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april 14-21, 2010 SANTACRUZ.COM


FOR $500! until April 30, 2010

New, affordable options make going solar easier than ever. Real Goods Solar is the original and most experienced solar provider. We’ve been making solar simple and accessible to everyone for over 30 years. Two cost-effective options for every homeowner:


Solar as a Service $500 gets solar on your roof, then pay a lower monthly electricity rate and leave the system maintenance to us.

Solar for Purchase 50% price drop since 2008 with a 10-25% return on your investment.

Go solar before April 30, 2010 and receive $500 cash or $1000 coupon to the Real Goods catalog.

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FREE Site Evaluation % 831.477.0943 Solar Living since 1978 * Minimum credit score required. Generally applies to homes with an average monthly electric bill of $150 or more in CA. Applies to SunRun solar service only. $1000 upfront with $500 Real Goods cash offer, or virtually free with $1,000 upfront to SunRun solar service with a $1,000 coupon for merchandise from Real Goods. Offer expires 4/30/10. Does not apply to contracts signed prior to 2/15/10. CA Lic.#840934.


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