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performer, and did whatever I asked him to do. The problem, however, is that he is not a trained actor, so he never gave the same per-formance twice—so while he would always ad-lib something hysterical, it was a bit of a challenge to cut together his scenes in the editing room. Did your dad, husband, and family contribute or play a role in your success? If so, how? Behind the scenes, Sam was instrumental in helping me prepare for Fanboy. He in-spired me and helped me bring it to life. He is a master director who understands story and character like no one else, so anytime I had a question, he was there to answer it. He was incredible at identifying when an element needed tweaking, whether it was a line in the script, a storyboard, or the way a scene was cut together. Your family has been heavily involved in the film industry, so when your children expressed interest in acting did you have any hesitation? If so, why and how did you get through it? Sam and I did not hesitate to support more than one of our kids when they expressed an interest in the movie business, but we did not go out of our way to help them. He and I wanted them to pay their dues so that any successes that came their way felt earned. We also wanted to make sure they chose those paths for the right reasons— that they were passionate about performing and telling stories—not for fame or fortune. Do you feel that being so well connected is a double-edged sword? No, not at all. It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunities I’ve had because of my connections. There is no negative whatsoever. Everybody should be so lucky. Is there anyone in the entertainment industry whom you would like to sit down with, and if so, why?

My dear friend, actor Bill Paxton, who tragically passed away a couple of years ago—he was the nicest person, and I never got a chance to say goodbye. He came to the set of Fanboy to support me, and I will forever miss him. What sets you apart from other directors? I’m a mom of 5 kids, that’s definitely one thing, and I suppose I have what it takes to corral everybody on a set when it’s time to get down to business and shoot a scene haha. But seriously, I feel that I have a unique and irreverent sense of humor that comes through in Fanboy and my other film Murder of a Cat; this is because I believe there is humor in even our darkest moments. I also think I have a knack for casting ac-tors in roles. Fran Kranz, the star of Fanboy (and Murder of a Cat), is an extraordinarily talented and versatile actor who easily carries both movies - he is an absolute delight to watch. And several years before that, I identified and pushed for Tobey Maguire for the role of Peter Parker in Sam’s Spider-man movies. The studio was very reluctant about him initially, but I knew he was the one... Going to red carpet events, movie premiers, etc. how do you pick the perfect outfit? Do you feel like you have a good sense of fashion (colors, what to wear, what not to wear, etc.)? Who do you look to for advice on fashion? At events like those, I wear whatever I will feel most comfortable and confident in. Oh, I enjoy fashion tremendously—I follow certain designers closely, like Saint Laurent and Prada, and occasionally, I’ll splurge on something from them. But I also love to buy things from Reformation because their pieces tend to be less expensive and they often have super cute designs. I also love jewelry, and I’m a big fan of both Irene Neuwirth and Jen Meyer, whose pieces are classic, unique, and beautiful. Fashion is an art form, and the thing about art is that it’s subjective, so at the end of the day, you have to go with what YOU love and what YOU feel confident wearing!

Who inspires you as a director? Sydney Pollack (Tootsie, Out of Africa, Three Days of the Condor) is one of the names at the top of my list because he was a trained actor who studied with Sandy Meisner and always got excellent performances out of his actors. You have quite an all-star cast in Fanboy. How was it working with all the different personalities? It was not challenging at all because all of our actors are wonderful, sparkling people who are professional in every way, and everyone delivered terrific performances. It was my honor and privilege to work with each and every one of them. Do you get star struck? If so tell us a story of a time you got star-struck? When I was 12, I was completely starstruck by—and had a huge crush on—my dad’s young and very handsome co-star on Battlestar Galactica, an actor named Richard Hatch. He was so charming and such a gentleman! Fanboy hits Amazon March 22nd. What can viewers expect? You can expect a fun ride through the Hollywood trenches with an endearing lead (Fran Kranz), a lot of comedy, and an uplifting ending! Anyone who has ever been an actor in Hollywood—or at least thought about doing it at some point—will definitely re-late to what our protagonist Jeremiah goes through! How can people stay in contact with you? Great question! They can follow me on @ pyewacketpictures on Instagram! What advice would you give young actors, producers, or directors that you feel can really help them? Persevere through the rejection—which is what Fanboy is about —because what’s im-portant is the journey, not the end result. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll have no regrets! Spring 2019 | 81

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