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Metro Art Sponsored by: ­By Mike “theFelbs” Felber

In the world we live in there are many ways people communicate, and there are many things that hold emphasis or precedent. Things like money, sex & greed, these things shape and construct the way we live, yet many of them have a downside of corruption, and many times can actual diminish the quality of living for people on both sides of the stick. I have found that even though these power items may have a stronghold on our society, there is something more than can be used as a language­ Art. The Hell’s Kitchen Artists Association recently ran their 3rd annual Artist Studio Tours and Festival on the weekend of June 24th ­ 26th, which consisted of parties and after parties on each day and a 128 page !"#"$%&'()*+),(-..'/(0%1*(2+!'(+3(1*'(4'21("51%212(6(7+'12( that can be found in Hell’s Kitchen NYC. Many people put countless hours of hard work, donated their space, time and blood/sweat/tears to make this happen… and all of it was done for free. The question is why would people put so much effort into something without any monetary #"%&8(0*"1(7+22%4.9()+:./(7'+7.'(4'&'-1(35+!(#%;%&#(:7( their time for free… The only answer is there must be strength in art. This entire project was started and managed by one person­ Michael Marcus Felber, with multiple volunteers to help. It was one man’s vision to give his own time, working late into the night on a daily basis, all for the spirit of art and culture. Getting back only the satisfaction of knowing the energy and spirit of pure creativity 0+:./( 4'( 275'"/8( %&<:'&)%&#( !"&9( peoples’ lives he may never ever meet. Having the title of Graphic Design Director, I personally put over three months of long nights, bus rides, and conference calls with nothing in

return but networking, ideas, and pure artistic passion­ and would not trade it for a thing. The people I met and the conversations I had in this short period of time are connections that will take me very far, and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. The opening party on Saturday the 24th of June 2011 was at the wonderful Lucky Strike Lanes at 42nd & 12th, which is basically a decked out lounge with bowling lanes, yet on this night there was much more. The lounge 0"2(-..'/(0%1*(7'53+5!'528(7"%&1%&#28("&/(#5'"1( discussions with an atmosphere that was very inviting and welcoming to everyone. There were colorful canvases setups around the entire place. Body painting and music of all sorts along with many discussions about art, passion, and the cultural vibe surrounded New York City during this night. The next event we had was located at Clinton Housing on 46th & 10th in which a generous gentleman by the name of Phil Harris opened his doors to allow all the crazy kooky artistic people of the Hell’s Kitchen Artists and their 35%'&/2( 1+(-..( 1*'( =( !"%&( 5++!2( and outdoor gardens. Clinton Housing will also be the place for the launch party of our arts magazine “At the Edge”!! The main photo on the next page depicts Fran McGee’s Dance paintings in which she did ten paintings in ten minutes to cure cancer (as she is a cancer survivor), which was quite a treat to witness and to be part of. To end the festivities, Fusion Lounge on 10th Ave. between 54th and 55th held a more relaxed evening with performance painting on 47

!"#$%&'()*&$*+,+-.(/"%001,(2%)345,(65+3(2*',7(8&,(2,5+#&(9#5,(*()*&$*+(*&0("#$,0(*5#4&0( while the other painted. It really seemed like people were coming together for a common vibe, and enjoyed themselves very much in the process. Aside from the parties, there were over 80 restaurants, galleries, and other venues that opened their doors for artists to display art, hold live performances, and overall be part of the festivities that spanned all of Hellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kitchen NYC. This gave many artists a chance, for some their 65+3:(3#(0%+21*;(9#5<(%&(=>?.(@&0(*1+#('*$,(3A,(B,+3%$*1('#,+("*&;(9*;+(3#(,C2,5%,&),(&,9(*&0( established artists while taking a tour of the historic Hellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kitchen NYC.

All in all, the weekend was very inspirational for me, with many new friends and artistic contacts made. This helped not only uplift myself, but to allow the combined mentalities of everyone there to resonate. I really feel if there were more events like this it would promote a real uplifting spirit and bring people together on a common ground of positivity and creativity­ and there is no downside to that.


NEXT GALLERY EXHIBIT  AUGUST 6TH!! Come in August 6th for Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery’s newest exhibit opening, where we will be featuring multiple cutting edge artists’ work, displaying until 8)3#D,5.( EA,5,( 9%11( D,( B##0:( 5,B5,+A",&3+:( *&0( *( collaborative painting event that anyone can work on. We will be auctioning off the painting created *3( #45( 65+3( ,CA%D%3.( E*33##+( 2,5B#5",0( D;( F%*'%#( 9%11( D,(65+3()#",(65+3(+,5$,(3A,(0*;(#B(3A,(#2,&%&'.

All proceeds from the auction and from tattoos performed will go to the Leilagio Art Scholarship Fund. Join us for a day full of fun festivities and exiciting people!!

“Good Intentions Fail” Bill Stillman

“The Drugs never work” Bill Stillman

Upcoming Event Sept. 23th ­ 25th “Man” Bill Stillman

Now booking appointments ­ 3138 Rt. 10 W. Denville, NJ 07834 ­ 973­620­9944


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