Metropolitan Luxe Magazine - Summer 2016

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Jewelry designer Pamela Huizenga uses lifelong passion for gems to convey the beauty of nature by robin bradley hansel


ifted jeweler and native Floridian, Pamela Huizenga, is not afraid to take risks as evidenced by her signature selection of bold and breathtaking gemstones. By embracing the natural imperfections of stones, the artist accentuates the beauty of what others might perceive as flaws, resulting in her celebrated, custom designs. “Colors that I frequently gravitate towards and use in my work may not be the standard for most, but for me they perfectly reflect nature and all its splendor,” says Huizenga. Fascinated early in life with the beauty and characteristics of gemstones, she often refers to herself as a “rockhound” who takes great pleasure sharing her knowledge of gems with others. Huizenga began learning to cut and set stones at the age of 16.


Huizenga says there is probably nothing better than having someone see one of her pieces, fall in love with it, and purchase it for their own collection. Her hope is to continue to educate individuals who view and purchase her jewelry about unusual gemstones and rare minerals they have likely never before encountered. When asked to describe her unique design process, Huizenga explains that it all begins with the layout and cutting of the stones. “After that, it’s literally me standing next to my workbench, walking through each step until I achieve what I envision in my head. Since each piece is one-of-a-kind, sometimes the manifestation of my work happens organically, and my usual process is turned upside down,” explains the artist who shares that she loves when the creative experience takes a fresh turn. Thanks to her professional success and carefully cultivated global relationships within the industry, Huizenga