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Editor-in-Chief: This letter (emotional in so many ways) marks a new beginning for me as Editor-n-Chief of Metropolis Nights. As an entertainment magazine editor and New Jersey native, I have been on the nightclub and restaurant scene in the Garden State for over 20 years, and I have rocked every minute of it. That is why I am so excited about this new endeavor, and what this “new kid on the block” publication has to offer readers and advertisers alike. Many of you may be shocked to hear of my departure from Steppin’ Out. But for me, the decision to take over the helm of Metropolis Nights was a no-brainer and I’m happy to share why. I’ve always been a forward thinker; I’m not programmed to sit still and I certainly can’t live in the past. My personality won’t allow for it. That said, the past few years I’ve seen the local nightlife scene rapidly change. The needs of the club owners and club-goers looking for something exciting and new to read couldn’t be ignored. Yes, I felt your pain and honestly, I couldn’t have agreed more. Thus it’s become clear to me the time for change is not only needed--it has arrived. That change is Metropolis Nights.The lure of an all glossy magazine designed by a team of talented graphic artists who truly create art when they work with an advertiser is intoxicating to me, and I think it will be to you as well. The youthful edge of this motivated staff took me by surprise the moment I walked into the Metropolis Nights office. Instead of the apathetic environment I had grown accustomed to, I saw enthusiasm and excitement. I listened to the staff and heard their plan for 2012 and why a glossy monthly more readily meets the needs of today’s young readers. I agreed with their editorial vision and how the focus on informative features backed by solid writing would make Metropolis Nights an unbeatable product. Even as I write this, the itch to get back to work is overwhelming. But besides the sexy upscale style of Metropolis Nights, the other important factor for its success is in one word: Distribution. Many free magazines that are not audited claim outrageous print numbers. However, for those of us in the publication trenches the truth is much less impressive. So I was thrilled to learn that Metropolis Nights prints a confirmed 40,000 issues a month that can be backed up. I don’t know of any other free magazine in the North Jersey area that can make the same impressive claim. In other words, we won’t be hard to find. That said, I am determined to make Metropolis Nights indispensable for its compelling celebrity interviews, the hottest models, fashion and sex advice, entertaining columnists, sports, reviews, the latest gadgets and toys, fitness, comedy, horoscopes and of course, everything you need to know about local nightlife. So here we go. A new start and a long awaited jump into the future. New Jersey’s nightlife will never be the same and it’s starts this month! Cheers, Chaunce Hayden Editor-in-Chief Cell: 201-873-3874 2 February 2012


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Man Cave 2012 Ford Mustang The 2012 Ford Mustang doles out all the tire-smoking pony-car thrills, but it’s also grown to become quite a sophisticated car Likes: Raw 5.0-liter power A much improved V-6 version Retro-modern details Good ride quality Stunning Shelby, Boss versions


Dislikes: No telescoping steering wheel V-6 automatic lacks manual shift control Some interior finishes are just average Back-seat room: it's still a 2+2

2012 Chevrolet Camaro The 2012 Chevy Camaro isn’t practical, but it’s stunning looking and offers scorching performance--even without the ZL1 package.

Likes: Contemporary-but-classic muscle-car look Punchy, economical standard V-6 Tenacious yet balanced handling Ride quality Dislikes: Impossible visibility Lack of headroom Driving position Dull interior materials

Who Are Better Drivers: Men or Women? Traffic violations by gender



Reckless driving 3.41 : 1 DUI 3.09 : 1 Seatbelt violation 3.08 : 1 Speeding 1.75 : 1 Failure to yield 1.54 : 1 Stop sign / signal violation 1.53 : 1

Metropolis Nights sheds some light on which sex is the better motorist — one of the most hotly debated arguments since ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ The Answer Is ... In a study released by Quality Planning, an analytics company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers, women came out on top. The study analyzed different kinds of vehicle code violations (traffic violations) and then compared how many times men were cited versus women. The conclusion was that men break more traffic laws and drive more dangerously than women. Because they violate laws designed to make the roads safer, men cause more accidents and expensive damage. 6 February 2012


Sit ups suck at burning fat If you did as many sit ups as you could in 1 minute you might be able to complete 50 reps if you are in really good shape. At that rate, you are probably around 10 calories burned in that 1 minute. Now if you are not in good shape, you will probably only be able to do half as much (25 sit ups in a minute and burn around 5 calories per minute). So if 50 sit ups is about 10 calories, then you would have to do 17,500 sit ups in order to burn 3500 calories. If you did 1000 sit up every day for 2 weeks you would only be at 14,000 sit ups. Hopefully, you can see that using sit ups to burn fat might not be the most efficient workout strategy. Aerobic exercise, sports activities, or total body weight training are better choices for burning body fat.

Man Cave

Mac vs. PC: Stereotypes Confirmed An unscientific survey by Hunch, a website that makes custom predictions based on your interests, shows that PC users tend to prefer fitting in with others, are less tech savvy, and prefer Hollywood films over indie films. The same survey suggests Mac users tend to throw more parties, are modern art enthusiasts, and would rather drive a Vespa than a Harley. Looks like that four-year-long, 66-commercial “Get a Mac” campaign had some truth to its stereotypes.

In case you forgot, the commercials pinned a nerdy-looking, suit-wearing John Hodgman as a PC against a younger and supposedly cooler Justin Long as a Mac. (The irony of that whole campaign for me was that Justin Long played a nerdy, wimpish cheerleader in 2004s Dodgeball and an equally nerdy hacker in 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard.)


By Krys Longan


YOU LOOK LIKE A DOLL! My friend Maja is one of those annoying women who looks good with no make-up on, so when she actually makes the effort it’s quite impressive. We met for lunch the other day and her lashes looked Jennifer Lopez long, so I had to ask her what mascara she was using. Turns out it was Hypnose Doll Lashes from Lancome ($25), which thickens lashes without weighing them down. Next time I need new masacara, I am heading to the Lancome counter! You can also buy it at FASHION FAUX PAS OF THE MONTH Let me begin by saying I admire the adventurous fashionista, I truly do. But there is a line that divides the daring from the deranged, and this pretty lass crossed it with this hairstyle. Dreadlocks on anyone who does not hail from the Caribbean is a bold maneuver to begin with, so to ramp up the wildness by dying the braids red, green and yellow is just unappealing. One memorable deviation from the norm makes a stylish statement. Turning your head into a tie-dyed mess is just wrong.

Photos from:

“How can you wear such high heels?” is a question that I am frequently asked. I am somewhat of a shoe diva, and while I love flats, I feel most feminine when I am wearing stilettos and a dress, preferably a wrap version from Diane Von Furstenberg. My highest pair of shoes: Platform sandals from Prada, 7 inches high. I wore them out with two girlfriends (both of whom were wearing flats) for a night of bar hopping in the Meatpacking District--which is comprised of mostly uneven cobblestone terrain--and they both assured me I would fall flat on my face. I did not...but they both tripped. The lesson here: It’s not the height of the heel, but the sureness of the feet in them. For some people, 2” is a high heel, and that’s fine. Check out this pretty black patent leather pump from French Sole, accented with a bow ($210). It would look great with everything from work pants to a cocktail dress. They are not for me... but I like them. Now let’s double that heel height to 4” and see the difference. These peep toe pumps from Bottega Veneta ($580) are oh-so-sexy, yet worn with the right ensemble they could still be work appropriate, if your job is in a creative field. I love a pop of color on the foot, and these shoes with a grey pencil skirt and simple sweater would be amazing. Let’s up the vamp factor to 5.5” and we officially enter the “not for work territory”. These platform sling backs (on sale for $65) from Jessica Simpson (I know, I know...what can I say, her company creates some good shoes!) have fun color-blocking and would make anyone’s legs look supermodel long. Wear them with a belted denim dress to keep it casual, or with a sexy slip dress paired with a long sweater. All of these shoes and thousands more are available at, and you can even narrow your search by heel height by clicking on the appropriate box in the left hand column. Shoe shopping made brilliantly it!

Get JersiFied With Stephanie Antonio

Lately there has been a buzz about Jersey’s style sense and fashion trends. From the reality TV shows “Jersey Shore,” “Jerseylicious” and the “Glam Fairly” there has definitely been a style categorized as “Jersey Fashion”. It’s so funny to even think about it sometimes because I have been dressing this way for many years now, so to me it’s perfectly normal. What is Jersey Style? We Jersey girls love anything animal print, neon, furry, shiny, tan, big, etc. Let me explain… 1 - ANIMAL PRINT: Any kind of Animal print is big in Jersey. Our favorite is cheetah/leopard print. It’s so amazing how animals gave us these prints so we can admire and enjoy. 2 - NEON COLORS: Neon colors are a must if you’re a Jersey girl. They are super fun, they stand out and most importantly they bring out your tan instantly... It’s like you become darker next to these neon shades. What else can you ask for? Nothing! 3 - GET YOUR TAN ON: Speaking of tan, we don’t care how we get it, but being tan is a must, there are many ways to achieve the perfect tan look. You can use a tanning bed, tan outdoors in the summer time, use self-tanners, or spray tan at your local salon. I mean there is no excuse for you not to be tan! 4 - FUR: My all-time favorite thing in the world is fur and boy Am I glad it’s become a Jersey thing, because I am all over that trend. From fur vests to fur boots, anything with fur just screams Jersey. I remember back in the day, like 3 years ago, I used to be one of the only people that would rock fur fashion and people looked at me like I was crazy. Now it’s become a statement. 5 - JEWELRY STATEMENT PIECES: Anything big and shiny gets my attention and if you live in Jersey then you know what I mean. I love statement jewelry because it does a great job at completing any outfit and without it my outfits wouldn’t look the same. You can never have too much jewelry or bling. Please make sure to always balance your bling. If you are wearing a big statement necklace then wear a smaller pair of earrings and vice versa. 6 - YOGA PANTS & LEGGING: Yoga pants and leggings are like the #1 thing I have in my closet. They work well with almost any top and they are super-duper comfortable. You just need to learn how to wear them the correct way. Remember if you can see your crotch when you’re wearing leggings then you need a longer top girl. 7 – BIG SHADES: Big handbags and Big attitudes. 8 – SMOKEY EYES: We all know that Smokey eyes are a big trend in Jersey, but I tend to rock the Smokey eye at night time, but for my day time look I love to rock the cat eyeliner look with lots of mascara.

Jacquelina Bianchi With winter here fashions completely change! Cute dresses are accompanied by jackets or tall boots, sweater leggings now over rule stockings, Lacey shirts now have a shirt underneath and not just a bandeau. This winter all fashions have been spiced up! Ugg’s now are accessorized with sparkles, feathers hang on earrings, stockings now have designs in them, leather boots are now shinny, head bangs aren’t just for your hair they now go around the forehead, it’s out of the ordinary if your lips aren’t red, etc. Most women being pregnant tend to become sad over the weigh gain, but being in the salon and tv industry you have to always look cute so you have to do what you can with what you have! I refuse to buy maternity close and instead I stick to the winter fashions, over sized shirts and flowy dresses. One thing I will not wear that is popular right now is stripes! When you are wider stripes do not help in slimming you out, sticking with black or again flowy shirts can work wonders! Kim Kardashian is a big trend right now! With her wavy long hair and slicked back pony, Kim makes her curves look attractive with her fashion sense, wearing most of the things I named in this article. Kim has inspired many woman, especially me being pregnant!

February 2012 9

A.J. Benza

TALKIN’ OUT LOUD Over the river and through the ‘hoods, my mouth has gotten me into some heavy predicaments. But it’s also gotten me out of some scary situations. Having come out reasonably unscathed, I’ve decided to share some of those thoughts.

For instance, just in case you thought New York Knicks’ superstar, Carmello Anthony, was going to arrive and front about being a responsible athlete and role model for too many kids to count: Peep the “WB” tattoo above his heart. No, Melo is not a fan of the movie studio or even Bugs Bunny, for that matter. On the street, a WB - or Warner Brothers tat - simply sends a message to kids of all ages: Yo, if you see a cop, “warn a brother.”…Justin Bieber needs to clean house with his whole style/wardrobe department unless, that is, he keeps wanting to be mistaken for a 30-year-old lesbian…I don’t know if new father Jay-Z hopes little Blue Ivy’s future suitors refer to her as a “ho” or a “bitch,” but I know one thing: The man officially now has 100 problems. I’m just talking out loud here but are we all about done with receiving those FaceBook messages from animal rights causes? It’s FaceBook, not PuppyBook, people…No need so slap me here, right? That is Michael Jordan is those Hanes commercials sporting an unmistakable “Hitler” moustache. I say unmistakable because who has ever made that distasteful and horrifying fashion mistake since the Fuhrer and his fuzzy upper lip met their end?… Mark my words, Marc Anthony - who is thinking J-Who? lately - is going to make an important phone call and the result will be Jennifer Lopez slamming the breaks on her paramour, Casper Smart. Anthony knows all he has to do is call the very persuasive Carlos Estefan and the reasonably “smart” thing will be done…Who ever thought that one day the cast of ‘Desperate Housewives” would be so desperate for the ratings of “Housewives of New Jersey.”…Playboy Magazine, once the model of all magazines, rocket launcher for all the pretty girls and loving womb of writers everywhere, is going the way of 10 issues a year because of poor ad sales. In my opinion, it all became a charade when Hef was huffin’ around seven “girlfriends.”…Just in case you think drug/alcohol and sex addicts don’t take their addictions seriously, just remember that Russell Brand - not exactly a Clooney look-alike - physically HAD to leave the gorgeous Katie Perry because her interest in partying was a deal-breaker for him. Poor, poor Brand. You heard me! Pour the man another drink! Can’t get through that split sober, can we?…”Chelsea Lately,” “After Lately,” “Are You There, Chelsea?,” in which the hot comic plays her older sister and the Chelsea Handler-produced “Whitney” can all be seen just about every night. I’d say she’s doing okay. It’s us I’m worried about…After watching “Celebrity Wife Swap,: it’s now apparent that Flava Flav’s clock necklace is purely there to remind him how much time he has left on reality TV…And this just in: The late Steve Jobs, a closeted sports junkie, was apparently thinking of buying a sports franchise. Had he done so, it surely would’ve been the first time you could’ve spelled “team” with an “i.” February 2012 11

The Ladies Lounge


Must Have Items to Cure Those Winter Blues

By Rosa Fasolo

 With everyone converting over to the App world, the touchscreens have quickly taken over. And just when you think you’ve finally caught up or spent enough money on the latest high-tech trend, out comes the crazy accessories that go with it and of course we HAVE to have them. Enter: smarTouch® gloves from ISOTONER®. These babies let you operate anything from smartphones and mp3 players to ATMs, gas pumps and GPS devices while still wearing gloves. So you won’t have to worry about your fingers going numb the next time you’re playing Words with Friends outdoors. 12 February 2012

It’s no surprise that the winter weather is outrageously brisk this time of year and with that said, I find that many of my Jersey ladies still feel the need to wear next to nothing when they go out to the clubs. NEWS FLASH: You can still look hot at the clubs this winter without dressing like you’re going out to Belmar in mid-July.

For instance, lace is super hot this season, so switch up that tube-top mini for a sheer-lace form-fitting number with long sleeves, low cut back and a ruched V-neckline. This look will accentuate all of the right curves and leave more to the imagination, while still revealing enough to look sexy, yet seasonably appropriate. Try this ‘daring and darling’ after-hours look by Bebe, add a pair of ankle boots, chunky bangles, a leather jacket and your ready to go! For a more casual and trendy look this season, a great go-to item is the basic ¾ sleeve blouse with pocket detailing and buttons down the front. This is a great go-to item, you can pair it with leggings (I suggest leather ones), where you can go for a more casual day look with a wrap around scarf and flat boots or switch it up to a night-time look with ankle wedges and a fur vest. Check out www.NecessaryClothing. com for a variety of styles and colors.

“accentuate all of the right

curves and leave more to the imagination”

With the holiday gift-giving madness finally behind us, we are left with nothing but a deflated wallet and an appetite to treat ourselves to a much needed retail therapy session. Shoes are always a priority and a woman can never have enough. But if the funds are tight and you’re thinking twice about purchasing a new pair, I suggest you resist the temptation and try out some trendy shoe accessories instead. Switch up the look of your plain Jane flats or add some edginess around the heel of those pumps with this multi-chain clip-on accessory from Steve Madden. And wah-la! You’ve just added a couple more looks to your shoe collection without breaking the bank for a few new pairs...genius! Check out www.SteveMadden. com to get your hands (or should I say feet) on these fab accessories.

“ladies are always seeking ways to still look hot without

appearing like a bundled up frumpy Eskimo”

So you’ve just confirmed plans to hit up the Poconos for the weekend and those outdated snow boots from 1999 you dug up from your closet just aren’t going to do it. I’ve found that it can be a bit difficult finding the perfect pair of good quality snow kicks that show off your trendy side while still serving their purpose of keeping your footsies dry and toasty. Pajar designs a great collection of winter snow boots, like their “Tobogan” Wedge Boots available at Bloomingdale’s. This quilted waterproof boot offers warmth, comfort and style with shearling lining and faux fur trim. www.Bloomingdale’ Let’s be honest, when it’s below freezing in the dead of winter, us ladies are always seeking 
 ways to still look hot without appearing like a bundled up frumpy Eskimo. Some of us would even prefer to develop a case of hypothermia over becoming a fashion victim to the cold…. some of us. So when you’re listening to your most-preferred playlist on that frigid commute to work you’ll definitely want to be rocking these faux fur ear muff headphones from Juicy Couture. These puppies are sure to keep your ears warm, your beats pumpin’ and your hair perfectly in place.

Utopia Lounge If you crave NYC style but loathe the tunnel traffic and city prices, Utopia Lounge in Clifton is calling your name. Combining the comfort of a local NJ bar, and the ambiance of a downtown NYC hotspot, you won’t have to go far from home for a great night out. The romantic atmosphere provides the perfect setting for a date night, and the lively crowd and music will make your next girls’ or guys’ night out a memorable one. The ideal place for a fantastic time no matter what the occasion is, it’s no wonder where Utopia Lounge got its name. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a bar in Soho as you relax on the comfy leather couches, and the seductive red and black color-themed décor offers the perfect posh backdrop to the LED lighted bar and huge flat screen TVs. Located only minutes off of Route 3, right in the heart of Botany Village, Manager Karen said herself it’s so hot, you’ll forget you’re in Clifton, NJ! The full food menu serves up anything from Omelettes to Bacon Cheese Fries to Grilled Steak, and the fine wines, along with the very extensive liquor and martini bar, keep the drinks flowing. Their Green Seven drink is a must-have, and their Utopia Passion, Cotton Candy Drink, and their BinBoa Red Appletini specialties are crowd faves to die for…but don’t leave without trying their red sangria, that Karen guarantees will make your night. The crowd is laid-back and diverse, with a generous blend of singles, couples, and corporate types ranging in ages 21-40. “Everyone seems to feel very comfortable here, even from all ethnic background and cultures,” Karen said. “It’s a place for everyone.” Come in for their Latin Thursdays, Mash Up Fridays, and VIP Saturdays, with live deejays and music that’ll keep you on your feet all night…order the 25 cent wings and half price appetizers while watching the games on Sundays, and their Monday Night football $3 drafts and 25 cent wings will actually have you looking forward to Mondays. Ladies, you’ll love the $3 Sangrias and Appletinis on Wednesday’s Ladies Nights, and all you hard workers can let loose at their daily happy hour from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. To view photos or for more information including private parties, their full food and drink menus, specials (which change daily), and daily events, visit, or check out their Facebook page at, or Twitter to see what everyone else is saying.



By Chantal Gabel

February 2012 17

KNOW YOUR ROLE Life Lessons With Lou

By Lou Soto

In my world of being a night club manager I come across a lot of “BALLERS”. Guys with real money and a lot of female companions. They come through maybe twice or three times a month and always have a different ‘TROPHY’ with them. One particular gentleman is one of a kind in my experience. He is what I call “The juggler”. Every time he walks into the club I announce to some people that also know him that the circus is in town. The real interesting thing for me is figuring out which female friend he’s bringing to the club that night. Now you might think I’m going to discuss how this man does the act and with how many women, but I’m not. This story is about the kind of women he brings in and how this guy has brainwashed these poor souls to make him look good and make themselves look bad. One particular night I was getting the place ready to open as I usually do. I get a text from a friend of mine telling me that she wanted to be on my list. No biggie, that happens all the time. She stated she was bringing a few friends and will be at the club around 11pm. I said no problem and continued with what I was doing. The night started and around 10pm, I noticed a customer at the bar with a few people. Her name was Nancy and she’s one of the juggler’s “trophies”. A few minutes after I noticed her I happen to see the Juggler walk in with his normal chick (Stacy). Now I’m thinking things are about to get nuts but I guess the women know the deal or they didn’t notice each other. Now at this point its 11pm and my friend has just walked in and I noticed her. As I’m walking towards her I see her 3 pretty friends and start smiling. The smile wasn’t because they looked good. It was because one of her friends was also part of the “Jugglers” trophies (Erica). Now my attention is all over the club cause the women have placed themselves at opposite bars. The juggler is at my third bar with Nancy enjoying his evening. I noticed that he has seen both Nancy and Erica, but shows no worries. “Let the show begin”...As the night continues I see him making his rounds smoothly like he normally does talking to all three. I am just admiring the game because he has even danced with all 3 and nothing has erupted.

the hands start flying. The explosion has started.. I quietly separated both with the help of my female friend (that Nancy came with) and a security guard. Nancy is walking out the club mad and enraged at the juggler and is saying that she will get him later. The juggler walks out through our patio to talk to Nancy in the parking lot and it looks like everything was ok cause he came back smiling. As he approached me a scene from “Scarface” came to mind. “It’s ok, two Quaaludes and she’ll love me in the morning”. I think the juggler is going to talk to Stacy and let her know everything was ok, but he doesn’t. He b-lines it over to where Erica was and starts smoothing things out. He walks her to the valet to get the car and sits in her car for about 20 minutes. At this point I know Stacy has to be mad, but I noticed she is being taking care of by a couple that she came with. After the 20 minutes the Juggler comes in with a big ass smile as if he was just “satisfied”. He goes back to Stacy and picks up where he left off and finished the evening walking out hand in hand with Stacy. Exactly as he walked in. A few nights later I went in to work thinking about what occurred that other night. I was wondering how the juggler was going to explain himself to these women. During that evening he happened to come in to enjoy another night at the lounge. But I noticed one thing. He was alone. I approached at the bar to say my hello’s and start some small talk. I had to ask how did it conclude and with a sneaky smirk answered me, “as usual”. He said Nancy was mad but he called the next day and he showed her a good time in the city and is planning to take her somewhere for her birthday. She loves him again. Erica was crying in the car but he happened to flip the whole thing making her think that it was her fault, so she felt bad and “satisfied” him in the car. Stacy was never mad cause she didn’t realize what was going she’s good. I was in amazement to actually have witness this juggling act, but I guess when you can persuade some women with money, you can make them believe anything. As he is finishing his drink a beautiful blond walks into the building..guess who she was there for? Her name was Jacky. LET THE SHOW CONTINUE...

As the night is winding down and it seems that everything is under control, I noticed that Nancy and Erica are speaking to each other. I quickly move over there and as I arrive February 2012 19



Rizzo Interview by Chaunce Hayden Photography by Harold Durate

Hair stylist / makeup artist: Karla Serrano/Salon Diva, Lyndhurst, NJ 201-939-7799 - Special thanks to Ron Montana


he mega-hit reality VH1 reality TV show, “Mob Wives” are made up of wives, daughters, mothers, lovers and businesswomen, all sharing a connection to professional criminals behind bars. In frank and sometimes funny moments they share their stories, push through each day, and support each other as they work to improve life for themselves and their loved ones… They also pound the living crap out of each other! But evolving isn’t easy, especially for women whose daily lives are fraught with drama most of us can’t even imagine. Baby daddy drama, good dates, bad dates, marital problems, financial woes, fights between friends... sure, this happens to everyone. But nobody does it like the “Mob Wives”. Welcome to the family. No pun intended. Of course we all know Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Drita D’avanzo and Carla Facciolo from season one. However in season two there’s a new cast member in town who has quickly become the break out star and luckily we found her first! Meet Ramona Rizzo. The stunning “Mob Wife” newbie is no stranger to the mob lifestyle. She is the granddaughter of the infamous Benjamin Ruggiero aka Lefty Guns who was played by Al Pacino in the movie Donnie Brasco. I recently had the chance to interview Ramona about her Mob connections, her infamous grandfather and how she really feels about, dare I say....Drita. Ouch!

February 2012 23


Chaunce Hayden: Where were you the first time you heard the word “Mafia”? Ramona Rizzo: It never really was uttered in my home. We never really used that word. It was a term other people used. The first time I heard the word was during the film “The Godfather” which was an awesome movie. That’s what made the word really recognized. But the word was never used in my home. That’s how my grandfa-

ther [Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero] raised us. He didn’t speak about those things in front of us, nor did the other family members who were in the world. Was the word taboo in your house? I grew up definitely than the other girls who were in this lifestyle which is Karen [Gravano] and Renee [Graziano]. The other two girls on the

show aren’t a part of the lifestyle. That’s a lie. In our home I was a princess, but I never considered myself a Mafia princess. For the most part, critics trashed season one of “Mob Wives”. However, the ratings speak for themselves. The people have spoken and here were are addicted to season two. Even though you weren’t a part of it, what did you think of season one? I have mixed feelings about it. It was very difficult for me to watch. There’s something in this world called editing and I don’t like how they did it. They depicted certain people in ways that they are not. Karen is really a nice person and she stands on her own two feet. Nobody walks over her. But some of the others on the show were just created for television. So it’s safe to say the cast is divided into two teams. Yes, I am now and always will be on team Karen, because I stand by my friends and I always will. I’ve known her before we were born. Our mom’s were pregnant at the same time. I came out knowing her and she came out knowing me. Her dad and mom were my aunt and uncle. I’ve had holiday dinners with Renee Graziano. We’re extremely close and we go way back to my early teens. But the other’s on the show aren’t affiliated in this world at all. When you say “this world” I assume you mean the mob. Yeah.

“If I wanted somebody wacked I could do it myself.”

What would your grandfather have thought of “Mob Wives”? (Long pause) He probably would dislike the stuff that goes on like the girls fighting. It’s catty and non lady like. But at the same time, he would probably respect me because I speak up for myself. My grandmother was very hot headed and probably would respect me for sticking up for myself when my buttons were pushed. Isn’t there an unwritten Mafia code about being so public about the lifestyle and attracting so much attention. I could see Al Capone rolling over in his grave. Yes, the code is broken. But if you really follow the show or me

24 February 2012

> in particular, I will never go on TV and talk about anybody’s business. There were certain things I knew my grandfather did and didn’t do, but for the most part I was kept in the dark. We just never spoke about it. And in the lifestyle that’s how it’s supposed to be. A man shouldn’t talk about those things with his wife or children. My grandfather kept all his business to his own business. So what am I going to talk about on the show? My own business and experiences. It seems anything that has to do with the Mafia we idolize. Why do you think that is? I don’t really understand that. What is everyone idolizing? In the end it usually doesn’t work out too well. Yet, we’re addicted to “Mob Wives”. Why? Because America loves drama. Everyone is hungry for some other form of life. Like Vh1’s “Love and Hip Hop.” That’s drama. It’s the Hip Hop urban community and we love it. Everyone watches it. Same thing with our show. We get all kinds of nationalities watching it. Why? Drama. Al Pacino played your grandfather in the film “Johnny Brasco.” How did he do in your opinion? Well my family had gotten a copy of the script before it hit the big screen and what I read I didn’t like. So since I’m a little hot headed I went to the New York City set and waited outside Al Pacino’s trailer. I had all my letters and pictures with me to show who I was if needed. When Al walked out of his trailer I said, “Mr. Pacino I need to talk to you about my grandfather, Lefty Gun.” He looked at me and said, “Sweety, don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” Two minutes later his bodyguard brought me into his trailer and we spoke for more than an hour and a half. He was a true gentleman. I said, “Listen I can persuade you not to do this film. This is your job, just like the FBI has their job to do. Everybody has their team. I can’t knock you for doing it. But if you could please play the part of my grandfather and how he was with our family I would appreciate it. He really did love us.” He said, “Listen, when it comes to that area of the film, I’ll do the February 2012 25

best that I can.” But he also explained that the book was written by this ex FBI agent Joe Pastone and Hollywood bought the rights, so Joe didn’t have any control anymore. So in the movie my grandfather became little bits and pieces of all the men behind him. My grandfather was a top notch dresser. My grandmother owned clothing stores all over the city. My mother went to F.I.T. In the film they dressed him horribly. He was also a well spoken man. In the film they made him talk like a thug. Not the case at all. But Al Pacino said his character would be all the people around him from the book wrapped up into one. That made me feel better. But we did file a lawsuit against them and kept them from putting my grandmother in the film. They originally had her as the annoying exwife but they took it out of the film. I didn’t want their money. They can wipe their ass with it. I just wanted my family protected. What else can you tell me about your grandfather? One time Barbra Walters requested an exclusive jailhouse interview with him and he politely turned her and her money down. He said to her, “Sweetheart, you’re a very nice lady, but real men don’t give interviews. We don’t do this.” How do you feel about the FBI agent, Joe Pastone, aka Johnny Brasco played by Johnny Depp in the film? After all, he put your grandfather in jail and made money off his story. I hated him growing up. But when is all and said and done, what do I hate him for? He was on his teams side. He picked his team and that’s it. It is what it is. That’s what the FBI does. But I’ll tell you this, Johnny Brasco was no Johnny Depp.

that they have families. Some of these newspaper articles that are written about the men in the lifestyle, the reporter will write, “This guy is a thug.” But that’s not always the case. In some circumstances, I’m probably more of a thug than the people they write about. I’m more hot headed than the men who have a wrap sheet. It doesn’t make you a thug because you have the letters M.O.B behind you. Half of the people who write about the lifestyle could wipe their ass with their articles. It is what it is. It’s not nice. Karen is your good friend. Her father Sammy the Bull Gravano was a convicted killer for John Gotti. He also ratted on Gotti and brought down many mobsters including his famous boss. Does that bother you that he turned out to be a rat and a killer? If anybody has the nerve to ask me that question I say this: It’s something that her father did. If your father goes postal and wipes out people in the post office should I hold that against you? Whatever his reason’s where is only between him and John. That’s a men’s thing. But Karen has been my friend since I was born and I will always stick by her. I have my own memories of her family and I respect them. At the end of the day you should judge people how they judge you. To this day Karen has never done me wrong. Was it wrong what her father did? Of course, but at the end of the day, those people we’re talking about that were killed weren’t school teachers. Besides, if you took those victims families and waved money in front of them and asked them to be on the show they would be here. Trust me. Why did you miss the first season?

get a friendly divorce because we share 4 children, but it didn’t work out that way. I was held there and had to fight tooth and nail to come home with my children. He held all the cards and it became a real mess. He put a hold on my children. If he was here in the states we could put him in the back of a trunk. If this was New York he never would have gone up against me. But over there I had to knock on the doors of kings and princes. What was the worst they could do to me? Kill me? Decapitate me? But I finally got my kids home. So that’s why I missed season one. And that’s why they cast Karla. She was just filler for the show. How does Karla feel about that?

When the show was being created I was out of the country. I was supposed to be on the show, but I was living in the Middle East for the past two and a half years.

It is what it is. You got to prove yourself. People shouldn’t worry about me taking their place. They should worry about themselves. You got to prove yourself. If you’re a real relative of the lifestyle, nobody can take your place.

What is the biggest misconception of the mob?

Okay, why were you living in the Middle East?

That they have families. A lot of times when people write things about them, they don’t consider the fact

It was just like that movie, “Not Without My Daughter.” My children’s father is from Arab decent and I went there to

You nearly killed Drita during the second episode this season. How do you really feel about her?

26 February 2012

I think Drita is good television. But my problem with Drita is that Karen is my friend and aren’t you supposed continued on page 61

28 February 2012

Under the Sheets By: Angela Pompelli-Butler

It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t Panic. I am here to share some super sexy tips with you, that will make this years holiday extra special for you and you’re lover!!! Let’s start with the obvious! You must have flowers and chocolates. If you are missing one of the two, you need to stop and start over. It’s like having Christmas without Santa Claus! Got my point! You can try a local florist or grocery store for any of these things. To go the extra mile, try to find a place that makes special homemade chocolates in different colors, flavors or shapes and customize them to your special someone. Tell them you love them throughout the day! Make it a point, especially while you are apart, to let them know you are thinking about them. It may sound cheesy, but it really does work, for both parties. An e-card or a dirty little text may do the trick! Turn off the outside world! Once you meet up for your date, turn off your cell phone, the computer or anything else that might distract you or take your attention away from the other person. Give each other your full undivided attention for the entire night and remember why you feel in love in the first place. Don’t forget to wine and dine! If you forget the wine and dine, you can forget the “69”! Pick a place you know your lover likes, maybe even somewhere that would surprise them or your good old stand by that you both love. You could ask for an extra private table or have a gift there when they seat you. Sex, sex and more sex! This is the one day of the year, where everyone should want to be naked before the check comes. Take the dessert to go and call it a night. Start your foreplay early, like on the car ride home. Ever hear of “road head”! Once you get home, the real magic should happen! Hopefully by this point you will be dying to rip each others clothes off…but wait! Tease to please. Start with a bubble bath, a massage or some human dessert (if you know what I mean). I also suggest trying something completely new in the bedroom. It may be an experimented position, a lotion, lube or a toy. Whatever it may be, bring it on. This is a perfect excuse to let down your inhibitions and try something different. Enjoy each other! Take your time, be in the moment and use every minute of the day to make it super special. Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year, so make it count. Happy Valentine’s Day, Angela If you have comments or stories you’d like to share with Between The Sheets, please email Angela at

February 2012 29


doesn’t drink? Don’t panic. Just for God’s sake don’t use a pick-up line. Talk about anything. Look around and make fun of someone at the bar if you have to. When do you know it’s time to make your move? You don’t know. You just go for it. I never ask or wait too long. I’ll give her 5 minutes and if it isn’t happening I move on. Bye!

Each month the inquiring researchers of Metropolis Nights will sit down with an unnamed gentleman whose decadent lifestyle consisting of privilege, power and wealth affords him a controversial outlook on the opposite sex. The kind of lifestyle most of us could only imagine. Warning: You may or may not agree with the personal choices this unnamed (for obvious reasons) person of interest has made regarding dating and sex. But at the end of the day you’ll hopefully learn something. What that lesson may be‑‑God only knows! METROPOLIS NIGHTS: From what we know about your lifestyle, you have a penchant for picking up the hottest women in the club. Umm…No offense, but you’re not exactly Brad Pitt. So what’s your secret? I’m more than happy to share with you my secrets. First, you have to read her. Do you know what I mean? You have to look at her facial expressions and her body language. Base your next move on her reaction to you. You also have to look at how she touches you. Does she gently put her hand on your shoulder or does she treat you like you have the black plague? No touching usually means no action. Slow down. We’re taking notes. When was the last time you picked up the hottest girl in the club? That’s funny! Last time? You make it sound like it rarely happens. I can’t even keep count anymore. I don’t think you understand. I do this all the time. Every single time I go out, I pick up the hottest girl no matter where I am. I have game when it comes to getting hot women to want me. I have skills that you could never imagine. Can anybody develop your “skills” when it comes to hooking up with women? No. Either you have game or you don’t. You also can’t be fat or ugly. But if you look average and are semi-normal you’ll succeed. Just keep writing and listen closely to what I’m telling you. Don’t waste time alwaystrying to compliment the girl. You’re trying too hard. What’s your first move? The first move is getting introduced. The best way to get the ball rolling is to have her friend introduce you. It’s always better if there’s some familiarity. If you don’t have that connection, it’s much harder. The key is to be safe. A friend connection equals safety. Safety equals a wild night in the sack. But that’s not the only way. Alcohol always helps. But what if she 30 February 2012

Ever been slapped? Never. Drink poured on your face? Nope. You’re pretty sure of yourself. What’s the most important rule of scoring? Confidence. That’s it. Confidence. Women can sense a man who’s scared. They feel it and it’s a major turn off. Play it confident and you’ll end up playing all night. Got all this? So you’re never intimidated by hot girls? Of course I get intimidated dummy. I’m human just like you. The difference between me and you is that I don’t show you. That’s what having game is all about. You have to sell yourself. Make the girl feel like you don’t give a crap one way or another. She’s the lucky one, not you. Got it. Okay, before I wrap this up, tell me one wild experience you had with the hottest chick in the club.v Glad you asked! I’ll tell you the short version. I met this girl a few months ago. She was smoking hot but she had a dominant personality. I stuck to the book. I wasn’t overly aggressive. I used playful hints with her. I didn’t get too assertive. Keep in mind, I never met anyone this attractive before in my life. It was last call so I bought her a few shots. Her body language was perfect. I was going by the book and it was working like a well-oiled machine. I knew I was going to score. No question about it. Everything was working. I was confident, and she was feeling no pain. She was comfortable with me. I won her over by sticking to the game plan. At this point the club was closing. Home run! We ended up back at my place and a wild time was had by all. But ultimately it didn’t end too well for her. She felt bad because she had a boyfriend and not just a boyfriend….he was the size of NFL linebacker! Anyway, she called him and lied that she was at a girlfriend’s house and he had to pick her up. Fast forward. He was in front of my home in 20 minutes. One problem. When she left my house to get in his car I noticed her shirt still on my bed. She walked out my door with just a bra and coat. I could hear them fighting for miles. Any regrets? Seriously? This interview is over. You ain’t no player.

Haley Davis

Angel of the Month Photography By Brandon Uhr

February 2012 33

If you could be any animal in the wild, what would you be? A white Tiger, they’re exotic, beautiful, and strong What is your favorite movie? I love comedies, especially “The Hangover” What kind of music do you listen to? Well I enjoy all kinds, but love house/techno because it’s the best to dance to. What are the most important qualities you are looking for in a relationship? Someone I can trust! A person that will give 100% to the relationship and really be there for me. How would you describe a perfect date? Really anything that’s different, not just your typical dinner and a movie. Maybe a theme park or something exciting! Do you believe in love at first sight? YES!!! What is your most prized possession? (Laughs) Well I get lost a lot so I love my navigation system in my car. Are you a morning person or a night person? I am definitely a night person, I love to sleep in.


February 2012 35



BY STEVEN SCHWARTZ With Joshua Schwartz

Still Little Bitches


he New York Jets, or excuse me should I say the New Jersey Jets, a professional football team who sold out a city on and off the field and are still second-class citizens, or little bitches, to the real deal New York Giants who have no problem being called the New Jersey Giants. When the Giants won the super bowl they refused a parade down the Canyon of Heroes and instead, opted for one in Moonachie, New Jersey and celebrated at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands. The state of New York lost two football teams, the Jets and Giants. Giants starting the trend first in 1976 left New York for a brand spanking new stadium they called their own, Giants Stadium in the swamps of New Jersey. Now with the Giants out of their way, nothing stood in the way of the Jets success. The Jets were the toast of the town after bringing the only Super Bowl trophy to New York when the Jets played in Shea Stadium. Joe Namath, who was New York’s superman guaranteed victory and after he brought home the trophy, New York sports were never so alive. From Manhattan to Long Island and everywhere in between this was Jet country. Years later the Jets and their Rich Owner Leon Hess agreed to be a tenant and sold out the Jet fan base, leaving them to cheer for their own team at Giants Stadium. Leaving us with only one true New York football team, the Buffalo Bills. What are Sundays coming to when we have to travel out of state, pay

tolls, slave through hours of traffic and allow them to steal our New York name. After being tortured through a mess of a journey, your reward as a Jet fan for decades was to look up at your so called home and read the words “Giants Stadium”. And now the change is here and the new stadium is among us, but the only difference is a light switch that turns from blue to green and New Yorkers still continue to walk around with absolutely no football identity. Instead of building a high-class stadium on the West Side of New York, the Jets and Giants decided to build the most generic stadium in the NFL, which has less of a football atmosphere then most high school games. On the other hand looking at it from New Jerseys point, it is compared to having a girlfriend who you have sexual relations with, but wont take her to the city or be seen with her outside. New Jersey, have some pride. After the embarrassing era of Leon Hess, hope is on the way and Woody Johnson came in riding on his green and white horse promising that New York would soon have its football team back. A man who had the power to build it on his own bowed to the greed of New Jersey and let down New Yorkers once again. Even after the Jet fans were disappointed, door number two opened and out came Rex Ryan riding on a white and green horse. Rex came into the league with a bullying loud mouth attitude promising Jet fans image change and super bowls, but Rex Ryan is no Joe Namath. This City, this State, this Jet organization, has dropped the ball and there is no coming back. From the glory days of that super bowl team which was full of heroes such as Weeb Ewbank, Emerson Boozer, Matt Snell, Ralph Baker, and Don Maynard. These men wore the New York emblem on their jerseys with pride and represented the true city they played in. Unlike the mediocre frauds who represent a lie today such as Mike Tannenbaum, Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie, and Bart Scott. Not to mention all the dead bodies and bad decisions in between. The Rich Kotite Era, who may have been the worst coach in NFL history. Ken O’Brien, enough said. And of course Head Coach Walt Michael’s whose idea of practice and discipline was happy hour at the local tavern. In the end the Giants were always true blue, and the Jets who had it all in New York, ended up envy green.

February 2012 37

Photography by Harold Duarte



METROPOLIS NIGHTS: How long have you owned Lenora’s Bar and Grill? LENORA: This coming April 2012 will be my 6 year anniversary. You obviously like to hire super hot female bartenders. Why? Everyone appreciates beauty, there’s no denying that. But my girls are not just beautiful, they are smart, super friendly, and cater to all the customers!! What’s the most bizarre thing you ever witnessed at the bar? I rather not scare any potential customers away with that one. How do you handle a guy who gets a little too touchy feely with the bartenders? We kick him in the nuts! Oh yeah! The problem is some of my customers would like that!

Are the bartenders allowed to drink on duty? Come in and find out! I heard you have a bad ass pool team. Just how good are you guys? They are very competitive. I am proud they play for Lenora’s. One of my teams just won the bar a trophy!


What’s the hardest part about owning a bar? There are many difficult things I deal with constantly, that comes with being an owner of any business. Being a bartender for so many years I am not surprised by really anything anymore. If you could hire one celebrity bartender for the night who would it be? Carmen Electra


What’s the house shot? Burning Hole. It’s many liquors, topped with 151, set on fire!

February 2012 39



People are always giving and taking energy from one another. The exchange is often subtle, though more people will be aware of energetic transactions this week, especially when they involve men and women. Venus and Mars in opposition make the balance of power and the struggle to keep it rather obvious. Also of note, Neptune slips into Pisces, and this time, the transit will last for the next 14 years. ARIES (March 21-April 19). Turn your head toward wherever you get your inspiration. You need all you can find this week. Your sign mate, one of the most famous artists who ever lived said, “For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” -- Vincent Van Gogh. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Many people collect material things because it’s difficult to collect moments. Though the more you create moments and try to capture the ones that happen naturally by somehow recording and recalling them, the less you will need so many other things in your life. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Psychologists estimate that people apologize an average of four times per week, mostly to friends and strangers. It takes a lot more emotional gravitas to say sorry to romantic partners or family members. It’s partly why the sincere request for forgiveness you deliver this week will be so effective.

CANCER (June 22-July 22). You’ll be deciding how involved to be in another person’s life. From the outside, it may seem that this person lives in a perfect, little world that is whole and complete without you. Make no mistake; this is only one version of the scene. You are needed more than you know. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Yours is a rare and lovely mind. Your experiences will seem unreal to those who can’t relate to the life you’ve lived. And though the people around you may not know how to take you, you’ll get something out of sharing anyway. You’ll understand how unique your knowledge really is. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). If you feel resistant to the work before you or fear that you’ll have trouble meeting a deadline, take a walk to clear your head. You think that you don’t have time for exercise, but that’s where you’re mistaken. You’ll be energized by deep breaths and fresh air, and you’ll return refreshed and able to work better and faster. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). When wrapped up in a difficult job or a demanding domestic scene, it is easy to let your social life wither. There is something important to be gained through connection with your outer circle. The benefit will be intangible, but it is crucial to your well-being. So reach out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). The time is right to increase your income and broaden your horizons. You’ll need to expand your reach in order to bring new opportunities into your realm. It is easiest to get to know people through work or school, though clubs, sports and online communities are also a viable option for social fun. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Your sign mate, the legendary news journalist Eric Sevareid suggested, “Dealing with network executives is like being nibbled to death by ducks.” You’ll deal with your own version of the pecking order this week, so bring metaphoric breadcrumbs to throw out and divert the attention of the overly aggressive. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You know there’s more to you than getting up in the morning and falling into the same routine as yesterday. In spite of your heavy responsibilities, or perhaps because of them, you’ll feel compelled to search for greater self-knowledge. However long you can spend on yourself, it won’t feel like enough. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Unless someone rocked the boat by asking, “Why can’t human’s fly?” we’d still be grounded. There are times when progress demands that you question the very rules that provide safety and order in your environment. You’ll be in just the bold mood to move along an impossible agenda. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You have an epic endeavor on your mind. Will you be able to tackle it? It all boils down to what you can accomplish in about seven hours a week, as that’s probably all the time you’ll be able to carve out in these early stages. See what you can do to streamline your schedule to accommodate new activity.

‘Contraband’ A Movie With No Purpose

Review by Kurt Loder

“Contraband” wastes considerable energy and several likable performers in taking us to a place we’ve visited far too many times before. Although the story concerns drug smuggling and is set in New Orleans and at the Panama Canal, this is a by-the-numbers heist flick of such predictability that at several points, you wonder why it’s even unfolding. An anticipatory indifference sets in right at the beginning, as we meet Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg), a one-time smuggler who has gone legit and now lives happily with his wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale), and their two kids. When Chris is approached at a bar by an old underworld colleague and asked whether he has thought about getting back into the crime business, we wonder ... well, we wonder nothing; we know exactly where this is headed. Then Kate’s younger brother, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), becomes involved in a coke-smuggling run for a Crescent City scumbag, named Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi with a hide full of tattoos and a wheezy Looziana accent). When Andy is forced to ditch the drugs he’s carrying back in order to avoid a customs bust, Chris has no choice but to make a run of his own in order to raise enough money to compensate Briggs, who otherwise would kill all concerned.

So, leaving Kate and the kids to the protection of Chris’ buddy Sebastian (stubbly Ben Foster) — a recovering alcoholic who slowly is un-recovering — Chris and his similarly cashstrapped pal Danny (Lukas Haas) join the crew of a container ship helmed by the corrupt Captain Camp (reliably lively J.K. Simmons). Chris’ plan, once the ship arrives in Panama City, is to score not drugs, but instead a payload of counterfeit U.S. dollars. This scheme, we are unsurprised to see, goes terribly wrong, and Chris finds himself mixed up with a crazy drug lord, named Gonzalo (Diego Luna — always a pleasure to watch, even here). There’s much tearing around, an extended gunfight, a furious escape back to the ship, all kinds of rote tension and treachery, and even a cameo contribution by Jackson Pollock (!). It’s a busy picture, but it far overshoots our willingness to care about it. Fans of Wahlberg, an actor so full of unexpected resources, might well worry that he’s scheduled to shoot another film with the Icelandic director of this one, Baltasar Kormakur. “Contraband” is the sort of Hollywood product that gives January such a bad name among moviegoers. Although it still would be what it is — not much — whenever it limped into theaters.

February 2012 41

Spa of the Month Araya Rebirth 10 Garber Square Ridgewood, NJ 201-445-7005

Araya Rebirth opened their doors in 2000 as a new concept for a new millennium. Once located at the intersection of Maple & Ridgewood Avenues, on the second floor, they have moved into the Historic District on the ground floor of the iconic building used as the model for Historical Ridgewood. Araya Rebirth offers the finest in skin care, hair removal, massage & rejuvenation therapies. Their facial services are extensive and thorough ranging from European Facials to Microdermabrasion. At Araya Rebirth they are committed to the science of skin and the most comprehensive product lines the spa industry has to offer. In addition to Araya’s fame for skin care and product knowledge, make-up artistry is another specialty. Their team of make-up artists are committed to the trends of cosmetics and the art of photography make-up. Bridal hair & make-up styling are also amongst the strong talents that their style team has to offer. Portfolios are available for viewing at the studio. Don’t forget to treat that special someone, or even yourself, to a special product or a spa gift certificate. Voted Best Facial in 2010 and also receiving an Honorable Mention for Best Spa in a readers choice poll, Araya Rebirth has far surpassed any spas in the area for world class service, top of the line equipment and the best variety of products anyone could want. From Vegan Facials to Microdermabrasion, from vegan products to pharmaceutical lines for clinical care, from the most talented staff you will have to see for yourself why you will not need to go anywhere else. Valentines Day is fast approaching and it’s Brazilian Wax time! Or book an afternoon of Warm Stone Massage and Facials for you and your honey. Looking forward to pampering Metropolis readers in 2012!!! Fan them on Facebook for the most up to date promotions arayarebirth and come in and see us soon! Mention you are a Metropolis Nights reader and get a complimentary Make-Over with a Make-Up Artist!

42 February 2012

Bar-Whining By Leanne Aciz

If you didn’t know me already, you do now! I consider myself the unofficial spokesperson for NJ Bartenders, giving loyal readers the insight to dealing with the bar business. I keep it real and honest, from a bartenders perspective, and have never been afraid to say what’s on my mind. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, but it always leads to an entertaining read... Would you leave your money unattended in a public establishment, like a gas station or a store, and hope that it’ll still be there once you return? No? Me either. I value every dollar I’ve earned and I’m assuming mostly everyone else does too. So I ask, why is it that there are still foolish idiots out there who leave their money on the bar, leave for hours, and get pissed off when they come back and it isn’t still there? It was a busy night with customers coming in and out including somebody who came out looking to have a good time and we happily obliged, at one point even buying this person a shot. This person continued to order drinks and demand shots (at some points pretending not to pay attention so they wouldn’t have to pay) and at some point, left the bar. This person had been gone for a significant amount of time, I’d estimate an hour or two, and had left $2 on the bar (change from the last drink they had ordered). I noticed it, and because it was placed on the “tip side” of the bar, I grabbed it and threw it into our tip jar, assuming they must have left because they hadn’t been inside the bar for quite a while. Later on, this person came back and wondered where their money was. They told the other bartender that they had left around $20 on the bar (which was COMPLETE BULLSHIT) and someone must have stolen it. I overheard the conversation and quietly told the other bartender that this person was full of shit, they had been gone for hours doing god knows what, they had left 2 singles on the tip side, and I naturally assumed it was a tip that they had left for us. The person tried to argue and make a scene, but little did they know that my voice is much louder and clearer. I was in no mood for someone to be making up lies in order to get some money in their pocket. I grabbed the $2 from the tip bucket and slammed it down in front of them. I loudly said, “My fault, I thought you were leaving us 2 dollars out of appreciation for the shots that we bought you? Really, causing a scene over 2 bucks? You obviously need it more than us.” Instantly, that person shrunk back down to side and shut their mouth. I don’t need to emphasize the fact of how ridiculous it was that this person was complaining about TWO DOLLARS, right? There is seriously nothing more insulting than when you leave a bar for a long period of time (smoking cigarettes outside is the exception), leave money on the bar and expect to have it waiting for you hours later, only to accuse the bartender of ‘stealing it’. NEWSFLASH: There are tons of customers that come in and out who could grab your money, and my job is not to babysit your cash that you foolishly left on the bar. Use your brain cells and take the money with you if you decide you have somewhere else to go. If you leave a bar for even just a half hour, your money is for the taking. Any bartender would assume it was a tip if you haven’t shown your face in an hour because you were indulging in a late-night drunk booty-call. Anybody who has a problem with this, I’ll tell you like I told the last person who left their money on the bar and came back 3 hours later, expecting it to still be there: “Here’s your money back, and an extra ten dollars, go buy a drink on me at another bar and go be their problem.” 44 February 2012

Music News By Will Love In January, Rihanna ruled the Billboard Hot 100, breaking number one with the throbbing Calvin Harris-produced single, “We Found Love.” Subsequently, fans also saw Jason Mraz leap into the Top 10 with his latest single, “I Won’t Give Up.” The most intriguing facet however, was witnessing one of 2011’s biggest singles remain in the Top 10 and transition into 2012. LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” managed to remain in the Top 10 throughout the month of January, sitting just below their latest hit, “Sexy And I Know It.” Moving into February, music lovers more than likely won’t see any major changes or break out singles within Billboard, beyond lower-charting singles within the Top 40 shifting into higher positions. Being as Valentine’s Day is February’s esteemed holiday, there will always be those tunes which the lonely will hate, and those who are in love will play until no end. The best lovemaking single, and ironically biggest tearjerker to those who aren’t ‘getting any,’ is the current Billboard hit, “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. Consequently, one can’t turn on an adult contemporary radio channel without hearing the stable love songs this time of the year. The most emotionally gut-wrenching, and beautiful depending on who you speak to, songs are “Your Body Is A Wonderland” by John Mayor, and the model wedding theme, “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. Just in time for the holiday, earlier last month Jay-Z and Beyonce gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy Carter. Ever since, it has been reported that every major celebrity gossip publication has been trying to outbid one another for the traditional baby photographs. While it has been rumored that the powerhouse couple will give what funds they receive from the sought after photos to charity, most believe otherwise. The two, however, have allegedly given a $100,000 donation to New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, where Beyonce gave birth. The donation, if true, does not come as a surprise after their security team made headlines for keeping others from seeing their children after it was reported that the music duo rented out an entire floor of the hospital. Concertgoers will have to start saving early, as Lady Gaga recently announced that she has another album in the works, in addition to an ensuing high-production style tour. One can bet that with the string of recent hits, this will be her most extensive and exciting tour thus far.

#justsayin Feel good quote: Always the aim for me is making people feel like they are not alone. That’s just the greatest feeling. - Zooey Deschane We wish quote: If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked. - Sofia Vergara Most politically incorrect quote: I’m not gay, so I don’t know much about Broadway musicals. - Norm MacDonald Most diguesting quote: I’m not kissing you, because you have throw up breath! - Snooki


What a woman says... This place is a mess! C’mon! You and I need to clean up! Your stuff is lying on the floor and You’ll have no clothes to wear if we don’t do laundry right now! What a man hears... blah blah blah blah blah C’MON! YOU AND I blah blah blah blah! blah blah blah blah ON THE FLOOR blah blah blah NO CLOTHES blah blah blah blah blah blah blah RIGHT NOW!





Photography by Harold Duarte Hair stylist/makeup artist: Karla Serrano/Salon Diva, Lyndhurst, NJ

What turns you on most about a guy?

What’s more important: Great sex life or world peace?

What turns me on most about a guy is:

Of course a great sex life. The world doesn’t care about you.

1. His big arms.

Favorite reality TV show? Least favorite?

2. Big hands. 3. Nice smile and eyes. Music that makes you want to tear your ears off? Country music! I have respect for those artists but I just can’t listen to slow music What’s your sexiest body part? My lips. Worst Facebook pick up line? “I think I know you from somewhere.” Definitely worst pick up line ever. Even if I knew who they were I always ended up forgetting them quickly. Do you get along better with women or men? Men 100 percent. Women are sneaky and are backstabbers. You can never trust a woman.

Have to say Pawn Stars is my favorite. And I can’t say that I have a least favorite show because I work 7 days and I only have time to watch TV when there’s something worth my time on. If you were trapped in an elevator with Snooki what would you say to her? I’d wanna go party, then each share a jar of pickles! Best way someone can make you fall in love with them? Taking me on a romantic date by the beach. Then the kiss at the end of the night is what will make me fall in love with them, depending on how good he is. If he’s not a great kisser then that’s definitely a turn off.

Let’s do a shot ... your choice? Jollyrancher!!!

February 2012 49

The Ugly

By Chaunce Hayden


The name of this column has changed since my nightmarish days with that penny saver embarrassment I attached my name to for so many years. No need to name names. But the attitude and honesty remains the same. Just like I’ve done so gleefully for so many years, I will continue to do for Metropolis Nights (soon to be the only game in town). In other words, l’ll ruthlessly continue to call questionable people out on their bullshit without fear or remorse. So that said, who’s first? Maybe New York Jet faux quarterback Mark Sanchez. That cowardly f--ker lost my respect long ago and now it seems he’s lost the respect of his teammates as well. The only Sanchez I want to see in the future is a dirty Sanchez. On a side note: Am I the only one disturbed by those black moles all over this guy’s face?

Too harsh? I’m just getting started. Remember rapidly aging “Friends” has-been Jennifer Aniston Has she ever made a movie worth 5 minutes of our valuable minutes left on this earth? Her face keeps getting harder to bare, her once to die for hair has morphed into broom straw and her “poor single me” PR campaign makes me want to vomit blood. You think Brad Pitt’s a dope? Think again. Angelina Jolie may be a dysfunctional brother loving, anorexic, junkie, freak with a few dozen immigrant kids....but at the end of the day she’s still not Jennifer...she’s still not Jennifer. Of course I could set my sights on crusty Howard Stern who has finally sold out the last bit of dignity he had left to put his wrinkled mug on television as the new judge of “America’s Got Talent”. How much more money does this greedy media whore need? Besides, Howard Stern and the phrase “discovering talent” may be the greatest oxymoron of all time. Sorry Howard, but in the real world, Beetle Juice and stuttering retards don’t sell CDs or sell out stadiums. Indeed, the freaks you exploit made you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. However, something tells me the objective of “America’s Got Talent” isn’t to humiliate freaks and sluts for profit. But hey, I could be wrong. You want more? Snooki. Who isn’t tired of this wobbling midget? You can bet the Snookster will soon be working for Vivid Video doing so many filthy things with those pickles than just shoving them down her infected throat. Anyway, you get the idea. The Ugly Truth is going to be pretty damn ugly. so if you’re easily offended or have thin skin, I strongly urge you to skip this page. Dead or alive, weak or strong, fat or thin, poor or rich...if you act like an Asshole, I’m going after you. Beware. February 2012 51


Photography by Harold Duarte



Favorite food: Steak. Employment: Personal Trainer. Preferred female: Curves, tan and 34C Biceps: 17 inch. Waist: 32 Turn off: Women who smoke. Favorite reality show: None! Maxim or Playboy: Maxim is sexier. Best advice: Fast food won’t get you laid.

February 2012 53


By Rachel Manzer

Major bad ass props go to the 2002 Vogue proclaimed “Most beautiful woman in the world”. Notorious for her wild child attitude, Billy Bob Thornton (blood wearing vial marriage), radical (yet sexy) tattoos, self- inflicting cutting addiction, drug abuse, and lesbian ways up until the mid 2000’s where she pulled a 180 and acquired the public image of a devoted mother and eccentric humanitarian while keeping her provocative, newer semi-bad girl image. 2001 she became UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. In 2002 she adopted first son Maddox from Cambodia during the filming of “Laura Croft: Tomb Raider” while divorcing Billy Bob, not getting custody until 2003 during her filming of “Beyond Borders”. A working, independent, traveling woman with an official title and slamming body oh, did I mention those juicy DSL! Bad ass enough yet? Hell no just warming up... That notable year 2005 during the filming of “Mr & Mrs Smith,” Jolie and Pitt’s behind the scenes little secret turned out to be scandalous public high-jacking of Jennifer Anniston’s sexy hubby. That same year they adopted Zahara and announced their plans of 2006 baby Shiloh‘s soon to be delivery. Than they added Pax in 2007. Don’t get your panties in a wad they still got in that hank-panky time! 2008 they gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne. Giving birth didn’t halt that money train. She sold the first photo of the twins to press for a record $1.4 million dollars which all went to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, she founded in 2003. I love how Angelina’s name is FIRST in everything. She deserves brownie points for her creative hustling skills and double BAMF points for seductive art form of her amour. Adding to her BAMF point count here…She met with congress on 20 different occasions between 2003-2006 pushing for several bills to aid refugees and vulnerable children in 3rd world countries and the US. In 2006 she partnered with the global health committee to establish the Maddox Chivan Children’s Center which is a daycare center for HIV kids in Cambodia. In 2008 Angelina collaborated with Microsoft to establish kids in need of legal defense helping unaccompanied immigrant children in the USA get free legal help. 2009 she was titled one of America’s most powerful celebrities. Not surfacing to breathe from raising her family, filming, and sultry rendezvous with Brad. She marched right into 2010 to establish the Jolie Legal Fellows program recruiting lawyers to support governmental child protection rights in Haiti. Can one woman really accomplish all of this? Only this months Bad Ass Mother f--ker can! She landed the highest endorsement deal with Louis Vuitton for a whopping 10 million bucks. Take a few classes from this woman. She had one of the worst reputations, stole a married man, popped out 3 kids, adopted 3 more yet set records for her humanitarian work and makes enough money to be the sugar mama to more than 10,000 men… all while keeping her luscious appeal and huge heart. Earning her this month’s BAMF title.

Angelina Jolie

February 2012 55

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By Harold Duarte


(1) Something is always happening at 46 Lounge, Totowa, NJ...or should we say, “somebody” is always happening! If you missed New Year’s Eve at this popular nightspot you missed a wild night with “Jerseylicious” superstar Tracy DiMarco. The infamous reality show diva worked the party crowd until dawn. Meanwhile, super hot fitness model Rosa Acosta was spotted drinking a few cocktails in the club’s VIP area. (2) Bistro 55 recently celebrated with the New Jersey Housewives over a few bottles of Binboa Vodka. All your favorite Housewives’ did what you would expect...PARTIED!

46 LOUNGE - Totowa, NJ

58 February 2012

Bistro 55 - Rochelle Park, NJ

February 2012 59

RAMONA RIZZO continued from page 26

to protect your friend? Drita was friends with Karen. She slept in her house and she borrowed money from her. She should never put her hands on her. The girl isn’t dealing with a full deck. I think she fakes it for television. She wants people to think she’s part of this world. The Mafia? Yes. She has no connection to the Mafia? None. She’s an outsider and she knows I’m going to expose her. I’m on the show to give her a reality check. I’ve officially exposed her. She has nothing to do with the mob and she better not ever lay her hands on Karen again. She’s been warned. If you wanted to get somebody whacked could you? If I wanted somebody wacked I could do it myself. If we’re going to go shot to shot I wont raise my hands unless you do something to me first. But I can back myself up 100 percent. If something goes really bad and I don’t like the outcome, you need to let me know if you want to be buried in the ground or a mausoleum. But could you make a call? (Laughs) I take the fifth! I’m afraid of you. As long as you don’t hurt my children you’re safe. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I stunned gunned an ex boyfriend because he cheated on me. I was a virgin at the time and I didn’t like he went out and was getting his own with another girl. He lied and only cowards lie. We eventually made up. What’s the sexiest thing about you? My smile. But you should ask someone else. One secret about yourself? People think I’m a bitch, but I’m really not. I’ll die for a friend. If you’re trapped in an elevator with Joe Pastone what would you say to him? I think it’s more what is he going to say to me? Is he going to apologize for doing his job? I can’t ask for an apology because he was trained to do what he did. That would be ignorant of me. So it would be ignorant for me to hate him. The FBI protects our country. Although, I don’t think people needed protection from my grandfather. And really, he shouldn’t have profited for his work with the FBI. I guess if I we were trapped in an elevator I would say, “So what, the FBI didn’t pay you enough?” It would depend on my mood. Contact Chaunce Hayden at:

writers & administrative assitance

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Metropolis Nights Feb Edition 2012  

Metropolis Nights Feb Edition 2012

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