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30 Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chevy Silverado ‘tows like a dream’ Second Gear. Ten years of trailblazing for the sturdy pickup Justin Pritchard

The 1997 to 2007 generation of Chevrolet’s Silverado pickup truck offered numerous engine and driveline combinations, including six and eight cylinder power, automatic and manual transmissions and two or four-wheel drive. Numerous body and box combinations were also available. When shopping used, LS and LT models were even more highly-equipped, though more basic “work” trucks could also be had.

Common Issues

As a bare minimum, a Chevrolet-trained mechanic should check the underside of your potential used truck for signs of excessive rust, dents or holes, leaking differentials, transfer case leaks and oil or coolant leaks from the engine. Ensure the vehicle’s four-wheel drive system (if equipped) can be shifted between its various modes as outlined in the owner’s manual. Check the engine oil level and condition, as some owners have reported oil consumption issues. Avoid a model that’s low on oil, or with engine oil that looks dirty or burned.

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A V6 engine, as well as numerous V8 engines, could be specified for Silverado models. Automatic or manual transmissions and two or four-wheel drive were also available, depending on the model in question.

What Owners Like

Owners note a roomy cabin, confident passing and towing power, a pleasing ride and a solid, heavy-duty feel. Mileage is often rated highly too — particularly on the 4.8L and 5.3L-powered models. Many owners say their Silverado “tows like a dream.”

What Owners Dislike

A more positive and precise brake-pedal feel, a better standard audio system, and higher-quality interior trim are on the wishlists of many owners.


A careful test drive and inspection from a GM-trained mechanic familiar with Silverado’s potential issues should be considered mandatory. A healthy lastgeneration model appears ideal for those after proven performance, comfort and confident towing.