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We made it! Spring is here (depending on when you read this). I think we all will agree that we dodged a snowy bullet this year. Whether or not that’s a good thing or a terrifying looking into the future is a personal thing. I just see it as a awesome winter. Thanks Mother Nature! I hope it’s safe to mention that I never got the flu this year. Finally, a flu shot that worked. Not sure if that had to do with the fact that we really didn’t have a winter or I was just lucky or I just opened my big mouth too soon. Stay tuned. I think this month’s cover story is my personal favorite since when I started Metropolis Nights over 5 years ago. In the world we live in today with all it’s cultural and sexual diversity, I can’t imagine a better modern day representative than Ruby Rose. Gender fluid, Ruby’s persona can be identified by both the main stream and those living outside of conservative lifestyle boundaries. This intellectual model turned actress is remarkably humble while at the same time being both handsome and beautiful depending on your perspective or desires. I hope you like it. You also might notice that our advertisers have also become very diverse. MN magazine is expanding its reach as well as it’s demographic. I’m proud over the fact that I’ve created a magazine that can reach so many people and help so many types of businesses succeed. Not only is the cover diverse, so are our advertisers! Enjoy the start of spring everyone..... Cheers, Chaunce Hayden publisher 201-873-3874

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An accomplished and striking performer, Academy Award winner Casey Affleck has established himself as a powerful leading man with performances in multiple upcoming projects.

Naked Truth


Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt was born in Falmouth, Massachusetts. His mother, Chris Anne (née Boldt), is a school teacher, and his father, Timothy Byers Affleck, is a social worker; the two are divorced. Casey’s brother is actor Ben Affleck, who was born in 1972. He is of mostly English, Irish, German, and Scottish ancestry. Affleck was nominated for an Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, and Screen Actors Guild® Award for his performance in the character drama The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Written and directed by Andrew Dominik (“Chopper”), the Warner Bros. film stars Affleck as ‘Ford’ opposite Brad Pitt’s ‘Jesse James.’ The story follows ‘Ford’s’ sycophantic obsession with ‘James’ that quickly turns into growing resentment after he joins the legendary outlaw’s gang, leading to his subsequent plan to murder ‘James’ and claim his rightful glory. In 2016, Affleck starred opposite ‘Michelle Williams’ in Manchester by the Sea (2016). The film tells the story of an uncle (Affleck) who is forced to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies. Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan, the film will be released on November 18th by Amazon Studios. Chaunce Hayden: Describe your first read of this script. What kind of effect did it have on you? Casey Affleck: It’s funny, it was one of those reads where you stop analyzing. Sometimes you read something and there’s a part of you that remains in an analytical, actor place. Am I going to do this movie? Is this a good part for me? Is it not? Can I bring

something to this? Almost immediately I was just absorbing it like it was some piece of nonfiction; some complete piece of writing that was, in and of itself, a thing. Not a blueprint to be built upon. It was complete. It was hard to describe why it worked so well. I have said sometimes that it’s a bit like a piece of magic; it’s like this sleight of hand trick where you’re absorbed, following the story and listening to these characters not talk about what’s really happening in their lives, through talking only about the kinds of things right in front of them. It fuels this perfect slice of life with uncanny verisimilitude, and then all of a sudden, you realize you’ve been led to a much deeper, more meaningful experience at the end of it. The emotions really snuck up on me. I was crying at the end and I had been laughing throughout. I put it down and I told Kenny what I thought of it. And then a year later he said, “Hey, you want to be in it?” The film is set in the picturesque fishing town of Manchester by the Sea. What effect did your familiarity of the area affect your portrayal of Lee Chandler, a man who has seemingly lost it all? I grew up close to where the film is set. I was familiar with the area and it was helpful because otherwise it can be quite disorientating to go in there. To be somewhere so familiar helped me feel confident about the decisions I was making and it gets little things, like the look of people or how they sound. That said, I think we could have set this film anywhere and the actors would have come in and found something specific to that place. It’s about universal things like love and loss. There is a lot of specificity written into the script, but it would have worked in Miami. One of the things that makes Kenny’s

scripts feel so realistic is the humor in the darkest moments. It doesn’t undermine the tragedy, but it exists. I think it makes it feel more lifelike and therefore the sadness is more profound. The film follows Lee Chandler as he heads back to Manchesterby-the-Sea following the death of his brother. Waiting for him are a grown-up nephew Patrick (Lucas Hedges) and an ex-wife (Michelle Williams). What was it like filming the intense scenes with Williams and young Hedges? She inhabits the role, and you feel like you are with a real person. She can convey annoyance and love in the same sentence, and it’s a recognizable jumble of feelings. You can be pissed at somebody and in the next moment you want them to come and lie down with you. It’s not like working with someone who is constantly primping and having their make-up done.

But obviously a lot of people know who I am and will ask me questions. Strangers will kind of watch what I do so that’s sort of weird. Sometimes I feel that people are more in my business than they should be and that makes me a little uncomfortable. But that’s the nature of this business. It’s kind of a necessary evil in a way. What kind of brother was Ben growing up? Did you guys fight a lot? Yeah, I guess so. But we really didn’t fight all that much. We had a few real big fights where one of us got a scar or a wrist broken or a tooth chipped. But we weren’t always kicking each other’s ass. When we weren’t fighting we were stealing each other’s toys. We also would take each other’s baseball cards and rip them up.

I can’t really “describe myself

Lucas was actually the last person cast in the movie. We had done most of the rehearsals already. We didn’t spend that much time together, but we found [time to do so] in the movie. We developed that rapport that was right for the film. Sitting in silence or comfortable arguing. He wanted very much to do a good job, and he did it right, with earnestness and eagerness. It was a happy accident also, because Lee hasn’t been around Patrick for a few years now, so they don’t really know one another that well.

in any kind of interview kind of way. There’s no one or two adjectives that I can think of.

The name Affleck has become a very powerful word in Hollywood. How does that affect your personal life in terms of what you do and say in public? Most people still can’t even pronounce my name. So as far as I can tell things are still kind of the same as they always were.

It’s hard to believe neighbors don’t treat you guys any differently now. Well, they do, in subtle ways. Like there’s a lot more people at our family Christmas party to gaze at Ben. You know what I mean? That’s always strange. I hear both you and Ben have tattoos and that they have a very special meaning. What meaning does the tattoo have? It’s personal. I really don’t want to say what it is. There’s something about it on the Internet, so the cat may already be out of the bag. Really? I’m curious, what does it say on the Internet? It says, “Casey and Ben have a tattoo on their upper arm of a Native-American fraternity symbol.” I’ll just say this…incorrect.


Talking about acting can sound really pretentious. There is something unimaginable about what happens to Lee in the film, so I thought a little bit about surreal things that have happened in my own life as there is no frame of reference for it. Thank God for YouTube. You can learn so much about human behavior, about how people react to extreme situations. There is a bafflement, a stunned incomprehensibility – 9/11 was like that, when you think about “Where did the plane go?” – it’s a combination of horror and disbelief at the same time.

Has fame hurt your family or brought it closer together? [Long pause] It does weird things, man. I can’t attribute the way my family life has changed over the last five years to fame and the appearance of celebrity in our family. I think people get older and when the kids move out the family dynamics change in a hundred different ways and it’s hard to say whether it’s because of the attention from movies. The point is, I’m still really close to my mother and my father and stepfather. It’s not like I can’t go home now because there’s no privacy.

Naked Truth

Does being a parent add a different dimension to the part of Lee for you? How does one approach portraying emotions felt in extreme circumstances that most of us can’t even comprehend? Being a parent helps with every part. You become more sensitive to everything you do and how you chose the movies you do and even how you watch them. It’s like someone turning on the lights in a dark room. People who have kids will watch this film differently, like I guess people who have dogs will watch Lassie a little bit differently.

Is there any sibling rivalry between the two of you? Yeah, we’re pretty competitive people. But most of it is good natured. We don’t really spend that much time together so it’s not like we’re at each other’s throats. I remember that during the past three years we played a lot of chess and I would always beat him and I think that drove him crazy. So I think he had to take some time away from me.


Inspired by both the Romantic Age of the Cocktail and the “Golden Era” of Insanely Decadent Night Life

y a D h t r Ea t s e F r e Be April 22 5 2 $ m p 9 6

h arth Day wit y, Celebrate E Conservanc rk a w e N r the Greate ays and Giveaw Great Beer,

ill go proceeds w A portion of reater ms at the G ra g ro p d n to fu servancy. , Newark Con r volunteers fo y tr n e d e Reduc etails for d o lo b y it c it vis

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It’s A Given That “Kissing the Blarney Stone” could lead to an unsanitary moment on the lips since it’s known from time to time that at night, drunk teenagers urinate on the stone.

Jameson Caskmates The king of kings of Irish whiskey is by far Jameson Irish Whiskey. But lets not stop there, how about the fact they took things to another level and completely out did themselves with my most favorite Irish whiskey of all time, Caskmates! The company teamed up with Cork’s Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork Ireland, where they have taken Jameson and finished it in stoutseasoned whiskey casks. (What the shit!)

Nose: crisp orchard fruits like green apples and pears, mild pot still spices. Taste: Subtle touch of hops and cocoa beans, Marzipan and charred oak. Finish: Long and sweet with Milk Chocolate and Butterscotch.

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Now I know everyone gets fixed in their ways but take a shot at this beautifully crafted whiskey and you’ll never look back again. Just do it! (Please Caskmates Responsibly)

Let’s Get Real On Electronics Let’s take a moment in the electronic world besides playing games and show some real and serious shit. Parkinson’s is a disease that effects many friends and families that are dear and close to us. So I figured I would write about an interesting study I came across. Now I’m not saying this is a cure or even that this is for every patient....but I found DBS (deep brain stimulation) Therapy to be a real innovative study. A company called Medtronic came up with a small, pacemaker-like device that sends electronic signals to an area in the brain that controls movement. These signals block some of the brain messages that cause annoying and disabling motor symptoms. The device is placed under the skin in the chest (not in the brain). Very thin wires connect the device to your brain to enable the signals to reach the source of your symptoms. I’m sure the list of side effects are a mile long and the procedure seems pretty serious, but then again so is Parkinson’s Disease. (Please DBS Responsibly)

The Voice Of Ireland Holy bangers and mash this young lass born 10 October 1981, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, and television presenter. She rose to fame in 2008 as a member of the 5 member English–Irish girl group The Saturdays , signed to Fascination and Polydor Records. The group have achieved substantial success with numerous top-ten hits as well as a hit number one single entitled ‘What About Us’. In October 2014, it was confirmed that Healy would become a judge on The Voice Of Ireland. Not only is she musically talented but she also studied nursing and primary teaching. (Wish I was in her class!)

(Please Cart Responsibly)


Recently I was shopping in the cereal isle and a women with her child, barely strapped in hit me with her cart and my immediate response was “hey lady, you got insurance on that thing”! Using your imagination, picture the look I got...But lets get real about the fact that some people should not be handling shopping carts! (Yes along with firearms as well.) I don’t understand why people cart up and down isles when you simply could leave it in one spot, get your stuff and return back to your basket. Now I know this would actually mean you would have to walk up and down an extra few feet or so. I mean think about it, you haven’t even paid for the shit and your guarding it with your life. Ok so hold on to your frozen string beans and lets take this conversation to another level, lets talk about parking lots. Do you know if a cart rolls down a parking lot and dents your car the establishment is not held responsible, it’s your fucking problem! So for all you mother truckers out there who are too lazy to return the cart and don’t give a shit about other peoples property, remember what comes around rolls around!!!

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Nicole Miller Artelier Maison Pump,, $79.95


Say “Hello Again” to Spring Fashion! I know the winter months are long and harsh, and you can’t wait to dig out all of your poor spring ensembles that have been buried under over-sized heavy sweaters, hats, and scarves. Luckily, it’s time to think about what you can start adding to your wardrobe for this season! This spring, we are seeing tons of floral dresses (in multiple lengths and in a wide array of fabrics) and a lot of color surrounding all of our favorite nude shades. Although these types of patterns have never been my go to, I must admit I’m falling completely in love with

them. Lighter florals seem to bring a certain romanticism to your look that you might have not been able to achieve before. Also, keep those neutrals in mind as they always seem to remain trendy. I definitely recommend trying on something that you normally wouldn’t go for this season, you never know how you might actually love it. Let’s check out some of these cute online spring finds!

4 3 6

Young,, $129.95

Out from Under Gigi Floral Mesh Triangle Bra,, $34

Purple Bandage and Lace Midi Dress,, $90


Womens Fashion

Something To Believe In Black Floral Dress,, $65

Tuscan Dreams Printed Tunic,, $108



Gray Low Back Halter Neck Knitted Midi Dress,, $40


Purple Bandage and Lace Midi Dress,, $90

Jason Takes NYFW: Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017

JASON TEZ @TezTrends

Follow our Men’s Fashion Columnist, Jason Tez of as he attends New York Fashion Week: Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017 runway shows and presentations.

Jason poses outside of Skylight Clarkson Square before heading into the next NYFW: Men’s runway show.

N-p Elliot This year’s N-p-Elliott collection contained a plethora of emblems and badges that screamed, “I AM”! One such patch read “consciousness”, and another one displayed “mellius”, meaning better in Latin. Elliott was able to combat homogeneity and bring about an unconventional structure with his pieces through contrasting themes. Height was one such contrast that reiterated his “be unique” style. Tall male models walked down the runway, all the while displaying different skin tones and hairstyles.

Robert Geller Sub-Zero only wishes he could look this cool. Geller’s military and camouflage-based ensembles drew much attention, especially with additional hints of purple and pink fabric. Pale-toned silk pants were paired with edgy, chic, contemporary styled shirts and outerwear. The addition of Neoprene ski masks reference current events, especially protests against political changes in America.

Visit for even more New York Fashion Week: Men’s coverage and follow Jason on Instagram: @teztrends.


Campos showcased a line full of long topcoats, high-end varsity jackets, flared pants, and clothing with cargo pockets. The hues of the collection are of a softer tone. Some of the bolder pieces included military coats that have a short front, and a longer back. Critics love the balanced aspect to the line. They feel that Campos has accomplished the feat of incorporating his heritage along with the more commercial aspect to fashion.

Mens Fashion

Carlos Campos




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Join us on St Patrick’s Day Live Irish Music by Eric Butler and Friends all the way from Ireland Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Live Irish music all weekend, musicians welcome Celebrate your Irish heritage with us and join us at Hearth & Tap. Get your green on and come on down. FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE for pick up and drop off running all weekend. Take out and delivery available of our Irish menu 125 N. Kinderkamack Road • Montvale • 201.307.6300


Industry Spotlight


1. What inspired you to become a chef? This question is one that has a few a different answers, that being said, I’d have to say, my first impression of this industry was a positive one. From a young age I grew up in the kitchen, as my father was a very successful chef who had his own restaurant, and it was through witnessing his hard work and determination in his place of business that inspired me pursue this line of work. 2. You obviously have learned so much from your father. What is it like working in the kitchen together? Being that we’re related, at times it could be stressful because of how well we know each other however, the two of us work so well together that I feel both of us are easily able to balance our personal lives as well as the professionalism. It’s like we take the most positive attributes of our relationship and try to project that to our coworkers and customers, to create a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. 3. Does it ever get competitive? Not at all. We feed off each others passion and ideas. One of us will have an idea for a dish and then together we will

bounce our thoughts back and forth with one and other, until a dish is completed. The both of us have two very different styles of cooking and also have the generational difference as well, but its like a yin and yang relationship. It balances perfectly. 4. What advice has your father given you that has helped you the most? This is a tough one. I would save the advice that helped me the most is don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail. Success is a journey. You have to start at the bottom and the mistakes only make you stronger. Learn from them. Take them in stride. Never stop learning. Cooking is a ladder but nobody ever reaches the top. 5. Tell me about the Hearth and Tap cuisine. The food at Hearth and Tap is definitely something special. I personally feel like the days of white tablecloths and 300 dollar tasting menus are on the decline. The customer is much more informed now and we want to bring fine dining cuisine to the everyday person. I personally feel our food is on the same level as the big city players but with a more rustic approach.


Industry Spotlight 29

7. You’re so young. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still cooking. Striving to be better. Working the daily grind. But hopefully with a Michelin star or two (laughs). 8. How much to you use social media to promote your dishes? I try and use Instagram to promote dishes and network but sometimes it gets away from me. I believe this is a truly important part of the industry today.

9. Tell us something about yourself nobody knows. I’m a musician. I’ve been playing guitar for 11 years now. I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with two passions in life. 10. What would you say to anyone who has never been to Hearth and Tap? I would say between our friendly staff and antiquated feel of being home, that we have something special happening within our walls, it’s hard to describe in words, but you’ll have to come see us to find out. LOCATION: HEARTH AND TAP 125 N KINDERKAMACK ROAD MONTVALE, NJ 07645

6. Do you have your own signature dish? I wouldn’t say that I have a signature dish but I definitely have a signature style. Asian fusion plays a huge roll in my food.





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I’m loaded. Its 3:00 am or something of that nature. The last memory I have is me trying to down a glass of water in hopes that the 18 draft beers WON’T give me a raging hang over. BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP! My alarm clock is going off. Apparently, it has been for the past 45 minutes which means I’m LATE as I glance at the current time. I stumble out of bed squinting as I am still pretty drunk. I take a peak in the mirror and see a Pennywise whorish clown with black makeup running down her face starring back at me. Not good. After a full body sterilization in the shower I hop in a yellow cab and arrive at work. “Brian, I need a shandy.” I say. He gives me the okay. Only I don’t just need one, I need as many as possible. The bar is slammed

along with the restaurant....ALL DAY. I inadvertently am working the service station and the most packed area of the bar. But with a little help of now what is just beer and not 7up....I’m good to go. Surprisingly. That night I ended up closing the bar in a happy drunken stupor and climbed into the cab with non other than my bff Debra. Debra knows I’m trashed especially since I keep one eye closed and one open to avoid seeing double. I passed out with my face against the cab’s window. My eyes are wide open as I feel my stomach pumping up what is known as vomit. I try and hold it in with one finger pressed against my pursed lips. No dice. The vomit is like a water gun...but miraculously landed only on ME! “Oh my god! I have plastic bags! Why didn’t you tell me?” Begs the cab driver. “I’m so sorry! But it just landed on me! Not all over your car!” I try to explain. “Just get out! Oh god the smell! No more business for me tonight!” The cabbie screams. Meanwhile Debra is cracking up. I’m drenched in my own bender puke and I feel like roadkill with the slightest hint of embarrassment. Luckily I don’t have to wander the streets of Astoria for very long time. I’m only a block away! Cheers to being a block away while wearing vomit. Thumbs down for puking up my 48 hour bender all over my brand news chucks....never mind my clothes.


20 Percent

Benders. They’re loads of fun when you’re in the process of alcohol overindulgence....but the post affects could cost you a lot of money, severe headaches, loss of appetite and sanity. Not to mention alcohol ridden 24 sweat beads and the leafy shakes. Friday night. It’s dead....and I’m looking at some barren tip buckets. That’s fucking depressing. How am I supposed to fund my booze intake with this nonsense? And that’s why they invented the savings account. Only to dip into in case of an emergency. This IS an emergency!



Expires 4/31/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer

Expires 4/31/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer


CHEF of the month


3. In your opinion, can anyone be a great cook or you haven’t or you don’t? Great cooks are not born. Great cooks are grunts that have toiled in kitchens for years of not decades. Great cooks are formed, molded, honed and sharpened. The media creates “wanderkins” and “prodigies”. A so called prodigy will crumble under the pressure of a severe and intense service if not properly seasoned over the course of time.

7. Do you have a favorite Foodie television show? What chef inspires you? I don’t watch food TV I don’t believe in celebrity chef-ism. I feel like the majority of those shows only teach short cuts and bad cooking habits. The only quality show that is on television has no prize, no money only street cred. “Knife Fight” The chef that has most inspired me has been Marco Pierre White. His philosophies on cook and his passion and dedication to his craft are unparalleled and I admire that and him. 8. How tough are you in the kitchen? I have worked for all different types of Chefs, abusive mentally, emotionally and physically, I decided a long time ago to be none of the above. I am a teacher and an educator, it goes with the job. I am not a suppressor but an encourager. I have been called a “sheep in wolves clothing”, I am fair and kind until a moment occurs where I am not kind, I rarely if ever yell or raise my voice, my kitchen is silent and everyone knows their jobs and responsibilities.

Chefs are not created in schools or on TV, real Chefs are solid steel forged from the fires of a kitchen and polished with education and life experience. Then of course there are just some people who should never touch a knife or a pan, and that’s why we exist as Chefs! Lol 4. What is your signature dish? I’d rather not be labeled for anything in particular but I would say the dish I am most know for would be: Seared Atlantic cod with forbidden black rice risotto, shallot fondue and sauce beurre rouge. 5. What’s the most difficult item to prepare on your menu and why? I try to make them all difficult. If it was easy everyone would do it. We go to great lengths to procure the freshest and finest local ingredients and that takes processing and butchering in house. I need to teach these skills to our cooks and ensure that they are using the utmost respect for the product. We produce everything in house from the bread to the sauces to the ice creams and everything in between.

My goal as a chef is to deliver not only delicious and creative cuisine but to be a mentor and guardian for my staff and associates both in and out of the kitchen. 9. If you had to order one thing on the menu yourself, what would it be? Current mood ..... mezza rigatoni with chicken bolognese 10. What would you say to someone who has never been to the Pig and Prince? Come on down, give us a try, allow yourself to be a little vulnerable to new things and open minded to some different things. Let us take care of you with food, drink and ambiance; after all we are here for you.

Pig and Prince 1 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair NJ 07042 Phone 973.233.1006

facebook: @pigandprince twitter: @PigPrinceRest instagram: @pig_and_prince

2. What inspires you when it comes to preparing food? Inspiration for dishes comes from many places. It can come from a picture or a painting, it can come from landscape or a day dream. Most of the time when I create a dish it starts with sketching it on a piece of paper. I’ll work backwards, drawing the dish first, deciding what the shapes and colors should be, then dictating what each shape will be in food based on what is available and what should (or in more dynamic occasions shouldn’t) be on a plate together.

6. Do you need to always change the menu up or should you not fix what isn’t broke so to speak? Because we rely on the more seasonable items we change the menu anywhere between 8 to 12 times a year and sometimes more. Our specials change daily.


Chef of the Month

1. What makes the Pig and Prince’s menu so unique? I believe Pig & Princes menu stands out among others is the focus on ACTUAL locality and seasonality. We don’t use the term “farm to table”, it’s a bullshit catch phrase. We use fresh locally available ingredients in a creative and exciting way in attempts to please our guests.

Coming Soon April 9t h

Brunch Buffet Chef Anthony of Cielo

Join us for

Live Music Friday & Saturday Night Thursday is Ladies Nights with Dancing & Dj !


o ati





Weekly Dinner Specials Monday

Kids Eat FREE All Day (12 and under)


Buy One, Get One 50% (any menu item, dine in)


Happy Hour ALL Night (1/2 price drinks & apps)



Unlimited Pasta Night (All-you-can-eat pasta & salad)


Family Style ($19.95 per person / $10.95 kids)

973-808-1414 WWW.RUNWAY22NJ.COM


Visit us at Barrel & Brew CRAFT BEER WINE COCKTAILS Mon - Fri 11am - 2am Sat 11am - 3am 872 River Rd. New Milford NJ 07646 HAPPY HOUR MON - FRI 11AM - 6PM & SAT 11AM - 5PM N ew


Come watch the games here! open late

VISIT OU R LIQUOR STORE NEXT DO OR FOR BEE R, WINE, & MORE like and follow us for more info

call 201-261-4400 @barrelandbrewbarliquor




Italian Paradise In The Heart Of Hudson County

Food Review


Bergenline Ave. in North Bergen, NJ is most commonly known for its eclectic shops, storefronts and eateries, the town delivers a charming balance between old and new, and as you find yourself cruising up and down the Avenue looking for a new place to eat, make your way up to 7709. Where you will see that it is now home to Master celebrity Chef: Salvatore Olivella. With his very own namesake restaurant: OLIVELLA’S! For many years, Chef Salvatore Olivella has been perfecting his skill and mastery in the kitchen and has much success working as a consultant perfecting restaurants from Dallas, TX. To New York City, Making sure that each offers his same level of passion and high quality menu items, from appetizers to desserts. As with any great chef who is passionate about his artistry he is making a bold move and is ready to take on New Jersey to share with all of us locals a fine dining experience right in your own backyard. Don’t be intimidated by the concept of gourmet food because Chef has taken many famous meals and added his own special touch to them making even better. North Bergen is in for a treat this March 10th, when Olivella’s

opens its doors to the public. There will be a grand opening event with celebrities, the Mayor and much more. Stay up to date with the opening and other news with Chef Salvatore on social media Facebook: / olivellas or Instagram @olivellasrestaurant @olivellapizza. This new addition to the neighborhood will soon become a favorite hot spot for date nights, celebratory dinner, and or any occasion that delights a glass of wine and some gourmet entrées. Even if that just means Tuesday! INTERIOR: First impressions When you walk into Olivella’s you will love the earthy exposed brick wall and high glossed tables, which instantly set itself apart from other local competitors. There is plenty of seating and each seat offers a perfect view of the cooking areas and bar. The level of music is set perfectly so that still allows you to hold a conversation without having to shout. There is also a TV. mounted up on the wall with closed caption, which is a nice touch to any establishment to equally entertain all bar patrons as well as dining guests. In the corner behind a modernly rustic bar, adorned with hanging light fixtures, houses a gorgeous wood burning brick oven. Off to the side is the kitchen area, which is an intimate,

space but large enough to deliver high class works of art for each guest. Wood added to the fire adds a romantic glow to the room and creates an inviting and comfortable space. It leads to an extended hall that takes you back into an exciting room with glass ceilings and comfortable seating. This back room area has a lot of design potential and I cannot wait to return to see the final touches. Coming soon will be an added Upstairs area that will cater very nicely to private groups or parties. The upstairs area is currently under construction. They are also considering adding in an outside area with a few tables for those hot summer nights. The owners are also in the process of adding a full bar to the restaurants ambiance. No matter what seat you find yourself in, at Olivella’s you are in the right one. The entire gourmet menu is prepared by: Celebrity Master Chef: Salvatore Olivella, and his talented Sous Chef Lorenzo Robles. Both professionals in the kitchen and treat every course with grace and eloquence.

Beignet: Playful presentation, each piece coated in powered sugar and topped with a milk chocolate icing drizzle. If you have even been to New Orleans and had this dessert in the French Quarter you will understand fully its heavenly light fluffy texture and warm gooey decadence. The first bite of this delicious dessert will totally take over your senses and leave you blushing from sheer delight. You must save room for dessert. I left Olivella’s full, happy, and absolutely wanting more. I have already made plans for my next return. Here at Metropolis Nights we wish them the best of luck and success and look forward to the grand opening event March 10th at 7709 Bergenline Ave. in North Bergen, NJ –Jenny Filicky


Meatball Casserole: Chef Salvatore brought out this dish personally and performed a magic trick of sorts where he took a miniature jar encased in a flavorful breading that gets sliced open from the top, releasing the aroma inside of an extraordinary red sauce that not only compliments

Stuffed Chicken Marsala: This gourmet chicken dish takes a perfectly moist, tender piece of chicken filled with homemade mozzarella made in-house then topped with mushrooms in a hearty brown gravy sauce. Assorted fire roasted vegetables and mashed potatofilled croquettes round off this dish with a nod to traditional classics and gives it a major upgrade.

Food Review

Tuna Tar Tar: Appetizer Fresh tuna / avocado /topped with salmon freshly sliced peaches. Very balanced portion, easily shared. This dish has a clean and colorful presentation. Each layer holds its own flavor, and combined create a delicious start to your dining experience. The dish does not exude a fishy taste but a delicious blend of flavors that make this appetizer a house favorite.

the breading perfectly but also sets the stage for the mouthwatering meatballs that await inside. Each bite is transcendent and my absolute favorite entrée of the night.

Sto ry



Cha unce Hayden



“I’d love to be in a comedy. I always laugh at my own jokes, and despite no one actually telling me that I’m funny, I am just going to ignore that fact and pursue my dream of working with Amy Schumer or Tina Fey.”

Ruby Rose Langenheim, 30, better known as Ruby Rose, is an Australian model, DJ, recording artist, actress, television presenter, and former MTV VJ. Rose emerged in the media spotlight as a presenter on MTV Australia, followed by several high-profile modeling gigs, notably as the face of Maybelline New York in Australia. In addition to her modeling career, she has co-hosted various television shows, namely Australia’s Next Top Model and The Project on Network Ten.

Rose pursued a career in acting from 2008 onwards, with her debut performance in the Australian film Suite for Fleur. In 2013, she had a small role in the drama Around the Block. She appeared in seasons three and four of the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, and received praise for her work. She has also made appearances in action films such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter 2, and will be appearing in the film Meg, based on the novel of the same name.

Ruby Rose Fever


Rose first gained fame by joining the Girlfriend model search in 2002, which she came in second to Catherine McNeil. In 2010, she collaborated with the Australian fashion label Milk and Honey to design a capsule fashion line, which embodies her unique style and personality. The collection, named Milk and Honey Designed by Ruby Rose,[8] includes washed jeans, leather jackets and T-shirts with unique designs. The newly created clothing line is available in selected retailers in Australia. In addition to designing for Milk & Honey, Rose also released a collaboration collection with street footwear brand Gallaz. In 2014, Rose began collaborating with Phoebe Dahl, designing ethical street-wear for their clothing range Faircloth Lane. She has featured predominantly within mainstream fashion titles, including Vogue Australia, InStyle Magazine, Marie-Claire Magazine, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Nylon and New York’s Inked Magazine. Rose is the face of Maybelline New York in Australia. Since March 2016, Rose has been the face of Urban Decay Cosmetics. Rose appeared on the first episode of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, representing Generation Y alongside comedian Josh Thomas. She was selected in 2008 to act in the Australian comedy film Suite for Fleur. She also appeared

alongside Christina Ricci and Jack Thompson in the 2013 film Around the Block. Rose credits her 2014 short film Break Free, which she produced herself, for the success of her acting career. In an interview with Variety, she describes how she was not able to get a manager, agent, or audition, so she decided to create short films “as a way of being able to give myself something to do and to study my craft.” The film went viral, getting millions of views in a short period of time. In 2015, Rose joined the Orange Is the New Black cast in Season 3. Rose plays new inmate Stella Carlin, “whose sarcastic sense of humor and captivating looks quickly draw the attention of some of Litchfield’s inmates. Rose’s performance was well received. She was also cast in a guest role, as the service robot Wendy, in the science fiction series  Dark Matter. In 2017, Rose appeared in three action film sequels, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, alongside Vin Diesel, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as Abigail, and John Wick: Chapter 2, alongside  Keanu Reeves. Do you miss being a VJ on MTV? Such good times! It was pretty iconic in its more music-based television days. Not that it isn’t doing its own thing now; it’s just different. I feel very lucky that I joined the [MTV] team when local production, music, and live performances were its foundation. I got to do ridiculously entertaining and rock star-type adventures before reality TV started to take over.  That period of time was when I said, “Alright, I’m gonna move on and do some other things.” I had done it for about 4 – 5 years, so it also seemed time; because you don’t just work at MTV— you sort of live, breathe, and sleep MTV, and it’s wild! Haha. It’s perfect for a 19 – 24-year-old.  It was spectacular to watch people come through the ranks though—seeing some of today’s top artists come out with their first single, shy and nervous and finding their footing, performing to an intimate crowd; and then the following year, the album is out and there’s buzz; and after that, they are selling out stadiums. It was inspiring. I met a lot of artists, with whom I’m still friends, who saw me every time they came to Australia. It made


my job so fun because we had rapport, and the interviews would be a breeze. Then I had a few who, on their third or fourth year, would start telling me that, as much as they loved seeing me there, they didn’t want to see me again next year. One artist in particular said, “I love you, but don’t be comfortable. You are comfortable here. Move to the States, take a risk. I think you could be something bigger. This is too easy for you.” I didn’t move to the States directly after that, but I changed careers and studied different skills that I wanted to grow as I geared up to carve out a more diverse career. Describe what it’s like being the new “IT” girl? The funny thing about being called an “it girl” is, well, it’s the kiss of death. You know what I mean? It’s like being “in.” Anything that’s “in fashion” ultimately goes out of fashion. So when that started being thrown around, I thought, “Oh, God. How long is this going to last before somebody else is the new it girl?” Not because I was worried I’d be left behind, but because I wanted someone else to hurry up so people would stop calling me that. 

Tell us about your infamous hair style? I shaved my head at 15 and kept it short, but when I couldn’t break into the industry, I wondered, “What if I grow my hair out a bit, and become a little bit less “Ruby” and [more] mainstream? Let me give it one last shot.” So I grew my hair out and got the job at MTV. After six months, I wanted to cut my hair. They were great about it in the end, but in the beginning, they were hesitant, saying, “Look, you just started with us, and your hair with the bangs [and your tattoos] is a really iconic look.” I dressed very skater and punk rock too, and they were just worried because Australia can be a bit conservative. So they asked me for some references, and I sent photos of Pink and Annie Lennox, and they said, “Yeah…Let’s give it a couple months.” So I walked to a hairdresser immediately after work and cut my hair anyway, and went to work the next day. I was 20 and apparently had a sense of urgency about everything. They ended up loving it because they could see that it was the authentic me. I was happier and even more confident behind the camera. 

But, you just have to prove yourself through your work.

I think a lot of people don’t know how much I’ve been working since Orange Is the New Black. I’ve acted in three different films (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, John Wick 2, and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage), voiced an animated movie (Sheep’n’Wolves), and DJ’ed 70 shows in the past year. I can’t wait for people to see my other work. 

Ruby Rose Fever


So, it’s a matter of being comfortable not being everywhere for however long it takes to create new art, and [promoting things] that you are proud of, like working on your craft and new skills, and working your ass off while being quiet publicly—not just existing to be popular. You don’t want people to get sick of you, so it’s good to be able to appear and disappear. It’s also not healthy to base your personal success or happiness on external things, like fame, attention, opinion, or money. The less you let that define you the better. Let your passion and work speak for you. As long as you are happy with it, that’s all that should matter. How does one go about not being an “IT” girl when you are so clearly an “IT” girl? I remember the last party that everyone was going to, and I happened to finally be back in LA after shooting a film, and I was sitting in bed with my dog and Netflix, and I asked… “Is this my life? Am I really going to sit here and watch movies by directors that I want to work with instead of going?” And then I thought, “Yeah. I am. That is my life. And I feel so blessed.”  Then I was blessed to be nominated for a SAG Award for Best Ensemble Comedy for OITNB. I wanted more than anything to be there with my OITNB family because I love them so much and wanted to celebrate with them, but I was shooting in Rome. And then we won! So the things I want to go to, I never get to go to; and the ones I can go to, I stay at home. Not sure I have that part figured out yet. 

Does your gender-bending style ever affect any auditions or jobs you go for? I think it works both in my favor and to my detriment. I mean, regardless, it will always work in my favor because happiness is in being oneself. So, for me, trying to convince a director or producer that I should play the lead in an action role—badass, street kid, lesbian, troubled type, or say, a fighter…you get the idea—that’s not the hardest challenge. What is a more difficult challenge is convincing someone to give me a shot to transform, and to trust in my ability to lose myself in a role. There is no reason I can’t play, for example, a Stepford Mom, or play a man’s wife, or a mother or teacher. There are roles where you can already guess who their top two picks would be, and so to get in the room with them is hard if you are literally the opposite of who they have reading for the role. Nothing is impossible, but you work harder for parts that people don’t already imagine you in. I worked very hard just to get in the room with David Fincher, and even though that project didn’t end up running, I got to audition with Fincher. That was good enough for me! I’d love to be in a comedy. I always laugh at my own jokes, and despite no one actually telling me that I’m funny, I am just going to ignore that fact and pursue my dream of working with Amy Schumer or Tina Fey. But I don’t think I’d even be on the list after the list of their top people. Please put me on your list! In general, do you think a lot about body image or do you just go with the flow? I don’t drink or smoke. I am very healthy and treat my body very well. I think being strong is sexy. Being fit is important for my brain health and keeping me mentally focused.

People love to say that you turn straight women gay. What’s your reaction when they say that? Is this something people said before you were famous, too? I’m one of those people who feels that everybody is somewhere on the spectrum. I don’t think it needs to be labeled—love is about the person. When people say to me that I turned them gay, I just laugh, because that’s not really even a possibility. It sounds like I did something against their will in the middle of the night, as if I crept into their brain and pushed the gay button, then did an evil laugh and left them to fend for themselves—newly gay and alone in the world.  I break it down like this: Did I find Channing Tatum in Magic Mike to be extremely hot? Yes! Could I now turn straight for him without having previously ever had a desire to be with a man? The answer is, nope. Haha.

How do you feel about the comparisons to young Leonardo DiCaprio and the Biebs? I’m indifferent to it. I get them both so much, and then sometimes I get Angelina.

Ohhh…we like that one. [Laughs.] Yeah, we like that one. Justin is mostly because of how I dress. If I’m going for a skate and I have a hat on, people say, “Oh, you look like Justin.” And we do dress very similarly, but facial structure-wise, I feel like we don’t look anything alike. Justin has tattoos and I have tattoos. But we both make fun of it—it’s not like we mean to make it continue. It’s just funny that sometimes we wear the same thing to the same place, and we’re like, “Aww man…why are we doing this to ourselves?”  But honestly, it’s such a compliment, because he’s a 21-yearold boy and I’m not 21 anymore, so that’s kind of awesome. But he’s like a little brother to me. I find Leo to be one of the most beautiful men ever, so when people compare me to him, I’m like, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

What makes me laugh is that I’m actually single and not looking at all. I’m just focused on my career. But it was very funny how many people would text photos, or slide right into my DMs for months after Orange launched. I would say, “That’s cute, but I’m pretty sure you’re straight.” And they’d say, “I am, but now I have a crush on you.” And I would respond, “I’m pretty sure I met your boyfriend at the premiere.” But then, if I actually reached out to them to get a coffee as a friend to hang, they wouldn’t ever make plans. I could literally feel them sort of wondering if “coffee” meant something different in the lesbian world. (For the record, it doesn’t, according to Ruby.) Because they’re scared? I mean, I don’t know. But I would be eating breakfast and my phone goes off, and I see a topless photo. And it would always be so out of the blue, and very confusing. But then I’d be in New York two months later, and I’d get a message from that same person saying, “God, I wish I could see you.” If I responded, “Oh really, I’m actually in NY this week too,” I would get radio silence. My friends and I would literally die over this—it’s just so funny. I mean, it is and it isn’t. People want to lead me on, or don’t realize they are doing it, but I can always eventually work out what is real and what is play. I just think that, as human beings, we are drawn to what we can’t have. We are drawn to fantasy over reality, and often are in love with an idea of a situation rather than the reality of it. I think people like the idea of “turning gay for someone,” but it’s not actually that simple. Ultimately, that statement is just a form of endearment or a compliment, but it’s not real. ●


Ruby Rose Fever

Who is your ultimate female crush? It’s a really tough one between Madonna and Angelina Jolie— both Angelina during Girl, Interrupted times and now and forever and ever. And Madonna too—but Madonna especially when she did the “Erotica”-era Sex book. She was such an empowered feminist icon, and the way she’s reinvented herself throughout her entire career has been mesmerizing to me. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence, but who doesn’t?

But people will say to J. Law, “I want to be your best friend,” or to T. Swift, “I want to be in your squad.” Everyone has got their little thing, and the catch phrase I got after Orange was, “She turned me gay.”

is your ultimate female crush? really tough one between Madonna and Angelina Jolie—both Angelina during Girl, Interrupted times and and forever and ever. And Madonna too—but Madonna especially when she did the “Erotica”-era Sex book. was such an empowered feminist icon, and the way she’s reinvented herself throughout her entire career been mesmerizing to me. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence, but who doesn’t?

do you feel about the comparisons to young Leonardo DiCaprio and the Biebs? different to it. I get them both so much, and then sometimes I get Angelina.

h…we like that one.

ghs.] Yeah, we like that one.

n is mostly because of how I dress. If I’m going for a skate and I have a hat on, people say, “Oh, you look like n.” And we do dress very similarly, but facial structure-wise, I feel like we don’t look anything alike.

n has tattoos and I have tattoos. But we both make fun of it—it’s not like we mean to make it continue. It’s unny that sometimes we wear the same thing to the same place, and we’re like, “Aww man…why are we g this to ourselves?”

onestly, it’s such a compliment, because he’s a 21-year-old boy and I’m not 21 anymore, so that’s kind of ome. But he’s like a little brother to me. I find Leo to be one of the most beautiful men ever, so when people pare me to him, I’m like, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

le love to say that you turn straight women gay. What’s your reaction when they say that? Is this something le said before you were famous, too?

ne of those people who feels that everybody is somewhere on the spectrum. I don’t think it needs to be ed—love is about the person.

n people say to me that I turned them gay, I just laugh, because that’s not really even a possibility. It sounds did something against their will in the middle of the night, as if I crept into their brain and pushed the gay n, then did an evil laugh and left them to fend for themselves—newly gay and alone in the world.

ak it down like this: Did I find Channing Tatum in Magic Mike to be extremely hot? Yes! Could I now turn ght for him without having previously ever had a desire to be with a man? The answer is, nope. Haha.

eople will say to J. Law, “I want to be your best friend,” or to T. Swift, “I want to be in your squad.” Everyone got their little thing, and the catch phrase I got after Orange was, “She turned me gay.”

makes me laugh is that I’m actually single and not looking at all. I’m just focused on my career. But it was funny how many people would text photos, or slide right into my DMs for months after Orange launched. uld say, “That’s cute, but I’m pretty sure you’re straight.” And they’d say, “I am, but now I have a crush on And I would respond, “I’m pretty sure I met your boyfriend at the premiere.” But then, if I actually reached o them to get a coffee as a friend to hang, they wouldn’t ever make plans. I could literally feel them sort of dering if “coffee” meant something different in the lesbian world. (For the record, it doesn’t, according to .)


Photographer: Joshua Paull Model: Avalon Dawn

Writing about art in New Jersey so you don’t have to cross the river.

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ALAN TECCHIO /alan.tecchio


Twelve years and 75,000 miles later I finally sold my 2005 Yamaha FJR1300. My “Baby Blue” as I referred to her was very good to me over the years and we had visited many places together. Destinations like Canada, West Virginia a few times (see pic), Indianapolis for a MotoGP race, Vermont, New Hampshire as well as many miles of daily commuting and weekend rides throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. It was indeed sad to say goodbye to her but it was time to downsize a bit to a bike that is lighter and thus more nimble. Us riders need all the help we can get whilst dodging the ever-increasing number of cellphone-wielding cagers out there. Dropping some horsepower was also fine with me because my FJR was deceivingly fast and I’d be lying if I said I had not gotten into trouble on a couple of occasions as a result of pure velocity that was deceivingly controlled and comfortable but definitely above legal limits.

Motor Mouth


Enter: “Black Beauty”, my 2015 Yamaha FJ09 that I purchased from my loyal and amazing column sponsors F.W. Speer Yamaha in Passaic, NJ. Speer Yamaha is truly the last of the “real” motorcycle shops amidst a wasteland of NY metro area boutique-style dealerships. I’ve been on an FJ kick since I purchased my very first 1986 red and white FJ1200 from Speer’s Vito, Joe and Ray many years ago. That was followed by a 1990 slate blue FJ1200 and then fast-forward to the aforementioned 2005 FJR1300. And now my FJ09 which has the same famed 847cc, three-cylinder, crossplane crankshaft technology engine which debuted on the FZ09 a few years back. There is an absolute abundance of seemingly endless torque from that powerplant! The FJ09 also features ride-bywire throttle, ABS brakes, traction control, (that you can turn off if you so choose) and three adjustable riding modes. It also has an accessory port for charging your devices. I added

a second accessory port for convenience as well as a bunch of other custom items to truly make the bike my own. Firstly, those ports power my iPhone and Valentine One radar so I mounted two Ram Mounts X-Grip device holders to my handlebars to accommodate them. I then added axle and frame sliders, a heated Corbin saddle, a larger Puig windscreen and a fender eliminator kit to clean up the rear end. I also got a new tail light that integrated the turn signals into the actual brake light itself. My old Givi trunk was still usable once I got the rack kit mounted to the frame. The same went for my SW-MOTECH tank bag that attached with ease once I transferred the gas tank cap mount from the FJR. With a definite nod to that outgoing FJR, I swapped in FJR footpegs because they have sturdy, rubber tops unlike the stock FJ09’s thin, metal pegs. I also added a new set of FJR hard saddlebags which miraculously fit the FJ09 too! I’m not even sure if Yamaha corporate knows about that but the Speer guys did! God bless those dudes. Not just because they have sponsored my moto-musings for many years, but simply because they offer that long-lost bike shop experience where the staff know the intricacies of moto riding and mechanics. Plus, they won’t BS you when you ask them anything relating to motorcycles. You may not like their answer on occasion, but at least you’ll get a straight one! If you are looking to pull the trigger on a bike purchase this spring, I highly suggest you pay the F.W. Speer peeps a visit. You will not regret the experience.

So February is over and so it seems is winter. The groundhog was wrong again, if he had said six more seconds of winter, he would have been more accurate. By the way, Punxsatawney Phil should be called Phyllis, as she is female. Just a fun fact.



The Asshole of the Month is obviously me. Which is what everyone who feels I insulted Ashley Graham is probably thinking. Thanks for reading along, see you next month. We are, what we do, when it counts. Banc





Ashley Graham is 5’ 9” and weighs 201 lbs. A reasonable guess would be that she is 40 to 50 lbs. over her ideal body weight. If she is supposed to be 150 lbs. which at 5’ 9” would be a reasonable guestimate and 20% of her 150 lb. weight is fat, (30 lbs). A healthy number. That means she is now carrying 80 POUNDS OF FAT. Explain to me how that is healthy. This country needs to get it head screwed on straight and needs to start losing weight and it needs to explain to children and their obese parents that being a fat, non-exercising blob is UNHEALTHY. I completely understand how hard it is, I rejoined a gym a full year ago and I go diligently 3 time a week and work my ass off. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to work my ass off. But I will never give up. And I am willing to try anything sensible. I have been doing research on Intermittent Fasting and right now I am 3 days into it. I am going to do it for a full month to see if it works. Certainly, eating fewer calories can’t hurt. If it works, I will let you know how to do it.

Are you seriously going to tell me that Hannah on the left looks too skinny or unhealthy? And that Ashley on the right is not grossly overweight and unhealthy? Don’t let the picture fool you, here are the numbers.


All the rage nowadays is fat girls, the guys at my club want girls with bigger and bigger asses. I honestly don’t get it. If you are a girl in excellent shape, people say you are starving and need to eat a sandwich. When and why did this happen? When did blubber become attractive? Let’s be clear, I’m overweight as well. I know it and it aggravates me and I am constantly trying to keep in shape. At 55 it’s not easy. I’ll get to this later. I weigh about 255 lbs. and I should be about 220. That means I have 35 extra lbs. of fat on me. 35 POUNDS! This is what 35 lbs. of fat looks like. This is me, I hide it well because I’m a big guy.

When you are 35 lbs. over weight, it’s dangerous, the fat is everywhere, around your body and around your organs. That’s why accepting and glamorizing this whole PLUS SIZE thing is a huge mistake. Look at these two girls.


Like most people, I think February sucks. It’s generally the coldest month, a lot of bills are still due from Christmas and we had to deal with another Valentine’s Day. The most hated holiday, ever. I personally do not remember the last time I was out with a girl on Valentine’s Day. If I never have to do it again, it will be too soon. Unless of course, Jessica Biel decides to return my calls. Then I will make an exception. But there was a special time when February was great. A time in distant memory that many of us waited for. It was when Sports Illustrated came out with their Swimsuit Issue and people actually bought it. Do you know a single person that would spend $8.00 on something that they can see for free on the internet, 16 seconds after the magazine drops? I sure don’t. But, this year, for some reason, someone dropped off 3 copies at my bar. So I took a look at it. The first thing I noticed was that the magazine was of extremely low quality. The paper they use is dull and cheap. Look at the paper used in this magazine and ask yourself, how come it’s a very fine glossy paper and Sport’s Illustrated is shit? Secondly, why is Kate Upton on the cover? She’s a lovely girl but she’s yesterday’s news. Why not use someone else? And thirdly, approximately 90% of the girls are white. Seriously, in this day and age, is that how our demographics break down? On the plus side, (and we’ll get to the plus side in a minute), the girls are beautiful. Basically, every single one of them. Yet still, I was totally bored. If I want to see 200 zillion knockout girls in various stages of undress, I can go on my computer. The picture quality is 50 times better and my screen is six times the size of the magazine. I can look at my computer from across the parking lot. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is today’s horse and buggy, cute, quaint and completely useless.


BOBBY GUARENTE @i95sportsnet




1. What separates your brand of wrestling from the WWE? MR: About a billion dollars… but seriously, the WWE caters to a global audience and is a different animal entirely to what we are doing in Capitol Wrestling. Capitol Wrestling is much like WWE, about the experience for the audience, from when you see us on social media, at an event, and watching us on your digital device or TV. Also, we are attempting to have our wrestlers be connected to the audience, make them feel the same way that many blue collar workers felt about Steve Austin in the late 1990’s, that they see themselves in that persona. 2. How popular is local wrestling and why did you pick Jersey City as the hosting venue? The New York Metro area is becoming a hotbed of professional wrestling. There is so much great talent throughout the scene that it came time for us to develop a product for the next big city in the tri-state, Jersey City. Jersey City has an art and music culture that is continuously growing, and with the Grove Street area becoming similar to what my hometown of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood was five years ago, it seemed only right to connect directly with the people we want to speak to. 3. What got you interested in promoting wrestling events? MR: My first memory was of Pro Wrestling, sitting on my couch with my grandmother watching WCW on Channel 9. Pro Wrestling outside of talk radio was the first art form I really fell in love with, and as I grew older and become an adult (legally), I got involved in the wrestling scene and fell deeper in love with it as a performer and then as a promoter. I feel like the industry is in the midst of a boom not only globally, but locally. This company is what Marcus and I dreamed about doing for over three years, and to finally realize that dream has made me work even harder.

4. Describe the audience? Passionate. The Wrestling audience is on par with any sports team, any sub-reddit, any TV Show. They are loyal, they are vocal, and they always have an idea on how to make the product “better.” We are working under the idea that the passionate and dedicated pro wrestling fan will come to our product because we are telling the stories that they want to see with talent that deserves to be seen. WE are also looking to speak to the LGBTQ community, the punk community, artists, writers, creators, or dudes who like to drink craft beer and play board games. Pro Wrestling is a universe story telling device, we all want to cheer, boo, and have a good time, and Capitol Wrestling provides that. Whether you cheer for the Fella Twins because they are the LGBTQ reincarnation of the Four Horsemen, Rude Boy Riley because he is just so damn likable, or Jeff Cannonball cause he’s a good dude who looks like he’d play bass in your band if you asked, we want to give you the chance to actually like something and someone instead of hating it because its “wrestling.” 5. Tell me about the wrestlers? Marcus Dowling and I have been scouring the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic for the best talent we could find, and literally the first person I contacted was Rude Boy Riley. Riley is a star in the making and is probably one of my favorite people to watch in pro wrestling. He is the modern day Ricky Steamboat, someone you can believe in, someone who will fight until his last breath, and someone every single girl will want to follow on twitter. He’s a dude who quotes song lyrics in 25% of his social media posts, connects with every person who roots for him, and is basically every cool lead singer of every band you liked over the past ten years, complete with tattoos, bleach blonded hair, and a knee that can knock out anyone.

Then we have the three men in our main event. Preston Quinn is a throwback to the 1980’s, a hard hitting, no nonsense wrestler from the American south. A guy who could have main evented in any territory prior to the “National Expansion” period of our industry, and at 40 years old is getting a chance in our spotlight in the “Old School” Three Way Dance.” He lends comparisons to Terry Funk, who reached a whole new career at the age of 40, revitalizing himself into the brand that he is known and loved for. Quinn as a talent is undeniable and will look to prove that on March 25th. You then have Jersey native Leon St. Giovanni, much like Quinn has had national exposure in Ring Of Honor, but we hand him the keys to the kingdom in our first ever main event. He is a great traditional wrestler trained at the world’s famous Monster Factory, but also is known as the “Human Rocket” for his aerial ability and devil may care attitude. I’ve known LSG for over five years and is someone who is truly passionate about his craft and will give his all in this main event opportunity. Then, there is the “Champion of the 1%.” Logan Easton Laroux hails from a gated community, inside a gated community, and is basically what everyone hates about rich people. Cocky, self-aggrandizing, and smugger than a congressional hearing on a boarder wall, but you cannot deny his talent. One of the top wrestlers to compete in the MidAtlantic region, Laroux is someone you cannot balk on having on any event. We have a roster that is built for what we feel pro wrestling should be, with Hard hitting tag teams like the New York Wrecking Krew, the Intergender World Champion of the Known Universe Mike Law, the aforementioned “Hybrid Fighter” John

6. Should Vince McMahon be worried? No, Vince McMahon does not need to worry. The WWE is on a completely different level than anyone in the wrestling industry. So many people attempt to come at the WWE and throw rocks at a man who has a machine gun. While we want to ape parts of the WWE’s amazing business plan and capitalize on portions of the industry they do not already have, we know that things take time and you cannot build a Capitol in a day. 7. Why is wrestling still so popular after so many years? Stories and aspirational characters. WE all want something or someone to believe in, and pro wrestling is the male soap opera, providing us drama, comedy, action, and resolution. The things that have resonated most over the past century in pro wrestling is the personalities and moments that make up our industry. From Ric Flair, to Dusty Rhodes, to the Rock, Steve Austin, CM Punk, and all the way down the line. It is those resonating characters that we love, hate, need to see, and litter our YouTube search histories that make wrestling matter. Also, it takes many of us back to our childhoods when we could suspend our disbelief for an hour a week and believe in real-life superheroes, or just enjoy things for the sake of enjoyment, wrestling can allow someone to sit down with a beer and just enjoy what their watching and be involved with the story, while taking a brief respite from the world around them. 8. How often will you be hosting this event? We are looking to have monthly events in Jersey City starting with our first event on March 25th and have weekly 30 minute episodes on our digital platform that will be produced in the same style of old-school wrestling television. 9. What would you say to someone who has never seen a live wrestling match? What’s wrong with you? Seriously though, it’s a damn good time where you can experience sports, entertainment, drama, comedy, an action movie fight sequence, and so much more. It’s unlike anything else in our culture because it gives you the feeling of a sporting event and the feeling of seeing a play in one package. You see a story being told by brilliant athletes and are a part of the show, your energy is as important to what’s going on in the ring as the wrestlers performing. You become a part of this connection that truly cannot be beat. 10. Finally, if someone wants to see the fight but can’t make it to Jersey City, can they see it online? If you want to follow along with the stories of Capitol Wrestling, Follow us on Facebook at on twitter at CapitolWrestlin, and our YouTube channel where our first run content will be available starting in late March!

Then we have the Fella Twins, two drag queens who have the most charisma I have ever seen in the sport. Rick Cataldo and Eddy McQueen are two cornerstones of what we are trying to build in Jersey City, and when joined by Jersey City native Sonny Kiss, and international star Nyla Rose will be the modern equivalent to the Hall of Fame stable the Four Horsemen. Cataldo the drag avatar of Ric Flair, Eddy McQueen with the cocky bravado and talent of a Tully Blanchard, Sonny Kiss with the natural athletic ability that could only be matched by Barry Windham. These four are stars, undeniable stars that highlight the modernization of our industry.

Kermon, there is something for everyone on this roster, from old school fans of the NWA/WWF, Combat Sports fans who want “reality based” performers, or the casual fan who wants someone who looks cool and does cool moves, we’ve got it all in surplus.



Then you have Jeff Cannonball, a guy who has a lot to prove. Jeff has been featured by VICE Canada for their feature on the “Tournament of Death” a yearly “Deathmatch” tournament where he basically put his body through hell. And while Jeff is a deathmatch artist, he is more than that. He is a vegan who loves pro wrestling, the Best Show, and punk rock music. He is a dude looking to find his place in the world and live out his dream of being a pro wrestler. He is a top notch human being, and someone to watch when he faces the “Hybrid Fighter” John Kermon on March 25th.


$4 beer & shot specials ,

make a baske ta prizes all gam nd win e long!



ight of It’s a beer fl beers at 20 different . Finish 5 ounces each and get it by yourself of Fame! on our Wall


100 Plymouth St., Fairfield • 973-826-5558 •




“You know your body better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to show your partner how it’s done”. Telling your partner what you want in the bedroom is not an easy task. Even if you have the best line of communication, it can sometimes be hard to do. Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so you have to speak up and be clear about what you want. Be honest, but not accusatory. You don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings, but remember in the long run being honest and upfront with what you want or need in the bedroom will only help your relationship. You might start by saying something like, “I love having sex with you”, “I want it to be the best it can be”, “Let’s try a new position”, “Can you touch me there,” or “Can we take our time”. If you’d like more foreplay, you might say, “Honey, I was so turned on last night”, or “I love it when you take your time with me before we make love. Instead of pointing out your partner’s short comings, try flattery instead. Phrase it in a way that will make them try harder to please you. Trust me, it’s all in the delivery and how you say it.

Always take your time. I suggest this to both people in a relationship. Whether is talking or touching, enjoy the moment. Making love shouldn’t be a mad dash to the finish. It should be an adventure every time and you should have fun doing it. Always find new ways to excite each other and keeps things fresh in the bedroom. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything at all. Sometimes body language is everything. Your partner should be able to tell what you are liking or not liking just by the moaning or noises you are making, or not making. If you don’t think they are catching on, just show them what you do like. Move your hands where you want them to go, or even move their hands to your magic spot. You know your body better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to show your partner how it’s done. — Kisses Angela

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On June 15, the prestigious Songwriters Hall Of Fame will honor Jay Z at their 48th annual induction ceremony — marking a monumental moment in music as he becomes the first rapper to be included. They will be following in the footsteps of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which has also honored hip-hop icons such as RUN-DMC and Public Enemy.



While some media outlets openly wondered why Eminem hadn’t been considered first, it’s not surprising that Jay Z would be the first rapper to break ground with this achievement. You would probably even be pressed to find somebody to admit that he didn’t earn it. Because, well, he did. Brooklyn-born Shawn Carter was raised in the projects and his young years were bleak: he sold crack and shot his own brother. A beacon of light eventually came: he received a boom box as a birthday gift from his mother and began songwriting and free-styling. He struggled while trying to obtain a record deal but promoted himself by selling CDs out of his car. He struck a distribution deal with Priority and released Reasonable Doubt — which had Notorious B.I.G as a guest star — and from there, as his friend once rapped, the sky was the limit. What followed were albums that would raise the bar to unreachable hip-hop heights: The Blueprint albums. In My Lifetime, Vol 1. Vol 2…Hard Knock Life. The Black Album. American Gangster. Magna Carta Holy Grail! And that’s just a drop in the bucket of a catalog that also has compilation albums and collaborative albums too. THREE of his albums were ranked among the 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Jay Z has proven himself to be a triple threat: not only has he dominated music, but he also stretched his talents towards fashion with Rocawear early on and then dove into sports — where he became the co-owner of the New Jersey Nets. He opened the 40/40 club that became a NYC hotspot. He even started his own sports agency, Roc Nation Sports, that has its own impressive roster of clients. With so many career highlights, Jay Z was bound to trip a little, and he did, when he announced a shocking retirement — only to return a few years later. While some mocked him for jumping the gun, it was clear that at the end of the day, Jay Z knew he belonged making music. Most admirably, he was unapologetic about being strategic so he could continue doing so. There are many reasons why Jay Z has earned this honor. He was ridiculed after footage of him getting pummeled by Solange in an elevator was released and had his life put under the microscope after Beyonce released the curiosityinducing Lemonade, but somehow, Jay Z kept quiet with his eyes on the prize. When he released Magna Carta, Holy Grail, every song became a hit or an anthem — and they soon went viral. He solidified his place as an icon — for many generations. Jay Z is a mogul, a family man — who once called Blue Ivy “his biggest fan” — and a creative genius who found the silver lining. Regardless of whether or not you’re into hip hop, you can’t deny that Jay Z is truly the American Dream — and he deserves all the accolades in the world for doing what not many have done before: making it all happen.


VYNL The next time you’re in the city and looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, check out Vynl right in Hells Kitchen.

If you go for their weekend brunch, check out their drink offerings: their Bloody Mary is extra spicy with some sweet garnishes and the frozen mimosas are amazing! And the tasty musician-inspired cocktails will add a nice touch to your lunch or dinner, like the Fiona ‘Apple-Pie’ Sangria and the Justin Cucumberlake!

This funky spot offers a unique experience that will appeal to any music-lover with its menu — and décor! Between the vinyl records that adorn the room, to mosaic-tile tables and menus of famous rock album covers, to the unisex Beyonce & Michael Jackson-themed bathrooms, it is nearly impossible to curb the urge to sneak a pic for Instagram!

The food options are vast and drool-worthy. The Elvis’ Revenge (peanut butter, bacon, banana tempura Whoney, brioche and chips), fried chicken and waffles, Kung Pao shrimp tacos and dark chocolate pancakes with bacon maple syrup are just a few options on the American/Asian menu.

DIRTY HEADS The Dirty Heads dropped four new singles off their new EP, Dessert — and boy are they delicious! “Freedom” is a hyper track that has political undertones (“Build the wall, we’ll build the ladder/Help me up, where’s your manners?”) but the intoxicating beat screams out PARTY SONG. Jared Watson “Dirty J” and Dustin Bushnell “Duddy B” spit lines that would make most rappers trip over their tongues, but they do it in such a smooth way that the results are flawless. “Mana” is a sexy song that will get you in the mood for, well, you know. “Can’t Sit Here” has the typical Cali sound that Dirty Heads fans have come to enjoy and expect. “They Don’t Even Know” is perfect for those who enjoy upbeat music with bold personalities and good vibes. Dessert is easy listening for those waiting for spring — but looking forward to summer. Check it out on Spotify now!




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