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from the editor-in-chief Finally, the summer is over! Ever since I was a kid September meant one thing...Football! From playing in my local town league to the mostly winless years playing for Bergen Tech, I lived for the fall. Of course it’s been a long while since I wore pads, but for some reason this September has me more excited than any other I can recall. The reason for my enthusiasm probably has something to do with the front cover of this magazine. Blonde bombshell, Traci Lynn Johnson, the jaw dropping bride of former Giant running back Tiki Barber looks absolutely stunning on this month’s glossy pages. Not too surprising, my exclusive interview with Traci certainly had it’s share of tabloid headline making news. I thought Traci was going to kill me when early quotes and photos of our interview leaked out to the Daily News. But is it any wonder when a gorgeous younger woman, falls for a semi-married, worshiped celebrity athlete that it’s not going to tear up the gossip pages? Especially in New York City where we live for such controversy. So how could I resist the temptation to offer Traci the September cover? I’m still in awe that Traci not only agreed to the interview, but also to an unforgettable titillating photo shoot as well. Trust me guys, you can put your current issue of Maxim in the trash. Nothing compares to Traci Lynn Johnson. However, Traci isn’t the only goldmine of joy in this month’s issue. Also featured is local Jersey girl and this month’s “Angel” Antonella Barba who rocked out on American Idol a few season’s ago and in the process became the focus of a sex scandal that blew the roof off of the FOX Network and shocked the world. These days Barba is back in the limelight both as a singer, actress and Fear Factor contestant. Yep, that was our very own Antonela risking her life on television this past winter. Of course while two beautiful women is a lot to handle, we thought we’d up the ante and go for three. Hence, Capri Anderson, whom you might recall got a beat down from Charlie Sheen two years ago comes back as our popular “Jewel of the Month.” I guess you could describe September has having a bit of a scandal theme, but I swear it’s not intentional. Sometimes things just work out the way they do. Ummm...I swear! Wait there’s more! Even though it’s the end of summer, doesn’t mean we can’t honor two motorcycle legends. Hoboken MC, the most respected bike club on the East coast, share stories about the their historic past and their much anticipated future. All bike club facts and myths are addressed in this compelling feature story. We also sat down with the owner of Motorcycle Mall, the biggest motorcycle dealership I’ve personally ever seen! Finally, I want to welcome our new advertisers: Freddy who owns two of the wildest rock n roll bars in Jersey, Dingo’s and Dingbatz. If you party, live for rock and own your look, you need to check out these bars...if you haven’t already. Also coming on board is Hoboken’s biggest night club, Super Club, Devotion Vodka (my favorite), Fabolous Foods, McCobbs, Village Sensation (don’t be afraid to light up!) and the most famed hair salon in the country (and on television)....Anthony Roberts Salon!


Chaunce Hayden

Editor-in-Chief Metropolis Nights Cell: 201-873-3874 Tweeter: @Chauncehayden

I feel like the Magazine looks nicer every month! Its great every page and picture just looks great, the interviews get better and you can see the hard work put into it. I’m very proud to be a reader and i try to get all my friends picking it up and showing their friends to get the word out! Danielle Ferguson, Hoboken, NJ

It’s great seeing your magazine at all my favorite bars, it sticks out in such a good way. The articles are great, the interviews are great, and the girls are even better, keep up the good work! Frank Police, Dumont, NJ

As a female reader I like the direction Metropolis nights takes, unlike some other nightlife magazines Metropolis nights doesn’t have sleazy ads that makes us women cringe but Metropolis nights is very classy and informative, thank you keep up the good work. Lisa Ennis, Hillsdale, NJ

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By Nicholas Dragona

The 5 Hottest Outdoor Female Olympians

5 4 3 2 1

Our 5 Favorite Reasons for watching the Olympics...


5. Marta Menegatti:

Beach Volleyball (ITA)

4. Maria Kirilenko:

OLYMP T S E G BIG o: of the r e n goes t n i D w R A e h And t ABY AW CRY B

et as res clock w omen’s e th r fte w cried a in the on A Lam nd she lost e sat r h in S h . S n a ’s n a a h d e r on e con Ko idem South o to one se st Britta He st was made r e te in from z l epee aga r while a pro ha. u W ua o id a h h iv n d W a in m for . Wha iu lf d a o h p e b the

Tennis (RUS)



3. Leryn Franco: Javelin (PAR)

6 September 2012



2. Yelena Isinbayeva:

Pole Vault (RUS)


The e swea pitome o f a b r this ad b is as mesh true) a ll-too eball pla ed to As i -pe ye form f his quite rfect nam r, Tony S were n’t e .205 ave t h e histo e and h uck’s (W noug (catc rical o e h, pe rage, ze her, spec rrific sta ro rh cente imen ts r fiel aps his . homeru . d an 8 n d sh 64 total s and z o fi e r e t r ld s o RB lacki ng ta top) can ing perc enta I lent. bette ge r det ail h is

1. Ellen Hoog: Field Hockey (NED)

Talk about hitting below the belt! Thieves stole a man’s penis while he slept, according to police. Fei Lin, 41, of the Niqiao village near Wenling City, in east China’s Zhejiang province, told police he was asleep when the thieves burst into his room and put a bag over his head. As reported in the Daily Star, “They put something over my head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off,” Lin said. “I was so shocked I didn’t feel a thing - then I saw I was bleeding and my penis was gone.” Police believe the attackers were jealous lovers of several local women whom Lin was having affairs with, the Austrian Times reported. Lin denied taking part in any infidelity. Emergency workers and police searched for Lin’s anatomy but turned up nothing, according to TNT Magazine. The penis thieves are nowhere to be found, but police say they’re looking for the jealous lovers.


More Beer Than Ever

We hit an estimated 7 billion people living on Earth this time last year and this year we hit a new global record, Beer. According to news reports, 50.9 billion gallons of beer were made last year, a 3.7 percent increase from the year before. But, unfortunately us red necked, beer belly Americans aren’t the world’s leading brewers. China is in the lead, which account for 25 percent of all the beer brewed on Earth. Despite Chinas advantages we are still assembling sixpacks at a faster rate. So raise a glass for beer. Congratulations, World!

Bill & Ted 3?!?

The World’s Greatest BBQ Sauce!

According to movie blogs the ultimate dream team stoner duo will be reuniting one last time. The threequel will reunite the original stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter for their main roles as Bill and Ted. If you’re old enough to remember the Bill & Ted movies, you know why this probably shouldn’t be resurrected but MGM, who owns the rights, are looking to revisit the franchise for one last excellent adventure. At least it’s not a remake with new comedy actors like we’ve seen countless times over the past few years from Hollywood.

For more info go to:

A Mancave isn’t a real “Mancave” without BBQ Sauce. So after tasting thousands (well, a lot) of brands our staff votes are in. The Official Mancave BBQ Sauce winner goes to (Drumroll)..........


Fall is the magic season for most fashionistas. Not only are the designs more interesting and the fabrics more luscious, but the possibilities for layering bring out a creative streak in anyone who loves to look their best. And isn’t that all of us? This year we saw many interesting looks slink down the catwalk, but below are the ones that have a shelf life beyond 2012, while still adding newness to your wardrobe.

s Bold Bottom

r kes stretch leathe hnology actually ma tec ut er rko fib wo w ur Ne yo g. g leggin ed to start season of the stron ide so tight you ne ate an the wh cre is co to in 12 ets d 20 ck se n po ca x tum en Au ed ($828) has fau your legs can be t tur tha pic body ing on of an rsi lot ve me a r , ally have cobs leathe a possibility ur ankles. If you re e Marc by Marc Ja yo n here Th to ow y. wn sh tel do dia YC y kN me wa im an regime ones from Bl your form all the g the e hu lik d g, an e, e, for gin lin as leg e ple ge. And the metallic uninterrupted booti illusion of pounda nturous choice is the ve d ad w. ad re ww ms mo at tto en le bo ev ab ry are avail ra, shimme confidence, an d. Both these styles ch like a TV came ate mu rst er, de mb un le me re mb st se ($88). Ju st of your en is chic, keep the re the love of all that om. bloomingdales.c

Schoolgirl Plaid Plaid is a huge fall statement this year, but when you add that tartan item to your wardrobe should look private school pos it h, not “I’m going deer hunting in the wilderness”. Even thou it is a busy pattern, plaid works gh with many different fabrics, from denim to wool to silk. I love this modern plaid blazer from J. Crew for $198. Its shrunke n size makes it feminine, and oversized snap closures mak the e it cool. Check it out at www.jc

Prissy Peplums

hips. Peplums are a this particular trend, perhaps because I already have I’m going to admit up front that I’m not a huge fan of ($445) is an nberg adds sexy oomph. This dress from Diane Von Furste style better suited for straight figures, where the flair want to try you If ils. cockta for out and it could be worn to the office or excellent example of this fad done in a wearable way, shop. to m barne www. to Surf y’s Co-Op costs only $78. out this look for less, this cute peplum top from Barne

Straps Sexy Ankle mp. The

strap pu l, make it an ankle of new shoes for fal ir ool-worthy, but the dr pa e ly on ive y sit bu po ly . If you can on twear that was foo top e-th le with a sexy twist er sty ov with was this classic . ain zz ag za runways abounded er piz ov d d de an mp some ad t was seen over d give the basic pu lo an no one statement tha n, Ma me m wo fro st ir mo ttering on us suede pa g with this gorgeo Ankle straps are fla you can’t go wron , 45 $6 at y ice pr Although at www.nordstro Blahnik, available

Matte Mo uths Red is always the color of ch oice for Autum matte. My favo n, but the diffe rite shade com rence this year es from Hourg traditional pigm is that it is a de lass, and it’s ca ent in a tube, ep, rich lled Opaque R this is a liquid dry. You can bu ouge. Unlike yo lip st ick that has st y it at www.sep ur aying power w for ithout leaving $28. your lips

8 September 2012

Send style questions to Follow Krystyna Longan on

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23 Route 23 S Pequannock, NJ 07440 (973) 686-6040

2391 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ 973-835-0858


Raindate: SEPT 7th

Remembering Cooter

By Chaunce Hayden





normally try and keep all my attention directed toward celebrities. I swear I do. After all, so many of these self absorbed, pampered millionaires are soulless narcissists who deserve an occasional mouthful of criticism. But every now and than I have to turn away from Hollywood and the rich and famous because some civilian has made such an asshole of themselves that I simply can ignore. That said, meet smokin’ hot Wyckoff, New Jersey moron Margaux Tocci. It pains me to tear into one so stunningly beautiful, but after looking at the photo attached to this page and the circumstances surrounding her alleged crime, it’s easy to forget Tocci’s beauty. In other words, this bitch is so utterly vile and disgusting that the sight of her grinning mug shot makes me want to puke. In case you haven’t heard about this deprived dope, here’s the 411: According to Wyckoff police Tocci, 19, and her current boy toy, Daniel Chaupiz, 20, both of Wyckoff and a Waldwick punk named Samer Saleh, 25, set up a unlucky former boy toy and basically beat the living shit out of him with a baseball bat. Why? Who the hell knows. But one things is for sure, Tocci thought it was a laugh riot when she was arrested and charged with robbery and theft and freed after posting $50,000 bail. Talk about a sense of humor! Or maybe Tocci just chooses to see the glass as half full? Either way, her insanely good looks aren’t going to cancel her future highly anticipated wha-wha-wha date with a stone faced judge. So let’s get back to the alleged hysterically funny crime: Tocci along with her million dollar smirk and gang of soon to be butt raped thugs allegedly lured the victim by asking him to drive around in her spanking brand new car. It all seemed so romantic...umm, until three cowards soon joined the party and proceeded to beat the victim with a baseball bat and pipe while eternally smiling Tocci watched, according to authorities. The fun loving Wyckoff gangsta’s then drove off after they allegedly took the victim’s cash and smashed his cellphone. The victim who unfortunately learned that a pretty face don’t mean no pretty heart, eventually walked to a nearby home and asked for help. He was treated at a hospital for head injuries before being released. Meanwhile our smiling soon to be jail house porn star is about to become the prison prom date for one very anxiously awaiting cell block. Should we feel any compassion for Tocci and her bat wielding pals? Let me put it this way... on the day this bitch is sentenced, not only will I be in the front row cheering, I’ll be the first to buy the entire DVD set, “Tocci’s Jailhouse Tales I, II and III.” Note: Is there reality show fame in Margaux Tocci’s future? Oh, you can bet there’s a story line being shopped to MTV at this very moment. Let’s just hope Tocci’s time on camera never makes it past MSNBC’s “Women Behind Bars.”

September 2012 11

By Rosa Fasolo

Fall Trends and Back-to-School Must Haves





position rble com a m k,” ic s s a cla “noteboo than with the new n r e io te m it s m o e s e c o m e th Comp d make ur fall se s have b New Age r way to kick off yo is. And since iPad all know so well an ade, so fitting t e a e S tt Kate p lgia w one th What be ool nosta ok iPad Case by new-age h c a -s … o k -t o k o tebo $85. noteb that bac sition No, embrace e Compo ilable at KateSpa th why not r: te n va one?! E worms! A look like ege book ll o c u o y for all at least s all have se ie d la e W lo ael Kors. sy it is to Go… On The ne wristlet by Mich e all know how ea d convenient y r o s s e o w all an Tech-cc g this Python iPh oppins” bag and hen tlet is sm vin ary P Kors wris andbag around w l “M e ) a ll h I’m so lo a ic c M h to -in e ll e ig h a k b T t li . c a I t ing uffle mpa one (wha in the sh l like lugg iPhone in this co e e 5 at n fe .9 o 9 ’t h 7 n p $ o d . d , ID and campus our ID an u’re on the go or s d rd n a u c ro it a red yo ting re your c r commu for when pping. Sto t for a night out o o h r a b r you erfec ssory—p one acce . ver m o ors.c e can ne MichaelK calls…w e n o h k p Pac a! – hie Juice nd oh ye ’s il, texts a h is why the Mop e sliced bread. It a m p e U , ia d d c ic e r h in m s w fo l , Juice g e ia s s c in e g ca apps, so ur iPhon xt best th form-fittin e e v th ti Between h battery life on o iPhone) is the ne c s e te id rov a pro ug for ne and p inside of have eno ble battery/case ncealed your iPho o f c o a r ry e e e rg w tt a o a (Rech ternal b battery p s!! $99.95 at Buy eable ex bles the a recharg It more than dou e – Geniu a ouch c s e. -t n ft o o h s iP a e f th no protectio complete

12 September 2012

I’ll Take S’more Please! Ladies, we have a whole new, very exciting reason to want to want to go camping this year!



It always s eems that whenever greeting c you need ard for a b a good irthday or we always Although taking potty breaks in the woods is any other find ourse o c casion, lv e minute to not my forte, who doesn’t love crowding around find one. W s scrambling at the last e ll K c a risis avert te Spade A a fire making s’mores and drinking some ed with th ll Occasio is his cards are n G alcoholic beverages? Put them together and if t Set ($35 always cla ). Handwri ssy and th more cute tten well, you have a pretty ingenious concoction! is , simple a nd to the p set couldn’t be five differe o in nt designs t. It includ es in “Congratu Introducing Three Olives S’mores, the newest lations,” “G “Happy Birthday,” “H e ello,” t Well Soo It’s a one-s addition to the craziest brand of vodkas out n” and “Th top shop fo a n r kY p a lu ll of your s s you can there (in my opinion), and this flavor couldn’t tationery n ou.” ’t go wron g e o eds, f w K it a h the simp have come at a better time of year! Check te Spade. lic www.Kate ity and class out some of their delicious cocktail recipes at

Just one of my favorites:

S’more Sea Salt -2 parts Three Olives S’mores Vodka -2 parts half &, half -Sea salt -Chocolate syrup -Dip the rim of martini glass in chocolate syrup and coat with sea salt. Drizzle the chocolate syrup inside the martini glass. Pour Three Olives S’mores and half &, half into martini shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into martini glass!

Life Planner

Start the fall semester off on the right foot with some seriously chic organization! Even in my post college years, my planner is something I could not live without! Erin Condren specializes in top notch planners jam packed with everything you need to plan your life and then some! And the best part is you can choose from a ton of designs and colors and personalize it to make it one of a kind. The options are endless, from personalizing the cover with your name, sorority or even adding your s, ge favorite photo to stickers with photos of your n a r a c e v friends for important calendar dates. LOVE ut of r be ing o bout you t I do fit k n i r i LOVE LOVE! Design one of your own at o d a h m f g d no uw Ia yin t $50. t a fa to worr e (and se of yo, o n lp am comes it in tim For tho o I o d , c y n l a retty nish onal en it ry). esh Pers ially wh u don’t fi ” catego pp is a p bevy fr vorite c r a a d espe flat if yo drinke Snap C r canne th your f ab w i r g , u s goin r the “slo e page keep yo apps” w son! G capp a m c m l e l e a a i d s e s m t w a , t un n the all e “te 1.99 s tha ootb o are e acros ven hav me for f capps $ e ti I cam ly! They , just in m, (plain o s b c b . m u s a b te pp a e g C e p l na col at S them 5) 9 $24.



ap C p a

September 2012 13



By Chantal Gabel

NOT ANYMORE THANKS TO NORTH JERSEY’S NEWEST CLUB THIRST! Soon to be the hottest hangout in Northern NJ, Thirst Sports Bar and Lounge in Haledon is a new cutting edge venue that offers a little something for everyone. The sexy yet comfy atmosphere serves as the perfect backdrop to a girls’ night out or date night—and guys, with bar specials, 24 HDTVs and a 130” Projection Screen, this place will be your new game-watching destination. Formerly the location of “Celebrities,” the completely revamped venue is owner Marty Murren’s antidote for a more mature clientele that’s looking for a chic Northern NJ hangout with an extensive, upscale bar selection. You’ll feel like you’re in a trendy Miami club as you lounge in their ample seating area (large enough to fit groups of 20), amid the best LED lighting (installed and designed by Digitex LED of NJ and IDesign of Miami) and high-tech audio/video and sound that will get the party going. For all you brew aficionados, they currently have over 22 beers on tap (soon to be expanding to 48 tap beers), 40 different types of bottled beer and a generous selection of Scotch, which Murren calls “one of the best in Northern New Jersey.” You’ll also have your choice of a wide range of Champagnes, all Moët and over 300 different flavors of vodka, which will be the largest selection in New Jersey. Cocktail lovers will go crazy over their generous martini menu, consisting of over 50 martinis, 10 of which are their own signature martinis. Their kitchen will be open until 1 a.m., serving up edgy food not typical of most bar menus. Try their flavorful Kobe Beef sliders

14 September 2012

and burgers, Prime Filet Sliders, or tapas, and don’t leave without ordering their white truffle oil parmesan fries. Every day of the week customers can expect entertainment from some of the best talent in the area. Tuesdays offer live local bands, and they keep Wednesday nights classy with Old School R&B and soul. Co-eds, come thirsty on College Thirst Thursdays for their bucket specials and $2 drafts, and every Friday you’ll find something different, from live DJs or cover bands to percussionists or local musicians. Saturday nights they set the mood with Sexy Latin Nights, and football fans can look forward to Sundays and Mondays this season with live games on every television, and 25 cent wing specials on Monday nights for Monday Night Football. Had a long day at work? Come in and unwind at their Happy Hour from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., with $5 premium drinks, a $5 tapas menu, slider and burger specials as well as $2 draft beers. Beginning Sept 5th, Thirst will be open 7 days a week. Every day is casual except Saturdays – dress to impress! Visit them on or to see what everyone else is saying, or check out their website, for more info. Thirst is located at 361 Belmont Avenue, Haledon, NJ

September 2012 15

Join 1,000 of your soon-to-be close friends at the biggest bash in the tri state area! Fridays & Saturdays!

From Sept to Oct 27th

Live German Party Bands!

Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and evenings.

8 different Oktoberfest beers on tap! Bavarian culinary specialties! Contests, prizes and giveaways!

Wear your bavarian Best! Phone: (201) 721-8888

By Lou Soto


he feeling I always have when it comes to picking up someone in a club or lounge is that it takes skill. Many guys have game and a lot more don’t. In my line of work I’ve heard good lines and I’ve heard real, real bad ones. The good ones seem to work all the time with all types of women. Their words seem to be like music to the victim’s ears. I see them smiling, giggling, holding great conversation and at the end, of course, they go home with the guy. The bad ones are real funny. They try and try over and over and it doesn’t get them anywhere. They try buying drinks, opening doors, trying to talk but their skills are awful. Now, like I said, I’ve seen and heard a lot, but like in life, you learn something new every day.

A PICTURE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS times I finally went up to him and asked him what the hell was this picture and does it really work all the time. He responded “every time Uncle Lou, every time” and shows it to me. I started laughing and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I asked him if this was the one he really uses and he said yes. He said he’s used it for about a year and he’s hooked up with more girls in that year than any other year prior. I was like WOW nephew these girls really fall for this. He said “yes”. Now you probably think I’m going to tell you what the picture is. NOT!!! I can’t do that to my nephew. It’s his secret weapon and like he says. It works all the time. For all you ladies that are reading this and are curious, if you know him, ask him to show you. I’m sure he won’t mind…

I was working one of my crazy nights when someone approached me and told me a little story about my nephew. Now my nephew and I are real close. He’s a great kid with a great sense of humor. He is known in the industry as the next up and coming DJ from the area. It’s only a matter of time before I see him blow up. Anyway back to the story. It was about his new way of picking up chicks. I first didn’t believe it because I thought that it was impossible for that to happen. But apparently it is true after I saw it with my own eyes. My nephew’s approach to bagging chicks was to show them a picture he has in his phone after he first introduces himself. He doesn’t flash it right away. He does it after talking to them for a while. The first time I saw it, it was a few months ago. He met this chick down the shore and he bumped into her in North Jersey. As I see him working his magic I notice the girl’s face and I know she is all into him. At that moment is when he takes his phone out and shows the picture. I see the girl’s reaction and she blushes. By the end of the night she’s going home with him. Another time I saw it work within 1 hour. He came in, he met the girl, he showed the picture, and he leaves with her. Now at the time I still haven’t seen this picture, but apparently it’s pretty graphic, but I say it can’t be that bad because he hasn’t gotten smacked yet. After seeing this work a few more

September 2012 19

DEVOTION VODKA BLOOD ORANGE The First Sugar Free Gluten Free Blood Orange on the market that takes the true art of vodka distillation to the next level. Devotion’s Blood Orange Vodka takes the aroma’s of the Moro Blood Orange combined with the sweetness and tenderness of the Tarocco and Sanguinelli Blood Oranges and tops it off with the bold taste of the Kanhpur Blood Orange to give you what we consider the defying smoothness of the best orange flavored vodka in the industry.

Tasting Notes Aroma - Full Bodied Scents of Orange and Citrus Notes Appearance - Exquisite Pristine Clarity Texture – Consistently Smooth and Level Palate – Well Balanced Levels of Sweetness, Bitterness & Citrus Profiles Finish – Smooth, Flavorful and Easy Finish without the harshness

DEVOTION VODKA BLACK & BLUE This is the First and only Blackberry and Blueberry, alone, flavored vodka in the industry. Devotion Vodka Black and Blue is Sugar Free Gluten. In Devotion Vodka Black and Blue we carefully chosen the Sweet Rich Taste of Oregon Blackberries and blended it with the crisp, zesty, mild bitterness of fresh California Blueberries! The Blackberries and Blueberries have a unique Berry profile that is extremely versatile for All Types of cocktails.

Tasting Notes Aroma - Vibrant, Ripe Notes of Floral Jam Appearance - Exquisite Pristine Clarity Texture – Consistently Smooth and Fresh Palate – Well Balanced Round Levels of Sweetness with a Hint of Bitterness Finish – Bold Start that Calms to a Mild Finish

DEVOTION VODKA CREATE THE PERFECT COSMO Another brand that is taking the vodka market by storm, The Devotion Vodka Create the Perfect Cosmo. This new brand gives you the ability to create the Perfect Cosmopolitan you love for you and your friends, right at home, while enjoying the consistency of the top rated Mixology Venues in the country! Sugar and Gluten Free Devotion believes in not diluting its brands to anything under 80 proof. They’ve mixed the premium ingredients of Devotion Vodka Blood Orange with Citrus Sugar Free, Gluten Free blend profiles to match the Best Cosmopolitans ever created resulting in the Devotion Vodka Create the Perfect Cosmo! And here’s the best part, every ounce in the bottle is a Perfect Cosmo awaiting cranberry juice – unlike the competition that only gets 4 drinks out of the bottle! Just add cranberry to your Devotion Vodka Create the Perfect Cosmo and For Novices we recommend more Cranberry Juice and for Professionals we recommend a dash of Cranberry Juice.

Tasting Notes Aroma - Bouquet of Aromatics of Orange, Lemon and Lime Zests Appearance - Exquisite Pristine Clarity Texture - Consistently Smooth and Level Palate - Complex Levels of the Citrus Wheel Notes Finish – Refreshing and Balanced with a Complete Flavor Experience

Makeup By: Monique Zephir


raci Lynn Johnson is a 25-year-old, ridiculously striking blonde (who cares if it’s natural). She can transform a crowded room of grown men into love sick zombies. We’re talking the kind of beauty that women simultaneously admire and scorn. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that former New York Giant superstar, Tiki Barber while working on NBC’s Today Show, fell head over heels and eventually married Johnson. It also shouldn’t be too surprising that since Barber was still married/separated while Johnson was interning at “The Today Show” that the public opinion of their romance was unpopular to say the least. Hateful headlines like “Homewrecking mistressturned wife” seem to follow Johnson like a star struck shadow. But despite the negative media reception, Johnson seems to take it all in stride. After a two year courtship, the couple finally tied the knot in August and have tried to put the negativity far behind them. Unfortunately for Johnson, her camera friendly curves attract the kind of attention that still scream outrage for the crime of falling in love. Of course add an ex-wife with 4 of Tiki’s beautiful children to the mix and it’s a recipe for the kind of drama that turns life’s twists and turns into a reality TV smash hit. Although this particular show isn’t on television. Instead it’s been played out on Page Six and a multitude of other mean spirited gossip columns and blogs. So when I learned of this latest celebrity union, I was compelled to reach out to Traci and offer a chance to share her true feelings about the past two years, love and marriage, her naysayers and the couple’s plans for the future. As you probably figured out by now, she agreed.

24 September 2012

A steamy photo shoot and heartfelt interview later all I can say is....Tiki, you’re a lucky man.

Congrats on your recent wedding. So I’m I calling you Traci Lynn Barber or are you sticking with Johnson? I’m staying with my last name. I think it’s really important for wives to keep their individuality and their own identity. Tiki was really supportive of it, so it’s not a big deal. I don’t need to tell you that you’ve made numerous headlines because of your relationship with Tiki. How would you describe the past two years? Hectic but fun. I’ve got to see Tiki grow both as a parent and a businessman and a broadcaster. He’s done so many more things that what he used to and I’ve had the opportunity to grow as well. It’s been a real adventure. Of course there have been a few ups and downs, but as long as life it’s boring it’s always good. It’s got to be surreal to go from having a quiet life to almost over night being in the media spotlight. What is it like to become so well known so fast? My life isn’t that different. Tiki and I like to stay home a lot. The only real difference is that if I go out at night I have to remember to put my lip-gloss on. You never know what red carpet is going to show up and you have to take a photo! Are you comfortable with having your photo taken when you walk outside? I’m always grateful for all the fans Tiki has. He is beyond humbled by all the support. But when the New York Post writes about where we went out to eat it gets kind of old. I think most of the world would agree that you’re strikingly beautiful. But beyond your looks, what should we know about you? Ummm. (Laughs) Why such tough questions! I think people just think of me as the typical 25 year old, tall blonde. So everyone assumes I must love to go out. But the truth is my idea of a perfect night is sitting at home and reading a book or watching TV. I really like to just be home. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t you working as an intern at NBC when you met Tiki? I was, I was and I was going to NYU to finish getting my Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism. One day, once everything calms down in my life, I would like to go back and pursue that dream. It’s been a dream of mine since I was eight years old. I’d be really disappointed in myself if I didn’t try to pursue it. What’s the biggest misconception about you? That I’m really blonde. Don’t destroy the dream! Sorry to destroy the dream, but the truth is I have really dark hair. All I can tell you is that I have a great color stylist. I’m also not a sports fan. People think that because I’m married to an athlete you must love sports. But the truth is I don’t know the difference between the quarterback and the linebacker. Does Tiki try to change that? He tried for a while. He really wanted me to get into it, but it got much to frustrating for him. So now he just tells me to have a drink and go mingle with my girlfriends while he watches the games. But I swear I try to watch, especially if we go to his brother’s game. We live in a world where social media has turned everyone into a gossip reporter and those random opinions can be cruel and often false. With that in

September 2012 25

mind, do you surf the Internet to find out what’s being said about you? Do you Google search your name? I used to Google my name and I quickly learned I have a lot more haters than I do lovers. But I also have a close group of friends who are all in the spotlight and they’ve all told me that I need to stop doing that and just remember the people who are posting all those negative things about you don’t know you at all. They’re probably just hating their life more, so it’s easier to just hate on someone else rather than face their own problems. Are you surprised by how much media attention your relationship with Tiki has gotten? I was really shocked because he was retired from the NFL for a couple of years at that point. I understand that Tiki is a big deal in New York because he played for the Giants, but I wouldn’t think he was a big deal all over the country. I mean if you’re a fan of the San Francisco 49er’s are you really going to care about Tiki Barber? But apparently people do care and really it’s not that surprising because he’s a phenomenal guy. So I’m not shocked that people want to know about him. Who’s the cook in the relationship? Me! Tiki can only make macaroni and cheese! So can we assume the food is on the table when Tiki gets home? Definitely not! I do my own thing. I have my feet in a few business ventures. But if I am home, I do like to cook because it relaxes me a little bit. It’s usually around 9 o’clock at night when one of us gets home and says, “Hey, I’m hungry!” I’m sure you’ve had a lot of opportunities in terms of business ventures. Can you give me an idea of what you’re currently working on? There’s a bunch of them being a children’s book author to the fashion industry. While the media attention I get can be often negative, I’m really grateful for all the networking opportunities that have come my way. There are people that I never would have dreamed of meeting that have come into my life. I’m just so grateful. But I would say right now I’m really excited about co-authoring a few children’s books with Tiki. We have a lot going on. So many celebrity relationships fail. Do you think the public looks at celebrity divorce with a sense of morbid entertainment? Everyone else in the world gets divorced or breaks up with their girlfriend and nobody cares. We aren’t going crazy when someone in Iowa gets divorced. But we really do love to see celebrities break up. It’s like what I said before. Some people really envy the lives of celebrities and it’s much easier to deal with their envy by hating them. So when something bad happens, the media loves to exploit us. What’s the key to a long lasting celebrity relationship? Just showing mutual respect for one another. You have to know what the other person is comfortable with and what they like and don’t like. You have to always be aware of it. There was a time last year when Tiki was considering an NFL comeback. He was! Were you okay with that? Did you want him to get back into such a violent sport? I was okay with it. I was very supportive. I didn’t know Tiki when he played football, so I was curious to see what all

“I used to Google my name and I quickly learned I have a lot more haters than I do lovers.”

the hype about him being such a good football player was about. So yes, I was really supportive, but when it didn’t happen, it was just as great. Why? Because he was able to pursue all the other amazing opportunities that have come his way. It’s nice to see a totally different side to him without broadcasting or football in his life. Do you think Tiki misses football? (Long pause) I think he misses the camaraderie of a team. I think he misses being a part of a really close knit team, but I don’t think he misses waking up on Sunday’s and getting beat up and having to go to practice. Do you see a different Tiki this time of year when the NFL season is gearing up? I think he lives vicariously through his twin brother. They talk all the time. He still gets to hear all the good stories but he doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt. What do you and Tiki share in terms of mutual interest and where do you go separate ways? We both like to hike and go to movies. We also love to socialize with our friends and spending time with our two dogs. But we’re completely opposite when it comes to running. Tike is trying to train for the Marathon and if I could run down the block it would be an amazing feat! That’s where we differ. He actually likes to workout. I feel like I’m forced to do it. I know I have to do it. (Laughs) You look like you work out every day. Oh no! I just have a great trainer. If you could change something about your life what would you change? (Long pause) I’m pretty content with my life. Maybe a house with a bigger back yard so we could have more puppies. The whole world is obsessed with the book, “50 Shades of Grey”. Have you read it? (Laughs) I did! I have a funny story. I was in Jacksonville, Florida with Tiki recently. He was giving a speech and we were staying at the Ritz Carlton and I was very embarrassed because I was reading the book by the pool and everything sees the book as Real Housewife porn or something! So I was trying to cover the book with my towel and than I see this mom of four next to me and she whips the book out of her diaper bag! After that I didn’t care. We’re all in! What did you think of it? I read the first book and got into it. But by the second and third I was over it. It’s definitely not real life and it’s not even an ideal life. Plus, the writing was so poor I had to stop. Tiki kept saying to me, “I think you’re getting dumber by the second from reading that stuff.” I think he’s right, so I put it aside. But I’m not against mindless reading to keep your mind off things for a while. There have been all kinds of reality TV shows from Baseball Wives, Basketball Wives, NJ Housewives and everything in-between. Have you been offered your own reality show? We’ve been offered a few. Quite a few. But Tiki and I live enough of our life in the spotlight. I don’t need to wake up and have to put make up on and get ready to start the day because I have a camera crew waiting for me downstairs. Continued on page 65...

27 September 2012

“There’s nothing that compares to the paperweight as a bad gift. Where are these people working that their papers are just blowing right off their desks? Is their office screwed to the back of a flatbed truck going down the highway? Are they typing up in the crow’s nest of a clipper ship?” -Jerry Seinfeld

#justsayin “Leadership is getting people to work for you when they are not obligated.” -Fred Smith “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” -Henry Ford “Their’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind.” -Ice Cube “When I’m sad I stop being sad and start being awesome.” -Neil Patrick Harris

28 September 2012







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hen I first heard there was a motorcycle mall in Belleville, New Jersey I wondered how there could possibly be an entire building dedicated to just motorcycles. I pulled up to this huge, newly built building, made of all glass and painted in a very uplifting color and was blown away once I walked in. I was shocked by the overwhelming amount of motorcycles, sport bikes, jet-skis, and scooters that decorate the floors of this colorful, inviting establishment. I instantly thought to myself, “Wow.” They have bikes of all different sizes, different colors, with different wheels, different handles, different seats...and that’s just the bikes. Literally, the biggest variety of inventory I’ve ever seen. I would imagine this place being like going into a toy store as a child for a bike enthusiast. Regardless of all that, what makes the Motorcycle Mall, owned by the tight-knit Resiciniti family since 1975, so successful isn’t just their eyecandy products, or their commitment to maintaining great relationships with their customers, it’s their extensive knowledge in the products they are carrying. They are immersed in all areas of riding bikes, from selling sport bikes to casual apparel to now offering a service that allows you to rent a motorcycle, which is hard to find. Who knew there were 2 different jet-skis available to be bought: a “regular” one, and a ‘stand up’ one? After talking to John Resciniti III (third generation and Vice President) and Rich Gonnello, the Motorcycle Mall’s Director of Marketing and Communications, I learned a thing or two about the bike/atv/jetski/snowmobile/utility vehicle world... Tell me a little background information about the founder, John Resciniti Sr. and how he started Motorcycle Mall in 1975? John: My grandfather started with selling Indian bikes out of the Auto Body Shop he had. Prior to that, he was in the bus business. It is a real rags to riches story for my grandpa, he started with nothing. He was from Newark, and brought the business to Belleville. Back then, he was selling Indian bikes (better known as dirt-bikes) and then he sold scooters. He bought a store front. We were there for 35 years and we moved in 2012. This building is brand new, we moved in here in April. The Motorcycle Mall has been in the Resciniti family for years. Is it safe to say that family is the glue that holds this business together? John: Yes, family is. It’s my grandfather, my father, and myself. Just the three of us are involved day to day every day. Did you originally want to be a part of it? John: Actually, it’s funny the way the story went. My parents were divorced and the only time I could hang out with my father was by coming to the shop. As I went through school, I would come on Thursday through the weekend with my father. I started putting parts away numerically, helping customers out.. then when I got to 13-14 years old, I started working in the prep department, assembling the bikes, maintenance, servicing, etc. When I was 16, I went into sales. I went to college and graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with an Entrepreneurial degree.. I tailored all of my college courses around what we do here, like accounting and financing. So in short, Yes. So when you have kids, do you want them to work here to continue the legacy? John: Sure!

Where did the initial passion for motorcycles come from? Did somebody in the family ride? John: My passion comes from just riding as a child, motocross, atvs, then I got into the dirtbikes, then the street bikes - it was always something I enjoyed, it was always exciting and fun. For my grandpa, he always rode bikes while being in the service, so when he came back he had a passion for motorcycles. How is your new location different then the location you originally had it at? John: The layout is the biggest thing, having all of this space, having the parking lot. At the other one it was just a storefront, and no parking. There was no parking and it was across the street from the police station so when there was court on Wednesday, people had to look for parking. Eventually, we worked with our architect for the design of the outside of this new building and the inside layout my father and myself designed mostly ourselves. What brands do you carry? What is the most commonly bought bike at the Motorcycle Mall? John: Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Polaris, Can-Am, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Piaggio, Aprilia, Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Kymco. The most commonly bought motorcycle is a Gsxr600’s. Our sportsikes are our best selling bikes here. Cruisers are really coming close in second though. Do you have Harleys here? John: No. You have to be a Harley Davidson standalone dealership only. We have Victory here, which is an American made bike to the tee born out of the USA. What’s your clientele here? John: Mixed, completely diverse. We get ‘biker clubs’ male and female, dirtbike racers, scooter clubs and everything in between-

What? Girl biker clubs?! Rich: Yeah, they are getting real big. Over the last couple of years, the demographic for women have been increasing for the past 5-6-7 years by 10% to 15%. Each year, more and more women are being introduced so we’re seeing a lot more female customers. What do you sell other than bikes? John: Parts, services..we do ALL servicing here. We fix them, perform performance work to everything we sell. We sell snowmobiles, jetskis, stand up jetskis, personal watercraft. We sell a lot of scooters and even utility vehicles. Was it difficult to expand the brand you offered? For instance, you went from Honda to Kymco. Was that transition difficult? John: We’ve acquired brands as we’ve gone along, just by the marketplace and what worked at the time. When we acquired Kymco, it was 7-8 years ago and it was because we were looking for a company that wasn’t priced as expensive, and it was prior to the scooter craze.. Kymco manufactures motors, so they’re in some Kawaski, Suzuki, Honda models and even BMW models. I see that the Motorcycle Mall hosts a “movie night”. What kind of movies do you show? Do a lot of people come out? Rich: We’ve been having some awesome turnouts for not just movie night, but all of our events. We try to make sure the movie nights are geared more to motorcyclists who are interested in movies, whether it’s a MotoGP documentary or a typical motorcycle cruiser or sportbike movie, like “Biker Boys.” We try to do different ones for motorcycles. We try to accommodate different demographics and interests – from the cruiser movies t For a cruiser, there are different kinds of enthusiasts: there are guys that love cruisin’ and there are some that like motorcycle racing – we try to appeal to all enthusiasts. What’s with the Bikini Bike Wash? Rich: We go all-out and our customers love that! We had our first one in July and we have another one on Saturday September 8th from 12 – 4 p.m. We barbecue, girls are washing your bike, and plus its for a great cause, Last one we raised money for the Ride For Kids Foundation which is a charity that our company has been working with for over 30 years. It benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. With these events , we try to incorporate charity in and donate each time. With our huge parking lot, we can have all types of events – from Bikini Bike Washes to Stunt Shows! We want to make our shop a destination dealership where motorcyclists can come to hang out – a true community. If you buy a bike from us, your part of our family now!

What are some of the benefits of having an Instagram account? How has it helped your business? John: It’s direct feedback, which is nice. Rich: I joined Motorcycle Mall 9 months ago and it was tough for these guys because they had some much going on and social media was just another thing to get to each day. And because social media is so important, the owners knew they needed someone to focus on it all the time. So I came on, I took on different roles – Marketing, PR, Events, Social Media, EagleRider Rentals, Advertising, etc., so that was one of them. We’re about to hit a 1000 Likes on Facebook, we use Twitter and Instagram has been great. For example, with the Bikini Bike Wash, we’ll take a picture, upload it, and 200 people learned about us and now follow us because they searched “bikes” and “bikinis.” Every time a customer purchases a motorcycle, scooter, etc., we try to take a picture of them and get it up on Facebook so the new owner can tag themselves in it which will give us more exposure! We’ve even seen the photos we’ve taken become their default Facebook photo. Social Media is extremely important to our business.

You have celebrities come here and buy bikes like Wyclef Jean, Queen Latifah, and Al Harrington. What kind of bikes do they buy? How did they hear about you? John: They hear about us through referrals from other sports figures, other celebrities. They come to us because we are right outside of the city, a lot of the Giants players and Jet players live in New Jersey and they come here because we’re the local shop. Wyclef bought a Spyder and it’s something we customized and did here for him. We did a custom theme where one side was all Haiti, the other side was the New York City with the skyline. It has the Haitian crest on the front of it. Do celebrities pay for it or expect it for free? John: No, they pay for it, believe it or not. Do you want to open more motorcycle malls in New Jersey, or across the country? What else do you have planned to expand your career and business? John: Well, there’s always more. I’ve started 2 other companies in the past 6 months. We have a rental company where we rent out motorcycles. It’s for the guy who might not ride that much but wants to get out there with their friends a few times a summer. That customer can come in and say, “Hey, I’m going away for the weekend with my buddies, let me rent a bike for the week.” It makes sense to a lot of riders, especially in our area who doesn’t want to worry about gas, storage or monthly payments. It’s convenient.

August 2012 33

By Steven P. Schwartz and Glen Adams


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THE TIM TEBOW/MARK SANCHEZ REALITY SHOW ON THE NFL NETWORK eing from Brooklyn, my football roots trace back to Al Davis and my team is the Oakland Raiders. I bleed Silver and Black. “Commitment to Excellence” and “Just Win Baby” are not just words to me; it’s how I live my life. My co-writer, Glen, hangs his hat on the Joe Namath Jets and the guarantee which foretold Super Bowl III. But ever since the parade down Broadway, the Jets’ dream has become a recurring nightmare for generations. Oh yeah Schwartz, you’re just a “Johnny come lately.” So put on your Tim Tebow jersey and keep dumping on my Jets. I’m a proud Jets fan, so take your hypocritical Irwindale Raiders and keep on cheering. Mark Sanchez is my leader and will take my team to the Promised Land. What’s the biggest NFL story so far this year? It’s the new reality show starring Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. Unfortunately, winning and losing don’t matter in this storyline. No one is talking football. No one is talking about who the Cinderella team is going to be. No one is breaking down X’s and O’s. Forget about the fall of the Saints and the rise of the Lions. This is a modern day soap opera. Set your DVR now! Hey, did you see Tim Tebow running shirtless through the rain? Nice abs! Get your official Tim Tebow Jersey while they’re hot! Guys, don’t forget to get your girlfriend the official Tim Tebow teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t your grandmother love a framed picture of Tim Tebow? And of course, what 5-year old wouldn’t want their very own Tim Tebow genuflecting bobble head doll? So here comes the reigning Super Bowl Champion Giants, who can’t even buy the back pages of the papers. It must drive the Giants and their fans nuts that the story line is all about Tebow and Sanchez. Hey Giants, you may have the hardware but vanilla is not the flavor of the month at Carvel! Real football fans are disgusted by this interruption of their regularly scheduled football season. Sort of like when NBC interrupted the Jets – Raiders game in 1968, so that “Heidi” the movie could start on time. Heidi, Really??? There are so many other worthy story lines. Can Peyton Manning work his magic for the Denver Broncos? How much will the loss of Head Coach Sean Payton and their front office in the aftermath of Bountygate hurt the New Orleans Saints? Will Tony Romo continue to lead the Dallas Cowboys to another season of frustration? What scheme is Bill Belechick cooking-up in New England after having lost yet again to the Giants in the Super Bowl? Can Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz keep his players out of jail and on the field? Are you listening Marvin Lewis and the Bengals? Can the Harbaugh brothers bring the 49ers and the Ravens back after being a heartbeat away from last year’s Super Bowl? Everybody’s looking for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to ride tall yet again.

32 Metropolisnights.comSeptember August 2012 34 2012

Don’t forget about the young studs including Cam Newton of the Panthers and Robert Griffin III of the Redskins. Will the Eagles rally around Michael Vick and Andy Reid? And who is this year’s Cinderella - the Bills, the Rams or the KC Chiefs? And which team or teams get to torture the Norv Turner San Diego Chargers? These are the story lines to watch this year in the NFL! Now that you know the story lines, pull-up a chair to your highdefinition flat screen TV and get ready for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3, 2013. So Glen can forget about his Jets and maybe its next year for my Raiders and Giants’ fans, your run is done. This year’s Super Bowl teams will be quarterbacked by Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez and the winner will be Roger Goodell and the NFL who will be feasting on another ratings bonanza! Those ratings will translate into major big time dollars. Probably it will be just enough to settle the class-action lawsuit brought by the old NFL players, suffering with lingering head injuries from their playing days. I guess there is a silver lining. The NFL’s debt will be paid by the Tebow/Sanchez reality show!

AntonellaBarba Angel of the Month

Photography by Dave Kotinsky

Interview and Photography by Chaunce Hayden

So is there life after “American Idol”? I’m still breathing... Have you been able to use your time in the spotlight to make your dreams come true? Absolutely. American Idol was a lot more than time in the spotlight. It was a priceless experience. Not only has led me to the opportunities I now have, it also prepared me for them. This past winter you appeared on “Fear Factor”. What inspired you to risk your life on television? I am the kind of person who is always up for a challenge, and on top of that, I’m very competitive, so when I was given the opportunity to do it, I just went in there with the attitude like there is nothing I can’t do! Who knew you could hold your breath for so long underwater. Any mermaids in your family? Definitely ;) What was harder, singing in front of millions or testing your courage on “Fear Factor”? Fear Factor I just did for fun, but it was definitely harder than singing. Singing is what I love to do! American Idol has changed quit a bit since you appeared on it. What do you think of the direction the show has taken? I’m a little jealous that contestants now get to play instruments in their performances. My season was the last season before that was allowed, so I do wish I could have had a chance to showcase more of what I can do. As far as the slew of judges we’ve seen since the original 3, I prefer the OG’s of the show and I’m happy I was around to work with the original cast. Would Simon take your call? Of course! You know Simon loves the ladies... Would you have rather sang in front of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez? Well I sang an Aerosmith song my first week on live TV, so that would have been a completely different experience performing for the original artist. That’s a lot more pressure, but it would have been cool! We know you can sing, but what about acting? Are you looking to make it in Hollywood? I love acting! I’m working on some screenplays and plan to do more acting once I get my music off the ground. 38 September 2012

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How have you changed over the past few years? So much! I’ve grown a lot as an artist and as a person. Some of the lessons I learned when I was younger have really helped me with handling the business and the attention that comes with it. As you grow, you become less and less worried about the things you don’t control, and you just stay focused on what’s important. Since you grew up at the Jersey Shore, I have to ask. What do you think of “The Jersey Shore”? Ridiculous! The Jersey Shore is a truly beautiful place to spend time, but it’s very seasonal. We only have the 2 months we get of nice weather, so it becomes a zoo for a minute. The MTV show exposes what the locals go through every year! Ever run into Snooki? Not yet... Do you still hope to be a pop star? I just want to continue doing what I love. If that turns me into a pop star, bring it on! Britney Spears is the new judge of “X Factor”. Would you take what Britney has to say about your voice seriously? I actually would. She is a seasoned pro, so I have a lot of respect for her. Any celebrity friends? Who? I’m living in LA now,so that kinda comes with the territory. I won’t name names, but they’re all good peeps! How’s your love life these days? Always good! What’s the one question you get asked most often? What is Simon really like? Who is the greatest “American Idol” contestant of all time in your opinion? Jordin Sparks. She is the essence of grace and star power. Tell me a secret. Never give away the secrets. What separates a Jersey Girl from other girls? We don’t sugarcoat. We always keep it real. September 2012 39

By Doug Zayat


fter months of seeing friends checking in at an establishment called Just Grapes Lounge I finally had the opportunity this summer to stop by and see what all the fuss was about. Driving down route 46 if you didn’t know what you were looking for (a mini mall with a Dunkin Donuts occupying the corner store) or you didn’t set the address into your GPS (213 Route 46 West, Elmwood Park, NJ) you could very easily miss this Bergen County gem. You’ve heard of Hot Tub Time Machine, well this is the Jersey strip mall time machine. Immediately after stepping inside you feel like you’ve been taken back to a wine cave found in an old European Chateau. But once you get past the well planned décor the stereotypical stuffy on-premise wine establishment ends. The absence of staff walking around with their noses held high first caught my attention when I was greeted by a friendly face standing behind the bar. Carey Love, bartender on duty, has spent most of her time working in bars which have little to no wine focus. She mentioned during our brief chat that “this was the last place she envisioned she would be working at.” However, she, like a large majority of the customers who are walking into a wine bar for the first time, have fallen in love Just Grapes and the world of wine. A good reason to fall in love with this place is their encouragement to enjoy their well stocked wine selections by creating your own flights. They offer the majority of their wine list as 2oz, 6oz and 8oz pours. This way, you can pick to either sample a few or just enjoy a full glass of your favorite. Or when it came to my visit I decided to let the staff choose what I should order. Ms. Love offered her advice to beat the August heat with their South African Chenin Blanc by Douglas Green. At this point I was joined by Ian Clarke, the young passionate owner of Just Grapes. If you question where the bar’s vibe comes from, well it’s from this guy. From the same background as most of the staff and his customers, he came from every other type of establishment from pizzeria, to college geared bars, to sports bars and then fine dining. It wasn’t until his job at a popular high end seafood chain, that he really developed a passion for the wine industry. He grew his knowledge with every new sample carried in by a supplier and with every free tasting event he could get invited to. However, he never lost his casual and fun attitude, or his creativity, when it came to envisioning what Just Grapes has now become. He demonstrated by choosing my next drink. Ian spoke that when he was in Portugal, he noticed that for an “old world” wine country

40 September 2012

there were a lot of people that would mix their wine with Coke or Pepsi. This is what wine is! Wine and this lounge are supposed to be fun and enjoyed! He replicated this sight by creating a menu of nine different sangrias. Six are offered on a regular basis and three they rotate by season. By season they mean anything from winter season to Superbowl season, like when they created a “Big Blue Sangria”. I was given one of their most popular selections: the Jackria. I designed and named this creation intentionally to pull the male eyes to this part of the menu. As the name suggests, the sangria has Jack Daniels and Coke mixed with the traditional ingredients. The combo is perfect; the Jack perfectly replaces brandy as the kicker and the Coke, as our friends across the Atlantic have known for years, makes a nice partner with red wine. They aren’t here to tell you what to like and not to like. Where some places like to create a menu just to be unique and make you feel inferior, they go the opposite direction. Ian mentions the Chenin Blanc I enjoyed earlier as a great example of how he designed the menu. “Everyone offers Pinot Grigio because that’s what everyone wants and it’s an easy sell.” “But why not branch out, this is why we go out in the first place, am I right?” He is right, why not branch out? It is always cheaper to eat and drink at home; we go out and pay more for the atmosphere which includes indulging our senses. To pair with your wine flights, Ian has also put together an exciting food menu of items that are designed to be easily consumed alone or shared with a partner. The kitchen serves a wonderful choice of tapas, artisan pizzas, an assortment of meats and cheeses, as well as three different fondue choices served in bread bowls. After picking at a couple of cheese selections brought out on a cutting board, Ian called over Carey to bring a couple of glasses because he had a new Priorat he wanted her to try. Fifteen minutes later, after we both got lost in a long tangent about our past trips to that famed Spanish region, the samples were poured. That was the perfect pairing with the manchego I still tasted in my mouth and a perfect ending to my evening flight, unorthodox choices they may be. But who cares? They were all great and it was how I wanted it that evening. This place is a must-visit now. It’s the very creative and very delicious sangrias, a large and diverse selection of over 40 wines by the glass including Champagnes and Ports, a full bar with a selection of microbrews, imports and several specialty beers, and of course the mouth savoring food choices that will bring you back over and over again. Find them on Facebook, Yelp and at

SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPE ARIES (March 21-April 19). If you share what’s on your mind, you’ll soon discover that you’re not the only one wondering about a certain something. Wondering together is more fun -- plus, you’ll generate more answers as a team. And this week you could foster a sense of belonging when you start a community of fellow wonderers. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The more creative a person is the better that person is at culling from disparate influences to build something remarkable. You are such a person this week; ordinary solutions hold no interest. Variety will intrigue. Your imagination will ignite as you learn about different vocations and cultures. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Sometimes you have the stuff first, and you look for the right container to keep it in. Other times, the container will come first, and you get to decide what to put in it. This week brings the latter situation. You’ll be inspired by empty boxes, blank pages and blocks of unscheduled time. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Doing what everyone else is doing will foster a sense of belonging that feels appropriate right now as you recover from a period of isolation. Don’t worry about coming across as just another face in the crowd. You could never be generic, even if you tried. That’s how truly original you are. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Putting the cart before the horse is a mistake. But putting the horse before the cart is also for amateurs. Pros know that when you have a good enough horse, you don’t even need a cart; it’s just extra baggage that will slow you down. This year you’ll get where you’re going quickly because you travel light. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Shortly after alighting on the best idea ever, you’ll speculate about all of the reasons it’s really not. You’re not being pessimistic; you’re just being practical. Skepticism is a key part of the process. By putting your ideas to the test, you’ll hone them to true greatness. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You’re in the mood to help and share, which is why there are times this week when you will choose to do neither. You recognize that people gain tremendous self-worth from being able to do things for themselves, and you don’t want to take away that benefit by making someone dependent on you. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Though you sometimes feel like you don’t have options, this is silly. You are not marooned on a one-man island in the middle of an endless sea. You have people, lot’s of people, and space to create your life. Remind yourself of the many choices available to you to avoid taking them for granted. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Sometimes you have to leave to really appreciate home. Sometimes you have to leave to see what’s wrong with it. Either way, travel always changes things for you. That’s why you crave the excitement of distant places this week. You’re ready for a change! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). The right pen is an extension of your brain. It doesn’t make you work to record you thoughts. It is instead a vessel through which you can smoothly pour your thoughts. Make life easy on yourself. Update the tools you use most in daily life, including your pens. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). The best work you do will appear to have required no effort at all. So don’t be surprised, or take it too personally, if people undervalue it. You know. That’s what’s most important. And don’t worry. You’ll get your due, if not by Saturday then certainly before Tuesday of next week. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Keeping track of yourself isn’t difficult once it’s part of your routine. It’s a habit worth establishing because of its tremendous value to your mental health. There will be a time when you’ll want to remember what you said, spent and did and with whom. An activity log will be your touchstone in the future.

“Sparkle” is a full-bodied musical melodrama that acquires a melancholy undertone because it features the last performance by Whitney Houston. She exhibits a serene middle-age beauty here, and there are no hints that she would die shortly after the film was finished. But the script gives her one chilling line, which she uses in a lecture to her three daughters: “Was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you?” She plays Emma, a conservative Detroit middle-class church lady, whose apparent prosperity is hard to explain in light of her daughter’s memories of finding her passed out in her own vomit. The family lives in a comfy home where all three grown-up girls are relentlessly ruled by Emma’s curfews, her compulsory church attendance, and her stern warnings to any man who drifts too near her treasures.

The most fragrant flower in the bouquet is slinky, sexy Sister (Carmen Ejogo). The most serious is college student Dee (Tika Sumpter), apparently the first woman they’ve ever seen who wears an Afro. The shy sweetheart is Sparkle, played by the perfectly named American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. She lives and breathes music and fills notebooks with her songs but doesn’t have the courage to face the spotlight; as the movie opens she’s backstage urging Sister to solo, which Sister, after a show of reluctance, does -- sensationally. Carmen Ejogo, who you may recall as Thomas Jefferson’s lover in the TV series “Sally Hemmings,” steals the film not only in her sultry singing numbers but in her violent marriage to a snaky, evil comedian named Satin (Mike Epps). That comes after the three girls have taken the first steps in a musical career masterminded by a nice guy named Stix (Derek Luke), who meets Sparkle at church, falls in love, and produces their first shows. We are meant to believe these early steps in their career were made possible when they



sneaked out of their bedroom windows at night; apparently Emma had no hint of their subterfuge. The screenplay by Mara Brock Akil, inspired by Joel Schumacher’s original for the (lesser) 1976 movie “Sparkle,” follows well-worn showbiz patterns as the girls go from rags to riches to tragedy to comeback. The most electrifying scenes involve the destructive comedian Satin, a local celebrity, who finds Sister in love with the sincere young man Levi (Omari Hardwick), humiliates him, sweeps her up, gives her a diamond and in what seems like days is knocking her around and has her addicted to cocaine. His role model could be Ike Turner. I won’t say more about Satin, except that the character inspires a prison sentence that is treated by the film with curious superficiality. But never mind. The basic purpose of the film is to fit the story into wall-to-wall music, and it does that with style and energy. “Sister and Her Sisters,” the original trio, come across as a gifted American Idolversion of Diana Ross and the Supremes, which I think is the idea. And Sparkle as a solo act (with backup singers, a gospel choir and a full pit orchestra) brings down the house. Whitney Houston has a solo showcase in a church scene, singing “His Eye is on the Sparrow,” and if her voice doesn’t match her glory days her presence certainly does. Director Salim Akil and musical consultant R. Kelly don’t let her, or any of the singers, down. “Sparkle” isn’t blindingly original but it delivers solid entertainment, and despite the clichés I was never for a moment bored. I do feel, however, that it might have been a kindness to leave out the dialog about Houston’s character waking in her own vomit. How did that make her feel while she was filming the scene. How does it make us feel now?

September 2012 43

44 September 2012

By Leanne Aciz


his weekend I was at a party that was located at a popular, trendy bar down the shore with a couple of friends. It is a beautiful establishment, loft-ish and rustic with a splash of flair, and it’s not uncommon to see a-list celebrities taking shots privately in the booths unbothered. The drinks were definitely on the “eh” side, but this bar had a cover band that was playing so well that you didn’t mind ordering more to watch them do their thing. Around closing time, the manager was eager to close, so my friends and I started gathering our things. The music that had been blasting out of the speakers all night, pulsating our eardrums, was off so now we could hear all of the bar patron chatter. As people filed out, I dropped my purse on the floor so we got stuck behind everyone else as I retrieved my things. I told my friends to go and I would meet them outside shortly. They left and all of a sudden, there was a lot of chaotic yelling by two people. It was the bartender and a customer. I overhead the customer say, “All I’m asking is that you don’t serve her another drink.” “Listen buddy, you’re real annoying,” the bartender nastily shot back. “Yeah um, sorry for being annoying and all, but it’s her birthday and she drank alot. We need to make sure she gets home okay and we’re just trying to get her to leave,” the customer stated simply. “I don’t give a ----”

After that, the bartender leans back on the bar, arrogantly wipes a glass, and then proceeds to make a drink for this girl who is literally sleeping with her head on the bar. His other bartender friend comes over and asks a question. I watch as they begin to call the customer all kinds of nasty names, as the customer is trying to wake his friend

up. They begin laughing and continue making fun of him. Now, the customer gets annoyed, who, I might add, was being way more calm than I would have been, and says, “Listen, you’re disrespecting me when all I’m trying to do is get out of here.” Suddenly, the bartender starts threatening to beat this customer up! He calls his manager over and suddenly there are 3 bouncers, and a crowd of people surrounding this guy who has begun carrying his friend out of the bar with the help of another friend. I watch as these 2 customers, both in their 20s, on the medium-build side, were berated and completely harassed by the people that worked for the bar, who were all in their 30’s to 40’s and obviously spent hours lifting weights. It was really upsetting to watch the people that worked there take advantage of the fact that there was no possibility of the customers being a threat. The bartender who had started the entire argument remained behind the bar, with a smug smirk, laughing about it the entire time. Now everybody is outside and because they are on the street, it looks like there is a huge riot going on. The customer’s other friends have joined in the argument to defend their buddy so now there are more people involved but still, “the bar side” is significantly bigger than the other side. My friends are yelling out the car for me to leave because they’ve been parked outside to go home while I’ve been watching this whole thing unravel as I was picking up the stuff that had fallen out of my purse. Things look like they are about to get worse so I jump in the car as I overhear the bouncers screaming, “We’re going to call the cops on you (insert vulger, nasty word that I don’t want to write here). We run this town!” I was visibly upset when I got in the car and my friends wanted to know why. It was hard to explain how hard it was to watch these people who were supposed to be the authoritative figures in that bar completely abuse and harass customers that were obviously in no position to fight with them. Not to mention that the reason for all of that chaos was nothing more than a guy trying to get his girl friend out of a bar to go home while some asshole bartender continues to serve an already intoxicated customer. To top it off, these bouncers knew they could make the local police sway in their favor and were using it against the customers. I have never seen such a disgusting display of bar bullying in my life. I wonder if that bartender that originally started it all had been picked on as a kid and now gets his kicks by picking on people, after the steroids have deemed him not a guy you want to fight. People like him, and bouncers like the ones that work at that bar, should never be in a position of authority because they use it for evil and aren’t worthy of being able to decide the fate of others. While there’s not much I, as an outsider, can do, I can tell you that this bar that, when I first walked in, I fell in love with, will NEVER have me as a customer again. You can’t put a price on respect, empathy, or decency. I’ll stick to my indie, lesser-known jukebox bars anyday.

46 September 2012

What do you do for fun? I go skating at the moon lit roller way. Sexiest thing you ever saw? Confidence in a woman!

Interview and Photography by Chaunce Hayden


Is 50 Shades of Grey over rated? I wouldn’t know - I never get caught up in the hype or read a book just ‘cause media is for some reason or another “pushing it.”

i r p Ca

Unforgettable moment in your life? Every day is unforgettable! First time I stood up on a surfboard and caught a wave in Costa Rica! Exploring the gothic quarters in Barcelona! Chillen with my Dad in the Boggie Down. What can I really say? Every day is truly unforgettable! Best thing you ever tasted? Cheese Any super hero powers? ESP What makes you angry? Ignorance in which I don’t believe to be blissful. Last thing you twittered? I believe the verb is Tweeted Chaunce and it stated “AHHH!” followed by an instagram pic of me hanging out the sun roof of my friend’s car last night haha How many times have you been in love? Every time, AEROS AGAPE FILEO I fall every day. If you could change anything, what would it be? The world dude, DUH! But really I would eliminate media, all major banks and ensure our presidential elections are no longer about whose campaign raises the most money but who will do the most for the future of this blinded nation.

n o s r e d n A

September 2012 49

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By Angela Pompelli-Butler

into oral not as much time re a s d n ie it’s girlfr so I figured ir wives or me why the me answer, g sa in e sk th a , e e iv m n, I g n that write this questio a ton of me me across co I e There are tim are? Every . . Hell, why sex as they en out there and getting m g in u iv yo g it behind in ll a th o b ith may fall a b oral sex, n e to share w to m in o W lly ! ta are are to al acts there most men to say that leasing sexu p fe st sa o s m it’ e k I thin one of th experience ey are: ey be? It’s women can and here th h s g n wouldn’t th u o so a lth re A . s ry sensitive oman variou it is for a w s, we are ve interest for n e a Y . th re e sm elieve me. a th an to org t to dry…b get them m in to a a p lt r r fo cu fo r iffi e g d n stale at it more as waiti much easi ay be a little that’s not m en, it’s much ht spot, it’s as boring u m It is usually o e Y . lik d n n u a frie time e rig asms, nline or ask ey do and most of the ot hitting th multiple org ook, look o up on your t if you’re n th b u t b a sh a , h d ru re a w b e t re d a th n s, b a t m ve n o o e b down m m e w ss arra y are th rn some ne nt the emb n think the Maybe lea u, so preve . Some me yo w o to t kn a n th ve y and not e ld never sa ashes the ur lady wou ne hand w o k, o o true, but yo b y is one that w. In m that. If she I don’t kno e ? lik w skills. o re H a . g n radin wome l sex is deg but not all n think ora ing to me, iv ve g e e n b e r m e o tt Some w u, you be giving to yo t of luck. n to it now. other. If I’m , you’re ou g not as ope in d is ra d g n ay need to e a d st is a in the p ce it. She m x ra thinks oral b se l m e ra o to d r ut ba for he d nothing b ill be hard it, it may st ay have ha t m ase her. a n le e a p b m y to o a w m ss Your ood you willingne g r u w o yo h htens your f to o in and give ious, it heig s Regardless sc n n o iti co ib lf h se er and you s the n her in on each oth break dow help. It help se u ys a n lw mpellica a u s le cream w.angelapo both of yo ib w e d (w e th t g te a in si th b st e rries & my w a cream lling and ta al, Strawbe ing gel from ellent. Get in g xc Great sme rm ri e a O w , lls s e m n u tio red R and it sm e. Try Sensa , Hot Butte sensitivity par in no tim mes in Cosmopolitan to p u e b should om), it co just being romance.c elon. for me than rm re o te butler.pure e a m W s d ke n x. It ta ahead of th ream, a great oral se asure, you are a step Whipped C f o r e w o p the y it. al ple derestimate great sexu ge and enjo aspects of , people un the challen n e to io th p in ll u p a o d r y n e a In m n; st n mast ow you dow d. If you ca hibitions sl good in be in r o rs a fe ’t let game. Don



September 2012 51

September 2012 53


By Rachel Manzer

he timeless Liberty Ross. A live walking, talking, and breathing flawless barbie doll. She even has barbie feet at a size 4!! If you are unfamiliar with her work then I’m sure you at least recognize her name from the latest sex scandal. Her husband, Rupurt Sanders, had an affair with Kristen Stewart while they were shooting the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Paparazzi had published photos of Kristen and Rupert being too close for comfort. To add gasoline to the fire, Liberty had played a role as Snow White’s mother. Prior to her wedding, she was listed as the 8th richest model before the age of 30. She has walked fashion shows and worked ad campaigns for Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Elle, Vogue, and Loius Vuitton. This brunette bombshell with amazing blue eyes pulled in triple digit paychecks for each two day ad campaign she did. We already know she isn’t afraid to work and make some paper. All this glamour and stardom was traded in for the biggest role of her lifetime: Mommyhood, changing diapers and wiping snot-nosed little brats! Liberty moved to America in support of Rupert’s directing career while she put hers on hold. For 10 years she played the happy housewife while her hubby went to “work”. As a woman, one of your biggest fears is to get traded in for a younger girl. For Liberty, that fear was made into a nightmare. Rupert clearly played the cougar part while he was rocking K-Stew’s coffin. It’s a little creepy that both girls have similar taste in clothes, music and men. I am wondering if Rupert got a little confused and thought he traveled back in time and K-stew was just a younger version of his wife. Regardless of the reasons, Liberty has held herself in great poise. She expertly applies her red lipstick and walks out the door with her head held high. Underneath all that lipstick, I see a rock solid woman. Normally when a spouse gets caught cheating everyone likes to pull up a chair, grab a tub of popcorn and an cold beer, and watch some Jerry Springer trash go done. Well my neighbors and I sure do enjoy watching our other neighbors’ drama. Sadly for the media, she didn’t give them much to work with except that she tweeted a short tweet and posted a picture on instagram. The photo was of Snow White drunk and crying with the caption “not so pretty or so pure now”. Sheer brillance. You can bet this woman calculates every move. She is taking out their pawns in her quest to kill the king. Lately, she has traded in her wedding ring for this bling-encrusted, large, gawdy cross necklace. Not only has this mastermind turned her emotions into a fashion statement, she also gets to gloat while publicly yet politely saying “fuck you” Kristen. The cross is used to ward off Kristen aka Bella the vampire. Even better, she is unknowingly helping bring K-Stew back to reality. Obviously, she thinks she is still on the Twilight scene and can have two different boyfriends. K-Stew has since retreated back to her depressing coffin in a mold-filled basement while Liberty turned her hottness meter up. As for hubby, well he is still groveling at Liberty’s feet, begging for forgiveness. The lesson here folks (mainly you boys): a younger kitty isn’t always better than an old kitty! Welcome to the BAMF club. May your divorce be a smooth sail. We pray he gets some horrible disease and his pickle falls off for cheating on such a beautiful woman!




Ever have a women ask to feel your guns? Of course. I worked hard for those “guns”. If a women wants to feel them, why not? Secret to achieving a six pack? The only way to achieve a six pack is either go to the store and buy one or diet, diet, diet... and don’t forget lots of cardio! What part of woman do you find most attractive? Hmmm. That’s a tough question. I think for me it would be beautiful skin on a woman’s body. What’s your biggest vice? That’s easy. Red wine! One secret about yourself? A lot of people don’t know what I look like under my clothes. So believe it or not one secret would be that I work out. Favorite shot? Nothing like So-co lime. Is steroids cheating? Hell yeah. If a sport is considered drug free it should be drug free. Are gyms over rated? Not if you want to get in shape and look great and feel better about yourself. Ever get into a fist fight? Ummm. Not since 9th grave. Would you do porn for a million dollars? Yes! In a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you? September 2012 55

Music News By Chaunce Hayden

Rock stars are people too, and even they grow old. For proof, AOL ruthlessly gathered a bunch of pictures of our rock-and-roll heroes as we want to remember them and, without mercy (and we love it!), compared those pictures to what they look like now. With the added damage inflicted by years of alcohol and drug abuse, the results were not pretty.

Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen

This picture should be the warning label on all packs of cigarettes.

James Hetfield, Metallica

Doesn’t look like a man who wrote songs with titles like Creeping Death.

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones

Neil Young Neil Old.

Alice Cooper

It doesn’t get any less rock-and-roll than golf.

Billy Idol

No, this is not a pic from the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

This looks like the exact moment Billy realized just how old he’s gotten.

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

Johnny Rotten, The Sex Pistols

Each one of his moobs weighs more than he did back in the ‘70s.

At least he’s kept his fake hair color.




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We’re still waiting for official word about Nicki Minaj joining the “American Idol” judges panel, but if rumors and insider sources are to be believed, Minaj will be adding spice, style and her hip-hop sensibilities to the 12th season of the reality singing competition. Meanwhile, the rumors have “Idol” viewers and Minaj fans in a frenzy, with reactions ranging from super excited and supportive to confused and skeptical. “This is cool!!” wrote MTV News reader William Osmar. “I love you Nicki Minaj!!” “Yes she should!!!! She is awesome!” added Arianna Parsons. “Best female rapper! Bet she can beat you in a rapping contest!” Fellow fan Chelsea Reyna summarized the news in four words (and one emoticon): “This would be epic :)” Not everyone is 100 percent sold on the idea, though. “She’s alright I guess,” Zac Olsen commented. “Like her music, but I don’t think she should be a judge,” Alekz Estrada added. Andrea Kenyon was one of several “Idol” fans who said they’d check out if Minaj joined the show. “I hope not,” Kenyon said. “I won’t be watching anymore if she becomes a judge.” A few fans who were less-than-excited about the news offered their own constructive suggestions for other artists the show should consider hiring over Minaj. “How about Wiz Khalifa?” Jacob Smith suggested. “I would go for Lil Kim being a judge b4 [Nicki],” Marlon Moore added. The issue seems like a divisive one thus far, but plenty of fans are ready to embrace the news and encouraged others to do the same. “The super-talented and fun-lovin’ Nicki Minaj! Some people (most of the [commenters] above it seems) just don’t have a clue!” Sean McCarthy said. “You should never judge a book by its cover,” Anna Marie Miller advised. “We need inspiring people like her as help to inspire others to go for that extra mile and reach for their goal. Why not? She is great and different and I would love her opinions on others.”

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As you can probably tell by now, we’re really into local biker scene... And what a scene! So it’s not surprising that Bergen County Harley-Davidson & BMW in Rochelle Park, New Jersey knows how to rock it. The popular Harley-Davidson dealership recently sponsored a MVP Gold Trip ride to Auburn, New York’s Finger Lakes. As you can see from the photos below, these 2 wheel MVP’s had the time of their life! August was also a time for giving back. One of the most well known restaurant establishments in New Jersey, The Crow’s Nest, hosted a fundraiser for REED Academy in Oakland, a school that specializes in the education of Autistic children. The karaoke Olympic event pitted teams of teachers competing for puzzle pieces which could be exchanged for money for the school. The packed event was for a really good cause and we were thrilled to “Expose” it!

60 September 2012

September 2012 61

Caitlin E. Mekita

Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery spent three days in beautiful Asbury Park, New Jersey to attend the Third Annual Asbury Park Visionary Arts Tattoo Festival. The event took place at the convention center, in the middle of a strip of boardwalk that is clearly in the midst of a full-scale revival. The convention center itself, which was once threatened by demolition, now stands proudly as an architectural wonder and a place for the people and artists of Asbury Park and surrounding areas to gather. The Convention was a place for artists of all kinds to come together and share their passion.

Both floors featured tattoo artists and fine artists hard at work, creating an atmosphere that was literally buzzing with excitement. Attendees were entertained by stage performances like the daring, albeit rather boring family freak show. Famous burlesque dancer Hazel Honeysuckle (left), who can be seen on an upcoming episode of Boardwalk Empire, performed with the sexy burlesque troop called the Rhinestone Follies. Our friends Gisella and Dominick Arduino put on a breathtaking suspension show that included Gisella dangling by her skin from hooks.

Would you or someone you know like to see your art featured in Metro Art? Contact Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery 3138 State Rt. 10 West, Denville NJ 07834 (973)620-9944 -

The crowd cheered as she pierced skewers through her cheeks and the blood dripped down her face. At the end of each day of the convention, judges (including Jon Mesa from TV’s “Best Ink”) chose winners for Tattoo of the Day and other categories like “Most Visionary”, best color tattoo, best black & grey, and more. Notable winners included Chris Masot for Best Japanese. After the convention closed, the artists converged at vintage bowling alley/bar Asbury Lanes to unwind after long days of work.

I had the privilege of meeting many artists, some of whom were local and some of whom were from as far as Spain. It was inspiring to see all of the artists hard at work and enjoying the town, and I was struck by how friendly and upbeat the mood was. There were 3000 visitors to the convention, down from previous years, with more people interested in sight-seeing and chatting than in actually getting tattooed. Biagio’s booth attracted passers-by with its colorful displays and utilization of technology like iPads and a large television that was streaming live as Biagio tattooed. Rob Talo worked on a large butterfly tattoo that attracted a lot of attention. Sharon completed a creepy zombie angel tattoo and and Leilani continued working on an abstract tattoo. Biagio got to work on an especially impressive Bride of Frankenstein portrait (see photo). The Historic Asbury Park Convention Hall was the perfect setting for the event. While the floor level had a stage and plenty of space for tattoo artists, the upper mezzanine displayed artists working on oil paintings, jewelry, graphic design, and graffiti art. The open-air feeling of the mezzanine and the sound and view of crashing waves coming from the nearby beach made for an energizing atmosphere.

METRO ART FACT: Paul Cezanne’s “The Card Players” was purchased in 2011 for $250 million, making it the most expensive work of art ever sold!

...Continued from page 27 So we won’t be seeing you as the newest cast member of “Real New Jersey Housewives” anytime soon? (Yells) No you won’t! I love the cast. They’re fun and entertaining to watch, I’m a Housewives fan and a Kardashian fan. I have to say I really like Teresa from “New Jersey Housewives.” Everyone loves to hate her, but I’m always down for the underdog. What’s the most romantic thing Tiki has ever done for you? Last night was a very sweet moment. I spent the day home and one of his kids were sick. We had all four at the house and Tiki was working. It was a very long day 12-hour step mommy duty with a throwing up child. So Tiki came home and was in the shower. I didn’t even hear him come in. And on the bed was a nice card that said how much he cared and how much he appreciated what I did. I get plenty of handbags and nice shoes and jewelry from him. But the little things actually show he really cares. That card meant so much to me. Way to go Hallmark! Right now everyone is talking about Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow of the New York Jets. Care to share your own thoughts? The media is trying to create controversy and pin the two against one another. Just like the Denver Bronco’s, the Jets brought in Tim Tebow to “save the day!” and the New York media is eating it up. But I will tell you that I don’t know Tim but Tiki and I do know Mark. So right now I have to say that I’m definitely Team Sanchez. I’m always loyal to my friends. As a newlywed are having babies on your things to do list? Possibly! Tiki and I joke around and call them “Maybe babies.” But I’m only 25 and I have a few more years to go. Right now we’re just busy raising and loving Tiki’s four kids. We wouldn’t want to take away the attention away from them just yet. Hugh Hefner calls you today and says, “I’ll give you a million dollars to pose nude for Playboy.” What would be your response? Never! My parents are both alive. I would not want to kill them by me being naked in a magazine. Finally, tell me one secret about yourself that nobody knows…until now. Hmmm. When I’m bored I like to practice writing my name with my toes. I think it’s going to be a great party trick one day. Are you joking? Nope, I’ll sit there by my desk and take off my flip-flop and take the pen between my toes and see how nice and neat I can write my name. One day I’ll bet someone a hundred bucks I can write a full sentence with my feet. We’ll see who laughs than.

It’s like being on vacation!

Open 7 days a week rain or shine! Come by boat, PATH train, Lightrail or car Unlimited free parking! no cover! 11 MArin Boulevard, Jersey city, NJ 201-516-9000

Metropolis NIghts September edition 2012  
Metropolis NIghts September edition 2012  

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