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of fashion, the transformation is exciting to see. I hope when everyone opens the book up they fall into a dream-like world and escape for a few minutes. Your inclusivity and breaking barriers in the fashion world has been a great creative force in making change, can you speak to your message on championing diversity? CS: I think we need to empower women who are buying our clothes. They should be able to shop no matter what size, color, where they came from who cares. If they love a dress we should offer it to them. Getting dressed should be the fun and exciting part of the day not the hard part. So I’m trying to prove that it can be done because I’m doing it and will continue to do it and hope others follow along. How has your fashion evolved since your very first fashion show?

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CS: I hope I have evolved. As my company has grown, we are able to do so much more than I was able to do in the beginning. But still some of my favorite pieces are from early shows, and they were just simply overlooked because I was a young brand. I think clothes evolves every day because the customer is changing every day. Right now fashion is so accessible and in your face all the time. So I try to create things that are dramatic and emotional but still wearable for my customer. She is the driving force and I like to keep her guessing but keep her happy.

it perfection. Don’t try too many things at a time, that is often when things get lost.

What would you say to a young designer starting out fashion? CS: Find out what you really love about fashion first, do you really want to be a designer is always my question? Do you love making clothes because if not there are so many other professions in the industry that are great! But if you love making clothes then find the style you love and really make

As a fashion leader what future direction do you see fashion heading? CS: It is hard to say where fashion is going. I know it’s becoming more diverse than ever and I hope it’s returning back to the days of glamour and experimentation. That is what I love!

Are you influenced by any designers of the past? CS:I try not to be but of course, yet everyone is influenced because it is so hard not to remember iconic pieces of history. A famous red-carpet dress or famous first lady’s dress so in that regard yes…. I also of course admire so much what big houses like Chanel and Dior have done. They have created such a world that is untouchable.

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Metropolitan Magazine March 2019