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sumptuous couture designs weaving fantasy, old Hollywood glamour and the desire to dress women of all shapes, sizes and social status in his work. It has put him at the top of every woman’s fashion wish list worldwide, movie stars and homemakers alike. After studying in his younger years with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, his collections have now added him to the rarified list of top designers past and present. No matter what age or body type, he will dress you.

an ‘all size’ inclusive designer in his runway casting. Each runway show he also adds some celebrities to walk on his runways such as Selma Blair who has walked in a stunning sultry skin-tight catsuit and fur for his 10th-anniversary catwalk for the celebration.

Not many designers can say they have dressed the likes of Lady Gaga, Kate Perry, Rihanna, Kate Hudson and more! Siriano dressed Whoopi Goldberg for the Tony Awards in 2008, and she among the fan followers who praise him for being

Art and fashion have had a relationship for many generations, what or who have influenced you over the years? CS: I’m inspired by Art every day. There are so many new young artists I love and whom have

Christian sat down for a rare intimate following the launch of his popular book for an interview discussing art + fashion influences, desires and dreams:

inspired even some of my collections. I get inspired by photographs, paintings, architecture, interiors, furniture and really they are all art in their own way. Your book Dresses to Dream About, can you speak to how long it took you to execute the book, process for the book and what one thing you wish for the reader to remember? CS: It took about a year or so to come together. It was hard to choose what pieces I wanted to showcase, and the timing was hard because I wanted to add so much more. The entire book was done so beautifully. I really wanted to highlight my work over the last 10 years and really show people what goes into making clothes from sketch to finished piece. I think that’s the magic Spring 2019 | 53

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Metropolitan Magazine March 2019  

Metropolitan Magazine March 2019