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the exposition a most viable tourism destination. Additionally, we are extremely proud of the extraordinary list of leading international galleries that participate each year, our critically acclaimed programming on and offsite, the many exhibition alignments and gallery openings all of which have been strategically organized to coincide. Could you provide some local tips or favorite spots in visiting the art community of Chicago? You have to visit our major institutions like the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, but also not to be missed are the numerous other art museums like the DePaul Art Museum, Smart Museum, Renaissance Society, Block Museum at Northwestern University, Logan Center, DuSable Museum of African Culture, our numerous art galleries and artist-run space. How have you seen your art fair expand or grow since you began in the role of Director/ President of the EXPO CHGO Fair? 80 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Since launching the exposition in 2012, we have kept our word with the previously mentioned commitments – quality, not quantity of dealers; a strong focus on international programming to support our exhibitors and visiting collectors, curators and patrons; our move back to Navy Pier and to deeply engage both the Chicago and regional arts communities. Our expansion is not necessary in size, but in continued importance and relevance in support of our exhibitors, their artistic and their programs. Each year we have developed new programming like /Dialogues, IN/SITU, IN/SITU Outside, our Curatorial Forum and Exchange, our Profile section focusing on solo artist presentations, EXPOSURE for younger and emerging galleries and many initiatives that burnishes our reputation. I am confident that we will continue to expand, innovate and add new programming each year. With the rise in AI technologies and the internet, how do you see artfairs adapting to meet the needs of technology and the everchanging global market?

There is no question that new technologies are being utilized by artists to create new artworks and experiences and fairs will also have to integrate these new technologies to engage new patrons and to communicate and market our annual event. Web and social media are the current tools, but I anticipate broadening our marketing efforts and embracing new ways to utilize streaming services, video capture, virtual agents and others. You have given me an idea‌ stay tuned. Can you speak to how EXPO CHICAGO is adapting the new artworks coming to the market involving new technologies and new media? (i.e. display of these works, sections?) As we continue to shape our programming, I can see us developing new sections and installations that focus on this area and more thoughtfully integrating this new technology into both collecting consciousness if they are individual artworks and integrating other technologies to improve the exposition experience.

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Metropolitan Magazine September 2019  

Metropolitan Magazine September 2019