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Well guess what?






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BY CHAUNCE HAYDEN @chauncehayden

Monaghan Town... A search for redemption

Where does one begin when the story is so real and the hurt so painful that each letter of every word is like a dagger to the heart? I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any.

Naked Truth


Six years ago I was in an emotional free fall. My marriage of 15 years had fallen to pieces and the perfect little world I had created quickly evaporated. In what seemed like the blink of an eye I lost my wife, my house, my career and worst of soul. I wasn’t me anymore. I wasn’t anything. I cleansed myself with booze, pills and anything that would numb my thoughts from the horror that had become my reality. It was during this somber time that I met a young woman from Ireland. She was much too young and beautiful for the likes of me. Common sense screamed for me to keep walking. I was an emotional fucking mess and a time bomb ready to destroy whatever remaining pieces of my life that still existed. Worse... Any person near me would feel the devastation of my thoughtless decisions as well. Still, I started a relationship. Several weeks later the 6 words that would change my life forever were quietly spoken....”I’m going to have your child.” I panicked. For me this wasn’t cause for a celebration or tearful hugs of joy. Any ambition I might of had for the bliss of fatherhood had passed long ago. Instead, my mind raced with fear and the unimaginable, terrifying future of what was to come. I realized how much of a man I wasn’t. My own father was a brutal alcoholic monster, so the concept of raising a child was much too foreign to entertain even for a second. This simply could not be. I wouldn’t allow it. I insisted this all go away and cut ties. Devastated and abandoned, the mother of my child left America for the support of her family back in Ireland. My cowardly reaction haunted me with unbearable regret. At the time I couldn’t see the gift I had been given. I didn’t want to see it. But 9 months later a letter would arrive with photos of the child, a beautiful girl, who I had turned my back on. They say a women becomes a mother the day she becomes pregnant. But that a man doesn’t become a father until the day he sees his child’s eyes. On that day I became a father. But it was too little, too late. I became obsessed with my own shame. Although I relentlessly sought forgiveness, there was none to be found nor did I deserve it. The damage had been done and for the next 5 years an ocean thousands of miles wide would

become the locked door that kept me from the innocent child I had turned my back on. Despite hundreds of emails-- some rational, some begging, some angry--my pleas for forgiveness fell on deaf ears. The only contact I would have with my daughter over the coming years would be via stolen online social media images. I was watching my flesh and blood grow on Facebook with an empty hole in my heart growing larger by the day. Last week I decided it was time to face my sins and fly to Monaghan, Ireland in search of my little girl. After nearly 5 years I was prepared for whatever waited for me in that wee Northern Irish town. As you might imagine there were no parades or welcome signs. I rode into Monaghan with one thought only.... see my daughter. When I arrived I had no idea where to turn. There was no address, only some hints of where I might find members of the family. After a full day of searching for any information I could find and getting nowhere, I stopped off at a local pub to collect my thoughts and contemplate what to do next. A pint of Guinness and some words of encouragement from an understanding bartender were all I had accomplished...And then it happened. The pub door opened and the grandmother of my daughter walked passed me and sat at the end of the bar. I can’t explain how I knew it. Maybe it was the reaction on the bartender’s face or the blurry images from Facebook. I just knew it. It was her. I approached and was greeted with a reaction one might expect. Again, there were no parades. However, there was finally a physical connection and a step closer to finding my daughter. The next day we met for tea to discuss my intentions at a local cafe and again, there was little sympathy and no hint of forgiveness. But the door so tightly shut for so long had been unlocked and the start of what I hope to be the beginning of a miraculous father and daughter relationship had begun. There is no penance in existence or spiritual short cut that can cure the past. My long and emotional journey of redemption is just beginning. There is only this....The story that began with 6 words ends with 6 words: Beidh Tu’ mo inion go deo. (You will be my daughter forever). MN

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Nick Costa and Allison Torres

A PATH RIDE AWAY: Offside Tavern’s Allison Torres

What inspired you to get in the bar biz? When I was 15 I started working in a coffee house. I’ve literally been making drinks my whole life. I was the fastest employee. Never late. And always making suggestions. I had my first raise in a month. And I knew I was built to do more. As soon as I was 16 I was serving in a restaurant and bartending at 18. And I never looked back.

Where did you come up with the name “Offside Tavern”? That’s all Nick. He’s the sports fanatic.

Describe what kind of crowd & vibe you’re looking for? We want everyone! The after work guy looking to have a scotch. The rowdy sports crowd who just want to watch their favorite game and have some beers with friends. Our goal is to be the neighborhood hangout for all types.

You’re located right off the 14 Street Path station. Do you anticipate many Bridge and Tunnel crowds?

What’s going to separ ate Off Side Tavern from other New York City watering holes?

What will be the drink house special? A shot of whiskey! We’re doing a barreled old fashioned with Angels Envy, which is the best bourbon right now because it’s new, well crafted, and so much buzz around it.

What’s the wildest thing you ever saw in a bar? That’s a coin toss. I can write a book on the things I’ve seen, all scary and hilarious. The craziest thing I’ve seen though was a guy propose to his girlfriend in front of all her friends. When we gave them the champagne toast to celebrate, she told him she couldn’t drink because she was pregnant...and the crowd went nuts! It was actually a really cool movie-scene moment.

Is the age of the nightclub over in your opinion? I think nightclubs attract more of a younger crowd, but bars...are forever! We’re trying to make a spot that feels like Cheers...everyone knows everyone and always feels welcome. Personally, none of us are nightclub people. We love beer, whiskey, and rock n’ roll.

Are you nervous about how the next 3 months will go? We knew that opening in January was a double-edged sword because its infamously the slowest time in the service industry. Our numbers have been great and we’re getting on the map more and more each week, so it worked in our favor to iron the kinks out and make this place rocking before St. Patrick’s day and March Madness.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows? Nick and myself jumped out of plane together about five years ago for his birthday. Then we went to unwind at the Cheesecake Factory where he used to work out in Long Island. That day really sealed the deal that we’d be friends forever. Death and cheesecake.



Industry Spotlight

The owners. It sounds a little crass but we’re all seasoned bartenders that teamed up to make the same dream come true...a feel good bar for everyone. We have a gamer, a mixologist, and a sports nut all behind the stick attracting every crowd there is.

Without a doubt. Especially being a block away from some of the most enticing nightclubs. But we’re looking to capitalize on that. Offside will be the pre-game spot for weekend nights and the go-to spot for weekday games.

Wed., Feb. 15 6:00/$15

Fri., Feb. 24 7:00/$10

Fri, March 10 7:00

Sat., Feb. 25 7:00/$10

Sat., March 11 7:00/$13




Thu., March 2 7:00/$10

Sun., March 12 3:00/$10




Sat., March 4 7:00/$10

Mon., March 13 7:00/$20

• HEADMOTOR (Motorhead Tribute)


• OLD BONES (Classic Rock & Metal Covers)

Sun., March 5 4:00/$15

Tue., March 14 6:00/$15

Sun., Feb. 19 5:00/$12

Tue., March 7 6:00/$15



Mon. Feb. 20 5:00/$12

Thu., March 9 7:00/$10


Thu., Feb. 16 7:00/$10 • ABAKUS 3

Fri., Feb. 17 7:00/$10


Thu., Feb. 23 7:00/$10 • OUR FEARS







Top 5

Man Cave (Otto D)


It’s A Given...

of All Time

This list is according to Billboard Hits. My opinion, the best of the best is still Run-D.M.C!

1 Notorious B.I.G.

That everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day!

2 Jay Z 3 Eminem 4 Rakim

5 Nas



5 Best

DRONES For all the Tech freaks out there here is list of top performing Drones. Personally, I think that someone’s going to lose an eye!!

1 DJI Phantom 4 PRO. 2 DJI Phantom 3 Series. 3 DJI Inspire 1 With 4K Raw video. 4 Yuneec Typhoon H. 5 Yuneec Q500 4K.

5 of the


My favorite, funniest actors we all love to watch and laugh at!

1 Jim Carry 2 Adam Sandler 3 Will Ferrell 4 Eddie Murphy 5 Robin Williams


If you want praise, die. If you want blame, marry.

Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!

2 3

If you’re enough lucky to be Irish... You’re lucky enough!

It is often that a person’s mouth broke his nose.


5 IRISH SAYINGS 5 of the

COOLEST Video Games

This is definitely not my area of expertise, but reached out to my nephew Micky who is an expert in this category. Here is our list of KICK ASS video games!

1 Doom 2 Battlefield 1 3 Overwatch 4 Fifa 5 Call of Duty



May the luck of the Irish be with you!




Direct from Ireland, Live Traditional Irish Music with Eric Butler and Friends Irish Dancers, Bag Pipes Open from 8am for Full Irish Breakfast, PLUS All Day Traditional menu


Pearl River Parade Day March 19th Join us for FULL IRISH BREAKFAST before the parade - Open 8am Live Irish Music all afternoon and Traditional Irish Menu

125 N. Kinderkamack Road, Montvale • 201-307-6300

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CROSSFIT SECAUCUS SOLVES ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS! Become part of our community and follow our plan with guidance from our coaches.

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Bartender of the Month 22

T Y 3/16 KICKOFF PAerRLi te with Mill

3 4 10 11 17 18 24 25 31



Last Minute FRIDAY

Blame It On the Girl FRIDAY

Flannel Party FRIDAY

Jam Straight FRIday


Detonators FRIDAY

Little Nikki Radio FRIDAY

Ernie G Band

FREE Corned Beef & Cabbage* While supplies last. 1 per customer please. In-house only.

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in for a d a s i h t g n i Br HE OL!!!


If group classes aren’t for you, head trainer Eddie Maresca will customize a personal training program specific to each athlete.

Owner, Eddie Maresca

CrossFit Seacaucus By Jenny Filicky

CrossFit is not necessarily a new way of working out but it is considered a lifestyle by the community at CrossFit Secaucus. You will not be intimidated when you walk into their 3000sqf facility in Seacaucus, NJ. Head Trainer Eddie, fundamentals/Kids Trainer Rob and Manuel (also all co-founders since 2012) will help set each Athlete up for a life changing fitness success. The CrossFit Seacaucus introduction/fundamental course teaches the 9 basic movements of CrossFit. Each of the four sessions concludes with a classic CrossFit WOD (workout of the day), integrating everything you have learned and practiced in a traditional high intensity, always changing workout including gymnastics, metabolic conditioning (cardio) and strength. I recently sat down with one of the owners, Eddie Maresca.

What makes Crossfit differ from a regular gym? We have No isolation movements in any of our workouts – CrossFit has more of a playground mentality, We want you moving well when we Run, jump on top of boxes and focus specifically on weightlifting with all aspects of the technical movements all at higher intensity. Therefore, maximizing your results each WOD.

What IS IT about Crossfit inspires you?

I see you also offer a children’s progr am (CROSSFIT KIDS), how intense do those work out get? The CrossFit kids program is Managed By Trainer Rob. It’s not too different from the adult classes, they run, move and learn for 45 min and every class ends with a BIG FUN game that allows them to continue to workout without the kids even realizing they are exercising. All our kids are from 8-12 years old and I have also found that CrossFit helps with their social skills, We are getting kids off the iPads for a moment and offering them motivation to move and be active and with that, it brings better social skills and overall health. We are also preparing them to become future crossfitters for the teens and eventually adult classes.

Is there a special diet that goes along with a proper CrossFit workout? Normally Paleo diet preferred, however not every diet works the same way for everyone that is why we customize nutritional diets individually. We also offer clients a special list of clean foods and set daily calories to build from.

To be successful at CrossFit how many times a week should a person commit to? The most important concept to grasp is that nothing happens overnight, give yourself a minimum of 90 days to begin your assessment of progress. Once you commit to CrossFit Secaucus 3x a week, it should be your standard for weekly workouts.

Do you have a message for anyone seeking to get healthy in the New Year? Make the 1st move and get off the couch, visit the CrossFit Secaucus box today for a Free workout. Find a friend to join you or just do it for yourself. The 1st step starts with you, and once you get moving you will only be helping yourself become a better version of you.

333 Meadowlands Pkwy, Secaucus NJ 07094 • 201-503-6320


Fitness Spotlight

Crossfit became fun like back in high school sports. It is important though to understand that anyone can do this! This is a place where you can work out beside an individual who has been athletic their whole life, as well as, be trained with your moms, teachers, etc. Crossfittters come in all ages, fitness levels and ability. But Most importantly, we’ve built an amazing community where everyone is friendly. We have a really tight group and friendships are developing each and every day.

Sometimes we need to take a step back from the corporate life/work and focus on what is most important to us (our lives and health). I personally love the competitive environment that pushes us to excel each time.




noon - 8pm


279 PASSAIC ST. 862-238-7578


146 FRONT ST. 201-864-5544


and custard and sometimes as a treat mom would put a little splash of Scottish whiskey. Two or three tablespoons of that and you’d sleep for 10 hours!


I could say I could kick ass right out of the womb. I used to get thrown around by my brothers when I was younger. But from the first day I was rolling around in the ring I knew I was meant to do this.

When the real estate market collapsed I was in some pretty serious financial trouble. I had many friends who went bankrupt and out of business. But I fought it through and didn’t have to do any of those legal maneuvers, and today my company is much stronger than it ever was. I guess I learned that I can handle adversity and pressure in bad times. Something you don’t know if you can handle until it actually happens to you.

5 Year Anniversary



Size definitely matters when it comes to sex, but right now nothing matters to me. Little or big, I just don’t want it. But for the record, my husband is very well endowed.

I was billions of dollars in debt, but I also had billions of dollars in assets as well. Nevertheless, at one point the debt was 900 million dollars more than the assets, in my opinion. At least! But I was able to come back to a point where my company was much bigger and much stronger than it ever was in the ‘80s. So, I’m happy about that. The one thing I learned from that whole experience is that if and when that happens, you better be prepared to work your ass off or you’re in big trouble.


My first memory of food is my mother’s bread and butter pudding. We didn’t grow up with a lot of money and didn’t have a lot of money. We had a humble life. We moved around a lot and dad was always moving us around. She made it with stale bread


Stress is the number one killer. Learn how to cope with it and find true happiness. Be around people who really care about you. Always give back and paint the picture of the life you want. You can see your dreams happen in front of your eyes and anything is possible.


Brie: We don’t look at ourselves as pretty girls, but as strong women. When I step into a ring, the last things I think about are my looks. I’m focused on how I’m going to take down my opponent. The greatest thing about being a WWE Diva is that we empower women. We want every girl and woman out there to find power, strength, and confidence inside. Beauty will follow all of that. Like they say, beauty is from the inside out. Therefore, injury is the last thing I think about.

anything objectionable or fireable. It will be for some other unknown reason. I’m well aware of where that line is and when I can and can’t cross it. Our show does get a little blue sometimes, but I don’t think it ever gets close to being “Huh-oh”.



I know Mike Tyson; I don’t want to say anything about the tattoo on his face! He’ll come and find me! Look, I’ve been tattooing since I was 14 years old. I have nothing on my hands, neck, or face. I think that’s my answer. Anybody can do what they want to their body. You just have to be aware of what society accepts. If you make yourself an outcast, you have to be ready to take it.


I’ve been though controversy before and dealing with the way people react to what I said. But I’m in the best job I could possible be in and I’m not dumb enough to fuck it up. If one day I’m not working at the FAN it will have nothing to do with me saying



My life was complete confusion and chaos. Not knowing who was good and who was bad in life was terrible. My life became an absolute circus. It became hell. I didn’t know who was around me and for what reason. I lost faith in everyone.

One time Barbara Walters requested an eclusive jailhouse interview with my grandfather. But he politely turned her and her money down. He said to her, “Sweetheart, real men don’t do interviews.”


I don’t want to say I was stronger than the boys, but they were all a little fearful of me. I was tougher than most of them. My brother’s made me pretty tough. There’s a difference between a real athlete and a girl that just throws on a baseball cap and pretends.


5 Year Anniversary


Nikki: It’s our passion, our heart and soul. I look at that ring beyond beauty, beyond fame. I look at it as a competition, as putting a smile on someone’s face, as a connection to a fan in the WWE Universe. There aren’t enough words that can describe the feeling I have when I am in that ring. Truly amazing.

I’m the seventh person to play Catwoman, but I’m the young version, so I’m the first teenager to play the role. It can be intimidating and nerve wrecking. But it’s also amazing. I just go with what the writers give me. I go with my instincts and I just kind of feel it out. I feel comfortable in my own body from my dance background, so that helps. I just go with it.

41 years ago both me and my friend had the happiest moment of our lives when I walked the wire across the Twin Towers. But then people follow their own road. I continued to perform and create and for my friend he ended up having not the life that he may have wanted. He grew old and sour and let’s just say it in plain English, he grew jealous of my success. That’s what I think happened in this case. This man is sharing with the press things that are so unnecessary. So I smile but some of that smile is filled with pity. Life goes on. But I think that happens to people when they have success. There will always be people who take the sour road. It’s just tough when it’s one of your friends.

Burger of the Month 40


A fresh, 8 oz. gooey cheeseburger, made to order, surrounded by a cheddar and monterey jack mac & cheese ‘bun’ topped with chipotle mayo and smothered in flavor. Created by Chef Dennis 41

Burger of the Month

Jason Tez of Tez Trends Blog | Photo Credit: Richard Copier

BY JASON TEZ @teztrends



Depending on where you live, you may already be feeling the early onset of spring. Here’s a list of the 5 essential pieces every man should have in his closet as the seasons make their transition.

Striped Long Sleeve Tee Stripes look great on every guy, and a flattering striped long sleeve tee can be worn alone when it starts warming up. Rolling up the sleeves lets you bare your tattoos, watch, or accessories. Folk - Striped Cotton Jersey T-Shirt, | $115

The Crew Neck Sweater

Mock Layer Sweater in Beige, | $35.90

Men’s Fashion


While it’s still cold outside, a crew neck sweater can be layered with a button-down shirt. As it gets warmer, it can be worn alone. They come in a variety of materials, such as cotton, woven and cashmere.

The Bomber Jacket A classic bomber jacket is a must-have piece for every guy. You’ll find yourself wanting to wear it with everything. They’re lightweight and comfortable. Wear it with a long-sleeved shirt while it’s still cool, and switch to t-shirts as it starts to warm up. Bomber Jacket in Taupe, | $49.99

Chelsea Boots

Distressed Denim Distressed denim has made a comeback. Pair them with your long sleeve tee, top it off with your bomber jacket, slip into your Chelsea boots, and you’re good to go.

Once you own a pair of Chelsea boots, you may never want to wear anything else on your feet. Their sleek, traditional style makes them the perfect compliment any outfit. They slip on quickly with no laces to worry about. UO Suede Chelsea Boots in Light Brown, | $89

Vintage Indigo Ripped Denim Jeans, | $68

For more tips on transitioning your winter pieces into spring, follow me on Instagram, @teztrends or visit my blog:

Expires 3/31/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer

Expires 3/31/17 Cannot be combined with any other offer

BY NIKKI ROSE @Nik_lovins

Trendy Items for Celebrations

It’s time for us to happily celebrate St. Patricks Day by drinking green beer, tossing on dozens of green beads, and being surrounded by our family and friends (who are most likely all wearing green too). Here are a few cute green items I came across to help you celebrate in style, just in case you don’t feel like wearing the old “Kiss me, I’m Irish Tee.”


St. Patty’s Day

Women’s Fashion


Somewhere Tonight Olive Green Romper

Sam Edelman Yardley Suede Heel | $130 | $54

ASOS Lisbon Mid Rise Jean in Khaki with Pockets | $49

Green Ruched Short Sleeve Bardot Body Suit | $27

Honey Punch Rina Olive Fitted Hoodie Sweatshirt | $58

And if you still want a special


this is where you can find one! Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky Tee | $16.99

Kiss Me I’m Irish Beads with Shot Glass

BY ALAN TECCHIO /alan.tecchio

Whilst enjoying the slopes these days you don’t have to look very far to see fellow skiers and boarders preoccupied with their electronic devices. Everything from GoPro cameras mounted on helmets to smartphones on selfie sticks to heads up displays in goggles and of course iPods playing through all manner of headphones… the list gets longer each and every season.

Since this is the 5th anniversary edition of Metropolis Nights, I thought I would give you my top 5 electronic-related devices that you might likely find while out exploring in the white. To go along with that theme I once again have fellow snowsports journalist Mike Roth to thank for creating yet another excellent cartoon.

u THE GIRO RANGE HELMET While it’s true that GoPro cameras come with helmet-mount accessories, it’s way cooler to have a helmet like this one that has a GoPro mount already installed. The camera attaches right to the front of the helmet, instead of the top. Price: $250. v SEIRUS INFERNO HEATED GLOVES Seirus Inferno heated gloves, are actually quite comfortable. They offer three temperature settings. The settings are thankfully easy to toggle through which is quite nice. One downside- they only operate on the highest setting for two hours of battery life. Price: $375. w POC FORNIX COMMUNICATION HELMET (with Beats audio) POC has now integrated Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones into their high quality Fornix helmet. This is a wired headphone setup, but the cord is easily run under your jacket to your smartphone or iPod. The wired setup sounds clearer and warmer compared to my Bluetooth rig. It’s also well ventilated and comfortable. Price: $250. x MYCHARGE ALL TERRAIN+ If you join the onslope digital revolution you could end up like our friend in the cartoon–chained to a charging station. That is unless you get yourself a MyCharge military-grade All Terrain external battery charger. Featuring a water-proof design. The model pictured has a 6,000mAh capacity and has a 2.4 amp output for charging tablets. You will have to bring your own cables. Price: $39.99.



So many electronics, so little time to ride (or ski!!).

y HITCASE PRO Bump up the video performance on your iPhone with a Hitcase Pro. Featuring waterproof cases that have built-in wide angle lenses, turn your iPhone into a true action camera. The Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6/6S also has a railslide mount system that’s GoPro-friendly. It also detaches easily, for normal cell phone use. Price: $149.99.



Muddle up some grapes, oranges, and strawberries instead of adding in loads of triple sec and sugary juices. You not only get a solid dose of vitamin C and B, but you save yourself the extra 200 calories.


Drinking = Good for You Yes, drinking is good for you. I mean, it can be if you do it correctly.

BLOODY MARIA WITH TOMATO JUICE – 130 Calories Tequila with tomato juice might sound gross, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it. A shot of tequila has 64 calories versus vodka which has about 97. Add in some horseradish, celery, and olives to spice it up? Horseradish has been said to aid weight loss and is linked to preventing cancer. You also almost burn the amount of calories in a stick of celery just by chewing the darn thing. Opt for the low sodium version if you can – salt retains water and that can make you look and feel puffy and bloated. MARGARITA – 160 calories (Regular Margarita : 500 calories) Make it skinny by adding only fresh lime juice, splash of fresh squeezed OJ, and agave nectar to your tequila. With a regular margarita involving about 500 calories and obnoxious amounts of sugar, this option is not only great for keeping you fit all winter – it’ll also make you feel like summer is right around the corner.

VODKA CLUB SODA – 83 Calories

20 Percent


Really can’t go wrong with this one. Squeeze in some fresh lime, lemon, or cucumber to jazz it up a little. Limes and lemons are great antioxidants in addition to great sources of vitamin C. Cucumbers promote nail growth in addition to being packed with potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins – all said to ease symptoms of seasonal depression. BOURBON ON THE ROCKS – 97 Calories

Here I put together a list of drinks and their benefits so the next time your out it’s easier for you to make a conscious decision that you feel positive about. From aiding in banishing seasonal blues to keeping you slim even in these winter months – making some minor adjustments to your go-to’s can have a dramatic effect on your health. And it’s exciting to learn that drinking is not so bad for you, afterall ;) Drink up, and feel good about it!


Not only under 100 calories – but it also has the ability to aid in weight loss, boosts good cholesterol, and fights against cancer. Bourbon also strengthens our immune system. No getting sick for you this winter! HOT TODDY – 165 Calories Whiskey with hot water squeezed with lemon juice and a cinnamon stick. Delightful. Hot Toddy’s have healing properties and can help fight off infection. In addition, whiskey is also a great decongestant. If you’re trying to heal yourself though - just stick to one. More than that and the negative will outweigh your benefits. VODKA MARTINI – 127 Calories You won’t need many of these bad boys to feel good. And clocking in at only 127 calories, your waistline will thank you. Add a splash of olive juice to get in your vitamins D,E, and K. Vitamin D for strong bones, vitamin E for antioxidants, skin and hair, and vitamin K to reduce blood clots. HENDRICKS MARTINI – 130 Calories Muddle some cukes in for a refreshing addition. Cucumbers are loaded with B vitamins which ease feelings of anxiety and help aid stress. This one will make you feel reaaaaal relaxed. GIN AND TONIC – 97 Calories Basic but not. Juniper berries which gin is derived from help with wrinkles and improving skin conditions. Gin is also said to improve digestion, help ease the joints, and flushes out your system. Cheers to a drink that is actually good for your liver! GUINNESS BEER – 125 Calories Of course you could go with Bud Light or any other of his light siblings – but Guinness has other health benefits. It’s the only beer containing immune-boosting antioxidants. A University of Wisconsin study was conducted and they found that drinking Guinness also reduces blood clots and the risks for heart attacks.



Sports Report



ers began to buy in to the good of the group so strongly that they believed they could knock off Jordan and the Inevita-Bulls.

Every year, the Knicks damage their credibility as an organization and get further away from the good things they once were.

It never happened, but they tried their damndest — no one more than Oakley, a dumptruck of a man in high-tops. He could never outjump Chris Webber or outscore Karl Malone. But hell if he would let either All-Star beat him down the floor to their spot on the blocks. You could outplay him, but you could never outwork him.

Remember when Jackson had the Midas touch? Well, the luster came off him pretty quick once he started doing business with Dolan. Call me crazy, but there seems to be a common denominator here.

“There was once a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish … It was so fragile” – Marcus Aurelius in Gladiator

The conflict on Wednesday produced as regretful an image as there has ever been at the Garden. It began when Dolan, the Emperor Commodus of this tale, allegedly decided he did not want a former player who had been openly critical of him and the organization sitting close to him.

Maximus, the power forward, returned to the Colosseum on 34th in Manhattan on Wednesday night. But Charles Oakley barely recognized the place anymore.

So, instead of anyone talking about a riveting run between the Los Angeles Clippers and the current Knicks — they’re left talking about the Legend of Oak.

The arena held no glory for him now, only painful memories of a past his former employer refuses to honor, and a team owner who put security guards in a no-win situation by allowing them to surround Oakley — in essence, cornering a man who was once paid to move aside larger mounds of muscle than himself — who knows one way to extricate himself from such circumstances.

“OAK-LEE! OAK-LEE!” the throaty Garden roar came, cascading down, from the pinwheel ceiling to the floor.

It took six security guards to bring his 6-foot-9, 260-pound frame to the ground and escort him through the tunnel, where he was handcuffed and eventually booked. The organization that knew no bottom finally found one. The Knicks had yet again disregarded another heirloom of Madison Square Garden’s past. They have shown no interest in having, Patrick Ewing, a Hall of Famer who has paid his dues to become one of the NBA’s top assistant coaches, can’t even get an interview. And now, team owner James Dolan has likely cut himself off from ever benefiting from the wisdom of the man who held combustible Knicks teams together so long ago. The Knicks of Oak, Ewing, Anthony Mason, John Starks and later Larry Johnson and Allan Houston had their dysfunction, ego and agendas. But conflict produced resolution then and resolution produced 50-win seasons and long playoff runs. Eventually, Ewing and a bunch of half-decent role play-

If you closed your eyes, it could have been the ’90s, Oak bobbing his shoulders back and forth in the layup line as “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” blared through the arena speakers. Late May, and the Garden full and vibrant, instead of eerily silent. When you opened them, though, it was 2017 and Phil Jackson had used 140 characters to further alienate Anthony as if he were a newbie commander in chief baiting Australia. TNT’s Reggie Miller delivered his cruelest Garden dagger in 20 years, tweeting, “If you’re a FA to be, why would you play for an Owner who treats the past greats like this or a President who stabs player in the back?” The Knicks have won one playoff series and had 11 different coaches in the past 17 years. And now they’re in what’s likely to be the fourth-straight year without a playoff appearance. After all the GMs and coaches that have become fall guys over the years, the Knicks decided Friday to part with the Garden’s security chief two days after the Oakley incident. This is not merely bad for the Knicks. It’s bad for New York. It’s bad for the NBA. It’s the equivalent of the Steelers or Cowboys being an eyesore for five years at a time, the Yankees not mattering for a decade or more.

Under Dolan, the Knicks have become a culture of utter tone-deafness. They have engaged in some of the most small-time, mean-spirited behavior imaginable, none more than the last line of their prepared statement on Oakley’s arrest Wednesday night: “He was a great Knick and we hope he gets some help soon.” I spoke to Oakley Thursday morning. He was wounded by that line, couldn’t believe that they would imply he was somehow psychologically troubled, all because a petulant billionaire wanted him gone from the arena. It was unconscionable simply because Dolan has dealt with his own addiction demons, and he should know about recovery, making amends and taking his own inventory instead of someone else’s. “We hope he gets some help soon.” In therapy, they call that projection. The Knicks put out another statement Thursday, calling Oakley’s version of the events “pure fiction.” They don’t stop, these people. I could go into how Oakley has never lied or sugarcoated a single fact, both good and bad, in the 20 years I’ve known him — and I sure can’t say the same about the Knicks. But what’s the point? He’s not going to get the only thing he wants — the love and acceptance of an organization he gave everything to for 10 years. The ability to simply commune with the people who chanted his name without worrying about the fragile psyche of the team’s owner. I almost want the last Knick gladiator to go back to the Garden once more, face his accuser and echo Crowe’s part in the 2000 film: “My name is Charles Oakley III, the soul of the 1990s Knicks, teammate to a short-changed Hall of Famer, loyal servant to the true fans of Madison Square Garden. And I will have my seat back, in this life or the next.” But, you know what? The Garden in 2017 isn’t worth it. Oak needs to stop pining. He deserves better.



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I KNOW, I KNOW, I CAN’T OR SHOULDN’T TALK ANY MORE POLITICS. I’ll say one quick thing and then it’s on to STEAK. And our Asshole of the Month is Kellyanne Conjob, so there’s that. We are seriously fucked, we have the worst president ever. The worst, ever. Ok done, now let’s talk STEAK. When times are tough or scary, humans like things that give them comfort. Food is probably our first Go-To. That’s why we are enormous at this point. Eating is great and exercising sucks monkey nuts. We all have our favorites, some people chow down on pizza or salty snacks and some on sweets and ice cream, I like to go to a steak place. I love a great steak and all the surrounding add-ons! What’s better than a lobster or crab cocktail, maybe a creamy shrimp bisque, followed by a bleu cheese wedge or Caesar salad? We didn’t even get to the steaks yet, never mind the sides.

So what steak is best? So many people have different opinions, and they are all correct. My favorite is a T-Bone, a beautiful piece of meat with a sirloin on one side of the bone and a filet mignon on the other, Heaven. My friend Steve likes to go New York Strip and it’s hard to argue and my friend Mike likes a filet mignon. delicious, of course. BUT I GET BOTH with a T-Bone, otherwise known as a Porterhouse.



And since they can be huge, they are great to share. Did I say Valentine’s Day! Compliment a fantastic steak with a bowl of creamed spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and a plate of home fries and all is right with the world. How about adding on a terrific red wine and some Creme Brûlée for dessert? You see why I love it?

So were do I go locally? There are two places I like, The Capital Grille In Paramus. You can always get an excellent meal there at a reasonable price. The steaks are quite good.

Ok, so who makes the best steaks? This debate could go on forever. I will give you my favorite places in NJ, NY and Florida. And then throw a few more in for you to find.

And I like the Allendale Steak House. It is a Peter Luger style steak joint that is pretty damn good, I also like that it is a bring your own and the liquor store is right next door. I always choose an excellent bottle of wine for under $30 and you can save a pretty penny. This is a small family run restaurant, the folks are nice and it’s worth a visit.

The absolutely best Porterhouse in the U.S. is at Peter Luger in Brooklyn. It’s a little difficult to get in and you need to bring cash but if you get a chance to go, you need to go. Every single thing at Peter Luger is excellent. The tomatoes and onions, the giant shrimp cocktail, all the sides are exceptional, the Germanic tap beers are cold and fresh and desserts are really good, get extra schlag, their homemade whipped cream. And all the crazy German waiters make for an interesting and fun meal. The atmosphere is casual neat, everything is low key except for the staff zooming around trying to take care of the always packed house. By the way, it’s also pretty fairly priced for a top steak place. You can get away with less than $150 a head. My favorite steakhouse is in Tampa, the steak is almost as good as Lugers but everything else is beyond belief. Bern’s in Tampa. This is always rated one of the top restaurants in America and deservedly so. The food across the board is perfect every time, the service is amazing. The have the most educated and well trained waiters I have ever seen, yet they are not snooty in the least. The dessert room upstairs is the best I have even been in. If you are in Tampa, go to bern’s. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. I have recommended this place or taken so many people as first timers. Every single person is blown away. One stupid rule for Florida. No Shorts Allowed. Idiotic. I wore sweat pants once, but no shorts.


Kellyanne Conway is the Asshole of the Month.

If you need me to tell you why, pull your head out of your ass.

Thank you for reading. We are, what we do, when it counts. — Banc


Between the Sheets


Can you really be addicted to sex!?! There are some that think sex is just OK and a part of life, some love it and go for it every chance they get, and there are some that simply become obsessed, where it actually takes over their lives and well-being. How do you know when you’ve gone from a sexually charged person to an addict that can’t live without it? HERE ARE FIVE WARNING SIGNS THAT YOU MAY BE A SEX ADDICT:

uSexual addicts seem to masturbate much more

w One-night stands can become a regular occurrence

than the average person. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, but how often you find yourself having to masturbate just to function. Masturbation can surely be a healthy thing for both you and your partner, but there is a fine line when masturbation becomes and obsession.

for people who are committed or not.

v People who are addicted to sex are often un-

yThe biggest sign that you may be a sex addict is the use of prostitutes. When you can’t seem to curb your cravings and you start actually paying for it, this is an addiction. If getting a prostitute becomes a commonplace, seek help.

faithful. I don’t mean to stereotype, but most of the time this is true. People who are addicted to sex really don’t care what they are jeopardizing to get what they want.

x Persistent use of pornography. Most people with sexual obsessions must be aroused at all times. When not hooking up or masturbating, they need another form of arousal.

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS OF SEX ADDICTION If you are addicted to sex, you may feel alienated, isolated, depressed, angry, or humiliated and need treatment yourself. If you are addicted to sex, you might become easily involved with people sexually or emotionally regardless of how well you know them. Since most sex addicts fear abandonment, they might stay in relationships that aren’t healthy, or they may jump from relationship to relationship. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF SEX ADDICTION Although a sex addiction or pornography addiction can create many physical side effects, few physical symptoms of this disorder exist. However, the most common physical sex addict symptoms you might notice from having a sexual addiction is feeling immobilized due to sexual or emotional obsessions. Sex is a very healthy act and I encourage it, but it’s just like everything else and should be in moderation. When you lose sense of reality and live in a fantasy world that you’ve created, you may end up with an unhealthy addiction that will have you always needing more. MN

Kisses, Angela

If you have a story, comment or question you would like to share with BTS, please email me at

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MoTHER has been buzzing on the local circuit since 2013 — but 2017 may be their breakout year with the release of their heavy-hitting first single, “Medicine”. I had the chance to speak with Johnny (bass) and get his thoughts on MoTHER bringing hard rock back into the spotlight again. Tell us about the history of MoTHER. We place our beginning around 2013 but the origins go back a bit further. We were brought together by a combination of Craigslist and years of being friends. Nick and I had played together in a previous band and we were lucky enough to catch a starry-eyed, fresh off-the-bus Mike Gowen when he packed his bags and moved to NYC from Pennsylvania to start his musical journey.

What does each member bring to the band? Perspectives. Everyone has their very own distinctive view. Nick brings a sweet sense of songwriting on the piano with soaring vo-

cals, Mike brings his brand of riffing while maintaining a solid swing on the guitars, and I bring.... something. I’m sure it’s something.

What kind of music do you play — and who are your musical influences? We have recently started turning to more of a bluesy and swampy variety of rock. It has been an exciting journey getting to the current style of music from our humbled beginnings and will continue to evolve as we do over time. We all have a variety of influences, but we have recently decided to focus more on our roots as big fans of blues, classic rock, and soul music.

You recently signed to Flexitone Records but you guys have been putting out EP’s since 2013. What was the road like trying to get discovered? Very long. That is another big step in what has been a long, yet amazing journey. We met with the man behind Flexitone Records, David Ivory, at a music conference one year ago and immediately hit it off with him. We then went down to his studio to record “Medicine.” After we were done with the process, he liked working with us enough that we all decided to forge a longer working relationship with his label.

You guys are from the tri-state area. How difficult was it getting the band out there to the masses with no designated local r adio station? Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult parts of being a band in this day in age. There is so much sensory stimulation and so many other bands out there all competing for attention. We tackled this the same way we do everything else — we plugged in our instruments and played our asses off to as many people who would listen.

You just released “Medicine” and it’s great! What inspired the song and what was it like recording it? This song is inspired by that thing that every person needs to make themselves all right. It could be anything — sex, drugs, a new car, whatever your poison that takes you to where you need to be. Recording it was a long process for us, but it couldn’t have come out more perfect. David Ivory really took the giant balls from our live show and somehow squeezed them into an awesome recording.

Do you have any plans to record and put out a full-length album? We are always writing and recording. The music is what decides when we will record. We expect to record more soon, but it could be in any format. We have a tendency to be very freewheeling in this regard.

You guys have a few shows coming up — why should readers come check you out? Check out our music, if you dig it, you will dig our live shows. We are lucky enough to also have some of the best fans out there. They make the shows amazing. Check out MoTHER at or in person at Arlene’s Grocery on April 1st! You can also check them out on Facebook (@ motherband) and Instagram at @rockyourmother. MN

THE STANHOPE HOUSE is a New Jersey gem that used to be a legendary blues house in the 70s — but today it’s a great haunt for those who want to hear some live tunes. Stop by — and keep an eye out for the Stanhope House Ghost! THE BLUE ROOM in Secaucus is a small “alternative” venue that is right next to a strip club — and it’s perfect for those looking to check out some local no-frills bands!

If you’re looking to venture into New York…. BABY’S ALL RIGHT: I ended up at this Williamsburg bar for a private after-show and absolutely fell in love with the eclectic back room where they host their mini concerts. The floor is modeled after the maze in The Shining (yes, really!) and the light installation makes you feel as though you are in a music video. Make sure to stop by the next time you’re in Brooklyn — it’s unlike anything you’d find in Jersey. ROXY BAR: This fancy little lounge in the middle of the modern Roxy Hotel in Tribeca is a perfect place to have a cocktail while checking out some jazz. It’s a trendy hang out where you may catch sight of a celebrity or two — but don’t bother asking for pictures, just play it cool!


Music News

We really just want to be the best rock band we can be.

THE WELLMONT THEATER is a concert hall in Montclair that resembles a huge ballroom but is tiny enough that concerts feel intimate and personal. It’s also located in the heart of Montclair so you can hit up the nearby shops or grab a bite to eat before the show!

It seems like it’s beginning to pay off. Every band has a message they want to portr ay or a goal in mind — what is MoTHER’s?

It would be easy to recommend my favorite music hotspots — but chances are, you’ve already been to them! Here are five that you may have not heard of already — check them out and thank me later!

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