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Metro Art Sponsored by: Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery’s main goal is to experience and facilitate art. In pursuit of this goal, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery’s team has been busy with events, outings, and meetings to keep the art fresh. Recently a new art gallery “The Red Door Gallery”, opened in Passaic with one night exhibits and Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery was able to stop to get a feel for this “gorilla art fair”. In an additional new art venture, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery is excited to offer the services of photographer Richard Carroll. August 6th, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery was excited to open their 2nd exhibit with Bill Stillman and Vince Blanco. Now with the 3rd exhibit coming soon, Ganga 10/5/11, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery would like to take a moment to spotlight the current artists and their missions.

Bill Stillman: Artist Statement

“Let the fear In”...

See more at or stop in the Gallery.

Bill Stillman­ “If you Walk Away”

Bill Stillman­ “Crossroads”

The purpose of the art being shown is to expose some of these fears I see in every day life, as well as those I have experienced. I choose vibrant colors mixed with symbolic illustrations to ease the visual digestion of confrontational material. I try to take something like fear and make it less fearful; there is some humor involved in these paintings by poking fun at how fear affects people...sometimes we are merely pawns to its overwhelming influence of control...

Vince Blanco­ “Latex Nun”

Bill Stillman­ “Industrial Domination”

Artist Vince Blanco has a different approach and execution for his art, one might even call it pin-up. His “realesque” images are well rendered with tone, form, and an excellent depth of color.

Vince Blanco­ “Seated Girl”

If you are interested in Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery and would like to contribute your artwork, please contact the gallery for more info.




Metro Art Oct 2011  

Metro Art by Biagio Tattoo

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