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• Group Fitness: Profiling RPM • PT Session: The benefits of a Dynamic Warm-Up • Meet the team and our me mbers • Clubfit classes timetable for March 2014 • Footnotes: With Podium Po diatry & Footwear

GROUP FITNESS: PROFILING RPM® What’s the difference between RPM and SPIN? RPM is high-intensity interval bike training with intense bursts of effort which last between 30 and 60 seconds (with plenty of recovery in between), whereas Spin is more akin to going for an actual bike ride with longer working intervals and less recovery time. Both Spin and RPM are effective with Spin primarily helping you build leg strength and endurance. By comparison RPM is scientifically proven to burn more fat both during and after class. With RPM, it’s all about the “after-burn” with the short sharp intervals kick-starting your metabolism and thereafter keeping it operating at an elevated level for 30-60 minutes after class. You’ve got to love that! 5 reasons to sign up for an RPM class: • RPM equals interval training which equals RESULTS! • It’s low impact so safer on your joints. • No co-ordination required. • You don’t have to be fit to participate. • Great music, great instructors, great workout! A typical class In a 50 minute RPM class, your instructor will take you through a bike journey choreographed to inspirational music, incorporating riding positions and speeds to suit the virtual “terrain”. Push yourself to your limit and sweat and burn to reach an endorphin high. What you need to bring with you We recommend you wear comfortable workout clothes to RPM. Cycling shorts will make the ride more comfortable, but they’re not essential. Similarly, cycling shoes are optional, but again, they are not essential. Apart from that, bring a water

bottle and a sweat towel - you are going to get very sweaty! How often should you take a class? We recommend you attend two to three classes of RPM per week in order to feel fitter, stronger and leaner. Make sure you book in at Clubfit Baywave reception as bike numbers are limited. Level of fitness In RPM You have the ability to control the intensity of the workout, which means riders of all fitness levels and capabilities can work out together. The more you ride, the fitter you’ll become. Never tried it before and want to give it a go? Come along and we’ll give you all the tips and insights you need. If you’re feeling a little unsure and want to bring a friend along too, then speak to a Clubfit Membership Advisor and they’ll give you a Free 7 Day Guest Pass for your friend.


The benefits of a Dynamic Warm-Up The low down on the “Dynamic Warm-Up” At Clubfit, we’ve really embraced the concept of the Dynamic Warm-Up because of the increased full body benefits it provides over a traditional cardio warm-up (which usually only incorporates one plane of movement rather than warming up the whole body). What is it? A Dynamic Warm-Up uses exercises to mimic the movements you intend to use in training. For example a standard strength training programme could contain pushing, pulling and lower body movement and some rotational work as well.

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Key benefits of a Dynamic Warm-Up • A Dynamic Warm-Up activates more muscle groups, which can enhance performance, making your workout more effective. • It provides for an increased range of motion and joint mobility, which can improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.

and blood flow in a short period of time, yet in a way that is safe and effective. To reach your performance potential in training, talk to one of our Exercise Specialists about having a Dynamic WarmUp designed specifically for you. Alternatively, check out Jarrod’s Five Minute Dynamic Warm-Up suggestion below.

• It preps your central nervous system and helps recruit more muscle fibres.

Jarrod Atkins Personal Training Phone: 0211003417 Email:

• You benefit from an increased heart rate

Five minute Dynamic Warm-Up circuit. Perform the following three bodyweight exercises for 10 repetitions each, repeat twice.


Squat raise with a medicine ball Start with feet hip-width apart and toes facing slightly outward. Hold a medicine ball with straight arms, push your hips back, sinking into a squat position, thighs parallel to the floor with the medicine ball between your knees. Extend from your hips into a standing position and raise the ball to 11 o’clock. Lower and repeat. Reverse lunge with a twist Stand with feet together and arms crossed (see image) drop one leg back and sink into lunge position while rotating torso over your front leg, then stand and repeat on the opposite leg.


T Press-ups Start in a press-up position, hands directly under chest. Perform a press-up, then lift left hand and rotate all your weight onto your right hand till your body is parallel with the floor. Both arms should be extended so that your body resembles the letter T. Rotate back to push-up position and repeat on the other side. All movements should be performed at a moderate tempo to ensure correct form is maintained throughout the exercise. For more information or other variations, contact Jarrod at Clubfit Baywave.


For more information or other variations contact Jarrod on 021 100 3417 or email:

For those members at Clubfit Baywave, you will know our super reception team of Jan and Ashley. They are here every morning and evening making sure everything runs smoothly and all is good in the world of Clubfit! Now, here’s your opportunity to meet our “super-sub” Marianda! What is the unhealthiest meal you have ever eaten? My Nan used to deep-fry leftover pieces of fat for us. But my mum was convinced that another child had a heart attack after eating the same thing, so we weren’t allowed it after that!

This month we would like to congratulate Tina Koroheke and Chloe Kelly on being accepted into the Bay of Plenty Fitness Course. While we’re sad that we won’t see them as often at Clubfit, we are extremely happy for them and wish them all the best!

What colour makes you feel good when you are wearing it? Yellow – it’s like the sun all pretty and happy. What is your ideal car? 7 seater with the fuel efficiency of a two litre. It also has to have cup holders and a tow bar. Three things you would take to New York City! Hand sanitiser, a camera and baking soda (there’s nothing you can’t do with baking soda; it’s amazing!). Do you prefer Marmite or Vegemite? Bovril. It’s sort of the South African equivalent. If a famous actor could play you in a movie who would it be? Mayim Bialik – Amy from the big bang theory. You have been given the honour of choosing any day of the year for a public holiday. What date would it be? And what would you name it? 1st of April, I’d still call it April Fools Day, so no-one would know if it’s real or not! In your opinion, what makes a gym GREAT! Non judgemental support and information on a variety of equipment and classes.

Questions we asked Tina and Chloe: What is the unhealthiest meal you have ever eaten? Tina: KFC. Chloe K: KFC. What colour makes you feel good when you are wearing it? Tina: Red like superman. Chloe K: Purple like a minion (Purple ninja minion). What is your ideal car? Tina: I’m a Holden girl! Chloe K: An Evo. Three things you would take to New York City! Tina: My phone, gym gear and a photo of my kids. Chloe K: My phone, my best kicks and a photo of my whanau. Do you prefer Marmite or Vegemite? Tina: Vegemite. Chloe K: Marmite. Which famous actor would play you in a movie?

Success doesn’t happen over night, keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back.

Tina: Jenifer Lopez. Chloe K: Beyonce. What is your most memorable experience at Clubfit? Tina: Meeting all the great people. Chloe K: Meeting heaps of new people and making a whole new family here, also my weight loss!

MARCH 2014

starts 15 March

Please note: From the 17-23 March we will be kindly asking you to register your attendance in classes. This is to give us an idea of what you like and therefore what we need to provide more of! Thank you. Also, Aqua Fit on Saturdays will restart on the 15th of March at 8.30am. This class will be monitored over a 6 to 8 week period for numbers attending.

Footnotes - with Podium Podiatry & Footwear Foot Facts: • There are 26 bones and an intricate webbing of muscles and ligaments that make up the foot. • If you include your ankle and shins more than 50% of all bones in your body make up your shins down. Shin splints. ‘Shin splints’ are a generic term for pain and discomfort located in the shin area (between the knee and ankle). There are number of causes of ‘shin splints’ or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, so like all injuries/conditions it is best to seek advice from a registered medical professional such as a podiatrist or a physiotherapist. Once a correct diagnosis has been made, then a treatment plan can be put in place. Causes: • A common cause of ‘shin splints’ can be an individual’s biomechanical factors as well as errors in technique while training. • Over-pronation (also referred to as ‘flat feet’ or ‘collapsing arch’) is when the foot rolls inwards, potentially causing your lower leg to rotate. This rotation of the lower limb puts more stress on the shin because it is more unstable. • Supination of the foot (also referred to as a ‘high arch’) is when the foot does not pronate enough. Sometimes referred to as ‘rolling-out’, supinated feet often have more lateral pressure and this can cause a jarring effect than radiates up the shin. If you are suffering from ‘shin splints’, then don’t suffer in silence. Instead book in a visit to the physiotherapist based on site at Clubfit Baywave and Greerton or show your membership card and get FREE ACC Podiatry Treatments at Podium Podiatry and Footwear at Bayfair Shopping Centre. You can also ask the team there about their 15% discount offer for Clubfit Members on the $RRP of footwear and their 100 day guarantee too! The medical information in the above article is general in nature and should not be substitute for the advice from a registered medical professional. None of the individual contributors or anyone else connected to Clubfit can take any responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented in this newsletter.

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