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process of pursuing a song idea, they hardly fight about anything. Their meticulous style of working, writing and collaborating together is manifested in their sophomore album, Conscious, which was released last June. The album was entirely produced by Joel Little, the music guru responsible for producing Lorde’s “Royals.” “We called it Conscious because everything was a lot more deliberate when it came to writing this album, this one was much more thought out,” Caleb says. “For this one we wrote a lot of songs and then we decided which ones to take out, which put on the album, which ones felt good together.”

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Family Matters BROODING SIBLINGS New Zealand natives Caleb and Georgia Nott craft moody electronic tunes as Broods.

Brother-sister electronic duo Broods open for Zedd at Frost Festival BY BENJAMIN SIEPAK


HE BROTHER-SISTER bond between Caleb and Georgia Nott isn’t exactly the stereotypical sibling relationship. Instead of taking awkward family portraits and nitpicking each other’s choices in romantic partners, these New Zealand-born sibs have been busy taking the indiepop world by storm.

The Notts have been inseparable since their early ages, raised in a family where music was the backbone. “Me and Georgia pretty much grew up like twins,” Caleb says. “We won the talent show at 10 years old by singing Big Yellow Taxi, I played the guitar and she sang.” The talent show victory is all that was needed to propel their musical interest into an obsession. Fast-forward a decade later, and the duo—now internationally known as Broods—have signed their first major record deal with Capitol Records, are headlining their own North American tour, and are collaborating

with indie-pop superstars like Lorde and Tove Lo. The name Broods came as a clever suggestion from the band manager, but initially wasn’t Caleb’s favorite. “At first I thought it was stupid, I thought it sounded like some sort of skin disease or something,” Caleb says. However, when the pair were just days away from dropping their first single, “Bridges,” they settled on the name. Broods have found major success internationally, and Caleb says he couldn’t have a better partner to share the stages and stardom with. “I think when it comes to making music, we are genuinely always on the same page, to be honest,” Caleb says. “If one of us doesn’t like a song, then we drop it—we don’t argue about it, we don’t get in a huff about it.” Caleb says that by both having the mutual agreement for the foregoing

When it comes to making music, we are genuinely always on the same page “Heartlines,” the hit single off Conscious boasts over 19 million streams—a pleasant surprise for the duo. “That wasn’t really the big one for us in our mind to be honest,” Caleb says. “Apparently, that was the biggest song, so we went for it and put it up as a single, but we didn’t write it as a single. We don’t write any songs as a single. We don’t really go into the studio like that at all.” They followed the album with a sold-out 2016 U.S. headlining tour before performing at Coachella last month. Now, they’re shifting gears in preparation for yet another tour headlining sold-out venues across North America as their international popularity continues to skyrocket. Before the tour gets off and running, the Broods will be headlining the 6th Annual Frost Music and Arts Festival with Zedd this Saturday at Stanford Stadium.





Stanford Stadium



May 17-23, 2017


May 17-23, 2017