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from the editor-in-chief

I hope everyone had an unforgettable summer. Personally, it was a time of great change. I was able to slam the door on the past and open a new door into the future. In other words I moved. So long Glen Rock and hello Jersey City.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared out of my mind. The unknown is never easy. It’s a different world here. Yeah, my new digs are amazing but no where near the elbow room I’m used to. However, Our Facebook Pages! Jersey City doesn’t require square footage to fall in love. This town is like no other I’ve ever seen. My neighbors of every age, race, creed and color are amazing. Everyone seems to get along like America Philadelphia family. The streets are full of energy and music of every kind fills the air on a nightly basis. The bars rock, the restaurants are loaded with atmosphere and the wine, whiskey and beer flow freely. Yes, I do believe my ginger, Irish ass can get used to this new lifestyle pretty quickly. I also can get used to this month’s cover girl, Elle Evans. When I first saw Robin Thicke’s Blurred Line video I was blown away, not just by the catchy lyrics, but also by the 3 naked models who prance around the screen like they were born to be nude. Elle, the blonde, instantly caught my eye. I wondered what she would be like if I ever had the chance to meet her. Well one of the benefits of this job is that from time to time dreams come true. This stunning girl is something special. Something tells me you’ll agree. @metropolisnight Football, packed bars, cold beers and the September issue of Metropolis Nights.


@ MNmagPhilly

New Jersey


Life is good. Cheers,

Chaunce Hayden Editor-in-chief

Cell 201-873-3874

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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SEPT 2013

CONTENTS 8.....Gentlemans Digest King of the Cars

on the cover

10.....Ladies Lounge 12....Secrets Why dont I receive more attention from men?

CREDITS Founders

Robert Gartside Melvin DeLeon Editor-in-chief Founders Chaunce Hayden Robert Gartside Executive Director Melvin DeLeon Chris Spada Editor-in-chief Art & Design Director Chaunce Hayden Katelynn Associate DeWitt Editor Fashion Editor Katelynn DeWitt Krys Longan Executive Director Culinary HendrickEditor Lee Rory Art & Schepsisi Design Director Contributing Writers Katelynn DeWitt Robert Fashion Gartside Editor Chris Spada Krys Longan Ashley CreativeForte Director Krys Longan Hubert Moda Kurt Loder Wardrobe/Stylist Alan Jairo Tecchio Arias Ash Ley Editor G Culinary Biago & Leilani Rory Schepsisi Pagliarulo Contributing Writers LeAnn Aciz Krys Longan Britta Winans Angela PompelliBrittany Butler LoCurto Dennis Hong Kurt Loder Matthew Margolis Alan Tecchio Kurt Loder Ash Ley G Dr. Robert Wallace Biago & Leilani Howard K. Wachtel Pagliarulo Patrick J. Buchanan LeAnn Aciz Account Sales Rory Anzano Chaunce Hayden Britta Winans Ashley Forte Chantalle Luberto Chris Spada Brittany LoCurto Photographers Account Sales Chaunce Hayden Bryan Keith Jimmy Connolly Chaunce Hayden Photographers Robert Gartside Chaunce Nicolette Hayden Sarzosa Brian Hays

14.....Social Pulse Upcoming events 16.....B.O.M Austin Blaker - Icandy Club 18.....Metro Art 24.....Metropolis Skies Horoscopes 26.....Industry Spotlights Sapphire Salon 28.....Musical Minds Pentatonix 31.....Car of the Month Voltronismo 32.....Angel of the Month Jillian Bauer

COVER STORY: ELLE EVANS 55.....Motor Mouth


56.....Cinema Sensations 56.....Industry Spotlight The Plough & The Stars 58.....Pub Review Dubh Linn Square Pub 60.....Local Jewel Lauren D’Amelio 62.....20 Percent Not angry, Just venting 63.....Fashionista 64.....For Him 15 Things guys should know 65.....For Her

36.....The Naked Truth 38.....Life Lessons 40.....Sports Sorts 44.....COVER STORY ELLE EVANS 49....Lime Light 50.....Tuner Evolution 52.....Savage Voice

For advertising inquiries: Please call 856-905-4746 or visit our website at 4 August 2013

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Philadelphia/South Jersey

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Fin∂ your ∫eacƒ. outlined:

6 August 2013

Relax responsibly.®

Imported by Crown Imports LLC, Chicago, IL 60603

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Philadelphia/South Jersey

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Gentleman’s Digest Watches As a gentleman, it’s important to

that will compliment your outfit, and keep you from looking like a jerk-off stereotype that is just trying too hard and flashing way too much. Women like a guy with style and can accesorize with a little thought. Not just a guy that bought large flyshy watch that makes him look like a 1980’s pimp thats should be wearing a white fur coat in the middle of summer. Remember, show your class, not your ass! You can find all these watches at

know the difference between style and class verses just being some joker that’s just trying way too hard. Watches have turned from a needed Armani Exchange time piece to a male accessory, This watch is a beautiful compliment to any suite with a sleek square face, silver hands, and asserting status and sophistication. leather strap. The epitome of a man who knows how to be stylish and sophisticated. With just So here are some gentleman “do’s” enough flare to express success, and confidence that tells the world he dresses with thought, and no need to compensate for a “short coming”. And if you perfer the more classic round look, Armani Exchange offers the sleek design to fit your needs. Again this classic black and silver look combined with a few minor hilights, exemplifies the true gentleman. 1. Give up your seat If a lady arrives at the table and there are no available seats, you should stand up and offer yours to her.

code of conduct

2. Shake hands firmly

Your handshake should mirror your personality. You want the other person to think of you as someone resolved, concrete and positive. But it shouldn’t be a test of your strength; don’t hurt them. Your grip should be the same for women.

3. Stand at attention

Always stand when a lady enters or exits your table during a social occasion. This rule has been somewhat relaxed, so you can stand upon entrance and joining the table but remain seated upon exit. Nonetheless, if you can do both, you should.

4. Be punctual

Perhaps the greatest sign of respect, which is what a gentleman is all about, is being on time. Having people wait for you is the equivalent of telling them that you don’t care about them.


e have all seen the movie “Wall street: Money never Sleeps”. One of the best scenes was watching the two stars Shia LaBeouf and Josh Brolin go racing around on the two Ducati’s, goes to show all gentleman should have their toys. We had the chance to check out one such toy that should be in every gentleman’s collection. Sleek, sexy, fast, and exotic! This is a rare motorcycle, which sets you apart from your average street rider. This is the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS superbike! Yes it’s hard to find, and is a limited edition. I had the joy of experiencing this bike at Cherry Hill Motorsports. This bike is the Maserati of the sport bike world. This bike is powered by a liquid-cooled 1190cc V-twin engine that’s capable of producing 175 horsepower! Check out the vide here

“The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.” 8

Are you a true Gentleman, or have a great quote? We want to meet you! MN Magazine loves highlighting the Men of Men. August 2013 Contact us at and let us showcase you as our Philadelphia Gent.

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Know Your Wine

Ok gents, it’s happened to all of us. We are out to dinner, on a first date, and you want to order a wine. Good move! You would probably rather have a whiskey or something that says “I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn” (Ron Burgundy). However, not usually the best drink to have on a first dinner date. You don’t want to look clueless, so what do you order that won’t leave you with a disfigured look after the first sip. Well here is a quick rundown of your wines.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

Frequently shortened to the less-than-lovely name ‘cab-save ‘, the tasty cabernet sauvignon is a classic French wine that is among the most generally recognized red wine kinds. This full-bodied red wine mix may be the ideal accompaniment to a fine steak, a roast lamb or by itself as a drinking red wine.

2. Merlot

Merlot should be an extremely soft red wine that’s also quite rich without the high tannin levels of other reds. Whether by itself or blended with a great cab-save, merlot is wonderful served with chicken or can a good drinking red wine.

3. Shiraz

This very dark red wine is rich and full with wonderful spicy tastes. A brilliant complimentary wine for any beef dish, with a bar-b-q or by itself, Shiraz wines can be matured for a few decades and just improve. Shiraz was initially produced from grapes from the Middle Eastern nations though South Australia’s brilliant wine area is now expounded to provide some of the best prize-winning Shiraz wines in the world. Served with spicy or mustard-based sauces on spicy, garnished meat, Shiraz is the ideal complimentary red wine.

4. Grenache

Grenache is a soft, delicate red wine that’s frequently mixed with other kinds of wine to supply distinct flavours and mixes. A tumbler of chilled Grenache goes beautifully with many hot foods.

5. Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is an astonishing light- to medium-bodied red wine with a fine fruity odour. When this fine wine is well aged, it can develop wonderful floral flavours

6. Chardonnay

Chardonnay is simply one of the most well liked white wines anywhere. Historically these splendidly melon flavored wines are able to mature in oak barrels for as much as 3 years. Chardonnay is good served with salmon.

7. Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a really ripe tasting white wine that will have a quite assertive scent in comparison to other white wines. Sauvignon Blanc is a sweet white wine that’s glorious with seafood and a great accompaniment to Japanese sushi, but is even better by itself as a drinking white wine.

8. Semillon

This classic full-bodied dry French white wine is sometimes misunderstood by people living outside of France or Australia. Frequently criticised for lacking in intensity, Semillon has a clearly fruity flavour that’s more sophisticated than some of the ‘heavier ‘ white wines and so it’s regularly mixed with a Sauvignon Blanc to form a fabulous light drinking wine.

9. Riesling

Riesling was original a German wine that’s now made successfully in numerous states around the globe. Rieslings are classically fruity and can be either sweet or dry, which makes them a perfect complement to several more spicy cuisines. Scan the barcode below. The car with the most scans wins.

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When a new fashion season arrives, it’s time for celebration, especially when it comes to fall. Let’s face it -- as the summer winds down, we’re ready to chill out and warm up to cozy sweaters and boots. Here are 10 of fall’s favorite must-haves to put on your shopping list:

A Knee-length Coat and Chunky Sweater --A knee-length coat. I know it may be a bit early to think about buying a new coat, but the toppers this fall are breaking bad. The newest silhouettes are roomy, menswear-inspired, knee-length designs that will wrap you up in style. And if you really want to get

bigger and bolder perfect to wear with skinny jeans

in on the latest coat trend, go pastel and think blush pink. --The chunky sweater. Another fall warm-up, the knits this season are bigger and bolder -- perfect to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. Think thick fisherman cables or Fair Isle patterns in pullovers and even vests.

The Fuller Skirt and Moto Jacket Time to twirl. While the classic pencil skirt is always a style basic, the flirty “tulip” skirts are flipping out this fall. They’re the swingy counterpoint to the belted ‘40s-style suit jackets and coats that plays off the Dior fitand-flare silhouette. --The moto jacket. It’s leather weather, and the motorcycle jacket outfitted with a military vibe and lots of hardware is one of fall’s most revved up looks. Pair it with distressed jeans for a casual look or a tweed skirt for a creative work style.

10 August 2013

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Plaid Prints and Wide Leg Pants


--The plaid prints. Think plaids have to be for the preppy kids only? Think again. The popular tartans have way outgrown their Ivy League past and now have more of a tough-girl edge showing up in designer collections in everything from short cropped jackets to babydoll dresses to skinny jeans. Pair your plaids with leather or black and you’ve really got the new pep in prep. --The wide leg pant. Move over skinny jeans, here comes the swagger. Wider leg pants are sailing into fall with great style riding the wave of the pajama party. Easy and breezy, these pants are best teamed with the cropped jackets and fitted sweaters. --The fluffy fur. Get ready to go wild and wooly with the plush new furs. Whether you like

Move over skinny jeans, here comes the swagger

Fluffy Fur and Colorful Tweed Suit the real thing or prefer to do faux, you’ll find plenty of the fluff stuff from boleros to vests. Even shoes and sunglasses get the furry treatment this fall. --A colorful tweed suit. Suits are back in classic nubby tweed. And these tweeds have come out of the mothballs. Miss Marple? Not! The newest tweeds will brighten up any wardrobe with vivid youthful colors like cobalt

Pointy Toe Pumps/Boots and Foldover Clutch blue or emerald green or hot pink. --The pointy toe pump or boot. It’s an instant update. Change your shoes; change your fashion life. And this fall, it’s time to get to the point. Pointed toes are the newest way to go whether it’s a pump with a metallic toe or a lace-up granny bootie. Tip: Don’t get cramped with these new styles. Experiment with one size larger and use gel inserts for cushioning. --The foldover clutch. This one is a no-brainer. These envelope-style handbags can hold it all -- from iPads to iPhones, files and more. They can go from day to evening and back again and easily slip inside a bigger tote. The latest updates include lots of embossed snakeskin details, metal studs and zippers. A little punky purse can go a long way on style this fall.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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Things you should know, things you should think about by: Dennis Hong

“Why Don’t I Receive More Attention From Men?” he following is an email that I received from a reader. I don’t usually publish the private messages I get, but the issue she addresses seems to be pretty common, so I asked her if I could post her letter (slightly edited for length) and my response (in its full fury)


Dear Dennis, “Why do I not receive much attention from the general male population?” Before you proceed to trash this email, thinking it comes from some innocent 22-year-old who is fishing for compliments to feed into her sky-high ego, I assure you I am fairly educated with a decent selfreflection ability: 1. My looks are slightly above average at maybe 7.5–8.5 out of a scale of 10, depends on whether you are viewing me from the Asian beauty standard or American standard (I appeal to the older Asian generation more, apparently they think I resemble the movie stars from the early 80s’). 2. My body is not bad, average, 36-26-34, bit lacking on the booty part, but I wear butt pads to camouflage (curious of butt pads? Yes they are like a bra for your butt). Now the important part is over. Let’s move onto the not-so-important ones: 3. I’m quite funny. In writing, or emails, or any communication tool that requires typing. 4. I do fairly well in the banking world, proper, conservative, and go home with a good pay.


5. I know a bit more outside my normal star magazine, and I don’t have Tourette’s Syndrome. 6. I volunteer for a cause I care deeply about and recently got invited to speak on TV.

7. I am quite logical and consider flowers to be a waste of money, and make sure I treat the date back after every two meals they buy. Based on the resume above, I would think I could get the majority vote. However, when it comes to the world of dating, I could be sitting in a club alone while my 200-lb girlfriend is being hit on left and right, I can be completely ignored while a group of perfectly eligible investment bankers chat up to my girlfriend who’s one chromosome over being severely retarded, I can be brushed off from my dates for reasons such as “you are over the babybearing age” (I’m 30), or… “why can’t you be clingy and sweet?” Etc, etc, etc. I do occasionally receive 100% appreciation from great guys, but it happens so rare that it might only have happened once or twice in my… 10 years of dating life. Now with this long-winded bitter email, dear dating expert, can you please tell me, why? Best, Confused reader” It’s hard for me to provide feedback without actually seeing how you interact with others in a public setting. But, I’ll be happy to share whatever insights I’ve picked up over the years, as I’ve had quite a few female friends who’ve experienced this very issue. First off, I’ll be blunt. If you’re talking

about getting attention from the male population, this stuff matters: 1. My looks are slightly above average at maybe 7.5–8.5 out of a scale of 10…. 2. My body is not bad, average, 36-2634…. And this does not: 3. I’m quite funny. In writing, or emails, or any communication tool that requires typing. 4. I do fairly well in the banking world, proper, conservative, and go home with a good pay. 5. I know a bit more outside my normal star magazine, and I don’t have Tourette’s Syndrome. 6. I volunteer for a cause I care deeply about and recently got invited to speak on TV. 7. I am quite logical and consider flowers to be a waste of money, and make sure I treat the date back after every two meals they buy. #3 will apply if you’re online dating. But otherwise, forget #3 to #7 and focus on #1 and #2, if what you’re hoping to do is stoke that initial attraction in men. (At least, that’s what I’m inferring, since you asked why you don’t seem to get much “attention” from the general male population.) At the same time, you also neglected to mention the one other factor that’s just as important as #1 and #2: How you act. I have a friend who, when she was single, August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:42:25 PM

“I could be sitting in a club alone while my 200-lb girlfriend is being hit on left and right” would never get approached by guys. If she was out with a group of girlfriends, they’d be hit on left and right, while she’d be all but ignored. Now, this friend is attractive and fit, and when you talk to her, she’s totally friendly. Yet, her natural body language always gave off a “fuck off” vibe. She couldn’t help it, it’s just who she was. She just looked like a mean person. One comment you made led me to suspect that you might have a similar issue: I could be sitting in a club alone while my 200-lb girlfriend is being hit on left and right, I can be completely ignored while a group of perfectly eligible investment bankers chat up to my girlfriend who’s one chromosome over being severely retarded…. I’m not sure if you were just being snarky here, but the attitude implied in this particular sentence, if it’s the attitude you tend to take when you’re out with said friends, will likely be reflected in your body language and general demeanor. If you’re standing there, looking on with disdain as your “girlfriend who’s one chromosome over being severely retarded” is getting hit on, then… well, there’s your answer. You’re not getting approached because you’re acting like kind of a bitch.

Again, without actually seeing you in action, I can’t say for sure what’s going on. So, all I can suggest is to emulate, emulate, emulate. Study what your friends who get approached are doing. And think about what you’re not doing. And of course, make sure you focus on the traits that matter in this case. That you’re funny, or successful, or practical will certainly help make you attractive to someone looking for something deeper. But, if you’re not generating that initial attraction because you’re not considering the superficial qualities, then the guys out there will never notice you in the first place. Personally, I think that’s a mistake tons of men and women make. They insist that they have attractive core qualities, and that’s what counts in the long run. So, that’s what they should be worried about. And yes, they are correct… to an extent. At the same time, they forget that when we’re wading into the sea of dating, we’re all going to start at the shallow end. It doesn’t how beautiful the deep waters may be. If the shallows are filthy and disgusting, we’re going to walk away and find another ocean to dip our toe into. And this goes for both sexes. I hope this helps. And good luck out there.

My suggestion is to start paying attention to your friends who do get attention from guys. How do they stand when they’re out? What sorts of facial expressions are they wearing? Are they smiling and laughing? Or do they stand there with a halfscowl on their face? If they catch a cute guy glancing at them, do they look back and smile? Or do they turn away without acknowledging the guy? And, oh yeah, stop judging your friends because you think you have the goods and should be the one getting approached. Because, seriously, that’s not attractive. The bottom line is, it takes courage for a guy to approach a woman. Ergo, it helps if the guy thinks that she wants to be approached and will be happy to talk to him. And the way he gets that vibe is through her body language.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:42:25 PM


hese are some of the concerts and events going on in the Philedelphia area. We encourage you to go check them out!

Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco 09/08/2013 @ 7pm Liacouras Center, Philadelphia 1776 North Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19121 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Muse in Philadelphia 09/09/2013 @ 7pm Wells Fargo Center 3601 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19148 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Blue October in Philadelphia 09/11/2013 @ 7:30pm Theatre Of The Living Arts 334 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

14 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:42:29 PM

Chelsea Wolfe in Philadelphia 09/14/2013 @ 7pm Union Transfer 1026 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia PA Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Silvertide in Philadelphia 09/14/2013 @ 8:30pm Theatre Of The Living Arts 334 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Michael Buble in Philadelphia 9/14/2013 @ 8pm Wells Fargo Center 3601 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19148 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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It’s a great feeling, getting done with work early, walking up town on a nice summer day. And then it strikes us, a few cocktails would be perfect right now! So we come across a beautiful establishment sticking out like a sore thumb, by the name of Icandy. You walk in and not only do we a see great happy hour special, but the bartender looks like he just got done a Abercrombie and Fitch photo shoot! His name is Austin Blaker and not only is he handsome, he knows how to make any drink you could ask for, way

better than the usual. We sat down and automatically we felt right at home, he greeted us with a friendly smile, and then went to work on his mixology skills! Icandy is a large nightclub filled with several fun bars, including a rooftop tiki bar with a great view of the Philadelphia skyline! The location of Icandy is in the heart of phillys “gayberhood” but we found that everybody from everywhere takes a trip and stops on in. Now back to this handsome gent that we adored so much, Austin Blaker!


254 s 12th street Philadelphia PA 267-324-3500

16 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:42:33 PM

Austin Blaker Interview of Austin Blaker Metropolis Nights : How long have you been with Icandy ? Austin: 2 years , and iCandy is the first bar I ever worked at. How did you get the job at Icandy ? Well I was originally hired as a bouncer, then went into barbacking, which advanced me into being a bartender. How do you make your customers satisfied? Always greet with a smile, and give them a better drink then what they could ever hope for. Do you have any specialty drinks ? Yes, my most popular drink my customers know me for is a Stoli Razz Kamikaze , which consist of Stoli Razz , triple sec , lime juice , sour mix , topped off with pineapple and cranberry juice! If you are not bartending, what can we catch you doing? Well you can either catch me at the gym, beach, or hanging out with friends and family. What do you like most about bartending at Icandy ? I love bartending here because the group of people that you meet is so diverse and it’s always cool to see what kind of customer is walking through the door next. Tell us the most juicy story you have heard yet? Well I met a guy who seemed kind of upset, so we start talking and he tells me that him and his ex just broke up all because of a job, I felt really bad! What was the worst pick up line you have heard yet? Oh boy, that has to be, OMG are your wings broke? Because you had to of fallen out of heaven. Hahaha classic cheesy! What attracts the large crowds that come into Icandy? Well every night we have something special going on and also the drink specials are really affordable. The people who you can meet here are great, there is never any drama, and you leave with having a really great time!

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:42:33 PM

Metro Art Abstract



aphael, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, all of these men are legendary in the art world. It is almost impossible to find someone that hasn’t heard their name or seen at least one of their paintings. But how did these great men become so successful and famous, what was it about these men that set them apart from all the other talented artists of their age. This is the eternal question of every artist, how do I get my work noticed? How can I quit my day job and support myself off of solely my artwork? Is it luck, another matter of who you know or simply being at the right place at the right time. Today we look at one of the most popular selling artists, Chris DeRubeis, also known as “the Father of the Conceptual Movement.” Chris DeRubeis had been airbrushing T-shirts, motorcycles, boats, pretty much anything he could get his hands on starting at a young age. It was while painting custom Harleys to pay his way through school when he made a discovery that changed his world. As he was grinding the base paint off of a Harley gas tank DeRubeis noticed that the way that he used the grinding brush created different shapes for the light to reflect off of. This changed the whole way that he looked at metal, from that point on it became his medium of choice. The metal gives his pieces a sculptural quality that brought his paintings to a whole new level. Through trial and error DeRubeis found the proper combination of chemicals, fire, and paint to create

The BTG team will be attending Inked Out in Seacucus, NJ September 13-15th. If you are interested in getting tattooed at the convention stop in the gallery or give us a call for more information.

18 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:42:34 PM

“Fall Essence” - Chris DeRubeis

these astounding pieces. Working with metal isn’t a new phenomenon but the way that DeRubeis manipulates the metal is. He then dubbed this new style Abstract Sensualism. Once Abstract Sensualism was born it was not an easy road to the top for DeRubeis. He had all the support from his family, he put his life on the line to get a chance in the art world. While he had an innovative unique style that no one had ever seen before, his uniqueness turned out to be a disadvantage. Art collectors and galleries didn’t know if this would sell or how to market this work. It took a few years and a lot of unsuccessful art shows before one last attempt to get noticed, Chris DeRubeis was finally discovered by Dave Smith, a very affluent art publisher. With the support of such a huge name in the art world, DeRubeis was finally getting his work known and shown in galleries. That one chance meeting and connection snowballed into an extremely successful career. In this case DeRubeis’ success is a combination of vision, perseverance, right place at the right time and meeting the right people. DeRubeis never changed who he was or how he created his artwork to be accepted into the art world. He knew what he had was special and kept trying to get other people to notice. With his persistence he finally got his work seen by an affluent member of the art world, getting his work the recognition he deserved.

“Medusa” - Chris DeRubeis


3138 Rt. 10 W. Denville, NJ 07834 (973)-620-9944

Are you an artist? Want to become an apprentice? Stop in and show your body of work and potential to become part of the BTG team or to showcase in an upcoming exhibit.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:42:34 PM

Brewed in Holland. Imported by Heineken USA Inc., New York, NY. Š2013

20 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:42:38 PM

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:42:40 PM

Dubh Linn Square’s Charity Golf Outing




Dubh Linn Square’s Half Way to St. Paddy’s Day Festival September 12th - 16th Thurs Sept. 12th All day Irish drafts - $4 Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Magners & Kilkenny All Day $4 Flights to Ireland All Day Specialty Irish Cocktails - $5 Big Fella, Irish Kiss, Blarney Stone All Day Irish stew tasting $10 Bag-pipers – multiple performances spread out from 5pm-7pm at both locations Irish Step Dancing multiple performances spread out from: 5pm-6pm in Cherry Hill 7pm-8pm in Bordentown Fri Sept. 13th All day Irish drafts - $4 Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Magners & Kilkenny All Day $4 Flights to Ireland All Day Specialty Irish Cocktails - $5 Big Fella, Irish Kiss, Blarney Stone All Day Dublin Coddle $10 Whiskey and Cigar Tasting On The Patio 5pm – 7pm $25 – choice of cigar and flight of 4 whiskeys Broken Shillelagh’s - 9:30pm - Cherry Hill Nog Boys - 10:00pm - Bordentown Sat Sept. 14th All day Irish drafts - $4 Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Magners & Kilkenny All Day $4 Flights to Ireland All Day Specialty Irish Cocktails - $5 Big Fella, Irish Kiss, Blarney Stone All Day Irish Breakfast $10 Best Legs in a Kilt Contest – 9:30pm Clancy’s Pistol - 9:30pm - Cherry Hill Broken Shillelagh’s - 10:00pm - Bordentown

22 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:42:45 PM

Dubh Linn Square’s

3 :|: 4 :|: 5 Happy Hour

Dubh Linn Square’s Half Way To St. Paddy’s Day Festival

3pm - 7pm Mon :|: Tues :|: Wed :|: Thurs :|: Fri :|: Sat :|: Sun

$4 Flights to Ireland Guinness :|: Harp :|: Smithwicks :|: Magners

$3 Yuengling :|:

Blue Moon :|: Stella

$4 Chardonnay :|: Pinot Grigio :|: Pinot Noir $5 Big Fella :|: Irish Kiss :|: Blarney Stone

1/2 Price Bar Menu

Sun Sept. 15th All day Irish drafts - $4 Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Magners & Kilkenny All Day $4 Flights to Ireland All Day Specialty Irish Cocktails - $5 Big Fella, Irish Kiss, Blarney Stone All Day Sheppard’s Pie $10 Irish Session 4pm-8pm Both Locations Irish Step Dancing multiple performances spread out from: 5pm-6pm in Cherry Hill 7pm-8pm in Bordentown Mon Sept. 16th All day Irish drafts - $4 Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Magners & Kilkenny All Day $4 Flights to Ireland All Day Specialty Irish Cocktails - $5 Big Fella, Irish Kiss, Blarney Stone

Charity Golf Outing: Marlton Links, Proceeds will go to the NICU At Virtua Voorhees After Golf: Open Bar, Buffett, Prize Give away – Cherry Hill For other great values and information scan the barcode, or check us out online at:

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9/1/2013 8:43:38 PM

SeptEMBER HOROSCOPES New Moon of Health

Mercury and Venus Change Signs

The week starts off on an auspicious note with the sun and Pluto arranging themselves as cheerleaders for positive change. Thursday brings the new moon in Virgo and the ideal day to rid your pantry and refrigerator of anything and everything that might run counter to your health and fitness goals. Together in the sign of vitality, the sun and the moon ask: What do you have to lose, besides a bit of extra weight?

On Monday, the winged messenger Mercury moves out of Virgo and into the sign of the scales. In Libra, communication is lighthearted, and it’s easier to see the other person’s point of view. Diplomacy is alive and well, and many a compromise will be struck. It also will be harder to make up our minds. On Tuesday, Venus adjusts the cosmic clockwork, slipping into intense Scorpio for four weeks of gripping romantic drama. ARIES (March 21-April 19). You strive to achieve a healthy frame of mind this week, and all other health springs from that effort. The good thing about feeling down or negative is that it’s the perfect time to train your mind. The habit of finding the opportunity in problems will serve you well. In fact, it will be the key to your success. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Just because your destination is far away doesn’t mean it’s going to be hard to get to. The directions won’t be complicated. A simple effort made on a daily basis will get you there. This week, reinforce consistent action. Schedule an activity, and repeat it at the same time every day. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). It feels good to be needed, but that good feeling may only be detectable after the fact. While you’re doing what others need, you’re too busy to notice how right it feels. When they no longer need you, you will recognize what you had. This will prompt you to be of service elsewhere. CANCER (June 22-July 22). The universe seems intent on doing things you don’t expect, but it’s up to you to interpret these events as surprising, disappointing, fortunate or unlucky. Much depends on your attitude. The less connected you are to the outcome the better you’ll be at interpreting in a way that brings you joy. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You’re too smart to take the hard line on everything today. Believing something that is not true can be dangerous or lovely. This week the issue is compounded by the very nature of truth; it’s so layered that you can’t know it absolutely. The best you can do is interpret things in a way that empowers you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Permanence is a myth. There is no such thing. That’s why it’s unwise to make any move out of a desire for permanence. These types of grabby actions have a desperate air that is repellant to others. The most attractive energy is comfortable, easy and accepting of the fact that things change. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Acceptance is saying “yes” to where you are and who you are. It’s putting yourself in the driver’s seat as opposed to standing on the curb and criticizing the car. Acceptance gives you power. Only those who accept the moment can control it. This week you’ll go places because you get in the car and grab the wheel. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You were a different person back when you first met your friend, and tomorrow you’ll be a different person again. Reinvention is part of who you are. Old relationships can be new again if at least one of the people involved chooses to see the other as the different person he or she is each day. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). New people will pop into your life in the upcoming week. This could have a startling effect on the people who are already in your life. They could become jealous and fearful that your attention will wane. Or they could encourage you, realizing the benefit of varied influences. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Good manners are one thing, but you don’t trust people who only say what you want to hear. The ones who say, “You may not like to hear this, but...” and follow with a generally innocuous or even likeable comment are the ones who (SET ITAL) really (END ITAL) can’t be trusted. Don’t treasure social slickness over honesty. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). How can you give more than you can give? Well, you just can, and that’s an unexplainable phenomenon. Anyway, keeping score is pointless. Counting the contributions you’ve made is a waste of time that could be spent mining the treasures of your spirit for new sources of future generosity. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Encourage others to contribute to the conversation and the work at hand. If you are the only one making an effort, it won’t be fun for you. You might think things will be more complicated if you include too many people, but in fact, everything gets lighter and simpler as you add more people to the equation.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). If you were to be completely honest with a certain someone about your feelings, the result might be spiritcrushing. Sometimes a “be cruel to be kind” philosophy never quite gets around to the being kind part. Your feelings will change over time, so there’s no need to air them completely. Choose compassion. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The early week sees you piecing together dissociated knowledge that won’t make any more sense to you as the week progresses -- but at least you’ll feel good about the process. Building your creative and emotional muscle tone will help you grow into the person you want to be. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You’re afraid that if you don’t fight your inner demons, you’ll wind up on the same side: their side. But you’d be surprised at the true nature of these psychic creatures. They don’t want to devour you. They only want understanding and forgiveness. Stop fighting, and you’ll tame and train them to work for and not against you. CANCER (June 22-July 22). French existentialist John-Paul Sartre said, “In love, one and one are one.” And yet you feel a growing resistance to melding spirit, intention and identity with another. A driving need to be your own person will take over, making the idea of giving up yourself in the name of love seem repugnant. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You don’t want your work to fall into the “who cares” category. That’s why you take the time to figure out what those around you need and want. And yet, if you totally cater to them, you’ll lose the art. You’ll have to navigate the line between doing something serviceable and doing what best expresses you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). It’s easy for people to say that humans are responsible for their own fate when they are in a good place in life. Yes, people get what they give to some extent, but there are also factors that are beyond our control. You’re determined to take the reins of control wherever possible, but don’t fret if fate won’t give them up. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You’ll plan carefully what to say and do. Some people are good at self-monitoring, because they are sensitive to how others see them. You self-monitor because you care about how others are feeling and want them to have a good experience, not because you are overly concerned with how you are being perceived. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). If you are in an unfamiliar circumstance and don’t know how to behave, the first instinct is usually to copy others. Unfortunately, the “others” involved may not know what they are doing or why. You’ll go far using your moral compass and all of your powers of reason to navigate toward those who can really help you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). The natural human response is to back away from a failure and take credit for a hit. The superhuman response is to own whatever contribution is yours, whether the end result is a winner or a loser. It’s all a learning process, and this is only the first round of the game. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). To believe another person is right and to follow suit is one thing. To comply with a person because you’re afraid of ridicule or rejection is another thing entirely. Knowing the difference in the moment will be important to this week’s outcome. When in doubt, take a step back and think things out for yourself. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Everyone loves a genesis story. That’s why they’ll ask, “What gave you this idea?” “How did the two of you meet?” and “How did you come to work here?” Beginnings are exciting. Nothing exists, and then suddenly something does -- brilliant! What you’ll be starting this week will later make an excellent story. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You often will agree to help a loved one out, but you still like to take things on a case-by-case basis. Saying “no” a few times this week will be good for your relationship, too. As soon as someone thinks you’ll do whatever he or she wants, you’re in a down position. Draw boundaries and take back your power.

24 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:43:41 PM

SeptEMBER HOROSCOPES Full Moon of Imagination

Happy Fall Equinox

The full moon in Pisces this week will be a testament to the power of imagination. If you are naturally imaginative and have a rich inner world, the Pisces full moon will invite you to play in that world and flesh it out even more vividly. If you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, consider the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Imagination is not a talent of some people, but is the health of every person.” ARIES (March 21-April 19). Some say fear is an invitation to be brave. But when you open your invitation, the inside reads: Run! Maybe other people received a different invitation, but you should respond to the one you were given, not to theirs. The lesson this week is in heeding your own internal warning system. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Receiving a very precious and valuable gift can be amazing, but it also has a downside. You’re suddenly in charge of protecting and maintaining this gift, as well as being properly grateful for it and using it to the fullest. That can be a lot of pressure. Just be careful in choosing and asking for what you want. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). There’s much to accomplish, and you won’t be able to do it on your own. Monday sees you assembling a kind of informal team. It will be most productive to surround yourself with people who share your values, not your strengths. The ideal team is made up of people who have complementary rather than identical gifts. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Deals come and go, and some you’ll win, some you’ll lose -- no regrets either way. But your personal life is different. If you’re grumpy and unloving, you’ll definitely regret it. This week you put a good deal of energy into doing whatever it takes to put yourself in a generous, happy mood, especially around your loved ones. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). There are those hardened dealmakers who won’t correct the false assumptions of others if those assumptions play to the dealmaker’s advantage. You’re different. You want the highest and best for all involved. You won’t be happy unless everyone gets what’s fair, even if they don’t know enough to fight for that. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Someone who is afraid of making mistakes and being judged isn’t going to act in a confident, effective way. That’s why you like to take the pressure off of people. You want them to be at their best around you. Because you strive to make people feel comfortable and succeed at this, you will be promoted in some way. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). The worst hurts are those that come from an inner perception rather than an outer reality. You’ll focus on your inner world this week, examining the thoughts that lead you to make your best and worst moves. Thursday brings a social breakthrough. Mutual attraction and love will make your heart full. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). There are different schools of thought and numerous strategies for playing this game called life. You prefer not to think of it as a competitive sport this week. You won’t like to win if it means the other team loses. In the days ahead, your game is more like a puzzle that everyone helps put together. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Being heard will be more important to you than it usually is this week. You’ll take pains to put your unique stamp on things. Just be sensitive to the feelings of others; carefully read their reactions. When you’re in unfamiliar territory, you want to leave a mark, not a stain. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). This week is about exposure. You want to show the world who you are, and you want the world to show you things, too. In exposing yourself to new ideas, people, lifestyles and places, you also could expose yourself to ridicule and rejection -- but you’re willing to take that risk. And it will pay off for you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). There are pirates in your midst this week, but they won’t be wearing eye patches. You’ll know them by their tendency to steal and then bury the treasure instead of investing or spending it. Also, the pirates have “yes” people around them, people who echo their ideas like shoulder-perched parrots. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). The ability to feel and think deeply is an asset, though some days it doesn’t feel like one. Don’t be excessively concerned with your relationships this week. Putting too much emphasis on serving the needs of those around you will cause you to behave in ways that suit the best interests of everyone but you.

The solar return to Libra creates a dynamic much like that of an intersection with a four-way stop sign. Without a traffic signal to make the key decisions easier, everyone must pay careful attention and keep track of whose turn it is to proceed. And there’s the added burden of responding to those who think it’s their turn whether it is or not. With awareness and timing, everyone will get where they need to go. Happy fall equinox! ARIES (March 21-April 19). Sometimes the emotion you feel is not your own. When that emotion is happiness, you don’t mind it so much. But if you inadvertently take on another person’s sadness, it can be confusing and seem quite unfair. Realizing that you have this ability is the first step to strengthening your emotional immune system. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). When your attention is being pulled in several directions, it is nearly impossible to come up with an immediate and brilliant idea that will keep everyone happy. That’s why the work you do to get ready for the week’s events will be crucial to your enjoyment of them. Keep a running list of alternatives to plan A. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Resist the need to come up with reasons for everything that has happened. The exercise is futile because some of the causes are very distant from you, others are spiritual in nature and still others are so mysterious that they are unknowable. Accept each moment as a new starting place from which to move forward, not backward. CANCER (June 22-July 22). If you believe it’s your job to make others feel better, people around you will sense this belief, and suddenly it actually will become your job. That’s why it’s better for you to believe something different. Try this one on: “I’m a guide for those who are ready and willing to do the work it takes to help themselves.” LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Remember when you were in love with someone and still unsure of whether the other person felt the same way? The agonizing suspense! This week brings a far more bearable kind of anticipation. The stakes are lower than true love, but there’s still something good hanging in the balance. You’ll win either this time or the next. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). It’s sometimes hard to separate who people really are from the story you have created of them. This week brings a rare opportunity to explore relationships at deeper levels. Your gift from the cosmos is clear vision pertaining to people that is unimpeded by assumptions and prejudices. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). If you make yourself too available, people won’t respect your time. If you don’t make yourself available enough, people will assume you’re too busy, and they won’t call. This week you’ll experiment to find just the right balance of social time and alone time. Your playful mood will make it fun to try out different styles and tactics. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). For you, it is a given that energy is real and perceivable through the senses. But because this way of interpreting the world is not for everyone, there will be many instances when it is better to act on your feelings without mention of how you came to your decision. You don’t owe the world an explanation. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You’ll decide how much personal energy to invest in a situation. Caring more isn’t always better. It benefits you to make a conscious decision about this instead of letting circumstances rope you into committing too much to something you’re ultimately not that interested in. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). What you thought you were seeing with your own eyes was actually being framed by someone else. The framing can change everything, including your understanding of the truth. As soon as you take that frame away and observe anew, you will understand what you need to do next to be happy. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). The week’s efforts may feel small and repetitive, but that doesn’t mean they are futile. As Mother Teresa said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” A sweet acknowledgment on Friday will energize you. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Humans, as a rule, are delighted to encounter the familiar. While it is only natural to want to establish a point of reference, if you mistakenly label a situation “familiar” when it’s not, you will miss an opportunity for change, growth and adventure. So make few assumptions and stay keenly observant.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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“We want to Thank You, our current and future clients” 1424 Route 70


Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 (856) 427-7242

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” Beauty salons employ a wide variety of professionals, including hair dressers, colorists, nail technicians and massage therapists. No matter what the specialty, most salon owners look for employees who have the proper skills and work background, a professional attitude, and reliability. I have taken the time to become acquainted with the stylists at Sapphire Salon in Cherry Hill NJ. They all meet the above prerequisites and have been chosen for many other reasons.

a salon in every aspect.

At eighteen I was in a salon cutting my first client’s hair. I spent a year assisting master stylists at a Marlton location before getting the opportunity to establish my own clientele. I shampooed, swept up hair, emptied trash cans and so on. I worked long hours learning my craft, honing my skills and building relationships. As they say, “Rome was not built in a day”, and my clientele started to grow, from one regular client referring me to the next and so on.

We had a chance to sit with the owner Amanda and really get to know her amazing story and about her wonderful staff.

All the while, having the opportunity to see how a salon was run. I wanted to work in a salon that had a boutique feel and was personable. I started to understand the ins and outs of running a salon. I spent more and more time developing my skills and ideas, to the point of where I was ready to create my own vision of a salon which include stylists who were part of my vision.

MN; Ok, Tell us a little about yourself (Amanda), the Sapphire Salon and your staff. Amanda: I was 15 when I became interested in Hairstyling and the Fashion world. I knew I was going to do something in one of those fields. I did a tour of Rizzieri Beauty School and I knew in my heart and soul this, hairstyling, was going to be my future and it soon became my passion, I was doing all my friend’s hair, make-up and giving them suggestions on their fashion. Before I knew it, I was in beauty school. I became a full time student and started studying / working in the very first class of “Rizzieri Master Salon”. For six months I trained as a stylist and studied how to operate


My Dad inspired me to keep learning and progressing. After three years of working the salon in a Marlton I took over, as owner, the Sapphire Salon, Cherry Hill, NJ,. I spent two years looking and waiting for that opportunity. I walked into Sapphire Salon and I knew this was where I belonged. I spent almost a year making the salon what I’ve envisioned. August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:43:47 PM

Hours of Operation Monday Closed

apphire Salon & Spa

Tuesday Closed


9:00am - 7:00pm


9:00am - 7:00pm

Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm 1424 Rt. 70 E. | Pine Tree Plaza | Cherry Hill, NJ | 08034 We currently have four stylists and a female barber. What we have accomplished for our clients, exceeds our own expectations. We are a close knit team, without drama and always supportive of each other.

look at you, see a vision and create it with her hands. The outcome is always exciting for our clients who love to re-invent themselves. She has a proven ability to take on challenges and always leaves us impressed.

Thanks to all of our loyal clients, we are getting ready to celebrate our first year anniversary in October.

Casey: She is beyond dedicated and passionate. It’s more than just hair to her. TO her it’s your “fashion statement” and Casey is going to help you make it. She is so talented it’s beyond description. A wonderful make-up artist with a commitment that is un-matched. Her talent is certainly a gift from above.

We now want to Thank our current and future clients, for trusting us and allowing us to be of service. You are the reason we get out of bed and strive to be the best in the industry. MN: Would you like to share with us anything about your stylists? Wow, let me try, however difficult. They are equally important and appreciated. Let me try. Kelsey: Kelsey specializes in men’s grooming services. Kelsey is a barber by trade, a master with scissors, clippers, and a straight razor. Short hair is her specialty. Joining our team was a huge deal. It’s amazing to watch the added skills Kelsey brings to our salon. I am so honored to have her as part of the Sapphire family.


8:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday Closed

Sometimes, I get emotional seeing the great artwork we created. The expression on our client’s faces is a reward - clientele leave Sapphire, feeling better, looking better than when then they walked in. By bring the beauty of our clients out, inspires us to be who we are. We are all passionate, talented and committed to improving. Stop on by, we’d love to meet you.

Erica: Erica is my strength. I can’t think of a more appropriate word that describes her better. Erica will take on any styling challenge and she is ready to make our clients look captivating. Erica has a creative eye, coupled with imagination and she can bring it out as she express’ her client’s wishes. Alexz; When this wonderfully animated person sees an artistic vision she just goes for it. A special ability to just

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:43:48 PM




e are in a musical culture of digital singing, and low talent hacks with big budgets, all combined to make them sound impressive. A true loss of talent, I mean hell, the “pop/rap/rock stars” of 2013 can’t even write their own music/lyrics to create hits. They steal the lyrics of past artist, remake the songs with lots of effects and call it “original”. Well that can kiss my ass! This shining group called Pentatonix to be quite simply put, is amazing! Taking the old art of a capella, and moving it into 2013. Singing and creating music without instruments. However if you just heard the sound you would swear they had a great musical accompaniment. This 5 person band is from Arlington

TX consisting of; Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin “K.O.” Olusola. I came across this group while watching the beautiful and very talented Lindsey Stirling playing her violin to the song called “Radioactive”. This video was shot with Pentatonix, and was astounding in its 28 August 2013

sept 2013.indd 28

“endowed with talent that performance. surpasses any This band, using only their voices current musical has re-created many stars in the popular songs to include covers: of Gotye’s “Somebody realm of pure That I Used To Know,” Fun’s “We entertainment” Are Young,” and Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” as well as Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” Imogen Heap’s “Aha!” and Jasmine Sullivan’s “Love You Long Time.” Additionally, the EP also includes two

original songs, “The Baddest Girl,” written by Scott and Pentatonix producer Ben Bram and “Show You How To Love,” written by Avi and Kevin. As the group continued to grow, I was very pleased to find they released a Christmas Album! A definite must have for the upcoming season!

9/1/2013 8:43:51 PM @PTXofficial


[Official Video] Can’t Hold Us - Pentatonix (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis cover)



This group is certainly endowed with talent that surpasses any of current musical stars in the realm of pure entertainment and raw talent. I know that’s saying a lot, but this is an opinionated column, and that’s our opinion. Here is my supporting evidence. This group of 5 started as a trio, and just before they auditioned for NBC’s “Sing-off” they added the final 2 members. These amazing people were able to meet the day before their audition, harmonize and then WIN the competition! I know I blasted current artist for “remakes” in the beginning of this column. Pentatonix is not part of that musical hypocrisy. While they do “cover” other songs, they do it with a sense of art. What sets them apart is that they are not throwing a bunch of “effects” on a song and calling it their own, they are acual creative geniuses. And in reality, most of our “singing stars” today could never do what these true musicians can. A true musical artist can create, can capture, and can entertain. They can do all of this as an individual, or in a group. If it’s covering a song, they keep the integrity of the original lyrics and style. While still captivate the audience with a blend of fun and musical harmony, giving respect to the original artist. Not stealing a few lyrics, repeating them over and over again, then pretending they are musical gods. Pentatonix is a group of true artist that has learned the discipline of their voices, harnessed their talent and projected it into beauty. When people mention the word entertainers or singers, Pentatonix is at the top of the list. Bottom line, you should check out their music, their art. You will be a fan!




“Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.” Thomas Beecham

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:43:53 PM


by Leann Aciz

This Summer I was fortunate enough to see a ton of shows, but nothing compared to seeing Jane’s Addiction live during the Uproar Festival on August 17th at PNC Bank Arts Center. For this festival, Alice in Chains were the headliner, and Coheed & Cambria and Circa Survive were the supporting artists among others, but Jane’s Addiction undoubtedly stole the show. One of the most popular songs of the long-gone ‘grunge era’ was “Jane Says”, a song in which Perry Farrell sings about the true story of an old roommate of his, a girl named Jane, who was battling a drug problem. I remember being enchanted by the music video that played constantly on The Box (channel 96) where Perry Farrell swayed his body to the bongos, as Dave Navarro wholeheartedly strummed his guitar, completely engrossed. The nostalgic set list included songs “Just Because”, “Mountain Song,” “Underground” and yes, of course “Jane Says”. To me, there is nothing more enticing than watching a band experience the music they have created, and the members of Jane’s Addiction don’t just embody that — they represent it. To watch Farrell interpretative dance while Navarro electrifies with his solo, only for the drum solo to trump the already impressive live set, all while the audience danced along, was a show in itself. During their set, stocked with barely dressed dancers, steel drums, and sparklers, the audience was completely focused on watching the band play. There was not one lighter or cell phone screen lighting up the crowd, which is a rarity in a time where most fans are busy recording pictures/video to quickly upload to social media instead of appreciating the live music going on in front of them. What to thank the guys of Jane’s Addiction for first? Inspiring countless iconic alternative bands, influencing the creation of the infamous Lollapalooza festival or for putting music acts half their age to shame years later when most bands from their own time are either dead or retired? Out of all the bands I’ve seen play live this year, ranging from Black Sabbath to Trapt, Jane’s Addiction put on THE best show of 2013. If you think the heart of the grunge scene is dead and gone, go see Jane’s Addiction. They’re ready to rock more than ever.

30 August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:43:56 PM

DJ Tony Gia has been making a name for himself recently in the New Jersey nightlife scene as an up and coming disc jockey. Tony became interested in DJing when his father, who was a musician, bought him a small setup because he was excited that his son was as intrigued by music as he was. Tony spent hours practicing to achieve what he witnessed first hand at club venues and has mastered his art beautifully. If you haven’t seen him spin at Bliss, Jenks and Pub 46, check out his website at in order to get his upcoming schedule. Get to know a little more about him by reading our Q&A session. What distinguishes you from other DJs? I pride myself on not using a laptop. No DJ software at all. I feel as if you lose touch with the crowd when focused on your laptop. Instead of focusing on the program or a pre-built play list, I can focus on the audience. I’m not against it, but it’s just not for me. Also, I pride myself on being diverse. Whatever it takes to make the crowd happy, it’s done. I take requests, I shout out birthdays, I do whatever I can to make sure the night is memorable for the clientele at the venue whether I know them or not. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be that way. Can you tell readers about your pod cast? I make my pod cast to stay updated with my audience. The average person does not listen to pod casts when they’re out at a party. It’s music for working out on the treadmill at the gym, music for when they are cleaning up their house, or music for when they are driving in their car. I take their requests, as well as the music that is currently trending, and put out a seasonal pod cast. I see you have a compilation called Restore The Shore?

Q & A with DJ Tony Gia

#RestoreMDW was my Memorial Day Weekend 2013 pod cast. About once or twice a year, I take my pod cast and put it onto a hard copy CD. There were 1000 CDs given out MDW from Friday to Monday at various points along the shore. Usually I place my pod casts on iTunes only, but there was such a demand from Android users that I had to put it up on Sound Cloud for them. Currently that pod cast has 21,987 downloads to date. You can also find him on social media: @DjTonyGia.



Kendrick Lamar definitely gained attention and made a statement with his cameo on Big Sean’s seven minute track “Control”. The cocky verse (from a man who hails from Compton) demanded response, “I’m Machiavelli’s offspring / I’m the king of New York, king of the coast, one hand / I juggle them both.” It’s true, most of his lyrics are clever word play, but still, if you’re exceptionally talented, you don’t need to say it because it should be obvious. The most successful rappers don’t need to brag about their status — their work speaks for itself. However, Lamar managed to stir up many emotions in the hip hop community. Some rappers felt slighted they weren’t mentioned in the diss alongside Drake and Big Sean, while others were scrambling to defend themselves like Lupe Fiasco and Joell Ortiz, a rapper from Brooklyn. Ortiz quickly shot back with a song that blasted Lamar, “I do harm with these bars / It was brave, you took a chance like Monopoly cards / Put that telly you trying to check in, boy that property’s ours.” The king of New York, Kendrick Lamar is not.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:43:57 PM

32 August 2013

sept 2013.indd 32

9/1/2013 8:44:01 PM

Angel OF THE


Jillian Bauer

What’s the most important thing in the world to you? My Family. I have such a profound connection with almost every single Family Member I can name. My Mom & My Gram are my heroes. They are the strength that flows through my veins. Last thing that you wish you could take back? Ya know, I don’t like regrets. I can’t say I have many. There are times I have regretted not getting into Modeling & “Showbiz” a few years earlier, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love where my path has taken Me! My life has been full of fun & laughter, and my memories are priceless. We all have things about ourselves that we love and hate. Let’s start with love. What makes you so sexy? Charisma. I love when people tell me that I glow from the inside-out. I think there really is a certain indescribable quality that certain people have that makes them shine. I feel very lucky to be put in that category. Especially when a complete stranger says it! Okay, what don’t you like about yourself? I don’t like that I sometimes speak without thinking. I never have malicious intent. But, I can be a little too honest when it’s not necessary! Is there a downside to being beautiful? I think there’s only a downside if a girl acts like beauty makes her better than someone who may not be as

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34 August 2013

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attractive. A pretty girl who is ugly inside can never have true beauty. So many people think modeling is easy. What would you say to those people? I would say it’s not as effortless as the final result usually appears. I think it just depends on what your strengths & weaknesses are. Some people like math. Math doesn’t come easy to me. I like to move my body & play for the camera! So, maybe it comes easy to me? To me it’s just another way to be creative. Describe the perfect date? I love to have fun. I can have fun just lying around watching a movie & eating chicken wings! But, I always thought it’d be cool to go on a date at a roller skating rink. My hometown had a popular skating rink when I was a kid. But, it closed down before I was old enough to do the slow dances at the end like the older kids did. Haha! Then maybe go somewhere cool like a planetarium because I love astrology. We’re sure most guys are intimated by you. What’s the biggest misconception about you? I don’t think most guys are intimidated by me. Most of my best friends are guys. I think if there are any misconceptions about me, they are gone after you spend time with me. What kind of guy do you normally date? I usually date bigger built guys. Confidence is a must. No matter what the guy looks like, it’s a complete turn off if he’s not self-assured. Comedy’s, chick flicks or horror movies? Comedies! I could watch “Step Brothers” and “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” all day, every day! I just went to see “We’re The Millers” a few days ago & it’s gotta be in My top five now. I love to laugh. What’s the biggest mistake a guy can make on a date with you? Being cheap or bringing up Ex Girlfriends. Any addictions you care to share? Uploading pics to Twitter & Instagram. I’m such a geek! I even look up days in history & celeb birthdays so I can post the most perfect tweet! Why do they say blondes have more fun? I’m sure you don’t agree. I used to be a Cosmetologist. So, I’ve been just about

every hair color possible, including blue streaks once. Yikes! I think if you look good & feel good then you’re going to be more contended & therefore have more fun. If we found your cell phone what would be the worst thing we would see on it? I love dirty jokes! My friends send them to me constantly & they are all over my phone. Finally, if you could do a love scene with one actor who would it be? My favorite Actor is Steve Zahn. I think he’s so underrated for his talent. Doing any kind of scene with him would be fantastic!

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naked truth THE

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bby Chaunce Hayden



never gets easy. Suicide is one of those words that puts chills down the spine of anyone in ear shot. Guilt, sadness, anger and a dozen other emotions consume those who have unfortunately suffered through the pain of it’s unmerciful lust. It’s painful. It hurts. It sucks.

This past week a friend of mine, Gia Allemand from The Bachelor television series took her life. She was only 29 years old. She was not only beautiful, she was funny, smart and so fucking charismatic. Gia was simply amazing.... and in horrific emotional pain that so often is masked by the external. I first met Gia in Florida at a Boca Raton hotel bar when she was dating former New York Yankee Carl Pavano. For whatever reason she gave me an exclusive interview about her controversial relationship that I semi-cleverly titled, The hottie and the hurler.

Gia had a bit of a devilish side that I adored, so it wasn’t surprising that we hit it off immediately. Over the years we went back and fourth and shared many mutual friends. Now she’s gone and despite my familiarity with self induced death, the cruel reality of it tears into my soul. Back in the mid 90s a dear friend of mine left this world, like Gia, much too early. I wrote her this letter as a way to heal and come to terms with my heartache. I dedicate this letter from my past to Gia Allemand and to all those who survived suicide loss. It gets better. Letter to a friend:

I received the news today that you died. I keep hoping that it’s not true, that any moment the phone will ring and it will be your voice on the other end asking how I’m doing in that distinct heartwarming way of yours. But as each minute passes and the phone sits in silence I’m forced to accept the realization that I’ve lost my best friend forever.

So tell me, is your pain over and are you happy? I wish I knew for sure so I could feel at ease. I still worry about you; I guess it’s just force of habit. Just like how you would always worry about me. It’s not easy to love a hypochondriac but you somehow found it in you and for that alone I thank you. By the way, Debbie, just because you are no longer here don’t think I’m going to stop complaining to you. In fact, I’ll probably complain to you more than ever. Call it Chaunce’s revenge... I can almost hear you laughing! You must know that you affected every aspect of my life. It may come as a surprise to you but all the while that I cared for you during the last troubled months of your life in reality it was actually I who became dependent on you and oddly enough I’m still dependent on you. What will I ever do without you? Therefore, please explain to me how could you leave so quickly and suddenly without even saying good-bye. Not even a simple fucking note. Just gone. I know that you didn’t believe in God in the conventional sense, but you had more faith in the basic spirituality of life than anybody I’ve ever known or for that matter, will ever know. For that reason I truly believe that you are safe and in good hands. I know that I need not worry about you any more. You are at peace. And although I won’t see you again in this life, you will live inside my aching heart forever.

I love you and miss you. You don’t have to say it back because I know the feeling is very mutual. Good-bye my dearest friend, Chaunce

Good-bye Gia.

I won’t ask why Debbie, because God knows we discussed that issue enough over the past year to fill a book, but I do need to tell you a couple of things before I can let you go. First you need to know that my heart is badly broken. Even as I write this letter to you the tears in my eyes are making it nearly impossible to continue. You were the most important person in my life and I don’t know how I will ever replace you. There is no replacing you, only remembering. And although the memories are many, I don’t know if memories are enough to bandage the deep sense of loss that I’m so horribly feeling and will no doubt feel for some time. I can tell you with the utmost confidence that you were the most loved human being I have ever known. Your smile and unique personality captured and held hostage all who were fortunate enough to have entered into your life. We who knew you were the lucky ones. How sad for those who never had the opportunity to speak with you or to feel your warm spirit. Personally, I’m grateful that fate bestowed on me the gift of knowing you and experiencing your unconditional love and affection.

36 August 2013

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rom time to time we occasionally need guidance. The answer is usually right in front of us, and if it was one of our friends we always would know the right thing to advice. For some reason though we tend to neglect our own good, sound advice and opt for a destructive ridiculousness that ultimately ends us in a world of dodging landmines.

I’ll Stop Spending Time With Your Boyfriend DR. WALLACE: My best friend and I had a bitter dispute regarding me spending a lot of time alone with her boyfriend. I did spend time with him, alone, but all I was doing was trying to help him patch things up with Connie, my best friend. I have no romantic interest in him at all. If he broke up with Connie, I would never go out with him for any reason. The guy is just not my type. Connie and I are not talking, and this really has me in a depressed mood. What should I do to get her close friendship back again? --Nameless, Oklahoma City, Okla.

To NAMELESS: Be the ice-breaker. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to be close friends once again. Somebody’s got to swallow her pride and make the first step toward reconciliation, and it might as well be you. Meet her face-to-face and apologize for allowing the dispute to get out of hand. Remind her of all the fun times you shared with her and tell her that there will be many more. Bite your tongue if she brings up thoughts of you spending “too much” time with her boyfriend. Simply say, “I won’t be spending any time with your boyfriend from this moment on!” If Connie rolls her eyes when you mention her boyfriend, relax and try making a truce a few days later, after she has had time to think things over.

This Guy Could Use Professional Counseling

To DR. WALLACE: I met a guy at a party, and we hit it off big time and have been dating ever since. For the first three weeks, we had a terrific relationship. Then he started making small demands, such as: “Don’t wear that sweater again when you’re with me.” Or “Change the color of your lipstick; it’s too bright.” Almost every week his demands become more demanding and more frequent. He wanted me to change my hair color and style, stop wearing jeans, dress more conservatively and finally, to stop seeing my best friend because she told him off a week ago. I enjoy being with him. He’s a gentleman, not sexually aggressive, handsome and intelligent. I’m hoping that he will stop being so demanding, because this is really his only flaw. What should I do? My best friend wants me to dump him because she thinks that he has an emotional problem, but I think she is just saying that because she personally doesn’t like him. Please give me your thoughts regarding my “problem,” and if you think I should continue seeing him, what should I do to curb his demanding behavior? --Nameless, Michigan City, Ind.

To NAMELESS: No woman needs that kind of “gentleman” in her life. He might be intelligent and charming, but he is also possessive, manipulative and controlling. These are traits that only get worse the more you put up with them. It never works to let someone go on being a jerk. This guy may very well need professional counseling. I agree with your best friend. Stop seeing this guy now. If you don’t, your life with him will grow increasingly miserable.

38 August 2013

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If You Stay With Your Boyfriend, You Have my Prayers

To DR. WALLACE: I’m 18, and my

boyfriend is 20, and we have been together for two years. Someday, I hope to be his wife. If I take your likely advice, I will lose my future husband.

First of all, my boyfriend is a kind, considerate and compassionate guy. I’m basically a selfcentered, stubborn and egotistical young woman. Most men have a special name for women like me. That’s why there are times when I get under his skin, and when that happens he gets a bit angry, and that translates into a bit violent. He is big and strong, and I am tiny and slim, so when he picks me up and bends me over his knees and paddles my bottom with his hand, there is nothing I can do about it except take the punishment. If I would have written to you and complained about getting spanked, you would have told me that physical abuse should never be tolerated and to “dump the bum.” Well, I will not dump him because I love him, and he loves me. In fact, if he didn’t love me as much as he does, he probably would have dumped me. Am I going to change my demeanor? Probably not. Am I going to be spanked in the future? Probably -- (I really don’t mind being spanked). Will I continue to love him with all my heart and soul? Yes! Yes! Yes! All guys who use a little physical force (non-bruising, please) are not losers. Sometimes it’s the girl who brings the punishment on herself. --Celeste, Birmingham, Ala.

To CELESTE: What can I say? You are the first female ever to contact me saying she didn’t mind being physically abused.

Do you want my advice, even though you say you don’t? I’ll assume that’s the case and give you permission to leave your abusive boyfriend immediately! Whatever you do, I wish you the very best. But if you stay with “Spanky,” you will also have my prayers!

If you have an opinion or story you would like printed, please email us at

Be Thankful You Are Not Pregnant! To DR. WALLACE: I’m 17, and my steady boyfriend is 20. We had been together a year and had waited three months before having sex. He was my first, but he had been sexually active before he met me. My parents made it difficult for me to see this guy because of his age. Then all of a sudden he disappeared. He stopped coming around and stopped calling me. When I called him, his phone had been disconnected with no forwarding number. It’s now been four months since his mysterious disappearance. I think of him every day and miss him terribly. I’m really confused about why he hasn’t contacted me. While we were together, we either saw each other or talked with each other every single day. Please help me. I keep looking for him every day. --Nameless,

To NAMELESS: Most likely your boyfriend has left the area and doesn’t want anyone to know where he is. Since you haven’t heard from him in four months, he also doesn’t want you to know his whereabouts. This is very strange behavior, and I certainly understand why you would be utterly baffled by it, but you must not waste your life thinking about him and looking for him. And don’t sit around waiting for him to contact you. He probably won’t, but if he does -- wish him well, but don’t get involved with him again. This will take courage, but it’s necessary. Tying yourself emotionally to a mystery man who specializes in disappearing acts is a guaranteed path to misery. Be thankful that you are not pregnant!

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view of a disastrous season for the Philadelphia Phillies, who should finish 2013 with a losing record for the first time since 2000, weary Philadelphia sports fans look toward the NFL’s Eagles for hope of a winning season.

Howard K. Wachtel

In fact the upcoming 2013 campaign is the most highly anticipated Philadelphia Eagles season for many years. Despite a 4-12 record in the 2012 season, the arrival of new coach Chip Kelly and his college principle-based offense has given many fans hope for a huge turnaround in 2013. Kelly’s up-tempo offense seems well-suited to quarterback Michael Vick, although there are skeptics who wonder if it can succeed in today’s NFL. The Eagles’ four pre-season games were not particularly encouraging, but football is a sport where the pre-season reveals little about how the regular season will go. The Eagles did not look good in their final two pre-season efforts, but a major objective is for the coaching staff to evaluate the players on the “bubble”, and decide on the team’s final cuts, which must be done by August 31 at 6 PM. Optimists will point to the facts that Vick and LeSean McCoy are healthy, and the offensive line and special teams should be much improved over last season. If Vick and running back Bryce Brown can avoid turning the ball over, the offense could produce some impressive yardage totals. Brown is a big, punishing back, but he has a history of not protecting the football. Pessimists will point to the fact the Vick rarely stays healthy for an entire season, and he takes unnecessary hits by not sliding at the end of a run. The other Eagle quarterbacks are not likely to run Kelly’s offense as well as Vick, should he be lost for any length of time. Jeremy Maclin, lost for the season to an ACL tear in training camp, will be badly missed. In addition, the defense, which was a disaster in 2012 is changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense, which will require a few position changes. The Eagles’ defense will be tested severely by the Redskins’ RG3 in the first game on Sept. 9.

40 August 2013

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In addition, the schedule has done the Eagles no favors, as they are the only team in the NFL starting the season with three games in eleven days. I am not into predictions, but my guess is a result similar to the 8-8 finish from 2011, and a third straight season missing the playoffs.

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nother team that could bring the city a winner is the Philadelphia Flyers. You probably haven’t heard much about the Flyers lately amid all the anticipation surrounding the Eagles, but August is usually a quiet month for the NHL anyway. Training camp for regulars begins September 12, and the first preseason game is September 15. The team made their off-season moves early, parting ways with the mercurial Ilya Bryzgalov, and picking up goalie Ray Emery to join Steve Mason in the Flyer net. They also added some aging stars in former N.Y. Islanders’ captain Mark Streit, and former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier. Of course the skeptics, who have good reason to be so after the Bryz megablunder, will say that those players’ best days are behind them, and that they are overpaid in their new contracts. Nonetheless I have noticed that some of the hockey reporters in this city are cautiously optimistic about the Flyers’ chances for the 2013-14 campaign. The Flyers’ fate will largely depend on avoiding injuries, which decimated the team in the lockout-shortened 2102-

13 season. If the team can stay relatively healthy, they should be able to make the playoffs this coming season. However, the Flyers did not fully address their weakness on the blue line. Streit is known as an offensive-oriented defenseman, and the other new defensemen in camp are relatively inexperienced. Their team defense needs to improve, and not leave the goaltender to fend for himself. Also, some players will need to step up their performance this year. Notably, this applies to Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux, who shined in the 2011-2012 campaign, but were not major factors last season.

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42 August 2013

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Meet the duo Margarita and Gustavo Salon Owners| Master Stylist| Hair Extension Specialist International Platform Artist and Educators

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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44 August 2013

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ELLE EVANS Interview by Chaunce Hayden

Photography by Peter Baratti

The star of this summer’s hottest hit video, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, is super model turned actress hopeful Elle Evans. The controversial video has rocked the boat with women rights groups who feel Thicke pushed the envelope a bit too far with his suggestive lyrics and no-holds-barred nudity. Thicke is also under fire as possibly copying the catchy song from Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” from the summer of 1977. However, nobody is second-guessing the singer’s choice in models.

Born in Paris, Texas, Elle moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a model and actress shortly after high school and immediately landed a role in Miley Cyrus’ music video “Decisions.” This led to more jobs for magazines and ad campaigns including one you may have caught during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards for AXE Apollo. In our opinion the sexiest commercials ever made! Which, of course, has culminated with her appearance in Robin Thicke’s epic music video. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Evans’ about her new found fame and how she really feels about her music video co-stars.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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“For me being topless is nothing. Even when I first started modeling, photographers would ask me to take me top off and I would do it without even thinking about it.”

Chaunce Hayden: Apparently over 250 million people have listened to this summer’s mega hit song, “Blurred Lines.” That’s pretty remarkable.

don’t really care. I love just chilling in ripped up shorts and tank tops. If a boob pops out who cares? Just like in the song, “We’re animals. It’s in our nature.”

Elle Evans: It sure is! Keep in mind how much it plays on the radio and in nightclubs. I actually hear it coming out of car windows.

You certainly look like your having fun in the video.

So is it the song or the sexy video that has people going crazy? It’s a little bit of both. The song is so good and so different then what is out there right now. Once you hear the song one time you have to hear it again. It keeps getting better each time you hear it. I keep hearing the words, “Hey, hey, hey girl!” from everyone! What’s it like to have your face and of course your body seen by so many people? It’s hard to comprehend at times. It really changed a lot of things for me but I’m still the same person. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the song but everyone loves it so much. Let’s talk about the controversy. How did “Blurred Lines” get away with the racy lyrics and nudity? I think there are deeper issues here. I don’t think it’s anything about Robin Thicke. It’s just certain women groups feel it’s insulting. But it’s not like the lyrics are, “Hey bitch, let me hold you down and choke you out and rape you!” It doesn’t say that at all! Did Robin Thicke ever say he loves to rape women? Ummm… no! The words are, “Let me liberate you, I know you’re a good girl but I know you want it.” He’s not implying she wants to have sex, he’s implying that she wants to be liberated and be free to do what she wants. “That man tried to domestic you.” Really? That means rape? Come on. What was your first thought when they told you it would be a nude video? At first they asked if they would be okay with me being topless. My answer was, depends what it’s for, but I’m totally comfortable being topless. I think a woman’s body is beautiful. Being confident is also beautiful. It’s artistic. Listen, I’m young and a little bit non traditional. So for me it was never a problem. So taking your top off was never an issue. For me being topless is nothing. Even when I first started modeling photographers would ask me to take me top off and I would do it without even thinking about it. My manager would get so upset with me. He’s say, “Why did you do that for free for a no name photographer. Now your boobs are all over the internet.” But I

46 August 2013

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We really are having fun. From the moment we got on set it was like a family atmosphere. It was like being at a wedding. Everyone was cool and dancing. We just did whatever we wanted. There were stuffed toys to play with and big vulgar words to laugh at. It was just a wild party. The director said do whatever you want. Just dance like an idiot and go crazy. That’s why people love the video. Everyone feels part of it. How did all the models get along? There were no issues or drama. But there also wasn’t too much interaction either. We all had our own place to get ready. And on set we were all in character. We all had a job to do and just went to work. Our characters were supposed to be hot girls who don’t care that they’re hot. Okay, so I’m hot. So what? Who cares? Wait, you want to hang out with me? I don’t think so? How was Robin? He’s just a cool guy. Very uplifting and encouraging and humble. He just loved having us there. Pharrel was also a gentleman. Everything was “Yes ma’am” and “No ma’am.” Those guys love what they do and they’re really good at it. Has their been a live concert with all the girls on stage together? I would think that would go over very well. That my friend is the first time anybody has asked me that or put that idea into my little head. I love what you just said! Seriously. That would be unbelievable. That would be colossal! Let’s face it the models are as popular as the lyrics and the music. Maybe more so. We were really cast properly. I think all the right girls were chosen. So let’s get back to all of us being on stage together. That’s never happened since they shot the video. So maybe that’s something they’re saving up for. Hmmmm. We were supposed to do it all together on Jimmy Kimmel but someone wasn’t available so the plan got canceled. There was also a commercial for Radio Shack speakers and they used the video for it. But I’m not in it. Why? I didn’t even get the call until the day before the shoot. They day they shot the commercial was the same day as my grandfathers funeral. I wouldn’t miss that. So they got a look a like for me. I was

9/1/2013 8:44:41 PM

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:44:44 PM

really bummed about it. But what are you going to do? How dare this girl go to her grandfather’s funeral and not do our video? Sorry, but my grandfather was a little bit more important to me. What was it like working with Mily Cyrus on the “The Decisions” video? Just like you could imagine it. If you’ve seen the video you know it’s hilarious. The entire video is a big party. A really big party. I was one of the main girls with tons of extras and a lot of freaks. No offense, but they were party freaks. Miley seemed very sweet though. But she wanted me to get into a cake fight scene with her and I opted out of it. Why pass on a chance to smear cake on Miley Cyrus? Because it was a crazy party scene and I had a bunch of clothes with me and I just didn’t want all my clothes stained with cake. I wear those clothes everyday! (Laughs) I just looked so good from shooting the video all day and I decided I wanted to stay looking good. I definitely didn’t want cake on me. You also appeared on one of those titillating Axe commercials. How come Axe doesn’t have the same reaction with me as it does with the dude in the commercial? More bluntly, where are all the women at? Huh oh. Well have you tried all the scents and products? Have you used the body spray and hair spray and body wash? If you don’t it doesn’t work. Touché. Just ask a pro. Tell me one secret about yourself you never told anyone? I’m not very good at Math. There, I said it. It’s out of the bag. What would you say to a 15-year-old kid who wants to watch “Blurred Lines?” Is it too sexual? Let’s think about it. It’s really just a silly video. I’d be more offended if a teenager watched New Jersey Housewives! They talk about having threesomes and other raunchy things all the time. I wouldn’t want kids watching that stuff. In fact, I don’t even watch TV. I lived in my place for six months and I haven’t watched TV once. I’d rather eat cereal and stare at the wall. TV is bullshit. Nobody watches TV anymore. It’s just such a waste of time unless you’re watching The Discovery Channel. TV is so mindless these days. I love my own reality; I don’t need to watch somebody else’s. So what’s your next move? I’m still very new to the industry. I’ve been working on putting together a good team around me with my best interests at heart. I’m preparing for what’s coming. I’m still young and learning about myself. It’s not about being famous for me; I just want to share whatever it is I have to offer.


“That my friend is the first time anybody has asked me that or put that idea into my little head. I love what you just said!” August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:44:49 PM


Ultra Lounges and Clubs


lubs, Bars, Restaurants, and lounges. Philadelphia and south jersey has plenty of each. This month we want to shine a little light on a place that had an awesome vibe. The staff was cheerful, the drinks we mixed perfect, and it is certainly a place you will find us again! Lit Ultra Bar

460 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123 (215) 238-0170

Obviously the magazine is new to Philadelphia. And being new we try to get around and check out spots that look at least half way interesting. Everyone knows NYC and Miami have some great EDM, but wait, PAY ATTENTION! Lit Ultra Bar actually does it right.

From the bouncer staff to the crazy, wild, and fun bartenders. They made my first experience there a memorable one. Obviously we don’t tell them that we may highlight their location, so that certainly did not play a part in the fun we had at this club. The Bouncer staff was polite, the bartenders engaging in conversation, and even the owner was accessible! Its aperient they care if you have fun. The club crowd started out a little slow, then all of a sudden SLAMMED! And being a guy I loved the ratio, 2 girls to 1 guy. Maybe I just got lucky, but we will certainly be heading back for shots, cocktails and definitely for more exciting experiences.

Down Across 6. Type of goat, cat or 1. South American arboreal boa (8) rabbit (6) 7. Shorebird, related to 2. Canines (4) 3. Long-tailed parrot of the sandpiper (6) 8. Ophidian (5) Central and 9. Female chickens (4) South America (5) 4. Terrestrial burrowing 10. Terrestrial gastropod mollusk (5) rodent (6) 5. Small slender gull 11. Mongoose-like viverrine (7) with forked tail (4) 14. Arctic whale with 7. Woodland flycatcher long spiral tusk (7) (6) 12. Graceful ruminant 16. Slow-moving arboreal mammal (5) (8) 18. Gull-like jaeger (4) 13. Leporid mammal (6) 20. Raptors (5) 22. Small arthropod (6) 15. Sea mammals (6) 17. Showy growth of 23. Large sauteed shrimp (6) head feathers (5) 19. Type of penguin, sounds regal (4) 21. Male deer (4)

Answer to puzzle can be found on Contents Page

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:44:51 PM

OWNER: Jimmy Cuadrado CAR: Honda Accord ES CAR NAME: EL COQUI MENTIONS: Extreme dimensions Bullish Motor Racing VIP Auto Spa Nismo Graphics 50

The custom car competitive world is one of the most diverse groups you can get involved in. It’s a place you can really let your artistic side shine! From custom paint jobs to suicide doors, special sound systems, to rims and tires. Anything you can upgrade is fair game. We found a unique car owner who has taken his love for the art to the extreme. MN: When did you become interested in custom automobiles? Jimmy: When I was about 34, I started putting “add on’s” in my car. My friends noticed how sharp looking it was becoming. In 2001 people started telling me to go to Englishtown, NJ because my car was looking really good and I should enter it in the Honda completion. So, I spent three more years modifying my car. I really like what I was creating and soon it become my obsession. My pet name for my car is EL COQUI. I started with skirts / ground effects. Then air ride suspension because there was no way I was going to hurt my ground effect. Then after that the chrome started to come. First the kick plates wrapping around the lower body and the fenders. Then came more chrome for the engine, then custom seats, interior and trunk, lighting effects, eight monitors, and I just had to match the body with the interior with a August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:44:54 PM

3 inch turquoise pin stripping. My friends were still pushing me all this time to get my “EL COQUI” to Englishtown. So, in 2004 on “SUMMER SLAM” I decided to go to Englishtown. It will be a fun day and I can see what this is all about. I registered EL COQUI. I looked at all the other cars and they were beautiful. I wasn’t expecting much. Much to my surprise, that day I won first place for the Honda category out 28 competitors. Over the next four years, I won first place no less than 40 times. Then came the vertical doors, flip trunk, gold wing rear doors, flip hood, more chrome on engine and accessories, added lighting and came the custom graphics. So, I go to Englishtown with my EL COQUI thinking I am registering in the Honda category, and the officials stop me in my tracks! They tell me I can no longer compete in the Honda category. They tell me, they will only let me compete in the Radical Class. I was so over the top! Now my EL COQUI is up against any and all modified cars that are considered by the officials “over the top”. From that point forward, I won over 60 first place trophies. But the sweetest trophies of all, the most treasured of any car enthusiast are the 12 “Best of Show” trophies. I’m most proud of those trophies. I’ve completed all this work myself except for the upholstery and the graphics. As of 2008, with my friends encouraging me, I opened my own car club, Rippin Da Street, Brooklyn Auto Club and they have all joined. We have a lot of fun, share many ideas and we have already acquired two trophies, one for quality and one for the deepest.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:45:04 PM


decline today. Seventy-three percent of black kids are born to single moms. Black kids who make it to 12th grade may often be found reading at seventh-, eighth- or ninth-grade levels. In some cities the black dropout rate can hit as high as 50 percent. Drugs are readily available. And among black males ages 18 to 29, in urban areas, often a third are in prison or jail, or on probation or parole, or walking around with a criminal record.

Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution by: Patrick J. Buchanan , Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old Australian here on a baseball scholarship, was shot and killed while jogging in Duncan, Okla., population 23,000. He died where he fell. Police have three suspects, two black and one white. The latter said they were bored and decided to shoot Lane for “the fun of it.” As Lane was white and the shooter black, racism has surfaced as a motive. Thursday came reports that killing a white man may have been an initiation rite for the black teens in joining some offshoot of the Crips or Bloods. What happened in Oklahoma and the reaction, or lack of reaction to it, tells us much about America in 2013, not much of it good.

Where do the kids get their ideas of right and wrong, good and evil? In homes where the father is absent and the TV is always on. From radios tuned in to rap and hip-hop. From films where Hollywood values prevail and the shooting never stops. From street gangs that sometimes form the only families these kids have ever known. Still, crime has fallen since 1990, we are told. And so it has. But that is only because the baby boomers, the largest population cohort in our history, passed out of the highcrime age group a quarter of a century ago, and because the jail and prison population in America has tripled. What kind of leadership do we see today in Black America? What can be said for an NAACP that was lately demanding a Justice Department investigation of a rodeo clown running around a bull ring in rural Missouri in an Obama mask, but cannot find its voice to address a blackon-white atrocity in Middle America?

When Trayvon Martin was shot to death in a murky incident in Sanford, Fla., Jesse Jackson rushed there to Teenagers who can shoot and kill a man out of summertime declare: “Blacks are under attack. ... Killing us is big boredom are moral barbarians, dead souls. business.” Trayvon was “shot down in cold blood by a But who created these monsters? Where did they come vigilante ... murdered and martyred.” from? Surely one explanation lies in the fact that the old After Chris Lane’s cold-blooded murder, Jesse tweeted: conscience-forming and character-forming institutions This sort of thing is to be “frowned upon.” -- home, church, school, and a moral and healthy culture fortifying basic truths -- have collapsed. And the community hardest hit is Black America. If we go back to the end of World War II, 90 percent of black families consisted of a mother and father and children raised and disciplined by their parents. The churches to which these families went on Sundays were stronger. Black schools may have been largely segregated, but they were also the transmission belts of patriotism and traditional values rooted in biblical truths and a Christian faith. Though such schools graduated hardworking, lawabiding and productive citizens, today they would be closed as unconstitutional. Indeed, all of those character- and conscienceforming institutions of yesterday are in an advanced state of

52 August 2013

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“Rodeo clown running around a bull ring in rural Missouri in an Obama mask”

If I had a son, said President Obama, he would have looked like Trayvon; 35 years ago, I could have been Trayvon. Can the president not find his voice to speak to the parents of Chris Lane? Since Lyndon Johnson took office, 50 years ago, we have spent trillions on his programs for health care, housing, education, food stamps, welfare and civil rights. Are we living in that Great Society we were

promised? In that same decade, we were told that the social, cultural and moral revolution bursting forth on the campuses would rid us of the repressive old-time morality and Old Time Religion, and lead to a more equal, just, humane and better America, a beacon to mankind. Yet, are not the killers of Chris Lane who shot him for the fun of it the “do-your-own-thing!” children of that cultural revolution? The death of Trayvon was said to be reflective of the real America, a country where black folks live in constant fear of white vigilantes and white racist cops. What nonsense. In the real America, interracial violence is overwhelming black-on-white. Even if the media will not report it, everybody knows it. And journalists will not dig into the numbers that prove it, for the truth would undermine their ideology and contradict the narrative that governs and gives meaning to their lives. For liberals, America is always “Mississippi Burning.” It just has to be that way.

Views and ideas expressed n magazine columns do not necessarily reflect the views of MN Magazine or its staff. However we do try in our endeavourer to provide you with entertaining reading from journalist that sparks interest, intrigue and in times, controversy. We encourage your feedback and responses to any column. And encourage rebuttals that if requested, may be printed.

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54 August 2013

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Philadelphia/South Jersey

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Cinema Sensations

‘Passion,’ ‘Getaway’ and ‘A Single Shot’: A De Palma Comeback, an Ethan Hawke Car Wreck and Another Good Sam Rockwell Performance


urder, deceit and treacherous lesbians -- yes, after five years in the professional wilderness, director Brian De Palma is back. His new movie, “Passion” is a remake of “Love Crime,” the last film by the late French director Alain Corneau, and in re-scripting it, De Palma has jacked up the story for maximum kink. (What’s sex, after all, without masks and strap-ons and dangling strings of Ben Wa balls?) The movie is essentially a tour of the director’s familiar obsessions. (The spirit of Alfred Hitchcock hovers over it like a blimp; everywhere you look you see the master’s shadow.) But the plot twists have a nice nasty tang, and the picture is never for a moment dull. Christine Stanford (blazingly blond Rachel McAdams) is the Berlin-based head of the German outpost of a New York advertising agency. She’s determined to transfer back to the more prestigious home office, so when a mousy underling named Isabelle (Noomi Rapace) comes up with a great new ad campaign for one of the movie’s many brazenly placed products, Christine steals it. “This is business,” she tells the astounded Isabelle. “You have talent. I made the best use of it.” Christine attempts a glib rapprochement (“Why don’t we kiss and make up?”), but Isabelle isn’t really the doormat Christine assumes her to be. And after Christine entertains an office party gathering with a video of Isabelle in a sweaty sex wrangle with one of the agency’s biggest clients -- a crumbling drunk named Dirk (Paul Anderson) -- Isabelle plots revenge, recruiting a co-worker named Dani (Karoline Herfurth) to assist. And what does Dani want? Christine is in no doubt: “You think I don’t know what’s going on in that dyke brain of yours?” The plot is relentlessly twisty, filled with mysterious pills, gleaming knives and a visit to the ballet that suggests a


theme of male insufficiency. The air of paranoia is enhanced by lurking camera surveillance, and De Palma wheels out most of his time-tested technical effects: Dutch angles, dolly zooms, split screens and deeply designed overhead shots. Cinematographer Jose Luis Alcaine, a longtime Pedro Almodovar associate, is just the man to capture the movie’s sumptuous surfaces -- the rich silks and velours, the chilly chrome-andwhite interiors -- and to punctuate them with very Almodovarian daubs of bloody crimson (shoes, dresses, logos). And composer Pino Donaggio, a longtime De Palma collaborator, provides a rich Hitchcockian score (complete with a stab of “Psycho”-like strings). “Passion” is hardly a breakthrough for a director with more than 40 years of features behind him. But the movie is good, devious fun. And it makes you wonder why De Palma wasted so many years turning out box-office duds like “The Black Dahlia” and “Redacted” when he could have been doing what he does here, what he does best. Even if he’s doing it all over again. ‘Getaway’ Even in the realm of really bad movies, “Getaway” is a special kind of awful. The picture is virtually one long, loud, brain-hammering car chase, with brief pit stops along the way for the script to unload some implausible exposition before roaring off again at full screech. Sounds like an action movie, doesn’t it? But action requires style and spirit and precision editing. “Getaway” might have been edited with a weed whacker; it has the spirit of a movie distribution deal; and schlock impresario Courtney Solomon -- who gets to direct stuff like this because he runs After Dark Films, the company that churns it out -probably wouldn’t recognize style if it ran him over. Although it only slowly becomes clear, the story is set in Bulgaria. Why? Well, apart from the obvious -- Bulgaria is a cheap place to make movies -- the capital city of Sofia is where the film’s American protagonist, Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke), currently resides. How come? Well, Brent is a former professional race car driver who got into some vague sort of trouble with bad guys back in the States and decided to move here with his Bulgarian wife (Rebecca Budig, an American actor making no attempt to seem otherwise) in order to “lie low.” OK. One night, Brent comes home and finds his apartment trashed and his wife gone. His phone rings. On the other end is a nameless master criminal, played by the murmuring lips and stubbly chin of Jon Voight, attempting to channel Rutger Hauer. This character has Brent’s wife in his clutches, and if he doesn’t spend the rest of the night doing exactly what Voight wants, his wife will die. Brent’s first assignment is to go to a particular parking garage and steal a “special car” that’s waiting there. This turns out to be a Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake -- August 2013

sept 2013.indd 56

9/1/2013 8:45:14 PM

$90,000 worth of hulking automotive muscle. Voight has had the car fitted out with cameras inside and out and with a phone link through the dashboard GPS. He orders Brent to get moving -- and to do as much street damage as possible while he’s at it. Who would own a $90,000 car in Sofia? That question is answered in a traffic clog, when a nameless girl (Selena Gomez, looking about 12 years old) hops in and whips out a gun. It’s her car! (And her gun, too, presumably.) Dashboard Voight tells Brent to bring her along -- it’s part of his allseeing plan -- and after some rote bickering, she decides that maybe she can be of help. (Along with the gun, she has an iPad.) There are several destinations on Voight’s mysterious agenda. As whole fleets of police cars sail through the air and tumble and burn behind them and as thugs with guns and rocket launchers amazingly fail to take out the Super Snake, iPad girl finally works out what’s going on. (It has to do with her wealthy dad.) But why has Voight chosen Brent to advance his wildly complicated agenda? The answer to that question, delivered at the end, is astonishingly idiotic. I would guess that Ethan Hawke takes on jobs such as this to subsidize less remunerative undertakings in the theater or in Richard Linklater films. Moviegoers might consider a more rewarding activity, as well.

‘A Single Shot’ Like “Passion,” “A Single Shot” is already available on demand, and in that venue, it’s worth seeing, if only for the actors, especially Sam Rockwell, as a dimbulb West Virginia loser, and Jeffrey Wright, as his stumbling, boozeaddled pal. Rockwell plays John Moon, who lives in a dismal shack out in the woods. While hunting deer one day, he takes a potshot in the direction of some rustling branches and discovers he has killed a young woman. Then he discovers she has a case filled with cash -- lots of it. Unwisely, the jobless Moon begins flashing his newfound funds around the nearby small town. This arouses the suspicion of his estranged wife (Kelly Reilly) and a weaselly lawyer (William H. Macy) and soon draws the attention of a pair of sinister drug dealers (played with terrific creepiness by Joe Anderson and Jason Isaacs). The tension mounts as Moon steadily tightens the noose around his neck. Working with a screenplay by Matthew F. Jones (adapting his own novel), director David M. Rosenthal (“Janie Jones”) ratchets up suspense without losing focus on his characters’ subtle complexities. (Moon is a man who wishes he were brighter than he is, and Wright, who pays him a memorable visit with a pair of slovenly women, is a guy who no longer can make sense of whatever it is that’s going on.) Cinematographer Eduard Grau (“The Awakening”) is a substantial asset to this brooding production, capturing the backwoods atmosphere in all of its damp, moldy hopelessness. The actors -- several of whom are British -- give persuasive approximations of slurry rural accents. Unfortunately, this has the effect of making some of the dialogue hard to understand. And the ending, proddingly symbolic, is drawn out too long and feels anticlimactic. Still, this is a good little indie, and cable TV is a good home for it.

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:45:16 PM

Dubh Linn Square Bordentown Location 167 Route 130 North Bordentown, NJ 08505 609-298-7100

Cherry Hill Location 482 E. Evesham Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 856-520-8312 We imported many of the components from Ireland. For example, the bar in Bordentown, many family memorabilia and pub artifacts from Ireland we handpicked and brought here. MN: From the vision to actual reality of your Pubs what was the timeframe? Mike:The vision began early 2007 and the reality happened June 2009. Bordentown was the first and Cherry Hill followed 2011.


hank you for inviting MN to your Pubs.

MN: So, where was the “Dubh LInn Square” vision conceived and by who? Mike: By us, Mike and Sean McGeough, we were born in the USA however, raised in Ireland. We wanted to recreate the “Irish Pub” feel in the states. After moving back in the states we couldn’t find the “magic” that captured an Irish Pub. For all the Restaurants and bars we have been in, and many were nice; none in the area was quite like the ones we remembered back in Ireland. They just didn’t have the “right feel”. Such as; the warmth of a genuinely, friendly atmosphere, hand crafted woodwork, the authentic dress and colors of an Irish Pub. So, the vision started and grew every time we entered another Pub in the states. Our name Dubh Linn is the old Irish name given to the city of Dublin by the Vikings back in the 8th century and it is translated “black pool”. MN: I never have been to Ireland however; your Pubs seem to have an authentic feel. How was this created? Mike: We worked very closely with Irish designers and craftsmen. We literally mean, Irish designers and craftsmen. We had an Irish based team and Irish countrymen who now live in the US working with us to create our Pubs. We even went further.


MN: How has “Dubh Linn Square” evolved from the first year till today? Mike: We evolved in many ways over time to broaden our clientele’s enjoyment. We listened to our guests and did our best to offer them more of a selection than simple pub fare. We broadened our drink and food options including our house favorites like Ales and Stouts and our famous Fish and chips. But also offering a craft beer selection from around the US and the world. We have fabulous pizza, Fresh salads and seafood, gourmet burgers, and in-house dried aged steaks. We believe there is something on our menu to satisfy just about everyone in a warm and comfortable setting.

MN: So, let’s say I wanted to enjoy a quiet afternoon or night with my girlfriend and get a great value, what days and time should I visit “Dubh Linn Square” and why? Mike: On Tuesday’s we have “$5 Pub Burger Night” and PUB QUIZ . On Wednesday’s its “$5 Pizza Night” which is a huge hit. Thursday’s are a great time to sample our wine selection with all our bottles of wine 1/2 priced all day and live bands on the patio during our new happy hour. So, what do you think? MN: I think you hit the mark and I’ll be over with my girlfriend and others friends. MN: Say I am in a bit more festive mood; what afternoons and or nights should I visit “Dubh Linn Square” and why? Mike: Friday is Live Music mostly local acts that play classic, the 90’s up to the latest tunes. Saturday we have a live DJ, playing all the hits of today so be sure to bring your dancing shoes! Drink specials both nights with a Good crowd with people looking to meet with other fun people and enjoy themselves in a great environment. By the way…..Happy Hour 3-7 PM, seven days a week to include, specials on drinks, wine, beers and food. MN: Ok, It’s my buddy’s 32th birthday. I want to invite, last minute, 20 or so of our mutual friends for an after work / birthday drink. How would you set us up to have our own space and a private setting? August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:45:19 PM

Mike: This is what we do. We love to throw a party. If you want, we’d be happy to set you up, even if it is a last minute surprise, with a private room and great service. We would be happy to offer a special group rate and let you cut loose and enjoy the evening. We, maybe even, be able to open the pool table if that works for you and your friends. MN: As I scan these QR codes, I am amazed at the great values, Happy Hour Special’s, live bands, and “Count Down till St. Paddy’s Day” activities and so on. How in the world do you do so many exciting things? Mike: We, “Dubh Linn Square”, are in the entertainment business. Pubs in Ireland are the central gathering place in the community and we wanted to bring that to Cherry Hill and Bordentown. We open our doors to offer a fun and entertaining time 7 days a week day or night . We work hard, every day, to offer a fun, quality experience along with a great place to relax and meet new people. MN: How do you hire your servers and bartenders? I ask, because every one of your staff, from my first visit, had just been

genuinely pleasant, helpful and happy to see me walk in the door. Mike: We hire for personality first and each team member brings their own uniqueness to our group. Once we have the right cast of Characters we can train them to be skilled hospitality specialists that we have been so fortunate to assemble at both of our pubs. There is no doubt our staff is our most important asset! MN: What would you like anyone to know, that is looking for an enjoyable time out? Mike: We, Dubh Linn Square Pubs, Cherry Hill and Bordentown and all our staff want to offer you a warm engaging environment, with friendly people who want to have a good drink, a good meal and a fun time. We’d like to offer you a taste true Irish hospitality. Stop on by for a friendly Irish setting, good food and a lot of fun entertainment. entertainment. Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:45:29 PM

MN Local Jewel Of The Month

Lauren D’Amelio Photography by Nicolette Sarzosa


etropolis Nights had the wonderful pleasure of meeting this amazing women a few years back, and owes a lot of its success to her. So I, Robert, Founder and Owner of Metropolis Nights and the Metropolis Nights Brand, in hopes of showing my respect and admiration for this young women, interjected into the interview to write thhis opening paragraph. I am very proud and pleased to introduce you to one of my favorite people on earth. It is a distinct honor to know her and have been able to work by her side. – Thank you Lauren for your support and all your help, you are truly and forever a part of the Metropolis Nights Foundation. Lauren is a successful and capable make-up artist that we met when the magazine was just an idea. Over the past few years, in helping to start the magazine, she has made true sacrifices and endured many inconveniences, never once complaining or asking anything in return. All because of her nature as a person and true friend. She is an extremely dedicated person, who lives by her word. It is rare to find people who stick by your side, through the ups and downs. So without further ado, may I present; Lauren D’Amelio!


MN: What is your experience in the modeling field in the field? Lauren: Well at first I started out as a make-up artist. Now I have recently started training to be a bikini competitor. MN: I always knew there were bikini contests held at local venues. Is that what you are referring to? Lauren: No. Actually, Oct 5 is my first show at the “NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix ”. This is not a bunch of young chicks, out of control, doing a spur of the moment dare. This is the real deal and if you make it to the top, it’s a 5-10+ year career of working with multi-national companies. MN: What type of commitment are you making for this? Lauren: 2 hours per day, cardio and lite weights. The commitment is worth it. A lot could come of it. Larger companies such as health and nutrition, tanning, clothing could pick you up. The list is long but more geared to fitness and nutrition. It’s the attractive and fit look I am going for. You typically won’t see me in a beer ad. MN: Do you believe you are successful? August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:45:35 PM

Scan Below to Download Picture!

Lauren: Yes. I have seen major changes in my body, even in the last week. I feel healthier and am in control. I am more disciplined and my cravings have diminished greatly. When I have a craving, I have gotten in the habit of brushing my teeth. The minty flavor is great and I don’t want to eat after I just cleaned my teeth. It really works. You should try it. All of us know this, eating smaller meals five to six times a day, walking from the far end of the parking lot, a quick walk to and from where ever you go, works. Anything to get your heart rate up makes a big impact on your health. You don’t need to be in the gym two hours a day. This is an extreme form of fitness. You can just make those small changes, they all add up to a healthy lifestyle. MN: What would your cocompetitors say about you? Lauren: I actually just got back from camp and they are very excited about how far I have come in such a short time frame. With their support and answers to my questions, I have been able to succeed in my transformation and look forward to the final results. MN: What are you looking for? Lauren: I am looking to receive my “PRO CARD”. That allows me to compete in national competitions. The goal from there is to compete at the “OLYMPIA”. “Olympia” is, basically, the Olympics of the fitness world. MN: Why should we choose you to be our local Jewel?

Lauren: Because I want to inspire and motivate people so that they can better themselves in any endeavor they choose. It’s never too late to start. It’s always inspiring to better yourself. So, figure out what you always wanted to do and get started. I’ll follow you and you can follow me.

Lauren: Yes. Once a week, every week I give myself a “CHEAT MEAL”. And for me, that’s Pizza and the only place I go for that is Brother Bruno’s .

You can find me on Facebook, InstaGram and twitter. MN: Do you ever give yourself a treat or break from your routine?

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:45:38 PM

20% By Leanne Aciz



ast month, I received a comment in the “Reader’s Section” of the magazine where a reader wrote that she loves my column because I am an angry person and couldn’t get enough. I was extremely excited to see that I got my first (anonymous/positive) comment until I realized that readers think that because I complain about the situations I come across while bartending, that I’m an angry person. This simply is not true. I’m not an angry person by nature; I’m an angry person when having to deal with disrespectful people who don’t appreciate my work. Who wouldn’t be pissed off every time somebody who had too much to drink wants to argue the amount of their tab, while they disrespect you in front of a group of your customers? Why would somebody be angry that people come into a bar looking for a problems and as a bartender, it’s your job to mediate and play referee? I think that in the bar business, you will most likely deal with somebody or something that angers you routinely, and because alcohol is involved, the likeliness of that goes way up. Last month I went to a bar in the city with a friend, and the bar had sarcastic signs right next to the register that said, “What’s the cheapest thing you have? Well, at the moment, that would be you.” “If you get a drink for free, remember to tip! Our servings should NEVER be free.” “If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.” These signs are aggressive, but when I read them, I laughed and didn’t take them too seriously. Bartenders have to be quick on their feet and quick to the punch- that involves having a certain type of patience that is hard to have when people are testing it. When you’re bartending, people want a lot out of you. There are times when I am bartending that people will think that I am angry or seem quiet, but I’m FOCUSED. I am trying to make sure everyone has a full drink in front of them so I can rest easy knowing my customers are taken care of. I’ve had arguments with friends over them getting mad that I wasn’t paying attention to them when in reality, I was doing my job and too busy to engage in small talk. Why does this make me come off as angry or indifferent, as one friend remarked? I’m just doing my job. The idea that I was considered an angry bartender still bothered me. So I started to research, and I found that I’m not the only bartender who complains. There are tons of websites and social media accounts dedicated to venting about waitressing, bartending, and other jobs that revolve around customer service. In fact, a lot of them are way more brutal than I am. Some of my


favorite that I came across were Twitter handles that are devoted to complaining about bartending: Bartender Problems @BartenderProb 1/23/13 4:54pm “I wish someone else would walk up so I can stop talking to you” #bartenderproblems Bartender Rant @BartenderRants 7/20/13 2:20am Wow, with an attitude like that somebody must’ve told you you were better looking than you actually are. Rudest Bartender @RudestBartender 8/16/13 11:55am If I had control of who walks through the door, Hollister and Abercrombie would be denied along with drunks and assholes. Your Bartender @Bartenders_Hate 6/8/13 5:08am There’s a special place in hell for the self entitled bitch that feverishly flags me down to order a water. All of the sites and message boards that I came across that were made for bartenders to vent about their jobs were on point, even though the names they called their customers were harsh. How many times have I been given drink orders while waiting in line to use the bathroom – the 3 minutes I get to myself the entire night? Some people even upload pictures of customer receipts and I totally felt the guy’s pain who had a $325 bill and was only tipped an additional $5. Oh, and that bartender from Miami was right, if you don’t have enough money to tip, you don’t have enough money to go out. Real talk! Needless to say, it was comforting to know I’m not the only pissed off bartender out there. The difference between them and me is that I’m not trying to insult anybody or put anybody on blast, I’m just trying to educate people on how it feels to be the person sacrificing their good night to make sure you have a great one. I apologize if I come across as angry, I do enjoy my customers company and appreciate every tip –I just wish I could serve all the cool people and deny all the annoying ones. #barlife August 2013

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9/1/2013 8:45:40 PM


By Krys Longan

FEELING EVERY DAY Kate Spade has once again created design magic. The designer best know for her whimsical and ladylike clothing and accessories has released a new, more moderately-priced line called Saturday. The patterns are a little bolder, the styles a tad trendier, and the price tags are delightfully smaller. I surfed to the website to check it out, and fell in love with this strapless graphic jumpsuit for $150. I’m picturing pairing it with black ballet slippers for when I throw a cocktail party and want chicness paired with comfort, or wearing it with high heel black booties for a night on the town. And come cooler temps, it can be worn with a bright blazer. KS is known for her great dresses, and the plaid style pictured here is no exception. This brightly colored spaghetti strap frock is made of poplin and sells for $160. Have you been looking for a cute flat in a go with everything color? Your search ends here, with these leather mushroom sandals that provides a pop of color with the fabric strap, $95. You can view all these styles and hundreds more at, or hurry over to the Saturday pop-up shop, currently located at 30 Gansevoort Street in downtown Manhattan.

$160 $95 $150 BLUE TO THE TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS It seems like anything goes when it comes to color in the world of nail polish, but I rarely see a true blue color like this one from Ulta. Called “Whatever Floats Your Moat”, it sells for $7.50 at I love the fact that it is absolutely blue, and makes a fun, bright statement suitable for all seasons.

Long Island City has a terrific flea market every Saturday and Sunday, and this past weekend I was delighted to discover an adorable van retro-fitted to be a mobile shop known as Nomad, The Wandering Fashion Boutique. Filled with well-priced clothing and accessories, this cleverly designed space houses a surprising amount of style in barely there square footage. Nomad makes the rounds to all the cool tri-state spots, from Jersey City to Brooklyn, with stops in Manhattan as well. To find out when Nomad will be in your area, surf to their site at

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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9/1/2013 8:45:45 PM

FOR HIM “15 Things Guys Should Know About Girls” 1)

Most girls will drop lots of hints to tell you that they like you, but won’t come right out and say” I like you” or “I love you”. If you think they like you, there is a good chance they do.

2) Nicknames like “Babe, or darling” are safe to call just

about any girl. But beware of “Princess or Angel”. Some girls will take offense to this thinking you are calling them to innocent or incapable of taking care of themselves.

9) Size does matter, but only to hoes; not girls that want relationships. So don’t feel like you need to compensate, just be you!

10) No matter what you say, your ex-girlfriend is a hoe

to us. Not because we don’t like your taste in women, because believe me WE do! its just that...we don’t want to have to wonder if she is better than us. And if she is a hoe, we are better. So it makes things simple for us.


Whatever you do, don’t just show up at our house unexpected or at least without ringing the door bell... we run around in our underwear just like you do. And no matter how much you would like to see that, we will likely never talk to you again

12) We enjoy being kissed by you in front of your friends. It makes us feel like you care a lot about us.

13) There

3) Speaking of nicknames, almost every girl has ONE

nickname that they just love to be called. Figure it out and USE IT!

4) Girls love it when a guy pulls them close by the waist 5) When a girl is upset and wants you to listen, she wants you to listen. She doesn’t need you to fix it or tell her how to. She just wants you to listen.

is nothing wrong with being attentive and sensitive. However, this behavior can be carried too far. You don’t have to hang on our every word or give in to our every whim. The thrill of the chase doesn’t end after the first successful pick-up line. If you don’t present us with some minor challenges, we’re likely to get bored, or worse, feel that you’re creepy and obsessive.

14) Most men think the chase ends once they have us,

but truly it has only just began.You must work even harder to keep us then you do you earn us. We are not some Most girls like a guy that will willing dance with them, trophy you can earn,put on a shelf and admire. You have to care for us like the living human beings we are. even if he doesn’t know how


7) Most girls enjoy being paraded around once in awhile 15)All women are complicated, and it is doubtful any in front of your friends. We enjoy having you show us off to your friends, kind of like, ‘Hey, look at my hot ass girlfriend! Aren’t you jealous?” But we don’t enjoy being nothing but a trophy girl

man will ever fully be able to understand us.But we know that, so its going to be ok.

8) We don’t enjoy talking dirty to you as much as you enjoy listening.

64 August 2013

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FOR HER Keep this in mind next

By: Dr. Robert Wallace

time you like someone

Do men respect you, or even like it, if you ask them out on a date?

Dear John, Do men respect you, or even like it, if you ask them out on a date? I’ve been attracted to a professor of mine for a year now. We are both in our 40s. I assume that he can’t ask me out due to school policy, but now that the school year is up and he will no longer be my instructor, should I be so forward as to ask him out? --Ready to Ask in St. Cloud, Minn. Dear Ready, On the issue of whether or not men mind being asked out on dates, believe me, most men are flattered. There is no reason why you could not suggest a casual get-together. After all, he may not have been aware of your interest, and it might indeed be reciprocated. As with all first-date situations, approach this as a casual friendship until he makes it clear that he is also attracted to you. Then you both can “graduate” to a more exclusive relationship.


Don’t just be pretty, TALK

Guys hate it when girls can’t make conversation and have the nerve to ask “why aren’t you talking?” That kills me.


Don’t just be Pretty, BE SMART

Let me give you an example of mind numbing pain! Like, I guess when, like, girls, you know, can’t like, talk, like, without all those little, filler thingys, you know, like “like” and “um”.


Don’t just be Pretty, APPRICIATE


Don’t jus be Pretty, BE CONSISTENT


Don’t just be Pretty, BE REASONABLE

Girls who hate on other girls, just judging by their appearance. And just because she looked at you, don’t just start assuming she’s jealous of you. It just makes you look jealous of her. Guys hate it when girls act differently on the phone/internet/text message then they do in person. For example: in person a girl may act nice, sweet, and attentive. And on the phone act distant or uninvolved. or vice versa. We aren’t mind readers! No matter how much you are in love, or he says he loves you. He cant always understand what makes you mad, sad, or just emotional. So don’t freak out and get more upset if we “just don’t get it” instead be reasonable and help us “get it”

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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66 August 2013

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