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DJ HESTA PRYNN BY ADAM KLUGER How would you describe your repertoire and style as a DJ. HESTA: I came up in a band and then as a songwriter, I wasn’t trying to create my style in a conscious way, but I would be in songwriting sessions with big artists and I’d reference all of these different tracks “kind of like this” or “do you remember this one?” I kept getting the same feedback, like “you know every single song ever” type of stuff, even from these really famous rappers and producers. Before that I kind of thought everyone knew all of these songs. I really started DJing in that way, making playlists of all of the records I was referencing in songwriting sessions, remembering all of these songs that I Ioved and gauging people’s reaction to them in the studio. Favorite artists? HESTA: I am known for DJing in many genres, I have so many favorites. In no particular order, some of my loves are: Jidenna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, The Pixies, Fela Kuti, Slipknot, The Temptations, Mary Jane Girls, Drake, LL Cool J, Tori Amos, Diplo, Dmitri from Vegas, Talking Heads, Santigold, Robyn, Anderson Paak, Michael Kiwanuka, Miguel - the list goes on... How did Questlove influence you? HESTA: So then I spent some time on tour and in the studio with Questlove and OH YEAH here’s the guy who invented this - knowing every song and referencing all of the records and having a point of view, teaching you in his sets. When I started to get bigger gigs, and really flexing these “theme” mixes which I was kind of becoming known for, I would always think “what would Ahmir do here” or “how would I impress Ahmir w this idea?” I thought no one was really listening but I was doing it to impress him in my mind. it turns out Questlove was in the audience quite a few times and he gave me amazing feedback, that really boosted my confidence early on and helped me push myself to get better.

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