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I never thought I would make it to 60 years old considering the extremely wild, crazy and bizarre life I’ve lived. Scandal, headlines, Stern (when people listened) FOX News, books, magazine articles. Not to mention the lawsuits, dead bodies, sex tapes and mobsters, strip club mischief on a level nobody would ever believe. The main players were Sean Penn, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, Mark Wahlberg, Dennis Rodman, Gene Simmons, Mickey Rourke and lots of reality tv “stars”. Indeed A little bit of fame (if that’s what you want to call it) surrounded with moments of happiness, years of loneliness, a lot of pain and tons of regrets. But here I am shaking off a 7 year emotional hangover but very much alive with a sense of purpose and love that I can’t even put into words. Like I said, nobody would ever believe it. Thank you Poppi. Thank you for saving my life. I love you pumpkin pie. I pray I become the daddy you deserve. I love you so so much! Happy Birthday to me and thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me and loved me these past few years. Some gave up (I understand) some held on to me even tighter. You know who you are. I love you so much.  Thank you Barbara, Jessica, Bruce, Kelly , Andrew, Michael, Diane, Doreen, Tommy, Yama, Deidre, Teresa, Majella, Roberta, Samantha, Alan, Jairo, Malissa, Sean, Raymond, Tina, Heidi, and so many others who have reached out and kept me going during some really tough times. 

Chaunce Hayden

Blessed! 60 years old. Shit!

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It’s a given

That a women’s public restroom is dirtier than a man’s! (Better fucking believe it!)

It’s Ok To Be Bitter The botanical ingredients used in preparing bitters have historically consisted of aromatic herbs, bark, roots, or fruit for their flavor and medicinal purposes. Most bitters contain both water and alcohol, the main ingredients of which functions as a solvent for botanical extracts as well as a preservative. The alcoholic strength of bitters varies widely across different brands and styles. The roots of bitters trace all the way back to Egyptians, who usually jarred and buried the liquids under ground to preserve them. Soon spreading across the globe for centuries many different forms of bitters have been produced for many different reasons. Today’s mixologists use them mostly for flavoring but again traditionally used for healing. Digestives of foods, to cure of headaches and even hiccups. I personally use them just to settle my fat stomach after eating ten pounds of meat. A little club soda, few drops of bitters and you’ll be back in action! And just an FYI, Jägermeister in small doses is also considered to be a bitter with over 40 different ingredients. (Please Be Bitter Responsibly)

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The bourbon industry in past 10 years have grown beyond belief. Most still having the influence of our beloved state of Kentucky. The love has spread across all of our states. Three Chord is one of our newest comers. They use the best aged White American Oak staves from the Ozarks in Missouri at the Independent Stave Company. They have selected a cooperage to assemble our barrels in Louisville, Kentucky that has 55 years of time-tested coopering techniques. All Three Chord Bourbons are aged in Number 4 Char (Alligator) barrels. Chord filters their water through reverse osmosis, one-micron filter that creates the cleanest, purest water possible. The longer whiskey ages, the more the wood takes over the flavor profile. Chords secondary, controlled, wood-charring process reintroduces compounds that create the maple syrup, caramel and vanilla character that consumers love. This secondary char is light, called a “toast”. 12-year-old whiskey in the blend helps create that smooth, refined finish. Bottled at 100% blended bourbon 300 gallons at a time, for a consistent flavor profile and quality taste. MASH BILL 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. We are considered a medium-high rye bourbon. APPEARANCE Clear, Dark Mahogany- Pretzel. AROMA Maple Syrup, Caramel and Vanilla. TASTE Sweet with hints of spice that gives way to a light citrus fruit and a mild charred oak. FINISH A refined and lingering, honeycomb finish, with just a mild hug! 

When we think of ancient warriors we often think of their sword or shields and always take for granted the body armor and most importantly their helmet. Of all of historical armor the one that is most impressive for me is dating back to ancient Greece, “The Corinthian Helmet”. The name from ancient Greece was given to this helmet by the warriors who defeated the city Corinth. It started with just a facial (I’m sure like other things in life) piece and soon became a full helmet made of bronze. Worn in different ways simply for comfort during travel led to more distinctive designs by Italy. This design was in full function till the beginning of the 1st century AD due to the design covering the warriors full neck, front and back. For obvious reasons styles changed as battles went on. The world evolved as so did battle and all armor and not always for the best I might add. Let’s be honest, how can we forget the armor and the helmets worn in the movie “300”, this is Jersey! (Please Helmet Responsibly)


A Warrior’s Head

Sticks & Stones With all these TV shows about surviving in the wilderness especially naked and definitely afraid (why else watch.. butt naked). There is always a scene where everyone is trying to start a fire while nobody steps up especially the camera man with a lighter in his pocket to help out. So you’ll see the strongest but yet not the brightest of the crew rub two rocks and a stick together, but how do they know what type of rocks to use. Since dawn of man fire has been created with only very few styles of stone. To start a fire without matches or lighter fluid, you’ll need a certain type of rock and steel. The type of rock most commonly used in fire starting is in the flint family (hence Flintstones) such as quartz, chert, obsidian, agate or jasper. Very few other stones have been known to work. The main criterion is that the rock has a high silica content to be harder than the steel. You can’t always tell how hard a rock is by feeling it. Testing the fire-starting capability of a few types of rocks is one way to learn which are the most effective. Some types of fire-starting stones can be found at rock and mineral shops and lapidary shops, so you might have to bring your own before you get naked and wonder off. When searching for rocks, good places to look include river beds and rocky slopes near hills and mountains. Historians have found artifacts in a cave called Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Rio Quípar in Spain some 800,000 years ago. The first findings of these stones by geologists. The cave stones have coatings on them found no where else in the world. The scientists used microscopes and chemical analyses to determine that the objects had been warmed to temperatures between 750° and 1,100° Fahrenheit. That’s consistent with their having been burned in a fire. Next time in Spain take the time and tour the cave of fire, but please be clothed and stay clear of camera men who won’t help unless your dead! (Please Rub Your Rocks Responsibly)








By Chauncé Hayden

Chauncé Hayden: Mötley Crüe enjoyed enormous success during the late ’80s, but at the height of the band’s popularity Vince Neil was fired. Why? Tommy Lee: A lot of the reason for the break-up was that the success we enjoyed gave Vince the money to take helicopter flying lessons and drive race cars. All these other things became more important than the music. Keep in mind those things are expensive to do and he would have never been able to do them if it wasn’t for Mötley Crüe. I think people forget that all these extra luxuries have been available because of the band.

any new music generated there. That was purely for the purpose of making money. This situation is completely different. Although if it does make money, I won’t complain. A lot of people don’t know what I’m about to tell you. Our singer, John Corabi, who was in the band while Vince was gone, brought all this on himself. How so?

That said, what about now? Aren’t those distractions still there? That was one of the things we talked about when we got back together. The band has to come first no matter what.

Tommy Lee’s Drum Coaster

Mötley Crüe Early 80’s

What about the fans? Don’t you agree there will be those who say that Mötley Crüe couldn’t make it without Neil and this reunion is more about cashing in than anything else? Oh yeah, I’m sure. But if you ask me, the one thing that just reeks of money is the Kiss tour. There wasn’t

We were almost done working on the new record. John was singing but he wasn’t sounding so good. So we were all like, “Fuck, what’s going on?” And he said, “I don’t know. I’m all freaked out, there’s too much pressure.” So we got a vocal coach in but that didn’t really help. After talking to him a little further in depth he said, “I feel like I’m responsible for your three careers. I feel like I’m dragging this thing down.” He went on to say, “You know what dudes, I think you should get Vince back.” What was your reaction to that? I was shocked. I was tripping out. I said, “What are you talking about?” He just said, “I think that’s what you guys should be doing. That’s what your fans want and they’ll never accept anyone as Mötley Crüe’s singer other than Vince. They don’t want some other version of Mötley Crüe.” We didn’t even realize that. Somebody

I’m sure the fact that he was a fan of Mötley Crüe prior to joining the band probably added to the pressure of taking over for Vince.

Every day. And the kids write me everyday and tell me what’s up. They tell me what they like and don’t like. And I listen.

Tommy Early 80’s

How do you keep up with the times without alienating your fans? For example, U2 experimented with techno on their new album. But judging by the ticket sales to their concerts, the experiment seems to have backfired.

This is so true. Many times we would have to talk with him about that. What would you say? “You got to be the man, dude! You’re the man now—you’re not a fan, you’re the man!” That’s how Vince is; he believes he is the fucking man! Don’t get me wrong, John is a very talented guy. He plays the harmonica and guitar, he sings, he’ll write a fucking song like that! He’s an amazing guy. But on the other end of the spectrum he’s nothing like Vince. When Vince takes the mic there ain’t no one else in the room.  He’s the man.

Consciously we don’t go “okay, we have to write this kind of song for this group of listeners.” We just don’t. We just write from our hearts. And I’ve been completely inspired by new music and the technology that’s out there now is fucking amazing. Tommy Present Day

Exactly! Maybe what all you guys needed rather than breaking up was an extended vacation. That’s what Vince says. He goes, “You know what, we just needed a fucking vacation from each other, man.” Getting back to having your songs played on the radio, New York City’s top radio stations seem to

So the new Mötley Crüe isn’t all about metal anymore?

Everything is so fucking cliché, bro. It seems to me that it’s all been said and done before. But you have to constantly find a new way of doing things. Why do people spend fucking 200 million dollars to make a movie? Because they have to. Because if another movie comes out and it ain’t fucking better than that new movie no one is going to go watch it. It’s the same thing with music. If your fucking album comes out and someone turns on the radio and goes, “Dude I’ve heard that sound a


had to tell us. We were in denial. So we just sat there have a 10-song play list… and listened. After he said that we were fucking (Laughs) Ten-song play list! That’s so true, man! stupid for about a day. I remember Nikki [Sixx] and I It’s like somebody just presses play and they talking the next day like it was yesterday. We were leave the station. That’s got to change. You know about a month away from going to court with Vince. it’s just got to. All this stuff was about ready to pop like a pimple. Since radio seems to be selling Things were about to get pretty ugly out to the trend of the week, so to in court. So Nikki and Vince got on speak, don’t you almost have to the phone and bypassed the lawyers take a close look at what the current and got all those fucking idiots out of trends are and play the game if the the way, and they just talked. Then a band is going to continue? few days later Vince came down to the studio and heard some of the new Well, I’m not 18 but I really believe music with John’s voice on it and said, that I have my finger on the pulse as “Fuck, this sounds amazing!” So we far as where music is at, because I’m got to talking some more and Vince still a massive fan. Before you and I played us some of the music he’s started talking I was flipping through been doing. Then when Vince went the [radio] dial cause I’m such a fan into the studio and started to sing of music. I’m very much a little kid over John’s tracks we started thinking when it comes to music. I listen to maybe we really should get this whole everything, and if I said I wasn’t thing back together. inspired by a lot of the new music I Nikki Sixx & John Corabi would be lying. Thank fucking God Since it was originally Corabi’s there is new music because I can’t idea I assume he took the news see recording the same record again. graciously. As far as what kids are into, I receive Well, in one way he threw in the towel about 200 e-mails a day from them. and in another way he was a very big Is your e-mail address that available? man by fucking stepping back and saying, “You know what dudes, I think Sure, we publicize it. this is what you should be doing.” What is it? Because John was a fan of Mötley Crüe before he was even in the band. He couldn’t even believe he was in And you personally check it? the band to begin with.


thousands times,” there’s a problem. I don’t want to hear a fucking guitar that sounds just like everything else on the radio. I want to hear ear candy. You have to be that way.  Obviously you have money, so what is it that drives you to keep playing? I’m driven by fear. I don’t want to ever hear somebody go, “That sounds really old, dude.” On a personal level I don’t need to tell you that your life is constantly under the scrutiny of the media. How do you feel about being tabloid fodder? I don’t even know what to say about that. I’ll turn on the TV and I’ll be like, “What! No fucking way!” Obviously I’m not looking into the camera, so if someone is following me around it’s my wife’s fault. They’re really following her around and I just happened to be with her. But I don’t know what the big deal is. I mean, I guess we’re a fun couple and people want to see what’s going on with us, but fucking every day gets to be too much. 

Now that you’ve gotten more aggressive with the papparazzi, have you found that they back off more than in the past? Yeah, it’s mellowed out quite a bit. Heather Locklear

Do you remember the first time you met your ex wife Pamela Anderson? It was actually what’s on the inside. When I first met her on New Year’s Eve I was at this restaurant sitting dateless in a booth by myself.

I don’t mind it but it’s just weird how they take a piece of footage and then embellish on what was going on. I watch what they’re saying about me on television and I’m like, “Huh! That’s fucking bullshit!”


I hear that you’re a very jealous guy. Is there any truth to that? That’s those people doing their thing again. I guess people would just assume that. I don’t know why or what I’ve done or said for anybody to say that I’m jealous.

From what I’ve seen it appears that you’re not a big fan of the papparazzi.

The tabloids project you as this brawling, tattooed maniac. In fact I assumed you and I would be beating the crap out of each other at this stage of the interview. However, I’m surprised to see that you’re a pretty easy-going guy. Or did I just catch you on a good day?

That was a problem. That was one of the guys who is at my house every fucking day. He just sits there right at my property line just fully taunting the fuck out of me. I’m good for a little while, but then I lose it. So, one night Pamela and I went to the Viper Room and as the door opened the guy was right there with the light right in my face. I couldn’t see at first but then I realized it’s that guy again and I just lost it. I didn’t even really do anything. I grabbed the guy’s camera to take it away, to get him to fuck off and leave me alone. But he wouldn’t let go of the camera so he went flying. It was kind of a nightmare. I still have to go to court for some of that shit.

Tommy Lee dateless on New Years Eve? On second thought, I guess I can see the motivation behind that. Pamela Anderson

(Laughs) Yeah, people think I’m like that! I fucking hate that! The Tommy Lee that I see in the media always has a don’t-fuck-withme look in his eyes. (Laughs) Totally! Totally! The only time I get like that, bro, is when I go home to my house. My home is my sanctuary. When I go home I shut everything off. But then I’ll be looking out my fucking Brittany Fulan window and I’ll see the tree moving. Then I’ll see a fucking guy in the tree with a camera taking pictures of my house. Dude, it’s the only time I get crazy. You’re in my face and this is my house. Anywhere else is cool. I know that I’m open meat when I’m in the public. You once went berserk on a Los Angeles cameraman outside the Viper Room. What happened to being open meat?

(Laughs) It was really weird! I wasn’t really looking for a girl that night. I had just gone through a divorce [Heather Locklear], then I had a girlfriend, so I was kind of like over women for a while. Then all of a sudden the waitress comes over with a shot of Goldschläger. She told me it was from Pamela Anderson. What did you think? I went, “No way! Is she here?” and she said, “Yes” and pointed to where she was sitting. So I grabbed the bottle of champagne that I was drinking at the time and slammed the shot and went over to her table and licked her face. Why do I have a feeling that same gesture wouldn’t work as well for me as it did for you? (Laughs) Actually, I was ready for her to tell me to go fuck myself.  Then why did you lick her face? I just felt like I had to lick her face and tell her happy New Year. So the second I did it she turned around and licked mine. Then the whole table started licking

Then four days later you were married. Yeah, I know it’s crazy. But then again what the fuck, if you feel that it’s right, why not? But then, shortly after you were married, Pamela took your child and moved out. What was the truth behind that separation and what brought the two of you back together? When she left with Brandon that was all my fault. It was a bonehead move on my part. The pressure of becoming a new father on top of the pressure I felt with the whole John Corabi situation and all the fucking shit I had to put up with having all these photographers outside of my home everyday kind of made me lose my fucking mind.

then they arrest you if you take a drug like fucking pot. It’s the most harmless drug on the planet. If you get in a car and you’re stoned you’ll be pulled over for driving too slow. Completely harmless. Yet, alcohol makes  you want to fight and drive fast. That shit should be illegal and pot should be legal. I have to ask you about your tattoos. What first got you interested in body ink? You want to know something weird? My first tattoo was Mighty Mouse crashing through a drum. Might Mouse was my favorite cartoon. He was my hero. He was just this little guy, sort of like me, except that I’m tall, but he was really powerful and aggressive like me. I was 17 when I got it. This is really bizarre but it comes from a therapist. Once a therapist asked me about my family. And I found out that a lot of the reasons for my tattoos is because of this. My mother is Greek; I was born in Greece and after a year we moved to California. My mother at the time spoke no English so she had to draw everything she was trying to say. The way she communicated was through pictures. So the therapist said because of that I learned to communicate through pictures as well. So in a weird sort of way my tattoos are a way for me to communicate. 


each other’s faces. But she’s a very intelligent girl. Just like people perceive me to be something I’m not, people think that she’s this dumb blonde with big tits who wears a bathing suit on “Baywatch.” However, they’re very, very wrong about her. I don’t know if you saw her in court this week but you could see that she’s a very intelligent girl. So, when I saw that I thought, wow, this girl is not only eye candy, she’s absolutely beautiful inside. It’s not often a girl that pretty is that beautiful inside as well. That’s what attracted me to her.

That’s very interesting.

Define losing your mind?

Isn’t that bizarre?

I was drinking a lot of fucking booze to just deal. I’m talking about lots and lots of vodka.

There are many fans who believe that you tattooed Pamela’s name on your penis. Well?

Define lots?

No! That’s just a rumor. No man, that would be fucking unbelievable. That would be one fucking traumatic experience. As if circumcision isn’t enough! Holy fuck.

Probably about a gallon of vodka a week. That’s a lot. I would drink all fucking day. I didn’t Tommy Present Day realize what I was doing. I was pretty engulfed in alcohol. When it really kicked in was when I was holding my son and I started to stumble around the house with him in my arms. Pamela saw that and she was like, “This is not what I want for a father and a husband. What if you drop him?” And she was right. That was really uncool and selfish of me, to drown my problems like that. Basically to make a long story short I had two choices to make: I could either just deal with the pressures or stay drunk.

Any more tattoos planned in the immediate future?

So you don’t drink at all now?

(Laughs) Burn out!

Anything in moderation is fine, but I was abusing alcohol along with other substances. I just had to stop and take a break. Fucking alcohol is the biggest illusion on the planet! That shit is just fucking weird. It is so fucking weird. Dude! It’s amazing that that shit is fucking legal. It’s killed so many people. But

Tommy Lee fan mail address: Boulevard Management 21731 Ventura Blvd., Suite# 300 Woodland Hills, CA 91364

I just got a new tribal tattoo in Tahiti. It’s a Tahiti tribal design around my thigh. It’s really cool. But I’m slowly running out of space. So I have to put more thought into what I get from now on. Last question. Is it better to burn out or to fade away?



Let’s Talk



By Amanda-Kathryn

in Woodcliff Lake

(aka RamblesofRed)

by the Tequila Regulatory Industry. There are 2 main classifications of tequila: mixto and 100% agave, and over five different varieties which I will discuss later that are both aged and non-aged. Now let’s take a trip to Blue Moon Mexican Cafe!

We all have that “one night at the bar” story. Maybe it was your 21st birthday, or watching some live music at your favorite destination. For me, my most epic and evil evenings contained one common factor…Tequila. Now if you haven’t had it before, let me tell you, it can make you the life of the party or your next hangover in the making. With Cinco de Mayo coming up, I decided to take a look around for a place to have my guacamole binge for the night, but also where I can get an amazing margarita or a simple shot of tequila. Where did my research take me? Blue Moon Mexican Cafe.

First thing’s first…let’s talk a little bit about tequila. Established in 1974, the word tequila belongs to the Mexican State. It is a designated region known for growing blue agave, distilling, and bottling. It also is a production standard, and a self-regulated industry. Currently there are over 154 registered distillers, (wow!) who are inspected for compliance and maintenance

With 3 locations in Jersey, and 1 in New York, you can have your pick of where to go. For my guacamole craving, I decided to try the Woodcliff Lake location with my friend Melissa and though we hit a bit of traffic along the way, (i’d recommend leaving before 5 on weekdays to avoid traffic and the crowds that will most certainly be there for Cinco de Mayo) it was totally worth the trip! If you have a GPS handy, it will get you there in no time at all. You could also Uber down if you intend on making a night of it. Again, leave early so you can get a good parking spot. You don’t want to be having your tequila and trying to walk to your car on May 5th.

The ambience of Blue Moon upon entry very laid back, and chill. The decor gave me a cantina sort of vibe, and the guests that were seated all had smiles on their faces. To see a restaurant that’s so involved with their customers and community…it was a sight to behold! Now let’s talk about food and tequila! Each Blue Moon Mexican Cafe location has something that it brings to the table, one thing is for sure though, it’s never short on tequila options! You have your choice: Blanco, Silver, or Plata - Which is unnaged and bottled immediately after distillation, or aged less than 2 months in stainless steel or oak barrels. Brands to pick from include: Lunazul, Patron, Hornitos, Don Julio, Herradura, 1800, Milagro, Cabo Wabo, Casamigos, Clase Azul.

for you and your friends. Since I needed to still be able to walk for the night, I decided to opt for one of Blue Moon’s margaritas complete with their signature blue salted rim. Now I’m not really a big tequila fan, but this margarita was delicious! It was very smooth to the palate, and you barely tasted the tequila. It was a great starter for my appetizer: The Guacamole. Oh my, did I love this app. Beautiful presentation served in a corn tortilla dish, the guac came served with chips, radishes, tomatoes, and cilantro on the top. You’ll notice that the guac had a hint of lime juice flavor, but it’s not overpowering. This is what made the dish for me, and I was in heaven. Now let’s talk tacos.

Reposado - Which is aged a minimum of two months, but less than a year in oak barrels of any size. Brands to pick from include: Lunazul, Patron, Hornitos, Sauza Blue, Don Julio, 1800, Cabo Wabo, Milagro, Herradura, Casamigos, Clase Azul.


This ensures you not only the best dining experience, but a safe experience as well. With a big group? No problem! Order up a famous tequila flight. Prices range from $18-$23.95, but will provide more than enough

Anejo - Which is aged a minimum of one year, but less that three years in small oak barrels. Brands to pick from include: Lunazul, Don Julio, Patron, Herradura, Hornitos Black Barrel, Casamigos. Extra or Super Anejo: Which is aged over three years in small oak barrels. Brands to pick from include: Cuervo Reserve, Don Julio, 1942. Other options include Cuervo Gold, Patron XO, Patron Incindiary, and 1800 Coconut.

With so many picks to choose from, I didn’t even know where to begin! Lucky for me, Blue Moon’s staff is more than equipped to point me in the right direction since they provide training to their employees upon hiring.


Melissa decided to try the Fish tacos consisting of beer battered cod filets fried golden brown, topped with delicious jalapeno tartar sauce and fresh Mexican slaw served on white corn tortillas. I opted for the Brisket Tacos complete with ancho flavored brisket, chopped radishes, cilantro and queso fresco served on white corn tortillas. Both options were delicious, made only of the freshest ingredients. The tacos come served with beans and rice making it very filling and a great addition to any tequila beverage you decide to partake in. There are many places to get Mexican food, but there is truly only one Blue Moon Mexican Cafe. This community restaurant is a treasure, and if you are looking for the best tequila experience, it should be top on your go-to list this Cinco de Mayo. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, their webpage to countdown the days til May 5th, and see all their upcoming deals and promos. Thanks for the fun time, Blue Moon Mexican Cafe! Cheers, stay safe, and happy tequila drinking to you all!



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This Seasons

Trends Warmer weather is finally among us and I’m so excited to be wearing cuter more colorful pieces! As much as I love other seasons, there’s just something about spring that makes me feel more alive. It has to be a combination between playful accessories, gorgeous florals, lighter textures, and lace up espadrilles! Check out some of these items that I’ll be purchasing shortly.

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Style Refresh Yellow Midi Skater Dress

Pink Button Through Cord Mini Dress

One Step Ahead Maxi Dress in Ivory By Free People I $66 I $45 I $108

ASOS Design Straw Open Weave Basket Bag

Blue Stripe Tie Up Espadrille Wedges I $40 I $110

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The Shady Side Of

Summer Eyes! Vogue

Enter… racer sunglasses.

WHY?! Mr. Porter Style Director Olie Arnold says there are two trends at work here. “First, it’s clear that the ’90s are having a major resurgence, especially from brands like Balenciaga and Vetements,” he says. “And there’s no more ’90s a pair of sunglasses than the quintessential Oakley visor sunglasses.” Arnold points to icons like Michael Jordan, David Duchovny, and Andre Agassi (YAAAS!) as inspo for this look. Second, Arnold says, baseball players in particular are emerging as a new style icons, from retro, like Cal Ripken, Jr., to more contemporary. (Well…

That brings us to another intriguing element of the wraparound or blade sunglasses revival—many stores are carrying not simply the fashion version of the look, but the performance brands themselves. District Vision is a running apparel brand that makes a mean pair of the frames, but it is also stocked on Ssense, among the Prada and the Vetements options. Max Vallot, a cofounder of District Vision, says that the way the brand approaches sports gives their frames a certain panache, even if you aren’t putting them on to run a half marathon. They design for “mindful athletes,” he says, “those approaching sports with a deeper awareness of mind and body, as well as anything affecting this dynamic. Nowadays, being active and being mindful is aspirational. So even if our customer is not actively practicing, they tend to favor the relevant objects.” Good morning, New York! Let’s get these relevant objects! With that in mind, it’s only a matter of time until Oakley itself reemerges as the king of the look. After all, we might be wild for designer fleece, but we all know that Patagonia really makes the best version. A  1997  Los Angeles Times article writes about the source material with a poetic reverence to which every fashion writer should aspire. “The single red iridium lens stretches like a shield from brow to cheekbone and nearly halfway around the head,” it opens. “The jagged Hammerfang earpieces jut out from the temples, never bending toward the lobes.” It brags that Oakleys “flaunt an almost inhuman impenetrability.” In other words, you look at a person in mirrored, protective frames, and all you’ll see is yourself trying to figure out their secret. “The optical ideas we generate would melt the brains of mere mortals,” read the late ’90s Oakleys marketing copy. One customer, the  Times  reported, said his Oakleys saved him in a grizzly bear attack.


Racer sunglasses—also known as wraparound sunglasses, ski sunglasses, blades, performance running goggles, shields, or baseball glasses—are the shape that will dominate your entire summer. After Balenciaga  and  Prada  both made them for Spring 2019, the style is now heavily stocked on nearly every reputable e-commerce site, not to mention filling the racks at the fast fashion outpost of your choice. Fashion freaks and dudes just looking to perk up their beach wardrobes alike can wear this wild style. They combine the current performance gear fetish with our increasing appetite for weird clothing. In other words, racer sunglasses are basically the lovechild of clout goggles and tiny sunglasses. And they come from fashion’s current wellspring of inspiration: the ’90s.

maybe.) “Today, we’re starting to see this style off the diamond and on the streets,” Arnold says. “You can just imagine A-Rod wearing this pair from Moncler.” The new A-bomb from A-Rod!


What happens if you stare at the sun? You begin to wonder what, if anything, will come after tiny sunglasses. Men and women alike spent the entirety of 2018 seeing the world through tiny-tinted goggles, a new beacon of our shifting relationship with fame and attention. If the big glasses of the paparazzi-manic mid-aughts were shields from the glare of public life, tiny glasses were a symbol of new values: look at me, but only as I want to be seen! But meme-ready trends, unlike diamonds or things you tweeted in 2013, are not forever. So what kind of bold silhouette could possibly follow in their teeny-tiny footsteps?


Meet Newark’s Cocktail Winner: Paco’s Passion of

in Newark By Amanda-Kathryn (aka RamblesofRed)

Newark has a new cocktail winner...Have you tried the Paco’s Passion from Casa d’Paco yet? You might recall my last article on All Points West Distillery and Drink Newark’s first cocktail challenge. What started as an idea of bringing alcohol beverage production back to Newark, the idea for a cocktail contest soon followed. Now knowing how it would be received, despite there being a rich history of alcohol production and consumption in this town, the founders wondered if interest would be limited to the wealthy suburbs, or the upscale Hudson County crowd. They took a chance. Insisting Newark’s spirits had a back story that needed to be shared, and thus, the Drink Newark Contest took flight. I was asked to judge the cocktail challenge at Clement’s Place in Newark. 5 contestants made it into the final round. They included: Burger Bound’s Gin Tropical Peach, Nico’s Elderflower Royale, Mompou’s All Points West Fall Escape, The Station Bar and Bites at the Element Hotel’s Ferry St. Old Fashioned, and Casa d’Paco’s Paco’s Passion. Each place brought something to the table, but only one could be crowned the best of the best. After trying each cocktail, the choice was an obvious one for me: Paco’s Passion. It was sweet, well blended, and an awesome start to spring that perfectly represented Newark. I had the opportunity to speak with Angel Leston, founder of Casa d’Paco, to talk about their journey to becoming Newark’s cocktail challenge winner and their plans for the future:



Amanda-Kathryn: First of all, I should wish you congratulations! Tell me a little about Casa d’Paco Angel Leston: Thank you. We opened about 4 years ago, we just made 4 years last month. It was an idea, that was inspired by my dad who was a chef around town. I always wanted to open up my own eatery complete with a bar, I kind of always had this vision. About 4 years, no maybe 5 years ago, a friend of mine used to own a little dive bar here called Happy Hour Cafe. He came to me with an idea since he was going into other business endeavors, and he wanted to give it to someone he could trust. He proposed the idea to me, and he gave me a good

AK: When the Drink Newark contest came into fruition, AL: Paco’s Passion..It has both the sour aspect from the why did you choose to participate in it? pulp, and the sweet aspect of it because of the nectar. It AL: So, this is a funny story. We didn’t even choose to also has the kick because of the 100 proof vodka. I probably participate, they kind of asked us to. We were kind of would pair it with the garlic shrimp cause it has that spicy already doing a bunch of stuff and had a bunch of events kick to it, and it would level it out. Our Paco’s Slider, which going on. When it came up, I’ll be honest, I said no…it’s is our burger, and even our meat and cheese platters or probably not for us, there’s a lot of good cocktail bars and even our salads! We have a mango and shrimp salad with we probably wouldn’t even stand a chance, cause there homemade mango dressing. are a lot of places. Newark Happening actually came to us and said: ‘please, just join it will be fun.’ I’m like okay fine, we’ll give it a shot. So we designed the cocktail, Paco’s Passion, pretty much on the spot. We stayed here for one night, me and the bartender. We just started working on drinks and trying them, until we just landed on the recipe we currently have. We submitted it, it kind of started taking on a life of its own, and then we won.

AK: What can we expect next from Casa d’Paco?

AL: So now we actually are creating a building a brand new cocktail menu for the summer. We never really focused on cocktails that much. We were more of a sangria, and we have a really good Spanish wine list as well as our own wine we’ve been pushing. We are working with a lot of different things like moscato, local distillery products, and we’ve started using a lot of cordials and a lot liquors we’ve never worked with before and now have been messing around with. Our regular menu stays the same, we usually don’t plan by season. We plan by week since our specials change daily. We have 10-15 tapas featured, with a change every 1-2 AK: When you got to Clement’s place for the contest, days on the regular with fresh produce we buy locally daily. what was going through your mind? AK: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me, and AL: So I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We weren’t even congratulations again! sure who was judging until we got there. I wouldn’t say we weren’t a little bit nervous, but after we had a couple of Gin AL: Thank you. We are very humbled, and we are very and Tonics at the bar we felt a little more comfortable. It thankful. We love how the community is so welcoming of us, was cool, we saw a lot of restaurant owners that we know and how much of a good reaction since we’ve been here. from here. We got to speak to them, and it was a good vibe. If you wish to try the Paco’s Passion, make your way down The people were welcoming and very nice. I gave a little to Newark today! You won’t be disappointed, and pair it speech about Newark and the cocktail. I started out a little with the Mango Shrimp Salad. Also follow Casa d’Paco on nervous, but at the end I feel like I started talking too much. Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on their delicious We felt prepared. The bartender who designed the drink is menu and drinks updated on the regular. Thanks for sitting a monster, he has 15 years mixology experience. I left it in down with me Casa d’Paco! Until next time, cheers and his hands. I was going to be the talking and the marketing happy eating to you all!


AL: So what Newark Happening had told us, ‘try to make something that says something about your restaurant but also says something about your community too.’ That’s what we kept in mind. Of course we named it Paco’s Passion to symbolize the passion that this place has when it comes to the owners and our awesome staff. We then picked local ingredients that we buy here from Newark. We chose the ingredients in such an order that each one represents the whole immigrant community in Newark. For example we chose fresh passion fruit pulp, which is a Brazilian product, fresh passion fruit nectar which is a Portuguese product we buy locally, Bone Black Vodka from Newark distiller, All Points West Distillery, we even garnished raspberries and edible flowers that are purchased locally.


AK: With the ingredients that you chose, did you have any specific reason why you chose them or were they just random?


deal, and we took it on. We came in here and for 3 months guy, and he killed it. we renovated, me, my father, and my mother and another AK: How did it feel to win? gentleman we knew, a contractor, and built it according to AL: Good! Very unexpected. Especially since we saw the what I envisioned. other contestants do so many different components, like AK: Why did you pick Newark? the guy with the flame. We ended up looking at each other AL: Newark because it is where I was born, where I went like f*ck, but regardless we stood behind our drink. It has all to school, and where I grew up. I always had an affinity the components, the history behind it we envisioned, and it towards Newark so that’s where I always envisioned to have tastes good. my own business. AK: What would you pair the Paco’s Passion with?


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Rock God


Nikki Sixx tells ChaunCE Hayden

the REAL dirt!

“If you drink and you’re happy, God bless you. If you do drugs and it works for you, God bless you. For me, they don’t work.”





A true rock ‘n’ roll legend, renowned Mötley Crüe bass player, Nikki Sixx, 60, is the last of a dying breed. Despite two decades of self-destructive behavior that included large quantities of sex, drugs, and booze, Sixx has survived to tell his story in the bestselling book, “The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star.” The compelling memoir based on his 1986-87 journals chronicles the year he spiraled out of control in a drug-fueled haze. Sixx has also released a chilling solo CD (Sixx: A.M.) of the same title - to coincide with the release of the book. The CD, by his band Sixx A.M., includes the single “Life Is Beautiful.” Mötley Crüe, made up of Tommy Lee (drums), Vince Neil (vocals), Mick Mars (guitar), and Nikki Sixx, played their first show together January 17, 1981. That same year saw them record a debut album, “Too Fast for Love,” on their own Leathür Records label. Twenty-five years and some 40 million albums sold later, the up and down Crüe rollercoaster ride seems to be in jeopardy these days. It was reported early this week that Tommy Lee was kicked out of the band. However, details at press time are still sketchy. But as a solo artist Sixx seems to be doing just fine, as demonstrated in “58” and “Brides of Destruction.” Both albums show different sides of his powerful songwriting abilities. Sixx also helped co-write the New York Times bestseller “Dirt,” the history of the Crüe, which has become a bible for rockers all over the world and is now. Netflix movie.... too mixed reviews. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Nikki Sixx about his book, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of his remarkable life, Tommy Lee and Pam, and that little blue pill no legitimate rock star should be caught dead without. Chauncé Hayden: After reading “The Heroin Diaries” the first question that comes to mind is, why are you still alive? Nikki Sixx: I’m amazed I’m still alive. But at the same time, I feel like I’m telling the story of somebody else’s life. I feel reincarnated. Looking back on my life, it’s as if it’s somebody else’s crazy life. There were some great years—lots of great years. It’s funny, but I forget that I’m this guy named Nikki Sixx, because to me, I’m just Nikki. But then, I’ll walk down the street, and someone will yell, “Nikki Sixx!” and I’ll go, “Oh yeah.” After so many years of addiction and walking on the fringes of death, how do you still maintain your passion for living? I still have piss and vinegar inside my veins. I’m still driven. On the outside, I look and dress the same way I did when I was 18. I still eat and breathe rock ‘n’ roll. But my inside is more focused now. That’s what makes me feel complete these days. The addictions in my life made me feel bad, and I don’t want to feel bad anymore. I want people to know that you can be rock ‘n’ roll and outrageous and opinionated and do whatever you want to do, but still be a good person. You don’t have to feel like you have a hole in your stomach. I admire your honesty in the book. To describe it as compelling would be an understatement. Thank you very much. I really laid it out there in the sense that I didn’t want to sugar-coat stuff. Not to give too much away, but I was surprised the book

has a happy ending. It was really important to me that the book has a successful ending, but you can’t have a successful ending, if you don’t really show what happens during addiction. So for me, it’s really exciting that people are getting through the whole book. People are telling me there are points in the book where they could barely stand reading it, but they couldn’t put it down. And at the end of the book, they feel great. That’s an amazing thing to hear, since it’s the first time I ever penned something 100 percent by myself. It makes me feel good that the message got through correctly. Allow me to play the devil’s advocate for a moment. Some might say that, in a way, you’ve glorified addiction and a decadent lifestyle. The message can be seen as: It’s OK to shoot heroin, have unsafe sex, and destroy your liver, because at the end of the day, you’ll be OK. I hope people don’t see it as glamorous. It was important to me to strip away the glamour. However, at the same time, it was important for me to let people know it wasn’t all bad times. Because it wasn’t. I’m not the type of guy to stand on a soapbox and say don’t do drugs and alcohol. I’m just trying to share my story and my experience. 1986 and ‘87 are important times, because that’s when I wrote my journals. But it’s also important to understand how I got there. How much of your selfdestructive behavior do you blame on your father and mother abandoning you at such an early age? To be honest, I didn’t realize until years later how pissed I was at them. I mean, I knew I was pissed, but I didn’t know how pissed. I didn’t know how much damage was actually done. Information is so important. I’ve been through two divorces, and the information that my kids get through me and from their mother is so important. Because if your mother is a fucking lunatic, and she never came around again, you’re going to go through life thinking she’s a bad person and feeling abandoned. But in a divorce where both parents love and are there for their kid, that kid will think, “OK, this is not what I wanted, but this is what I have. I can see everyone is happy.” In my case, my dad left, but I never knew why. I never saw him. All I ever heard was that he just ran off. It makes a person think, “What did I do?” or “If I’m half him and he’s a bad person, then I’m already starting off life half bad.” Then, my mom was going through her stuff, and I had to travel back and forth to my grandparents. So, if she’s lost and I’m half her, I’m also lost. I’m just a kid and I’m already bad and lost. Allow me to be an amateur psychiatrist for a moment. Would you agree that you have a certain degree of selfhatred? Well, you get into that way of thinking. You don’t know who you are or how you got there. Then you mix in teenage hormones, and you find yourself heading down a road at 100 miles an hour with no steering wheel and no brakes. Everyone around me is telling me I’m going to crash, but I can’t stop. I can’t fix the car, because I don’t have the tools. All I can do is crash. You’ve been clean and sober for several years now. What would you say to those people who still indulge in the

“(on dying) I didn’t see God or Satan. I also didn’t see a bright light. For years I thought I saw something. I thought I felt like I was out of my body.”

“I’ve since read books about it. I’ll tell you my experience was not unlike the experience of others who went though that. ”




joys of drinking and doing drugs? If you drink and you’re happy, God bless you. If you do drugs and it works for you, God bless you. For me, they don’t work. I look at the face of Keith Richards and can clearly see what years of addiction can do to a person. But when I look at your face, I don’t see those same physical battle scars, as it were. How do you explain that? Well Keith has been at it a lot longer than I have. Also, some of that is genetic. I have Italian descent and he’s English. Italians tend to age better. If you have to break it down, I’ve only been off the wagon about five times in the past 20 years. So if you do the math, I’ve been mostly clean and sober since 1989. I’ve been completely clean and sober for six years solid. I hope I can achieve that for the rest of my life. But like the saying goes, I take one day at a time. I used to loathe those kinds of sayings. But now I embrace them. Today is today, and I can’t promise what will happen tomorrow. I can’t fix yesterday, and I can’t control tomorrow, so all I have is today. What is today going to be like for you? Am I going to take one of the most amazing photographs I’ve ever taken? Am I going to write one of the best songs I’ve ever written? I really don’t know. Am I going to help someone else or go 130 miles an hour down the thruway with the windows down going, “Fucking amazing! Life is beautiful!” For me it’s all about being present and that’s allowed me to be more rock ‘n’ roll than I’ve ever been. Do you still go to AA meetings? Oh yeah. I love them. They keep me grounded. Anything that keeps me grounded is wonderful. Life at times is like a heavyweight championship fight. You don’t fight every single day, but if you’re a fighter, you train for that one fight. Then, when the fight comes, you’re ready. For me it’s always about training for being grounded and focused. I make music. And when it’s time to get into the ring and take on life, I’m hopefully ready for the fight. You mentioned Keith Richards. He always seems ready to fight. He always seems like he’s in the zone. That’s why some artists continue to create and others just fade away. On the night of December 23, 1987, you were declared dead after an overdose, only to be revived by paramedics with two adrenaline shots to the heart (This incident was the inspiration for the song “Kickstart my Heart”). What was it like on the other side? Did you see God? Did you see Satan? Describe the experience. I didn’t see God or Satan. I also didn’t see a bright light. For years I thought I saw something. I thought I felt like I was out of my body. I’ve since read books about it. I’ll tell you my experience was not unlike the experience of others who went though that. Is it awkward being around fellow musicians who aren’t clean and sober? Here’s the deal. My friends who are in this industry and other industries still interact with me. Some drink. Some drink outrageously, and some just have a glass of wine. Some of them have experimented with drugs. But almost always I’m the phone call where they’ll say, “I’m spinning out of control,

I better call Nikki.” Why you? Because they know I won’t preach to them. They know I understand what they’re going through. I can tell them how I handled it, but I won’t tell them what to do. I’m not like the guys who stand on a soapbox. I call them soapbocops. They’ll preach, “Don’t do this and you got to do that!” But you know what? Those are the people I ran from. On a lighter note, is there a better invention than Viagra? (Laughs) You know, Viagra is interesting. It seems that the people who use it don’t need it. It should be called, The Punisher. It should say on the bottle, “Take this when you want to punish your lover, in a good way!” I think it’s so interesting. Many of my friends will say, “Me and my girl went away for the week, and I took Viagra.” And the guy is like 30 years old! You know he doesn’t need it. I don’t know anyone who needs it who takes it. You’ve admitted to taking it. Do you need it? No. But I consider it a vacation. You take it once or twice a year and walk around like the cock-of-the-walk afterwards. Meanwhile, your girl lies there and just goes, “Wow!” After so many sexual conquests, has sex ever become boring for you? I look at women so differently from how I used to. I’m single now, and I don’t really date, because my focus is on being a single father. I don’t want to be a single rock star. That means a lot of responsibility lies on my shoulders, and I take it very seriously, because nobody took it seriously during my childhood. The most important priorities in my life are: First, my sobriety, because if I’m not sober everything falls apart; next, my kids; then, my career. Last is my personal life. I have everything I want in life, as long as I’m sober. I don’t care if I have a career or a personal life. They don’t matter to me. The first two things are all that really matter to me. You married two Playboy playmates. Neither one worked out. Most recently, you spilt with former Playmate and “Baywatch” star Donna D’Errico. What were those years with Donna like, and why did the relationship end? I really don’t like to talk about that aspect of my life, because I would be talking about her life, too. I don’t feel it’s appropriate anymore for me to talk about what our relationship was like, because we would both have to be here to have an honest, clear snapshot of what those years were like. The bottom line is that it didn’t work out for whatever reasons. Her fault, my fault, it doesn’t really matter. One thing I will tell you is that I’m 60-years-old. I don’t plan on meeting someone and not having it work out again. This time around, I’ll take the bimbo list and burn it. Let’s take the strippers and get rid of that list, too. I’ll never make those mistakes again. Are woman the kiss of death for a band? Musicians tend to pick the type of women who can be bad for them. If you’re in a band, and your woman is bad for you, then she’s bad for your family, your extended family, and your fans, friends, and band. If you’re in a poisonous relationship, it poisons the well in general, and everyone is drinking from the same well. You really need to think hard


Rock stars need to become royalty like Eric Clapton. They’re an important part of our pop culture. Some, we’ll see in later years and think, “Wow, that’s so cool, he’s still doing it.” And others will make us think, “That’s so cheap and tired.” I look at AC/DC, and they’re older than us and still doing great. That’s very honorable to me. That’s rock royalty to me. It’s the music and the way it’s presented that’s everything. You don’t want to chase trends. You want to set trends. Whether it’s in or out, you have to say to yourself, “This is what I do.” Is your style and look in or out these days? I snicker because I’ve had the same basic haircut for 30 years. I walk down the street now, and I see all these kids with some version of my haircut. By the way, I stole the look from Johnny Thunders and Keith Richards. A few years ago, all the rap rockers had shaved heads with baseball caps on sidewise. I’m sure in a couple of years all the kids will be doing something else. But I’ll be doing the same thing. I’m me and this is who I am. Whether I’m 50, 60, or 70. B.B. King has looked the same since he was 20. You’ve had a lot of terrible things said about you during your career, but is there one criticism that still puts a lump in your throat? Whatever people think of me is none of my business. I really just don’t care. You can say whatever the fuck you want about me. It’s none of my business. You’re entitled to your opinion, but this is my life, and I’m going to do whatever I want. I hope you like it. But some of you will probably hate it. Are you worried your legacy in rock ‘n’ roll will be “the drug addict who got better” rather than “Nikki Sixx the rock star?” The only reason I will continue to talk about the addiction at this point and the heroin and the cocaine is to raise awareness for Covenant House. For me personally, I don’t want to be known as “The drug addict guy.” The book and the CD were put out to raise awareness for Covenant House and to inspire people to give money and help these kids who are on the street. I was on the street too, but it was nothing compared to what these kids have had to go through. Nothing compares to it. I suffered through just one percent of what these kids go through. Finally, you write in “Heroin Diaries,” “If you want to live life on your own terms, you have to be willing to crash and burn.” Are you saying it’s better to burn out than fade away? I’m not saying that at all. If you want to live life on your own terms, if you want to be who you are, then you got to be willing to take the lumps that come along with it. You asked what I think of criticism. There you go. I’ve been willing to live life on my own terms. Mötley Crüe has been willing to live life on their own terms, and we’ve been willing to crash and burn for it. We’re willing to die for it. We’re willing to fade away for it. We’re willing to climb the mountain and put the fucking flag on the peak of that mountain and say, “Look. We made it.” Nobody may be cheering, but we made it on our own terms. And no regrets? None.


and fast before you let a person poison that well. You have to be very careful. When you’re younger, you’re not careful. All you think of is, “Oh my God, she’s so fucking hot! She’s perfect! I’ll take it.” I bought a Ferrari once, just like that. I went in and saw a red Ferrari and said, “I’ll take it!” But the fucking cost of the upkeep on a car that cost $250,000 is $2,500 per tune-up! A flat tire costs $500, and that’s just to get the rim fixed. Sometimes in life, you have to say, “I don’t want anymore Ferrari’s. I just want a nice, dependable car.” I just can’t stand the drama anymore. By drama, are you referring to Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson? I never really paid attention to all that. I have to tell you that as the years go by, I’m less and less interested. If people are drama queens, I just cut them out. I’m just done. I don’t return their calls or associate with them. It’s a complete waste of time. People have a one-strike rule with me. There’s no twostrike rule. Just one time you’re a fucking asshole, and it’s delete and block. I don’t have time for it. I don’t have time to deal with people’s bullshit. How did you feel about Vince Neil and Tommy Lee signing on to do reality TV shows? I don’t want to comment on their choices. People make their own decisions whether I agree or disagree with them. I don’t really think it’s important for fans to read about how I feel. A better question for me is, “Nikki, would you do a reality show?” The answer? No. Would I do a Geico commercial like Little Richard? No. It’s just not my way. The word in Hollywood has long been that there’s a movie in the works based on the history of Mötley Crüe. Any update? The update is that the last director who was working on the rewrite was let go from Paramount and MTV films. Why is it taking so long? Why would we hurry to make a bad film? The story covers 25 years of this band. It’s not going away. It’s going to get made. The question is, is it going to get made right? Is it going to be the equivalent of a cheesy rock movie, or is it going to be a really well-planned story that has a beginning, middle, and end? It seems like a hard thing to put together when four band members all have a say on how they’re portrayed. How do you keep everyone happy and yet tell the true story of Mötley Crüe? I think we all want the same thing. That’s a movie with an honest message. What’s the message, specifically? The message is: Four guys from completely different backgrounds, who have nothing in common except for rock n’ roll, become a gang then fall apart through all the success, but in the end, they’re still standing. It’s a survival story. It’s a human story. You’re 60 years old. Any fear? I feel I have two choices: Die or live. That’s it. If my choice is not to die, then my only other choice is to live. The question is, do I stay honorable and classy and age gracefully? Age comes. It’s a reality. Do you want to be Mick Jagger, Elton John, or Roger Waters? Or do you want to be like other artists who you just look at and go, “Fuck, that’s embarrassing.”








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Clifton City Tavern Mexican Cantina 709 Van Houten Ave • Clifton, NJ 07013 (973) 567-5111

Chanos Latin Kitchen 719 Hamburg Turnpike • Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442 (862) 248-0296


Cuatro Amigos


BEST tequila

The World’s 10 Best Tequila’s By Mandy Zee from

The best things in life are meant to be savored. While we’re all about the quest for the perfect margarita, sometimes a proper sipping tequila is exactly what you need. Crafted from agave that takes over a decade to mature, tequila is a liquor that’s as complex (and time-consuming to make) as high-end scotch, so it’s no wonder that some of the best tequilas are made for sipping. You might not have thought about drinking tequila like this before, but it’s a great option for those adhering to a gluten-free diet and keeping count of calories. Tequila is your drink. It’s also great with a squeeze of fresh lime. Savor the flavor.

Read on for 10 of the best sipping tequilas—all of which are expert-approved and ideal for taking it slow.



Tapatio Excelencia

Beautifully bottled and exquisitely flavored, Fortaleza Añejo is the perfect addition to any tequila lover’s stash. This favorite from Tequila Fortaleza is defined by notes of butterscotch, hazelnut, toffee, citrus, and vanilla.

At the higher end of our list, Tapatio Excelencia is arguably one of the best sipping tequilas around. Each bottle is distilled for nearly 13 years before being aged an additional four years and utilizes a combination of American and French oak barrels to achieve a uniquely rich yet remarkably smooth flavor profile. Tasting notes include brown sugar, caramel apples, and gorgeously pronounced agave.

Cazcanes Organic Blanco One of the newest tequilas on the market, Cazcanes is nonetheless crafted according to some of the oldest distilling methods on earth. Combining tradition with true artistry, this ultra-smooth, delicately nuanced organic tequila is one of the best sipping tequilas for any occasion.

Espolòn Tequila Reposado Beyond the display-worthy bottle, Espolòn Tequila Reposado is irresistibly bold inside and out. This tequila carries flavors of white peppercorn, nutmeg, vanilla, and toasted fruits.


Fortaleza Añejo

Tequila Ocho Plata Best enjoyed neat, this luscious tequila is aged in ex-American whiskey barrels for just over eight weeks. Made with blue agave, Plata delivers a refreshing, clean taste.

Clase Azul Reposado If you’re someone who appreciates the finer things but also occasionally buys something based on the look of the bottle, Clase Azul Reposado will not disappoint. This award-winning tequila is defined by notes of cream soda, caramel, and spice, with a delectably sweet, lingering finish.

Qui Platinum Extra Añejo The world’s first platinum extra añejo tequila, Qui has the distinction of being both meticulously aged and exceptionally pure. The result is an ultra-smooth, clean taste that’s lightly nutty yet delicately sweet, making this a tequila to enjoy either neat or on the rocks. La Gritona Crisp and refreshing, this musttry session tequila is a favorite among tequila enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Each bottle of this small-batch tequila is handmade from recycled glass and makes the perfect addition to your tequila repertoire.


For top-notch entertaining, celebrating a special occasion, or simply enjoying a high-level tequila experience, Don Julio 1942 is one of the best sipping tequilas to try. This small-batch tequila is aged for a minimum of two and a half years, and features rich notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and oak.

Casa Dragones is known for its incredible quality, which shines through a perfectly balanced flavor profile of pear, spice, and vanilla. This exceptional liquor is one of the best sipping tequilas to enjoy year-round (and is beautifully packaged for next-level gift giving).


Don Julio 1942

Casa Dragones


How Netflix’s Mötley Crüe Movie Compares to the Band’s Wild Memoir,

THE DIRT By Nick Allen

from New York Magazine



The saga of rock band Mötley Crüe is one of the most dramatic in rock ’n’ roll history, mixing on-tour shenanigans with episodes of death and self-destruction. The band’s members detail as much in the 2001 book The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, co-written by Neil Strauss, which, after nearly a decade, is finally receiving a cinematic adaptation from Netflix. In the hands of director Jeff Tremaine and adapting writers Amanda Adelson and Rich Wilkes, however, the tale of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars isn’t exactly the glam-metal Wolf of Wall Street presented in the the 425page book. Instead, The Dirt movie puts forth a considerably cleaner image of the band in 2019, embracing a handful of specific events from decades ago, while glossing over significant others (namely an account of rape, which is mentioned twice in the book). If you’re curious about how The Dirt memoir differs from its new Netflix counterpart (featuring Pete Davidson as an A&R rep and sudden movie star Machine Gun Kelly as Tommy Lee), read on. Spoilers are ahead.

The Storytellers In the book: The Dirt autobiography is like Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon but in tight leather pants, in which the adventures of Mötley Crüe are recounted from the different perspectives of the four main members and beyond. Adding their two or three cents are the likes of Elektra Records boy genius Tom Zutaut, manager Doc McGhee, replacement lead singer John Corabi, and even Sylvia Rhone, a record executive who responds to the time Nikki Sixx called her the C-word in Spin magazine (and on stage) in 1998. In the movie: The Dirt movie has a voice-over-driven narrative that relies heavily on slap-happy, family-loving drummer Tommy Lee (Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly) and the tormented recollections of bassist Nikki Sixx (Douglas Booth). Lead singer Vince Neil (Daniel Webber) and guitarist Mick Mars (Iwan Rheon) sporadically provide commentary, as well. The movie also involves select non-Crüe members breaking the fourth wall, like when Doc (David Costabile) muses on the

The Crüe’s Early Days In the book: Nikki and Mick first meet at a liquor store. Nikki is working, while Mick is on a quest for cheaper booze to bring to the show he’s playing that night. Nikki ends up going to see Mick play the show, but the two lose contact thereafter. Fast forward to Tommy and Nikki connecting through mutual musician friends. Together, they come across a classified ad offering a “loud, rude, aggressive guitar player” — who happens to be Mick. He shows up to a jam session with Tommy and a “pansy” guitarist named Robin. If you’re to believe Tommy, Mick fired Robin on the spot, but Mick says he was told to do it. Soon after, the three of them encounter Tommy’s high-school friend Vince at a show with his covers band Rock Candy. Vince initially doesn’t follow up on Tommy’s invitation to check out his new band, but right when Rock Candy is falling apart, Tommy calls again. The band makes it official in 1981.

In the book: Years before he met Nikki, Tommy, and Vince, Mick says someone called his former band, White Horse, a “motley-looking crew.” The phrase stuck with him, and he wrote it down as the potential name for a future group. The spelling of the name eventually changed from Motley Crew to MOTTLEY CRU to Mötley Crüe. In the movie: In the band’s roach-filled abode mere steps from the nightclub Whisky a Go Go, Nikki suggests the name “X MASS,” for shock value. When that’s shot down, Tommy offers a crude drawing of penises to support his idea, “The Fourskins.” But it’s when Mick writes down “Motley Crew” and says, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this day,” that everything clicks. Nikki adds the final spelling touches. The Role of Tom Zutaut In the book: Record-company prodigy Tom Zutaut helps sign Mötley Crüe after catching their show by chance, even though he’s a mere sales assistant at Elektra Records at the time. He’s

The Role of Doc McGhee In the book: Manager Doc McGhee signs on to help the Crüe after the band’s first manager, the “psychotic yuppie” Allen Coffman, goes AWOL. Vince calls Doc “a drug dealer with good business sense,” who has his own connections with smugglers; Tommy shares a story about how he and Heather Locklear accidentally helped bust one of Doc’s criminal associates. Doc gets fired from the band after a shady concert in Moscow where the Crüe ends up opening for Bon Jovi, to their complete dismay. Doc is replaced by Doug Thaler, and Dr. Feelgood becomes a No. 1 album very shortly after. In the movie: Doc (David Costabile) is the chaperone, the rambunctious gang’s glorified babysitter. As the straight man to their antics, Doc is shown handcuffing Tommy to a bed at the end of a montage that details a wild day in his life, which includes Tommy snorting his infamous Zombie Dust — a mix of sedative Halcion and cocaine. Played off as likable yet disposable, Doc is unceremoniously fired when he brings Nikki’s estranged mother to meet the angsty bassist for an ill-judged Christmastime reunion. The Role of Doug Thaler In the book: Referred to in multiple instances as Doc’s “yes-man,” Doug Thaler helps wrangle Mötley Crüe during its heyday, and is promoted to manager after Doc’s firing. As Vince becomes further estranged from the group, Vince writes that “if Doug had more been more than a yes-man, he could have saved the band.” Eventually, Doug is fired when Mötley Crüe initiates a total staff turnover after the tour promoting their sixth album, Mötley Crüe, fails. In the movie: Tremaine’s film makes a joke explicitly about its decision to cut Doug Thaler from the movie. In the end, Doug


The Origin of that Name

In the movie: Tom Zutaut (good ol’ Pete Davidson) appears as an amalgamation of different executives, sometimes clashing with manager Doc McGhee (when Elektra is trying to get them to finish their album Theatre of Pain and get back on the road) and later Nikki (when Tom tells Mötley Crüe they won’t do good on their record deal and will be retaining the rights to the band’s songs). Aside from being a sidekick who gets bullied by the band members, he mostly exists as a means of explaining how Elektra did later give Mötley Crüe back the rights to their songs in the late ‘90s.


In the movie: A starstruck Tommy meets a disillusioned Nikki after a show for Nikki’s soon-to-be-defunct band London. Together, they both notice Mick’s classified ad offering a “loud, rude, aggressive guitar player.” Mick shows up to a jam session, rocks louder than anyone, and fires poor Robin on the spot. Still in need of a lead singer, Tommy suggests the trio attend a party where his old buddy Vince is performing. There, they witness Vince’s onstage power over women and set their sights on bringing Vince in.

there when Mötley Crüe remixes and rerelease the band’s first album, 1981’s Too Fast for Love. Though Tom appears with the band for a few years after that, he’s out of the picture before 1989’s Dr. Feelgood. Later, Tom joins Geffen Records, signs a little band named Guns n’ Roses, and tries to get Nikki to produce their first record. (Nikki does not.)


band’s recklessness, or when Tom Zutaut (Pete Davidson) cautions the audience against introducing a significant other to the extremely horny band.




isn’t important enough to the era on which this Mötley Crüe movie focuses. The Mötley Wives and Girlfriends In the book: All four members of Mötley Crüe have numerous romantic interests throughout The Dirt memoir, though relationship statuses, and offspring, are fairly tangential to the narrative. The relevant story lines include but are not limited to: At the start of his career, Vince marries a woman named Beth Lynn, and then marries a mud wrestler and model named Sharise Ruddell, who gives birth to their child Skylar. Tommy’s “first real girlfriend” is a woman named Jessica, who everyone calls Bullwinkle (her alleged ability to projectile ejaculate kicks off the book and the movie); Tommy later marries Heather Locklear, becomes engaged to model Bobbie Brown, and later marries Pamela Anderson — and is sentenced to jail for six months after he assaults her. Nikki is romantically linked to Lita Ford of the Runaways and later Playboy playmate Brandi Brandt. Mick is already a father by the time Mötley Crüe kicks off, and is romantically linked to a woman referred to as The Thing and a backup singer named Emi Canyn. In the movie: The relationships in Tremaine’s The Dirt are limited to: Vince’s marriage to Sharise, with whom he has a baby named Skylar, before they eventually divorce. Tommy’s engagement to Roxy (Jordan Lane Price), whom he hits after she calls his mother a “cunt,” and his later marriage to Heather Locklear (who divorces him after he’s seen out in public with a porn star). Nikki’s love interest is heroin itself (“the sweetest thing I’ve ever known”), made clear in a hazy sequence in which the image of a naked, faceless woman melds with that of a needle on a tray. Mick, the oddball of the group and a man of select words, never gets a mate. (Yes, that means Pamela Anderson is absent from the movie.) The Other Rock Stars In the book: The universe of Mötley Crüe contains a constantly rotating roster of randomly assorted rock stars. There’s David Lee Roth, portrayed as both a coke-fueled partygoer and a professional mentor for Vince. When Mötley Crüe joins the Bark at the Moon tour (after being kicked off a KISS tour for “bad behavior”), they’re exposed to Ozzy Osbourne’s particular brand of invincibility, as well as Sharon Osbourne. Vince talks of giving a young Axl Rose vocal tips before the two angrily collided after Guns n’ Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin assaults Sharise. Nikki recalls urinating on Rick Nielsen’s jacket, despite proclaiming to be a big fan of Cheap Trick. Oh, and around the time of the Girls, Girls, Girls tour, Aerosmith apparently left a note on Mötley

Crüe’s jet, describing the Crüe as “crashing and burning” and making clear that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry “had been there and could help us.” In the movie: The movie is very select about the other rock stars it brings into frame. David Lee Roth (Christian Gehring) makes an appearance, snorting coke in the Mötley Crüe apartment and barely flinching when a mirror crashes down on his head. And Ozzy Osbourne (Tony Cavalero) reenacts that time he snorted a line of ants and licked up his own urine. The Car Accident In the book: To kick off the recording of their third album, Vince hosts a barbecue at his mansion that runs for three or four days and nights. A lot happens. Mick almost drowns in a beach nearby, after passing out among the waves. Tommy is there partying with the guys of Hanoi Rocks, including their drummer Razzle. On his way to a nearby liquor store with Razzle, drunk driver Vince gets in a car accident, killing the Hanoi Rocks member and causing brain damage in the two passengers of the other car involved. The fatal incident kicks off the band’s rift with Vince. In the movie: The whole band is at Vince’s mansion and a light-hearted scene ensues, providing moderate comedy and brief plot development — chiefly, we find out that Vince’s wife Sharise is pregnant just before he drunkenly drives off with Razzle (Max Milner). And the movie takes the opportunity to make this party the moment Tommy meets future wife Heather Locklear (Rebekah Graf). Nikki’s Brush with Death In the book: Nikki meets a sage in Hong Kong, who tells him on the 21st of December that he’s going to die by the end of the year. On December 23, 1987, Nikki almost dies from a heroin overdose at the Franklin Plaza Hotel in Hollywood, after he takes an injection from a friend of Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby. Nikki has an out-of-body experience; he watches as a horde of fans who followed him to the hotel peer at his body as it’s being carried out on a stretcher. According to Vince’s account, Nikki breaks out of the hospital shortly after. In the movie: Nikki overdoses on heroin, but an eager paramedic who knows the rock star by name refuses to let Nikki die in his ambulance. Cue a morose Vince watching a news report that erroneously proclaims Nikki has died. Vince hugs his daughter Skylar, underscoring a portrait of Mötley Crüe as family men at heart.

In the book: John Corabi, former lead singer of The Scream, is brought into Mötley Crüe after Vince quits in 1992. (Tension had been mounting for years, and Vince’s refusal to embrace sobriety proves one of the last straws.) John refers to his experience working on the album Mötley Crüe as “the best year of my life.” However, after a failed tour to promote the album, record execs turn on John. Over sushi, a tearful Tommy tells him that he’s out of the band. In the movie: John is seen but not heard in the movie, like during an MTV News clip that disses Vince, or later when John walks on stage for a lightly attended concert. John’s involvement with the band is used minimally in the script to highlight a low point for the group, and to underscore Vince’s eventual reunion with his rock ’n’ roll family.

sucker punches him. Randy Castillo replaces Tommy while Tommy pursues his solo project, Methods of Mayhem. The 2001 book ends with the new lineup of Mötley Crüe recording their 2000 album, New Tattoo. In the movie: The Dirt essentially ends about two-thirds into the book. It jumps right from their intimate reconciliation to a concert that depicts the heroes reassembling. Voice-overs express that over time the Crüe “shit on a lot of people and did things that we regret every single day … but somehow, we’re still here, in it together … that’s fate. That’s family.” Text appears on-screen, to the tune of “Home Sweet Home”: “Mötley Crüe played together for another 20 years.” What Didn’t Make It Into the Movie? The autobiographical details that didn’t make it into the movie

Happily Ever After?

The most obvious cinematic oversight, however, is the film’s decision to delete the time Tommy and Nikki allegedly sexually assaulted a drunk woman. In the book, Nikki reflects upon the event, writing, “For ten years solid, we had been invincible.” (The book later notes that Nikki made threats against a sex worker, and spoke twice about his desire to kill his ex-wife Brandi.) After the book was published, Nikki denied the rape ever happened. “I don’t actually recall that story in the book beyond reading it,” Sixx told Rolling Stone. “I have no clue why it’s in there other than I was outta my head and it’s possibly greatly embellished or I made it up.”

In the book: Vince quits the band for a few days after physically fighting with Nikki. Tommy quits the band in 1999 after Vince

Is it possible to know what’s truth and what’s fiction in the Mötley Crüe story, regardless of the medium?

In the movie: Nikki, Tommy, and Mick reunite and head to a boating-themed watering hole frequented by Vince after the death of his 4-year-old daughter, Skylar. There, Nikki pleads with Vince to rejoin Mötley Crüe, dubbing the group a family and apologizing for not being there when Skylar passed. There is no mention of any lawsuit.


In the book: After the failure of Mötley Crüe and Vince’s own solo efforts, it becomes clear that no one from Mötley Crüe, including the band’s original lead singer, is a rock star without the rest of them. Nikki and Tommy meet with Vince and a handful of attorneys, under the impression that such a meeting will cause Vince to stop suing them for 25 percent of their future profits and $5 million in damages. John is not allowed in the room at this time. With Tommy referring to the event as “fucking millionaire divorce court or something,” the former bandmates fight for two hours, but eventually agree to bring Vince back into the band.

range from impish knavery to utter toxicity. Goofier passages from the book were omitted, like when Mick gets hammered in Tokyo, puts on a Godzilla mask, smashes glasses, and tries to breathe fire out of his ass. Or when Nikki pranks John Corabi on tour by dousing his hotel-room door in hair spray and setting it on fire. There’s no mention in the movie of flying knives at Nikki’s apartment or a “sick sexual circus” during the Dr. Feelgood tour. And we see nothing of Vince moving in with Rob Lowe after leaving Mötley Crüe in 1992, when, according to Vince, “the two of us went crazy.”


The Reunion


The Role of John Corabi





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One cannot help but be impressed by motorcycle road racers. Whether it’s MotoAmerica, World Superbike or the pinnacle of the sport- MotoGP, the level of physical skill and sharpness of mind these riders possess is simply sick. But what impresses even more is a team of road racers if you can imagine it, who are all physically disabled. Even more amazing than that, is Team Talan Racing– whose racers actually became disabled from motorcycle crashes. Having given up on traditional TV networks and eventually cable altogether a few years ago, I discovered a film titled DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE whilst surfing Hulu. This film was actually released back in 2016 and when it began I almost could not believe what I was watching. It was way too counterintuitive to see crippled riders being hoisted onto modified race bikes. To then see them compete at a high level on track? Well, that was just plain surreal. Although I hope to do a track day myself this season with Stephen Margey from East Rutherford, NJ’s Blarney Station, the closest I’ve ever gotten to the intensity of road racing was when I pit crewed for a friend years ago in California. That hot and windy day at Willow Springs saw my buddy (after not heat cycling his new brakes pads properly) high-side hard and break his collarbone. He got off easy compared to the members of Team Talan Racing… Talan Skeels-Piggins was paralyzed from the chest down in 2003 when a car sideswiped him and he and his bike were thrown into oncoming traffic. He was told that he only had a 30 percent chance of survival and would never walk again if he lived. In DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE, Talan and three additional disabled teammates strap themselves to motorcycles and race against able-bodied competitors in what is certainly one of the most death-defying sports on the planet. This gripping 96-minute documentary follows the remarkable journey of this team as they embarked on their first season together and made history as the world’s first disabled motorcycle race team. The other Talan racers in the film include– Steve Jones (Paraplegic), Louis Bartlett (right, above-knee amputee) and Will Swift (right leg amputee). As you might imagine the main message of the film is to never give up and never, ever surrender. As one person in the film remarks regarding the attitude of the riders, “It’s a fantastic one finger up to fate!” Some folks might call these guys crazy, perhaps even gluttons for punishment but I am sure those people do not ride. Personally I feel that life is a short ride for us all and I applaud anyone who lives it to the fullest as these gents clearly do. These days the Talan Racing Team is made up of two disabled motorcyclists, both paraplegics– Talan Skeels-Piggins (who incidentally became the world’s first paraplegic motorcycle racer in 2012 and has gone on to become an ACU Race Instructor as well as the 2015 & 2018 600cc World Champion) and Andy Houghton, who is also GB’s #1 Para-Rower for the arms-only category. Andy aims to represent GB at the 2020 Summer Paralympics.’s quote puts it best: You have the power to achieve. Each racer knows that the power to achieve lies inside everyone. Whilst life can throw all sorts of challenges at you, there is resilience inside every person which can enable them to overcome even the highest of mountains. Trust in yourself and make the choice to move forwards every day. Arlen Ness DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE is available on Amazon Prime Video, Sky Store, iTunes, Hulu & DVD. MotorMouth condolences go out to the family and friends of AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Arlen Ness, who passed away on March 22 at age 79. Arlen was best known for his innovative, wild, low-slung custom motorcycle designs and his custom parts business. He was often referred to as “The King of Custom Motorcycles.” Long live the King!



“[A] guest came up to me to say that this guy just ripped his dick out and pissed in a water bottle at the bar. Let me remind you the water bottles at my work are the little like 8 oz bottles. I look to see if this is true and what do I see sitting on the bar top?? A water bottle filled with piss color water. I’m like wtf this isn’t real. The guy is still playing like nothing even happened with his piss bottle sitting in front of him. I called my manger over to do the cut off and when she went to talk to him we realized not only was he a nasty f*cking drunk. He had sh*tty aim.”

Mullets on Mullets on Murder Suspects

Bartenders Describe Their Worst Customer

By Jacob Shelton from



If there’s a more thankless job than that of a bartender, we haven’t heard of it. You have to work terrible hours for bad money and you constantly run the risk of dealing with human nightmares who don’t know how to handle their alcohol. Bartender stories are some of the craziest anecdotes we’ve heard from any workplace. You get people acting on their basest instincts and in ways they would never normally act all in the name of having a good time. As you might be able to guess, a lot of these bar cut off stories involve drunks getting their lights punched out, screaming matches, and truly bizarre antics. Yeah, it’s safe to say that these bar stories are pretty intense. If you’ve ever been kicked out of a bar then you know how hard it is to actually get a bartender mad at you. One might say that you actually have to go out of your way to be 86’d. The people in these drunk stories definitely go above and beyond the call of duty on their mission to be tossed out of their local dives. Some of these human nightmares sound like they make it their life’s work to get cut off, while some of the other ne’er do wells seem like they might have just had a bad night. Whatever the case, you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of these characters.

When You’ve Got to Go, You’ve Got to Go This story is just gruesome. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas then you know the type of gambler who hangs out at the video poker machines all day and plays until they’re blackout drunk. When watching those players you might wonder where they go to the bathroom. Well, as the bartender points out, not where you want them to.

While bartending one day, I served a beer to a guy wearing a trucker hat with fluffy red mullet who passed out half way through his beer. After trying to wake him, the bartender called 911 and had the staff put the guy on his back, when that happened the cap and mullet fell off...revealing a second mullet. After calling 911 an ambulance and the cops arrived, who ended up arresting the guy for murdering his girlfriend.

She Must Have Had a Hot Boyfriend While working as a cocktail waitress back in the early 2000s she says that her boyfriend used to hang out in the bar all night while he waited for her to get off work (is that a cool boyfriend move? Or the coolest boyfriend move?). One night there was a super drunk lady who wouldn’t stop hitting on the boyfriend, and when she found out that he was dating the waitress the lady went ballistic. “She no sh*t broke her glass on the counter and tried to come at me. I picked up the first thing close by which was a cocktail tray and just slapped her in the face with it and she fell right over and we threw her out. She wasn’t just cut off, b*tch was 86’d.”

That’s Not the Bathroom If you’ve ever worked in a bar and restaurant, you know that the walk in freezer is your one safe space away from the drudgery of work. But one drunk guy can ruin everything by pissing all over your chicken wings. According to this bartender, “Dude had to pay for like 5 boxes of wings and was banned.”

Snoop Dogg’s Playhouse Vapers of the world, we know when you’re smoking weed. Everyone knows! Especially your bartender, so if you’re trying to get cross faded and your bartender asks you to knock it off, it’s probably for the best if you just chill. And by chill we don’t mean smoke more weed, we mean put your dumb smoke machine away. According to the bartender, the smoker didn’t even know how restaurant math worked? “When I hand him his check, he asked if he could apply a negative tip. I told him where the door is.”

The Root of all Evil 2 oz. Silk City Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1/2 oz. Root Beer Botanical Syrup Dash of Angostura Bitters Garnish with Orange Peel and Luxardo Cherry




Mat Men host


Zarian Everything you

wanted to know about wrestling! Interview by Chaunce Hayden Photos By Rich Stambolian

How did you get your start in podcasting? This year will mark 10 years of doing this insanity! In 2009 I lost my I.T job due to the economic collapse. I was sitting at home and wanted to take a risk. I didn’t want to live my life with regrets; constantly thinking “what if…”.  I was 25, recently married with a tremendous mortgage that I could barely afford, and yet I felt as though if I was going to do something “crazy” this was the moment.



I’ve always been a huge fan of talk radio. Growing up in New York City, Howard Stern was God. No one did it better than him. Howard was a huge influence on my wanting to get into radio and podcasting. One day I decided to pull the trigger, I ordered a few microphones and the rest is history. You’re a pioneer in podcasting and have hosted many shows of various topics. Would you agree your Mat Men show has the most loyal and fanatical listeners? Yea for sure. I would say that the Mat Men audience is the most dedicated that we have ever had. It’s a real community. They have their own chatrooms, Facebook groups, and live chats during each show that we do. It’s almost become a show within a show at this point. I love the community we have. How would you describe the stereotypical wrestling fan? That’s a great question. I think the stigma that goes with Pro Wrestling fans is true to an extent but it has changed a lot over the past few decades. Most of my friends in their 30’s, to some

extent, still watch and follow what’s happening in the world of professional wrestling. The Internet has made this much easier. What’s the attraction that keeps millions of fans around the world so drawn to it? It’s a one of kind business. There is no other sport or entertainment product in the world that is comparable to Pro Wrestling. It is a constantly evolving business, and yet at the end of the day, somehow manages to stay the same. It’s wild to think about how many different styles of pro wrestling exists and how many different types of fans there are out there. You don’t get that with the NFL or NBA. What do wrestling fans care most about when it comes to Mat Men’s content? I believe it is our honesty, our reputation, and our consistency. UFC vs WWE. Do both share the same fan base? There definitely is a crossover, but I would say there are more Pro Wrestling fans who watch UFC compared to UFC/MMA fans who watch pro wrestling. Has cage fighting had any impact on the WWE over the years? Does one play off the other or do both sports dilute the fan base? 100% WWE has evolved and we have seen the impact of Mixed Martial Arts in Pro Wrestling. “Tapping out” from a submission wasn’t “a thing” until MMA gained popularity. You also have to consider who the top draws are in WWE today. You have Brock Lesnar, who is considered one of the most talked about UFC

Obviously, your podcast is listened to around the world. Is it difficult to play to such a global listenership made up of so many cultures? Sometimes. I think the internet has made it easier since everything is global now but I will say some things get lost in translation. Your podcast content goes far beyond the WWE. Wrestling has grown to the point where local matches are now held to meet the demand to see live events. Do you get requests to talk about and promote the local matches and how do you keep up with it all? I love independent wrestling. I try to go to a show whenever I get a chance. I’m currently the Executive Producer of Capitol Wrestling. They do their TV tapings out of Hoboken and Jersey City. It’s amazing to see how well run the management is there. From the locker room to the fans everyone has such passion for what they are doing. We recently got TV in the New York Market and over in the UK. The stigma attached to independent pro wrestling promotion is becoming disappearing with companies like Capitol.

WWE is so controlling of its brand. Are you considered a friend or foe by the WWE? That depends on the day. There are days that I am on great terms and other days where I get a phone call chewing me out. Generally, we are on a good term with them until we say something that goes against their programming. We have a lot of friends up there and try to never break their trust when it comes to leaking information. We have to be really careful with the things we say, and when we say them. We’re just learning about the long term effects of the physical toll wrestling has on the human body. The movie

Tell us something about you that nobody would believe. I think you know most of my deep dark secrets Chaunce, but one interesting thing I could share would be that Madonna lived in my house sometime in the early 1980s. The stories that I have been told from neighbors who lived here at that time are insane and probably should never be published. Finally, if you could change anything about the wrestling as we know it today what would that be? The real competition to the WWE would be what I would change or see in Pro Wrestling. Pro Wrestling is in a renaissance era right now. There are so many promotions out there doing amazing things. If you are turned off to the WWE product you now have options. Over the next month or so we are going to see what All Elite Wrestling is all about. If they can land a strong TV deal and be aggressive with the content they are creating you can have a very serious and viable number two promotion in North America. This would be the first time in almost 20 years that we have a serious secondary promotion. Where can people see your podcast? We are everywhere podcasts are available. Obviously iTunes and Spotify and Google Music but you can also watch us do the show live every Thursday morning on Youtube if you search for Mat Men Podcast.


Are female matches as popular as the men? Women’s wrestling has come a long way over the past decade. I wouldn’t say it is as popular, but this year we are going to see the women’s world title match possibly headline Wrestlemania in front of 78,000 people. I think that says a lot about where women’s wrestling is right now

Is there one podcast that stands out to you more than all the other’s you’ve done? It has to be Mat Men for sure. This was really a hobby that turned into something amazing. The community around the show is what makes it so special to me. I could do this show every single day and not get sick of it.


What’s the biggest misconception about professional wrestling? I think for a long time people thought that there was no money in Pro Wrestling unless you were under contract with the WWE, but that has changed over the past few years. There are many independent talents out there making a living on their own schedule.

“The Wrestler” comes to mind when addressing this topic. It’s wrestling too brutal on the human body and is the risk vs reward worth it? We have the expectation that there will be long term health effects with all physical sports. We hear so much now about CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in football players, Boxers, and in Pro Wrestlers. The excuse we have heard repeatedly has always been “We didn’t know”...How do you not know getting hit in the head repeatedly can cause head trauma and long term damage? That excuse has always been severely flawed to me. With that said, I am glad that we are more aware and are making efforts to limit the amount of damage that is created. The WWE has made a very aggressive effort to limit shots to the head and has been very cautious about putting their talent out there after a concussion or other injuries.


fighters of all time and of course Ronda Rousey. She changed the sport for women, nearly overnight.


SEXCATION Ta k e m y a d v i c e a n d j u s t d o i t !

So keeping the love alive in and out of the bedroom is not always easy. Over 10 years of marriage and three kids later I am lucky I have time to do it at all. Sometimes I have to keep testing the waters, just to make sure we still got it like that. With that said, last week we went to Vegas, just my husband and –no kids! We were alone as I couple for the first time in 10 years! We were doing it like porn stars. We did it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was great sex too! Not just sex, but I really want you sex. Just like back in the day when we were dating and all we did was do it! For the first time in a decade, I had no one to take care of but myself. I set my alarm, I got myself ready, I even had breakfast (sitting down)! I had a few things to do during the day and the world was my oyster. This let me feel free and calmer to enjoy everything. Not just the sex, but everything! I think this thought, or lack thereof had a direction connection on my libido and my husband’s as well.


and a bag of edibles in the other! You can do anything, everywhere and its all good! It gives you a pure sense of freedom to do whatever you want. Not to mention, everything is bigger and better in Vegas! From the lights, to the shows, to all the sexy ass people. It’s all an aphrodisiac to me! As soon as we got back, it all went back to normal. Not bad normal, just not doing it like porn stars on a daily normal…LOL! I am thankful we did it and proved to ourselves that we still do have it, and even more than ever! Moving forward, I’ve decided I am going to plan a SEXCATION every year. This is a small little getaway just me and the hubs where we do nothing but focus on each other and get our sex life back on track. I think this is important not just for me, but for everyone! Take my advice and just do it! You won’t regret taking the time to reinvest in each other and your sexual relationship! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!

The legality of everything down there also helped lower my inhibitions. It was just a more carefree sense of being. My husband and I walked down the street with red bull and vodkas in one hand



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