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COVER STORY THE LEGEND: WILLIE NELSON. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

Naked Truth: Bella Twins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Mancave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Womens Fashion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Mens Fashion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Industry Spotlight: Metal Rock & Dingbatz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Food Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Industry Spotlight: Pour House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 The Legend: Willie Nelson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Posh Model . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 MotorMouth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 BancShot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

Otto D.

Nikki Rose

Leanne Aciz-Stanton


Alan Tecchio

6 49 62 Banc Pero

FOLLOW US ON: ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: Please call 201-873-3874 or visit our website at Full disclosure: I am not a fan of country music. Okay, maybe a few Johnny Cash and Eagles songs here and there, but over-all, not a big fan. However, when it comes to the legend of Willie Nelson I’m all in. The iconic face and sound of this aging musician is a treasure that has influenced generations around the world... and continues to do so. These days Willie is still touring which is amazing considering that he’s 84 years old. Yet, it seems every week there’s a report that the end is near for Nelson and we should be bracing ourselves for the mournful news. Not so fast. With each grim report there’s a follow up “Whoops, we got it wrong” retraction from the press. The latest story had Willie canceling his current tour because of breathing problems which he was apparently not going to recover from. A few days later Nelson laughed it off and resumed his tour. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Willie Nelson and discuss his remarkable life, his love of music, his thoughts on aging and why he’s not ready to be remembered. After 3000 celebrity interviews I’m rarely star-struck by the rich and famous. This time I will admit my heart beat a wee fast when we sat down to smoke a joint and share stories of this brilliant singer/song writer’s life. Willie may be knocking on heaven’s door, but I can promise you that he ain’t knocking too loud! Enjoy the interview.

Angela Pompelli-Butler

Jason Tez


e D M o c a y n i C is the biggest party of the year at the Moon! Come celebrate with us, you will not be disappointed! 11: 30 DOORS OPEN 1pm - 3pm DOSXX PROMO PARTY 3pm - 5pm CORONA PROMO PARTY


Music at Blue Moon Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 10pm The Road Show April 8

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm Toy Canon April 21

DJ Entertainment @ Englewood 10pm ONEDAY Society May 4

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm Tony Cimorosi April 8

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm French Cookin’ April 22

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm Propain May 6

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm Flannel Party April 14

Live Music a@ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm No Time Lost April 22

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm Up the Dosage May 6

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm Common Ground April 14

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm Wa2c April 28

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm My Trapper’s Keeper May 12

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm Up the Dosage April 15

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm Rockwell April 28

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm Hawk May 12

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 10pm County Road April 15

Live Music @ Englewood Moon 9pm Tree Oh! April 29

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm On the Lam May 13

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon 9:30 My Buddy Paul April 21

Live Music @ the Wyckoff Moon 9:30pm Laurel Drive Band April 29





Naked Truth


THE BELLA TWINS CONQUER THE WORLD! interview by Chaunce Hayden

Chaunce Hayden: How has the WWE remained so popular around the world? What is it that makes generation after generation keep coming back for more? Brie: I truly believe it’s because we are the number one brand in sports entertainment that keeps you on the edge of your seats. We have such great storylines, amazing athletes, and over-thetop characters. The most important thing is the way we connect with our WWE Universe. Our fans are part of the show and they add the energy. Our connection with them is what keeps the WWE strong.

What are your thoughts on Ultimate Fighting and women like Ronda Rousey getting into the cage? Nikki: I think it’s truly inspiring. Women that are brave enough to do what they do are motivating. Ronda Rousey, to me, can take

on any man in that cage and has become one of the biggest stars in that industry. She is not only beautiful but she’s also so strong. She’s a true inspiration to women who work in a man’s industry, trying to have a voice and be at the top. What she has done in her industry is what I want to do in the WWE. Brie: I think it’s amazing! Ronda Rousey is a huge role model and makes women proud all over the globe. Her strength and determination make me feel that as a woman, anything is possible. I wish we had more women role models like her.

What toll has wrestling had on both of your bodies? Nikki: It has definitely taken a big toll on my body. I have had broken bones, strains, and dislocations. My tibia has been the toughest injury on me in my career. I broke it while playing

“We love life and we enjoy life together. She has always been, and will always be, my partner in crime.” soccer in high school and while wrestling it broke again. It’s an injury I will have to deal with for the rest of my life - but being a WWE Diva is worth every injury I have had. At the end of the day we aren’t in ballet, we are in sports entertainment. Brie: It definitely takes a toll on your body, especially the difference between being 23 or 31. I’ve broken my nose, my fingers, sprained my ankles, and injured my back. I have constant neck pain, but all of the soreness is worth every second in that ring.

How would you describe the relationship between the two of you?

They say that twins can feel what the other feels. Is there any truth to that? Nikki: Big time! It’s kind of creepy. We totally have ESP! Twins have such a rare bond, only other sets of twins could understand. It truly is remarkable and amazing. I wouldn’t’ want it any other way.

You are both in relationships with wrestlers. What’s the secret to staying together in such a high profile world? Brie: Communication and trust! Without those two things, you’ll never make it.

Nikki: No, but since we are building our brand, we want to do everything together now. Down the road we may start to do individual stuff but right now, we are focused on The Bella Twins brand and building that. Brie: Not at all! We are so different that we get asked to do a lot individually, but right now our main concern is the Bella Twins.

If you had to tell us why you’re so incredibly popular around the world, what do you think the reason would be? Nikki: I am relatable. I don’t look to be the skinniest or prettiest girl in the world. I am comfortable just being me. I love having fun in life and people see that. People connect with me because I am just like them. Brie: I think it’s because I’m humble. I think people feel the sincere energy in my eyes. They relate to me because I’m a very simple human.


Brie: We are like an old married couple. We bicker all the time, but we love each other. We are the true definition of best friends forever.

Is it difficult to find work unless you come as a “twin” package? Naked Truth

Nikki: We are best friends! I couldn’t live without my sister. When we are apart, we are always texting or on the phone. I truly enjoy her company, as a friend and as a sister. We love life and we enjoy life together. She has always been, and will always be, my partner in crime.

Nikki: Date nights and communication! John and I always make time for each other. Our date nights can be anywhere from our backyard to a little town in the south or overseas. No matter how tired we are, we always make time for each other. We always make sure to talk. We always want to stay on the same page and it can be very tough when the world is watching your relationship. As long as we are on the same page and we know how the other feels, we are unbreakable. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him. He makes me a better person. I have never known this kind of love exists, the love that we have. He has given me a permanent smile.


Beer=Free P

Inspired by both the Romantic Age of the Cocktail and the “Golden Era” of Insanely Decadent Night Life


e D o Cinc o y a M

ON T I RA on shots, B E L $5 Patr CE shots, Modelo, t heat a and e n e o r w o s C 3 4 $ $ , argaritas m n aritas. o g r r t a a m t a $8 p he $5 sweet h DJ Mavric 10p.m rty wit ef Pedro Dance Pa xican menu by Ch e m Special M aways from 7-9p e iv G

er Fest e B y a D h t r Ea $25 9pm April 22 6y with

arth Da y, Celebrate E Conservanc rk a w e N r te the Grea ays and Giveaw Great Beer,

h c n u r B d n e Week

3pm Purchase 2 1 n u S & Sat cials with Entree 5 Drink Spe imosas $1 M s s e l m ka Botto Tito's Vod s s e l m o t Bot ry $24 Bloody Ma

Established 2012


$19.99 Add a draft beer

for as little as $3 Home of the $6 Lunch! Monday thru Saturday 11- 5pm

available at both locations 146 Front Street - Secaucus, NJ - 201-864-5544 279 Passaic St. - Garfield, NJ - 862-238-7578


Spring Sports Zone!


April at Hoboken’s Irish Pub LIVE MUSIC I GREAT FOOD I FREE LIMO RIDES Saturday



LIFESPEED! 11PM Friday May




Saturday May







Friday May






Saturday MAY




CALL 201 681 7550



Proudly Feeding Your Addictions & Bad Decisions

FOR A GOOD TIME CALL : 973-736-0100

“A church for down-and-outers & those who romanticize them. A rare place where high & low rub elbows - bums & poets, thieves & slumming celebrities. A place that wears its history proudly.”

Beer = F ree

billiards Karaoke cocktails pizza • Throw Back Sundays - Old School Music and Drinks • Bar Bingo Wednesdays 178 Main Street, West Orange, NJ

• Karaoke Fridays


Home of


7 8 14 15 21 22 28 29


for a n i d a s i h t g Brin THE OL!!!


Join Us Friday, May 5th for our


$5 Cuervo Cinge $5 Cuervo Gold Patron Flavors & Corona Specials

Continue the Party Weekend: 5/5 “Ernie G band” 5/6 Locked and Loaded Lots of food and drink specials all weekend!


OTTO D Man Cave (Otto D)

It’s A Given


That you don’t blow your nose in a cloth napkin at a restaurant!

No Class In Gym Class

So I felt the need to take this opportunity to share some very disturbing moments I’ve experienced while attending my local gym. Going through the motions as I put on my game face as I enter, I proceed to the locker room, where I noticed several patrons sitting on the benches butt ass naked with nothing underneath themselves as their getting dressed. Ok, first of all there are no words that could describe the disgust and almost violated feeling I had. (what in the ass)!! Gentleman, my fellow Man Cavians, this probably could be the most unsanitary and disease spreading action you could possibly do. I mean what a way to spread holy hepatiteass! Common sense on behalf of your health and everyone around you would be to maintain the concept of not to spread any bodily fluids amongst your fellow man, not just in the gym but everywhere you go. I was going to complain to management but what was I to say “excuse me but someone is sitting naked on my wood”?? WTF!

Man Cave


(Please Ass Responsibly)

Robert De Niro The Legend Born in New York City on August 17, 1943, actor Robert De Niro left school at age 16 to study acting with Stella Adler School Of Acting. He then worked with many acclaimed film directors, including Brian DePalma, Elia Kazan, most importantly everyone knows he worked with Martin Scorsese . This legend and one of my favorites has created and acted out roles that nobody could ever pull off (Hey, I’m talking to you)! During an interview De Niro was asked why he decided to take up the profession, De Niro responded, “Acting is a cheap way to do things that you would never dare to do yourself.” I’m not very star struck as far as asking for autographs but if I saw Robert in person I would definitely push my way through the crowd. I feel that this mans career as an actor has inspired almost everyone we know in one way or another (“I want the same amount of blueberries in every muffin”)

Here is a list of my personal top 5 favorite movies, excluding The Godfather, Goodfellas and Casino which would be everyones first pick of course.

Awakenings Cape Fear Meet The Fockers/Parents Analyze This Bronx Tale

Emilia Clarke f your not a Game Of Thrones fan here is one excellent reason why you should be. The stunning Emilia Clarke who plays a major roll in this HBO series that I personally enjoy watching. Born in London and grew up in Berkshire, England and at the current age of 31. She has starred in major soap operas, movies but to me she’ll always be known as the character “Daenerys Targaryen” from the series. During the series she plays a hard core role of a hot sexy women that can conquer many men, which would include me! Guys I wouldn’t mind being under her rule, watch the show and you’ll get it. And yes she does nuddy scenes thank god! (Please Emilia Clark Responsibly)

Man Cave 17

When I think of thunder it never has to do with a knife, but that all changes today. Introducing Thunder Knife! Includes knife, built-in seatbelt cutter, emergency LED light, glass breaker, and magnesium fire starter. Perfect for camping, emergency, and survival situations such as being attacked by a grizzly. 420 stainless steel blade with anodized aluminum handle and nobody should leave home without one of these fuckers! (Please Thunder Responsibly)

That’s Not A Knife!

Construction Restoration Service Financing Available

EverClear Pools & Spas Serving all of NJ Phone: 1-973-879-5489 E-mail:




Meet Your Local Expert Krystina Fernicola was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. She graduated from West Essex High School, then furthered her education at Montclair State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. When Krystina is not working on finding her clients their future homes, you can find her at the gym or behind the cameras. “I have traveled to multiple cities nationwide and no matter where I go, nothing compares to North Jersey living.” Some of the reasons why Krystina loves North Jersey are the delicious food, the four beautiful seasons, the top notch educational opportunities, the easy commute to New York City, and the Jersey shore only a short drive away. “Real Estate is a huge passion of mine. Finding someone’s dream home gives me an amazing, indescribable feeling. I treat my clients the way I would want to be treated; with honesty, trust, and respect. It is imperative for me to make my clients comfortable and confident.” What makes Krystina better than the rest? “To me, real estate is not a job. It’s my passion. I have been a dissatisfied customer and there is no worse feeling than being unhappy after making a large purchase. When you are buying a home, you want it to feel right. That is why I am here. Your concern and satisfaction is my priority.”

Your Dream Home Awaits. Start your real estate journey today. Krystina Fernicola Century 21 Wessex & The Crossing 435 Hollywood Avenue, Fairfield, New Jersey Sales Associate 973-919-2329 973-227-7000


NIKKI ROSE @nik_lovins Aubaine Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet, $45

Dark & Feminine Spring Maxi’s Maxi dresses are one of those forever trending items that pretty much stay in season until winter comes around. Therefore, its safe to keep incorporating them into our wardrobes until it’s time to start bundling up again.

Primrose Princess Black Floral Maxi Dress, $67

Try pairing up a maxi dress with a thick corset belt or layering a black leather jacket on top. Adding darker accessories to anything super flirty will give it a bad girl feel. Also, try wearing a shoe with a chunky heel. Not only are they super cute, but super comfy too!

This season, we’re seeing gorgeous floral maxi’s mixed with a bad girl vibe and I have to admit, it’s completely growing on me! In my opinion, there’s nothing better than looking totally feminine in lace and muted pinks with a touch of badass.

Knot A Chance Heels $40.99

Mauve Heart Strings Fashion Dress, $56

Womens Fashion


Black Corset Belt $18.50

Madewell Leather Moto Jacket $498

Shani Heels, $69.98

Men’s Fashion Trend Forecast: Spring 2017 adidas Originals Black SST Relax Track Jacket, | $70

JASON TEZ @TezTrends

90’s Vibes As a 90’s child, the resurgence of the greatest decade of all time is the best thing to happen since…well the 90’s. Powerhouse brands such as Adidas and Nike are must haves, whether it’s a simple t-shirt or an oversized sweatshirt. Also, if you learned any fashion lessons from the 90’s it is that sneakers go with everything, especially a pair of light wash denim, loose fitting t-shirt and a leather jacket/hoodie combo.

Dye Tech Bandana, | $12

Bandannas Are Back Everybody wants a quick, easy and inexpensive way to amplify a look, and there’s no better way than using a simple bandanna. There’s always the classic worn around your forehead style, but don’t stop there. Tie it on a belt loop for some fast rock star vibes or around your neck for a rebel without a cause feel.

Monochrome Feels

Mens Fashion

When in doubt, you can always default to monochrome. Matching multiple layers of different textures in one color brings depth to any outfit. It will also lengthen your silhouette, making you appear leaner and taller.

Brown Salt And Pepper Muscle Fit Roller T-Shirt, | $20


Neutral State Of Mind

The saying “less is more” is very accurate when talking about neutral tones in fashion. Using the color sand, for example, can be incredibly versatile in many different looks. Neutrals work perfectly with black and brown, so having a few staples in neutral colors offers you quick, stylish outfits. When in doubt, grab a sand or taupe colored t-shirt with a black pair of jeans. You will look season-appropriate and on-trend with minimal effort. Visit for even more New York Fashion Week: Men’s coverage and follow Jason on Instagram: @teztrends.

STÜSSY Satin-Shell Bomber Jacket, | $150

Cigars • lounge


• Impressive selection of premium cigars (plus domestic styles, pipe tobaccos, and smoking accessories).

• Elegant yet easygoing environment. • Ample seating in view of multiple TVs.

Food, beer, wine, and cocktails available at our Whippany location.

Come visit us!

301 Route 10 East, Whippany, NJ 07981 (973) 887-0800 •

184 Route 17 North, Paramus, NJ 07652 (201) 261-7988 •

Mon. - Sat. 10AM-9PM • Sun. 10AM-6PM

Mon. - Sat. 9:30AM-9PM • Sun. 10AM-5PM


Industry Spotlight


Chaunce Hayden: When people think of Metal music they normally don’t think of charity. Tell me what’s going on? Kasey Kida: I’ve been holding events here in Clifton for a number of years. I started running the Special Olympics Torch Run and we run it all the way from the boarder of Paterson through Clifton. All donations go to the Special Olympics. I’ve been friends with Freddy (Dingo) who owns Dingbatz and Dingo’s Den and thought it would be a great idea to combine some great rock and metal to the event. So I approached Freddy and he agreed. So here we are. Metal and charity such as they normally go hand in hand... Freddy Dingo: Well it’s a great cause and people in the rock industry are always looking to help people. They all come out and try to do something nice for people. So yes, they go really well together. Like who? Freddy: We have a lot of great people coming down. Alan Tecchio formerly of Non-Fiction, Bobby Blitz from OverKill, Russell Allen from Adrenalin Mob, Rob Machete from Fragile

Mortals, Steve Zing and Johnny Kelly from Danzig and so many more. We also have Juliet Huddy formerly of Fox News who now has a Metal website www.blondeandcrossbones. com coming out and helping host the event. I’m also excited to say that Don Jamison will be on hand as well. Everyone knows Don from “That Metal Show.” What’s the first response you normally get when you ask these bands to help out for The Special Olympics? Freddy: You don’t even get the whole thing out and they are all into it. It’s really great! They just say, “When do you want us to come?” What’s the state of Metal and live Rock n Roll right now? It’s hard to get the music out these days. I’m excited that Juliet started her website. I hope it ads some much needed exposure to so many great bands that don’t have the venues or the means to have their music heard. There are so many awesome bands today that people just aren’t being exposed to.

Industry Spotlight 29

Kasey: I don’t really deal with them directly. So we haven’t had that meeting yet. Next week I’ll be letting them know what I’m doing..... And? We will see their reaction! I’m sure I’ll get some odd looks, but it’s music that I love. Punk, Rock and Metal. I love it all. I think it will be a really good time. Will it be an all day event? Freddy: We will open the doors a little earlier than normal and do some stuff with the School of Rock and some other younger bands. Plus, we will have some cover and original bands playing throughout the night. It will be really cool.

Are you hoping people who are afraid of Metal music will come out and see it’s not all about scary, screaming long haired bands? Freddy: Yeah, people have a scary opinion of what a Metal band is all about. They can be intimidating, but they are the nicest people and willing to do the most for others. So don’t pass judgement. These people are the one’s you want behind you. Finally, Kasey, what would you say to anyone thinking of coming out on May 6? Kasey: If you come out and donate that would be great. All the money goes directly to the kids. I believe last year we raised 3 million dollars in the state of New Jersey. The kids love it and the competition is really great. So please keep it going and everyone come out and have a good time. NOTE: The Special Olympics event will be on Saturday, May 6 and go to for more information.

Kasey, what was the reaction when you told the people at The Special Olympics what you were planning at Dingbatz?




Of course we all feel trapped when were at work. Knowing there’s absolutely nowhere to go until that clock strikes, well… 4am for me. Besides dealing with the unending clock and obnoxious people, the most caged feeling is when you are stuck in a situation and physically cannot escape it. I will always cover anyone’s shift that needs it because I love to make money and I believe in the good karma that will inevitably come back around. Let’s hope, at least. Covering for people is good and bad because you see what other shifts are like but you also meet new regulars that only come on those days. Cue the caged animal syndrome. Two business type men are throwing back Ketel and sodas and snickering at my every move. The drunker they become the more vociferous their remarks become and the more agitated I become that I have to listen to it. Every single action is bait for a comment…I just hear them tear me apart piece by piece. From my body to the fact that I must be an animal in bed and all the gross things they want to do to me. What gives guys the right to act like this? Because you have a powerful career you think that means you have the right to

overpower everyone around you and talk to people like sh*t? I don’t think so, cupcake. The worst part is my bartender that night, knows them. After I keep running away from them and enduring whatever comments I must, he comes over…I thought…to rescue me. But, no. Instead he came to buy them a shot and get all chummy with them. Apparently they come in every week when the two guys usually bartend together. “What happened, had to bring in a Cinderella to do the other guy’s job?” They laugh and hifive about it…which is just stupid, but whatever. Cinderella? Am I really a poor peasant girl that doesn’t know her own worth? I’ve been bartending twice as long as the other kids here so keep your comments to a minimum a**hole. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do and that’s one of the worst feelings about my job. I’m simply a Barbie doll with a bottle. I just want to walk out the door and tell myself I don’t deserve this sh*t, but I’m stronger than that and I endure the crap. Moral of the story is…stick to your own shifts, huh?

20 Percent




2 LOCATIONS 96 Centre St. Nutley, NJ 07110 (973) 320-5594 44 Ridge Rd. North Arlington, NJ 07031 (201) 997-4565




Month Unlimted All beds & spray tan



(Tax included)


440 Ridge Rd #3 North Arlington, NJ (201)997-4565

96 Centre St Nutley, NJ (973)320-5594

Expires 4/30/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer

Expires 4/30/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer


ITALIAN COOKING THE WAY MOMMA USED TO DO IT! We found a North Jersey gem! By: Stephanie Anderson


This North Jersey establishment is for families who have a sophisticated taste and want to enjoy the best and freshest Italian food at an affordable price. The atmosphere is casual and friendly and the menu allows diners to have amazing Italian cuisine on their own terms. Momma’s Kitchen has a large menu of authentic Italian dishes with a touch of contemporary flair. Appetizers include options such as Italian Nachos, Sausage & Rabe, and Calamari & Cherry Peppers. There are choices of Italian sandwiches, Fresh Salads and delicious Italian entrees to choose from as well. What really keeps the crowds coming back is the extensive list of pick-your-own meal options. Create Your Own Pizza offers diners over 20 toppings and optional gluten free

pizza dough. Love homemade Meatballs? Choose from beef, chicken, spicy pork or vegetable and add one of 6 sauce choices on top! If you aren’t completely stuffed by the end of the meal, create your own Ice Cream Sandwich with homemade freshly baked cookies and your choice of ice cream and do not forget to try the made to order Donuts and “New Jersey’s Best Cheesecake.” Momma’s Kitchen is operated by chef/owner Bobby Meidanis, a graduate of the University of Delaware Hotel Restaurant Management program as well as the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. A veteran of the Bergen County restaurant scene, his family owns the Ridge Diner and he acquired The Village Grille in Waldwick in 2007. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Bobby – Tell him Metropolis Nights sent you!

Momma’s Kitchen 15 W. Grand Ave., Montvale, NJ



Chef of the Month

Momma’s Kitchen in Montvale, New Jersey offers all of those things and more!

Love Pizza? Adore Meatballs? Looking for traditional Italian cuisine in a family-friendly setting?

“Be a Part of our Family� Traditional, Fresh, Savory Home Cooking



ic lass

Hom e


ma d


, Pastas, Piz s l l za ba s at

he ot




m Ho


tio ns

Dine in Take Out Delivery Curbside Pickup



Hours of Operation: Sunday - Thursday: 11:30am - 9pm Friday and Saturday: 11:30am - 10pm

esser ts, Glut

re F en

p O e

15 W. Grand Ave., Montvale, NJ





What inspired you to enter into the bar business? From the time I was old enough to be behind a bar I always loved serving people. There is no better feeling than knowing you made someone’s life a little happier.

Industry Spotlight


What is the concept behind The Pour House in West Orange and The Boiler Room in Garfield? We are what I like to call “A Cocktail Dive” - meaning we make craft cocktails in a dive bar setting What kind of crowd & vibe are you looking for? My dream crowd is a little of everyone; I try to have a perfect mix of people. And as far as the vibe, we are all about the Love! Why focus on craft cocktails? I think people are sick of just going to bars and ordering beers. We do offer a nice selection of beers, but we are all about the cocktail. I think people’s pallets have expanded and they enjoy tasting flavors that they never had before. What are some of your guest’s favorite cocktails? Definitely our top selling cocktail is The Fuzzy Pussy - (Can you even write that?!) - And no, I didn’t come up with the name! After that in popularity is the Scofflaw and Blackberry Crush. All of our drinks are made with fresh ingredients. We even make our own Cranberry Juice and Sour Mixes!

If you were going to make a cocktail called Metropolis Nights, what would it be? I’m feeling like the Metropolis Nights cocktail should be made with Gin, a splash of Maraschino, fresh squeezed lemons, and then mixed with lots of love! Do you have any special nights at the bars One of our epic nights is our Friday Night Karaoke Shit Show. It is like no other karaoke night. We have some amazing performers but what makes it so wild is when the whole place starts singing together – it sounds really cool! Tell us about Cocktails for a Cure. Well, my mom like so many people lost her life to Cancer. So we developed a special drink menu: every time a cocktail is ordered off the Cocktails for a Cure menu, we donate $1 to help in the fight. P.S. - Fuck you Cancer! Your bars are dog-friendly - Do you offer anything special for the pooches? I feel that dogs play such an important part in people’s lives that it was only natural to let them be a part of our bars. At the Pour House we have a huge dog park in the back of the bar were Fido can go run wild will you sip on some amazing drinks. But dogs are welcome all the time at both joints. What is the WILDEST thing you have ever seen at a bar? Sorry, but I believe in the old school rule that what goes on at the bars stay in the bars. But I will say people who come to our bars don’t ever watch the TVs. Lots of LOVE... (Laughs)



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POUR HOUSE 178 Main St, West Orange, NJ 0702 973-736-0100



WILLIE NELSON talks about weed, golf, weed, Donald Trump, weed, music, weed & weed.


“I haven’t changed at all. I just hope the I.R.S. doesn’t read this. But when it comes to how I manage my money, nothing has changed.” Chaunce Hayden: Would you ever smoke a joint with Donald Trump? Willie Nelson: Oh I would smoke a joint with anybody. What do you think about Donald Trump becoming president? Stranger things have happened I suppose. He’s a great hustler and as a brother hustler I wish him well. Whether or not he’ll be a good president or not I don’t know. What about building that wall? I say let everyone in. I have no problem with people coming into our country. It’s wrong to think otherwise. That’s what the Statue of Liberty is for. Let everyone in.

Have you ever gotten a hole in one? No, have you?


Does miniature golf count? [Laughs] No!

The Legend: Willie Nelson

How’s your golf game? [Willie lights up a joint and takes a long slow drag] I lie so much I don’t even know anymore. [Laughs] I can’t remember what I said the last time somebody asked me that question, so I better not say anything this time.

How do you feel when you hear your name used in the same sentence as “living legend” or “icon”? I really don’t know. I’m not so sure I know what all that means, but it sounds good. It’s nice to hear, but I just don’t know what it all means, to tell you the truth. Your music transcends so many barriers, including age, race and taste. Why do you think that is? I guess the thing about my music is that we play all different kinds of music. From up-tempo to slow ballads, to pop to country to rock-n-roll to jazz and even a little blues. We play a variety of things. So if you really like music, you can be sure that sometime during the evening we’ll play something that you like.

Do you have any idea how many songs you’ve written in your lifetime? No, I really don’t know. I guess it’s a couple of thousand. I’ve never even tried to count. A couple of thousand songs? That’s amazing. I know. I’ve been at this a long time. A very long time. Which of all your songs means the most to you and why? There isn’t one particular one really. I see all my songs almost like children. I could never choose one over the other. I guess though I would have to say that the ones I’ve written recently are the ones that are fresh on my mind. I seem to sing those more often. Personally, I first got turned on to your music when I saw the film “Honeysuckle Rose.” I get the impression the character you portrayed—a hard-drinking, hard-living wildman—wasn’t much of a character stretch for you. I’m just like that. [Laughs] I’m exactly like that to be honest! I’m sorry to say, but that film is pretty much what you see is what you get. But I’m glad you liked the movie. It’s one of my favorites too. You’ve been in a number of films. Are you as serious about your acting as you are about your music? I guess in a way I am. But then again, I [can’t] compare the two because there is no way I could. It’s just real difficult to compare. Acting is something that I do instinctively, and music is something that I really have to work on. That surprises me. I would think the opposite. With music, to keep your chops up and to keep doing the same thing over and over and over again for years and years, and to keep it fresh, is very hard work. Acting is something I just do. It comes naturally to me I guess. I never felt like I had to work at acting. Music is something different. Keeping it fresh is a lot of work. So I would say that I take them both very seriously, it’s just that acting doesn’t take the same amount of work.


“Trust me —there’s a whole lot of holes in my past. But then again, I’m not running for anything!”

The Legend: Willie Nelson


Your trademark is, of course, your ponytails, bandanna, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. What was the turning point in your life when you decided to stop wearing suits and ties and getting haircuts? I was in Nashville. This was probably just before I moved to Texas, right after my house burned downed in the late ’60s, early ’70s. It was right before the first annual Fourth of July picnic that I put on each summer. I was hanging out and playing at some of the clubs around Austin. Then one day while I was on stage, I noticed that the audience was looking a little different than the normal country audience I had been used to. They dressed different and there were a lot more young people with long hair. I noticed that they all had t-shirts and blue jeans and tennis shoes. I liked the new look I was seeing because down there, it’s a lot more comfortable to wear t-shirts and jeans than it is to wear shirts and ties. So I started to change the way I dress and I never looked back. Your good friend Kris Kristofferson once said of you, “His heroic face will be on stamps and money, and it will always represent freedom, heart and laughter.” What goes through your mind when you hear that? [Very long pause] Kris is very poetic. [Laughs] I’m speechless.

All kidding aside, can you see your face on a stamp one day? No, no. [Laughs] I understand one of your early inspirations was Frank Sinatra. Yes, that’s very true. He really was my first inspiration and still is to this day. I had already decided that he was my favorite singer a long time ago. It had come up in conversation before who my favorite singer was, and I always had to stop and think. I mean, there are just so many people to choose from. But now I can say that without a doubt Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer. Do you ever think about your own mortality? Wow, I haven’t until now, [laughs] not until you brought it up! Everything was wonderful until you reminded me! Sorry about that! [Laughs] This interview is over! I feel like going somewhere and crying! How about we change the subject? Thanks!

What is it about the state of Texas that makes it so special to you? It’s a feeling that you grow up with. I’m not sure how to describe it. I really love it. I really do. There are some places that make you feel really at home and that you can be proud of. I think everyone has a little bit of pride of where they come from. It seems that in Texas, we have a little more pride than most. When it comes to pride, we have much more than our share. [Winks] Considering your enormous popularity in your home state, do you think that if you ran for governor of Texas you would have won? I would be afraid to run just in case I accidentally won. I wouldn’t want to take the chance. That’s a scary thought. Your past problems with the I.R.S. were very public. Would you describe those days as the worst of your life? Naw. Not even close.

If you could be on stage with three other musicians, dead or alive, who would they be? Miles Davis, B.B. King and Ray Charles.

What were the worst days? I would rather not remember those days, but I can guarantee my I.R.S. problems, as bad as they were, weren’t the worst. See, I knew that whole I.R.S. thing was coming down for a long time before it actually did. But it was a process that started slowly and then escalated. And as time passed, penalties and interest incurred every day. After 14 years of this, I was glad when those guys finally came in and said,

Let’s talk about weed. Okay. My favorite topic.

Are you more careful with your finances today than you were when you first got in trouble with the government? Do you account for every dollar? No way! [Laughs] No, that’s way too much trouble. I haven’t changed at all. I just hope the I.R.S. doesn’t read this. But when it comes to how I manage my money, nothing has changed. [Laughs] Why, what would we find if we looked that closely into your personal life? Trust me—there’s a whole lot of holes in my past. But then again, I’m not running for anything!

Have you ever run out of weed? Oh yeah, I’ve run out. But usually somebody will bring us some weed. Never have to buy any. Somebody just gives you all you can smoke. We played up in Northern California last year, up there where all the good weed grows. I think when we left the concert, there were probably eight or 10 pounds of weed on the stage because that’s where they grow it all. All the great growers in that area, they’re proud of their weed over there. How would you like history to remember you? That’s not necessary! [Laughs] I already have enough things to remember of my own! How would you like your epitaph to read? [Long pause] I’m trying to think of something good, but I can’t. I’m going to need more time on that. Can I get back to you? I need to think about that one! •

During that time did you ever feel betrayed by the government? Not really. I was always glad to pay taxes as long as I was making the money they said I was making. When you don’t make the money, you shouldn’t have to pay the taxes. I wish everyone had to pay the same percentage I paid. I think there’s a little difference there. When I hear that corporations who make billions don’t pay anything, I get a little pissed off.

Do you prefer to eat weed or smoke it? I have eaten too much, and if you have, you know the feeling. It’s not a good feeling. It won’t kill you, but it’ll make you feel you’re dying. You gotta be careful what you eat, whatever it is – unless you make it yourself and know how potent they are.


The Legend: Willie Nelson

“Okay, let’s leave Willie Nelson alone.”

Is it true you smoked weed in the White House? Yes. I was on the roof and honestly I was more worried how to get down from the roof.


MOTHER’S DAY with great food, music and atmosphere!

LIVE MUSIC Every Wednesday and Saturday

BRUNCH BUFFET Seatings: 10:00am, 12pm & 2pm DINNER WITH SPECIAL HOLIDAY MENU Seatings: 4:30pm and 7pm

RESERVATIONS: Call (201) 670-8200

71 Crescent Ave • Waldwick, NJ • @TheVillageGrille • 201-670-8200

KARAOKE The First Friday of Every Month

Model: Assi Barry Photographer: Joshua Paull 51


Blackjack Mulligans Annual St Patrick’s Day Celebration.... and we were there!

ALAN TECCHIO /alan.tecchio

RETRO MOTO Last month I poked fun at the transformation many motorcycle shops have gone through from old skool grease & oil aroma-filled halls of intrigue to cold, sterile, corporate boutiques. So you can imagine my surprise when I rolled up Glenridge Ave. in Montclair, NJ and saw a vintage motorcycle in a storefront window. The store could not be big enough to be an actual motorcycle shop and yet it had the name “Montclair Riding Co.” emblazoned upon its façade along with the tagline “Life Is A Beautiful Ride.” Could this be an actual “cool” moto-boutique?!

Upon entering I met owner Sy who explained to me why he opened his retro-infused moto-shop a few months ago in artsy Montclair. “Well, my wife and I live in Montclair and we love the town for a start. Secondly, we love motorcycles and have a deep appreciation for similar shops that have popped up in places like Brooklyn. But although it is not geographically far from NJ, getting to Brooklyn can be a tortuous journey. Our thought was that there must be cool moto-people in NJ who would love to have a store like ours closer to home.”

Motor Mouth


Enter: Montclair Riding Co. whose slogan is “Stocking a mix of modern-classic moto apparel and accessories” So if you are looking to get your oil changed, this is not the place. However, if you want a bad-ass handmade leather facemask from France or a unique helmet, wallet, t-shirt or one-of-a-kind leather jacket, man– have you GOT to get here. One of my favorite items is their Wheelborne Fuel/ Beverage Bottle Bag for $60.00. You can add water or fuel to this stylish waxed canvas-clad bottle holder. And if you buy their companion tankbag it is made to attach right to it. Never be stranded again if you choose fuel, nor be thirsty if you choose water. Just don’t mix the two up! You can call The Montclair Riding Co. at 973-233-0002 or surf to to learn more. But for sure the best experience is to simply pay a visit to MRC in person and say

Sy from The Montclair Riding Co. Sy from The Montclair Riding Co.

hello to Sy now that the riding weather is starting to break. In keeping with the retro theme… I have Facebook friend Eric Campbell to thank for reminding me of the 1985 TV show Street Hawk that admittedly I never really got into back then, but have now binge-watched and finally come to appreciate. ABC’s Street Hawk only ran for one season (13 episodes) and is cheesy as hell. But weak storylines and 80’s special effects aside, what the show’s creators did to a stock Honda XR500 to transform it into a futuristic, all-terrain combat-moto is impressive. Street Hawk is supposedly capable of speeds up to 300 mph but I must admit that its high speed (hyperthrust) feature is really hilarious to watch. Hyperthrust supposedly allows the bike (via sped-up film) to make tight intersection turns at 200+ mph. It’s a real hoot to watch, especially if you ride. That said, there are some positives to Street Hawk... Firstly, it’s a show about a sick, all-terrain, motorcycle! Secondly, the musical theme was composed by the legendary Tangerine Dream. (trivia bit- a modified version of the song appeared on TJ’s album Le Parc) Another cool aspect is that Winfield Special Projects made all the body panels and special effects for the bike. Winfield creations have found their way into more than 20 Hollywood films, including Bladerunner, Robocop and The Last Starfighter. Most notably though, Winfield created the flying version of the Delorean time traveler for Back to the Future.


The “Boys of Summer” make me happy. Though I’m referencing baseball, I really don’t mean just baseball. I mean all outdoor sports, for all of us. Watching young people get out their cleats, bats, balls and clubs makes me smile. Sports are such an integral part of the American way of life. I love when I see kids playing their hearts out. Especially when the parents are restrained enough to not interfere. Unfortunately, it’s gotten a little too expensive for the average family to go to a pro game more than once or twice a year and that is a serious shame.

Especially when you see so many empty seats at the stadiums. Corporations buy a lot of the tickets and they barely go. I have seen entire sections of Yankee Stadium, (box seats) without a single person in them. That annoys me and I wish that stadiums and teams would figure out a way to get those amazing seats to school kids that could never afford to go. If I could make that my next job, I would do it for free. Anyway, springtime is for sports, running, jumping and rolling around on the grass and I love it. Time to get off your ass and do something energetic!

It’s almost time to open my pool. Who doesn’t love a pool or the things that happen around a pool? Barbecues, blending up some frozen drinks, maybe smoking a cigar with some old friends, just reading a book or taking a well deserved nap on a comfy lounge chair. When the weather turns warm, all these activities and many more become available to us. One of my favorite things is to sit outside at a favorite restaurant. There is just something fantastic about doing that, especially for a date or with a significant other. Being outside to me, adds a little bit more romance to any evening. Maybe it’s the fresh air, maybe it’s the night sounds and not having to listen to the din of inside eating. As soon at it hits about seventy, I head to the veranda. Normally, I write my final section: “Asshole Of The Month” here. But not today. Today is about happiness. I’m going to go with my “Great Person Of The Month” instead. And it’s not about any one person. It’s about you. You can be the great person to someone, every single day of the year. Share your smile, hold open a door for a stranger, man or woman, give a few bucks to charity, compliment someone you barely know. Every moment of your day could make someone else’s better. Open your mind and open your heart, you will never regret it. I believe my monthly tagline sums that up very well. “We are, what we do, when it counts”. I’ll add another for this column. “To whom much is given, much is required”. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful spring.

I love to travel, tomorrow I am going to Prague to visit my niece in school. I can afford it now but when I was younger, I wanted to travel, so I did. You can do it too. I used to work seven days a week for six or seven weeks, save up my money and then go somewhere. The experiences you accumulate and the cultures you get to interact with, change you as a person. Your mind opens to all different cultures and all different types of people. Because of this, you end up realizing many of your prejudices and unsupported biases are just that. Unsupported. The amount of people I have met around the world that have treated me kindly is astonishing. By the way the phrase “The Ugly American” is without question rooted in fact but if you travel and are polite and friendly, the world opens it doors and hearts to you. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to about 25 different countries. And each one was a completely different experience. If you can’t travel overseas, go see America. You can go by car, train or plane. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find deals everywhere. I’ve been to about forty different states and it was so completely worth it. This country is filled with so many amazing things. One of my favorites was the Hoover Dam. mind-blowing is the only word for it. One of my bucket list items is still the Grand Canyon. But whether you like man-made wonders or what Mother Nature has blessed us with, I recommend you do it.




Springtime is here, and that means it’s time for shorts, baseball, golf, outdoor seating at restaurants and generally just enjoying walking outside. I walked my dog today in shorts and a tee-shirt and it was such a pleasure. Then I went to play golf, perfect out, sixty and sunny. Springtime is a renewal for all of our spirits and I’m delighted. There are a lot of things that make me happy and this column is going to be about that.


84-78, fourth in AL East




Key additions: RP Aroldis Chapman (free agent from Cubs), DH/OF/1B Matt Holiday (free agent from Cardinals), 1B Chris Carter (free agent from Brewers)

spent a large chunk of time in the bullpen and at Triple-A last season, and new No. 5 starter Adam Warren made one start in 58 appearances last season for the Yankees and Cubs. With Luis Cessa, Bryan Mitchell and Chad Green the only real major league-ready depth, the decision not to pursue another starter is a curious one. 7 rookies to watch in the 2017 MLB season

Key subtractions: 1B Mark Teixeira (retired), C Brian McCann (trade to Astros), SP Nathan Eovaldi (free agent to Rays)




1. Gary Sanchez is facing unrealistic expectations. After swatting 20 homers and slugging .657 in just 201 at-bats as a rookie last season, the pressure is on for Sanchez to avoid a sophomore slump. Not only does he have to pick up much of the offensive slack – some expect 40-plus homers – with so many veterans gone (see “subtractions” above), Sanchez, who just turned 24, has to take over as the everyday starter at catcher. Will his skills behind the plate develop as quickly as his prowess beside it? Sanchez’s ability to handle a staff will be crucial because … 2. The rotation has more questions than a 4-year-old. Masahiro Tanaka came within one out of being the only Yankees starter to reach the 200-inning plateau last season, and he was an ace (14-4, 3.07 ERA, 1.08 WHIP) after offseason elbow surgery. CC Sabathia will need to duplicate the success from his bounce-back 2016 season, though a couple of peripherals bordered on worrisome (4.28 FIP, 1.32 WHIP). Michael Pineda remains an enigma, Luis Severino

3. Aroldis Chapman’s return is a game-changer. When the Yankees’ bullpen featured both Chapman and Andrew Miller last season, it posted 3.40 ERA; after both were dealt, it jumped to 4.10. Chapman’s dominance and triple-digit heat are unmatched in the majors, and his return allows Dellin Betances to transition back to the eighth inning. And although Miller isn’t back, Tyler Clippard (9.2 K/9, 2.49 ERA) was tremendous in 29 appearances after New York acquired him from Arizona. This relief corps has the potential to cover for many of the rotation’s shortcomings. BEST-CASE SCENARIO

The youth movement is success, with Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Tyler Austin, Aaron Judge and Mason Williams – and possibly even Clint Frazier eventually – proving they are ready for prime time in one of the majors’ most demanding markets.


A trio of returning veterans – left fielder Brett Gardner, center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, third baseman Chase Headley – again fall flat offensively after none managed a .265 batting average, 60 RBI or a 100 OPS+ last season.

2. Aroldis Chapman, RP: Chapman saved 26 games with a 1.55 ERA last season, and remains fantasy’s top closer. 3. Masahiro Tanaka, SP: Tanaka overcame elbow issues to get through a full season in 2016, and though his whiff rate declined, his 3.07 ERA was pretty good.


Didi Gregorius tied Starlin Castro for the team lead with 70 RBI last season – part of what was a career year for the team’s most consistent offensive force. The shortstop set career bests in doubles (32), homers (20), steals (7) and OPS (.751) and is just entering his prime.

4. Dellin Betances, RP: Even as a setup man, Betances has mixed-league fantasy value. He leads all relievers with 392 strikeouts over the past three seasons. 5. Greg Bird, 1B: If Bird gets everyday at bats, he’ll probably homer 25 times in cozy Yankee Stadium.


Projected win total (via Atlantis Casino Resort): 83.5

(Courtesy of FOX Sports Fantasy Baseball) PREDICTION

1. Gary Sanchez, C: Sanchez obviously won’t keep up his 2016 home-run pace, but 25 dingers will be fine with us.



New York will contend for a wild card but fall just short.



World Series odds (via 20/1.

o c Cin De o y Ma

$3 El sullys, $4 margaritas & $5 quesadillas. New cocktail menu!!



ight of It’s a beer fl beers at 20 different . Finish 5 ounces each and get it by yourself of Fame! on our Wall





“If having a good and healthy sex life is one of your primary goals, find the time and space in your life to express that.” In this busy and hectic world many of us struggle to find a way to connect at the end of the day. I know with 3 kids and a job it gets almost impossible sometime. I am someone who always wanted sex no matter when or where and right now I will take sleep over anything. This is not like me, but I guess it happens to all of us. Sexual relationships are sometimes like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes they are fast and furious and other times it’s just another ride on a familiar track…LOL! Whatever ride you are on, just make sure the track isn’t broken. Make love a priority. Even if it’s not having sex on a daily. It could be as intimate as kissing or cuddling. These signals, even if small shows your partner affection and lets them know you still care about them. If life gets too crazy and you just can’t find the time…pencil it in like you do everything else. I know that sounds terrible and not very spontaneous but it may work. Sometimes when things are out of sight and out of mind, you may completely blank out and not even realize it. This may lead to forgetfulness and possibly

boredom in the bedroom. Most of the time it is patterns that you’ve both fallen into. You can both feel disconnected. You may not argue or fight, but you also don’t talk beyond mapping out the logistics of the day or week. You fall into parallel lives, daily routines with each of you doing your own thing. Time to change. Only by putting forth effort, time and energy will the physical pursuit of happiness work. What do you have to say no to for this to become a priority? Maybe not watching your favorite show, turning your phone off or getting ready for bed earlier. All of these things will help, but you both have to make a mutual effort. If having a good and healthy sex life is one of your primary goals, find the time and space in your life to express that. — Kisses Angela

If you have a story, comment or question you would like to share with BTS, please email me at



2016 was a saving grace for the music industry: the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reported that music revenues are up 11% from 2015 and have broken through a depressing rut, thanks mostly to on-demand streaming!



In fact, streaming on-air programs accounted for 51% of 2016’s revenue, which amounted to $3.9 billion — a HUGE jump from five years ago when streaming generated less than 10 percent of industry revenue. One of the main components to the increased revenue is monthly subscriptions to steaming services which ultimately brought in $2.48 million dollars. There are at least 22.6 million subscriptions to streaming services, which indicates that almost 10% of adults subscribe to paid programs like Spotify Premium, Tidal, Apple Music or free ad-supported services like YouTube. Have YOU converted from buying CDs to using an ondemand streaming service? If not, you should! Streaming music has many perks, like being able to listen to (mostly) any song at the touch of a button. If you do choose to subscribe, you have access to thousands of tracks, which ultimately eliminates the need to purchase a full album for a few preferred songs. But how do you choose which service to use? There are three leading streaming services that you can choose from when considering a service to subscribe to — Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music.

Spotify gives you an option to use the application for free, but there are restrictions, like annoying — and relentless — ads. Apparently the restrictions are not enough to deter the 55 million users who listen to Spotify for free, instead of paying $9.99 a month for the premium service. Tidal and Apple Music are paid-only subscription services that don’t offer free versions: Apple Music goes for $9.99 a month, while Tidal gives you the option for a basic membership for $9.99 or a “HiFi” membership for $19.99. The competition between the three leading streaming services has gotten fierce, as Apple Music has the largest catalog but Tidal (which is owned by Jay Z and worth $600 million) offers artist exclusives not available anywhere else and the ability to obtain concert tickets. Social media-friendly Spotify allows users to share personal play lists. If you’re an artist, you probably prefer Tidal, as they reportedly compensate their artists better than any of the other streaming services — but still, Spotify remains the world’s biggest streaming service out of all three. While streaming services are on the rise, downloads and physical sales are declining rapidly at an alarming rate. The music industry still has serious issues with YouTube: executives and artists complain that the website doesn’t pay enough for licensing fees for the music they use and endorse. It will be interesting to see where the music industry goes in the next couple of years. Music artists once feared Napster — not knowing it would lead to a dramatic change in the way we enjoy our music — and look at us now!


THE CLASSIC FESTIVAL bathrooms, it is nearly impossible to curb the urge to sneak a pic for Instagram!

Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Journey, Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire and The Doobie Brothers will be performing at two separate two-day festivals held on the West Coast and the East Coast. The “Classic East” will be held July 29th and 30th at Citi Field in Queens. The Eagles, Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers will perform on Saturday evening and Fleetwood Mac, Journey, and Earth, Wind & Fire will perform on Sunday. You can buy tickets at 10AM on April 7th — this is one festival you (and I!) won’t want to miss!& Michael Jackson-themed

If you go for their weekend brunch, check out their drink offerings: their Bloody Mary is extra spicy with some sweet garnishes and the frozen mimosas are amazing! And the tasty musician-inspired cocktails will add a nice touch to your lunch or dinner, like the Fiona ‘Apple-Pie’ Sangria and the Justin Cucumberlake!

METAL DISNEY With the enchanting new release of Beauty and the Beast, Disney was bound to capitalize on the reignited interest in the House Of Mouse! On March 31st, Disney released Metal Disney, an album comprised of classic Disney tracks remade into metal ballads — and spoiler alert: the songs are actually pretty good! Metal Disney had been released in Japan over a year ago, but Disney took its time bringing it to America because they were unsure of how it would be received over here. It’s easy to see why: if you had grown up with the beloved Disney movies, it may be shocking to hear a guy screaming along to “A Whole New World”, but the D-METAL STARS managed to turn these songs out with their own twist. Some songs that are ‘re-imagined’ on this album include “The Mickey Mouse March”, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, “It’s A Small World”, “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid, ”When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King, among others.

The food options are vast and droolworthy. The Elvis’ Revenge (peanut butter, bacon, banana tempura Whoney, brioche and chips), fried chicken and waffles, Kung Pao shrimp tacos and dark chocolate pancakes with bacon maple syrup are just a few options on the American/Asian menu.



Classic Rock fans, rejoice! An awesome festival named “The Classic” will be bringing in some awesome legends to our area — and tickets will be on sale April 7!


Mothers Day @ Pig and Prince

Brunch 11am-3pm • Prixe Fixe Dinner 5pm-9pm Call For Reservations. Limited Availability

Pig & Prince 1 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042 (973) 233-1006

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MN april17issu