home, but unsure where to start? Contact our friendly Community Information Specialists at 888-408-6590.

Ladd Ranch

San Benito St. & South Side Rd. in Hollister 2121 Cobalt Court, Hollister 95023 MARCH 9, 2018

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Friday, March 9