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unforgettable experiences for guests in 30 countries across six continents, covering a total of 39,000 nautical miles during the over 167-day voyage. The Expedition World Cruise 2021 will connect an unparalleled range of immersive travel experiences: in Antarctica, world-cruising guests will explore the frozen continent by Zodiac speed boats, taking to land to witness stunning landscapes and rare wildlife species; in the South Pacific, guests will meet the descendants of the famous Bounty Mutineers in Pitcairn, after spending two days on Easter Island; in French Polynesia, guests will swim with rays in Bora Bora, explore Aitutaki’s lagoon, and discover a typical Samoan village; a traditional land diving ceremony will enrich the call at

Pentecost Island; Zodiacs will enable on-water exploration of Australia’s Kimberley region; guests will witness orangutans in their natural habitat in Malaysia’s Borneo; they will enjoy a behind-the-scenes exploration of Luxor, Egypt, and sail through the iconic Suez Canal, before journeying back in time through the historical highlights of Greece, Albania, Tunisia and Spain; they will visit the ancient monastery of Mont St. Michel, the memorial sites on Normandy’s D-Day invasion beaches, and the delights of the United Kingdom; and will conclude by travelling deeper into some of Northern Europe’s most remarkable destinations, including Iceland, Svalbard and Norway’s North Cape. September 2019 | 95

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Metropolitan Magazine September 2019  

Metropolitan Magazine September 2019