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WELCOME TO METROPOLIS NIGHTS READ US ONLINE: FOLLOW US ON: ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: Please call 201-873-3874 or visit our website at The Final Four NCAA men’s basketball tournament is a big deal to millions of people. For me... not so much. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. But each attempt ended with a deep and rapid sleep. Basically, the sport just bores me. Still I’m not blinded by it’s allure and thus I would not be doing my due diligence if I didn’t honor the nearly month long tournament. Hence... Our Special Final Four Issue complete with brackets, predictions and the best bars to watch the games. The latter brings me to what does interest me...Hoboken! The past few weeks have been historic for the city long known for it’s wild bars and youthful energized nightlife. We all know the players: Green Rock, One Republik, Texas Arizona, HUB, Cadillac Cantina, Black Bear, Birch, Mills Tavern, Tally Ho, Mike’s Bull Moose Bar & Grill,  Ainsworth,  Hoboken  Bar & Grill, The Shannon,  Dubliner,  McSwiggens  and Wicked Wolf. Well the team just lost some of it’s star players. Several of those mentioned have either  been temporarily closed or in some cases permanently closed thanks to a rookie mayor who ain’t playing.  Indeed, Mayor Ravi Bhalla has made it his first order of business to turn on the lights, turn off the music and announce last call to a 4 block radius that has become known for it’s long rowdy lines and beer belly brawls.  Hoboken’s infamous pub crawls have divided the city’s residents and bar owners into a war of civil rights vs quality of life.  Mayor Bhalla’s message to the bar owners is loud and clear. He’s not going to play nice and if he has his way--and so far he has--Hoboken’s popular party zone will become a muted dead zone forever more.  Who’s right and who’s wrong? I suppose you could easily argue for both sides. Ultimately this was bound to come down to a very public showdown between the residents and the bars.  So in this issue I sat down with Mayor  Bhalla  to hear his plans for  Hoboken’s bars and just how many bullets does he plan on firing before he’s finished shutting down the night spots that have made Hoboken so popular for the young North Jersey singles who party hard. How this will play out remains to be seen, but that’s why I never gamble. Enjoy the Tournament!

Chaunce Hayden Publisher @Chauncehayden

Jason Tez

Angela Pompelli-Butler

MARCH-APRIL at Hoboken’s Irish Pub

catch all the games!

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Phil Rizzuto Remembering a Yankee legend. A look back at Chaunce Hayden’s interview with Phil Rizzuto. Baseball is back and while we have lost our beloved Phil Rizzuto (does he need an introduction?) I’d like to start the 2018 MLB season with a real icon who loved the game while he played for the Yankees and for his legendary play by play broadcasts. Phil was and still is Yankee baseball.   So allow me to bring him back from the eternal bench and listen to what he has to say about America’s game. Fifty-six years ago, famed baseball manager, Casey Stengel unmercilessly said he was too small to ever make it in the big leagues and recommended he shine shoes instead. With that kind of heartbreaking advice, most would have given up, yet, nine World Series and 1,588 hits later former All-Star Yankee shortstop, Phil Rizzuto enjoys the last laugh as a spiritual resident of Cooperstown, New York where he is immortalized alongside Stengel, Ruth, DiMaggio and other baseball legends in the Baseball Hall of Fame. A native of Brooklyn, Phil Rizzuto, as a young boy, dreamed of playing professional baseball. However, that dream, despite his obvious athletic ability, could never come true he was told, due to his undersized physique. Despite the odds, Rizzuto never gave up and it wasn’t long before Yankee scout Paul Krichell saw Phil play a semi-pro game and was so impressed that he invited him to Yankee Stadium for a tryout. Several anxious days later, he was signed. Thus was the beginning of a relationship between Rizzuto and the Yankees that has lasted for over half a century and continues to this day. Nicknamed “Scooter” because of his small stature and amazing quickness, Rizzuto didn’t waste time proving he belonged in the big leagues. As a rookie in 1941, Phil was named what was then called, “Rookie of the League.” He also won the Catholic Youth Organization’s “Most Popular Yankee” award and in 1950 the baseball writers selected him as the MVP of the American League, while that same year The Sporting News picked him as the “Major League Player of the Year” as well as naming him to their ML All-Star team five times during his career. Then in 1981 the popular former player was given the prestigious “Pride of the Yankees” award. But despite all of his success, Rizzuto’s greatest honor to date has been his rightful and long overdue place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Few would question that Rizzuto, now 79 years old, was the greatest shortstop in New York Yankee history. Before his departure in 1955 (expect for his years of naval military service), he remained the Yankees’ regular shortstop from 1941 through 1954. During this time history would credit Rizzuto as the backbone of those unforgettable Yankee teams, providing the spark that led to nine World Series. But to play in the Major Leagues, Rizzuto had to not only overcome his size he also had to overcome many personal fears that plagued him through out his career, including a fear of flying and playing during an electrical storm. Much to his teammates’ pleasure, Rizzuto was also frightened of snakes or, for that matter, anything that happened to crawl. His fear was so apparent that teammates were unable to control their temptations. In fact, Rizzuto found so many

unpleasant things tucked in his glove that he was one of the first players to bring his glove to the dugout between innings. Yet, in spit of all his quirk, Scooter always remained a fearless inspiration on the field. In 1957, shortly after his retirement from baseball, Rizzuto was hired as a Yankee TV-Radio broadcaster, joining Mel Allen and Red Barber, and held the job until just one year ago. Providing entertaining and honest insight into a game whose reputation has suffered over the recent years, Rizzuto won the hearts of fans and players alike. To many baseball has become nothing more then a corporate structured billion dollar business, but to Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, baseball will forever remain the game it was only intended to be…A kids game. Chaunce Hayden: It took a long time but at last you’ve finally made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. How does it feel? It feels wonderful! because, number one, I never expected to get into the Hall of Fame. I’m just happy that I’m still here and able to cherish it, unlike Leo Durocher, who u unfortunately missed being able to accept the award in person by a year. I know that he was very upset and I didn’t blame him after all he had done for baseball. Most Know you as “Scooter.” How did you get the name? An old teammate of mine named Billy Hitchcock told me that with my short legs and quick steps that I wasn’t running, I was scootin’. And from scootin’ I got scooter, which made me glad because I hated scootin’. Is it true that legendary Casey Stengel once told you that you were too small to play in the big leagues? Oh yeah! How did that make you feel? I felt terrible! And I reminded him of it when he came up to manage the Yankees. He wasn’t too happy that I had reminded him of what he had said. But Stengel had really hurt me when I was a kid. He told me I should get a shoeshine box. You must have been devastated. Yeah, I was. Former Yankee GM Ed Barrow once said of your signing, “Rizzuto cost me 15 cents; ten for postage and five for

Actually it was a glass of milk that I got, not a cup of coffee, because in those days I wasn’t drinking coffee. But that’s exactly what happened. Baseball historians consider you the greatest shortstop in Yankee history. Do you agree with that title? When they say that I’m great and that I should be in the Hall of Fame, I’m embarrassed by it. I think it’s just because I’ve been around so long that everybody knows me. I mean having played all those years, then having broadcast three times longer than I played. Although you weren’t known for your home run hitting, you did hit 38 dingers during your career. Is there one in particular that stands out in your memory? Yeah. I think the first one I hit , because it was here at Yankee Stadium off Lefty Gomez and it won the game. In 1941 they only played day games and I remember they were going to call the game after our turn at bat. I think it was the ten or eleventh inning, because it was really getting dark and I hit the ball just inside the foul line. How vivid do you remember that moment? I remember everything so well that as I rounded second base and headed for third some kid came out of the box seat and grabbed my hat but I didn’t care. However, the next day (then Yankee GM) Ed Barrow made me pay for the hat. Sounds like something George Steinbrenner would do.

You played with a lot of great ballplayers during your career. Who do you feel was the greatest?

Why do you think that is? Because today these kids make tremendous amounts of money and they have security. When we played we never had security. We had to fight for our next year’s contract. Today’s players get a 3, 4 or 5 year contract so they don’t have to put out every day. You were one of baseball’s greatest bunters. Does it frustrate you when you see the lack of fundamentals some of today’s million dollar players display when trying to bunt a baseball? Yes, very much so. But they don’t want to learn. It’s one of the few things that you can learn and really help yourself.

How do you feel about the new league changes and playoff rules?

Personally, I don’t like it but I think the owners will love it because it will mean more money and the fans will love it because it will give more teams a chance to get into the World Series. Were you bitter that toward the end of your final season in baseball, the Yankees let you go in August, right before the playoffs?

Oh I was really mad, not bitter, but I as mad. The thing that saved me from blasting everybody on the Yankees, including the front office, was that (former Yankee) George Sternweiss happened to be at the game and George had gone through that several years prior. Well, right before the start of the game Gerorge saw me and I was practically in tears because they had just told me, and I was heading out to the bullpen when George said, “Look don’t even get dressed, just get your clothes, leave your car here and come with me. And whatever you do, don’t say anything that you’ll regret.” It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened. I cooled off and right away all the offers starting coming in the TV shows and not long after, I got the broadcast job with the Yankees. So if I would have said something, I might never have got this job. Which brings me to my next question. After retiring, you were hired as a Yankee TV and radio broadcaster, joining Mel Allen and Red Barber. How would you describe the experience of being in the broadcast booth after all these years? That’s another thing! I feel like I’ve fooled them into thinking I was actually a broadcaster. I just love the game and I talked about it just like you and I are talking now. It was so easy.

What’s your opinion of controversial Yankee owner George Steinbrenner? Certain writers and fans don’t like him but all he wants to do is win. And he pays the highest money so I don’t know why these ball players complain about him, I really don’t. When you see the young players today, do you think of yourself when you were in their shoes and what it would be like playing today? Sure, and I would be crazy if I didn’t. I don’t know how I would have reacted getting all this money so easily but I would have liked to have played at least one year so I could retire. A hundred years from now, how would you like the baseball world to remember Phil Rizzuto? Just as somebody who hustled all the time and tried to get the most our of being a mediocre player because to stay in the big leagues you’ve got to produce and there were certain things that I could do that nobody else could, like bunt and go back on fly balls in short left field and just help the team make good defensive plays and just get on base once in a while so somebody could knock ya in. Remember me as a guy who hustled all the time until it was over.


Joe DiMaggio…Mickey Mantle right behind him and then Yogi Berra. Of course, players make quite a bit more money today than they did when you played the game. Have you noticed a decline in the skill level of some of these high priced players compared to those who played the game 50 years ago? I really have. They say we old timers don’t know what we’re talking about but the thing is the kids today are bigger, stronger and faster but they’re not near as smart.

Anybody can learn to bunt but today’s players just don’t want to learn.


No, no, no…in those days it was really tough.


a cup of coffee we gave him the last day he worked out at the Stadium.” That’s kind of funny when you consider that today’s players are getting five million a year.



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That all scotches are whiskey, but not all whiskies are Scotch!

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals hand sanitizer is a revolutionary cleansing product. One can never be too careful about who they make contact with. Distributed by Blue Q and sold from Amazon to Wallmart for just under $6.00 is a must have. Let’s be honest ladies and germs, how many times do you see people not wash their hands after toilet use. I personally feel that everyone should be carrying this sanitizer around everywhere. In fact maybe we should use this product even before we touch our own genitals. What do you think about that! (Please Genital Responsibly)



Kartchner Caverns

Located in Arizona State Park, this show cave with 2.4 miles of passages was discovered by local cavers in 1974. Long hidden from view, the caves are carved out from limestone and filled with peleothems, which has been growing for more than 50,000 years. Tours of the caves open to the public include the Throne Room. It also includes the Big Room, which consists of the most extensive formation of brushite moonmilk (not moo milk) in the world, because it is a nursery roost for more than 1,000 cave bats which probably means shit everywhere. Other caverns that can be accessed by the public include the Cul-de-sac Passage, Mud Flats, Strawberry Room, and the Rotunda Room.

Stand on your feet and lose your seat, well not anymore. Night Glow Seats can glow for up to 8 hours plus depending on how long the Nightglow seat was exposed to a light source and what type of light source. The brighter and longer that the seat is exposed to light, the longer it will glow. In tests the NightGlow seat performs better in bathrooms with a natural light source, such as a window vs a bathroom with no natural light source. They glow green or blue without emitting any radiation so your “genitals” and future children are safe. I’m sure having several of these in the household will definitely eliminate all types of arguments unless you live alone. Well then you just argue with yourself! (Please Seat Responsibly)


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Sold by TaiLi this USB plug and play fan/led clock is definitely a conversation piece. Keeps you cool and on time. Operated with on off switch, soft flexible metal gooseneck to position in any direction. Works on any USB outlet you could find, desktop laptops, computer, power bank, power strip. Led light display time, the brightness of time is exactly right. It’s nice way of keeping an eye on time, because time does fly!


If this isn’t a topic for recycling I’m not sure what is. This a very cool concept for your man cave or any hot spot. These keg urinals are some of the coolest bathroom accessories I’ve ever seen. Made to order and totally custom this company really went the distance. No need for any fancy lighting access, just listen for the tone and shoot away gents. I’m guessing if your going to have memories of anything about your experience in the men’s room this would be it. Sorry ladies, this experience excludes you.


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Dingo’s Den features a full service bar and kitchen, pool table, dart boards, an ATM, shuffleboard a comfortable lounge area with couches, and tables. Home to Local & National Touring Artists

A sister to Dingo’s Den, Dingbatz is all about live music. With a full service bar that keeps the drinks flowing all night, Dingbatz features a sweet stage, professional sound system and a spacious floor to accommodate all your headbanging, rocking and moshing needs.

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Let’s Talk Golf:

Interview with Stephen Mills of

I’ve never played golf, and this is the first time I’ve even set foot on a course. Tell me some history about Skyway Golf, how did you get started? Stephen Mills: Well the golf course itself has been open since July 1st of 2015. This idea came about when the county executive and the freeholders of Hudson County decided they wanted to build a golf course. The HCIA, the Hudson County Improvement Authority, spearheaded the building of the program, or the building of the golf course. I believe they started digging around 2011, they had to remediate the land first. Once they did that, they brought in fill from the New York Harbor from their dredging project and they built the golf course up 30-40 feet from the original ground level. After that, they then brought in (laughs) A LOT of sand. We have a 2ft sand cap on the golf course. It’s about 6in underneath the topsoil in the turf. Environmentally it was built as eco-friendly as possible. Sounds like a very evolved project, and I’m sure you’re very proud of the final results. So who do you normally cater to, any specific type of crowd?

in Jersey City.

Stephen Mills: Everybody. We have your local fry cook at McDonald’s, up to Mayor Guiliani playing out here. We have tour pros who play golf out here. We have few of the local high schools, St. Peter’s Prep, Snyder, Dickenson, and Lincoln. They practice out here and play matches. We have some local universities, NJCU, St. Peters, Stevens, NYU, and Wagner comes in from Staten Island. So they all practice out here as well.


By: Amanda-Kathryn aka RamblesofRed

So from what you have told me, quite a variety of people have come and enjoyed the course. In your opinion, how viable would you say the golf course is to the city?

With all the events being held outside talk to me about the weather. How has it been affecting Skyway’s business?

Stephen Mills: Very. About 20% of our play comes from Manhattan. A lot of early morning guys would come out here to play, and a lot of afternoon guys come out here to play. It’s usually mid-day we don’t see them, but it’s either early morning, or late afternoon or weekends that we see the guys from the city.

Stephen Mills: Well, the great thing about this golf course is it drains. It’s got to be one of the best-draining golf courses in the country. Just the way that it was built, with the two-foot sand cap underneath, it just sucks the water up like a sponge. Which is good, it helps us out because even after an inch of rain in an hour golfers can probably get back out there within 15 to 20 minutes to actually play. There’s not a lot of standing water on the golf course so that helps.

Wow, so people are coming from Manhattan just to play the course. That’s very impressive. I don’t know about them, but the commute wasn’t too bad in the afternoon to get here for me. How would you rate the commute to Skyway for a first time traveler? Stephen Mills: For me, it’s not too bad. I live down the turnpike a little bit. It doesn’t take me very long to get here. Most of the people here in Hudson County Uber. That’s about a third of our business, believe it or not, are people who are Ubering here. That Lyft share really helps out people needing a ride to get here and keeps the travel simple. I definitely can see how that would contribute to keeping the business running smoothly. Besides a simple commute, what does it take to make Skyway so successful? Stephen Mills: You have to have a good staff, a very friendly staff. The staff is really what helps to bring the customers back. The other good thing is the county, and the HCIA, they put money back into the golf course which is great. In the last couple of years, we’ve actually put up a banquet facility, a banquet tent. This year the undertaking is going to be locker rooms. We’re building an addition onto the trailer here putting in locker rooms so the men and ladies will be able to have showers. Some major renovations are on the horizon for you. What sort of events does Skyway hold currently? Stephen Mills: We do a lot of charity events for fraternal organizations, medical organizations, and just fundraisers. We have a First Tee Program here, which is great. It caters to all children whether they can afford the program or not. The program is not very expensive. If they can’t afford the $50 then a scholarship is provided because we don’t want to, you know, keep kids from learning how to play the game if they don’t know how to play the game, or have the means to play the game. We provide everything we can clubs, balls, tees...everything

Well that’s good to hear considering the major snow hell that’s coming tomorrow! Tell me about Skyway’s plans for Golf 2018. Stephen Mills: Golf for 2018. Well with the banquet facility we do plan on doing more evening time events, leagues, couple’s leagues, men’s leagues. We’re going to be doing more creative events. April 4th we’re actually doing a Par 3 tournament, we’re going to make the golf course all par 3s. We’re gonna serve master’s theme food, drinks. The masters do an annual event where they bring all the golfers to their par 3 course, they can bring their families out and children can caddy for them. We’re gonna do the same thing, it’s just our way to grow the game here. The food aspect, theming after the masters should help out, and doing it during the evening does help. Morning events, we actually do what we call a morning meeting event. We try do it at least once a month, if not twice a month. It tees off at sunrise, so if sunrise is at 5:30 AM, we tee off at 5:30 AM, and we feed them breakfast too. One of the things I love about Skyway seems very customer oriented. Here’s my last question for you: What distinguishes you from other golf courses in the local area? Stephen Mills: What distinguishes us....The level of service. Even though we are a 9 hole municipal golf course and there is a stigma about, you know, a lot of 9 hole courses are municipal courses, but we the staff, we treat everybody like their a member you know at a country club. We really try not to spare any expense on that. We try to retain all of our customers, treat them like family. Retaining our customers is really the big thing. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I can’t wait to try the course out on my spring break. Stephen Mills: Thank you, and stop by anytime.


Stephen Mills: Not really, I mean Anita Marks comes out and plays golf out here. She works on a radio show for ESPN, and she plays out here a good bit.

we possibly can for them. We did the Hudson County Amateur over the summer, and we raised funds for the Special Olympics. It was the first year we did it trying to gain sponsorship. I believe that we brought in a little over $1,200 that we donated to the Special Olympics. It wasn’t a lot, but it was our first year doing it, and we expect it to grow in the future.

Skyway seems to draw in quite an eclectic group. Any celebrities tee off here? I know you have to have that one you can’t resist bragging about.



20 Amazing “Tips” for Bartenders!

time to time. 9 Insist on proper behavior in your bar, whatever that happens to be. If you let the clientele run your establishment, you will never regain control.  10 Learn how to comp and why.  11 Look the part.  12 Control your environment. Is the A/C too high? Is the music too loud? Your clienteles’ comfort is directly proportional to the number of stars they will give you on Yelp when they walk out the door. 


Great bartenders are born, not made. If you walk through a crowd, you can pretty much point to people who could succeed at this job, based on how they carry themselves and how they relate to other people. The basic skills of the job can be taught, and the nuts and bolts of our job do not require an advanced degree, but a truly great bartender has the natural compulsion to anticipate the smallest details, and the training required to ensure each one is executed correctly. Bartenders have no adjudicating body that can tell us all the right and wrong way of executing our jobs. Every bar is different, just as every person is different, and it is impossible to devise a system that works for all the various bars in the world, the hordes of people who work them, and the throngs of those who drink there. There have been some great bartenders who have laid down general guidelines for how to tend bar (Dale Degroff’s 5 Commandments for Bartenders comes to mind), but it is difficult to find a detailed, specific list of how bartenders should act. What makes a good bartender? What about a bad one? What does a good bartender do...and what don’t they do? 

13 Branch out. Make sure you have the skillsets necessary to deliver what people can reasonably expect in your bar, and work to gain the skills you’ll need to succeed at your next job. Because you will have a next job, and it will require more of you.

As I train bartenders for my bar, I try 14 Know a joke. Get good at banter. People pay to pass along these 20 rules. Do you for booze, but they tip for your service. have any to add? 1 Do everything you can to make your guests happy within the boundaries you have been given.

4 Sleeping with your customers is a great way to lose money. 5 Know what you serve and why. If you work at a beer bar, make sure you know about beer. If you’re new and uneducated, pick a few that you can get to know well, and start from there. 6 Learn how to make cocktails. Practice the details. 7 Cash-handling is king. Neat money shows your customers and owners that you are paying attention to their cash. 8 Tips aren’t everything. It’s a long-term game, so don’t sweat the random crappy gratuity from


17 Don’t touch your face, hair, or any other part of your body. Cough in to the crook of your arm. Sneeze down. Always be seen washing your hands. Don’t be disgusting. 18 Open your mouth. Talk to people. Say hello when they walk up and goodbye when they leave. Chat with your clientele, ask how they’re doing, even if it’s just passing time. Often, that is exactly what people want from you.  19 Keep your mouth shut. Don’t offer advice. Don’t dominate conversations. Keep yourself to yourself. 20 Behind the bar, you are an illusion, a fantasy, a servant, and an actual person all rolled in to one. Choose wisely which side you choose to present at any given moment.

3 You are on stage and people are watching you. Act accordingly. If you are not comfortable with this, find another job.

16 Mise en place. It’s a fancy French phrase for how you arrange your tools and ingredients. Set your mise, and do the same thing every time. You can’t be fast if you’re constantly searching for what you need.


2 It’s not your party. It’s not your booze. It’s not your bar.

15 Keep a clean bar. Turn bottles to face forward. Wipe the bar-top. Straighten the stools. If people think you don’t care, they won’t either.

Lacking Details NIKKI ROSE @nik_lovins

So let’s just say you’ve picked out an outfit and it needs a little extra love. There are plenty of ways you can spice up your outfit with the use of accessories (as we all know), but which ones? Have you thought about adding a belt; a seriously large pair of tassel earrings; a bold purse that you normally wouldn’t try; shoes that can be spotted from 10 miles away? Sometimes you just need to try them all to get a sense for what completes the outfit. Add and subtract as you go! Don’t be afraid to add pieces that truly make a statement, even if the outfit stands out on its own. Make sure they compliment each other and you’re still winning!

Belt 564 I $38

Trish Goldline Choker I $8

You Stay Here Newboys Cap Adidas Original Adicolor Trefoil Hoodie I $12



Indio I $65

Ornament to be gold and Brown Tassel Earrings

Raven Crossbody bag I $9 I $38

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New York Fashion Week:

Men’s FW18

New York Fashion Week: Men’s was an absolutely amazing experience! Many of the designers showcased are all about cutting edge techniques and modern style that brings “classy gentleman” to a new level. Here are a few of my favorite runway shows and presentations from the FW18 season.

Carlos Campos Carlos Campos is all about geometry, blocks, patterns, and two-toned style. Loose fitting pants with structured blazers create a definitive design with a street-worthy appeal. Campos’ looks edge on the tribal side to showcase a graphic effect which sets you apart in a crowd. Jason and Whoopi Goldberg backstage at Carlos Campos.

JASON TEZ @TezTrends

Tom Ford The iconic Tom Ford once again made a hit with his showing at New York Fashion Week. This popular designer is famous for musicians and actors sporting his pieces, as well as the man who wants to have a fantastic wardrobe. Dramatic necklines and tailored pants rocked the runway this year.

Photo Credit: Patrick Michael Hughes I @patrickmichaelhughes

Joseph Abboud is known to put on a show that is an accurate depiction of his current line. This collection was full of tailored suits and neutral colors to wear in the workplace or a night on the town. You cannot go wrong with Joseph Abboud for a timeless gentleman look.

Fresh styles and classic favorites are great for men’s wardrobes this year. I always leave the shows feeling inspired to try something new and take a closer look at my wardrobe to encourage change.

Want more photos & videos from NYFW? Follow@teztrends on Instagram or visit


Joseph Abboud

Perry Ellis stood out on the runway with bold graphic designs, asymmetrical cuts, and a stunning style for men. This rocker style featured blazers and caps to accentuate the classic and edgy.


Perry Ellis




503 Valley Brook Ave • Lyndhurst, NJ

Chef Joseph Forte What inspired you to become a chef? When I was young I was helping my mother in the kitchen and thought it would be a great job. Long story short, I pursued my career in it. How would you describe the cuisine here at Casa Giuseppe? Well we mix a little bit of everything. We’re a little continental and a little Italian. Plus I do some French dishes to. So it’s a little bit of everything.  Is there one signature dish that stands out? We’re known for our crab cakes. Their amazing. The blackened scallops are excellent as well.  Are you calm in the kitchen or are you more like Chef Ramsey from Hells Kitchen? Sometimes I’m calm and sometimes I can be like Chef Ramsey. It depends on the moment. (Laughs) Where do you get your inspirations from when it comes to putting together a menu? Some I get from home and I also get a lot from other restaurants I used to work at. I’m compiled a very long list of dishes during my career. 

Yes! It really does drive me crazy when people ask for steak well done, because you ruin the meat and the flavor. It dries the steak out. What’s the thought process behind the correct menu? I tried to think what would be good for this area. Every region has different tastes. So I put a lot of time into thinking what would the people in the neighborhood like to eat.  So this is interesting. You’re attached to the 503 Bar which doesn’t have a kitchen. And oddly enough your restaurant doesn’t have a liquor license. How would you describe your relationship with 503? It really is a fun relationship. Customers at 503 can order from the restaurant and I try to keep the appetizers high end. Such as? Things like Grilled Octopus and of course the blackened scallops. I also will serve the full menu next door as well. Are you critical of other Chefs? I try not to be. If I don’t like a place I just won’t go back.

Can anyone be a great cook with practice? But do you expect more? You really have to be born with the talent I believe. You can throw stuff together, but you need the talent to know how to taste the right seasoning. You have to have the right touch. Are you protective over your recipes? No, not at all. I don’t mind sharing my recipes.  Does it drive you crazy when people ask for a steak well done?

No, not really. The place could be ugly but have great food and visa versa. What would you say to anyone who has never been to your restaurant? I would say definitly come down and try it. We have a lot of repeat customers. Everyone comes back. It’s a great staff here. We really click. We’re open 7 days a week for dinner. Please come down.



Yes! It really does drive me crazy when people ask for steak well done, because you ruin the meat and the flavor. It dries the steak out.Â



A Sinful Delight By Amanda-Kathryn (aka RamblesofRed)

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and I’m so excited to have two weeks off from school! After surviving the snowstorm from hell yesterday, I decided to return to my roots and check out burlesque night at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge in Newark. Now back in the day, I used to be an avid QXT’s attendee. I wore fishnets, dark sultry makeup, etc. It really got me into the pin-up culture, and being that it is International Women’s Day, I figured what better way celebrate? The commute to Hell’s was relatively simple, and I even learned it’s going to be practically walking distance from my new residence (which is always a plus). It’s also very easy to find! Just look for the bright lights of the sign marquis on Lafayette street, and you’ve made it to your destination. Once I walked inside I was greeted by bar manager, Dave Menace, and his bartender for the evening, Melissa. Their smiling faces made it a very comfortable welcome, and Melissa was very engaging with everyone that came through the door. The atmosphere of Hell’s Kitchen is both relaxing and even gives off a seductive, alluring type of feel. It combines the look of retro pin-up, combined with a hint of 50’s downtown lounge. Now one of the things that I loved about this place, is that the bar area seems like a slightly different world compared to the lounge part. It has ample seating, and more than enough flat screen TV’s for you sports fanatics, while the lounge area has a more intimate vibe. It had candles, and plenty of tables available to enjoy the live entertainment from the stage in front of you.

After that huge meal, Sunni recommended we try some drinks before the show began. She pointed us to two mixed drinks, The Angels and Demons and 7 Deadly Sins, that she guaranteed would have us practically floating for the evening. Intrigued, I couldn’t resist a challenge, and neither could Manny, so we decided to give the Angels and Demons a try first. The Angels and Demons is a mixed drink comprised of Bacardi Superior Rum, Bacardi Coconut Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple Juice, and Strawberry Puree. My first impression of it was that is looked like a regular strawberry daiquiri with whipped cream and a cherry on top. It’s not so much sweet, which surprised me a lot, but upon partaking it you’ll taste the coconut through and through. This drink is perfect for college students looking for something that reminds us of laying out on in the sand, instead of dealing with the piles of snow we are currently being dealt with. Overall it was a delight to try, and the perfect after dinner treat. Once we finished our first round of drinks, we decided to take a break and enjoy a few sets of burlesque from the gorgeous Amber Ray. The show was very colorful and engaging and I simply couldn’t take my eyes off it! If you haven’t checked out a burlesque show before, it is a once in a lifetime experience that you must try. Between the music and dancing, you won’t be disappointed, and I highly recommend making Hell’s Kitchen the one to pop your cherry for your first show. As the night was nearing its end, Manny and I were so enveloped by the show we almost forgot to try our last drink: The 7 Deadly Sins. Now if you’ve ever tried a Long Island Iced Tea, I can say for sure this drink will kick its ass, and then some. It’s a combination of Absolut, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Tanqueray, El Jimador Tequila, Cointreau, Sour Mix, and Cola (woof)! Although it may appear innocent at first glance, don’t let that one little garnished cherry fool you. Heed my advice on this when I say that this will be the drink of all drinks, and you will definitely be seeing stars after it. Dave Menace brings both spectacle and delight with Hell’s Kitchen Lounge in Newark. This close to home find is perfect if you’re looking for favorites such as Taco Tuesday, Friday Night Dance Parties, and don’t forget the Brick City Burlesque on Thursdays. Between its combination of friendly staff, awesome food, and spicy entertainment, you’ll never want to go to New York City again. Don’t forget to check out other staple events at Hell’s Kitchen, such as Woofstock. My overall experience was amazing, and I’m sure yours will be too. Cheers, and see you next Thursday!


Now onto my favorite part, food! Once my friend Manny arrived, we were seated by our server and guide for the evening, Sunni. I immediately asked her to direct us to the crowd favorites, and she suggested 2 house favorites: The Guinness Burger and Brick City Burger. Now you might be saying to yourself, “burgers are so cliché.” Believe me when I say, these burgers live up to their reputation. The Guinness Burger came with bacon and melted Guinness marble cheddar on top, and Manny’s favorite: onion rings. It was a perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors and grilled to medium perfection. The Brick City Burger came with BBQ sauce (my favorite topping ever), chorizo, onion ring, and cheese with some shoestring fries on the side. I have never felt fuller in my entire life after eating it, but it is a must try for those of you needing a bit of change from your normal burger routine.




March Madness Tournament Schedule, Bracket Predictions for No. 1 Seeds Amid all the chaos and turnover in the top 25 this season, some of the elite programs in men’s basketball have risen to the top over the last few weeks. Throughout the course of the 2017-18 season, plenty of teams have made a legitimate case for a No. 1 seed, but only few have remained at the forefront of the discussion ahead of Selection Sunday. No matter what happens during the conference tournaments, Virginia and Villanova appear to have a lock on two of the four No. 1 seeds, but the other two are up for grabs depending on what occurs over the next two weeks. Just because a team receives a No. 1 seed this season doesn’t mean it has a clear path to the Final Four, as plenty of surprising results are expected to occur with no truly dominant team in the sport.

Selection Sunday (March 11) First four (March 13 and 14) First round (March 15 and 16) Second round (March 17 and 18) Sweet 16 (March 22 and 23) Elite 8 (March 24 and 25) Final Four (March 31) National Championship (April 2)


No. 1 Seed Predictions Virginia Virginia has avoided the chaos that has engulfed college basketball, as it’s put together a 15-1 record in ACC play.  The only stumble by the top-ranked team in the nation came in an overtime loss to Virginia Tech on February 10.  With two games remaining, the Cavaliers have locked up the ACC regular-season title and earned the No. 1 seed at the ACC tournament.  As long as they win one game at the Barclays Center, the Cavaliers should assure themselves of being among the top seeds on Selection Sunday on March 11.  Tony Bennett’s team may play a boring style in the eyes of some outside observers, but it’s been effective in a year in which every side in the nation has been susceptible to multiple upsets.  The top-ranked Cavaliers are led by senior Devon Hall and sophomores Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome. Guy leads Virginia with 14.5 points per game, while Hall is averaging 11.8 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists per contest.  Jerome leads the team with 3.8 assists and 1.5 steals per game, and he is a 90.3-percent shooter from the free-throw line. The Cavaliers appear to be poised to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament, but all it takes is one offensive


Kansas deserves a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament after working its way through the minefield that was the Big 12 regular season. The Jayhawks weren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they turned it up to a championship gear no one else in the conference has to close out their 14th-straight regular-season title. Coach Bill Self’s team is peaking at the right moment with five consecutive victories, including wins over West Virginia and Texas Tech. Even if the Jayhawks don’t win the Big 12 tournament,

The final No. 1 seed should be determined during the conference tournaments. Xavier appears to be in good position to earn it, but a loss to Villanova in the Big East tournament could drop it down to a No. 2 seed if Michigan State controls the Big Ten tournament. The Spartans aren’t the sexy pick to earn a No. 1 seed based off how poor the Big Ten is as a league compared to the Big East or Big 12, but they’ve made a significant claim with a 12game winning streak that dates back to January 19. However, the only victory over a ranked team during that stretch came on February 10 against Purdue, who at one time appeared to be a lock for a top seed in March. Head coach Tom Izzo’s squad has an opportunity to solidify a resume that includes a trio of wins over top10 teams with a Big Ten tournament title. If the Spartans play up to their potential in the NCAA tournament, they could be hard to beat, as they possess a versatile group with five players averaging over 11 points per game. Miles Bridges gets most of the spotlight, and deservedly so, but Cassius Winston is one of the best distributors in the nation, while Jaren Jackson Jr. is poised to have a breakout tournament and show he’s the most dominant freshman in college basketball.



Michigan State


Villanova hasn’t been as perfect as we’d like it to be in February to put a firm lock on a No. 1 seed, but it has put itself in position to do so with a pair of victories over Xavier in Big East play. Losses to St. John’s, Creighton and Providence have proved the Wildcats aren’t untouchable, but you have to give them credit for showing up in the biggest game of their season to date against Xavier on February 17. The 95-79 victory over the Musketeers handed the Wildcats an advantage in the discussion for a No. 1 seed despite being one game behind Xavier in the loss column in the Big East standings. A third win over Xavier in the Big East tournament would solidify Villanova’s resume, which includes nonconference wins over Gonzaga and Tennessee. With five players shooting better than 40 percent  from three-point range, the Wildcats can pummel any opponent with their play beyond the arc. However, there will come a game in March where big men Omari Spellman and Eric Paschall are forced to lead the team as an opponent keys in on stopping the three-point barrage. As long as Spellman and Paschall pack a punch inside, the Wildcats should have enough of a well-rounded game to get them to the Final Four.             

they should be in good shape to secure a No. 1 seed with a trio of top-10 victories a part of their 5-3 record against top-25 teams. The strength of the Big 12 should also push the Jayhawks among the top seeds on Selection Sunday, but just because they survived the Big 12 doesn’t mean they’ll go far in the NCAA tournament. The Jayhawks lack consistency in the paint, and it wouldn’t be surprising if opponents force Udoka Azubuike, who is a 44.2 percent free-throw shooter, to beat them at the free-throw line. Devonte Graham and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk provide Kansas with senior leadership, and both are capable of winning games by themselves. However, they must receive contributions from the supporting cast of Malik Newman, Lagerald Vick and Azubuike in order to stay alive past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.           


game plan to tear their packline defense to shreds for their title hopes to come crashing down.       


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Wagyu Kobe style burger

Onion marmalade, muenster, veal, pastrami, bacon and black truffle aioli.



125 N Kinderkamack Road • Montvale, NJ 07645



Lauren Casarona

Photographer: Mirror51




Tis The Season! (almost)

Alan Tecchio /alan.tecchio

There are a few ways to get psyched up for the coming riding season. For me, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan is usually one of them. This year was no different and one of my favorites to date as far as new machines go. I can recall when the huge buzz surrounded the TV show American Chopper and there were hundreds of their fans (not necessarily riders) clogging up the show ailes waiting in line for their autographs. That definitely was a low point for the show as far as I am concerned. This year it seemed the ailes were wider and there was just more thought put into the layout of the floorplan. It flowed well and I could find pretty much anything I was looking for with ease. The most important reveal at the show to me, was the all-new Honda Goldwing. This, the moto that’s been the industry standard of luxury mototouring for decades has actually gone in more of a sporty direction. Dropping a staggering 90 pounds in weight was a big change but electrical components have been married together to make that happen as well as a decrease in the massive storage space the bike once had. I just love the new look and hope to one day grab a new Wing to take it for a spin so I can see firsthand just how these changes have affected the machine.

Another highlight was Kawasaki’s unveiling of a few new machines in their lineup. My favorite of the bunch was their all-new ZX-10R which was ridden out in front of the gathered journalists by none other than World Superbike champion Tom Sykes. I managed to grab this selfie with him and can honestly say that he seemed to be a very nice guy from our brief encounter. I gave him a copy of my column dedicated to Nicky Hayden whom he raced against and he appeared very appreciative. Very sad of course, but appreciative none-the-less. Lastly Indian Motorcycles who have been stirring up quite a buzz in recent years, displayed this prototype bike that was simply jaw dropping. Man, I hope this bike makes it into production. It would be a total trip to see what this moto rides like on the road. I encourage all of you to check out the Progressive International Motorcycle Show next year if you want to see all that will be new for the upcoming season. It never ceases to get me pumped up for all the rides that are to come when it finally does warm up. That time is apparently coming earlier than ever this year so get ready and ride safely!





RAVIÂ BHALLA Tells Chaunce Hayden why when it comes to his city enough is enough! ...and a downtown bar owner anonymously responds.

Hoboken is no longer a town where you can come and get trashed. Those days are now over. Hoboken has grown up and it’s residence have grown up. MAYOR BHALLA


Mayor Bhalla



Chaunce Hayden: How would you describe the current situation between the downtown bar owners and the city counsel of Hoboken... especially yourself? Mayor Bhalla: I think the best way to describe it is as a gradual transformation more in keeping with Hoboken’s current demographics. Which is? A more family friendly environment. Local Restaurant Owner: Hoboken’s downtown bar owners have always been pro family. We do cancer benefits and work with so many other charities and youth organizations. Does the mayor have a problem when we do bar crawls for cancer and so many other good causes? We have a huge bar crawl for MS and Breast Cancer and Make-A-Wish. In the words of President Trump is your goal to drain the swamp of all the bars that cater to a young crowd in the downtown part of Hoboken? Well I’m doing that but not in an aggressive or inappropriate manner. I just plan on making sure the laws are followed and unruly behavior is no longer tolerated. If these laws are violated a liquor license will no longer be permitted to such establishments. My goal is to create a different culture in the downtown area that’s more in keeping with the new culture. Local Restaurant Owner: What new culture? Hoboken is a town where young professionals can thrive. I’m talking about both male and female professionals between the ages 24 and 35. When you say the downtown area it seems like your going after the ward of (Hoboken councilman) Mike DeFusco who was his number one political adversary. Hoboken’s downtown area was always a place to party for the past 20 years. Now you want to destroy that to fit your own agenda which in the opinion of many violates the right to make a living for bar owners as well other businesses. It sounds to me like discrimination because the mayor doesn’t himself enjoy the ambience many downtown bars offer. This past week you revoked the liquor license of the popular nightspot 1 Republik and suspended the operation for several other establishments that cater to that young crowd you referred to. What’s been the reaction of such aggressive action right before Saint Patrick’s Day? I’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive reactions from the residence of Hoboken who are sick and tired of people getting drunk and fighting in the streets and urinating on private and public property. All I’ve been hearing is “...thank you, thank you, thank you for having the courage to stand up to these establishments and not allowing them to destroy the quality of life of this city.” Our city has been highjacked from people from out of town who are coming in and getting drunk, violent and causing problems for our police force and the good people who just want a safe environment to live. On top of that the residence have to pay for all the police over-time to control those who are only here to cause trouble and put our police in danger. People from out of town are trashing the city and the tax payers have to pay for it. That is totally

unacceptable to me. So the reaction has been amazing and to the credit of the bar owners they are changing their ways of operating within the law and if they continue to obey the law they will be able to stay in business. Local Restaurant Owner: So Mr. Mayor are you saying all outside people are drunks who puke and pee over other people’s property? That’s what it sounds like. Are you discriminating against out of towners? Mayor sir, the people you describe who trash our town; are these the same people who fill up our over priced parking garages? Are these the same people whose cars are ruined driving down our third world country Washington Street? Which by the way was described as one of the worst roads in the nation. Lets talk about Leprochon Day this past week. How was the city in terms of crowds and behavior? I walked the streets with my wife and two children and we had lunch downtown. The quality of life seemed greatly improved than in the past. I had local residents approach me on the street and say that for once they can go out of their homes and have a bit to eat at the local restaurants. The people of Hoboken felt like they got their city back. There was a private event for Leprochon Day in the downtown area that took place in the later evening hours, but overall the amount of arrests and tavern sheets were down dramatically. It was a much more quiet night and a much more orderly night. But will the lack of people who come to enjoy the city from out of town hurt all the businesses in Hoboken who just won’t see the number of potential customers on the streets that they are used to seeing? I’m not aware of anything like that happening. Having less out out of town crowds wont hurt Hoboken or impact it’s residents other then to make it a better quality of life for all the people who live in the city. For too long Hoboken was a place where people would come into town on a weekend and engage in an out of control amateur hour. That is no longer an option for these people. Hoboken is no longer a town where you can come and get trashed. Those days are now over. Hoboken has grown up and it’s residents have grown up. My mission is to create a hospitality industry in the downtown area that changes who it currently caters to. I want to see the hospitality industry cater to a much older demographic that represents the people of Hoboken. Local Restaurant Owner: Mr. Mayor are you suggesting or demanding or creating a dictatorship style environment that businesses have to operate under? According to your comment it’s more about your own likes and dislikes rather than a free society where the business owner has the right to decide who their cliental should be. The mayor seems to have a problem specifically with downtown establishments. Mr. Mayor you talk about the quality of life. Have you ever approached a local business owner who’s quality of life is affected by the increasing number of homeless people who are drunk and urinating on the streets and begging for money while families and young professionals are trying to enjoy themselves.


Our city has been highjacked from people from out of town who are coming in and getting drunk, violent and causing problems for our police force and the good people who just want a safe environment to live. MAYOR BHALLA

Mayor Bhalla



Would it be fair to assume that the bars who now currently exist in the downtown path area of Hoboken will not be able to survive if your mission is indeed to change their clientele? I think the bars in that area of town can not only survive but thrive if they are willing to reconsider their business model. They will now need to cater to the residents of Hoboken who are older and less prone to wild and disorderly behavior. Those days are gone. Local Restaurant Owner:: Mr Mayor with all due respect have you taken a walk around your town? Hospitality business owners would be willing to walk around town with you Monday through Friday when business is off almost 30 percent. Haven’t you seen all the empty stores up and down Washington Street because they can no longer afford high priced rents? When you talk about changing our business model are you also asking McDonald’s to change their business model? Mr Mayor when you were drinking and partying in Hoboken would have wanted us to change our business model? Weren’t you apart of the same crowd you no longer want in Hoboken? That said, do you see the out of town crowd that you refer to moving on to Jersey City to drink and party the way 20 somethings like to do? If so what advice would you give to the mayor of Jersey City? I know Mayor Fulop very well and I know that he is concerned about that and like me he will not tolerate it either. I won’t advise Mayor Fulop on how to do his job, he’s very good at it and doesn’t need my help. But I can tell you he will not let the bars in his city become what Hoboken has cleaned out. Just like Hoboken, Jersey City will make sure there are no lines down the street consisting of intoxicated people. There will accountability if the bars break the law and they will also be losing their liquor license like what we have done here in Hoboken. Listen, there are very basic rules of owning and operating a bar and owning a liquor license and as long as those rules are respected the bars will be fine. If they break those rules they will not be able to operate. It’s that simple. Local Restaurant Owner: Mr. Mayor with all due respect, maybe Hoboken should take a look at what Jersey City is doing. They are pro restaurant and bars and unlike Hoboken, they are willing to work with the hospitality community. That’s why Jersey City business is thriving and we’re not. In Hoboken the hospitality community is always under attack by your administration with nonsense fines regarding zoning laws and anything to promote our business including beer signs and menu boards. How did it all get to this point? Who is to blame? The past Hoboken administration? The bar owners? How did we get here? The last administration in Hoboken to it’s credit made substantial reforms that helped us get to this point where we can now close down these bars. The real problem was in 2011 and 2012 where things got so bad we literally had to cancel the Saint Patrick’s Day parade because things got so out of hand. But things have drastically improved and will continue to improve under my administration. Also let me say that a vast majority of bar owners in Hoboken are very responsible bar owners. It’s just a few that have taken advantage of the privilege of their liquor license. It was the desire of these bars

to attract the college age drinking crowd. They are to blame for the problems we’ve seen in Hoboken and we won’t allow it any more. Like I said, those days are now over. In the coming weeks we will be writing more warrants and cleaning out those bars that have been the cause of all the problems. Local Restaurant Owner: Mr. Mayor isn’t the job of the police department to monitor the out of control disorderly people who misbehave in town? Why is that on the bar owner? There are problems at pizzerias and at fast food restaurants. Are they going to be punished as well for the actions of their customers. Are they going to be asked to change their business models? Lets talk about the St Patrick’s Day parade. The parade wasn’t canceled because of unruly bars. It was canceled because the town couldn’t control the house parties and a few bad apples. Wouldn’t it make sense to bring back the parade where police, military, school bands, Irish bag pipers and so many other organizations all march? Wouldn’t that bring back families into Hoboken? What would you like to say to the bar owners of Hoboken who are in fear of losing their livelihoods? Follow the law. It’s not complex. Just do your job. Make sure you have enough staff. Make sure that the bar manager is an experienced and responsible person. If you follow the law you will see me as your friend and we will be able to work together. Local Restaurant Owner: Mr. Mayor has this past or present administration ever tried to reach out to anyone in the Hoboken downtown hospitality community? From what I hear some of the fines your administration handed out recently was ludicrous and absurd and could have put many hard working hospitality professionals out of business. You could have destroyed people’s livelihoods because of situations that were completely out of control and out of the bar hands. I’m talking about things like anonymous noise violations. We employee moms, dads, school teachers, college students and many hospitality professionals. You think we hire the wrong staff? Did your administration think for one moment that targeting the bars would affect the employees of those bars? How many employees could not pay their rent, feed their kids or pay student loans? Friends? You want to be friends? Do you think the hospitality community doesn’t want to follow the rules? There’s an old saying, “Friends are friends and business is business.” Last question. Can we expect anymore bars in Hoboken to be shut down in the near future? Not to my knowledge. But the Hoboken police department looks at each bar on a weekend to weekend basis. If a bar is a chronic abuser of the law there will be consequences. Local Restaurant Owner: Mr. Mayor 99 percent of the community are law abiding citizens. Why are you letting the 1 percent of law breakers destroy Hoboken’s iconic hospitality scene? Generations of people have enjoyed Hoboken. Don’t take that away from future generations. It seems to me that your zero tolerance policy only applies to establishments that you don’t like, but not toward the people who actually cause the problems. Mr. Mayor we would all like to be friends and work together but like I said, friends are friends and business is business. End of story. Meet with us.

Sunday April 22, 2018

Victory Night Club (Located inside new Meadowlands racetrack) 1 Racetrack Dr. East Rutherford, NJ  07073

5PM to 9PM

Red Carpet - Dress to Impress! Family friendly - Children under 12 have free admission.

Annual charity art show event benefiting the Children Miracle Network Hospital of Mountainside, NJ where 100% of tickets and art sales will be donated to the hospital helping children fight cancer, injury and other illnesses. Last year the miracle art show raised $13,660 to the children hospital. Founder Eslam Negm created this event after the passing of his 2 cousins overseas in Egypt who lost their fight with cancer. In efforts to help his cousins, his family & himself would ship money to them in order to help pay for treatment. After their passing Eslam wanted to continue to help other children in need by partnering up with his local hospital. His vision is to bring artists from all around the tri-state area and put them under 1 roof with 1 goal in mind. Helping children fighting cancer, injury and other illnesses see a better tomorrow. Tickets can be purchased on

What to Expect at the event: Over 50+ art piece displays that will be up for silent auction, Djs, Live body painting, live make up artists, live canvas painters, live barbers cutting and designing hair, red carpet, cash bar, food upon request.



Lou Reed Poetry Collection ‘Do Angels Need Haircuts?’ Set for Release

Book accompanied by 1971 recording of Velvet Underground singer reciting poems at New York church



A collection of unpublished Lou Reed poems will be released this spring as Do Angels Need Haircuts? The book will be accompanied by a 1971 recording of the Velvet Underground singer reciting the works at New York’s St. Mark’s Church. “The Lou Reed Archive has been keen to publish some of the rare and unique material from the diverse and extraordinary collection of Lou’s life’s work, and we decided to start with these poems,” archivist Don Fleming told The Guardian.Do Angels Need Haircuts?, due out in April, features 12 poems and short stories from Reed’s public archive as well as Reed’s introductions to the poems and an afterword by the singer’s widow Laurie Anderson, The Guardian reports. Of the dozen works, only three have been released, including one as The Velvet Underground spoken word song “The Murder Mystery.” “Lou was a writer at heart, and during this period he considered giving up music to follow this path. Finding Lou’s own cassette tape in the archive, that he recorded at the event, was very exciting because we knew about the reading but had little idea of what he had read. His introductions to the pieces also gave us great insight into his creative process.” “Playing Music is Not Like Athletics” and the political “We Are the People” are among the Reed poems published for the collection, which mainly covers the six-month period in 1970 after Reed left the Velvet Underground and briefly quit music (and pursued poetry) before embarking on his long solo career.

Warped Tour Unveils Lineup for Final Run All Time Low, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, the Used among returning acts! The Warped Tour has announced its 2018 lineup. The tour’s final cross-country run includes several bands that have performed over the tour’s past 24 years, including All Time Low, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday and the Used.

“I sit here reflecting on the tour’s incredible history, what the final run means for our community,” he continued, “and look forward to what’s to come as we commemorate the tour’s historic 25th anniversary in 2019.”Last November, founder Kevin Lyman announced that 2018 would be the end of Warped Tour as a traveling unit, but he left the door open to celebrate the tour’s quarter of a century mark in 2019. “Today, with many mixed feelings, I am here to announce that next year will be the final, full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour,” Lyman wrote on the fest’s site. Other returning artists for the tour’s swan song include Reel Big Fish, 3OH!3 and Less than Jake, among many others. As in previous years, up-and-coming acts will also be featured. Two stages, the newly named Mutant Red Dawn and Mutant White Lightning, will host heavy and hardcore artists. Additional special guests will be announced at a later date. Warped Tour kicks off on June 21st in Pomona, CA, and weaves around the country before culminating in West Palm Beach, FL, on August 5th.

Piece arrives after Kweli canceled show at venue that also booked controversial Norwegian black metal band!


While Kweli recognizes that Christian and others like him are extremists, he argues that “many on the far right, the side adjacent to white nationalist and Nazi types like Christian, use the principle of free speech as an excuse to say whatever they want without consequence. Like Christian, they think free speech applies only to what they want to say and hear.” Kweli goes on to discuss the contours of this new debate, specifically how right-wing free speech advocates accuse an-


Talib Kweli penned an incisive essay on  Medium  that tackles the new debate over free speech, especially as it pertains to racism, fascism and white supremacy. The piece comes after Kweli canceled a performance at the Riot Room in Kansas City because the venue had also booked the Norwegian black metal band TAAKE, whom Kweli said “sympathizes with racism and bigotry.” The group has been accused of writing anti-Muslim lyrics while the band’s singer reportedly once performed with a swastika painted on his chest. On Wednesday, TAAKE canceled their North American tour and shared a lengthy Facebook post in which they compared the backlash against them to “the McCarthy witch hunts” and blamed the cancellations on “a small minority of left wing agitators [who] are able to force their agenda on the majority, and deprive music fans of their freedom to attend concerts and go about their day to day activities without the fear of reprisals and retaliation.” The group also criticized Kweli, claiming his decision to cancel his Riot Room show was influenced by anti-fascist activists known as Antifa. Kweli doesn’t mention TAAKE in his essay, but focuses instead on the issue at the center of the band’s complaint about “left wing agitators”: Free speech. Kweli opens his piece with the story of  Jeremy Christian, who harassed a teenage Muslim girl for wearing a hijab and then slashed the throats of three men who tried to stop him (two of the men subsequently died). At his arraignment,  Christian shouted, “Free speech or die, Portland. You got no safe place. This is America. Get out if you don’t like free speech.”


Free Speech, White Supremacy

ti-fascist activists of being “the real Nazis.” The rapper suggests that the right views Antifa’s efforts to stop racism and fascism as more dangerous than actual racism or fascism. He also argues that the right refuses to acknowledge how fascist and racist rhetoric inherently breeds violence.Kweli adds that this kind of free speech advocacy “is disingenuous at best and, at worst, insidious. This is an invented oppression… What today’s right-wing free speech advocates are truly advocating is for Nazis, the KKK and other white supremacist organizations and sympathizers to have additional, special rights the rest of us do not have: the right to say whatever they want without dissent, argument, pushback, or consequence.” “Those who believe in ethno-states and are anti-diversity are, frankly, anti-human,” Kweli writes. “The sole way to achieve that goal is through violence and extermination of others. It doesn’t matter if the speaker who supports ethno-states and hates diversity is polite… Hating a person for how they were born is illogical and hateful, and hate does not always deserve a debate.” Kweli deftly ties the current debate over free speech to the free speech controversy that engulfed the music industry, especially hip-hop, when he was a teenager. In the late-Eighties and early-Nineties, Tipper Gore – wife of then-Senator Al Gore – launched a campaign to censor explicit content in music. While Gore went after musicians from all genres, for Kweli, Ice-T became the most prominent target, especially after his rock band Body Count released their  infamous song, “Cop Killer.” Kweli also notes that just as one North Carolina police precinct vowed not to help any record store selling Body Count albums, police did little in 2017 to find the white supremacists who beat up DeAndre Harris and killed Heather Heyer at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.”As much as one could within the business, Ice-T martyred himself for the culture in the name of freedom of speech,” Kweli writes. “Today’s self-proclaimed right-wing martyrs for freedom of speech are not gangsta rappers. They are political talking heads who align themselves with white supremacist rhetoric.”  “Being a free speech absolutist in this era is a white privilege pushed by those who believe, like Trump, that there are ‘very fine people’ who march with KKK and Nazis,” Kweli writes. “Claiming to be oppressed by opponents of freedom of speech allows these white supremacists to claim they are just as oppressed as the people they oppress. They are jealous of the strength shown by the oppressed; it looks fun and sexy from where they sit.” At the end of his essay, Kweli touches on how this new free speech debate has played out on college campuses and social media. In both arenas, far-right activists have claimed their speech has been inhibited, whether it’s university administrations disinviting controversial speakers, or Twitter banning users for hate-speech. However, Kweli argues that neither of these are legitimate violations of free speech (rather, he quips, those who get kicked off Twitter for harassment likely violated the site’s own terms of service that all users must agree to). “Freedom of speech in America simply means the government cannot arrest you for what you say,” he says. “This I agree with. This doesn’t mean I must tolerate or listen to what you have to say, and it doesn’t mean that your misinformed opinions must be treated as fact or with respect, either in the flesh or on social media… There are places in the world where free speech is truly being suppressed. Your Twitter account is not one of them. Your college campus is not one of them. Use your free speech to show solidarity with those who are actually being oppressed instead.”


Mind Blowing From The Experts! FARTING DURING SEX IS NBD Dr Debra Laino is a certified sexologist, therapist and national speaker on topics of human sexuality and health The issue: A couple of months ago my friend farted loudly during sex. It had never happened to her before and she was mortified for days. The advice: “It happens!” I told her. I also said that if her partner was turned off by this totally NATURAL bodily occurrence, then they were living in a fantasy and not worth her time. I also pointed out that if she continued to put pressure on herself never to pass gas ever again during sex, then sex would become awkward for her. It might sound simple but the best thing to do in situations like this is to laugh about them. Embarrassment comes from taking ourselves too seriously, or setting expectations that aren’t always attainable or realistic. Sex gets hit hard when it comes to concepts of perfection but no one is perfect: we’re human. And we fart. Having a sense of humour about our eruptions, and ourselves, takes the edge off and can bring you and your partner closer together. ENJOYING A SPANK DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE A SEX ADDICT

Dr Tanisha M. Ranger is a licensed psychologist, certified sex addiction therapist and owner of Insight to Action LLC



The issue: One area I frequently get asked about from my friends, probably because I specialise in helping people with a sexual The advice: After reassuring them that they’re not alone, I tell addiction, is whether masturbating every day, watching porn or my friends there can be many reasons for sexual pain, and if it’s engaging in consensual BDSM makes them a sex addict. happening every time they have sex, or is particularly painful, they should see a doctor. Sometimes it’s a medical condition The advice: I tell them that when it comes to sexual addiction, like vaginismus (when the vaginal muscles contract or tighten it’s not about what you do – it’s about what those consensual when you try to insert something into it) or vulvodynia (a burning sexual activities are doing to you. So if they’re not preventing you sensation on the vulva). But one of the most common causes is from maintaining and nurturing your relationships, fulfilling your friction and tension from lack of lubrication and arousal. obligations at work or feeling good about yourself then, no, you’re probably not dealing with sex addiction. I asked one friend if things ‘moved quickly’ when she and her I also remind them that masturbation isn’t a negative thing – it’s a fabulous way to explore and satisfy your body and your sexuality on your own terms. But if you notice a negative pattern in your sexual behaviour, such as masturbating because you’re avoiding dealing with an emotion, watching so much porn that you’re missing out on important things, or not being able to engage sexually without a dominant/submissive aspect like spanking or binding – that’s when it can be problematic, and it’s best to see a therapist. They can help you manage your emotions and provide strategies to overcome any negative associations to do with sex.

husband had sex? She said they went straight to intercourse within a few minutes. Ouch! Even if we think we’re raring to go, mental arousal can happen before blood flow to the genitals and production of natural lube. If you haven’t warmed up for sex – and it can take 20 minutes for vaginal tissues to get sufficiently lubricated – penetration is going to be a pain.

It sounds simple but the solution can be slowing down and enjoying non-intercourse sexual play first. I reminded her that foreplay shouldn’t be an optional add-on to sex; it’s essential for female pleasure. I then asked what got her excited, and how she liked to be touched? She said she liked knowing her husband’s SPEND 20 MINUTES WARMING UP FOR SEX hopes for sex in advance, so she could shift gears into thinking about sex. She also liked it when he slowly kissed her neck and Dr Jennifer Gunsaullus is a sociologist, sexologist and breasts, while sharing why he was attracted to her. It made her relationship, intimacy and sex coach  feel sexy and relaxed. I told her to share this with her husband so that they could approach this as a team. The next time we met, The issue: I’ve had girlfriends come to me about pain during sex, she said they were moving more at her body’s pace, noticing her which unfortunately is really common. In one national study, a breathing and being aware of whether she was aroused or tense third of women said they experienced pain during their last sexual – and after a few months, pleasure had replaced the pain. encounter.





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