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What is the future mission or vision for EXPO CHICAGO? Continue to innovate, adjust to the marketplace and ALWAYS focus on supporting our exhibitors, their artists and programs. As I have said repeatedly, the art world is built on the back of art dealers as they are taking the risks and making the investments on behalf of their artists. All of us working at EXPO CHICAGO understand this and that is why we focus our efforts on providing extraordinary service at the exposition and invest in marketing and outreach and focus our programming to both draw new audiences and develop new collectors. What inspires you? How has your personal taste for art changed over the years? Every year, both my wife and I see new work that inspires and informs our collecting tastes. We love to buy a work from EXPO CHICAGO each year as a mark of that edition and it is interesting to see how we have changed over the years from more conceptional and abstract to more figurative. Can you speak to the curatorial initiatives for EXPO CHICAGO and the role of the curator’s impact in the visitor experience? We made a conscious decision five years ago to present programs that directly bring international curators to Chicago to engage with our exhibitors and to foster future curatorial collaborations, facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue and have them experience Chicago’s contemporary artistic community each year. Our Curatorial Forum initiatives for mid-career and established curators is done in close partnership with Independent Curators International (ICI) and we are hosting over 45 international curators for this program this year. We have also expanded our Curatorial Exchange program to bring in over 15 curators from 7 countries and added the Red Bull Arts Global Curatorial Initiative supported by Red Bull Arts. In regard to your second question, there is no direct impact to the visitor experience other than having a large number of arts professionals as a critical part of the exposition environment. Can you tell us briefly about EXPO ART WEEK, and the collaborations that your art fair participates in with the Chicago community? I am very proud of our EXPO ART WEEK collaborations. We recognized early on that if we partner with, and amplify, all that is happening in Chicago during that one week in September than we have a greater chance to attract more patrons for EXPO CHICAGO and do our civic part to help market the extraordinary cultural community and offerings for both visitors and residents. There is no city like Chicago when it comes to collaborating and we benefit greatly from this attitude of support and partnership. expochicago.com September 2019 | 81

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Metropolitan Magazine September 2019