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2 August 2013

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editor-in-chief July was an incredible month for so many reasons. Of course the entire nation was rocked to the core with the George Zimmerman verdict of innocence. Tragically, a suspicious looking black teenager is shot and killed by a reckless adult looking to keep his neighborhood safe. Clearly only two people know what really happened that fateful night and one of them is dead. However, I believe the sadness of this controversial story has grown into something beyond the public outrage. How America peacefully reacted to the shocking verdict cannot go unnoticed. While concerns of violent racial protest were on most everyone’s mind, the eventual reaction from a country on the possible brink of racial division was instead non violent unity.

Travor Martin wasn’t a saint, but he certainly didn’t deserve to die that fateful night. If there’s anything to take away from Martin’s unnecessary death, is knowing that America has come a long way from the ashes of the 1992 Rodney King riots. Also shocking during the July summer heat was the awful news that beloved “Glee” star, Cory Allan Michael Monteith, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room. He was 31. We often forget how short and fragile life. Cory’s death was just another devastating reminder. Now on to something less serious...The August issue! Just one more month to this broiling hot summer. Hmmm, maybe Al Gore might be on to something. I swear I never felt so much heat and humidity. I know in a few months I’ll be blasting down to South Beach to escape the cold, but right now I wouldn’t mind a few inches of snow.

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Speaking of the heat, I’m sure you’ll agree this month’s cover girl April Rose is about as hot as it gets! I’m also happy to feature local rock legend’s The Benjamins and of course our growing list of bartenders, servers, chefs, models, and the best columnists and staff ever assembled. Enjoy the final weeks of summer and I’ll see you all in the fall! Cheers Chaunce Hayden editor-in-chief Cell: 201-873-3874 @Chauncehayden


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Gentleman’s Digest CIGARS 101

Every Gentleman should know 3 things…. How to drink a brandy, dress to impress, and of course enjoy a great cigar. If you are like most cigar smokers, there was a time that you paced back and forth in front of a wall of cigars, confused as to which one to pick. So for all you future gentleman, here’s a great base to start from! The rest you can lean from experience. First of all there are a common 6 colors or shades of wrappers, each with specific qualities. Oh, and just so you know, the “wrapper” is the outer tobacco leaf that is holding the inside tobacco together.

code of conduct 1. Speak of yourself but little. Your friends will find out your virtues without forcing you to tell them, and you may feel confident that it is equally unnecessary to expose your faults yourself. 2. The wittiest man becomes tedious and ill-bred when he endeavors to engross entirely the attention of the company in which he should take a more modest part. 3. Avoid boasting. To speak of your money, connections, or the luxuries at your command is in very bad taste. It is quite as ill-bred to boast of your intimacy with distinguished people. If their names occur naturally in the course of conversation, it is very well; but to be constantly quoting, “my friend, Gov. C,” or, “my intimate friend, the president,” is pompous and in bad taste. 4. Avoid gossip; in a woman it is detestable, but in a man it is utterly despicable. 5. Do not officiously offer assistance or advice in general society. Nobody will thank you for it.

-- Claro claro: light green and often called candela. The leaves are cured with heat to fix the chlorophyll in the leaf. They often taste slightly sweet. -- Claro: a light tan color, usually grown under shade tents. Prized for its neutral flavor qualities. -- Natural: light brown to brown. It is most often shade-grown. -- Colorado: brown to reddish-brown. It is also usually shade-grown and has rich flavor and a subtle aroma. -- Maduro: From the Spanish word for “ripe,” it refers to the extra length of time needed to produce a rich, dark-brown wrapper. A maduro should be silky and oily, with a rich, strong flavor and mild aroma. -- Oscuro: Meaning dark, it is also called negro or black in tobacco producing countries. It usually is left on the plant the longest, and it is matured, or sweated the longest. Second there is the measurement. When choosing the size, I tend to shoot right for the middle. A medium thickness known as the “gage size” and medium length which is in inches. This matters because it affects the “draw” or inward breath when you smoke. The longer the cigar, the harder you need to draw on the cigar. I tend to like an easy draw and a lot of smoke. Remember this is all going to be your personal preference. I encourage you to try different brands, colors, and sizes. This is because even if they look alike, they can have a very differant taste and effect. So as the saying goes, “Smoke if you gott’em!” Cheers!

“Being Male is a matter of birth, Being a Man is a matter of age, but being a Gentleman is a matter of choice”


Are you a true Gentleman, or have a great quote? We want to meet you! MN Magazine loves highlighting the Men of Men. August 2013 Contact us at and let us showcase you as our Philadelphia Gent.

king of the cars

Gents, forget the critiques, we want to know your opinion...which car is king? Scan the barcode below. The car with the most scans wins. Every gentleman knows that he must hold himself with class. Well boys, here are some cars that do just that. Critiques fight day in and out over the best luxury car. And while we don’t have all the luxury cars listed here. These 3 are certainly ones that are at the head of the pack. Each gives a sleek, sophisticated, and sexy look. Helping you achieve that respect each gentleman deserves. Each catering to pleasures of speed, luxury and handling. I have been fortunate enough to drive each one of these brands.

Jaguar XJ X351

To start, Jaguar. Well I guess I am partial to it because I drive one. It was the first luxury car I ever owned. And guys let me tell you this, just drop the name and ladies pay attention. I had the pleasure of driving a brand new Jaguar XJ the other day. It drove like a dream, this car was smooth! In my opinion it has no equal.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

My colleagues however seem to have a different frame of mind. And they wanted to prove it. My friend has a beautiful white Mercedes. Mercedes has been a status car and a gentleman’s car for many years. And even in a downturned economy, a ride in a Mercedes will bring any stock broker back from his breaking point. It has that familiar comfortable feel that is infused with power and sophistication.

BMW 520i

And last but certainly not least, BMW. My other colleague put my doubts to rest when he bought his first brand new BMW 6 series, and then made me drive it. Gentleman it’s simple, pull up in this, you command respect. A car that glides across the roads like butter. Truth be told, it’s a must have for any man. Whether it’s a joy ride, or you have to head into the office, BMW is a drive of enjoyment. Bottom line is, if you don’t own one, GET ONE. It is a Gentleman’s Must! Well we hope to hear your thoughts and

count your votes over this next month. It’s your voice not the critiques that matters. If you own one of these wonderful machines, submit your pictures with your cars and we will print the winning brand with real owners next month! Send your pics to or

Disclaimer: Pictures, Names, and Brands are not endorsing, affilitated with, paying or connected to MN and are being displayed independently here for internal polling purposes only.

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Things you should know, things you should think about by: Dennis Hong and a smirk. Nope, I learned that if I wanted to find any success with women, I’d have to rely on my personality. And I’m okay with that, because it taught me how to interact with the opposite sex.

Why You Should Be Worried If You Feel Chemistry On A First Date It also made me realize When I was in high school, my best friend worked at a comedy club, so I got to see plenty of up-and-coming (and sometimes neither-up-nor-coming) comedians. The first time I went, I was blown away by the warm-up guy. Whenever any drunken heckler in the audience shouted out a snide comment, he came up with the perfect comeback on the spot.

As impressed as I was, my friend was quick to plug up my gushing. He pointed out that if you’re a comedian, you have to deal with hecklers all the time. After a while, you build up a repertoire of retorts for just about any occasion. So, you don’t necessarily need a quick wit. You just have to anticipate and prepare. Interestingly, I’ve discovered that dating follows the exact same principle…. I’ve mentioned before that if you’re on a first date, and the guy seems to know the perfect thing to say at every opportunity, that could just mean he’s been a lot of first dates. Well, I admit it. I’m one of those guys. If I manage to snag a first date, I usually get the chance for at least a second date. Long ago, I realized that I will never be the tall, dark, mysterious guy who just sulks in the corner and lets the girls flock to him – the guy who seduces with a glance


that being charming can be practiced and learned. Through the trials and errors of countless first dates, I’ve figured out what I need to say to keep the conversation flowing. I’ve learned how to build rapport by listening to her stories and connecting them to my own experiences. I’ve learned how to come across as intelligent and funny, with just the tinge of flirty. People say that a great conversation will naturally evolve and flow in unpredictable ways. And I completely agree. When I meet someone new, I really don’t know where our conversation will end up. At the same time, I do find myself drawing from my repertoire of tried-and-true anecdotes. It’s just a matter of inserting the appropriate one at the appropriate time. Because these are the anecdotes that have worked for me in the past. I’ve also noticed that the stories I share often lead to specific questions. Like the comedian who anticipates the responses his jokes will get and crafts the perfect comeback to those responses, I’ve learned to anticipate and craft responses to the questions my stories elicit. For example, I used to play poker professionally. That little nugget of my life always sparks a deep conversation. I August 2013

remember the moment I decided I didn’t want to play poker for a living anymore, the moment that led me to where I am today: a teacher of at-risk kids. The question of how I went from poker player to teacher/counselor seems to come up on every first date. And when it does, I don’t hesitate to tell the story, because I know it paints me in an attractive light. I’m also an avid swing dancer and have friends in the scene who will invariably talk me up if they see me with someone new. My girlfriend will probably feel a bit disillusioned to read this (because, ahem, I took her swing dancing on our first date), but I’ve taken many first dates out swing dancing. And those first dates have always gone well. These are just two of the pre-cut patterns that I pull from as we paint our firstdate canvas. My metaphorical palette is brimming with many more. Of course, I’m not claiming that I can woo any woman. Far from it. If someone just isn’t interested, there’s not much I can do there. No, what I have learned is to take that spark of initial interest and stoke it — to find

“real rapport is when you’ve been with someone for a year-and-ahalf, and you still look forward to talking to them every night” “if you’re on a first date, and the guy seems to know the perfect thing to say at every opportunity, that could just mean he’s been a lot of first dates.” MTV President Stephen Friedman

threads of commonality and use them to build a connection. That, to me, is what first dates are all about: Taking every opportunity to build rapport. To get to that second date and beyond, so you can really start to get to know the other person. So what’s the point of all this? To brag about my dating prowess? No, far from it. The point is that rapport… chemistry… butterflies… whatever you want to call it, it’s easier to manufacture than most people realize. In fact, I’d argue that it’s actually easiest to create rapport on a first date, when you have essentially your entire unabridged tome of personal information to draw from, with no fear of accidentally telling the same story twice (something Melissa frequently gives me shit for).

look forward to talking to them every night, and you still find exciting things to talk about (and it’s only once every few weeks that you accidentally tell the same story again). That’s chemistry. And that’s why I believe that if you meet someone who charms your pants off – perhaps literally – on a first date, you should exercise caution. If you spend an evening with a guy, and you feel as though you know him so well, that you’ve connected with him so deeply, that there’s just something about him you can’t resist… sure, call it chemistry if you want. But, realize that he may be good at generating this “chemistry” with a lot of women. You may think you’re meeting someone special, but he might only be meeting someone who’s never seen his first-date routines before.

No, to me, real rapport is when you’ve been with someone for a year-and-a-half, and you still

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Time to run for cover and check out the latest swimwear cover-ups that are getting rave reviews on and off the beach. Designers have packed up the tents and pulled up stakes on the cover-ups of the past, launching a whole new way to step out of the pool and join the party. So if you’re not into hanging out in that bikini all day, here are some of the best ways to wrap up for fun in the sun this summer (and not worry about the lumps and bumps most of us encounter along the way)!

The Big Cover-up “Best ways to wrap

up for the summer!”


1 Start with a dress. Yes, swimwear designers have taken a cue from casual clothing favorites and given us all a way to mix it up this year. That little v-neck knit dress you bought at Gap last year can now be found snuggled between the bathing suits at your local department store. Loaded with color, these little dresses are the hit of summer, and they are as easy to throw on over a swimsuit as they are to wear on their own. Snatch these up in several colors. You can wear them with leggings this fall.


Add details. Cover-ups have come a long way since the days of the muumuu, and it shows. Beads, crochet and lace are just some of the ways that cover-ups take on a more glamorous look this summer. Yes, you can wear these tops over your swimsuit or on their own. That’s why you always need to check out the swimwear department now. You may be surprised to see what you find. I found a wonderful beaded top to wear to a summer wedding last year right beside an itsy bitsy teensy weensy yellow polka dot bikini ... and I passed on the bikini! Find Item at

10 August 2013

Then go long. The maxi dress is another winner of a cover-up this summer. Celebrities are big followers of this trend going with the flow in stripes, ikat prints and geometric designs. Long skirts paired with swimwear tops are another stylish way to layer on a little modesty in mixed company.

4 Punch it up with ponchos. There are so many variations on this theme. And you do have to think about just how much you want to cover up to make these work. Sheer tunics that are longer are often a better alternative. However, breezy caftans and kimono styles are also fun to mix and match with swimwear, shorts and short or long skirts.

Don’t forget scarves. Think sarongs and pareos are perfect for the beach. Try to find large scarves in soft cotton -- the batiks from Indonesia are great, but you can also find the decorative scarves in areas that cater to tourists. There are lots of ways to wear these sarongs, but the easiest is to tie them around your waist -- hoping you have swimwear or something else underneath. Or you can tie it above your bust. Or just wear it over your shoulders to dinner over your maxi dress.


“Best ways to wrapp up for the summer!”


Gecko Sarong Beachwear Hawaiian Batik Wrap Beach Cover Ups Lava-Lava Mundu Hula

Start with a dress. Yes, swimwear designers have taken a cue from casual clothing favorites and given us all a way to mix it up this year. That little v-neck knit dress you bought at Gap last year can now be found snuggled between the bathing suits at your local department store. Loaded with color, these little dresses are the hit of summer, and they are as easy to throw on over a swimsuit as they are to wear on their own. Snatch these up in several colors. You can wear them with leggings this fall. From Swim Shop 1 World Sarongs Womens Hawaiian Swimsuit Sarongs Set in your choice of designs

Have a pajama party. What could be more comfortable than wearing your pajamas to the beach? Some of the best ways to cover-up while soaking up the sun this summer are roomy knit pants -- just like your pjs. For even more fun, try a pair of harem pants. Just pull them up over swimwear and lounge like a lizard. The relaxedfit pants are a welcome change from clingy leggings and capris. Then you can layer with tunics or swimsuit tops. And then you can really let the party begin!

7 Another item that is fun and classy, great for drinks at the tiki bar, or perhaps a local club right on the beach. Butterfly Shorts are always a way to go. Simple light and perfect for any look on or off the beach. Works with either sandals or pumps, you’re sure to turn some heads with this leggy look Found at

Philadelphia/South Jersey


12 August 2013




ummer’s flown by with only one month before “fall” creeps in upon us I have to reflect on all of the culinary adventures I’ve experienced over the past few months from NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, and of course Jersey. I love the vast array of flavors, produce, and cultures I’ve experienced in such a short time. The opportunity to travel allows my culinary style to evolve and bring different flavors to my own restaurant. But some don’t fare so well!

For instance, I decided to bring a dish I experienced in Cleveland at an amazing restaurant called the Green House Tavern to my Texas restaurant, Boot Hill. The recipe called for a whole pig head, cut it in half using a Texas chainsaw massacre- style ban saw, slow braised for at least 6 hours, then to deep fry the half the head, baste it in a homemade BBQ sauce and serve it with sweet buns, red onions and pickled vegetables. Doesn’t that sound awesome… a head on a platter? Well, I thought it did, but my Texas, beef-eating, cattle- raising, cowboy hat-wearing customers were not having it! They would see this “beautiful” pig head on a platter and say “that thang should not be sitting here on our table while we are fixen to eat.” Oh well, I tried (and will keep on trying) to bring different flavors to the culinary shy…just like bringing my Texas cuisine to Jersey in the near future. That’s right—y’all will get to experience a taste of the Old West very soon. In the meantime, let’s talk local joints. I’m going to talk about two of my favorites. The first, Lou’s Tavern, is in the heart of Hillsdale located across the railroad tracks. This is one of my old stomping grounds. This tavern has been slinging drinks for the locals for generations. Nowadays “dive” bars have become the place to meet up and mingle. As one of Lou’s bartenders, Lizzie, states “Dive bars are where it’s at for hipsters, low-key starlets and blue collar townies.” The strength of Lou’s is the staff, from hot little chicas to the local firefighter and/or town council member. Each bartender has his or her own unique style. This little joint has a Facebook page, boasts that its Karaoke Thursdays are still going strong from the 80’s, and has live bands on the weekends. One of its signature drinks is Rainbows and Unicorns: Watermelon Puckers and Red Bull with a shot of Stoli O bombed into it. Open 7 days a week, Lou’s Tavern will always provide a friendly place to get a shot and a beer… and maybe even a pickled egg. Another place, just about 15 minutes west of Lou’s, is a place I grew up eating at. It was a favorite of my grandmother’s (not sure if it was the food or the bar, but she loved it). Back in the day it was called Stacneys, but for the past 20-plus years, it’s been known as Nellie’s Place. Located in Waldwick NJ, this old-school looking tavern has not changed much over the years, with its stained glass windows and lamp covers above the tables. The recipes haven’t changed either, a perfect example of “don’t fix what’s not broken.” I can honestly say that it has one of the best Greek

salads around; it’s not fancy, but the combination of how it chops its lettuce and mixes in the cheese and other vegetables topped with anchovies and black olives is just perfection on a plate! It’s known for its thin crust pizza, and rightfully so! These crisp crusts, with just the right amount of sauce and toppings of choice, are always perfect. I recommend trying meatball, ricotta cheese and hot peppers. So good. I’m drooling just thinking about it. One of the very few places around that still has a full salad bar, Nellie’s Place has three different dining areas, with outdoor seating as well. Nellie’s is a perfect place for friends to get together or even to have your kids’ birthday parties (which, I must say, growing up my brother, sister and I had quite a few of our birthday celebrations here). On certain nights you may even get a bartender who has been working there for the past 20 years, and you can hear stories that pay homage to this local tavern and its patrons. So check out these local dive bars, as well as any dive bars that you live around…you never know what you’ll find inside, but I can promise you one thing—you will always come out with a story to tell!

Lou’s Tavern in the heart of Hillsdale

Nellie’s Place and its full salad bar

Philadelphia/South Jersey



hese are some of the concerts and events going on in the Philedelphia area. We encourage you to go check them out!

Jimmy Eat World

08/09/2013 Mann Center for the Performing Arts 5201 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

The Black Crowes & Tedeschi Trucks Band 8/11/2013 Mann Center for the Performing Arts 5201 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Shinedown: Carnival of Madness Tour 8/14/2013 Mann Center for the Performing Arts 5201 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Concert information sourced from Please refer to their website for more information

14 August 2013

Dropkick Murphys

8/21/2013 Mann Center for the Performing Arts 5201 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

Umphrey’s McGee & STS9 at Skyline Stage 8/30/2013 Mann Center for the Performing Arts 5201 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

The Avett Brothers

9/14/2013 Mann Center for the Performing Arts 5201 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Get tickets now, Scan the barcode below:

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We have always had seasoned pro bartenders that can flare, light drinks on fire, and mix a drink so well you would think God blessed it himself. However this month we found a rare jewel that emerged from under a tiki bar umbrella. Typical classic move, we are shooting the bar, and watching some person underneath a closed giant tiki bar umbrella struggle to open and set it up. During this little entertaining episode, we still had not seen who was under the umbrella, but as it opened it made everyone’s month drop. Just like

Villari’s Lakeside 2375 Sicklerville Rd Sicklerville, NJ 08081 (856) 228-5244 16 August 2013

in the movies, I swear as the umbrella opened and she emerged, everything started to move in slow motion. And we knew it, we had to introduce you to this . We found Jessica working at Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant. It is a beautiful restaurant with amazing views of the lake, picture perfect for weddings and reunions. In addition it has a uniquely large tiki bar that is inviting with a sense of relaxation. Defiantly a place you want to hang out. Which brings us back to the girl you must get to know, Jessica Barney.

Jessica Barney Metropolis Nights: How long have you been serving? Jessica: 3 months. First place ever to serve were alcohol was served. How did you come across Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant? A friend told me I would do great and they were hiring. 3 most important things to help a customer have a great experience? Be thoughtful, remember their names and show you care, about everything. Share something that you learned in 3 months that would surprise us? If you treat customers well, they treat you with respect, it benefits me with having a better day, and my tips have grown drastically from day one. Two most popular drinks served? The two are, Bacardi and Mango Mojitos. And Martinis, mango and herry. What about you nobody knows? I play division 3 college tennis and was an “All American” doubles player 2012-2013 season. Worst pick up line? True Story, I said; “What would you like to order?” Guy looking at the menu, even though corny and I laughed, says: I’d like to order you but, I don’t see you on the menu. Pick up lines turn me off. An interesting conversation works much better. What would surprise us about Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant and Bar? Bartenders work hard to make the drinks right the first time but will remake the drinks stronger or weaker if requested. Second, Villari’s has an amazing ability to handle wedding and banquets. What do you do for fun: Of course I play tennis. House parties and swimming are my second favorite. I am studying graphic design, so I to like to sit in front of my computer and create designs in Adobe Photo Shop and Adobe illustrator. The amount of things you can do with those programs are unbelievable.

Philadelphia/South Jersey


Metro Art

sponsored by



Rob Talo-Artist

Rob Talo has been producing art for as long as he can remember. It is in his nature to create artwork. He was doing this since about the age of three. Since the first grade, any art teacher that he had would offer a lot of direction, all of which I still remember. In middle school, he had this sort of daily competition with many of the other kids in my class. They would produce these drawings and characters and try to top the one from the day before. He’s not sure how this phenomenon occurred but it was fun! He attended Rosa Parks High School of Performing Arts in Paterson, studying both fine and commercial art. Talo attended Pratt Institute by the recommendation of his high school art teachers. He participated in a pre-college program, taking college credits in between his junior and senior year of high school. After high school he attended Pratt’s school of professional studies, again majoring in illustration. But toward his graduation date I became more interested in tattoo and fine art. Q. What are you’re philosophies or manifestos with art? A. Art is a constant exploration, a series of experiments that continuously lead up to the next. It has been engraved into human culture for as long as we know. There are always two opposing views, a duality at work and I try to study different aspects and combinations of these. Sometimes I try to remove myself as much as possible so that the artwork can evolve in a way that is not limited by my own consciousness. I experiment with everything from photo representation to abstract images containing no recognizable imagery and everything that comes in between. When I tattoo, I work more as an illustrator to create designs based on the unique desires and bodies of my clients. These days many people view paintings in terms of their decorative quality, but I want people to understand the inherent value of each piece of original art as a rare and collectible commodity as well as the timeless quality of them. They will continue to exist, long beyond our own lifetimes. Q. What is your creative drive/ outlook? A. Where tattoos are concerned, my drive is to achieve the satisfaction of both myself and my client. With paintings, it is dialogue between myself and the viewers where we sort of reflect each other. Its an endless pursuit, you just keep trying to understand more and it’s a social experiment that becomes a part of our history as well. Because I work with many different approaches, I know that each individual viewer may connect with some of my work and yet not understand certain pieces. It is interesting for me to see these results. Both hate and love are truly powerful emotions that can tell us a great deal about ourselves. Q. How does your art apply to your tattoos? A. Tattoo is just a different medium to me. Just as one might work with oil painting but also with sculpture. When it comes to visual art I will use any medium, but my mediums of choice right now are tattoo and acrylic paint. Q. What are your preferences with working on a tattoo? A. My preference is to always try to do something that is not average. We see so many tattoos these days and I want people to see them in ways they never saw them before. Q. How does it feel to be a tattoo artist? A. When I’m tattooing, I’m in a state of hyper focus and I’m not capable of feeling anything other than the sensitivity of the tattoo itself. It is both exhilarating and exhausting because I’m so inspired by each pursuit and so much energy goes into creating every single piece. There is a lot more work going on behind the scenes than most people realize. At the end of the day I love what I do so much that it is always worth it. Q. What is your opinion on the social aspects of tattoos? is A constAnt A. I think that one of the things that makes tattoo such a powerful medium is that not only the artist but also the collectors are involved in the creation and they are explorAtion a series seeing and displaying it everyday and everywhere they go. It has always had a very profound impact on our society. Of course there will always be many of experiments that people who do not appreciate being impacted profoundly. It is a mysterious heritage that we continuously lead up to have continued since the dawn of mankind. As a visual artist there is a lot of time in a vacuum where sometimes you find yourself beating the next

“Art 18


. August 2013

your head against a wall, trying to understand the mysteries of art itself. And there is great satisfaction in the satisfaction of the clients which is more powerful than my own satisfaction alone. Q. What is the craziest thing you have ever seen or done with art? A. If I had done anything that crazy I probably wouldn’t remember it or speak of it if I did. I have done some things though, like, getting threatened by the management of a strip club for taking the attention off all of the strippers by drawing them in exchange for drinks. I drew one of them and then they all started asking me. I also recall one time nearly dying of asphyxiation while painting a portrait of my daughter nursing. I was using auto body paint that I had found without realizing that I should have been wearing a respirator. Rob Talo’s art is currently on display at Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery until Steptember 28th 2013.

“3rd Eye” - Rob Talo



Journey of Discovery On June 30th, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery hosted the opening reception of its summer 2013 art show. This year, the show, entitled “Journey of Discovery”, features the artwork of resident artist Rob Talo. The collection of work represents the documentation of the results of a series of experiments in which the artist and viewers share a singular journey. Varied in his approach, the artist has produced paintings ranging from abstract to photo-interpretational. Talo has removed himself from control in order to allow the viewers of the work to co-pilot the exploration. Prior to the opening reception, Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery, clients and friends enjoyed a pre-party at Split Rock Indoor Water Park, with limo service provided by LeiLagio. The group met at the Gallery at 9 am, to take the limo to the water park to cool off from the summer heat. Waterslides, water squirts, and even surfing were part of the antics. After a drenching day, the party was brought back to Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery to kick off the opening party. There was a fantastic turn out for a night of great artwork along with refreshments provided by the Gallery. In addition to the great pieces on the wall, were two collaborative paintings that were open for creative input on the day of the show. Everyone was welcome to come and leave their creative footprint on these pieces. All of the proceeds from the auction of these two paintings will benefit the LeiLagio Art Scholarship at William Paterson University. The outstanding artists, at Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery also donated some tattoo time to be raffled up to benefit the scholarship. The scholarship fund made out very well with help from the generous group. Stop in to the gallery to check out the show anytime between June 30th to September 28th 2013.



SKILL SET? Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery is now accepting submissions for interns, apprentices, and artists. Stop in and show us your body of work and potential to become part of the B.T.G. team or to showcase in an upcoming exhibit.

@btattoogallery - 3138 Rt. 10 W. Denville, NJ 07834 (973)-620-9944 Philadelphia/South Jersey


20 August 2013

Philadelphia/South Jersey




By Krys Longan

Now that we are in the dog days of summer, it’s time to break out the hottest trends of the season. This year, designers have taken several bold chances, and the looks presented in this column are not for the faint of heart. But if you are a gutsy fashionista, check out these high style choices.




I have mixed feelings about this trend, although I admit that I have seen several examples that I think are hip. Patchwork denim has made it’s way to the fashion forefront, making a remarkable return from the 1970s. You can find this hippieesque look in everything from dresses to shoes, and of course in jeans and denim tops. The shirt shown is from Scotch & Soda, and sells for $145. You can check it out at


22 August 2013

Showcasing slivers of your body that are typically covered is a big trend right now. Whether you are revealing slivers of stomach or slices of toned, tanned back, this is a style that provides sophisticated sex appeal. What do you need to pull it off? A really specific bra and tons of body confidence. A gorgeous example of this look is exemplified by this white raffia cutaway dress from Robert Rodriguez, which sells for $595



You’ve seen Hannah sport the jumpsuit look on the HBO hit “Girls”, but she wears hers in a manner that screams cutesy as opposed to cool. To really rock the jumpers trend, you need a sleek silhouette, preferably worn with strappy sandals and an oversize clutch to add instant glamour. I love this version from Parker, available in navy blue silk for $298. This is an Intermix online exclusive.

There’s a new skin care guru in town, and her line of products is completely organic and gaining rave reviews from those in-theknow. Tammy Fender--who owns an eponymous spa in Palm Beach, frequented by devoted followers--has a skin care line that smells great and

work even better. The one product that seems to be the must-have is the Epi-Peel, a facial in a jar that leaves skin looking (according to one on-line review), “looking practically poreless”. It sells for $80 for 1.9 ounces at

Philadelphia/South Jersey


AUG HOROSCOPES The Cosmic Lion Roars Holiday Mathis - weekly 2013-08-04

Venus Vacay Holiday Mathis - weekly 2013-08-11

The energy of the cosmic lion is honored and celebrated through the week, especially during the new moon on Tuesday. This is an intense fire-sign push of playfulness, creativity and childlike optimism that is best channeled into endeavors that are open to interpretation. Those who employ right-brained functions of intuition and subjectivity will find that they connect with success in unexpected ways.

Venus is taking care of personal business in Virgo through Thursday, and then Friday she heads to her vacation home in Libra. (The two signs Venus rules are Taurus and Libra.) In Libra, Venus pumps up the intensely romantic ideas and helps us connect in ways that seem artfully designed enough to have popped off a movie screen. The sun’s and moon’s positions at the end of the week ignite the spirit of adventure.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Vocabulary matters, even beyond grade school. Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it seems to add this level of sophistication to your interactions, and yet the result is that you’ll command interest when you speak. A mere 50 words can make the difference between a respected vocabulary and a boring one.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). You’ll be in an exciting new social environment. Be careful about how you proceed. Take too low a position and you run the risk that they’ll mistake you for a doormat. Take too high a posture and they could mistake you for a target to take shots at. The middle ground is best until you get the social lay of the land.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Everyone knows that white reflects the sun’s rays, while black traps them and absorbs more heat. And yet you dress for style, not temperature. You’ll do other things to celebrate your style this week that may make you physically uncomfortable even though you’re spiritually and creatively vibrant.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Advice may be given, but it’s usually not really a gift. It’s a desire that the speaker is having — a desire to guide or to appear smart or to see things go in a different direction. Let the full spirit of context inform you as you filter all of the advice you get this week, including this piece.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Like a thriller in which the bad guy you thought was gone keeps popping up with fresh intent, a bothersome project or issue seems reluctant to leave your scene this week. In the movies, the hero has to win. Since you’re the star of this show, be persistent and do what it takes to bring this to a satisfying conclusion.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Diversity is necessary for success. Luckily, you’ll be surrounded by people very different from you. This ensures that you can all move forward in interesting and effective directions. If you surrounded yourself with clones, you would have too much of the same strength and be blighted by your collective weakness.

CANCER (June 22-July 22). Sometimes it feels like you’re singing the world’s most beautiful song to people who lack a tasteful ear. It doesn’t matter. Keep singing. The way to raise the taste bar is to expose people several times to something different, something progressive. This week, what feels like a futile effort is actually divine work.

CANCER (June 22-July 22). You’re thinking differently than you were thinking 10 years ago — or even last year, for that matter. And those who are thinking along different lines than you are will develop, too. So don’t spend too much time or attention worrying about where everyone is right now. By just sharing, you’ll make a difference.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Is the sun refining its brilliance? Or does it sparkle because it’s continually burning off the old and reaching for new depths within? Your guiding planet will inspire you to burn off some stale energy while simultaneously searching the depths of your soul for new sources of fuel.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). There are many questions that employers ask during job interviews that are, in fact, illegal, but that doesn’t prevent them from asking. You’ll be asked inappropriate questions this week. Whether during an interview or in your everyday life, use tact while refusing firmly and politely to answer them.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). There are different kinds of compromises. The kind you make because it’s easier to agree and to not make the other person work too hard will in time be a bother. Don’t be afraid to ask others to put in more effort. Otherwise, you’ll be in a position of obligation and possibly feeling resentment later down the road.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Shakespeare might think a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but you’re increasingly irritated with someone who calls you everything but your proper name. Don’t be afraid to demand that you be recognized for who you are. What you put out into the world this week warrants credit.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Your sign mate Carrie Fisher suggested that it’s hard to find real closeness in Hollywood because everyone does fake closeness so well. Similarly, you’ll be among polished people, and you’ll wonder: Are they acting? Maybe so, but there is genuine feeling underneath the act, so don’t be too cynical.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). At the end of a long day, as sleep is coming on, you sometimes fall prey to regrets. Regret is simply a part of the beauty of having a choice and making decisions. Don’t give it more power than it deserves in the scheme of your life. Like the Sinatra song, allow yourself a few — but too few to mention.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). They’ll sing your praises, assuming you want this. They don’t know you very well. You like praise, but only in certain settings. If overdone, the pressure of expectation becomes too great; plus, others see you as competition. Friday’s stroke of luck will make up for any discomfort you felt earlier in the week.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You like to do your thing and allow others to do the same. This week, however, it may feel as though a loved one’s hobby is approaching a state of obsession. Blaming the hobby won’t help, but make clear that there are other diversions, including shared ones, and communicate your enthusiasm for them.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). The financial sector of your life is spinning like a wheel of fortune. You see various possibilities come and go. Where will the wheel land this time? You are not in Vegas, so the rules are different, and you shouldn’t leave too much to chance. Take hold of this wheel and steer it where you need it to go

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You’ll be doling out compliments. These should be about one experience and/or person, so avoid inadvertently using contrasts to do the job. Comparative statements only weaken the focus and cheapen the message. These kinds of conversational nuances will make a difference in your interactions this week.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). It may seem counterintuitive, but people don’t become self-actualized by strictly serving their own purposes. Greatness comes from selflessness. The bigger and more helpful your cause the more it can favorably shape your destiny. Note that large causes are often executed in small kindnesses.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). The word “comfort” combines two Latin words — “com,” which means “together,” and “fortis,” which means “strengthen.” By joining someone, you strengthen that person. You provide comfort by simply being there. If you worry about what to say or do, you may do the wrong thing and say too much. Just be there.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). What does the sun look like in Tulsa? Is it different from the sunshine in Tokyo or Sydney? There’s somewhere not as distant that you’d do well to visit. The experience will cause your perception to shift. The feeling that comes from this place will cause you to see things in a different light from the light you get at home.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Because you are so strong, the tender, shy, sensitive and fragile will be drawn to you. Giving others your psychological presence will be of utmost importance. Don’t worry too much about the exact dialogue or other minutia of your interactions. If your heart and mind are with the other person, that’s what’s felt.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You don’t rest soundly until you know your work is done, your relationships are in good standing and your efforts have been delivered in good faith. For these reasons, the sleep you get on Wednesday and Thursday nights will be particularly good. The weekend brings fresh responsibility, and you’re up for it

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Accept yourself. Not because it’s the best thing you can do for your personal life, your career, your finances, your spirituality, your image, your popularity, your style, your intellect, your health or another part of your life that matters. Accept yourself because you’re acceptable. You’re doing your best. And through self-acceptance, you’ll do even better.

24 August 2013

AUG HOROSCOPES Once Upon a Blue Moon Holiday Mathis - weekly 2013-08-18


Fill in the blank cells using numbers 1 to 9. Each number can apUse logic and

pear only once in each row, column and 3x3 block. Blue moons are popularly defined as the second full moon inside a calendar month. There is also a seasonal qualification: A blue moon is theprocess elimination to solve the puzzle. third of four full moons to take place in a season. That is the definition by which Tuesday’s full moon in Aquarius claims its “blue” status. Why not celebrate by doing something you will thoroughly enjoy but wouldn’t necessarily want to make a habit of?

© 2013 Janric Enterprises Dist. by

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Romance and melodrama are dramatic constructs that don’t have a lot to do with real life, except that they have entertained people for centuries. What parts of real life are you willing to risk for the sake of romance and melodrama? Be careful in your choices. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You like to pick and choose your sources for information. You want to be privy to what the insiders know, not exposed to the overheated media slop so casually prepared for the masses. You prefer your news to come in thoughtful trickles, not floods. Your media wishes will be fulfilled this week. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You’re all heart this week. The gift of feeling will color your world, and you’ll sense every color differently. The pinks and browns will especially grab you, suggesting that some things are extremely light and airy while others are based in the realism of dirt and the solidity of mountain rock. CANCER (June 22-July 22). What constitutes a good conversation? For starters, the other person will not be head down in a text. Competing with digital information is just annoying, and you should tell the other person that competing with people who are not even in the vicinity is simply too much to ask and certainly unacceptable. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Let people give to you. They probably won’t know how, and they’re likely to mess it up, but it’s important that you let them try. Eventually, you can teach people how to best show their affection for you. But for now, accept and appreciate the gifts of others. It keeps you in the flow of generosity. 8/8713 Solution on Pg. 61

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your work is cut out for you this week. Don’t let the scope of your endeavor intimidate you. Resolve to stick with it, and by Wednesday, you’ve already made marked progress. Know that this is not about just you. Your tenacity is moving to others. People you don’t even know are cheering for you. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Your awareness of energy and how it flows through people, environments and the natural world will be deeper and broader than usual. You’ll be so attuned to vibes and body language that you won’t even need to see a person’s face to know what he or she is thinking. Use your talent to sort out a social situation. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You have many irresistible qualities, but you may have forgotten what they are. Ask those closest to you. Also, mentally visit your history for clues. Once you remember your strengths, you can play to them in this week’s negotiations. Try different combinations until you unlock the “yes” you’re trying to get. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Those who expect you to behave in a certain way will get a surprise this week. What they fail to understand is that you live by your own internal code of values. In some ways, it’s more stringent than societal norms, and in other ways, it’s totally different. When you act, you always have your reasons. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). The remarkable thing about weeds is that they are the hardiest of plants. They grow and grow without being invited, cared for or appreciated. They claim the land and declare that they belong there, and maybe they do. You’ll have a weedy-equivalent in your world this week, and you’ll react to it thoughtfully. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You’re on task this week, putting all of your energy into seeing a vision through. Let others know how they can help. You’ll command respect and influence others, mostly because you ANTS couldn’t care less what they think of you. Your mission is too important to AUGUST waste time worrying about petty things. BARBECUE BASEBALL PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You’ll correctly surmise the intentions of others even when their actions don’t quite convey them properly. It’s this BEACH BEES talent for reading between the lines that makes you very attractive this week. Note: Some Pisces will be dealing with matters of inheritance. You BICYCLE know what they say: Where there’s a will, there’s a relative. BLUE SKY BOATING BREEZE




Philadelphia/South Jersey


INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Adelphia’s, YOU MAY NEVER LEAVE! Every month we pick a location and write a review, usually something short and quick. However after sending in a couple of friends to Adelphia, I decided to check it out myself. It was magnificent! From the second you pull up to the building to the first steps inside. Your senses run wild with the possibilities. It’s very easy to spend a whole day there!

is, it’s right as you walk in, so if you’re not careful you may just get stuck there. Trust me, everything looked and tasted amazing! After you get past the bakery, it open up to a highend nice dinner on the left, a great inviting bar right in front, and a fun dance floor/club are to the left. The decorating for each section is unique to its purpose.

So when I sat down to write a review for a Philly / South Jersey dance club, I decided Adelphia Bar and Dance Club was the place worth talking about. For those of you in Philadelphia, I know you have some great clubs in the city, but this place is a city unto itself!

My advice start out with happy hour, stay for dinner, then party the night away on the dance floor!

Adelphia Bar and Dance Club is one of the hottest local dance clubs to be found in the Delaware Valley. 9 minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge, 16 minutes from the Ben Franklin Bridge and 11 minutes from Cherry Hill. Super clean, state of the art, no congestion, hassle free, no cost parking.

When going out for a night on the town, enjoy the state of the art effects in the Adelphia Bar and Dance Club. The Large LED dance floor is fun! This place took a lot of care and time in designing a great color show that pumps up the energy. A sound system that lets you hear every note and all the base you can handle. The overhead light show is as good of a show as the LED dance floor light show. A serious feast of the eyes!

Want a change of pace, maybe get to know a new crowd, or just dance to the best music in the Delaware Valley? If so, go to Adelphia. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll go back for more. I going to break down as many amenities as I can, but to get the real experience, you simply must go yourself. It has a wonderful bakery with a large assortment of pastries and other goodies. The best part

26 August 2013

The bartenders are fun too! Very courteous, greet you with a smile and aim to please. No un-necessary waiting and the drinks are made right. I think the best thing about their bartenders is the fun they seem to be having at work. They actually engage the customers, share stories and encourage you to dance. They even play the “wobble” song, and yes, even the bartenders get into it! Well the ambiance and staff are important but so are the events and line ups. Since

“My advice start out with happy hour, stay for dinner, then party the night away on the dance floor!” 1750 Clements Bridge Rd Deptford Township, NJ 08096 (856) 845-8200

• Monday

Happy Hour 3pm - 7pm

Reduced Drink Prices! $3 Stella Drafts

$3 off any Bottle of Wine $3 off Flatbreads Free Pizza!

• Tuesday Biz Night!

Hosted by DJ Nick Teti

In the Biz Nite, 80’s and 90’s Music. $3 Mojitos all day! $3 Amstell

$5 Burgers All Day/All Night at the Bar & Restaurant (no take out)

• Wednesday College Night!

8pm-Midnight @ Bar: $2. U call it they are all upcoming we obviously cant give an opinion on them, but it’s clear this place does not do anything half-way. So we will certainly be following up to experience the upcoming events. COME JOIN US!!! I have posted, (what they have listed), what’s hot every night of the week. There are very few and far between dance clubs that have such an extensive line up, so take a look. Tuesdays, DJ Nick Teti lites up the dance floor with a throwback to the 90’s. Wednesdays, College Night. Need I say more? Ok, I will. “Smoke’in” hot and the place to be. Thursdays, Live Dance Party hosted 98.1 WOGL is always a good time to cut loose. Fridays, LADIES NIGHT. Let me say that again; Fridays, LADIES NIGHT. Don’t miss out. Saturdays, 98.1 WOGL live broadcast. Some of the best dance music and a fun for all. Sunday, NOW & THEN DANCE PARTY from 9pm 2am Top 40 & Dance And football season coming up on us fast. YES,

this is a great place to watch sports. They have 24 High Definition Plasma TV’s to watch the NFL Ticket, Pay per View Boxing, and other major sporting events. And to add a little spice to the games, they have drink specials and sporting promotions throughout the year.

$2 Coors Light

$2 Miller Lite Bottles $3 Fireball Shots

Midnight to closing Happy Hour Pricing @ Bar

We’d like your feedback. What night you liked best? What was hot? What bartender was most attentive? What new people you met? Adelphia is known to be the place to meet new friends.

1/2 priced appetizers @ the bar from 3pm to 7pm

Come, experience the Adelphia Nightlife and Dance Club, we’ll look forward to seeing you there and having a night to talk about.

• Thursday

2 for $12 Pizzas (no take out)

Live Band Dance Party Hosted by 98.1 WOGL’s Bob Pantano

• Friday

Ladies Night - $5 Martini’s

DJ John DiNardo with live bands $3 Lieninkugal Draft

$4 Three Olives Bomb Shots

• Saturday

98.1 WOGL live broadcast with Bob Pantano and DJ Joey Mack

• Sunday

NOW & THEN DANCE PARTY from 9pm - 2am Top 40 & Dance with Fatman Gus and DJ Johnny Looch $2 Miller Lite $3 U Call It 9pm to Close!!!!

Philadelphia/South Jersey



Bryson Andres

by Leann Aciz and Contributing Writersrs


hrough Music we see the birth and life of art. From the first note to the ultimate crescendo of balanced and harmonized sounds. Being a fan of impressive and fun talent, we chose to highlight an artist with over 400,000 Views on Facebook, and no it’s not Justin Beiber (gag)! This talented artist is Bryson Andres. an Artist that plays and amazing street performance! A person we want to honor,and hope you find enjoyment in his sound. Misfortunes sometimes bring a certain catharsis in one’s life that oftentimes bolsters epiphanies or skill, which may propel him to the cusp of success” – Bryson Andres To date, Bryson has written over 25 originals, admitting that somehow his ADD affects his songwriting proficiency, while his many covers of pop favorites from the likes of Coldplay, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga, among others, have catapulted him to online stardom.”

“ -

scan to see his video!

Jay-Z “Magna Carta...Holy Grail”


ay-Z has had one hell of a year. He released a highly anticipated record, relinquished his share of the Brooklyn Nets, and launched his own sports agency company, obtaining NY Yankee Robinson Cano as a client. If you were one of the lucky million Samsung users who got to listen to Jay-Z’s new album “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” before everyone else, you may have considered yourself lucky. After all, it’s not everyday that a rap legend publicly leaks their own album. As all good things do, it came with a price - for Samsung, and for its customers. Very recently, Jay-Z and Samsung have come under fire for the app Samsung users downloaded in order to get JayZ’s album. Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC), which is a US civil liberties group, publicly challenged that the app that Samsung users used to download the album collected “massive amounts of personal information from users, including location data”. Allegedly, the Magna Carta app included hidden spam techniques that secretly made customers promote the album, as well as the app pulling in data from other accounts on user’s phones. This security breach shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Jay-Z yet again, put out an amazing 28has August album. 2013 The best part about “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” is that you kind of get

the feel that Jay-Z KNOWS he has accomplished so much to the point where he doesn’t need to make any more epic music - but he wants to. This album seems more for him to have fun with, considering that now he has other business ventures to conquer and already has all the riches in the world with his wife Beyonce and their baby Blue Ivy. From proclaiming he doesn’t “do molly, (he) rock’s Tom Ford” to remarking how he desires owning a Picasso painting, you sense that Jay-Z isn’t worried about a damn thing. Obviously inspired by traveling abroad, (“Picasso Baby”,”Holy Grail”), his daughter (“La Familia”) and his never-suffering confidence in himself (“Crown”, “F.U.T.W”, “Heaven”), true fans will be able to recognize the transition from his first album to where he is at now in his life. It’s gratifying to witness a true example of a man who changed from thuggish drug dealer to a nice, rich guy with swag. This album has some great guest features from Justin Timberlake, Rick Ross, and yes, even Nas. Even though the release of this record may be tainted by the privacy issue, don’t feel too bad for Beyonce’s husband; ”Magna Carta” became his 13th #1 album, making him the one solo artist with the most #1 albums in history.

Philadelphia/South Jersey


30 August 2013


Nash Rosario



Car Name:



Extreme dimensions Bullish Motor Racing VIP Auto Spa Nismo Graphics One of the great things about New Jersey is the creative and extreme side that makes you do a double take. While working closely with Untouchable Toys Car Club in New Jersey, we have gotten to see some of NJ’s “fast and furious”! Untouchable Toys is a unique car club and hosts car shows and events all over the tri sate area. From Philadelphia, over to Connecticut, and of course right here in the great state of New Jersey. This month we are featuring a car called: Voltronismo Car History: Before this car became the Voltronismo we know today, it has a little bit of a past. The Car was originally bought for Nash’s father as a hobby shared between father and son. After Nash’s father passed away, Nash took it upon himself to honor his father by continuing to upgrade this car to its intended purpose. Over time the car has been upgraded in 4 stages. Stage 1: some small stickers and graphics Stage 2: body and rims and slight interior. Exterior: Featuring 18 inch super lightweight rims from Volks Racing Wheels out of Japan, and Black housing Headlights. As well as some light graphic work from NISMO GRAPHICS Interior : full carbon fiber interior upgrade from 350Z source. com, and a 7 inch flip screen dash DVD player from Clarion.

Stage 3: Body kit, Rims, Colors, Graphics: First Body kit from EXTREME DIMENSION (was mailed straight to Nash’s house, very convenient) Gave it 2 tone color theme, black on the outside with some carbon fiber features such as mirrors, and door handles. And silver carbon fiber on the inside Upgraded from 18 inch rims to 20 inch Foose rims Engine: DENSO spark plugs, carbon fiber engine cover, battery cover, power steering and oil cover Upgrade to engine upper strut bar, painted red, modifications done by Bullish Motor Racing in New Jersey

Custom exhaust, Cat back exhaust system, stainless steel, 3 inch mouth opening, from BULLISH MOTOR RACING 350Z source rear window coverings Extreme dimensions, helped find carbon fiber spoiler called a Nismo stage 3 spoiler. Also carbon fiber hood from VEILSIDE

And finally, Custom voltron graphics drawn and created by Nash Rosario himself, bringing us to the full creating of Voltronismo! (Decals printed by Decal by Design in Edison NJ) - Extreme dimensions - Stage 4 (final): Stage 4 went from regular body kit to 12 piece, - Bullish Motor Racing - Lodi NJ, (201) 546-1005 wide body kit, carbon fiber spoiler called a Nismo stage 3 - VIP auto spa - 120 U.S. 46 Lodi, NJ 07644 spoiler, and a carbon fiber hood called Vielside, all from (973) 928-1823 Extreme Dimension Rims changed to, Nismo 20 inch rims from VIP AUTO SPA, - Nismo Graphics in lodi nj with custom red pipe molding.

Philadelphia/South Jersey



Angel OF THE

Brittany Mason

Interview by Chaunce Hayden Photography by Brian B. Hayes August 2013


Scan Below to Download Picture!

Philadelphia/South Jersey


34 August 2013

You’re one of the most beautiful women in the world. Do you feel pressure to be model ready 24/7 or are you able to relax without all the bells and beauty whistles? I actually don’t feel that way because I’ve realized no one is perfect and there is beauty in our little imperfections. The things that make you, you. When I’m not working I don’t really wear much makeup, there are days I don’t even style my hair. I just love embracing what is natural beauty. You’ve appeared in some of the most read magazines in the world, including Sports Illustrated, GQ and Esquire just to name a few. Is there one that stands out or meant the most to you? That is really hard to say, but one of my favorites is the Me in My Place Esquire shoot. They came to my apartment in NYC and shot me in my own lingerie around my own home. I loved it because I wasn’t focused on selling a product, I was just free to be myself and share a peak in to my home. You recently appeared on the television series The Face with Naomi Campbell. Naomi has gotten some pretty bad press over her career. What are your thoughts about the iconic model? At the end of the day I have Naomi to thank for hand picking me to be on the show. I respect her for her career, passion, and her hard work. She does not let anyone or anything ever stand in her way for what she wants. You also had a guest starring role on the 200th episode of Two and a Half Men. What was it like to work with Ashton Kutcher?

left them in my yard, poured fake blood all over my parents house, they threatened my life, they chased me down during a homecoming parade and soaked me with super soaker water guns in front of the entire student body, parents, teachers, and the principle. What they did was endless. I was scared and fell into a state of depression, I isolated myself, my grades went from A’s and B’s to D’s and Fs. I would skip school as much as possible. All during this time the Principle never even punished them even though he was a witness himself. It felt like it was me against the entire school, so I began homeschooling and I took an internship at a local newspaper. I was not going to allow them to defeat me. I began writing about my experiences at Anderson High School and spreading awareness about bullying and the tragic effects it can have on kids. No child deserves to feel fear when they are trying to receive an education. Our schools in the US have a lot of work to do when it comes to this. I am just so thankful that now over 10 years later, people are finally taking bullying seriously. Other work you’ve been involved with includes working with the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. Are you satisfied thus far with the man you helped get elected? Well I have to say I do not support the legislation that was passed to allow horses to be slaughtered and served for food consumption. Think we’ll ever have a female President? Who? OF COURSE! I’m not sure yet, I was hoping for Hillary Clinton, or maybe Oprah!

It was a wonderful experience being on the show Two and a Half Men! Ashton is a fantastic person to work with and he gave me wonderful insight in the acting industry. I admire his work ethics, he is a very talented and good person. You take acting pretty seriously and have even studied at the Lee Strasberg acting studio. Does beauty ever get in the way of getting acting roles? That is funny that you ask that, I always dull myself down for acting auditions and I NEVER wear heels. It is much different than a model casting. You have to dress the part you are auditioning for. It’s hard to believe that you didn’t win. Were you happy or devastated to come in 7th place? I am honored to have represented Indiana at the Miss USA pageant. I wanted the job as Miss USA not for glory or fame, but for much more important reasons. I wanted to truly empower woman universally and further my work in human rights and philanthropy on a global level. After that I have come to realize I do not need to win a pageant, title, or crown to help others on a large scale. Since then I have paved my own way continuing being the woman that I am and have still created the life I always dreamed of no matter what setbacks try to come my way! You’re also a big advocate for bullying awareness. Were you ever bullied? Absolutely! Everyone experiences bullying on different levels. For me it was relentless and life threatening. I had a group of upperclassmen girls that harassed me everyday for nearly two years, all because their ring leader thought her boyfriend had a crush on me. My first car was destroyed, my parents car was destroyed, they took my photo and posted it up around school with disgusting words, they would chant “You’re Ugly” at school functions encouraging tons of people chanting, shove me, throw things at me, they took Barbie dolls and ripped their heads off and

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naked truth THE

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...and spits in the face of those who lost their life and limbs.


understand the society we have created for ourselves centers around good looks, controversey and youth. To some degree we all bath in pop culture’s same shallow dirty water. Our endless need (yes, I know you’re the exception) for beauty and drama feeds a relentless thirst. Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus...I get it. But what I won’t get ever again and you shouldn’t either is Rolling Stone magazine. Last week the financially struggling rock rag spit in the face of each victim of the Boston bomb attacks when in a desperate bid for attention decided to feature an adoring image of home grown terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on it’s cover. The repulsive image has indeed been published in several other newspapers and magazines, but what makes Rolling Stone’s cover offensive is the simple fact that its Rolling Stone. Hit by a storm of criticism and boycotts over its cover treatment and glam photo of Tsarnaev, Rolling Stone defended itself, saying it was within its tradition of “serious and thoughtful coverage” of important cultural and political issues. I say: Bullshit. I understand the importance of investigating the cruel and merciless attack. What I refuse to buy into is that there was any other reason to use the Jim Morrison style headshot of this piece of shit killer than to highlight the fact Tsarnaev has what our superficial society deems as “rock star” looks. I wonder how Boston police officer Sean Collier, 26, feels about his assassin’s thick, dark locks? I wonder how those who lost their legs and arms feel about Tsarnaev’s striking eyes and square jaw line? More importantly, I wonder how Rolling Stone could be so remarkably insensitive and stupid? The article, by contributing editor Janet Reitman, is titled “The Bomber: How a popular,

36 August 2013

promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam and became a monster.” Poor baby. The lengthy piece ignores the horror that awaits Tsarnaev’s victims and instead celebafies a deadly terrorist with highlights of his past by childhood and high school friends, teachers, and neighbors. The only positive aspect of this Rolling Stone public relations disastor is that it’s poorly thought out attempt for attention blew up in their face... pun definitely intended. Some comments from the voices of reason: • “I think it’s wrong to make celebrities out of these people. Why give the guy the cover of Rolling Stone? TIME gave Charles Manson the cover and all the magazines carried pictures of the Columbine shooters on the covers, too. Don’t make martyrs out of these people.” • “Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs, should be on cover” • “The best example yet of why Facebook needs a ‘dislike’ button.” • “Is this for real?! Why don’t the VICTIMS get the cover instead? It’s sick that no one cares that people died, real people with lives and families, they just care about whatever will sell” • “I hope not a single person from Boston or New England ever buys your magazine again. the most copies. Want to see true terrorism? Look to the media.” • “I am so disappointed with Rolling Stone Magazine. I have enjoyed your magazine up until now. I will no longer buy/read the mag. You have just made him a “rock star”. How could you?” I obviously support the First Amendment and freedom of the press is the foundation of our nation. However, I also know the difference between freedom of the press and selling magazine’s off the blood and guts of innocent people. You can dress poor taste anyway you like, the naked truth is clear....Rolling Stone should be ashamed.

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38 August 2013

Luberto and his Fabulous Foods

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EXPOSED MN Magazine Loves events! And loves seeing you have fun at the events. We do our best to capture and highlight special occasions. Check us out online to download your pictures FREE! So, I was invited, with my crew, to stop by:


open house. I was amazed to see their full motorcycle line. They have it all. New, used, different makes outside their house brands of Ducati, Triumph and the all new EBR Motorcycle.

40 August 2013

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By Chris Wertz


he dog days of summer are here. It’s hot, really hot. Stop...Don’t move. Extend your lips to your straw and sip. Ahhhhh. That’s better. About all the energy you should be expending this month is preparing a cool cocktail and drinking it. And since you will be doing the bare minimum to get a buzz, you should start with great ingredients. Four Roses bourbon, one of the grand daddies of whiskeymaking in the United States, has a venerable history which goes all the way back to the 19th century when founder Paul Jones Jr. named his hooch in honor of the rose-filled corsage his prospective fiancée wore to a grand ball. Jones was certainly not the first man to fall for a rosebud, but how many men can take that inspiration and create a product which lasts 150 years? While the “Noble Experiment”, or Prohibition, put many of the country’s oldest distilleries out of business, Uncle Sam had the foresight to realize that good bourbon was good for everyone. He allowed Four Roses to continue production as a purely medicinal product while the vast majority of American distilleries were forced to close. Once Prohibition ended in 1933, Four Roses quickly took the reins as the #1 bourbon in America. Despite that rich history and great success, for many years Four Roses was not available in the States. Instead it was relegated to being an export whiskey which was widely popular in Europe and especially so in Japan. Exiled no longer, it is back on U.S. shelves, where drinkers can now find a wide variety of several award winning expressions of this wizened whiskey including Yellow Label, Small Batch, Single Barrel and various special releases. This review is for the Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon variety. At 90 proof it is at the perfect strength for mixing. The booziness of this bourbon allows it not to be beaten down and muted by cocktail ingredients, while a sweetness from the corn in the mix is ideal to offset bitter and sour mixers well enough to create a nicely balanced cocktail. There is no need to run right to the shaker though. This is no rotgut that necessarily needs to be gussied up by a mixed drink. Four Roses is famous for producing dynamic bourbons with their 5 proprietary yeast strains, then blending them to create complex, smooth, multi-faceted whiskies with appeal to many palates that are just as perfect sipped in a cocktail as they are neat or on ice. Drunk straight, the rye in the mashbill comes through readily on the nose with hints of black pepper and spice. The body gives way quickly to the corn whose sweetness is the historic signature of a fine bourbon. And at the finish there is some sharp heat again from the rye, which leaves a pleasingly slightly harsh taste which should be savored and not washed away, except of course by another swig of Four Roses.

42 August 2013

Whiskey Cocktail of the Month

COON HOUND 2 oz Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon 1 ½ oz Grapefruit Juice ½ oz sweet tea Garnish with mint leaves

Shake bourbon, grapefruit juice and tea with ice. Pour into a rocks glass with fresh ice and garnish with mint.


Seasons Change


he saying goes, “April showers brings May flowers”...I say different. April sunshine brings May breakups.

We’ve all done it or have been a victim of it. We’re all happy being with the one we “love” while the season is cold, but when that sun comes out..WOW..being single sounds and feels so right. I see it so many times over and over again. When I’m hanging out or when I’m in my place of business, I can always tell which couples are going to stay together and which are only together to keep each other warm. Now I’m not saying that finding a partner for some “body heat” is bad, but both parties have to be in agreement to make it work. The couples that I know are going to stay together are not easily noticeable. The only thing that gives it away that they are a couple is the body language and eye contact they give each other. My wife and I are victims of that when we were dating. When we socialized and hung out with friends we start the evening together, mingle and move around separately in the middle of the night, than meet back up and finish the night together. I sometimes get asked during those evenings by other friends “how’s your girl?” And I answer, “I hope she’s fine. She’s walking around with her girls”. I always get a funny stare of confusion because they can’t believe that we’re partying separately. We weren’t planning on going our separate ways when spring arrived. Now the couple that I know are just with each other for the cold months are so easily spotted. It makes me laugh. Let me start by saying I HATE LÊECHES..This is what I call the couple that I know for sure are going to be separated come the spring season. I believe in showing a little public affection, but these leeches are over bearing. From the beginning of the night when they walk into a bar or lounge, I notice them. They walk in holding hands passionately. It’s really a clamp on each other. As they walk around the place you can notice the clamp getting tighter and tighter on each other. At the bar they can’t even order a drink without hugging each other. Even when they’re drinking

By Luis Soto

their drinks they’re hugging. They can’t even go to the bathroom without each other...God forbid they might get taken away from each other. The whole night is just a whole touching and feeling on each other. I see this more during the months of September through April. They are so happy together during this time. The changes start during the start of April showers. That’s when I see the same couples hanging but not together. When they see each other at the bars or lounges the arguing is noticeable. No more hand clamps, no more kisses by the bar, no more walking each other to the bathrooms. Just more stalking each other all over the place to make sure that they’re not talking to anyone else. I see more attempts at mending the relationship and when it’s not going well the tears start coming down. I see more dirty looks at each other across the bars. The worst is when the alcohol kicks in. That’s when you see the same lovey dovey couple you saw all over each other during the cold months, being ex courted out by security separately during the warm months. Now you might think that all this leech activity only pertains to guys, but it doesn’t. Both guys and girls are guilty of this. This can all work if the couple at the beginning of the courtship tells and explains to each other what they truly want out of the relationship. There will be no problems just an understanding. Being together during the cold months, separate during the warm months and agree to be back together when the cold months come back. That will be the ideal relationship in my eyes. If you research it, I’m almost sure that the breakup average in the month of April are the highest then any months. I believe that The tiki bars, cold drinks, jersey shores, warm sun and slim worked out bikini bodies, is the time when leech season is over. It’s the time when everyone brings out their best arguments so then they can be single for at least 3 months. I guess the pain and arguments during the warm months is bearable as long as the sun is shinning. Work hard and Party safe everyone . I’ll see everyone at Tiki bar!

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44 August 2013


APRIL ROSE …Ummm, who the hell are the other 88?

Born just north of Chicago, stunning April Rose warmed every guy’s desire after winning Maxim magazine’s 2008 Hometown Hottie contest. Listed as the magazine’s 89th Most Beautiful Women in the World, April took advantage of her growing popularity and landed a gig as cohost for the Chicago Bears pre-game show “The Chicago Huddle” and currently writes and hosts a daily web series on, “Maximum Exposure”. But that’s just for starters.

April’s career has skyrocketed as one of stars of MTV’s highest rated series of all time, “Guy Code.” She can also be seen on the FOX Speed network as well as this summer’s biggest film, Adam Sandler’s “Grown-Up’s 2”. I recently had the opportunity to chat with April Rose (Eat your heart out guys) about her television and film success and what it’s like to be considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Philadelphia/South Jersey


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My dream guy is that big, burly guy like Chris Farley with the big coat and fur hat cheering for our team! I love a beer gut! August 2013



Chaunce Hayden: We have a lot to talk about, but the first thing has to be your role in this summer’s biggest film, “Grown-Up’s 2”. April Rose: I got very lucky that they found me. I was told they were looking for a fun and sexy girl. There’re a lot of beautiful women in America, so I got lucky that they found me. Apparently I was able to trick everyone into thinking I was a good actress. Seriously, have you looked in the mirror? I don’t think you have to be too worried with your acting abilities. (Laughs) All that is, is good lighting and good hair and make up. Anyone can look good. Trust me, it would take a lot more than good lighting and good hair and make up to look like you. (Laughs) I have a few tricks. The “Grown-Up 2” all star cast is made up of some of Hollywood’s funniest people. Was it a big party on the set? It was a lot of fun! But it was also very professional at the same time. Adam Sandler was also one of the writer’s of the script, so he knew everyone’s lines. He even knew my dance recital routine. It was professional, but definitely a lot of very funny people doing very funny things. The film is made up of Adam’s real friends that he’s stuck by his entire life. He’s just having a great time with his life. We liked your Russian accent in the film. There was no stress when it came to my part. I had to do the Russian and it was never a problem. Nobody said, “You aren’t doing it right.” It’s a comedy and that was the vibe. Let’s not take it too seriously. Let’s just have fun. Besides “Grown Up’s 2” you’re also one of the star’s of MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code.” The series has become MTV’s all time highest rated show. What makes it so popular? I think “Guy Code” became so popular because we don’t prepare. We don’t have writers. We just answer questions about how we honestly feel. We don’t think about what we’re going to say, it’s just whatever comes out of us. MTV did a really good job of casting the show. The people they brought in aren’t embarrassed to be honest or hurting their reputation for being honest about a certain topic. For instance? Like when they asked about penis size and masturbation. There are things we talk about that I would never want my parents to hear!

I’ve been lied to enough and caught guys in the act that at this point I’m a pretty good judge of character. Let’s talk about your title as a former Maxim magazine Hometown Hottie. That’s a pretty big honor. What are the odds of winning? A trillion to one?

So does penis size matter?

(Laughs) I like those odds! It makes me feel special.

Size doesn’t matter only if you know how to use it right. I dated a guy that was a little above average but he would just lie there. He was like, “Okay, here you go. This is all you get.” And I dated other guys that will have a lot of foreplay and be into it more and really want to please you.

I know! I did it on a whim. There was no thought in my head of winning or even making it into the next round. I thought it was so silly.

So it’s not the meat it’s the motion? Yes! But of course it’s better to have a big motion. What difficulties do you run into when it comes to being beautiful and single? If I’m dating a guy, especially a new guy, in their head there’s a porno scene always going on in the background of my life. So I have to make sure they feel secure about the relationship. I’m really good about picking up the phone and not disappearing. I make sure I’m very honest and an open slate. I think it’s important. Can you look into a guy’s eye and tell if he’s lying? I do have super human abilities when it comes to lying! I can definitely look into you eyes and know if you aren’t being truthful.

We’re talking about a lot of towns and a lot of hotties.

For you it’s silly. For the rest of the world it’s impossible. When did you say, “I’m really fucking hot!” for the very first time? Who says that about themselves? Have you ever had a girl in your life say that? My career has grown so slowly that there’s never been that moment where I thought I was special. I just worked really hard every step of the way. There was no one ego driving moment. I was never queen of the world so to speak. Maxim magazine has you at number 89 Most Beautiful Women in the World. Do you know who is number 88? I don’t remember, but I do know that Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend was number 69! I don’t know if that’s an insult or not, but I need a recount. I think a lot of that list is based on your popularity then your physical appearance.

Philadelphia/South Jersey


Don’t you also help pick the new Hometown Hotties for Maxim? They sometimes ask me to help out. They take the top 10 girls and do a huge photo shoot in Las Vegas. Now that’s a reality show. Those girls are completely unleashed and drinking and shooting in the sun all day. Wild things definitely go on. But it’s not all based on looks. A lot of it is based on, “Are you a likeable person?” “Are you smart?” “Are you friendly?” Is being a Hometown Hottie a bigger honor than being a Playboy centerfold? Oh my gosh! Hugh Hefner is the leader of the casting couch! I know so many girls who are Playmates and they’ve told me a lot of fun and interesting stories that I can’t tell you. Does it involve being tied up and drugged? I think they all know what they’re getting into pretty much. I’m so tied into Maxim; I don’t even think that I’m legally allowed to step on the Playboy mansion property. You also work for the FOX Sports Speed channel. Do you know anything about cars? I know nothing about what kind of engine is in a car, but I can definitely talk cars and have fun doing it. I don’t pretend to be that mechanic chick that knows everything. I’m not going to lie about that. But you do know DA Bears! Tell me about working on their pregame show. I love DA Bears! My dream guy is that big, burly guy like Chris

48 August 2013

Farley with the big coat and fur hat cheering for our team! I love a beer gut! Midwestern girls are raised to adore men who wear sweat pants, drink beer and watch football. So you really can talk football with the best of them? Listen, I never played the game, so I can’t talk about it with the same passion as the men I work with on the pregame show. But I can definitely talk about the entertainment side of football. The social media aspect of it. I really appreciate the game and I’ve been watching it my whole life. Do you hear from the players? I definitely hear from some of the players and a lot of the rookies especially. But for the record I never dated a football player, but I wouldn’t get fired if I did. Are you really a trained EMT? Yep! I got my license out of high school. But the ambulance insurance company wouldn’t let me drive because I had too many speeding tickets. Which is pretty stupid if you ask me. Wouldn’t you want me to get to the accident as fast as possible? Good point. Ever have to give mouth to mouth? I’ve been asked to, but when you can verbally ask someone to give you mouth to mouth they don’t need it. Finally, in 2014 the Super Bowl will be played right here in New Jersey. Any prediction who will be playing? I don’t know both teams, but I do know one of them. DA BEARS! See you in February Chaunce!

Philadelphia/South Jersey





hile running around Philadelphia and south Jersey, there is always a place to relax, shoot some whiskey, drink a beer and meet great people! So as a quick highlight this month, here are some places you can hang out at, be welcomed, and enjoy a drink or two. But remember, some of these places have karaoke, so drink too much and you just may end up being one of our next stories of embarrassing moments! Brownie’s

46 S 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 238-1222

Do you like the feel of a neighborhood bar in the city? A feel of the Irish state of mind of having a good time! A local place were friends and strangers get together to sing karaoke every Tuesday from 7 till 12PM? Here’s a reason to get out on Tuesday and have fun but, be home early enough to get to work the next day. Have you just wanted to be around other friendly minded people? Well, we did and the place is called “Brownie’s” at 46 South 2nd Street. Brownie’s has the feel of the small Irish Pub with people looking to relax, meet new people, throw some darts, shoot some pool and have a smoke at the bar. Stop by with a few friends and make a few more. Stop by on Tuesday and enjoy the company of the “singing bartenders. Stop by for lunch or happy hour every day of the week for their specials. Either way, stop by and say hello to Nicole and Bob, two of our “singing” bartenders.

Dubh Linn Square

167 U.S. 130 Bordentown Township, NJ 08505 482 E Evesham Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. (856) 520-8312.

We’ve stopped by. We had a drink. We had a good time. This is, one of the few authentic Irish Pubs in the South Jersey area. And, the great thing is………..there are two of them. One Pub at 167 Route 130 Bordentown, NJ, and the other at 482 E. Evesham Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ. Dubh Linn Square set out to create a Restaurant and Pub where you can enjoy quality food and drink in a fun atmosphere with friendly service and great live entertainment- all delivered with a big, warm Irish welcome. And to make sure we created the perfect environment for an unforgettable experience, we commissioned Irish craftsmen to design and build every aspect of our pubs. For the Irish in you; Ladies Nights every Thursday, Live JD Every Saturday at Cherry Hill Pub. Live Entertainment every Friday and Saturday at Bordentown Pub. Check out their website for everyday happening to include live music, DJ appearances, ladies nights, Happy Hour, etc. We believe it’s the perfect setting to have fun, chill out, watch the game, or celebrate that special occasion with family and friends, all with a unique, traditional Irish flavour. So come on by the Square and experience the ‘Craic’.

50 August 2013

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all about The Benajmins, baby! If you live in New Jersey then you must have heard of The Benjamins, a cover band that has a larger fan base than most bands that hail from the area. Joe DeGennaro, (lead vocals, guitar), Ben DeGennaro (bass, vocals), Cory Pensa, (guitar, vocals), and Jeremy Mykietyn (drums, vocals) are the heart and soul of NJ’s infamous cover band. All of the band members proudly consider New Jersey home: Joe is from Clifton, Ben is from Colonia, Cory is from Lake Hopatcong, and Jeremy is from Tinton Falls. Joe and Ben are brothers, and Jeremy grew up with them in Garfield, NJ. They are long time friends that formed the band and have played for almost 14 years now. (If you’re one of the many people who think that The Benjamins are named after the bass player, you’re wrong - the name actually comes from slang for $100 bills.) Jeremy, Cory, Joe, and Ben come from homes where music played a huge role in their upbringing. In fact, Jeremy and Joe and Ben’s fathers are musicians in their own right who still actively perform. Jeremy proudly proclaims, “Music runs in our blood”. Not to say that The Benjamin’s have had an easy time solidifying their spot as a successful cover band. There are many obstacles in the way for a band playing covers to become as respected as they have. Jeremy explains, “The biggest obstacle is that so many people have a bad taste in their mouths for bands. We hear it all the time; people will say, “I always hated bands until I heard you guys”. Newer bands need to come out and be as awesome as they can to break the cycle of negativity towards live bands. After all, there’s nothing like watching a great band versus a DJ.” He adds, “Cell phones are also an obstacle. Thank God when we started, people were not obsessed with their phones like they are today.“ Just because they are NJ-based doesn’t mean The Benjamin’s are restricted to play just The Garden State. Nope, they play, or have played, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Ohio, Oklahoma and Nevada. The Benjamins have performed at various functions at Madison Square Garden (including events for the New York Knicks), and have played the half time show at Izod for the New Jersey Nets… on the floor AND on the roof. As well as that, The Benjamins have plans of expanding their shows to play at vacation areas and international destinations. Are you a huge fan of The Benjamins and planning your upcoming

52 August 2013

By Britta Winnans nuptials? You’re in luck! They have a side business, in which the band, as well as being accompanied by Jenni Spiro (vocals, and from Lake Hopatcong) and Roger Hitcuk, (keyboards/vocals, from Oak Ridge), can be hired as your wedding band! When I asked Jeremy what made the already successful band venture out into the wedding business, he told me, “We got into doing weddings by our fans growing up, getting married, and wanting to have us perform on their special day. A lot of fans met their spouses at our shows, so we are special to a lot of people. We realized how much fun it was to do weddings so we decided to make it an offshoot of what we do in the clubs.” What can you anticipate if you hire The Benjamins to play at your wedding? Expect unique, modern wedding entertainment that is professional and second to none. All of your guests, whether young or old, will be on the dance floor all night long and the live music that will be played will be something your guests remember for years to come. Another reason to admire the Benjamins? They have helped contribute to the rebuilding of New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Jersey Shore, a location that the Benjamins have played endless amounts of times. They played a huge benefit show in Belmar earlier this year and are doing a “Save The Shore” event at PNC Bank Arts Center on August 3rd. (For those who are planning to go, please note that it is outside of the arena in the parking lot, before the OAR concert later on that night.) With all of the places they have seen and played, you’re probably wondering where the Benjamin’s have the most fun playing. Jeremy says, “Different areas always offer different vibes, but NJ is NJ. Wherever we go, we find that people in NJ always want to have a good time. They just need to let it out!” Well, that’s good, because to be honest, when you think of New Jersey bands, you think of The Benjamins. Either way, The Benjamins have made New Jersey proud and have truly earned the fan base they have acquired throughout the years. Go support this great group of local musicians by seeing one of their next shows! Want to check out the Benjamins, but aren’t sure of when or where they are playing? Check out their website: www: www. for a schedule of their upcoming shows. If you’re interested in their wedding band and want to learn more about it, visit To follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, look them up by their username, @thebenjaminsNJ. If looking to book the Benjamin’s please contact STARS Productions 1-973-300-9123.

Getting Fit Is Fun with a Furry Companion Getting Fit Is Fun with a Furry Companion By: Matthew Margolis During the season of beach bods and six-pack abs, it’s hard to remember that fitness isn’t just about looks. It’s about health — and not just physical health. Fitness is also about mental acuity, good behavior and an all-around feeling of happiness. This is true for humans, and it’s true for dogs. No doubt you’ve heard the saying: A tired dog is a good dog. Well, it’s almost accurate. If a dog who hasn’t been out for so much as a walk around the block since winter suddenly finds himself jogging across town under a blazing sun, he’ll be tired, all right. But he might also get injured. Or be in pain. Or dehydrated. This is not the objective, and it could backfire, as pain, injury and illness can trigger aggression. Nor is it the goal of exercise to simply tire your dog out by setting him loose in the yard to mindlessly run around in circles. Tired is good. But tired in the right way is best. What’s the right way? Depends on the dog. While it’s true that any exercise is better than none, in most cases, owners and dogs exercising together is optimal for many reasons: — You are there to bear witness to any injury your dog may suffer. Prompt attention and tem-

porary restriction of activity if necessary can prevent a minor injury from becoming severe. — Your participation allows you to tailor the type of exercise to your dog’s needs. For example, herding dogs are intelligent and high energy by nature. Sports, games or even an obstacle course in the backyard will satisfy their need for physical exercise and mental stimulation. A Chihuahua, on the other hand, might be turned into a jittering bundle of nerves by such a regimen. This small breed’s exercise requirements would be easily satisfied with a couple of half-hour walks a day. — Exercising with your dog makes the entire experience as much about bonding as about getting in shape. If you carve out time every day for exercising with your dog and customize that exercise to accommodate his breed and your lifestyle, you will have created something that will both lengthen and strengthen your relationship, as well as your muscles. Here are a few ideas of the kind of exercise I am talking about. Again, do a little research into your dog’s breed to determine what kind of exercise would benefit him most: Philadelphia/South Jersey 53

— Most dogs benefit from at least one long walk every day. How long should be determined by breed and current fitness level. If your dog is out of shape, gradually increase the length and pace of your walks over time. — Supervised swimming is good exercise for most breeds. But don’t just toss your dog into a lake assuming he’ll be a great swimmer. — Hiking trails provide good exercise and stimulation for dogs — on-leash, of course. — Set up an obstacle course in your yard for a good mental and physical workout. — Jogging and Frisbee are tried and true forms of exercise, as well. Just remember to always have water available for you and your dog. Bottom line: Exercise isn’t about feeling tired. It’s about feeling — and being — your best. Woof!

5 Tips to a happy pet 1.Listen to Your Dog

Learn to listen to your dog. If your dog appears to be uncomfortable meeting another dog, animal or person, don’t insist that he say hello. He’s telling you that he isn’t comfortable for a reason, and you should respect that. Forcing the issue can often result in bigger problems down the line.

2.Be Generous with Your Affection

Most people don’t have a problem being very clear about when they are unhappy with their dogs, but, they often ignore the good stuff. Big mistake! Make sure you give your dog lots of attention when he’s doing the right thing. Let him know when he’s been a good boy. That’s the time to be extra generous with your attention and praise. It’s even okay to be a little over the top.

3.Does He Really Like It?

Just because the bag says “a treat all dogs love” doesn’t mean your dog will automatically love it. Some dogs are very selective about what they like to eat. Soft and chewy treats are usually more exciting for your dog than hard and crunchy treats. Keep your eyes open for what he enjoys.

4.Tell Him What You Want Him to Do

There is nothing inherently wrong with telling your dog “no,” except that it doesn’t give him enough information. Instead of telling your dog “no,” tell him what you want him to do. Dogs don’t generalize well, so if your dog jumps up on someone to say hello and you say no, he may jump higher or he may jump to the left side instead of the right. A better alternative would be to ask him to “sit.” Tell him what you want him to do in order to avoid confusion.

5.Be Consistent

Whenever you’re training your dog, it’s important to get as many family members involved as possible so everyone’s on the same page. If you are telling your dog “off” when he jumps on the couch and someone else is saying “down,” while someone else is letting him hang out up there, how on earth is he ever going to learn what you want? Consistency will be the key to your success. 54 August 2013


emember the good old days, when Ohio wasn’t known for kidnaps and murders, and Rolling Stone Magazine didn’t put a terrorist on their cover, and the Yankees were a great team? Their ranking is now comparable to Aaron Hernandez’s Wonderlic Test score. Don’t get me wrong, I still live and bleed pinstripes and my father just spent $900 to frame a Derek Jeter 3000 hits painting he won; but, it’s frustrating to watch a team with so much magic and talent fail.

By Lori Levine

Watching this Red Sox game, as CC Sabathia pitches on his 33rd birthday, has brought me to truly acknowledge the awfulness of this Yankees season. In fact, I’m pretty sure Egypt is having a better season. Losing a game when you have 7 runs and in Boston, is as frustrating to watching your 3rd baseman tan himself and use Twitter, while eating away at the Yankees payroll.

I hope for 2 things, one being no traffic on the Garden State Parkway and secondly, that as you read this, A-Rod will have been suspended just as Ryan Braun was. Watching A-Rod not perform while using much of this $230 million payroll feels like I’m being taken on a Korean Airline. This past Sunday was the final day of Rodriguez’s 20-day rehab assignment. Since he is not being reinstated to the major leagues, the Yanks would have to petition MLB for him to participate in the minor leagues under terms of the collective bargaining agreement. This is ironic because I’m pretty sure the Yankees are a triple A team right now.I’m sorry to sound bitter, or worse, like a Miami Heat fan; but, the Yankees are currently being more recognized for MRI’s than hits. Hopefully, they’ll come through, as they have so many times before. I will move my focus to Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner, and Brian Cashman to hopefully add payroll, and dream of a Yankees post season.

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THE PLOUGH &THE STARS As you walk down 2nd

Street between Market and Chestnut you’ll spot an orange flag that reads; “The Plough”. This is a give away of the Irish theme inside. We saw, a sidewalk lined with tables with relaxed people enjoying a drink, (mostly a beer or a martini) and a great looking meal. As we entered “The Plough” we were greeted by three hostesses. All had a cheerful demeanor, a friendly smile and a “happy to see you” greeting. Kelly was our server. Bright, cheerful and made us feel welcomed. She was attentive and

56 August 2013

pleasant. We ordered drinks. With over seventy beers to choose from, I had a “Young’s Double Chocolate Stout”. I was in an Irish Pub / Restaurant and was in the mood for a stout. A flavored stout, hmmm, never had one. So I gave it a try. Much to my surprise “Young’s Double Chocolate Stout” was a pleasant surprise. The full body and flavor of a stout you would hope for, with a mild hint of chocolate. For an appetizer, we enjoyed “Plough Tapas”, fresh hummus, olives, cucumber & tomato salad, roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, warm pita bread with smoked Irish prosciutto. Every item was fresh, tasty and balanced. The “Plough Tapas” was the perfect start without taking anything away from our entrees. I asked Kelly; “What is the most authentic Irish entre you have?” Without hesitation and a smile, Kelly replied with, “Our Guinness Casserole”. The first thought I had, was pasta of some sort thrown in a baking dish and baked in the oven. I am embarrassed to say, I had asked Kelly to describe

“The Plough’s Guinness Casserole”. She did and I was enticed to order it. Plough’s Guinness Casserole consisted of slowly braised, high quality beef with carrots and onions. I cut the beef with a fork; it was that tender and delicious and it almost melted in my mouth. Alongside my braised beef were homemade mash ed potatoes that anyone would enjoy. Garlic, parsley, basil and I am sure a few more herbs and spices. Not whipped but, mashed thoroughly. A serving of sautéed Baby White Cabbage was added to round out the entrée. Cooked whole, thus adding a beautiful visual element with a tender-mild flavor. My guests enjoyed The Plough’s “Pork Tenderloin” Served in a Green Peppercorn Irish Whiskey Sauce with Potato au Gratin & Vegetable du Jour and my other guest enjoyed The Plough’s “Organic Hudson Valley Duck Grilled Duck Breast” in a caramelized Pear Sauce served with Pears Poached in Lemon and White Wine, Mashed Potatoes & Vegetable du Jour. They, too,

enjoyed their meal. Between the appetizer and entrée, they were the perfect portions and a good value. In addition to the wonderful food, “The Plough” offers special events such as SVET “Mr. Hip Hop Violin”, August 22nd, authentic Irish music, DJ on Friday and Saturday, Sunday brunch and much more. The Pub /restaurant itself is located in a building that has a character of its own from decades ago. Thirty five foot ceiling, custom molding, open, airy, sunken main floor and a mezzanine. Stop on by and give us your review at:

The Plough & The Stars 123 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 733-0300 www. Philadelphia/South Jersey


Infusion Lounge 16 South 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 Phone: (267) 908-4009 Hours: Tue - Sun: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am


ne of the greatest thing about 2nd Street down in old city is the ability to find any type of venue you want. Infusions Hookah Lounge is the spot to kick back, have a smoke and spend time with your friends. It is a unique venue for the area, combining the sleek modern look of NYC with the old book lounge great for sipping brandy. It is very apparent that the owners here put a lot of thought and care in to the look and feel of this unique hookah bar. Reaching above and beyond most hookah bars, Infusions has a unique hookah that even the nonsmokers just have to see. Infusions has found one of the largest hookahs I have ever seen. It is actually taller than most of the girls I’ve dated. Ok not really but its huge, and defiantly a must see! So of course we asked the owner: Why a Hookah Lounge in Old City?

58 August 2013

I saw a niche market. I saw a way to do things different and take care of the clientele. I saw something that was missing and I want to fill the void. Everyone wanted to make there HOOKAH Bar revolve around food. I was looking to make a Hookah Lounge revolve around the party, the music and the atmosphere. I wanted a super safe and clean environment for people to come out and have fun with. Hey, as far as I am concerned, it’s about the party and making sure everyone has a good time, while being safe. And revolving the party around hookah is exactly how Infusions was built. From the time you walk in the ambiance is impressive. The first thing you will notice immediately is how clean and wonderfully decorated Infusions is. The sweet smell of hookah in the air, and a décor that’s inviting to everyone.

The place could only be described as along with the bar centered in the middle, creating a subtle division in the establishment. From the bar, there is distinct left room and right room. With the dance floor and bar between the two rooms. Each room boast a brilliant lighting arrangement designed to make the atmosphere fun and relaxing at the same time. Certainly a place that anyone will feel comfortable at and enjoy. No matter your vice, be it dancing, lounging, smoking, or perhaps a bit of the sauce. You will love it here.

The White Romeo: Grey Goose Vodka, White Grapefruit Juice, Natural Sweetener, hint of Lime juice. Shaken. Served straight up. According to the Michelle, one of bartenders, “All our drinks are sophisticated, sexy and fun.” And this is 100% true. So stop in, ask for Michelle, and she’ll make you one. For up to the minute events, Happy Hour and drink specials go to;

Two drinks you’re going to want to specifically request there are… Watermelon Sparkler; Watermelon Pucker, Lime Juice, topped off with Champaign. Green Dragon: Jamison, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice

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Cinema Sensations ‘The Wolverine’: Hugh Jackman

by Kurt Loder

Claws His Way Through Another Marvel Superhero Outing ranged marriage. Then there’s a murderous assault by a gang of Yakuza hit men, and up on the picturesque rooftops, there’s a scampering detachment of stealthy ninjas. (The presence of these black-clad warriors, along with two complementary Japanese beauties and a scene in which Logan is scrubbed in a tub by a team of smiling women, unabashedly recalls the old Bond film “You Only Live Twice.”) In an added touch of overkill, there are also recurring dream visits by the departed Jean Grey, who is lonely in the afterlife and wants Logan to join her. (“You put me here,” she whines.) At this point in the current summer of blockbuster doom, “The Wolverine” will be exceeding expectations if it doesn’t tank right out of the box. And it may not. The movie is a serviceable superhero exercise that does a number of things right. Most wisely, it sets its story in the immediate aftermath of the 2006 film “X-Men: The Last Stand,” happily ignoring the existence of the piffling 2009 film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” In “The Last Stand,” you’ll recall, the grumpy mutant Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) was forced to terminate the love of his life, Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), after she succumbed to the dark side of her own mutant nature. Now we find him sleeping alfresco in the Canadian woods and marinating his sorrow in an ocean of whiskey. Soon enough, though, super-duty once again calls.

The movie was largely shot in Australia, but there are also touristy location sequences filmed in Tokyo. We see a gun-happy chase through a gaudy pachinko parlor and then Logan and Mariko checking in to a “love hotel,” where the specialty rooms on offer include “Dungeon” and “Nurse’s Office.” (This being PG-13 world, there’s only the tiniest hint of actual lovemaking.) But the demands of the superhero genre can’t be entirely denied, so we also have a mutant villain, called Viper (bland Svetlana Khodchenkova), whose powers include a super-long tongue, the ability to melt a man’s face off with the gentlest of breaths and great skill in effecting slinky costume changes.

She also controls a towering samurai robot, whose awakening drags the picture down into a very long sequence of familiar slam-bang uproar. Jackman, in a slight mutation of his old boxtop haircut and eccentric beardage, brings his usual Working from a script by Christopher McQuarrie, Mark Bomback and Scott Frank, director James Mangold (“Walk the Line”) serious-actor commitment to both flesh-ripping Wolverine fury attempts to expand upon the genre format — for a while, anyway and Logan’s frequent bouts of melancholy brooding. And much of the movie’s action is imaginatively staged — especially a — with infusions of corporate intrigue, Bondian exoticism and hair-raising battle atop a speeding bullet train, which puts most occasional interludes of quieter narrative downtime. The movie opens in Nagasaki in 1945, in the midst of the American A-bomb other cinematic train-top battles in the shade. drop, with prisoner of war Logan outrunning the mighty blast (a ridiculous impossibility, as the late Roger Ebert often pointed But Mangold’s commendable determination to warm the story with an emotional glow sometimes slows the picture down, out) and saving the life of a Japanese soldier named Yashida, especially at the beginning; and his eventual surrender to the who is most grateful. imperatives of superhero action makes a hash of the ending. It’s a better picture than most of the other big-budget junk that’s Jumping forward to the Canadian woods, we observe some business with a bear and then a bracingly nasty barroom smack- preceded it this year, and that could be enough to keep it afloat at the box office. We’ll soon see. down, in which Logan unsheathes his fearsome knuckle blades and then is suddenly extricated by a red-haired katana-wielding Japanese woman, named Yukio (Rila Fukushima). She has a plane waiting to fly them both to Tokyo, where the aged Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) is waiting. Yashida has become a wealthy electronics titan; he’s now dying, and he wants to bid Logan an appreciative farewell. He also offers the miserable mutant a technological escape from his immortality — the chance to live a normal life and eventually die a normal death. As we soon learn, what he really wants is to siphon off Logan’s undying powers for his own life-extending purposes. Unfortunately, Logan rejects this offer, and the plot quickly becomes overcomplicated. Yashida has left his company and his vast fortune to his granddaughter, Mariko (Japanese fashion model Tao Okamoto), bypassing her father (Hiroyuki Sanada), who is understandably steamed. There’s also a crooked government minister to whom Mariko has been promised in an ar-

60 August 2013

‘Only God Forgives’ and ‘The Conjuring’: Ryan Gosling at a Loss for Words, Ghostbusters Back in Business Kurt Loder The new Ryan Gosling movie has to be a comedy, I think. The only alternative to laughing at it is napping through it. And given all the overwrought gut ripping, limb lopping and eyeball abuse that punctuate the picture’s general air of slugged pretension, that would be hard. So, laughter it is. “Only God Forgives” is Gosling’s second collaboration with the talented Danish writer-director Nicolas Winding Refn, who appears here to have been swallowed up by his own wild style. The movie is lumbered with thudding symbolism and gaudy Oedipal flourishes, and it’s so heavily drenched in red lighting that some scenes look as if they were shot in a tank full of cherry Jell-O. Then there’s the story, which is where most of the laughs lie. We’re in Bangkok, where two American brothers, Julian (Gosling) and Billy (Tom Burke), run a kickboxing school or fight club or something. This is just a front, though; their real occupation is moving shipments of heroin and cocaine in and out of the country for their mother, Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas), who handles the retail end of the family drug dealing business back in the States. Julian is a man of ... not few words, really, more like no words. (Those who thought Gosling’s performance in Refn’s “Drive” was inordinately terse may chuckle aloud at the near catatonia of the character he plays here.) Billy, on the other hand, is a drunken scummer with a taste for 14-year-old girls. When this gets him into the last trouble he will ever have on this mortal plane, Julian comes to the attention of a top cop, Chang (Vithaya Pansringarm), who skulks around town dispensing one-man justice with a midsize samurai sword. (It’s no use pleading for mercy from this guy, because, like, only God forgives.) Pansringarm and Gosling are so inexpressive

that you wonder whether they are facing off in some sort of unannounced deadpan competition. Despite a few tacked-on eccentricities, their characters are inscrutable. When he’s not slicing up bad guys, Chang spends his downtime onstage at a karaoke club, warbling melancholy pop tunes to a roomful of fellow cops. And Julian is as po-faced when tied to a chair watching a prostitute masturbate for him as he is just standing around or looking around or occasionally walking around — which is a lot of the time. The movie perks up a bit with the arrival of the brassy Crystal, who has flown to Bangkok to deliver some of Refn’s most hilariously overripe dialogue. Frustrated by a receptionist while attempting to check in to her hotel, she summons the manager: “I just traveled 10,000 miles to see the corpse of my firstborn son, and this b---- says I can’t have my room?” She’s furious that her surviving kid hasn’t terminated the man who murdered his brother, but Julian isn’t sure that’s justified; after all, he says, Billy raped and killed a teenage girl. “Well,” says Mom, “maybe he had his reasons.” “Only God Forgives” has all the hallmarks of a comedy but none of the pleasures; the actors insist on playing it straight, for some reason. The movie is packed with ultraviolence, but it remains inert from start to finish. It almost could be a parody of a bad art house movie — except that it actually is one. ‘The Conjuring’

Is there any film genre creakier than the old-haunted-house movie, with its perpetually dim hallways, uninviting basements and spectral clunks and mutterings? We’ve seen

it all before, yet the predictable frights never seem to lose their power to jolt. In “The Conjuring,” James Wan, who helped launch the “Saw” franchise and also directed the 2010 chiller “Insidious,” takes a new pass at this well-worn form and comes up with exactly what you’d expect. But his classicist’s respect for the genre and his patient building of tension through atmospheric long shots freshen the familiar elements somewhat, and the movie does — for those still susceptible — deliver. The story is, as usual, said to be based on actual events, in this case drawn from the files of celebrity “witchcraft and demonology consultants” Ed and Lorraine Warren. As played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, the Warrens are earnest practitioners of their dodgy craft, perpetually bummed about the fact that everyone dismisses them as charlatans. They’re presented to us in a manner of unquestioning reverence, as if they were the Curies forging the theory of radiation. (This view of the couple is, shall we say, hardly universal. Their most famous case, retailed in the “Amityville Horror” movies, was exposed as a hoax long ago.) The movie begins with an unblushing MacGuffin — a creepy devil doll that Ed keeps at his Connecticut home, in a locked room filled with other evil memorabilia. Then it’s off to Rhode Island, where we see the requisite unsuspecting family — Roger and Carolyn Perron (Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor) and their five daughters — moving in to a big new house. It should be some kind of tipoff when the family dog refuses to enter the place, but the Perrons are naturally oblivious. Soon enough, though, unseen bedroom demons are yanking on their legs at night; hallway doors are squeaking open on their own; and a wallboard is pried out to reveal a stairway down into the entirely unsurprising pitch-black basement. After much otherworldly annoyance, the Warrens are called in, Lorraine with her powers of clairvoyance (“Something awful happened here”), Ed with his little exorcism kit, fully stocked with crucifixes, holy water and all the trimmings. The rest of the movie details their battle to rid the house of whatever it is that’s haunting it. This is kind of fun, and Wan works up some memorable images — a ghostly dead girl floating past a dock underwater, a sheet blown off a clothesline up into the air, where it briefly takes on a demonic shape. The movie deflates a bit when the demons have to be revealed, but like just about everything else on display here, that’s not unexpected, either.

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I’m not ashamed

By Leanne Aciz

Recently an old friend of mine came into the bar to enjoy a few post-work cocktails. We were excited to see each other, did the whole “oh my God, you look great!” routine, and quickly settled in to enjoy a shot together. He filled me in on what he had been up to in the last few years. I told him I was still bartending and writing for Metropolis Nights, while pursuing my dream job. Further down the bar was a copy of the magazine so he began to look for my column. I gave him a few minutes to read it as I made served my other customers. When he was done he casually looked around the bar and remarked he couldn’t believe I still worked at ‘this place’, and wondered why I was. Before I had a chance to get insulted, he quickly recovered by saying, “You’re just too good of a writer to still be bartending.” He shook his head as though this fact was depressing to him. “I mean, you should be writing for The New Yorker, or Cosmopolitan, anything!” I appreciated his praise, but whe didn’t know is that I don’t continue to bartend simply because I’m comfortable where I am and have no desire to ‘move on’. I know that may be the perception. Sure, I bartended throughout all of my other jobs, but it wasn’t for the money – it was for the positive things working at the local watering hole brought into my life. ‘This bar’ has been a constant in my life for years. It has outlasted friendships and through dream jobs that turned into nightmares. To some, it may be the place of a hundred drunk nights, but to me it has become a second home. I’ve watched people meet each other and form friendships, better yet, lasting relationships. I’ve met people that have pissed me off and allowed me to learn about patience - something I had lacked my whole life. Customers that I would normally judge have become people I am proud to call

62 August 2013

friends. Working at a bar where people from all over the world come out to enjoy live music, good drinks, and great company has given me more life experience than my two degrees ever could. What job out there gives me the chance to meet all different walks of life, allowing me to network with people I would have never met sitting in an office? That’s not to say bartending is for everyone. It wasn’t even for me when I first started out. It took time learning cocktail recipes and where everything was, not to mention the new role I had: serving the drinks instead of enjoying them. Still, I learned, and then some. For those who turn their noses up at the people serving their drinks, keep in mind that bartenders deal with customer service (ever take care of a drunk man in his 40’s?), we do math(how do you think we make the drink so tasty – different liquor amounts!) and play the role of a therapist during every shift. It’s not easy – especially on a busy night. So when I realize that I’ve spent a majority of my 20’s working at the same bar, regardless of the other jobs I’ve had and regardless of what jobs my peers may now have, I’m not ashamed. To some people, it may be just a job. In the grand scheme of things, it is. Years of college cannot prepare somebody for the harsh reality that the dream jobs you hoped to acquire your whole life are HARD to obtain. Those who have bartending jobs should thank the good Lord that they have been given a gift – a safety net, if you will. The day I do finally land my dream job, (preferably inside the magazine industry – Cosmopolitan, call me!) or when bartending is no longer logical, I will take what I have learned and use it to the best of my ability; producing great results with a smile on my face and leaving an even better taste in your mouth.

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Pietro Mazzella Photography by Patrick Carter

MN:What does being a gentleman mean to you? MN: What’s your biggest turn on? A:Treating a lady with respect and put her needs A:A women who is classy and confident before mine. MN: What’s your biggest turn off? MN: What is the most important thing you look A:Women who are overly aggressive, smokers, unsophisticated and uncultured for in a women? A:That she comes from a good family, respects herself, someone who can not only be my MN: Any advice to women as far as what NOT girlfriend but my best friend. to do because you find it annoying? A:Believe half of what you see and none of what MN: What do you do for a living? you hear, don’t make rash assumptions based on A:I run my family business, they are pizzeria/ hearsay or rumor, affirm all truths before makrestaurants and a bagel shop. ing lasting decisions. I’m trying to follow in my father’s footsteps.

MN: What’s the most important thing a girl can do to get your attention? A:Just smile and show self confidence MN: Any quote or motto you live by? A:A man’s best success comes after his worst disappointment

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FOR HIM “10 things men should never do while dating” Dating process can involve various situations, not all of which are savory experiences. There is a lot of advice available on things that one should do, in preparation of, during and after a date. Even so, people make simple mistakes which put off their date and potentially lose what could have been a great relationship. If you are a man, here are a few actions that you should cross off your list and ensure that you never display to your date:

By: Ramya Pandyan

microscope and psycho-analyze her on a date. It’s immensely offensive to tell her that she’s afraid of getting too close to men because of her Electra complex. If you’re a doctor, then that’s work during a leisure activity in other words, BORING. If you’re not a doctor, it tells her that you’re just being a creep. 7. Caveating It’s not cool to be commitment-phobic. Your messy love life and your crazy work schedules are not her concerns. If this date is happening, it’s because you agreed to it. Don’t waste her time and yours by coming to a date and then talking about why it can’t go further.

8. Bringing other people along Are you serious? Friends? Parents? Siblings? Colleagues? If it’s a date, it’s between two people. Anymore and it’s a party, a group or worse – 1. Staring at her bust an orgy. She may not mind meeting big groups of people. But not on There is just no excuse for this. A a date. You ask people out because you want to spend time with them woman might be willing to accept alone. You accept a date for the same reason.. that a random guy on a bus or across the street may do this. She might reason that he has the right to look where he wants. Then remember that 9. Self-help style follow throughs she also has the right to mentally strike him off the list of people that This is important. If the date went well, it’s okay to keep in touch. she’d ever date. But when she is on a date with you, she doesn’t have Strike that, it’s good form, it’s good for you and for her to keep in touch. that option anymore. If she’s reasonably polite, she has forgone the op- Please forget what you heard about waiting three days before calling (or tion of crossing you off at least till the end of the date. Respect that and whatever it was you learned in high school and college). Those games don’t treat her like a sex object the very minute you start your date. are for adolescents. Send a text message saying it was fun and you’d like to catch up again. Add her on Facebook. Email or drop me a note. 2. Ogling other women Open a chat window and say hi. There are loads of embarrassment-free Remember that you’re out on a date. That means you and she got ways to say that you liked what you saw and would like to know more. together to spend time with each other. One date does not tie you to her but it does warrant the courtesy of your undivided attention, at least. 10. Being a jerk This is super-critical so listen up: Do everything or anything in point.9 3. Boasting ONLY if you are interested in going out again. There’s no easy way to Showing off is a natural biological action peculiar to the male species, say that it didn’t quite ‘happen’ so just don’t say anything at all. But especially when in the presence of the opposite sex. Animals do it, don’t prolong the agony by keeping up the conversation. You’ve spent insects do it, and human men do it too. Just don’t go on and on about it. some time in each other’s company. If it didn’t work out, there’s no The showing off is a mating ritual among the aforementioned life forms reason to waste any more of each other’s time. You don’t get brownie and ceases once the connection has been made. Assume that the conNice Guy points for acting interested when you are not. nection has been made the minute the date has been accepted. There’s If the date didn’t go as well as you thought, just tell her so. She may be really no reason to go on and on about the number of foreign trips you disappointed but that’s better than being disgusted. And if you’re that go on, how earth-shatteringly important you are to your company, how terrified of telling her the truth, at least wait till the date’s over. Don’t you were having tea last week with the Dalai Lama and how many scuttle it with games or lies while it’s in progress. People can always thousands of books you read in the past year. It’s off-putting and most tell. She may not like it but she’ll respect you for honesty. importantly it’s boring. You can safely assume that your date tuned out the minute you started throwing numbers at her. 4. Not listening at all It’s a conversation. That means both people talk and listen. Talk some, she’ll listen. Then let her talk and you need to do more than stare around the room, LISTEN TO HER! Assume that she can interest you with more than her bust. She could have a sense of humor, an opinion and intelligence too. Give her a chance to show you that too. 5. Calling her names like ‘Babe’, ‘Sweetheart’ or ‘Honeybun’ It’s a first date. She could be your girlfriend in the future but not yet! Undue familiarity and worse, sexist phrases are instant turn-offs. She has a name; use it. In time, she might permit you to give me a nickname, but at least be original. 6. Playing Super Shrink You’ve probably heard that women dabble in pop psychology. Maybe she has issues. Everyone does, it’s normal. But don’t put her under a

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FOR HER You’re Not on the ‘Dating Game’

By: Dr. Robert Wallace

fell for Luke’s line, he’d abandon you a second time, maybe at the altar. This is the game he plays. You’re Not on the ‘Dating Game’ Dr. Robert Wallace 2013-08-06 DR. WALLACE, I’m 21 and have a major problem. Luke and I dated for more than three years. A year ago, we became engaged and had our pictures in the newspaper smiling at each other and looking like we were in love. I was in love, but I guess he wasn’t. A month after the announcement hit the paper, we broke up. He said that he didn’t love me and had fallen in love with someone else. I was heartbroken, and when Luke married this girl, I felt abandoned and alone. After a while, I actually felt relieved because I could now put Luke out of my mind, even though I felt I still loved him. I met Mark shortly after Luke got married. Mark is sweet, kind, gentle and has a great sense of humor. We were married after a 6-month courtship. I do love Mark with all my heart and soul, and he loves and adores me. We are very happy and plan to have three children as soon as we can afford it. We are both employed full-time, but if I had to stop working, it would be a strain at this time. When Mark and I were married, we did not invite Luke, but I saw him at the church service. We did not speak then, but he recently came by my work and asked to speak with me. He told my boss it was important, so when my boss told me, I peeked out the door and was shocked to see Luke. I spoke with him and couldn’t believe it when he told me he made a mistake marrying this other woman and that he still loved me even more than ever and would wait until the end of time for me to return to him. I told him I had to finish my work and went back to my office. Now I’m confused and don’t know what to do.

You made a vow to your husband. Keep it! Luke has shown up in your life as a tantalizing temptation. By saying no to his inappropriate advances, you’ll strengthen your own marriage and understand that you are a young woman with integrity — and in other words, someone who is worth loving.

5 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Men

1. He doesn’t care about the texts (and neither should you!) 2. Men communicate through actions more than words 3. They want to give and make you happy, they just don’t always know how 4. He’ll get over his baggage if he thinks he’s going to lose you 5. Their number one concern is losing their freedom, always.

I admit that I still love Luke, but I also love my husband dearly. It’s just that I seem to love them in different ways. What do you think I should do? —Nameless, Toledo, Ohio NAMELESS: You don’t really need an advice columnist’s input. You’re not a contestant on “The Dating Game.” You are a married woman who has chosen a lifelong companion. If you abandon your husband on the whim of a guy as selfish and emotionally unstable as Luke, you’ll regret the decision for the rest of your life — and probably sooner rather than later. My guess is that, if you

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July was an incredible month for so many reasons. Of course the entire nation was rocked to the core with the George Zimmerman verdict of in...