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What it was like growing up with a famous actor as a dad (Lorne Greene)? I honestly did not know my dad was a famous actor until I was in my teens. My parents wisely sheltered me from that part of his career for many years, so as a little kid, all I knew was that my dad was a hard working guy who sometimes came home late (be-cause of a long shoot day on set). As I got older, I was always very proud of him be-cause he was so loved and respected for his accomplishments on stage, screen, and radio. But at the end of the day, he was just dad, and he was always there for me. At what age did you discover your dad was famous? Do you have a story? I don’t think there was a particular age—and it definitely wasn’t something I was preoccupied with, or even aware of, really—as a kid. The talk at our dinner table was probably like the talk at all other dinner tables: he would ask me about school, my horseback riding, things like that. Thinking back on it, I guess when he was on a pa-rade float at the Rose Bowl Parade one year, and I was standing next to him on it, I no-ticed the crowd was really excited to see him; they cheered like crazy. That’s when I realized he was so well-known and so widely loved. What did you take with you growing up in the entertainment indus-try? That fame is an illusion; what matters most is family. Your husband (Sam Raimi) was the director for some of the largest and known films in the world that are global box office hits. How did you meet him? Did he have an ego? When did you know he was the one? I met Sam at a bowling party in Santa Monica. I knew right away I was going to marry him because he was the kindest, funniest, most interesting person I had ever met. He has never had any ego whatsoever, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. When switching roles on your husband, how was it working with him on set? Was he difficult to direct? Did he play both roles actor and co-director? Did he give input & what was it like? He was purely an actor on the set of Fanboy, and only for two out of our 11 shooting days. He was very flexible as a 80 | |

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Metropolitan Magazine March 2019