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from the editor-in-chief I finally did it! I forced myself to walk away from my unlimited responsibilities and board a plane to paradise. I seriously haven’t gone on vacation in several years, so it didn’t take much to be talked into a 4 day stay at a brand new Jamaican all-inclusive resort called Paradise Cove. Unlimited drinks, sun, sand and a 24-hour a day butler named Mario were just what the doctor ordered for my worn out soul. Not to mention the fact that I’m half Jamaican (Shocker). So it was nice to revisit my roots while teaching the locals how to slam back pickle back shots. Anyway, it’s back to work and what better way to end the year than with an issue full of models, fashion tips, sports, interviews, holiday gift ideas and of course the best places to party on New Year’s Eve. In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine that we’ll be starting our third year as New Jersey’s most read nightlife magazine. The truth is, when I started Metropolis Nights, the odds of surviving the first year were less than favorable. I was up against a lot of obstacles and knew I was in for the fight of my life. I had to over come terrible harassment from those whose future depended on me failing. I also had to learn to become a (drum roll) .....sales representative. For most of my adult life I made my living as a celebrity interviewer, photographer and gossip columnist. It was rare that my inquisitive world and the local bar and restaurant owners crossed paths beyond the words, “I’ll have a shot”. But that would need to change if Metropolis Nights was going to succeed. It was imperative that I hit the streets, so to speak, and personally promote the idea that a magazine didn’t have to be sleazy to be successful. My enthusiasm was off the charts, but the skeptics didn’t hide their feelings. It was up to me to prove I could not only publish an affordable free magazine, but do it on a level that’s never been seen before. Now after two full years and a few bumps and bruises, I’m not only standing, I’m as Charlie Sheen would say.... WINNING! What will happen in 2014 remains to be seen, although the vibe I get from both advertisers and readers is extremely encouraging. I love what I do for a living and with that said I can promise you that I will continue to bust my ass and make sure that Metropolis Nights will be around for many, many years.

How do I get on your cover? Who do I sleep with? Seriously! Response: (( We’d rather not name names ))

What the hell! We want to know how you get all those hot chicks in you mag? Seriously, we look at other magazine’s and it’s nasty what you see in print. You guys are like Playboy! Love, love love! Kelly and Gina Dumont, NJ

Cheers, Chaunce Hayden editor-in-chief Cell: 201-873-3874 @Chauncehayden

How do I work for you? I’m an intern and I’m addicted to Metropolis Nights. I hate where I currently am interning. SAVE ME! @DenaAnn

DEC 2013

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VB3-Jersey City Review

Celebrity Chef Michael Colletti returns to his roots


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Biggies Clam Bar

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Featured Interview: Sarah Dumont Talks hollywood, shaving her head, nudity & whiskey


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“ Red Bull gives you wings “ are the perfect words backtracking in time for our next story. On October 14th 2012, a gentleman by the name of Felix Baumgartner from Australia accomplished what’s called the “Red Bull Stratos”. Baumgartner attempted and succeeded a parachute jump from, well lets just say, outer space! Baumgartner broke several world records during this extremely intense stunt: skydiving from the highest recorded point of 24 miles high, breaking the sound barrier without the use of vehicular power at 843.6 mph, and highest man ballooned flight ever. All this in one jump for a man who had suffered from claustrophobia! Felix is one cool cat!

RAYCO II The Nation’s Top Luxury Automotive Accessory shop is right in our backyard! Location: Little Ferry, NJ Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Trucks In the customization hustle for over 16 years, Rayco 2 refers to themselves as “the premier Northeast retailer of luxury automotive accessories.” And with a list of services that includes rims and tires, body kits, suspension, window tint, alarms, navigation, brake kits, paint protection and wheel repair, they just might be. Metropolis Nights recently dropped by and we were blown away but this place. We strongly recommend you stop by and check out this auto Mecca. Address: 309 U.S. 46, Little Ferry, NJ Phone:(201) 807-9444

KARMA TEQUILA SILVER Karma Tequila Silver is produced from 100% Agave, grown in the Highlands of Jalisco, the region recognized for having the richest soil and ideal climate conditions. Each Agave is hand picked from pre-selected Agave fields. The Agave is tested for sugar content ensuring only the mature and sweetest Agave is used to produce Karma Silver Tequila. Special brick ovens slowly cook the Agave allowing all flavors to be captured in every sip. The Agave juice is fermented using only the finest natural ingredients. Karma’s distillery is family owned and operated, utilizing traditional distilling methods that have been passed down from generation to generation for over 70 years. Through a multiple distillation process, Karma is handmade in small batches ensuring optimum quality, and a complete balance in taste and smoothness. The Karma bottle was designed on the simple premise that design and functionality should coexist. Each bottle is filled, labeled, and individually numbered by hand for your appreciation.

DEC 2013 8


MARIA MENOUNOS Extra Extra, read all about her! Born and raised in Medford, Massachusetts, 34 year old Maria Menounos is seen on our TV’s almost every night on Extra and Access Hollywood. Not only has she acted in movies, wrestled in Wrestlemania, and reported from the earthquake in El Salvador, but she’s also flown a military mission aboard the AWACS named Operation Eagle Assist. Very impressive Maria. Big thanks to Zeus for this month’s Greek goddess!

HELLA BITTER Keeping it local, Hella Bitter is an all-natural craft Bitters company founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They offer two flavors, Citrus (orange), which started it all, and Aromatic for all your big boy bourbons! Their goals are to reach the broad audience of food & cocktail lovers while maintaining the quality of their artisan craftsmanship and delivering bitter deliciousness everywhere. This is what we call bitter sweet! For more info go to




DEC 2013 9







Defined by a graphic inlaid logo on a chic shape, our Amanda Smart Phone Wallet is made of rich pebbled Italian leather and does double-duty as a stylish accessory with a compartment for your phone. The zip closure and removable wrist strap make it secure and convenient on the go. More at

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$85 DEC 2013 14

Soft sheepskin shearling lines the tech-savvy earmuffs that feature built-in speakers compatible with most audio and phone devices. A highperformance inline mic enables you to chat while keeping your ears cozy. More at Nordstrom.


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ho says Christmas can’t be sexy? Certainly not Randi Epstein, the owner of Love 2 Boutique, a boutique in Lodi, NJ. This erotic oasis right off of Route 17 South specializes in sexy lingerie, swimwear, shoes (lots of shoes) and fantasy wear. Let your imagination go crazy. Love 2 Boutique also offers a wide assortment of accessories including sex toys, massage oils, and more! But getting back to the Holidays. If you really want to turn Ho, ho, ho into hot, hot, hot.... Check out the sexy Santa wear at the only placeto find holiday costumes that will surely turn on your lights. Also not a bad idea for stuffing some stockings. 201-845-5320 or visit their website at:

DEC 2013 15


naked truth THE

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text (201)873-3874 or tweet @ChaunceHayden

by Chaunce Hayden

Top 10 Extravagant

Celebrity Christmas Presents Planning to get your loved one something really cool this year? Getting your dad that iPhone 5 he’s been wanting? Or maybe you’re getting your brother that really fancy laptop he asked for? Garbage. It’s all garbage, at least compared to these over-thetop celebrity Christmas presents. Celebs love to do things big, and for the biggest time of the year, it only gets more outrageous. Here are 10 extravagant celebrity Christmas presents.

Mike Tyson: $2 million bathtub: When Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens, he spent $2 million on her for the holidays one year. Oooooh, so what’d he buy her? A ring?! A car?! Nope. A tub. A bathtub. That’s nice, I guess. Must’ve been hell to wrap though. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: Rolls Royce Phantom: No surprise here, these two live like royalty. Nick Cannon gifted his wife with a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom. It included a personalized license plate that reads “mommyMC”.

Victoria Beckham: Hermes bag: David Beckham bought Victoria Beckham a $129,000 Hermes Himalayan Birkin bag for Christmas. Nice. David could’ve just wrapped himself in paper and a bow and that would’ve been enough.

DEC 2013 20

Oprah: Mediterranean cruise: Oprah spent $750,000 giving her staff of 100 employees a 10-day luxury Mediterranean cruise. You get a cruise! And YOU get a cruise! And YOU get a cruise… Jay-Z: Birkin bags: One wasn’t enough, so Jay-Z bought Beyonce $350,000 worth of Birkin bags from Hermes one year.

Paris Hilton: Pink Bentley: Paris bought her own Christmas present—a $285,000 pink Bentley Continental GT. The dashboard is diamond-encrusted. At this point, I’m surprised the woman doesn’t get Tinkerbell encrusted with diamonds. Beyonce: Bugatti car: If you thought that was extravagant, Beyonce bought Jay a $2 million Bugatti Grand Sports car. That’s more than double what he spent on her. Oh well, she can go complain to her Birkins.

Suri Cruise: Pony: The only kids who have ponies are 1) really rich kids or 2) really poor kids whose family uses the pony as transportation. In this case, Suri Cruise falls into the former category. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes plan to get Suri $130,000 worth of Christmas presents, and that also includes diamond earrings and designer dresses. Jude Law: Baby grand piano: Jude Law gave Sienna Miller a restored baby grand piano worth $200,000. If that wasn’t enough, it also had a diamond and sapphire ring inside.

Ben Affleck: 7-carat diamond ring: Ben Affleck gave wife Jennifer Garner a 7-carat diamond ring for “being a good mom.” And all we got my mom was a stupid mug.

and s k n i r d l a n o s ! h sea t n g o n i m v r ll a Se s l a i c spe r e n n i d

happy holidays from hoboken bar and grill We also have:

230 Washington St Hoboken, NJ 07030 (201) 222-6050


MOODIE FOODIE by Rory E. Schepisi


Valentino’s on Park

ow fast has this year gone by? So much has changed in the past 12 months that it blows my mind. I’m sure if each and every one of you thinks about it, something big has happened in your life, whether it was good, bad, tragic or sad. Changes happen every year with the passing of time.



This time of year, I like to reflect on things that have happened. The good memories I cherish and I always try to create a way to remember them- whether it be by visiting a restaurant or creating a nostalgic recipe. With respect to the bad, I will try to make the appropriate changes for the year to come. All in all, this time of year is meant to be celebrated with family and friends to share in the spirit of the Holidays. I evoke the Holiday spirit with food and drinks because there is nothing better than having a meal that reminds you of a special moment or a person that may no longer be with you. Yeah, yeah, I bet y’all are probably thinking ‘what the hell is she blabbing about?’ Well, when I was a kid, I remember my Italian grandmother cooking up some great dishes. After she passed, it was very rare to find anyone or any place to re-create the flavors she churned out in her kitchen… until now. My much older brother lives in Rutherford, so when I’m in town, I dine in that area a lot. For some reason, I never tried this Italian restaurant located right on Park Ave. Since it was a beautiful night and we felt like walking to dinner, we thought, “let’s give this place a shot.” As cute as can be on the outside, Valentino’s on Park has potted plants and a great, old world feel on the exterior. When you walk into what seems to be a small restaurant, you realize this is going to be something special. A baby grand piano greets you in the entry foyer. A young man with a thick Italian-American accent brought us to our table in the dining room. Without a doubt, I was pleasantly surprised because it reminded me of a restaurant I had dined at in Venice with my family. The decor is very old “Italian countryside.” Although it has an open floor plan, the way the place was put together gives you the mystique of privacy at each table. The music playing was classic “Sinatra-esque,” which just added to the whole appeal of this Italian throwback. The server came over, and I was super excited the moment he opened his mouth. A true Italian accent proceeded to flood my ears with special after special of dishes that reminded me of my childhood. He then explained that they did not have a liquor license but allowed customers to bring in their own alcohol, recommending a liquor store located conveniently next store.

DEC 2013 24

Of course, I ran over to grab a great “Red” to accompany what I assumed to be a true Italian dining experience. The menu offers so many dishes I just love and hadn’t eaten in years. Warm Italian bread with a great olive oil set the tone. We started with the Italian sausage- stuffed calamari in a cherry tomato shaved garlic sauce. It was so good we sopped up the sauce with the warm bread on our table. We also ordered tons of the special appetizers, which brought me back to the age of seven. This was one of my favorite dishes when I was a kid: Spedini, a caper sauce surrounding a mozzarella grilled cheese dipped in an egg wash and pan-seared. It brought back so many memories. The Beef Carpaccio topped with arugula was light and refreshing. Next, we moved onto our pasta course. I love the fact that they offer the pastas as full or half orders. If you’re eating Italian, you should always, always have a pasta course… it’s the golden rule. First, the Panzotti alla Erbette in salsa noci was perfect: the homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach in this “lick the plate clean” walnut cream sauce. This next dish can make or break an Italian restaurant, and let me tell you, Valentino’s homemade Tagliatelle alla Bolognese was as if a little, old Italian lady spent all day making her meat sauce and rolling out her fresh pasta noodles. Perfection on a plate. There were so many traditional Italian delicacies; I had a hard time deciding what to order next. They offer the finest of Italian meats on their Charcuterie plate, and all the Mozzarella is made in house. You don’t find that around Jersey very often anymore unless it’s at an Italian deli. They have hand-tossed brick oven pizza and a huge selection of entrees. I ordered the Monkfish Osso Bucco. The fish was cooked perfectly, and the sauce, once again, was authenticity at its finest. The dessert menu has every traditional Italian dessert you can imagine, all made in house and obviously with love and passion. In case you did not get the message of my review, this place is great, and I can’t wait to go back. From the server to the ambiance, to the flavors of Italy, Valentino’s on Park is a hit. If you want authentic Italian with a classy atmosphere that exudes the romance of Italy, this is the place to dine… perfect during the holiday season. I utterly enjoyed this month’s review for Metropolis Nights magazine and look forward to hearing from you in the New Year. Want me to check out a place? Shoot me a message. You can also find some great easy recipes at

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Celebrity Chef Michael Colletti Returns to His Roots


VB3 Restaurant, Bar & Pizzeria 475 Washington Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 07310 201.420.4VB3(4823) DEC 2013 29

Located off a beaten path on Washington Blvd in the Monaco building, just down the street from Jersey City’s waterfront, is one of New Jersey’s most delicious hidden gems, VB3 - a pizzeria, restaurant, and lounge. Celebrating its one-year anniversary this past May, VB3 is dripping with decadence in all aspects of its multi-functional venue. An ideal location with a mouthwatering menu and in house Celebrity Chef Michael Colletti, VB3 is your destination spot for a great meal and an even better night out! Emphasizing the farm to table phenomenon that’s trending hard in the restaurant industry, VB3 locally sources all food that it serves with a constantly evolving menu. “We’re working to end the notion that great dining can only be found across the Hudson,” says general Manager John Metzinger. “The personal and intimate experience that our patrons receive at VB3 is just as unique as our menu.” Speaking of ‘menu’ – VB3’s menu has gotten countless recognition and accolades including 3 ½ stars from the Star Ledger. The brains (and hands!) behind the menu’s success is Celebrity Chef Michael Colletti . Recently named one of New Jersey’s Top 5 Chefs by NJ Monthly, Colletti is no stranger to the kitchen. Raised in a Sicilian household, his inspirations are rooted in his childhood upbringing and motivate his unique and

REVIEW Michael Symon. A star on the rise, Colletti opened and oversaw operations at the second Spike Mendelsohn restaurant, We, the Pizza in Washington D.C., capturing the attention of high profile audiences like First Lady Michelle Obama. Three years in the Capitol and one White House dinner later, Colletti returned to his roots to pursue his own restaurant visions in collaboration with his cousins, resulting in VB3 Restaurant & Bar and VB3 Pizzeria. VB3 offers brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and cocktails in Jersey City, along with boasting the best nightlife around town. Monday nights are Industry Nights with $3.00 domestic beers and $5 well drinks from 4-8pm. $5 for Chef Colletti’s favorite appetizers and $5 martinis for the ladies. On Tuesday’s you’re at the mercy of Chef Colletti and his culinary team of geniuses! Three courses for $30 or $40 to pair with wine and Chef Colletti prepares a dish based on your interactions with him! “I want to get to know you and then cook for you,” says Colletti, raving about VB3’s Mercy of the Chef Tuesdays. “I like to interact with our patrons, it’s much more of a personal experience that way.” Tuesday’s also feature Karaoke, starting at 10:30pm and drink specials include $3 domestic bottles, $5 Jameson and Fireball shots. Celebrate Hump Day every Wednesday at VB3 at Wine Down Wednesdays, featuring half priced bottles of wine and live Jazz music provided by the Don Carter Trio all start at 7pm. Dinner is served until 11pm. Throwback Thursdays feature some blasts from Chef Colletti’s past as he prepares his childhood favorites while VB3’s wonderful bartenders whip up some old school cocktails, made to perfection. Start your weekends off right at Fig’etaboutit Fridays featuring $5 Figenza vodka cocktails along with other happy hour specials like $3 domestic beers, $5 house cocktails, $5 Brugal mojitos, $5 Jameson and Fireball shots and $4 house wines. DJ starts spinning at 11pm to get the party started.

modern take on classic Italian family recipes in every dish. The most important ingredient in all of Colletti’s dishes… family. A New Jersey local, Colletti grew up watching his grandmother and mother in the kitchen, studied bagel-making at his father’s side, and learned the restaurant ropes working at his cousins pizzeria, Villa Borghese. “I grew up eating what my grandmother was growing in her garden,” explains Colletti. “What she grew is what we ate. That’s the way it should be.” Hungry for more, Colletti graduated from the Culinary Education Center in Asbury Park, NJ and soon made a name for himself, working along side kitchen icons like Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque, Drew Nieporent and Michael Bao at Mai House, and Spike Mendelsohn at Good Stuff Eatery. Success at Good Stuff Eatery led to Colletti’s invitation to the Food Network’s 2009 Food & Wine Festival “Rachel Ray Burger Bash” in both Miami and New York where he claimed both victories for his “Colletti Smokehouse Burger”. Note to self: at VB3 you can’t go wrong with the VB3 Burger! Colletti was then invited to Iron Chef America in March 2010 where he and Mendelsohn “Battled Prociutto” against world famous Chef

Continuing the weekend fun, Start It Up Saturdays features a decadent brunch menu from 12-4pm with Bellini or Bloody Mary’s as the preferred day-drinking treat. Brunch isn’t your thing? Chef Colletti’s modern seasonal Italian dinner menu will be sure to hit the spot. Accompany your meal with a great bottle of wine from VB3’s selective list of liquid decadence and you’ve got yourself one hell of a Saturday night! DJ starts spinning at 11pm and the party goes on all night! Keep the party more exclusive with bottle service at VB3, available Friday and Saturday nights. Super Sundays are super delicious at VB3 as Chef Colletti and his team keep the kitchen competition fierce with innovative and delicious takes on football bar classics. VB3 is a fantastic football destination, featuring 40 flat screens and three 80 inch projectors. You wont miss a beat while remaining in your seat with TVs in all corners. Sunday football drink specials include $12 domestic beer towers, $20 craft beer towers, $3 domestic draft beer, $4 Cherry Bomb shots, $5 Jameson, Fireball and Jager bomb shots, $6 Angry Balls shots, and $7 Car Combs. So come for the food and stay for the party at VB3 in Jersey City! VB3 also offers on- and off-site residential and corporate catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For more information on VB3 and to book your reservation, visit

DEC 2013 29





By Brittany LoCurto

ew Year’s Eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot. Unless, of course, those tests come back positive! I’m just kidding! Well, it’s that time of year when we recap the good times, the bad times, and all those bits in between. In 2013, I learned a lot about life. I know the words and meanings of twerk, selfie, Kimye, and ombre. We can confirm the death of Hannah Montana because this year was the birth of the badass Miley Cyrus. The nopants-wearing Miley, who wagged her tongue while twerkin’ and starting trouble. But honestly, I spent most of 2013 just trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s. My New Year’s Eve resolution is to not keep up with The Kardashian’s…as much. Luckily, I embarked on this resolution early and I was able to put together a list of buzz worthy parties and clubs in time for New Year’s Eve. First, I have to give major props to all the nightlife industry professionals in our region this year. The events are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to the future of the party. Let’s toast to the future and

WINTER GALACTIC IZOD Center, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 This is the New York Metropolitan’s largest EDM Event. On December 31st, your journey through space, snow, and sound begins! The doors to the future open at 7 pm. The music lineup for the night is Dada Life, Porter Robinson, W&W, Rusko, Bassjackers, Cash Cash, and Bambi. A few years ago I was hired to work a two-day concert event called Electric Zoo Festival. I had never heard of it before. It was the first year this “show” was being put on. I was blown away because this was no normal concert. This was an experience full of interactive light shows, drum light shows and areas to get glammed up. I think at one point, I was walking into a sea of bubbles (no, I wasn’t on ecstasy). Everywhere I went, people were friendly and excited to be there. There were people from California to Japan - all there to experience the same amazing time. These innovators for one night will turn the stadium where the Net’s and Devil’s play to a snowy winter wonderland in space! If that doesn’t sound like a good time, I don’t know what does. Tickets can be bought at any Ticketmaster location.

DEC 2013 34

Teak on the Hudson has a beautiful ambiance, amazing food, great deals, and of course the beautiful fish tank bar. want a

TEAK ON THE HUDSON 16 Hudson Place Hoboken, NJ 07030 Contact- (201) 653-6888 Teak has been a longtime fan favorite in the restaurant/night life scene. They have a beautiful ambiance, amazing food, great deals, and of course the beautiful fish tank bar. If you want a guaranteed good time this is your best bet. The party will begin at 10 pm. The DJ for that night will be DJ David X. He will be getting the crowd going with an awesome blend of Top 40 and throwback crowd pleasers. The upstairs will be packed so make sure to get there early. There will be no tickets to have to buy in advance. This is refreshing to hear for our pockets. Teak is one of the few places that has always managed to perfect the food, the prices, and the club atmosphere. Hoboken is a town where bars come and go in a blink of an eye. Teak has formed the perfect recipe for a good time. This will be a winner if you’re a first timer - I promise!

46 Lounge 46E Totowa, NJ 07512 Contact- (201) 998-3444 When you walk into 46 Lounge, you get 3 of the most popular cities in one space. The heart of NYC, the heat of Miami, and the hipness of LA in one amazing space. You can tell everything was well thought out from the front door to the dance floor. When I have been there in the past I always thought,” Wow that club looks out of place!” Honestly, in my eyes this is a good thing. When you live in New Jersey, it’s refreshing to experience something out of the box for once. This is why 46 Lounge made my list of top clubs for NYE. The food, drinks, and music planned for that night is amazing. The music for that night will be DJ Klutch, KTU DJ Lil Cee, 92.3 NOW DJ Yonny, John Farruggio, and James Vincent. Drita from the hit TV show Mob Wives will be hosting the night. Tickets are priced from $100. All tickets include a 5-hour premium open bar and a champagne toast at midnight. One of the amazing things worthy of being mentioned is you are getting a lavish dinnet buffet including options like sushi and different tapas at a nightclub! I highly suggest you go to their website to check out the spread they have planned! The website address is If you would like to purchase tickets, the number to call is 201-998-4001. Make sure to keep it classy that night…there is a dress code to get in! The Westwood 438 North Avenue Garwood, NJ 07027 Contact- (908) 789-0808 One of the most talked about parties is The Masquerade Ball at The Westwood. Every website is buzzing about this exclusive party that as of now has 200 tickets available. This is a traditional Masquerade Ball with a modern New Year’s Eve twist! Glam up in your finest clothes but don’t forget your mask! There will be a 5-hour open bar as one of the perks of your ticket price. There will be a mask revealing at midnight besides the traditional kiss! There will also be a champagne toast, of course. You might need the champagne after your dance partner takes off the mask! Just Kidding! There will be sweet and savory unlimited dining during the night, as well as complimentary coat check, live DJ entertainment, and a live broadcast of the ball dropping from NYC. The tickets are on sale through If you are going with a group, type in the code NJYPGRP (all caps) to get a group rate deal. HQ @ Revel 500 Boardwalk Atlantic City, New Jersey Contact- (855) 348-0500 I added an Atlantic City club for you readers who are heading there this year. This party also made the list of the Top 55 Parties around the world to go to. You hear that, Las Vegas nightlife?!!! It’s not just the home of the television show “Boardwalk Empire” anymore. On a side note, I also learned Atlantic City has a firework display on New Year’s Eve. How pretty! Revel is the tallest Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City so you might want to just catch a glimpse from your room! This year HQ will be hosting the top tier of international DJs for New Year’s Eve weekend. These DJs includes Afrojack, Hardwell, Nervo, R3HAB, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano will be the ones to spin their unique blend of deep house and funk beats, spreading the good

46 lounge has the heart of NYC, the heat of Miami, and the hipness of LA in one amazing space. guaranteed good

vibes as 2014 arrives. The party begins at 8 pm and you can buy tickets right now! Tommy Fox’s (New Year’s Eve TWICE!) 32 S. Washington Street, Bergenfield, NJ 07621 Contact- (201)384-0900 Tommy Fox’s made a huge impact in 2013. I have no doubt 2014, will be an even bigger and better year for this pub. If you want an option that is local, but still packs a punch, Tommy Fox’s is your pick. New Year’s Eve should be full of great friends, amazing cocktails, comfort food, and amazing live music. This is a perfect equation for memories that will last you a lifetime. Tommy Fox’s that night will have party packages available if interested. You may also call in advance to make reservations for groups and inquire about deals. The music is DJ Crobo and DJ Diaka. The party will start early since Tommy Fox’s first rings in the New Year on Irish time (7pm) with live coverage from Dublin. Music by Mike Keogh (No cover) starting at 4:30pm. Yep, you get two countdowns in one amazing night. At 9pm the second part of the evening begins with a 4-hour open bar ($35 in advance/$45 at the door). The night will bring many fun surprises before the clock strikes midnight. If interested you can call 201-384-0900 for anything regarding NYE. Finally, Tommy Fox’s website is updated consistently (if not hourly) on holidays. So I suggest checking the URL frequently for new updates and deals!

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TO BOOK VIC LATINO FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT: Email Ruben Martinez at Find him on Twitter @viclatino.

10 Questions with DJ Vic Latino BY LEANNE ACIZ

What inspired you to start a career as a DJ? I was always into being in front of a crowd; I used to host concerts and contests at clubs because it was part of my job being a radio host. It was back in 1996 when I worked with Ed Lover and Doctor Dre that I became interested in being a DJ. I really didn’t pursue it full time until I was at WKTU in NY and started releasing mix CDs. I figured if I was going to release a mix CD I might as well take full advantage of the marketing and start touring as a DJ. How did you get started at KTU? I was working in Orlando, Florida back in 2000, and I was offered a position at WKTU. Being in radio, it is pretty much everyone’s goal to be able to work in the biggest market in America: NY. I started as a part-time personality in 2001, just after 9-11. In January of 2002, I was offered the full-time evening personality position.

a beautiful 7,000-person amphitheater in Suffolk County, Long Island ( My company was able to negotiate an operating agreement with the Town of Brookhaven for multiple years. We facilitate concerts and events yearly from May to October. What was it like being on tour with Dennis Rodman? Opening the Ellen show? I have known Dennis for a while, since his NBA days. He is a great guy and used to come visit me at my residency in the Hamptons. Our friendship grew over the years and he later became a regular at my DJ gigs. We decided to make a package of it and since then, it has opened the doors for me internationally as a DJ. Opening for Ellen was truly amazing; it was a career defining moment that I will never forget. To be able to be on the same set as Spinderella and DJ Am, was truly amazing.

What new career opportunities did disc jockeying at KTU bring about for you? Finally making it to the number one market in radio truly was amazing, and I finally knew what all the hype was about. Working at KTU made it possible for me to start releasing mix CDs (13 to date). I was on Tommy Boy Records, Ultra Records, Thrive Records, and Nervous Records. It also opened the door for me as a Host, doing various newscasts on Fox, ABC, NBC, and ultimately landed me a spot on the Ellen show.

What do you prefer, being on television or being on the radio? I love them both! I love radio because it is a passion and will always be a part of my life. I love the TV aspect as well and one day I look to further myself in that field.

What was your favorite moment in your career, thus far? I started a dance station back in 1998 on Long Island called Party 105, so my favorite moment (and believe me, there are tons) was being able to come back in 2009 and buy the station.

At what moment did you know you had ‘made it’? Being able to tell people about my journey from start to today is always fun. It makes me smile whenever I get to think about the past and how every step I took played an integral part of where I am today. I honestly cannot pinpoint one particular moment that defined that I had ‘made it’ because every day that goes by I continue to give life and my career 100%. So to me, I am still trying to ‘make it’- I just couldn’t tell you what I am trying to make, and that is what makes life so much fun. It is the unexpected that makes the entertainment industry so desirable to work in.

What made you start JVC Media? I never had any intentions of ownership, but in 2009 the right deal surfaced and I took a leap of faith. I gave up the spotlight to pursue radio ownership; today we have nine stations in both NY and FLA and continue to expand the company each year. Wow! Tell us about your role in regards to The Pennysaver Amphitheater. The Pennysaver Amphitheater is

What is one thing that you wish to accomplish in life that you have not done yet? I am blessed to have achieved all of my goals to date, I now am in my next phase of building and that is my family. I have five kids and my goals are now centered around them and their future.

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The holidays are here, and it’s time to start shopping for friends and family! Just to get your gift giving kick-started this season, I have a couple suggestions for some specific personalities that might be on your list.

1. 1 3

5 4 2

Who bothers to use cameras anymore when every smart phone has a lens built in, and you can send pics directly to Facebook from the palm of your hand? People who really understand the art of photography, that’s who. But no one wants to take the time to download pictures any more, which is why the Canon Elph Powershot 530 is so great. Not only is it small and sleek, but it comes equipped with wi-fi so you can send photos directly from your camera to your computer. Available in white or black, prices start at $230. Find out more at


DEC 2013 38

I recently went to Jamaica for five days and managed to pack everything I needed for day, evening and beach events in this brilliantly designed weekend tote. Crafted from a durable cotton canvas, this bag features removable interior plastic pockets (perfect for storing wet bikinis on your plane ride home), a long shoulder strap and a double handle strap, and two outside pockets. But what makes it truly ingenious is the bottom portion, which unzips so you have a handy place to pack your shoes. It sells for $200 or $220 depending on the size you choose, and for an extra $10 you can customize the colors and pattern, plus get it monogrammed. It’s the perfect present for that close friend or relative who loves to travel. Go to to order.

Chan Luu jewelry is intricate, pretty, and affordable…a very unusual combination. From the long, delicate chains to the striking bracelets, a piece of jewelry from Luu’s collection is a welcome addition to any accessory wardrobe. I love this crystal bracelet fashioned on a leather cuff ($85), which managers to marry chic and tough seamlessly. View many more styles at www., and you’ll no doubt be able to cross several giftees off your holiday list.


By Krys Longan


Gifts that can actually be used up are my favorite kind, which is why I am always happy when someone gives me a wonderful bath product. I have used many different shower gels over the years, but my absolute favorite scent is Vanilla Lace from Victoria’s Secret. At only $10 for an 8 ounce bottle, this indulgence is an absolute bargain, plus it makes the perfect Secret Santa present! Vanilla Lace sprays and body lotions are also available…surf to to see the entire collection.

Everyone has at least one friend who dresses in a very classic mode, yet manages to radiate chicness. For those people on my list, J. Crew is my can’t miss shopping stop. It’s a plethora of fun present possibilities, from hair accessories to stunning eveningwear. And you can’t go wrong with a casual, cozy sweater like the wool Fair Isle crew neck shown here, which sells for $148. There are sweaters galore for both men and women, so go to www. and check it out for yourself.


MIKE RIZZO Facebook @MikeRizzoNYC


BY LEANNE ACIZ wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into Valentino’s on Park Avenue in Rutherford to meet DJ Mike Rizzo – but he far exceeded any expectation that I had in mind. After all, it’s not every day I am given the opportunity to interview a class act like Mike – a man who was nominated for a Grammy who has worked with icons like Britney Spears and Celine Dion. We immediately hit it off, joking that we may have been best friends in another life. I haven’t met anyone as charismatic and friendly as Mike in a long time and it was an honor to learn about his journey conquering the music business. Mike Rizzo, raised in Lyndhurst and now residing in Fairfield, became enamoured with DJing when he was 16 years old while frequenting a local teen club called Butterfields. During that time, he studied the work of the resident DJ for six months, and one night when the resident DJ called out sick, Mike was called in to cover him. The rest, as they say, is history.


His big shot to fame was when he was asked to remix Tamia’s “Stranger In My House” while doing a mix-show @ KTU - this would be the main component in his life that skyrocketed him to fame. The head of Elektra Records asked Mike to turn the ballad into a dance version and he took a chance – eventually bringing the remix to be the record of the year on KTU. It also became the #1 song played during 2001. Mike recounts, “I loved that I could take a ballad and make it into a dance record. ‘Stranger In My House’ will always be my favorite. Tamia propelled me to major record label status. It became, ‘That’s our guy – bring him the ballad and he’ll make it a dance mix that it’ll be a hit”. To date, Mike Rizzo has over 50 Billboard #1’s. He’s remixed stars from Whitney Houston’s “Try It On My Own” and Britney Spears “Womanizer”. He released several dance mix CD’s including Trance Nation America 3 and Webster Hall Dance Volume 6. His album, Thrive, landed on the Top 5 charts. Still, that was 2001 – what has he been up to recently? Be impressed. Mike just worked on Robin Thicke’s new single ‘Feel Good’, Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” and just worked with Cher. Carmen Electra is meeting with Mike next month to drop some original tracks. Recently, he was given the opportunity to start his own labels and they have paid off. Global Groove Entertainment and Funk Generation Music are two companies he started with partner Steve ‘Mr Mig” Miglioe after his Grammy nomination. Want to hear some of Mike’s remixes? He does a mix set out of his home studio that plays on 5 monitored stations. He also has a SoundCloud site ( where you can find the new Robin Thicke and Cher song. He can also be heard on Music Choice TV as well as radio stations WPTY (NY) & WBXY (FLA) I asked him about his Grammy nomination, in which he was nominated for Best Remix non-Classical song of 2011 for Sergio Mendes “Orpheus” (Quiet Carnival). “It was surreal getting that phone call that I had been nominated for a Grammy, for a song I remixed for Sergio Mendes- One of the goals I always strived for was a Grammy nomination. I compare it to sports Athletes who always say they would love to be a New York Yankee. As a kid, I always said ‘I want to be on that red carpet, I want to win a Grammy’. It was a Yankee moment for me.”

The head of Elektra Records asked Mike to turn the ballad into a dance version and he took a chance.

For somebody who has worked with hundreds of legends, I wondered if he had ever encountered any challenging tracks or artists. Mike tells me, “The ballads that need to be double timed to translate into dance music are very challenging, only for the fact that I have to double time the melody and perfect the overall delivery. The substance, the melody has to be right, I wont mix just any song – it has to be a record I believe in, the meaning, the message in the song, the artist. At this point in my life there is a lot that goes into it. I’ve turned a couple down. I took $20,000 off the table many times. I’m all about loyalty, character, and just being an overall good person. It means a lot.” Recently, he turned down a huge offer from a high profile ex pop star but I won’t reveal any names, out of respect to Mike and his business. The best part about Mike is that he is a loyal husband and a devoted father. He has been married for 8 years to his beautiful wife Michelle , and he has two sons, an 8 year old and a 2 year old Marcello & Dominick that mean the world to him, . He recently brought his son Marco to NYC and joked about it being “Bring Your Kid To Work Day”. It was refreshing to meet a man who proudly displays his wedding band and does the right thing by remaining loyal to his family. That is a rare situation in the business. Having integrity and staying true to his morals seems to be a huge part of who Mike Rizzo, the man, not the DJ, is. Perhaps that is why his wife and him routinely donate to charities, remarking, “I’m a very religious, spiritual guy. People have such a negative attitude sometimes, and I’m all about positivity. I like to surround myself with a cast of positive characters.” Good karma has followed Mike and he continues to dish it back out. He has some great advice for those who are trying to follow his path: “Always stay the course, don’t derail - there are going to be peaks, valleys. Believe in yourself. I believe in the law of attraction; stay positive, and believe the outcome will be right and it will be.”

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by Chantalle Luberto

FUN DRINKS TO MAKE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Everyone loves to have drink or two after a long week full of school or work. December is here which means a few of my favorite holidays are just around the corner! Jerseyfied has selected five specialty drinks for the holidays to celebrate with others and have fun making, as well as drinking. 5. The Peppermint Frost is a drink that will send a chill down your spine. It has a refreshing minty taste that will turn your taste buds wild. This drink calls for a bit of crème de cacao, peppermint schnapps, and cream, along with extra candy canes around the ridges of your glass to add a little holiday decoration. 4. Ice Holiday Margaritas are another type of drink that can be decorated the same way as the Peppermint Frost with the candy canes (or a candy of your liking) along the ridges of the glass. This drink is a cranberry-raspberry cocktail that sends your mouth a taste of different blended margaritas. 3. Brandy-Kissed Snowflakes are tiny shots of brandy that have a creamy and warm taste to shoot down! Adding some cinnamon spice gives it holiday warmth for upcoming parties! 2. The Chocolate Blitzen cocktail is a dessert drink that nobody will forget. Perfectly served in a martini glass to add decoration, this drink is made up of Irish cream, cream de cacao and vodka all blended together to make a tasty drink for the holiday. 1. Jerseyfied’s number one holiday drink is the Tiramisu Tipper. Just the taste of this drink will prove how it achieved the number one spot. Even though this drink can be eaten, this amazing blend of ice cream, vodka, coffee liqueur and crème de cacao can be drunk to no end! If tiramisu is a favorite, this drink will most definitely beat the original dessert and become a new favorite.

It’s all about M.E.

Mister East has become one of the hottest clubs in Jersey! They are always having special events that nobody should miss out on. On Saturdays, surprise International EDM guest DJ’s show up to give the crowd something amazing to dance and party to. Mark Knight, Manufacture Super Stars, Ned Sultan, Sheppard and Bambi are some guests DJ’s just to name a few! Keep in mind Mister East’s special Brunch on every Sunday which consists of amazing food and partying to make up for those lazy Saturdays. The Ciroc Boyz have become one of ME’s best promoters. Kamil and

Cardoso are two of the boys that have shown Jerseyfied what a great time Mister East is and how hard it will be for some clubs to compete! These boys know where and when the parties are, what to wear, and how to party! If you want to learn more about the events happening at Mister East and how to reserve a table, follow their Instagram account ciroc_jersey_boyz or call 908420-3321. Also make sure to reserve a table with the hottest models in the game at Mister East. Mister East hires the best bottle service from Jersey’s best models! Follow these girls on their Instagram at mistereastvipmodels

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SPORTS SORTS the ford Escape

By Lori Levine


or all I’m concerned, there are two types of people in the world. People who do not understand the fascination with Mayor Rob Ford, and people who love him. I, of course, am on the latter, and on the right side of history in doing so. I know I’m supposed to write about sports, but with the Seahawks in first place in the NFL, my mind seems to wander north, literally….(to Toronto). Frankly, I do not understand this group that is acting like he’s Kony, that African warlord who took over the internet; or worse, a Mariachi band panhandling in my subway car. Sure, the price of maple syrup may go up and a Tim Horton’s may not open in Upper Saddle River this year, but we needed this form of entertainment after all these sad news stories about typhoons, NSA leaks, and the Giants starting 0 and 6. And, I know this makes little sense, but I think those who are intrigued by this mystical Canadian creature also feel the Patriots lost in the fairest way to the Panthers on Monday Night Football. Or, knew Geno Smith was going to be a JaMarcus Russell for the Jets.


And also, I am on team Richie Incognito. If bullying is not appropriate in the locker room, then where is bullying appropriate? And, back to Mayor Ford…. when the Toronto Argonauts told him to stop wearing their jersey, and the CFL commissioner told him not to attend the playoffs, he went ahead and did in fact attend the game (in his custom Jersey), and even carried in a replica Grey Cup trophy. This trophy may or may not have possibly been made out of the same tin foil he used in his crack pipe. Although neither the Toronto Argonauts nor Rob Ford with be winning any big win in the near future, I, personally, have the odds in my favor that I will win with Major Ford in my death pool. This Canadian is definitely rivaling Wayne Gretzky as America’s pick for top Canadian.

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Prepare for Spring Wedding Bells NOW! BY LEANNE ACIZ

s someone who is planning my own wedding, I can’t tell you how stressful it has been, researching vendors and trying to find the right ones that are affordable, professional, and reliable. There are many things to consider when hiring a DJ because you expect your wedding day to go smoothly, and the people providing their professional services are largely responsible for that. Like most wedding planning women, I rely on reviews from former brides who write recommendations on Internet forums and TheKnot. com. When you go on these websites, it is rare to find a vendor that has zero bad reviews and only has positive ones. Enter DJ Johnny Budz, the owner of Elite Sound Entertainment. For more than a decade, Elite Sound Entertainment has been New Jersey’s highest rated wedding DJ provider. DJ Johnny Budz has an impressive resume, which included being a very popular and well-known disc jockey for KTU. Johnny became involved in the wedding business while he was working at KTU, after he saw an opening in the wedding market for non-cheesy deejays.


What sets Elite Sound Entertainment apart from the other wedding DJ’s in the business? There are many important variables. First, the experience that Johnny has as an already established DJ allows him the knowledge to truly know music, like what works and what doesn’t, and plan accordingly in regards to the vibe of the guests. Second, Elite Sound Entertainment prides itself on not playing generic wedding music that will eventually

DEC 2013 48

result in a bored crowd. Instead, the DJ’s play popular crowd-pleasers that are much more updated than the Chicken Dance or Macarena (while changing music genres every 15 minutes) in order to keep guests of all different ages pleased. This guarantees that your college friends will be able to enjoy themselves while Grandma will be able to hear songs that put her in a festive mood too. The one thing that stood out to me was the interactive wedding planner that Elite Sound Entertainment uses. This impressive planner allows brides and grooms full access to changing and choosing songs on a website that is maintained by the company. Couples log onto the website and are able to change their requested song sheet as much as they would like. There are no details that go overlooked: some of the things you find on the wedding planner are ‘must play’ songs, ‘do not play’ songs, songs for the cake cutting, songs for entering/exiting the ceremony, etc. There is even a section where couples give the DJ full directions on how they’d like to be introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Elite Sound Entertainment is fully capable of giving you a great list of suggested songs for each occasion, but Johnny stands firm that the first dance should be a song meaningful to the both of you, and not chosen by the DJ. Elite Sound Entertainment doesn’t offer pre-set packages; they customize every package based on customers needs. All of the important conditions are considered: what kind of budget a bride and groom have, personal


preference, and how the wedding-day venue is built in regards to lighting and speakers. Oh, and yes- if you were wondering if Elite Sound Entertainment offers other important wedding day aspects such as lighting, they do- they offer advanced lighting and uplighting. In fact, they offer a variety of things you may need for your big day: sexy furniture for décor, HD Plasma televisions, photo booths complete with funny props, as well as live musicians like violinists and pianists. God forbid something breaks on your big day, Elite Sound Entertainment DJ’s travel with extra speakers, laptops, and all of the necessary components, which guarantees that Murphy’s Law doesn’t stand a chance when you hire this company. So, if you hire Elite Sound Entertainment for your big day, what should you expect? Well, the first thing you’ll do is meet your specific DJ, which will be picked out and chosen by your own criteria. You will fully engage in the interactive wedding planner and pick out the songs you want played and eliminate all of the songs you don’t. During the ‘waiting period’ (the time where you continue to plan and anxiously wait for the big day), if at any point you need to get in touch with your DJ or the owner, there is a full time office manager named Debbie who answers each phone call and email every day. This is crucial because no future bride wants to wonder why her vendors aren’t answering her emails. Elite Sound Entertainment has two offices, one in Saddle Brook and the other in Manalapan.

Wire, where most of Elite Sound Entertainment’s business is accumulated, thanks to all of the recommendations and compliments filling the forums. Johnny proudly proclaims that recommendations are his number one form of business, for example, after doing one bride’s wedding, they are recommended for her brother’s wedding years later, and so on, resulting in covering 400 weddings a year. I asked Johnny for advice for future brides when beginning to look into hiring DJ’s for their upcoming nuptials. His advice sounded like the words of a man who knows what he is talking about, “Do your homework. There are so many DJ’s nowadays and there are a lot of factors in picking the right DJ. Make sure they are experienced, experience is the #1 factor. Nothing beats experience. Also, meet the DJ that will be your specific DJ before you commit to them. “ When asked what his favorite part of being in the wedding business is, he remarks, “When the bride and groom come up to us at the end of the night and tell us with tears in their eyes, ‘you made our day’. That is the most rewarding part of the job.” Really, who could ask for more? Contact Elite Sound Entertainment by visiting www. or email them at info@ EliteSoundEntertainment. Call them directly at 201-843-8003.

Don’t take it from me; take it from the 600 positive reviews on Wedding

DEC 2013 49

Jersey Jewel

So what should we know about you? I’m just an average girl that likes to have fun, be around my family, read, go out for some drinks, and just be around good people. Have you been naughty or nice this past year? I think a little bit of both. I’m usually very sweet, but I have a devilish side when necessary. More mischievous than anything, but I think everyone needs a little mischievous activity in their lives. Why are kilts so sexy on a women? I think all men’s clothing look sexy on a woman when worn right. Traditionally the kilt was worn by men in the Scottish highlands during the 16th century. Now kilts are worn by Hoboken ladies in 2013! Was it a weird feeling working in a kilt your first day on the job?

That’s a difficult question, I don’t think I have a favorite body part, but I definitely love my face.

Obviously you’re a stunning woman. We have our own thoughts but what is your favorite body part?

The number one rule is to make sure that our guests are happy. I love going out to eat or to a bar, and there is nothing worse than having bad service and a waitress with a bad attitude. The bartender or waitress can really make or break a restaurant experience, and a lot of other restaurants don’t really focus on the guests, at the Tilted Kilt that is our main focus.

What’s the number one rule at the Tilted Kilt?

I will most likely be working or home with my cat. New Year’s Eve isn’t really my thing. But if I’m working everyone should come down and have a New Year’s Eve at the Kilt!

Jaboa Kind of, I felt awkward, and really out of place. But after a few days I felt pretty comfortable. It helped that the staff and management were all really welcoming and informative on what I needed to know and do. Speaking of jobs, what do you do at the Tilted Kilt? I bartend! I go on the floor when necessary, but if you come to the Kilt to see me, I will most likely be behind the bar! What’s the common reaction when people come to Tilted Kilt for the first time? I think that they are a little shocked at first, but then they realize that it’s not that serious. We have delicious food, a wide variety of drinks, and excellent service; and that’s what matters. New Year’s Eve is around the corner. What will you be doing at the stroke of midnight?

800 Jackson St Hoboken, NJ 07030 (201) 714-4040


‘Oldboy’: Spike Lee’s Unsparing Tribute to a Classic South Korean Shocker By Kurt Loder



pike Lee’s remake of “Oldboy” is every bit as brutal as the 2003 South Korean cult film on which it’s modeled. Lee’s movie retains the carefully muted color design of director Park Chan-wook’s original, and though it elides a few of Park’s most startling scenes (there’s no hammer dentistry here, and no octopuses are eaten alive), Lee replaces them with some grisly inventions of his own. The story, inventively adjusted by screenwriter Mark Protosevich, remains a very nasty piece of work. Josh Brolin stars as Joe Doucett, an alcoholic ad man in an unnamed city. (The movie was shot in New Orleans.) Doucett passes out in the street one night and awakes to find himself in what appears to be a shabby motel room. It’s conveniently stocked with Joe-size clothing, a toothbrush and a small TV. But the door is locked — and it stays locked for the next 20 years. Brolin gives a performance of nearly demented intensity. His Joe is at first simply baffled by his strange situation. Trays full of Chinese takeout and pint bottles of the vodka to which he’s partial are regularly slid through an opening at the bottom of the door. Then, early on, a thick mist pours out of vents in the ceiling, rendering him unconscious. A team of silent men enters the room; they draw a syringeful of his blood, take a DNA swab of his mouth and then withdraw. Joe comes to after a while and a bit later sees a television news report about the rape and murder of his ex-wife; police say that “irrefutable evidence” at the scene indicates that Joe is responsible. His baby daughter, Mia, has been taken away to be placed with a foster family. After several years of unexplained captivity, Joe snaps out of his vodka haze. He begins pouring his booze ration down the toilet, and he starts working out, schooling himself in the violent arts of the kung fu movies he watches on his TV. At one point, many more years later, he sees a news interview with his daughter, now a young woman, who has become a professional cellist. Joe determines to escape his long confinement and locate her — and eventually, mysteriously, he does. The rest of the movie is an exercise in bloody vengeance. (Park’s movie, derived from a late-’90s manga series, was the middle installment of a trilogy

DEC 2013 52

that includes two other unforgettable films, “Mr. Vengeance” and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.”) Suddenly returned to the outside world, Joe is taken in by an old prep-school friend, named Chucky (Spike Lee regular Michael Imperioli), who’s now a bar owner. Alarmed by Joe’s physical condition, Chucky calls in a free-clinic nurse, named Marie (Elizabeth Olsen), who listens to Joe’s story and believes him. Together they set out on a Chinatown tasting tour in search of the one restaurant serving the particular kind of dumpling that Joe was forced to consume for so long. Joe is ultimately led back to the private prison in which he was held, one step closer to finding whoever it was who engineered his ordeal. Lee faithfully replicates one famous scene in Park’s movie — a long, vicious battle in which Joe, armed only with a hammer, takes on a herd of murderous thugs. (Like Park, Lee shot this intricately choreographed melee in one take, although he has since complained that an unwanted cut was imposed by his producers.) Lee also has added some creepy stylization of his own. He equips Samuel L. Jackson, as the bizarre prison manager, with a lip stud, a bright-blond mohawk and — together with Sharlto Copley, as the twisted billionaire who holds the key to the mystery — a wardrobe of eccentric nightmare clothing. The inscrutable woman hovering around the edge of the action in Park’s movie (her presence is never a good sign) is also here, now provided with a signifying umbrella and exotic red eyelashes. (Icy-eyed Pom Klementieff is suitably spooky in the role.) Movie remakes are always a dicey proposition; they’re often just limp duplications of superior films. But Lee, while hewing close to the essentials of Park’s classic shocker, has put his own grim spin on the basic elements. Brolin is a spectacular asset in this undertaking. His unhinged avenger is an even more unpleasant character than the one played by Choi Min-sik in Park’s film; a ferocious violence is his central method of communication. There’s nothing to like about this guy, but we root for him anyway. This may say something about us, I suppose. Happily, though, nothing so didactic is really the point.


dec HOROSCOPES ARIES (March 21-April 19) It is only human to be at least subconsciously aware of social status. But the higher-minded person realizes at a deep and basic level that all beings are equal and simply fulfilling different roles. The person who stands up and cheers is serving a purpose as important as the one who is being cheered. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Alexander Pope said, “All seems infected that the infected spy, as all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye.” What he failed to realize is that the eye with the yellow hue doesn’t necessarily see in yellow hues. Be careful not to assume you know how other people experience the world this week. When in doubt, ask. GEMINI (May 21-June 21) Someone has to be the quality-control person, but it’s not you — not this week, at least. It will be far better for you to go forward in blind optimism than to be critical of the early stages of a project, thereby making it impossible to gain momentum. For now, enthusiasm is more important than skill. CANCER (June 22-July 22) It’s been proved time and time again that pretending to be brave leads to real bravery. There will be a call to action this week. Don’t worry about whether you have what it takes to answer the call effectively. Assume that you do, take the next action, and repeat. Before you know it, you’ll be handling things brilliantly. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Some like to bond over shared leisure time activities such as games or adventures. This week you’re just not in the mood for that kind of fun. Until you’ve handled all that needs doing, you won’t enjoy playing around. Besides, working hard together is the most effective bonding experience you know. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You will innovate in response to a demand or possibly to your own feeling that you need more choices. You’ll create a completely original solution, crack a code or solve a mystery. Once finished, there’s no going back, and the only way forward is to offer your findings to the rest of the world. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You live in the moment and create your destiny, which could change at any moment on your whim. Situations defined by structure and predictability are not ideal for you and could cause you to feel inadequate or trapped. Where can you be the independent, creative force you were born to be? Go there. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21) The trouble with improving is that it sets the bar higher. In other words, if you make the same improvements you made yesterday, they are not really improvements; they’re the new standard. Keep this in mind while planning your week. Apply yourself to the area that most desperately needs an upgrade. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). One of the best reasons for declining an invitation is that it’s physically impossible for you to be in two places at once. This excuse requires a prior commitment. Provide that yourself. Your first commitment should be to the things you find important. You can put yourself first without being selfish. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Ignorant people can save the day, too, but that’s not the same thing as true heroism. True heroes have a clear understanding of pleasure, pain and risk. Knowing firsthand what it feels like to hurt and what’s at stake, the heroes still put themselves on the line to do the right thing. That’s you this week. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Feelings of stress, rejection and awkwardness may seem like dangers to avoid, but they are merely your reaction to a thought and can disappear as fast as you can think a new thought. If you don’t believe this is true, try angering a tiger. Acknowledge what real danger is, and you embolden yourself. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) To counteract this week’s negative effects of fashion and consumerism (which may cause you to pay dearly just to shape yourself into something artificial and less than your best self ), restate the values you hold sacred. Remember who you are and where you come from. You are a spirit in a material world.

DEC 2013 53

have a very




oboken, a longstanding city that has been inhabited since the 1600’s, has transformed from Indian summer camp grounds into the vibrant urban mecca that it is today. Claims to fame include the hometown of American Railway System founder, Colonel John Stevens, the location of the first ever organized baseball game and the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, just to name a few. An important staple of this historic town, and a tribute to the masses of it’s melting pot population are the restaurants that can be found on every block of Hoboken, representing the different ethnicities of the densely populated square mile city. One of the oldest restaurants in Hoboken, instilling tradition in every bite - Biggies Clam Bar.


With five current locations and the original still intact at 318 Madison Street, Biggies Clam Bar was founded in 1946 by Naples native Joseph Yaccarino and is still family owned and run. “Family is a very important part in the Biggie’s tradition,” explains one of Yaccarino’s great grandsons Vinnie Falzon. “We hope that everyone that comes into Biggie’s is Happy as a Clam!” Other locations include downtown Hoboken on Newark Street, Route 17 in Carlstadt, Route 17 in Ramsey and down south in Kingsport, Tennessee.

DEC 2013 58

Yaccarino came to the states with his family in 1900. Throughout the 1930’s he was a comedian under the stage name “Biggie”. Comedy performances led him to the many taverns and bars that inhabited the blue-collar waterfront town of Hoboken at the time, which ultimately introduced Biggie to his true calling - not comedy, but clams! Joe Biggie saw a niche for clams at local taverns. He started by going corner to corner, shucking raw clams from pails accompanied with slices of watermelon to the tavern dwellers of Hoboken. Eventually, he operated a pushcart to which the crowds flocked purchasing clams on the half shell for a nickel each. Keeping it in the family, Biggie recruited his son Michael “Brother” into the business and the two opened the original Biggies Clam Bar in 1946 on Madison Street in Hoboken, consisting of four tables, a long counter and two push carts – one for clams and another for watermelon. The Madison Street location is still housed in the original red brick building and Biggies has become an institution in the town of Hoboken with two locations and a longstanding history of tradition, quality, consistency and stability. Biggies’ menu has since evolved from just clams and watermelon to cheese steaks, burgers, thin-crust pizza, ribs, delicious pastas and more. Regardless of the changes to appease the masses, seafood, clams in particular, are still the best sellers off of the Biggies menu. Eventually acquiring its liquor license, Biggies has also evolved into the goto neighborhood spot for guaranteed good food, beer and a comfortable spot to watch the games. Numerous flats screens and spacious interiors welcome all patrons looking for a good meal and a good time. All are welcome! Stop by for a Biggies happy hour any day of the week. Mondays feature $5 Martinis and Margaritas, $3 Blue Moons on Tuesday, $4 craft beers on Wednesday, $2 Miller products on Thursdays and on Fridays Biggies offers $1 off all draft beers. Happy Hour runs from 3-7pm Monday through Friday and 10pm-12am Monday through Thursday. Head to Biggies Clam bar at any of the five locations for the best food, service, fun and a mouthful of tradition. For locations, menus and more information on Biggies Clam Bar, please visit

DEC 2013 59


What’s happening New Year’s at the Famished Frog? Lots of stuff! Great music, free champagne toast at midnight, and of course our awesome bartenders.

Tell us a secret about yourself. Well, I could tell you...but then it wouldn’t be a secret.

We can’t help but notice how crowded the Famished Frog gets. What makes it so special? It’s fun! We have it all...great bands, a rec room, and one amazing bartending staff!

Is there one night that stands out in your memory? Yes! Thanksgiving Eve, 2007. Unfortunately I am not allowed to elaborate.

Tell us something about the Famished Frog that we don’t know. We have the best craft beer selection in town.


So why is the frog so famished? He hitched a ride with George Washington and his men, so when he arrived he was quite hungry.

You might be the hardest working bartender in Morris County. What cocktail is the most difficult to make when you’re busy? A mojito. It’s not so much difficult as it is time consuming. But they are delicious. The secret to a perfect dirty martini? Knowing your guest and determining their ideal level of olive juice. And also shaking it to make it as cold as possible. Do you have one regular that stands out? I have one awesome regular that visits me every Monday afternoon. I put out a reserved sign at his favorite seat. Beer, wine or whiskey? Whiskey. Definitely whiskey.

Well I shaved my head for the role, but the day after the film wrapped I decided to tattoo my head with a revolver behind my ear with the words, “My thoughts are my bullets and my mind is my weapon.”




….. and if there really is a Santa Claus.


obody feels sorry for a tall, blonde, skinny model with striking features. And trust me, there’s no reason to cry for one of the most photographed models in the world, Sarah Dumont. But come on folks, this knockout gets props for leaving the glam and glitter behind at the height of her career to pursue the “good luck getting a job” world of Hollywood…. And guess what? Dumont has hit a home run right out of the box with the box office smash hit film, “Don Jon,” about a porn-addicted womanizer who, in accepting reality, learns the true meaning of love…. Yada, yada, yada. But Dumont doesn’t stop there. The former Giorgio Armani, True Religion, and Guess cover girl has also landed roles on CSI: Las Vegas, Melrose Place and is now gearing up for the release of her second starring role in the sexy independent thriller, “Acid Girls” and the short film, “Tbilisa, My City,” opposite Ron Perlman. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Sarah about her risky move to Tinsletown, nudity, whiskey and if there really is a Santa Claus….. Warning: You may not like her answer!

DEC 2013 65

EXCLUSIVE Chaunce Hayden: You officially made the unlikely leap from super model to film star. How difficult was that to accomplish? Sarah Dumont: It was really difficult. I’m already running out of money! Nobody thought I could do it. I was working as a model in New York when I made the decision to leave the cold of Manhattan and see if I can make in L.A.. That was two years ago. Everyone told me I was crazy. But I always felt why wait until I’m 28 and my modelling career is dead and than try acting? I would be going up against actresses with a lot more experience. With modelling we hear about the good, the bad and the ugly. What was your experience like? It’s true! It was horror at time. There were a lot of bad experiences, but I also never would have been able to travel the world like I did at such an early age. They say party like a rock star, well rock stars don’t have shit on models. I also hear you wanted to be a rock star at one point. Yeah, but I don’t know how to play any instruments and I’m really, really shy in front of people. I suffer terrible stage fright, which is weird for a model. You wouldn’t think that. You recently starred in “Don Jon” and some even say you stole the spotlight away from Scarlett Johansson. Do you feel you arrived? It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m just trying to keep the momentum going and book everything I can. It’s very weird! It’s one thing to see yourself on a magazine cover and it’s another thing to see yourself on a 40-foot screen. Yeah, it’s really weird to see your head 40 feet big! It is the worst! We’re our own worst credit and especially girls. I just look at my eyelashes and go crazy! I pick myself apart. All girls have self esteem problems and especially models. You wouldn’t think a stunning model would have that problem.


We do! Because all day long clients are picking us apart. Agents, critics, bloggers all take shots at you. It ads up.

You have a new movie coming out called “Acid Girls.” Tell me about it.

For instance? People have pointed out pictures of me and they make assumptions of what I look like. My body has nothing to do with who I am as a person. More specifically? I’ve read that I’m bulimic and that I’ve had a boob job. Things like, “What has gone wrong in her life to allow people to take pictures of herself with her top off?” Things like, “What did her parents do wrong?” That stuff really hurts. They aren’t just attacking me, they are attacking my family. I noticed there are a lot of naked photos of you floating on the Internet, but I don’t hear anyone complaining. (Laughs) My daddy always told me that if I were meant to have clothes on all the time, I would have been born with them on honey! I’m naked around the house all the time. That’s a nice image. Me, not so much. (Laughs) Everybody’s body is beautiful!

I actually shaved my head for that movie. Most models would rather die than shave their head. I not only shaved my head, I tattooed it. I did it after we were done filming. It was already shaved so why not? That’s outrageous. Well I shaved my head for the role, but the day after the film wrapped I decided to tattoo my head with a revolver behind my ear with the words, “My thoughts are my bullets and my mind is my weapon.” Oh man, you’re hardcore. They asked me to do it and it only took me 5 seconds to say yes. I got the part on the spot. I literally buzzed my own head. It was so liberating. It was my F.U. to the modelling industry. When you’re a model you have no say about your look. So it was liberating to just do something crazy. I had nothing to do the next day and I asked my agent if it would be okay and he said go for it. So off it came. I felt so liberating is the best way I can describe it. I also hear that you’re a whiskey drinker.

You’re 5’10” That’s pretty tall for an actress. Doesn’t it hurt you?

I am! I’m a Jack Daniels drinker.

It definitely hurts me. Modelling is a women’s game. But acting is all about the lead male. If the lead male is 5’6” my chances of working are pretty slim.

I can’t get a taste for whiskey and I’ve tried for years. What’s wrong with me?

Plus, there are only so many beauties on the screen at once.

You have to do it neat. Without ice. Room temperature and just sip on it. That’s the secret.

It’s true. I prefer comedy of drama so that seems to be a good thing for me. Trust me, nobody is feeling sorry for me. I’m very

No! I don’t like it. I think it ruins the whiskey.

DEC 2013 66

So do you get into the honey-flavored whiskey?

EXCLUSIVE It’s so wrong. You don’t put honey in whiskey. You don’t want to turn whiskey into a chick drink. It’s not a chick drink damn it! I know girls that do like the honey flavored. But it’s not for me. What’s the deal with you and your “Mob Wives” addiction? I’m in love with Drita! She’s my bitch! She cracks me up. She’s like me, a skinny little firecracker. Karen is great to. I can’t lie, I also dig Carla. I like them all! Even Big Ang! Love her. (Imitating Big Ang) I bring home the bacon! Are men intimidated by you? 99 percent of my friends are men. That in it self is intimidating. If you want to be my boyfriend you have to walk right into a slew of other men. But my boyfriend and I were friends for 4 years before we started dating. He must be a very secure guy. Yes! You have to be a very secure guy. I like to hang out with guys over women because you don’t get all the drama that goes along with a bunch of women getting together. Just like Mob Wives. Plus, if you don’t get into a fight with a guy, it’s all back to normal after a beer or two. But that said, you don’t want to get on my bad side when I have my period. Say what? You don’t want to get on my bad side when I have my period. That’s what I thought you said. I’m taking note of that. So are you into the holidays? Well I’m Jewish, but I do go home to celebrate Hanukkah. I lot of Jewish people also celebrate Christmas these days.

I got grounded for making everyone in my Kindergarten class cry for telling everyone that Santa Claus was made up.

Yeah, we have a lot of Christian’s in our life, so we do tend to celebrate both when I’m home with the family. As a Jewish child, did you wonder what the hell the Santa Claus fuss was all about? I got grounded for making everyone in my Kindergarten class cry for telling everyone that Santa Claus was made up. I got in big trouble for that. I was yelled at and told that it was the parent’s choice to tell my classmates that Santa wasn’t real and that it wasn’t up to me to let the cat out of the bag. Looking back I feel bad about that. I ruined at least 5 years worth of holiday spirit for my classmates. So what will you be doing on New Year’s Eve? I will be somewhere really hot. Last year I was in South Africa and this year I was thinking about Rio. I just don’t want to be wearing a coat. I went to St. Bart’s one year and that’s a shit show I’ll never do again! I think I’ll end up in Miami. Well wherever you are I’m sure it’s going to be the place to be. Thank you!

DEC 2013 68


Angel OF THE



Interview by Chaunce Hayden • Photography by Brian B. Hayes




CASSANDRA LYNN Is there life after Playboy? Yes, there is life after Playboy, I have been a part of many great experiences: travel shows, magazine covers, and of course giving advice to young impressionable girls who think they need to act a certain way for a chance to be a model (classy not slutty). How would you describe a party at Hef’s mansion? It’s like a typical party but you’re most likely to run into celebrities and beautiful halfnaked women. Let’s cut to the chase, does Santa Claus exist? I believe that there is a “santa”. We should all believe in something, it keeps us young at heart. Does being a sexy blonde centerfold make you naughty or nice? It depends on the day. Christmas must be like winning the lottery for you. Well? No, Christmas isn’t about me anymore it’s about my young and loved ones. Although I do have a list of things I’d like.

DEC 2013 72


Wildest most shocking gift you ever got? I haven’t received anything that serious, maybe this year. Do you spend a lot on the man in your life? I don’t think giving gifts should always be expensive but YES I am a very good gift-giver. I put a lot of thought into the gifts I give. Real tree or fake? I normally switch off between real and fake trees. I guess it depends on how early I decide to put the tree up. What’s sexy about Santa? Santa is sexy because he is a giving man. Anything hot about elfs? That they are hard-working little men with tool belts. Rudolph had a pretty hip red nose. Any interest in gingers? I’m not a big fan of gingers but I like the cookie. Where will Christmas morning be? I will be at home making chocolate chip pancakes for the family. How many days out of the year are you in a bikini? I wear a bikini whenever I can.


Any snowman making tips? Use water to pack the snow. Where will you be at midnight on New Year’s Eve? I’m not sure yet.

DEC 2013 73



f you know a child in the 4th or 5th grade they could ski or snowboard for free this winter with the Snowpass Program provided by the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association (PSAA). Yes, for FREE! They can enjoy all the snow that 21 Pennsylvania Ski Resorts have to offer this winter. By the way, you don’t have to live in Pennsylvania, you just have to ski or board there. According to Linda Irvin, Director of the PSAA, “The Snowpass Program is the perfect way to create life-long fans of skiing or snowboarding and the outdoors. The excitement and enthusiasm among 4th & 5th graders on the mountain is dramatic. It’s the point in life where they can really feel a solid commitment to a sport that will last a lifetime.” I can tell you that I started skiing way later in life than that and it was a huge mistake. My learning curve was way extended as a result. When you are young, there is les distance for you to fall if you go down and I feel kids take to things at early ages way better than when they get older. If you’ve got kids or know someone who does, who are interested in skiing and that fit this age bracket, you should definitely take advantage of this offer. For more information or to sign up, visit and on Facebook at Someone who no doubt began skiing at an early age is 19 year old Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen. Kristoffersen recently achieved his first World Cup career podium! He finished third just behind two Austrians– Marcel Hirscher and Mario Matt. Fourth of the first run, the Team Rossignol racer found the right way to ski his way to 3rd place. “My goal for this season was to make it into the top 10, but today was like a dream. I had a good first run, knew I had a shot at going far but I tried to keep myself calm by thinking it was just another race. When I realized I made my first podium, I experienced probably the best feeling a skier could ever wish for,” said Kristoffersen during the press conference. Junior Giant Slalom World Champion in 2012 and Combined in 2013, junior slalom and combined silver medalist in 2012, winner of two Europe Cups, the Norwegian has only been on the World Cup tour since March 2012. His teammate Aksel Lund Svindal says on Twitter, this podium is not “the last” of the young Kristoffersen! Personally, I’ve not been able to cut turns anywhere on the slowly improving hills of the northeast, but this season I have plans that include visits to my wonderful sponsor Mountain Creek as well as Jiminy Peak, Hunter, Stratton and beyond and I hope all of you readers have extensive plans to ride and/or ski this year! We’re getting a later start than any of us would like to see, but hopefully it will be “game on” very soon.

DEC 2013 74


By Leanne Aciz


ecently, I encountered something while bartending that really upset me. I’m happy it happened because it gives me the opportunity to address it, and hopefully those who are guilty will think before doing it again. In one night, I caught 3 different people trying to record me on their cell phone. The first guy was a tourist, who loved the bar: the vintage photos plastered on the walls of old school customers, our live entertainment, and the diverse crowd of customers singing along to karaoke. He was a nice man who told me that he wanted to show his friends back home the bar he had gone to while in ‘Nuh Jerzay’. He asked to take a picture with the bartender I work with and I, and we happily obliged. We exchanged Facebook names so he could tag us in pictures and keep in touch. Later on in the night, another guy who was traveling on business remarked how much he enjoyed the bar’s atmosphere so we started to chat and we quickly got to know each other. A good friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while came out to update me on some great things going on in her life, so we took some shots to celebrate and we noticed that the guy was taking pictures of us on his phone when we weren’t looking. I went over to him and asked that he delete the pictures, being as gracious as I could. I explained that as well as being a bartender, (and a writer for this lovely magazine), I am also a Pre-K teacher. He understood that I didn’t appreciate pictures of me drinking being taken. I didn’t personally know him, I didn’t know who or where he would send the pictures to, and I felt uncomfortable having pictures of me floating around the universe. The guy agreed, and the night continued. At about closing time, I was having a conversation with my favorite regular about a personal topic when I noticed that another customer, across the bar, was drunk and recording our conversation. I noticed that my regular was uneasy so I went over and asked to see the video. The customer refused, insisting that it was his phone and he had been recording ‘something else’. That pissed me off. Don’t point your phone directly in my face and tell


DEC 2013 76

me you’re recording what’s behind me – I have an IPhone too, and I know how to take a video. At that point, you’re insulting my intelligence. We continued to argue, with him going so far as to say that the phone was his property and he could record whatever he liked. He eventually deleted the video after my relentless badgering (or so he said) and I was grateful – but angry that I had to literally beg a customer not to record a personal conversation between two strangers that he didn’t know. It was infuriating that a stranger would think that just because they have a Smartphone, they could take pictures or record videos of anything and anyone they want. Even after I explained that I was a Teacher, he still didn’t understand why I would be concerned with random, unauthorized videos of me being recorded and why it would be an issue. This is why: When I bartend, I don’t expect having to come across people who don’t understand that some things are better left in the moment instead of broadcasted on the internet or in a mass text amongst friends. I don’t have to worry about it while teaching, I don’t have to worry about it while writing – I shouldn’t have to worry about it while bartending to intoxicated strangers who I may never see again. Sure, we all have those pictures of us holding the pretty cocktail we ordered while out, but those pictures (if you are smart) are only viewable on a private page where you control who sees them. With social media today, you CANNOT be too careful because potential job employers, future in-laws, and revenge-seeking enemies are privately looking at images of you. You may call me paranoid, but I call it ‘being aware of the world we live in today’. So please, the next time you go out and want to take pictures/ videos of bartenders, whether drunk, hot, ugly, or dressed scantily clad, ask them if they would mind. There’s a line between uploading a picture of a beautifully layered shot and a picture of the bartender who made it. You don’t know if that bartender has kids who are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram who don’t need to be aware of your outlook on their mother. The honest truth: a customer respecting our wishes is way more flattering than any ‘likes’ a picture could ever get.


By Angela Pompelli The holidays are right around the corner and I think people forget how festive you can be, not just with parties and family traditions, but in the bedroom as well. Embrace the holidays and get into the spirit. Here are a few items, whether naughty or nice, that I advise Santa must have while “cumming” down the chimney with his big red “sack”! Santa Lingerie Show your hubby or partner how sexy you can be during the holidays. Dress up like a sexy, slutty Mrs. Clause and let him have his way. Who doesn’t love a redhot outfit with white feather boas on it? You’ll be sure to please him now and in the New Year.


r e p u S y Sex ta Sancking Sto f fers Stu

Warming Lubricant Succulent and sexy, it feels even better than it tastes! Add this to your bedroom routine and you can start your own personal heat wave. Peppermint Patty is perfect for the holidays, for a limited time only $16 Jelly Tool Belt

GIFT SETS Gift sets. Perfect gift for any woman, both $35. Not sure what to get? Get a little bit of everything. Here are two gifts sets that have it all. Mini Nights of Passion: this gift set takes you through an entire evening of romance, from relaxing as you prepare for intimacy to the moment itself. This travel-sized set is your passport to more exciting oral favors, easier enhancement, and incredible pleasure. Ideal for romantic getaways or anytime! Express Yourself: For the woman ready for ultimate pleasure, this set includes all the essentials for an amazing experience. Combine enhanced pleasure, a gentle lubricant, and a vibrating bedroom accessory to discover a new level of satisfaction.

Toys aren’t just for kids. This is our #1 adult selling couple’s toy. It’s an ultimate pleasing machine for both. A little vibration for him and a lot of vibration for her. This toy will be sure to make the holidays a little more memorable this year! $59 Hot Heart Massager. Reusable heat pack warms up to over 120 degrees and stays warm during your massage. Soothe your partner and yourself. Use on chilly nights to keep you both warm on a freezing cold night. Use 2 to experience the sensation of a hotstone massage. $15

You can find these items at:, you can also email orders to or call 201-936-6345.

DEC 2013 78

Lip Locked- Lip balm for two! Cool vanilla & spicy cinnamon make a great match! Spicy DiceSpice things up wherever the dice may roll! BlindfoldAwait anticipation with this super soft blindfold. No peeking! Tie Me Up TapeBond, cuff or blindfold. It works for whatever you’re in the mood for. Booty Ease -A kissable cherry gel that helps achieve all pleasure, no pain.

DEC 2013 14



WHISKEY By Chris Wertz If you are a big whiskey fan, this is the time of the year to shout it from the rooftops. Why? Well, because people close to you are going to be looking for something to get you as a present, and you need to let them know exactly what you want. If you are the one looking for something to get the whiskey drinker in your life, here are some ideas: The Whisky Advent Calendar from at $243 comes with (my lord!) 24 days of whiskies 3 cl at a time. The calendar features top whiskies from America, Scotland, Japan, and more. If you feel like splurging, they even have a premium version of the calendar with rare whiskies for $405. There are tons of toys to make whiskey drinkers happy including products to put into glasses to give each drink a chill without adding water. First, there’s Balls of Steel from As the name implies, it is two steel ball bearings chilled and placed in a drink to keep it cold. For those that prefer their whiskey “on the rocks”, go for soapstone Whiskey Stones from Teroforma in Vermont ( Both are under $25. Then there is the question of what to serve the whiskey in. Glassware can be found anywhere from costing pennies at a flea market to thousands of dollars at auctions. Here are two at opposite ends of the spectrum that fit the purpose quite nicely: For the discerning drinker in your life, try the Baccarat Harmonie tumbler for $115 ( In fact, you should probably buy two. You’ll probably want to share whatever is going into a glass that pricey. If you are strictly looking for a specialty whiskey glass, there’s the classic Glencairn Whisky Glass (WhiskyGlass. com). The ‘official tasting glass’ of most whiskey festivals, it has a signature tapered nose and is a favorite of whiskey buffs. It can be found for under $8. Truthfully, you don’t need to think about it too much. It won’t take calendars or balls to make a whiskey drinker happy. The easiest and most appreciated gift is simply a great whiskey. Here are a few gems to choose from: •Scotch: Talisker 10 (The author’s favorite) is an Island single malt whiskey from the Isle of Skye. Can be found for $65. •Bourbon: Jim Beam Black is consistently a top-rated bourbon and a great value. Can be found for under $20. •Irish: Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey is a smooth drinking Irish whiskey, which would make any Jameson drinker very happy. Can be found for under $30. •Exotic: Yamazaki 12 Yr Single Malt is a Japanese whiskey with wide appeal to all whiskey drinkers. Can be found for under $50. •Local: Breuckelen “77” New York Wheat Whiskey is a spicy, local product that shines in whiskey cocktails. Can be found for under $45.


A COLD CHRISTMAS EVE 2 ounce Bourbon 0.5 ounce Amaretto 2 ounce Milk 5 ounce Light Cream 0.5 tablespoon Brown Sugar Place all of the ingredients in a glass filled with ice and stir well. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

DEC 2013 81


Metro Art

Art Giving


The Holidays are upon us, so this Metro Art is devoted to the art of giving. Humans exchange gifts in order to preserve and strengthen social bonds. The wrong gift threatens to weaken or damage the emotional tie. This has many people experiencing feelings of anxiety when giving or receiving gifts. According to research into the psychology of gift exchange by Professor Karen Pine; 1 in 4 say giving a gift made them anxious while 1 in 5 claim receiving a gift put them on edge. Surprisingly, men experienced more anxiety than women weather giving or receiving. Professor Karen Pine, co founder of Do Something Different, found 89% of women and 79% of men pretended to like a gift they hated. Pretense is, of course, born out of social-desirability, a strategy adopted to protect the giver’s feelings. On average, the total cost of Christmas gifting has been estimated at 3-4% of peoples’ annual income. With so much riding on your gift, make it count. To assist you, Metro Art and Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery will present Metropolis Nights readers with the knowledge to give the most memorable gift.

DEC 2013 82

sponsored by:


ART The most important aspect of the perfect gift is that it must be appropriate. A gift has an expressive value that indicates the depth of the relationship. Therefore, a gift must be of an appropriate value and level of intimacy. The monetary value of the gift is unimportant. Be sure to give something that is personal to the recipient, perhaps something in their favorite color or a play on an inside joke that you share. Sentiment runs high with gifts, making experiences the most favored gift of all people. Concert tickets are generally more memorable than any object. Some objects double as an experience, such as books or DVDs, often becoming treasured nostalgia of your personal touch. A positive gift should be imbued with shared meaning, show understanding of need, and signal a connection in the relationship.

subconsciously tells the recipient that you have a lack of care or interest in the relationship. So be sure to keep the person in mind when choosing a gift. Nice wrapping is as important as what is inside, it draws attention to how much care and meaning the gift holds. There is a great pleasure to be had, by both recipient and donor, in the ceremony of slowly unwrapping a gift. Be sure to choose the wrapping very carefully and give it a feel of personal luxury. A fun add-on for packages are ornaments, they are useful and sentimental. This shows that you took a great deal of time and care with the gift and value the act of giving. In the “Art of Giving”, Henry van Dyke wrapped it up best when he said, “It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts.”

A successful gift will have required some effort on the part of the giver. Try thinking of what the person loves, what their routines are, and what they talk about. If you are still stumped resort to cyber stalking, between Pintrest and Facebook you can learn a lot about a person and their interests. Gifts that are low on substance and sentiment send out the wrong message. If a gift is bad, it

“Tiger” Acrylic on Canvas, 2in x 2in.



Artwork by Sharon Lynn



Opening Reception December 28, 2013 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Now through December 24, 2013. For every $100 gift chip purchase receive a free $50 promo chip.

@btattoogallery · 3138 Rt. 10 W. Denville, NJ 07834 (973)-620-9944 DEC 2013 83


MUSIC NEWS EMINEM: The Marshall Mathers LP2 BY LEANNE ACIZ can’t put into words how much I love Eminem’s new album The Marshall Mathers LP2 (MMLP2) which is a continuation of The Marshall Mathers LP of 2000. I have listened to it over and over, just amazed at his ability to tell a poignant story through his music. If you have been an avid listener of all of Marshall Mathers music like I have been since the Slim Shady LP in 1999, you know that Eminem doesn’t make a CD without making a point.


Eminem indulges in nostalgia in this album: he samples “Time Of The Season” by The Zombies, and Billy Squire’s “The Stroke”, as well as two Beastie Boy’s hits. “Rap God” is a true testament to Eminem’s versatility and proves why, he is in fact, a rap God. If the beat alone doesn’t draw you in, then perhaps the chorus where he manically raps 97 words in 15 seconds will convince you that it’s worth a play. 97 WORDS IN 15 SECONDS - THAT’S 6 WORDS PER SECOND. “Monster” features an upbeat Rihanna who convinces listeners that Marshall decided to stop fighting his demons and learned how to embrace them. Most will dance along to it, but there is a much deeper meaning to the song than at first listen. In “Headlights” he raps about his mother; the constant pit in his stomach due to the history of them publicly fighting, and the agonizing tension between them, especially now that his mother is growing old. The war within himself is simple: he used his mother’s demons as award-winning material (he too famously fought the same addictions his mother once did) and now that he is a devoted father himself, he understands the difficulty of raising a child “the right way”. It is a painful yet brutally honest song from the point of view of a child who resented his upbringing who eventually grows up into an adult who comes to content terms with it, which results in resounding forgiveness.

DEC 2013 84

The wordplay, the beats, the pace he raps at, and the voices he used to emulate characters, are so profound that reading this could never begin to do it justice: you must listen to the album. If not only for the musical experience, but for the rest of the neverending story that Eminem has been telling us since 1999. Through his music over the years, we learned how his parents failed him, his fear of raising a child (while both poor and rich), his confusing relationship with his baby mama Kim, as well as him insisting that money and fame doesn’t eliminate your problems- they create more. Still, this specific album shows the grown side of Eminem we haven’t seen – the both apologetic yet unapologetic celebrity, the man who is (still) in love with Kim, and the loyal father who was molded by a childhood that wasn’t his fault. This album brings to light the reality that Marshall Mathers was once a little boy who quite honestly, just wanted to be loved. The cover of MMLP2 is a vintage looking picture of Eminem’s childhood home; boarded up, desolate, and hopeless looking. One looks at the image and wonders what it may have looked like when his family still lived in the home, creating memories before his mother became an addict and before his father abandoned them. It is a sad, telling picture: Eminem’s former childhood house at 19946 Dresden in Detroit was demolished November 20 by the State of Michigan after a fire made it unlivable. There is a video on the Internet of the house being demolished and as the bulldozers wreck their way into the small home so easily, destroying what was once a house full of demons, it is a bittersweet scene. I wonder if Marshall (the person, not the persona) watched the video and felt his heart break, or if it gave him closure to let go and continue on. If this album is any indication, Eminem has transformed from a punk ass into a survivor, as well as the kind of person he used to mock: the good guy. Luckily for us, he allowed us to witness the transition.


Looking for some music to get you in the Christmas spirit?

25 songs for the 25 Days Of December:

The Classics:

Kanye West’s New Video: ‘Bound 2’ o Kanye, I’m really happy for you, and Ima let you finish and all, but you have the worst video of all time. We get it, you’re super excited to have scored your dream girl. That doesn’t change the fact that the only thing artistic in your video are the landscapes that you ride your motorcycle against. Why does Kanye believe he is the next Jesus Christ? I think I speak for all of us ‘lil people’ when I say: GET OVER YOURSELF. The fact that baby mama Kim Kardashian is sprawled out seemingly naked doesn’t change the fact that the song sucks – in fact, you’ve lost more credibility for capitalizing on Kim’s willingness to get naked for videos that will be seen worldwide (music videos AND sex videos). I have nothing positive to say about this video because there is nothing positive about it – except the pretty horses galloping in the beginning. Two thumbs down.


Britney Spears -“Perfume” ritney Spears, “The Queen of The Pop Scene” is releasing a new album called “Britney Jean” soon, so she gave the world a preview of what to expect with her new single, “Perfume”. Britney professed that this was a ‘vulnerable song’, in which she sings that she hopes her perfume sticks to a man who has been seeing someone else so ‘the other girl’ catches wind. As somebody who has followed Britney’s career since she cuddled with a Teletubby on the cover of Rolling Stone, I must admit that this is the first song since her alleged drug days (which resulted in pink wigs and fake British accents) that she seems like the old Britney – no relying on auto tune, just singing off of raw emotion. That is truly when she is at her best. She’s back, bitches!


1) “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” - Bruce Springsteen 2) “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” – John Lennon & Yoko Ono 3) “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Frank Sinatra 4) “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” – Andy Williams 5) “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” – Paul McCartney 6) “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” – U2 7) “All I Want For Christmas Is You” - Mariah Carey 8) “White Christmas” - Bing Crosby 9) “Step Into Christmas” – Elton John 10) “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” - John Mellencamp 11) “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” – N Sync 12) “Here Comes Santa Claus” – Elvis Presley 13) “Merry Christmas Baby” – Hanson My Holiday playlist: 14) “12 Days Of Christmas” – Taking Back Sunday 15) “Sleigh Ride”- Relient K 16) “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” – The Killers 17) “Christmas Wish” – She & Him 18) “Blue Christmas” - Bright Eyes 19) “Carol of the Bells” – Thrice 20) “Frosty The Snowman”- Fiona Apple 21) “Happy Holidays You Bastard” – Blink 182 22) “X-M@$” - Corey Taylor 23) “Oi! To The World” – The Vandals 24) “Christmas Wrapping” – The Waitresses 25) “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)” – The Ramones

DEC 2013 85


Chaunce Hayden sits down with Rubix, DSL & Anthony Gitto of

Audio Playground

”You Never Know” is such a tremendous song. It’s one of those seemingly timeless tunes. Is there pressure to match that kind of success over and over?

as soon as he shared with us his Rastafarian transformation to Snoop Lion. We were blown away by his affinity with our song and his subsequent singing, a first for his repertoire.

Yes of course. It’s our ultimate goal to keep our vision and creative juices progressing not only match our previous accomplishments, but raising the bar higher with our music. We tell that story in our new single “Hands Up In The Air”.

You’ve achieved worldwide success, especially conquering American dance floors. How surreal is it to have a global following?

With “You Never Know”, paying homage to such a great big classic like “Could you be loved” by Bob Marley was a big challenge. We were honoured to have the Marley estate authorizing us to sample the chorus; one of the rare and only times they have ever authorized one of Bob Marley’s songs to be represented in another musical endeavor. It was released in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek). Which language is your favorite version? It depends when we are listening to it. To our ears they are all equally great. The English version is the one that is the most listened to by default so it sets the bar high, however each other language brings a little flair and spice to its flow. We had great coaches to insure that the international versions sound very local and authentic; we did not want a mere translation. You come from Canada. Does the Canadian culture have a more open mind to new music than the American culture? Although culturally we have some differences with America as we have both French and English mindsets; we do come from the same space musically. Our influences are very similar with regards to creating and releasing material with the freshest vibes, trends, and elements of the moment. Canada is a long way from the Caribbean. Are you as comfortable in the tropics as you are in the Great White North and your music internationally? We were really comfortable in the Caribbean; we didn’t miss the snow at all while there! It was so comfortable that we decided to shoot another video for an upcoming single and lengthening our stay there. We love new experiences and have always made the most out of our journey outside of Canada. How did Audio Playground and Snoop Lion come to combine musical forces? Our first collaboration was with our single “Emergency”; back then he was still known as Snoop Dogg. We sent him “You Never Know”

Our main goal is to reach as many people as possible with our music. We are blessed and honoured to have the following of our fans, djs and radio programmers alike. This is what keeps us motivated to continue making great sounds; #APletsgo! Tell us about “Emergency” and how it changed your career. While our initial releases were successful at radio and clubs back home, Emergency achieved a surprise crossover into radio in the US which gave us a brand new audience. Collaborating with world renown djs like Paul Oakenfold, Chuckie and Dave Audé amongst others also opened many international doors to our songs; we have repeated that formula with our subsequent singles. How do you keep grounded and not let success negatively affect the music? We are humble and simple people. And never forget where we came from. No matter how big the success can get, we always find ourselves in the studio to work or initiate the next sound, melody or beat that will keep us fresh and forward thinking. What is currently inspiring you? We are avid music fans. While we like to stay on top of the latest trends and create new ones along the way; we are very eclectic in our passion for great music. We get our influences from many style whether it’s classic rock, country, funk, r&b, jazz, freestyle, eurodance or house. We each bring a different flavour to our music collective; it is a very cool Audio Playground. We live in an age of all kinds of electronic musical enhancements. How do you feel about these enhancements and does it affect the integrity of the music? As long as we don’t forget that music is mix of passion and emotion; great music can have several sounds and instruments. Wether it is a full on orchestra or studio based electronic fare. We all love great music and creating it is the best reward we can be recognized with. Software only enhances what are ideas are trying to express; we live our Audio a Playground :-)

DEC 2013 87

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it will change the way you enjoy your nightlife

there is no need for you to drink and drive. we bring you to the bar/club and then back. you pay no cover charge or wait online. party hard. party smart. don’t drink and drive. it’s not worth it.

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Allendale Bar & Grill Flirt Sushi Lounge Tommy Fox’s The Balcony Biggie’s Clam Bar Dragonfly Maggie’s Restaurant & Bar Shaker’s GoGo Hungry Peddler Taos Restaurant Le Jardin Spirits Lounge Rivara’s Restaurant Soho Cask 171 Glen Rock Inn Jalapenos Restaurant Crow’s Nest Firewaters Harley’s Irish Pub Hooters Lazy Lanigan’s Lenoras Bar & Grill Poitin Still Heights Bar & Grill Rise Thirsty Toad Portabello’s Restaurant Whiskey Café Boom Burger Illusions Nightclub (Sheraton) Victors Maywood Inn Jimmys Rock Café Euro Lounge O’neills Pub Pourhouse 17 Chakra Hooters Orange Lantern Brady’s at the Station Shannon Rose Office Beer Bar & Grill Park West Boom Burger Bennigans Mexicali Blues Café Ultra Bar Stingers

67 W Allendale Ave 140 West Allendale Ave 32 S Washington Ave 491 Broad St 430 Rte 17 S 200 Outwater Ln 442 Hackensack St 295 Hoboken Rd 470 Knickerbocker Rd 356 Paterson Ave 1257 River Rd 545 River Rd 6-18 Maple Ave 2027 Lemoine Ave 171 Schraalenburgh R 222 Rock Rd 930 Prospect St 309 Vincent Ave 41 Rte 4 E 366 River St 41 Route 4 604 Main St 129 Johnson Ave 774 Main St 163 Boulevard 1 S Main St 132 Essex St 175 Ramapo Valley Rd 1050 Wall St 3 Franklin Tpke Rte 17 N 122 W Pleasant Ave 110 Moonachie Ave 185 River Road 14 Ridge Road 582 Ridge Road 144 Rte 4 E 393 Rte 17 S 15 Firehouse Ln 5 W Main St 1200 Rt 17 N 32 Chestnut St 30 Oak Street 375 W Passaic St 405 N Midland Ave 1409 Queen Anne Rd 400 Cedar Ln 413 Paterson Ave

Allendale Allendale Bergenfield Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Cresskill East Rutherford Edgewater Edgewater Fairlawn Fort Lee Closter Glen Rock Glen Rock Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hasbrouck Heights Lodi Lodi Oakland Lyndhurst Mahwah Mahwah Maywood Moonachie North Arlington North Arlington North Arlington Paramus Paramus Paramus Ramsey Ramsey Ridgewood Ridgewood Rochelle Park Saddle Brook Teaneck Teaneck Wallington


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Gentleman’s club Soorts Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar

Titillations GoGo Franklin Steakhouse Martini Bistro & Bar Cuban Pete’s Just Jake’s Office Beer Bar & Grill Park Sports Bar 118 Lounge Adega Lounge Guitar Bar Rio Lounge Vivo Lounge Franklin Steakhouse The Game Sports Bar

213 Belleville Ave 12 Willow Street 318 Passaic Ave 40 Main St 428 Bloomfield Ave 30 Park Street 619 Bloomfield Ave 30 South Park St 118 Stockton St 130 Ferry St 181 New Jersey Ralroad Ave 618 Market St 167 Ferry St 238 Franklin Ave 350 Passaic Ave

Belleville Bloomfield Fairfield Millburn Montclair Montclair Montclair Montclair Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Nutley Nutley


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3 Forty Grill Bahamas Mama’s Biggie’s Clam Bar Black Bear Bar & Grill Brass Rail Restaurant Chandelier Room (W Hotel) Cadillac Cantina City Bistro Cork City Green Rock Hoboken Bar & Grill Boa Maxwells Bar McSwiggans Pub Little Town NJ Stewed Cow Sushi Lounge Teak

221 Washington St 340 Sinatra Dr 215 Washington St 36-42 Newark St 205 Washington St 135 Washington St 225 River St 80 River St 56-58 Fourteenth St 3rd and Bloomfield S 70 Hudson St 230 Washington St 92 River St 1039 Washington St 110 1st St 310 Sinatra Dr 400 Adams St 200 Hudson St 16–18 Hudson Pl

Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken


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ESSEX COUNTY Gentlemen’s Club Wet Gentlemans Club


Type of Venue

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Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar BarPub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Texas Arizona The Shannon Villiage Pourhouse West Five Supper Club Room84 Wille Mcbride’s Zylo Azucar Restaurante Barcade Blue Moon Mexican Cafe Hard Grove Michael Anthony’s O’Hara’s Downtown Powerhouse Lounge Zeppelin Hall Biergarten Surf City Sabor Latino Waterside Restaurant Feel Good Restaurant & Lounge Park Ave Bar & Grill Son Cubano

76 River St 106 First St 205 1st St 505 Madison St 84 Washington Street 616 Grand St 225 River St 495 Washington Blvd 163 Newark Ave 117 Montgomery St 319 Grove St 502 Washington Blvd 172 1st St 360 Marin Blvd 88 Liberty View Dr 1 Marin Blvd 8809 River Rd 7800B River Rd 1309 Paterson Plank Rd 3417 Park Ave 40-4 Riverwalk Pl

Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City North Bergen North Bergen Secaucus Union City West New York


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Murphy’s Bar & Grill Miami Mike’s Sports Zone Tiffany’s Dark Horse Lounge Famished Frog George & Martha’s Grasshopper Off The Green Iron Bar Office Beer Bar & Grill Roots Steakhouse SM23 Sona Thirteen Sushi Lounge Tiffany’s

108 Boonton Ave 3 South Bergen St 130 Rte 10 W 231 Speedwell Ave 4 Dehart St 18 Washington St 67 Morris St 41-43 Morris St 5 South Street 3 South St 40 West Park Pl 3 Speedwell Ave 13 South St 12 Schuyler Pl 73 Bloomfield Ave

Boonton Dover East Hanover Morris Plains Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Pine Brook


973-9174466 973-366-1212 973) 887-1300 973-290-9777 973-455-0200 973-540-9601 973-267-4700 973-285-5150 973-455-7111 973-285-0220 973-326-1800 973-871-2323 973-267-1575 973-539-1135 973-227-2112

Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Gentlemen’s Club Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club

Chevy’s Bliss Nightclub Dingbatz Pub 46 Shannon Rose Sharky’s East Sports Zone Spuntino Restaurant Utopia Lounge Bottagra Restaurant Loop Lounge Platinum Dollz Duffy’s Tavern Riverside Manor Sunrise Gentlemen’s Club Wildbull Steakhouse 46 Lounge Ruby Lounge (Holiday Inn) Sushi Lounge Grasshopper Too Hooters Lace

955 Valley Rd 365 Rte 3 E 955 Alwood Rd 620 Van Houten Ave 1081 Rte 46 E 98 Kingsland Rd 545 Highland Ave 593 Van Houten Ave 70 Kingsland Rd 240 Dayton Ave 80 Wagaraw Rd 373 Broadway 40 Brighton Ave 856 River St 27 E. 33rd St 556 Straight Street 256 Buffalo Ave 300 Rte 46 E 1 Rte 46 W 235 Route 46 26 Erie Ave 25 Rte 23 S 24 Galesi Drive

Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Hawthorne Passaic Passaic Paterson Paterson Paterson Paterson Totowa Totowa Totowa Wayne Wayne Wayne


973-746-6600 973-777-6277 973-773-2110 973-471-1145 973-473-8184 973-284-0200 973-473-0713 973-859-0433 973-661-2435 973-955-0803 973-423-4433 973-365-0807 973-779-7455 973- 684-0788 973-689-6360 973-279-1200 973-742-6600 973-890-9699 973-785-9000 973-890-0007 973-696-9698 973-837-1876 973-256-3302

Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Gentlemens Club Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Molly Maguires Dolce Lounge Nugent’s Tavern The Lobby Crossroads Chevys Breathless Gentlemens Club Patria Restaurant Central Park Mister East Office Beer Bar & Grill Roots Steakhouse Tiffany’s

77 Central Ave 1085 Central Ave 17 Broad Street 844 Newark Ave 821 Spring St 78 North Avenue 1150 S Stiles St 876 Hart St 169 West Main St 2401 Wood Ave 2401 Wood Ave 61 Union Pl 401 Springfield Ave 1637 Vauxhall Rd

Clark Clark Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Garwood Linden Rahway Rahway Roselle Roselle Summit Summit Union


732-381-9300 732-388-6511 908-352-2578 908-282-1914 908-469-8088 908-232-5666 908-862-9800 732-574-3825 732-943-7531 908-241-8386 732-207-7247 908-522-0550 908-273-0027 908-688-6666

Gentleman’s Club Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

H.O.B Ikon Lounge Chris Michael’s Shannon Rose

7090 Rt 35 North 1979 Rte 35 S 40 Oakwood Ave 855 Saint Georges Ave

Sayreville Sayreville Woodbridge Woodbridge


732-727-3550 732-727-6410 732-634-5355 732-636-6100

3352 Route 35




154 Bonnie Burn Rd




MORRIS COUNTY Sharky’s West Sports Bar

PASSAIC COUNTY Alexus Steakhouse Restaurant/Bar

UNION COUNTY Central Blue Restaurant/Bar


Sports Bar


Colorado Café


Philadelphia/South Jersey


Metropolis Nights NJ December 2013