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NOVEMBER 10, 2017


Veterans speak about their services and experience

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017

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GIFTS OF SERVICE Nearly 4,000 veterans call the South Valley home.


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NOVEMBER 10, 2017

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017


HOME AFTER BATTLE South Valley veterans talk about their lives after serving in the armed forces.

Two feet on the ground Veterans speak about life after war BY KIMBERLY EWERTZ


NOVEMBER 10, 2017

fter serving more than eight years in the military, including two tours in Iraq—where she saw mortar and rocket fire almost daily—Marine Sgt. Molly Howe is beyond grateful for the benefits provided to her as a veteran. The Gilroy native graduated a semester early from Gilroy High School and was excited to join the Marine Corps in 2004 at just 17. Howe retired from the Marines in 2013, and at 31, she is continuing her education at Gavilan College under the Post 911 GI Bill, formerly known as the Montgomery GI Bill. Howe says this program offers an amazing resource for veterans. “The VA pays the school directly for the tuition,” says Howe. “The GI Bill also gives a housing stipend each month. It’s a really good thing. If it wasn’t for the VA, I’d be in a much different place.” ➝ 6





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PROUD SERVICE Veterans Robert (Bobby) Armendariz and Ted Viola are active in the Gilroy VFW. Howe’s experience with the Veterans Administration is a vast improvement over those who came before her. “When you got out of the service they didn’t tell you anything about your benefits, or where you can go, or where you can get help, or anything at all,” says Gilroy resident Robert Armendariz who was drafted into the Army at the age of 19 in 1970 during the Vietnam War. Armendariz, 66, has been happily married for 45 years. He’s a father, grandfather and Commander of American Legion Post 217. Armendariz credits the recent improvements in the system to the Obama administration. “I’d say Obama as President helped the veterans more than anyone else has. He has done a lot. He’s done a lot more than Trump has,” says Armendariz. Damien McGee, director of public affairs with the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, says there are

85,000 veterans living in Santa Clara County. The U.S. Census lists 4,000 veterans in the South Valley: 1,953 in Gilroy, 201 in San Martin, and 1,809 in Morgan Hill. Vietnam-era veterans encountered very different VA experiences than veterans of the wars in the Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan. Gilroy resident, Ted Viola, 76, enlisted in the Army in 1959, and had a similar experience to Armendariz regarding the VA. He’s hopeful that today’s returning veterans receive better treatment. “The only application I ever made for the VA was to get a health-card benefit, and they wouldn’t give me one because I’m a category eight, which means I’m the lowest category,” says Viola. “I cannot get VA services. I applied for them but they turned me down. I did my part, I gave you three, and three stand-by— what do you want from me.” Joe V. Gonzales, was drafted into the Army at the age of 18 in 1965, then served 13 months in

President Trump has gone so far as to affect the veteran’s health. “Some of the presidents of the past, you would follow them to the ends of the earth because they were the commander-in-chief, says Delgado. “Then you go to this guy. I’m very disappointed and it angers me. It’s activated my PTSD. Since he took office it’s getting worse and worse. From day one, when I saw what he was doing, it brought it up again.” Viola has mixed feelings regarding President Trump. “I’m not a fan of his because of the way he is, only as commander-in-chief, that’s OK with me,” says Viola. “By him allowing the commanders in the field, the military, to do their job, I like that. I feel like he’s taken the gloves off, as far as getting permission to do everything, and not having any of this measured response stuff. I don’t think he should be making comments all the time, and every time ‘Rocket Man’ does something Trump comes back and does something. That’s not presidential to me. He should just shut up—alright, just shut up.” Howe is concerned for her fellow Marines, because she believes that Trump doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation, or what his power means. “It really worries me,” she says. “I have friends that are still in active duty and I have friends that are staying for another 10, 20 years. As soon as something happens, they’re involved.” Their personal experiences and feelings about the current president aside, and Armendariz are boths As for Gonzales, his loyalty and devotion for his country has never waned and if given the opportunity, he says he would join in any war that threatened his country. Veterans looking for information regarding veterans claims can contact Santa Clara County Veterans Service Office at 68 N. Winchester Blvd. in Santa Clara, Monday through Friday, 9am-noon and 1-4pm. Or call 408.553.6000. For health services, contact VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, the San Jose outpatient clinic, 80 West Oaks Dr. in San Jose, For more information, go to or call 408.363.3000. For information regarding benefits, visit

Saturday, November 11th 1:30 pm Downtown Hollister

This year we are pleased to honor

Lt. Colonel Richard Castro and

VFW Post 9242 Auxiliary President

Dolly DeVasier as our Grand Marshals

Additional Veterans Day Activities: 7:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:00

am am am am noon

LULAC Breakfast - Hollister Community Center Veterans Benefit Fair Banner Presentations Veterans Memorial Building Memorial Ceremony BBQ Lunch

NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Vietnam as a machine gunner. His bravery and selflessness resulted in his being awarded not one, but two Bronze Stars, honoring his valor on the battlefield. After 44 years of marriage, Gonzales, 71, who lives on the San Martin/Gilroy border, is a widower. His daughters and grandchildren keep him busy, as does his involvement with the American Legion post. “Back in those days nobody knew we had cares, nobody ever told us anything,” says Gonzales. “We found all this out by ourselves. That’s why we fought the government many, many, many, years to get what’s going on to everybody now. We pushed the government to do right.” Gonzales says he and other veterans lobbied the city of San Jose for the institution of the Veterans’ Clinic. They won their fight in 1996, with the opening of the clinic, which ensured that returning veterans had a place to go for help and support— something Gonzales and other veterans of his era say they never had. Gilroy resident, Jose L. Delgado, 71, was just out of high school when he enlisted in the Marines in 1964. After six years, Delgado left the military, then returned in 1978 to enlist in the Army, where he remained for 16 years. Delgado shares Armendariz’ experience with the VA. “They didn’t do nothing, so I quit going there,” Delgado says. “Thank God, President Obama came up with the Veterans Choice Program, where you can choose your medical doctors. That saved my life.” Another top concern for these veterans is President Trump, who they say presents a real risk of war. “I think he’s playing around with this gentleman over in Korea too much,” says Armendariz. “Mr. Trump—he’s forcing the U.S.’s hand against theirs by sending all these ships over there, sending everybody over there.” “He doesn’t have any military background,” he says. “And he doesn’t surround himself with people that have the military experience. The 25th amendment requires the President to have a psych evaluation—I think he needs that, the gentleman needs that.” Delgado’s disappointment with


8 NOVEMBER 10, 2017



VETERANS DAY RUN Walk or run the 5k or 10k alongside these honorable men and women and express appreciation for their service as you cross the finish line together. The Morgan Hill Veterans Day Run will be held Saturday, Nov. 11 at 9:45am in the middle of E. First Street in Downtown Morgan Hill. Attend the Veterans Ceremony from 9–9:30am at the intersection of First Street and Monterey Road. For more information, visit


YOGAFEST 2017 Embrace various cultures from around the world while attending YogaFEST 2017: Celebrating a One World Family. Learn from celebrity yoga teachers, Mariko Hirakawa and Darren Main. Enjoy yoga, meditation, artists, wellness experts, a children’s area and more. Live music performance by Freddy Clarke and the Wobbly World. The third YogaFest will take place Sunday, Nov. 12, 9am–5pm at Christmas Hill Park, 7050 Miller Ave. For more information and registration, visit


TRASH BASH County Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Greenwaste, San Martin Chamber of Commerce and San Martin Neighborhood Alliance are partnering for a volunteer community cleanup on Saturday, Nov. 11. Volunteers will be provided with water, trash bags and gloves. Check-in begins at 8am, a veterans flag-raising ceremony will occur at 8:30am and the cleanup begins at 9am until the dumpster is full. Students ages 16 and older may obtain school service credit hours. Help clean up on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 8am at the Sig Sanchez Government Center, 80 Highland Ave, San Martin. RSVP required, contact


Head to the San Benito County Veterans Day Parade to celebrate and remember the courageous men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who protect and serve. This annual parade gets bigger and better each year. Enjoy floats, vehicles, walkers, marchers, equestrian units, bicycles and more. The Veterans Day Parade will be held on Saturday Nov. 11 at 1:30pm in Downtown Hollister, Fourth Street at San Benito Street. For more information, call 831.638.6434.

NOVEMBER 10, 2017




Requiem for a backpacker

Ron Erskine

COOL PINKS Sunset descends on a lone traveler in the Emigrant Wilderness of Stanislaus National Forest.

Alone in the snow-covered Sierras NOVEMBER 10, 2017




arly October 2017. 9,500 feet. Emigrant Meadow Lake. Emigrant Wilderness. It is late afternoon. I lay tucked in my sleeping bag staring at the ceiling of my small one-person tent. Every two or three minutes, I slap the rainfly to remove snow collecting there. Six inches are on the ground, and it is still falling like crazy. When I think of the 10,000-foot pass and the 14 miles between me and my car, the longing is nearly unbearable. I don't want to be here. I have backpacked for nearly 60 years. Throughout those years, I

have always bounded to my mountain destination, then dropped my pack, looked for a nearby peak, and said, “Let’s go up there!” Now, here I lay, listless and defeated; not just by the weather, but by the effort and the altitude as well. I wonder, am I just too old for this? While my backpacking days may be winding down, I will always promote it with enthusiasm. Few activities in our modern world strip you so bare and leave you with nothing but your resourcefulness. In our daily lives, when confronted with any emergency, no matter how difficult, expert and professional help is a cell phone

call away. Now, imagine an emergency—equipment failure, injury, foul weather—deep in the wilderness 20 miles from your car. Your safety valves are gone. It’s just you, the contents of your backpack, and your ingenuity to figure something out. And you will. And when you return safe and sound, you will be a little surer and stand a little taller in everything you do. The other incomparable gifts of wilderness travel are the jaw-dropping majesty and utter solitude awaiting there. No national park lookout can ever hope to match it. The silence is complete, the solitude unnerving. Sitting alone in one of those high and wild places, you would understand. Only the most barren soul could miss the wonder in it. Downcast and brooding in my snowbound tent, I was not thinking these high-minded thoughts. The snowfall continued, but I could lie there no longer. I had to get out. Sliding, scooting, shuffling, I bumbled out, stood and looked at the transformed landscape for the first time. Oh, my. Everything was soft and weightless like the inside of a cloud. No features, no detail. The softening cloud cover acted like a thin veil casting the warm pinks and purples of sunset evenly across an otherwise cool misty scene. A prairie falcon sliced powerfully but nonchalantly through the falling snow, pulled up, and landed on a granite ledge. The distant honking of a flock of Canada geese grew steadily louder until the birds landed beside Emigrant Meadow Lake, knocked out of the sky by the storm. How can a moment be so difficult and so magical? The next morning, ill-equipped and feeling bad, I packed up and hiked alone the 14 snow-covered miles out, seeing no one else along the way.

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017




NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Join the Gilroy Exchange Club, a nonprofit community service organization, at their Harvest Dinner Auction and Dance at the IFDES Portuguese Hall in Gilroy. The Harvest Dinner will feature a raffle, silent and live auctions, a live DJ and dancing. Appetizers and dinner will be served alongside a no host bar. Funds raised at the Harvest Dinner will provide clothes for 100 Gilroy students in need. The Harvest Dinner will be held Saturday, Nov. 18 from 6-10pm at the IFDES Lodge-Portuguese Hall, 250 Old Gilroy St, Gilroy. For more information, visit


GILROY HARVEST@NIGHT Enjoy gourmet food, craft beers, fine wines and live entertainment while strolling through Gilroy Gardens at the Harvest@Night

Beer, Wine & Food Fest. The gardens and waterways will be lit up with a warm autumn glow during this evening experience. Enjoy live music from Aubrey & Luke, playing everything from Folk and ‘80s-‘90s Alternative to

current Top ’40s hits. Rides will not be in operation, and while children are always welcome, this event is intended for adults 21 and over. Experience Harvest@Night Friday through Sunday nights, Nov. 10–12 from 6-10pm. For more information visit SIP & SHOP Enjoy holiday shopping with your friends at Sip, Shop, and Sparkle—A Holiday Boutique. Twenty-five craft and direct-sales vendors will be coming together to present a variety of shopping choices to help mark off everyone on that holiday shopping list. Attendees will enjoy complimentary mimosas and appetizers while shopping. Sip,

shop and sparkle Sunday, Nov. 12 from 2-7pm at Old City Hall, 7400 Monterey St, Gilroy. For more information, visit yb3ftnr3.

MORGAN HILL ZENTANGLE CLASS Discover Zentangle, an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way of creating beautiful images out of structured patterns. Join the introduction class and learn the philosophy, method and approach to this artform. Students will receive a keepsake Zentangle kit of supplies to use in class and take home. Join the class Friday, Nov. 17, 10am–noon at BookSmart, 1295 E. Dunne Ave, Suite 120. $35 per student plus $10

Magical Bridge Foundation



material fee. For more information, call 408.778.6467.

DeWitt Ave. For more information, call 408.779.0697.

information, call 408.846.2191 or visit

HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE Do some holiday shopping at the fourth annual Holiday Boutique at West Hills Community Church, benefitting youth camp scholarships. This year’s boutique will feature handmade gifts created by local artisans including jewelry, lotions and soaps, wreaths, greeting cards and much more. For the foodies cutting boards, olive oils and hand-baked goods will be featured. Be sure to enter to win a raffle prize and take a photo with Santa from 10am-1pm. The Holiday Boutique will take place Saturday, Nov. 18 from 10am-4pm at West Hills Community Church, 16695

FESTIVAL FUNDRAISER Kick off the holiday season and raise funds supporting the most vulnerable community members at the 15th annual Festival of Trees—Paint the Night Away. Enjoy an auction of lavishly decorated trees, silent auction items, raffle prizes, a dining experience by executive chef Mark Johnson and an exclusive performance by worldrenowned performance painter, David Garibaldi. Tickets are $125, benefitting Rebekah Children’s Services. Friday, Nov. 17 from 6-10pm at The Granada Theater, 17440 Monterey Road. For more

Support Magical Bridge Playground at its Thanksgiving Fest—a free family event. Attendees will enjoy activities including wine tasting, local gourmet food samples, hot apple cider, raffle, face painting and children’s games. All ages are invited to enter the pie-baking contest, register to reserve your contest spot. Thanksgiving Fest takes place Saturday, Nov. 11, 2–4pm at Milagro Vineyard, 13435 Chaparral Road. For information, visit

Head to Gavilan College’s Fall Children’s Theater production, an original adaptation based on Aesop’s Fables. The performance will feature song, dance and storytelling including the Grasshopper & The Ant and other stories. Experience the performance, perfect for young audiences and the young at heart, Saturday, Nov. 18 from 2-3pm at the Gavilan College Theater, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd, Gilroy. For more information, visit


NIGHT HIKE Join a park ranger on a 60-90 minute, one-mile night hike at Pinnacles National Park. The hike will take participants through relatively flat terrain. Please bring water and a flashlight (red flashlights or headlamps preferred). Layered clothing and comfortable shoes recommended. Children must be accompanied by an adult and able to walk the entire distance. Limited to 25 participants, no more than six per group, and registration required. Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 7pm at Pinnacles National Park. For more information and to register, visit

NOVEMBER 10, 2017

WINE RELEASE Taste the latest release of old Vine Syrah, Cabernet Pfeffer, Negrette, Zinfandel, Hollywood Red, and more at DeRose Winery’s 14th annual New Release Party. The cost is $40 at the door and includes entrance, food and wine tasting. Awesome specials will also be offered the day of the party only. Celebrate Saturday, Nov. 18 from 11am-5pm at DeRose Winery, 9970 Cienega Road, Hollister. For more information and reservations, visit




Heart of living

Submitted by Art of Living

DEEPEST COMPASSION YogaFEST 2017 comes to Gilroy on Sunday, Nov. 12, at Christmas Hill Park.

YOGAFest brings inner joy to South Valley NOVEMBER 10, 2017




t a time when even the festival season is shrouded by disturbing events from around the country and the world, and people struggle to celebrate without feeling guilty or bogged down—the resilience of the human spirit could provide that unequivocal reason and cause for celebration. That is yoga—a system of life that enriches the spirit within and cures it of negative unwanted tendencies. “The key to the peace, security, and happiness we yearn for is within our own consciousness,” says Ellen Grace O’Brian, spiritual director, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. “The resources needed to

make a difference in the world are hidden in our own hearts.” This idea inspired Deepak Sridhar, a volunteer and instructor with the Art of Living Foundation, to create a festival based upon yoga—to bring about true celebration as an expression of authentic inner joy. After being celebrated at Morgan Hill for two consecutive years the YOGAFest comes to Gilroy this weekend and expects more than 1,000 participants. The festival endeavors to expose people to different schools of yoga, ace yoga teachers and introduce them to this very precious and ancient knowledge that could just be the salve for a world stifled by stress and strife.

With participation from established schools like the Mount Madonna Center to Beyond Yoga studio and celebrated authors and yoga teachers including Darren Main, Pradeep Teotia and Mariko Hirakawa, one could expect to find a pathway that resonates with them. The festival aims to dispel myths about yoga being just about contorted postures or for adherents of a certain religious philosophy. Yoga is a comprehensive science of the human mind to attain its highest potential, says happiness coach Sunanda Gadagottu. “Yoga is such a journey where you are expressing the uniqueness of who you are. It cannot be in conflict with any religion.” Gadagottu will be informing people of the wellness techniques of breathing and meditation taught by the Art of Living Foundation that has been a stalwart in improving the lives of millions around the world through its effective and precise mind-body wellness practices and knowledge. This year’s festival is themed One World Family. “Oneness is at the heart of yoga,” says Sridhar. “How better to highlight that than by celebrating our differences.” The festival will showcase an exhilarating array of cultural performances, which blend spirituality and music to create a transformative experience for listeners including African drums, Breath of Life Tribe musician Deepak Ramapriyan, and other artists from various traditions will be performing at the festival to drive home the unity among our diversities. Taking the spirit of oneness further into serving the community, the organizers of the festival have pledged to support trauma relief efforts for Sonoma. According to Deepak, physical relief is not enough, we’ve got to relieve the emotional trauma suffered by the victims of the fires. Art of Living Foundation presents YogaFEST 2017 on Sunday, Nov. 12, 9am-5pm at Christmas Hill Park, 7050 Miller Ave, Gilroy. For tickets, visit

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017


2 Week TaeKwonDo " Intro Program

Private Lessons




5 Jewelry Sale

$5 jewelry sales help raise funds for the volunteers at these hospitals. The selection is amazing! Great Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers! St. Louise Regional Hospital Cafeteria Lobby

Tuesday, November 14th • 7:00am-7:00pm Wednesday, November 15th • 7:00am-3:00pm

Hazel Hawkins Hospital Main Lobby

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REAL RELAXED Customers Scott and Kathy Long take a break from

their wine and cheese plate at The Grapevine in Morgan Hill.



Golden grapes




NOVEMBER 10, 2017

60 4th Street 408.767.2055


8401 Church Street 408.767.2868

Holiday Celebration Special Holiday Edition of South Valley Magazine PLACES TO GO THINGS TO DO WHERE TO SHOP Publishes November 24, 2017 Deadline for space reservation: November 16

Throw down at The Grapevine By BEV STENEHJEM


e recently popped into The Grapevine, a new restaurant specializing in small plates, cheeses and wines. Valerie Evans, a former two-time Golden Gloves Champ for Northern California who sports a tattooed grapevine on her arm, previously owned The Grapevine in San Jose and has now opened a similar restaurant in Morgan Hill. With its hip urban décor reminiscent of a cannery, the restaurant has an open-beamed ceiling, stainless-steel metal chairs and modular leather-couch seating that extends outside to the patio. The wine list includes everything from bubbly white to rosé and red— ordered in flights, by the glass or by the bottle. Local wines and international wines range from $9–$19 a glass or wine flights start at $12. We ordered the Elizabeth Spencer

Sauvignon Blanc ($11), which was crisp and citrusy. We also enjoyed The Grapevine’s signature wine, “Valerie’s Cuvee” ($14) made by Comartin Cellars—a lovely Rhone blend of grenache, syrah and mourvedre. Both wines paired well with the 3-Cheese Flight ($6) accompanied by grapes, guava paste and a sliced baguette. Other items include salads, hot-grilled sandwiches and dessert. And, the kid-friendly restaurant allows customers to bring in beer from its next door neighbor, Running Shoes and Hops. Kathy and Scott Long, Morgan Hill residents for 25 years, said it best: “We are so excited because we have been waiting a long time for a good wineand-cheese shop like this to open.” Visit The Grapevine at 17520 Depot St #100, Morgan Hill.

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Realtor’s Corner

succeed. I provide a level of calm and expertise for my clients. My job is to put things into proper perspective. The other two things I focus on, which I draw on from my experience in high tech are strong marketing and strong negotiation skills. That’s where the money is made or lost—in negotiation. It’s the marketing and the positioning that really make a difference to a client.

How should a homeowner interested in rental income from their first home proceed?


NOVEMBER 10, 2017

LIFE IS FOR LIVING Intero’s Michael Lombardo serves clients in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin and Hollister.


Michael Lombardo brings a calm to real estate transactions By DEBRA ESKINAZI

How did you find yourself in a real estate career? I’ve always been a DIYer who grew up around investment properties, so it was something I thought about for number of years.I was working in tech and was burnt out on the Valley. With young kids and busy careers, my wife and I decided one of us needed to make a change. Real estate allowed me to do that. It gave me a tremendous amount of flexibility and brought me into something I should have done 10 years earlier.

What is the best thing about this job? This is about having a positive impact on people’s lives. Buying a home is a milestone—from a starter home for a young family to a move up home and then finally a retirement home—when people can stop and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It’s pretty rewarding.

What can your clients count on? If you’re not providing a high level of service, you’re not going to

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017


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NOVEMBER 10, 2017

3 Bed/2 Bath Gated Area





Beautiful custom home with detached bonus room within walking distance to historic downtown San Juan Bautista. Outstanding views overlooking the city and neighboring mountains can be enjoyed from both inside and outside OPEN NOVEMBER 11, 12â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3pm the home. Gorgeous hardwood 176 Lang Street, San Juan Bautista floors and imported Saltillo tile flooring are present throughout the home. Remodeled baths with granite and marble. Updated kitchen offers granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Bonus Room offers imported Saltillo tile flooring, full bath with colorful Talavera tiled sink and shower as well as separate sink in the open space area. There are multiple outdoor living areas including expansive deck and paved patio.

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3 Bedroom, 2 Bath $2,100 Nice big fenced yard. Near schools. Available NOW 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, $2,400 Home is located at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. Garage attached. New upgrades inside and out.

Margaret L. Pidd, BROKER

Available NOW

Property Professional Mgmt. & Sales Property 339 Seventh St., Ste. Hollister Mgmt. &B, Sales

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OFFICE SPACE DOWNTOWN HOLLISTER A quick walk to City and County Offices and Court House, as well as all the downtown activity. These bright, sunny offices can be rented separately or combined as one office. 357 and 361 Fifth Street, approximately 670 and 1156 sq. ft., respectively. Each have their own restrooms, separately metered utilities, air conditioning, new carpeting with parking in the rear as well as street parking. $1.25/sq. ft. plus utlities. No NNN.

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Offered at $639,995

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127 sq. ft. to 790 sq. ft.

MargaretProfessional L. Pidd, BROKER



330 Tres Pinos Rd. Ste. B-1

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Better than new. Enjoy this single story home located in an established neighborhood. 3 bedroom, 2 bath in 1,378 Sq. Ft.. Owner has updated the kitchen and the flow is perfect for entertaining. Open the front door and note the custom tile entry and the lovely laminate floors. The yard has mature landscape and mature peach, nectarine and apricot trees. Adorable shed in the back to hold your gardening equipment. This is affordable and will not last long.




Marilyn Ferreira 831.901.0161 Lic. BRE #00409787

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. 1,675 S.F., 2 bdrm, 2 bath. Master bedroom bath updated. Enter through private courtyard, formal entry, high ceiling in living room/dining room features built in book shelves, unit was customized with extra storage tvhroughout, inside utility room. All appliances, paint and new flooring installed 5 years ago. Opens to private patio ideal for entertaining. Golf and tennis within minutes of your home. Clubhouse with full service restaurant and bar. Refrigerator, washer/dryer included with no warranty. ASKING: $455,800





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Oh—Just Look at Those Views! VIEWS & BEYOND ~ Don’t miss your chance to build your dream home on the only remaining 10+ acre lot in this beautiful neighborhood. Fenced & mostly flat. Interested? Call for More Details! $1,300,000 Gilroy (831) 245-0321 NEW PRICE

Move-In Ready Investment Opportunity EASY LIVING ~ Lovely single-story endunit 2Br/2.5Ba townhome in Ridgemark Bluffs near the 16th hole w/golf course views. 2 masters, high ceilings, breakfast bar. Don’t Hesitate—Call Today! $469,900 Hollister (831) 245-0321

Three Single-Story Homes on 4.5+ Acres ONE OF A KIND ~ 1st: 3Br/3Ba w/chef’s kitchen, impressive vaulted open wood beam ceilings. 2nd: 3Br/1Ba. 3rd: 2Br/1Ba. Pool & spa. Huge shop. 2 septic tanks, city water. No Need to Look Any Further! $1,349,000 Hollister (831) 245-0321



Mobile: (831) 566�6926 REALTOR® CalBRE #02048560 Kim Bautista was born and raised in San Benito County. Although she is new to Real Estate, she is not new to the community. Kim is a firm believer in giving back to the community that you live in through volunteerism. She was the recipient of the Philanthropist of the Year Award in 2013 from the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce, she has been active with Relay for Life and serves on many local boards involving our community. What she lacks in experience Kim more than makes up for in her enthusiasm and dedication. She truly listens to her clients’ needs and connects them with opportunities that best match those needs. Kim is honest and passionate about making a difference in the lives of and helping people. Her great customer service skills along with her attention to detail make her the perfect agent to work tirelessly on your behalf!


Views Views Views

NOVEMBER 10, 2017


6 Acres w/Private Views all Around STONEGATE BEAUTY ~ 4Br/2.5Ba in the country w/views of San Benito hills. Large living spaces. Trellis-covered brick patio for entertaining. Bring your horses! Let this Beautiful Home be Yours! $824,800 Tres Pinos (831) 245-0321



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Open Sat Noon-4pm Hosted by Kim Bautista (831) 566-6926 Open Sun 1-4pm Listed By Charlene King (831) 801-5464

A 2Br/2B.5Ba home on the bluffs in Ridgemark Golf & Country Club! Don’t miss the opportunity to own this home with spectacular views of the hills of San Benito. Private courtyard in front & back patio w/views. Large family room to accommodate large furniture & big screen TV. Kitchen w/newer appliances & double oven. Dinette area overlooks the courtyard & spacious dining room w/views. Two master suites upstairs w/built-in storage. 2-car garage. Convenient & secure location for the golfers & tennis players in your family.

721 Helen Drive, Hollister Offered for $452,900

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Perfect for First Time Buyer YES, YOU CAN ~ 3Br/1Ba on large lot w/fruit trees. Kitchen w/granite counters. Solar panels recently installed. Air conditioner. 2-car garage & extra parking. Let’s Get You Move In! $640,000 San Jose (831) 245-0321



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Ladd Ranch By K. Hovnanian® Homes

K. Hovnanian's® Quick Move-In Collection offers the best pricing on new homes closing in 60-90 days!*

Forest Spanish - Homesite 19 2120 Nora Drive

1,974 sq ft • 3 beds 2 baths • 2-car garage $557,675** Available November!

K. Hovnanian® Homes is proud to present, Ladd Ranch. Conveniently located near schools and downtown Hollister, with easy access to the Bay Area, the location is ideal. • Home designs up to 2,478 sq. ft. • Up to 4 bedrooms • Single-story home available

Looking for a new home, but unsure where to start? Contact our friendly Community Information Specialists at 888-408-6590.

Ladd Ranch

San Benito St. & South Side Rd. in Hollister 2121 Cobalt Court, Hollister 95023

• Open entertaining areas • Large homesites • Convenient spaces: drop zones, HovHubs, lofts and more! • From the mid $500s NOVEMBER 10, 2017

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