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Metro Art Presented by: Recently, July 29th – 31st, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery (BTG) attended and participated in the Asbury Park Visionary Arts Tattoo Festival, which was a fantastic success. The festival was perfect for BTG because their focus is Art w/ an expose’ on Tattoo, and this festival shared that central focus

The festival was created to include all sorts of arts. The first level consisting primarily of vendors, tattoo artists, and stage performers. The second level being primarily for showcasing art in a gallery set-up. Upon entering the festival on the main level I found a diverse mix of clothing, books accessory vendors, along with tattoo artists. Proceeding through the isles towards the back of the room I found BTG’s booth in front of the stage. The booth was setup with a live feed of Biagio tattooing, merchandise, and enthusiasm. The stage would provide a perfect platform for skateboarding, gymnastics, suspension, burlesque, tattoo contests and a side show by Show Devils. Although as soon as the festivities were underway it was clear to see that some of the performers were as interested in watching the live feed BTG was providing as BTG was in watching their acts.


When I was finally able to pull myself away from the excitement on the first level and venture to the second level I found a new world of wonderment. The walls were filled with art from all those who attended and wanted to display. There were artists setup sporadically painting and drawing, & taking pictures of all the sights. I was also able to witness Tebori, the Japanese style of hand poking tattoo. In my exploration of the second level I also stumbled upon a bar full of choice refreshments.

Having been refreshed, I moved back down to the first level to take in a few more shows and also check the progress of Biagio’s Tattoo on the live feed. In returning to the BTG booth I was able to witness an interesting interaction between LeiLani and a Fennik fox. The fox, whom was named Gizmo, was the pet of a lovely young artist by the name of Rebecca “Foxy” Fiduccia. Thanks to Rebecca’s kind ways with Gizmo, LeiLani was able to hold Gizmo on her lap and enjoy the company of an exotic animal. A noteable event at Visionary is an amazing performance by Show Devils; Serana Rose & the Enigma. Among their props, which came dangerously close or even into their faces, were scissors, a drill, and a chainsaw!! Another tidbit, a musical outburst with BTG crew member Steve Maron (guitar) & Matt Bent (drums). All in all the vibe was phenomenally uplifting!!

“Show Devils”- Serana Rose & The Enigma

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Art Exhibit Opening Aug. 6th 2011

Bill Stillman

Our most recent event here at Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery was an art exhibit opening to welcome in our newest featured artists Bill Stillman and Vince Blanco. It was a great opportunity for the artists and everyone involved to connect with art lovers and engage in conversations about art, creativity and inspirations of all forms. There were various delights to drinks and snack on for everyone to enjoy. A main attraction of the event was a collaborative painting in which anyone and everyone was encouraged to participate in. The painting took many forms throughout the day and into the night, ending up as a blender mess of paint and creativity. All in all it was an eventful day of painting and art to be appreciated by any art enthusiast. The evening did not end there as the guests were taken stretch-limo style, times-2, to Pazzo-Pazzo in Morristown for the afterparty. Heading to Pazzo Pazzo was an interesting time. Being able to, basically, transfer the party from the gallery to the restaurant in 2 limos created a seamless trasition. The good energy continued as we enjoyed our very flavorful cuisine. Drinks rounded off the night, to celebrate another successful event and the meeting of new friends.

The collaborative painting’s stages 14 throughout the evening

Bill Stillman- “Man”

Bill Stillman- “It won’t be alright” Vince Blanco- “Serenading Neptunes Daughter”

“Zeus Mourns” Tattoo by: Biagio Critique by: Bill Stillman This tattoo is an extremely good example of the talent needed to execute such a design. As an artist, it is easy for me to recognize the skill involved with this tattoo. Two of the most difficult items to draw, yet alone tattoo, are hair and electricity. In this tattoo it is clear how well the lightening bolt feels like it will electrocute anyone who gets too close. The hair is done so well, as if you can see every strand of hair on Zeus’s head. This is just a testament to the level of talent showcased at Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery. Other choice picks by Bill-

“Dragon Koi” Tattoo by: LeiLani

“Chinese Lion” Tattoo by: Biagio

Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery’s

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Metro Art Sept 2011  

Metro Art by Biagio Tattoo