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Free Bath & Brush with every 4 night stay



Bath & Brush $


Wednesday November 16 6–9pm


Location: Santa Rosa, Vets Hall 1351 Maple Avenue Santa Rosa, California 95404

For questions please co ontact: Cindy Williams, Operations Manager



Join us and share your ideas about the future of Animal Services in Sonoma County

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The Open Mic Comedy is back on the first week of the month

Wed, Dec 7—Myles Weber ;ffijfg\eXk-1(,›J_fnK`d\.Æ0gd›Fecp$5

Comics must preregister for spots. Contact

707-824-6644 DfeÆ=i`((XdÆ*gd›:cfj\[JXkli[XpJle[Xp 6782 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol Follow us on Facebook at for SPECIAL promotions and become a fan! Check out our twitter page

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NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | NOV E M BE R 1 6-22, 201 1 | BOH EMI A N.COM

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