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may 5-12, 2010 SANTACRUZ.COM

“S Summertime ummer time

Saturdays S aturdays” Cooking Cl Classes lasses &M ore More Starts May 15 Register Online Certified chef instructors teach new ne w cooking techniques t and Eating for Health™ Heaalth™ nutrition. •H ands-on in i our kitchen Hands-on • IIncludes ncludes full full lunch • SSmall mall class siz sizee Series of five Series five 2-hour 2 classes: $175 SSingle ingle class: $40 $440 B auman Coll ege, SSanta anta Cruz Cruz Bauman College, Portola 3912 P ortola Dr., Dr.,. SSte. te. 10

May M ay 15 • June Ju une 12 • June June 26 • July Ju uly 12 • July Ju ully 24 IInformation nformation & menus online online w (800) 987-7530


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