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The OGG’s They’re young. They’re hot. They’re LOCAL!

They go by the OGG’s, a Hip-Hop group who started off with only ideas and dreams soon escalated to a new movement in the Bay Area. From internet view’s to small stages to opening acts for big names to an independently managed tour across the country. In a recent interview with the creator of the group who goes by the alias LOKY…, “How did you do it?” Loky quickly responded, “Hard work, stick to your plan, and believe you’re capable of anything, because you are.” Loky also said it would have never happened if it wasn’t for the help of his group, who put 100% trust in his decisions. “When we went on tour we all quit or lost our jobs, but it was worth it in the end.” Some may say, “Ok, but what’s the big hype?” With only the release of two songs as a high school senior, Loky managed to go to Las Vegas to shoot his first music video to a hit song named “One Day.” Soon after, he released a mixtape which led him to become a performer on stages across the country. “Some people think I’m living the dream, but I still work 9-5.” So, what’s his next move? “Internet, my music will be on Thizzler very soon.” It’s amazing how someone from your class just ups and goes to Las Vegas or a tour to Miami when we grew up believing it’s impossible to become a star. “Do you ever let doubt hit you or the fact that becoming a star is a one in a million?” “Nope. If it’s a one in a million chance then I’m taking a million chances…and some.” Not only does Loky have a rap group on the verge of making it big in the Bay Area, but he also has a clothing brand, “SFC.” You’ve probably seen his posters in malls around the counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara “I sold out my shirts and sweaters the first time I made them at a show I did with Ezale.” It’s safe to say we can support our local rap group coming up in our neighborhood. “How do you deal with hate? Im sure you have a few people mad at your success.” “I just ignore it, I mean they should be happy because what this means is opportunity opens up not just for me, but every artist who has a dream whether it’s painting, singing, or acting. I’m opening up opportunities and they’ll thank me later.”

W W W. TA N N E R YA R T S C E N T E R . O R G

Sat, Dec 10


Sun, Jan 22


7:30 pm $25 Gen. Adv. $32 Gold Circle

7:30 pm $25 Gen. Adv. $32 Gold Circle

Co-sponsored by Fiddling Cricket Kuumbwa

Fri, Feb 3

7:30 pm $25 Gen. Adv. $40 Gold Circle

Tues, Feb 14

Rio Theatre

Sat, Sat, Mar Mar 25 4


Sat, Mar 25

Rio Theatre

Sat, April 1


Sun, April 2


Sat, April 7


7:00 pm $26 Gen. Adv. $40 Gold Circle

7:30 7:30 pm pm $30 Gen. Gen. Adv. Adv. $25 $45 $40 Gold Gold Circle Circle

7:30 pm $30 Gen. Adv. $45 Gold Circle

7:30 pm $25 Gen. Adv. $32 Gold Circle

7:30 pm $25 Gen. Adv. $40 Gold Circle

7:30 pm $25 Gen. Adv. $40 Gold Circle

Snazzy at Don Quixote’s Mon, Dec 5 Sun, Dec 11 Sun, Feb 5 Sun, Feb 26

7:30pm 2:00pm 1:00pm 7:00pm

Tony Furtado Uncle Bonsai Laura Love Roy Zimmerman

$15 Adv/ $15 Door $15 Adv/ $15 Door $20 Adv/ $20 Door $18 Adv/ $20 Door

section (45 seats). Additional $4 for each ticket purchased at the door. Tax is included.

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Average Water Temperature in Santa Cruz is 58°. The ideal wetsuit for these conditions is the PSYCHO ONE F.U.Z.E 4/3 O’Neill Surf Shop 24 Hour daily surf report call (831) 475-BARL ( 2 2 7 5 )



“Never too late,Never too loud”

Tickets for all Snazzy shows are available online at: or on the Snazzy tickets hotline (831)479-9421






November 30-December 6, 2016

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