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A Father’s Day Gift From Jack Nicklaus’ Son





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Challenger 300/350 Jet Card

Jet Card is part of the Jet Card Ownership portfolio at Magellan Jets. *Image credit: Bombardier Aerospace


Öäêèïïäñ öíè÷¡öóèæìĤæóõòêõäðæòðèöúì÷ëä choice of one of 10 most popular aircraft on the market. With a convenience of booking your ĥìêë÷öúì÷ëíøö÷(ëòøõö ñò÷ìæèĥüïìîèäñòúñèõ without headaches of aircraft ownership.


Jet membership provides guaranteed access to òñèòé$æä÷èêòõìèöòéäìõæõäé÷Îñíòüæòñùèñìèñæè ĥèûìåìïì÷üäñçĥüäöðøæëòõäöïì÷÷ïèäöüòøñèèç with the freedom to schedule on just 12 hours’ notice.

+1 866-257-3488


The Magellan Jets Memberships are programs of Magellan Jets, LLC (Magellan Jets®). Magellan Jets (the Air Charter Broker) acting as an “Authorized Agent” for the Member (Charterer) shall; maintain non-owned aircraft liability insurance, and personal injury coverage, contract for transportation services with only FAR Part 135 Direct Air Carriers proprietary Magellan Jets Preferred Network of Direct Air Carriers that meet all FAA or CAA safety standards and additional safety standards established by Magellan Jets.


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Resort Wear ANDI BAGUS andi-bagus.com Photo: Morris Antebi

May 2021



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May 2021


Recap: Spring Fashion Week 2021



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gainst the bleak backdrop of mid-Pandemic New York, Fashion Week F/W 2021 was gainst held as the newsbleak of widespread backdrop of vaccinations mid-Pandemic: and lowering caseloads New York, became common. WhileWeek most shows were was Fashion F/W 2021 held virtually some forged held designers as news of ahead widespread with in-personvaccinations shows and presentations and lowering incaseloads hopes of retaining of normalcy. becamea sense common. While most The rapidwere evolution of comfort fashion shows held virtually, some designers continued with designers imagining indoor forged ahead with in-person shows and comfort with knits and the now ubiquitous presentations in hopes of retaining a sense sneaker wear. Yet there were also those of normalcy. The rapid evolution of comfort foreseeing the world beyond the pandemic, fashion continued with designers imagining designers dropped bold, new, and refreshed indoor comfort with knits and the now looks for those seeking to impress the ubiquitous sneaker unquarantined world. wear. Yet there were also those foreseeing the world beyond the pandemic, designers droppeda sense bold, new, Notable designers who presented refreshed looks for Wu those to ofand normalcy included: Jason who seeking gave impress the unquarantined world. us a flair for now with subtle mix and match pieces and clothing that was ready to wear. NotableMinkoff, designers who a sense Rebecca whom thispresented writer spoke included: Jasonbold Wuprints who gave toofatnormalcy length, sought to provide flair style for now and match - us as a is her - butwith also subtle cohesivemix singular pieces and clothing that was ready to wear. looks with heavy accessorization. Fashion Rebecca Minkoff, whom ofthis writer spoke week also saw the debut numerous Black with emerging menswear to atdesigners length, sought to provide bold prints designer Justin Wesley former Kansas - as is her style - but aalso cohesive singular University basketball looks with heavy player. accessorization. Fashion week also saw the debut of numerous Black Virtual presentations and runways offered designers with emerging menswear designer aJustin more bold aesthetic. Chanel presented Wesley, a former Kansas University the very chicplayer. and very in alpine life with basketball slopestyle declaring winter as a time for aVirtual vacation - perhaps prescient towards presentations and runways offered a the pandemic end. TomChanel Ford offered up the more bold aesthetic. presented the catsuit as the defining silhouette of very chic and very in alpine life with slopestyle the season a nod to summer bodies and declaring winter as a time for a vacation the return seeing and being seen, quite perhaps prescient towards the pandemic revealingly, by others. end. Tom Ford offered up the catsuit as the defining silhouette of the season - a nod to The familiar and the future, comfort and the summer bodies and the return of seeing and conspicuous, NYFW F/W 2021 offered up the being seen, quite revealingly, by others. here and now but also the fearless future that appears nearer everyday. Overall, this The familiar and the comfort Fashion week tailored fromfuture, the heart of a and the conspicuous, NYFW F/W 2021 pandemic proves one thing above all, theoffered up the here and now but also the fearless show must go on. future that appears nearer everyday. Overall, this Fashion week tailored from the heart of a pandemic proves one thing above all: the show must go on. May2021 2021 May

7 45


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May 2021



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May 2021




65 Joe Namath

FASHION 6 22 32 58 75 86

The Show Must Go On Young Hollywood Mie Iwatsuki Hudson Clothier Flower Power Daily Dr. Robi Ludwig: Fashion Trends as a Healing Tool


18 If You Haven’t You Should 40 Best Seat In The House 100 Classic Auto Show 101 Sara Brooke: The Island 110 Punch Like A Girl 111 Singer-Songwriter Todd Fredericks 114 White Smoke: Itamar S.N 115 American Blasphemer

TASTE 60 62

Demarchelier Bistro Centro Trattoria


76 Super Car Week 108 International Polo Club Palm Beach


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Palm Beach Memorial Fountain

Photo: Benno Klandt May 2021




36 Donald Ross, Golf Course Designer 46 Jessica Jordaan, WarHorse USA 56 David McClymont, Palm Beach Symphony 72 Deborah Robinson 76 Twenty/Twenty Beauty 90 Nikki Walter Nemickas 94 Ignas Jurkonis & Gerda Jurkonis, Philanthropic Spotlight 102 Kenley Collins, Florida Real Estate 112 Nancy Davis, Founder, Race to Erase MS 116 Arnie Preminger, President & CEO, Sunrise Association


44 NFTS & Crypto Art 74 Gabriela Gil Renaissance Woman 92 Billboards 96 Luciana Pampalone 104 Lorena Cairns 106 Edwina Lucas & Maryann Lucas 118 Annie Watts Photographs

SOCIAL 78 82 84 120


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Selfless Love Foundation ASPCA Benefit Geraldo Rivera Golf Classic Frederick Law Olmstead Awards








100’+ GLOBALLY (Q1 2021)



THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT COMPANY YACHT SALES | CHARTER | NEW CONSTRUCTION 240 Royal Palm Way, Suite 200 Palm Beach, Fl 33480 palmbeach@iyc.com | +1 561 570 6790 May 2021



ne belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes s in five years. - Tom Wolfe “When youa have you can lot ofwork fun. And you haveoffun, “You set goal confidence, to be the best andhave thena you hardwhen every hour every day, “Wecan become bravethings.”by doing brave acts.” - Aristotle you do amazing Joe Namath striving to reach that goal.” - Don Shula

w York City has always been a city of heroes.

When you decide to launch a new magazine, the cover star needs to be someone special. Someone who inspires

doesn’t take a pandemic or a terrorist attack on September 11, An 2001 this When iswail a city of first heroes Every dayleader. in Manhattan there is to therealize haunting ofyou the ambulance siren announcing another others. A winner. icon. A legend. meetAJoe Namath and he many greets you in with famous GreetingsAand welcome to our inaugural issue of Metropolitan Palm Beach. magazine that’s been years the his making. I’m d fighters. Our fire department, oursmile, police, our doctors and nurses, our small business owners, and covid-19 patient being rushed by first responders to overworked NYC hospitals where brave healthcare shakestheyour hand, and speaksPalm to you inand thatasapproachable Southern it’s asomething. moment remember. Chase Backer, publisher of Metropolitan Beach a native New Yorker and I’vedrawl, got to admit Ito really like it here rporations even our cultural institutions will nottheir be no matter what the crisis. This isbut workers risk lives to beaches, try toBroadway save other New Yorkers. Right now humanity is engaged an epic Guaranteed. Just like down the time Joe Namath turned the NFL upside by personally guaranteeing that in Palm Beach. Thekept sunshine, restaurants, stores, boats, andcity cars most of all,down the people. Theinpeople of Palm Beach have t only the epicenter of the world it ishis the melting pot and great American experiment in action. A city struggle to survive a merciless enemy. Right now there is fear of the unknown and fear of what wemuch upstart New York Jets would upset the powerhouse Baltimore Colts in 1969 in Super Bowl III atdo theaction Orange a certain aura of contentment. There is a more relaxed feel here than say —in the Hamptons or Manhattan. But just as and here people from all corners of the globe together to live together, work together, speak know. But ascome the pressure mounts and the reality the world shelter-in there areMVP. still with Bowl inhave Miami. It’selse not bragging when it’s true.current Namath’s Jetsforces won and Namath was or voted the In 1985 he excitement. Where but Palm Beach can someone spend a morning at a 16-7 boat show ortopolo match an afternoon the recent ely, worship freely and say to the rest of the itwho can be done. President the United States and dinner a five-star restaurant? Florida is thriving. Governor is working hard help rebuild the would beofworld-voted The Pro Football of Fame Canton, Ohio isThe also the original oftoanother sports those among usinto feel the pull toatHall be brave forinothers. To Ohio. provide hope. The heroes, thehome parents, economy and Golden there is renewed hope for days. legend, The Bear, Jack who isnew alsoways featured in thisand newhelp issue of our magazine, the families, the workers—all ofNicklaus, usbetter are finding to adapt carry thenew load, to check Metropolitan A magazine that’s been many years in theacts making. e must go on. As a city, as a countryPalm world. and inas onaBeach. friends neighbors and to engage in small of kindness to let everyone we come into Our cover with, star, Mara Martin is a distancing, Palm Beach resident not only beautiful andall bright also a staunch advocate for mother’s rights. contact while social knowwho thatis somehow we will getbut through this. This unique We are so honored to bring you her story and those of some other local insiders and personalities who are fascinating in their right. Every month with Metropolitan Palm Beach give luxury and fashion, and health, art and culture, e must find our collective and individual to persevere during this global pandemic and to trying issue strength of Metropolitan Magazine focuses on we’ll some folksyou who are hard tobeauty make a difference like Dr.own People here in Palm Beach might seem more relaxed but still waters run deep. Here you will find the best of the best. Bill Gates to Tiger and fineand dining —and the types of Metropolitan profiles,doctor features, cover thatCDC haveGuidelines made Metropolitan ork together as a global communitytravel to combat conquer Covid-19. At Magazine Janette Nesheiwat, an emergency and family whoand offers tipsstories to follow and stay and 25A Woods and in beyond. Somecircles of the smartest, most successful and self-actualized individuals onelegant, the planet. Here you will find coffeethought renowned magazine globally as one of the most beautiful, trend-setting, edgy, inspirational e are trying to do our part to informsafe andduring inspirethis during these difficulttime. days. We will through this the soul of an artist who has turned unprecedented Cover girlget Julie Mintzpool, shares leaders, business titans, captains ofOur industry, hangingFeatures out at theEditor the tennisHoryn court, golf or inDirector shiny automobiles table magazines in isolation the world.into PalmallBeach Jadan andcourse, Creative Margaretcruising Luce gether. her struggles with beautiful music while photographer Jilland Lotenberg offers us aand newour along Worth Avenue. Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, and the surrounding areas residents inspire me hard-working with her incredible, “If You Haven’t, You Should” column, have all the answers on what’s hot and cool in Palm Beach. perspective onstories, New explore, York City during our most staff to tell their make new friends and difficult do what challenge. we do best—arguably better than any other luxury magazine in the Our entire magazine team is extremely excited toterrific createguy! new and long-lasting personal and business relationships ur cover star is Paul Teutul Sr. The popular patriarch of American Chopper. What a world, entertain, inform and delight. Our readers are what matter the most to us. We want your experience with our magazines to be within this special community. Along with unparalleled editorial coverage to delight our readers, we also offer our eck out our social media platform New where Paulenjoyable, Sr. willstaying share BTS video and thebut secrets creating Yorkers are inside these days that to doesn’t mean we giving up.stories We know thewant resttoofbe told and worthwhile, unpredictable, thrilling, thought-provoking, and resonant. Weare want to tell the that you advertising partners award-winning multi-platform integration that leverages celebrity engagement, cutting-edge PR/ mazing motorcycles and discuss thethe challenges of being a good Paul Sr.’s the ones you aren’t expecting. country and the world aredad. watching andrelationship rooting forwith us ashis we listen to New York Governor Andrew marketing/branding, digital media strategies, SEO, and special event management to increase amplification and true ns has always been one of the most fascinating aspects of updates his TV show. thebattlefront. worlds of beauty and Cuomo provide regular fromInthe reach to all target markets andand verticals. reserve advertising opportunities forfine thedining most—and elite businesses in the Every with month we’lltechniques give you luxury fashion,We beauty and our health, art and culture, travel and the types of profiles, ury, Dorota Wallace is leading the way new and procedures to help her guests look region. When youstories advertise withmade us, your business appears in the inonly luxurycircles lifestyle magazine dedicated to Palm features and cover that have Metropolitan and 25A renowned magazine globally as one of the most beautiful, mazing and enjoy the very best in post-operative care. Every night atdiscerning 7pm a noise can be heard from open windows in skyscrapers and apartment buildings Beach’s most market. trend-setting, elegant,ofedgy, inspirational coffee-table in the world. whistles and cars honking... a across the island Manhattan - wild cheers,magazines pots being banged, om Venice, Italy to Argentina to Orange County,ofNew York we have sought out to artists, designers, cacophony appreciation across our city serenade our healthcare and first responder heroes The Metropolitan Magazine luxury content national flair. Metropolitan We love our readers Palm and weBeach endeavor to be theteam best atdelivers what weexclusive do. Just likelocal you. Take it from a Newwith Yorker, it’s better in Palm Beach! We edia personalities, and everyday heroes sharing their efforts to cope with the pandemic and bring a battling in the trenches... telling them thank you for being brave and thank you for giving all of usstories hopeof stories Palm Magazine redefines luxury publications by community delivering the and most distinctive Palm Beach are soBeach happy to have this opportunity to celebrate your special whilelatest also providing national and global interest. mile to others. From the world of art,into contributing extraordinaire Rachel Vancelette keeps allare for athe better tomorrow. hands of readers. Celebrities andallnewsmakers grace the magazine’s cover, —and whiletogether its pages detail what’s Stay safe, wear aeditor mask, social distance and let’s look after each other.us We all in this together we will get through to date on trends in art and jewelry. Another artist in the spotlight is Robin Kofflerhas with her amazing happening high-end fashion, interior design, real estate, and more. That means that Metropolitan Palm these challenging times! hein terrible global Covid-19 pandemic made ustravel, realize that yscapes of the greatest city in the world. Her painting of the Reservoir is simply sublime. Justoflike New Stay safe and stay strong! Beach readers are always in thefor know about what happening in this exclusive community. solidarity is essential our survival. Thisisstate affairs is not rk City in the fall. Thank youlimited for lettingtousainto your world for joiningand us inwe ours.are today living in country or aand continent, Thank you so much for joining us on this exciting adventure. a new global reality. Funds are desperately needed for those in We are thrilled to make your acquaintance and welcome you to Metropolitan Palm Beach. joy! communities who have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy! These include friends, creatives in the art and design communities, safe and watch out for each other. medical workers and COVID-19 first responders and many more who day-in and Chase Backer day-out are fighting this global pandemic. V&C have joined forces for a joint storytelling initiative between VANCELETTE SIGNATURE® and CHÉRUBINE ® brands Publisher, Metropolitan/25A to raise both awareness and needed funds for those in communities who have Chase Chase Backer Backer been impacted by the horrific COVID-19 pandemic. Publisher, Metropolitan/25, Publisher, Metropolitan/25A




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12| Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Metropolitan Palm Beach

Worth Avenue

Photo: Benno Klandt

Photo: Benno Klandt

May 2021



By Margaret Bastick Luce

By Margaret Bastick-Luce

issue I want to bring you experiencesboth bothbold boldand andbenign, benign,luxe luxe and and leisure, leisure, for EachEach issue, I want to bring to to you experiences for long-time long-time residents transplants alike. The Hamptonshave havemuch muchtotooffer, offer,and andI Iwant want to to be be your personal residents andand transplants alike. The Hamptons personal guide. Follow meme as as wewe begin youhaven’t, haven’t, you should... guide. Follow beginthis thisjourney journeytogether together because because ififyou you should... Active Active

Travel Travel

Luxe Luxe

I can’tbut helpfeel but feel stepped into a BeforeBefore departing Hamptons, Restore, refresh, and and renew at Float in I can’t help I’veI’ve stepped Restore, refresh, renew departing forfor thetheHamptons, A Merchant Ivory film when I see the that 2+ hour journey that makes many Watermill, NY, an immersive into a Merchant Ivory film when at Float in Watermill, NY, ansalt bath that 2+ hour journey that makes Kelpie at fullatsail. dour, jumpjump downtown to 45 immersive experience. trick experience. is to unwind in the I see the Kelpie fullNamed sail. for the loch manyaaperson saltMy bath person dour, dwelling transmogrifying water deity of Grand Street and see Karen at Sia she Infrared sauna first and Named for the loch dwelling My trick is to unwind in then the head to the downtown to 45 Grand Street and Scotland, the yacht of a sailboat sitting has a way of removing all angst from private salt float. I listen to Pinkhead Floyd transmogrifying water deity of Infrared sauna first and then see Karen at Sia. She has a way in picturesque Sag Harbor, if glamour your face in 60 minutes.... jumpstart the and beam out, afterwards I shower Scotland, the yacht of a sailboat to the private salt float. I listen away of removing all angst from your aphrodisiacSag thenHarbor, this 78 foot face inunwinding processJumpstart in advance and all worries my private sitting inis your picturesque Floydinand beamsuite. out,Float is a 60 minutes. theleave to Pink traditional gaff-rigged schooner built in calm cool collected with dewy radiant relaxed environment where I literally float if glamour is your aphrodisiac afterwards showering away unwinding process in advance 1928 will transport you to a sea sprayed skin. Telephone 347-247-6381 out of there. Treat yourself, you thank then this 78 foot traditional gaffall worries in my private suite.will Float and leave calm cool collected heaven. You can cruise the harbor for you and me. Hamptonsfloat.com rigged schooner built in 1928 will is a relaxed environment where with dewy radiant skin. Telephone twoyou hourstooraopt for longer and venture347-247-6381 My favorite colorist Laurencolorist is at Eddie I literally float out of there. Treat transport sea-sprayed My favorite intocan Longcruise Island Sound as you luxu-Lauren Plishti in Manhattan. I have known yourself: you will thank heaven.out You the harbor is atsalon Eddie Plishti salon riate in the serenity of the sails. A divine this beauty and new mommy for over you and me. for two hours or opt for longer in Manhattan. I have known this and otherworldly experience awaits 20 years! She gives me my sun kissed Hamptonsfloat.com and venture out into Long Island beauty and new mommy for over whenluxu-riate you mentioninme #Margaret- 20 years! highlights a gloss city nor Sound you as you the She and gives methat my the sun- enjoy! Shannon at kissedthehighlights summer sunand canamess with.that FYI, I serenitylucetip of the sails. Contact A divine gloss YachtKelpie.com hear Eddie’s cuts are great too, will and otherworldly experience the city nor the summer sun can try summer I am quick to say yes to awaits you when you mention mess this with. FYI, :)I hear Eddie’s a night out too, whenwill I amtry blow-dry me #Margaret-lucetip - enjoy! cuts are great this ready. Lauren the colorist is at Eddie Plishti SaContact Shannon at summer :) I am quick to say yes lon Manhattan and Hamptons 212-737YachtKelpie.com to a night out when I am blow-dry 3388 https://www.eddieplishti.com/ ready. Lauren the colorist is at Eddie Plishti Salon Manhattan and Hamptons 212-737-3388 https://www.eddieplishti.com/

18 96

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Daily Affirmation Daily Affirmation

a namekeeps keeps coming to mind, If aIf name coming to call that person! Believe in telepathy, it’s mind, call that person! Believe powerful as are you! in telepathy—t’s powerful as are Margaret Bastick Luce you! IG @margaretbastickluce Margaret Bastick Luce Use #margaretlucetip IG @margaretbastickluce Use #margaretlucetip

May 2021

97 19

Publisher Chase Backer Editor-in-Chief Adam Kluger



Assistant Publisher Jaime Backer Creative Director Margaret Bastick-Luce Art Director Susan Canalizo


Assistant Editor Willy Nichter Copy Editor Sean Buttimer Special Projects Editor Norah Bradford Lifestyle Editor Elizabeth Langevin Cover Editor Adam Kluger


Features Editor Jadan Horyn Luxury Editor Stephanie L. Howitt Editor at Large | Art, Culture & Fashion Rachel Vancelette Fashion Photographer Matt Licari

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4/14/21 10:21 AM



Profiles Editor Alexandra Appino-Tabone Social Editor Clara Morgan Food Editor Andrea Correale Nutrition Editor Lindsay Brustein Rosen, M.S., R.D., CDN


MAY 2021

Digital Media Director Nancy Molina Make-up Peggy Mackey Interns Jolie Hudson, Lonee Telemaque Contributors Rachel Vancelette, D.D. Rice, Paul Prince, Peter Elston, Johnny Angel, Harry White, Victoria Crosby Contributing Photographers Matt Licari, Rene Bernal, tama66, pixel2013, Michael Gaida, Benno Klandt, Michael Paniccia, Jay Mathews, Filip Shobot, Chris Carroll, Lenny Stucker, Patrick McMullan, MA , Tom Fitzgerald and Pam Deutchman, Sandy Ramirez, Jan Klier, Mitchel Gray, Paul Prince, Kristiina Wilson



Fashion | Luxury | Profiles | Features | Shopping | Travel | Art | Design | Auto | Food | Health May 2021 1

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Palm Beach Memorial Fountain

From simple to intricate designs, California Closets systems are custom designed specifically for you and the way you live.



GREENVALE 25 Northern Blvd, Greenvale 516.334.0077 CONNECTICUT 565 Westport Ave, Norwalk 203.924.8444

Product availability may vary by location. ©2021 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Each franchise independently owned and operated. CT HIC #0657205 May 2021



Photography and art direction Olesja Mueller @olesjamueller Wardrobe styling Angel Tailan @AngelTailan assisted by Ellen Jong @____ellenjong 52 Metropolitan Magazine | 25AMagazine.com Makeup/hair Martin Lane Christopher @martinlanechristopher Models Anna and Alex Straser Shot on location at Insomnia Cafe LAIG: @anna_kathryn05IG: @alexvalentine07 22

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May 2021



Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

May 2021


Palm Beach

Katie Buckalew

Photo: Benno Klandt


Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

May 2021


Manhattan, NYC, Milan, Sardinia 28

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Manhattan, NYC, Milan, Sardinia

May 2021



Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com


May 2021



Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com


Photographer: Photographer: Michael Nafziger Michel Nafziger Model: Model: Mie Iwatsuki Mie Iwatsuki Beige BeigeDress Dressand and White suits: White Suit: Halston Halston May May 2021 2021

33 61


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May 2021


DONALD ROSS World Famous Golf Course Designer

Golf Never Failed Him by Kathy Worth


onald J. Ross was an accomplished golfer, a world-famous golf course designer whom golf legend Jack Nicklaus states “…had a great impact on golf course architecture. He seems to be the standard by which we are all measured today”. He was also an employer of thousands, a grower of roses, and the owner of Pinehurst’s favorite watering hole – but he does not have a street named after him here in Florida, contrary to what most people think. I’ll get to that later. Born in Dornoch, Scotland, in 1872, Ross’s 36

first job was as a greenskeeper at the Royal Dornoch Golf Club, the course he played while growing up. At one point, he also worked as a carpentry apprentice, mastering that as he had golf. Given his golfing ability, a group of locals sent Ross to train with Old Tom Morris, the greenskeeper and professional at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews, as they believed he could hone his carpentry skills crafting golf clubs instead of furniture. (Note to non-golfing readers: St. Andrews is considered the “Home of Golf”.) Old Tom did teach him how he constructed club heads, shafts, and grips, but Donald also observed

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

and absorbed how the greens should be maintained and course elements should be best designed. While at St. Andrews, Ross met fellow Scotsman Robert White, who later went to America and became the pro and greenskeeper at Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton, Massachusetts, where he met a gent by the name of Leonard Tufts. I’ll come back to Mr. White and Mr. Tufts in a moment. After a year of apprenticeship under Old Tom Morris, Ross returned home to Dornoch, becoming the first golf professional and greenskeeper at Royal

Palm Beach Country Club Golf Course designed by Donald Ross

Jack Nicklaus: "Donald Ross had a great impact on golf course architecture. He seems to be the standard by which we are all measured today".

Dornoch, where he wasted no time improving the links. While there, he met Robert Wilson, a Harvard physics professor who spent his summers in Dornoch playing the world-class course. He encouraged Ross to go to the States, which he did, arriving with less than $10 in his pocket and no clue of where to

find employment. (Some stories say he had $2, others, $7; in any case, he was darn near broke.) However, with Dr. Wilson’s help, he soon secured the golf pro position at Oakley Country Club in Watertown, Massachusetts. Oakley is where Ross first truly leaped into golf course design, deciding on his very first day

to plan and execute a large-scale renovation of the course. At Oakley, he would meet James Tufts, the aforementioned Leonard Tufts’ son, and first learned of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Pinehurst just so happens to have been founded by James Walker Tufts, Leonard’s father and James’ grandfather. May 2021


James soon invited Donald to his home in Medford, Massachusetts, to interview for the pro position at Pinehurst. The agreement reached that day, an oral one at that, turned out to be extremely lucrative and successful for Ross, the Tufts, and the American golf community. Pinehurst and Ross would become nearly synonymous. He designed the first four courses at the resort, with the illustrious #2 course completed in 1907 being his signature creation. He referred to #2 as “the fairest test of championship golf I have ever designed”. The course evolved with Ross finetuning it over the years to include the ground-breaking transition from rolled clay and oiled sand to Bermuda grass for the putting surfaces just in time for the 1935 PGA Championship. Always the innovator, he established Pinehurst’s Maniac Hill, where golfers could take lessons and practice their shots under the watchful eye of the instructor, whereas previously golfers had always received playing lessons on the actual course. After years of experimentation, he eventually started what would become a thriving design business known as Donald J. Ross and Associates in 1910, which would employ 38

thousands in its heyday. His winter office was in Pinehurst and his primary summer office was in Little Compton, Rhode Island, although he had affiliate offices in North Amherst, Massachusetts, and Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. According to the Donald Ross Society, he designed 413 courses in North America, more than 40 of them in North Carolina alone, for a total of 31 states and four Canadian provinces. He was known for creating a challenging course without gimmicks, designing each hole to be playable for beginners but difficult enough for the greats. His trademarks included the crowned or “turtleback” greens, great routings, switchbacks, diagonal hazards, and creative greens complex designs. In short, he was known for creating courses with playability and challenge in mind. In addition to Pinehurst, some of Ross’s more notable courses include Aronomink Golf Club near Philadelphia, PA; East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta; Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, FL; Oak Hill Country Club near Rochester, NY; Glen View Club near Chicago; Memphis Country Club; Inverness Club in Toledo; Miami Biltmore Golf Course; and Oakland Hills Country Club near Detroit. Of all his designs, Pinehurst #2 was considered

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

his best work, and he continued to perfect it until his death. It has hosted three U.S. Open championships, one U.S. Women’s Open, three U.S. Amateur Championships, 1 PGA Championship, and the Ryder’s Cup. #2 is consistently ranked one of the top courses in North Carolina and among the very best in the entire United States. Fittingly, Ross lived in a home of his own design, named Dornoch Cottage, located behind the third hole of #2 where he also raised championship roses in his spare time. And as if he wasn’t busy enough, for 27 years until his death in 1948, he owned one of Pinehurst’s landmarks and still favorite watering hole, the Pine Crest Inn. Because of his brilliance as a designer and the sheer number of courses he designed, many people are unaware that Mr. Ross was himself a talented golfer. He won the North & South Open in 1903, 1905, and 1906 and the Massachusetts Open in 1905 and 1911. Most notably, he placed fifth in the 1903 U.S. Open and eight in the British Open in 1910. Apparently, Donald wasn’t the only one in his family with golf prowess; one of his three brothers, Alex, actually won the 1907 U.S. Open! In addition to his achievements

"When I was a young man in Scotland, I read about the American businessman absorbed in making money. I knew the day would come when the American businessman would relax and want some game to play, and I knew that game would be golf. I read about the start of golf in the United States and knew there would be a great future in it, so I learned all I could about the game: teaching, playing, club-making, greenkeeping, and course construction. And then I came to America to grow up with a game in which I had complete confidence. Golf has never failed me."— Donald Ross

as a player, Ross was a founding member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects formed at Pinehurst in 1947, with the organization’s highest honor bearing his name. He was also admitted posthumously to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1977, a high honor rarely given for anything other than playing success. Golf most certainly did not fail him. As for his personal life, Ross married twice, first to Janet Conchie whom he met in Dornoch one summer and later married in 1904, and two years after her passing in 1922, he wed

Florence Blackington from Little Compton, RI. He had one daughter, Lillian, with Janet. Lillian Ross Pippitt died in 2000 at the age of 91. Donald passed away at the age of 75 in Pinehurst. As so aptly put by The Donald Ross Society, golfers have a more interesting game to play thanks to the genius and legacy of this pioneering Scotsman. Oh, and as for not having a street in Florida named after him, many people would vehemently argue this fact, myself included before my research for this article. Donald Ross Road, which runs from Juno Beach to

Palm Beach Gardens in the Sunshine State, is NOT named after Donald J. Ross, renowned golf course architect. Nope, it’s named for Lieutenant Donald Alexander Ross of Kelsey City (now Lake Park), Florida, a World War II hero who received the Silver Star before dying in action at the age of 24. I solemnly salute the lieutenant for whom this road is really named. However, after a little more investigation, I discovered one elsewhere – Donald Ross Drive in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Something tells me the architect would approve.

Golf Course by Donald Ross

May 2021



The Best Seat in the House A Conversation with Jack Nicklaus II By Jadan Hoyrn & Margaret Luce

Jack (Jackie) Nicklaus II had a unique childhood. As the son of arguably the world’s greatest golfer, the expectations for his own success were and are immense, and yet that same famous father taught him how to bear the burden of fame while also being a loving husband and father. Jack Nicklaus II sat down with Metropolitan Magazine’s Features Editor 40

Jadan Horyn and Creative Director Margaret Luce to share the accumulated wisdom of “The Golden Bear” in Jackie’s recently published memoir Best Seat in the House. What do you think this book says about your Dad? It’s more a profound appreciation for both of

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my parents. My mother Barbara truly needs to be mentioned each time I talk about my father and their parenting. As a father I am still learning so this was my way of sharing the wisdom both of my parents passed to me. To show them I didn’t always appear to pay attention, but I was listening. That I did learn some things along the way. And I hope to

May 2021


pass a lot of those lessons on to my children. What have you learned from your Dad about being a father? (Laugh) Well when you take your children home from the hospital, they don’t come with an instruction manual. As a father I am still learning; I think all fathers are. Each child is different. That is something my father taught me. We all have different makeup and components, and one child’s going to react differently than another. My brother Gary and I both learned how to play golf from Dad. Yet Gary was able to take instruction while I was more defensive for some reason to take instruction from Dad. But again, I think that’s not unusual or unnatural. It’s just that everybody processes things differently. 42

Family is critical; clearly your dad instilled that in you. What is your advice to those parents who struggle? My parents never said “here is a lesson you must learn.” Rather, they lived their lives as examples of right living. My dad taught us the golden rule. He is fair and believes in fair business deals; that no deal is a good deal if it’s not good for both sides. He’s lived a Godly life with a solid foundation of good ethics. My dad has always had this ability to see things from 30,000 feet, to see the big picture and that is essential for understanding how to act. The Nicklaus family has always been very active in giving back to the community. Why is that so important? Our foundation of faith provides a base for our

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

love for others. Mom and Dad have always been involved with helping people. As they have been increasingly blessed they have felt the need to give back. As a result of a nearmiss with my sister Nan, they formed the Nicklaus Children’s Heathcare Foundation. It’s not just money, it’s about time. You give of yourself and hopefully even more important is the time and the love that you give back. I would encourage anyone to just see it as love they can give to others. Best Seat in the House offers a number of important lessons that fathers can pass on to their children either through word or deed. The biggest take-away from this book, the perfect Father’s Day Gift, is the abiding love and devotion that Jack Nicklaus has for his

Barbara and Jack Nicklaus

family, and how that is the greatest lesson of all in how to be a father. Covering eighteen themes, Best Seat in the House is part parenting advice, part memoir. Its life lessons and personal reflections are rich wisdom for fathers and would-be fathers alike, and it offers insight into the personal character of the beloved Golden Bear, a man who has left a lasting imprint not only on America and golf, but also on his son and family. May 2021


Future Focus

$69 Million. That is the all time record for the sale of artwork by a living artist, and the third highest sum by anyone. - In this case, anyone is Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple. Auctioned by the storied House of Christie’s on March 11th, beyond the number is the art itself.


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NFT’s & the Crypto Art Market Explosion By Jadan Horyn


n NFT non-fungible token is built on the revolutionary technology that undergirds Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Simply put, it attaches a dispersed and permanent transactional record of ownership for a created work. Portion.io CEO Jason Rosenstein spoke with me about the future of the art market and how NFT’s protect artists and provide assurance to collectors.   Portion was one of the first companies in the NFT space, utilizing a unique innovation called the smart contract. Basically, a smart contract attached to a piece of unhackable code is partnered with a piece of art; whether physical or digital. This contract assures the owners, collector, and investor that the art is unique and original. In Rosenstein’s words, “assures the authenticity and provenance of the work.”   While it’s easy to get lost in the technical aspects, for tried and true art collectors and investors, Portion.io proprietary technology and companies like it are replacing traditional in-person auction houses. By bringing artists together with collectors, they are seeking to revolutionize the way art is bought and sold.    One of those digital artists is Gary Kaleda who has been involved in creating digital art since the mid 90s. He described his work thusly “at the most basic level, it expresses the synergy of humanity’s collective relationship to technology.” His arts’ definitional orientation lends itself directly to NFTs.

“NFTs are not only changing the way we create, buy, and sell art, but the way we experience it as well. Will NFTs be displayed on monitors, or printed and framed, or turned into 1000 throw pillows, or simply traded without really being looked at? Probably all of these things and more. It’s an amazing time to be an artist because it’s all changing right now.” Gary is a pioneer in the digital painting world. He sees immense potential in digital art truly having arrived on the world stage with the advent of NTFs. “They are everywhere right now, some good, some bad, and some really bad. It’s like everyone is throwing anything and everything at the wall to see if it sticks or sells. Thankfully, there is a bit of democracy to the process in that popular work will get attention, but great work can easily get lost in a sea of random options. There are also curated NFT sites, but these have the potential to operate like the gallery system with a select few promoting a select few, but then that may change. The world of NFT art is in the process of discovering and defining itself right now and it’s evolving insanely fast.”   His own NFT-based work is specifically designed for this new marketplace as he creates and expands two series. “One series is a selection of abstract digital paintings designed to feel very different from a lot of the character-driven, game-inspired illustrations and gifs currently flooding the NFT space. Paintings like Meditation and Beacon of Benevolence 4 capture more of a quiet, powerful spirituality. I wanted to create

something you could really live with and look at on a daily basis. At the same time, some of the character-driven work was so fun and imaginative, I was inspired to create my BRUSHeeZ 3 Series. These are a collection of characters based on digital brushes from image editing software where the actual characteristics of the brush are kind of brought to life.” All of Gary’s digital paintings, including his NFTs are available, and have a QR code that reveals information about them when scanned. The Brusheez are currently available on Mintable (https://mintable.app/u/ gary.kaleda). The NFT platform for Meditation, Beacon of Benevolence 4 and others will be announced on his website soon. (https:// garykaleda.com/nft)   For those skeptical or confused by the lingo of this emerging field, NFTs provide an additional way for artists and creators to create and allow collectors and investors to diversify one’s collection and hedge value. That alone means it’s worthy of consideration. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, commoditized art that can be authenticated becomes ever more essential. Blockchain technology has opened that door and the pandemic moved the time horizon up nearly a decade. An industry in its infancy is always an investment opportunity for those willing to see the potential.

May 2021


Jessica Jordaan’s

Love for the Mustangs By W.A. Muller Photos Courtesy of Warhorse USA


essica Jordaan hails from humble beginnings in the American Rocky Mountains. Inspired by the beauty, grace, and elegance of horses, Jessica  first discovered  her love of horses at an early age while living in Cody, Wyoming, the “rodeo capital” of the world. She was quickly hooked, and horses became a part of her life.  She began working with a local ranch offering trail rides. She also worked at the


Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Cody rodeo, learning about horses and other livestock and how to care for their needs.  As an adult living in Colorado, Jessica was inspired to create change for America’s wild Mustangs after a visit to a local Mustang sanctuary.  Moved by the grave injustice that awaits many of these inspirational, magical , and historically significant

May 2021


America’s Wild Mustangs

animals, Jessica formed WARHORSE USA to raise awareness for Americas wild and domesticated Mustangs.

Afrikaans lessons, volunteering, working out, or sharing time with her husband and seven children.

After a 10-year career as an international model, Jessica has been published and featured in numerous television shows, magazine publications, and articles. In 2018, she had the privilege to serve Colorado as the Mrs. Colorado America FRU where she was able to share her time and experiences with the charities that are close to her heart. Today, Jessica is usually found hacking her horses “Fritz” and “Afrika,” training with her coach for her competitive show season, taking

Jessica resides in Colorado with her husband, Hendrik Jordaan. Along with supporting Jessica in her mission to save endangered wild horses, Hendrik has his own cause that he feels passionate about. He cofounded and serves as President/CEO of an international private equity fund that is backed by some of the world’s leading families. With the use of investments, he generates jobs that provide economic freedom to thousands of people across the world.


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A current member of The Equus Foundation, Cottonwood Riding Club, USEF, The Denver Polo Club and Herd Member, Jessica has a deep understanding of equine causes and is committed to sharing her time, knowledge, and dedication to benefit the equine community around Colorado, the country, and the world. For more information, please see WARHORSEUSA.org https:// warhorseusa.org/



otelsResorts and Resorts the country are gradually reopening. In this reality, understand otels and acrossacross the country are gradually reopening. In this newnew reality, wewe understand that safety guidelines will severely impact operations, social gathering capacity, andguest guest that safety guidelines will severely impact hotelhotel operations, social gathering capacity, and experience, therefore, aggravating hotel revenue. It will take more than strict compliance with experience, therefore, aggravating hotel revenue. It will take more than strict compliance with social social distancing guidelines to create a warm welcoming experience and attract guests to the distancing guidelines to create a warm welcoming experience and attract guests to the property. As property. As you implement increased safety measures for reopening, our innovative partition you implement increased safety measures for reopening, our innovative partition offer a safe space and solutions offer a safe and inviting experience to your guest, whilst helping you solutions significantly optimize inviting experience to your guest, whilst helping you significantly optimize space capacity.-PopUpStructures capacity.-PopUpStructures luxurydistancingsolutions.com luxurydistancingsolutions.com May 2021




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Luxury Listing by Global Real Estate Advisor Krystal Marcus By Peter Elston

The dynamic growth of the South Florida landscape is ushering in a new era of luxury. Notable real estate advisor Krystal Marcus of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is leading the surge with her entrancing new listing, Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami. Limitless views, extraordinary architecture, and the timeless brand of the exclusive property offers spectacular ownership for generations to come. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury real estate market, Krystal is the foremost expert to be attached to the new development. Giving a unique approach along with a proven track record alongside expertise, her unparalleled connections and keen assessment of a client’s needs make her one of the region’s most successful brokers. Greybook Realty Partners and S2 Development have created an iconnic structure envisioned by concept designers Siger Suarez Architects, in collaboration with Carlos Ott, in Downtown Miami. Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami will rise 100 stories with the shape of nine spiraling offset glass cubes. Residences feature interiors by award-winning design firm BAMO, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with stunning views of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean. Residents will receive Waldorf Astoria’s extraordinary services and signature amenities. The acclaimed development will be the tallest residential tower south of New York City and will set a new architectural benchmark, further elevating Miami’s position as a leading global city. Residency listings at begin at $1 Million. For more information, please visit www.onesothebysrealty.com/agents/67183-krystal-marcus May 2021


Carbon Neutral Luxury Bag Collection from Julia Daviy

Julia Daviy is a pioneering luxury designer creating the fashion industries most innovative sustainable garments, using a set of advanced technologies. The Los Angeles-based designer uses zero waste 3D printing to create innovative, ethical, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral, and sustainable collections, holding them to the highest ethical and environmental standard, while standing as true efficacies of exquisite taste. 52

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May 2021



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May 2021


May 2021


David McClymont CEO, Palm Beach Symphony By W.A. Muller


avid McClymont is an absolute maestro when it comes to business. David took over as the CEO of the Palm Beach Symphony in 2014. As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt executive, he utilizes psychologyoriented business development tools to enable this venerated non-profit arts organization to achieve success in the highly competitive South Florida market. David took an organization that had been operating in the red prior,  to one that realized a 100% increase in revenue in five years. 

Photo by Capehart Photography

Photo by Indie House Films


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Another feather in his cap, In 2019, David secured and appointed Gerard Schwarz as Music Director. Schwarz was the Music Director of the Mozart Orchestra of New York and Conductor Emeritus of the Mostly Mozart Festival. In turn, Discography of over 350 albums, and his honors include seven Emmy® Awards, 14 GRAMMY® nominations and eight ASCAP Awards. Maestro Schwarz is also involved on the University level as the Distinguished Professor of Music, Conducting and Orchestral Studies of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, and Music Director of the Frost Symphony Orchestra.  McClymont’s love of music started at a young age. His mother introduced him to the arts, something David is passionate about sharing with future generations.   According to McClymont, “The Palm Beach Symphony continues to expand its education and community outreach programs with

children’s concerts, student coaching sessions, and master classes, instrument donations, and free public concerts that have reached more than 50,000 students in the past five years.” 2020 and the Pandemic required McClymont and his music director Schwarz to come up with creative solutions to save the season while providing virtual in-school concerts and coaching to students.  “Jerry had to create this year’s season among ever-changing artists’ schedules and the eventual shift to performing the Masterwork Series for live streaming.  In the months following the closure of the concert halls, the Symphony continued to pursue its mission of engaging, educating, and entertaining the greater community of the Palm Beaches and beyond with an impact that is quantifiable. We commissioned musicians to create 48 instructional videos when in-school instruction

was no longer possible due to the pandemic. We created engaging and educational online content which resulted in a 127% increase in YouTube viewership and a nearly 30% growth in website engagement; as we reached more than 8,000 students through performances, spearheaded a collaboration with Ballet Palm Beach, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, and the Palm Beach Opera.”   McClymont promises more exciting musical experiences in the coming year as he and his music director continue  to bring Palm Beach Symphony to the level of one of the nation’s great regional orchestras. The Symphony has worked with the day’s greatest talents and will continue to look for new collaborations. Says McClymont, “This season’s acclaimed guest artists included Pinchas Zukerman and Vladimir Feltzman. We are exploring additional televised concerts. There has also been interest in the Symphony performing a festival in the Northeast.”

May 2021



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HUDSON Clothier


elcome to Hudson Clothier... haberdasher, jeweler, milliner, and purveyor of fashionable goods, all ethically madein-the-USA. Home to more than 70 American designers, this unique boutique features a full menu of stylish clothing for women, men and everyone else. Established in 2014 in Hudson NY, Hudson Clothier, offers an impressive selection of small batch jeans, overalls, hand-made handbags, and men’s, and women’s goods from underwear to outerwear. The store is the brainchild of fashion entrepreneur,

Mary Vaughn Williams. Wearing many hats - proprietor, skilled buyer, smiling host she welcomes visitors and locals alike to her collection of classic heritage brands and innovative young designers. Thanks to revitalized garment industries in Atlanta, LA, and Brooklyn, among other cities, Hudson Clothier is proud to showcase quality apparel and accessories made across America. Williams settled in Bali in the 1980s, where she and her former partner worked closely with the Indonesian community to design and import Batik clothing and textiles. Their business was wildly successful, selling to

hundreds of stores from Tokyo to Alaska. Eventually moving to Hudson in 2003 they co-founded White Rice, a retail store named in honor of their clothing label. Over time, Mary Vaughn wanted to strike out on her own and develop a new brand. With twenty five years experience, a fashion business that would support American manufacturing was born into a storefront in historic Hudson. In 2019, she doubled that space and expanded her offerings to include more for men and women. Growing again, Hudson Clothier may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

May 2021


The North Fork’s French Dining & Contemporary Art Destination

Demarchelier Bistro


he astonishing magic found in French cuisine is once again to be experienced this summer in the East End. Demarchelier Bistro is celebrating the season in style at their newest location in Greenport, New York. Situated in the charming shopping village, the latest incarnation of the former Upper East Side restaurant pays tribute to all the charms and sophistication of France with a unique American twist. Family-owned and operated, Demarchelier Bistro creates a rich and dynamic environment that demonstrates divine menu selections, stellar service and rich cultural expressions. The renowned establishment is North Fork casual balanced with artistic Parisian design. From marble top tables and an antique bar top, to the outdoor seating and colorful paintings by the owner’s father famed artist Eric Demarchelier - on the wall, the atmosphere of Demarchelier makes it the perfect sojourn in the East End for a quick bite to eat, a romantic rendezvous, 60

By Lillian Langtry

or a nice meal with your family and friends. Owner Emily Demarchelier takes great pride in the establishment that has become in a short time a top choice for dining in the waterfront neighborhood. The authenticity of divine dishes mixed with friendly and thoughtful service keeps locals and tourists alike flocking to the restaurant. The local community frequently turns to Demarchelier Bistro for miniature moments of French adventures as they indulge in such café classics as Steak Tartare, Duck Confit, Salad Nicoise Classic, Pomme Dauphine, and the Quiche of the Day. There is also a superb selection of fromages that highlight a Cheese Fondue or chef selections; as well as charcuteries with delights of Jambon de Bayonne, Chorizo, Garlic Sausage, Saucisson, Pate de Campagne, Duck Rilette, and Foie Gras. And to further create the sense of the ultimate foodie journey, Demarchelier

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Bistro captivates with a dessert menu of lovely sweets like the Chocolate Fondant or Crème Brulée. In addition, wine selections bring the country’s vineyards to the forefront. To visit Demarchelier Bistro is to take the best of both worlds and blend them together to create one incredible restaurant experience. “Greenport is very much a village where people are walking around and shopping and stopping at several different places, so I wanted to kind of attract that crowd of people that don’t necessarily want to sit for a whole meal, that wants to have a little bite to eat, taste a few things, have a few glasses of wine, and then go onto the next place.” – Emily Demarchelier For more information, including the full menu and drink list, visit www.demarchelierrestaurant.com

Virtual Wine Tastings Corporate Wine Tasting Events Private Wine Dinners Wine Education Custom Wine Packs

Antoinette Cialdella providing an enhanced wine experience for any enthusiast.

Private wine sommelier that tailors the wine experience for you and your guests. FineWine007 brings the experience to your home, a restaurant, a corporate event or any preferred venue, including virtually. 1-888-Wine007 | www.FineWine007.com | @FineWine_007 May 2021


April 2021 | 71

Salvatore Biundo Owner

Centro Trattoria & Bar


alvatore Biundo is the owner of Italian eatery Centro Trattoria & Bar, the ultimate farm-to-fork Italian restaurant in Hampton Bays. The storied road to the making of his beloved business comes from a rich background at home. His grandmother lovingly passed on the secrets of the kitchen to him, and he proudly took that loving advice on his own journey to become a self-taught chef. His elevated style has created a fresh take on old world tastes at Centro Trattoria & Bar. Incredible food has become a family affair with his wife helping manage the restaurant and his mom assisting at the stove. Together they are poised to launch a new era of growth as they get ready to expand operations. Re-illuminating the outdoor eating


Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

experience this summer is the grand patio deck in time for an exceptional season. Surrounding the lively setting will be an exquisite outdoor garden fountain and fireplace, full bar, live music and two Bocce courts. Enchanting moments at the table are to be found in this 100-seat outdoor mezzanine in the heart of Hampton Bays. Known for a stellar reputation in the community and popular video cooking segments, Biundo and his restaurant has become the stuff of legend for foodies who flock to eat at this landmark venue. They admire the style here as equally as they have at his other wellknown restaurant ventures in Long Island. Centro Trattoria & Bar serves dinner daily with all menu items made in house using many of

Hampton Bays Premiere Italian Restaurant By Harry Brads the East End’s local, in season produce. Family recipes including fresh homemade pasta, individual pizzas from a wood burning oven ,and dishes with Mediterranean touches can be experienced in the new outdoor setting, as well as the luxurious indoor dining room that currently holds a 76-person capacity per current CDC guidelines.

Pasta entrées dazzle customers with renowned items of Bucatini Pomodoro, Orecchiette, Pappardelle Bolognese, Cavatelli Carbonara, Short Rib Fusilli Napilatano, Parmigiana di Melanzane, and Spaghettini Pescatore. Plates may also be altered with dietary needs with whole wheat pasta and gluten free pasta.

Menu highlights include Antipasti selections of Clams Oreganata, Grilled Octopus, Fried Goat Cheese, Mussels, Fried Sicilian Baby Artichokes, Fritto Misto, Nonna’s Meatballs, Crispy Zucchini Chips, and Antipasto Classico for Two. Enjoy fresh Insalates such as Caesar Salad, Calamari Salad, Arugula & Apple Salad, and an array of mouthwatering pizzas with your choice of Margherita, Braised Short Rib, Sweet Italian Sausage, Prosciutto and Centro Rustica.

And, to complement a special meal exquisite Pesce, Carne and Pollo add to your ultimate dining experience. Guests sing high praises for plates of Chicken Parmigiana, Veal Scaloppine, or Shrimp Saltimbocca.

wines from all regions, or bottles from the glass wine cellar. The outdoor patio of Centro Trattoria & Bar also highlights weekly specials, as well as Aperitivo Hour on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In addition, there is a spectacular Prix Fixe menu on select nights and a popular Sunday Sauce Prix Fixe. For more information, please visit www.centrohamptons.com/

The bar boasts a craft cocktail menu with drinks infused with basil, mint and rosemary grown on site. An extensive wine list compliments plates and tastes with wines by the glass, which allows customers to sample May 2021



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Legendary Football Hero

Joe Namath

The Big Game By Margaret Bastick-Luce


egendary NFL quarterback Joe Namath defines charisma. Not only is he responsible for leading the 1969 New York Jets to an upset victory over the Baltimore Colts in the Super Bowl, but he has a unique and rare quality of being able to truly engage with the people around him and make them feel seen in his presence. When I knew I’d be talking with Joe, I couldn’t help but smile. Joe Namath is positive. He is gifted. He’s had an amazing career with so many accomplishments, within and outside the

realm of sports. Nicknamed “Broadway Joe,” he was also a well recognized actor in his day. I couldn’t wait to catch his energy even for a few minutes. Joe attributes his success to more than just his talent. “Lady luck played a major role!” he told me with a laugh. It almost seems he was destined to be a superstar with his skill and his allure, but he shared with me that he started out simply wanting to excel and gain the admiration of his family. “Sports is what I could do best and had the most fun with. And

if your big brother said ‘Nice going,’ man, that was something. If your sister said, ‘Hey, that’s good, buddy.’ Wow.” I could hear the smile on his face as he reflected. It was obvious he came from a positive home environment and values it greatly. Joe Namath had a religious upbringing. “God’s always been in my family and in my heart.” He admits he’s had experiences in his life where he’s felt alone. “Even when the bright lights were on, there were times when I didn’t have anyone to talk to, and I got closer May 2021


Joe Namath to God then.” One thing that is especially apparent when speaking with Joe is the inner light he has and the gratitude he carries with him. “I’m thankful every day; every day I thank God several times.” Once when he was a young man, his instructor in an acting class left a great impression on him with one particular lesson. “She spoke about our instrument, meaning the body and the mind. No one can take care of it for you on a daily basis. I had never thought of it that 66

way. We are responsible individually to pay more attention to the instrument that we are. You’re the only one who can really take care of your instrument.” Joe Namath took matters of his health into his own hands years ago when he began using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to reverse some effects his football career had had on his brain. Overall, he underwent 140 HBOT treatments, effectively reversing the damage detected when his brain was first

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

scanned. Joe explained, “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, pure oxygen under pressure, is healthy for every cell in the body. I wish someday that the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be recognized for more illnesses. It was a tremendous help for me.” Joe continues to care for his instrument. At age 78, he looks fantastic, and it’s obvious that his health and wellness are priorities in his life. When he retired from pro football in 1977, he took a proactive approach and

sat down with his doctor to make a plan for his health. To this day, he trains using a low impact cardiovascular program and breathing work. “I’ve maintained close to 70% of my days working out. I mark it in my calendar so I can look at it and count the days and see what I’ve done.” This kind of dedicated approach to wellness would be a benefit to everyone. “I try to be thankful everyday that there is a today. Too many people take good health for granted. Don’t do that. You need to take care of the instrument.”

People recognize Joe every day and want to talk to him and just be around him for a few minutes. I asked him if it was tiring to be approached so often, and he was quick to answer no. He truly enjoys the encounters and believes we can have meaningful and positive interactions with those around us. It’s all about respect. Joe’s respect for other people began, like most things, at home. “My father and mother were respectful of other people. When I was a kid walking with my mother uptown, people would pass by and

say, ‘Hello Rose.’ And she’d spend a few minutes talking. I learned that you should treat people the way you want them to treat your family, your children, your friends: with respect. It started at home and it’s the way I am today.” It’s always been important to Joe to leave people better than when he first meets them, an ideology I absolutely relate to. He recalled an incident that happened over 50 years ago at an airport. He came upon a group of boy May 2021


Charlie Modica and Joe Namath at Topisde at the Beacon 68

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

May 2021


Joe Namath and his famous fur coat on the field with Phil Simms

scouts who recognized him and wanted to stop and ask him questions. He stayed and talked with them for as long as he could, but he couldn’t take the time to answer all of their questions; he had to get to his gate. “I felt awful. The kids’ faces dropped. It wasn’t a good separation. I felt like I let them down somehow.” I could hear the regret in his voice as he shared the experience with me. It left him with a resolve to make positive interactions a priority. “So everytime— whether at the gas station, a restaurant here in town, a corridor in the airport—if we make contact, I want it to feel good for both of us. I don’t like the idea of having met someone and not leaving a positive vibe.” That resolve has truly impacted him and the lives of those who have encountered him. He has a charm like none other that leaves those who interact with him feeling warm and uplifted. Imagine what our lives would be like if everyone we came in contact with thought the way Joe does.

beginning,” he said. During his pro football career, he met many family members of teammates that had physical challenges, and this left an impression on him and helped him realize his capacity to help others. “I was in my early to mid 20s, and I was asked to help out during those years, and I’ve stayed with it all my life.”

Joe’s love of philanthropy was also instilled at an early age. As a boy, he helped to collect dimes for the March of Dimes, which funded Dr. Jonas Salk’s Polio vaccine. “That was the

A longtime resident of Jupiter, Florida, Joe keeps busy with his new waterfront restaurant venture, an array of restaurants and bars including Lucky Shuck, Beacon,


“Helping people is in the heart, it’s from the heart. It’s the spirituality of it, knowing that I was lucky personally, being dealt what I call a full deck. I’m in a humble position to help, and I’m fortunate to be able to.” The Joe Namath foundation has benefitted so many worthy causes. It is led by an incredible group of people. Joe shared, “It’s humbling to hear ‘Oh look what you’ve done, Joe.’ But it’s not me. I’m part of a team that’s working to help other people. I’m a part of a group, and we give our individual effort together and reach out to help where we can.”

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and Topside. The idyllic Jupiter Lighthouse and Loxahatchee River are the backdrop for the dining spot, which is now, like Joe, a delightful gem in the community. When he’s not occupied with the restaurant business, Joe spends much of his time with his family. “I’m on my feet a lot at the playground!” he shared. Joe has two daughters and six beloved grandchildren. I could hear in his voice how much he cherishes them as he told me a little about each of them. When I asked him if there were any athletes in the family, he responded, “I hope so. I know that sports are a great education. You learn the peaks and valleys. You learn the valleys first, I believe; at least I did,” he added with a charming laugh. “You learn what’s important, especially teamwork.” Joe is quick to convey the value of a team, in all aspects of life. “Sports teaches us that you don’t do much on your own. It’s not about the individual. It’s not about old Joe. It’s about us. Life is a team effort. Life’s the big game. People are always talking about the big game coming up. And I say, ‘Man, the big game is life!’”

Joe Namath’s charisma, discipline, and grit have led him to make the most of the big game of life. He has humility, gratitude, and a great love for his family. These values have certainly served him well throughout his life, and he has made a lasting and positive impression on those who have had the pleasure to know him.

Hair and Makeup: Peggy Mackey Photos: Ian Jacob Photography May 2021


Deborah Robinson

Palm Beach Author and Socialite

Getting to Know Deborah Robinson


istinguished fashion icon and recently published author, Deborah Robinson, has lived in Palm Beach for 22 years. She loves the eclectic quality here and that it has so much to offer for every type of lifestyle. A successful actress, model, and well-known socialite with a background in the high fashion industry, Robinson is no stranger to the public eye. She now prefers being home with her husband and their dog where she can focus on her writing, and she chooses to go out solely to support the things that are particularly important to her. She does a lot of work with animal shelters and an organization called K9s United, which helps support police dogs. 72

By Whitney Thompson Photos by Chelsae Anne Sahlman

Robinson spends about six months out of the year in Palm Beach. Her home here is a 1926 landmarked Mediterranean, where she enjoys hearing the ocean from her house. She lives with her husband, Edward J. Robinson, and their dog Georgia Rose. They recently purchased an English country house on 4 acres of woods outside of Atlanta. Deborah plans to write there in the summer and fall. “I love to be with nature,” she said. “If you look outside at the colors of fall and summer, you will know a lot about what colors go together in fashion. You will see how a beautiful summer collection can come together just by looking at the hills and the trees and the way they all bloom and blossom. They’re God’s creations, but they create a wonderful backdrop for

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

designers and artists and painters. A lot of my writing and designing of my homes have been inspired by that. If you look outside, nothing can be more beautiful.” Robinson has worked extensively in the fashion industry, starting in high school at a retail store. From that beginning, she flourished into a successful fashion director. “Fashion creates fantasy. It allows us to play different roles and theatrical types. I’ve enjoyed all different types of fashion.” Born in Kentucky, Deborah was placed for adoption by her birth mother. Robinson was raised by caring adoptive parents whom she loved dearly. Tragically, they both passed

away when she was only 28 years old. “As I grew older, I wanted to know more about my biological roots,” she told me. When she was able to connect with her birth mother, the interaction was not what she had hoped it would be. “She wanted nothing to do with me,” she shared. Her novel, Lily Rose, actually started out as a narrative of her own experiences before she decided she could reach a wider audience if she wrote it as fiction. The book examines the idea of nature versus nurture and addresses issues such as infidelity and infertility, and Robinson hopes the story helps people think about things they’ve never considered before. “I wanted to share with younger women, as well as parents of children who are adopted, borne by surrogate, or conceived by sperm donor. Of course I wrote it for myself. But I also wrote it to make people aware of the potential challenges of those situations.”

Deborah discovered an aptitude for writing in high school when she had a poem published in a national anthology. She studied creative writing as a young woman and also journaled throughout the years. As her career in fashion progressed, she wrote articles for different magazines. “Then about four or five years ago, the book I had been thinking about writing for a long time started to come together in my mind. And it was time to write that book.” The novel’s title comes from the name her biological mother gave to her. Though her adoptive parents changed her name, Deborah has carried a part of the name Lily Rose with her throughout her life. Prior to the Covid pandemic, Deborah Robinson travelled as much as she could. She enjoys experiencing other cultures, and she’s particularly fond of the pace of life in Italy and France. “I love the way they

live. I wish I could have been born Italian or French.” She loves hiking and reading. “I like to read authors with dynamic writing skills; people with good, creative ideas.” Deborah also enjoys arranging flowers and finds it incredibly therapeutic. “There’s some peace in that. I’m not looking to rule the world. I’m just looking for peace.” Robinson is currently working on her second novel, a fiction book set in the deep woods. “It’s about a woman who has fled her life, and she’s about to find out that everything she thought was true is going to unravel before her eyes in one weekend.” The book promises to be full of intrigue, and readers anxiously await its release.

May 2021




Renaissance WOMAN Woman ARTIST By Elizabeth Elston



By Elizabeth Elston

abriela Gil is the true definition of a Renaissance woman. With an incredible multicultural perspective based on her personal ‘constant migration’ throughout South and North America, the creator’s volcanic talent has been shaped by her unique existence throughout the years.

Transcribing her personal experience demonstrates a visual language that also she continues to explore in displayed her “I doAmerican see myself as isarecognized New York artist bears influence a true fascinating artist who on the scenenow,” for her adin America - each with miniatures that were also abrielafrom Gil is the definition of aformer Renaissancecomplete, as alarge-scale gifted artist. Her work in states Gil asspirit. she pursues her dream and career in technology. away from vantageous alongside paintings fromcurrent the collection. woman. With anWalking incredible multicultural perspec-journey one tive industry full-time the art throughout field her studio warmly embraces her roots and starts her second solo show. “The unique based ontoherwork personal ‘constantinmigration’ as equally magnetic canasonly beYork found in this place created a keen sensibility and volcanic home talent for hasformer “I dohere see myself a New artist now,” states Gil as she Withcareer the capsule that was as heavily inspired byelements Latin America’senergy South and North America, the creator’s world.complete, Breaking rudimentary calling home. I also passionate vision a painter sculptor. her dream andBut, starts her secondconstantly solo show. “The rich modern colors and textures she continues to explore inI ampursues been shaped by heras unique existenceand throughout the years. in the energy can only foundartist in this and place Ian am callher journey as a gifted new artist. Her current work in her studiothinkunique barriers and building systems of human about myhere roots. Asbe an ing home. But,I I also my roots. As an warmly embraces and former as equally asentrepreneur, her personal experience demonstrates a visualconnection is only her theroots beginning ofcareer her lifelong canconstantly bring think my about experiences The Transcribing thought-provoking artist recently and an entrepreneur, I can bring my experiences magnetic elements modern world. Breaking rudimen-here artist language that bears influence from a fascinating formermission to bring artintothethe masses. to create the ultimate melting pot. I’mhere to completed heralso first solo exhibition in Soho createinthesome ultimate pot. I’m bringing inon some tary barriers and building new systems of human connectionbringing in technology. Walking away from one industry to work ofmelting the conversations myof the titledcareer “Time and Space.” The captivating conversations on myofheritage and some of that of her lifelong mission to bringhas art to theheritage full-time the art field a keen sensibility home forGil’s is only rawthe beginning and uninhibited foresight and some that experience intoexperience the series tookin years to created complete, but alsoand took into the picture.” passionate of vision as adeep painter and sculptor. from the led masses. to collaborations with other artists as picture.” recognition the nuances current pandemic that are being witnessed well from across the planet. She is well 2021, Gil’s will be highlighted at the world-reGil’s raw uninhibited foresight has led to collaborations thought-provoking artist December recently completed her first forandsupporting indigenous South This This MayMay 2021, Gil’swork work will be highlighted on aThe global scale. From 2020 to soloknown nowned MvVO ART’s ADMvVO ART SHOW 2021. with othercommunities artists as well from across theresourceful planet. She is wellat the exhibition in Soho titled “Timeof andart Space.” The captivating through world-renowned ART’s ADMonumental ART January 2021, hundreds lovers from American screens inside the grand Oculus at the Westfield World Trade known for supporting indigenous South American commuseries took years to complete, but also took recognition of the as well as reaching out to SHOW 2021. Monumental screens inside around New York City came to experience collaborations, Center in New York City will feature her paintings along with nities through resourceful collaborations, as well as reaching deep nuances from the current pandemic that are being wither 20 highly detailed miniature sets, inspired other local American artists to build on future the grand Oculus at the Westfield World portraits by Chad Smith of the legendary Red Hot Chili Pepout to other local American artists to build on future exhibinessed on a global scale. From December 2020 to January Trade Center in New York City will feature her by the hand-made nativity scenes she saw as exhibition ideas. pers. tion ideas. 2021, hundreds of art lovers from around New York City came paintings along with portraits by Chad Smith a child in Latin America - each with miniatures As she reaches her full scope and prepares for her next seto experience her 20 highly detailed miniature sets, inspired reaches herinto fulla recognized scope and Redvisit: Hotwww.gabrielagil.com Chili Peppers. that bywere also displayed Forlegendary more information, ries, she has settled role prepares as a burgeoningof the the hand-made nativity scenesalongside she saw as alargechild in Lat-As she for her next series, she has settled into a scale paintings from the collection. recognized role as a burgeoning American For more information, visit: www.gabrielagil.com With the capsule that was heavily inspired artist who is recognized on the scene for her by Latin America’s rich colors and textures advantageous spirit. 74

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hat is the spark that ignites or

hatsustains is the spark ignites or sustains creativethat genius? creative genius? For the fashion designer Halston,

is now streaming Forwhose the story fashion designer Halston, on Netflix starring Ewan McGregor the title role, whose story is now in streaming on Netflix he needed to be surrounded by luminous sensual to be starring Ewan McGregor in the title role, he needed orchids. by luminous sensual orchids. surrounded In fact, when fundswere were tight tight during during his In fact, when funds hisearly earlydays, days, his his assistant tells him to cut down on orchids savemoney assistant tells him to cut down on orchids to to save money for the firm. He dismissively replied, that no, for the firm. He dismissively replied, that no, that would that would be impossible. Why? Because the orchids be impossible. Why? Because the orchids were “part of were “part of my process.” my process.” As he was honing the minimalist style that would

As he was honing the minimalist stylecentered that would make him world-famous, the orchids him. make himPlus, world-famous, the orchids centered him. their lack of scent didn’t distract him from Plus, theircreating lack ofhisscent didn’tdesigns distract himcashmere from creating innovative using and his innovative designs using cashmere Ultrasuede Ultrasuede that had the design worldand panting in awe that hadofthe world panting in awe of his every move. hisdesign every move.



By Jill Brooke

“Orchids were allall over bothat athome homeand and “Orchids were overhis hisplace, place, both in in the office,” says Halston biographer Steven Gaines, the office,” says Halston biographer Steven Gaines,whose book the book Netflix “Back then, orchids whose theseries Netflixreferenced. series referenced. “Back then, orchids really expensive andplentiful. not plentiful. were reallywere expensive and not OnlyOnly the rich theafford rich could afford them.” could them.” As Cut the reported, Cut reported, Halston would spend over As the Halston would spend over $100,000 $100,000 a year for prized these rare prized flowers. a year for these rare flowers. The flair he used to put them in pots all over his The flair inspired he used atotrend put them in potstoday all over his many residences that exists as so residences inspired a trend that exists today as so on contemporary homes have large orchids scattered many contemporary homes have large orchids hallway consoles and living room cocktail tables. scattered on hallway consoles and living room cocktail tables.

Halston would get his prized flowers from floral designer Renny Reynolds, of Renny & Reed in New York City and Halston would get his prized flowers from floral Palm Beach. Reynolds told Vogue that the designer had designer Renny Reynolds, of Renny & Reed in New a “burgundy GaePalm Aluenti table that hetold would pile up with York City and Beach. Reynolds Vogue that white phalaenopsis orchids.” the designer had a “burgundy Gae Aluenti table that he would pile up with white phalaenopsis orchids.”

Interior decorator Jeffrey Bilhuber added that Halston made orchids “seem not Bilhuber a rarityadded but athat necessity. Interior decorator Jeffrey Halston They looked justorchids amazing – sensuous without romantic, made “seem not a rarity but abeing necessity. andThey florallooked without flowery.” justbeing amazing – sensuous without being romantic, and floral without being flowery.”

“He also always had votives all over,” recalls Gaines. “He also always had votives all overboard.” over,” recalls Gaines. “Like much about him, he went “Like much about him, he went overboard.”

Director Mark Minahan was attracted to the Halston Director Markthe Minahan was attracted the Halston story because designer, born RoytoHalston Frowick, story because the designer, born Roy Halston Frowick, He “taught people how to brand and market themselves. people how to brand and market themselves. was“taught the first celebrity designer in America.” He was the first celebrity designer in America.”

Photograpy: Top and bottom: Netflix; floral arrangement Renny & Reed


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The Netflix series shows how Halston leveraged his The invented Netflix series Halston fashion leveraged single, nameshows into ahow worldwide empire his single, invented name into a worldwide fashion that’s synonymous with luxury, sex, status and fame, empire that’s synonymous with luxury, sex, status and literally defining the era he lived in – 1970’s and ‘80’s fame, literally defining the era he lived in – 1970’s and New York — until a hostile takeover forces him to battle ‘80’s New York — until a hostile takeover forces him to for control of his most precious asset – the name Halston battle for control of his most precious asset – the name itself. In fact, heInstarted creating Jackie Jackie Kennedy’s Halston itself. fact, heout started out creating famous pillbox hat and then transitioned to women’s Kennedy’s famous pillbox hat and then transitioned clothing and started a ready-to-wear line. to women’s clothing and started a ready-to-wear line. May 2021




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iane Hilal-Campo is a Columbia-trained, boardcertified ophthalmologist in private practice in Oakland, NJ, where she has been diagnosing and treating eye diseases for 25 years. After spending decades treating female patients struggling with dry eye and other painful conditions caused by makeup and beauty treatments, she developed her own brand of eye-friendly formulas, twenty/ twenty beauty.Dr. Hilal-Campo created twenty/twenty beauty to help promote and preserve the long-term r. Diane Hilal-Campoeyeis health a of makeup wearers around the world. Columbia-trained, board-certified The line’s formulations werepractice designed ophthalmologist in private to Oakland, enhance NJ, your eyes’shenatural beauty in where has been diagnosing treating while also and being good eye for diseases your eyes. for 25 product years. After decades Each has spending undergone rigorous treating struggling clinical female testingpatients to ensure theywith don’t dry eye and other painful disrupt, but rather supportconditions the delicate caused by ofmakeup andThebeauty ecosystem the eye. twenty/ treatments, she developed own the twenty beauty collection her holds brand eye-friendly formulas, twenty/ highly of regarded ophthalmologist-tested twenty beauty.Dr. Hilal-Campo seal of approval, in additioncreated to being twenty/twenty beauty help promote safe for contact lens to wearers.


and preserve the long-term eye health of makeup wearers around the world. The line’s formulations were designed to enhance your eyes’ natural beauty while also being good for your eyes. Each product has undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure they don’t disrupt, but rather support the delicate ecosystem of the eye. The twenty/twenty beauty collection holds the highly regarded ophthalmologist-tested seal of approval, in addition to being safe for contact lens wearers.

TheTwenty/Twenty Twenty/TwentyDifference Difference The

Created an OphthalmologistTwenty/Twenty Beauty is and rooted in science and committed Created by anby OphthalmologistTwenty/Twenty Beauty is rooted in science committed to eye health; our products to are eye health; our products are created and tested by a world class Ophthalmologist with the most rigorous created and tested by a world class Ophthalmologist with the most rigorous safety standards for healthy eyes.Safe for the safety standards for healthy eyes.Safe for the sensitive eye areaOur products are always formulated sensitive eye areaOur products are always formulated without toxic ingredients and are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Parabenwithout toxic ingredients and are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Paraben-Free.Clean, high performance Free.Clean, high performance areaformulated a hybrid of natural ingredients as castor oil, argan formulasProducts are formulasProducts formulated with hybrid ofwith natural ingredients such assuch castor oil, argan oil, oil, and and vitamin clean cosmeceuticals that workthat withwork your skin and eyesskin to deliver and lasting results. vitaminE and E and clean cosmeceuticals with your andvisible, eyes safe to deliver visible, safe and lasting results.

Shop www.trytwentytwenty.com Follow up on Instagram @trytwentytwenty Shop www.trytwentytwenty.com Follow up on Instagram @trytwentytwenty May 2021 May 2021

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Selfless Love Foundation’s Fourth Annual Gala Raises More Than Three Million Dollars to Benefit Foster Children  Proceeds to further Selfless Love’s mission of transforming the lives of current and former foster youth throughout the State

David and Margaret Luce


Scott and Shannon Smith

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Caroline and Craig Jackson

Shannon Ellermeyer, Nick Younker, Gregg Levy, Gretchen Levy, Bunny Hiatt-Young, Jack Elkins, Ryan Taylor

Palm Beach County Florida Selfless Love Foundation (SLF), a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of current and former foster youth, recently hosted its Fourth Annual Gala at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Manalapan. The intimate evening of just 200 guests

gathered local and out-of-town philanthropic business leaders for a special night of fostering dreams for foster children, raising more than $3 million.   In 2020, SLF was one of the first non-profits

in the nation to host their annual gala online due to COVID-19, becoming among the first to raise over 1.2 million. “Selfless Love Foundation has dreamt of an endowment since its inception in 2015.

Kimberely Cozzens and Jordan Franklin

BJ and Tiffany Haseotes

Larry and Molly Austin

Michael and Lisa Grondahl

Tanya Thicke and Jack Elkins

May 2021


SLF Founders, Ed and Ashley Brown

Thanks to the outpouring of love and support at this year’s gala, that dream is now a reality. We can now create an endowment to provide our organization with lasting sustainability and transform more lives than ever before for generations to come,” shared Ashley Brown, Founder and CEO of Selfless Love Foundation. During the event, guests were wowed by an over-the-top cocktail reception, which included 10-foot Living Vine performers, extravagant silent auction items, a Patrón Tequila tasting, and premium signature cocktails provided by Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits.    Hosted by Comedian and Actress Melissa Peterman, the event’s dinner and program brought to life SLF’s mission. Guests enjoyed a video showcasing the organization’s impact over the last year, a Dream Tank Award presentation, and a Live Auction featuring once-in-a-lifetime experiences and luxuries. The program concluded with a confetti celebration and the announcement of the three million dollars raised, followed by a funfilled after-party with a live band and specialty cocktails to commemorate an evening of selfless love, support, and for keeping the dreams of current and former foster children alive. 80

Ashley Brown and Dream Tank Winner, A’Miracle Smith

One of the many highlights of the evening was the Dream Tank Award ceremony in which five former foster youth finalists and attendees were surprised with an appearance by world-renowned artist and former foster youth, Pitbull. Not only did he announce that he, too, was a former foster youth, but he shared words of encouragement before announcing the Dream Tank Winner. The top five selected finalists presented their dreams and aspirations in front of a prestigious panel of judges at SLF’s Dream Tank Competition the night prior, and to further their education and embark on their new dream careers. “There’s no losing, only learning. No failing, only opportunities and no problems, only solutions,” shared Pitbull with attendees and Dream Tank Finalists. “We are excited to continue helping children in care find their forever families and guiding former foster youth into becoming leaders in our community! Cheers to changing lives,” said Ed Brown, Former CEO of Patrón Tequila and Co-Founder of SLF. SLF plans to host its second statewide Dream Tank Competition next year along with its Fifth Annual Gala. A special thanks to our 2021 Gala Sponsors, including Title Sponsor - Southern Glazer’s

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Wine & Spirits; Presenting Sponsor - Patrón Tequila; Platinum Sponsor - NitroC Group; Gold Sponsor - Jack Elkins; Diamond Sponsor - Tobak Diamond; Silver Sponsors - Gerber Kawasaki, and Wells Fargo Private Bank/Abbot Downing; Bronze Sponsors - The G-Mac Foundation, and The Maounis Family; Exclusive Media Sponsor - Palm Beach Illustrated; Invitation Sponsor - Marc-Michaels Interior Design; Supporting Sponsors - Alliant Private Client, Carpet Source, The Fishman Family, Jetmembership.com, Ocean City Cars and Coffee, Red Meat Lover’s Club, Roberto Coin, Sovány, Three Sixteen Foundation, and William Raveis Real Estate.   For more information about Selfless Love Foundation, visit www. SeflessLoveFoundation.org, email info@selflesslovefoundation.org or call 954-372-7760. ***** About Selfless Love Foundation Selfless Love Foundation (SLF) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of current and former foster youth through awareness, strategic partnerships, and advocacy.   

Chew & Relax

Taking care of yourself can be as easy as chewing a piece of Favour.

Favour is a functional chewing gum, powered by CBD, created to make you feel good. For your supply: favourgum.com May 2021


BENEFIT (PALM BEACH, May 21, 2021) The Palm Beach crowds–and their four legged friends–went all out this past Wednesday, May 19th, to support the efforts of the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) with over 120 in attendance. Famed Palm Beach and Martha’s Vineyard interior designer, Gil Walsh, turned her ultrachic pop-up showroom on Via Bice into the best end of season party. The crowds went wild! Raffle items included Rory McKay stationery, Kelly Gerber jewelry (dog tag!), doggie macarons from Le Bilboquet Cafe in NYC, and two ultrasuede luxury pet beds donated by Gil Walsh. Elegant swag bags were provided by OnBlonde Pet Spa.


Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

“I was thrilled to host all these animal lovers in my beautiful space, and I loved that everyone and their pets felt comfortable sitting, standing, mingling–as if they were at home,” said Gil Walsh. In addition to ASPCA Board members Arriana Boardman, Fred Tanne, Jeff Pfeilfle, and the evening’s most generous donor Jupiter-based Volo Foundation’s Thais Lopez Volger, host committee and guests who attended included Kim Charlton, David Granville, Ross Meltzer, Elizabeth Meigher, Jacqui Michel, Carlos and Renée Morrison, Laura Moore Tanne, Felicia Taylor, Alexandra Ontra, Gregg Lurie, Stephanie Walczak, Jordan Hart, Michael Aram, and Linda Mennen.

Photos: Alissa Dragun

May 2021


50 Years of Life’s WORC Charity Honored at 33rd Annual Geraldo Rivera Golf Classic By Elizabeth Darwen


he 33rd Annual Geraldo Rivera Golf Classic took place at Old Westbury Golf & Country Club on Long Island. Powerhouse broadcaster Sean Hannity again kicked-off the festivities to honor and raise funds for Life’s WORC, commemorating fifty years of making a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Hannity joined charity founder Vicki Schneps and the event’s host, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera. Honorees for this year’s event included ALINE Wealth Chief Investment Officer & Founder, Peter J. Klein, and Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, PC partner, E. Christopher Murray; all local business leaders continuing the annual tradition that has helped raise millions for the cause. The daylong event included brunch, golf, and later, a dinner reception. 84

After 2020’s enforced hiatus, the landmark tournament ushered in a new day of optimism, especially poignant as we mark our triumphant emergence from the shadow of COVID-19. Widely adored, the group’s mission is to provide critical services to the disabled, including a lovely and welcoming Family Center for Autism, where parents and children of all ages can find respect and relief from their sometimes difficult circumstance. Fifty neighborhood residences throughout the Tri-State area provide warm, welcoming homes for adults with developmental disabilities and autism.

the Willowbrook State School for People with Developmental Disabilities on Staten Island in January 1972, almost half century ago.

For decades, the groundbreaking Golf Classic and other high-profile events have helped bring hope and light to this once-marginalized population. The Life’s WORC team has been together since Geraldo’s critically acclaimed series exposing the deplorable conditions at

For more information, please visit https:// lifesworc.org/event/golf/

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

Superstars like John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, John Denver, and the Allman Brothers Band have all contributed with their talent and generosity. Like their concerts, charity boxing matches filled Madison Square Garden and brought individuals in celebration in Central Park. These events, including for the last 33 years the Geraldo Rivera Golf Classic, have raised millions and helped improve the lives of countless thousands.

About Geraldo Rivera: One of media’s most enduring broadcasters, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning

Photos by ©Bruce Adler

journalist Geraldo Rivera is the Fox News Correspondent-at-Large. A rotating co-host on “The Five,” Geraldo provides regular reports and commentary on FNC’s “Fox and Friends,” “Hannity,” and various programs on Fox News and Fox Nation. Geraldo joined the network in 2001 as a war correspondent following the 9/11 attacks on his New York hometown. From 2001 until 2012, Geraldo reported from every hot spot on earth, including on eleven assignments in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Rivera began his 51-year career as a television reporter at WABC-TV in New York where he presented the historic series exposing the reprehensible conditions at the Willowbrook State School for People with Developmental Disabilities for the population then described as mentally challenged. These powerful reports are credited with ending America’s policy of institutionalizing the developmentally disabled, leading to

government investigations, institutions across the nation eventually being shut down and the civilized world adopting small, community-based housing as the alternative. The subsequent sea change in the treatment of the mentally disabled is considered by Geraldo to be his most important life’s work.

Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault.” His eponymous talk show ran for eleven successful seasons. He later hosted CNBC’s number-one rated show, “Rivera Live,” where his criticallyacclaimed coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial verdicts and the Clinton Impeachment set alltime CNBC ratings records.

The winner of the 2000 Robert F. Kennedy journalism award for his NBC News documentary on “Women in Prison,” his third, and the Scripps Howard Foundation national journalism award for “Back to Bedlam,” Rivera has received several hundred awards for journalism and community service including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, three national and seven local Emmys, two Columbia-DuPont, and two additional Scripps Howard Journalism Awards.

About Life’s WORC: This year, Life’s WORC is proud to “Celebrate 50,” commemorating fifty years of making a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Founded by Vicki Schneps, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supports over 2,000 people with developmental disabilities and autism through residential and community services, The Family Center for Autism, and Life’s WORC Trust Services.

Prior to joining Fox News, Rivera, an attorney, covered the globe for ABC News; he hosted a widely-viewed series of syndicated specials, including the highest rated in history, “The

Life’s WORC provides an array of services and support that helps facilitates a full, rich life for people with intellectual disabilities and autism. May 2021


Dr. Robi Ludwig

“Fashion trends can be used as a healing tool to activate the feel-good chemicals in our brains.”


hat will fashion look like in our post pandemic world? Even as a young child, I remember having an appreciation for fashion. My mother, Helene, a lover of the arts, enjoyed expressing her inner fashionista talents by styling her three young girls. Helene effortlessly would sew hip 70s outfits for both herself as well as my sisters and me.  Our clothes were matching and colorful. Sometimes, because of these matching ensembles, strangers would ask if we were a professional singing group. We always found this quite humorous since no one in our family sings particularly well.    The attention my sisters and I got for having perfectly coiffed hair and dressing alike was always such a positive and yet surprisingly unexpected experience.   It’s probably safe to say my unique childhood experience was my first  initiation  to the runway of life and the impact clothes could have on both the individual and those around them.


Since those early years, I have been through many different style incarnations. Each fashion moment reflects a special moment in my life and the world around me.  So, it is befitting that on a recent fashion shoot in New York City, shot by award-winning fashion photographer Neil Tandy, I would look at this dress-up experience through multiple lenses, both personal and psychological.    Together with stylist Heba Abadin, the chosen outfits were a nod to a world that is opening up—fashion focus that will  celebrate life as our quarantine restrictions are lifted. My clothes would now represent a new seasonal chapter, symbolically making up for lost time.   The history behind what is happening around us  has always had a significant impact on fashion, including what we wear and how we choose to express ourselves. The year 2020 has often been described as the lost year. For many, the global lockdowns and social isolation encouraged a collective

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May 2021


Fashion Trends Can Be Used As a Healing Tool depression and loss of motivation. What was the point of dressing up or presenting well? There was so little to look forward to, no one to impress or activities to enjoy. This lack of enthusiasm took a toll on our appearances as well as how we experienced our lives.   I know my leggings took on a whole new meaning during quarantine, as did my pajamas. If it wasn’t comfortable, it wasn’t happening. More and more people were experiencing, in real time, how clothes can play a significant role in influencing our moods, our outlook on life and our personalities.    From a psychoanalytic perspective, our clothes take on many different meanings for us. Even Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, had something to say about fashion:   “Not even the most intelligent woman is free of the dictates of fashion…”   Our fashion choices give life to the different facets of our personalities. Fashion allows us to simultaneously tap into who we are and who we  want to be.  Our outfits also reflect how we want to feel and be seen in the world.    Clothing is a communicative language speaking for us before we say a word; it is a self-expressive tool allowing us to reveal and conceal various aspects of ourselves. Both fashion and therapy disclose a transformational language which allows us to convey our ever-evolving personalities.   In the space of our private dressing rooms, we reflect on that image in the mirror, trying to create an artistic vision of how we want 88

to be experienced and show up in the world. When our best or idealized self is in harmony with what we see, there is a sense of pride and a feeling that all is good.    Since most of us have spent the last year behind masks and socially distancing, this new fashion chapter might cause an identity crisis, which forces us to ask ourselves, “Who are we now after spending so much time partially dressed up for virtual encounters during an extremely on-line year?   Now, as we enter a new fashion phase, we may be asking ourselves, “What do I wear now?” and “Can our PJs become a new fashion trend?” Our collective fashion identities might need a bit of experimenting to perk ourselves up again.”   It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself. Some historians believe the 1920s stunning fashion styles were a conscious or unconscious reaction to surviving the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. People during that time wanted to embrace a Carpe diem, “seize the moment,” attitude and “live for today” mentality, which was reflected in the Roaring Twenties’ glittering and playful styles. Fashion helped create the necessary boundary between living a scary, dystopian existence to a life welcoming a more lighthearted outlook.   Will our modern day, post-pandemic culture embrace a similar type of aesthetic transition? I suppose we will have to wait and see. But I do believe the cultural fashion message of the moment will underscore a fancy, feel good dressing, allowing us to step into life in a bigger, more impactful way. My prediction is there will be themes of pretty, flowing,

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and colorful pieces used to signify that we are entering into a more hopeful, optimistic, and socially connected time.  The global pandemic has changed us all. We have become more aware, more empathic, and more appreciative of the importance of our social connectedness. Reentering a world that will now be seen through altered eyes, allowing every day to be experienced with a fresh wonder and appreciation.   Just getting dressed and going out becomes a special occasion. We no longer need to wait for the big events or parties to celebrate or show ourselves to the world. Putting on our forgotten high heels and walking into a new, more welcoming world will now feel more exciting and modern.    Fashion will combine comfort with a dash of the decorative. A sense of freedom will be reflected in our clothes revealing deliberation and carefully curated wonder. A feeling of fun and enjoyment will be re-introduced to our style to counterbalance a long, dark year. And our comfortable clothes, will allow us to kiss, hug, and show how much we mean to each other.    Fashion trends can be used as a healing tool to activate the feel-good chemicals in our brains, put extra pep in our step, and to remind us, that the best is yet to come.   Photography by Neil Tandy HMUA: Jade Voight Stylist: Heba Abedin Fashion Provided by: Ramy Brooke Silver Shoes: Aldo

“Now, as we enter a new fashion phase, we may be asking ourselves, what do I wear now?”

May 2021


Nikki Walter-Nemickas Gives Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle Advice on National Platform By Elizabeth Elston Photos by Bobby Black


ikki Walter-Nemickas is a health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness lifestyle expert whose inspirational motto of “be fit and eat clean” has earned her the coveted spot as the new  Us Weekly Editorial Representative to the Kroger Wellness Council.

Walter-Nemickas’ much sought after commentary will be featured in the weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine that holds a total readership of more than 40 million consumers. As an athlete, fitness model, and family wellness coach, she is proud to share her passion creating better living for all. In her latest role as an Editorial Representative, she will attend Kroger Wellness events, including their quarterly Council meetings, the Wellness Experience, and the Women of Wellness Brunch. US Weekly will ask for her commentary on selected stories about the Kroger Wellness Experience. Thus far, events have been held virtually due to COVID-19 with hopeful future plans to meet in person. On the national


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platform, her wellness commentary will be highlighted both online and in print. As a leader in the field, the motivational coach is also a strong advocate that brings health and wellness to the masses. Her sincere message and creative style brings hopeful enthusiasm that positively stimulates all ages and backgrounds. Us Weekly secured WalterNemickas after being introduced to her captivating knowledge in the field, as well as her own personal history that helped her preserve throughout the ages. With a personal story that resonates with many, Walter-Nemickas is a woman who is more than a coach; she is a relatable teacher who only wants the best for readers turning her advice to help them reach goals of improvement.    “This means the world to me because I believe that every step of the way that I’ve taken in the industry is to really to change lives for the better,” reflects Walter-Nemickas on her new role. “I feel like there is still so much more to do and it is truly exciting. What I’ll do next in the

wellness world is really going to give me an opportunity to expand the industry and share my love and expertise with everyone.”

to participate in raising funds for their citizens or family members who need assistance with healthcare costs.

Growing up in small town in South Dakota, she dreamed of working in the fitness industry but went on a more traditional career path. However, after her late husband Nathan was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away in 2011, she embraced a brave stance to take the steps to carve out a personalized wellness business model. With the ever-loving presence of her young daughter Addison, she made her dream come true.

Along with her work at Us Weekly, her goals in 2021 include completing her advice novel on healthy living, continuing her F...It Podcast that is on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and launching a new and improved website.    Additionally, she has been booked this Summer 2021 for The Wellness Experience by Kroger festival event on Thursday, August 19th. WalterNemickas will take the stage in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the annual, multiday festival. Serving on the panel of the Women of Wellness Council, she will help inspire women from all backgrounds to invest in their physical health, mental wellness and mindfulness. The Wellness Experience equips attendees with the products, programming, and inspiration to kick-start their healthy lifestyle.

“It’s a great opportunity to just flourish in the next season of my life,” says the health expert who is grateful for her successful work life, as well as her new marriage in 2020. Walter-Nemickas’ commitment to her family equals her dedication to those seeking guidance on balanced eating, healthy lifestyle habits, and overall well-being. With that momentum she is also making waves by helping families in Rural America with her #RuralFit campaign. The platform that was started with her daughter provides an educational opportunity for communities

For more information, visit: www.nikkiwalter.com

May 2021



Shine Above Entertainment Capital of the World By Harry Brads


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aking your voice heard in a world full of oversaturated technology and social media is not easy. But, in the Entertainment Capital of the World the message is loud and clear with Regency Outdoor Advertising.

for customers and spreading communications by businesses looking for improvement in revenue. And, it is all done artistically in a way that makes people positively spread word-of-mouth information after seeing boards placed in ideal locations that are carefully curated with business owners.

With Southern California businesses more than ever wanting to achieve financial success, there is a tremendous shift back to the tried and true method of outdoor billboards to positively share a company’s message. Regency Outdoor Advertising is leading the industry trend with their incredible craftsmanship and keen sensibilities of the business.

And now, Regency is taking even bigger measurements to keep this incredible conversation flowing. Brian Kennedy, Founder and long-time CEO of Regency Outdoor Advertising Inc., has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Regency and all of its assets including hundreds of billboards in key locations throughout Southern California and numerous strategic properties and buildings.

Making fashionable visuals in the skyline of the Entertainment Capital of the World is a task they fulfill with pride. Regency’s structures, or “spectaculars,” are strategically placed for optimal exposure. Regency’s billboards are as iconic as the brands that appear on their signs. Americans are quickly growing tired of Instagram and Tik Tok postings full of frequently deceptive accolades, and it is truly showing. All the scrolling on phone screens and tablets is leading to little consumer spending, as well as often shallow and forgetful messages. Smart advertisers are now turning back to companies like Regency due to a stellar reputation to do just what they are intend – get the word out to consumers who are listening and spending. In a realtime world, billboards are the first and original form of advertising with their likable presence laid out across the skyline in both static and digital formats. Captivating billboards from the Sunset Strip to Studio City and Inland Empire are driving sales

Kennedy will continue to operate the business under the Regency brand name, owning and operating more than 300 billboards and wallscapes in prime locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, including the Sunset Strip. “I am pleased to continue to provide some of the best billboard space in Southern California,” he said. “I look forward to continuing our long and successful relationships with our valuable outdoor advertising customers.” Kennedy credits Regency’s COO, Philip Berardi, for structuring the successful transaction, as well as running Regency’s day-to-day operations. Berardi will be elevated to President of the continuing Regency business, with Kennedy remaining as CEO. For more information, visit: regencyoutdoor.com

May 2021



Ignas Jurkonis and Gerda Jurkonis  


oca Raton based power couple Ignas Jurkonis, Founder and CEO of UC Group, and his wife Gerda have been paving an aspirational path since 2021 kicked off, with a newly launched partnership with Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong Initiative powered through Global Empowerment Mission. Ignas and Gerda, who reside in Southern Florida (Boca Raton), are often enjoying their favorite spots in Palm Beach and Miami, naturally.   Ignas and Gerda Jurkonis make it a priority to initiate programs and partnerships through their platforms, to give back and help organizations near and dear to their heart, and to spend time family in both the United States and Europe.   Recent missions by UC Group (Formerly NCS Group) in partnership with GEM + BStrong have been sending truckloads of aid to Texas from the GEM headquarters in Miami, to help with relief for the recent devastation caused by power outages, freezing temperatures, and an overall humanitarian disaster. UC Group, the parent company of Unlimited Carrier, features a 500+ fleet of trucks and also not only to support Fortune 500 companies and daily trucking routes, but aims to use its network to do good and give back.     We caught up with the couple for insight on


their daily lives, family dynamic, and interests. Tell us about why it is important for you to constantly give back and your charity work. Being a leader in business means a lot of responsibility, not only to employees and their families but also the society and the whole world. Part of our understanding of success is making the environment a better place. By a better place, we mean not only economically or materially, but also by sharing good cause, purpose, and values. Acting as an example is something we do not only for our children, but also for business employees, friends, and communities.    My husband and I are always trying to do good as one of our core values to measure success. My husband’s talent and hard work allows us to maintain enough resources to do what we believe is right to do. Our communities are dedicating so much to us by joining and being passionate and proactive in businesses, making them successful and profitable, so that motivates us to give back and share resources we gain for the good cause.     Together with my husband we have supported charities in Europe for children’s organizations and sports events prior to the GEM partnership. We always like to

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contribute to the places we live in and share our experiences as a global family. We have had multiple projects, including helping build a children’s preschool in Latvia (Galaktika preschool), supporting sporting events for families in Baltic States (Baltic Marathons), and doing social projects in Ukraine involving multiple embassies and official organizations (Angel of Nations).   What are some activities you do to keep grounded?   Yoga and a healthy lifestyle as much as possible in everyday living. I also enjoy photography and reading psychology books.      Tell us what you love about living in Florida and what are some of your favorite spots in Palm Beach?  We love going to the beach to immerse ourselves in the healing power of the ocean or walking our dogs in the beautiful parks. We enjoy an active lifestyle, and spirituality, and South Florida is the perfect combination of all elements for an active family. Our favorite dining spots are The Breakers Hotel, French Cafe Boulud, and Sant Ambroeus in Palm Beach.    Follow @TheUCGroup, @Gerda_Jurkonis on Instagram for news and updates.

127 W 28th Street, New York, NY 10001 646.484.4361 www.hotelhaydennyc.com May 2021


Moment of Zen 96

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Luciana Pampalone May 2021


Photos by Luciana Pampalone


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May 2021


The Carlisle Luxury Senior Residential Community, Palm Beach

First Annual

Classic Auto Show


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Photos by Tony Napolitano


Sara Brooke The Island


lifelong resident of Florida, Sara enjoys living in Palm Beach County more than any other place in the Sunshine State.

Whether it’s the pristine beaches, beautiful parks, or electric nightlife, Sara enjoys soaking it all in on a regular basis. She lives in the Town of Jupiter, which is close to Jupiter Island--home of golfer Tiger Woods, among others. Writing while sitting on the beach or spending

time near the water, Sara finds that the waves and sea air help her concentrate on creating the perfect story for her readers. In fact, most of her books take place somewhere within the Sunshine State, and her most recent novel, The Island, is the first book she’s written that isn’t based in Florida. But it’s close, a little more than an hour away in the Bahamas. “I’ve always enjoyed the Caribbean and typically try to vacation there at least once a year. That’s why writing a suspenseful horror novel that takes place in the middle of the Atlantic was very enjoyable and comfortable

for me. I’ve got a huge amount of respect for the Bahamian people, so it gave me such pleasure to step into their shoes for a brief period of time. It was truly a labor of love to write this latest novel.” The Island will be released to readers everywhere in July. To pre-order a copy of the novel, please visit Amazon.com.

May 2021



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Photography Courtesy of Kenley Collins

Kenley Collins A Rising Star in Florida Real Estate


By Adam Kluger

orn and raised in Pompano Beach, FL, Kenley is the youngest daughter of a tugboat captain. She began a career in fashion in New York City, after graduating from Florida State University with a marketing degree. Kenley was able to blossom in the industry after appearing on the hit TV series, Project Runway and dressing the pop icon, Ariana Grande. Since then, she moved back to Ft. Lauderdale to raise her kids and enjoy all the perks of growing up in South Florida. She has developed a passion for real estate and interior design while helping her father, now a real estate investor. With her extensive background in sales, she is an

expert negotiator and strives to get her clients what they need. Editor’s Note: “How’s my favorite Editor and publicist?” That’s how Kenley Collins checked in with me recently on a phone call on a busy street corner in New York City punctuated by her irrepressible and immediately recognizable laugh. The popular Project Runway TV star, designer, singer songwriter and alwaysbusy mom was catching me up on her burgeoning real estate business in South Florida where her endless energy, straight-shooting manner, terrific sense of humor, personality, and star appeal has made her one of the most popular realtors in the area.

May 2021



Lorena Cairns By W. A. Muller


he pieces of Peruvian born artist Lorena Cairns are an explosion of what goes through in her mind transmitted on to her art work . She doesn’t just want people to like her art, she wants them to remember it. Finding creativity in anything in her surroundings, she uses her imagination all the time, visualising what materials could be put into place to create art. That’s where the magic begins. According to this artist, you can never make a mistake in art because it can always be corrected and made even better than it was before. The ideas that pop into her head are never ending. She feels she’s never finished with a work of art . Lorena uses a self-taught technique by incorporating whatever materials it takes to make her caricatures come alive. She incorporates objects, pieces of natural material, fabrics, and anything to create what she visualises in her mind, transcending it into her art work. She uses her imagination as her main tool to fuel her creativity into all her art work. It’s important that her art make people stop in their tracts and make them say “WOW”. She only feels she’s a true artist when her work touches people, making them forget their life’s worries by making them laugh and be happy. Born in Peru in 1974 to Richard and Carmen Sanford, she was raised both in Lima Peru and the USA. Her aunt Ada and grandmother Angelica played a great role. From the very young age of three, she knew what she was meant to do. Her parents, aunt, and grandmother were all very supportive . In 1981, Lorena enrolled in Art Classes run by Ms. Goldstein. When her parents purchased their home in Long Island, they made


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sure there was an art studio surrounded by windows full of light so their daughter could paint. Lorena spent many hours and weekends consumed in her art work. She also has an eye for design, being able to whip up any costume in seconds . In 1983, she designed and won a costume contest which was published in the newspaper. Throughout her school she was the only student selected to exhibit her first work of art. Her collage of an owl was exhibited in The People’s Republic of China. That same year she was enrolled in the Metropolitan Museum of Art attending art classes every Saturday in New York City. In 1988, through the Metropolitan Museum she was admitted to an art camp in Buffalo, NY. In 1990, she attended the prestigious Dwight School in NYC on a full art scholarship. She attended The Arts Student League in New York City as well. In 1993, after graduating from The Dwight School, she was accepted to The Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York City, where she briefly studied acting. She attended Marymount Manhattan College where she majored in Art History. She dabbled in modelling and acting in Peru joining the Stock Modelling Agency and appearing in two soap operas. She also did ads in New York. Although having ample opportunities to have been an actress, she opted for her passion in pursuing her art. She is happily and proudly married to Mr. Roger Cairns with two daughters and two step daughters. She also has her dogs and rabbits. Sarah and Carmen are very creative and enjoy learning and doing art with their mom. Mr. Cairns owns many of the finest nursing homes in the UK, where he proudly displays his wife’s art work.

May 2021



Edwina Lucas

Edwina Lucas lives and works in Sag Harbor, New York. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums on the East End of Long Island. Her current body of work is a series of large scale florals. Lucas makes an effort to work from life and in natural light. edwinalucasartwork@gmail.com www.edwinalucas.com 106

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Maryann Lucas

Maryann Lucas lives and works in Sag Harbor, New York, where she enjoys yearround inspiration from nature. Lucas works exclusively in oils, and her colorful and realistic oil paintings celebrate the bounty of eastern Long Island. mamoosss@aol.com www.maryannlucas.com May 2021



nternational Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) is the premier polo destination in the world, hosting the largest field of high-goal teams and the most prestigious polo tournaments in the United States. Created with players and spectators in mind, IPC includes seven state-of-the-art tournament fields over 250 acres. World-renowned players and polo enthusiasts alike come to Wellington, Florida, each winter season to enjoy their love of the sport in the most prominent and well‐equipped polo facility the sport has to offer. Highlight tournaments include the C.V. Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup®, and U.S. Open Championship. Through the International Polo School, IPC also invites new fans of all ages of the sport to learn the rules of the game first-hand with individual lessons, simulation training, and team practices. Overlooking the Championship polo field with a spacious outdoor terrace, the Veuve Clicquot Pavilion offers a champagne brunch every Sunday for those looking to experience the ultimate polo social scene. The venue also boasts several event spaces that can accommodate weddings, cocktail parties, personal dining occasions, and more!  In 2021, IPC debuted the inaugural IPC Spring Series, which featured three new lowgoal and medium-goal polo tournaments, as well as fieldside brunch. Orea Polo started IPC’s new Spring Polo Series on a high note with an overtime win in the IPC Challenge Cup Final against Altaris Polo for a final score of 7-6. In the Wellington Cup Final, Barbarossa Leather defeated Orea Polo in a score of 109.5. The Spring Classic Final concluded the IPC Spring Series with an 8-7 victory for HL Polo over Barbarossa Leather.  The polo season has concluded for 2021, but the high-goal polo season will return in January 2022! 108

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Photo: Sheryel Aschfort

May 2021



Powered by Boxing Fitness Brand SPARBAR®


he SPARBAR® brand has an active commitment to kids and youth development, which not only aims to create future champions, but also to promote boxing as a sport to support mental health and build self-confidence. The team behind SPARBAR® pursues equality and anti-bullying through the boxing sport. By creating a mindset and spaces of no barriers, anything is possible in the athletic future. To support the SPARBAR® kids & youth talents, the company provides them not only with innovative training equipment, but each talented youth athlete’s guardian receives shares in the company – in their names – in trust for their future. 110

Amongst the kids boxers is youth athlete Jaya, AKA Jayweather, who started boxing at the age of 7. Growing up, Jaya was more interested in Power Rangers than Barbie dolls. At the age of 6, Jaya started Karate, and with her dad’s love of the boxing sport was encouraged to start boxing. From the moment she first walked through the boxing gym doors, her boxing coach saw great potential in her. From being a shy little girl, Jaya walked into a boxing gym full of men and was made to feel a part of the family. Now filled with confidence, Jaya has already competed in 3 fights. This girl has the drive and dedication to go far and reach her dreams of winning gold medals and belts. 11-year-old fighter  Serena Mali  was discovered by the SPARBAR® team from

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

articles and posts her head coach released to tell the UK about her abilities. Her head coach reports she is “showing the mentality, character, and skill-set needed to be a top boxer.” Serena has always been on the athletic side, trying out every sort of sport before she dedicated herself to boxing. She now trains 5 times a week towards her goal to become a pro boxer and to go to the Olympics. Says SPARBAR® founder Jazz about the SPARBAR® talents: “Our talent scouting is truly social-driven. Many fighters come from a tough background. We aim to support kids that choose boxing and sports to overcome adversity, and get the most out their life.“


Todd Fredericks


By Susan Canalizo odd Fredericks was born in New York City where he developed a love for music early on in life. This is not surprising since his parents were both active in the music business in the 50s/60s. His father was a well-known radio DJ in the NY area spinning tunes on his “Night Train” show, and his mother managed rock bands such as The Bell Notes who had the 1959 hit “I’ve Had It”. Todd picked up his first guitar when he was at NYU and started to compose, play, and sing his own songs. He played in various local bands such as String, The Nigels, and he worked on many music and acting projects on and off over the years. Fast forward to 2020. Music has always been an integral part of Todd’s life, and while living in the Netherlands, the lock-downs during the COVID pandemic opened a new path for him to create music again. He kept to some strict creative considerations such as that all work on each song can last no more than two weeks from either writing new material or modifying a few old favorites to the final mix. Each song should be between 3-4 minutes, and no longer. And for fun, he wanted to shoot a music video for each one using interesting locations throughout the Netherlands and other places in Europe. And the last very strict and unmoveable consideration: Have fun! This worked out very well for Todd. From April 2020 to the end of the year, he has recorded 10 new songs. Each one tells its own story and shares emotions without boundaries or limitations. Stay tuned for a lot more songs to come. SC: Who are your musical influences? TF: I grew up listening to a wide range of music from The Beatles, Nilsson, Sondheim, Sinatra, Ella, with many jazz greats sprinkled in, classical music, and endless film scores. Many of these influences opened my ears to song structure, melodies, and also that it’s okay to bend and break rules. There is no correct way to do anything. Most of the brilliant songwriters/musicians out there

cannot even read a note of sheet music. There’s a great observation that John Lennon made about himself in an interview. He said he considered himself an artist and not a “musician”. He said he may not know how to play tuba but give him a tuba and he will create a “sound” with it. A cool sound you will remember. I consider an attitude like that a wonderful form of artistic freedom. Do whatever the heck you want to do. The music is you! SC: What’s the story behind your music video a “Lonely and Blue?” TF: I wrote “Lonely & Blue” while I was sitting in my living room looking out the window, wondering where my life has been going and where and how do I fit in. It’s not a sad song but a song about self-honesty and that it’s okay not to be “on” or on top of the world. The clouds will be gray and the sun does disappear, but we are all here together. Hopefully, we will all be okay “if not for you/ us”. I tried to keep my singing honest and vulnerable. Here I am. SC: How would you describe your sound? TF: My “sound” is really about my love of many different types of music. I’ve been in a 50s/60s music kick recently. I love the angst and immediacy of the songs and all the wonderful backing vocals. My dad explained to me years ago some of the history of early rock/R&B backing vocals. It was to create a poor man’s symphony. For example, the kids who used to sing Doo-wop on the street corners came up with all these vocal sounds because they couldn’t afford to hire an orchestra or didn’t own a guitar or who could afford a trumpet? They wanted that “full sound”, so they created it themselves. That notion excited me when working on some of my new stuff.  I also really think of recording songs like a painting. First there’s the sketch, and then what layers can I add? What can I do with my voice or can I create some interesting textures with a particular sound? SC: How has Covid impacted the music business? TF: I think Covid has hurt the music business

https://open.spotify.com/artist/2JyKkoa16HTiuxwTlbBO6T https://music.apple.com/us/artist/todd-fredericks/1564662711 https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Todd+Fredericks&i=digital-music&search-type=ss&ref=ntt_srch_drd_B093KBXY5N https://www.youtube.com/user/fredericksny/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHzFnhx8oYMFnb03wsgkHkw

in terms of concerts, local music festivals, and the power of audiences getting together. But on the other hand, a new door of creativity has opened up like an explosion with more self imposed projects like I’ve been working on, and very solid online collaborations. So much amazing creativity happening. Lots of innovation. For example, a good friend of mine living on the other side of the world was able to contribute a ukulele and a few other instruments on some of the songs. We did this thanks to the internet, a few recording techniques, and a “we can do this” attitude. The experience was amazing. No matter what’s happening in the world, there are so many ways to get your voice, creativity, and point of view out there! Just keep doing it.   SC: Future plans? TF: I just moved back to the New York City area after living in Europe for the last several years. I’m very much looking forward to continuing working on my music, releasing some more tunes, and jamming with some old and new friends. I also cannot wait to get a slice of some great NY pizza! Let’s not even talk about the bagels!

May 2021



Nancy Davis

Founder, Race To Erase MS


e are so thrilled to be returning to the Rose Bowl Stadium for a fun night of dancing under the stars with Earth, Wind & Fire for a great cause,” said Davis ahead of the June 4th annual event. “We were overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm from our guests last year (2020), despite these challenging times, and look forward to another memorable event as we come together to learn more about this devastating disease and raise money to find a cure for MS.” The 2020 Drive-In To Erase MS event raised over $1.4 Million to benefit the cause and its Center Without Walls program, a collaboration of top MS research centers working together as a team on ground-breaking research with the goal of treating and, ultimately, finding a cure for MS.   Race to Erase MS was founded in 1993 by Nancy Davis and is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of multiple sclerosis. Funding research is the core focus of the foundation, and significant strides have 112

been made to find the cause and cure of this debilitating disease. At the event’s inception 27 years ago, the absence of medications and therapies encouraged its involvement; the Race has been instrumental in funding pilot studies that have contributed to drugs now on the market and other very important therapies that are improving the lives of people suffering from MS.     All funds raised support the Center Without Walls program created by Davis, a unique collaboration of the world’s leading MS research scientists, - a ‘dream team’ as she calls it - currently representing Harvard, Yale, Cedars Sinai, USC, Oregon Health Science University, UC San Francisco, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA. This nationwide collaboration of physicians, scientists and clinicians are on the cutting-edge of innovative research and therapeutic approaches to treat MS. As a result of this research and other advancements, over 20 drugs have come to market since the foundation began. The work of Davis has greatly contributed to this incredible progress.   “My main goal was to find the cause and cure for multiple sclerosis and have a team

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

of doctors working together to constantly communicate and never duplicate so that we could find a cure a lot faster. We are in a race, and we want to get to the finish line and win, and take away the suffering so many people face with this disease. When we started there were no drugs on the market, no hope and no cure, and today, it is so exciting that there are 22 FDA approved drugs available to help this disease and its progression. Our fundraising and research has contributed to these results.” It is the hope of the Race to Erase MS that in addition, to combating MS through research in a clinical environment, awareness will be created by educating the public about this mysterious disease. Since its founding, Race to Erase MS has raised over $50 Million. For the latest news and information on Race to Erase MS, be sure to follow on social, and join the conversation using #RaceToEraseMS and #EraseMS.     Facebook: Facebook.com/EraseMS  Twitter: @RaceToEraseMS  Instagram: @RaceToEraseMS

May 2021



Itamar S.N White Smoke


n White Smoke, the critically-acclaimed second novel by Itamar S.N, the character  Yonatan Green is a bisexual intellectual playboy who will do anything to provoke his right-wing father, Israel’s Prime Minister, who always puts the country before his family. However, Yonatan finds himself proud of him for the first time with the creation of Isratine – a democratic union of Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the small area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. When Yonatan meets Meir, a shy High-Tech entrepreneur, he falls in love for the first time, and the couple decides to get married. The family grows when fate brings Amal into their lives - a Palestinian girl, who is the victim of a family honor acid attack. Their “perfect” love story grows alongside the new state, however, the euphoria of peace and unification is fading, while both Jewish and Arab anti-liberal forces feel strong enough to join hands, putting the democratic heritage in jeopardy and threatening the life of the family. As smoke spreads over the country, the Prime Minister must acknowledge his mistakes and rethink the ambitious dream of Isratine. Will hope overcome primal fears and hatred? Itamar S.N recently spoke with us about his controversial yet beautifully written book. “The heroine, muse, my deus ex machina, Amal, a young Palestinian woman with secret college dreams, is cloistered in a conservative, patriarchal community. Her brother throws acid on her face for merely suspecting that she dishonored the family by sleeping with Jews. Her saviors, unexpectedly, are a powerful, gay married couple. It makes 114

Amal question everything she knows. White Smoke was born to undermine the traditional “right and left” conception. The ultra-right prime minister, the father of our gay married hero Yonatan, brings an out-of-the-box solution to the negotiating table, and then, with the Palestinian president, unites Israel and the Palestinian Authority to one liberal democracy: Isratine. Ultra-left Yonatan, who can’t believe what his father is doing, asks if he is dreaming, but actually, it’s not a fantasy, not Yonatan’s, not anyone’s. It’s actually, as weird as it might sound, the almost shared dream of both the extreme left and right here, creating the perfect circle. Only a real faceto-face relationship among the different tribes of any heterogenic country might cure the demonization of any single tribe. Does the reconciliation between the two nations enable gender liberation?  Hell, yes!! Can a society that suppresses its citizens continue the oppression under a democratic regime in the name of Multiculturalism? Hell, no!!”-Itamar S.N, Author, White Smoke  About the author: Itamar S.N is an Israeli writer and musician who has been having a 20year love affair with the restaurant business of sunny Tel Aviv. In his literary writing, he combines his education and interest in the history and politics of the Middle East (human rights in particular). He owns two cats and one big window with an ocean view for inspiration. In his spare time, he volunteers with the LGBTQ movement and as a writer for an Israeli Parliament Member. His debut novel, Niv, was published by the UK publisher Wilkinson House. White Smoke is his second novel. Available now on Amazon.

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“In our house of cards, everything is well known. Yonatan is the one card that cannot be touched. Remove it and everything will collapse.”White Smoke



AMERICAN BLASPHEMER American Blasphemer By Jadan Horyn By Jadan Horyn


acrilegious. Irreverent. Shocking. All apt superlatives for John Matthew Gillen’s debut acrilegious. Irreverent. Shocking. episodic novel: American Blasphemer. Part All aptpartsuperlatives for stories, John narrative, collection of short Matthew Gillen’s episodic part memoir, part fictiondebut the book follows novel, American Blasphemer. Parta the life of a twenty-something lovesick heretic; narrative, part collection of short young man deeply wounded by life, liars, and lost stories, memoir, fiction,the theabsolute book love, whopart is bold enoughpart to confront follows theinsanity life of athat twenty-something lovesick authentic everyday existence throws at him. a young man deeply wounded by life, heretic;

liars, and lost love, who is bold enough to Deeply human and totally absurd, the reader confront the absolute authentic insanity that confronts existence accounts ofthrows mundanity that Mr. Gillen everyday at him. invariably paints in vivid colors with deep descriptors

that hover on the and edgetotally of believability. Deeply human absurd, when the book confronts the reader with accounts of In Manslaughter Fight Club,invariably Mr. Gillen ispaints knocked mundanity that atMr. Gillen in out cold on the dance floor after dancing on vivid colors with deep descriptors that hover another man’s woman. As he comes to, a man on the edge of believability. offers to assist him with ice and invites him to a place where he can let out the desire for revenge. In “Manslaughter at Fight Club”, Mr. Gillen He went.

is knocked out cold on the dance floor after dancing another man’s As he “At 2:00amon I was standing on thewoman. corner of Fortieth comes to, a man offers to assist him with ice and Park. Hi Bob I said” - a direct connection to Fight and invites him to a place where he can let Club - “You ready? He asked. I am Jack’s raging out the desire for revenge. He went. bile duct. He smiled and took a blanket out of his backpack. Take this and sit up there. They won’t

“At 2:00 amhere. I was the corner of know you’re Juststanding watch for on tonight. Fortieth and Park. Hi Bob, I said” - a direct connection Fightwere Clubeight - “You ready?Eight He “By 3:00am tothere of them. asked. I am men Jack’s bile duct. Heofsmiled anonymous in araging little circle outside a Park Avenue office building in the dead of and took a blanket outatof3:00am his backpack. Take winter. something low know aboutyou’re them. this andThere sit upwas there. They won’t Stooped Eyes on the street. Slow feet. here. Justshoulders. watch for tonight. Desperate losers with impotent rage. They all had 3:00 their reasons for were being eight there of andthem. most Eight of the “By am there reasons were obvious.” anonymous men in -a little circle outside of

a Park Avenue office building at 3:00 am in the dead of winter. There was something low about them. Stooped shoulders. Eyes on the street. Slow feet. Desperate losers with impotent rage. They all had their reasons for being there and most of the reasons were obvious.” -

What followed was a tirade of verbal vitriol delivered to each man. They demeaned and castigated What followed a tirade of one verbal each other. This was accelerated until manvitriol said delivered each man. They demeaned and something to that hit an unknown and hidden hurt. castigated each out other. accelerated That man lashed andThis slashed the other until man one said something that hit- aan unknown with man something else he had hidden knife.

and hidden hurt. That man lashed out and slashed otheronman withoutside something else “I was stillthe shivering the steps the Kalikow building as the -sun came up Sunday morning. he had hidden a knife.

Staring at the blood. Counting scars. I never went

to still Fightshivering Club. But on I stillthe have the blanket.” “Iback was steps outside the Kalikow building as the sun came up Sunday It is these small narratives, their Counting disarming morning. Staring at the with blood. non-linear storywent resolutions, abrupt endings scars. I never back toand Fight Club. But I thathave makethe American Blasphemer an unstoppable still blanket.” read. In story after story, witty rejoinders or lack the reader stunned either Itofisconclusion these smallleaves narratives, with their disarming laughing to themselves or shocked and deep in non-linear story resolutions and abrupt thought. Mr. Gillen has woven a tapestry of 2020’s endings that make American Blasphemer an twenty-something male angst. The novel is raw unstoppable read. In story after story, witty and powerful. It is a must-read for those seeking a rejoinders or lack of conclusion leaves the literary shock-jock tour de force coupled with deep reader either to themselves spiritualstunned hunger and lost laughing love.

or shocked and deep in thought. Mr. Gillen has wovenBlasphemer a tapestry 2020sbuttwentyAmerican will ofoffend great something male angst. The novel is raw and literature ought to challenge us with authentic powerful. It is a must-read for those seeking a reflections of our own experiences. This is not just literary de meant force coupled anothershock-jock novel, and ittour is not to be, butwith for deep spiritual love. those who havehunger earned and theirlost place in the home of the brave, Blasphemer throws down the literary

American gauntlet. Blasphemer will offend but great literature ought to challenge us with authentic You can ofpurchase American Blasphemer reflections our own experiences. This is not on another novel, Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/ just and it is not meant to be, American-Blasphemer-John-Matthew-Gillen/ but for those who have earned their place in dp/1951937120 the home of the brave, Blasphemer throws down the literary gauntlet. You can purchase American Blasphemer on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/ American-Blasphemer-John-Matthew-Gillen/ dp/1951937120

May 2021


May 2021




President & CEO of President the & Interview with Arnie Preminger, CEO of the Sunrise Association Sunrise Association

by W.A. Mullert by W.A. Muller


unrise Association Day Camps dreamoffers of Arnie confisays dence and interpersonal enjoyinghospitals. the unrise Association Day began Campsas acamp you will findfriendships, at Sunrise,” Wheels programsskills at while 21 partner Preminger, President & CEO of the Sunrise Association. After simple pleasures of childhood. Recognizing the extraordinary fi nancial began as a dream of Arnie Preminger. “I’ve never been in a situation Sunrise on Wheels is an innovative program attending a benefi t concert for Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall demands that a child’s chronic illness can have on a family, Sunrise Preminger, President & CEO of before where something that you do is so that provides a day filled with Sunrise fun to Gang (a sleepaway camp After for children with life-threatenCamps and Year-Round Programs are always theCamp Sunrise Association. appreciated. Children loveDay it. The feedback we children who are either provided awaiting completetreatment ingattending illnesses), the began.  Having built andparents operat- is beyond ly free of charge.They in pediatric oncology units of participating a dreaming benefit concert for get from accolades. ed summer day camps for more than 30 years at the Friedberg JCC, Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang are just so grateful that there’s an opportunity hospitals, or who are inpatient. Volunteers Preminger researched the existence of summer-long day camps for There are currently 8 Sunrise Association Day Camps --- 3 in New York Camp (a sleepaway camp for children with for their children to have some normalcy.” wheel a tie-dyed trunk bursting with toys, children with cancer, but to his surprise, found none. (Rockland County, Long Island & Staten Island), 1 in Baltimore, MD; 1 life-threatening illnesses), the dreaming and activities into the hospitals where in Atlanta, GA; and, 3 in games, Israel. Each camp is supported by a medical began.  Having built and operated summer Sunrise Day Camp is situated on the the kids are receiving According to Preminger, “In 2006, 96 children, including siblings, redisdirector and on-site pediatric oncology nurses. treatment. We change day camps for more than 30 years at the beautiful and expansive Henry Kaufmann a difficult day into one of camp fun.  It’s every covered the magic of friendship and the joy of play at the first Sunrise Friedberg JCC, Preminger researched the Campgrounds in Wheatley Heights on bit as impactful as because changes Day Camp located on Long Island. The sounds of medical monitors “In addition to our 8 summer camps – whichcamp in 2019 ran withitclose to existence of with summer-long daythecamps Long Island.and Free transportation is available weonkeep trying were replaced laughter, and feelingsfor of cold machines 2,000 children - we weretheir alsoexperience. operating 43 That’s weeklywhat Sunrise Wheels children with quickly cancer, but to his surprise, locations inprograms Nassau,at Suffolk, to do. WeSunrise want to away boredom, sharp needles disappeared with warm hugsfrom fromselect counselors 21 partner hospitals. on take Wheels is anthe innovative found none. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the the isolation, the loneliness, and perhaps and new friends. Unlike similar sleep-away camps that are offered for program that provides a day filled with Sunrise fun to children who are Bronx on staffed, air-conditioned buses. most importantly, the fear. “ just 1-2 weeks, Sunrise allows children in active treatment to continue either awaiting treatment in pediatric oncology units of participating According to doctors Preminger, “In 2006, 96each The core 9:30 am to 3:45 with their home while attending camp day. Thiscamp uniqueday is from hospitals, or who are inpatient. Volunteers wheel a tie-dyed trunk children, including siblings, rediscovered the in their pm own (excluding transportation times). When Covid hit, Preminger quickly went concept allows children the comfort of sleeping beds each bursting with toys,All games and activities into the hospitals where the to night – aofcomfort not only thejoy campers, their parents areevery receiving treatment. We change a diffi cult day intonone one of of their magic friendship andfor the of playbut atfor activities areas modified to kids meet child’s work with his team to make sure well.”first Sunrise Day Camp located on Long needs and abilities. Goals camp fun.  It’shelping every bit as impactful asleft camp because changes their the include children were behind. “Thisitwas uncharted experience. That’s whatterritory. we keep We trying to do. We want take away Island. The sounds of medical monitors were children develop friendships, confidence, and had to leave the to hospitals right Premingerwith explains that Sunrise is more than just camp; rather it’s the boredom, the isolation, theWithin loneliness, and perhaps imporreplaced laughter, and the feelings of ainterpersonal skills while enjoying the simple away. 30 days of havingmost closed down a place that allows children cancer quickly and their siblings can just tantly, the fear. “ the our offices, we moved into the virtual world. cold machines and sharpwith needles pleasures of be childhood. Recognizing kids. “There’s with arts &warm crafts, drama, music, S.T.E.A.M -- anything disappeared hugs fromsports, counselors extraordinary financial demands that a child’s We began creating short videos called a traditional day camp offers you will find at Sunrise,” says Preminger. When Covid hit, Preminger quickly to work with his make and new friends. Unlike similar sleep-away chronic illness can have on a family, Sunrise Sunrise onwent Screens where theteam kids to can see “I’ve never been in a situation before where something that you do is sure none of their children were left behind. “This was uncharted camps that are offered for just 1-2 weeks, Day Camps and Year-Round Programs are familiar staff and participate in fun activities. so appreciated. it. The feedback fromprovided parents iscompletely free territory.ofWe had to leave the hospitals right Within 30takes days of Sunrise allows Children childrenlove in active treatmentwe get always charge. Another program -- away. Wheels Up! -kids beyond accolades. They are just so grateful that there’s an opportunity having closed down our offi ces, we moved into the virtual world. We to continue with their home doctors while on travels all over the world including Disney for their children to have some normalcy.” began creating short videos called Sunrise on Screens where the kids attending camp each day. This unique concept There are currently 8 Sunrise Association Day parks, the seven wonders of the world, an can see familiar staff and participate in fun activities. Another program allows children the comfort of sleeping in their Camps --- 3 in New York (Rockland County, African safari, and so many other adventures. Sunrise Day Camp is situated on the beautiful and expansive Henry -- Wheels Up! -- takes kids on travels all over the world including Disney own beds each night – a comfort not only for Long Island & Staten Island), 1 in Baltimore, We just want to take them away from their Kaufmann Campgrounds in Wheatley Heights on Long Island. Free parks, the seven wonders of the world, an African safari and so many the campers, but for their from parents as locations well.” 1 inSuffolk, Atlanta, GA; and, 3 inadventures. Israel. Each reality wherefrom theirtheir imaginations transportation is available select in MD; Nassau, other We just wanttotosomeplace take them away reality to camp is supported by a medical director and can soar. To date, we’ve produced over 100 Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx on staffed, air-condisomeplace where their imaginations can soar. To date, we’ve proPreminger explains that Sunrise more9:30 than on-site pediatric nurses. videos that are beinginviewed in hospitals. tioned buses. The core camp day isisfrom am to 3:45 pm (exclud-oncologyduced over 100 videos that are being viewed hospitals. just a camp; rather it’s a place that allows ing transportation times).  All activities are modified to meet every children withand cancer andGoals their include siblingshelping to be children “In addition to our 8 summer – which “Thethat pandemic also meant that wecamps had to child’s needs abilities. develop “Thecamps pandemic also meant we had to close our in-person kids. “There’s arts & crafts, drama, sports, music, S.T.E.A.M -- anything a traditional day



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in 2019 ran with close to 2,000 children - we were also operating 43 weekly Sunrise on

Metropolitan Magazine Palm Beach | Metmagny.com

close our in-person camps in 2020. enormously talented staff jumped

Our into

in 2020. Our enormously talented staff jumped into action and createligible to attend Sunrise Day Camp. Sunrise is a creative, safe, healthy, ed a virtual program for our campers. It was phenomenal. Every week supportive, and fun-filled community where peers who have a similar action a virtual program for our homes, choose ofshared pre-recorded whose missionbyisa dedicated to bring back the joys of we sentand out acreated “Camp-in-a-Box” to our campers’ filledfrom with hundredsand experience are supervised and trained staff campers.forItthe was phenomenal. Every could week then we bevideos, with new weekly. to needs.  children with cancer and their supplies week. Those supplies used during our ones being whoreleased are keenly aware ofchildhood their unique sentvirtual out acamp “Camp-in-a-Box” to of our campers’ The addition 50ofper Sunrise Studios will also siblings world-wide, Sunrise accomplishes live Zoom sessions, which we offered on average day including music, sports,enable martialSunrise arts andto turn last Mission: Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island proud member of the Sunhomes, filledcrafts, with science, suppliesdance, for the week. summer’s virtual this through theis acreation and oversight of more. campers who couldn’t live sessions, Association, whose welcoming, mission is to bring back the joys camps, of childhood to ThoseFor supplies could then beattend used the during camp we intosupplea permanent rise program, enabling inclusive day yearmented our programs with 100 pre-recorded videos, which children their siblings world-wide, Sunrise accomplishour live virtual camp Zoom sessions, of which them to campers reach local children who with can’tcancer come andround programs, and In-hospital recreational could then view at their leisure. children attended.” es thisasthrough the in creation and oversight of welcoming, inclusive day we offered on average 50 perOver day1,700 including to camp in-person as well children activities, all offered free of charge. camps, year-round crafts, science, dance, music, sports, martial communities too far away to attend the in-programs and In-hospital recreational activities, all Seeing the success of virtual campwho andcouldn’t its potentialperson future impact, offered free of charge. Camp Address arts, and more. For campers camps. the Frances Davis Foundation awarded Sunrise a $1 million attend the live sessions,generously we supplemented Sunrise Day Camp grant to create the Dorothy & Irving Ross The fiChildren rst project our programs with 100 pre-recorded Sunrise videos,Studios. Eligibility: who are on active treatment 75 Colonial Spring Road created was the Sunrise enables take which campers couldStudios then app, viewwhich at their forchildren cancertoor who have been on treatment Wheatley Heights, NY 11798 Sunrise on theirattended.” phones, tablets, or laptops – and choose leisure. everywhere Over 1,700--children within the last five years and their sibling(s) are from hundreds of pre-recorded videos, with new ones being released Camp Address Mailing Address eligible to attend Sunrise Day Camp. Sunrise General Inquiries weekly. The addition of Sunrise Studios will also enable Sunrise to turn Day Camp Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island Seeing the success of virtual camp and its is a creative, safe, healthy,Sunrise supportive, and Email: registrar@sunriselongisland.org last summer’s virtual camp into a permanent program, enabling them 75 Colonial Spring Road 11 Neil Court potential future impact, the Frances Davis fun-filled community where peers who have a Phone:516.634.4199 to reach local children who can’t come to camp in-person as well as Wheatley Heights, NY 11798 Oceanside, NY 11572 Foundation generously andcamps. shared experience are supervised children in communities too awarded far away toSunrise attend thesimilar in-person a $1 million grant to create the Dorothy & by a dedicated and trained staff Inquiries who are Mailing Address General Email: registrar@sunriselongisland.org Irving Ross Sunrise Studios. The first project keenly aware of their unique needs.  Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island Eligibility: Children who are on active treatment for cancer or who have Phone: 516.634.4199 11 Neil Court created was the Sunrise Studios app, which been on treatment within the last five years and their sibling(s) are enables children to take Sunrise everywhere Mission: Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island is Oceanside, NY 11572 -- on their phones, tablets, or laptops – and a proud member of the Sunrise Association,

May 2021

May 2021



Annie Watt’s Impromptu Portraits Palm Beach, May 5th 2021– Annie’s Watt’s “Impromptu Portraits” at The Colony was the crowning affair to complete a vibrant, socially distanced season in Palm Beach. The exhibit and celebrated the Annie Watt Agency’s expansion to South Florida. Annie Watt Agency photographers captured nearly 200 guests on location as they raised a glass to a new chapter in Watt’s business and documented the new annual fundraiser and exhibit with video and interviews as well. Hosts: Eleanora Kennedy, Jean Shaffiroff, Janet Levy, Christine Schott & George Ledes, Doug Evans, Mikoloj Bauer, Swifty’s Robert Caravaggi, and The Colony Hotel’s Sara & Andrew Wetenhall. Watt’s fans and subjects came out in force, happily spilling over


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onto the grass beyond the solarium. They included Alex Donner and Annette De Lorenzo, Jackie Weld Drake, Karen Klopp, Gail Worth & Frank Orenstein, Amanda Polk, Anka Palitz, Bea Cayzer & Bill Richards, Camilla Webster, CeCe & Lee Black David McClymont, Dr. William Watt & Dr. Kathy Watt, Sandra Victor, Guy Clark & Harrison Morgan, Helmut Koller, Nick Mele, Patrick McMullen, Paul & Ursula Lewerre, Sharon Bush, Steven Stolman and Rich Wilkie, Susan & Hunter Cushing, Vicki Kellogg, Xiomi & Roby Penn and Yaz & Valentine Hernandez to name a few. To book any of the AWA photographers email annie@anniewatt.com or call (561) 318-1218.

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39th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon On the afternoons of May 18 and May 19, 2021, the Central Park Conservancyheld it’s 39th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon. The event raised over $2.8 million for Central Park Conservancy’s ongoing commitment to maintaining New York City’s most beloved green-space. Special homage was paid to the role Central Park and it’s essential in-Park operations staff played in New York City’s tenacity since March of 2020, serving


as a safe space and reprieve as it stayed open throughout the entire pandemic. Event co-chairs Abigail Baratta, Sarah Britton, Liz Peek and Cynthia Wagner were joined by Women’s Committee President Yesim Philip, President & CEO of Central Park Conservancy Betsy Smith, Chairman of the Board, Tom Kempner, Conservancy trustees, and donors. Attendees included Suzie Aijala,

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Allison Aston, Michael Bloomberg & Diana Taylor, Norma Dana, Lauren Santo Domingo, Ainsley Earhardt, Anne Harrison, Gillian Hearst, Eleanora Kennedy, Sheila Labrecque, Elaine Langone, Alexia Leuschen, Karen May, Gillian Miniter, Margo McNabb Nederlander, Elyse Newhouse, Kara Ross, Mitchell & Mary Silver, Laurie Tisch, and Suzy Welch. Photos: Annie Watt

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