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Domenic tell us about your books and their themes? The main themes in my books are Virtue, Valor, Liberty and Freedom and the impact a virtuous and courageous individual can have on society. I like to explore how individuals with virtue and valor can lift up families, communities and even a nation. I try to highlight that societies that highly value virtue and valor have been and will be a shining beacon of freedom and liberty to the whole world. Is this true for all your books? It is more obvious in some of my works than in others but it is a major focus in my Swords of Valor Trilogy. In these three books I illustrate that families, communities, societies and nations cannot remain free for long if Virtue and Valor are missing. This is true because history has proven that Freedom and Liberty are directly dependent on the virtue inherent in and expected of individuals of that society. It is supported and defended through the valor inherent in and driven by their respect for the sacrifices made on their behalf by those who came before them. So beyond being exciting, well written adventure stories, there seems to be a very spiritual aspect to these books too, yes? I have spiritual components and civic moral components in the books. For example, in the Swords of Valor trilogy, the Swords are manifestations of different virtues and are the support of the valor inherent in the persons wielding them. In the first book Season of the Swords, the main point is that personal virtue matters, family virtue matters, and that collective valor matters to society. The message of the second book Sword of the Gray Champion, is more about how virtue and valor can erode over time in an unchallenged society that is free from want and strife. That erosion of virtue and valor can lead to great evil and eventually enslavement. The Virtue and Valor of a society determines its liberty and freedoms. How important is your faith to you as a writer? My faith has been a huge part of my life. Even when I wasn’t living it out perfectly, it was my primary identity. From the beginning of my writing, God, family, faith and virtue have been an integral part of my books and my poetry. I have always felt that if my writing does not add some value to the reader, it was a waste of their time and mine. It should give them an additional perspective. Good literature broadens our perspectives but more importantly it is about unveiling truth. It’s about discovering, remembering, relaying truth. One of my favorite quotes is “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth,” by Albert Camus. Truth can be difficult to understand and even harder to tell, but in fiction, truth becomes palatable. My truth is my faith which shapes my worldview, which informs my writing.

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