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READ US ONLINE: FOLLOW US ON: ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: Please call 201-873-3874 or visit our website at I’m alive! That may or may not be good news depending on our relationship. Either way, I’m here. But crossing the finish line into 2017 wasn’t easy. In fact, I came about as close to being a spirit in the sky along side David Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and many more who didn’t make it past 2016. My holiday story of survival is terrifying as well as inspiring. It started on Christmas eve with an unassuming, tiny bump on my right upper arm (aka, a zit). I hate anything like that, especially when it’s attached to me, so I went for the big squeeze. I was hoping to revel in the joy of a gooey splat on the bathroom mirror. But that’s not what happened. Instead, that little bump turned into a blistering red boil that within hours had spread like a fire in a paper factory. My body began to shake with chills and my body temperature reached a sizzling 103 degrees. Even worse, my organs were slowly but surely shutting down. I was basically dying. For the record, I have made hundreds of bad decisions in my life. Some of my life choices have been catastrophic. However, on December 26th, 2016, I finally made the right choice... and it saved my life. I called an Uber. Within a half hour I was admitted into the East Orange, VA hospital, lying on gurney with several IV tubes pumping antibiotics into my one good arm. The diagnosis was an aggressive MRSA virus that had spread rapidly and was ravishing my skin tissue and internal organs. In 24 hours I went from popping a zit to fighting for my life. So why am I sharing this story with you guys? I’ll tell you. This isn’t about a zit that turned deadly. It’s what happened next. For those of you that know me, my life has always been an open book. Starting with the Howard Stern Show (pre-Sirius) and later on social media. I have always shared the joys, pains and shocking moments of my life. Experiences that we all go through but keep hidden from public scrutiny. This time was no different. I decided if I was going out, I was going to do it the same way I lived my entire life.... publicly and with a wee sense of sarcasm and humor. So with my Iphone 6 fully charged I began to write.. and write...and write. Every detail of what it’s like to be on death’s door including photos of my frightening sterile surroundings. I put it out there for all to see. What happened next is something I will never forget and changed my cynical view of life forever. Love and prayers from people I had never met began to blow up my phone. Friends I haven’t seen in years reached out with heartfelt concern. Within hours a few hundred emails, social media messages and texts showered me with so much support and love that it brought tears to my eyes. I wasn’t alone. Not even close. My weakened spirit was injected with a new outlook on life. Although gravely ill, I was stronger than I had ever been. I felt reborn from a baptism of human goodness. As I write this story my condition has improved dramatically. Thanks to the amazing doctors, nurses and surgical team at the East Orange, VA hospital I’m back on my feet and ready to take on 2017. Some might think it was a terrible experience to go through especially during the holidays and feel sorry for me. On the contrary, I say my illness was the best Christmas gift I ever could have received. Happy New Year everyone.....








CALL 201 681 7550 616 GRAND ST, HOBOKEN, NJ 07030 | 201-610-1522 HOBOKEN WILLIEMCBRIDES.COM

BY CHAUNCE HAYDEN @chauncehayden

Naked Truth


ZsaZsa Gabor’s

In your opinion, are the days of glamor gone and forgotten?

When it comes to women, it’s true that Hollywood is not as elegant as it used to be. They don’t have those big beautiful parties any more like the one I’m having for my daughter’s wedding. On all the invitations it will say “Ladies, Gorgeous, Gentlemen, Dashing.” I like for the women to dress up, why not?

Don’t you agree that the bigger than life film stars like the Bogarts and Cr awfords have all but disappeared, leaving us with a bunch of one-film wonders? Well, there are some wonderful actors today, but the actresses… today when you see them in real life they look like nothing.

For instance? Like Michelle Pfeiffer. When you see her in films, she looks so wonderful, but if you see her on the streets, you wouldn’t even know who she is. She’s got sloppy long hair, sloppy outfits, I don’t know. I have some sloppy outfits too and I love them, but you still have to hold yourself a certain way. I hope Michelle’s not mad at me because I’m a big admirer of her but she could dress up a little bit more. Today the models and society women are

Last Interview with Chaunce Hayden

the big stars. They still look wonderful, well dressed and elegant. But the actresses, forget about it. Look at what Julia Roberts got married in. It looks like a nightgown.

How is your relationship with your husband, Prince Frederick Von Anhalt? He is wonderful. We are very happy. We’ve been married seven years now and we went together three years before I married him. So we’ve been together ten years.

Is that the longest you’ve ever been with a man? Sure. The longest before this was two or three years. And the last marriage before Frederick was only one day. It was ridiculous.

That has got to be a world record. [Film Director] John Houston was at the wedding. I met him a couple of years later and I told him, “You know, John, the marriage to Felipe [husband number seven] only lasted one day.” He said, “You know, Zsa Zsa, I didn’t even give you that long.” (Laughing)

That’s very funny, but tell me, how does it feel now to be a princess? It’s wonderful but I don’t feel any different. It’s wonderful in Europe because they call you Royal Highness. Otherwise I really don’t give a damn about it. But I’m very happy that

I have him because he’s wonderful. To tell you the truth, I would prefer to live here in America and just be plain old Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I don’t think you’ll ever be considered just plain old Zsa Zsa. Thank you, darling.

Despite all your accomplishments, lately you seem to be remembered most for the now infamous “Slap heard around the world,” when you were convicted for striking a Los Angeles police officer. What exactly happened on that fateful day? It was utterly stupid. For example the day before yesterday, I found out I’m being sued by a woman who doesn’t even know me. These people just want the publicity. With the slap incident, the whole thing became a farce. I never hit the policeman and he was unbelievably rude to me. He used language that no man should use toward a woman and for no reason, except that the tag on my car had expired. I didn’t speed, I didn’t do anything. And when he became rude, I just forgot he was a policeman and instead, looked at him as just a man who was insulting me.

So I lifted my arm but I never hit him. I should have, though.

No, thank God! Don’t compare me to Ivana Trump. Please don’t compare me to her. I’m Hungarian and she’s Czechoslovakian. I do not wish to be compared to her in no way.

I don’t approve of her. Even though she’s a very bright woman, I think she dresses much too flashy. I also think her hair is ridiculous and I think her behavior with Donald was very stupid. All she cares about is money, money, money. I hate that! She is exactly the opposite of me. She dresses too flashy and her hair is too flashy. I know that she wants to be like Zsa Zsa Gabor but she doesn’t have the education or the background that I have. Please don’t ever compare me to that woman!

I’ll never make that mistake again, I promise. Thank you.

Is it true you played ice hockey? (Laughing) When I was a little girl in Budapest all the girls played. I was also the junior champion in fencing and ping-pong. But fencing was my forté.

I hope you’re not still playing hockey. No, but I do play polo which is even more dangerous.

You would know that better than me. Someone told me that Michael’s financially backing one of her perfumes. I actually like Liz but I don’t admire her at all because I know so many things about her. You know how she is.

No, how is she?

Now I want to ask you one question. Sure.

What is your opinion of Michael Jackson? Personally I think that in his mind he’s still 10 years old and that’s why he wants to play around with children. I love children myself but why should a 38 year old man sleep with little boys. It’s sick.

Do you think the parents of those children are any less sick? You know what it is. The parents see a rich star and what can you say… they’re more guilty than Michael. Darling, look at how he looks. He doesn’t want to be black and he can’t be white. I think he looks awful. I mean

Well I like her in the old movies. Let’s put it that way. Her mother and my mother are great friends. But her mother is in an old ladies’ home in Palm Springs while my mother lives like a queen in her own house in Europe with three nurses always around. Liz’s poor mother never had anything in her life, honey. At Liz’s [recent] wedding her mother wasn’t even allowed to sit at her table. She had to sit with the hairdresser of MGM. I know much about Liz because I’ve known her all my life and because she was married to Nicky Hilton while I was married to Conrad Hilton. And even though they were Catholic, Nicky begged his father to allow him to divorce Elizabeth. Conrad was very furious, but Nicky said he would kill himself if he had to stay married to her one more hour.

Well Zsa Zsa, nobody will ever accuse you of holding back. (Laughing) I like to tell it like it is. They can only kill you once you know, so I’m not afraid of anyone.


Naked Truth

What is it about Ivana Trump that upsets you?

You know, you’re a very good interviewer. I never really talk to anybody like this. Most people ask such insane questions that I normally answer back just as crazy. I like to be flip, you know. When I was about 12 years old, there was a famous Hungarian writer who said to my mother in French, “This child was born to shock the middle class.”

I just think that Michael is a very sick man. I think Madonna is just as bad. She’s also such a big talent and yet she behaves like a street walker. And explain to me Elizabeth Taylor. You know she is my next door neighbor, but I can’t understand why she would defend him. Do you think it’s for publicity?

Did anyone ever tell you that you remind them of Ivana Trump?

I want to thank you for sitting down and spending some time with me.





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BY OTTO D. Man Cave (Otto D)

It’s A Given...

That your blood pressure always reads high when your nurse looks like a super model!

“POLES” (Where Votes Really Count)



Lets be honest gentleman, every guy would rather have girls swing bye instead of stopping bye. So why not “Go Go” the distance and get your cave installed with a real shiny one, pole that is...The perfect Valentines Day gift for every couple!! Spice up the love life and get yourself a professional dancing pole installed in your man cave. Practically sold every porn shop, EBay, or even Amazon has them for sale for just a couple of hundred dollars. Look at it as a major investment, it might even double as a support beam for the basement. Now I’m not saying every women can handle a big pole. You might have to surround the floor with some matting, but there’s no harm in giving her a shot! (I mean on the pole).


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There’s nothing in the world like a good growl and we don’t mean like a dog. Personalized growlers are something every man cave owner should have. There’s always something to be said about a name, especially if it’s your own. Preferably a 64 OZ cold glass filled with what ever it is you love to chug, guzzle or even spill. Doesn’t matter because the shits got your name on it and your the man in your own cave!! Besides it’s the one bottle nobody puts their sticky, sneezed up fingers on. (Please Grrr Responsibly)

Goo Goo About


Following much speculation, Lady Gaga and the NFL teamed up again for the halftime show for the 2017 Fox’s Super Bowl LI show. This is her second time performing at the Super Bowl. The “Perfect Illusion” singer sang the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 last February. But what goes into a production like this you ask? It’s not just about Gaga, “Halftime Field Team Members” will be tasked with moving and assembling the large rolling stage carts and other scenic elements on and off the field for the show. No experience necessary, but applicants must be in good physical health. Everyone needs to be team member and “Field Team Members” will need to commit to 2 weeks of rehearsals in their entirety. 141 million people on average will be watching the show where there is no room for error. Her performance will average 12 minutes and aired in 234 countries and territories according to the NFL (I didn’t even know that many countries existed..W TF). So remember that during that Bud commercial there’s a shit load of people busting their ass to set up, and take down this absolutely massive production!! So BIG respects going out to the staff and hopefully they eat their Wheaties the night before..... Umm only if your a women!!

There’s Always a MOTIV


STEAK or BJ First? Ok so I’m just putting this out there guys, FYI there is such a magical day that falls on March 14th one month after “Valentines Day” called “Steak and Blow Job Day”. Who knows if it started as a joke or found on the Internet (because everything you read on the Internet is real) but all I know is I think I would want my blow job first! After all you do get sleepy after each activity but still, can’t let that one get away. Fuck the candy, fuck the card and fuck the flowers. This is your day!! Sound to good to be true, maybe, simply because rules do apply. On Valentines Day you MUST spend time on satisfying your significant other. Eat some now save some for later! (Please Eat Responsibly)


If you’ve always wanted a fitness tracker but don’t want anything on your wrist or your hip then you’re in luck - Motiv is showing off it’s new smart ring at CES 2017. Apparently it can monitor steps, sleep, calories and even heart rate from your finger, (do not wear on wedding ring finger) and lasts between 3-5 days on a single charge. So for around $200.00 you get to have another item reminding you that you DO NOT live a healthy lifestyle!

ARE YOU AN 8%? Studies show that only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year’s Resolution. So many fall short because they try to do it alone, they don’t have a plan.

CROSSFIT SECAUCUS SOLVES ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS! Become part of our community and follow our plan with guidance from our coaches.

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Celebrit y Chef Salvat ore Olivella

Chef of the Month


What inspired you to become a chef? La mia passione culinaria scorre nel mio sangue...My culinary passion runs in my blood. I am fortunate to be born in Italy and to have learned the cuisine of the best of both worlds...the north and south of Italy. For generations recipes were passed down from my great grandparents and as I traveled and learned about different cultures I was inspired to fuse different ingredients and create masterpieces!

Chefs today have become rock star. What’s the reason? The food industry has created an empire by converting chefs into public entertainers. The Millennial Generation has transformed chefs to Rock Stars! I love it!

You work your culinary magic at Olivella’s. Tell me about the cuisine? Olivella’s specializes in Italian Cuisine from Northern and Southern Italy. It is a fusion of peasant food with a mix of modern cuisine. Chef Gordan R amsey...First Thoughts? He is aggressive. He reminds me of myself when I was younger. Now that I am older I would SPIN things around. Do you have a signature dish? My cuisine is seasonal. One of my favorites is Sushi Parma, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, e TiramiGiu.

Has Yelp and Social Media put intense pressure on a chef like yourself to be perfect? Never. I love competition and I am always eager to learn new things. I work hard to persevere for self-growth.

Where do you pull menu inspir ations from? My inspiration is grounded in my Italian heritage. Mia soul is rooted in my country. Every dish I create is inspired by the diversity of cultures I have encountered throughout my life...Europe, America and South America.

Can anyone learn to cook? Yes, with me anyone can learn to cook. However, the secret is to cook like your making love. You need Passione e Amore...Passion and Love.

What is your own personal favorite dish? Polpi Di Scoglio alla Luciana

What would you say to those about to enjoy Olivella’s? Olivella’s will offer you an innovative, creative experience where you will have un assaggio della vera cucina Italiana...A taste of true Italian culinary.


OPENING IN 2 W EEK S 7709 Bergenline Avenue North Bergen, NJ

Photo by Victor Hugo




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Bartender of the Month 22

What inspired you to become a mixologist? I started in this business in my early twenties as a bouncer for extra money. Then saw a better opportunity bartending.

You tend bar at the Village Grille. How would you describe the vibe? Casual, friendly atmosphere. It’s very comfortable with really good food.

You’ve been doing your thing for 2 decades. What is the cr aziest thing you ever saw? I had an evening years ago in a bar where I was chased by a guy with a German Sheppard. You had to be there.

What makes the Village Grille so unique? We can accommodate anyone’s special needs. And as far as the menu items and drinks it’s the only place you can get Al’s friendly service.

Do you have a signature cocktail? (laughs) All of them!

How has bartending changed from when you first started? The laws have changed a great deal affecting the business. Especially late night. Also there were only about 3 specialty drinks, now there are thousands. It’s been almost 40 years since I started!

Do you ever feel like a psychologist behind the bar? Every time!

You’ve been at the Village Grille since day one. You kind of came with the place. What makes you so popular? I think I just try to do my best every time I’m behind the bar and that’s really it. Of course we all have our days.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows? I was a shy person when I was young. But from working in this business, I kind of overcame it to a degree.

71 Crescent Ave • Waldwick, NJ @TheVillageGrille • 201-670-8200

71 Crescent Ave • Waldwick, NJ • @TheVillageGrille • 201-670-8200

FREDERICK DOOT @dootthewriter

Get Your Golf Game on during Winter at The

Players Club Indoor Golf in Par amus

Ever wish you could just throw your golf clubs in your trunk during the dead of winter with a foot of snow on the ground and still get in a full round of golf? At The Players Club Indoor Golf on 348 Evelyn Street in Paramus (just off Rt. 17), you can.

Indoor Golf


Many of us enjoyed the evolution of video games through the 1990’s, including the introduction of the EA Sports PGA Tour series. Finally, we could catch a glimpse of what it would be like to stand on the tee pad and stare down the daunting 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass, or the rocky coastline at Pebble Beach Golf Links. But as realistic as the visuals became with each new gaming console, it still amounted to moving joysticks and pressing buttons with your thumbs. Nintendo’s Wii helped by getting us off the couch to play a round of golf, but it just meant swinging a joystick at an invisible ball in your living room. That may be enough for those who just want a modest challenge and entertainment, but what about a realistic golf simulation for real golfers? That is where The Players Club comes in. The players club offers a three-dimensional realistic golf simulation. Whether you are playing a 9-hole quick round with a couple friends, getting some

swings in at their driving range, or analyzing you swing with one of their training instructors, The Players Club has it all. There are six simulators at the facility, which utilizes state of the art technology to accurately simulate your game with not just your swing, but the physics of the ball. Cameras and specially marked Callaway Blue golf balls are used to track and calculate various factors in real time, including ball speed, back spin, trajectory, club speed, and vertical launch to simulate the ball’s path. Your round is enjoyed on high definition projection screens which shows the course and the ball’s path in real time following each swing. Professional golfer Luke Donald confirmed the realism of the facility’s simulations. “A few shots on the aboutGolf simulator and I was convinced. My game was the same inside, as it is out,” Donald said. The facility is often utilized by local athletes, including high school teams and local college players. It has seen its share of celebrities and sports athletes as well, who pop in from time to time to sneak in a round.

Do to their popularity, they often get busy, especially on weeknights and weekends. Reservations are recommended, and can be done online at or by calling 201-483-9690. You may book your tee times up to 7 days in advance. Players are charged for the amount of time that was booked, not the length of the round. Golfers pay per simulator, not per person. Rates are $50 per hour per simulator on weekends and holidays, $45 an hour on weekdays. Pre-paid discount cards are also available for purchase.

The facility offers lessons from PGA instructors. If you are already working with your own golf professional, you are welcome to bring them with you. If you aren’t working with a pro, we can provide one for you. The Players Club also hosts leagues, which generally run 10 to 12 weeks on weeknights from 7:00pm-9:15pm. Leagues include warm up, play, registration and weekly prize purse contributions. Typical leagues are nine holes but private leagues can be customized with a minimum of 12 players. The facility also offers junior golf clinics and camps. The junior golf clinics run twice a week. Call 201-483-9690 or visit for more information. Although snacks and light refreshments are available, The Players Club is a BYO facility, so there’s no need to get to the turn for refills or wait for the beer cart to roll up. Refrigerated beverage stations are available at each simulator.

Golfers are encouraged to bring their own clubs, though house clubs are available for rent, It is recommended that you call in advance to confirm availability if you need to rent clubs. With nearly 50 courses to choose from (including the aforementioned TPC Sawgrass and Pebble Beach Golf Links), there is plenty of variety and challenges to keep your rounds interesting, and keep your game in top shape during the off-season. While the most golf most players get over the winter is watching tournaments on television, The Players Club lets you keep playing year-round. Additional courses include Scottsdale, and Louisiana from the Players Championship; The Carolinas Collection including Harbour Town, Pine Needles Golf Club, The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Island Golf Resort; the Pebble Beach Collection including Spyglass Hill and The Links at Spanish Bay; an extensive St. Andrews Collection; specialty courses such as the Texas Golf Tour, the Myrtle Beach Tour, the Par 3 Showcase, and the Far East Tour; and a series of custom courses including Atlantis, Hollow Grounds, Pine Rivers Champ, Red Rock Valley, Scottish Brae, Shady Dunes, and Sun Ridge. Courses are also being added, most recently Hazeltine, home of the Ryder Cup. The facility is open 7 days a week (Monday through Friday from 9:00am-10:00pm, Saturday from 8:00am-10:00pm, and Sunday from 8:00am-7:00pm).

“All good,” he adds, speaking over his golf partner’s smack-talking as he misses a 20-footer. “Great place, I recommend it to everybody.”


Indoor Golf

The round or shot of your life may also be saved for you during or following the round for further analysis and bragging later. In fact, plaques line the wall at the facility acknowledging players’ “Hole in One” shots achieved.

John Dix of Clifton, New Jersey, is a regular, and has been playing since the facility opened five years ago in December, 2011. When asked what he liked about the facility, he cited multiple benefits. “The ownership is great. Realistic technology. It keeps you in shape.” John plays two to three days a week, two rounds each time out.

The Players Club is also open for private events, including birthdays, corporate events and even bachelor parties. “Like they say in Vegas, what happens here, stays here,” Nicole, manager of The Players Club assured me, adding that additional entertainment may be brought in for parties as well. You may also bring in your own catering, or let the Players Club cater the event for you.

Former Salt Lick Pitmaster from Austin, TX now serving authentic Texas BBQ: Chef Mike Rodriguez

House of ‘Que Takes



by The Horns! all New expaNded food aNd driNk MeNu BesT wiNGs 2017 Gospel suNday BruNcH Beginning Feb. 26

loyalTy proGraM dueliNG piaNos eVery saTurday

House of ‘Que is your BirtHday, BacHelor and BacHelorette parTy HeadQuarTers!

ContaCt us For PaCkages & PriCing!

BY CHAUNCE HAYDEN @chauncehayden

It may be February, but It’s not too early to get a hot cut oF

Born on October 11, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Michelle Wie displayed immense potential after learning to play golf at age 4. She qualified for a USGA tournament at age 10, and at 14 she became the youngest female to compete against men in a PGA Tour event. After claiming her first LPGA victory in 2010, the former prodigy won her first major tournament at the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open. During her brilliant career this 6 foot tall super-athlete has shown grace under constant expectations to be the best in the world. Whether you follow golf or not, the chances are you know the name Michelle Wie.

Growing up in the spotlight wasn’t easy. As a child, I struggled with body image issues - I was chubby and 5’7” at 10 years old.

I think women and men competing against each other truly broadens the appeal of the sport, so I’m all for it!

You lived most of your life under such a big spotlight. What has that been like for you? Growing up in the spotlight wasn’t easy. As a child, I struggled with body image issues - I was chubby and I was also 5’7’’ at ten years old. Being that tall was tough–I was bullied in school; it was hard being really insecure and then being thrown into the spotlight. I’m proud to say I worked through it and try every day to count my blessings.

Do you ever think what it would be like not to be one of the world’s greatest golfers? What would life be like? I really try to have an active and “normal” life when I am not competing. I graduated from Stanford University in 2012 and I’m so happy that I got to have that college experience - everyone learns how to grow up together. I am like any other girl - lover of yoga, pizza enthusiast and Pinterest-obsessed. I can’t imagine my life without golf but I know that I would still be doing something I am passionate about. Is there one moment in golf that stands out and means the most to you? Winning the U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship at age 24 was pretty cool! I recall when you were still a teen playing alongside the male pro golfers. Looking back was that a mistake? I think it was both an amazing experience and challenge to have happen in my teens. I have always had a competitive drive and have learned something from every single competition, especially when competing on that level.


Cover Story

Was there a moment when you thought to yourself, “I might actually be an amazing golfer one day?” Early on, I always had big goals when it came to my career. I’ve had some amazing milestones including qualifying for a USGA tournament at age 10. But I knew my goals had no limits when I became the youngest female to qualify to compete against men in a PGA tour event when I was just 14.

Can you recall what first got you interested in golf? Did you start kicking and screaming or did you have a passion from the very start? I have to say that I always loved golf – I lived, breathed, and slept it as a kid which led to my talent being acknowledged. I am so thankful that my career started so early and I get to live my dream every day.

Women golfers are so talented. Why can’t the two genders compete against each other? I think women and men competing against each other truly broadens the appeal of the sport, so I’m all for it! Hopefully, I can continue to inspire young girls to pick up a club and shoot for big dreams like playing in the Masters.

Cover Story


What is the best advice you can give a weekend golfer.... Don’t just set up to the ball – build a “power plant” Take an extrawide stance and plant each foot well outside your shoulders This broader base further restricts your hip turn. Then push out your knees so you look a bit bowlegged, like I do, and squat down a bit, pressing your spikes into the ground. Your legs are now engaged— the tightness signals that you’re ready to start your backswing. “Activating” your legs this way helps you swing like an athlete. If your legs are as limp as noodles, they’ll collapse under the force of your motion. Even for non-power hitters, loose legs sink swings. How important is Tiger Woods to the game of golf? I’ve been fortunate to take part in one of the Tiger Woods Foundation Clinics in 2016 and take away some amazing lessons. I absolutely LOVE talking to Tiger about the game and got some great advice. Tiger was my favorite player growing up, I even had a life goal to beat him! His mark on the sport is undeniable. We recently lost Arnold Palmer who most would agree was the greatest golfer who ever lived. What did he mean to golf and how did you feel about his passing? The golf community was devastated by the loss of such an inspirational athlete and man. What’s your favorite golf movie? This is tough - there are some great ones! There is the obvious classic comedy in “Caddyshack” and “Tin Cup” was the romantic comedy take on the sport. I love trying to guess which golf course some of the most famous scenes in those movies were shot at! Anyone who has ever golfed wants to feel that sensation of a driver whacking the ball str aight down the middle of the fairway 250 yards. What’s the best way to make that happen? Muscle repetition is key in golf, if you keep practicing and keep your head down – it’s going to happen! One of my favorite (and most important) things to work on is my swing - it’s all about discipline and consistency.

You have a very unorthodox way of putting. My back hurts just watching you. Why does it work and does your back ever get sore as mine does watching your technique? Putting is very subjective – everyone has his or her own style. It all depends on what works and feels best for you. This technique really developed as a result of me wanting to get closer to the ball, wanting to be one with the ball if you will - now I see the line so much better when I read the putt. And my back hurt worse before I employed this technique; it feels so comfortable for me now, I’m almost at a 90 degree angle and it’s all legs. Ok ay, what’s with you and StarKist Tuna? I partnered with StarKist because I find that their Tuna Creations, Salmon Creations and Kid’s Creations single-serve pouches are a wonderful tasty source of protein that fits my on-the-go busy lifestyle. I love that you can just open the pouch and enjoy - no draining required. Plus, they make a honey bbq flavor that I really love to keep in my gym bag! Why a gluten free diet? My decision to be gluten and dairy free is from listening to my body and understanding what choices will resonate best. It definitely was the right decision for me - I feel so much healthier!

Tell us something about you nobody knows? I LOVE hot sauce! Finally, what’s the best advice anyone has ever given you? Never give up and keep grinding out a score.


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Is it possible to have a personal life with your insane schedule? Yes! I learned that there are hardships that come with being a professional, just as in life. You can’t take anything for granted: your health, your friends, your family, your game, just be grateful for everything. And when you can, enjoy your “off-time,” which for me includes starting the day with an acai bowl and hot yoga, going to the beach, painting, baking and hanging out with friends.

How much time do you spend in the gym? My fitness plan really varies when I’m in-season and not. When I’m in-season there are a lot of golf-specific exercises I need to do for my hip and for my leg to keep everything strong. I really focus on my glutes and hamstrings—especially since I’m naturally very quad dominant. Those two are very important for golf. I’m also doublejointed in a lot of areas and don’t have any problem with flexibility so for me it’s more about keeping everything strong and tighter.

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8 oz. Butcher’s Blend of short ribs, chuck and brisket topped with sautéed wild mushrooms, crispy onions and Asiago cheese.


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Brian Hayes


Best Gyms IN NORTH JERSEY CrossFit - Secaucus

333 Meadowlands Pkwy, Secaucus, NJ 07094 | (201) 503-6320 | CrossFit Secaucus provides a unique environment for female and male athletes through individual and group training sessions. CrossFit Secaucus will foster a tight community among its athletes that will help and motivate one another striving to reach the ultimate level of wellness and fitness. In addition to providing an exceptional CrossFit experience in the jewel of the Meadowlands. We also serve the surrounding communities. Schedule your FREE trial class today by calling (201) 503-6320.

K aeos Fitness

106 Grand Ave #120, Englewood, NJ 07631 | (201) 567-0429 |

By borrowing from the disciplines of powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, athletic conditioning, gymnastics, and several other proven methodologies, we ensured a more complete fitness program that is specifically tailored and custom fit to their unique needs – think of it as ‘designer’ work outs! 49 E Midland Ave, Paramus, NJ | (201) 265-7722 | Gold’s Gym in Paramus has a special mission of Making a Difference! We are here to help our members enjoy the many benefits and results of a healthy fitness lifestyle while giving back to our community in as many ways as possible. Our family atmosphere allows members of all ages, shapes and sizes to feel comfortable while working out at the gym and our staff is made up of the most friendly, caring, motivating and knowledgeable professionals around.  If you are looking for some additional challenges to your workout routine, we also have an incredible variety of workout options from Olympic lifting to Gold’s Gym Fight Club.


60 Christopher Columbus Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07302 | (201) 332-2866 | Base is the neighborhood centerpiece of downtown Jersey City, encompassing the very best of what a fitness club should be. Dozens of exercise, yoga, spinning, and barre classes each week. The latest strength, cardio and functional training choices. Unique features, like on-site childminding and free indoor parking. Add luxury perks like a day spa and fully loaded locker rooms with sauna and steam, all designed with an interior that rivals a boutique hotel. And most importantly, a professional, attentive hospitality staff that is dedicated to the satisfaction of each and every member.


471 Cortlandt St, Belleville, NJ 07109 | (973) 751-6999 Signature Fitness is a dynamic 50,000 sq-ft family fitness complex at 471 Cortlandt Street, Belleville, NJ. With the latest cardiovascular equipment, strength training and free weights, along with a Women’sonly Exercise Center and lounge, we are the elite name in fitness. Free with membership are 75 weekly group fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Kickboxing, Spinning, Cycling, Boot Camp, and more. Free Childcare and FREE Wi-Fi lounge available. Customized Nutrition plans and top-of-the-line Supplements sold in our facility mean you can get the whole package all in one place.


Best Gyms

Gold’s Gym

It all started with two basic, but important, ideas: One: Build a gym where results are a daily occurrence. Two:  Create a gym where the clients actually want to come in – truly look forward to their next work out.  Founders Ali Ghavami and Gene DosSantos saw an opportunity to bring both of these ideas to life – they conceived Kaeos Fitness and opened the doors in 2006.

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Vest Versatility

Shearling and suede = effortlessly trendy. ASOS Faux Shearling Overcoat In Camel, | $136

Vests look stylish when paired with almost anything. BELSTAFF Slim-Fit Quilted Shell Gilet, | $295

Timeless Leather Leather jackets keep the cold air out. UO Faux Leather Moto Jacket, | $129

The Statement Coat The Ombre Coat from Zara is neutral yet masculine. Ombre Coat, | $150

Military Inspired Double breasted jackets and coats give a super polished look with minimal effort. ASPESI double-breasted mid coat, | $337

Expires 2/28/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer

Expires 2/28/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer

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Romantic Night In

1 2

Ladies, I know we love wearing sweats, cute tees and hoodies to stay in. However, let’s switch up the tune. Try a different kind of lounge wear for Valentines day? | Lavish Alice Made You Blush Satin Pajamas Top $38/Bottom $48



Lavish Dinner Out

Dinner is exciting because not only do I get to dress up, but I get to see my significant other looking dapper. February is a cold month, midi long sleeve dresses or jumpsuits are perfect options! | Silky Plunge Wrap Shift Dress in Nude $54 and Crepe Harness Strappy Plunge Jumper $54

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Casual Bar Night

Heels aren’t a necessity. You can dress in jeans, over the knee boots, and whatever kind of top you like. Casual bar night is a win-win situation for everyone! | Roman Off the shoulders Stripe Body suit $54 | Ditto Selena Washed Black Distressed Ankle Jeans $55


Drinks with the Ladies

Okay, if you’re going out with your ladies on Valentines day, you know you have to bump it up. Ladies night is for being goofy, so keep it fun and fashionable! | The NW Tank Midi Set $42 and The NW Trench $45





Now that the season is officially underway at long last, it’s time to give some well due props to my column sponsor Shawnee Mountain in Pennsylvania’s lovely Pocono Mountains and just a stone’s throw from the NJ border. In fact, Shawnee is the absolute closest PA destination to ski or board if you are coming from the Garden State or NYC. With January being National Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month, Shawnee will of course be partaking in the activities. It all starts on January 6th with 100 introductory Learn to Ski and Snowboard packages being offered for a mere $25 each. All of the proceeds from Shawnee’s one-day promotion will be donated to the Bushkill Outreach Program. The 1pm lesson time on this day will also be part of the world’s largest ski/snowboard lesson for the Guinness World Record. Reservations are required and can be arranged by calling 570-421-7231 xt 210. (some restrictions apply)

For the remainder of January, (excluding January 14 & 15,) Shawnee Mountain will be offering a discount Learn to Ski or Snowboard Package online for just $69. This package is available online at and includes a lift ticket, rental equipment and a first time group lesson.

For those of you who may not already be avid skiers or boarders, this is an extremely reasonable price to pay to see if these sports are something you might enjoy taking more seriously. It’s my feeling that even if people might want to try skiing or boarding, the cost can be enough of a deterrent to

make them not even try. It’s with that spirit that Shawnee has extended such a great offer. I urge you to take them up on it. Shawnee, which operates both day and night, is well-known as being a beginner and family friendly ski area, welcoming all levels of skiers and riders. On top of that, they also have a 100% coverage, high-powered snowmaking system which really helps when Mother Nature is not bringing us the white stuff herself. As far as actual specs go… Shawnee Mountain has 125 skiable acres, 23 trails, the Tomahawk Express high-speed quad lift, 1 Fixed-Grip Quad, 4 Double lifts, 4 Carpets, 2 terrain parks and a snow tubing park, plus daily grooming. Visit their website at for full details, snow report, discounts and more. Please support my awesome loyal sponsors and as always… think snow! MN



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II truly hate those super happy people that walk around smiling for no apparent reason. Like. Why? Unless you have those vibrating panties on or you’re in a meditative euphoric state, which I wouldn’t advise in these streets, what the hell are you smiling about? Well. I found myself being that obnoxious chick the other morning, sans vibrating panties. Sipping my coffee while the sun was warming my face, (bored) I was thinking about how perfect my life was. Great job, cute makeup, still skinny and I was dating the most amazing man. Textbook tall, dark, handsome, killer job and absolutely adored me. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Especially because I was dating another perfect man at the same time. So, it’s a little greedy to ask for more, right? Boy One was so business savvy and professional and Boy Two was just artsy and soulful. Boy Two was a movie producer. He was obsessed with Halloween like me, always wore black ripped up Tshirts, said the F word as much as I did, and was just a reckless animal. Ugh! I felt extremely balanced with both of these men. They both gave me something I craved and I didn’t want to let either of them go. Museums with one by day, fancy dinners with other by night. Just an endless whirlwind of the brat life, (which is every girl’s have nonstop attention, let’s be honest.) At this point in my life, I am not surprised by anything. I thought, until I was proven wrong last week. Note: when it feels too good to be true, be advised, it is. It always, ALWAYS is. Out on the town with my bestie boyfriend, ( by out on the town I of course mean in a dirty underground bar. And by bestie boyfriend I of course mean a smiling blonde angel that fights with me over the same tattooed gentlemen.) We were traipsing about town to our usual Hell’s Kitchen haunts when we nightcapped at Vodka Soda, the most glorious place on 46th street.

Around midnight, the queens fire up a lipsync battle and dance around in the fashion district’s best fabrics to showtunes and diva beats. To say how entertaining it is would be a wild understatement. My bestie boyfriend and I have already swallowed our body weight in vodka, so everything to us is hysterical at this point. After the standard Whitney, Cher, and of course Stevie Nicks impersonations...a dark horse entered. I use the term dark horse two-folded as the black floor length costume with glitter and feathers wasn’t as menacing and game-changing as what I was actually watching. Boy Two. In all his glory. Courting barely legal gentlemen and effortlessly waltzing across the room to Ursula’s ,“Poor Unfortunate Souls.” There was no mistaking that his affinity for the dark side was shining under that disco ball to Disney villain anthems. And if that wasn’t enough, the little devil-horned shoulder tattoo I used to bite on was slipping out from the back of his sequined dress. (Insert dry heaving sounds.) F*cking. Boy. Two. Unreal! This is what fifteen years of dating in this town gets you. Two for One watered down cocktails and a mediocre performance by your closeted drag queen boytoy on a Thursday night? (Insert more dry heaving.) When does the madness end? Haven’t we already been through enough drama with these boys? Douchebag Wall street type, fetish obsessed, drug addicted, super vanilla tech nerds that never shut up, and now showtune-belting secret drag queens? What. In. The. Actual. F*CK is happening? I nearly broke my bestie’s arm grabbing it so hard when Boy Two turned around and our eyes met. He knew. I knew. Snapchat knew because I couldn’t help myself after 6 vodkas. But the show must go on. And it did. He didn’t miss a beat, and then...that was it. He waltzed out of my life forever. Bye Bye Boy Two. MN

7. The Patriots Win the Super Bowl You can make this prediction most years, and there’s nothing new about the Patriots running over the competition in the NFL, as they’re currently doing. But the question heading into Super Bowl 51 is: Who can stop the Patriots this season? The interesting thing season is not how good the Patriots are, but how bad the teams expected to challenge them are. And with Tom Brady out for revenge after his four game suspension at the start of the season, would anyone bet against the Pats and Brady to win it all?

a career year, reaching the Wimbledon Finals, where he lost to current World No. 1 Andy Murray. And if you look at the current top five players in the world, Raonic is the youngest and the one who seems poised to breakout and start winning slams. He also added John McEnroe as coach, someone who knows something about getting over the hump. If Djokovic starts to fade in 2017, look to Raonic to move in for the kill.

4. McDavid Wins NHL Scoring Title

6. Russell Westbrook Named NBA MVP

Sports Report


The NBA season is long and a lot can happen between October and June. But right now, is there any single player in the NBA who is doing more to help his team win than Russell Westbrook? In the first week of the NBA season, Russell scored a career high 51 points in a game against the Phoenix Suns, while also racking up 13 rebounds and 10 assists. He also took 44 shots in that game. Sports writers are now wondering, out loud, if Westbrook can be the first player since Oscar Robertson in 1961-62 to average a triple-double for the entire season. So far, he’s on track. It’s still early, but no player means more to his team in the NBA than Russell Westbrook means to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

5. Milos R aonic Wins A Tennis Gr and Slam Milos Raonic is currently the fourt ranked tennis player in the world, despite the fact that he’s never won a Grand Slam title. The 25-year old Canadian, who stands 6’5”, has been consistently ranked in the top ten since he turned pro in 2008. In 2016 he had

Right now all the focus in the National Hockey League seems to be on rookie sensation Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs (or maybe that’s just a geographical bias on our part). But let’s not forget about the previous rookie sensation that took the league by storm – Connor McDavid. Fully healthy and with his skates firmly under his feet, McDavid looks ready to become the first sophomore to lead the NHL in scoring since Sidney Crosby did it with 120 points in the 2006-07 season. The key will be for Connor McDavid to stay healthy. He missed 45 games last season with a broken clavical, he’ll need to work hard (and get a bit lucky) to stay on the ice and keep firing the puck into the net.

3. Arsenal Finish Atop Premier League Standings Perennial soccer powerhouse Manchester United have been struggling for a few seasons now and many sports writers see an opportunity for rivals Manchester City or Chelsea to finish on top of the English Premier League standings in 2017. But don’t count out Arsenal. For the first few months of the season, they have kept within a few

points of the league lead and look set to make a serious championship run. If top scorers Alexis Sánchez and Theo Walcott can continue to add to their totals, then Arsenal can be a true contender in 2017. Manchester City and Chelsea will be there too, but our money is on Arsenal to finish on top in the new year.

2. Dustin Johnson Wins The Masters There’s no tournament in golf more coveted than the Masters, and in 2017, we expect to see Dustin Johnson slip into the famous green jacket. Having gotten the monkey off his back with a win at the 2016 U.S. Open, Dustin Johnson seems more relaxed and confident than at any time in his career. We expect to see Johnson in the lead at all the major golf tournaments in 2017, but we also expect him to win the biggest prize out there at Augusta. His famous athlete father-inlaw, Wayne Gretzky, will be proud.

1. The Cleveland Indians Win the World Series You heard it here first, folks. The Cleveland Indians will get back to the World Series in 2017, and this time they’ll win it all. The first thing the team did the day after they lost in a classic Game Seven showdown with the Chicago Cubs was re-sign team manager Terry Francona and star players such as Carlos Santana – ensuring that the core of the team remains in place. With the Cleveland bullpen still strong and the bats cracking, we expect to see the Cleveland Indians win their first World Series since 1948. Place your bets early…

Over the Hill and Through the Woods to

Mount Peter Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing We Go

FREDERICK DOOT @dootthewriter

10:00am until noon, and at 2:00pm. Lessons last one hour and will include an introduction to equipment, basic balance and stance, sliding movements, direction changes and stopping. They also offer a Pete’s Pal program on weekends and holidays for the little ones, 4 years old or younger. The program allows children to enjoy the Snowbasin Learning Area, ride the Carpet Lift, and learn the basics such as equipment, walking, gliding, balance and other skiing skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. The $90 tuition fee includes equipment, a lift ticket and area pass, and hot chocolate. Reservations for the Pete’s Pal program are strongly recommended. For more advanced skiers and snowboarders, Mount Peter offers additional private lessons by Professional Ski Instructors of America, and American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

Did you know that New York state’s oldest skiing mountain is nearly in north New Jersey’s back yard? Mount Peter offers fourteen ski trails ranging from beginner green square to intermediate blue square to advanced black diamond trails just across the border in Warwick, New York. They also have a new snow tubing area and a terrain park. Rising from the Bellvale Mountain range and part of the New York – New Jersey Highlands, Mount Peter sits just south of New York State Route 17A, 38 miles northwest of New York City. The slopes originally served as a showcase for Macy’s Department Store in 1936 to spotlight their ski fashion, and has been serving the tri-state area since then as one of the few remaining family-owned ski areas in the United States. The ski area which runs along the northern slope of Mount Peter, features three double chair lifts, 2 carpet lifts, and a handle tow. Snowmaking is done on every trail, assuring superior grooming and conditions. Mount Peter is open Monday from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday from 8:30am to 9:00pm and Sunday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. All trails are available for night skiing. They offer free beginner ski and snowboard lessons with the purchase of a lift ticket for everyone 5 years or older on weekends at

The official address for Mount Peter – Skiing – Snowboarding – and Tubing is 51 Old Mt. Peter Road, Warwick, NY, 10990. Their telephone number is (845) 986-4940. Information is also available on their website at: Pete’s Closet gift shop offers a variety of items to keep you warm including hats, gloves, helmets, goggles, and handwarmers, as well as Mount Peter t-shirts and sweatshirts. They also offer full service ski and snowboard tuning, grinding and waxing services. And their rental shop near the main lodge can provide you with skis or snowboards, boots, poles, and helmets. If your day on the slopes is done, or if you just need a break, you can slide on over to the main lodge which includes a cafeteria and Pete’s Pub. Pete’s Pub features plenty of craft beers and drinks, and live music on weekends. Maybe you are a family with youngsters looking to get introduced to the joys of skiing. Or you are a casual skier who just enjoys being on the slopes, or an advanced skier looking for more of a challenge. Perhaps you are a snowboarder looking to grind it out in the terrain park. Or heck, maybe you are a non-skier who just enjoys snow and wants to plop your butt in a tube and let gravity do all the work, Mount Peter Skiing – Snowboarding – and Tubing has what you need. And even if you have no interest in the snow at all and would sit and enjoy a beer or two with live music over the weekend, Mount Peter has that for you too. MN


Mount Peter

The highest level of training is the “High School Crossovers” program, whose participants train with current U16-U21 USSA racers. They meet on Saturdays and Sundays through the beginning of March. Coaching and representation for USSA events are also available to athletes at an additional charge.

Mount Peter’s nationally recognized ski race program is run by Director Robert Gallo, who was named 2013 USSA Alpine Coach of the Year. The racing program caters to all levels of young skiers, starting with the “Dynamites” program for 6 to 10 year-old intermediate skiers. “The Dev. Team” is the second level of training, designed for 7 to 11 year-old intermediate to expert skiers who are considering taking their game to the next level and competing in the NJSRA Youth Ski League. The “Advanced Dev. Team” is geared for ski racing athletes aged 7 to 8 who plan on competing as a U10 ski race athlete. Next is the “USSA Full Race Program” which offers various levels including U10, U12, and U14 athletes, who meet on Saturday and Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.



WELCOME TO 2017! It took a year to get here and what a year it was. 2016 was by far the worst year I can remember and I’ve been around for 55 years. So many things sucked, I mean truly sucked. And I really can’t think of a major thing that got better. I’m really hoping for a better 2017 but for the first time in my life, I am not optimistic. Things are going to get worse. Here’s why.

There are now 7.4 billion people on Earth. It’s too many, by far. There are various estimates on how many people that the Earth can support. A intelligent consensus is 3 Billion and the population is growing. We are destroying our home and we are doing it too quickly.



People are worried about global warming but there are much more immediate dangers. Do you know that since the 1970’s we have fished out HALF of all the fish. That’s only 40 or so years. We have only half the fish left. How long will it take to fish out the rest? As the population grows, 30 years? Probably less because we kill at a faster rate as less fish are around to breed. What happens when there are no more fish? I’m not really sure. Mass starvation seems likely. Just a fun fact, sharks kill roughly 10 people a year, it’s rising because they are getting angry at us for killing 100 Million of them, EVERY YEAR. Many just for their fins.

As we all know now, America has become a police state paid for by the oil companies and the corporations. It’s been talked about for years, but we got to watch it on TV this time. The Dakota Access Pipeline brought right home to our living rooms that citizens in this country have very few actual rights. The military/cor-

porations/police can abuse, shoot, beat, pepper spray, water cannon, arrest and jail whomever they want, for any reason. With no fear of punishment. Remember, if you don’t take a stand when it’s not you, who’s going to help you, when it is you.

So many of our best and brightest died this year, an insane amount. Artists, athletes, astronauts, everyone. We lost Ali, John Glenn, Gene Wilder, the list is endless. For me personally, the worst was David Bowie. I grew up listening to his amazing and brilliant music. And watching Bowie over the decades continuing to grow and excel was an indescribable pleasure. But, as we all know, we all must shuffle off this mortal coil. It just seemed excessive in 2016.

And now we have Donald Trump, the list of the shit he is doing is too long for one section on a page. If you are intelligent, you are scared shitless. I’m only going to address one thing. The Dripping Hemorrhoid wants to start a nuclear arms race. I grew up during the cold war nuclear arms race and every single day there was the potential for it to be lights out for all of us. And it was scary, our moron government told us to “Duck and Cover” in case of a nuclear attack. That is not a joke, hide under your desk and cover yourself with newspapers. You can use your tablet now. As the decades passed, every administration helped soften the rhetoric and lessen the amount of nukes, so it seemed the overwhelming threat was less and we kind of forgot about it. Now the orange shit head wants to put it right back up to Defcon 5. If you think terrorism is scary, just wait.

I guess this generation will learn to live for today, as tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. Serious changes need to be made in every area, population, diplomacy, fuel technologies, healthcare, the list is endless. And the next administration is not taking us in the right direction, already. The new normal is going to be worse than the old normal. Get used to it.

The Asshole of the Month is someone we all know. He or she, (mostly he) would never behave the way they do online, in real life. Because they would get the shit kicked out of them daily. The supposed safety and in most cases anonymity of the internet has brought out the very worst in us. Troll Equals Asshole. I pity these losers who’s only joy in life is to be stupid, annoying douche bags. I wish I could meet each one face to face and watch them wimp out like the useless twats they are.

Thank you for reading. All this being said, I hope you all have a decent year. Try to be nice. We are, what we do, when it counts. — Banc


Could Your

LOVE OF SPORTS Be Affecting Your Sexual Relationship?

Since this month is a big one for sports and most all football fans, I figured I’d do some research and see how the love of sports may affect your relationship in the bedroom.

Good thing for my husband I am huge sports fan, so I understand his love and compassion for the sport when the game is on. Sometimes I swear I am worse than a dude, even me, one of the world’s horniest is unapproachable when a Dallas game is on!

Between the Sheets


While it may be OK in our relationship, since we are on the same playing field, it may negatively affect others. Most women could care less about sports and get offended by the fact that their significant other would rather see what team wins or loses rather score a touchdown of their own! I find some women are upfront about their interest or lack thereof when it comes to sports, and others tend to show their true colors overtime or once they realize how bad their significant other actually loves sports. Most men live for sports and follow their favorite teams all year. If your lady is already unhappy with this situation, the frustration over your love of sports will only get stronger leaving room for a lot of tension to build. She may just “blow” one day and not in a good way!!!! She may end up showing a lack of sexual desire at all, instigating fights or even look elsewhere. When communication is broken down in general it creates a wall between two people, no matter what the reasoning is behind it. We all know women process things differently than men do, so either party should be a little more sympathetic to how the other reacts. Ladies… I say if you can’t beat him at his game, be a part of it! Plan for some kick off kisses, a half-time hand job, or a game winning “score” of your own!!! Instead of letting something like this negatively affect your sexual relationship, turn it into a positive one!!!! Enjoy the GAME! MN Kisses, Angela If you’ve experienced a similar situation or know someone that has please email me at betweenthesheets@



George Michael have to Go-Go?

2016 sadly took another music icon from us: George Michael was found dead at the age of 53 in his bed on Christmas Day, which his manager said was due to heart failure. George became famous when he formed Wham! with Andrew Ridgeley in 1981 and they soon became pop superstars with their catchy singles “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!”, ”Freedom”, and “Careless Whisper”. When Wham! broke up in 1986, George continued a successful solo career in which he stirred up some controversy with his single, “I Want Your Sex” off of his album, Faith. Even though it was banned on several radio stations, it still became a chart-topper and his image as a rebellious type of pop star who wasn’t afraid to go against the norm was cemented in place. As promising as the 80’s were to George Michael, the 90s were anything but. In 1991, he spent time with his AIDS-stricken boyfriend, Anselmo Feleppa, before Anselmo died of a brain hemorrhage. His death encouraged the singer to finally tell his parents that he was gay, a fact that he had kept hidden for many years. Admitting his deep dark secret only opened the door to more heartache: he became addicted to marijuana and Prozac, sunk into a deep depression after his mother died of cancer in 1997, and he eventually became a recluse. Shockingly, in an event that made headlines everywhere, George was caught “engaging in a lewd act” in a Los Angeles bathroom in 1998. The media coverage and backlash from being caught would force him to publicly reveal that he was a gay man during a time when it was a risqué time to admit to such a thing. As most musicians do, he found refuge in his music when he released a greatest hits album, alongside of a music video for his single “Outside” — where he famously mocked his arrest. He continued to release music until 2008, when he was found slumped behind the wheel of a car. In 2010, things went from bad to worse when he drove his car into a store after coming back from a Pride event. He went on to serve four weeks in jail for his crime. In 2014, things started to pick up and he released his final album, Symphonica. He then embarked on a tour but it was paused when he suffered from pneumonia — so badly in fact, that he almost died. In recent interviews, George Michael had confessed that he had a hard time coping with the pressures of his fame. Pictures taken of him shortly before his death showed the once-sexy pop star bloated and unhappy, looking like a shell of the person he once was. His death came as a surprise on Christmas Day to many people who spent the holiday wondering what the circumstances surrounding his death were. The next day his partner, hairstylist Fadi Fawaz, tweeted that he found his “partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning.” At the time this article was written, his autopsy results have been deemed “inconclusive”.

One thing is for sure, George Michael may have been a tortured soul, but his musical contributions are some of the liveliest and most energetic songs to date. He was also part of a revolution that encouraged gay people to be honest with themselves (and everyone else) so they could live the kind of lives that they deserved. To sum it all up, the world lost an icon who brought generations to their feet while they snapped their fingers and danced along to his music. In a year that took both Prince and George Michael, let’s hope that there is some type of musical collaboration happening in Heaven. MN

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Invites Tank! The President-Elect had a tough time booking musicians to play at his inauguration — and even musicians who publicly endorsed him have been avoiding the task! But Trump’s team was relentless and they managed to find a few musicians to sing Donald into office: Jackie Evancho, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Missouri State University Chorale and the Radio City Rockettes. In not-so-shocking news, confirmations from these acts haven’t gone by without drama along the way. The Rockettes have received major backlash from angry Twitter trolls who have bashed their decision to play a role in Trump’s move into The White House. And a five-year-veteran singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quit because she refused to perform and support Trump! In scathing email to the choir president that was shared on Facebook, she remarked, “I only know I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler.’ And I certainly could never sing for him.” Ouch!


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Red Hot Chili Peppers are going on tour to support their new album, The Getaway. Catch them at Madison Square Garden on February 15th, 17th and 18th! The XX will release I See You! The Doors will be honored on their 50th anniversary with a special ceremony in Los Angeles proclaiming January 4th to be the ‘Day of The Doors!’ Nine Inch Nails will be releasing two highly anticipated projects! Lady Gaga will perform at half-time during the Super Bowl! Acceptance will release “Colliding By Design”, 12 years since their album Phantoms! Guns N’ Roses will continue on with their “Not In This Lifetime” tour! Marilyn Manson will release SAY10! Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers will headline Mountain Jam along with The Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton June 16th-18th in Hunter Mountain, NY! Ryan Adams will release Prisoner!

Metropolis Nights Magazine, January 2017  
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