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WORKSPACE: As many people who travel know co-work spaces can be a dime a dozen in many cities. It is always hard to know where to land when traveling or abroad as an entrepreneur to work, rest and meet. Chris LaVoie, the producer of Social Movement, specially selected a company called Workbase as the main spot for the entrepreneurs to work vigorously for 4 days. Anxiety, stress, pressure and the idea to win was felt by many on the teams, and in the end, the charitable causes and attempts to change the world is admirable and challenging to all involved. (Even if an overreach.) Workbase was a welcoming refresher with the stylish furniture, rechargeable stations for electronics and basically everything an entrepreneur may need to make their day complete. Relax in a comfortable chair, private meeting room, take a sunshine break by a window or have a hot cup of coffee ready to go. Entrepreneurs need spaces for different reasons, and this full-packaged elegant workplace is a great spot to meet your staff, and/or dive into individual membership and simply get the work done! The staff is delightful and helpful, and the energy in the space magnetic and inspiring. A sure pick!


Instagram @workbase COFFEE SHOP: In sneaking out of the WORKSPACE, I ventured off like a coffee lover does to find so many coffee shops! Who knew in the center of the city one could find so many great hip and cool spots! Asking the time, inquiring about gluten-free options, most of them served me up with a large smile and handed over great options! Refreshing smiles helped and always are accepted! With coffee shops all over Montreal, you could spend weeks checking out these hip spots! Picking one is impossible, but always happy to share my tips! Check out @glutengirl for my coffee tips! NIGHTLIFE: La Grande rue de Montreal, an amazing panorama and the largest observation wheel in Canada It worth a tour at night. Terasses Bonsecour, right next door, in the heart of the Old Port was a recommended bistro by locals and coach Ian Lajoie as a great place to gather. The open-air restaurant with a mix of music, outdoor seating and overflowing cocktails was the happening spot in the summer heat. Regrettably, with my lack of sleep in 4 days of changing the world attempts, my hope for a fresh day of wandering the city was my sole interest but not to be. I wanted to walk the Old Port at night. The beautiful circus tents of the location of the original Cirque du Soleil , the grand observation wheel and the silence of the city drew me in. At the end of the evening, a violin performance by a local man who serenaded across the charming 102 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Old Port reminded me that one of my relatives could have come off a boat in that very spot in 17thCentury, arriving to Montreal... a whole new world!

en.terrassesbonsecours.com lagranderouedemontreal.com/en/home cirquedusoleil.com/canada/montreal/shows

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