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MRWD Board smarten

The Management of Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) warmly welcomes and supports the new composition of the MRWD Interim Board of Directors under the Chairmanship of Atty. Rodelo G. Franco, whose services with MRWD was extended from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. Apart from his appointment with the District, he presently serves as the Corporate Secretary of LWUA. In addition, Engr. Jesus M. Diaz, also from LWUA, was appointed on June 3, 2013 in view of the early retirement of the former Interim Board Chairman, Engr. Antonio B. Magtibay. Engr. Diaz is presently the Acting Manager of Project Planning Division, Area 5-Operations of LWUA.


If you happen to see water flowing from a surface or bursting on a concrete pavement, or from any natural ground, or water dropping from a water meter, you might think of a leakage coming from a pipe. Perhaps you are correct, pipes cause leakages for some reasons. One is when hit by a sharp object (for PVC), corrosion (for G.I. parts) or else pipes duration or expiration. One objective of your water district is to lessen if not eliminate leakages, with our new equipment called leak detector we detect leakages not visible in our eye. It also helps us to detect illegal connections. However, nothing

beats public information or reports coming from you, most of our pipe repairs are thru phone calls and relay messages, each one of us is important in this community, a little help can be a solution towards progress. We encourage everyone to join in this advocacy. Water plays a vital role in our daily life and for we know that water is not unlimited. Thus, If you see any leakages or illegal connections, what we should do is to call our customer service hot line 6215-475 local 14 or 522-1160/522-1161. You may also visit us at our website — by Engr. Riann Brillo

MRWD’s housing project, soon to be realized

Catao Dam - A Potential Tourism Site

Catao Dam is an old reservoir and used to be one of the main sources of water supply way back in 1929, it is located in Barangay Cudian, Ivisan, Capiz, which is approximately one (1) kilometer away from the National Highway. Apart from being a historical landmark in the water supply here in

the Province of Capiz, Catao Dam possesses the beauty of nature because of its mountainous scenery. It is accessible to transportation and will only take 20 minute ride from Roxas City to reach the place. With full grown trees around, the place is ideal for family outing, picnic, hiking and camping activities especially for nature lovers. At the moment, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has considered Catao Dam as forest protected area. Meanwhile, a series of activities is being undertaken to realize the objective of the National Greening Program (NGP) Reforestation Project which will further protect and preserve Catao Dam. — by Ruth L. Jamora

Roxas City – With the recent release of new set of Certificates of Land Title under the name of Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD), the Interim Board is set to implement the Phase I of its housing project for MRWD employees at Barangay Dinginan, Roxas City. The project has been long overdue since the property was procured in the year 1994 with the end in view of providing reasonable housing benefit for deserving MRWD employees and a possible site for reservoir pursuant to Board Resolution No. 13 series of 1994.


For pipeline leaks and other water service line concerns, please call (036) 6210-044 or 6210-737 locals 12 and 31


Issue No.3

Tubi Newsletter






MRWD BOARD / 1 The newest addition to the MRWD Interim Board is Ms. Ma. Luz E. Del Puerto, whose appointment took effect on September 1, 2013. Ms. Del Puerto is also the Acting Manager of Financial and EDP Audit Division, Internal Control Office of LWUA. Meanwhile, Engr. Antonio A. Balgos (Vice Chairman) and Atty. Lolita A. Quisumbing (Corporate Secretary) have been with the MRWD for eight (8) years now since their appointment as members of the MRWD Interim Board in March 2005. Since then, both have continuously rendered their legal and technical services that contributed to the betterment of the District. Thus, the new composition of the MRWD Interim Board of Directors effective September 2013 pursuant to LWUA Memorandum dated August 16, 2013, as follows: Atty. Rodelo G. Franco (LWUA) ----- Chairman Engr. Antonio A. Balgos (Local) ----- Vice Chairman Atty. Lolita A. Quisumbing (Local) ----- Secretary Engr. Jesus M. Diaz (LWUA)----- Member Ms. Ma. Luz E. Del Puerto (LWUA)----- Member


Not just about Water…


n the past months of news foray indicting present and previous government officials, it has left us a not so distant memory of public distrust with the Government. Now, everyday seems to offer an unfolding event on how the Government is being run. As a result, Government Agencies are being put into the fore of challenges on whether it can deliver the services it is mandated to do without any stain of corruption or compromises. In times where good governance and moral ascendancy has been the order of the day, no amount of compensable performance a Government Agency or Office can provide but to serve its best. Accordingly, your Metro Roxas Water District chose to tread towards good governance by way of intensifying its campaign against fixers (Anti-Red Tape Act), strict observance of Government Procurement Act (RA 9184), firm adherence to the Rules and Regulations of the Commission on Audit and related laws or order, and making all transactions above Board and covered by District’s policy. Moreover, the Management lead by GM Gonzalo Glen B. Delgado, has stepped up its Non-Revenue Water Reduction Program, and has continuously endeavored to provide 24/7 of adequate and potable water, empower its employees through seminars and workshops, and simply bring its best service to every household. Now, with Interim Board of Director Chairman Rodelo G. Franco’s steering the MRWD towards professionalism and advancement, an Internal Control Office will soon be created to fortify the District’s services even better. At any rate, the key to open the door of the public’s trust and confidence is Good Governance. A kind of public service that will shape up the performance of our government officials and employees without sacrificing the established moral values and principles. The kind of service that will fountain better opportunities for all. It is that service that is worthy to be our way of life. Like water, free-flowing towards a path of virtue that will lead all of us in a livable and corrupt-free future.

MRWD fortifies meter readers Roxas City - The MRWD Customer Services Division had recently designated additional meter readers to augment its present workforce. This is in response to the concessionaires’ complaints of delayed delivery of their monthly water bills and the continuous increase of new water service connections. Concessionaires are also advised to visit our office if they failed to receive their monthly bills on time in order to avoid accumulation of their accounts in their next billing. Problems encountered by our concessionaires on their monthly billings are correspondingly acted upon by our assigned personnel. Upgrading of our billing system is still ongoing to ensure that systematic and correct billing of their monthly

water consumption is reflected on their water bills. — by Michael A. Aguilos

NRW Reduction Program Update

— by Ethel Marie L. Arquisola

MRWD’S HOUSING / 1 The undertaking is further fortified by the passage of Interim Board Resolution No. 26 series of 2011, supporting the intent of Board Resolution No. 13. Accordingly, the Dinginan Housing Project is as well included in the Collective Negotiation Agreement between MRWD and its Employees Union. At present, the Interim Board has directed the Management to pursue and process the needed requirements for the formulation and implementation of the housing project in accordance with the governing established rules and regulations.

July — September 2013

After five (5) months of continuous leak detection activities in different areas of Roxas City, Panay, Ivisan and Panitan your Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) have recorded three hundred twenty (320) suspected underground leaks, three hundred one (301) of which were found and repaired while six (6) illegal connections were apprehended. Moreover, some valves which were used to cut off the supply of water to the dilapidated pipelines at the eastern portion of Roxas City has aged and needs to be pulled out and replaced immediately by steel flange to ensure that no amount of water are wasted. All

of these have cause a considerable increase in water level both in Lawa-an and Arcabalo reservoir, respectively. The seemingly still level of water which is previously at its lowest following the peak hour period of maximum day demand is now gradually rising. In addition to the leak detection activities, MRWD have surveyed five thousand four hundred ninety two (5,492) households at Dayao, Libas, Barra, Tanque, Baybay and Culasi. “It is being done to accurately measure the actual consumption billed for every District Metered Area (DMA) composed of different barangays, the total consumption is then compared to the volume of water which has entered to the DMA’s recorded by various flow meters previously installed. This will be the basis in determining as to how much and how serious is the non revenue water in that particular area,” says Engr. Gonzalo Glen Delgado. MRWD continuous to implement the water pressure management activities every night to protect its pipelines from potential burst and to ensure that a substantial volume of water will be supplied to its concessionaires daily. The average nonrevenue water as of September 2013 is thirty percent (30%) and is projected to be reduced by five percent (5%) at 2017.

— by Francis Jocson

Issue No.3

July — September 2013


MRWD PROPERTIES: Inventory Control

Just as we would like to take good care of our personal and real properties with diligence, we are likewise mandated to protect and extend the same diligence in the custodianship of government properties. The same holds true with our Metro Roxas Water District. Pursuant to the Commission on Audit’s rules and regulations, all government agencies are required to take physical inventory of all acquired properties, equipments, and supplies of their respective offices at least once a year.

Thus, in order to account and protect the Assets and Properties of the District, the duly appointed committee on Inventory and Appraisal by the Management, conducted a physical inventory every year with representatives from the Commission on Audit (COA). The physical inventory is then reconciled with the accounting records by the Committee with the property/ supply records after the physical inventory is conducted. When in doubt concerning inventory reports or questions, employees are encouraged to contact Inventory Committee for guidance to ensure compliance. The division managers will be responsible for certifying that physical inventory has been conducted and verified by a department representative. Reports are then submitted to the Commission on Audit (COA). The components of this system were developed to facilitate good business practices, improve internal control and establish accountability. All employees are responsible in protecting the Metro Roxas Water District’s properties by adhering to the inventory procedures to make sure that all are accounted for. — by Shalmahr B. Vito

MRWD implements New Strategic Performance Management System The Metro Roxas Water District is one of the few government agencies in the Province of Capiz wherein its Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) was approved by the Civil Service Commission Regional Office 6. Along with its approval is the initial implementation of the new performance management system by the District. MRWD’s Strategic Performance Management System and Human Resource Plan (2013-2017) were formulated pursuant to the provisions of Civil Service Commission’s (CSC’s) Resolution No. 1200481 dated March 16, 2012 and Memorandum Circular No. 6, series of 2012. Its adoption is by virtue of IBOD Resolution No. 57, series of 2012. The implementation of the SPMS will concretize the linkages of organizational performance with the Philippine Development Plan, the District’s strategic objectives, including its organizational performance indicators framework. The same will also ensure effectiveness and improvement of every employee’s efficiency and align

its performance with the District’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives. Further, this will also measure the employees’ contribution to the success of the organization which will be made as the basis for monitoring, coaching, rewards, and HR developmental interventions that will eventually make MRWD’s service “at its BEST”. — by Donnalee D. Deondo

MRWD joins the Provincial Tourism Week

Roxas City – The Metro Roxas Water District joined the 6th Provincial Tourism Week held last September 23 to 29, 2013. This year’s event adopted the World Tourism Day theme

“Tourism and Water-Protecting Our Common Future”. The event was sphere-headed by Mr. Alphonsus “Al” D. Tesoro, our Provincial Tourism Officer, with the support of our Governor, Victor Tanco, Sr., and the Provincial Government of Capiz. During the weeklong celebration, the Provincial Government of Capiz conducted different activities, such as a caravan, convention, cultural dance contest to name a few. It was participated by the private sector, Local Government Units, and other government offices including the Metro Roxas Water District. MWRD joined the occasion with a display booth, boasting of a Miniature Water Treatment Plant and an AVP of the MRWD profile, history and water treatment process. Complimentary potable water and MRWD Tubi Newsletter



The Republic Act No. (RA) 9275, otherwise known as “The Philippine Clean Water Act” aims to protect the country’s water bodies from pollution from land-based sources (industries and commercial establishments, agriculture and community/household activities).It provides for a comprehensive and integrated strategy to prevent and minimize pollution through a multi-sectoral and participatory approach involving all the stakeholders. The government formulates a holistic national program of water quality management that recognizes that water quality management issue cannot be separated from concerns about water sources, and ecological protection, water supply, public health and quality of life. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is the primary government agency responsible for the implementation and enforcement of this Act, with the support of other government organizations, local government units (LGUs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private sector. LGU’s are to provide the land including the road right of way for the construction of sewage and/or septage treatment facilities and raise funds for the operations and maintenance of the said facilities. The Department of Health (DOH) will formulate guidelines and standards for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage as well as the guidelines for the establishment and operation of centralized sewage treatment system. As mandated by law, Metro Roxas Water District, provider of water supply and sewerage facilities here in Roxas City and Capiz are required to connect existing sewage lines. All sources of sewage and septage are required to comply with the law. Metro Roxas Water District as the sole water provider here in Roxas City and Capiz, is supporting the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004. MRWD will intensify the implementation of Septage Management. Septage Management is the regular desludging or cleaning of septic tanks on a scheduled basis. Septage Management entails proper treatment of septage to kill pathogens which causes diseases and proper disposal of by-products to prevent water pollution. For the intensification of Septage Management, MRWD is on the process of studying the Septage Management Program Proposal from a supplier to enable us to comply with the Clean Water Act and other sanitation-related directives, regulations and standards. The enhanced Septage Management Program translates into cleaner rivers,lakes and aquifer, improve sanitation and public health situation in the province by eliminating the threat of water-borne diseases for the safety of the general public. — by Shalmahr B. Vito

and other pamphlets were given. Around 150 guests were treated for a tour at the Water Treatment Plant. The recently concluded 6th Provincial Tourism Expo was indeed a success for it was warmly welcomed by the people of Capiz, and most of all, MRWD was given a chance to showcase its services to the general public” said GM Gonzalo Glen B. Delgado. — by Angelo D. Ciudadano

Water Treatment Plant Educational Tour Update Brgy. Salocon, Panitan, Capiz – Metro Roxas Water District’s Water Treatment Plant is being considered as one of the potential destinations for educational tours here in the Province. With the numerous requests from individuals and other entities intending to have a tour visit at the Paslang Water Treatment Plant, the Management has established Paslang WTP Tour Guidelines. The said guidelines provide the necessary requirements for submission before the intended site visit. The interested party must coordinate with the Office for further instruction for their visit. The entire site tour will be conducted and led by duly

trained personnel in the WTP. An orientation will be given at the WTP’s Training Center for instruction relative to safety rules to be observed during the Tour. A video-presentation will be shown to acquaint the guest on MRWD’s history, company profile, services and water treatment process before the actual site tour. MRWD is also open for Open Forum to address guests’ queries and concerns. This development in MRWD will be a great step in disseminating information as to the importance of water and its preservation by the public. — by Angelo D. Ciudadano


Issue No.3

July — September 2013


Panugyan sang MRWD: “Malimpyo nga tubi para sa ikaayong lawas” Ang mayad nga panglawason, manggad para sa tanan. Sa masami amo ini ang aton mabatian nga mga halambalon sa aton

katilingban. Sa bahin sang Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD), ang “tubi aton kabuhi”. Ini labi sa tanan ang aton tagaan sang importansya bangud amo ini ang primira nga kinahanglan sang aton lawas. Ang tubi mahimo naton makuha bisan sa kon diin lang apang kinahanglan guid naton nga hibaluon kon ina limpyo kag pwedi ma inum. Sa subong nga panahon delikado na ang pag-inom sang tubi nga wala makaagi sa tama nga proseso sang paglimpyo bangud sang polusyon kag sang higko sang aton palibot nga naga-kontaminar sini. Sa sini nga kaangtanan, ang MRWD nagapanugyan guid sa tanan nga ugalion ang pag-inom sang malimpyo nga tubi para sa ikaayong lawas. Ang aton nga tubi halin sa MRWD garantisado nga malimpyo bangud may ara kita kaugalingon nga “Water Treatment Plant” nga pasado ini sa pagsulundan nga guin

balay sang “Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water”. Sa padayon nga pagserbisyo sang MRWD, regular man nga guina pa sikyar ang kalimpyuhon sang aton tubi sa “Department of Health (DOH) – Accredited Laboratory” sa aton rehiyon para masiguro nga indi kontaminado kag libre sa higko ukon mikrobyo ang aton tubi. — by Ruth L. Jamora

Top 5 Water Saving Tips

Tubi Newsletter July-September 2013 - 3rd Issue  

The 3rd Issue of Metro Roxas Water District Tubi Newsletter. Visit for more information.

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