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from the editor-in-chief The Presidential election has the country consumed with debates that often become heated. Mud-slinging and namecalling are all part of the entertainment as if it were some kind of twisted sport. Personally, I find the finger-pointing and blame game battle between the candidates mind-numbing. At the end of the day, it all means nothing. I find it sickening how the aristocrats of wealth, privilege and power spew their politicalisagendas under the posturing August unbearably hot,guise but of notheroic nearly as hotforas the your vote. Meanwhile, of America continues to suffer pages of this month’smost issue. In two words: Brooke through horrific economic times.

from the editor-in-chief

Villone. The former star of VH1’s “Baseball Wives,” We praymay for awell knight shining political best armorkept who will Brooke beinNew Jersey’s secret. somehow rescue our nation from the depths of despair. While she’s graced the pages of local magazine’s like Promises are made and broken to the point where we 201 and BC, this Ford model has never been seen like assume the worst and hope for the best. Watching the media what about to see inside our August coveryour the election process, it becomes clear thatmasterpiece. what really matters iswe thatwent the faux promises of a better government Naturally with a baseball theme since herare spoken(sorry with style andisflair. Win and in... “You think hubby guys) former proget hurler and didn’t Bergenfield I was serious about lowering taxes, did you?” native Ron Villone. If you’ve been put to sleep by So insteadfavorite of gettingpast too presidential crazydays with our America’s time, the dog of summer November issue, we decided instead to poke a little fun at ball may recapture your interest after the steam of the election of 2012 with a sexy and titillating chat with adult Brooke’s center spread blast you the face. in film star, and Sarah Palin look-a-like, Lisa Ann. She may not Oflower course our cover story thebut stars gas prices or bring backfeaturing home sales, she of canVH1’s most definitely help raise your flag. Sorry, I couldn’t newest reality show “Momma Drama” areresist. worthy of all the suresotomuch turnmore theirtolives upside down. The Of attention course there’s talk about in our November Starting with of Rosie Pierri, the charismatic mother andissue. daughter team Butler residents Debbie, lesbian Kathy Wakile Realwith Housewives 48, and sister Gina of DeAngelo, 24,from deals alcohol,ofmini New Jersey. Rosie is truly a super reality star in the making. skirts and a boat load of conflict. I was thrilled and Don’t be surprised if by this time next year, Rosie has her unable to and passis on the photograph and own show living in opportunity a mansion thattorivals her real-life interview complex and drama loving ladies. nemesis, these Teresa two Giudice. ByOur now you probably have come to know ourBang “Industry cover feature, a one-on-one interview with Big Spotlight” 2 page spread. Bouncers, bartenders, Theory’s newest addition Melissa Rauch, is not only a home run because theshot long running sitcom on CBS also the promoters and and beer joints haveisall been highest rated on television, but Melissa is also a with Jersey featured. But show this month we push the envelope the girl. It’s always great to put the spotlight on a Jersey girl who spotlight turned on Kevin Scott, the owner of Platinum isn’t famous for getting drunk or kicking the ass of her former Dollz. The strip club Mecca located in Passaic is as best friend. In other words, Melissa can actually act. Yep, unique owner. There many there’s as stillit’s a few celebrities outaren’t there who arenon-smut known for their thespian skills ratherbe than their ability to vomitthe on cue. magazines that would willing to highlight part of Also inside is our and always nightlife weour all November know andissue enjoy, butusual, rarely write about. popular, stunning models, plus a wide selection But we’rearray not of your normal nightlife magazine. Theof columns that cover fashion, gadgets, pop culture, reader comes firstdating, and since you’re reading this....that music, sports and reviews. I’m also pleased to announce means you! While I’m sure this story will ruffle the the latest addition to Metropolis Nights...Alan Tecchio, the feathers some offor theSteppin’ other Out North Jerseyhas strip clubs, long timeofcolumninst magazine, come Scott’s story our attention. SorryDuring but we on board withis hisworthy popularof “Snow Nation” column. the winter months, we’llsees be giving away ski tickets to Mountain calls them as we them. Creek,and so keep youryou eyein onthe our fall! website and “Snow Nation” Enjoy I’ll see for details!

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving! Cheers, Chaunce Hayden Yours truly, Editor-in-Chief Metropolis ChaunceNights Hayden Cell: 201-873-3874 Editor-in-Chief Tweeter: @Chauncehayden Metropolis Nights

New Jersey New Jerseyhas hasspoken! spoken! And we love hearing from don’t be be shy.shy. And we love hearing fromyou, you,soso don’t E-mail us at, E-mail us at, follow us follow us on Twitter @metropolismagnj and like us on Facebook.

on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

“Hey I love the magazine! Seems like it’s really starting Hi Itolove thefor models get they takethe offmagazine! and make Ialove name itself. you I’d love to getare some of the most gorgeous girlsmodeling!” I’ve seen. I am trying to involved in some do some modeling of my own and I would love to get involved if it was Audrey, possible.Hoboken Keep up the great work! Dan Loopy, Ramsey, NJ

I love what this magazine has to in “I noticed some new local bars offer Jersey I’m nightlife, I think it’s theNew magazine. excited to see great local bars andtake yousupporting guys expand and really restaurants in the area and some of over as New Jersey’s number myone personal favorite. Not only nightlife magazine. Can’tdowait you bars you also put foradvertise the next the issue!” on a lot of small businesses in the Frank, Morristown area which is great for the community, keep up the good work. Samantha McMurphy, Mahwah, NJ

This“I magazine is so to just watched thegreat video read, every article is current up of Chaunce’s podcast to date interview, information anditevery haha was writer like has the theirdirectors own style cutand of edge tothe them love The cover oneI in theit.magazine, stories everyone are great should and of course watch the girls are amazing, can’t wait them...hilarious!” for next months! DougAngela, Sehorn,Springfield Nutley, NJ



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By Nicholas Dragona

3 THANKSGIVING MISTAKES: 1. Don’t be “creative with the menu” 2. 3.

Don’t even think of serving anything other than turkey. Don’t get a frozen turkey.

Most of us go to our local supermarket for our Thanksgiving turkeys but I know some of you like to do it the old-fashioned way, for the hunter in all of us here is the number one rifle picked at the SHOT show in Las Vegas.


Nosler m48 professional

For the Ducati Monster’s 20th anniversary, they have recreated their original model with all new technology that brings the best of the original and the best of the future together in this bike...


AMAZING HONEY BOO BOO FUN FACTS WE JUST LEARNED FROM HONEY BOO BOO HERSELF! From Uncle Poodle to iCarly to the presidential election, we’ve uncovered five brand-new secrets about Boo Boo and the bunch. Honey Boo Boo is a do-gooder 1. Paging Miranda Cosgrove: Honey Boo Boo, whose real name is Alana Thompson, said there are only two people she wants to meet in Hollywood. “I would love to meet iCarly and Sam Puckett,” she says, not quite clear on whether she meant the fictional Nickelodeon characters or their real-life alter egos, Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy. She may also have a crush on Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Kingston. Shown a photo of the little guy during an E! News interview, Boo Boo says, “I’m just staring at him.” Cute! 2. Job Search: There will be life after reality television. Boo Boo has a long list of things she wants to be when she grows up. “I wanted to be a nurse and a hairstylist and a mama,” she tells us. She also said she’d like to be a manicurist and would love to work at McDonalds “for the Chicken McNuggets.” Adds June: “Whatever Alana chooses to do I will support her. You have to support your kids no matter what.” Rosie O’Donnell is a fan of Honey Boo Boo, too! 3. Don’t Rock the Vote: June won’t be campaigning for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney for president. “I don’t support anybody,” she says. “I’ve never voted, never had an interest in voting.” 4. Gay Spinoff: Sugar Bear’s openly gay brother, Uncle Poodle, isn’t looking for his own series—at least that’s according to Boo Boo. “Lemme tell you something,” she says, “he’s not getting his own show. And just because he’s on our show doesn’t mean he’s famous.” However, June points out, “He’s been hit up a lot. If he was a single man he would totally be like the social networking person of the year.”

Wanna re-live your childhood dreams of being Spiderman climbing up walls? Enter the Treadwall. This innovative machine offers a 4 footwide climbing area and acts just like a treadmill, only for climbing instead of running.

5. Nothing Lasts Forever: The family doesn’t worry about when the show ends. “It’s over when it’s over,” June says. “We’ve had fun. We’ve made experiences that have lasted a lifetime.” Compiled from E! Network


November 2012 9


By Krys Longan Dmitry Sholokhov is a dreamy 33-year-old former ballroom dancer with charm to spare who lives in New York City. Sound too good to be true, girls? Oh yeah: On Thursday, October 18th, he was also named the winner of Project Runway’s 10th anniversary season competition. Supermodel/show host Heidi Klum, legendary American designer Michael Kors, Marie Claire editor Nina Garcia and guest judge Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winning actress and style icon), all unanimously agreed that Dmitry’s collection of tailored, elegant pieces stole the show, with Klum telling the neophyte designer that “So many of your looks were wearable and felt important.” I spoke to Dmitry the morning after his life-altering win, and while he seemed a little dazed by his sudden turn of fortune, he was also low-key, well-spoken, and down-to-earth. “This whole experience has been quite unique,” he said in his sexy Eastern European accent (he originally hails from Belarus, a small country bordering Russia). “It was very challenging physically, emotionally and creatively.” Not to mention the fact that contestants have to drop everything for months to join the show. “It took me a long time to get my life to the point where I wanted it to be in New York City, where I had everything together,” Dmitry said. “I had a good job, a nice apartment…I had to give all that up to pursue [this opportunity].” But Project Runway—one of the Lifetime network’s most enduring programs— is so much more than a reality show; not only does it present raw talent in a hardcore make-or-break scenario, but it also gives fashion designers a chance to gain attention in an industry not known for helping out newbies. “It offers an amazing opportunity for talented artists,” Dmitry agreed. “It absolutely gives exposure to people who otherwise would not get it. But of course…you still need talent.” Luckily, Dmitry had it. His design aesthetic—which he describes as “modern with a timeless feel”—captured the judges’ attention and respect. But while winning over Heidi et al is one thing, gaining the esteem of mentor Tim Gunn is an entirely different challenge. “He has a very specific way of working with designers,” explained Dmitry, who rose to the test of working with Gunn. “He’s always pushing us, making us work harder and move forward. He gives a lot of honest feedback. It depends on your upbringing, how you respond to his style. You need to have a lot of confidence, but I think I handle constructive criticism well.” Part of Dmitry’s creative certainty can be traced back to his childhood. “I come from a family of artists: My dad is an architect, and my grandfather is a sculptor. They helped shape my vision… but I always draw inspiration from the moment, from everything that is happening in the world around me.” Right now his vision is focused on creating his own line of clothing. He would like to debut a designer collection at Barneys and Bergdorf, but Dmitry is open to the idea of producing a bridge collection for price-conscious venues such as Target as well. Being named the winner of the Project Runway competition comes with a $100,000 nest egg from L’Oreal Paris to create his own line, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a 2013 Lexus GS 350, and $50,000 in technology product from HP and Intel. But creating an entire line is extremely costly, and Dmitry wants to do it right. Someday he would even like to show his work in Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. “Lincoln Center is the reward for every designer,” Dmitry mused. “It’s an opportunity to express yourself without worrying about what sells.” But for now, this emerging talent understands the constraints of business. And unlike many fashion followers, he doesn’t even begrudge untrained celebrities using their fame to cash in on the clothing scene. “’Fashion is art, and true designers will create works that are more out there,” he said. “But for celebrity designers, it’s all about business. If it sells, it’s a success.” Of course, even Dmitry has his sights on certain celebrities: “I would love to dress Angelina Jolie. Not just because she is so beautiful, but because she always looks so effortless and elegant. Also, Tilda Swinton, because her style is so out there!” It’s the idea of wearable style for everyone that really appeals to Dmitry, however. He wants to bring back modern glamour, and reacts strongly when asked how he feels about Americans wearing jeans or track suits to places like the theater. “Oh I hate that!” he said, “We have gotten so comfortable as a society—which is great—but it’s important to dress nicely and look our best. Looking stylish makes us feel better about ourselves.” And dressing up does not equal discomfort for this designer; His favorite fabrics to work with are wool, cashmere and jersey, “I like working with knits because they are so forgiving.” Dmitry’s style advice for women is simple: “Find your center, find out who you are. Feel confident in your skin, and don’t chase trends.” Words of wisdom for fashionistas everywhere!

10 November 2012

Send style questions to Follow Krystyna Longan on 23 Route 23 S, Pequannock, NJ (973) 686-6040

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NAKED By Chaunce Hayden


“When I despair, I remember that all throughout history, the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it. Always.” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Last month, a Vancouver teenager killed herself after being stalked online and beaten at school by her classmates. Her name was Amanda Todd. She was just sixteen years old and simply couldn’t take it anymore. Amanda shared her heart-wrenching story on YouTube where in a hauntingly silent video, held up dozens of cards that recap the living hell she had endured on Facebook and at school. In the video, Amanda reveals she started doing webcam chats with her friends to meet new people when she was in Grade 7. One day, she agreed to flash someone on a whim. A year later, a male contacted her on Facebook threatening to circulate an explicit photo if she didn’t “put on a show.” Amanda says the male knew her address, school and names of her family and friends. A few months later, police arrived to tell her that the explicit photo was sent to “everyone.” That sent Amanda into panic attacks, anxiety and depression. She changed schools and experimented with drugs and alcohol. One year later, she says the male created a Facebook page and featured the explicit photo of her. “Cried every night, lost all my friends and respect,” reads one index card Amanda holds in the video. She says she started cutting herself. Amanda moved schools again and things were improving – until she began texting with a former male friend. Their relationship culminates in a schoolyard fight where Amanda is punched several times by the boy’s girlfriend. Amanda reveals she tried to kill herself by drinking bleach and overdosing on anti-depressants after the torment continued on Facebook despite her changing schools. The description that Todd posted with her YouTube video is chilling: I’m struggling to stay in this world, because everything just touches me so deeply. I’m not doing this for attention. I’m doing this to be an inspiration

and to show that I can be strong. I did things to myself to make pain go away, because I’d rather hurt myself then someone else. Haters are haters but please don’t hate, although im sure I’ll get them. I hope I can show you guys that everyone has a story, and everyone’s future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through. I’m still here aren’t I? Sadly, the only way Amanda could find peace was by ending her life. She had been emotionally torn to shreds at the hands of cowards who used the Internet to try and destroy her simply for the entertainment value of tearing another human being apart until they reach their breaking point. It’s become a sick sport for faceless bullies who linger in the shadows without fear of being caught or prosecuted for their relentless and destructive hate. I think about Amanda a lot. Like many of you reading this, I have experienced similar attacks. My own living hell of this form of hate and bullying is happening even as I write this story. Email and Facebook blasts accusing me of grotesque lies have become a part of my daily existence. I understand what it’s like to be bullied and what damage these sick predators can cause as their obsession grows and grows. I also know that it’s happening to thousands of innocent people caught in this web of terror. But now when I see these awful emails and people call to tell me I have enemies trying to destroy me, I think of Amanda and I’m inspired by her. Unfortunately, Amanda’s tormentors pushed her to end her life. But in death, Amanda speaks loud and clear. This tortured teenager did not die in vain. Her story will live on to inspire millions to fight back. I’m about to begin what will be a long and hard fight against those who have tried to destroy me to satisfy their twisted motives and inner self loathing. I won’t lose and I won’t back down...Ever. This is for you Amanda.

Text comments to: 201.873.3874

November 2012 13

THE CUTEST CAR EVER Kate Spade is the undeniable Queen of Fashion Whimsy, but she has outdone herself with her latest handbag. Cleverly named the “Knock On Wood Car Clutch”, this adorable carry-all is made of patent leather with a gold zipper, and sells for $358.I love how the brown accents recreate the look of an old-fashioned wood-paneled sedan! But as silly as this style is, it is generously sized at 13” x 6” x 3”, large enough to carry a day’s worth of necessities. You can view this clutch and her other wood-inspired handbag styles for Fall 2012 at

THE MOTH HAS SOMETHING TO SAY Looking for a little intellectual inspiration? How about some real life drama? You say you want both? Then you need to check out, a website that directs you to venues where you can hear “True Stories Told Live”. Featuring both veteran performers and writers and newcomers to the spoken word scene, the simplicity of The Moth experience is that these genuine stories draw in listeners in an honest way that fiction never could. Performances are held in venues in many major cities including New York (check out their website for ticket availability), and you can also tune into The Moth Radio Hour on public radio. Plus, you can download podcasts from The Moth. Be warned: One listen might just get you hooked!

SHOES FOR YOU & A KID IN NEED Toms shoes are famous for their charitable platform: Every time you purchase a pair of shoes from this company, they provide a free pair for a child in need. It’s a direct one-to-one ratio that sets the example for worldwide generosity that all major companies should use as a template, in my opinion. However, I have one issue with Toms shoes: I think they are ugly. I would never actually wear them in public. I know, I know, I’m a horrible, selfish human being, overly concerned with personal aesthetics! Luckily, Toms has added slippers to their line, and these are something I would actually wear. As in-house wear, Toms shoes go from fugly to funky. The wool pair pictured has cozy fleece lining, and sells for $54. You can buy them at, and keep your toes warm this winter and get a needy child a free pair of shoes with one click of your mouse. Brilliant!

By Krys Longan

YOUR DAILY DOSE OF OATMEAL Need a good laugh between dealing with stressful work e-mails? Studies have shown that de-stressing with an on-line break can actually improve employee performance. That’s why I like to take a mid-morning time-out to surf to This funny site is the brainchild of Matthew Inman, a Seattle based cartoonist who creates absurdist drawings based on real life frustrations. His child-like but charming drawings always make me chuckle and often even laugh out loud. And even though his subjects are generally quite benign, it’s amazing how much feisty feedback he receives from his readership for many of his opinionated segments. Check out the first panel of “How to Take Incredible Photos of Your Friends”, pictured. Surf to the oatmeal for your daily dose of wacky next time you need a pick-me-up.

TEA TIME This Piña Colada Beauty Blend combines creamy coconut with sweet Hawaiian pineapple and young white tea leaves. This one-of-a-kind signature cocktail is paired with a slice of organic pineapple, releasing its age-defying enzyme, bromelain, in your tea cup, promoting healthy and youthful skin in every sip. A pure gem for pina colada and pineapple lovers! (www.risasnaturals. com)

A VALUABLE OPAL By now, everyone is familiar with the Clarisonic skin cleansing system, which uses ultrasonic technology to cleanse your face so thoroughly that breakouts are dramatically diminished are pores actually look smaller. But Clarisonic has another miracle worker in their stable of products, and this one is called Opal. It’s a flat, palm-sized device that has a small indented head to hold moisturizing cream. And when you fill the tip with skin cream (you can use your own favorite product or the anti-aging sea serum that comes with it) and turn it on, the applicator vibrates 7,500 times per minute so that the moisturizer really penetrates your skin. Created to help reduce the fine lines and bags around the eye area, the Opal can also be used around your mouth. I realize it sounds silly; I put off buying one because it seemed gimmicky. But a friend of mine with gorgeous skin swears by her Opal, so I tested it out. And lo and behold, my eyes looked more alert immediately. The micro-massage felt amazing, and ever since I started using it, several people have asked me what I have been doing to look younger. In my mind, that makes the Clarisonic Opal well worth the $185 price tag. You can purchase it at www.

November 2012 15


By Chantal Gabel

Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant Steakhouse and Bar in Secaucus offers a warm, inviting atmosphere and an expansive menu with quality dishes that could please even the pickiest of Italian mamas. Located on Secaucus’s bustling County Avenue, the restaurant exudes Italian charm, a refined home-away-from home for anyone from corporate types looking to let loose after a long day, to locals and passersby seeking an affordable place to indulge in a hearty meal. The dim-lit, intimate dining area lends a romantic feel to the comfy ambiance, making it the perfect setting for date night or a special occasion. Open seven days a week, their dinner menu is comprised of fresh, flavorful dishes. Try the stuffed mushrooms or zuppa di mussels to start, and for your entrée, consider ordering their rigatoni with homemade vodka sauce (simply to die for), the eggplant rollatini, the angus filet mignon with fresh mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes, or the veal saltimbocca. The dishes all aim to please, with generous portions and a delectable dessert menu boasting of cheesecake, chocolate layer cake, and cannoli. Complete with 7 large flat screen televisions that can be seen from every angle of the room, the tap room and lounge is a classy full-bar, alive with customers regaling in anything from a

16 October 2012

glass of wine, to a colorful martini or a cold brew. Their signature drinks include anything from their fresh watermelon martinis, to their delicious sangria and an array of 45 different beers, along with 40 flavored vodkas and a vast selection of Scotch. Happy hour is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, with halfpriced appetizers, $3 domestic draft pints, and $3 shot specials. Just moments from MetLife stadium, their Giants and Jets pride is graciously displayed around the room, making it a nice, lowkey place to watch the game on Sundays with an order of wings. The staff is friendly and on-point, hustling to ensure all patrons are tended to. With a private room seating up to 80 people, Lorenzo’s is the perfect place to host a private event, with a selection of party packages to choose from and a menu of choices to please all of your guests. Since opening under new ownership just four years ago, they’ve hosted a multitude of parties for any occasion, from baby and bridal showers, to engagement parties, retirement parties, Christenings and corporate dinners. You can also check out their take-out menu or catering options for your convenience. For more information, including their full lunch and dinner menus, visit them at, or call them at 201-8636634.

November 2012 17







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By Lou Soto


efore I got into the nightlife business, I had an intense few years in the retail business. In my early years, working retail was all I wanted to do. I enjoyed the hours, atmosphere, and the craziness during the holidays. Working retail taught me a lot of things when it comes to customer service. The phrase “the customer is always right” and “we take back anything “ was pretty much tattooed on my brain. I made sure the customer was always happy. I have brought over some of those policies to the nightlife business that I’m in, and again I try to make the customer happy but some of these customers are too much.

I’ve seen so many situations that have tested my view of customer service. I was once going into a venue and walked into a situation between a customer and the manager, who was a friend of mine. As I’m there waiting to pay, I hear the customer complaining about the entrance and wanted his money back. When it was over, I saw my friend and I asked him what the deal was. He said the customer paid the entrance fee which was five dollars. He also had a drink and stayed in the venue for 20 minutes. However, he wasn’t happy that it wasn’t busy enough for him, so he wanted a refund on his drink and his entrance fee...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Of course my friend didn’t give it to him but that was crazy. Another time, a group of females came into my place during happy hour and they were on some kind of mission to get wasted. After an hour, the place was looking great and I was having a good day until my bartender came up to me and said I should go to her bar because she had something to show me. It was at least 10 full drinks at her back bar. I asked what was going on and she stated that the

22 November 2012

group of females that came in an hour ago kept on ordering drinks and returning them because they didn’t like them. Now, in my past experience that happened maybe once or twice. Different bartenders make drinks differently, but ten? That’s insane. I needed to know what the ladies were up to so I went up to the group to see if everything was okay. What the ladies were doing made me cry. They were going down our menu telling my bartender to make the drinks until they found one they liked. I said to my bartender to cut them off. They looked like they had enough. Who the hell returns 10 drinks? Be on the lookout for this group! I warn you. The nightlife business is a funny business and it gets funnier when the alcohol kicks in. People think it says Macy’s or Foot Locker in front of the buildings. So when they walk in, they think that a lounge or pub has the same return policies. Let me tell you people something, WE DON’T. If you’re going to a lounge or pub, be prepared to pay an entrance fee. If the place charges and it’s dead inside, leave right away. Checking out how many empty parking spaces there are should already tell you how the inside should appear. Also, order a drink that you know you’re going to drink. If you want to be adventurous, ask the bartender what would he or she recommends; if it’s not to your liking, either deal with it or tell them you don’t like it and order your regular drink. Don’t order ten drinks until you get one you like.

106 First Street, Hoboken, NJ • 201.656.9820 •

HAPPY HOUR Monday thru Friday 4 - 8pm

$1 Domestic Mugs $2 Domestic Pints $3 U CALL - IT

(U call it, we pour it!) Premium top shelf excluded


Pool, darts, foosball & trivia available daily! DJ every Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat


By Steven P. Schwartz and Glen Adams For more information visit:



e owe it our children and country to leave things better. On the eve of electing a new President that message is loud and clear. So what the hell happened to the sport of Boxing? Boxing was woven into the mainstream sports fabric of the world. In the radio days and the early days of television, family and friends would gather for the epic blow-by-blow battles of the modern day gladiators hinged on the word picture painted by Don Dunphy. Dunphy’s words were forever etched in boxing history in June of 1941 during the infamous Joe Louis/Billy Conn fight when he cried out; “He is badly hurt, but he won’t go down!” We learned about the heart, strength and tenacity of legends such as Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Jake Lamotta. These were the forefathers who left boxing in a better place. The turbulent 60’s was a historically challenging period and boxing rode in stride. Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali. His epic battles with Joe Frazier galvanized the world. Were you for Ali or for Frazier? Pick your champion and be ready to defend his honor. Frazier was a classic boxer from a bygone era who featured a jaw-crunching left hook and Ali “floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee”. The Ali/Frazier wars were historically memorable as upwards of 300 million people around the world flocked to the local movie theaters to view the closed-circuit feed and pay upwards of 25 bucks to be there. Ali/Frazier was a battle, a ballet, an opera; it was a tale that brought boxing to the top of the sports world and the world as we knew it. The supporting cast only added to the greatness of the era. There was Sonny Liston, Ken Norton, Jerry Quarry, Jimmy Ellis, Chuck Wepner and later on George Forman and Larry Holmes who proudly left their mark as well. And Howard Cosell’s signature line left an indelible mark as he cried out: “Down goes Frazier, Down goes Frazier” in January of 1973 in Jamaica when Forman shocked the world and knocked down Frazier five

times before the fight was stopped in the second round. The stench of boxing by unscrupulous managers and promoters always existed, but that stench became even more of a stranglehold when the money became obscene. From closed-circuit, the fights went to Las Vegas and Atlantic City and pay-per-view came on the scene. Don King and Bob Arum ruled the roost and their enslavement of the top boxers allowed them to extort the casino hotels. The Hilton, Steve Wynn and the Mirage, the MGM Grand, Donald Trump and the Taj Mahal were all tripping over themselves happy to put up multimillion dollar purses as the crowds would flock to see Mike Tyson pummel his opponents. We were brought to the edge of our seats when ring announcer Michael Buffer would scream out: “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!” And then it all came crashing down….Mike Tyson turned the sport on its ear by biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in June of 1997 and turned boxing into a sick and sorry story that wasn’t worth the time or attention of a disgusted public. While the purses have disappeared and the man on the street may see boxing as a corrupt joke between MMA fighting and the WWE, what are we to do to restore boxing to its roots and humble beginnings? It’s not the casinos and it’s not the glitz. It’s what made boxing great. It’s the local gym in Flushing or Bed-Stuy who are taking troubled kids off the streets and giving them a chance and a purpose to make something of themselves. Visit the Academy of Boxing in Huntington, New York. Learn the story of Frankie G and his wife, former women’s boxing champion Kathy “Wildcat” Collins who are one of many slowly laying the bricks of boxing’s new foundation. These are the new godfathers of the sport cast in the likes of the guiding hands of Angelo Dundee, Cus D’Amato and Eddie Futch. Go to school, train and work for a chance. It’s an opportunity to make something of their life. It’s a chance to be a contenda. It’s a chance to live the real life story of Rocky Balboa!

November 2012 25

Melissa Rauche

jersey girl

makes a bang on

Interview by Chaunce Hayden


here’s seemingly a million television channels each with their own successful series. But they say the crème always rises to the top and so it’s no surprise that The Big Bang Theory on CBS continues to rule the ratings. Recently, the popular series recruited Marlboro, New Jersey native Melissa Rauch and it’s fair to say another star is born...this one can actually act for a change! Rauch is a critically acclaimed actress, writer, and stand-up comic. Her television work includes appearances on True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Kath & Kim, 12 Miles of Bad Road, Dirty Sexy Money and Best Week Ever. Some of her film appearances include I Love You, Man, Delirious, and the upcoming comedy Thunder Geniuses. Melissa garnered rave reviews for her award winning portrayal of the President’s Daughter in her one-woman show, The Miss Education of Jenna Bush. These days, Rauch can be seen on The Big Bang Theory as the wife of super geek Howard Wolowitz played by Simon Helberg. The following is a one-on-one with Hollywood’s newest “It” girl.

Photography by Noah Shultz Wardrobe Stylist: Thuy Nguyen

Chaunce Hayden: Congratulations on getting a gig on one of the most watched sitcoms on television. Melissa Rauch: Thank you! I keep pinching myself. I’m just so grateful. It wasn’t long ago I was waiting on tables and handing out flyers on the street. “The Big Bang Theory” is such a tremendously popular show. Were you a fan of the show before landing a role as a regular cast member? I was a huge fan before joining the cast. I was just excited to get an audition for it. So to be on the show now is a dream come true. It must be surreal to be on a show that you watched and enjoyed.

“I just find them all the most interesting characters. I think Bravo just struck gold with the Real Housewives. It’s a real life soap opera and I can’t get enough of it.”

Yeah! For sure. The first day on the set I couldn’t stop looking around. It was like being a fan and taking a trip to the set. Everyone on the show is just so amazing. Not only are they all incredibly talented, they are also a really, really nice group of people. I’m honored to call them my friends. Is it difficult getting inside that inner circle of the cast? They were together for several seasons without any new additions. How hard is it to feel like one of the gang? Luckily I didn’t have that experience. They were just super welcoming from day one. They embarrassed me with welcome arms and into the fold of the group. They are all such professionals and such warm and hard working people. It was never an issue. Why does “The Big Bang Theory” stay on top year after year? It’s just such a relatable show. Even though we might not all be geniuses or biologist, I think we can all relate to being the underdog at some times in our lives. I think the show does such a good job of showing a side of people we don’t necessarily see on TV every day. Of course the writing is so hilarious and the characters genuinely love each other. I think that’s what keeps the audience watching. You started as just a guest star. Now here you are the television wife of Howard Wolowitz. What do you think they kept bringing you back?

“I really don’t know if Sheldon suffers from Autism. I think Sheldon is Sheldon. I think that’s more a question for the writers on the show. They know much better than I the inner workings of Sheldon’s mind.”

Oh man. That’s a good question. I gave them large sums of money. I think that helped (laughs). It’s definitely an actors dream come true when this happens. Just to get called back to be on a second episode was such a big deal. I was so over the moon. Now to have a job to go to week-to-week is beyond words. I just keep pinching myself. I can’t believe it turned into this. So what are you doing with all the money? I’m using it to pay the writers so they keep letting me come back every week. Making sure the writers don’t kill you off. Exactly! So here’s the million-dollar question. Does Sheldon suffer from Autism? I really don’t know if Sheldon suffers from Autism. I think Sheldon is Sheldon. I think that’s more a question for the writers on the show. They know much better than I the inner workings of Sheldon’s mind. He’s definitely an individual that we’ve never seen on TV before. Jim Parson’s just such an incredible actor. He makes this person so loveable. Even though he has so many idiosequences. Normally it would piss people off, but he’s just so loveable! I think America has just fallen in love with him. What is Parsons like off-camera? Is he anything like Sheldon? He’s totally different. He’s one of the most wonderful people. There’s actually not a bad seen amongst them. The whole cast are just so loving and they’re so funny and smart. Although we’re not all walking around talking about physics. Tell me about you and you’re on-camera husband Howard Wolowitz. Well we’re both married in our personal lives so let’s just be clear

28 November 2012

there’s no off camera romance. But on camera we’re very much in love. But off camera we’re very good friends. Although we do double date with our spouses. Besides “The Big Bang Theory” you also have accomplished some pretty remarkable things. One in particular is your critically acclaimed one-woman show called, “The Miss Education of Jenna Bush.” Yeah. I definitely owe my career to the Bush administration. My then boyfriend and now husband wrote this one-woman show for me based on the First Daughter. It was a coming of age story and we used Jenna as the foil for that. It started as that time when you graduate college and are looking for your place in the world. But than we saw Jenna speaking about her own career search and we’re about the same age. So we thought it would be interesting to use her voice to tell that story. We decided to eventually talk about the presidency through her eyes. I was waiting tables when we put that show together and I owe everything to it. It’s what brought me out to LA. Has Jenna Bush ever seen your performance? We had an open invite to her, but she never came to a show. I saw her sister Barbara at an event and I gave her a tape of the show for her to watch, but I never heard anything. I actually think she would like it. I hear she has a really good sense of humor, so I hope she would get a kick out of it. You also did a performance where you would read the actually script of the Real Housewives of New Jersey”. I can only imagine how that might sound. Yes, I did it with a bunch of great actresses in LA. We are all really obsessed with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. So we did basically a stage reading of Housewives episodes. It’s so much fun to do! I love all the Real Housewives’ shows, but the New Jersey franchise is by far my favorite. That’s where it’s at for me.

Yet they have no drama training. What does that say about acting? This is very true. Maybe Teresa should just go teach at Julliard or open the Teresa Guidice school of acting. Year one would just be table flips. You’ve also appeared on “The Office” and “True Blood”. It’s like everything you do is crucially acclaimed. Oh man. I guess I just have been fortunate. So it’s all luck? I think a lot of it has to do with luck. Yes. Trust me, I’ve done some things that haven’t done so well. But I definitely did my share of bad theatre in the back of laundry mats that didn’t go a nywhere. But recently I’ve been really fortunate. Well New Jersey is grateful to finally have one of it’s own get some attention other than Snooki….who isn’t even one of our own.

I just find them all the most interesting characters. I think Bravo just struck gold with the Real Housewives. It’s a real life soap opera and I can’t get enough of it. I have to say that during the New Jersey Reunion show I shouted out at least three times, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening!” Even my husband is hooked now.

(Laughs) Yeah, I got to represent Jersey as much as possible. In recent years has really been put on the map. But remember, we’re so much more than Snooki. We also have Queen Latifah and Danny Devito. Although I lost my Jersey accent in recent years thanks to some theatre teachers who didn’t want me doing Shakespeare with a bad accent, I’m still very loyal to my Jersey roots.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that Rosie Pierri is also in the November issue.

Which Jersey reality star do you most identify with?

(Yells) No way! What? That’s so amazing! That just made my day! I’m such a huge fan.

I’ll just say this; I’m one can of hair spray away from being all of the Jersey reality stars combined.

So I’m assuming you saw all the recent Jersey reunion shows. I have! It’s by far the best television. But doesn’t all the rage and fighting get to you?

Rosie is actually pissed off that you got the cover over her Did she really say that? Just kidding Oh man. Just to be on her man would be exciting for me. Of all the Jersey Housewives which one are you most obsessed with? That’s a hard question. I think they all fascinate me for different reasons. I want to have a family dinner at the Manzo’s house. And yet I so badly want to be at Gia’s dance recital. I also want Kathy Wakile to make me a full dessert feast. That’s why I can’t chose! I really am obsessed. But aren’t “real” actors supposed to be against reality television? I don’t know. I think the majority of Hollywood is obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise. It’s the most intense character study you could ever imagine. If you saw them in a script you wouldn’t believe that could actually resist. Yet they do! You want to study every bit of them. Those awkward pauses that they have is Chekhov.

November 2012 29

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‘Cloud Atlas’: Here, There, Everywhere



or a movie so jammed full of stuff -- nearly three hours’ worth of it -- “Cloud Atlas” feels oddly empty. Written and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski and German filmmaker Tom Tykwer (“Run Lola Run,” “The International”), the picture is both madly ambitious and ultimately banal. Viewers unfamiliar with the 2004 David Mitchell novel, on which it’s based, may also find it baffling. The movie interweaves six stories spread across 500 years -- tales that intend to demonstrate for us the reincarnation of spirits, the persistence of love and the timeless yearning for freedom. In his book, Mitchell firmly establishes each of these stories before moving on to the next and then circling back. Here, the narrative elements have been finely diced into what I suppose would have to be called a mosaic. And so we begin with Tom Hanks muttering by a post-apocalyptic campfire far in the future and then abruptly jump to 1849, where a young attorney (Jim Sturgess), making his way among the Pacific islands, discovers the ugly realities of the world slave trade while being slowly poisoned by a skeezy doctor (Hanks again) aboard the ship on which he’s traveling. Before we can quite process this, we find ourselves in England in 1936, where a young composer named Frobisher (Ben Whishaw) is taking leave of his boyfriend, Rufus Sixsmith (James D’Arcy), before departing for Scotland, where he’s to become an amanuensis to a crabby older composer, named Ayrs (Jim Broadbent). Frobisher is working on a beautiful piece of music, called the “Cloud Atlas Sextet,” and as we eventually see, Ayrs wants to claim it as his own. Before we can get too caught up in the Frobisher story, we’re whisked off to 1973 San Francisco, where an investigative reporter (Halle Berry) is looking into the sinister machinations of a nuclear plant executive (Hugh Grant) with the help of a whistleblower -- who turns out to be the older Rufus Sixsmith -- and a plant employee (Hanks yet again) to whom Berry’s character seems strangely familiar. This element of the movie, with its gritty tone of ‘70s-style high-level intrigue, is just taking hold when we suddenly are transported to present-day London, where a tweedy publisher (Broadbent again) is appalled at a party when his best-

By Kurt Loder

‘Cloud Atlas’: Here, There, Everywhere

selling author Dermot Hoggins (Hanks, with complicated chin hair and a honking Scottish accent) deals with a snotty critic by tossing him off a high balcony. (We don’t actually hear the Wachowskis chuckling here but perhaps can be forgiven for sensing their approval.) Before long, we find ourselves in the year 2144, in the blazing Korean metropolis of Neo Seoul, where a genetically manufactured waitress called Sonmi-451 (Doona Bae) is feeling the first, forbidden stirrings of human consciousness. Soon she initiates a struggle for clone liberation, aided by a freedom fighter named Hae-Joo Chang (Sturgess again, disconcertingly accessorized with epicanthic folds). Meanwhile, back at the beginning, in the post-apocalyptic year of 2321, we find Hanks -who turns out to be a retro-primitive goat-herder -- consulting with a village priestess (Susan Sarandon!) about the sayings of Sonmi -- now revered as a goddess -- and being drawn into the high-tech exploits of another freedom fighter, named Meronym (Berry again). It should be said that Halle Berry never has looked lovelier than she does in this section of the film. Also that Ben Whishaw and Jim Sturgess are full-fledged stars, that Hanks proves himself game for anything (even the preposterous yob comedy of the London party scene) and that much of the movie is beautifully designed and shot. But its attempted epic sweep collapses into jarring narrative shards and is further undone by its wildly clashing tones (sci-fi versus period adventure versus whatever) and by the distracting use of well-known actors in multiple roles. (Is that Hugo Weaving in drag? Look! There he is again! And again!) The proposition that we are all connected beyond the borders of time -- and may dimly recognize earlier others as our soul-travels proceed -- is hardly new. And any romantic charge that might have lent the film a unifying emotional lift is smothered by its disjointed structure. The movie’s clamoring complexity may justify its length. But by the time the ultra-silly conclusion heaves into view, some viewers may decide they’ve taken a very long trip to nowhere.

November 2012 31

Welcome to the debut column of SnoRules; A monthly commentary on all things snow sports. Though you won’t get upto-the-second coverage like you’ll find with today’s new media, I hope this column can serve as a quick, relevant and somewhat interesting peek into the world of winter sport activities. As we enter the season, I have to give mad props to my column sponsor-our local resort of record–Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. While there may be other local hills you can frequent, The Creek is by far the biggest and best that you can travel to in under an hour from pretty much everywhere in the NYC area. There are many ways to spend a winter day while visiting Mountain Creek, from skiing and snowboarding to snow tubing, zip-lining, and more! If you choose to stay at the resort though, they have you covered with slope-side accommodations at the Appalachian Hotel or cozy town homes at Black Creek Sanctuary. Once you get out to cut some turns, you’ll find that Mountain Creek offers a world-class snow sport experience with 167 acres of terrain across four mountain peaks, 100 percent night skiing, (LOVE IT!!!) the region’s highest vertical at 1,040 feet and guaranteed snow coverage thanks to the most powerful snowmaking system in the universe boasting over 1,000 snow guns resort-wide. Plus, Mountain Creek’s terrain park is rated #1 by Snow East Magazine with 18 dedicated freestyle trails and more than 80 features in-season. But the Mountain Creek peeps never rest on their laurels… This past year alone, Mountain Creek has invested an unprecedented

32 November 2012

$20+ million in upgrades, including the brand new 50,000 square foot Red Tail Lodge, a revolutionary rental center and learn-to area, and the country’s largest snow tubing park with 30 lanes. What’s more, the new Sojourn Chairlift opening this season makes possible the peak-to-peak-to-peak connection following the famous Southern Sojourn Trail – part of the nearly5-mile round trip family-friendly Sojourn Passage Experience starting at Vernon Base and traveling along scenic beginner and intermediate trails to South Lodge where guests will enjoy lunch at the brand new Action Lift Co. restaurant. Top off your day with mountainside dining in the Red Tail Lodge, featuring après ski entertainment on the weekends. Discover the outdoor patio at the Biergarten, complete with fire pits, German Brews and fare. Chill-out at Schuss, the hip mezzanine-level bar known for its variety of draft beers and brick oven style pizzas. Enjoy fireside dining, gourmet cuisine and excellent slope-side views at the Hawks Nest restaurant. This last bit of info you’ll have to act on fast since this magazine comes out on November 1st and election day is almost upon us. The Creek has its own campaign promise that season passholders can count on for the next four years – purchase a Mountain Creek Season Pass by Election Day and not only will skiers and snowboarders pay last year’s low prices, but they will lock in the same great rate as a renewal price until 2016. Nice! For more information or to purchase your Season Pass, visit or call 973-827-2000. Ski Ya next month!

NOVEMBER HOROSCOPE ARIES (March 21-April 19). You prefer not to deal with pushy people, but you must admit: As irritating as they may be, they make things happen. You could stand to be a little more assertive in your own life this week. Observe a persistent person to pick up tips about how to push past this week’s obstacles. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You may find that those who depend on you have grown too relaxed, leaving you to perform even the simplest of tasks for them, tasks they easily could perform themselves. You are not doing anyone any favors by fostering the dependency. Walk away and let others stand as tall as they can on their own. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You may be advised to “just be yourself” or “stay true to yourself” or similar unhelpful recommendations that should go without saying. Who else would you be? You need more concrete steps to follow and a leader who really knows the way. Seek specific instruction from truly worthy, learned individuals. CANCER (June 22-July 22). We are all wrong every now and again. The better angels of your nature -- your capacity for love and compassion -- far outshine whatever mistakes you make along the way. Keep in mind that people who know they are flawed are actually less flawed than they think they are. It’s the others you have to watch out for. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You’ll feel like a character playing out a scene in a familiar and yet somehow unreal setting. That’s because a part of you is watching and seeing how easily the dynamic could be changed. You’re also the director and at any time can strike this set and change the scenery. Wednesday brings a prime opportunity to do so. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You like being a part of a team, because even when it doesn’t go the way you want -- or especially when it doesn’t go the way you want -- you learn something. You are committed to the work, not just to the fruits of the work. You derive deep satisfaction from knowing you’re getting better and better at what you do. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). In the process of reaching a goal, you’ll feel yourself changing once again, morphing into the person you’re going to be in the next cycle. In this transitional phase, you may latch on to a stereotyped role. It’s not who you are, but it’s something to try on while you figure out your true identity. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You’ve been known to work very hard for something and then, once you get it, decide you want something else. You’re not fickle; you just enjoy a challenge more than you do possession. Try to enjoy what comes easily to you these days. Your biggest challenge may be in accepting your winnings gracefully. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You still cringe to think of a certain past incident. In order to make room for the good fortune coming your way, you’ll have to let go of this history. Sometimes it seems that self-love requires constant forgiveness. The very act of acknowledgment says there’s more goodness in you than you comprehend. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). What once caused inner turmoil is now second nature to you -- a habit that takes almost no effort at all. With your attention freed up, you can now handle the practical and external details of realizing one of your long-held aspirations. Act swiftly, as the early week offers the least resistance to your wishes. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Play things through in your head before you attempt them in real time. Give thought to what you’re going to say before you say it. It may be slightly more challenging to get your message across this week, but don’t let the Mercury retrograde stop you from reaching out to potential employers, friends or dates. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). If celebrating is an art form, you’ll be an exuberant artist this week. You need little provocation; you find or invent reasons to pause for fun. And the best part about your revelry mission is that you’ll inspire others along the way. Your joy will bubble up and set a tone for everyone around you.


How did Pinocchio discover that he was made of wood? His right hand caught fire.


#justsayin “Nothing can come of nothing.” -William Shakespeare “Everyone has limits. You just have to learn what your own limits are and deal with them accordingly.” -Nolan Ryan

GENIUS LEVEL “This should keep you busy for a while”

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.” -Madonna

November 2012 35



here was a debate on which night is the most alcohol-consuming, black-out event of the year: New Year’s Eve, Saint Patrick’s Day or Thanksgiving Eve? Well, if you asked me, as someone who has been on both sides as a Thanksgiving Eve go-er, and as a bartender who has worked it, I can say that Thanksgiving Eve is in the middle. New Year’s Eve involves drunk people who ‘want to start the new year off right and St. Patty’s Day involves people who normally don’t drink whiskey and beer, drinking whiskey and beer. Madness ensues. Thanksgiving Eve is right in the middle, but this night is different from the others: it pulls at the heartstrings. Everybody associates Thanksgiving Eve with drinking, but I associate it to home. As a person who enjoyed my first couple of Thanksgiving Eves in college by going out with friends and hitting up the local bars, I must say there is something nostalgic and comforting about the night. Once I graduated from high school, plenty of friends went away to college, joined the military, or just simply moved away. Summer came, and we partied like it was the last time we would all be together, and for most of us, it was. Thanksgiving Eve became something to look forward to, when you knew you would reunite with the people you grew up with, the ones who unknowingly had a role in the shaping of the person you were before you entered ‘the real world’. Maybe it’s the idea of seeing faces that you don’t have the privilege of seeing anymore. Maybe it’s the fact that you realized those faces and those memories, you took for granted. There is something to be said about small towns where, even if everybody aren’t exactly still friends, there is an unspoken bond between them. As if what they shared with those people are unique and different from any of the experiences of

people their age in other towns. They’re right. There is not one person in high school who had the same experience as anyone else. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Eve isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, I see more and more people skipping the bar-hopping in their town to go to Hoboken or Manhattan on this particular night. I’ve been guilty of doing this myself but sitting at a club where the music is so loud that you can’t talk to each other doesn’t do justice to the people you grew up with. This is the one night where it’s proper to ‘stick to your roots’… as you very well should. You SHOULD BE at a local pub, not at a club where the main focus is dancing instead of talking and catching up. That’s what this whole night is about, after all. What if you have purposely lost touch with most of the people you went to school with? What if you grew apart, to bigger, better, and different things, and very simply just don’t want to see these people? Let’s face it, you don’t have much of an excuse. If it’s known that you are home for Thanksgiving, what else are you going to be doing the night before it? Sit at home and watch TV? No, you’re going to go grab a drink with your brother, or your cousin, or some friends you want to catch up with. You also must know you can get as drunk as you want and the next day you will have tons of food to chase the hangover away. So even if you’re antisocial, you better put your big-kid pants on and suck it up. Maybe this night will bring up some ancient conflicts that can finally be resolved, like your high school exboyfriend apologizing for hooking up with that girl back in junior year, or a resolution to some drama-fest you were involved in with your ex-best friends. The point is, the possibilities are endless. Maybe all those guys that used to tease you in high school will finally be eating their

words, as you’ve lost a lot of weight and ‘life has done some good’ for you since you saw them last. Perhaps you work on Wall Street and are looking forward to answering the inevitable question, “So, where do you work now?” and laughing as your sworn enemy cringes and answers, “I’m unemployed.” Who cares what the reason is? The simple truth is that going out for Thanksgiving Eve makes you evaluate how far you have come in the past couple of years, alone in this big, bad world. It’s healthy, necessary and a cheap ego boost. To a bartender, Thanksgiving Eve doesn’t require the hidden emotional subtext as it does for customers who actually get to enjoy their night. It means that chaos is underway and it’s best to be prepared. In the years I have bartended this night, I have witnessed full-out brawls. From girls who never had the balls to fight in high school (until they have a crowd around them and a couple of shots ingested) to local older guys fighting over the young girl who just graduated that year. There is no shortage of unresolved issues magically coming unraveled on this usually entertaining night. This Thanksiving Eve, show your upbringing some respect and drink at your hometown bars. Hold off on going to Hoboken or the city until Thanksgiving Weekend (Come on, ALL of the people that came home for the holiday are going to leave that Friday? Not likely!) and stay local. The streets of Hoboken didn’t raise you – your hometown did! I look forward to seeing people I don’t normally get to see anymore, even the ones I try to avoid on a daily basis, because I recognize the role they have played in my life and I truly hope each of them are doing better than could be imagined. To them, I say, THANK YOU.. and it’s time to drink up! “Reunited, and it feels so good..”

By Leanne Aciz


November 2012 37

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At what point did you realize you’re stunning? I was always the awkward gangly girl growing up so I never had a real high opinion of myself being pretty up until one day I was at the gas station a few years back and some guy I didn’t know paid for me to fill up my tank of gas at the bumps.


Can a beautiful women get anything she wants in life? I think being beautiful definitely gets your foot in the door with alot of stuff, but at the end of the day if you are annoying and bitchy along with pretty, that perk wears off real quick.


What was the last thing you were denied? I wanted to get back stage at some crappy local concert to meet up with some friends of mine and the security guard wouldn’t let me back without being on the band’s list. I think I got a little indignant too because I really did look good that night.

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What is the sexiest thing about you? I never really view myself as sexy, but I guess I have always been told my eyes and smile are sexy.

Ever use your looks to get out of a speeding ticket? I am too scared to try and do that. Plus if it goes wrong you feel like an ass and you have a big fat ticket to boot... Do you go for brains or beauty when it comes to dating? WOW that’s actually tougher to answer than you would think. I definitely want a guy that is hot and I am attracted to, but he can’t be a blithering idiot either. Give me a sophisticated, in shape Clark Kent type and I am probably most happy. What’s the most important feature on a man? Can I pick two? It would have to be chest and eyes for me. A great set of eyes on a guy can tell you everything about him and make everything he says 10 times sweeter and hotter and a great chest is a nice place to fall asleep!! Worst and best part about being female. Worst part of a female is definitely all the maintenance we have to do to get ready to go somewhere. Between hair, makeup, moisturizing, tanning and clothes it takes me 2 hours to go anywhere it seems. However, the best part of being a woman is the rock star attention you get when you do all those crappy things to get ready the right way. Ever wonder what it would be like to be a man? Every once in a while I wonder what its like to be able to throw on jeans and a dirty t-shirt and watch sports all day on Sunday and think that you accomplished alot We all have vices. What’s yours? SHOPPING! I can shop 7 days a week 24 hours a day! Shoes, dresses, makeup, jewelry you name it. There are some stores that I swear they know me by name!

Ever make a guy cry? At a bar a couple months ago a guy got a little too comfortable with me and I made his eyes water with a knee to his baby maker :) Dogs or cats? Both!! I love animals of all kinds. Cats are great because they have the attitude that i have, but a dog gives you attention even when nobody else will. Thanksgiving is almost here. Are you worried about gaining weight? I eat like a man and don’t really gain for some reason so no I am not worried. One day I am sure my metabolism will hit a wall and I will wake up absolutely HUGE though.. LOL, until that day comes though...pass the mashed potatoes!! Where do you go to party? I’m a house party girl. Give me 10 friends, some beer and an X-box and I am good to go!! Biggest misconception about Jersey girls? That we all like big muscle head gorillas. Truthfully I find guys with too many muscles kind of freakish and disgusting. Pretty much everything else is true though... hahaha What would you change to make this country better? I would start with the president...oops did i say that?

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Greatest gift you ever received? My health. I have seen so many people I know suffer through illness like cancer and I thank god everyday that I have my health.


Most romantic place on earth? Has to be Hawaii!!


Biggest mistake a guy can make on a first date? Nobody wants to hear about your conquests, recent ex-girlfriend dramas, guys you have fought or about your mommy issues!! HUGE TURN OFF fellas. Finally, tell me one secret about yourself that you never told anyone I am a super “Goody Two Shoes”...I am the girl that kisses on the 3rd date and returns money to a cashier if I get too much change back. My friends say I am too much like a dork, but I think I just got raised right!!

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ROSIE PIERRI Interview by Chaunce Hayden

Chaunce Hayden: I love how you always talk with your hands. Do you realize you do that? Rosie Pierri: I can’t talk any other way! People think I’m from Brooklyn. I can’t help but talk with my hands. It’s the only way I can talk.

Give me an example of a dig? She would say, “I would never go to a two for one sale at the shoe store.” Because my sister was fragile. I mean why spend money when you don’t have to? Isn’t Teresa bankrupt?

You came out and said you were a lesbian on television. Was that an emotional moment for you? It was very emotional. Not because I was embarrassed by it or anything. Let me tell you what happened. My sister Kathy started filming season 3 and they caught me on camera a few times. People seemed to like me on the show. So when the next season came around they asked me to be on the show more. But I was worried, because my sister’s kids didn’t know I was gay. Victoria and Joseph did not know. They really didn’t.

I don’t know what her financial situation is like. And to be honest, I don’t give a fuck. What do you think of her husband Joe? I liked Joe a lot. When Joe first married Teresa he would sit with my father and play cards. I liked him. He was a respectable guy. But I think Teresa ruined him. Maybe I’m wrong. But I never saw Joe angry back then. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I think.

Was it that they didn’t know or they didn’t care?

Did he cheat on Teresa?

I really don’t think they knew. We just never got around to tell them. Plus, I never brought around too many women. I also never had a chance to tell my dad before he died, so it meant a lot for me to tell them. My dad said to me when he was sick, “You’re never getting married are you?” And I said, “No dad, probably not.” That was as close as I came to coming out to him. When my dad died it took me a long time to find out who I was. Everything I did was to make him proud. His death really broke my spirit. It took me 5 years to get back to myself.

I don’t know. I don’t read all that crap in the tabloids. If any of that crap is true, I wish it wasn’t. I don’t like bullies and the tabloids are bullies. When I was a kid growing up I would always stand up for the underdog. If somebody picked on someone I would be the one to kick their ass. I stomp on bullies! That’s what I did my whole life. I get pissed just thinking about bullies.

What would you dad think of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and you coming out on television? I don’t think he would be disappointed. I know I’ve helped so many people. I wanted to explain it in a way to my nice and Nephew that it wasn’t a choice I made. It’s just who I am. It is what it is. I couldn’t be untrue to myself. I accept myself for who I am. So I think my dad looks down on me and is very proud. What kind of response have you gotten? Tons of people have reached out to me! Tons! They say things like, “Thank you for giving me the courage to do the same.” It’s been very therapeutic for me. I’m just being honest with everybody. For me it’s a very big deal. Were you ever with a guy? No fully. No. I tried, believe me. There was one guy who I really loved as a person. He was such a great person and such a gentleman. I didn’t think I was gay at the time and I didn’t even think about it. This guy was a sharp dresser and he had a lot of style. So when night we tried to go all the way and I just couldn’t do it. I felt bad because I just couldn’t give him the action he was looking for. I tried over and over and I just couldn’t do it. But 3 months later I met a women and boom! This woman seduced me and I was fine with it. That’s how I knew!

Any spin off offers? Nothing. Swear? I swear. So far I haven’t heard anything. Last question. Is Melissa a former stripper? Yes or no? I don’t know! I really don’t know. And to be honest I don’t even care. I remember the first time Melissa and her husband, Joe went on a date. At the end of the date they came to my house with Teresa and the rest of the family. It was the first time I ever met Melissa. I liked her right away. She’s a good kid. So what if she was a stripper. I don’t give a fuck. It’s not like she was a serial killer. One more last question. Which of these women are you more attracted to? Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Pink or Justin Bieber? Definitely Angelina Jolie! That’s my type.

What’s the deal with Teresa Giudice? She seems to have gone of the deep end this past season. Has success gotten to her? I don’t know. I know there was tension between Melissa Gorga and Teresa for a long time. I think it really affected her when Bravo brought Melissa and my sister on the show. But honestly Kathy never wanted to bash Teresa. She was hoping the show would help bring them together. That’s why I flipped out on Teresa. She never even gave my sister a chance to explain herself. I mean, how many times can you keep reaching out to a person. If Teresa wants to be pissed off, let me pissed off. We don’t need it. I literally sat back for ten years and listened to Teresa throw digs at my sister.

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1. Some might say the best thing about Redds is their food. Some might say it’s their wild tail gate parties. Other’s might say it’s you. Rumor is you have more fans then the Jets and Giants combined. Well? I wish I had as many fans as the Jets and Giants combined but I’m still workin’ on it!! 2. What’s your official title? Manager and Director of Promotions. 3. Is Redds officially the closet bar/restaurant to MetLife Stadium? Yes it sure is.

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Interview and Photos by Chaunce Hayden

4. I can only imagine you’ve seen some memorable moments considering you’re on the doorstep of one of the biggest sports complexes in the world. What stands out? Being able to watch the first ever College Classic held at MetLife and of course watching my favorite college team the USC Trojans stomp all over Syracuse was certainly a plus!! 5. Does Redds have a preference between the Jets and Giants? We don’t actually, we just want them to WIN!! 6. Okay, be honest. How many athletes and rock stars have hit on you? None that I know of but maybe after this issue comes out that might change! 7. The Sunday tailgate parties at Redds are off the charts. What can you tell us about game day? The energy amongst all of the fans that have traveled from near and far is just incredible. The sense of dedication makes people stand proud and it’s an honor to share their time. 8. What’s more fun... Watching the game in the stadium or at the bar? At the bar of course! We hear the roar from the stadium before you hear it on your T.V and plus I’m there ;) 9. What’s your favorite cocktail? I drink beer and shoot whiskey but I do love a good Washington Apple. 10. Tell me a secret about Redds that nobody knows. Where Redd’s stands, The Halfway GoGo used to exist. During the demolition process a stripper pole was saved and put right in the middle the restaurant!! 11. Tell me a secret about you that nobody knows. I know how to load, shoot and clean a gun and I always hit spot on!! 12. What does it take to be a truly great sports bar? It takes dedication and passion. Creating an environment where each patron can enjoy their time, have delicious food and watch their sport of choice allots for charisma and determination and we here at Redd’s certainly have all of that. 13. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Katy Perry? Actually, I hear that a lot!! 14. Why is Redds called Redds? Why not Blue or Green? John Palsi has been called Red his entire life due to the color of his hair and the two D’s are for Doug and Dave (his sons). 15. The Super Bowl will be coming to your backyard soon. Are you prepared for the world wide attention? ABSOLUTELY!!!


Redds Restaurant • 317 Washington Avenue, Carlstadt, NJ 07072 • Ph: 201-933-0015 •


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he Winter Holidays are upon us now, time to get ready for weeks of overindulgences. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It is a day spent cooking, eating, watching TV, catching up with family and of course indulging in great vino. What better way to wash down turkey and your Grandparents’ voices reminding you that you aren’t doing as well as your cousins than with the perfectly chosen bottle of wine? If you are anything like my family, the meal pretty much starts from the moment you wake up and finishes with you passed out, belt unbuckled, on the couch. With so many different choices being thrown at you at your local shop, I have put together a small list of some great value picks for your meal.

By Doug Zayat

A great off-dry Riesling is a must-have at your Thanksgiving table. Try the 2010 Schlink Haus Riesling ($10) coming from the Nahe Region in Germany. This wine is well-balanced, slightly fruity, semidry and will match perfectly with light appetizers and some of those great sides like marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes or a nice, spicy stuffing. You can also go with my top pairing and drink it with a baked ham. An off-dry Riesling will be one of the few choices that will stand up well with the sweet and saltiness that comes with this dish. For those that are looking for a drier white wine, you should look for one made using the Viognier varietal. This grape is not as well-known as other varietals, like Chardonnay. That’s ok, as the holidays are excuses to try something new, and a good Viognier will make that dried-out turkey taste like it was prepared by a worldclass chef. Well maybe not, but after the third glass you won’t care anymore. Look for the Chateau Routas Wild Boar Blanc 2010 ($12) from Provence in Southern France. This wine is a blend of primarily Viognier with some Chardonnay added in the end. Named for the wild boars that roam the forests of the Routas estate, Wild Boar White is a great value with beautiful fruit aromas and impressive structure. This wine will not only drink well, but being unique, it will add discussion to the table that breaks away from you having to explain why you haven’t settled down and married yet. When it comes to choosing a red wine to serve at dinner, Pinot Noir has been traditionally the top choice for Thanksgiving. Though many will argue the best Pinots come from Burgundy in France, I have found an example from New Zealand that will excite your palate. The 2009 Boulder Bank Pinot Noir ($19) comes from the famous Marlborough region of New Zealand. Made by 25 year veteran Nick Goldschmidt, this wine really showcases New Zealand’s preeminent red varietal. Medium-bodied with subtle earthy undertones surrounded by flavors of red berry jam make this a great red wine to pair with the entire meal. One red varietal that gets overlooked a lot in this country is the Zinfandel grape. Most hear this name and still can only think of the syrupy sweet pink version that I have discussed in past articles. However, true red wine made from the Zinfandel can be a true beast and an excellent choice for your holiday meal. Try the 2010 Pedroncelli Motherclone Zinfandel ($15) from Sonoma County, California. Full-bodied and intense with classic aromas of blackberry, warm spice, ripe berry flavors and mild tannin make this my top choice for those looking for a heartier red with their meal. For information regarding where to purchase these wines or to ask any other wine related questions, you can email me at dougzayat@

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Allendale Bar & Grill Flirt Sushi Lounge Tommy Fox’s Biggie’s Clam Bar Dragonfly Grasshopper Also Shaker’s GoGo Hungry Peddler Taos Restaurant Rivara’s Restaurant Soho Studio 4 Glen Rock Inn Jalapenos Restaurant Crow’s Nest Firewaters Harley’s Irish Pub Hooters Lazy Lanigan’s Lenoras Bar & Grill Poitin Still Heights Bar & Grill Rise Thirsty Toad Crystals Lounge Whiskey Café Boom Burger Illusions Nightclub (Sheraton) Victors Maywood Inn Jimmys Rock Café Euro Lounge O’neills Pub Pourhouse 17 Chakra Hooters 9 Iron Grille Orange Lantern Brady’s at the Station Shannon Rose Office Beer Bar & Grill Park West Boom Burger Mexicali Blues Café Ultra Bar Stingers Dog House Saloon

67 W Allendale Ave 140 West Allendale Ave 32 S Washington Ave 430 Rte 17 S 200 Outwater Ln 645 Washington Ave 295 Hoboken Rd 470 Knickerbocker Rd 356 Paterson Ave 6-18 Maple Ave 2027 Lemoine Ave 2143 Route 4 East 222 Rock Rd 930 Prospect St 309 Vincent Ave 41 Rte 4 E 366 River St 41 Route 4 604 Main St 129 Johnson Ave 774 Main St 163 Boulevard 1 S Main St 132 Essex St 525 Riverside Ave 1050 Wall St 3 Franklin Tpke Rte 17 N 122 W Pleasant Ave 110 Moonachie Ave 185 River Road 14 Ridge Road 582 Ridge Road 144 Rte 4 E 393 Rte 17 S 314 Paramus Rd 15 Firehouse Ln 5 W Main St 1200 Rt 17 N 32 Chestnut St 30 Oak Street 375 W Passaic St 1409 Queen Anne Rd 400 Cedar Ln 413 Paterson Ave 270 Pascack Rd

Allendale Allendale Bergenfield Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Cresskill East Rutherford Fairlawn Fort Lee Fort Lee Glen Rock Glen Rock Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hasbrouck Heights Lodi Lodi Lyndhurst Lyndhurst Mahwah Mahwah Maywood Moonachie North Arlington North Arlington North Arlington Paramus Paramus Paramus Paramus Ramsey Ramsey Ridgewood Ridgewood Rochelle Park Teaneck Teaneck Wallington Washington Twnshp


201-327-3197 201-825-9004 201-384-0900 201-933-4000 201-355-2220 201-460-7771 201-939-7848 201-894-0718 201-460-8988 201-797-4878 201-461-7744 201-944-9244 201-445-2507 201-445-5566 201-342-5445 201-678-0100 201-342-4747 201-488-9229 201-342-6677 201-489-4448 201-487-0660 201-288-9338 973-778-4433 201-845-6614 201-939-0550 201-939-4889 201-512-1000 201-529-1660 201-843-8022 201-939-1244 201-246-9095 201-998-4395 201-998-7383 201 556-1530 201-986-1530 201-447-2014 201-652-4443 201-327-9748 201-962-7602 201-652-1070 201-445-5400 201 843-2666 201-833-0011 973-357-8618 201-933-6016 201-722-1820

Wet Gentlemans Club Martini Bistro & Bar Cuban Pete’s Just Jake’s Office Beer Bar & Grill Park Sports Bar 118 Lounge Adega Lounge Guitar Bar Rio Lounge Vivo Lounge Franklin Steakhouse The Game Sports Bar 4sixty6

213 Belleville Ave 40 Main St 428 Bloomfield Ave 30 Park Street 619 Bloomfield Ave 30 South Park St 118 Stockton St 130 Ferry St 181 New Jersey Ralroad Ave 618 Market St 167 Ferry St 522 Franklin Ave 350 Passaic Ave 466 Prospect Ave

Belleville Millburn Montclair Montclair Montclair Montclair Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Nutley Nutley West Orange


973-751-9388 973-376-4444 973-746-1100 973-655-8987 973-783-2929 973-744-0402 973-344-2457 973-589-8830 973-344-8383 973.279.7800 973-465-4800 973-667-1755 973-206-8188 973-474-9896

1 Republik 3Forty Grill Bahamas Mama’s Black Bear Bar & Grill Brass Rail Restaurant Chandelier Room (W Hotel) City Bistro Green Rock Lana Lounge Maxwells Bar McSwiggans Pub P13R (Pier 13) Quays Sushi Lounge Teak Texas Arizona The Shannon

221 Washington St 340 Sinatra Dr 215 Washington St 205 Washington St 135 Washington St 225 River St 56-58 Fourteenth St 70 Hudson St 92 River St 1039 Washington St 110 1st St 1301 Sinatra Dr 310 Sinatra Dr 200 Hudson St 16–18 Hudson Pl 76 River St 106 First St

Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken


201-850-1282 201-217-3406 201-217-1642 201-656-5511 201-659-7074 201-253-2520 201-963-8200 201-386-5600 201-656-0866 201-653-1703 201-798-6700 201-798-8080 201-656-2521 201-386-1117 201-653-6888 201-420-0304 201-656-9820

BERGEN Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub

ESSEX Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub

HUDSON Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar

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Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Villiage Pourhouse West Five Supper Club Whiskey Bar Wille Mcbride’s Zylo Azucar Restaurante Hard Grove Michael Anthony’s Powerhouse Surf City Zeppelin Hall Biergarten Sabor Latino Waterside Restaurant Feel Good Restaurant & Lounge Park Ave Bar & Grill Son Cubano

205 1st St 505 Madison St 125 Washington St 616 Grand St 225 River St 495 Washington Blvd 319 Grove St 502 Washington Blvd 360 Marin Blvd 11 Marin Blvd 88 Liberty View Dr 8809 River Rd 7800B River Rd 1309 Paterson Plank Rd 3417 Park Ave 40-4 Riverwalk Pl

Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City North Bergen North Bergen Secaucus Union City West New York


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Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Sharky’s West Murphy’s Bar & Grill Miami Mike’s Sports Zone Tiffany’s Dark Horse Lounge Famished Frog George & Martha’s Grasshopper Off The Green Iron Bar Office Beer Bar & Grill Roots Steakhouse SM23 Sona Thirteen Sushi Lounge Tiff’s Tiffany’s

108 Boonton Ave 3 South Bergen St 130 Rte 10 W 231 Speedwell Ave 4 Dehart St 18 Washington St 67 Morris St 41-43 Morris St 5 South Street 3 South St 40 West Park Pl 3 Speedwell Ave 13 South St 12 Schuyler Pl 23 Route 23 73 Bloomfield Ave

Boonton Dover East Hanover Morris Plains Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Pequannock Pine Brook


973-9174466 973-366-1212 973) 887-1300 973-290-9777 973-455-0200 973-540-9601 973-267-4700 973-285-5150 973-455-7111 973-285-0220 973-326-1800 973-871-2323 973-267-1575 973-539-1135 973-686-6040 973-227-2112

Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club

Alexus Steakhouse Chevy’s Dingbatz Pub 46 Shannon Rose Sharky’s East Sports Zone Spuntino Restaurant Utopia Lounge Bottagra Restaurant Portabello’s Restaurant Loop Lounge Platinum Dollz Riverside Manor Wildbull Steakhouse 46 Lounge Ruby Lounge (Holiday Inn) Sushi Lounge Casey O’Tools Grasshopper Too Hooters Lace

955 Valley Rd 365 Rte 3 E 620 Van Houten Ave 1081 Rte 46 E 98 Kingsland Rd 545 Highland Ave 593 Van Houten Ave 70 Kingsland Rd 240 Dayton Ave 80 Wagaraw Rd 175 Ramapo Valley Rd 373 Broadway 40 Brighton Ave 27 E. 33rd St 256 Buffalo Ave 300 Rte 46 E 1 Rte 46 W 235 Route 46 862 Hamburg Tpke 26 Erie Ave 25 Rte 23 S 24 Galesi Drive

Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Hawthorne Oakland Passaic Passaic Paterson Paterson Totowa Totowa Totowa Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne


973-746-6600 973-777-6277 973-471-1145 973-473-8184 973-284-0200 973-473-0713 973-859-0433 973-661-2435 973-955-0803 973-423-4433 201-337-8990 973-365-0807 973-779-7455 973-689-6360 973-742-6600 973-890-9699 973-785-9000 973-890-0007 973-696-7737 973-696-9698 973-837-1876 973-256-3302

Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Gentlemens Club Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Central Blue Molly Maguires Dolce Lounge Nugent’s Tavern Crossroads Chevys Breathless Gentlemens Club Patria Restaurant Central Park Office Beer Bar & Grill Roots Steakhouse Tiffany’s

77 Central Ave 1085 Central Ave 17 Broad Street 844 Newark Ave 78 North Avenue 1150 S Stiles St 876 Hart St 169 West Main St 2401 Wood Ave 61 Union Pl 401 Springfield Ave 1637 Vauxhall Rd

Clark Clark Elizabeth Elizabeth Garwood Linden Rahway Rahway Roselle Summit Summit Union


732-381-9300 732-388-6511 908-352-2578 908-282-1914 908-232-5666 908-862-9800 732-574-3825 732-943-7531 908-241-8386 908-522-0550 908-273-0027 908-688-6666

Deko Lounge Chris Michael’s Shannon Rose

1979 Rte 35 S 40 Oakwood Ave 855 Saint Georges Ave

Sayreville Woodbridge Woodbridge


732-727-6410 732-634-5355 732-636-6100

Park East

3352 Route 35




Colorado Café

154 Bonnie Burn Rd







MIDDLESEX Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar


SOMERSET Restaurant/Bar

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Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

Lisa Ann

Over the past four years, adult film star Lisa Ann has become synonymous with former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Her remarkable likeness to the former Alaska governor made for MILF porn perfection in the unforgettable “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” series. She performed at the Dollhouse in Tampa during this year’s National Republican Convention and will be in New Jersey Nov. 9-11, appearing at each day of the Exxxotica convention in Edison.

48 November November 2012 2012 54

entertainers, adult actresses, who danced at the club. I was just really curious and excited by their lifestyle. I dance 35 to 40 weekends a year now as a featured entertainer. So I moved to Los Angeles and started making movies. I love making movies and dancing has always been my thing. I never wanted to limit myself to one area. You’re promoting a new series of fleshlights. Tell us more. It’s an amazing product and the company has been wonderful. You can get them shaped to match your favorite stars. Mine is shaped specifically to all three of my areas: mouth, vagina and ass. Sex shops usually have a lot of things for women but not as much for guys, so this is a great product for them. You recorded a Public Service Announcement about the proliferation of illegal downloading of porn. With music, some people say that while it hurts artists it also allows their music to be heard by a lot more people, which can translate to album sales. Do you think the same can be said of porn and DVD sales? It’s one of those things that’s hurt the industry, but it has made us more well known than ever. I see it with more people at personal appearances. It’s an interesting dynamic that can work out both ways. But people don’t understand that by stealing porn then you’re taking away from what we can sell. When Sarah Palin came on the scene did you recognize your similarities to her? I didn’t as much as other people brought it to my attention and I learned more about her. It was Larry Flynt who approached me to do the “Who’s Nailin Paylin?” DVD. I knew Larry knew what he was doing and would protect me from any legal challenges. Besides “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin” we’ve done “Letterman’s Nailin Palin,” “Obama is Nailin’ Palin” and “You’re Nailin’ Palin,” which is interactive. Will there be any more films in the “Who’s Nailin Paylin?” series. I think it’s run its course. I have a DVDs coming out on Wicked Pictures with (director) Jules Jordan that I’m very excited about called “Lisa Ann Can’t Say No.” It comes out on Nov. 28. We had a contest where my fans got to pick the title. What was it like at the Republican National Convention? I was there the weekend before when they were building everything so it was the construction guys and the organizers. Everyone was really cool. There were snipers on the roofs of all the hotels and police everywhere. My bodyguards and I thought that was really cool. What are your political views? I’m pro-Obama and I have been. I’m a big believer in how other countries pay for healthcare and education. Personally I wouldn’t mind paying more taxes for a better health and education system. A college education is priceless and should be available to people. I make more money than others so what’s the problem paying more. What do you think of Sarah Palin as a person? Have you seen the HBO movie “Game Change” with Julianne Moore about her life? It’s an amazing movie. I think she’s done really well with the cards that she was dealt with. Can you tell us about the project you’re working on with Motley Crue singer Vince Neil? We’re shooting a poker reality show. He’s great. I saw Motley Crue and Kiss at the PNC Center in September. It was awesome. I got to go up onstage and sing “Girls, Girls, Girls” with him. How did you get into the porn industry? I was a dancer in Pennsylvania and there were always feature

Tell us about your appearance at Exxxotica. What will you be doing there? I will be at Exxxotica all three days and I’ll be signing all my movies. We’ll have the fleshlight. I love meeting my fans and seeing all the girls. We all have different schedules and travel a lot so it’s great to see everyone in one place. On the web: Twitter: @thereallisaann Instagram: @thereallisaannxxx Blog: Exxxotica is 4 to 11 p.m. Nov. 9, noon to 10 p.m. Nov. 10 and noon to 7 p.m. Nov. 11 in Edison at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center. Scheduled to appear: Lisa Ann, Alexis Ford, Devon Lee, Savannah Steele, Raylene and hundreds more! Includes hundreds of exhibitors, the hottest stars, a fully interactive dungeon, VIP Lounge, After Parties and more. For more information visit

By Leanne Aciz

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10 Things Every Bartender Should Be Grateful For Around Thanksgiving:

JAMESON! Having a job Let’s face it, in this economy, bartending is a luxury that any person should be grateful for. Consider yourself lucky!


Free-Pour A friend of mine (who is a bartender as well) and I were out recently, having drinks. The drinks were so weak, we thought we were drinking just regular soda. The next time the bartender poured our drinks, we noticed she was using an automatic stopper, the kind that only allows one shot in the drink. It wasn’t worth spending $10 on a drink that I would have to drink 6 of to get a buzz. How can that be good business? When I worked in Hoboken, all of the bottles had automatic stop and people would roll their eyes in disbelief when they got their drinks. Why wouldn’t customers just stay home and make their own strong drinks? Lots of bars require these kind of pourers, forcing the bartenders to manipulate it to make it a drink that somebody doesn’t mind spending their hard-earned money on. I guarantee the establishments that use free-pours are the ones that outlast the others.


Pumpkin Pie Cocktails Any Pumpkin fanatic knows how crucial these drinks are during November. October is when “Pumpkin-mania” starts to roll around, but November is the peak of the season. While Pumpkin beer is delicious, I prefer a cocktail. This is my favorite recipe (from Rachael Ray). They’re amazing!!


Ingredients: Ice cubes 2 ounces (1/4 cup) vanilla vodka 2 ounces (1/4 cup) creme de cacao 1/4 cup heavy cream 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice Whipped cream, for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes. Add the vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, heavy cream and pumpkin pie spice and shake well. Dip the rims of 2 martini glasses into a bowl of whipped cream. Strain the cocktail into the glasses. Your “Usual” LOYAL customers Every bar has their loyal group of customers that enjoy that particular establishment more than any other place around. During tough economic times, maybe these customers have helped keep you afloat. Perhaps these customers have done more for you, the bartender, than you have done for them, whether it be protecting you from a nasty customer or just becoming a genuine friend who you can turn to for enlightenment. (Hi Joe!) With tons of business’ failing around us, bartenders should be greatful that out of all the

56 November 2012

8 9


bars in the world, the loyal ones keep coming to the one they work at. This Thanksgiving, buy your regulars a shot or a drink on you and show them your gratitude. They earned it! Tourists Plenty of people travel to New York for the holidays. Last week, the bar I bartend at had people from Italy, Sweden, and London stop in for some drinks. I know plenty of bartenders would complain that tourists aren’t always aware of tipping etiquette, but the experience you get with a tourist is worth so much more! The customers from Italy (a newly wed, very-much-in-love adorable couple) couldn’t really speak good English, but the husband got on stage and sang Pearl Jam during karaoke perfectly. Ever hear “Evenflow” sang with a sexy accent? Damn good! Thanksgiving Eve I’ve complained about how hectic this infamous night gets, but it really is a great night, if you’re from a small town like I am. You get to see tons of faces you haven’t seen in a while and eventually you’ll share a “Remember When” while catching up on whose getting married, whose having a baby, etc. It makes you feel good seeing friends that you don’t get to see normally, and then getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family the next day. That HAS to be good for your morale. Thanksgiving Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, & family. Need I say more? Oh yeah, they day off. Black Friday If you bartend this day, you will most likely get tons of different faces, looking for a ‘quick drink’ in between store-hopping. Since normally Friday afternoons (before happy hour, like 2pm-5pm) are quiet, you will probably be busier than usual. If you’re off, you get to take advantage of a day to shop with epic sales. Bonus: If you worked Thanksgiving Eve, you most likely have some extra cash to treat yourself! Friends & Family If it weren’t for them, none of the things listed above would matter. Who else would you drink Pumpkin Pie Cocktails with and enjoy Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving with? Who else would you go shopping with on Black Friday? Be thankful for the people you are fortunate enough to have in your life! I am.

Danielle Darko

Pet peeve? My pet peeve is Jersey Shore men. Period.

Sexiest part of your body? I’d say the sexiest part of my body is my lips... Natural,full and look amazing covered in pink lipstick! Have you ever dated a bald man? Um, Let me think...Checking data files...and the answer is no. I’ve always been a sucker for a full head of dark hair! (Don’t judge me) Favorite shot? I’d have to say my favorite shot is good ol’ Jack Daniels.

Interview by Chaunce Hayden


Ever had sex on a jet? Nope, never have been a member of the mile high club. Nickname? My nickname is Darkness obviously because I’m Darkko and after the Dave Chapelle/Rick James comedy skit on Chapelle’s Show. Also, Skittles because of my past Skittles obsession. Cats or dogs? Definitely dogs. I have 2 puppies, Peanut and Butters. They are min pin chihuahua mix and I just love ‘em. Playful,cuddly and sweet. I don’t and won’t deal with a litter box and shedding, and cats are too moody, kinda bipolar. They love you one minute then want to attack you the next. Sanchez or Tebow? I don’t have a preference...I hate sports! (laughs) Sorry guys! Most expensive thing you own? Hmmm I’d have to say my son (laughs). That boy is priceless yet came with a price tag . Does sex sell? Absolutely, it does. I live in sin city and see it all around me... It keeps the lights on here haha. Let’s include Playboy, Hustler etc. Did I mention porn, strippers and escorts? Oh my! Internet’s a matter of what’s your poison. But everything sells sex these days, I believe, to keep the people distracted and promote cheating and ruin lives. It’s a plan to destroy families and society.




Best fat burning work out? Cardio combined with low carb diet Is there anything worse than going bald? Being impotent Best compliment you ever got from a female? Nice abs Favorite sport? Duh, bodybuilding! Worst thing you could ever eat? Wedding cake Best thing you could ever eat? Chicken One secret about yourself? I work in a male review What would you most want to change about your life? Nothing, I enjoy what I do Greatest day of your life? Everyday

Photo by Dave Kotinsky

58 November 2012


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60 November 2012

By Angela Pompelli-Butler

So I’m fin din pretty mu g out that having ch close any kind to impos and to m sible. I ha of privacy when it y surpris ve co e , there w pocket ro ere four li 20 month old twin mes to your sex li cket arou fe with ch tt s and the le n d hands in hand. I d like a ligh ildren aro oth idn my good ts und y drawer. er day I walk into are mom ’t know what to do aber and my son my bedro is M my’s toys y , so I said had, we’l daughter om !” I know l le w am sure w h t’ a s a s t s waving m any norm ay…a du they don there are y a a l l ’t a w u c m o n ti man wou d stories w on couple any of yo ld say, “H ith your k u reading erstand or know ’s toy in h any bette e ids accid is I guess I entally dis this column who r, but I do y, give me those, just give c , they tu an relate and that’ my kids a rbing you take som s just nas to similar head sta when it c e precau ty. I types of rt with th omes to tion don’t sca embarras e vast co sex with r my child s and become a sing ll yourselve ection of little more ren for life s or your novelties discreet . partners. I own an with both Here are d it may my sex to a few sug be time to y s a g nd my se from it: estions I x life, so came up I with to ke ep the “s e x” in you First and r sex life foremost, and the “k ke under no ids” far a circumsta ep the kids out o way f the bed nce will th and sex! ro o ey share Both of w m . T h e y our bed. hich are many co My bed is are in their own c a must h uples tod ave, and rib for 2 thin ay share marriage if gs and tw , in their own roo I their bed is going d m and o things with their don’t get either, it own the only; slee ’s not a h chil drain. Ke ping appy hou ep it a pla dren and then w I have sin s e onder wh ce for yo ce locked y their se for anyone. So u and yo u company x life suc ur love to . They co p my “mommy to ks or the m agic. ys” in a c me Your toys ir ombinati will be on in small and large o n toy lock , have a lock dow box. I ac carrying n like Fo tually sell handle a rt Knox. Now, onto them thro nd have eliminatin a double ugh my g the obv goes on lo c k combin behind c ious. Pull ation. losed do th You may e b ed off the ors. I actu also wan w a a ll ll y t to a have a te noises co mpurped bit, for all that ban ming from add some white ic bed, w ging and noise, lik the room hich e squeakin a fan or th . g that e televisio makes little, if an Last, but y noise a n to help certainly t all. mask an not least! Every co y of the “l D uple nee ove” ds time to on’t feel bad abo they wan ut sendin be t. If famil g the kid y lives clo alone and the ab your part s off to g ility to be se by, su ner. Plan randma’s g spontane gest a sle a romanti for the w ous and epover o c dinner, eekend. do what n a c e lo The botto a month ng chat a they wan and plan nd a nigh m line…th t when a t filled wit e key to opportun h uninterr date night for you keeping ity. Appre a u na and cia pted love time or w -making. hile the k te the secret 20 m ctive sex life is be ids are e ing spon inute ses planning n ta sions, an thralled w neous. L and sche ds iv ith a new ming to k relations DVD or fa neak in a little alo e in the moment o eep your hip fresh sex life d f vorite TV ne time d , exciting iscreet, it , intimate uring nap show. W h c a il a n e n d it a strong. Kisses, nd should m be accom ight take a little plished to keep you r

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ME Are you a ‘cougar’ looking to find some ‘fresh, young meat’? Karryn Russo’s “MEOW Tonight” may be the dating site for you. Shying away from generic dating sites, MEOW Tonight is a website geared towards older women connecting with younger men. What does being a member of this kind of web-site entail and does it usually lead to productive relationships? Is it possible to find true love between a ‘cougar’ and a young man? Read my interview with the Queen Cougar, Karryn Russo, and find out. 1.) First things first, what IS Meow Tonight? What kind of business is this? How does it work? MEOW Tonight is a dating site where older women and younger men connect.The women start at the age of 40 and the younger men start at the age of 21. MEOW Tonight stands for Men Enjoying Older Women. I thought MEOW was great in itself because the word meow represents a feline and this is a cougar dating site, so it worked well. MEOW Tonight is a dating site for older women who want to date younger men and vice versa. How MEOW Tonight works is a young man or older woman join my site. The women are complimentary and the men will pay a membership fee for one month $20.00, 6 months for $100.00 or a year for $150.00. There will be a 3 day trial basis fee for the men only of only $5.00 but eventually the men do have to pay to play! 2) Where did this idea originate from? How did you come up with the name - Meow Tonight? It’s a great story how the word MEOW Tonight developed. What’s funny is, I was sitting at my office and I just basically thought of words with men, women, younger, older, fun, exciting, enjoying...and there it was right in front of my eyes: Men Enjoying Older Women. So I had the word MEOW but I knew I had to make it more exciting, so I added the word Tonight, since all the action usually happens at night. 3) What kind of membership deals do you offer? I see on your web site that it is $15 per month - what does that $15 get you and is that the only option? Well I needed a starting ground to see what type of activity I would get so I started with a meet up group meowtonight and here I am 6 months later, with 500+ members. How the membership works on the meet up group is, if a member pays $15.00, they get a lifetime membership to my meet up group, including complimentary admission to all parties and events. They also get all promotional gifts at the parties, plus much more. All of my members in the meet up group will have the option to join my web site. 4) Once you join, what do you do next? Are there meetings? Parties to mingle at? Once a member joins, they have all the

62 November 2012

EOW capabilities to contact any woman or younger man on the site, by email, text message, flirt, or chatting. I’m also thinking of getting a live cam for my web site, so the two people who are trying to connect can see each other on a more personal level. MEOW Tonight has had about 35 events to date, and I have so much in store for MEOW Tonight parties. When we have a party or event, the members actually get to meet each other in person and I love that because you truly do hear some horror stories from dating web sites and peoples first encounters. I’m also planning a Miss Cougar USA Pageant in June 2014 and also the state winners will compete in the Miss Cougar Universe Pageant six months later. The best part is that I’m also going to have a male model search for the 5 MEOW hot studs. They will represent and be the hot faces of MEOW Tonight at all my events and parties. I want everyone to know that we are a dating site for younger men dating older woman, but we are also so much more. 5) What kind of women join Meow Tonight? Widows? Wives who cheat? Women have to be 40 and over to join my site. I’m not catering to women in their thirties, they are pumas! This is a true cougar site: a true cougar has to be single. Yes, she can be a widow. As long as you’re a single woman and not married, then you are welcomed on my site. 6) Do you find the term ‘cougar’ offensive or liberating? What does that word mean to you, and to your customers? The word cougar is already set in stone. Do I have to like it and accept it? No. I prefer to be called a beautiful, older women who enjoys dating younger men. To me, a cougar is a 40+ single woman who is beautiful, powerful, successful,and intelligent, who knows what she wants out of life and goes for it! I recently started my own blog, “ASK THE COUGAR” where people can write in to me and ask me questions. There are so many younger men who see the word cougar as a women who just wants to have sex and that’s all she cares about. Then there are also the guys who are just there to put a ‘notch in their belt’ as in “wow, I hooked up with a cougar!”. These types of men are not serious, they are in it for the fun and that’s all good, but they are not relationship material. I had successful relationships with men 16 years younger and 20 years younger than me and it does exist. That’s why I started the group. 7) What kind of men join Meow Tonight? What age bracket are they usually in? I accept any look, height, nationality, and occupation on my site. The age brackets for men are usually 21+ to about 40, and 40 to about 65 for the women. 8.) What kind of relationships evolve from Meow Tonight? Is it just one-night stands or do people form long-lasting relationships?

I have heard some success stories from my meet up group MEOW Tonight, where couples connected for a long time and live together.. or got married! Then there are the crazy ones that are one night stands. I hope that there will be more successful stories than just one night stands, but it is a cougar site, so there’s something in it for everyone. I may be a cougar at the age of 51 but I purr like a kitten. 9) Can you share a story of when you knew that Meow Tonight was successful in making it’s customers happy and fulfilled? I get so many “Thank You’s”, but one day I received about 20 emails in one week after a party and that is when I knew I was actually bringing people together for whatever they needed in their life. I’m excited for my web site to launch because I will have a section on my web site for success stories for my members to post. 10) Do you have any encouraging words for those who are interested in joining Meow Tonight but are reluctant to actually go through with it due to having a ‘complex’ about it? All I have to say is encouraging words now... but back then, when I first introduced my company MEOW Tonight on my meet up group, I didn’t know what type of responses I would get. I can say now that I encourage every one that fits the age and criteria to join and start having fun. As far as being reluctant, MEOW Tonight is for older women dating younger men, so if its for you then go for it...the only way to find out its to join

Metro Art “2012”

sponsored by:


Exhibit Opening Reception at Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery


ith the world’s collective conscious on 2012, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery sent a call to artists for work that was relevant to the 2012 theme. In typical artistic fashion, each artist was encouraged to produce work that was inspired by their own interpretation and unique to their own individual styles. Entries selected cover an array of mediums, from wood pieces to watercolor. Each piece carefully selected to capture the viewer’s attention and perhaps alter or express their idea of 2012. The opening party kicked off the

“2012” show with most of the artists showing up to discuss their personal approach of creating their art with their vision of 2012. Food and refreshments satiated the guests as live performances entertained the air of the viewing space. Cromey and Gio of “Enemy of Everyone” played an acoustic set while Mike Felber, an exhibiting artist, performed an artsy acapella medley of Green Day songs that you could only call his own. Collaborative paintings were created throughout the day by the artists displaying in the show. There was even a canvas that encouraged everyone to partake in the joy of painting. Both collaborations will be auctioned off to support the Leilagio Art Scholarship at William Paterson University. Check out for more info. Biagio took in a walk-in tattoo with all proceeds going to support the scholarship. Additional support came from raffles of T-shirts, and tattoo time with Biagio, Leilani, Talo, and Sharon Lynn which totaled in at $764.00! What ended in a long night, proved a

great time had by all who came to view the opening of the “2012” themed exhibit at Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery”. Stop by to see the show for yourself until December 15th. 2012!

Stop in to the gallery between now and December 15 to check out the exhibit!



he Inked Out NJ 2012 Convention was held at The Meadowlands Expo Center, October 12 - 14, 2012. There was an array of characters frolicking through out the isles while vendors were selling many types of merchandise from jewelry to posters, food and even a bar for those who enjoyed a drink while checking out the different booths. Live tattooing took place all weekend long which invited the perfect time for someone to get some work done. Also, many people from all over were able to show off their ink by entering into one of the many contests that were held. The contests ranged from Best Black & White of The Day to Best Tattoo of The Day. Some of the many attractions of this

weekend included Horitoshi I. He is the head of the The Horitoshi family, masters of the ancient art of Tebori, a traditional Japanese technique of tattoo that dates back for centuries. Rescue Ink was also present, which is a non-profit animal welfare organization. They back up animal rescue groups such as the ASPCA, SPCA, The Humane Society and many smaller rescue groups all over the world. Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery had a great time attending Inked Out for the second year. It was a pleasure to see old friends and meet new ones. Looking forward to next year.

Biagio’s Ta. oo Gallery - 3138 State Route 10 West, Denville NJ 07834 (973)620-9944 - www.BiagiosTa


By Rachel Manzer


wo decades ago, a little girl told her parents that she wanted to become a rap artist when she grows up. They quietly chuckled under their breath so they didn’t hurt her feelings. They asked her if she wanted to spend her life on D block in the state pen or in a wooden coffin, since all rappers are drug addicted felons who shoot each other... Meet the new Cinderella white rapper that was spawned from the depths of YouTube. A little ole band called Karmin has only two members, Amy Heidemann from Nebraska and Nick Noonan from Maine. Yes, this duo functions as a full band. They produce some big sound with Amy’s amazing voice and Nick’s ability to play a variety of instruments. Like the other millions of singers, they started uploading videos on YouTube and posting on social media sites with a hope they might get discovered some day. They certainly weren’t expecting to be hurled into stardom. Taking a chance, they posted a cover to Chris Brown’s hit song “Look at Me Now”. It was far from what fans or record companies expected from this ultra white duo. Looking back at Amy’s childhood, the sexy new “It” girl wasn’t even allowed to listen to anything with a parental advisory sticker on it at home while growing up. Meanwhile, Nick grew up listening to classic rock with his family. Here we have this little white girl rocking a suicide roll with bright red lipstick alongside her “popstar” type looking boyfriend on the instruments...rapping? Never! 50 Cent’s name just lost half of its value and it was robbed point blank by a girl, and a white girl at that. Back to “Look At Me Now”... This catchy video went viral racking in an astonishing 150 million views. Their original, yet risky, approach to Chris’s song showcased an unexpected medley of trombone, drums, rapid-fire rap, and powerful belt-it-out vocals that set them apart from the millions of “aspiring” (though failing) artists who utilized YouTube to kick start their careers. Her rapping skills seriously have a few platinum hip-hoppers questioning their own careers. A white girl that can rap is like finding a paycheck in your stack of bills collecting dust over on the top shelf just out of sight. So lets face it folks, this is shocking and kind of cool. Amy is like a crossbreed of Gwen Stefanie and Nikki Minaj. A combo of an innocent fun loving girl but with the verbal dexterity of a killer. The Ellen Degeneres show sent them an invitation to perform on the show. Shortly after it was aired, Epic records snatched a contract with Karmin. They got their first high profile chance on Saturday Night Live where they showcased their own original songs “Brokenhearted” (current hit single) and “I Told You So”. Amy may be the star in the duo, but Nick is her rock. Their infectious love for each other shows in their music as well as their relationship. It’s so disgustingly refreshing to see a couple entertain the world after they survive the brutal slaughtering criticism from YouTube viewers and still appear to be so innocent. Recently Amy was awarded Rolling Stone’s

66 November 2012

KARMIN “Women Who Rock” award and now she’s plastered on the front cover. Karmin is expected to drop their first solo album this month. Two decades later the parents of that little girl are cashing in on their little rapper extraordinaire. Rather than paying monthly payments into her “cash account” on D block they are riding the wave, watching their daughter rock sold out venues. They are a tad confused however as to whom they should toast to. Amy, because frankly she may have just ended the cold war between man and woman or to congratulate themselves for actually succeeding as parents.. To hell with it. We say pop the cork, congratulate both parties, and ROCK ON! Welcome to BAMF Karmin!

EXPOSED is an online interactive publication that specializes in Nightlife Marketing. It is our duty to attract clientele to your venue while adding value to you and your customer base. With the ever increasing social media scene like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, we take your venue one step further by providing you with high quality photos that captures your venues energy shot by shot!.....Visit Us At TheHotShotz.Com For More Info

1200 New Jersey 17, Ramsey, NJ • 201. 962-7602 •


68 November 2012

Music News

By Chaunce Hayden

Gangnam Style Madness! Maybe you’ve been too preoccupied with presidential politics or incompetent NFL replacement refs to get intoGangnam Style, the hilarious music video from South Korean rapper Psy (whose real name is Park Jae-sang), which has logged about 280 million views on YouTube since its July 15 debut. It is now the most “liked” video in YouTube history and has topped charts worldwide. Like Macarena, that grating global hit from the mid1990s, Gangnam Style has a distinctive dance and catchy tune that make one’s inability to decipher the lyrics almost irrelevant. The 34-year-old singer has now returned to Seoul after spending three weeks in the hit-hungry U.S. market. The fact that most of us still know little beyond his name and that hypnotic horse-riding dance says a lot about what can happen when a foreign star gets American-style coverage. On hitting the 12 million-view mark, Psy caught the attention of LA talent manager Scooter Braun, who responded with the Gangnam-style yell: “I have to sign a contract with him for the world!” With Psy now managed by a man whose other discoveries on YouTube include Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson, the singer was sent off to all the usual star-making venues. That doesn’t mean he got the usual star treatment. Ellen DeGeneres was one of the first to secure the man behindGangnam Style, yet she barely spoke to the artist when he came to her show on Sept. 11 to teach Britney Spears his signature dance. (The pop-star had previously tweeted that she wanted to learn the moves.) Britney’s first words to Park were “show me” while Ellen immediately assumed a dancing stance. (Meanwhile, Simon Cowell, also on hand, couldn’t bring himself to get off the couch.) Psy gamely responded by saying, “By the way, can I introduce myself, not just dance? I’m Psy from Korea. How are you?” While it’s no surprise that a man with a signature dance was asked to perform it, the implication was that this guy is a CharlieBit-My-Finger type of viral sensation, more likely to follow the career path of Rebecca Black than that of Justin Bieber. The resulting lesson led toThe Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s best TV ratings since 2003 and has since logged 26 million views of its own on YouTube. That just meant Psy got to come back and dance again. He had to sit through a Today Showinterview in which the conversation turned to the “more serious” subjects of Kate Middleton going topless and the anchor’s new hairdo. He was squeezed into a skit onSaturday Night Live. GOOG) history and has topped charts worldwide. Like Macarena, that grating global hit from the mid-1990s, Gangnam Style has a distinctive dance and catchy tune that make one’s inability to decipher the lyrics almost irrelevant. The 34-year-old singer has now returned to Seoul after spending three weeks in the hit-hungry U.S. market. The fact that most of us still know little beyond his name and that hypnotic horse-riding

dance says a lot about what can happen when a foreign star gets American-style coverage. On hitting the 12 million-view mark, Psy caught the attention of LA talent manager Scooter Braun, who responded with the Gangnam-style yell: “I have to sign a contract with him for the world!” With Psy now managed by a man whose other discoveries on YouTube include Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson, the singer was sent off to all the usual star-making venues. That doesn’t mean he got the usual star treatment. Ellen DeGeneres was one of the first to secure the man behindGangnam Style, yet she barely spoke to the artist when he came to her show on Sept. 11 to teach Britney Spears his signature dance. (The pop-star had previously tweeted that she wanted to learn the moves.) Britney’s first words to Park were “show me” while Ellen immediately assumed a dancing stance. (Meanwhile, Simon Cowell, also on hand, couldn’t bring himself to get off the couch.) Psy gamely responded by saying, “By the way, can I introduce myself, not just dance? I’m Psy from Korea. How are you?” While it’s no surprise that a man with a signature dance was asked to perform it, the implication was that this guy is a CharlieBit-My-Finger type of viral sensation, more likely to follow the career path of Rebecca Black than that of Justin Bieber. The resulting lesson led toThe Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s best TV ratings since 2003 and has since logged 26 million views of its own on YouTube. That just meant Psy got to come back and dance again. He had to sit through a Today Showinterview in which the conversation turned to the “more serious” subjects of Kate Middleton going topless and the anchor’s new hairdo. He was squeezed into a skit onSaturday Night Live. Psy’s confident demeanor and sharp humor may reflect that he’s already a popular and controversial star in Korea. What’s more, he attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music, speaks great English, and has a wry sense of humor. Psy also grew up near Gangnam, the tony district of Seoul that he parodies so well in his video. We know this because Ryan Seacrest, of all people, gave the best-yet in-depth interview of Psy. On his radio show, Seacrest allowed his audience insight into South Korea’s pop culture, along with a real sense of the personality of one of its biggest stars. That’s not a surprise, as Seacrest has proven to be as adept at interviewing newcomers on American Idol as nabbing the big names in Hollywood. For a man who’s built a small empire for himself in Hollywood, he is remarkably ego-free when it comes to conducting interviews. Back home, Psy’s father’s semiconductor company has doubled its stock price because of Park’s fame. He’s now working on his seventh album—no doubt writing more hits for other Korean stars. Who knew?

Nelly Is ‘Hurt’ by the Betrayal of His Colleague The 37-year-old Grammy-winner, real name Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., was detained in Texas at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca on October 11 after law enforcement officials found heroin, marijuana and a loaded gun in his vehicle. Police sources said passenger Brian Keith Jones confessed the drugs and gun were his and was placed under arrest. Nelly was oblivious to the illegal load his vehicle was carrying and is upset with Brian. “I think it’s always alarming. I think in this case it’s really alarming when you find yourself in a situation that you didn’t put yourself in,” he claimed. “That’s the only thing that I think is baffling, and I think that’s the part that hurts the most.” Nelly has worked hard on his image and doesn’t want it to be sullied by drugs. The musician is worried that his career will be adversely affected by the scandal. “For 14 years, I made my perception what I wanted to make my perception and now my perception may be slightly changed,” Nelly said. “Not because of what I did, but because of what someone else did and I think that’s the part that hurts you the most. “If I’mma put a dent in anything that I do, then let me be the one to put that dent in it. I think that’s the only part that gets me.”

BRITNEY DRAMA NEVER GETS OLD! Britney Spears’ ex-manager Sam Lufti claims that he was assaulted by the star’s father. Sam has sued the pop princess and her parents for defamation and breach of contract. According to USA Today, the fired employee testified in court Wednesday that he was physically attacked by Britney’s father Jamie. In the days leading up to Britney’s hospitalisation following a mental breakdown in 2007, Sam claims that Jamie lost his temper twice. “Jamie came barging into the house. He lunged at me and chased me around the kitchen island,’ Sam told the jury about the first altercation at Britney’s home. ‘He was spitting, yelling, shouting at me, and said I had hurt his daughter and he was going to beat the hell out of me and I’d better get out of the house.’ The next morning Jamie apparently returned to Britney’s house to confront Sam. This time the pair got physical. “He cornered me in the kitchen, punched me in the solar plexus and threatened to kill me,” Sam said. “It hurt. I ran to the game room and locked myself in.” In opening statements, Britney’s family lawyer stated that Jamie never assaulted Sam. The trial continues. November 2012 71

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