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ometimes reaching a professional goal is not as uplifting as envisioned… Sometimes we become slaves to work. We hate what we do, but yet we continue doing it, day af-ter day. In fact, it becomes such a robotic reflex that over time we often lose the sense for our own sense of self and identity. The daily grind becomes a blur of living for the weekend. We miss out on so much of life not really living but simply striving to fit the mold, keep up with everyone else, winding up in debt, failed marriages, and dull routines. So many people seek temporary happiness—whether it be shopping, an affair, eating, drugs, spending money, etc. Then one day, we wake up for a brief moment when someone passes, and we say things like “life is short.” How can we start thinking our way out of this cycle without getting pulled back into the commonplace, everyday schedule? Talyn Fiore knew this life all to well. Stuck working long days, waitressing at a high-end Japanese restaurant in downtown LA, she catered to people who felt superior and entitled because of their income or a lucky break, etc. She was consistently judged for being a waitress—little did people know, she was actually a highly talented actress

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and interior designer who settled, like most, for easy money. Trapped by low self-esteem and self-doubt, Talyn lived this life for years. Life took a different turn, however, when she met a roommate who moved from Russia to become an actor. He ultimately served as her valuable teacher in the manner that he questioned her career motives, trying to understand why this young, beautiful girl was other people’s critical thoughts and even money to hold her back from pursuing her dream. Hungry for a better life, Talyn picked up the “Power of Now” by Abraham Hick and “The 30 Day Self Perception Self Perception Makeover” by Cathlene Miner, reputed Life Coach and author who promises a change life within 30 days. Best of all, Cathlene was accessible. Talyn soon began speaking to her, watching her videos, and carrying out her concept. That’s when Talyn began to change her destiny. Talyn’s journal entries were filled with Cathlene’s wisdom: • Changing our Statements • Go to Vision • Feel it, Smell it, Taste it, See it • Finding things you love about yourself, etc.

She finally left her job on a leap of faith and began to trust the process. She allowed herself to accept different opportunities. Even though she was taught to avoid background work, the opportunity arose and instead of turning it down, she was thankful and gained knowledge, lessons, as well as a few miracles that came from it. her perception changed, her happiness elevated for her everyday, she attracted everything she wanted in life—from friends and family relationships to auditions and paid gigs. Most recently, Talyn was featured in an international digital commercial for one of the largest automotive companies globally. From self-sabotage to a renewed faith with positive and uplifting self-talk—believing in herself and the universe.

“No matter what your dream is, you can reach it, achieve it, and it’s not going to be from working tirelessly— but more from your inner self. Stop facing outwards and seek help, because you are facing the wrong way. Turn inwards and be kind to yourself. Treat your self with respect, love, and watch your world change.”

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Metropolitan Magazine March 2019  

Metropolitan Magazine March 2019