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Mister East is available for private and corporate bookings 7 days a week during non-operating hours. Mister East features 20’ ceilings, a state of the art VOID sound system, intelligent lighting, three 100’ HD projection screens and more to provide that “wow” factor for you and your guests. Our professional team will exceed your expectations and transform events both large and small into an unforgettable affair. To plan your next corporate booking or private event schedule a tour of our amazing venue today, please call 908 241 8386. PHOTO CREDITS: JOHN ARCARA PHOTOGRAPHY, HALLMARC PHOTOGRAPHERS, B.ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY




from the editor-in-chief Play ball! Yes indeed, the cruel winter of 2013 is over. I can’t wait for baseball season to start. I think as I get older the game means more to me. I’m not sure why. If I had to psychoanalyze myself, it probably has something to do with looking death a little closer in the eye with each passing spring. There’s something about baseball that makes me feel immortal. Despite the sad fact that the game has become commercialized and scandalized to the point of no return, I sill need it. Apparently, now more than ever. That said, I’m excited over sports editor, Cliff Robinson’s views on America’s pastime. It’s not every day you get to read an NBA star’s views on a sport so far removed from the courts. I could be mistaken, but I think the last NBA star to share his interest in baseball was a fellow named Michael Jordan. While we’re on the topic of sports, I have to admit I’ve never been more excited about a cover since I took over the reins of this fine magazine. I’m referring to my April cover story on WFAN’s star morning voice Craig Carton from the hit morning radio show, Boomer and Carton. Some of you might remember my many years as a daily fixture on the Howard Stern Show. While those days are long passed, I still have a love for radio and especially those who do it well. I’m confident in declaring the Boomer and Carton show the best radio show to grace the terrestrial air waves since the glory days of Howard Stern. Carton brings to the table the Jerry Lewis to Boomer Esiason’s Dean Martin. I dig his humor and his witty twist on sports. Carton blends magically with Boomer’s conservative athletic first hand knowledge of an athletes inner workings. To put it more simply, the show is entertaining as hell and I am thrilled to have had the chance to sit down with Craig and pick his opinionated brain. Of course Brooke Villone and Jamie Rae, the two stunning models who did their best to make Craig, Maxim style sexified, didn’t hurt to add a boost of lustful interest....not that Craig needs the help. I’ll let you readers decide. Also on tap for April is the introduction to Alan Tecchio’s long time popular motorcycle column, now with Metropolis Nights. The vibe, news and endless information on riding stays the same, the only change is in the name. Welcome Motor Mouth and even more importantly a good guy and knowledgeable writer.

I saw your magazine today at my local pub and I have to say I was impressed. I think the smartest thing you guys did was put the word “Free” on the cover, because there is no way I would believe you could just walk out with a magazine this good! Sincerely, Mark McGee Bergenfield, NJ

What was the deal with the Lion’s Den this month? One word: AMAZING! One more word: ACCURATE! FINAL WORD: ASIANS! Walter Chin Fort Lee, NJ

What else can I say? Our Angel of the Month is a blonde beauty named Rachel Bernstein. Does it get any more titillating? In a word...No. Finally, the beautiful Krys Longan, our resident fashion editor continues to share her fashionesta travels. This time Krys takes her stylish show on the road to South Beach for a weekend of posh stylings. What else would you expect? Meanwhile, our yummy food editor Rory Schepisi explores Prime 333 Steak House. The lobster melts in your mouth. I’ll let Rory tell you the rest. By the way, our newest columnist Chantalle Luberto is rockin the Jersey club (This month Mister East) and cultural scene with her Jerseyfied explorations. Sex, angry bartenders, models, sports, food, movies and so much more, all on the glossy pages of Metropolis Nights. Cheers, Chaunce Hayden Editor-in-Chief Cell 201-873-3874 @ChaunceHayden

More hot guys please! Jez, what’s a girl got to do. Danny Curty rules! Cheryl West Orange, NJ

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5 Cool President Drinking


Parade magazine reported Miley Cyrus was the richest teenage celebrity.

Men who want to date Miley better have lots of charm without being fake.

Miley said of her pole dancing “incident” at the Teen Choice Awards, “People like controversy because that’s what sells. My job is to be a role model, and that’s what I want to do, but my job isn’t to be a parent. My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act, because I’m still figuring that out for myself. So to take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That’s just life”

John Adams started drinking in his early teens, and by the time he got into Harvard at age 15, he was regularly drinking beer for breakfast.

Thomas Jefferson loved wine, specifically Chianti, Burgundy and Bordeaux. He tried to make his own on his estate in Virginia, but never could.

Miley said of men to land a date with her, “He better turn that charm on really quick. I’m from the south, so it’s like southern hospitality.turning on the charm without being fake is really important. They have to be a gentleman. My dad is like ‘that boy is really nice.’ He has to be a nice guy”



FDR was a martini man for most of his adult life, but when doctors ordered him to gain some weight because of health issues, he did it by chugging eggnog.

the world’s Cinco De Mayo with greatest Margarita! Ingredients: 1.5 - 2 oz. Tequila 2 oz. Agave Nectar or simple syrup 2 Limes squeezed 1 Cucumber Thai Basil Splash of Ginger Ale Black Pepper

Thai Basil Cucumber Peligroso Margarita

6 April 2013

Martin Van Buren’s reputation as an alcoholic may have cost him his bid for reelection, but it also led to his nickname, “Blue Whiskey Van.”


Combine Thai basil and two slices of cucumber in a shaker and muddle with the agave nectar or simple syrup. Add the fresh lime juice and Peligroso Tequila with crystal clear ice. Shake vigorously and pour over the ice rocks. Top off with a splash of ginger ale. Garnish with a cucumber slice on the side with a sprig of basil. Throw just a small pinch of black pepper on top.

Abraham Lincoln has a well-known bourbon named in his honor. That’s right, folks, “Honest Abe” grew up in Kentucky, and the name of his boyhood farm was Knob Creek Farm. It’s still a major tourist spot in Kentucky.


stupid photo of the month

Say bye bye. Do we even need to ask why?


► All those unbelievable facts you read

are unbelievable because they aren’t true.

► If you retweet every @ mention you get you’re an a-hole. ► If you write RT instead of hitting the retweet button you’re an a-hole

► Don’t spell “cologne” like “colon. If you do someone’s going to

make you look like a moron Your emo status on Buzzfeed. isn’t going to make me ask whats wrong.

What’s the point of screen-shotting tweets and putting them on facebook?

▼ ▼

Do I even need to mention game requests?

My Pregnancy tracker is creepy as hell. Seriously no game requests.

Just because some one likes your status doesn’t mean they want to have sex with you.

► What’s the point of

screenshotting tweets ► That filter sucks. and putting them on Be funny or instagram? ► Every meal you have interesting is not food porn. or go outside. ► More pictures of people passed out with penises drawn on their forehead please. More bikini pics less pics ► #Dont #hash #tag# every #word #in of feet #your #description #douche

Starbucks and Southwest airlines aren’t giving away coffee or free flights.

not doing ►You’re hashtags right.

► We all know that “picture of your new

shirt” is really a picture of your boobs.

April 2013 7





by Krys Longan A size 2 in most bridge brands, could still mean a different size from your favorite designer.

Meality scans your body and gives size recommendations making department store shopping easy


My daily pick-me-up is an internet visit to After a couple of hours of dealing with work minutiae, I reward myself by surfing to the site and checking out their collection of hilarious web photos that they cull from all over the world wide web. They also have clever (and sometimes twisted) meme galleries, such as stupid or tampered with McDonald’s signs. The one pictured cracked me up. Out of the boy toys? Whaaaaaaaaat? Then why would I possibly step foot into a McDonald’s?? (Oh, the crispy yummy French fries…that’s right.) Treat yourself to a daily dose of funny by bookmarking mandatory.

12 April 2013

FINDING THE RIGHT FIT IS NOW A REALITY One of the frustrations of shopping cross-designer is that what is considered a size 4 in one label can be a size 6 in another. Let’s use my friend Maja as an example: She is a tiny little stick figure that takes a size 2 in most bridge brands, but needs an 8 in Emporio Armani. This can make wandering around a department store collecting your favorite looks from different departments an exercise in futility. But if you use Meality—a clever body scanning machine located on the second floor of the flagship Bloomingdales on Third Avenue in NYC—you will know exactly what sizes to grab from each designer before you go into the dressing room. Walk into the open air booth (see photo), and a camera scans your figure and gives you a print-out of your body dimensions, designer recommendations, and what sizes you would wear in each. It’s quick, simple, and free! And another benefit: You can use this information to order your favorite looks on-line without worrying about having to deal with time-consuming exchanges. Check out Meality for yourself, and make clothes shopping less of an ordeal.


Available in several colors and skin surfaces, it sells for $89.95 at

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE WALLET How often have you run out of the house for a quick errand and not wanted to lug your big handbag with you? Yet you always need to carry a wallet and your cell phone, at least. Michael Kors has a stylish solution for you: His leather wallet/wristlet is perfectly sized to carry your iPhone, plus has an additional compartment for cash and credit cards. It zips all around for security, and it comes with a detachable wrist strap so you can also use it as an evening clutch. I like it as a wallet for daily use as well; I’m thinking of getting one so when I run out to lunch, I can just pull it from my work tote and head to the local deli.

HE’S A FASHION KILLA If you have not downloaded “Long Live A$AP”, the new album by Harlem born and bred rap artist Rakim Mayers (who performs under the stage name A$AP Rocky), then do it now. I’ll wait…….I know, amazing, right??? This 24 year old performer—who is currently touring with Rihanna—has got the goods. While often profane and misogynistic, his music is so brilliant it’s addictive. My new anthem is “Fashion Killa”, in which he lists a plethora of designers that many hard-core fashionistas would be hard-pressed to name. And the single “I Come Apart”—featuring Florence Welch—is haunting and beautiful. Every song has its allure, but I also love “Hell”, featuring choruses sung by Santigold, one of my favorite singers. Listen for yourself, and you will quickly become a fan.


Long Live A$AP available on itunes for $8 or buy Fashion Killa individually for $1.29

AN UPDATED LOOK If you are just not pleased with the options out there for covering your iPad, iPad mini, Kindle Fire or other eReader or tablet, worry not. PlusMotif has your back! Their wide assortment of colors (16) and sizes (4) should be able to meet even the most discriminating customer’s demands. For the old-skoolers out there, all of PlusMotif’s padded e-tablet covers come with a stylus/pen and a replaceable notepad. Nice! To customize yours even further to your liking, they have snap on motif panels that you can easily swap out. Featuring collections named Geometric, Heart & Soul, Vibrant, Fresh, etc... you can see that it’s easy to take the style of your e-tablet cover in almost any direction imaginable. As the creators say, “It’s all about function, fashion and fun!” To learn more or to get yours, simply click on www.

SNAG-FREE STYLE Ponytails are a quick and easy shortcut on days when you don’t have time to style your hair. But this simple style is not without its drawbacks. #1: Elastics can leave crimps in your hair which remain until the next time you wash it and #2: Ponytails can look unsophisticated. Luckily, Sephora has the solution. The elegantly simple hair ties featured add just the right amount of panache to your pony, and the material keeps your hair from snagging or crimping.

Ponytails are a quick and easy shortcut on days when you don’t have time to style your hair.


Available in neutral or bright tones, a set of 8 sells for $8.50 at

April 2013 13

25 1(855)235-3444


he idea of Luxury Lites actually stemmed from our personal lives. A few of our family members have long been plagued with a debilitating smoking habit. Growing up, it would hurt to see our loved ones damaging their health recurringly by smoking cigarettes. This motivated us to search for alternatives - giving us our first exposure to electronic cigarettes. But what we discovered fell short of expectations. We found ourselves utterly disappointed by the quality of e-cigs out on the market. We still remember coming home to our uncles and offering them an electronic cigarette we had found and purchased with the hopes of weaning them away from cigarettes. Upon inhaling, they started coughing heavily due to the harshness. The next time our uncle took a puff, the device just falls apart. We would bring more of these devices, of various brands, but the results remain unchanged. In our family’s loving memory, we sought to create a device of high quality. We desired to create an electronic cigarette, where the user can puff away to complete satisfaction with the knowledge that he is avoiding the harmful effects of smoking and that his device will not come apart after just a few uses. Soon after, we took it as a challenge to go ahead and start taking my thoughts and transforming them into reality. It wasn’t easy, but the great demand

for such products had been powerful motivator and continues to drive our sales. Obviously we want to see perpetual growth in our company measured by the number of retailers and wholesalers carrying our products and the number of people smoking our e-cigs and e-hookahs. But most importantly, in the loving memory of our families and loved ones, we remain motivated to create a better place for smokers all around the world by establishing safe, effective, and high quality alternatives to smoking.

Indulge in luxury because quality is our priority.

We always make a determined effort to evolve as our customers and their desires evolve. From the beginning, we made it a point to first offer the basics (tobacco and menthol), but as we progressed we gradually realized the huge potential for flavored Electronic cigarettes. These were an immediate hit and continue to be a popular item amongst our customers. But we didn’t just stop there. Being located near a college campus we took notice of the widespread popularity of hookah. The sheer number of students smoking hookah at college campuses is overwhelming. This got us thinking, “why not offer a product that solicits the same flavor, smoke, and buzz of traditional hookah, but without the tedious and annoying aspects related to creating it such as time and its messiness?”

instantaneously and now has become a product in the industry synonymous with supreme aesthetic design, high quality build, and beautiful packaging. We are also excited of our recent launch of the college ambassador program across the nation, as our interns/ambassadors will be promoting our products on college campuses and surrounding areas. We seek this as an opportunity to establish and perpetuate greater awareness of the Luxury Lites brand. The bottom line is: we place our highest priority on our customers and on our quality and will continue to do so as our customers and their desires evolve over time. Our market consists of current smokers that are looking for a means to quit smoking or just looking for a better alternative. However, we have seen an unprecedented popularity with our flagship E-Hookahs. These E-hookah’s currently come in 11 different flavors, and its been a great way to gain access to the hookah smoking population- a market that includes a large younger crowd, particularly college students.

When we introduced our e-hookahs in the market, its popularity grew

April 2013 15

My Rant:

Gramercy Tavern’s Whole Spelt Spaghetti with Navy Beans and Ramps

MOODIE FOODY by Rory E. Schepisi

ith spring right around the corner, it’s coming to that time of year when we start thinking about getting in shape again before bathing suit season is here. I will say it is true, urges do get stronger when spring starts rolling for those of you who are ready to start looking good for that hottie you’ve been hitting on for the past few winter months, forget it! They have already been seeing you in hibernation mode. Either they want you or they don’t., although you can interfere with the outcome by infusing a couple of cordials into the mix.


fresh lime and egg whites to one of its signature drinks called Prague ’36, which combines Bison Grass Vodka, Combier, Aperol Lemon and apple puree finished with sparkling wine. With ingredients like muddled cucumbers, apple puree, ginger syrup and raw wildflower honey, Kono Klub is without a doubt bringing craft cocktails to your table. Kolo Klub offers mixology classes to the public, so if you feel it’s time to get fancy with your drink of choice, here is your opportunity.

Let’s talk hand crafted cordials, Not many places in the Jersey area are very well known yet for these hand crafted libations, but let’s take a look at a few of the places that are. I spoke with the General Manager Walter Sawicki and Assistant Manager Kevin Lambariello (a/k/a “Lambo”) of Powerhouse Lounge in Jersey City. Powerhouse Lounge prides itself on its cool, loungie vibe. The crew slinging drinks behind the bar creates cocktails that “fit the mold of the Powerhouse image,” Lambo says. Powerhouse loves taking classics and adding a Powerhouse twist to them, like its Mango Margarita or its Nadia G’s Bitchin “Guavarita,” a Margarita with Guava juice. Kitchen on the Lambo says “The cocktail that has made the Cooking Channel biggest splash at Powerhouse Lounge is the “Sassy Sipper,” a French inspired martini prepared by combining fine champagne and Hours are very limited--open to the public only Friday and Saturday nights unless it has St. German Elderflower Liqueur, which is special entertainment or theatrical events. To shaken and layered with Chambord. find out its calendar of events, from classes Powerhouse is open Tuesday through to musical guests, check out its website. Sunday and offers a kick ass Happy Hour The space is available for private events from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm with open bar and and its menu, while small, features dishes eats for just $20.... Its food offering ranges like Chicken Liver Pate and sautéed Diver from Brick Oven Pizza to Sushi. What a Scallops with Arugula. perfect place to bring a group of friends or a date. Powerhouse Lounge has something I’d say for all of you who have been going to for everyone...or go it alone and start buying the same places for the last few years, stop being so boring and check this place out! these magic elixirs for others to help your It may awaken your senses and give you a game. new perspective on the bar seen. Another spot to check out is the new Kolo Klub in Hoboken, touted as Hoboken’s first Since we are talking 1920s Prague, it’s making me think of accents…. and when craft cocktail den. This is second story loft I think of accents, I start thinking of bad space with views of Manhattan. Owners Ladislav Sebestyan and Andrej Ivanov have accents. When I think of bad accents, the created a space with Prague in the 1920s in first thing that comes to mind is Nadia G’s mind. Kolo Klub creates cocktails, including Bitchin Kitchen on the Cooking Channel. Orchard Cherry Liqueur, Wild Flower Honey,

16 April 2013

Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchen! This cooking show just rubs me the wrong way. Nadia Giosia, a Canadian comedian, lucked out and was discovered by Food Network Canada while doing 3 minute segments on the internet. Nadia turned her stand up into a real cooking show, with her quirky, annoying characters like Hans, the not so hot dude who never has clothes on or the “Spice Agent” whose name Nadia can’t pronounce ever because I don’t think she even knows what accent she trying to speak with. One minute I think she’s from the Bronx, then she sounds like she’s from Russia. I can’t figure this chic out, with her tough Rocky Balboa mannerisms and brains that match. She makes up her own words that unequivocally make no sense. It drives me nuts!! I can hardly stand to watch more than five minutes of her show. Then again, who am I to say anything-she has a show on a cable network and I don’t so maybe I should just shut up... I just love that people at home are taking cooking advice from a chic with no culinary background that started her career making fun of cooking shows. Ok, I’m done!

My Rave:

Although not in Jersey but just a quick trip across the Hudson, you must check out the legendary Gramercy Tavern. This iconic NYC restaurant has been serving up stylish American Tavern cuisine since 1994. This is not your small town tavern-this is high end with a country feel. The feel is romance with a touch of New York businessman. My evening started off with a glass of wine from its wine list--not huge and intimidating. They offer a 5 oz. or a 3 oz. glass, which is excellent if you’re into tastings. Gramercy Tavern offers over 25 wines by the glass… that’s a lot of open wine bottles. We chose the Chef’s tasting menu, which is risky sometimes, but not here. Executive Chef Michael Anthony has nailed it. Our first course was Peconic Bay Scallops with clams, pickled mushrooms and a Cilantro broth. Then, we had a Smoked Trout with a Cipollini puree and pickled onions, which was amazing. As the courses continued, they became richer but with just the right amount of richness. Our last entree was a Roasted and Braised Lamb with broccoli, leeks and ruby crescent potatoes. For dessert, the Peanut Butter Semifreddo was to die for! In all, we had thirteen amazing culinary creations. If you want to impress someone, this is the place to go! Your experience will be exactly that--an experience, especially if you have the right company, as I did. So I’ll leave you all with that to soak in. Remember, I love to hear your feedback so you can contact me through Facebook or my website as well as through this great magazine, Metropolis Nights. Let me know where you want me to check out next. Rock on and keep it cooking!

By Krys Longan

Now that spring is here, it’s time to review some of those insidious trends that have been desperately hogging the spotlight for too long, and the ones that have finally worked their way into the style mainstream. What warm weather fashions are you choosing to eschew or embrace? I’ll tell you where my head is at.

TRENDS THAT GOTTA GO I know chicks that think they are edgy find skull-patterned clothing and accessories so rakishly adorable, but I’m over this trend. There was a time when emblazoning an expensive sweater with a symbol of death seemed outrageous, but now it just seems ho-hum. And the skulls that wear bows, or have heart-shaped eye holes (as pictured), are just gross. Time for this fad to take a dirt nap. And while we are on the subject of over, enough with mixed media blouses and dresses. The top pictured costs almost $500, but it reminds me of nursing home attire. Animal prints with florals or cityscapes with stripes are not a creative mixture of opposing palettes...they are just distracting and (let’s be honest) kinds ugly.

WILLING TO GIVE THESE LOOKS A CHANCE When I first saw patterned jeans exploding on the scene in stores everywhere, my first reaction was visual overload. But viewed one pair at a time, these decorative bottoms can be kind of cool, especially when worn with a simple top or sweater. It’s true not all patterns are flattering on all bodies types (curvy girls: choose carefully!), but if you find a fun pair that fits you just right, I say go for it. As for peplums tops and dresses...still not my cup of tea, but I am willing to admit skinny chicks can rock this look if they have attitude. No tude, don’t even try it; you’ll look like a 1970s throwback. And not in a good way.

STARTING TO LIKE THESE STYLES When florescent colors popped up last year, I was wary. This is a hard look to pull off, especially in the dead of winter against pale skin. But if you are in South Beach and you have just obtained a subtle tan, those bright colors look awesome. This pic is of me and my friend Robin taken last Saturday in a club called Mangos on Ocean Drive. Robin is wearing a fluorescent yellow dress she had purchased that day in BCBG, and under the blacklights the dress was awe-inspiring. I cannot count how many compliments she got! Plus, it made her tan look even better. Another look I initially rolled my eyes at was sneaker wedges, also known as “snedges”. A fun pair of shoes for the under 20 set, I thought. But once Chloe gets in the game, you gotta take them seriously...and now I even think they are sort of cute. Not to mention flattering, and easy on the tootsies when you are traipsing around the city.

20 April 2013

by Chantalle Luberto


Moxie doen’t just specialize in hair but also spray tanning, makeup, facials, waxing, nails: anything you can think of, they do!

Ever go to the moxie salon to get beautified or to just hangout with the Moxie twins? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on getting ‘moxified’! If you have been to Moxie then you know exactly what I am talking about. The salon will be opening up a new location across form the orignal salon. This new salon will feature blowout and extension bars and a bridal loft where your bridal party can take place and get ready – nothing can beat that! The Moxie salon will be opening up soon so make sure to keep your ears and eyes open; you wont want to miss out on this one!


DAYS TO KEEP IN MIND Almost everyone wants to be able to go clubbing and dance to the hottest DJ’s around, which is why this club has Spoon Fed events on Wednesday nights, which allows ages 19 and up to go out and have fun once a month. Mister East is also known for their Famous Brunch, which goes on once a month on Sunday and allows the party to start in the morning and dance through the day- talk about some Funday Sunday! Nothing better than being served brunch while partying like there is no tomorrow.

Need somewhere to go out and let go of all the stress? At Mister East you’ll feel like you’re in Miami or even Vegas. This is no ordinary club: there’s people dancing on bars, animal mascots and spacemen walking through the dance floor, and dancers hanging from the ceiling. This club knows how to keep the party going! The hottest DJ’s from all over the world including EDX, Deniz Koyu, Manufactured Superstars, Junior Sanchez, and more have performed at Mister East. No wonder they’re sold out almost every weekend! When you walk into this venue you will not want to stop dancing. And what’s a club without gorgeous models? Every person wants to have their drinks served to them and to hangout with the prettiest of the bunch, so Mister East hires Posh Models to handle the bottle service and VIP. They even dress up to fit the club’s theme. Amazing! Here, the models are looking elegant, yet sexy in red bustier with black tights and with ‘Mister East’ written on their chests. When you arrive at this club you will want to look your best and have the most incredible time! So make sure you dress to kill! Ladies, just remember beauty is pain and there’s nothing better than dancing with the best heels on! For the men make sure to show off those great physiques you’ve been working on all winter!


April 2013 21

Our Brew or Theirs? by Greg Anzano


any people are amazed when I tell them I make my own beer. I get the usual questions of “how do you do that” or “does that even taste good?” I always crack a smile when I hear these questions because they’re asked every time I tell someone about my favorite hobby. The only people who don’t ask these questions are the ones who also share my enthusiasm in fermenting my own suds. With these fellow brewers, the questions go in a totally different direction. Home brewers are usually interested in what kind of yeast strains I’m familiar with, or if I mash my own grains, or what’s the appropriate original gravity of an American Pale Ale? These questions make me smile. Although I am a certified beer server and trying to be a Certified Cicerone, I’m not really interested in becoming a professional brewer, nor am I looking to start my own brewery. I’m simply someone who loves to make, drink, and sell craft beer. I just enjoy being in this quirky community. If you’ve ever brewed your own beer, you know how enjoyable it can be to pop that first top, and pour the first bottle of hard work into a perfectly clean beer glass, hoping the head rises and stays just the way it’s supposed to; and then taking in the first sniff and eventually letting the ale coat your tongue as you continue taking in aroma, before finally letting it slide down your throat. This is absolutely the best part of brewing… the finished product. So is brewing your own beer better than letting someone else do the dirty work for you? For

Long Trail Ale 4.6% ABV

A refreshing amber ale with a clean finish. Offers caramel flavor with subtle hop character. Pair with smoked salmon or andouille sausage.

Keegan Ales Swarmin’ Hive 5.7% ABV

A vanilla honey porter with a light body. Sweet taste up front and charred caramel at the finish. Pair with crème brulee or brownie sundae.

22 April 2013

the sake of professional brewers, you have to appreciate all the years or even centuries of work they’ve done. They’ve cleaned, sanitized, bottled, and kegged everything for you. They have enormous storage facilities to house all those fermenters and a vast array of equipment. They’ve even brought their prized fluids to your doorstep for you. All the tedious work has been done and all that’s left is the satisfaction of your refreshment. But there is something to be said about taking that first sip from your first glass of the beer you made yourself. It really doesn’t get much better than that, and nobody can tell you different. Just in case you’re interested in getting started, there are plenty of local places to shop for ingredients and equipment, or you don’t have to leave your house at all. I started with a product that many brewers do. Mr. Beer is as simple as it gets. You can order one online or go to Bed Bath and Beyond most times of year to pick one up. It’s very low cost and the beer is easy to make. But if you’re looking to get a little more serious or just have a palate that is too sophisticated for simple, unhopped ales you’ll need to look a little further. I have a few friends who recommend www.northernbrewer. com. I have never tried the site, but my sources are very reliable on this. Personally, I like to go to “The Brewers Apprentice” in Freehold or “Love to Brew” in North Brunswick. I’ve also heard good things about “Corrado’s” in Clifton. Personally, I like to go to the brew shop for supplies in case I need new equipment or want to talk to someone about recipes and

Starr Hill Pils 4.2% ABV

Starr Hill is New Jersey brewery. This German style Pilsner has a golden color and a nice hop bouquet. Its bitterness pairs well with grilled foods or most vinaigrettes.

Defiant Belgian Tripel 9% ABV

Defiant is in Pearl River, NY. You’ll find a fruity aroma, but also spice from the yeast. This beer has sweetness up front but finishes dry. The alcohol doesn’t hide in this so be careful.

little problems that may be discovered along the way. Let’s get into the fun “Hoppenings” of April to get the party started. Major League Baseball opens the season on April 1st which is a day that many of us look forward to so we can skip work and head to the ballpark for a hot dog and a beer (the American dream). The smell of a stadium is always the first thing that grabs me and says, “It’s time to start drinking… but don’t forget the snack stand either.” The old days were not too kind to the craft beer palate. Stadiums were very lack luster in their selection which was pretty much limited to ______ Light, ______ Light and the other Lite. These beers do have their place in society unless you like drinking something that looks like the bottom a urinal after a long night at a frat party. Fortunately, our newer, more modern stadiums have wised up to the taste of its customers and embraced the craft beer community. Most of these beers are from awesome local guys like Brooklyn Brewery and Six Point. I recommend hitting up these mini stadium beer gardens and seeing what they have to offer. Other days such as you’re respective religious holidays and the ever-looming tax day are obvious reasons to kick back and enjoy your favorite ales and lagers. Maybe a few more than usual depending on how annoying your family is or how much money you’re gonna owe Uncle Sam. So here are some suggestions to let you relax while it seems like your checking account is being molested by a rabid dog.

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale 5.3% ABV

This Rye Pale Ale drinks almost like a light IPA. The mouth feel is not chewy, but definitely not watery. There is a citrusy hop aroma with a bitterness that left me wanting more. Pleased to meet you my Dear…

Six Point Bengali Tiger 6.4% ABV

This Brooklyn, NY IPA is on the malt side, but you can still pick up the citrus, piney hop aroma. Not for the serious hop head but the malt is still drinkable. Pair with BBQ or Chinese takeout.

APRIL HOROSCOPES ARIES (March 21-April 19). Sometimes you fear that if you don’t do the work that it won’t be done correctly. Perhaps more precisely, it won’t be done to your specifications of what’s correct. This week you’ll feel more open to letting people help and give their own spin to the job, too. Your attitude of openness makes life so much easier for all. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). When you hear someone declare that there is no right or wrong way, you’ll be skeptical. There is a right way — the way that works for you. This week you may have to try up to three wrong ways in order to get to know what the right way is. Thursday and Friday are your sweet spot for getting a return on your efforts. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). What you felt was really true — you are being subjected to a subtle scrutiny. The trick is not to try and please them. Instead, deepen your belief in yourself to the point where you no longer care what their verdict is. This may require that you make changes, but these changes will be for you not for them. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Saintly types may choose to frame life in a way that doesn’t allow for feeling aggrieved or resentful — everyone is only doing his or her best. A more earthly point of view may be to log the grievance and strive to set the balance straight. Every action has a consequence. Don’t you have a right to your reactions? LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Many cats sleep for 70 percent of their lives. Is it because all that agility and sleek ferocity requires more than equal down time for recuperation? Or is it that the dream life of a cat is so compelling that cats want to spend the majority of time there? You’ll get more time than usual to indulge your feline needs to relax and dream. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Should you aim for the high risk, high competition option or go for the low hanging fruit? Start with the low hanging fruit, and while you’re eating that you can decide how much life you are willing to trade to go for that juicy morsel at the top — the one you’ll have to fight the birds, and gravity, to taste. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). In some way, you feel you must act to win your own respect over and over. This attitude keeps you from producing results, but it could also tire you out if you’re not careful. This week, dare to say, “enough is enough” and take some time to relax — to stop having to prove yourself and just be. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Adventure is a state of mind. You may not travel far and wide, meet fascinating new people or experience foreign cultures and customs this week, but you will do the truly adventurous thing — face the life you know so well with curiosity, boldness and a willingness to be changed by all you learn. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). It’s the tendency of human behavior to assume that others are pretty much believing and doing just as you are. You’ll go against that tendency as you realize the novelty of your choices. Truly you are working on something unique and doing it in a unique way too. You’re different, and you’ll celebrate that. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). It’s difficult to get enthusiastic about anything you don’t know much about. But once you dig in and get some knowledge on a matter, you’ll get a better understanding of what your level of involvement and enthusiasm could be. So before you decline offers or rule out possibilities, do a little research. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Accountability helps people keep the sanctity their word. It’s why most marriage ceremonies happen in the presence of witnesses. When making agreements this week, bring several parties into the deal, if only to provide the social accountability that will encourage all to participate as intended. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Find someone to bounce your ideas and work off of. Get a second, third and forth opinion. The more opinions you hear, the better you’ll be at knowing which ones to apply. Also, your skin will get a bit thicker in this process. Thicker skin is one of the requirements necessary for creative folks like you to succeed.

y a d s r u h T y t s Thir All Craft Beer only


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Miss Attila Wings 2013 Tropicana Resort & Casino Showroom May 23 @ 7pm ashley F.

2013 Calendar Girl

May 14th 8pm 30 30 North North Van Van Brunt Brunt Street, Street, Englewood, Englewood, NJ NJ 07631 07631 201-227-1030 • 201-227-1030 •


The Smile Docs T here’s a reason celebs like singer Debbie Harry, Montel Williams, Carson Kressley, former NFL Giant Coach Jim Fassel, and Miss USAs Tara Connor and Alyssa Campanella have all sat in the dentist chairs of Drs. Anthony Vocaturo and Donald Lapine.

offers the comforts of a day spa with massages and light lunches, as well as amenities like car service and even airline reservations! So now you have no excuse to miss a visit to the dentist. Why do people travel the globe to Bayonne to have a dental procedure done at NJ Cosmetic? We have an excellent track record and reputation in the cosmetic dentistry industry. What makes your practice different? When a patient walks through our door, they are given the VIP treatment. We make the extra effort to comfort our patients and make sure their visit is the most enjoyable experience ever. We explain each and every detail before we begin the procedure. Do you have your own unique technique? Every dentist has their own way of doing things. For us, designing the perfect smile is like any other form of architecture. It is equal parts art and science. It requires innovation, insight, and a true creative spark.

by Mark Dawson

spring are Porcelain Veneers, Invisalign and Lumineers. Why are people willing to spend the money to have porcelain veneers? Veneers are the crème de la crème of cosmetic dentistry. It’s like driving a Benz or Bentley. People know right away if you have veneers. It’s a statement you’re making. Who could resist a million dollar smile? It’s worth the lifetime investment. Does NJ Cosmetic & Wellness offer payment plans? Yes, we do offer an array of payment plans depending on the procedure. It’s like leasing a new car! You make a down payment and we schedule monthly payments. What’s the first step to a perfect smile? Call and schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation. Easy breezy! For more information, call the toll free hotline 1-877-50-SMILE & visit www.

Who is your typical patient? We have patients of all ages. College students, young moms, dads, grandparents, guidos, guidettes, drag queens… we see them all! Known as The Smile Designers, the owners of NJ Cosmetic Dentistry & Wellness Center at 90 Avenue B in Bayonne, are literally redefining what it means to visit the dentist office. In their chairs, everyone gets the A-list red carpet treatment.

 Their facility

What is the most requested procedure? Our most requested procedure would have to be laser bleaching. Everyone these days wants their teeth to be white as chalk. Other popular procedures this

April 2013 27



Nike Draws Criticism for Tiger Woods Tribute


hree years after his highly publicized fall from grace, the Tiger is roaring again. Tiger Woods is now once again the number one ranked golfer in the world, completing his return to form following the incident that cost him his marriage, sponsors and even his golf magic. Woods has not held the title of top-ranked golfer in the world since October 2010, but his latest win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational puts him back on top of the ladder. Following his win, Woods said all the hard work has paid off.

“It feels good to have won this event, this event means so much to me over the years,” Woods said.

Sportsnet golf analyst Ian Leggat says he’s not surprised Woods made it back to the number-one spot.

“I think as soon as he got over the injuries and the embarrassment of all the craziness that went on his life the last few years, I think there’s no doubt about it and every other player on the PGA tour knows, there’s no more talented player that’s every played the game of golf,” Leggat said. Leggat also says, despite the win, Woods has bigger things on his mind. “For him I really

28 April 2013

think it’s more than anything just another win, when he got into this game as a professional his goal was to win more majors than Jack Nicklaus, so I don’t think he’s going to see real satisfaction until he wins another one,” Leggat said. The win that put Tiger back on top was his eighth win at the Palmer Invitational, tying a PGA Tour record.

Immediately following the victory, Nike was quick to post a new ad on its Facebook page. The photo of Tiger has a caption saying: “Winning takes care of everything.” Depending on how you choose to interpret the advertisement, it may suggest that the return to number one erases the memory of the last few years and Tiger’s infidelity. Next up for the now number-one golfer in the world, the Masters Tournament.

Lindsey Vonn (U.S. Skier) The six-time World Cup champion Downhill Skier and 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist is cool as a cucumber with her clothes on going down the ski slopes, but hotter than a firecracker with her clothes off as an athletic model. Vonn was featured in the 2010 edition of Sport Illustrated “Swimsuit Edition” and in 2010 Maxim Magazine ranked her #59 on their Maxim Hot 100 list. Vonn recovering from a leg injury right now, but she is not recovering by herself as she has caught the eye OF Tiger Woods. Hopefully Lindsey digs golden showers.


naked truth THE

by Chaunce Hayden

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Questions or comments? text (201)873-3874 or tweet @ChaunceHayden

On a side note


here was a time when I would use my column to spill my guts about my personal life (never a dull moment) and in the process cause a wake of havoc along with some compelling reading. But since getting behind the wheel of Metropolis Nights, I’ve focused more on the good, the bad and the ugly of contemporary pop culture. I found more joy at being the uninvited voyeur rather than the guest of honor. While my personal life continues to be a wild ride, these days I’ve let lawyers do most of my talking for me. However, this week please allow me to indulge myself in yet another brutally honest port hole into my world. Part of living on the edge of life is accepting the battle scars of the constant mutilation of bodily abuse. Late nights, long hangovers, awful food choices and a phobia to any physical activity indeed takes its toll. Mickey Mantal, the entire cast of Celebrity Rehab, most of Hollywood and Nikki Sixx just to name a few have shot up, drank up and threw up until their broken bodies waved the white flag. Some got lucky and were given a second chance. A select few got several second chances. But for many, the party bus ended with a pre-mature wooden box and a wake of broken hearts.

Blood Test Results

Y Several weeks ago I got the news that my days were numbered. My self inflicted abuses have punished my liver and heart into rotting submission. While the prognosis is described as bleak at best, I’m not going to panic. I’m not curling up in a ball and crying. I don’t even feel sorry for myself. Although I’ll admit that my long over due blood test results read like a Bart Simpson report card. So now what? I’ll tell you now what. It’s war! Watch how I reverse this physical disaster called Chaunce Hayden. Place your bets ladies and gentleman. Will it be life or death for yours truly? Stay tuned.



Your Value

Standard Range




Hemoglobin A1C









Vitamin D:



ou all know former New York Giant Brad Benson and his infamous Hyundai dealership radio commercials. Well, Benson who seems to get a kick out of poking fun at others misery just got some new material for his next round of jokes. Clint Benson, 21, allegedly ran down a man with a pickup truck, fracturing the victim’s skull and bruising his lungs, outside a New Jersey bar in the wee hours of St. Patrick’s Day according to police. To make matters worse for dad -- whose goofy radio commercials have featured the former offensive lineman’s vows to give up sex and show of his “40-foot erection” - his son was driving a (God forbid) Nissan! Come on Brad, lets see you have some fun with this.

Looks like Clint Benson didn’t know when to stop either.

April 2013 31

CRAIG CA RT ON Like you never heard him before... INTERVIEW BY CHAUNCE HAYDEN


Photography by Marjorie Raggo - Glam Studios/NJ Stylist: Jairo Aria • Make-up: Chelsea Ginsburg •Models: Brooke Willone and Jamie Rae Lawrence

Not since Howard Stern’s terrestrial radio glory days has there been a voice to wake up an audience with comparable wit, sarcasm, charisma… and a shot of Meshugah. Whether you’ve heard him on the radio or seen him on television, Craig Carton is popping up all over the media landscape. He currently hosts the number one sports talk radio morning show in the country with Boomer Esiason on WFAN in New York. The show is also simulcast five days a week on the MSG channel. In addition to his work in radio, Carton has a development deal with Spike TV where he is working with the network to create new primetime programming. Carton has worked with Spike previously hosting two television shows for the network, MMA Uncensored Live in 2012 and Weekend Pregame in 2011. Carton began his broadcasting career in 1991 at WGR Radio in Buffalo, N.Y. His energetic and irreverent show quickly became a ratings hit.

Following a successful career and a not so successful stint at WNEW-FM in New York City, Carton joined WKXW New Jersey 101.5 where he spent more than five years hosting “The Jersey Guys” broadcast in afternoon drive. Carton has been named one of the top 100 Most Important and Influential Talk Show hosts in the Country for three straight years by Talkers Magazine; named him the 9th most politically influential personality in the State of New Jersey (2007) and Radio and Records nominated him in 2006 as Talk Show Host of The Year. Carton’s first book entitled, “LOUDMOUTH: Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex, and Salvation from Behind the Microphone” is being published by Simon & Schuster and scheduled to be released in early June of this year.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Craig and talk about his wild radio ride and how if feels to be the new king of morning talk.

And management has no problem with you talking about sex and being risqué? CBS allows us to do it. It’s great that they get what the show has become and what we want it to be. But it’s the only way I know how to do it. We could sit here and talk X’s and O’s, but it’s not what motivates me or Boomer. We want to keep the show as real as possible. We want to be two guys sitting in a bar talking to each other. Sports may be a part of the conversation, but it’s not the only part of the conversation. Since we’re talking about sex, let’s talk about sex. When your book comes out are we going to learn about your fantasies and/or past sexual conquests? I get into sex and sports and some of the things that have come up with athletes. I also talk about my first experience with sex in the book. There’s no denying that sex is in a lot of the underlining byproduct of the sports stories we talk about. Whether it’s Lawrence Taylor with an underage hooker or Mark Sanchez meeting the high school girl in a bar or my first time or even me and my wife. I once said that there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing a sports jersey and nothing else so Boomer sent my wife his college jersey to wear one night for me. Of course that became fodder for the show and made me hate the number 7 at the same time. Whatever it may be, it’s always there and an aspect of life, so why hide that. Not to stroke your ego, but you’re funny, quick witted…. Keep going. And modest. The last guy who had those attributes and was successful at talk radio was Howard Stern. Do you see the similarities? Normally when people say I’m the Howard Stern of sports, which I’ve heard, it’s I started in Buffalo making 12,000 dollars Chaunce Hayden: In June you’ll usually said in a derogatory manner and I a year living in a retirement home. So to be releasing your first book called don’t get that. I grew up in New Rochelle, go from there to now is like going from the New York and Howard came on the radio “Loudmouth: Tales of Sports, Sex and Salvation from Behind the Microphone.” out house to the penthouse. But it took 20 and there was nothing else like him. So years. So I’m very appreciative where I’m We’ll get to the Sex and Salvation, I view Howard as the single greatest at now. You know I did mornings at WNEW radio voice ever. I don’t think there’s any but do you really consider yourself a when it was a talk station and that show loudmouth or rather a guy with a lot of comparison. You can talk about Imus, you and the station really failed miserably. So to can talk about Rush Limbaugh…Obviously opinions? be where I’m at now, which is the pinnacle those are big names in radio, but there’s Craig Carton: I don’t consider myself that for anyone who wants to be in radio is nobody like Howard. annoying loudmouth kind of guy. But I’m amazing. Everyday is surreal. certainly loud about my opinions and how So is being compared to Stern Now lets get to the sex part of your I present them on the radio. For some inaccurate? soon to be released book. In an era reason I’ve always been that way. That’s Well, it’s an unfair comparison because why it’s always been very natural for me to where sex has virtually disappeared he is in such a different stratosphere than talk on the radio. I have a way of standing from terrestrial radio, you seem to have fun pushing the envelope ever so everyone else. But I’ll tell you that when out by how I say things. To answer your I am compared to him it’s the greatest slightly. question, I’m just very demonstrative compliment you could give me. It’s like about my opinion as opposed to being that I think we do a really unique sports show being a young baseball player and being annoying loudmouth that you just want to because of that. We’ll do guy talk and mix compared to Willie Mays. punch in the face. it in with sports and talk about our personal Does that make Boomer your Robin lives and things you wouldn’t ordinarily You’ve come quite a long way since hear on a sports talk show. Especially, on Quivers? your days as a “Jersey Guy” on 101.5 WFAN. FM.

34 April 2013

be in and I’m not dumb enough to fuck it up. If one day I’m not working at the FAN it will have nothing to do with me saying So just to be clear, it’s a good thing that anything objectionable or fireable. It will be critics compare you to Howard Stern? for some other unknown reason. I’m well I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good thing. aware of where that line is and when I can I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t see how that and can’t cross it. Our show does get a little blue sometimes, but I don’t think it ever could be bad. He’s very open about the gets close to being “Huh-oh”. radio hosts he loved as a kid growing up and I’m no different. If I’m going to craft my Let’s talk about Boomer. How would you career after someone why wouldn’t it be describe him? from someone who is the best that ever lived at it? He’s the best of all time. I don’t Boomer is a very loyal, team-orientated deny it and it’s a great comparison for me. guy. What’s good for everyone else is (Laughs) No! But you can say yes for the article.

That said, why be a sports talk show host and not just a talk show host? If you had your choice, would you talk less sports and more sex, drugs and rock n’ roll?

No. This is the best job I ever had. I like talking about sports. But the beauty of what I do with Boomer is that WFAN also allows me to do the pop culture stuff. Nobody has ever come to me from the moment I got here and said that I’m not talking enough sports. I’m blessed I can stray outside the sports world, but sports will always be the base of what the show is about. I have the best of both worlds. If a listener got to live with you for a week, would their opinion of you dramatically change?

If you were trapped in an elevator with Francesa how do you think it would turn out? It would probably be several hours of not speaking to each other. We’d both be looking for our own seperate ways to get out.

Probably. There’s no way I can keep the same energy that I have on the show every hour of the day. I come close, but it can’t be done. When I’m off the radio I’m all about my family. There’s no bigger family man than me and I coach all my kid’s sports teams. So I’m not living the life that you might think I’m living. It’s not non-stop wild and loud conversations about my personal good for him. He’s as much of a type A life. Sometimes…but not 24/7. I’m much personality that I’ve ever met or been close more quiet off the air. to. But he’s an amazing guy, because When Don Imus got fired from WFAN a here’s someone who doesn’t need to do lot of huge names auditioned for the job. this job. He doesn’t need to get up at 4am But you and Boomer are the only guys and drive a half hour to go to work. He who worked out. Why do you think that doesn’t need it financially and he doesn’t is? need it career wise. He’s an iconic figure both as an athlete and as a broadcaster. We have a great relationship. This is to Boomer’s credit; he knew what I was doing What’s amazing is that he has the will to do it and his work ethic is second to none. from a radio standpoint. He trusted me. Plus, I don’t want to embarrass him, but When we did our tryout show in July of he’s raised over 100 million dollars to fight 2007 at the WNEW studios, which was ironic because that’s where I got fired from, cystic fibrosis. The way that guy spreads himself both career wise and foundation we did a one-hour show. It was the exact same show we do today. That’s very rare. wise is amazing. We didn’t change anything. How much of your success do you owe Don Imus got fired for saying something to him? racist on the air and recently an There are very few people you meet in life Australian radio team got canned for that make you want to be better at what making a phony phone call that resulted you do and he’s one of them. in the call victim’s suicide. Do you ever It’s no secret that your show and fellow feel like you’re always one word away WFAN ratings star Mike Francesa have from losing everything? issues. Is it just for fun or is the back I’ve been though controversy before and and fourth on air comments real? dealing with the way people react to what I said. But I’m in the best job I could possible Well it’s just for fun on our end!

Francesa doesn’t seem to get the joke. Listen, everyone knows Mike doesn’t like me and I don’t like Mike. That’s what it is. I respect him. That show that he does is a beast of a show, especially for one guy for five and a half hours everyday. That’s not easy to do. He’s successful at doing it and professionally I respect that. But we don’t like each other. Long before you arrived on the scene, Mike and Chris Russo were “The guys” at WFAN. Do you think Francesa feels threatened by your show or you personally? Is there room for only one gun in town so to speak? You would have to ask Mike about that. But I’m sure he’s not going to talk to you for this interview. I do believe there’s some of that. I think we’ve had two conversations in the six years we’ve been here. He’s acknowledged in the past that when we first got here it was all about Boomer and Carton and as established as he and the Mad Dog were, “What about us?” I do think that’s part of it. We came in and were very successful. But that shouldn’t diminish Mike’s success or where he stands in the arena of sports talk show hosts. If you’re in New York and number one or two for as long as he’s been on the air I don’t have to like him and he doesn’t care if I like him and I don’t care if he likes me. We’re both successful.

As there been any attempt at the station to bring the two of you together for a peace summit? (Laughs) It’s been talked about! We’ve only had one meeting where all of us sat down together in the six years that I’ve been here. That’s it. You do a great impersonation of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. Would you consider doing a week of shows as Francesa’s co-host in character? We did a show at Citi Field the first year it opened and it was the only time we’ve physically been on the air together. He came on the air with us and I did about 5 minutes as Chris Russo. It was great! It really was great! If you were trapped in an elevator with Francesa how do you think it would turn out? It would probably be several hours of not speaking to each other. We’d both be looking for our own separate ways to get out. You mentioned you had your own moments of scandal and controversy during your radio career. The former Governor of New Jersey, Richard Codey wanted to fight you… He wanted to kill me! We’re actually friends now.

April 2013 35

The Philadelphia Flyer’s organization sued a station you worked for because of comments you made about a player… you were later vindicated. At this very moment, who is the angriest at you?

There are plenty of baseball games where there’s no scoring. Why doesn’t the same rules apply?

We have this romantic connection with baseball from our parents and (Long pause) It might be Mike. I don’t know grandparents. But football is America’s number one sport. It’s not even close. if anyone personally is mad at me at this moment. There might be teams that are Is there anything you’ve said you wish mad at me for things I’ve said on the air you could take back? this morning. But they won’t be mad at me tomorrow. But I don’t think there’s anyone, A shit load of things. Yeah. You can’t do I could be wrong, that has a grudge against a radio show for 20 years and say there’s nothing you wish you had said differently or me. didn’t say at all. And if you ask me what are It’s tough having a radio show where the things that I said my answer will be, “I’m you have to be honest, to be respected, not going to tell you.” and not have people hate you. Who is your greatest sports hero? It’s the nature of the business. It’s the old Howard Stern thing again, the people that I have two. Bernard King and Mookie Wilson. One of the surreal parts of this hate you listen more. job is that I actually got to be friendly with You’ve made it no secret that you Bernard. It’s just so surreal. His phone despise the sport of hockey. Why do number is in my cell phone and from time people hate to listen to hockey talk on to time I’ll just randomly send Bernard King the radio? a text. I mean why not? My kids will go through my phone and say, “Daddy, you Hockey just doesn’t get ratings. I actually have Mark Sanchez’s phone number?” I’ll think it’s a fabulous sport. I actually enjoy say, “Yeah, but he doesn’t return my calls going to the games and if you give me anymore.” a playoff game where the Rangers are tied one/one I would probably sit and Why isn’t the Boomer and Carton show watch it. There’s no denying it’s exciting. syndicated nationally? The problem for America and hockey is The show we currently do is too local. I that there’s not enough scoring. We like think we could do a really good national scoring. We like to see points. We’re a point driven society. We hate soccer for the show, but if you’re in Chicago you don’t want to hear me and Boomer talking about same reason. There’re no fucking goals. That’s why we love football. There’s tons of the Knicks or Mets. Could you put us on in Chicago and would we do a competent scoring. job? Yeah. Will we be number one?

36 April 2013

No. If we stop talking about New York just to be national we would lose New York. Is that frustrating for you? Not even a little bit. That’s an ego play. I’m just glad to be number one here in New York. Money is great, but there’s nothing like being successful in the biggest and greatest city in the world. One secret about yourself you never told anyone? I can read sheet music for piano. I had a perm in 7th grade and I can memorize 20 digit long numbers. But the best secret was while I was attending Syracuse University. For an Advertising class we had to blindly pick the name of a product out of a hat and then do the ad campaign for print, radio and television. I picked Jergen’s Lotion for Men. My idea was the tag line, “Jerk it with Jergen’s, for that oooh so good feeling.” I got an F because it was offensive to the dean of advertising. I was actually called into her office and we bartered that they would change my grade to pass or fail and pass me if I turned over all of my work so that no one else would ever see it again. Ironically, I had a frat brother of mine who was an ad major and went on to create the Real Men of Genius campaign. He rocked a super professional ad campaign based around porn stars using the product. Finally, is bald beautiful? 100 percent! Yes. I wish I had hair, don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t bother me being bald one little bit. I got lucky because I have a nice egg shaped head.

MOVIE REVIEW Joe Basile’s ‘West End’


veryone loves a mob story. From North Jersey’s Soprano’s to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Empire, our state has gotten a ton of mob related attention. But few have used Central Jersey’s beautiful shore as a backdrop to their mob story. And even fewer have done it as well as Jersey native and Hollywood actor, Joe Basile, who wrote, produced and directed the film, West End. The film was shot entirely in New Jersey, a big deal for our state considering most movies today are shot in sound stages and faux cityscapes in LA. As important as shooting on location in Basile’s hometowns was to him, no one could have guessed how much it truly meant until now. Just a few short months after shooting, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the iconic places depicted in the film. Looking back, Basile notes “I feel very privileged to have shot the last film on the Jersey Shore, to capture it’s essence as I will always remember it.” The essence of the Jersey Shore is more than the boardwalk and the beach. It’s the businesses, the families and the soul that exist there, the community. It’s this community that helped make this film possible. These people who believed there was a story to be told, a story that had to be done authentically to the spirit of the Jersey Shore. “I wanted the characters in the movie to real. Like the people I grew up with. Although WEST END is a “mafia” movie, I didn’t want stereo types. I wanted WEST END to be true to Central Jersey. Not North Jersey, not New York.” From Seaside Heights to Long Branch - the outpour of community support came in the form of funding, locations, and introductions. Not to forget the crew favorite, several meals a day from contracted caterer and Jersey staple, Chef Joe Leone. The shoe string budget, the difficulties of shooting entirely on location, the time constraints and pulling together a New York and Hollywood cast and crew proved to be worth it’s efforts. Not only does Basile now have a cinematic record of our beaches and piers, but a mob film that has seemed to capture the distinct

essence of the Jersey Shore. We were offered a pre-screening of a rough cut of the film, set to premiere April 6th at the Garden State Film Festival and April 11th at the Soho Film Festival. The film, a decade long labor of love for Basile, is centered around the question, “What do you owe family?” In the film, Neal Bledsoe (Smash, Gossip Girl) sizzles as Vic Trevi, the returning prodigal son. Trevi reluctantly returns home after news his mob-boss father, played by Golden Globe nominee, Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Expendables) gets murdered shortly after his release from prison.

stoic strength, with just the right amount of vulnerability. He plays Vic strong and at certain points shows the cracks in his wall. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

An already complicated family situation becomes even more complex as Trevi bears a secret of his own - the law school graduate is an FBI agent. As the plot unfolds, Trevi is forced to rekindle relationships with his family, including his mob-boss Uncle John, played by Peter Onorati (Goodfellas, CSI, Big Bang Theory).

Living in post-MTV Jersey Shore era with all that entails, I was worried it was going to be over the top ‘ Jersey,’ but it was surprisingly refreshing. At its core, the film is a story about family relationships rather than the typical mafia movie. The gangster characters are not the caricatures one often in encounters in the genre. There were no overwhelming accents or stereotypes. They are toned down, more realistic and more sinister. It helped add to the tension without distracting from the real, human story taking place.

The tension between these characters, Vic Trevi and Uncle John, explore the boundaries of trust, betrayal and family. The dynamics of the this relationship are integral to the movie, it could have easily fallen flat here. But under Basile’s direction and trust in his actors let it flourish, “It’s interesting, as you write you do have a vision of what everything should be. But when you hire Actors you have to let them interpret the characters as they do. You have to let go.

After watching it, I think anyone who appreciates a good drama, mob related or not, would enjoy the film. I most appreciated it’s relatability - you don’t have to have a mob family to find even a few of Vic Trevi’s struggles relatable. It also didn’t hurt that the film was beautifully shot. It has a moody, cinematic look that perfectly sets the tone for the dark, dramatic story being told.


I’m lucky enough to call Peter [Onorati] my friend and have known him for years. His talent’s big, so when I cast him I could tailor the part to him and knew he’d, for a lack of a better term, rock. He did. Neal brought a different dynamic to the role of Vic Trevi. He brought a

April 2013 37

Photo credit: ‘Inhouse Fotografi’

A Custom-made motorcycle designed by Manchester United Footballer Wayne Rooney for $56,221.99.

ABOVE: An autographed ‘No 10’ football shirt mounted and lacquer-sealed onto the rear fender.

elcome to the first installment of MotorMouth a ago by established custom-bike builder Uffe Lauge Jensen, column dedicated to all things motorcycle-related Lauge Jensen Ltd is Denmark’s first motorcycle manufacturer and in tribute to how I sometimes simply do not know since Nimbus ceased production in 1959. when to shut my big mouth.


In the world of “I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it” comes this next story of how an anonymous bidder got their hands on a custom-made motorcycle designed by Manchester United Footballer Wayne Rooney. Paying 43,250.00 Euros ($56,221.99 U.S. dollars to you and me) the one nice aspect here is that the money went to charity. The 2012 Lauge Jensen cruiserstyle machine went under the hammer at the Bonhams auction of Sports Memorabilia in Chester, UK, on behalf of KidsAid, a Danish charitable foundation that helps young people affected by illness. The motorcycle incorporates a number of special features designed by Rooney himself. These include: 1) An autographed ‘No 10’ football shirt mounted and lacquer-sealed onto the gas tank, 2) A special shift rod incorporating 21 black diamonds and a white diamond, 3) A rear mudguard featuring artwork depicting Rooney’s celebration of his spectacular goal against Manchester City in 2011 that helped Manchester United claim that year’s premier title and was named ‘Best Goal’ of the season. Founded only a few years

38 April 2013

To learn more about what lies in store this spring at the dealership click on Photo credit: Chaunce Hayden

Throughout the coming riding season I plan to stop riders at random and take their pictures with their machines to be showcased here. Criteria for such a feature is simply that you have to be a motorcyclist. You don’t have to own the baddest chopper in the world or the most tricked-out sportbike, you simply need to ride. So beware NYC metro area peeps… One of you is going to be the first feature of the season very soon!

Speaking of charity work… On a local level, Bergen County Harley-Davidson/BMW recently held a health-focused event. ECAN, an organization dedicated to battling Esophageal Cancer ( was on hand offering free screenings for oral cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. Some folks also donated blood while there. Pictured here are Jennifer Sheffield and Robert Stump both Bergen HOG members, and reps for ECAN. Moto-props go out to all the Bergen Harley & BMW peeps who took part.

by Britta Winans ith eager anticipation for Cinco de Mayo next month, I have found the perfect venue– no passports, immigration or crossing the border necessary. Conveniently located right on Prospect Street in Glen Rock, Jalapenos Mexican Bar and Grill offers one of the most authentic and enjoyable Mexican food experiences in North Jersey.


A neighborhood establishment for more than six years, Jalapenos is backed by a dedicated and incredibly hard working staff and caters to all demographics. “We aim to create an atmosphere where people want to kick back and take their shoes off,” says Jimmy Long, General Manager at Jalapenos. “We’re fun, inviting affordable and extremely versatile.” Long is a new addition to the long-standing Jalapenos and is part of the restaurant’s ongoing initiative to stay current with its North Jersey drawing. His revamping plans for the establishment are incredibly promising. An aspect of Jalapenos that won’t be changing - its menu. West

40 April 2013

coast Mexican food has emerged as the apparent standard for authentic Mexican food and drink in the United States. However, as an east coast girl who has been to Mexico several times, I’m going to go out on a limb and compare Jalapenos to actual authentic “Mexican” Mexican food – oh Dios mio! Entrees made daily from scratch are sizzling with flavor and drinks are as deliciously strong as they are addicting. I found myself ordering “uno mas, por favor” after the first sip of my Margarita De Jalapenos, made to perfection – on the rocks, with salt. Besides the clever sign, complete with an jalapeno pepper in place of the “J”, there is nothing particularly alluring about Jalapenos exterior façade. However, the Mexican music, mouth-watering aromas and knowing that a Margarita is a mere 10 steps away, invite all who are craving a bona fide Mexican meal out of the parking lot and into viva la Mexico. Mexican textiles and paintings cover the red, green, mustard and exposed brick walls. Piñatas, strung dried jalapenos and four

flat screen TV’s designate the drinking territory, in case anyone were to miss the countless Modelo, Corona and Tequila signs that decorate the western motif bar which is beautifully adorned with gold tile and studded leather chairs.

Not feelin’ the Carne in your Asada? Jalapenos has a vegetarian menu available and also caters to children and those who want more traditional American bar food with burgers, calamari, cheese fries and more. There’s a little something for everyone.

It took about seven minutes after we sat down for our long anticipated order of guacamole to arrive in a lava bowl accompanied by warm tortilla chips. The table was silent until all that was heard was a ferocious scraping sound, leaving the lava bowl lined with pieces of once whole chips. No one came up for air. The creamy and spicy (I requested a bit more of a “kick” to the guac) concoction left my mouth on fire, leading to the order of my third margarita, this time frozen.

Jalapenos keeps the griddle sizzling and the tables turning with specials throughout the week. Kids eat free on Sundays, 15% off on Monday night dinners, ‘Build Your Own Taco” Tuesdays and half priced margaritas with an entrée are featured every Wednesday. These are just some of the new initiatives that Jalapenos has to offer.

Three sips in, our food arrived. I could smell the decadence before it was even in sight. Chorizo Tacos drenched in flavor, Tijuana Beef Enchiladas dripping in a creamy blend of cheeses and an order of the Couzmel Mussels to share - I couldn’t pick up my utensils fast enough. One bite later, my taste buds were in ecstasy as my stomach was celebrating a Mexican fiesta! A unique twist that makes Jalapenos’ dishes so deliciously different from other Mexican menus is a specific ingredient used frequently throughout their menu – liquor. If the tequila infused Couzmel Mussels aren’t enticing enough, I strongly recommend the Mexican Apple Pie, complete with a brandy butter sauce and, of course, topped with vanilla ice cream. Plenty of tequila infused entrees are available, should patrons choose to incorporate my favorite liquor into every course of their Jalapenos dining experience. As cliché as it may sound, when it comes to the food menu, Jalapenos holds authenticity to the highest standards. The Fajita Pablano and Chilles Rellenos feature Pablano peppers that are grown and imported from Mexico. Their Chicken Burrito Mole is a creation by head chef, Martin, who comes from a region of Mexico famous for its mole sauce recipes. One bite from one of these dishes and your mouth is on vacation.

Can’t find the time to go out for a Mexican meal? Introducing Jalapenos’ Enchilada Express, making lunch deliveries every Monday through Friday, 11:30am to 2:30pm. Have a habit of consuming too much tequila on the weekends? No problem! As of March, Jalapeños offers a courtesy shuttle, The Tequila Taxi, available Friday and Saturday evenings for anyone traveling within a four to five mile radius. Call ahead to book! 2013 has been a big year for Jalapenos as most of these initiatives have been recently introduced and the continuing ideas seem to be endless. “A restaurant is like a living organism,” says Long. “You need to introduce new things to them or they die.” Some introductions that can be anticipated in the restaurant’s future are the addition of more top shelf liquors, tequila flight samplers and more of a nightlife scene. Also on the radar is Cinco de Mayo. Throughout the upcoming fiesta weekend Jalapenos will feature a Modelo mini-keg bar and exciting giveaways! There’s no excuse - Jalapenos is authentic, inviting, accessible, affordable and delicious! Who could ask for more in a “South of the Border” dining establishment? Spice things up with some authentic Mexican flavor at Jalapenos Mexican Bar and Grill. Outside seating will be open in April as the weather warms up, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Check out Jalapeno’s website for Cinco de Mayo festivities at

April 2013 41


Angel OF THE

Rachel Bernstein

Interview by Chaunce Hayden Photography by Brian B. Hayes

Is it true blondes have more fun? Yes, I think being blonde is really fun. I get so many compliments on my hair color. I used to go really blonde, but now I just do highlights mixed in with my natural blonde shade. I always think blonde is the BEST hair color. So much so, that I’ve branded myself and named my Beauty line after my nickname “SUNSET BLONDE.” (www. Ever try and live as a brunette? I’ve never actually been brunette, but I’ve worn brunette wigs at a few photoshoots. It was fun, but just doesn’t fit with my look, nor do I feel as sexy. It would also take a lot of work for me to constantly dye it brown since it’s not my natural color. You’ve modeled all over the world. Recently you worked with Kim Kardashian and are featured on billboards for MIDORI everywhere. What did you think of her? Working with Kim Kardashian was a great experience! They actually kept it a secret throughout the auditions which celebrity we would be working with. I didn’t find out it was Kim until the day of the shoot. Gosh, does that woman have the tiniest waist & a large booty! I mean, when they talk about her proportions and when you see photos, it’s just so hard to believe until you actually see it in person. But I think she is so gorgeous

44 April 2013

and she was really sweet on set. She introduced herself to all of the models on set, and made conversation in between shots. She recognized me, she looked really hard at me and said that I looked familiar. (I think it’s from appearing on a show she produced called THE SPIN CROWD.) Do you ever get used to seeing yourself on a billboard? It was so exciting, and no, I never got used to it. Every time I would drive by one, I would try to take a photo, or point it out to whoever was in the car with me. It was one of my biggest goals that I had when I moved to Los Angeles. It took me a few years to accomplish it, but it was a great feeling to line the streets of some of the most famous streets in LA, especially my beloved Sunset Boulevard. Be honest, do you drive past it just to look at it? I didn’t even need to drive past it just to look at it, it was on every block! Anytime I drove anywhere I saw it. Literally, plastered all over Los Angeles! But I did pull over by it when it first came out and took some photos. Tell us the most important thing we need to know about you. I’m not just a pretty face. I am also a business owner. Aside from being a model, I am a makeup artist, and started

my own beauty line called Sunset Blonde Beauty. I sell really unique makeup brushes and cute makeup bags. I love sharing my beauty secrets with other women, and it has inspired me to start my own line of makeup brushes, accompanied by how-to videos and stepby-step instructions that make it easy for the girls that need help. I also recently teamed up with my hairstylist to help other girls get hair like I have by starting our own luxury hair extension line called CASHMERE HAIR. ( It’s exciting to branch out and do other things besides just modeling. My passion has always been modeling, but I’m also an artist, and both of these businesses allow me to be more creative while continuing to stay in the industry. Biggest dislike? My biggest dislike is being cold. I really hate being cold. Even at our photoshoot it was freezing. If you watch the behind the scenes video, you can see me wearing my black Uggs while modeling in a bikini on the beach. I tried to keep them on, if my feet weren’t going to be in the shot. That day on the beach was so cold and rainy, but the Uggs at least helped keep my toes from freezing. That’s also why I moved away from Chicago to Los Angeles. We have much better weather here in LA.

You also worked with Steve Carell and Tina Fey in the film “Date Night.” Are they as funny off camera as on? They defiantly both have a great sense of humor. I was in a strip club scene with them, and they had to do this funny pole dance together, in front of everyone on set, and it really was hilarious watching them do it in real life, it was so hard not to laugh! Even in between shots, jokes were made, which made working those long hours go by pretty fast.

Most embarrassing modeling moment? The auditions can be so embarrassing! I wonder where they come up with the stuff they have us do sometimes? They ask you to do the most embarrassing things in auditions, and you pretty much have to do it, in front of total strangers while being video taped. So emberassing! One time they had me spank a rubber chicken with a ping pong paddle and say some weird lines in a sexy voice. For another commercial audition they wanted

me to holahoop while wearing a bikini, and saying “cockamamie, cockamamie, cockamamie” while looking into the camera seductively. Ever date an A list celebrity? Care to elaborate? No, I actually run in the opposite direction. I’ve been pursued and hit on by a few, but they scare me, I feel like they are just trouble waiting to break my heart. What do you describe yourself as, introverted or extraverted? I am a really laid back girl, and used to be really shy when I was younger. Modeling has thrown me into so many different situations where being introverted just wouldn’t work well. So I changed my ways, and now I am a lot more outgoing and conversational. What does it take for a man to win your heart? I need a man who is really a man. One who is responsible, and takes control. I will walk all over a guy who is weak and insecure. I love romance, I can’t get enough romance, so I love to be wined and dined, candles, all that sweet stuff. I want to know he puts me first in his life, that’s the biggest way to win my heart. What do you describe yourself as, introverted or extraverted? I am a really laid back girl, and used to be really shy when I was younger. Modeling has thrown me into so many different situations where being introverted just wouldn’t work well. So I changed my ways, and now I am a lot more outgoing and conversational. The one single greatest moment of your life? I’ve had a lot of great moments, and am so thankful for it. But the most recent greatest moment was the night I got engaged. My first time ever being proposed to, he totally surprised me, after only 6 months of dating! We were on vacation in Switzerland for New Years, and he proposed in front of our friends at dinner on New Years Eve, I was completely shocked and so happy! Tell us one secret that nobody knows about you? I used to have my tongue pierced. I got it pierced when I was in college because I made out with a guy that had one, and I thought it was so exciting. My dad wasn’t happy about it when he found out. I yawned at breakfast on fathers day, and he noticed it, that didn’t go over so well. Happy Fathers Day! Oops. Sorry dad!

April 2013 45

April 2013 47

Industry SPOTlight Interview and photograph by Chaunce Hayden Bliss Nightclub 955 Allwood Rd, Clifton NJ 07012 (973)773-2110

@Blissnj @BlissLounge @BlissLounge

You may be the hottest bartender in New Jersey. How many guys fall in love with you during a shift? What do you mean I “may” be the hottest bartender, it’s a fact I am . And it’s too many guys to count. What more could a guy want? Me serving them drinks at Bliss it doesn’t get any better!

48 April 2013

What’s the typical pick up line and what’s your typical response? Guys don’t get creative. It’s something as simple as “ you’re hot, I want to take you out” or guys flashing money to me or handling their business cards. My answer depends on the guy of course.

How would you describe bartending at Bliss? I consider my self lucky, most people dread going to work, I get paid to enjoy awesome music, work with great staff, and meet lots of great people each night. What is your signature drink? Secret gotta come in and try it.

Carolina Gorosito

Bartender at Bliss Nightclub

Do you ever wish you were on the other side of the bar? I love the action, it’s a lot of fun working at the club. Bliss is about to offer draft beer. Have you been practicing your pours? I’ve been bartending for years I know how to pour

What’s the wildest thing you ever saw at Bliss? The Fedde le grand and Zedd show were two of the wildest nights I’ve ever seen, I can not wait for Erick Morillo April 26. What separates Bliss from other nightclubs? The cutting edge music.

Is there one celebrity people say you remind them of? I’ve been told Adriana Lima, but I like to think I’m one of a kind. I’m going to close my eyes and ask you to make me a shot. What should I expect? Black.

April 2013 49

645 Washignton Avenue Carldstadt, NJ 07072 (201) 470-771 @Eastsidealehouse

By Britta Winans evamped, renamed and ready-to-go, the new and improved Eastside Ale House in Carlstadt offers the most premiere Sports Bar experience in North Jersey. Formerly known as The Grasshopper Also until October 2012, the Eastside Ale House was recently taken over by new ownership/management who brought some very appealing improvements and ideas with them. The outcome - Voila! - North Jersey’s go to spot for games, food and entertainment, while still encompassing all of the main attractions that a Sports Bar should: an attentive staff, incredible atmosphere and weekly promotions that keep the restaurant’s doors busier than Mark Sanchez on offense.


Former Hoboken nightclub manager, Gary Yip, and the rest of the new management team at Eastside Ale House intended to introduce a new level to the sports bar dining experience without you having to take out a bigger mortgage. “We brought some delicious, high quality food to Carlstadt, but left the prices in Hoboken,” says Yip. Sounds good to me! Aside from the name, the menu was first on the ‘to-change’ list, or rather, ‘to-update’. “Our crowds on any given night are growing because our menu is much more diverse,” explains Yip. “With our regulars in mind, we’ve kept many things the same on our menu, but have expanded to appeal to a wider audience.” Whatever your plans may be – a nice dinner, a drink, a burger, or can’t find a ‘sitter – Eastside Ale House has

50 April 2013

something for everyone. Succulent lobster macaroni and cheese, broiled salmon with a lobster cream sauce, decadent pastas, juicy burgers and the always-important kid’s menu… these mouthwatering choices are available for all occasions. If the food isn’t enough to get you through the doors, perhaps the promotions will tempt you. With different events seven nights a week, the options and prices are unbeatable. With a new and improved brunch, lunch, dinner and late night menu, Eastside Ale House serves food at all hours. Lunch is served seven days a week. Weekdays include the Executive Express Lunch Menu where diners pay $10 and get their entrée with any glass of beer or wine. Also, for those who frequent often for midday meals, there is a “Lunch Punch” card available - eat 7 meals, get the 8th free! Calling all carnivores! Enjoy steak night every Monday featuring a 12-ounce steak for $12, including mashed potatoes and a vegetable side! Also on Mondays is Trivia Night hosted by radio station Magic 98.3’s John Patterson. Singers, get your mics ready because Tuesday’s are karaoke night and at the Eastside Ale House, your talent will finally be heard outside of your shower or car! Don’t forget to ask the bartenders about their famous Fishbowls! Wednesday’s are ‘all you can eat’ pasta night featuring four different pasta and sauce options. Layin’ off the carbs? (It never works!) Wednesday’s are also Poker Night, hosted by

World Tavern Poker, America’s number one poker league. Play for a chance to travel to Atlantic City or Las Vegas to win actual money! “T” no longer stands for “thirsty” in Thursday. Indulge in “Draft Night” at Eastside with $2 Beers ALL NIGHT, along with corona and margarita specials. Hungry? Thursday is also TACO NIGHT at Eastside! 3 Homemade crunchy tacos with your choice of beef, chicken, steak, or the NEW pulled pork addition! Resident DJ Al C spins the music, and the late night menu is served until close! Still having college nostalgia? Fridays feature beer pong tournaments, minus the bad beer and frat house basements – much better! As if beer pong weren’t enough to kick off the weekend, the resident DJ is always in, along with appearances by the popular Howi Bongo percussionist, who has been known to wear some entertaining costumes! Friday’s free happy hour buffet starts at five and ends at seven. Saturdays are the fastest growing night at the Eastside Ale House and the crowds can be attributed to one major motorized bovine. Sing & Ride Saturday nights feature Karaoke and North Jersey’s only mechanical bull. There’s no better place to get buck wild and yell “yee-haw”. Saturday and Sundays also feature a delicious brunch menu and specials depending on the sport season. Happy hours

every Monday through Friday feature half priced drinks and appetizers from four to seven. With the surrounding neighborhoods in mind, Eastside Ale House is always looking to better benefit the local community. Conveniently located in the industrial Metlife Stadium vicinity, the bar offers a shuttle service to all Metlife and Izod center events on any night. Eastside Ale House’s new management has brought about some serious changes that have proven to be intoxicating, especially on Friday and Saturday nights! The crowds are growing, the menu is diversifying and the management is planning to double the size of the bar and quadruple the beer list selection so that this neighborhood hot spot will better represent its new “Ale House” moniker. Marketing efforts have been shifted into high gear as a part of Eastside Ale House’s reintroduction as the new number one sports bar in town! Their latest and greatest efforts – social media shots! Instagram a picture of yourself at the bar, tag Eastside Ale House (@eastsidealehouse) and receive a free shot. Also, be sure to check out their remodeled website and Facebook page with daily updates on new menu items, events, giveaways and more. Visit North Jersey’s newest sports bar, the Eastside Ale House, where new ideas and old mottos come together to create the most enjoyable dining and drinking experience. For more information visit

April 2013 51

THE TRUTH ABOUT <ONLINE> DATING You’ve read the column. You know the drill. We don’t even know what to say this month exept “Buyer beware!”.

Age: 26 years old Location: New Jersey Sexuality: Female seeking Male Looking For: Longterm relationship, marraige, brief fling, anything above

I keep flipping through relationships and I don’t know why! I’m ready to settle down with the man of my dreams as long as he wines and dines me and picks up my medication on time or we both might end up in trouble. Well, one of us at least....

Most feel that online dating is for losers. Well? It’s not for losers. I know a lot of people including myself who use the Internet to pick up women. For sex or for a real and meaningful relationship? Both! Why would a women look for a guy on the internet? Are guys that hard to find? I think women are tired of meeting the dumb guys in nightclubs and bars. So they go online looking for true love. But aren’t most of the guys who use online dating sites serial killers? Yea there’re a lot of freaks and creeps. But most guys that use online hook-up sites are looking for sex and nothing more. It doesn’t mean they’re killers or rapists. They just want to get laid and a lot of women who go online to meet guys are willing to have sex with them with the hope that it will turn into something more. Seriously? Women really believe they will find their soul mate. You’re laughing. Why? Because all the guys using online dating sites are lying. They just want to get laid. What percentage of your online dates end up with a sexual encounter? 75 percent. Do the pay dating sites work better than the free dating sites? Yes. They both work, but you definitely get what you pay for. What about Craigslist? That’s done. Nobody uses it anymore. Are you worried that you might get robbed or killed? It seems risky meeting a total stranger with the hope of sex.

April 2013 52

That does happen from time to time, but for the most part you just have you use common sense. But you’re right, there are a lot of crazy people out there. You really have to be careful. Are most of the women you meet online butt ugly or can you actually meet someone who’s attractive? You can find really gorgeous girls online. Does the typically shy guy have a better chance of getting a hot girl via online dating? Yes! Anyone who is shy at breaking the ice has a much better chance of hooking up online. There’s no question about it. If you’re normally shy, you’re the perfect candidate to pick up a girl online. But if after meeting, you have poor confidence or no personality, you’re still gonna strike out in the end. Do you want to find love online? Nope. Just sex. That’s all I want. Sex. If I’m bored on a Tuesday night, I’ll go online just to get laid. It’s that easy. How can you tell when a woman sends you her photo it’s really her? For the most part, you can’t. But you can tell if she’s fat or skinny. How? If all her photos stop at her chest, she’s a fatty. Also, be careful of modeling photos. If she doesn’t have any random, candid, normal photos of herself or with friends or family something is wrong. Never except a collection of only model pics. What else should we know? Spend at least 10 minutes talking or texting the girl. Try to find out if she’s crazy. That’s important. Once you’re on the date it’s too late. Texting can show you a lot of red flags. Crazy people can’t hide it after 10 minutes. Plus it’s the perfect time to exchange candid phone pics to make sure her description of herself is accurate. Hey if she gets mad because you’d like to see full body shots after she claims to be slender or slim in her profile, save yourself the time and run. Another red flag is when her profile pics are from 50 yards away in a landscape setting, What’s the time limit of texting and talking on the phone before you meet or run? 2 weeks. Forget about emailing and skypeing and texting for months. I’m not looking for a pen pal. After 2 weeks if you haven’t met, move on. Tell me about your first online dating experience. Well I did’t know all the rules yet, so I believed the hot bikini pics that was posted on my date’s profile. Turns out it was her…5 years ago. Nonetheless, I’m a gentleman, so I took her out to dinner and nicely let her know she should be posting more recent pics. So it was pretty much a waste of your time? Not entirely. I salvaged the date by getting a nice b*** j**. Very gentlemanly of you. Can you give me an example of one of

your more wild online dates? Sure. I met this girl via an online dating site. When I picked her up, she was stunning. She was just like her photos, but within 20 seconds red flags started to show up. One of her first comments was, “Why are you taking this route?” Already she was acting as if I planned on killing her. Umm because this is the route to the restaurant…upon entering the restaurant, this girl started yelling at me for helping the hostess find my reservation on the computer screen, claiming I needn’t help the hostess with her job. Why not end the date? I try to endure all my dates and besides she was super hot. Keep in mind there were many normal moments. However, as the evening wore on her crazy moments became more frequent. Of course after a while she admitted she was on medication. She even carried emergency alternative medication just to feel safe. To make it worse she was downing Dirty Martinis like it was her last drink on earth. What other signs of being unstable did she exhibit? One second she would complement me and tell me what an ideal guy I was, the next she would tell me she didn’t care about what I was talking about. Then she would wimper about how she didn’t deserve to have a guy like me. She kept going back and forth like she had a multiple personalities. She really started to get crazy. She even took out her iphone to play music during dinner despite the fact the restaurant was playing their own music. What happened after dinner? We started to make out. She suggested we go back to my house and I agreed because like I said she was so damn hot. On the way to my house she texted her friend that if she gets murdered I’m the guy who did it. That wasn’t a good sign. I should say not.

When we got to my house she started to get sexually aggressive with me. You can imagine what she was doing. We had wild sex in my bedroom and during the great sexual encounter she just snapped! Totally snapped! She screamed, “Oh my God, what are you doing to me?” A minute ago she was moaning and saying how much she liked it. I was stunned. I stopped dead in my tracks, got up and got dressed. I told her I’m taking her home. She couldn’t understand why. She started to cry and asked why I was taking her home. It was so crazy. On the way home she started to blast gangster rap music. It was scary. She was singing all the words! I really thought she might kill me. I mean she was all over the place. She was pulling photos of her family on her phone after her rap performance and started crying like a baby. I just wanted her out of my car. I texted my close friend to let him know that if I get murdered, this is the girl who did it. How does it end? After she screamed over and over, “You don’t even care!” I just told her, “Listen, I don’t even know you, get out of my car and lose my number. Never contact me again.” She went ballistic! I shouldn’t have said anything. She cursed me out as I sped away. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. The moral of the story? You will hit a crazy one from time to time, but overall the Internet is a great way to bang hot chicks. Anything else you want to tell us? Yes. This goes for guys or girls, stop lying about your success, your

fake hobbies and most importantly, your body type. Sounds cliché but, just be yourself. Seriously, otherwise, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.


“At the end of the day, I just know I’ll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever.” ...Jay Z

“I ’m on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and I don’t want to be on it. If you watch ‘Two and a Half Men,’ please stop.“


...Angus T. Jones


Jersey Jewel Kristen Kenzik Interview by Chaunce Hayden

When did you first decide you had what it takes to model? I’ve always had an interest in modeling growing up, and I decided to go for it in my first year of high school. After taking classes and signing with an agency, I realized this was something that could take me far in my future. What qualities does it take to become a model? Modeling takes not only a lot of hard work and dedication, but so much more from yourself as a person. You really have to take care of yourself, with everything- from skin, hair, exercising to your everyday diet. It’s also not all physical, but just as much mental. You have to believe in yourself, keep a good attitude and never give up. And with me personally, I know I have to stay positive with whatever comes my way, whenever, with all the ups and downs of the business. Most people assume modeling is easy. What do you say? I actually get that all the time, people really do assume it’s quite easy, but it’s not. I let people think what they want, but at the end of the day modeling takes a lot of hard work, time and patience and especially dedication. What would you say to anyone who wants to have a career in front of the camera?

I’d say to go for it in two seconds! Modeling is a whole other world, but the business itself is not easy, and you really need to work for it in order to become successful. Have you ever taken a bad photo? Yes, of course! Taking bad pictures and being able to look back and learn, sometimes even laugh at them after the shoot is what helps you change and grow. Some photos that weren’t even my favorites became ones that the photographer used and were printed. So what would you like to tell us about yourself? I’m just like any other teenage girl, going to school, working a part time job, and working really hard on my modeling career. I take it very seriously and put a lot of time and effort into it. Biggest turn off? Immature boys–– without a doubt Have you ever considered going blonde just to try it out? I actually went pretty blonde once, not entirely and I did love it, but I’m a brunette at heart and love my dark hair. Social media is such a big part of our world today. How often do you tweet a day? I have to say I actually am very big on tweeting, I love twitter. I’d have to say I tweet about ten times a day on average–

I love it. I also love instagram! You can follow me @kristenkenzik ! Could you imagine going a day without a cell phone? Although it seems impossible, I actually have went without my cell phone for a few days. Being away from all the social medias once in a while is quite relaxing and I seem to get much more done without my phone on me! Many of us gain weight during the holidays. What’s the best way to shed the extra weight? I’ve always been one to just enjoy the holidays and the amazing food that comes along with them. They do only come around once a year! But exercising and balancing my diet is always important to keep those extra pounds off. Tell us a secret about yourself. I have an obsession with painting my nails–– they always need to be something different! The happiest moment in your life thus far? I’ve been a huge Jonas Brothers fan from day one, so I’d have to say having Nick Jonas surprise me and perform at my sweet sixteen was the best moment by far. The dumbest thing you ever did? The dumbest thing I have ever done, was let the stupid drama and rumors

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with her own lines of clothes and accessories. But I really look up to the Victoria’s Secret angels, I love their print and runway work, it’s amazing. Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel has always been a dream of mine, Adrianna Lima and Miranda Kerr are such role models for me. How important is it for the model to have chemistry with the photographer?

from high school get the best of me. I’ve learned people will always talk, and it’s really dumb to let others’ opinions influence you. Finally, the most important question of all.... Tebow or Sanchez? Sanchez, all the way! Is “America’s Next Top Model” to a model what “American Idol” is to a singer? I’m actually a big fan of America’s Next Top Model, I’ve been for a while now, and it really is an inspiring show. I believe it is to a model, as is American Idol is to a singer, because it’s really all about the inspiration and reality of it. The image of an ordinary girl or guy following their dreams through modeling, with all of the competiton, is just like what Idol portrays, yet through singing. I think these shows really do inspire and reach out to others at home watching, hopefully realizing that they should follow their dreams as well. Your image has been showing up in many places including the Luxe Tan ad campaign. What is it like to see yourself everywhere? To be honest, I was a little nervous at first, questioning what others that saw my

56 April 2013

work may think or feel. But I’m flattered to have been given the opportunities to do the campaigns I have done and overall it’s a great feeling to know that my hard work and dedication to the crazy business for the past two years is beginning to really pay off. I just feel very grateful to have been given the opportunities I have, through the amazing people I have met so far. I do. What would you change about yourself? If I was able to change anything about myself, I would physically change my height. Being 5’8 is fine with me, although I would love to be taller at times. Runway modeling isn’t always an option for me because of this, but I wish sometimes it was. My height of 5’8 has held me back from booking fashion show jobs, and has discouraged me at times, but I strongly feel that this has pushed me to focus on commercial print work, and continue doing more of it. In your opinion who is the greatest model that ever lived? In my opinion the greatest model to have ever lived would be Heidi Klum. Not only did she model, but was so successful afterwards, to be on TV, Hollywood, and

I think chemistry between the model and the photographer is extremely important to have a good outcome overall for the shoot itself. The photographer needs to be able to talk to the model, explain what they need and want from him or her. The model needs to be open as well to taking direction and listening, and trust the photographer. I think chemistry really makes or breaks a photo shoot. Personally, so far I have met and worked with the best photographers and crew, who after only an hour of working, has made me feel like I have known them for years. Beyond modeling should we be looking for you on television or in films anytime soon? Well you can be sure to look for me throughout Jersey, and even New York in print, I have been very busy with that. Look out for me being associated with 989 water and Liquid Lightning for commercials, as well as other print work. And in a few months I will be working with the television series, Children’s Hospital. I am taking a great interest in television and film, it’s definitely something I am going to try out and see where it takes me! Which would you prefer the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue or Maxim? Being on the cover of either would be such an honor, I love both magazines, but I do have a love for modeling swimsuits, so I would have to say the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Modeling swimwear is completely different than other types of modeling, and it’s definitely a lot of fun, it would be an amazing experience.

Music News

MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS COMING HOME! T “After nearly 60 years, Brooklyn has re-emerged as a cultural capital where music, sports and entertainment history is made every day.” he annual MTV Video Music Awards, one of the highlights of the pop music calendar, will head to Brooklyn this summer after a two-year stint in Los Angeles. The Video Music Awards will be the first major annual awards show to take place in the New York borough, which has seen its cultural profile rise over the past decade as a fashionable spot for young musicians and filmmakers.

MTV President Stephen Friedman

“From a vibrant musical scene for up and coming artists to epic concerts by today’s biggest stars and the triumphant return of pro sports to the borough after nearly 60 years, Brooklyn has reemerged as a cultural capital where music, sports and entertainment history is made every day,” MTV President Stephen Friedman said in a statement.

The event will air live at the Barclays Center arena on August 25. A host has yet to be announced. The awards show, which hands out “Moonman” statuettes of an astronaut planting an MTV flag, has taken place in Los Angeles for the past two years, often alternating runs with venues in Manhattan. MTV, whose programming now focuses on reality series over its original music video format, will celebrate the award show’s 30th anniversary. The Video Music Awards began in 1984 and helped propel the young cable channel as a player in the entertainment industry. The annual awards ceremony is known for unscripted moments, such as in 2009 when rapper Kanye West crashed country-pop singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video to proclaim that singer Beyonce was more deserving of the trophy.

Left: The “Moonman” statuettes planting an MTV flag. Above: Inside and outside views of the Barclays Center in Broolyn, NY

58 April 2013

Lil Wayne Makes Human Being II Member-Only eezy’s countless crudeyet-creative penis references


keep his 10th solo LP light. If you expected Lil Wayne to deliver something in the way of maturity and introspection on his 10th solo album, then you don’t know Lil Wayne. While Weezy has definitely given depth with his Tha Carter album series (“Hustler Musik,” “Misunderstood” and “How to Love”), his I Am Not a Human Being collection seems to be reserved for megalomaniac musings. This is exactly how he starts the second installment of hisIANAHB series, which hit retail on Tuesday (March 26). “I’m in the crib butt naked bitch/ She say my d--- could be the next black president,” Wayne raps on the album’s piano-driven intro, painting grandiose phallic pictures. While many fans and critics call for deep and introspective messages in music, Weezy reminds them that sometimes hip-hop is best when you lay the most braggadocios, crass lyrics that you can imagine, and on I Am Not a Human Being II, each lyric outdoes the last. There are countless crude-yetcreative penis references. Aside from the “black president” lyric on the album’s starter track, Weezy also compares his member to Megatron, the maniacal robot villain from Michael Bay’s “Transformers” films and then likens it to a steroid syringe. On the Soulja Boy-produced “Wowsers,” Tunechi describes his tongue as an uzi and his baby maker as an AK-47 to further illustrate his sexual prowess. Along the way there is an array

of astounding Weezy one-liners. “Grab the owl out the tree and ask that bitch, who but me?” Wayne rhymes on the bonus track “Lay It Down” before he spits: “Tell that pig and that cow, I go ham if it’s beef.” It’s not all jokes, however. The get-high ode, “Trippy,” may have gone unnoticed, but after Wayne’s recent hospitalization fueled rumors of rampant drug use, the song’s lyrics take on a more urgent meaning. “Don’t knock me off of my high horse, what I do is my choice/I’m high as the scoreboard, bitch look up at my points,” he goes in over producer Juicy J’s syrupy bounce. Sonically, Human Being II is tied together by dark, bass-rattling beats, but there are moments of jarring differentiation. The Future and Drake-assisted “Love Me” provide us with a great hip-pop moment, as does the catchy “No Worries,” but “God Bless Amerika” and “Romance” break up the album’s outrageous rap vibe. The guitar-laced selections may have worked better on a sequel to Weezy’s 2012 rock album Rebirth. To close, the rapper goes full metal with “Hello,” where he head bangs and urges listeners to “skate, smoke, f---,” proving that his genre-bending ways knows no bounds. Weezy says he is planning his grand exit from rap, and if all goes according to his plan, Tha Carter V will be his swan song. Maybe then Dwayne Michael Carter will tell us all that he has learned growing in the game which he has ruled in since a teenager, until that moment Lil Wayne is just having fun, being music’s Martian — and there is nothing wrong with that. --MTV NEWS


By Leanne Aciz

Is There a Happily Ever After?

don’t normally discuss my personal life, simply because it has no place in a column about bartending, but last May my fiancée proposed to me underneath the Hollywood sign in California. It was a beautiful and amazing trip; The Viper Room congratulated us on their Sunset Strip marquee and BOA Steakhouse treated us to firecrackers and desert. Friends who were ecstatic for us surrounded us and we went home excited to share our happiness with our family and friends. It’s been 11 months since we got engaged, and we are in the midst of planning it all. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions as I come to terms with the fact that eventually, the Leanne I have come to know will change once I get married, have children, and (God-willing) live happily ever after.


If I was to believe everything I am told by some customers it would be understood that marriage sucks and eventually I will end up miserable, hating my husband and the life we have created for ourselves. Is this correct, or am I just a victim of the workplace, which is a funzone for my friends and I, but is a safe haven for people who need a ‘breather’ from their everyday life? Will I end up like these unhappily married people, running to the nearest bar because my teenage kids are stressing me out and my spouse doesn’t seem as attracted to me as he did when we first met? Does anybody who gets married actually live happily ever after? These are the questions that drive me crazy every time I work a shift and listen to my customers complain about their spouses. I have men who tell me that their children are their world, but the daily routine of working everyday just to come home to a “To-Do” list written by their nagging wife makes them want to drink an entire Jack Daniels bottle to the face. There are married customers who I witness check out the pretty girls in the bar, then proceed to buy them a shot, eventually trying to score a conversation in hopes of…something. I also have customers, who are truly great, respectful men, who genuinely love their families, but just feel as though they are now living with

a roommate, as opposed to the spouse they married. The worst reality of it all can be explained in the words of a customer, “I love my wife and kids. But I don’t love work. I work hard everyday and after years, it wears people down. It’s not that I’m not happy with my marriage – I’m just not happy with life”. Eventually, it trickles down. None of these situations are biased or ironic, they range from young to old, to social drinkers to alcoholics. Women aren’t innocent either. In the past month, I’ve noticed more and more unhappily married women coming out to vent to me than any other time before. Is this a coincidence, or is God trying to tell me something? I know a woman who goes on a monthly tropical vacation by herself just so she can ‘regroup’ and prepare herself to go home and pretend to be the wife her husband expects her to be. I have seen women come into the bar and not even drink a drop of alcohol, they just want some peace and quiet. This is normally more about getting away from screaming kids, but still, when did home become the enemy? Home should be where the heart is. Thankfully, last week, I had a conversation with a customer I have known for quite a while. We got into a discussion about my wedding planning and I told her that to be honest, I am scared to embark on that part of my life because nowadays, I don’t come across many happy married people. Is a good marriage attainable in this generation? She sensed my hesitation and told me how she had been married twice, and loved each man with everything she had inside of her. She explained that the recipe for a good marriage was growing together, and not apart. Confide in each other, believe in each other, and love each other. Spend your days together, and when you’re not, take the time to share absolutely every detail. If you start to see

cracks breaking through the foundation, fix them and fill them. Her sentiment about it made me realize that not every marriage has to end in failure, if you put the correct amount of dedication and compassion in each day towards each other. The next night I went for drinks at a popular bar with some friends. After consuming some red bull & vodkas, I zoned out while my friends were in the midst of discussing Summer plans. After looking around the room aimlessly, my eyes fixated on a couple in the corner of the bar, sharing an appetizer and quietly enjoying the scene. They looked to be in their sixties, and I wondered to myself why they would be at a bar at 1am, having drinks when most people their age would be home in bed. I watched as the lady bounced her shoulders to “Locked Out Of The Heaven” and the husband watched her with a huge smile on his face. He looked at her with a look of intent, as if all the pretty young things at the bar were nonexistent and all he had eyes for was his wife. The love was not lost between these two. It was heartwarming and exactly what this normally pessimistic bartender needed in order to believe that love does last, and sometimes there’s proof in the last place I expected it to be... at the bar.

If you have any successful stories that play into the idea that “Happily Ever After” is possible, I want to hear them

60 April 2013

EXPOSED The Shannon Rose, Ramsey, NJ Before you even step foot into The Shannon Rose Irish Pub, the pub-shop exterior architecture and Gaelic phrases will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Dublin. Inside you'll find four bars, large dining rooms, and a friendly staff. In our traditional pub atmosphere, you’ll feel continents away from America!....Continue Reading On The Web At WWW.THESHANNONROSE.COM

By Angela Pompelli


hen it comes to faking orgasms, we automatically think that women are the culprit. Come on, every lady on the planet has done this at least once in their life. Well it’s not just the ladies anymore, men are just as guilty. Someone I know, who will remain anonymous, recently shared his story with me. He was telling me how he has faked orgasms just to be done with it, when it lasted too long. This is the first time I’ve heard of this, from a man’s point of view anyway. I also didn’t believe him. How could that be? It’s obvious when a man orgasms, isn’t it? Either the finishing product is there or not…right…LOL! That’s not always the case and some men have actually mastered the fake orgasm. Upon some research, I’ve found that this is more common than we think and about 17 to 34 percent of all men have faked orgasm at some point in their sexual relationships. The higher end of that spectrum is nearly half, so ladies, someone may have faked an orgasm and you may not have even known it. There are different reasons this may happen. Just as women may fake an orgasm to save her partners ego, men will do the same. They feel it may be more damaging to a woman’s confidence to know she can’t finish what she started. Personally, I will go to great lengths to make sure I finish what I start. Under no circumstance will I ever leave my man high and dry, unsatisfied or orgasm

free! Of course for some this simply isn’t always true and this is where men will start to fake an orgasm. In general, it may be easier for a man to reach orgasm than it is for a woman; but there are certainly some situations in which it is difficult. Men can experience difficulty reaching climax due to the use of certain medications, stress and overmasturbation. There is also a medical link know as DE (delayed ejaculation) in which a man is unable to reach climax. Further, unlike many women who are capable of multiple orgasms, most men can only climax once or twice before their energy is spent. So, if a guy has already had sex once, twice or three times in a single night, making it happen yet another time may be asking for too much. The same applies if he masturbated earlier in the day and let’s not forgot, having too many drinks!!! The actual faking that goes on is up to the individual. I’ve never seen it first hand, thank god! From what my source had told me. It’s super simple to do. He preferred doing doggie style position, so his partner really wouldn’t be able to tell if he climaxed or not. He’d leave out a few little noises and yelps, put on a show and be done with it. I would be sure not to over act or go way outside of your normal orgasm range. If it’s too much, it may look suspicious and you could end up busting yourself, pun intended LOL!!!



Had you ever had this happen to you, wondered if this happened to you or know of someone this did happen to? Would you be offended? Please share with me at

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Louis G. Bottone III PHOTO BY PATRICK CARTER Most interesting thing we should know about you? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m always true to myself no matter what, a bit blunt at times but extremely creative.

How do you define style?

Style is personal, unique, appealing to the eye, and always changing.

What kind of women are you attracted to? Chemistry is everything and true love and attraction derives from it.

What would you change about yourself? Nothing at all. Even imperfections and weak points can be viewed as strengths.

Secret to looking like you? Be well-dressed regardless of the occasion or what you are doing. Express and communicate your true thoughts and intentions through your eyes.


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67 W Allendale Ave 140 West Allendale Ave 32 S Washington Ave 430 Rte 17 S 200 Outwater Ln 645 Washington Ave 295 Hoboken Rd 470 Knickerbocker Rd 356 Paterson Ave 6-18 Maple Ave 2027 Lemoine Ave 2143 Route 4 East 222 Rock Rd 930 Prospect St 309 Vincent Ave 41 Rte 4 E 366 River St 41 Route 4 604 Main St 129 Johnson Ave 774 Main St 163 Boulevard 1 S Main St 132 Essex St 525 Riverside Ave 1050 Wall St 3 Franklin Tpke Rte 17 N 122 W Pleasant Ave 110 Moonachie Ave 185 River Road 14 Ridge Road 582 Ridge Road 144 Rte 4 E 393 Rte 17 S 15 Firehouse Ln 5 W Main St 1200 Rt 17 N 32 Chestnut St 30 Oak Street 375 W Passaic St 1409 Queen Anne Rd 400 Cedar Ln 413 Paterson Ave 270 Pascack Rd

Allendale Allendale Bergenfield Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Carlstadt Cresskill East Rutherford Fairlawn Fort Lee Fort Lee Glen Rock Glen Rock Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hackensack Hasbrouck Heights Lodi Lodi Lyndhurst Lyndhurst Mahwah Mahwah Maywood Moonachie North Arlington North Arlington North Arlington Paramus Paramus Paramus Ramsey Ramsey Ridgewood Ridgewood Rochelle Park Teaneck Teaneck Wallington Washington Twnshp


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221 Washington St 340 Sinatra Dr 215 Washington St 205 Washington St 135 Washington St 225 River St 56-58 Fourteenth St 70 Hudson St 92 River St 1039 Washington St 110 1st St 310 Sinatra Dr 200 Hudson St 16–18 Hudson Pl 76 River St 106 First St 205 1st St 505 Madison St

Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken


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BERGEN COUNTY Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub

Allendale Bar & Grill Flirt Sushi Lounge Tommy Fox’s Biggie’s Clam Bar Dragonfly East Side Ale House Shaker’s GoGo Hungry Peddler Taos Restaurant Rivara’s Restaurant Soho Studio 4 Glen Rock Inn Jalapenos Restaurant Crow’s Nest Firewaters Harley’s Irish Pub Hooters Lazy Lanigan’s Lenoras Bar & Grill Poitin Still Heights Bar & Grill Rise Thirsty Toad Crystals Lounge Whiskey Café Boom Burger Illusions Nightclub (Sheraton) Victors Maywood Inn Jimmys Rock Café Euro Lounge O’neills Pub Pourhouse 17 Chakra Hooters Orange Lantern Brady’s at the Station Shannon Rose Office Beer Bar & Grill Park West Boom Burger Mexicali Blues Café Ultra Bar Stingers Dog House Saloon


Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar

Wet Gentlemans Club Martini Bistro & Bar Cuban Pete’s Just Jake’s Office Beer Bar & Grill Park Sports Bar 118 Lounge Adega Lounge Guitar Bar Rio Lounge Vivo Lounge Franklin Steakhouse The Game Sports Bar



HUDSON COUNTY Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar

1 Republik 3Forty Grill Bahamas Mama’s Black Bear Bar & Grill Brass Rail Restaurant Chandelier Room (W Hotel) City Bistro Green Rock Lana Lounge Maxwells Bar McSwiggans Pub Quays Sushi Lounge Teak Texas Arizona The Shannon Villiage Pourhouse West Five Supper Club


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Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Room84 Wille Mcbride’s Zylo Azucar Restaurante Hard Grove Michael Anthony’s O’Hara’s Downtown Powerhouse Lounge Zeppelin Hall Biergarten Sabor Latino Waterside Restaurant Feel Good Restaurant & Lounge Park Ave Bar & Grill Son Cubano

84 Washington Street 616 Grand St 225 River St 495 Washington Blvd 319 Grove St 502 Washington Blvd 172 1st St 360 Marin Blvd 88 Liberty View Dr 8809 River Rd 7800B River Rd 1309 Paterson Plank Rd 3417 Park Ave 40-4 Riverwalk Pl

Hoboken Hoboken Hoboken Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City North Bergen North Bergen Secaucus Union City West New York


201-420-1112 201-610-1522 201-253-2500 201 222-0090 201-451-1853 201-798-1798 201-239-7373 201-918-5125 201-721-8888 201-945-6663 201-861-7767 201-223-5670 201-617-7275 201-399-2020

Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Sharky’s West Murphy’s Bar & Grill Miami Mike’s Sports Zone Tiffany’s Dark Horse Lounge Famished Frog George & Martha’s Grasshopper Off The Green Iron Bar Office Beer Bar & Grill Roots Steakhouse SM23 Sona Thirteen Sushi Lounge Tiff’s Tiffany’s

108 Boonton Ave 3 South Bergen St 130 Rte 10 W 231 Speedwell Ave 4 Dehart St 18 Washington St 67 Morris St 41-43 Morris St 5 South Street 3 South St 40 West Park Pl 3 Speedwell Ave 13 South St 12 Schuyler Pl 23 Route 23 73 Bloomfield Ave

Boonton Dover East Hanover Morris Plains Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Pequannock Pine Brook


973-9174466 973-366-1212 973) 887-1300 973-290-9777 973-455-0200 973-540-9601 973-267-4700 973-285-5150 973-455-7111 973-285-0220 973-326-1800 973-871-2323 973-267-1575 973-539-1135 973-686-6040 973-227-2112

Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Bar/Pub Gentlemen’s Club Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Gentlemen’s Club

Alexus Steakhouse Chevy’s Dingbatz Pub 46 Shannon Rose Sharky’s East Sports Zone Spuntino Restaurant Utopia Lounge Bottagra Restaurant Portabello’s Restaurant Loop Lounge Platinum Dollz Duffy’s Tavern Riverside Manor Sunrise Gentlemen’s Club Wildbull Steakhouse 46 Lounge Ruby Lounge (Holiday Inn) Sushi Lounge Casey O’Tools Grasshopper Too Hooters Lace

955 Valley Rd 365 Rte 3 E 620 Van Houten Ave 1081 Rte 46 E 98 Kingsland Rd 545 Highland Ave 593 Van Houten Ave 70 Kingsland Rd 240 Dayton Ave 80 Wagaraw Rd 175 Ramapo Valley Rd 373 Broadway 40 Brighton Ave 856 River St 27 E. 33rd St 556 Straight Street 256 Buffalo Ave 300 Rte 46 E 1 Rte 46 W 235 Route 46 862 Hamburg Tpke 26 Erie Ave 25 Rte 23 S 24 Galesi Drive

Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Clifton Hawthorne Oakland Passaic Passaic Paterson Paterson Paterson Paterson Totowa Totowa Totowa Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne


973-746-6600 973-777-6277 973-471-1145 973-473-8184 973-284-0200 973-473-0713 973-859-0433 973-661-2435 973-955-0803 973-423-4433 201-337-8990 973-365-0807 973-779-7455 973- 684-0788 973-689-6360 973-279-1200 973-742-6600 973-890-9699 973-785-9000 973-890-0007 973-696-7737 973-696-9698 973-837-1876 973-256-3302

Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Lounge/Nightclub Bar/Pub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Gentlemens Club Restaurant/Bar Sports Bar Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Central Blue Molly Maguires Dolce Lounge Nugent’s Tavern Crossroads Chevys Breathless Gentlemens Club Patria Restaurant Central Park Mister East Office Beer Bar & Grill Roots Steakhouse Tiffany’s

77 Central Ave 1085 Central Ave 17 Broad Street 844 Newark Ave 78 North Avenue 1150 S Stiles St 876 Hart St 169 West Main St 2401 Wood Ave 2401 Wood Ave 61 Union Pl 401 Springfield Ave 1637 Vauxhall Rd

Clark Clark Elizabeth Elizabeth Garwood Linden Rahway Rahway Roselle Roselle Summit Summit Union


732-381-9300 732-388-6511 908-352-2578 908-282-1914 908-232-5666 908-862-9800 732-574-3825 732-943-7531 908-241-8386 732-207-7247 908-522-0550 908-273-0027 908-688-6666





Lounge/Nightclub Restaurant/Bar Restaurant/Bar

Deko Lounge Chris Michael’s Shannon Rose

1979 Rte 35 S 40 Oakwood Ave 855 Saint Georges Ave

Sayreville Woodbridge Woodbridge


732-727-6410 732-634-5355 732-636-6100

Sports Bar

Park East

3352 Route 35





Colorado Café

154 Bonnie Burn Rd











cash prize to the winner



3/28/2013 4:38:18 PM

Under New Management

Dancers Wanted Call Manager Anna 862-754-0868

Free Lunch Buffet! AT 12 NOON Free Dinner Buffet! AT 4:30PM 1/2 Price Beers & 1/2 Price Mixed Drink

OPEN 12PM-3AM DAILY! Text Sunrise to 313131

556 Straight St. • Paterson, NJ *Right Behind St. Joseph’s Hospital* 973-279-1200 • WWW.SUNRISEGOGO.COM Follow us on facebook:

Metropolis Nights April 2013  

The Metropolis Nights is a upscale nightlife magazine that combines the sexiness of Maxim with the fashion style of Vogue into one incredibl...

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